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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
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Former reference: MS 608

The handwritting of the greater portion of this MS. is) very similar to, if it be not the same as, that of MS 597 (Pelham's Letter Book.)
Language:  Latin

Mostly in Latin.
EXTRACTS from ANCIENT RECORDS relating to IRELAND, made in the time of Sir George Carew.
List of persons referred to in the above extracts.
Adrian, pope. Argentine.
Alexander, pope. Arthur.
Alexander, [Wm.] Arundell.
Alger. Ashe.
Alford. Assick.
Alleton. Atholl.
Ambrose. Avell.
Aphowell. Audeley, Lo.
Archdeacon. Arnold.
Barnwell, Lord. Barry.
Barckley. Barry, Lo.
Barrett. Bathe, Lo.
Bateman. Barefoot.
Barnwell. Barenton.
Berkeroll. Bennett.
Belinge. Betaghe.
Beaumont. Bedlow sive Beaulieu.
Becker. Beckett.
Belwoode. Birmingham, Lo.
Birmingham, Com. Louthe. Birmingham.
Bigod, Com. Northfol. Bitterley.
Bisset. Blound.
Blunt, Lo. Montjoy. Blundell.
Boyle, Lo. Bohun, Com. Northap.
Bould, Lo. Boniface, Papa.
Bollerey. Boyxe.
Bohume, Com. Hereford. Bonham.
Box. Bronfedir.
Brasbrudge. Brin.
Britt. Bromyche. Just. Hib.
Brokton. Breerton.
Browne, Archb. Dub. Browne.
Brun. Brewer.
Brooke, Lo. Cob. Bromin.
Brabason. Brabason, Lo.
Burid. Burghell.
Burlayne. Burghershe.
Bullen, Com. Ormond. Butler.
Butler, Com. Carricke. Butler, Com. Ossory.
Butler, Com. Ormond. Butler, Vicero. Montgarret.
Butler, Viceroy Tully-Philim. Butler, Lo. Dunboyne.
Butler, Lo. Cahir. Burgh.
Burgh, Com. Clanrickard. Burgh, Com.Ulton.
Burgh, Lo. Letrim. Burgh, Lo. Castleconnell.
Canvill. Campton.
Cantwell. Castlemartin.
Candall. Cardin.
Cantocke. Cantelupe.
Carew. Calfe.
Castell. Cerdell.
Caddeggan. Christopher.
Calthrope. Chichester, Lo.
Cabbary. Chevre.
Clare. Clare, Com. Pembro.
Clare, Com. Glost. Clemens, Papa.
Clifford. Clinton.
Cogan. Colton, Just. Hib.
Courcy, Lo. Courteney, Loc. Hib.
Cony. Courteis.
Courteney, Marg. Exon. Cornwall.
Condon, sive Caunton. Colmore.
Costantine. Collin.
Comin. Cobham.
Cornwallis. Coppinger.
Cotenham. Cris.
Creaghe. Cusake.
Cuddle. Cywathe.
Dalton. D'Amorie.
Dacres, Lo. Den.
Darcy. Deventh.
Daniell, Lo. Delamare.
Dardis. De la Barre.
Dauson. De la Haye.
De la Motte. D'Excestre.
De la Montayne. De la Feild.
De la Rochell. Devreux, Com. Marshall.
De la Hander. Dinant.
De la Poole, Com. Lincolne. Dillon.
Dowdall. Druhull.
Drewe. Drugo.
Drayton. Dullard.
Dudley, Lo. Dudley Viceroy, Lisle.
Eborum. Englishe.
Ebritt. Enfield.
Elingham. Everard.
Everingham. Evermashe.
Eustace, vide Fitz Eustace. Excestre.
Falliaghe. Fiant.
Fant. Finer, Lo. Clinton.
Faill. FitzAldelme, vide Burgh.
Faringdon. FitzAnthony.
Fenton. FitzAlured.
Ferrers, Com. Derby. FitzAndrew.
Ferreter. FitzAlexander.
FitzEustace. FitzDavid.
FitzEustace Viceroy Balt. FitzEustace, Lo.
FitzFreriche. FitzGibbon.
FitzGeoffrey. FitzGilbert.
FitzGiles. FitzGeralld.
FitzGerald Com. Kildare. FitzGerald, Com. Desmond.
FitzGerald, Viceroy Co. Deu. FitzHenry.
FitzJohn. FitzMilo.
FitzMaurice. FitzMaurice, Lo.
FitzMathew. FitzNicholas.
FitzOliver. FitzOwen.
FitzOilo. FitzPhillippe.
FitzRobert. FitzRainfrater.
FitzRoger. FitzRichard.
FitzRaymond. FitzSymon, Archiep. Dub.
FitzStephen. FitzThomas.
FitzTirreloghe. FitzWalter, vide Butler.
FitzWarren. Fleminge.
FitzWilliam. Fleminge, Lo.
Foylle. Fresney.
Galbolly. Gernon.
Gaynard. Geneville.
Galan. Genison.
Gardiner. Gifford.
Garthe. Gise.
Galway. Goldinge.
Gowler. Gray, Viceco. Grany.
Godinan. Gray, Lo.
Golafrey. Grady.
Gold. Gresden
Grandison. Greley.
Grace. Grege.
Graunt. Griffin.
Griffithe. Gurguntius Rex.
Hakenshew. Hoethe.
Haverington. Hoge.
Haye. Hodnet.
Hackett. Howard, Com. Surr.
Harwood. Holland, Dux. Surr.
Hary. Husey.
Haunder. Hurlye.
Hastings, Com. Pem. Hamilton, Lo.
Herford. Harvey.
Hethin. Hoare.
Jeneville, vide Geneville. Isketsale.
Johannes, Archiep. Ardmaghe. Juner.
Kanville. Kerney.
Kevanaghe. Keppoke.
Kevanaghe, Lo. Ketinge, sive Ketin.
Kinge. Knevett.
Lawlesse. Ledwitche.
Laundy. Le Brett.
Lacy. Le Grace.
La. Fresney. Lenington.
Laungton. Ley.
Langford. Liverpoole.
Lacy, Com. Ulton. Liston.
Lambert, Lo. Lighe.
Levett. Lond.
L'Enfant. Logan.
London. Loundres.
Longespee. Longe.
Mandeville. Manners, Com. Rutl.
Mautmorris. Malachias, Archiep. Ard.
Mareis. Manwayringe.
Marshall. Marward.
Marshall, Com. Pem. Maye, Archiep. Ardma.
Maddy. McDonnell, Viceroy.
Mansell. McCraghe.
Manes. McCartie, Com. Clancare.
McMahun. McCashad.
McCartie. McGillipatricke.
McDonewhad. McGillipatricke, Lo.
McGennis. McGoghagan.
McMoroghe. Mortimer, Com. Ult.
McPhilippe. Mortimer, Lo.
Misset. Montcheney, Lo.
Milton. Moubray, Com. Nottingham.
Monte. Mole.
Monthermer, Com. Glo. Morton.
Monteiute, Lo. Molis.
Morewatche. Montayne.
Moore. Muleton.
Mountmorency, vide Clare. Moore, Lo.
Molendinis. Myaghe.
Morley, Lo. Melton.
Nangle. Napper.
Neville. Newton.
Neville, Lo. Nehoville.
Niaghe. Nuterville.
Norris. Nugent.
Nugent, Lo.
Obrien, Com. Thomond. Oeailla.
Obrien, Lo. Inseg. Ofarall bane.
Obrien, Lo. Ibrack. Ofarall boye.
Obirne. Ofelmythe.
Obinton. Ogundre.
Obrien. Ohanloyne.
Obrenan. O'Kinselaghe.
Ocarroll. O'Kennidie.
Occo. O'Kelly.
Oconnor. Oleyne.
Odonnenold. Olfernond.
Odonogan. Omore.
Odwyn. O'Moroghe.
Odempsy. O'Malaghlin.
Odonnell, Com. Tirconnell. O'Moloy.
O'Neale, Co. Tyr. O'Neale.
O'Neale, Barr. Danga. O'Nolan.
Oreylie. Oskolly.
Otohill, sive Otoole. Oulferd.
Patishue. Payton.
Pagett. Pennington.
Percy, Lo. Perrers.
Petite. Perrot, Dep. Hib.
Penteney. Penrosse.
Penchoit. Pipard.
Pincerna, vide Butler. Plantagenet, Co. Ult.
Pirpont. Plantagenet D. Clar.
Pinkeney. Plantagenet, Dux. Ebor.
Pickworth. Plantagenet, D. Glos.
Plantagenet. Co. Morton. Plantagenet, Co. Rutl.
Plantagenet, Cornub. Plantagenet, Co. Corke.
Plantagenet, Princeps Angl. Pluckenet.
Pluckenet, Lo. Killin. Pluckenet, Lo. Dunsa.
Pluckenet, Lo. Louthe. Power.
Power, Lo. Porter.
Poynings, Dep. Hib. Preston.
Portis. Preston, Lo.
Preston, Vice Co. Prendergarst.
Preston. Co. Desm. Punchardon.
Raleighe. Repenteney, vide Penteny.
Rathe. Read.
Rupe, vide Roche. Ridlesford.
Rainger. Ridgeway, Lo.
Rawson, Vice Co. Roche.
Radulphus, Co. Eu. Dñi Louth. Roche, Lo.
Radcliff, Com. Sussex. Rokell.
Redd. Rous.
Robins. Rossell.
Rochford. Russell.
Sabina. Shortall.
Sargant. Skiddy.
Sanford. Skurlocke.
Savadge. Slane, vide Fleminge.
Seyre. Smither.
Segrave. Soriner.
Segrave, Ducissa Northfol. Spencer, Co. Glo.
Semer, Co. Hertford. Starkie.
Scroope, Lo. Stapleton.
Scone. Stake.
Shemais. Stafford.
Shighan. Standley, Co. Derby.
Standley, Loc. Hib. St. Ledger.
Stoker. St. Ledger, Dep. Hib.
St. Amand, Lo. St. Michell.
St. Albin, vide Tobin. St. Paule, Com. Pem.
St. Lawrance, Lo. Sweyne.
Swarney. Sweyne, Archiep. Ard.
Synbeghe. Symott.
Talbot. Thorborow, Cancel. Hib.
Talbot, Lo. Thony.
Talbot, Co. Sal. Thornton, Thesau. Hib.
Talbot, Archiep. Dub. Tirrell.
Tallon. Tiptoft, Co. Wig.
Tallour. Tipper.
Taffe. Tirmont.
Tanner. Topploa.
Tany. Tobin.
Travers. Trant.
Travill. Twether, D. Bedf.
Tuite. Turberville.
Turner, Epus. Mid. Tuchet, Co. Cast.
Valor. Verneill.
Valence. Verdon, Just. Hib.
Vaux. Verdon, Lord.
Vere, Co. Oxen, D. Hib. Ufford, Loc. Hib.
Vesey, Lo. Viveanus, Legatus.
Vigornia, sive Worcester.
Wale. Waterhouse.
Warren, Com. Surr. Werun.
Wallis. Wells, Lo.
Wakeman. Wellesley.
Warwicke. Weston.
Waspaill. White.
Walloppe, Tresaur, Hib. Windesor.
Walshe, sive Welshe. Wisham.
Walton, Archiep. Dub. Wig.
Wilbraham. Wiseman.
Wogan, Just. Hib. Wolfe.
Worcestre, vide Wigornia. Wolsey, Card.
Woodlocke. Wright.
Wygorne, vide Vigornia. Wriotesley.
Wingfield, Viceroy. Wyney.

No further details   Grant by Wm. Young, archdeacon of Meath, and Ric. Awell, chaplain, to Sir Chris. Plunket, of the manor of Kyllen, which they had of the gift of Thomas, son of Geoffrey Cusack, and Ric. Rath, clerk; to hold for life, with remainder to Christopher, son of John [Plunket], in tail of Joan Bellewe his wife; and with contingent remainders to the heirs of his body, to Elizabeth, daughter of said John, and her heirs, to Christopher, Thomas, Robert, Roland, and Edward, sons of Sir Christopher, and their heirs male, to said Sir Christopher and his heirs, by Joan his late wife, Lady of Killene, and to said Joan's right heirs. Dated 9 May, 13 Hen. VI. (With a sketch of the pedigree.)  MS 608, f. 22  [n.d.]
No further details   Creation of Gerald FitzGerald as Earl of Kildare and baron of Ophaly, in tail male, with 20l. a year out of the custom in the port of Dublin. Westminster, 13 May, 1 Mary.  MS 608, f. 27b  [n.d.]
No further details   Restoration of James FitzGerald (whom the Queen had educated in a manner becoming his noble origin) to the title and dignity of Earl of Desmond, as held by his father, Gerot, attainted; to hold in tail male, and the heir expectant always to bear the title of Baron of Inchequyn in co. Cork. Otelands, 1 Oct. 42 Eliz.  MS 608, f. 30  [n.d.]
No further details   Creation of Con O'Nele as Earl of Tyrone. Greenwich, 1 Oct. 34 Hen. VIII. [See this Calendar, under date 1 Oct. 1542, where this patent is described more fully from an official copy.]  MS 608, f. 33b  [n.d.]
No further details   Grant by Humphrey de Bohun, Constable of England, to his brother Gilbert de Bohun, of all possessions of the Earls Marshals and others which have descended to the grantor from Eleanor his mother, one of the heirs of said Earls; viz., in Carneboth, Mahanne, and Athbone (sic); with all that fell to him in Newtown and Oldtown in Ossory, and the town of Thome (Tuam), by the death of Matilda widow of Anselm the Marshal; to hold in tail, rendering 60l. sterling per annum. Witnesses, the Lord Ralph De Thovy, and others.  MS 608, f. 35  Undated
No further details   Creation of Donald MacCarti, called McCartimore, as Earl of Clancare and Baron of Valentia. Dated 28 June, 7 Eliz, (Quoted at length.) With the Earl's oath of fealty. [See this Calendar, Vol. I. p. 365, 366.] (No reference.)  MS 608, f. 43b  [n.d.]
No further details   Ordinances made in the Great Parliament at Dublin, 12 July, 33 Hen. VIII. [They have already been calendared in Vol. I. p. 180, (12 July 1541,) from Carew MS 603.]  MS 608, f. 54  [n.d.]
No further details   Division of the county of Ossory among the three daughters of the Lord Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Gloucester; showing the pourparties of the Lord Hugh Le Dispenser and Eleanor his wife, the Lord Hugh d'Audele and Margaret his wife, and the Lord Roger d'Amory and Elizabeth his wife. Dated by Carew, "Edw. II.  MS 608, f. 57  [n.d.]
No further details   Richard II. to the Bishop of Meeth, and to the Keeper of the Great Seal, the Treasurer, and others of the Council--; Signifying the appointment of the Earl of Ormond. Windsor Castle, 23 July [16 Ric. II.]; "Copied out of the original.  MS 608, f. 64b  [n.d.]
No further details   Grant by Thomas Bullen, Earl of Ormond, to Piers Butler of Tullyphelim and Arkeloe. [See Vol. I. of this Calendar, p. 128, where this is quoted at length.]  MS 608, f. 69  [n.d.]
No further details   Writ to the Sheriff of co. Hants, to make proclamation that no person bring groats or "pence of twopence," bearing the print of the Harp, out of Ireland. Westmr., 19 Nov., 32 Hen, VIII. [More fully described in this Calendar under date 19 Nov. 1540.]  MS 608, f. 73  [n.d.]
No further details   Submission of Shane O'Neale, Twelfth Day, 4 Eliz. [This submission is calendared in Vol. I. p. 312, from another MS.]  MS 608, f. 83  [n.d.]
No further details   Bull of Indulgence by Pope Clement VIII. to the Irish, [This is calendared in Vol. III. p. 523.]  MS 608, f. 84  18 April 1600
No further details   Grant by Miles Archbishop of Ardmaghe, Primate of Ireland, with the assent of the Dean and Chapter, to William and Arthur McBrin, sons of Master Arthur McBrin, of lands in Kilmore, "cum pleno jure herenaciæ," etc.; to hold so long as they shall be pleasing and obedient to the church of Ardmaghe, and not to lease any part of said lands to any strange layman. The premises to be enjoyed by said Master Arthur during his life, according to his charter. Yearly rent, one mark and eightpence sterling. Dunum, Headed: "A grant of an erenachy made by Milo Archbishop of Ardmaghe, to be found in the Register of that see.  MS 608, f. 85  21 Nov 1365
No further details   Grant by John Swayne, Archbishop of Ardmaghe, keeper of the spiritualties and temporalities of the see of Dromore, to Maurice McBrin, "herenacho," of the lands of Laireacht [and] Dyrke, Dromore diocese, till the church of Dromore shall be provided with a pastor; rendering the usual rent, in English money, and services. "In the register of that see.  MS 608, f. 85b  1427
No further details   Confirmation by John Maye, Archbishop of Ardmaghe, to Patrick McKassayd, and his heirs, of the herenachy of Twynha, as granted to his ancestors, with renewed investiture; yearly rent, 5 marks 2s. sterl., and the customary services; to inhabit and cultivate the lands, and not to lease them to any layman stranger; said Patrick being created the archbishop's herenach in the church of Twynha. Dated at Armagh, the 12th year from the Archbishop's consecration. "In the register of that see.  MS 608, f. 86  9 Aug 1455
No further details   List of extinct dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, and barons in the Kingdom of Ireland, from Hen. II. to James I.  MS 608, f. 93b  [n.d.]
No further details   List of "earls, viscounts, and barons now living in Ireland, in annis 1616, 17, 18.  MS 608, f. 94b  [n.d.]
No further details   List of "barons or baronets in Ireland extinct, as they are found upon record, but when they had their beginning, it is uncertain."--(Loundres, Grant, Calfe, St. Ledger, Marward, Sarjant, Cusake, FitzOwen, Tirrell, Power, Misset.)  MS 608, f. 95  [n.d.]
No further details   List of "barons or baronets remaining in Ireland in anno 1616.  MS 608, f. 95b  [n.d.]
No further details   List of barons, viscounts, and earls created by King James.  MS 608, f. 96  [n.d.]
No further details   Commission for the survey of the rebels' lands in Ireland, [Calendared in Vol. II. p. 373.]  MS 608, f. 97  [-4] January 1583
No further details   Commission to the Lord Deputy to take the surrenders of certain Irishmen, [Calendared in Vol. II. p. 408.]  MS 608, f. 98b  Nov 1585
No further details   A rate of the yearly charges of the King's army in Ireland, 34 Hen. VIII." [Calendared in Vol. I. p. 200, from another MS.]  MS 608, f. 99b  [n.d.]
No further details   Feoffment made by Gerald Earl of Desmond to the Baron of Donboyne and others, [Calendared in Vol. I. p. 481.]  MS 608, f. 104  10 Sep 1574
No further details   Acts not extant in the printed book." [Ibidem, p. 316.]  MS 608, f. 106  [n.d.]
No further details   Creation of Pierce Butler as Earl of Ossory, [Ibidem, p. 37.]  MS 608, f. 121  1527
No further details   Ceremony of creating Con O'Neal Earl of Tyrone, 1 Oct., 34 Hen. VIII.  MS 608, f. 123  [n.d.]
No further details   Ceremonies at the creations of the Earls of Thomond and Clanrickard and the Baron of Ibrakan, 1 July, 35 Hen. VIII. [Nos. 140 and 141 have been calendared in Vol. I. pp. 199, 203.]  MS 608, f. 124  [n.d.]
No further details   Restoration of the Earl of Kildare and his brothers and sisters to their blood, 11 Eliz. [Calendared in Vol. I. p. 400.]  MS 608, f. 125  [n.d.]
No further details   Patent of creation of William Hervy, knight and baronet, as Baron Hervy, of Rosse in co. Wexford, in tail male of his son William Hervy, knight and baronet, Gorhambury, 5 Aug., 18 James I.  MS 608, f. 126b  [n.d.]
No further details   Creation of Maurice FitzThomas of Ireland as Earl of Desmond, in tail male, with all the royal liberties which he had in co. Kerry, except four pleas, viz., of burning, rape, forestalling, and treasure-trove; and also except profits of saffron ("croceis") in said county. Gloucester, 27 Aug., 3 Edw. III. Memoranda of the Exchequer, Mich. 3 Edw. III.  MS 608, f. 128b  [n.d.]

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