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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent Over 4,000 volumes or files
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Folder icon  Indenture between John Stanley, Lord Justice of Ireland and O'Neale and his sons, 13 Ric. II.  MS 603, f. 132  [n.d.]

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Former reference: MS 603, f. 132

Neale O'Neale, son to O'Neale, was delivered upon pledges' and ransoms, and other conditions following: O'Neale and his sons to be the King's liege men, and to be true for ever to the King and to the Earl of March and their heirs. To yield back and not to intermeddle with the bonnaughe of Ulster, but that the King for his time, and the Earl of Marche, when he shall be of full years, and his heirs, at their will, without contradiction of O'Neale, his sons, or heirs, [shall] dispose the said bonnaughe for ever. O'Neale and his sons do grant that the King and the Earl and their heirs for ever shall have the lordships, rent, exactions, and answerings of all the Irishmen of Ulster and Uriell, as amply as the ancestors of the King and Earl of Ulster of antiquity have used to have; reserving to O'Neale and his [...] succssors such things as of old custom they have used to have of them. The pledges be nomed, &c., and O'Neale and his sons sworn upon the Evangelists to perform the conditions.
Indenture between Thomas of Lancaster and Awghley Mach Mahon, 3 Hen. IV.
(This is merely an abstract of § II.)

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