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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
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Folder icon  Act of Parliament, 7 Edw. IV.; the Earl of Worcester, Deputy to the Duke of Clarence, Lieutenant.  MS 603, f. 176  [n.d.]

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Former reference: MS 603, f. 176

1 Page.
Language:  French

Also, at the request of the commons, that for divers causes, horrible treasons, and felonies prepensed and done by Thomas Earl of Desmond and Thomas Earl of Kildare and Edward Plunket, Esq., as well in alliance, fosterage, and alterage with the Irish enemies of the King, as in giving to them horses and harness and armour, and supporting them against the faithful subjects of the King, which is both notoriously and openly known, and done against the laws of the King and the laudable statutes of this land of Ireland. Whereupon, the premises considered; it is ordained and enacted by authority of the said Parliament, that they and each of them be adjudged and deemed traitors, and attainted of treason, and forfeit all their goods, lands, tenements, rents, services, and chattels which each of them have, or any other person or persons to their use or to the use of any of them. And by the same authority, that if any other person or persons should have goods or chattels of any of them, or know where their goods are, and shall not come within 14 days after this said Parliament is dissolved, and give full notice to Honorable John Earl of Worcester, Deputy Lieutenant of the said land of Ireland, where the said goods are, that then they and each of them be adjudged and deemed felons attainted, saving to every other his legal right and title.
In a hand of Elizabeth's time.

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