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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
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Folder icon  Indenture between the Lord Thomas of Lancaster and Donald O'Brynne.  MS 603, f. 87b  [n.d.]

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Former reference: MS 603, f. 87b

4 Pages.
Language:  Latin

The latter promised to be a faithful liege to the King, and to conduct himself faithfully towards the King's people; that he would not rise up with the enemies or rebels of the King, but serve against them with his subjects when requested. He also promised that he would not take any "vadia," commonly called "bodes," from the King's faithful people, for injuries or trespasses done by them to him or his, until he shall have intimated the same to the King or his Lieutenant, or to the justices of the peace, within one month after the fact. If he cannot obtain a remedy within one month, it shall be lawful for him to take "vadium" or pledge to the value of the trespass, and not beyond. He will make amends for all injuries and damages which have been done by him or his to any of the marchers or faithful people of the King in the time of the present King, in time of peace, according to the award of men deputed and chosen for this purpose. On the other hand, the marchers and the King's people shall make like amends. The said Donald will do the same with regard to injuries done in the time of the said Lord Thomas in time of peace, and the marchers likewise. If any of his men shall rise up against any of the King's faithful people, the said Donald will deliver the body or head of such malefactor, and will give a pledge to the value of 100 marks until the trespass shall be satisfied. If any thief or robber shall come with goods or chattels of the King's people to the parts of the said Donald, he will not harbour such malefactor; and on the other hand the marchers shall do the like. He will permit the King to enjoy all the woods, lands, meadows, and pastures belonging to the New Castle of McKynyngham.
Dated at Dublin, 8 November, 3 Hen. IV.
In a hand of temp., Hen. VIII.

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