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Folder icon  BERNARD O'RWERCH.  MS 603, p. 104  1 Sep 1542

These documents are held at Lambeth Palace Library

Former reference: MS 603, p. 104

3 Pages.
Language:  Latin

Supplementary information: Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 171.

Indenture, 1 September, 34 Henry VIII.--Bernard O'Rwerch personally appeared before the Lord Deputy and Council at the castle of Meynoth, and voluntarily submitted himself to the King.
(1.) He will acknowledge his Majesty to be his Lord and King.
(2.) He will renounce the usurped primacy of the Roman Pontiff.
(3.) Whenever any journeys shall be made into Connaught, the parts of O'Donell, or the parts of O'Rayley, he will come there in person with all his forces; or, if he should be prevented by illness from so doing, he will send 24 horsemen and 24 kerne (turbarii) or footmen at his own expense.
(4.) The Lord Deputy shall present fitting priests to the ecclesiastical benefices in his country which are now occupied by laymen, reserving to the King his primacies or first fruits and his ordinary jurisdictions of churches; the same benefices to be granted under the Great Seal.
(5.) If any invasion should be made in this kingdom by any foreign foes, rebels, or enemies, he will rise in defence of the kingdom with all his power.
(6.) He will pay annually for each carucate of land in his country 12d., which will amount annually to the sum of 20l.
(7.) He will give a hostage to stand to the arbitration of the Bishop of Meath, [Edward Staples.] the Bishop of Kilmore (Brennensis), [Edmund Nugent.] Sir Thomas Cusake, and another to be chosen by O'Rayley, touching all contentions between him and O'Rayley about the lands called "Talloha," McGauran's lands, and the lands of both the McKerwans. If the said arbitrators cannot agree, the final determination shall be made by the Lord Deputy and Council. His request that O'Rayley should likewise give an hostage is granted.
(8.) He will exact and levy from his country 100 marks, to be paid to the King and his officers in this kingdom as a fine for the pardon and liberty now granted to him of becoming a liege and true Englishman.
(9.) He will send his son Hugh as a hostage to the Lord Deputy; and if the Lord Deputy wishes to change the said hostage for another, O'Rwerch will send another in his place, viz., his son Thadeus.
(10.) These gentlemen here recited shall be in the peace and conduct of him and his heirs under the King;--the two McGranels, O'Mulmoy, McGlaugh, Kenalowhan, Colloflimme, McCahelrewe, O'Birne, McTernan, and McAnnauve.
(11.) The Lord Deputy and Council have promised to implore the King to grant and confirm to O'Rwerch and his son, whom he will name his heir, the lands which he now possesses, together with his title of Viscount of Dromaher, and to appoint him a fitting seat and place in his Parliament.
(12.) If O'Rwerch should be spoiled by any Irishmen, and, upon complaint exhibited to the Lord Deputy, no restitution should be made to him, then in that year he shall not pay the said subsidy of 20l., if the sum of the spoil should not (sic) exceed the half of the said subsidy.
Contemp. copy.

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