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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
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Folder icon  Nicholas Whit of Clonmell, Henry Fyaunt, Thomas Admot, and John Kyddy senior, appointed justices of the Lord King, to take the assize of novel desseisin which Philip Stone arraigned before them by the writ of the King against John Droupe, and William Wynchedon, chaplain, concerning tenements in Corke, &c. Witness, the aforesaid Lieutenant, at Dublin, 18th February, ----.  MS 603, p. 87  [n.d.]

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Former reference: MS 603, p. 87

Indenture between the Lord Thomas of Lancaster, son of the King, Seneschal of England and Lieutenant of Ireland on the one part, and Aghi McMaghon of the other part. The latter, for himself and his nation, promised that he will always in future be a faithful liege to Henry King of England and his heirs; that he will conduct himself faithfully towards the King and his people; that he will not rise up with any Irishmen, enemies or rebels of the King, or give them counsel, aid, or favour, but he with his subjects will rise up against them as often as he shall be requested, and will go against them with all his power at the King's charges, if he passes beyond his own country. For the observance hereof the said Aghy took oath. Whereupon the said Lord Lieutenant granted and leased to farm to the said Aghy the land and lordship of Fernwy in Co. Louth, with all the appurtenances, except the King's Castle, for term of his life, at the rent of ten pounds sterling a year, payable at Easter and Michaelmas. If the said rent shall be in arrear, the King may distress; and if a sufficient distraint cannot be found, the said Aghy shall owe 20l. instead of 10l. Dated at Dublin, 13 December, 3 Hen. IV.
Indenture between the Lord Thomas of Lancaster, Steward of England, Lord of Holdernesse, and Lieutenant in Ireland, and Eugene O'Railly, captain of his nation of Irishmen [of] Briffin. The latter acknowledges for himself and all the said Irishmen that he and they are lieges of the King of England; and he also took oath that during the minority of the heir of Roger de Mortimer, late Earl of March and Ulster, in the King's wardship, he will observe and fulfil all the conditions and covenants in the indentures between the said Roger and John O'Railly, captain of the said Irishmen. Dated at Kenlys, 12 December, 8 Ric. II. Dated at Kenlys, 4 February. 3 Hen. IV.

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