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Fulham Papers

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Reference FP
Covering dates 1423-1945
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent 94 files
Copies information Some volumes are on microfilm.
Supplementary information Card index to London clergy (18th century).
Related information Earlier visitation returns are in the Guildhall Library, one of the recognised record offices for the diocese of London.

The Fulham Papers comprise the archive of the bishops of London transferred from Fulham Palace, the former residence of the bishops of London. The collection includes correspondence on the administration of the diocese of London, and on the churches, particularly in America and the West Indies, which came under the bishop's jurisdiction before the founding of separate episcopates in those countries. It also includes a series of visitation returns.

Papers of Henry Compton, Bishop of London  FP Compton  1676-1713

Creator(s): Compton, Henry, fl 1676-1713, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Compton 1  1676-1713

Correspondence and papers referring to the following parishes:
Berechurch and Layer de la Haye, Essex: withholding of the stipend of Thomas Parker, perpetual curate, 1695, 1702 (ff.40-4).
Billericay, Essex: licensing of the minister and consecration of the chapel, 1691 (ff.32-4).
Brentwood, Essex: status of, and services at the chapel, 1708 (ff.76-7).
Bromley St. Leonard, Middx.: jurisdiction of the bishop of London, 1704 (ff.67-8).
Chelmsford, Essex: grammar school, 1680-1708, including account of receipts and expenditure, 1658-78, compiled in 1680, and appointment of the master and a governor, 1691 (ff.126-63).
Chigwell, Essex: tithes dispute, 1679 (ff.5-8).
Colchester, Essex: maintenance of the parish clerk, 1687 (ff.29-31); rebuilding of St. Runwald's steeple, 1692 (ff.35-7); grammar school, c.1700 (ff.56-62).
Feltham, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1700 (ff.63-4).
Greensted, Essex: liability of the earl of Kent to pay tithes on his woods, 1709 (ff.78-82).
Hadleigh, Essex: exemption from episcopal visitation, 1697 (ff.48-9).
Halstead, Essex: account of the endowment of the grammar school, c.1680 (ff.9-10).
Ilford, Essex: the bishop's right to visit St. Mary's hospital, c.1681 (ff.12-18).
Leigh and Prittlewell, Essex: value of the livings, 1696 (ff.45-6).
Leighs, Great, Essex: disputed advowson, c.1704 (ff.69-70).
London: will of Jonathan Carver, citizen and clothworker, with bequests to Essex and London clergy, and to Christ's Hospital, 1699 (copy 1702) (ff.65-6); maintenance of readers at Gresham College, c.1700 (ff.164-5).
Low Leighton, Essex: Robert Ozeler's bequest to the school, 1698 (f.51).
Mersea, East and West, Essex: 'irregularities to be reformed in the isle of Mersey', including reference to Anabaptists and other sectaries, c.1680 (f.11).
Mistley and Manningtree, Essex: episcopal award governing the upkeep of the church and the stipends of the curates, 1709 (f.83).
Newport, Essex: endowment of the free school, 1698 (f.50).
North Weald Bassett, Essex: account of the endowment of the school, [1678] (ff.3-4).
Norton Mandeville, Essex: lack of preaching minister and dispute over the curate's stipend, c.1680 (ff.19-22).
Orsett, Essex: title to the advowson and composition of tithes on Crondon Park, 1670s-97 (ff.94-105).
Stanstead St Margaret, Herts.: status as a donative, 1712 (ff.91-3).
Stanwell, Middx.: conditional bequest of a moiety of tithes to the incumbent, c.1676 (ff.1-2).
Steeple w. Stansgate, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1709 (ff.86-7).
Takeley, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1684 (ff.23-6).
Waltham Abbey, Essex: apologies of Joseph Darby, curate, for his absence from the episcopal visitation, 1695 (ff.38-9).
Waltham, Great, Essex: endowment of Black chapel, 1708-9 (ff.71-4, 84-5).
Walthamstow, Essex: bequests by Henry Maynard and Sir George Monox to the school and chapel, and status of the latter, 1690, 1710 (ff.27-8, 88).
Wendens Ambo, Essex: charity for the poor, 1711 (ff.89-90).
Whitechapel, Middx.: appointment of the vicar, 1697 (f.47).
Account of parochial charities in Essex, 1699 (ff.52-5).
165 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Compton 2  1676-1712

Correspondence and papers referring to the following parishes:
Colchester, Essex: Henry Batchelor's bequest for the maintenance of ministers in, 1698-1701 (ff.22-40); St. Mary Magdalene's hospital: copy of the foundation charter and other records, 17th century (ff.41-6). (cf. FP 44, ff.16-43).
Theydon Mount, Essex: glebe terrier, 1621 (copy c.1700) (ff.47-50).
Waltham, Little, Essex: trusts for charitable uses, 1694-6 (ff.1-21).
West Ham, Middx.: Nicholas Avenon's legacy of 1580 (f.53).
Wimbish, Essex: status of Thunderley chapel, c.1700 (ff.51-2).
Westminster, Middx.: George Whicker charity, c.1690 (ff.54-5).
Petition of the Six Clerks Office for charity for John Eversfield, c.1680 (ff.56-7).
Papers on the right of the bishop of Salisbury to visit the dean and chapter of Salisbury, 1683-4 (ff.58-67).
Account of the proceedings of the Lords Commissioners for ecclesiastical causes against the bishop of London, 1686 (ff.68-75).
Right of the clerk of parliament to appoint deputy clerks, c.1700 (ff.76-7).
Jurisdiction of the bishop of London over the Dutch church in London, c.1703 (ff.78-83).
Correspondence and papers on the church overseas referring to:
Germany: mission of Auguste Hermann Francke in Halle, Saxony, 1712 (ff.84-5).
Tangier, Morocco: delegation of testamentary jurisdiction, 1676 (ff.86-7).
Tenerife, Canary Islands: Roman Catholic treatment of Protestant congregations in, 1699 (ff.88-9).
Fort William, Bengal: chaplaincies, 1706 (ff.90-3).
Jamaica: counterfeiting of letters of orders by John Mitchell, 1711 (ff.94-5). (cf. Robinson Papers 1, ff.14-15).
India: subscription for Protestant missions and schools in Tranquebar, 1711 (ff.98-9).
Correspondence and papers on the estates of the see of London, including:
Licence to William Pannet to lease customary tenements in the manor of Fulham, 1680 (ff.100-1).
Accounts and vouchers, including costs of repairs to London House, 1686-91 (ff.102-35).
Values of the manor of Bushey, Herts., c.1700 (f.136).
136 ff.

Papers of John Robinson, Bishop of London  FP Robinson  1713-1723

Creator(s): Robinson, John, fl 1713-1723, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Robinson 1  1713-1723

Correspondence and papers comprising:
Letter from Thomas Tenison, archbishop of Canterbury, to Queen Anne on royal dispensations to hold in plurality, 1713 (copy) (ff.1-8).
Extract from the will of Benjamin Pratt, clerk, granting the advowson of Greensted, Essex, to the bishop of London conditional on the presentation of the minister of St. Botolph without Aldgate, London, 1715 (ff. 9-10).
Letter from William King, archbishop of Dublin, about the Rev. ---Louther, former military chaplain, who had exchanged an English for an Irish benefice, 1716 (ff.11-12).
Recommendation by James Stanhope, 1st earl (1713), of Don Antonio Gavin for a pension, 1716 (ff.13-14).
Complaint about John Mitchell, recently appointed chaplain of the hospital and master of the school at Fort St. George, 1716 (ff.15-16) (See also Compton 2, ff.94-5).
Request from the bishop of London for the preparation of the collation of Joshua Blower to Pattiswick vicarage, Essex, 1716 (ff.17-18).
Letter from John Cradock, chaplain to the British factory, Lisbon, 1716 (ff.25-6).
Letters from John Salkeld, chaplain at Port Mahon, Minorca, about the matrimonial affairs of Major Henry Cope, 1716-17 (ff.19-24, 27-8).
Letter from David Barry, army chaplain in Gibraltar, suspended for assisting Captain Benjamin Jones who had been courtmarshalled for murder, and letter from Richard Barry on the same, 1717 (ff.29-35).
Notes by [Lewis Bruce] on his appointment as chaplain at Kensington palace, 1718 (ff.36-8).
Letter from Edward Chandler, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, about Joseph Corker, clerk, prosecuted for causing a riot, 1718 (ff.39-41).
Petition for the building of a chapel in Bedford Row, Holborn, Middx., 1712 (copy) (f.42).
Regulations for the consistory of the French chapel at the Savoy approved by the bishop of London, 1721 (French and English) (ff.43-52).
Papers concerning proceedings in chancery brought by the bishop of London against Richard Woodward, former receiver general, over the latter's neglect of his duties and withholding deeds, 1722-3 (ff.53-134).
Memorandum on Emanuel hospital, Westminster, n.d. (f.135).
Notes on tithes payable on Battley Hall, Stapleford Abbots, Essex, including copy of agreement between Caesar Calendrinus, rector, and Joseph Small over the allocation of tithes, 1661 (ff.136-7).
Case of the French chapel of St. Martin Orgar, London, n.d. (ff.138-9).
139 ff.

Papers of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London  FP Gibson  1723-1748

Creator(s): Gibson, Edmund, fl 1723-1748, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers on the administration of the diocese of London  FP Gibson  1720-1748

Application of Jacques Abbadie, dean of Killaloe, for preferment in England, c.1720 (ff.1-2).
Sketch of a church, c.1723 (f.3).
Letter from Henry Newman, secretary of S.P.C.K., about charity schools, and the Rev. [John] Barret who should have embarked for Jamaica, 1724 (ff.7-8).
Draft clause for a bill on clandestine marriage, n.d. (ff.226-7).
Letter from James Christian, former curate of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, appealing against his dismissal from the curacy of Rotherham, Yorks., 1736 (f.79).
Copies of the wills of:
William Clarke, dean of Winchester, with appointment of trustees for the charity for the augmentation of ten benefices in the diocese of London, 1733 (ff.71-8);
Moses Cooke of Sible Hedingham, Essex, clerk, with bequest to Queen Anne's Bounty, 1722 (ff.69-70);
William Dunbar, rector of Little Burstead, Essex, 1722 (ff.214-15);
William Mason of St. Saviour, Southwark, gent., 1733 (ff.63-8).
Correspondence on the following churches and parishes:
Allbrights, Essex; dilapidated state of the church, 1725 (ff.31-2).
Bloomsbury and Holborn, Middx.: burial fees of St. George, Bloomsbury, and St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Middx., 1738 (includes copies of table of fees, 1732) (ff.80-96).
Borley, Essex: jurisdiction of the dean of Bocking over, 1724 (ff.9-10).
Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall, Essex: curacy, and dilapidated state of the church, 1725 (ff.41-2).
Brentford, Middx.: status of St. Lawrence's chapel, 1724, and the appointment of the Rev. William Chilcot(t) on the resignation of the Rev. John Calvert, 1725/6 (ff.43-4).
Bulphan, Essex: non-residence of the incumbent, 1725 (ff.39-40).
Canvey Island, Essex: status of the chapel, 1724-45 (ff.101-44).
Chigwell, Essex: schools (copies of the foundation charter and constitutions) (ff.145-75).
Colchester, Essex: free school (includes copy of foundation charter); catalogue of the parish library, n.d. (ff.176-213).
Hackney, Middx.: lease of the rectory to the Rev. Richard Roach, 1724 (ff.4-5).
Hadley Monachorum, Herts.: status as a donative, 1739 (ff.97-8).
Hammersmith, Middx.: ringing of the church bells, 1724 (ff.11-14).
Hampstead, Middx.: rents owing from the 'Long Room', the Pump Room in Well Walk, used as a chapel, post 1725 (f.216).
Holborn, Middx.: Great Queen Street chapel, 1728 (ff.52-3)
London: appeal for funds for the poor, 1748 (ff.99-100); appointment of the Good Friday preacher at St. Paul's cathedral, 1726 (ff.45-8).
Matching, Essex: endowments of the benefice (includes copy of 1636 glebe terrier) (ff.217-21)
Mersea, East, Essex: sale of the church bell, 1725 (ff.28-30).
Notley, White, Essex: right of presentation, 1725 (ff.26-7).
Orsett, Essex: tithes, 1727 (ff.49-51).
Saffron Walden, Essex: parochial charity, 1724 (ff.15-16).
Stepney, Middx.: bill for converting the chapel at Poplar into a parish church and for maintaining ministers of Stratford le Bow, Poplar, Spitalfields, Wapping, and Limehouse, c.1730 (printed) (ff.54-9).
Ware, Herts.: bequest by Lady Tuffton to the church, 1725 (ff.17-20).
Weeley, Essex: tithes owing from the Lodge, n.d. (ff.222-3).
Wennington, Essex: account of the parish, 1725 (f.21).
Westminster, Middx.: workhouse in the churchyard of St. George, Hanover Square, 1725 (ff.22-5); Grosvenor chapel, 1731 (ff.60-2).
Wix, Essex: dilapidated state of the chapel, and tithes belonging to Francis Hickeringhill, 1725 (ff.33-8).
227 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Gibson 2  1713-1748

Correspondence and papers, 1713-48, comprising:
Correspondence and papers concerning the episcopal church in Scotland and ordination of ministers to officiate there, 1746-8 (ff.1-12).
Correspondence and papers on the church overseas, 1723-39, referring to:
Baptisms and marriages overseas, 1729-30 (ff.13-14).
Amsterdam: salary of the chaplain, 1739 (ff.15-17).
Gibraltar: performance of Anglican marriages in, 1728 (ff.18-19).
Leghorn, Italy: consul at, 1735 (ff.20-1).
Minorca: churches in, and scheme for establishing four Anglican chaplaincies there, 1730 (ff.22-49).
America: acts of the provincial assembly, Massachusetts, New England, 1727 (printed) (ff.50-9).
India: Roman Catholicism compared with paganism, and mission at Tranquebar, 1729 (ff.60-78).
West Indies, Barbados: appointment of a commissary, 1723-4 (ff.79-80);
St. Christophers (St. Kitts): Thomas Mosse and Jean Baptiste Braulte (ff.81-6) (cf. Fulham Papers 36, f.242). Also 1, 72-6. Also for ff.82-3, FP 19, ff.237-8, with which it was originally an enclosure
Montserrat: lack of support for clergy in, 1731 (ff.87-8).
General correspondence and papers on the administration of the chapels royal, 1713-48, including Gibson's regulations for, 1726, 1728 (ff.89-139).
Correspondence on the maintenance and ministers of the French chapels at both the Savoy and St. James's palace, 1722-30 (ff.140-59).
Petition of the Dutch and German congregations at St. James's palace, n.d. (ff.160-1).
Correspondence concerning French Protestant churches in London, 1723-48 (ff.162-204).
Memorial of Swiss Protestants in London, c.1720 (ff.205-8).
Papers relating to Quakers, including Yearly Meeting epistles and addresses from Meeting for Sufferings, principally concerning Friends' testimonies against tithes and the swearing of oaths, 1713-16 (ff.209-20).
Letter on diplomatic immunity for Roman Catholic embassy officials in England, n.d. (ff.221-2).
Papers relating to the proceedings in convocation against William Whiston, 1711 (in Gibson's hand) (ff.223-32)
236 ff.

Poor Clergy Charity  FP Gibson 3  1748

Act of incorporation of the charity for the relief of poor clergymen beneficed or having curacies and their widows and children in the county of Essex, in the deanery of Braughing, and the archdeaconry of St. Albans, 9 April 1748.
Copy. 36 ff.

Poor Clergy Charity  FP Gibson 4-5  [1748]

Constitutions and rules for the better government of the charity, [1748].
26 ff. 2 Copies.

French notebooks  FP Gibson 6  1716-1725

Notebooks of J. Grellier comprising theological treatises including 'Les deux chemin[s] pour aller a la ville de Sion' (1716); 'Catechisme ou dialogue Cretien quel est le devoir de l'homme' (1725); 'Quelque[s] reflections sur la predestination malentendue et des savants et autres et aussi les moyiens daccorder La Grace ave[c] Les Oeuvres'.
Nos. 1-4.

Commission for Proselytes  FP Gibson 7  1720s

Papers relating to the Commission for Proselytes, including, orders of the commissioners, and its officials, list of questions to be asked of proselytes, and 'Remarks on the affairs of our Society, being a criticism of Captain Dequillon'.
14 ff.

Papers of Thomas Sherlock, Bishop of London  FP Sherlock  1748-1761

Creator(s): Sherlock, Thomas, fl 1748-1761, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Sherlock 1  1711-1760

Correspondence and papers concerning benefices in the diocese of London, and including:
Barkway, Herts.: patron's proposed appointment of a non-resident incumbent, 1751 (ff.1-2).
Birch, Great, and Little, Essex: dispute over the adovowson following the union of the benefices, 1717-61 (ff.3-65).
Bishop's Stortford, Herts.: criticism of the curate and schoolmaster, 1757 (ff.66-7).
Boxted, Essex: alleged claim to the advowson, 1752 (ff.68-9).
Canvey Island, Essex: endowment of the chapel and stipend of the chaplain, 1752-9 (ff.70-87).
Chelmsford, Essex: complaint by John Little against his imprisonment for non-payment of tithes, 1753 (ff.88-91).
Colchester, Essex: the Rev. Philip Morant's accounts of churches in and near Colchester, 1749; and of the bastard daughter of Lord Colerane, 1752 (ff.92-5); bishop of Norwich's recomendation of a candidate for a church in, 1752 (ff.96-7).
Dedham, Essex: request of the Rev. Langhorn Warren for permission to be non-resident, 1759 (ff.98-9).
Ealing, Middx.: legal opinion on the lecturership, 1755 (ff.100-7).
Ferring, Essex; leave of absence for the Rev. Thomas Evans, 1754 (ff.108-9).
Hackney, Middx.: lease of the rectory, 1751 (ff.110-11).
Hammersmith, Middx.: dispute over the right to nominate the chaplain, 1711-59 (ff.112-26).
Hatfield Broad Oak, Herts.: leave of absence for the Rev. Henry Wray, 1753; account of parochial charities, 1760 (ff.127-34).
Hitchin, Herts.: legal opinion on the trustees' exclusion of dissenters from the free school, 1752 (ff.135-6).
Holborn, Middx.: withholding of episcopal consent from the building of a chapel in Brook Street, 1753 (ff.137-40).
Hutton, Essex: stipend of the curate, 1753 (ff.141-2).
Kelvedon Hatch, Essex: complaint of the Rev. Charles Wragge against his curate, George Kelly, 1753 (ff.143-6).
Leigh, Essex: 'Methodist' agitation in, 1747-53 (ff.147-69).
Leyton, Low, Essex: status of Leytonstone chapel, 1749 (ff.170-9).
London, All Hallows: application of the Rev. John Smith for the curacy, 1758 (ff.180-91).
St. Alban, Wood Street: extracts from 17th century records on the endowments and fees (ff.192-5).
St. Bartholomew the Great: non-resident 'Methodist' rector, and curacy of the Rev. Robert Lloyd, 1753 (ff.196-9).
St. Dunstan-in-the-West: parishioners' petition against the French curate, 1755; disputed lecturership of the Rev. William Romaine, 1759 (ff.200-6).
St. Lawrence Jewry: right of election of the incumbent, 1760 (f.207).
St. Matthew, Friday Street: exchange of livings between the Rev. Adam Langley and the Rev. Thomas Winstanley, 1758 (ff.208-9).
St. Stephen Coleman: regulations on the election of the Rev.Anthony Webster as vicar, 1753 (copy) (ff.210-11).
St. Paul's cathedral: fabric accounts, 1752-5, including report of Thomas Secker, dean of St. Paul's and bishop of Oxford, 1752 (ff.212-20).
227 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Sherlock 2  1748-1760

Correspondence and papers concerning benefices in the diocese of London, and including:
Matching, Essex: right of presentation and the appointment of the Rev. Stephen Law as vicar, 1755 (ff.1-20).
Meesden, Herts.: account of the curacy, 1752-3 (ff.21-4).
Mount Bures, Essex: permission to sell a church bell to 'beautify the inside of the church', 1759 (f.25).
Netteswell, Essex: removal of the curate, 1755-6 (ff.26-30).
Pattiswick, Essex: status as a donative, 1750, and appointment the minister, 1753 (ff.31-7).
Pontisbright, Essex: non-residence of the Rev. William Stringer, 1750, 1751 (ff.38-44).
Rawreth and Benfleet, Essex: value of the livings, 1750 (ff.45-6).
Redbourn, Herts.: curacy of the Rev. Frederick Ildeston, 1751 (ff.47-54).
St. Albans, Herts., St. Stephen: testimonial of the Rev. George Wilkinson, former curate, 1752; and non-residence of the Rev. Daniel Bellamy, vicar, 1755 (ff.55-8).
Salcot Virley, Essex: financial straits of the Rev. Robert Macro, 1758 (ff.59-60).
Sandridge, Herts.: licensing to be non-resident in the dilapidated the vicarage house, 1756 (ff.61-2).
Sawbridgeworth, Herts.: report of the death of the the Rev. Jeremiah Nicolson, incumbent, 1754 (ff.63-4).
Snoreham, Essex: legal opinion on the presentation of the Rev. Paul Wright as rector, 1751-2 (ff.65-71).
Springfield, Essex: union of the benefices of Springfield Bosville and Springfield Richards, 1753 (ff.72-3).
Staines, Middx.: bequest of the Rev. [Robert] Watts, 1751, 1754 (ff.74-8).
Stambridge, Great, Essex: sale of church bells to 'beautify the church', 1751, 1754 (ff.79-83).
Stambridge, Little, Essex: non-residence of the Rev. Thomas Loveder, 1761 (ff.84-8).
Totham, Great, Essex: exclusion of a parishioner from holy communion, 1759 (f.89).
Wapping, Middx.: election of the Rev. John Smith as lecturer, 1752-4 (ff.90-110).
Westminster, Middx., St. Paul, Covent Garden: act of parliament for the constitution of parish, 1748 (printed) (ff.111-21).
St. Margaret: George Whicker's charity, 1748 (f.122).
St. Martin-in-the-Fields: churchwardens' presentment, 1753 (f.123).
Wethersfield, Essex: disputed over the appointment of lecturer, 1753 (ff.124-9).
Wigborough, Essex: dilapidated state of the church, (ff.130-2).
Wivenhoe, Essex: advice on an intended marriage with deceased wife's sister at, 1758 (ff.133-4).
General correspondence on diocesan administration, 1750-60, (ff.135-57), including:
Legal opinion on the registration of ordinations by the bishop of Bangor in lieu of the bishop of London, 1750 (ff.135-8).
Application of James Bailly for ordination, 1750 (ff.139-40).
Accounts of the Charterhouse, 1752-3 (ff.142-3).
Bond on the appointment of the Rev. Tristram Evans as surrogate, 1754 (ff.144-5).
Legal opinion on the right of a registrar to withold records from the bishop, 1760 (ff.146-7).
Papers concerning visitations of the diocese of London, 1748-59, including visitation return, 1750 (ff.148-66).
Correspondence and papers on the pay of naval chaplains, c.1749-61 (ff.167-82).
Accounts of the income of the see of London, 1750-9 (ff.183-98).
198 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Sherlock 3  1743-1761

Correspondence and papers comprising:
Papers on the episcopal church in Scotland, 1751-3, comprising:
Sherlock's recommendation of the Rev. Thomas Pollen in response to the request for a minister for the newly built chapel in Glasgow, 1751-2 (ff.1-5).
Request of Charles Roberts, Scottish cleric, for an English curacy, 1753 (ff.6-7).
Correspondence and papers on the church overseas, 1749-60, (ff.8-59) referring to:
Rotterdam: chaplaincy of the Rev. Henry Michelson, 1749, and the case of the Rev. John Finney, 1751 (ff.8-39).
East India Company: procedure for the appointment of chaplains, c. 1760 (ff.40-1).
St. Helena: appointments of the Rev. William Dobie, 1749, and the Rev. William Lee as chaplain, 1750 (ff. 42-5).
Plantations: minutes of the Committee of Trade and Plantations concerning the bishop of London's proposals for churches in, 1685 (18th century copy); H. M. instructions to the governor of Nova Scotia about clerical appointments, 1749 (copy) (ff.46-9) (cf. Fulham Papers 17, ff.93-8).
Application of John Vicary ('most probably a Methodist') for ordination, 1759 (ff.50-9).
Correspondence and papers on the chapels royal, 1749-54, (ff.60-104), including:
Funding and appointment of officials at the French chapel at the Savoy, 1748-58 (ff.91-104).
Extracts from registers of the chapels royal about the administration of the chapels, c. 1749 (ff.60-78).
Account by the Rev. Lewis Bruce of the lack of allowances for Somerset House chapel, 1751 (ff.79-80).
Appointments to the French chapel, St. James's palace, 1749-50 (ff.85-9).
Appointment of Nicholas Daniel Kannmaker to the German chapel, St. James's palace, 1750 (f.90).
Marriages at the Savoy chapel, 1754 (ff.81-2)
Correspondence on French Protestant churches in London, 1750-6 (ff.105-20), including
Appeal of the French chapel in St. Marylebone for royal bounty, 1750 (ff.105-6).
Regulations of the French church in Wapping, and petition from the Jersey and Guernsey recommending appointment of James Garnier, 1751 (ff.107-14).
Proceedings of the French church of St. John, Spitalfields against the Rev. -- Descolas, 1756 (ff.115-20).
General correspondence and papers (ff.121-37) including:
Patent of the Stationers Company to publish almanacks, 1603 (extract) (ff.123-4).
Clause from the will of Sir Leoline Jenkins setting up fellowship at Oxford, 1685 (copy) (ff.125-6).
Value of Sutton-under-Brailes rectory, Glos., in the gift of the bishop of London, 1750 (f.127).
Legal opinion on the registration of dissenters' chapels, 1752 (ff.121-2).
Papers on the bishop of London's appointment of the rector of Uppingham, Rutland, on the death of the Rev. John Jones, 1752 (ff.130-5).
Account of the Rev. R. Walker, 'the most extraordinary person of his age', 1755, described in The annual register, 1760 (ff.136-7).
Correspondence and papers of the Rev. Stephen Wheatland concerning Lady Holford's bequest to Stanton St. John, Oxon., 1743-61 (ff.138-208).
208 ff.

Papers of Thomas Hayter, Bishop of London  FP Hayter  1761-1762

Creator(s): Hayter, Thomas, fl 1761-1762, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Hayter 1  1750-61

Correspondence and papers comprising:
Visitation articles 1753 (printed) and order of visitation of the diocese of Norwich by Thomas Hayter, bishop of Norwich, 1760 (ff.1-9).
Petition for an exchange of glebe at Sarratt, Herts., 1761 (ff.10-11).
Testimonial for Jean Guyot, French minister, 1761 (ff.12-13).
Account of Somerset House chapel, by the Rev. Lewis Bruce, chaplain, 1761 (ff.14-17).
Certificate of distances between Datchworth and Waltham Abbotts submitted in application for a dispensation for plurality, 1761 (f.18).
Ordination examination papers, 1761 (ff.19-40).
Copies of patents of officials of the bishop of London, 18th century (ff.41-66).
Papers, including enclosure act, for Welton, Yorks., 1750-2 (ff.67-78).
78 ff.

Dilapidation Accounts  FP Hayter 2  1761

Related information: For plans for alterations at Fulham Palace, see FP/Terrick 19.

Estimates of dilapidations at Fulham Palace, surveyed by Stiff Leadbetter, surveyor, 14 November 1761.
Copy by William Dickes, bishop's secretary.
18 ff. (ff.15-18 blank).

Papers of Richard Osbaldeston, Bishop of London  FP Osbaldeston  1762-1764

Creator(s): Osbaldeston, Richard, fl 1762-1764, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Osbaldeston 1  1762-1764

The correspondence and papers comprise:
Proceeding on Osbaldeston's election as bishop, 1762 (ff.1-14).
Correspondence and papers on the following churches and parishes:
Beaumont with Moze, Essex: advowson, 1762 (ff.40-1).
Bedfont and Heston, Middx.: held in plurality by the Rev. John Gibson, 1762 (ff.23-4).
Birch, Great and Little, Essex: advowson, 1763 (ff.53-4).
Bromley, Great, Essex: withdrawal of the caveat against the institution of an incumbent, 1764 (ff.77-8).
Canvey Island, Essex: endowment of chapel, including copy of 1712 petition to Bishop Compton, 1762-3 (ff.90-113).
Dedham, Essex: caveat against the licencing of a lecturer, 1762 (ff.33, 45).
Donyland, East, Essex: caveat against the institution of an incumbent, 1763 (ff.55-6).
Holborn, Middx.: dues owing from Great Queen Street chapel to St. Giles-in-the-Fields, 1762 (ff.29-30).
Layer Marney, Essex: conditional appointment of the Rev. John Evatt as rector, 1763 (ff.67-8).
London, St. Alphage: disputed appointment of the Rev. William Romaine as Sunday afternoon lecturer, 1764 (ff.79-80).
St. Magnus, Fish Street: alterations to the church tower, 1762 (ff.15-22).
Stratford, Suffolk: institution of George Wollaston as rector, 1763 (f.75).
Tey, Great, Essex: right of presentation, 1762-3 (ff.46, 63-4, 71-4).
Tey, Great and Little Tey, Essex: dispute between the rectors over tithes, 1762 (ff.25-8).
Thurrock, West, Essex: withdrawal of the caveat against the institution of an incumbent, 1763 (f.60).
Westminster: petition of Charles Moss, rector, and churchwardens of St. George, Hanover Square to parliament to enclose land in Paddington for a burial ground, 1760s (ff.82-9).
Westminster: building of chapel in Broad Court, Drury Lane, 1763 (ff.47-8).
Whitechapel, Middx.: caveat against licensing a lecturer, 1763 (ff.61-2).
Financial accounts of the 'old works', St. Paul's cathedral, 1761-2 (ff.42-4).
Letter to Bishop Robinson concerning the Calverwell legacy, c.1720, forwarded to Osbaldeston in 1762 (f.203).
Loyal address on the birth of the prince of Wales, 1762 (ff.204-5).
Appeal of the Rev. Roger Price, commissary in New England, for charity to enable him to retire to England, 1762 (ff.31-2).
Correspondence and papers on the chapels royal, 1762 comprising:
Petition of Samuel Mence, gentleman of the chapel royal, for leave of absence, n.d. (ff.201-2).
Letters from the Rev. Lewis Bruce, chaplain, on Somerset House chapel, 1762 (ff.197-200).
Papers on the the appointment of the chaplain at the French chapel at St. James's palace on the death of the Rev. James Serces, 1762 (ff.188-94).
Petition of Johannes Fevot, citizen of Lausanne, Switzerland, for appointment to the French church in Soho, 1762 (ff.195-6).
Cautions against unsuitable ordinands, clergy and others, 1762-3 (ff.34-9, 49-52, 57-9, 65-6, 69-70).
Certificates of distances between benefices to be held in plurality, 1762-4 (ff.152-87).
Papers concerning the visitation of the diocese of London, 1763 (ff.114-22).
Directions and order for confirmation services, 1763 (printed) (ff.123-4).
Papers on the distribution of His Majesty's Charity of One Thousand Pounds to the Poor in the cities of London and Westminster, 1763 (including copy of royal letters concerning the collection of funds for the poor in 1749 printed) (ff.125-51).
Papers concerning James Peter charity and George Whicker charities in Westminster, 1764 (ff.76, 81).
205 ff.

Dilapidation Accounts  FP Osbaldeston 2  1762

Estimates of dilapidations at Fulham Palace, by John Phillips, Benjamin Pujolas and George Shakespear, March - June 1762.
Copy by William Dickes, the bishop's secretary.
24 pp.

Liber Cleri  FP Osbaldeston 3  1763

Lists of clergy in the city of London and Middlesex drawn up for the bishop's visitation.
9 ff.

Liber Cleri  FP Osbaldeston 4  1763

Lists of clergy in Essex and Hertfordshire drawn up for the bishop's visitation.
20 ff.

Visitation Returns  FP Osbaldeston 5-7  1763

Visitation returns for the diocese of London, arranged in alphabetical order of parish. Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).
FP/Osbaldeston/5 Abberton - Greensted.
195 ff.
FP/Osbaldeston/6 Hadham - Ovington.
188 ff.
FP/Osbaldeston/7 Paglesham - Yeldham.
185 ff.

Fee Book  FP Osbaldeston 8  c.1763

List of fees payable to diocesan officials, noting apportionment between the chancellor, registrar and apparator, compiled by [William Dickes, the bishop's secretary].
19 ff. (ff. 7-19 blank).

Papers of Richard Terrick, Bishop of London  FP Terrick  1764-1777

Creator(s): Terrick, Richard, fl 1764-1777, Bishop of London

Correspondence and papers  FP Terrick 1  1764-1777

Correspondence and papers on the administration on the diocese of London, 1764-1777, relating to the following:
Amwell, Great, Herts.: faculty for the demolition of buildings on the glebe, and repairs to the vicarage house, 1769 (copy) (ff.96-7).
Aston Abbots, Herts.: letters of attorney authorising the presentation of the Rev. Potts Davies as vicar, 1767 (ff.82-3).
Birch, Great and Little, Essex: tithes, 1771 (ff.109-10).
Birchanger, Essex: dilapidated state of the church and sale of church bell, 1767 (ff.78-9).
Bishop's Stortford, Herts.: objections to the administration of Dr. Turner's charity, 1764-5 (ff.8-9) (29-32).
Bloomsbury, Middx.: petition for permission to build Bedford chapel in Charlotte Street, 1766 (f.86).
Braxted, Great, Essex: petition for the exchange of glebe, 1768 (f.93).
Brentford, Old, Middx.: bond for the payment of the stipend of the minister of George chapel, 1769 (ff.94-5).
Bulmer and Belchamp Walter, Essex: impropriator's objections to the bill for the union of the benefices, n.d. (ff.150-3).
Chignall St. James, Essex: request for permission to sell the church bell to restore the church with proceeds, 1766-7 (ff.71-2).
Clavering w. Langley, Essex: permission for James Penn, vicar, to remove outhouses, 1764; reduction in the stipend of Thomas Bull, curate, 1765 (ff.10, 33-4).
Clerkenwell, Middx., St. James: petition for the removal of one of the sequestrators, 1769 (f.98).
St. John: petition of Roger Parry, rector, about the endowment of the church, 1770s (ff.154-5).
Ealing, Middx.: licence of Thomas Sampson, lecturer, 1759, exhibited at visitations, 1763-73 (ff.113-14).
Hackney, Middx.: licensing of Ram's chapel, 1764 (ff.1-5); request to licence a minister for Stamford Hill chapel, n.d. (ff.156-9).
Hammersmith, Middx.: Thomas Sampson v Michael Impey: status of Hammersmith chapel, 1773, 1775 (ff.115-43, 146-7).
Heston, Middx.: permission to cut down elm trees to build barn and outhouses, c. 1776 (ff.148-9).
Kensington, Middx.: petition for permission to build Brompton chapel, 1768 (f.88).
London, St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe w. St. Anne, Blackfriars: disputed election of the Rev. William Romaine as rector, 1765 (ff.18-28).
St. Margaret Pattens w. St. Gabriel Fenchurch: recommendation of the appointment of the Rev. [William] Prior as rector, 1766 (f.35).
Mountnessing, Essex: bond of indemnity on the institution of the Rev. John Newman as vicar, 1774 (ff.144-5).
Notley, White, Essex: descent of the advowson, 1770-1 (ff.99-108, 111-12).
Snoreham, Essex: bond of indemnity on the institution of the Rev. Paul Wright as rector, 1768 (ff.84-5).
Stifford, Essex: caveat against the institution of an incumbent, 1764 (f.11).
Sturmer, Essex: curacy of the Rev. Arthur Kay, 1764 (ff.12-17).
Wethersfield, Essex: appointment of the Rev. Benjamin Shield as lecturer, 1766 (ff.36-49).
Yeldham, Great, Essex: licensing of William Garrad, master of the school, n.d. (ff.160-1).
Ownership of procurations in the event of the archdeacon dying before completing the visitation, n.d. (ff.6-7).
Enquiry into the rights of afternoon lecturers and others in the city of London and elsewhere, n.d. (ff.162-9).
Form of nomination and testimonial for clergy in the diocese of London (printed) (ff.170-1).
Correspondence on applications for ordination of Thomas Baines, William Chandler, John Land, George Murthwaite, Francis Paddey, Benjamin Russen, 1765-7 (ff.51-70, 75-7).
Legal opinion concerning the right of presentation of the vicar of Donington, Lincs., the incumbent Simon Cole presumed dead in the East Indies, 1766 (ff.73-4).
Caveats against unsuitable applicants for ordination or licensing, 1767-8 (ff.80, 89-92).
Papers on the visitation of the diocese of London, 1766-70, including visitation articles, 1770 (ff.172-86).
Visitation articles of John Thomas, bishop of Winchester, 1764 (ff.187-8).
188 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Terrick 2  1764-1777

The papers refer to the following:
Correspondence and papers concerning the episcopal church in Edinburgh, 1769-1770s, comprising:
Application of James Moyes for ordination, 1769 (ff.1-10).
Memorial about the new episcopal chapel in Edinburgh, c. 1770 (ff.11-14).
Correspondence and papers on the church overseas, 1769-75 (ff.15-56) referring to:
Amsterdam, Holland: provision of services for the English congregation, 1770 (ff.15-30).
Rotterdam, Holland: appointment of the Rev. William Atkinson as chaplain, 1769, 1770 (ff.31-6).
Kronstadt: ordination of Thomas Tooke, 1771, and Henry Dixon, 1774, for the chaplaincy to the British factory (ff.37-49).
Scilly Isles: ordination of John Coxon to officiate in, 1775 (ff.50-3).
Gold Coast, Africa: missionary bond of the Rev. Philip Quaque to officiate in, 1765 (f.54).
Sumatra, Fort Marlborough: appointment of William Hewer, chaplain, and George Pecore, schoolmaster for German Protestants, 1770 (ff.55-6).
Correspondence and papers on the chapels royal, 1764-74 (ff.57-77), comprising:
Subdean's oath, 1764 (ff.57-8).
Accounts of pensioners of the chapel royal, 1764-74 ff.59-67).
Request for communion plate at the French chapel, St. James's palace, 1760s (ff.68-9).
Abjuration of Leger Jean Baptiste Noel Veyssiere, 1768 (copy) (f.70-1).
Testimonials of Charles de Guisardiere and Nicolas Massy for officiating at the French chapel, Savoy, 1769 (ff.72-3).
Petitions from the German chapel, Savoy, 1768, n.d. (ff.74-7).
Correspondence on foreign Protestants, 1764-75 (ff.78-87) comprising:
List of French refugee chapels in London in 1764 (ff.78-9).
Testimonials of Jacques Adam de Martel, 1764 (ff.80-2).
Recommendation from natives of Guernsey and Jersey of the appointment of John Charles Bernel to officiate in the French chapel in Wapping, 1773 (ff.83-4).
Request for ordination and licensing of John Roget to the French church, Soho (f.85).
Memorial from the university of Wittenberg, 1765 (ff.86-7).
Correspondence and papers on charities, 1764-75 (ff.88-208) comprising:
Rules of the George Whicker's charity, Westminster, and applications, 1760s-75 (ff. 184-206).
Petitions for charity, 1764-75 (ff.92-128).
Collections for the poor in London, 1765-7 (ff.88-91).
The state of Bromley College, Kent, 1766 (printed) (ff.207-8).
Administration of, and applications for admission to the Charterhouse, 1766-1774 (ff.129-36, 143-4).
Proceeding in chancery concerning the administration of James Peter's charity, 1771-4 (145-83).
Application of John Barbe, clerk of the Dutch chapel, St. James's palace for royal bounty, 1773 (ff.137-42)
Papers relating to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1770s (ff.209-14).
214 ff.

Estate Papers  FP Terrick 3  1764-1777

Correspondence and accounts on the temporalities of the see of London comprising:
Vouchers, 1764-1772 (ff.1-283).
Audited accounts, 1766-74 (ff.284-300).
Correspondence on the estates, 1767-76 (ff.301-14).
Correspondence on Milton prebend in Lincoln cathedral, 1775, with note of rents, 1763-74 (ff.315-22).
322 ff.

Archbishop Secker's Options  FP Terrick 4  1768-1777

Correspondence, mainly applications for preferments, formerly in the gift of Archbishop Secker, and bequeathed to the bishop of London.
96 ff.

Confirmation Papers  FP Terrick 5  1765-1779

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

The papers comprise lists of candidates confirmed at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, St. Paul's cathedral, London, and St. James, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, March 1771 (ff.1-125).
Lists of candidates confirmed at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, St. Bride, Fleet Street, St. Paul's cathedral, London, St. James, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, March-April, 1774 (ff.126-241).
Orders for confirmations, 1765-79 (ff.242-57).
257 ff.

Returns of Marriages  FP Terrick 6  1772

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Returns made by incumbents to an enquiry of Bishop Terrick in 1772 of the numbers of marriages within each parish seven years either side of Lord Hardwicke's marriage act of 1754.
117 ff.

Ordination Examination Papers  FP Terrick 7  1764-1768

Examination papers of applicants for ordination by the bishop of London, 1764-8.
148 ff.

Plurality Certificates  FP Terrick 8  1764-1777

Certificates of values and distances between benefices submitted in application for dispensations to hold in plurality.
102 ff.

Resignation Deeds  FP Terrick 9  1765-1777

Resignation of benefices and prebends in the diocese of London and of the chaplaincy at Rotterdam.
Nos. 1-55.

Diocesan Book  FP Terrick 10  c. 1765

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Account of preferment in the gift of the bishop of London, drawn up for Terrick, and amended by his successors until about 1830.
194 ff.

Lent Preachers  FP Terrick 11  1732-1787

List of London churches preached in by the bishop of London during Lent, 1732-87, compiled by [William Dickes, secretary to the bishop of London] in c. 1770s.
24 ff.

Liber Cleri  FP Terrick 12  1766, 1767

List of clergy drawn up for the bishop's visitation.
vi + 42 pp.

Liber Cleri  FP Terrick 13  1769, 1770

As FP/Terrick/12
32 ff. (ff.25-32 blank).

Visitation Returns  FP Terrick 14  1766

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Visitation returns for the diocese of London, arranged in alphabetical order of parish.
(7 parts: 1, ff.1-232; 2, ff.233-484;, 3, ff.485-692; 4, ff.693-944; 5, ff. 945-1236; 6, ff. 1237-1481; 7, ff.1482-1507).
1507 ff.

Visitation Returns  FP Terrick 15  1770

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Visitation returns, 1770, mainly Covering parishes for which no return was made in 1766.
132 ff.

Chapels Royal Book  FP Terrick 16  1760s

Lists of officials of the chapels royal drawn up by [William Dickes] in about 1760s, and updated to c. 1786.
23 ff. (ff.9-32 blank).

Dilapidations Accounts  FP Terrick 17  1763

Estimates of dilapidations at Fulham Palace, by John Gorham, Robert Taylor, Samuel William, surveyors, 1763.
Copy by William Dickes. 9 ff.

Accounts  FP Terrick 18  1764-1769

Accounts of expenditure on repairs at Fulham Palace, July 1764-July 1766, with receipts of money owing to the executors of Stiff Leadbetter, surveyor, July 1767.
24 ff.

Plans of Fulham Palace  FP Terrick 19  1762-1766

Plans and sketches of alterations at Fulham Palace commissioned by Terrick and his predecessor, Osbaldeston, 1762-6.
Nos. 1-39.

Returns of Papists  FP Terrick 20  1765-1766

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Returns to Bishop Terrick's articles of enquiry about papists in the cities of London and Westminster, 1765-6. The questions asked whether there were any popish priests, families, converts, chapels or schools in the parish.
166 ff.

Returns of Papists  FP Terrick 21-23  1767

Supplementary information: Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).

Original returns for the diocese of London to the enquiry about the numbers of papists in England and Wales, 1767. Abstracts of these were forwarded to the House of Lords, and are published in: Returns of papists, 1767 (Catholic Record Society, Occasional Publication 2 (1989).
FP/Terrick/21 Abberton - Hutton
275 ff.
FP/Terrick/22 Ickenham - Runwell
232 ff.
FP/Terrick/23 Returns of Papists, 1767: Sawbridgeworth - Yeldham.
Includes summary list of papists of the diocese of London, excluding the cities of London and Westminster, 1767 (ff.210-23).
223 ff.

Papers of Robert Lowth, Bishop of London  FP Lowth  1777-1787

Creator(s): Lowth, Robert, fl 1777-1787, Bishop of London

Diocesan correspondence  FP Lowth 1  1777-1786

Correspondence and papers concerning parishes in the diocese of London, and including:
Ashford, Middx.: parishioners' request for regular Sunday services, c.1780 (ff.1-2).
Baddow, Little, Essex: augmentation of the rectory, n.d. (ff.5-6).
Baddow, Little, and Boreham, Essex: endowments of schools in, 1786 (ff.3-4).
Barking, Essex: election of the Rev. Benjamin Symonds as lecturer, 1779-80 (ff.7-9).
Barkway, Herts.: incumbent's withholding payment of procurations, 1778 (ff.10-11).
Birch, Great, Essex: dispute over patronage, 1777-9 (ff.12-27).
Birdbrook, Essex: tithes dispute, 1781 (ff.28-30).
Bloomsbury, Middx.: relations between the rector of St. George, Bloomsbury, and Bedford chapel, 1777 (including copy of 1769 agreement) (ff.31-4).
Bradwell-juxta-Mare, Essex: costs of repairs to barns, 1777 (f.35).
Braintree, Essex: procedure for the induction of the incumbent, 1778 (ff.36-7).
Brentford, Middx.: status of New Brentford chapel, 1781 (ff.38-9).
Burstead, Little, Essex: dilapidations, including survey of rectory house, 1778 (ff.40-8).
Buttsbury, Essex: plan of the church, n.d. (f.49).
Canvey Island, Essex: endowment of the chapel, 1783 (ff.50-1).
Colchester, Essex: elections of the Rev. Samuel Parr, and Rev. Charles Hewitt as master of the free school, 1777-80 (ff.52-62).
Dengie, Essex: power of attorney to present the Rev. Charles Robert Fanshawe to the rectory, 1783 (f.63).
Dovercourt w. Harwich, Essex: stipends of the two curates, 1786 (ff.64-82).
Ealing, Middx.: repairs to the vicarage house (including survey), 1782 (ff.83-106).
Edmonton, Middx.: licensing of Michael Watson as schoolmaster, 1778 (ff.107-8).
Hackney, Middx.: constitution of the select vestry, 1613, 1679 (copy) (ff.109-12).
Hammersmith, Middx.: election of the Rev. John Lane as curate, 1785 (ff.113-20).
Harlow, Essex: resignation of the Rev. James Altham as vicar, 1777 (ff.121-2).
Hempstead, Essex: complaint about dilapidated state of the church and houses, 1778 (ff.123-8).
Highgate, Middx.: licence of the Rev. William Porter as chaplain, 1781 (ff.129-30).
Hillingdon, Middx.: resignation of the Rev. Richard Mills as vicar, 1777 (ff.131-2).
Holborn, Middx.: election of the Rev. John Willis as lecturer, 1780 (ff.133-4).
Kirby-le-Soken and Walton-le-Soken, Essex: resignation of the Rev. John Pittman as vicar (ff.135-6).
London, St. Augustine w. St. Faith: election of John Hadley Swain as lecturer, 1782 (ff.137-40).
St. Barthlomew the Great: election of the Rev. Thomas Walker as lecturer, 1778 (ff.141-2).
St. Bartholomew the Little: election of the Rev. John Horner as lecturer, 1780 (ff.143-4).
St. Bride: services for dissenters ('pernicious Methodists') in the Fleet prison, 1783 (ff.145-8).
St. Christopher w. St. Margaret Lothbury: bill for the union of the benefices, 1781 (printed) (ff.149-58).
St. Ethelburga, Bishopsgate: election of the Rev. Benjamin Russen as lecturer, 1777 (ff.159-61).
St. George, Botolph Lane w. St. Botolph, Billingsgate: election of the Rev. [Isaac] Crouch as lecturer, 1782 (ff.162-5).
St. Katherine Coleman: election of the Rev. Benjamin Gerrans as lecturer, 1780 (ff.166-7).
St. Lawrence Jewry: election of the Rev. James Davies as Thursday evening lecturer, 11780 (ff.168-9).
St. Margaret Pattens w. St. Gabriel, Fenchurch: dispute over the sexton's fees and salary, 1783-4 (ff.170-89).
London, St. Martin Outwich: election of the Rev. William Ley as lecturer, 1778 (ff.190-1).
St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street w. St. Gregory by St. Paul's: election of the Rev. John Gibbons as lecturer, 1780 (f.192).
St. Paul's Cathedral: appointment of lord mayor's preacher on Good Friday; and repairs' accounts, 1778 (ff.193-8).
Oakley, Little, Essex: resignation of the Rev. William Steggall as rector, 1778 (ff.199-200).
Rickmansworth, Herts.: lease of the rectory house, 1777 (draft) (ff.201-7).
Royston, Herts.: curacy of the Rev. John Rauworth, 1778 (ff.208-11).
Ruislip, Middx.: resignation of the Rev. Henry Duckworth as vicar, 1778 (ff.212-13).
Shoreditch, Middx., St. Leonard: procedure for the consecration of the church, 1778 (ff.214-17).
Spitalfields, Christ Church, Middx.: licence of the Rev. Herbert Mayo as chaplain of the George Wheler Chapel, 1759 exhibited, 1786 (ff.218-19).
Stoke Newington, Middx.: particulars of the sale of the manor, 1783 (ff.220-5).
Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex: resignation of the Rev. Matthew Thompson as vicar, 1777 (ff.226-7).
Tilbury, West, Essex: resignation of the Rev. John Myonnet as rector, 1778 (ff.228-9).
229 ff.

Correspondence and papers  FP Lowth 2  1776-1787

Correspondence and papers on benefices in the diocese of London, including:
Wapping, Middx.: election of the Rev. Henry Mead as lecturer, 1782 (ff.1-2).
Wennington, Essex: account of the parish and value of the rectory by the Rev. William Morice, 1783 (ff.3-6).
Westminster, Middx., St. Anne Soho: dispute between clergy on the appointment of the Rev. Robert Richardson, 1778 (ff.7-23).
St. Clement Danes: election of the Rev. Stephen Popham as lecturer, 1783 (ff.24-5).
Westminster, St. Margaret: account of Lady Huntington Chapel, [1787] (ff.26-7).
Woodham Walter, Essex: proceedings of Lewis Disney Ffytche v. bishop of London over his right of presentation, and appeal to the House of Lords, 1781-3 (ff.28-101).
Correspondence on diocesan administration, 1777-1780s, (ff.102-62) including:
Act to promote residence of the clergy, 1777 (ff.104-19).
Resignation of Thomas Bever as commissary and sequestrator general, 1778 (ff.120-2).
Funds of Sion College, 1779 (ff.128-35).
Administration of Bishop Evans' Charity, 1780s (ff.136-60).
Applications for ordination, 1781-5, mainly concerning the Richard Ellis, 1785 (ff.163-179).
Correspondence and papers on the chapels royal, 1776-80, comprising:
Appointment of German chaplains, St. James's Palace, 1776-7 (ff.180-7).
Appeal of the Rev. David Evans v. the Rev. Charles Este against his dismissal as reader at the Whitehall chapel, 1778-9 (ff.188-99).
Resignation of John Nares as master of the children of the chapels royal, 1780 (ff.200-1).
Papers concerning the church overseas, 1777-85 (ff.202-34) referring to:
Constantinople: ordination of Charles Nicholson, chaplain to the Levant Company, 1783 (ff.202-3).
Copenhagen: ordination and appointment of the Rev. James Johnstone as embassy chaplain, 1779 (ff.204-12).
Gibraltar: application of James Bain for ordination, 1785 (ff.213-16).
Kronstadt: ordination and appointment of Samuel Furley as chaplain, 1783 (ff.217-24).
Rotterdam: resignation of the Rev. William Atkinson, and appointment of the Rev. William Williams as chaplain, 1777 (ff.225-32).
St. Vincent, West Indies: ordination of Thomas Load, 1777 (ff.233-4).
Papers concerning French Protestant churches in London, 1781, 1785, comprising:
Ordination and licensing of Pierre Francois Prevost to the French chapel, Soho, 1781 (ff.235-8
Conformity and licensing of the French chapel in Hoxton, 1785 (ff.239-49).
249 ff.

Plurality Certificates  FP Lowth 3  1777-1787

Certificates of values and distances between benefices submitted in application for dispensations to hold in plurality, 1777-1787.
120 ff.

Visitation Returns  FP Lowth 4-6  1778

Visitation returns for the diocese of London, 1778, arranged in alphabetical order of parish. Indexed in An index to the London Diocesan Returns in Lambeth Palace Library 1763-1900, by Melanie Barber (1991).
FP/Lowth/4 Abberton - Elsenham
466 ff.
FP/Lowth/5 Fairsted - Ovington
481 ff.
FP/Lowth/6 Pebmarsh - Yeldham
536 ff.


Creator(s): Creighton, Mandell, fl 1896-1901, Bishop of London

The correspondence and papers of Mandell Creighton, bishop of London, consist for the most part, of incoming letters; few of the replies which were reproduced in Louise Creighton's biography of her husband have survived. The correspondence was roughly sorted into annual series, and arranged in an alphabetical order of correspondent or subject. Apart from correspondence, the collection includes three volumes of visitation returns.

Visitation Returns  FP Creighton 1-3  1900

Returns to the Bishop Creighton's visitation articles, arranged in alphabetical order according to rural deaneries. The returns are indexed in 'Index of London Diocesan returns'.
FP/Creighton/1 Archdeaconry of London.
Returns arranged in order of deaneries nos. 1-8.
Nos. 1-245.
FP/Creighton/2 Archdeaconry of Middlesex.
Returns arranged in order of deaneries nos. 9-14.
Nos. 1-173.
FP/Creighton/3 Archdeaconry of Middlesex.
Returns arranged in order of deaneries nos. 15-23.
Nos. 1-220.

Episcopal and Local Records  FP Creighton 4  1895-1900

Papers concerning the custody and preservation of records, 1895-1900, comprising:
Returns of episcopal records, 1895, requested by the committee appointed at the Bishops Meeting, 29 May 1895, 'to examine into the way in which Episcopal Registers and Act Books are kept at present and to suggest any improvement in the method of keeping them'. ff.1-91
Correspondence and papers concerning the Committee on the Preservation of Local Records appointed by the Government, 1899-1900.
198 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 5  1896-7

Papers concerning the administration of the see of London during the vacancy following the translation of Frederick Temple to the see of Canterbury, 1896-7. (ff.1-32). These relate to the Rev. Herbert Osborn Barratt, the Rev William Chamberlin, the Rev. John Henry Evans, the Rev. Hugh Cokayne Frith, the Rev. Henry Grattan Kane, the Rev. Gilbert Monks, the Rev. John Kinchin Smith, and St. Michael, Wood Street, London.
Correspondence of Bishop Creighton relating to the following:
ADDERLEY (Rev. James Granville) ff.33-93
BARKER (Rev. William) ff.94-5
BARRACLOUGH (Rev. Edwin Arthur) ff.96-9
BARTER (Rev. William Ewart Beamish) ff.100-5
BROWNE (George Forrest), bishop of Bristol ff.126-7
CADOGAN (George Henry), 5th Earl Cadogan ff.128-9
CLEMENTI-SMITH (Rev. Herbert) ff.140-3
OLLLINGS (Rev. Thomas Chapman) ff.144-8
DAWSON (W. F.), congregational minister f. 149
DENISON (Preb. Henry Phipps) ff.150-65
DOWLING (Rev. Richard Broadbent) ff.166-7
ELAM (Rev. Edward Descon Dudley Vallance) ff.168-73
FINSBURY, Middx., St. Agatha ff.174-87
FISCHER (Carl) ff.188-95
FULLER (Rev. Morris Joseph) ff.196-293
GIRDLESTONE (Rev. Charles Frederic) ff.294-325
GODWIN (Robert Herbert), former dean of St. John's Pro-Cathedral, Umtata, South Africa f.326
GURDON (Rev. Francis) ff.327-8
328 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 6  1896-7

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
HADDEN (Rev. Robert Henry) ff.1-15
HADDOCK (Rev. Edward Isaac) ff.16-17
HALL (Rev. Herbert Edward) ff.18-23
HEURTLEY (Rev. Archibald Charles) ff.24-5
HIGHGATE, Middx., All Saints ff.26-60
HILL (Rev. Herbert Heriot) ff.61-72
HILL (Rev. Herbert Whitbread) ff.73-4
HOLLAND (Canon Henry Scott) ff.75-80
HUNT (Rev. Henry George Bonavia) ff.91-2
IRELAND (Rev. Henry Garth) ff.93-4
ISLEWORTH, Middx., St. Margaret ff.95-143
JERVOIS (Rev. William Henry Hammond) ff.144-6
LEACH (Rev. Robert) ff.147-9
LONDON, city churches ff.150-68
LYNE (Rev. Joseph Leycester) alias Father Ignatius ff.244-52
MARRIAGE ff.253-78
MANBEY (Rev. George Henley) ff.279-88
MOMERIE (Rev. Alfred Williams) ff.289-90
NEWBOLT (Canon William Charles Edmund) ff.291-8
NOTTING HILL, Middx., St. Columb ff.299-312
312 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 7  1897

Correspondence and papers, 1897, relating to:
OSBORNE (Rev. John Francis) ff.1-4
PARKER (W.B.) ff.5-8
POPE (Arthur F.) ff.9-16
POWNALL (Rev. George Purves) ff.17-20
RACKHAM (Rev. Richard Belward) ff.25-6
RAGATZ, Italy, Anglican chaplaincy ff.27-9
READE (Rev. Compton) ff.30-1
RICHARDSON (Rev. Thomas) ff.32-3
RILEY (Athelstan) ff.34-5
RITUAL ff.36-70
ROBINSON (Rev. George Croke) ff.71-6
ROWSELL (Rev. Herbert) ff.77-86
SABLER (George) ff.91-2
SCOTT (Rev. Joseph John) ff.94-5
SEYMOUR (Rev. George Augustus) ff.131-2
SEYMOUR (Lord Victor Alexander) 1896 ff.133-4
SIEMENS (Alexander) ff.135-6
SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London ff.137-48
SISTERHOODS: Convent of St. Mary and St. John, Chiswick, Middx. ff.149-55
SOHO, Middx., St. Mary ff.156-9
TEMPLE (Frederick), archbishop of Canterbury ff.160-3
THORNBER (Rev. Richard) ff.164-77
VICTORIA (Queen) ff.178-82
VIGNE (Rev. Henry) ff.183-93
WELLS (Rev. Blythe) ff.194-215
WELSH CHURCH, Paddington, Middx. ff.216-71
WESTON (Rev. Walter) ff.272-5
WHICHELOW (Rev. James Shearer) ff.276-9
WILKINSON (Thomas Edward), bishop in North and Central Europe ff.280-1
WOOD (Charles Lindley), 2nd Viscount Halifax ff.282-7
WOOD (Rev. Edmund Gough De Salis) ff.288-9
WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury ff.290-3
WURMAN (Benjamin) ff.294-5
295 ff.

Foreign Correspondence  FP Creighton 8  1896-1901

Correspondence and papers relating to the following chaplaincies and churches overseas, 1896-1900:
St. Andrew's chaplaincy, Biarritz, France, 1899-1901 ff.1-209
Anglican chaplaincy, Bruges, Belgium, 1897-1898 ff.210-42
Appointment to Indian chaplaincies, 1900 ff.243-52
Return of Governor Bradford's Manuscript History of Massachusetts, U.S.A., 1896-7 ff.253-86
286 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 9  1898

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
ADAMSON (Rev. William) ff.5-39
ADDERLEY (Rev. James Granville) ff.40-58
ANDERSON (Rev. David) ff.59-62
ARNOTT (Rev. Samuel) ff.63-70
BENHAM (Canon William) ff.71-4
BIGG (Rev. Thomas Frederick) ff.75-8
BRADNACK (Rev. Arthur Wesley) ff.79-93
BREARLEY (Rev. James Barnes) ff.94-129
BRIGHTMAN (Rev. Frank Edward) ff.130-1
BURDETT-COUTTS (Angela Georgina), Baroness Burdett-Coutts ff.132-3
CARLILE (Rev. Wilson) ff.134-40
CARTER (Rev. Charles Edwin James) ff.141-4
CARTMEL-ROBINSON (Rev. Jacob) ff.145-56
COLLLINGS (Rev. Thomas Chapman) ff.165-6
COOPER (Charles F.) ff.167-70
COULTON (John F.) ff.171-2
DALLEY (Florence A.) ff.173-4
DENISON (Preb. Henry Phipps) ff.175-207
DITCHFIELD (Rev. John Edwin Watts) ff.208-9
DRABBLE (Rev. Peter Brownell) ff.210-11
DREAPER (Rev. Robert Walter Stuart) ff.212-14
EARLE (Alfred), suffragan bishop of Marlborough ff.215-22
EDUCATION ff.223-301
ENFIELD, Middx., St. Matthew, Ponders Lane ff.302-7
FRY (Rev. Lucius George) ff.310-13
FULHAM, Middx., St. Dionis ff.314-15
GAIRDNER (Rev. William Henry Temple) ff.316-17
GARDNER-BROWN (Rev. John) ff.318-19
GWYNNE (Rev. Robert) ff.320-9
HALL (Rev. Frederick) ff.332-3
HALL (Rev. Herbert Edward) ff.334-70
HANBURY-TRACY (Rev. Alfred Francis Algernon) ff.371-83
383 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 10  1898

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
HORNE (Rev. George Parkin) ff.27-8
HOUNSLOW, Middx., St. Stephen ff.29-30
JONES (Llewellyn), bishop of Newfoundland ff.31-2
JOYCE (Rev. Frederick Wayland) ff.33-6
LAWLEY (Rev. Algernon George) ff.37-40
LAY READERS ff.47-50
LAYTON (Rev. Henry) ff.51-2
McAUSLANE (P.) ff.55-8
MACCOLL (Rev. Malcolm) ff.59-72
MACHRAY (Robert), bishop of Rupertsland ff.73-4
MARRIAGE ff.75-83
MILDMAY (Rev. Aubrey Neville St. John) ff.84-5
MILLWARD (Rev. James) ff.86-91
MIMMS, SOUTH, Middx. ff.92-100
MOMERIE (Rev. Alfred Williams) ff.101-4
PEEL (Frederick William) ff.121-2
PENNA (Frederic) ff.123-6
PENNINGTON (Rev. John James Horatio) ff.127-30
PHILLIPS (Rev. Wilmot) ff.131-2
PIXELL (Rev. Charles Henry Vincent) ff.133-5
PORTER (Rev. Edward William) ff.136-7
POWELL (Rev. Frederick Glyn Montagu) ff.138-9
POWER (Rev. Manley) ff.140-1
RAM (Rev. Robert Digby) ff.142-5
RITUAL ff.146-260
SISTERHOODS: Community of St. Mary and Holy Cross; Sister Mary Scholastica; Sisters of Bethany ff.263-87
SMITH (Rev. Charles James) ff.288-9
STANTON (Prof. Vincent Henry) ff.290-1
STATHAM (Francis Reginald) ff.292-7
STERN (Rev. Joseph Frederick), minister of the East London Synagogue ff.298-300
TALBOT (John Gilbert), M.P. ff.301-2
THOMAS (Rev. Benjamin) ff.303-4
THOMPSON (Rev. Ralph Percy) ff.305-6
TWINING (Rev. William Henry Greaves) ff.307-8
WHITE (Rev. Thomas Archibald Starnes) ff.309-10
WILKINSON (Thomas Edward), bishop of North and Central Europe ff.311-14
WRIGHT (Rev. Arthur Castell) f.315
315 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 11  1899

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
ABBOTT (Rev. Walter) ff.1-8
ACTON, Middx., St. Barnabas ff.9-19
ADAMS (Rev. William Joshua) ff.20-22
ADAMSON (Rev. William) ff.23-8
ADDERLEY (Rev. James Granville) ff.29-36
ALMACK (Rev. Alfred Corrie) ff.37-46
ARMITAGE (Rev. Allan Leathley) ff.47-70
ARNOT (R. H.) ff.71-2
BACKHOUSE (Rev. Edward Batt) ff.73-6
BAINBRIGGE (Rev. Philip Thomas) ff.77-8
BALFOUR (Arthur James), 1st. earl of Balfour (1922) ff.79-82
BARFF (Rev. Albert) ff.83-6
BARLOW (Clement Anderson Montague), 1st bart. (924) ff.87-94
BARRACLOUGH (Rev. Edwin Arthur) ff.95-102
BAXTER (Rev. Charles Parkhurst) ff.103-4
BENTLEY (Rev. Thomas Jackson) ff.105-6
BLOMFIELD (Rosamund Selina), wife of Rear Admiral Sir Richard Massie Blomfield ff.107-10
BLYTH (George Francis Popham), bishop in Jerusalem ff.111-12
BOUNDS GREEN, Middx., St. Gabriel ff.113-24
BOYD (Rev. Francis Leith) ff.125-38
BRADLEY (George Granville), dean of Westminster ff.139-42
BREARLEY (Rev. James Barnes) ff.143-51
BRISCOE (Rev. George Villiers) ff.152-201
BROWN (Rev. Thomas Calvert) ff.201-9
CAMERON (Rev. Donald John) ff.210-273
CARLILE (Rev. Wilson) f.274
CARTER (Rev. William Samuel) ff.275-85
CAVALIER (A. R.) ff.286-339
339 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 12  1899

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
COLES (Rev. William Eastwick Henry) ff.11-13
COVINGTON (Preb. William) ff.14-19
DAVIDSON (Rev. Jonas Pascal Fitzwilliam) ff.20-4
DENISON (Preb. Henry Phipps) ff.25-38
DITCHFIELD (Rev. John Edwin Watts) ff.39-42
DOWLING (Rev. Theodore Edward) ff.43-4
DREAPER (Rev. Robert Walter Stuart) ff.45-50
EALING, Middx., St. Saviour ff.51-60
EARLE (Alfred), suffragan bishop of Marlborough ff.61-83
EDGE (Rev. Silas) ff.84-95
EVANS (Rev. Herbert Massy Myddleton) ff.104-15
EYTON (Canon Robert) ff.116-19
FAITHFULL (Rev. James Arthur) ff.120-3
FARQUHAR (Rev. William Muir) ff.124-39
FLEMING (Canon James) ff.141-4
FOOTE (Rev. John Vicars) ff.145-52
FOULKES (Rev. Robert) ff.153-8
FRENCH (Rev. Henry Morley) ff.159-74
FRY (Rev. Lucius George) ff.187-95
FULLER (Rev. Morris Joseph) ff.196-200
GODDARD (Rev. James Windett) ff.200-2
GWYNNE (Rev. Robert) ff.203-8
HALL (Rev. Herbert Edward) ff.209-35
HANBURY-TRACY (Rev. Alfred Francis Algernon) ff.236-9
HANCOCK (Rev. Aidan Robert) ff.240-1
HARLAND (Rev. Albert Augustus) ff.242-7
HARLESDEN, Middx., All Souls ff.248-345
HARPER (Rev. Edward James) ff.346-7
347 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 13  1899

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
HODSON (Rev. George Hewitt) ff.1-2
HOLLOWAY, St. James ff.3-21
HOPKINS (Rev. Charles Plomer) ff.30-3
HUTCHINSON (Rev. Thomason Sherer) ff.34-5
ISLINGTON, Middx., St. Paul, Camden Square ff.36-41
JAMBLIN (Rev. Robert) ff.42-5
JAYNE (Francis John), bishop of Chester ff.46-7
JERVOIS (Rev. William Henry Hammond) ff.48-55
KENSINGTON, Middx., national schools; St. Helen ff.56-75
KILBURN, Middx., St. Augustine ff.76-7
KINNAIRD (Arthur Fitzgerald), 11th Baron Kinnaird ff.78-84
LAY READERS ff.85-86
LINKLATER (Rev. Robert) ff.87-90
LLOYD (Arthur Thomas), suffragan bishop of Thetford ff.91-2
LLOYD (Rev. John) ff.93-8
LONGRIDGE (Rev. James) ff.99-106
LOVELACE (Rev. George) ff.107-10
LOWE (Captain H.J.A.) ff.111-19
MACHESON (Rev. Charles) ff.120-3
MACY (Rev. Vincent Travers) ff.124-31
MARRIAGE ff.132-40
MILAN, Italy, Anglican chaplaincy ff.141-7
MUNK (Rev. William Geoffrey) ff.148-9
MURIEL (Rev. William Carter) ff.150-1
NELSON (John H.) ff.152-5
ORMSBY (George Albert), bishop of Honduras ff.156-7
PADDINGTON, Middx., All Saints, and St. Michael and All Angels ff.158-71
PAGE (Rev. Robert Lay) ff.172-7
PARASCHIS (Archimandrite Antonios) ff.178-9
PARKER (Rev. William John) ff.180-1
PAU, France, Anglican chaplaincy ff.182-7
PRESTON (Rev. George Reginald Preston) ff.188-9
REICHARDT (Rev. Frederick Henry) ff.190-246
RENDALL (Rev. Gerald Henry) ff.247-8
RICE (Rev. Frederick) ff.249-51
251 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 14  1899

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
RITUAL ff.1-220
ROSENTHAL (Rev. Michael) ff.221-2
ST. JOHN (Rev. John Seymour) ff.236-8
SANKEY (Rev. Ernest Tritton) ff.239-42
SHERINGHAM (Rev. Harry Alsager) ff.243-4
SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London ff.245-63
SISTERHOODS: All Saints, Margaret Street; Mother Elizabeth; St. Katherine's, Fulham ff.264-97
SKAN (Rev. William Henry) ff.298-9
STOKE NEWINGTON, Middx. ff.300-3
STONE (Rev. Samuel John) ff.304-8
STONE (Rev. William Henry) ff.309-12
SUCKLING (Rev. Robert Alfred John) ff.313-18
THORNTON (Robinson), archdeacon of Middlesex ff.320-1
TOMLINSON (Rev. Richard William Ernest) ff.322-7
VICTORIA PARK, Middx., St. Mark ff.328-31
WAINRIGHT (Rev. Lincoln Stanhope) ff.332-42
WEITBRECHT (Rev. Herbert Udny) ff.343-4
WILKINSON (Thomas Edward), bishop of North and Central Europe ff.345-8
WILLESDEN, Middx., St. Matthew ff.349-63
363 ff.

Bishop of London's Visiting Committee  FP Creighton 15  1899

Correspondence and papers of the Bishop of London's Visiting Committee concerning the following institutions in London and Middlesex:
London Diocesan Penitentiary, Highgate ff.1-14
Chelsea, St. Mary's Home (includes 1898 report) ff.35-45
Ealing, St. Helena's Industrial Home ff.46-8
Fulham, St. James's Home ff.49-55
Kensington: Home for Young Women, Campden Hill Road ff.56-7
Kensington Refuge ff.58-60
Refuge for Fallen Girls, Chapel Street, Brompton ff.61-4
West Kensington Association, Traning Home for Girls, West Brompton (includes 1897 annual report) ff.65-83
Paddington: House of Rest, Earl Street ff.84-90
Lock Hospital ff.91-7
St. Mary Magdalen's Home ff.98-9
Sandford House ff.101-6
St. Marylebone: St. Cyprian's Home, Allsopp Mews ff.107-111
St. Pancras: St. Catherine's Home, Drummond Street ff.112-14
St. Margaret's Home, Albany Street ff.115-17
Westminster, Blue Lamp Refuge, Great Pulteney St. ff.118-24
Charing Cross Home ff.125-8
Charing Cross Vigilance and Rescue Committee: annual report 1898 ff.129-42
Refuge, Churton Street ff.143-5
House of Compassion, Pimlico ff.146-50
Home for Friendless Girls, Clarendon Street, Pimlico ff.151-3
St. Faith's Home, Vauxhall Bridge Road (includes 1989 annual report) ff.154-64
St. George's Home, Bourdon Street ff.165-8
St. John the Baptist Home, Pimlico (includes 1897 annual report) ff.169-80
Stone House Refuge, Pimlico ff.181-7
Westminster Refuge, Great College Street (includes 1897 annual report) ff.188-202
Bishop's rules to be observed in refuges drawn up as a result of the report ff.203-4
204 ff.

Account of the Rev. John Lloyd  FP Creighton 16  1899

An account of his ministry and interviews by the Rev. John Lloyd, 1880-99, given to Bishop Creighton in 1899 (See 13, ff.86-91).
67 ff.

Correspondence  FP Creighton 17  1900

Correspondence with and concerning the following:
CHELSEA, Middx., St. Luke, and Park Street chapel ff.1-6
CORNISH (Rev. Charles William) ff.7-16
FALKLAND ISLES, diocese of ff.17-21
FINCHLEY, Middx., Holy Trinity, and All Saints ff.22-54
HALL (Rev. Herbert Edward) ff.55-9
HOXTON, Middx., St. Andrew ff.60-9
KENSINGTON, Middx., Holy Trinity, Brompton ff.70-6
LAY READERS ff.77-96
LONGRIDGE (Rev. James) ff.343-50
PASSMORE (Rev. Thomas Henry) ff.112-26
RITUAL ff.127-56
ST. JOHN'S WOOD, Middx., St. John's chapel ff.246-57
ST. MARYLEBONE, Middx., St. Cyprian ff.258-75
ST. PANCRAS, Middx., workhouse chapel ff.276-83
VISITATION: papers formerly attached to visitation returns, arranged in order of the returns (vols. 1-3 above) ff.284-26
WILLESDEN, Middx., St. Andrew, and St. Gabriel ff.327-42
350 ff.


Creator(s): Winnington-Ingram, Arthur Foley, fl 1901-1939, Bishop of London; Ingram, Arthur Foley, Winnington-, fl 1901-1939, Bishop of London

The papers of Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, bishop of London, 1901-39, total ten volumes of which six comprise correspondence relating principally to ritualism, sisterhoods, the church overseas, particularly in Polynesia, and to Bishop A.H. Mathew. The remaining four volumes consist of his accounts as suffragan bishop of Stepney, 1898-1900, petitions from St. Paul's Lecture Society, 1904, photographs of All Saints Ealing, 1905, and an ordination examination book, 1917-38.

Accounts  FP Winnington-Ingram 1  1898-1900

Accounts of Winnington-Ingram as suffragan bishop of Stepney, Jan. 1898-July 1900.
87 ff. (ff.21-87 blank)

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 2  1898-1903

Correspondence on ritualism, 1898-1903.
385 ff.

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 3  1904-1939

Correspondence on ritualism, 1904-5 (ff.1-96).
Correspondence on sisterhoods, 1901-39, relating to the following:
Community of the Holy Comforter, n.d. (ff.97-8); Royal Foundation of St. Katherine, [1901] (ff.99-102); Sisters of the Church, 1903-4 (ff.103-60); St. John's House, Stoke Newington, 1904 (ff.161-3); Community of St. Mary at the Cross, 1905 (ff.164-70); Sisters of Bethany, 1926 (ff.171-4); Order of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, 1927-33 (ff.175-208); Community of St. Peter, formerly at Horbury, later of Laleham, 1932-9 (ff.209-80).
Prayers for use by the bishop of London, composed by Walter Howard Frere, bishop of Truro (1923), 1903 (ff.280-5).
Correspondence on the Girls Friendly Society, 1905-6 (ff.286-307), and the Guild of the Brave Poor Things, 1905 (ff.308-10).
310 ff.

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 4  1901-1907

General correspondence mainly with clergy, 1901-7, including the following correspondents or subjects:
BLAXLAND (Rev. George Cuthbert) (ff.48-9).
BROWN (Rev. Richard Howel) (ff.81-2).
CONGREVE (Rev. George) (ff.83-4).
CORNISH (Rev. Charles William) (ff.8-9).
CRONSHAW (Rev. Herbert Priestley), 1901 (ff.1-5).
ELLIS (Rev. Richard Prosser) (ff.85-6).
ELLISON (Rev. Douglas) (ff.10-11).
ELWIN (Rev. Arthur) (ff.87-91).
ENGSTROM (Rev. Charles Robert Lloyd), secretary of the Christian Evidence Society (ff.12-15).
EVANS (Rev. David) (ff.16-19).
EVANS (Rev. E.) (ff.50-3).
FLYNN (Rev. John Stephen) (ff.20-1).
GREENUP (Rev. Albert William) (f.94).
GRENSIDE (Rev. Charles Edward) (ff.54-7).
HAMILTON (Rev. William Henry) (ff.22-31).
HODGE (Rev. Edward Grose) (f.99).
HUDSON (Rev. John) (ff.100-3).
JENNER-FUST (Rev. Denton) (ff.95-8).
KELK (Rev. Harold) (ff.58-63).
LEGGE (Augustus), bishop of Lichfield (ff.104-5).
LIGHTFOOT (Rev. John Alfred) (ff.106-7).
MACCOLL (Canon Malcolm) (ff.108-9).
M'CORMICK (Rev. Joseph) (ff.110-11).
MOSSE (Rev. Edward Henry) (ff.112-13).
ORMSBY (Rev. Wiliam Watson King) (ff.42-5).
PARRY (Rev. John), rural dean of Hammersmith (ff.114-15).
PURCELL (Rev. Philip) (ff.32-5).
QUIBELL (Rev. Cecil Leavers) (ff.36-8).
RADCLIFFE (Rev. ---) (ff.64-5).
RAYMOND (Rev. William Maynard) (ff.66-8).
RICHARDS (Rev. William) (ff.69-71).
RIDGEWAY (Frederic Edward), suffragan bishop of Kensington (ff.116-19).
ROBERTS (Rev. Charles Herbert) (ff.72-3).
ROWLEY (Rev. William) (ff.74-6).
SAUNDERS (Rev. Henry Martyn) (ff.120-4).
SEYMOUR (Rev. Victor Alexander) (ff.125-6).
SHARP (Rev. Benjamin Oswald) (ff.127-38).
SHAW (Rev. Bernard Day Douglas) (ff.139-42).
SMITH (Rev. Thomas Landulph) (ff.143-50).
SWANN (Rev. Nathanael Emilius Egerton) (ff.151-4).
TAYLER (Rev. Richard Stephen Grillia) (ff.155-6).
TAYLOR (Rev. John Horace Newsham) (ff.77-80).
TODD (Rev. James Cameron) (ff.157-9).
TURNER (Charles Henry), suffragan bishop of Islington (ff.160-1).
WACE (Henry), dean of Canterbury (ff.39-41).
WILLOUGHBY (Rev. James Mason) (ff.46-7).
Report of commission of enquiry into the spiritual needs of Millbank, 1903 (ff.162-6).
Correspondence on education, including Society for physical voice training, 1896-1901 (ff.167-79); religious instruction in schools and diocesan inspectors, 1902, 1904 (ff.180-200); London colleges, 1904-5, including, King's College, St. Mark's Chelsea, and Whitelands College (ff.203-24).
Correspondence on marriage, 1902-5 (ff.225-46)
Retails Traders' protest against the LCC General Powers Bill, 1904 (ff.247-8).
Correspondence on continental chaplaincies, 1901-5, including Innsbruck, 1901 (ff.249-55); Brussels, 1901, 1905 (ff.256-73); Paris, 1905 (ff.274-5).
Correspondence on the Church overseas including the ordination of Canadians, 1904 (ff.276-80); History of the Church of Canada, by Bishop Winnington-Ingram, 1907 (ff.281-325); Falkland Isles chaplaincy, 1905 (ff.326-9); Indian chaplaincies (ff.330-4); St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown, South Africa
(ff.335-41); missions to Jews in Palestine, 1902 (ff.342-9).
349 ff.

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 5  1901-1906

Correspondence relating to Alfred Willis, bishop of Honolulu, and episcopal jurisdiction over Polynesia, 1901-6.
307 ff.

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 6  1907-1908

Correspondence relating to Bishop Willis, 1907-8 (ff. 1-134).
Photograph and transcript of appointment of William Coddington as governor of Rhode Island, 1651 (ff.135-8).
138 ff

Correspondence  FP Winnington-Ingram 7  1909-1922

Correspondence relating to Bishop A.H. Mathew and his followers, 1909-22.
415 ff.

Petitions  FP Winnington-Ingram 8  1904

Petitions from St. Paul's Lecture Society thanking the bishop of London for his speech on the virgin birth and opposition to the modifcation of the Athanasian Creed, 1904. Printed.
259 ff.

Photographs of All Saints, Ealing  FP Winnington-Ingram 9  1905

Photographs of Percival Memorial Church, All Saints Ealing, consecrated by the bishop, 1905.
15 items.

Ordinations  FP Winnington-Ingram 10  1916-1938

Examination results of ordinands in the diocese of London, October 1916-Trinity 1938.
xxiv + 432 pp.


Creator(s): Fisher, Geoffrey Francis, fl 1936-1945, Bishop of London

General Correspondence  FP Fisher 1  1936-45

Appointment of Fisher as chairman of the executive committee of the British Council of Churches, 1942 ff. 1-5.
Church Assembly Reorganisation Areas Measure, 1941-3 ff. 6-130.
Implementation of the 1943 Episcopal Endowments and Stipends Measure in the see of London, 1944 ff. 131-56.
Presentation of a pastoral staff to Fisher, 1939 ff. 157-66.
Proposed building of a children's playground in the grounds of Fulham Palace, 1936 (Winnington-Ingram papers) ff. 167-74.
Publication of Putting our house in order by L.S. Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield, 1941 ff. 175-81.
Church union in South India, 1943-5 (including Canterbury papers) ff. 182-227.
Proposal for an Anglican theological college in Jerusalem, 1944 ff. 228-9.
Cooperation between the Commission of the Churches for International Fellowship and the Roman Catholic Sword of the Spirit movement, 1941-4 ff. 230-375.
Disciplining of divorced clergy, 1941 ff. 376-8
378 ff.

Correspondence on Education  FP Fisher 2  1941-3

Formation and work of the Association of Governing Bodies of Public Schools, particularly concerning the 1944 Education Act, 1941-3.
401 ff.

Correspondence on Education  FP Fisher 3  1944-5

As FP/Fisher/2, 1944-5 (including Canterbury papers).
466 ff.

Correspondence on War  FP Fisher 4  1939-44

Effects of rationing on the Church of England, 1939-43 ff. 1-91.
Moral welfare of British servicemen, 1939-44 ff. 92-372.
372 ff.

Correspondence on War  FP Fisher 5  1939-44

Recruitment and supervision of chaplains to the Armed Services, 1939-44 ff. 1-351.
Finances of the Bishops' War Committee, 1939, 1941 ff. 352-66.
Recruitment of staff for the Church Army and the Y.M.C.A., 1939, 1943 ff. 367-74.
Lectures by British Israelites to the Armed Services, 1940 ff. 375-82.
Interruption of religious services by air-raids, 1940 ff. 383-93.
Proposed appointment of a bishop in France, 1940 ff. 394-9.
399 ff.

Correspondence on War  FP Fisher 6  1940-4

Supply of prayer books to the Armed Services, 1940 ff. 1-13.
Reduction in the cost of marriage licences, 1940 ff. 14-55.
Removal of place-names from church noticeboards, 1940 ff. 56-7.
Relaxation of black-out restrictions for Christmas services, 1940-1 ff. 58-64.
Emergency regulations for burial in consecrated ground, 1940-2 ff. 65-88.
Role of the clergy in civil defence organisations, 1940-2 ff. 89-106.
Sunday observance, 1940-3 ff. 107-212.
Requisitioning of church property, 1940-4 ff. 213-302.
Memorandum on the work of the Ministry of Defence's Religious Division, 1941 f. 303.
Omission of the rank and place of residence of servicemen from parish registers, 1941 ff. 304-8.
Appointment of chaplains to the Home Guard, 1941-2 ff. 309-35.
Preservation from war damage of London diocesan parish registers, 1941-3 ff. 336-45.
Interdenominational services of Holy Communion in the Armed Services, 1941-3 ff. 346-58.
358 ff.

Correspondence on War  FP Fisher 7  1940-4

Repair of war damaged churches, 1940-4 ff. 1-205.
Pastoral care for the pre-service units, 1941-3 ff. 206-72.
Appointment of lay readers in the Armed Services, 1941-4 ff. 273-328.
Exemption from conscription of women engaged in church work, 1942 ff. 329-39.
Moral welfare of American servicemen in Great Britain, 1942 ff. 340-51.
Proposed appointment of chaplains for the Fire Service, 1942 f. 352.
Control of alcohol consumption, 1943 ff. 353-74.
Leadership courses for Anglicans in the Armed Services, 1943 ff. 375-84.
Appointment of policewomen in Kent, 1944 ff. 385-91.
Resignation of the Rev. J.M. Campbell as secretary of the Bishops' War Committee, 1944 f. 392.
Release of women from the Armed Services to join religious communities, 1944 ff. 393-401.
401 ff.

Papers on City of London Churches  FP Fisher 8  1940-3

Bishop of London's Committee for the City Churches, 1940-3 (including minutes, Feb. 1941 - March 1943 ff. 170-249) ff. 1-249.
Bishop of London's Commission on the City Churches, 1941-3 ff. 250-354.
354 ff.

Map of London Churches  FP Fisher 9  1941

Copy of ordnance survey map of London, with parish boundaries of the city churches marked by H.T. Dashwood, July 1941 (See 8, f. 278).

Correspondence on Sisterhoods and Deaconesses  FP Fisher 10  1939-45

Community of St. Francis, Dalston, 1942-4 ff. 1-38.
Community of St. Peter, Laleham, formerly Horbury, 1939-44 ff. 39-167.
Deaconess Community of St. Andrew, 1940-4 ff. 168-201.
Order of Divine Compassion, 1939-43 ff. 202-51.
Order of Elizabeth of Hungary, 1940-4 ff. 252-63.
Sisters of Bethany, 1940-4 ff. 264-322.
Sisters of the Church, 1940-5 ff. 323-336.
336 ff.

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