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Folder icon  Act of Parliament, 10 Henry 7; Edward Poynings, knight Deputy, at Drogheda.  MS 603, f. 177  [n.d.]

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Former reference: MS 603, f. 177

2 Pages.

Prayen the Commons that for as much as Gerot FitzThomas, Earl of Kildare, for the treasons, rebellions, etc. by him committed, as in privily sending messengers and letters missives to the King's Irish enemies and English rebels, to provoke them to levy and make war against the King and Sir Edward Poyninges, knight, the King's Deputy of this land of Ireland, and in sending his men and servants to assist O'Hanlan, the King's Irish enemy, and also in conspiring with the King's Irish enemies to have murdered and slain the said Deputy in the said O'Hanlon's country, and also in causing his brother James and other rebels to take by treason the King's Castle of Carlaughe, rearing and setting up upon the same his conysaunce and standard; which castle was kept and fortified with men and victuals, in the name, and by the commandment of the said Earl until such time as it was gotten by the great wisdom and manhood of the said Deputy, after his long and painful lying at the siege of the same; and over that continually used and kept openly quoyne and livery in divers and many places, contrary to the statutes; and over that assented and agreed with the King's great enemy, the King of Scots, to send to this land a great army of Scots, to aid and fortify the said Earl and the Earl of Desmond to destroy the said Deputy and the King's true subjects; therefore be it enacted, that the said Earl of Kildare be attainted of high treason, etc.
Endorsed in a hand of Elizabeth's time.

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