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Folder icon  EARL OF DESMOND.  MS 603, p. 55  16 Jan 1541

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Former reference: MS 603, p. 55

5 Pages.
Language:  Latin

Supplementary information: Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 153.

Edmund, Archbishop of Cashell, and John, Bishop of Limerick, to all faithful Christians, &c. On the 16th January 1540 James, son of Sir John of Desmond, deceased, now Earl of Desmond, submitted himself to the King and swore fealty before Sir Anthony Sentleger, Deputy, John Alen, Chancellor, and others of the Council, according to the tenor of the words following:--
Be it known to all men that I, James FitzJohn of Desmond, son and heir to Sir John of Desmond, deceased, now admitted to be Earl of Desmond by King Henry VIII., submit myself to the King.
(1.) I recognize his Majesty to be my Sovereign, and will never confederate with his enemies or rebels.
(2.) I utterly forsake the Bishop of Rome and his usurped primacy
(3.) As the King has pardoned all my offences, I renounce the privilege which my ancestors Earls of Desmond "have ever claimed since the beheading of my grandfather in Drogheda, coming to a parliament there holden," and which exempted them from appearing in Parliaments and grand Councils, and from entering walled towns under the King's obedience.
(4.) I will assist and maintain the King's judges and other officers and ministers to execute his laws and to levy his revenues.
(5.) If it shall be the King's pleasure that I may have the lease of Crom and Adare, and other lands of the late Earl of Kildare in the county of Limerick, I will pay to the King's officers the rents or profits of the same, or else I will suffer the King's officers to let as well the same as all other the King's lands and profits in Munster in farm to others.
(6.) I will suffer to be levied such taxes and benevolences as shall be granted by Parliament or otherwise, and levied within the rules of the Earl of Ormond and Ossory, the Baron of Delwyn, or any other nobleman within this land.
(7.) I promise to defend and maintain the King's cities of Limerick and Cork, and the towns of Youghill, Kinsale, Killmahalocke, and other incorporate towns in those parts, "and shall support, defend, and maintain all merchantmen and others the King's subjects safely to pass and repass everywhere under my rule, having the inhabitants of the said cities and towns to aid and assist me for that purpose, when I shall not be of power to do the same without their helps and aids.
(8.) I promise "that all the English lords and gentlemen of the counties of Cork, Limerick, Kerry, and Desmond shall be upon the King's peace, and at the order of his Grace and his Deputy; and if any of them refuse the same, I will persecute them, saving that such of my name of the Geralldines and others as holden their lands of me and my antecessors shall be at my own leading and order; and yet, nevertheless, if any of them disobey the order of the King and his Deputy, I shall not only refuse him, but also persecute such disobeyer with violence.
(9.) I solemnly vow to observe the premises, and promise to deliver my son Gerald to you, Sir Anthony Sentleger, to be sent to the King, "to be brought up and instructed after an English sort;" and in testimony of the premises I have subscribed this submission with my own hand and put thereto my seal, at Cahir, 16th Jan. 1540, 32 Hen. VIII.; requiring you the Archbishop of Cashell, my metropolitan, and you the Bishops of Limerick and Imoly, and the notaries here present, to make a public instrument of the same.
After the Earl, according to the tenor of such words, had solemnly taken oath on the holy gospels, he earnestly entreated us, the said Archbishop, Bishop, and notaries, to compose one or more instruments for the perpetual remembrance of the event. Therefore we Edmund, Archbishop of Cashell, and John, Bishop of Limerick, notify the premises to you, and affix our seals the day and year above written, at Cahir Duneske upon the Suire. Present: The Lord Deputy and Chancellor; James Earl of Ormond and Ossory, Great Treasurer of Ireland; William Cavendishe, one of the King's Commissioners sent from England; Gerald Ailmer, Chief Justice; Ulicke alias Ulixes de Burgh, captain of Connaught; Bernard O'Chonnour, principal of his nation; Gerald FitzJohn of Drommannaghe, and Thomas Butler of Cahir, knights; Eneas O'Hernan, "Præceptori de Ania," Dean of Cloyne; Patrick Gowle, of Kilmahalocke, secretary of the said Earl; and Thomas O'Nacke, of Youghill; with divers other witnesses.
Attested by John Goldsmithe, of the diocese of London, LL.B., and by Dermitius Rian, L.L.B., notaries public.
Contemp. copy. First and last paragraphs in Latin.

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