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Folder icon  EARL OF TYRONE.  MS 603, p. 49  30 Dec 1552

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Former reference: MS 603, p. 49

4 Pages.
Language:  Latin

Supplementary information: Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 199.

Memorandum, that by occasion of the war and dissension between the Earl of Tiron and his sons, their country was reduced to great misery and desolation, in consequence of which Sir James Crofte, Deputy, and the Council at Ardmaghe, perceiving the Earl not to be minded to amend these enormities, procured that he should come to Dublin, where by our counsel and assent he is retained, and certain captains and soldiers have been appointed to remain at Ardmaghe and in other places in the North, for the greater tranquillity of the country in the Earl's absence. The Baron of Dungennan and the said captains were appointed commissioners to amend and order those enormities and abuses, yet nevertheless that country was not amended, but reduced to a worse state than before; and on account of intestine wars, they introduced so many Scots to make war on John O'Neyle and others, that it was much to be feared lest they should injure the English subjects. Moreover the King has been at great expense for the sustenance of the Earl and Countess, (who have received nothing from their country,) and for victuals and stipends of soldiers. Therefore, and on account of the burthens of the country, it is thought, if the Earl were restored to liberty for sufficient hostages, that quiet and tranquillity would follow, and that the Scots could be the more easily expelled from the northern parts; and it is agreed by the undersigned that the Earl shall be restored to liberty for the following hostages: Bernard, the son of Con Roo, brother of John, as a hostage for John O'Neyle; for McDonell, Patrick O'Mulcrewe and Conchour McArdill; [for] the Countess of Tiron and Henry Juvenis, son of the Earl and Countess, the son of Terelagh O'Neyle or McDonell; and the son of Phelom Roo, until the son of Terelagh shall be found, and McArdyll the brother of Konor, until Patrick Juvenis Mulcrewe be found. ["Et pro McDonell, Patricio O'Mulcrewe et Conchour McArdill, Comitissa de Tiron, et Henrico Juveni, filio Comitis et Comitissæ, filio Tereleto [sic] O'Neyle, aut McDonell, et filio Phelomei Rufi, quousque filius Tereleti inveniatur," &c.] Whenever he shall be commanded to come to the Lord Deputy and Royal Council he shall do so, and observe all their orders, pay impositions, and render service to the King with his horsemen, Scots, and kerne (turbarii).
Dated at Lesmollen, 30 December, 6 Edward VI.
Postscript.--The Earl agreed to observe the King's peace towards the Baron of Dungannen, Calough O'Donell, Tirrelagh Lynnaghe O'Neyle, and Magwyre, because they adhere to the King. For observance of the premises, besides the hostages, he is content to forfeit 6,000l. If the Baron, Calough, Tirelagh and Magwyre do any injury to the Earl, he will stand to the order of the Deputy and Council.
Contemp. copy.

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