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Folder icon  BERNARD O'CHONOR.  MS 603, p. 116a  6 March 1538

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Former reference: MS 603, p. 116a

2 Pages.
Language:  Latin

Supplementary information: Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 116.

Form of the submission of the Lord Bernard O'Chonor, late Lord and Captain of Ofaley, made to the King before the Lord Deputy, Lord Leonard Grey, the Commissioners of the King, and the Council, at Dublin, 6th March, 29 Hen. VIII.
(1.) He will be faithful and loyal to the King.
(2.) He will not admit the jurisdiction or authority of the Roman Pontiff.
(3.) He will claim to exact no black rents or other exactions from any subject of the King.
(4.) As to the sixty marks which he and his ancestors claimed to have from the King as an annual stipend for their service to the Deputy in defence of the King's subjects, he promises in no way to exact, seek, or claim the said stipend, but for his service he will only expect the King's favour, and be content with the liberality of the Lord Deputy.
(5.) He humbly petitions the King to grant to him by his letters patent that he and his issue shall be of a free state and liege men after the manner of the English; and that he may be Baron of Ofayley, and have to him and his heirs, of the King's gift, that portion of lands in Ofayley which he possesses there by partition after the manner of the country, to be held of the King according to English laws; and that his brothers and other possessors of land there may hold the lands which they possess, all paying to the King annually for each ploughland 3s. 4d.; and that ploughlands in Ofayley, as often as it shall seem good to the Lord Deputy or necessity require, shall be burdened with and occupied by men of war for the defence of the subjects of the King, in the same manner as other ploughlands among the King's subjects. He therefore humbly petitions that the King and his Deputies will undertake his protection and defence.
(6.) The Lord Deputy and subjects of the King shall at their pleasure cut down and destroy the woods and obstacles in the borders of Ofayley towards the King's subjects at their pleasure, and make plain and open roads and passes, as often as it shall please them.
(7.) O'Chonor has delivered to the Lord Deputy his son Donatus as a hostage.
II. Memorandum, that on the feast of Saint Patrick [17 March.] at Dublin in the said year, before the Lords Leonard Grey, Deputy, Anthony Sentleger and his associates, Commissioners of the King, and the Council, Charles O'Chonor, brother or kinsman of the said Bernard O'Chonor, consented to all the foregoing articles and promised to observe them, and delivered his son Thadeus as a hostage to the Lord Deputy.
Contemp. copy.

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