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Archbishops of Canterbury Archives

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Reference AA
Covering dates 12th century - date
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent 9 Sub-fond collections
Creators Archbishop of Canterbury
Arrangement The records are arranged in 9 sub-fonds as follows:
Archbishops' papers: AP
Bishops' Meetings records: BM
Cartae Antiquae et Miscellaneae (Lambeth Charters): CM
Convocation records: Conv
Court of Arches records: Arches
Faculty Office records: F
Lambeth Conference papers: LC
Estate Documents and Temporalities records: ED and T
Vicar General records: V

Administrative history:
The Archbishop of Canterbury is one of the two archbishops within the Church of England, the other being the Archbishop of York. Archbishop Hubert Walter built the first Lambeth House in circa 1200 and Lambeth Palace (London) became the official residence of the Archbishops. The Archbishop of Canterbury has the following roles:
Diocesan Bishop of Canterbury
Since 597, the Archbishop's see has been at Canterbury, and he subsequently exercised jurisdiction over that diocese.
Peculiar jurisdiction (until 1845)
'Peculiars' were those parishes or places which were exempt from the jurisdiction of the bishop in whose diocese they were physically located, and were answerable directly to another. In the case of the archbishop, he exercised episcopal jurisdiction over a number of parishes in various parts of southern England outside the diocese of Canterbury.
Metropolitan for the Southern Province of the Church of England
The Archbishop has metropolitical authority (a supervisory authority for defined purposes) in relation to all bishops and clergy in the 30 dioceses in southern England. (The Archbishop of York has the same authority in relation to the 14 dioceses in northern England.)
Primate of All England
The Archbishop has the lead ecclesiastical role in the Church of England.
Leader of the Anglican Communion
The Anglican Communion comprises the church, in England and abroad, recognising the leadership of the see of Canterbury.

The archives of the Archbishops of Canterbury comprise: Archbishops' papers, Bishops' Meetings records, Cartae Antiquae et Miscellaneae (Lambeth Charters), Convocation records, Court of Arches records, Faculty Office records, Lambeth Conference papers, Temporalities records, and Vicar General records.

Vicar General  AA/V  1279 - date

3 out of 8 Series

Accruals: The records continue to accrue.

Copies information: Some records have been microfilmed. See for further information.

Arrangement: The records are arranged in 8 series as follows:
Archbishops' registers: AA/V/A
Act books: AA/V/B
Marriage records: AA/V/M
Office papers: AA/V/O
Diocesan jurisdiction: AA/V/G
Peculiar jurisdiction: AA/V/H
Provincial jurisdiction: AA/V/X
Metropolitan jurisdiction (Province of York and the colonial and overseas churches): AA/V/Z

Supplementary information: There are indexes to some series available online. See for further details.

Administrative history:
The Vicar General is the official appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to administer on his behalf the provincial, diocesan and peculiar jurisdictions.

The records of the Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury relate to the ecclesiastical administration of the province, diocese and peculiars of Canterbury, mainly from the Restoration (1660) onwards. This catalogue describes 3 of the 8 series in the Vicar General records:
Act books (AA/V/B)
Diocesan records (AA/V/G), including subscription books; diocesan surveys; and visitation records (articles, returns, visitation act books, etc), the latter containing useful information on education, charities, church fabric and moral and religious life in the parishes
Peculiars records (AA/V/H), including visitation records; court records, relating to the behaviour of the clergy, marriages, morals and religious beliefs of the laity, wills, church fabric and parish customs; marriage records; and wills and administrations.
The Vicar General records also include papers relating to the issuing of marriage and medical licences by the Vicar General throughout the province of Canterbury.

Peculiar Jurisdiction  AA/V/H  [n.d.]

Arrangement: All records relating to the peculiars are now filed in one series.
Vicar General Records
Archbishops' Peculiars
Administrative Records
AA/V/H/1 Subscription Books
AA/V/H/2 Presentation Deeds
AA/V/H/3 Induction Mandates
AA/V/H/4 Resignation Deeds
AA/V/H/5 Nominations of Perpetual Curates
AA/V/H/6 Nomination of Stipendiary Curates
AA/V/H/7 Certificates of Appointment of Curates
AA/V/H/8 Non-residence: registers
AA/V/H/9 Non-residence: copies of licences
AA/V/H/10 Non-residence: petitions for licences
AA/V/H/11 Non-residence: notification for non-residence
AA/V/H/12 Non-residence: monitions to reside
Benefice Papers
AA/V/H/13 Advowson
AA/V/H/14 Endowments
AA/V/H/15 Augmentations
AA/V/H/16 Union of Benefices
AA/V/H/17 New Districts
AA/V/H/18 Consecration of new churches
AA/V/H/19 Consecration of burial grounds
AA/V/H/20 Licences for the publication of banns and the solemnisation of marriages
AA/V/H/21 Glebe Terriers
AA/V/H/22 Exchanges of glebe
AA/V/H/23 Leases
AA/V/H/24 Mortgages: register
AA/V/H/25 Mortgages: papers
AA/V/H/26 Returns to Queen Anne's Bounty
AA/V/H/27 Miscellaneous records.
Parish Records
AA/V/H/28 Licences: doctors and midwives
AA/V/H/29 Licences: parish clerks and sextons: Arches
AA/V/H/30 Licences: parish clerks and sextons: Croydon
AA/V/H/31 Licences: parish clerks and sextons: Shoreham
AA/V/H/32 Licences: parish lecturers and preachers
AA/V/H/33 Licences: schoolmasters
AA/V/H/34 Parish Register Transcripts
AA/V/H/35 Poor Rate Returns
AA/V/H/36 Church Briefs
AA/V/H/37 Dissenters: Registers
AA/V/H/38 Dissenters: Certificates
AA/V/H/39 Maps
AA/V/H/40 Miscellaneous
Records of Officials (registrars for the Peculiars)
AA/V/H/41 Appointments: Deans of Arches, Croydon and Shoreham
AA/V/H/42 Appointments: Bocking
AA/V/H/43 Appointments: Deputy Registrars
AA/V/H/44 Appointments: Apparitors General
AA/V/H/45 Appointments: Surrogates: Acts of surrogates
AA/V/H/46 Appointments: Surrogates: Bonds
AA/V/H/47 Accounts: Bocking
AA/V/H/48 Accounts: South Malling
AA/V/H/49 Accounts: Pagham and Tarring
AA/V/H/50 Fees Books
AA/V/H/51 Returns and letters
Visitation Records
AA/V/H/52 Citations: Arches
AA/V/H/53 Citations: Croydon
AA/V/H/54 Citations: Shoreham
AA/V/H/55 Visitation Articles and Returns
AA/V/H/56 Libri Cleri/Call Books
AA/V/H/57 Lists of Clergy
AA/V/H/58 Apologies for absence
AA/V/H/59 Appointments of clergy to preach at visitations
AA/V/H/60 Churchwardens' Presentments: Arches
AA/V/H/61 Churchwardens' Presentments: Croydon
AA/V/H/62 Churchwardens' Presentments: Shoreham
AA/V/H/63 Churchwardens' Declarations: Arches
AA/V/H/64 Churchwardens' Declarations: Croydon
AA/V/H/65 Churchwardens' Declarations: Shoreham
AA/V/H/66 Miscellaneous Records of Churchwardens: Arches
AA/V/H/67 Miscellaneous Records of Churchwardens: Croydon
AA/V/H/68 Miscellaneous Records of Churchwardens: Shoreham
AA/V/H/69 Certificates of good behaviour
AA/V/H/70 Cliffe-at-Hoo Visitation Papers
AA/V/H/71 Specula/Surveys
AA/V/H/72 Compton Survey: returns
AA/V/H/73 Fees and Procurations
AA/V/H/74 Miscellaneous Records
Court Records
AA/V/H/75 Act Books
AA/V/H/76 Assignation Books
AA/V/H/77 Cause Papers: Clergy and Churchwardens
AA/V/H/78 Cause Papers: Defamation Papers
AA/V/H/79 Cause Papers: Faculties
AA/V/H/80 Cause Papers: Matrimonial
AA/V/H/81 Cause Papers: Parishioners
AA/V/H/82 Cause Papers: Testamentary
AA/V/H/83 Cause Papers: Tithes and Church Rates
AA/V/H/84 Unclassified
AA/V/H/85 Excommunication Schedules
AA/V/H/86 Orders of Penance
AA/V/H/87 Exhibits: Benn Papers
AA/V/H/88 Faculties: Registers
AA/V/H/89 Faculties: Papers
AA/V/H/90 Sequestrations
AA/V/H/91 Marriage Records: Allegations
AA/V/H/92 Marriage Records: Bonds
AA/V/H/93 Marriage Records: Calendar
AA/V/H/94 Marriage Records: Surrogates Letters
AA/V/H/95 Testamentary Records: Wills and inventories: Arches
AA/V/H/96 Testamentary Records: Wills and inventories: Croydon and Shoreham
AA/V/H/97 Testamentary Records: Registers of Wills
AA/V/H/98 Testamentary Records: Probate Act Books
AA/V/H/99 Testamentary Records: Caveat Books
AA/V/H/100 Indexes of testators etc.
AA/V/H/101 Certificates of Bona Notabilia

Supplementary information: Foster, J. index to testamentary records of the deanery of the Arches in Lambeth Palace Library, 1620-1845, (Index Library, vol. 98, 1985).
Manuscript index to the testamentary records of the archbishop's peculiars of Croydon and Shoreham, 1614-1841.

Related information: The archbishop's peculiars were administered in London. The visitation and court records of the other deaneries are to be found in the appropriate local record offices. A few of the papers were filed with other records of the Vicar General but the majority appear to have been kept separately, although they are registered in the same act books as the diocesan records.
Act Books and Registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury.
Documents concerning the Peculiars are entered in the Act Books and Registers relating to the diocese and province of Canterbury. Faculties, leases, consolidations, sequestrations and licences for lecturers, parish clerks, schoolmasters and officials are also entered in the Faculty Registers of the Peculiars.
The wills of parishioners with bona notabilia were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury: these records are in the Public Record Office, and are available on microfilm at the Family Records Centre, 1 Myddelton Street, London EC1R 1UW.

Administrative history:
'Peculiars' were those parishes or places which were exempt from the jurisdiction of the bishop in whose diocese they were physically located, and were answerable directly to another. The Peculiars of the Archbishop of Canterbury were districts outside the diocese of Canterbury, which came within the Archbishop's immediate jurisdiction and were exempt from the jurisdiction of the diocese in which they were situated. This peculiar jurisdiction was never defined by law but grew up round archiepiscopal 'seats and possessions' many of which are entered in the Doomsday Book as 'terra Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis'. (See Doomsday surveys of Kent (folios 3a-4a), Sussex (folio 16a), Surrey (folio 30b), Berkshire (folio 56a), Middlesex (fl27a), Buckinghamshire (folio 143b), Oxfordshire (folio 155a) and Suffolk (folio 372b) and also William Sumner Antiquities of Canterbury, London, 1703.) The remaining manors around which the peculiars developed belonged to the Prior and Convent of Christ Church Canterbury, (See Doomsday Surveys of Kent (folios 4b-5a) and Essex (folio 8a) and D.C. Douglas, The Doomsday Monachorum of Christ Church Canterbury, 1944.) and with the advowsons of the six benefices in the deanery of Arches were probably exchanged with the Archbishop for other properties. (Sumner supra. Appendix to the supplement xxiiid page 50.) Most of the lands themselves were granted to the Crown between 1536 and 1547, (See F.R.H. Du Boulay, 'Archbishop Cranmer and the Canterbury Temporalities', E.H.R. 1952, vol. 67, pages 19-36.) and the Archbishop retained only his rights to presentations and ecclesiastical jurisdiction.
The grouping of these lands into the eight deaneries of the immediate jurisdiction was accomplished by the thirteenth century. Each deanery was administered by an official holding a commission from the Archbishop. (See I.J.Churchill, Canterbury Administration, London, 1931, pages 62-81). By the sixteenth century the Dean of the Arches usually exercised jurisdiction in the peculiar of Croydon and Shoreham, and frequently held the position of Vicar General for the diocese of Canterbury also. The other five deaneries were administered separately.
The peculiar jurisdiction was abolished during the first half of the nineteenth century. From the abolition of peculiar jurisdictions in 1845, some of the Kent and Surrey parishes were incorporated within the diocese of Canterbury, while others were transferred to the diocese in which they were geographically located (ie. city of London to the diocese of London). An order in Council, 8th August 1845, (See Orders in Council ratifying schemes of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, Vol.III, pages 263-277.) included most of the peculiars of Croydon and Shoreham in the diocese of Canterbury. Shoreham remained in the archdeaconry of Maidstone until transferred to the diocese of Rochester by act in Council of 1905.
For administrative purposes, these parishes were formed into eight deaneries: the Arches (city of London parishes); Bocking (Essex and Suffolk), Croydon (Middlesex and Surrey); Monks Risborough (Bucks., and Oxon.), Pagham, South Malling, and Tarring (Sussex), and Shoreham (Kent).
Deanery of the Arches
Thirteen parishes in the city of London, exempt from the bishop of London. Some of the churches were united with other churches which were not exempt - the latter have been noted in brackets.
All Hallows, Bread Street w. St. John the Evangelist, Watling Street
All Hallows, Lombard Street
St. Dionis Backchurch
St. Dunstan-in-the-East
St. Leonard, Eastcheap w. (St. Benet, Gracechurch)
St. Mary Aldermary w. St. Thomas the Apostle
St. Mary Bothaw w. (St. Swithin)
St. Mary-le-Bow w. (St. Pancras, Soper Lane, and All Hallows, Honey Lane)
St. Michael, Crooked Lane
St. Michael Paternoster Royal w. (St. Martin Vintry)
St. Vedast, Foster Lane w. (St. Michael-le-Querne)
Deanery of Bocking
Parishes in Essex and Suffolk, exempt from the bishop of London and the bishop of Norwich respectively, and under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.
Bocking, Essex
Hadleigh, Suffolk
Monks Eleigh, Suffolk
Latchingdon w. Lawling, Essex
Moulton, Suffolk
Southchurch, Essex
Stisted, Essex
Deanery of Croydon
With the exception of four parishes in Middlesex (Harrow, Hayes, Norwood and Pinner), all the parishes were in Surrey. The Middlesex parishes were exempt from the bishop of London and the Surrey parishes from the bishop of Winchester.
East Horsley
Harrow w. Harrow Weald chapelry
Newington (Newington Butts)
Deanery of Monks Risborough
Parishes in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, originally exempt from the bishop of Lincoln, and under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.
Little Brickhill
Wootton Underwood
Deaneries of Pagham and Tarring
Parishes in west Sussex, exempt from the bishop of Chichester, and under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.
Chichester, All Saints Pallant
East Lavant
West Tarring w. Heene and Durrington
Deanery of Shoreham
Parishes in Kent, exempt from the bishop of Rochester, and under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.
Bexley w. Bexley Heath
East Malling
East Farleigh
East Peckham
Gillingham w. Lydsing chapelry
Grain, St. James in the Isle of
St. Mary Cray
Sevenoaks Weald
Sundridge w. Ide Hill chapelry
Wrotham w. Plaxtol and Stansted chapelries
Deanery of South Malling
Parishes in west Sussex, exempt from the bishop of Chichester, and under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.
Buxted w. Uckfield chapelry
Cliffe (St. Thomas at Cliffe in Lewes)
South Malling
Stanmer w. Falmer

Most of the records in this collection concern the deaneries of the Arches, Croydon and Shoreham, which were the most important Canterbury Peculiars.
Visitation records (AA/V/H/52-74)
In the diocese the twice yearly visitation, at Easter and Michaelmas, was carried out by the archdeacon; in the peculiars by the dean of Peculiars. Although it was usual for a bishop to visit his diocese personally every three years it seems that the archbishop of Canterbury visited his peculiars less frequently (see VH 55). The cases arising from the visitation were tried by the dean in his court (see Court Records VH 75 - VH 101). These papers relate to the deaneries of Arches, Croydon and Shoreham, except where otherwise stated.
Court Records (AA/V/H/75-101)
The court of the Dean of the Peculiars of the Arches, Croydon and Shoreham exercised a jurisdiction similar to that of the an archidiaconal court. The Dean of the Peculiars usually also held the office of Dean of the Court of Arches, but the Peculiars court should not be confused with the Court of Arches which is the court of appeal for the province of Canterbury.
The cases tried by the Dean of Peculiars fall into two categories, 'ex-officio' and 'instance'. The former were cases usually arising from presentments at visitation, that is cases promoted by the judge by reason of his office. The instance jurisdiction covered litigation between parties in matters over which ecclesiastical courts held cognizance.
The records of the court comprise act books and assignation books, which give a brief chronological record of business transacted by the court, and the loose case papers. These are bundles of papers relating to individual cases and are arranged chronologically within the following groups: cases relating to clergy, parish officials; cases for defamation of character; applications for faculties; matrimonial cases; proceedings against parishioners; testamentary cases; cases concerning church rates, tithes and fees; and a few miscellaneous unclassified cases.
Procedure in ecclesiastical courts was based on a system of written pleas and counter-pleas. This gave rise to a number of documents, examples of all of which are found amongst this collection. The main types of document are: the acts of court, which are drafts for the act books; the proxy or appointment of a proctor; the citation naming the judge, day, place of court, the persons cited to appear and the accusation he or she is to answer; the libel in which the plaintiff lists the material points of the suit; the allegation where the defendant answers these points one by one; interrogatories or questions answered by the personal answers of the principal parties and the depositions of witnesses; bills of costs; and the sentence which merely records the brief, formal decision of the court. There may also be exhibits of documents produced as evidence and retained by the court, certificates and schedules of excommunication and orders of penance.
Prior to 1858, when the Principal Probate Registry was set up, wills were proved in the ecclesiastical courts. The courts of the Archbishop's Peculiars of the Arches, Croydon and Shoreham had jurisdiction over the wills of residents of these three deaneries unless they enjoyed bona notabilia or significant chattels outside the peculiars, in which case their wills were proved the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. From the restoration, the Peculiars of the Arches, Croydon and Shoreham were for the most part administered together.
Testamentary records (AA/V/H/95-101)
Wills and administrations for the archbishop's peculiars, parishes in the city of London (deanery of the Arches), Middlesex and Surrey (deanery of Croydon) and Kent (deanery of Shoreham), 1614-1841

Court Records: Testamentary Records: Registers of Wills  AA/V/H/97  1664-1841

9 volumes

Copies of the wills proved in the courts of the Peculiars of the Arches, Croydon and Shoreham entered in chronological order of probate. The registers relate to all three deaneries unless otherwise stated.

Register of Wills: Croydon and Shoreham  AA/V/H/97/1  1664-1679

Alice Anderson, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/1  19 Oct. 1664

Thomas Roberts, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/1v  4 Nov. 1664

Thomas Eaton, Brasier, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/2v  11 Nov. 1664

Mary Rainbow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/3  23 Nov. 1664

John Peake, the elder, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/4  26 Nov. 1664

Manasses Jessop, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/6v  3 Jan. 1664/5

John Stevens, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/10  12 Jan. 1664/5

Thomas Stileman, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/12  16 Jan. 1664/5

Henry Tapsfeild, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/13  9 Dec. 1664/5

John Bigg, Bricklayer, East Farley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/14v  7 Feb. 1664

Jane Dired, Widow, ?Ruislip, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/16  13 Jan. 1664

Edward Keisyer, Single man, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/17  22 Feb. 1664

Thomas Jones, Glover, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/17v  17 Feb. 1664

William Hadlow, Husbandman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/18v  2 March 1664

Richard Bosse, Vicar (clerk) of the Parish Church of Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/19  7 March 1664

Allen Wybourne, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/20  16 March 1664

Susanna Sladen, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/20v  18 March 1664

Cadwallader Best, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/21  20 March 1664

John Whiffin, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/22  3 Apr. 1665

William Holmden, Weaver, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/23  17 Apr. 1665

Thomas Hadsall, Shearman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/24  19 Apr. 1665

Allen Wybourne, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/24v  14 Apr. 1665

Susan Beckett, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/25v  13 Apr. 1665

William Eaton, Carpenter, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/26v  11 Apr. 1665

William Plaster, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/27  10 Apr. 1665

Mary Gilman, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/27  25 May 1665

John Withers, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/30  24 June 1665

Thomas Clarke, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/31  7 July 1665

George Wybourne, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/32  13 July 1665

Anne Plasteed (will & codicil), Widow, Canvey Island, South-church, Essex  AA/V/H/97/1/34  10 May 1665

Richard Smith, Blacksmith, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/35v  19 July 1665

Robert Smale, Yeoman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/36  20 July 1665

Henry Mandy, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/36v  3 Aug. 1665

John French, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/38  4 Aug. 1665

Hester Simmons, Widow of Stephen Simmons, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/38v  4 Sept. 1665

Elizabeth Christmas, Spinster, Cripplegate London now of Newington Butts  AA/V/H/97/1/40  19 Sept. 1665

Mary Gilman, Spinster, St. Mary, Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/41  22 Sept. 1665

Nicholas Northupp, Tailor, St. Mary, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/41  14 Sept. 1665

Davie Evans, Gardener, St. Mary Newington, Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/42  18 Sept. 1665

John Gilman, St. Mary, Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/43  9 Oct. 1665

John Gardiner, Bachelor, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/43v  16 Oct. 1665

Richard Challoner, Cordwainer, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/44  24 Oct. 1665

Thomas Hall, Wheelwright, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/44v  3 Nov. 1665

Elizabeth Boreman, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/45  3 Nov. 1665

William Nordash, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/45v  13 Nov. 1665

Francis Rowne  AA/V/H/97/1/46v  29 Dec. 1665

Edmund Gibson, Labourer, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/46v  20 Jan. 1665/6

Margaret Baldin, Widow  AA/V/H/97/1/47v  13 Feb. 1665/6

Dennis Greentree  AA/V/H/97/1/48  26 Feb. 1665/6

John Couper, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/48v  10 Mar. 1665/6

Joan Boakes, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/48v  24 Mar. 1665/6

Robert Fletcher, Victualler, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/49v  15 Mar. 1665/6

Thomas Smether, Tanner, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/50v  23 Apr. 1666

Hester Jackeet, Harrow Weald  AA/V/H/97/1/51v  11 May 1666

Elizabeth Jessup, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/52  1 May 1666

William Roome, Gentleman, Hayes, Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/53  1 June 1666

Daniel Randall, Seaman in H.M.S. St. George, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/53v  11 June 1666

Robert Grimstead, House Carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/54  23 June 1666

Richard Moore, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/54v  25 June 1666

David Jeffery  AA/V/H/97/1/55  29 June 1666

William Turner, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/55v  9 July 1665

Robert Oliver, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/57  9 Aug. 1665

William Fox, Barber surgeon, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/59  28 Aug. 1665

Stephen Wilson, Weaver, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/59  12 Sept. 1665

Parnell Hunt, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/59v  15 Sept. 1665

Francis Awsiter, Esquire, Southall in Hayes, Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/60v  18 Sept. 1665

Thomas Rygsby, the elder, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/61  29 Sept. 1665

John Rowett, Linen weaver, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/61v  29 Sept. 1665

Robert Fuller, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/61v  22 Oct. 1665

Rachel Dennis, Spinster, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/62v  26 Oct. 1665

John Coggar, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/63  27 Oct. 1665

Roger Platron, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/64  31 Oct. 1665

Daniel Maynard, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/65  1 Nov. 1665

Mathew Sweataple, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/65v  4 Dec. 1665

Joane Jackson, Widow, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/66v  4 Jan. 1666/7

Robert Archer, Tailor, Southall in Hayes, Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/67  26 Jan. 1666/7

Dennis Webster, Walworth, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/68v  28 Jan. 1666/7

Robert Jackson, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/68v  29 Jan. 1666/7

John Hibben, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/69v  19 Feb. 1666/7

Symon Payne, Butcher, Riverhead in Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/70  25 Feb. 1666/7

Nicholas Saxton, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/71  27 Feb. 1666/7

Nicholas Waxham, Yeoman, Rowhampton, Putney Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/71v  1 Mar. 1666/7

George Dennis, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/72v  7 Mar. 1666/7

Thomas Garvis, Victualler, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/73v  26 Mar. 1667

William Howe, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/73v  10 April 1667

Christopher Barton, Labourer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/74  25 April 1667

Thomas Harrison the elder, Husbandman, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/74v  6 May 1667

Anne Ighsted, Widow, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/75  7 May 1667

Christopher Lycence, Husbandman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/76  8 May 1667

Priscilla Shippey, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/77  11 May 1667

John Young, Ploughwright, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/77v  14 May 1667

Thomas Watts, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/78v  20 May 1667

Edward Cosier, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/80  18 June 1667

John Smith, Maltster, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/80  28 June 1667

John Haynes, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/81  13 July 1667

Edward Stringer, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/81v  16 July 1667

Elizabeth Jackson, Widow, Edgcombe, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/82  12 Aug. 1667

Jane Mellowe, Spinster, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/82v  20 Aug. 1667

Bartholomew Bussell, Glover, St. Mary Newington Butts Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/83  5 Sept. 1667

Francis Carpenter, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/84  9 Sept. 1667

Thomas Johnson, Yeoman, Wood End in Hayes Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/85  13 Sept. 1667

Dorothy Watson, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/85v  30 Sept. 1667

William Squire, Mariner, Stebenheath alias Stepney  AA/V/H/97/1/86  1 Oct. 1667

Rebecca Jones, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/87  3 Oct. 1667

Mary Beardsworth, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/87v  12 Oct. 1667

Robert Moore, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/88  14 Oct. 1667

Thomas Stevens, the elder, Yeoman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/89v  21 Oct. 1667

William Bexley, Yeoman, Bexley  AA/V/H/97/1/90  22 Oct. 1667

Francis Loveday, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/91  23 Oct. 1667

Mary Amherst, Widow, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/92  20 Nov. 1667

Thomas Whiffen, Yeoman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/93v  25 Nov. 1667

James Jemitt, Butcher, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/94v  12 Dec. 1667

William Baker, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/95  8 Jan. 1667/8

John Hall, junior, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/95  12 Jan. 1667/8

Anne Benthall, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/96  24 Jan. 1667/8

Mathew Hill, Yeoman, Kenton Green, Harrow on the Hill Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/96  10 Feb. 1667/8

Thomas Kempsall, Innholder, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/96v  2 Mar. 1667/8

William Mugg, Bachelor, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/97  12 Mar. 1667/8

Anne Parminger, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/97v  25 Mar. 1678

Elizabeth Oliver, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/98  27 Mar. 1678

Margaret Heighton, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/99v  27 Mar. 1678

Mary Smith, Widow, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/99v  21 Apr. 1678

Henry Hills, Mealeman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/100v  8 May 1678

Josias Wolton, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/102  14 May 1678

Henry Phillips, Biggin in Croydon  AA/V/H/97/1/103  18 May 1678

William Gutshole, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/104  27 May 1678

Thomas Burch, Rowhampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/105  2 June 1678

Edmund Taylor, Blacksmith, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/105  8 June 1678

Thomas Noakes, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/105v  8 June 1678

Thomas Glover, Mercer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/106  16 June 1678

Edward Steevenson, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/106v  15 June 1678

Samuel Harman, Weaver, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/107v  29 June 1678

Robert Cooper, Gentleman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/107v  2 July 1678

Elizabeth Streete, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/108  20 July 1678

Vernon Streete, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/109  27 July 1678

John Latch, Esquire, Middle Temple, London  AA/V/H/97/1/110  28 July 1678

John Stubberfield, Yeoman, Chepsted in Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/110v  29 July 1678

John Dawborne, Bachelor, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/111  10 Aug. 1678

William Willard, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/111  14 Aug. 1678

John Thornton, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/112  20 Aug. 1678

Mary Champneys, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/112v  27 Aug. 1678

Thomas Fletcher, Cordwainer, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/113v  28 Aug. 1678

John Thorndill, Butcher, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/114  4 Sept. 1678

Anne Coggs, Spinster, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/115  14 Sept. 1678

Ales Gill, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/115v  23 Oct. 1678

John Elfe, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/115v  1 Oct. 1678

John Frisbee, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/116v  15 Oct. 1678

Thomas Smith, Gentleman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/116v  13 Nov. 1678

Henry Symonds, Husbandman, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/118  31 Oct. 1678

Jane Cooper, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/118v  17 Nov. 1678

Anney Shorey, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/119  17 Nov. 1678

William Everest, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/119  5 Dec. 1678

Marey Clagget, Spinster, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/120  1 Dec. 1678

James Barber, Wealeman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/120v  23 Dec. 1678

Elizabeth Streete, Wife of John Streete Yeoman, Westend in Pinner  AA/V/H/97/1/121v  5 Jan. 1668/9

Thomas Taylor, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/122  9 Jan. 1668/9

Richard Knight, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/123  16 Jan. 1668/9

Robert Skynner, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/123v  23 Jan. 1668/9

John Williams, Bachelor, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/124  28 Jan. 1668/9

John Sheppard, Yeoman, Harrow-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/124v  1 Feb. 1668/9

William Waterman, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/124v  4 Feb. 1668/9

Thomas Allen, Clerk, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/125  5 Feb. 1668/9

Ellen Edwards, West Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/125v  8 Feb. 1668/9

Richard Tallis, the elder, Innholder, Northcott in Hayes, Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/126v  13 Feb. 1668/9

William West, Yeoman, Walworth, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/127  18 Feb. 1668/9

George Ifield, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/128  26 Feb. 1668/9

Anne Pollinton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/128v  13 Mar. 1668/9

Richard Mills, the elder  AA/V/H/97/1/128v  16 Mar. 1668/9

Richard Chambers, Yeoman, Wembley, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/129  21 Mar. 1668/9

Anne Blackman, Spinster, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/131  10 April 1669

Hannah Hill, Spinster, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/131  14 April 1669

Thomas Stanley, Gentleman, Plaxtol, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/132v  14 April 1669

Sarah Hart, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/133v  20 April 1669

Robert Salmon, Seaman of H.M.S. "Eaglett" (a vessel or ketch), Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/133v  26 April 1669

Thomas Reeve, Innholder, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/134  26 April 1669

Ellen Jones, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/134v  5 May 1669

Thomas Whitehead, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/135  6 May 1669

Sara Edlin, Spinster, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/135v  19 May 1669

Mary Cockerell, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/136  24 May 1669

Robert Mountycleere, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/136v  29 May 1669

Elizabeth Saige, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/137  1 June 1669

Edward Everest, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/137v  12 June 1669

Thomas Elslee, the elder  AA/V/H/97/1/139  16 June 1669

Anne Fuller, Widow, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/139v  28 June 1669

John Hayes, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/140  24 June 1669

Thomas Carpenter, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/141  6 July 1669

Richard Brooker, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/141v  28 June 1669

Arthur Cheeseman, Tailor, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/142v  8 July 1669

Elizabeth Payce, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/143v  30 Sept. 1669

Thomas Wouldham, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/144  4 Oct. 1669

Isaac Child, Fellmonger, Norcott in Hayes Middlesex  AA/V/H/97/1/146  11 Oct. 1669

Henry King, Blacksmith, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/147  12 Oct. 1669

Margaret Eversfield, Widow, Plaxtol in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/147v  12 Oct. 1669

Joan How, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/148  12 Oct. 1669

Elizabeth Clifat, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/149  20 Oct. 1669

John Goldsmith, Husbandman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/149v  21 Oct. 1669

Ambrose Walter, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/150  25 Oct. 1669

Henry Baker, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/150v  4 Nov. 1669

Mary Parkenton, Widow, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/151  8 Nov. 1669

Elizabeth Kingsland, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/151v  8 Nov. 1669

Robert Dudeny, Yeoman, Burston, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/151v  12 Nov. 1669

Thomas Launder, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/152v  16 Nov. 1669

Andrew Pebworth, Gentleman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/153  14 Dec. 1669

Michael Woolmer, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/154  10 Jan. 1669/70

Edmund Edridge, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/155  22 Jan. 1669/70

William Bayly, Ropemaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/156  22 Jan. 1669/70

John Terry, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/157  11 Feb. 1669/70

Thomas Streete, Yeoman, Kenton, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/157v  27 Jan. 1669/70

James Hilles, Maltman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/158  29 Jan. 1669/70

Francis Best, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/158v  3 Feb. 1669/70

John Edlin, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/159v  2 Mar. 1669/70

William Martin, Blacksmith, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/160v  7 Mar. 1669/70

Dorothy Oliver, Widow, Chepstead, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/161  9 Mar. 1669/70

John Perrett, Blacksmith, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/161  11 Mar. 1669/70

John Copland, Wheeler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/161v  11 Mar. 1669/70

Emlin Jackson, Widow, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/162  24 Mar. 1669/70

Thomas Washfud, Husbandman, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/162v  11 April 1670

Judith Mapelldon, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/163v  21 April 1670

Edward Atherfold, Carpenter, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/164v  27 April 1670

Henry Batt, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/165v  3 May 1670

Nicholas Budgin, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/166  3 May 1670

John Taylor, Weaver, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/167  3 May 1670

John Tooth, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/167v  9 May 1670

John Bowlen, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/168  3 June 1670

David Ray, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/168v  4 June 1670

Robert Surby, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/170  17 June 1670

William Manning, Gentleman, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/170v  17 June 1670

Jane Whitenige, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/171  20 June 1670

Mary Edlin, Widow, Pinner in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/172v  18 July 1670

Elizabeth Francis, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/173  25 July 1670

William Dodd, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/173v  9 Aug. 1670

Vallentine Hollansby alias Nicholas, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/174  3 Sept. 1670

Edward Comport, Cordwainer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/174v  30 Sept. 1670

Mary Palmer, Widow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/175v  20 Oct. 1670

Henry Ward, Glover, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/176  24 Oct. 1670

Henry Mills, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/176v  25 Oct. 1670

Andrew Taylor, Blacksmith, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/177  29 Nov. 1670

Thomas Carter, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/177v  Dec(no day) 1670

William Tomlyn, the elder, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/178  15 Dec. 1670

Dorothy Eversfeild, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/179v  4 Jan. 1670/1

John Hodge, Labourer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/180v  7 Jan. 1670/1

William Sheete, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/181v  18 Jan. 1670/1

Richard Young, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/182v  23 Jan. 1670/1

Christopher Stevens, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/183  25 Jan. 1670/1

Francis Fisher, Brewer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/183v  25 Jan. 1670/1

Edward Baker, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/184  25 Jan. 1670/1

Henry Collings, Husbandman, Kenton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/184v  13 Feb. 1670/1

Mathew Marnham, Yeoman, Sudbury, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/185  18 Feb. 1670/1

Sarah Cotton, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/185v  24 Feb. 1670/1

Jane Read, Widow  AA/V/H/97/1/186v  4 Mar. 1670/1

John Mercer, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/187  2 Mar. 1670/1

Dorothy Finney, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/187v  16 Mar. 1670/1

Richard Williams, Seafaring man, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/188v  30 Mar. 1670/1

Elizabeth Starr, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/189  7 April 1671

Joan Rawlins, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/190  18 April 1671

James Hill, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/190v  27 April 1671

Henry Hill, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/191  27 April 1671

Robert Kingham, Husbandman, Norwood in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/192v  4 May 1671

Robert Sexton, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/193  16 May 1671

Mary Edmeads, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/193  19 June 1671

George Tommson, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/193v  21 June 1671

William Burd, the elder, Shoemaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/194  11 July 1671

Thomas Ballard, Walworth, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/194v  19 July 1671

Henry Dennis, Husbandman, Swanscombe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/195  26 July 1671

Francis Parker senior, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/195v  27 July 1671

Richard Wood, Bricklayer, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/196  27 July 1671

John Herritt, Yeoman, Chepstead in Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/197  28 July 1671

Rose Peake, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/197v  26 Oct. 1671

Alice Burgess, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/198  4 Oct. 1671

John Hackett, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/198  21 Oct. 1671

Richard Saxbe, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/198v  23 Oct. 1671

Susan Munn, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/199  25 Oct. 1671

Mary Jeffery, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/199  27 Oct. 1671

John Burgess, Tailor, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/199v  1 Nov. 1671

Henry Grigory, Bachelor, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/200  2 Nov. 1671

Thomas Wood, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/200v  7 Nov. 1671

Ralph Wright, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/200v  17 Jan. 1671/2

George Page, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/201v  27 Feb. 1671/2

Elizabeth Hore, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/202  26 Feb. 1671/2

Edward Fenn, Gentleman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/202v  13 Mar. 1671/2

Susanna Fisher, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/203v  16 Mar. 1671/2

Joan Ducke, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/204  18 Mar. 1671/2

Thomas Curd, Weaver, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/204v  23 Mar. 1671/2

John Overy, Tanner, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/205  23 Mar. 1671/2

Robert Sharp, Gentleman, Barnard's Inn, Holborn, London  AA/V/H/97/1/205v  2 April 1672

Richard Bix, the elder, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/206  5 April 1672

James Winmarsh, Tailor, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/207  16 April 1672

Margery Burgess, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/208  20 April 1672

John Brumfield, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/208v  10 May 1672

John Hill, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/209  15 May 1672

Thomas Hunt, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/210  24 May 1672

John Crouke, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/210v  1 June 1672

Robert Goldsmith, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/211  1 June 1672

Humphrey Williams, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/212  4 June 1672

Thomas Webb, Norwood, Croydon Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/212v  11 June 1672

John Jones, Marriner, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/212v  15 June 1672

Richard Cakott, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/213  21 June 1672

John Goldup, senior, House Carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/214  25 June 1672

Robert Wilson, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/214v  11 July 1672

Thomas Johnson, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/215  11 July 1672

Joseph Smith, Hempdresser, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/215v  12 Aug. 1672

George Heathfield, Maltster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/216  9 Aug. 1672

Robert Everest, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/216v  23 Aug. 1672

John Everest, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/217  7 Sept. 1672

Edward Coates, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/218  16 Oct. 1672

Walter Brooke, Yeoman, Yalding, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/218v  16 Oct. 1672

John Anderson, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/219  22 Nov. 1672

Francis Tone, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/219v  27 Jan. 1672/3

John Runnwell, Rowhampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/220  10 Feb. 1672/3

Anne Masters, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/220  10 Mar. 1672/3

Hester Courtney, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/221  19 Mar. 1672/3

Richard Davis, Joiner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/221  25 Mar. 1673

Nathaniel Otte  AA/V/H/97/1/221v  29 Mar. 1673

Hannah Lulham, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/221v  4 April 1673

John Wattle, Werstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/223v  9 Apr. 1673

Thomas Jones, Clerk, Rector of Newsted, Newsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/224  17 Apr. 1673

Thomas Fincham, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/224v  21 Apr. 1673

Ralph Page, Gentleman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/225v  25 Apr. 1673

Susan Bix, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/227  10 May 1673

Anne French, Widow, Berstead, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/227v  13 May 1673

Christopher Coombes, Husbandman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/228  14 May 1673

Edward Huttson, Labourer, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/228v  19 May 1673

Robert Peacock, Innholder, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/229  30 May 1673

Thomas Jordan, Husbandman, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/229v  2 July 1673

Henry Carr, the elder, Blacksmith, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/230v  19 July 1673

Thomas Cheeseman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/231v  19 July 1673

Thomas Brigstock, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/232  1 Aug. 1673

Henry Stanford, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/233  13 Aug. 1673

Dame Anne Miller, [Little Peckham]  AA/V/H/97/1/233v  4 Sept. 1673

Robert Stepin, Seafaring man belonging to H.M.S. "Mary", St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/234  10 Sept. 1673

George Ede, the elder, Yeoman, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/234  2 Oct. 1673

Richard Ewridge, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/235  8 Oct. 1673

John Russell, Cook, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/236v  13 Oct. 1673

Thomas Ward  AA/V/H/97/1/236v  31 Oct. 1673

Elizabeth Betts, Widow, late of Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/237  18 Nov. 1673

Richard Brigstock, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/237v  24 Nov. 1673

William Rayne, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/238v  16 Dec. 1673

Henry Masters, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/239  16 Dec. 1673

Nicholas Hatcher, Gentleman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/239v  2 Jan. 1673/4

George Plawe, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/240  19 Jan. 1673/4

Edward Gray, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/241  20 Jan. 1673/4

Etheldry Tomlin, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/241v  2 Feb. 1673/4

Matthew Ball, Brewer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/242  4 Feb. 1673/4

Edward Clements, Yeoman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/242v  9 Feb. 1673/4

Matthew Loft, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/243v  9 Feb. 1673/4

Robert Sander, the elder, Yeoman, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/244  13 Feb. 1673/4

John Hall, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/244v  14 Feb. 1673/4

Edward Fry, Yeoman, Halborough, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/245v  5 Mar. 1673/4

Edmund White, Husbandman, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/246v  9 Mar. 1673/4

Elizabeth Carter, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/247  24 Mar. 1673/4

Susan Peckham, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/248v  1 Apr. 1674

John Marsh, Cordwainer, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/248v  10 Apr. 1674

Elizabeth Mason, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/249v  8 May 1674

Mary Rowe  AA/V/H/97/1/250  14 May 1674

Elizabeth Ede, Widow, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/251  15 May 1674

Bridgett Allen, Widow, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/251v  26 May 1674

Edmund Leigh, Clothier, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/252  30 May 1674

Elizabeth Tooth, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/252v  13 June 1674

Richard Bassett, Tailor, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/253  20 June 1674

Susanna Lock, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/253v  1 June 1674

Thomas Owen, Widow, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/254v  29 June 1674

Robert Burges, Yeoman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/255  13 July 1674

William Edsler, East Sheen, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/255  3 July 1674

Walter Bath, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/256  14 July 1674

Robert Skinner, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/256v  30 July 1674

Gervas Watts, Butcher, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/258  19 Sept. 1674

Elizabeth Barnes, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/258v  24 Sept. 1674

John Round, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/259  10 Oct. 1674

Thomas Stonestreet, Husbandman, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/261  14 Oct. 1674

Anne Manning, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/261v  29 Oct. 1674

Richard London, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/262  26 Oct. 1674

William Johnson, Carpenter, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/263  8 Dec. 1674

June Lane  AA/V/H/97/1/263v  12 Dec. 1674

John Ellis, the elder, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/265  26 Jan. 1674/5

Alexander Garland, Carpenter, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/265v  1 Feb. 1674/5

Richard Lidgingham, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/266  26 Feb. 1674/5

Joane Bigg, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/267  2 Mar. 1674/5

Anne Godding, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/267v  15 Mar. 1674/5

Thomas Carpenter, Yeoman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/268  15 Mar. 1674/5

Jeoffery Cowdwell  AA/V/H/97/1/268v  9 April 1675

William Canny  AA/V/H/97/1/269  26 April 1675

Anne Humfrey, Widow, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/269v  7 May 1675

Jane Bryce, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/269v  7 May 1675

Thomas Fly, Yeoman, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/270  10 May 1675

Edward Herret, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/271  26 May 1675

William Chowne, Gentleman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/271  19 May 1675

Elizabeth Chowne Burgess, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  [no ref.]  21 Mar. 1675

John Pounde, Mercer, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/272  17 May 1675/6

William Tomlin, the elder, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/273  31 May 1675/6

Thomas Somer, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/274  3 June 1675/6

Edmund Weston, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/274v  5 June 1675/6

Thomas Bennet, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/275v  8 June 1675/6

John Ownested, Yeoman, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/276  9 June 1675/6

John Shorte, the elder, Norcott in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/277  21 June 1675/6

Thomas Hawekes, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/277v  24 June 1675/6

John Payne, Maultman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/277v  30 June 1675/6

John Rigsby, Weaver, Tunbridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/278  13 July 1675/6

John Leafegreene, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/279  19 July 1675/6

John Smith, Bricklayer, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/279  19 July 1675/6

Anthony Smith, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/280  22 July 1675/6

Richard Smith, Carpenter, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/280  27 July 1675/6

Thomas Righte, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/281  29 July 1675/6

Henry Deakins, Blacksmith, St. Mary Newington, Butts Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/281v  13 Aug. 1675/6

William Shorey, the elder, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/282  28 Aug. 1675/6

Edward Fletcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/282v  28 Aug. 1675/6

George Chowning, Blacksmith, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/283  29 Sept. 1675/6

Anthony Simonds, Butcher, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/283v  30 Sept. 1675/6

Robert Hills, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/285  30 Sept. 1675/6

Thomas Blundell, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/286  21 Oct. 1675/6

John Smith, Carpenter, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/287  30 Nov. 1675/6

Margery Jones, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/288  22 Oct. 1675/6

Thomas Plane, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/288  9 Nov. 1675/6

James Holyman, Yalding, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/288v  11 Dec. 1675/6

Sarah Clampard, Widow, West Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/289v  14 Dec. 1675/6

Mark Harble, the elder, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/290v  15 Dec. 1675/6

Reginald Peckham, Esquire, Yaldam, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/291v  27 Dec. 1675/6

Thomas Batty, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/293v  28 Dec. 1675/6

John Price, Joiner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/297  10 Jan. 1675/6

John Banister, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/297v  14 Jan. 1675/6

Thomas Beecher, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/297v  29 Jan. 1675/6

Richard Ashdowne, the elder, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/298v  3 Feb. 1675/6

Mary Hill, the elder, Widow, Frogmede in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/299v  4 Feb. 1675/6

Henry Deborne, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/300v  3 Mar. 1675/6

John Hill, Husbandman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/301  21 Mar. 1675/6

Thomas Chapplestoe, Cook, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/301v  29 Mar. 1676

John Shute, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/301v  14 Apr. 1676

Edward Eyles, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/302  17 Apr. 1676

William Yopp, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/302v  12 Apr. 1676

Edward Ord  AA/V/H/97/1/303v  20 Apr. 1676

Daniel Marlin, Weaver, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/303v  1 May 1676

Elizabeth Acres, Widow, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/304  13 May 1676

John Richardson, Blacksmith, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/304v  9 May 1676

Henry Dunmoll, Yeoman, Crockenhill, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/305  13 May 1676

Margaret Symonds, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/306  20 May 1676

Thomas Smith, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/306v  23 May 1676

John Knowe, Yeoman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/307  22 May 1676

Katherine Rooper, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/307v  24 May 1676

Robert Clavell, Husbandman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/308  24 May 1676

John Barber, Bogger, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/308  26 May 1676

Francis Howard, Yeoman, Walworth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/309  27 May 1676

Thomas Richardson, Citizen & Weaver of London, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/309v  30 May 1676

John Skinner, the elder, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/310  14 June 1676

Elizabeth Hodsoll, Widow of William Hodsoll, Gent, Stansted, Kent.  AA/V/H/97/1/311v  10 July 1676

William Owtream, Gentleman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/313  1 July 1676

Thomas Raven, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/314v  13 July 1676

Richard Core, Citizen & Salter, Croydon  AA/V/H/97/1/315v  20 July 1676

Francis Seyliard, Gentleman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/318  25 July 1676

Robert Jackson, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/319v  25 July 1676

Elizabeth Phillips, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/320  28 July 1676

John Ragg, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/321  31 July 1676

Susannah Ellis, Widow, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/323  3 Sept. 1676

John Symonds, Butcher, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/323v  27 Sept. 1676

Hannah Lasenby, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/324  27 Sept. 1676

John Feilden, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/325  3 Oct. 1676

Henry Farrant, Yeoman, Chelsfield, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/325v  7 Oct. 1676

John Smith, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/326  6 Oct. 1676

Richard Myles, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/327  9 Oct. 1676

Thomas Perryn, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/328v  13 Oct. 1676

Thomas Newman, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/329  24 Oct. 1676

Richard Mambam, Sudbury, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/330  28 Oct. 1676

Henry Johnson, Carpenter, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/331  9 Nov. 1676

Mary Steward, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/331v  7 Nov. 1676

Elizabeth Marston, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/332  18 Dec. 1676

James Gardner, the elder, Bricklayer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/332v  18 Nov. 1676

Joane Tayler, Spinster, Burston, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/334  18 Dec. 1676

Ralph Twisse, Clerk, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/334v  6 June 1676

Edward King, Carpenter, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/335  11 Jan. 1676/7

Simon Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Wembley, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/336  3 Feb. 1676/7

Richard Streatfield, Gentleman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/336v  23 Feb. 1676/7

Clemence Skinner, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/339v  23 Feb. 1676/7

Alice Smith, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/341  19 Jan. 1676/7

Henry Wood, Turner, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/341v  23 Mar. 1676/7

Anne Jewell, Wife of Richard Jewell, yeoman, late wife of William Carrot of Brasted, Kent, Cudham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/342  3 Apr 1677

John Barnes, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/343  6 Apr. 1677

Richard Hermann, senior, Yeoman, Farnigham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/344v  20 Apr. 1677

Anne Alse, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/346  20 Apr. 1677

Henry Hadlow, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/346v  4 May 1677

John Johnson, the elder, Carpenter, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/347v  23 May 1677

George Baker, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/348  6 June 1677

John Hyde, Esquire, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/348v  20 June 1677

Katherine Wood, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/349v  2 July 1677

Margaret Pullen, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/350  4 July 1677

Rachel Cansten, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/353  14 July 1677

Sarah Gostling, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/353v  18 July 1677

John Seare, Gentleman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/354  22 Aug. 1677

William King, Tailor, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/355v  6 June 1677

Thomas Everest, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/356  2 Sept. 1677

Edward Copus, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/357  4 Sept. 1677

John Burgess, Chandler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/357v  3 Oct. 1677

Anthony Combridge, the elder, Gentleman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/358  9 Oct. 1677

Robert Judery, Blacksmith, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/358v  30 Oct. 1677

Michael Johnson, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/359v  21 Nov. 1677

Anne Jackson, Wife of John Jackson, Bromley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/360v  22 Nov. 1677

Rose Sale, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/362  27 Nov. 1677

Thomas Wakelyn, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/364v  28 Nov. 1677

Margaret Beecher, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/366v  11 Dec. 1677

Thomas Astwood, Innholder, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/367  21 Dec. 1677

Deborah Page, Widow  AA/V/H/97/1/368  22 Dec. 1677

William Float, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/369  9 Jan. 1677/8

Daniel Snape, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/369v  4 Feb. 1677/8

Thomas Buckminster, Tanner, New Sleaford, Lincs  AA/V/H/97/1/370v  12 Feb. 1677/8

Alice Gouldup, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/371  12 Feb. 1677/8

Anne Everest, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/371v  22 Feb. 1677/8

Martha King, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/372v  22 Mar. 1677/8

William Thickston, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/373v  28 Mar. 1678

Sarah Byfield, Widow of Rd. Byfield, Rector of Long Witton, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/374  4 Apr. 1678

William Thornton  AA/V/H/97/1/376  15 Apr. 1678

William Tyler, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/376v  22 Apr. 1678

Richard Boss, Vicar of Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/377  22 Mar. 1678

Henry Tapsell, Victualler, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/378  26 Apr. 1678

Ann Batupp, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/378v  17 May 1678

Edward Smith, Rector of Keston, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/379v  27 June 1678

George Croocker  AA/V/H/97/1/380v  18 July 1678

John Hollamby, the elder, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/381  11 July 1678

Thomas Billington, Cordwainer, Newington Butts  AA/V/H/97/1/383  10 Aug. 1678

Andrew Combridge, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/383v  21 Sept. 1678

Thomas Garrette, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/384v  20 Sept. 1678

Thomas Durling, the elder, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/385  20 Sept. 1678

Richard Blisse  AA/V/H/97/1/386v  27 Sept. 1678

Thomas Baldwin, Weaver, Norwood in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/387  27 Sept. 1678

John Burgis, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/388  30 Sept. 1678

Thomas Bradford, Shoemaker, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/390  30 Sept. 1678

Alexander Lewin, Single man, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/391  1 Oct. 1678

John Chexfield, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/391v  9 Oct. 1678

Edmund Attwater, Vintner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/393  15 Oct. 1678

William Keble, Husbandman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/393v  15 Oct. 1678

Francis Hills, senior, Wheelwright, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/394  15 Oct. 1678

Anne Balldery, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/395  17 Oct. 1678

Abraham Ashdowne, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/396  23 Oct. 1678

Fouck Stevenson, Yeoman, Timswerts, Bucks  AA/V/H/97/1/397  6 Oct. 1678

John Cannon, Gentleman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/397v  4 Nov. 1678

Francis Hamond, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/398  8 Nov. 1678

Christopher Thomas, Gentleman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/399  15 Nov. 1678

Thomas Hayes, the elder, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/400v  28 Nov. 1678

Thomas Higgs, the elder, Carpenter, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/401v  14 Dec. 1678

John Styleman, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/402  16 Dec. 1678

John Cheeseman, the elder, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/403v  16 Dec. 1678

Joan Ivers, Widow of Thomas, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/405  20 Dec. 1678

John Bryant, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/406  1 Jan. 1678/9

Joane Fremling, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/406v  2 Jan. 1678/9

Edmund Emberton, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/407  29 Jan. 1678/9

Elizabeth Whiffin, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/407v  29 Jan. 1678/9

John Ashdown, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/408v  7 Feb. 1678/9

Sarah Burton, Widow, East Sheen, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/410v  10 Feb. 1678/9

Nicholas Butcher, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/412  18 Feb. 1678/9

William Upton, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/413  27 Feb. 1678/9

Henry Johnson, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/413v  7 Mar. 1678/9

Alice Dunmoll, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/415  27 Mar. 1679

John Bull, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/416  1 Apr. 1679

Samuel Auckland, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/416v  14 Apr. 1679

George Fennimore, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/418  15 Apr. 1679

John Yopp, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/418v  16 Apr. 1679

Edmund Pipewell, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/419  21 May 1679

Alice Brice, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/420  26 May 1679

Thomas Sutton, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/422  2 June 1679

Walter Woodgate, Tailor, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/423  2 June 1679

William Ellis, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/427  3 June 1679

Andrew Wright, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/428  7 June 1679

Robert Bird, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/1/429v  9 June 1679

James Crowcher, Hempdresser, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/430v  14 June 1679

Martin Harber, Labourer, Werstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/431  16 June 1679

Francis Parker, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/432  5 July 1679

Nicholas Barnes, Bricklayer, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/433  19 July 1679

John Whiffin, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/434  4 June 1679

Joane Farlie, Widow, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/435  24 July 1679

Richard Tyman, Tanner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/435v  15 Aug. 1679

Elizabeth Wickenden, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/437  3 Sept. 1679

Josias Bell, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/438  15 Sept. 1679

William Child, Yeoman, Sutton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/439  15 Sept. 1679

Jane Iddenden, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/439v  17 Sept. 1679

Edmond Gilden, Linen Weaver, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/440v  30 Sept. 1679

Robert Dallyn, Wheelwright, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/441v  30 Sept. 1679

Robert Pattenden, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/443  11 Oct. 1679

Mary Coombes  AA/V/H/97/1/443v  29 Oct. 1679

John Hallansby, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/444  4 Nov. 1679

Dorothy Ewridge, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/445  6 Nov. 1679

John Sharpe, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/446  6 Nov. 1679

Richard Bankin, Innholder, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/446v  15 Nov. 1679

Nicholas Keeble, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/448  24 Nov. 1679

Edward Lovelace, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/448v  24 Nov. 1679

William Fillian, Gentleman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/450  3 Dec. 1679

Anne Barwell, Spinster, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/451v  19 Dec. 1679

Richard Dolling, Labourer, Otford, Kent  [no ref.]  23 Dec. 1679

Elizabeth Hackett, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/452v  23 Dec. 1679

William Delman, Gunner of the Fort in Gillingham, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/453v  27 Dec. 1679

John Hall, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/1/454  30 Dec. 1679

Thomas Waker, Blacksmith, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/1/455  13 Dec. 1679

Edward Bradbury, the elder, Baker, Northcott in Hayes  AA/V/H/97/1/465  13 Sept 1675

James Gardner, the elder, Bricklayer, East Peckham  AA/V/H/97/1/467  18 Nov. 1676

John Hyde, Esquire, Sundridge  AA/V/H/97/1/469  20 June 1677

Register of Wills: Arches (from 1685) Croydon and Shoreham  AA/V/H/97/2  1680-1689

John Burgis, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/1  2 Jan 1679/80

John Hutchins, Bachelor, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/2  5 Dec 1679

Henry Kidney, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/2  10 Jan. 1679/80

Robert Burton, Victualler, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/2v  5 Feb. 1679/80

John Styles, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/3v  10 Feb. 1679/80

Henry Roben, senior, Currier, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/4  19 Feb. 1679/80

Joseph Hall, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/5  19 Mar. 1679/80

Thomas Wright, Yeoman, Halsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/6  19 Mar. 1679/80

Henry Claizby, Wheelwright, Waddon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/7  15 Apr. 1680

Richard Staples, Yeoman, Bexley, Walway St., Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/8  6 Apr. 1680

Robert King, sen., Gentleman, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/9  21 Apr. 1680

Thomas Bustery, Gentleman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/10v  5 May 1680

William Adman, Husbandman, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/11  7 May 1680

Edward Burugh, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/12  8 May 1680

Zachary Ellis, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/12v  13 May 1680

Alice Barne, Widow, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/13v  21 May 1680

John Peglord, Innholder, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/14  16 Mar 1679/80

Frances Eaton, Widow, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/14v  28 May 1680

Anne Crundwell, Spinster, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/16  4 June 1680

William Ward, Bricklayer, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/17  4 June 1680

Richard Mannering, Husbandman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/18  4 June 1680

Thomas Morrant  AA/V/H/97/2/18v  4 June 1680

Arthur Budds, Linen weaver, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/19v  4 June 1680

Frances Stevenson, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/20  29 June 1680

Elizabeth Gyles, Widow, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/20v  16 July 1680

Margaret Edling, Widow, Harrow Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/21v  31 July 1680

John Herne, Husbandman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/22  1 Sept. 1680

John Hill, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/24  5 Aug. 1680

Ann Martin, Widow, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/25  20 Sept. 1680

James Ware, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/26  23 Sept. 1680

Joan Ayland, Widow, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/26v  26 Oct. 1680

John Bridon, Potashman, Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/27  4 Nov. 1680

John Duck, senior, Wheelwright, Harrow Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/27v  6 Nov. 1680

Robert Nicholl, Gentleman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/28v  8 Nov. 1680

Richard Haslen, Gentleman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/29v  19 Nov. 1680

John Taylor, Cordwainer, Newhide, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/30v  20 Nov. 1680

Edward Thorton, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/31v  24 Nov. 1680

Richard Silcock, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/32v  30 Nov. 1680

Nicholas Lloyd, Rector of St. Mary Newington Butts, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/33v  6 Dec. 1680

John Hollomby alias Nicholas, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/34  24 Dec. 1680

William Joad, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/34a v  16 Dec. 1680

Edward Taylor, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/35  27 Jan. 1680/81

Thomas Knowe, Yeoman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/37v  18 Mar. 1680/81

Mary Beard, Widow, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/39  20 Jan. 1680/81

Thomas Smith, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/39v  1 Feb. 1680/81

Thomasine Crofts, Widow, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/41  17 Feb. 1680/81

William Steevenson, Yeoman, Wansunt, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/41v  28 Feb. 1680/81

John Freinde, Yeoman, Harrow Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/42  16 Mar. 1680/81

Richard Jeoffrey, Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/43  24 Mar. 1680/81

Edward Mills, Yeoman, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/43v  18 Mar. 1680/81

John Castleton, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/44  25 Mar. 1681

Elizabeth Harris, Widow, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/45v  13 Apr. 1681

Charles Newton, Yeoman, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Mddx. (late of Bacton, Hereford)  AA/V/H/97/2/46v  21 Apr. 1681

Stephen Tooth, Yeoman, Northholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/47  3 May 1681

Joseph Stanbrough, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/49  9 May 1681

Walter Bonswick, Yeoman, Burston, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/51  10 May 1681

Parnell Castleton, Widow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/52  11 May 1681

Richard Jackett, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/53  13 May 1681

Simon Midhurst, Yeoman, Chiddington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/53v  21 May 1681

William Fryer, the elder, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/55  4 June 1681

Daniel Steere, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/56  21 June 1681

Moyses Plumley, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/56v  21 June 1681

Ann Tompson, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/58  29 June 1681

Thomas Taylor, Blacksmith, Burston, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/59v  15 July 1681

Michael Croucke, Blacksmith, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/60v  24 Aug. 1681

Thomas Romer, Yeoman, Hatch End, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/61v  27 Aug. 1681

John Chapman, Bricklayer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/62v  30 Aug. 1681

Joanna Auchurst, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/63  30 Sept. 1681

John Bix, the elder, Yeoman, Herring, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/64v  21 Nov. 1681

Mary Ligbourne, Widow of John Ligbourne, carpenter, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/65  11 Jan. 1681/2

Dorothy Eaton, Widow, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/66v  13 Jan. 1681/2

Jane Stone, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/67  21 Jan. 1681/2

William Cotterell, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/67v  22 Feb. 1681/2

Jeffery Glenne, Tanner, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/68v  7 Mar. 1681/2

Lawrence Spurling, Yeoman, Botwell in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/69  15 Apr. 1682

John Sutton, Hempdresser, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/70  7 June 1682

Robert Hamton, Gentleman, Southall in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/71v  3 July 1682

Robert Russell, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/72v  12 July 1682

William Jennings, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/73  29 July 1682

Richard Foster, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/73v  10 Aug. 1682

Richard Crook, Butcher, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/74v  31 Aug. 1682

Mary Locke, Widow, Bridgend, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/76  27 Sept. 1682

Ann Vallence, Spinster, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/77  3 Oct. 1682

Thomas Vincent, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/77v  13 Oct. 1682

Nicholas Baker, son of Jeremiah Baker, Single man, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/78v  12 Oct. 1682

John Worrell, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/79v  30 Oct. 1682

John Franckwell, the elder, Yeoman, Gills in Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/80v  31 Oct. 1682

Edward Seddon, Scrivener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/82  23 Nov. 1682

John Mock, Blacksmith, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/83v  3 Dec. 1682

Robert Oliver, Butcher, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/84  12 Dec. 1682

William Bayley, Tailor, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/85  22 Dec. 1682

Edward Butler, Bachelor, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/86  9 Jan. 1682/3

Michael Bassett, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/86v  7 Feb. 1682/3

David Durtnold, Carpenter, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/88v  9 Feb. 1682/3

Robert Palmer, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/89v  12 Feb. 1682/3

Mathew Mumford, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/91  23 Feb. 1682/3

Walter Hermon, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/92  26 Feb. 1682/3

Thomas Ward  AA/V/H/97/2/93v  21 Mar. 1682/3

Elizabeth Donington, Widow, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/94  23 Mar. 1682/3

Ann Chapman, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/94v  5 Apr. 1683

Henry Godfery, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/95v  13 Apr. 1683

Thomas Hatchsen, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/96  13 Apr. 1683

Thomas Hearne, Husbandman, Pinner, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/98  20 Apr. 1683

Henry Deane, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/99  4 May 1683

Henry Cannop, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/100  16 May 1683

Matthew Higgs, Blacksmith, Harrow Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/101  16 May 1683

William Everest, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/102  30 May 1683

Robert Wanmer, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/102v  30 May 1683

Joyce Winch, Widow, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/103v  2 June 1683

Elizabeth Rogers, Widow of Henry Rogers, Preston, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/104v  4 June 1683

Elizabeth Tayler, Widow, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/105  13 June 1683

Dorothy Constant, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/106  14 June 1683

John Blizard, Victualler, Walworth St Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/107  15 June 1683

Joane Wande, Widow, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/109  6 July 1683

John Haynes, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/109v  12 July 1683

Hanna Hall, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/110v  16 July 1683

Francis Button, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/111  25 July 1683

Richard Foreman, Citizen and clothworker, London  AA/V/H/97/2/113  1 Aug. 1683

Rose Worley, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/116v  14 Aug. 1683

Robert Pennard, Husbandman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/117  27 Aug. 1683

Margaret Awsiter, Widow, Southall, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/117v  14 Sept. 1683

Nicholas Moody, Joiner, St. Martins Ludgate Hill, London  AA/V/H/97/2/118  21 Sept. 1683

William Hayward, Tobacconist, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/119  22 Sept. 1683

Robert Hollamby, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/119v  26 Sept. 1683

Richard Maynard, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/120v  2 Oct. 1683

Richard Stanborough, Gentleman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middx  AA/V/H/97/2/122  27 Sept. 1683

John Combes, Blacksmith, Northcott in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/123  3 Oct. 1683

William Fisher, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/124v  2 Oct. 1683

Thomas Reading, Baker, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/125  20 Oct. 1683

Thomas Grinder, Tailor, Stepney, London  AA/V/H/97/2/126  25 Oct. 1683

Edward Young, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/127  29 Oct. 1683

Ann Knight, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/127v  14 Nov. 1683

Abraham Hunt, Butcher, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/128v  22 Nov. 1683

Joseph Eaton, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/130  12 Dec. 1683

Richard Goldsmith, senior, Farmer, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/131v  22 Dec. 1683

William Lovell, Husbandman, Herstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/132v  11 Jan. 1683/4

Richard Page, Husbandman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/133  25 Jan. 1683/4

Richard Michell, Yeoman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/134  28 Jan. 1683/4

Joseph Gray, Mercer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/134v  28 Jan. 1683/4

William Sanders, Gentleman, Plaxtol, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/135v  4 Feb. 1683/4

William Covell, Tailor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/136  22 Feb. 1683/4

Thomas Piddock, Tanner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/137  25 Mar. 1684

Elizabeth Diaper, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/138  8 Apr. 1684

John Watts, sen, Tanner, (Baxley), Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/139  12 Apr. 1684

Francis Moore, senior, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/140  16 Apr. 1684

John Constable, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/141  25 Apr. 1684

William Goble  AA/V/H/97/2/143  10 May 1684

John Gallatt, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/143v  21 May 1684

Pharmele Waybanck, Butcher, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/144v  27 May 1684

Thomas Grundwell, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/145v  5 June 1684

John Styles, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/150v  12 June 1684

William Moone, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/151  6 June 1684

Richard Horton, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/151v  20 June 1684

William Westmore, Husbandman, Northcott in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/152v  26 June 1684

John Dorrington, Chirurgion, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/153v  9 Aug. 1684

Dorothy Fly, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/154v  10 Sept. 1684

John Bartlett, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/155v  17 Sept. 1684

John Shore, Husbandman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/156  28 Oct. 1684

Edward Culpeper, Esquire, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/157  6 Nov. 1684

Thomas Morgan, Cordwainer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/158  7 Nov. 1684

William Spilslead, Weaver, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/158v  8 Nov. 1684

Richard Cooke, Blacksmith, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/160  10 Nov. 1684

Richard Ledgingham, Yeoman, Sudbury, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/160v  15 Nov. 1684

Henry Burden, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/161v  15 Nov. 1684

Thomas Smale, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/162v  18 Nov. 1684

Francis White, Miller, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/164  21 Nov. 1684

Elizabeth Curtis, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/165  4 Dec. 1684

Anne Midhurst, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/165v  10 Dec. 1684

James Maylim, Waterman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/166v  5 Jan. 1684/5

Abraham Heathfield, Oatmeal man, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/167  19 Jan. 1684/5

Cristabella Fowler, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/168v  10 Feb. 1684/5

John Woodman, Tailor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/169  28 Feb. 1684/5

James Goodwin, Rector, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/170  9 Mar. 1684/5

Grace Harling, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/171  15 Apr. 1685

John Cumber, Husbandman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/172  16 Apr. 1685

Abraham Huggott, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/172v  29 Apr. 1685

Joane Nash, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/173v  26 May 1685

George Evernden, Joiner, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/174v  22 May 1685

William Hynton, the elder, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/175v  25 May 1685

John Hewes, Collar maker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/176v  18 June 1685

Charles Beswick, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/177  10 June 1685

John Meryden, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/178  12 June 1685

David Downes, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/178v  26 June 1685

Elizabeth Everest, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/179v  4 July 1685

Ann Moxly, Widow of James Moxly, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/180v  9 July 1685

Thomas Heath, Yeoman, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/181  23 July 1685

Thomas Gammon, Husbandman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/182  5 Sept. 1685

Daniell Buckmaster, Husbandman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/183  5 Sept. 1685

Elizabeth Fisher, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/184  7 Sept. 1685

Guilbert Langton, Citizen and founder, London  AA/V/H/97/2/184v  8 Sept. 1685

Richard Greene, Citizen and joiner, London  AA/V/H/97/2/185v  9 Sept. 1685

John Cowlar, Blacksmith, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/186  25 Sept. 1685

Mary Pond, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/187v  25 Sept. 1685

William Jalland, Citizen and cooper, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/2/188  8 Oct. 1685

John Medhurst, Weaver, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/189  20 Oct. 1685

Mary Downes, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/190v  22 Oct. 1685

Samuel Andrews, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/191  29 Oct. 1685

Thomas Normansell, Merchant, London  AA/V/H/97/2/191v  4 Nov. 1685

Magdalen Adson, Widow, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/192v  9 Nov. 1685

Robert Brooke, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/193  9 Nov. 1685

Thomas Parr, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/193v  23 Nov. 1685

Sarah Smith, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/194v  23 Nov. 1685

John Bone, Pinner  AA/V/H/97/2/197  25 Nov. 1685

Dame Mary Seyliard, Widow. Relect of Sir John Seyliard Bt, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/197v  12 Dec. 1685

Jane Jarvis, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/2/199v  16 Jan. 1685/6

John Bland, St. Michael Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/2/200v  23 Jan. 1685/6

Robert Jackson, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/201  4 Feb. 1685/6

John Callingwood, Citizen armourer, London  AA/V/H/97/2/201v  23 Feb. 1685/6

Richard Snape, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/202v  15 Mar. 1685/6

Henry Jackson, senior, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/203  15 Mar. 1685/6

Richard Frankham, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/204v  30 Mar. 1686

Frognall Fitch, Freemason, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/205v  3 Apr. 1686

William Greene, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/207  3 Apr. 1686

John Cunny  AA/V/H/97/2/208v  10 Apr. 1686

Samuel Beke, Victualler, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/208v  16 Apr. 1686

John Wood, Husbandman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/209v  22 Apr. 1686

Mary Read, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/210v  6 May 1686

Richard White, Husbandman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/211v  10 May 1686

James Minch, the elder, Gentleman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/212  12 May 1686

Alice Wilson, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/212v  15 May 1686

Jane Soane, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/213  26 May 1686

Margaret Bosse, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/214  26 May 1686

Trustraham Mantle, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/217v  26 May 1686

Rowland Friend, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/218  14 June 1686

Mary Carter, Spinster, St. Michael Royal London  AA/V/H/97/2/219v  21 June 1686

Alice Stevens  AA/V/H/97/2/220v  23 June 1686

Francis Seymore, Chyrurgeon, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/221  22 July 1686

Elizabeth Rayman, Widow, St. Leonards, Eastcheap, London  AA/V/H/97/2/221v  10 Aug. 1686

Mary Lobb, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/222  16 Aug. 1686

Hannah Gray, Widow, Preston, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/223  11 Sept. 1686

Christopher Tayler, Cooper, St. Michael Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/2/224  11 Sept. 1686

Thomas Wood, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/224v  28 Sept. 1686

James Watts, Clothier, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/225v  30 Sept. 1686

William Willson, Goldsmith, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/226  2 Oct. 1686

Richard Fletherston, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/228  5 Oct. 1686

Martha Gillatt, Widow, Wrotham  AA/V/H/97/2/228v  6 Oct. 1686

Thomas Pidgeon, Miller, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/230  12 Oct. 1686

John Seargill, Blacksmith, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/2/230v  26 Oct. 1686

Thomas Petley, Gentleman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/231v  26 Oct. 1686

Margaret Violet, Widow, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/232v  9 Nov. 1686

William Bruce, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/233v  15 Nov. 1686

John Humphrey, the elder, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/235  17 Nov. 1686

Richard Sharpe, the younger, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/236v  18 Nov. 1686

Anne Rogers, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/237v  11 Dec. 1686

Daniel Tindall, Doctor in Physick, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/240  3 Jan. 1686/7

Robert Fridaie, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/241  25 Jan. 1686/7

James Chamberlyin, Yeoman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/243v  9 Feb. 1686/7

Tobias Cross, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/244  10 Feb. 1686/7

Isaac Oliver, Gentleman, Isleworth, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/246  10 Feb. 1686/7

David Durtnall, Baker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/246v  2 Mar. 1686/7

Thomas Bishop, senior, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/248v  9 Apr. 1687

William Bowman, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/251v  12 Apr. 1687

Henry Croucke, Butcher, Greenstead Green, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/253  2 Apr. 1687

Edward Greene, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/254  9 May 1687

Robert Morgan, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/255  18 May 1687

Moses Carrier, senior  AA/V/H/97/2/257  13 May 1687

Mary Roberts, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/257v  18 May 1687

John Harrison, Carpenter, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/259  18 May 1687

Thomas Seagars, Husbandman, Blenden in Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/260v  18 May 1687

Sarah Ponds, Widow, Roxeth, St. Mary, Harrowhill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/261v  21 May 1687

Nicholas Averill, Husbandman, Crayford, Kent Nebuker  AA/V/H/97/2/262v  25 May 1687

William Evans, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/263v  10 June 1687

George Guttridge, Rowhampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/265  27 June 1687

Richard Fisher, the elder, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/266  7 July 1687

Thomas Smith, Gentleman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/267  9 July 1687

Joseph Grant, Fishmonger, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/269v  11 July 1687

Thomas Elsly, Husbandman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/270  15 July 1687

William Skinner, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/271  15 July 1687

Thomas Springall, Citizen and cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/2/271v  1 Sept. 1687

William Thompson, Porter, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/2/272v  16 Sept. 1687

Mary Massey, Spinster, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/273  20 Sept. 1687

Nicholas Pigott, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/273v  6 Oct. 1687

John Wood, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/274v  6 Oct. 1687

George Richardson, the elder, Potter, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/275v  11 Oct. 1687

Edward Poyntell, Mercer, London  AA/V/H/97/2/277  12 Oct. 1687

John Reynoldson, Gentleman, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/2/277v  18 Oct. 1687

Robert Praull, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/279v  24 Oct. 1687

Robert Terrey, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/280  15 Nov. 1687

George Young, Citizen and plasterer, London  AA/V/H/97/2/281v  8 Dec. 1687

William Harrison, senior, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/283  13 Dec. 1687

Eleanor King, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/284v  9 Jan. 1687/8

Samuel Hedge, Citizen and painter stainer, London  AA/V/H/97/2/285  12 Jan. 1687/8

Jeremy Hever, Husbandman, Chiddingtone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/286  21 Jan. 1687/8

Matthias Cowling, Citizen and barber chirurgion, London  AA/V/H/97/2/287  3 Feb. 1687/8

Robert Grafton, Cordwainer, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/288v  8 Feb. 1687/8

William Beeching, Bricklayer, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/290  25 Feb. 1687/8

Thomas Pattendon or Pattison, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/291  7 Mar. 1687/8

William Rookes, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/292  15 Mar. 1687/8

John Peirson, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/293  17 Mar. 1687/8

Daniel Oakely, Mariner in H.M.S. Francis, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/294  3 Apr. 1688

George Wright, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/295v  9 Apr. 1688

John Hoysted, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/296  16 Apr. 1688

Thomas Sparkes, Baker, St. Vedast Fosters, London  AA/V/H/97/2/297v  25 Apr. 1688

Joseph Mallard, Citizen and butcher, London  AA/V/H/97/2/298v  26 Apr. 1688

Sarah Fox, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/300  5 May 1688

Henry Soanes  AA/V/H/97/2/300v  11 May ?1680

Richard Blackwell the elder, Yeoman, Monk's Risborough, Bucks  AA/V/H/97/2/301  11 May 1688

Mary Priest, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/302v  14 May 1688

George Crosbie, Citizen and haberdasher, St. Dunstan-in-the-East, London  AA/V/H/97/2/303v  17 May 1688

Elizabeth Bolte, Widow, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/304v  21 May 1688

Thomas Clark, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/306  28 May 1688

Thomas Athufold, Carpenter, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/307  5 June 1688

Margaret Cumber, Widow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/308  6 June 1688

John Goodberry, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/309v  6 June 1688

William Kidder, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/310v  6 June 1688

William Shott, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/311  6 June 1688

Stephen Simpson, Citizen and blacksmith, London  AA/V/H/97/2/312  12 June 1688

Deborah Pigott, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/313v  15 June 1688

Margaret Fennymore, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/315v  20 June 1688

Agnes Medhurst, Wife of Thomas Medhurst, widow of William Turner, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/316v  13 July 1688

Henry Pigott, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/321v  21 July 1688

William Gardiner, Gentleman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/322v  16 Aug. 1688

Francis Rogers, Gentleman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/324  22 Aug. 1688

Mary Posslet, Widow, St. Vedasts Foster Lane London  AA/V/H/97/2/326  31 Aug. 1688

William Bush, Barber, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/327  4 Sept. 1688

Thomas Collins, Carpenter, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/327  10 Oct. 1688

William Bold, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/329  11 Oct. 1688

Elizabeth Greene, Spinster, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/330v  23 Oct. 1688

Henry Soane, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/331v  29 Oct. 1688

Robert Atwood, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/332v  29 Oct. 1688

Anne Berfoot, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/2/335v  30 Oct. 1688

Abraham Clark, Citizen and cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/2/336v  9 Nov. 1688

Elizabeth Hawke, Widow, St. Dunstans, City of London  AA/V/H/97/2/337v  22 Dec. 1688

Thomas Lewen, Yeoman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/340  23 Jan. 1688/9

Thomasine Warham, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/341  20 Feb. 1688/9

Mary Robinee  AA/V/H/97/2/342  1 Mar. 1688/9

Obadiah Ewer, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/343  1 Mar. 1688/9

John Scuddor, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/345  7 Mar. 1688/9

Mary Harington, Widow of Edward Harington, late citizen and grocer of London, London  AA/V/H/97/2/346  18 Mar. 1688/9

Dorothy Lander, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/349  18 Mar. 1688/9

William Warren, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/350  4 Apr. 1689

Thomas Warde, Roper, Chepstow in Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/351  17 Apr. 1689

Mary Reeves, Spinster, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/352  24 Apr. 1689

Frances Nevice, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/352v  29 Apr. 1689

Thomas Pinkard, Farrier, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/353  30 Apr. 1689

Richard Smith, Gentleman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/354v  2 May 1689

Thomas Atkinson, Tailor, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/356  10 May 1689

Thomas Pywell, Husbandman, New Hythe, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/356v  13 May 1689

Thomas Stringer, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/358  14 May 1689

Adam Lorimer, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/359  14 May 1689

Alexander Burford, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/361  23 May 1689

Elizabeth Wood, Widow, Norwood, Croydon, Surrey  [no ref.]  24 May 1689

William Haswell, Knockholt, Kent  [no ref.]  29 May 1689

Edward Parkinton, St. Mary, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/2/362v  31 May 1689

William Willard, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/364v  7 June 1689

Richard Masters, Malster, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/367  17 June 1689

John Wilkins, Carpenter, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/368  27 June 1689

Nicholas Crundwell, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/369  29 June 1689

Dinah Pidgeon, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/371  6 July 1689

Nicholas Hubble, the elder, Potter, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/372  13 July 1689

Richard Stanste, Waterman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/373  20 Aug. 1689

Grace Downes, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/375  24 Aug. 1689

William Peene, Clothier, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/376  27 Aug. 1689

John Batcheler, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/377  5 Sept. 1689

Ellen Hewitt, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/377v  16 Sept. 1689

Joan Carter, Harrow  AA/V/H/97/2/378v  16 Sept. 1689

Thomas Lander, Husbandman, Crockenhill in Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/379v  20 Sept. 1689

Richard Duke, Carrier, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/382  25 June 1689

Edward Fry, Cordwainer, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/383  5 Oct. 1689

Robert Eliott, Husbandman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/384  8 Oct. 1689

Isaac Hayden, Mariner, London  AA/V/H/97/2/385  6 Nov. 1689

William James, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/386v  6 Nov. 1689

Robert Petry, the elder, Gentleman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/388v  19 Nov. 1689

Ursula Robinson, Spinster, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/390  22 Nov. 1689

Marian Cooper, Widow, St. James, Isle of Grain  AA/V/H/97/2/391  29 Nov. 1689

Jane Smith, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/2/392  29 Nov. 1689

Margaret Boarder, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/393  19 Dec. 1689

John Thorpe, the elder, Basket maker, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/2/395  19 Dec. 1689

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/3  1689-1699

Thomas Ifield, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/398  20 Dec. 1689

Katherine Bell, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/399v  21 Dec. 1689

Hanna Allen, Wife of Thomas Allen, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/401v  7 Feb. 1689/90

Elizabeth Trevisa, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/404v  7 Feb. 1689/90

Richard Allen, Sadler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/405v  7 Feb. 1689/90

Elizabeth Walter, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/406  7 Feb. 1689/90

Thomas Rawlins, Bachelor, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/407v  17 Mar. 1689/90

William Plowman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/408  18 Mar. 1689/90

Elizabeth Andrews, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/409  2 Mar. 1689/90

Richard Vintin, Collar maker, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/410v  2 Apr. 1690

Rowland Grubb, Miller, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/411  7 Apr. 1690

Mark Huble, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/412  7 Apr. 1690

Stephen Street, Citizen & cook, London  AA/V/H/97/3/413  9 Apr. 1690

Anne Whitele, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/414  6 May 1690

John Semper, Citizen & weaver, London  AA/V/H/97/3/415  6 May 1690

John Page, Gentleman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/416  19 May 1690

Henry Willington, Glover, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/418  23 May 1690

Richard Davies, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/3/419v  28 May 1690

John Osmond, senior, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/420  2 June 1690

John Mosyer, Yeoman, Crockenhill, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/421v  3 June 1690

John Dolton, Carpenter, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/423v  4 June 1690

Thomas Green, Mercer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/424v  13 June 1690

Henry Swaysland, Tallow chandler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/427v  20 June 1690

John Sellyard, Innholder, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/428v  28 May 1690

John Morgan, Mariner in the "Calena", St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/429  26 June 1690

William Clerk, Hosier, London  AA/V/H/97/3/430v  27 June 1690

Elizabeth Rich, Widow, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/432v  25 June 1690

Doretie Thrale, Widow, St. Vedast Fosters, London  AA/V/H/97/3/433  10 July 1690

William Phillipps, Citizen & skinner, London  AA/V/H/97/3/434v  28 July 1690

Nicholas Waker, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/435v  29 July 1690

Mary Warren, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/436v  5 Aug 1690

John Scott, Citizen & joiner, St. Michael Royal Paternoster  AA/V/H/97/3/437v  7 Aug. 1690

John Morrish, son of Richard Morrish, Seaman. Died in the Berkley Castle in E.Indies  AA/V/H/97/3/438v  12 Aug. 1690

Henry Finch, Yeoman, Greenhill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/439  29 Aug. 1690

Richard King  AA/V/H/97/3/440  25 Sept. 1690

Rachel Comport, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/441  14 Oct. 1690

[...] Tgomas Seylyard, Clerk, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/443  3 Oct. 1690

George Small, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/444  27 Nov. 1690

Richard Baldwin, Shoemaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/446v  2 Dec. 1690

Rebecca Rigers, Single woman, late of St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/448  2 Dec. 1690

Mary Mathews, St. Michael, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/3/448v  9 Jan. 1690/91

Abraham Hill, Yeoman, Kenton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/449  10 Jan. 1690/91

Edward Bankin, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/450  15 Jan. 1690/91

Ann Tarpe, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/451  21 Jan. 1690/91

Martha Springall otherwise Springwell  AA/V/H/97/3/452  27 Jan. 1690/91

Oliver Combridge, Yeoman, Hawden in Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/452v  27 Jan. 1690/91

Dorothy Midcalf, Spinster, Late of St. Michael's Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/3/453  3 Feb. 1690/91

Robert Smith, Gentleman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/454  6 Feb. 1690/91

Joane Dartnoll, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/456  19 Mar. 1690/91

William Comber, the younger, Cutler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/457  3 Apr. 1691

Francis Tomlin, the younger, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/458v  12 May 1691

Thomas Mosyer, the elder, Tile maker, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/459v  26 May 1691

Matthew Hartridge, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/462  26 May 1691

George Fawly, Freemason, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/463v  8 June 1691

Robert Dormar, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/465  17 June 1691

James Lawrence, Bricklayer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/466  22 June 1691

William Bignall, Husbandman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/467  30 June 1691

Mary Webb, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/468v  4 July 1691

Thomas Banbury, Citizen & weaver, London  AA/V/H/97/3/469v  9 July 1691

Sarah Smith, Widow, Merstham Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/470v  31 July 1691

William Wayland, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/471v  14 Aug. 1691

John Buke, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/473  17 Oct. 1691

Mary Webb, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/474  1 Oct. 1691

Nicholas Neel, Will in French (?Dieppe)  AA/V/H/97/3/475v  28 Sept. 1691

John Roper, Roper, Chepsted in Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/476  29 Oct. 1691

William Furner, senior, Yeoman, Plaxtoll, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/476v  4 Nov. 1691

Elizabeth Burgess, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/477v  9 Nov. 1691

Thomas Colledge, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/478v  20 Nov. 1691

Richard Haydon, the elder, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/479v  2 Dec. 1691

Thomas Skinner, the elder, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/481  8 Dec. 1691

Thomas Wall, Citizen & blacksmith, London  AA/V/H/97/3/483  19 Dec. 1691

Ferdinando Heritage  AA/V/H/97/3/484  28 Dec. 1691

Peter Hartland, Husbandman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/485  5 Jan. 1691/2

Catherine Bing, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/485v  7 Jan. 1691/2

Jane Chambers, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/486v  9 Jan. 1691/2

Catherine Burges, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/488v  11 Feb. 1691/2

Margaret Martin, Widow, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/489v  12 Jan. 1691/2

Christopher Pott, Yeoman, West Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/492  18 Jan. 1691/2

Thomas Pearcy, Shipwright, London  AA/V/H/97/3/493  8 Feb. 1691/2

Mary Mumford, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/3/494  2 Feb. 1691/2

Mary Hearme, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/495  2 Feb. 1691/2

William Sone, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/496  16 Feb. 1691/2

Henry Lovejoy, Joiner, Walworth St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/497  17 Feb. 1691/2

Elizabeth Gibson, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/497v  25 Feb. 1691/2

Alice Wilkin, Spinster, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/499  27 Feb. 1691/2

John Butler, Victualler, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/500v  1 Mar. 1691/2

Samuel Leeson, Citizen & barber chyrurgeon, London  AA/V/H/97/3/501v  16 Mar. 1691/2

Edmond Goldsmith, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/502  27 Mar. 1692

Clement Clay, Yeoman, Crofton, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/503  16 Apr. 1692

Gilbert Faircloath, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/504  23 Mar. (1691/2)

Joan Bourne, Widow, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/505  12 Apr. 1692

Thomas Childmaid, Bricklayer, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/506  11 May 1692

Thomas Scriven, the elder, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/510  12 May 1692

George Cox, Labourer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/511  12 May 1692

William Rutland, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/511v  12 May 1692

Henry Beadle, the elder, Yeoman, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/513  19 May 1692

James Nunn, Husbandman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/516  9 June 1692

Thomas Skudder, the elder, Yeoman, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/517  15 June 1692

William Baldwin, Maltster, Plaxtoll, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/520  21 June 1692

Joseph Wing, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/521v  6 July 1692

Henry Heaver, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/522  8 Aug. 1692

Robert Holden, senior, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/522v  3 Oct. 1692

Stephen Squire, Yeoman, Shinglewell, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/523v  13 Oct. 1692

Ralph House, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/524  17 Oct. 1692

John Poyner, Citizen & draper, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/3/525  25 Oct. 1692

William Round, Tanner, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/526  25 Oct. 1692

John Langley, senior, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington  AA/V/H/97/3/528  26 Oct. 1692

Emma Robins, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/529v  17 Dec. 1692

Thomas Page, the elder, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill  AA/V/H/97/3/530  7 Dec. 1692

William Beamish, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/533  6 Jan. 1692/3

John Jackson, Gentleman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/535  11 Jan. 1692/3

Elizabeth Mills, Widow, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/536  17 Jan. 1692/3

James Groombridge, Blacksmith, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/538v  8 Feb. 1692/3

Thomas Croerst, (?Wrotham)  AA/V/H/97/3/539v  20 Jan. 1692/3

John Bemish, senior, Gardener, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/541  11 Mar. 1692/3

Anne Alexander, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/542  11 May 1693

William Blinde, the elder, Gardner, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/543v  25 May 1693

Robert Shorter, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/544v  19 May 1693

William Peake, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/545v  17 June 1693

Anne Cretcher, Spinster, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/546v  23 June 1693

Richard Clarke, Wheelwright, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/547v  23 June 1693

Richard Barr, Bricklayer, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/549v  24 June 1693

Richard Bartlett, Farmer, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/550v  29 June 1693

Joan Hinger, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/551v  20 June 1693

John Ashlebe, Serving in H.M.S. 'Duke', Southwark  AA/V/H/97/3/552v  6 July 1693

Barbara Flindell, Widow, Queen Street, St. Mary-le-Bow London  AA/V/H/97/3/554  12 Aug. 1693

John Ellis, son of Zakery Ellis, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/560  14 Aug. 1693

Robert Smith, Citizen & stationer, London  AA/V/H/97/3/561  15 Aug. 1693

John Best, Bachelor, Charlewood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/562  16 Oct. 1693

John Batt, Tanner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/562v  16 Oct. 1693

Frances Streatfield, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/563v  11 Oct. 1693

Henry Knight, Miller, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/564v  12 Oct. 1693

John Udall, Husbandman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/566  12 Oct. 1693

George Fletcher, Husbandman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/567  15 Oct. 1693

Margaret Fletcher, Widow, East Malling Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/568  27 Sept. 1693

Theodore Elers, Merchant, St. Mary-le-Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/569  20 Oct. 1693

Anthony Ward, Bricklayer, Chepsted, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/573  27 Oct. 1693

Thomas Smallpiece, Mariner in H.M.S. 'Expedition', London  AA/V/H/97/3/574  3 Nov. 1693

Nathaniel Walter, Yeoman, Kenton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/575  7 Nov. 1693

John Henicar, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/576v  17 Oct. 1693

Edward Reakins, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/577v  23 Nov. 1693

Nathaniel Higgins, St. Dionis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/3/578  23 Nov. 1693

John Cowland, the elder, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/578v  24 Nov. 1693

Richard Salmen, Maltster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/580  29 Oct. 1693

Susanna Warwick, Single woman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/581  12 Dec. 1693

Thomas Hunt, Citizen & founder, London  AA/V/H/97/3/583  29 Nov. 1693

John Jepson, Mariner serving with H.M.S. Lenox, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/585  30 Jan. 1693/4

George West, Blacksmith, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/586  9 Jan. 1693/4

William Cumber, Cutler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/587  1 Feb. 1693/4

Alice Wibley, Spinster, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/590  4 Feb. 1693/4

John Shorter, Husbandman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/591  26 Feb. 1693/4

Elizabeth Butler, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/591v  2 Apr. 1694

John Stallibrass, Tailor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/592v  13 Apr. 1694

Richard Wright, Husbandman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/593v  14 Apr. 1694

Edward French, Ropemaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/594v  18 Apr. 1694

Nicholas Miller, Esquire, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/595v  1 May 1694

Thomas Tonycliffe, Mariner, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/598  8 May 1694

James Brookes, Gentleman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/599  14 May 1694

Thomas Scott, Husbandman, Southall, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/601  19 May 1694

Dorothy Godden, Widow, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/602v  24 May 1694

George Barnard, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/604v  28 May 1694

Ellen Greene, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/605v  2 May 1694

Robert Rutland, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/607  13 June 1694

Nicholas Tegge, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/608  23 June 1694

Robert Underwood, Labourer, late of Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/609  25 Apr. 1694

Edmund Smith, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/609v  26 June 1694

Francis Bleese, Glazier, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/611  3 Apr. 1694

Mary Parker  AA/V/H/97/3/611v  24 July 1694

Richard Edlin, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/611a  1 Aug. 1694

Mary Coleman, Widow, St. Michael Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/3/612  13 Aug. 1694

Joan Burton, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/614v  23 Aug. 1694

Mary Powell, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/616  10 Oct. 1694

William Pattendon, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/617  17 Oct. 1694

John Muggeridge, Tailor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/618  15 Oct. 1694

John Barloe, Husbandman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/619v  20 Oct. 1694

John Ellsey, Smith, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/620  1 Nov. 1694

Nicholas Olliver, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/621v  8 Nov. 1694

Andrew Weston, Clerk, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/623v  8 Nov. 1694

John Bristowe, Walworth, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/624v  17 Nov. 1694

William Sprevor, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/625  26 Nov. 1694

Edmund Chapman, Victualler, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/626  10 Dec. 1694

Ann Roberts alias Parfitt, Widow, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/631  11 Jan. 1694/5

Thomas Palmer, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/632  17 Jan. 1694/5

Thomas Baker, Citizen & butcher, St. Leonards Eastcheap London  AA/V/H/97/3/633v  4 Mar. 1694/5

Robert Ellett, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/636v  9 Mar. 1694/5

Elizabeth Copland, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/638  9 Mar. 1694/5

Mary Alchorn, Widow of John Alchorn, Esq, Boughton Monchelsey, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/640  15 Mar. 1694/5

Thomas Jarvis, Citizen & salter, London  AA/V/H/97/3/642  19 Mar. 1694/5

John Shepheard, Hoyman, New Hythe, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/644  27 Mar. 1694/5

Katherine Baldwin, Widow, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/644v  8 Apr. 1695

Henry Combes, Joiner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/645v  20 Mar. (1694/5)

Priscilla Brookes, Widow, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/647v  15 Apr. 1695

John Woodhams, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/648v  19 Apr. 1695

Michael Dod, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/649v  1 May 1695

Isack Hony, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/651v  7 May 1695

Joane Hide, Widow, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/652v  20 May 1695

Henry Phillips, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/653  23 May 1695

Thomas Pynell, Wheeler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/654v  22 Apr. 1695

Elizabeth Faircloath, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/655  4 June 1695

Edward Marten, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/657  11 June 1695

William Hardy, Mariner in T.M.S 'English Tiger'., London  AA/V/H/97/3/658  4 July 1695

William Charman, Butcher, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/659  5 July 1695

Grissell Davis, Widow, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/659v  10 July 1695

Thomas Gaskin, Bachelor, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/660v  12 July 1695

Putney, Surrey, Gardener  AA/V/H/97/3/661  15 July 1695

John Savage, Mariner in T.M.S. 'Royal Sovereign'  AA/V/H/97/3/661v  16 June 1695

Hellen Feilder, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/663  23 July 1695

John Cunstable, Innholder, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/663v  14 Aug. 1695

Grizill Ashby, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/664  6 Sept. 1695

Thomas Emberton, Waterman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/665  20 Sept. 1695

Prudence Awsiter, Widow, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/666  24 Sept. 1695

Elizabeth Hackett, Widow, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/667  3 Oct. 1695

Samuel Weller, Cooper, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/668  20 Oct. 1695

William Smith, the elder, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/669  16 Oct. 1695

William Lawrence, senior, Wheelwright, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/670  23 Oct. 1695

James Beecher, Carrier, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/671v  6 Nov. 1695

Samuel Richards, Mariner on 'Ossery', St. Mary Newington Butts, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/673  26 Nov. 1695

John Stone, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/674  2 Dec. 1695

Elizabeth Butler, Widow, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/675  2 Nov. 1695

Joseph Boyes, Mariner, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/677  12 Dec. 1695

Sampson Reynoldson, Mariner in T.M.S. 'Ossery', St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/678  13 Dec. 1695

Abigail Stringer, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/678v  27 Jan. 1695/6

Ann Spratt, Widow, St. Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/3/680  7 Jan. 1695/6

William Peirce, Butcher, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/680v  20 Jan. 1695/6

Alice Gwinne alias Maddock, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/681  6 Feb. 1695/6

Henry Hutchings, Gardener, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/682  12 Feb. 1695/6

John Hatch, the elder, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/684  23 Mar. 1695/6

William Addams, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/685v  24 Mar. 1695/6

Mary Butler, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/3/686v  26 Mar. 1696

Jane Lyndall, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/687  6 Apr. 1696

Phillip Wallis, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/688  1 May 1696

Margaret Chapman, Wife of David Chapman, Maltster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/689  1 May 1696

Henry Horne, Victualler, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/690v  22 May 1696

Stephen Lowtham, Mariner in H.M.S. yacht 'Charlett', Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/691  13 May 1696

Henry Clements, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/692v  1 Aug. 1696

Hester Sandys, Widow of Richard Sandys late of Downe, Kent, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/693  20 Aug. 1696

William Huggin, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/693v  10 Sept. 1696

Charles Read, Bentham, Croydon, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/694  15 Sept. 1696

Joan Tayler, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/694v  30 Sept. 1696

Anne Goodwin, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/3/695v  1 Oct. 1696

John Lambert, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/696v  31 Oct. 1696

Elizabeth Kidley, Spinster, St. Vedasts Foster Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/3/697  4 Dec. 1696

Mabell Glin, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/3/697v  11 Jan. 1696/7

William Lambert, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/698  3 Feb. 1696/7

John Marden, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/699  13 Feb. 1696/7

Thomas Lewis, Gardener, Kent Street, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/699v  22 Feb. 1696/7

Michael Taupkins, Mealeman, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/700  6 Mar. 1696/7

Robert Abraham, the elder, Blacksmith, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/701  13 Mar. 1696/7

Grace Harrison, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/702v  19 Apr. 1697

Richard Smith, Blacksmith, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/703v  26 Apr. 1697

Alice Gray, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/704  27 May 1697

William Page, Citizen & vintner, London  AA/V/H/97/3/705  1 June 1697

Edward Hutchinson, Glover, St. Mary Newington Butts  AA/V/H/97/3/706  14 June 1697

Edward Olliver, Carpenter, St. Mary Newington Butts  AA/V/H/97/3/707  25 June 1697

John Millgate, Victualler, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/709  14 July 1697

Thomas King, Husbandman, Croam in Croydon Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/710  3 Sept. 1697

John Eve, Mercer, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/711  7 Oct. 1697

Charles Ruddall, Victualler, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/712  13 Oct. 1697

Samuel Dickings, Dyer, London  AA/V/H/97/3/712  8 Oct. 1697

Samuel Symes, Carpenter, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/713v  27 Oct. 1697

Robert Gilpin, Yeoman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/714  30 Oct. 1697

Robert Whittle, Tallow chandler, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/715  6 Nov. 1697

Richard Martin, Mariner in T.M.S. 'Grafton', late of Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/715v  8 Nov. 1697

John Rickets, Mariner in T.M.S. 'Warwick'  AA/V/H/97/3/716v  12 Nov. 1697

Mary Haddon, Wife of Charles, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/717v  23 Nov. 1697

John Beardsworth, Innkeeper, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/720  23 Nov. 1697

James Glenn, Innholder, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/721  17 Dec. 1697

Edmund Ford, Mariner in T.M.S. 'Burford', St. Mary, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/722  11 Jan. 1697/8

Thomas Trow, Cheesemonger, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/723  31 Jan. 1697/8

Elizabeth Belford, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/3/724  14 Feb. 1697/8

Bryant Warring, Baker, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/725  7 Mar. 1697/8

John Udall, Tailor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/726  3 Apr. 1698

John Walter, Yeoman, Preston, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/726v  25 Apr. 1698

James Grafers, Husbandman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/728  29 Apr. 1698

Thomazine Jackson, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/728v  18 Mar. 1698

Elizabeth Lee, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/730  9 June 1698

John Woods, Husbandman, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/730v  1 June 1698

Susanna Bearcroft  AA/V/H/97/3/731  3 July 1698

John Willard, Yeoman, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/731  7 June 1698

Robert Hills, the elder, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/732v  5 July 1698

Nicholas Barrett, Miller, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/734v  8 July 1698

Solomon Newman, the elder, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/736  16 July 1698

Edmond Medhurst, Yeoman, Pilbeam in Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/737  19 July 1698

Richard Owen, Widower, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/740  26 July 1698

Sarah Roper, Widow, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/740v  30 July 1698

Robert Lenham, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/741v  29 July 1698

John Smith, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey, late of Westeram, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/742v  20 Aug. 1698

Adam Eaton, Innholder, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/743v  23 Aug. 1698

John Mantle, Baker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/744v  13 Sept 1698

Elizabeth Butler, Widow, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/745v  27 Sept. 1698

Isaac Burgis, Fuller, Bradbourne, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/746v  9 Nov. 1698

Samuel Reyner, Yeoman, Hayes End, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/747v  12 Dec. 1698

Peter Davis, Citizen & haberdasher, St. Michael's Royal, Paternoster, London  AA/V/H/97/3/748v  15 Dec. 1698

John Inwood, Citizen & fruiterer, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/3/749v  5 Jan. 1698/9

John Starte, the elder, Maltster, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/750v  9 Jan. 1698/9

Nicholas Spurling, Yeoman, Hayes End, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/751  9 Jan. 1698/9

Joane Cannon, Spinster, Roxethe, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/752v  28 Jan. 1698/9

Richard Cronke, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/753  no month 1698/9

John Child, the elder, Yeoman, Nulacre, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/754  9 Feb. 1698/9

John Davis, Mariner in T.M.S. 'St. Michael'  AA/V/H/97/3/758  14 Feb. 1698/9

Rebeccah Ely, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/759  9 Mar. 1698/9

James Hunt, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/759v  27 June 1699

Richard Kipps, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/760v  20 Mar. (1698/9)

Elizabeth Waker, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/761v  30 Mar. 1699

Andrew Garland, Shoemaker, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/762v  29 Apr. 1699

Anne Coulburn, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/3/764  26 Apr. 1699

Thomas Senior, Gentleman, London  AA/V/H/97/3/765  24 Apr. 1699

Richard Hills, Oyleman, London  AA/V/H/97/3/766  11 May 1699

John Piddock, Tanner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/766v  17 May 1699

Robert Freake, Wheelwright, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/767v  29 May 1699

Richard Maynard, Yeoman, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/768v  25 June 1699

Elizabeth Wouldham, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/770  6 July 1699

Henrie Dearing, Weaver, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/771  24 July 1699

John Meede, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/771v  10 Oct. 1699

Randall Page, Gentleman, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/771a  11 Oct. 1699

Henry Clifford, senior, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/772  17 Oct. 1699

Walter Wright, Husbandman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/3/772v  20 Oct. 1699

Henry Russell, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/773  5 Aug. 1699

Hugh Dorothey, Mariner, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/3/773v  13 Oct. 1699

Mary Morton, Spinster, White house, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/774  31 Oct. 1699

William Martin, Blacksmith, Standstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/775  19 Oct. 1699

Jonathan Sale, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/776  30 Nov. 1699

William Copp, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/3/776  8 Dec. 1699

William Symes, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/777  13 Dec. 1699

Richard Stanford, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/3/777v  22 Dec. 1699

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/4  1700-1712

Deborah Powell, Widow, Tower Street, London  AA/V/H/97/4/779  31 Jan. 1699/1700

William Evans, Butcher, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/779  31 Jan. 1699/1700

Francis Keable, Husbandman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/780  1 Feb. 1699/1700

William Rolfe, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/781  1 Feb. 1699/1700

James Bett, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/781v  16 Feb. 1699/1700

Joseph Harrison, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/782  26 Feb. 1699/1700

Richard Henham, Maltster, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/783  26 Mar. 1700

Thomas Godden, Tanner, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/786  23 Apr. 1700

John Kilby, Coachman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/787  22 Apr. 1700

Henry Roaper, Victualler, St. Mary, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/788v  30 Apr. 1700

Edward Bates, Tanner, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/789  10 May 1700

John Davies, Miller, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/789v  11 May 1700

Ann Wilks, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/790v  12 May 1700

William Winch, Glazier, London  AA/V/H/97/4/791v  14 May 1700

Robert Staples, Yeoman, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/792  15 May 1700

John Nicholls, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/793  15 May 1700

John Dorman, the elder, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/794  28 May 1700

Matthew Russell, Yeoman, Botwells, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/794v  28 May 1700

John Children, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/795v  19 June 1700

Mary Cole, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/796  27 June 1700

Nicholas Emberton, Blacksmith, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/796v  21 June 1700

Elizabeth ?Tax, Widow, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/798  31 July 1700

Grissila Wheeler, Spinster, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/798v  6 Aug. 1700

Thomas Cheesman, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/799v  9 Sept. 1700

Elizabeth Rance, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/4/800  14 Sept. 1700

John Oakes, Husbandman, Northcott, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/801  23 Sept. 1700

Walter Fry, Mariner, Deptford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/801v  17 Oct. 1700

Robert Feasey, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/802  21 Oct. 1700

Martha Feilder, Widow, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/802v  22 Oct. 1700

John Van Wyck, Battle painter, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/803v  1 Nov. 1700

James Catlet, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/804v  26 Nov. 1700

Richard Everest, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/805  28 Nov. 1700

Sarah Burkhead, Spinster, St. Mary le Bow London  AA/V/H/97/4/805v  11 Dec. 1700

Elizabeth Saxton, Widow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/806  16 Dec. 1700

John Edlin, Husbandman, Weald in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/806v  17 Feb. 1700/1

Rose Pearse, Widow, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/807  17 Feb. 1700/1

Daniell Osmond, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/807v  13 Jan. 1700/1

Thomas Budgen, Yeoman, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/808v  18 Jan. 1700/1

William Col, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/809  8 Feb. 1700/1

Rebecca Hockham, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/809v  8 Feb. 1700/1

Thomas Rivers, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/810  19 Feb. 1700/1

Catherine Brooke, Widow, New Hythe in East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/811  21 May 1701

Thomas Winchester, Husbandman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/812  26 May 1701

John Barnes, the elder, Yeoman, Northcott in Hayes, Mddx.  AA/V/H/97/4/812v  30 May 1701

Ann Hall, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/813v  6 June 1701

Robert Carpinter, Crayford, Kent  [no ref.]  6 June 1701

Alexander Goldsmith, Weaver, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/814  6 June 1701

Joane Cartwright, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/814v  13 June 1701

Ellinor Waistall, Widow, St. Antholin London  AA/V/H/97/4/816  16 June 1701

George Children, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/816v  14 July 1701

John Stephens, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/818  12 Aug. 1701

John Edlin, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/819v  12 Sept. 1701

Edward Burgess, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/820v  20 Sept. 1701

John Dobson, Waterman, St. Dunstans-in-the-East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/821  11 Nov. 1701

Thomas Stevens, Yeoman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/821v  1 Nov. 1701

John Hollamby, Yeoman, Coles in Chiddingstone Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/823  15 Oct. 1701

Thomas Woodgate, Yeoman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/826  22 Nov. 1701

Elizabeth Eason, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/827  4 Oct. 1701

Robert Blunt, Citizen & clothmaker, London  AA/V/H/97/4/827v  6 Nov. 1701

Sarah Ongly, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/828  13 Oct. 1701

Thomas Ewers, senior, Yeoman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/829  16 Jan. 1701/2

Richard Cooper, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/829v  9 Jan. 1701/2

Mary Everest, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/830  20 Jan. 1701/2

John Green, Citizen & weaver, London  AA/V/H/97/4/831  28 Jan. 1701/2

George Mason, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/831v  31 Jan. 1701/2

Thomas Harris, Coachman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/832v  30 Jan. 1701/2

Francis Woods, Yeoman, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/833  13 Feb. 1701/2

John Brattle, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/834  13 Feb. 1701/2

Katherine Wakelin, Widow, Sandhurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/835  19 Feb. 1701/2

Grace Clay, Widow, Croston, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/835v  13 Mar. 1701/2

Richard Colling, Citizen & baker, London  AA/V/H/97/4/836  13 Mar. 1701/2

Henry Golding, Labourer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/837  19 Mar. 1701/2

John Higgs, Blacksmith, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middx  AA/V/H/97/4/837v  17 Apr. 1702

John Pullin, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/838  30 Apr. 1702

Andrew Write, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/839  1 May 1702

William Streete, Yeoman, Kenton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/840  5 May 1702

John Herenden, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/840v  18 May 1702

John Edlin, Husbandman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/841v  22 June 1702

Thomas Bourne, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/842  1 July 1702

Elizabeth Lampard, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/842v  3 July 1702

Edm. Hodsell, Surgeon, Riverhead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/843v  17 July 1702

Hugh Hunt, Victualler, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/844v  3 Sept. 1702

John Johnson, Carpenter, Hayes End, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/845  9 Sept. 1702

Iden Allard, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/845v  2 Nov. 1702

John Nordash, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/847  14 Sept. 1702

Joseph Smith, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/847v  6 Oct. 1702

Joan Wilson, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts  AA/V/H/97/4/848v  9 Nov. 1702

Sarah Wood, Widow, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/4/848v  17 Nov. 1702

John Munns, Maltster, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/849  18 Dec. 1702

Charles Hack, Citizen & skinner, London  AA/V/H/97/4/849v  7 Dec. 1702

William Smith, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/850  9 Jan. 1702/3

Harvey Jones, Maltster, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/851  12 Jan. 1702/3

Alice Davis, Widow, Bazing Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/4/851v  1 Feb. 1702/3

Susan Everest, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/852  4 Feb. 1702/3

Matthew Wybourne, Labourer, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/853  8 Feb. 1702/3

George Mitchell, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/853v  12 Feb. 1702/3

John Woodzell, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/854  17 Feb. 1702/3

Thomas White, Husbandman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/855  16 Mar. 1702/3

James Budder, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/855v  16 Mar. 1702/3

Thomas Somers, Merchant, London  AA/V/H/97/4/856  18 Mar. 1702/3

William Mantle, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/857  12 May 1703

John Trice, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/857v  12 May 1703

William Miskin, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/858v  10 May 1703

Richard Beecher, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/859  5 June 1703

William Brightlen, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/860  9 June 1703

Elizabeth Brill, Widow, St. Mary, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/861  3 July 1703

John Martin, Mariner, H.M.S. Boyne  AA/V/H/97/4/862  2 Nov. 1703

Jane Osmond, Widow, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/862v  22 Nov. 1703

Elizabeth Heathfield, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/863v  22 Oct. 1703

George Burnell, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/864  20 Oct. 1703

John Rankin, Carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/865  1 Oct. 1703

John Dickman, Mercer, Stepney, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/866v  13 Jan. 1703/4

William Steer, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/867  14 Feb. 1703/4

Eleanor Price, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/4/868  14 Mar. 1703/4

John Edwards, Cooper, St. Mary Bothaw, London  AA/V/H/97/4/869  20 Mar. 1703/4

William Leverton, Cook, Thames St., St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/869v  28 Mar. 1704

John Maddock, Gunner, H.M.S. Lyon, late of  AA/V/H/97/4/870  10 Apr. 1704

Sarah Skinner, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/871  27 Apr. 1704

Elizabeth Jessup, Spinster, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/871v  12 May 1704

George Wood, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/872  10 June 1704

John Stephens, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/873  12 June 1704

Anthony Waller, Blacksmith, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/874v  17 June 1704

John Pattenden, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/876  26 Sept. 1704

Margaret Bishopp, Spinster, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/876v  30 Oct. 1704

John Olliver, Rumshot in Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/877v  2 Nov. 1704

Alice Adam, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/878  22 Nov. 1704

William Lewen, Yeoman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/879  18 Dec. 1704

Thomas Best, Gentleman, St. Dionys Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/4/880  17 Jan. 1704/5

Susanna Comber, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/881  23 Jan. 1704/5

Katherine Ancher, Spinster, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/882  25 Jan. 1704/5

Thomas Ifield, Labourer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/883  27 Jan. 1704/5

Andrew Morecock, Bricklayer, Southall, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/884  29 Jan. 1704/5

Mary Butcher, Spinster, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/885  14 Feb. 1704/5

Elizabeth Horne, Widow of Alexander Horne, Lambeth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/887  22 Feb. 1704/5

Hannah Mordant  AA/V/H/97/4/887v  29 Mar. 1705

William Whitehill, Citizen & turner, London  AA/V/H/97/4/888  16 Apr. 1705

Thomas Rogers, Brewer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/890  16 Apr. 1705

John Taylor, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/891  17 Apr. 1705

Roger Tomlyn, Gentleman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/892  18 Apr. 1705

Thomas Woodgate, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/893v  2 May 1705

John Ellis, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/894  3 May 1705

Machelast Theroude, Citizen & leather seller, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/4/895  3 May 1705

Thomas Gilpin, the elder, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/896  9 May 1705

Christopher Keen, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/897v  11 May 1705

Mary Webb, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/899  11 May 1705

Anne Calverley, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/900  19 May 1705

Robert Warnes, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/901  24 May 1705

Anne Small, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/902  14 June 1705

Henry Reeves, Bricklayer, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/902v  15 June 1705

William Charr, Victualler, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/903  3 July 1705

David Rogers, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/904  6 July 1705

John Coates, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/905  13 July 1705

Susan Rogers, Widow of Thomas Rogers, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/905v  13 Aug. 1705

William Dennis, Husbandman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/906  13 Aug. 1705

John Sheepherd, Yeoman, Greenhill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/906v  4 Sept. 1705

James Cooper, Yeoman, Upton, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/907  10 Sept. 1705

Richard Nurse, Rector of Chiddingstone, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/908  13 Sept. 1705

Edmund Tunbridge, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/908v  13 Sept. 1705

John Waghorne, also Twite, Yeoman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/909  20 Sept. 1705

Nicholas Swingler, Citizen & haberdasher, London  AA/V/H/97/4/909v  1 Oct. 1705

Gilbert Finckenbeck, Falconer, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/910v  11 Oct. 1705

Johanna Horrell, Spinster, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/911v  12 Oct. 1705

John Franck, Blacksmith, Merstham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/912  19 Oct. 1705

Thomas Green, Gunner, Her Majesty's fort at Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/913  20 Oct. 1705

John Round, Yeoman, Cockerhurst, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/913v  6 Nov. 1705

John Lawrence, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/915  20 Nov. 1705

James Harrod, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/916v  22 Nov. 1705

Steven Landen, Schoolmaster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/918  22 Nov. 1705

William Richardson, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/918v  23 Nov. 1705

James Cooper, Yeoman, Northcott, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/919v  12 Jan. 1705/6

Elizabeth Creame, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/4/921  19 Jan. 1705/6

Susanna Greene, Widow, All Hallows, Lombard St. London  AA/V/H/97/4/922  26 Jan. 1705/6

John Wells, the elder, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/923  8 Feb. 1705/6

William Barnard, Fishmonger's porter, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/924  9 Feb. 1705/6

Mary Constable, Spinster, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/925  12 Mar. 1705/6

Smithsby Hartley, Merchant, London  AA/V/H/97/4/925v  2 Apr. 1706

Anne Millerns, Widow, Niputar in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/926  2 Apr. 1706

Hannah Edinbraese, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/926v  3 Apr. 1706

Robert Crull, Mariner, H.M.S. Namure  AA/V/H/97/4/927v  8 Apr. 1706

Robert Read, House carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/928  11 Apr. 1706

Margarett Smith, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/929  12 Apr. 1706

Anne Barnett, Widow, Weald, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/930  22 Apr. 1706

Elizabeth Woods, Widow, Norwood, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/930v  24 Apr. 1706

John Poussey, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/931  3 May 1706

David Sale, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/931v  7 May 1706

Matthias Hill, Citizen & Longbow string maker, London  AA/V/H/97/4/932v  8 May 1706

Susanna Rand, Widow, c/o William Winter St. Leonard's Eastcheap London  AA/V/H/97/4/933v  14 May 1706

Henry Waller, Blacksmith, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/934  20 May 1706

Arrabella Taylor, Widow, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/935v  23 May 1706

John Moore, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/936v  3 July 1706

Francis Courtney, Yeoman, Northcott, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/937v  1 Aug. 1706

Abraham Temple, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/938v  30 Aug. 1706

Isaac Pinchbeck, Factor, London  AA/V/H/97/4/939v  1 Oct. 1706

Grace Brockett, Widow, Croydon Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/940  3 Oct. 1706

Isaac Bennett, Combmaker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/941  4 Nov. 1706

Thomas Jennings, Maltster, Chalk, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/941v  6 Nov. 1706

Robert Shott, Victualler, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/942v  13 Nov. 1706

William Davies, Husbandman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/943  25 Nov. 1706

Elizabeth Hutchins, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/944  27 Nov. 1706

Nicholas Swanborough, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/945v  6 Dec. 1706

Mary Eberson, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/946  17 Dec. 1706

Thomas Tewsley, Citizen & baker, London  AA/V/H/97/4/947  10 Jan. 1706/7

Edward Hills, Yeoman, Cockerist in Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/948  14 Jan. 1706/7

Elizabeth Glaze, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/950  28 Jan. 1706/7

Nehemiah Birkhead, Cofferman, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/4/951  20 Jan. 1706/7

Thomas Haltrope, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/951v  28 Jan. 1706/7

William Round, Tanner, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/952v  4 Feb. 1706/7

Arthur Wootton, Innholder, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/953  17 Feb. 1706/7

John Houlden, Yeoman, Croyford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/955  21 Feb. 1706/7

Anne Haughton, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/955v  25 Feb. 1706/7

John Laremar, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/956v  7 Mar. 1706/7

John Waller, Wheelwright, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/957  27 Mar. 1707

Katherine Mall, Spinster, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/959  28 Apr. 1707

Peter Cook, Cook, Buston, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/960v  2 May 1707

Alice Hunt, Widow, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/961  13 May 1707

John Round, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/962  13 May 1707

Edward Wells, senior, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/964v  15 May 1707

William Witherington, Wheelwright, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/965v  16 May 1707

Robert Watts, Butcher, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/966v  26 May 1707

Ruth Smith, ?Hampton Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/967v  31 May 1707

Lidia Watts, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/968v  2 June 1707

Nicholas Moyse, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/969v  9 June 1707

Henry Smith, Husbandman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/970v  9 June 1707

Christopher Copland, Clerk, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/971v  17 June 1707

Mulys Lee, Citizen & cloth-worker of London, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/972v  23 June 1707

Anne Allon, Widow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/973  2 July 1707

William Major, Weaver, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/974  2 July 1707

John Arnold, Cooper, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/974v  12 July 1707

George Marlyn, Weaver, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/975  28 July 1707

Robert Mills, Tanner, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/976  13 Aug. 1707

Mary Allard, Spinster, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/977  19 Aug. 1707

George Heward, Farmer, Wembley, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/979  10 Sept. 1707

Edward Medhurst, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/979v  18 Sept. 1707

Richard Jewill, Yeoman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/980v  26 Sept. 1707

Jonathan Denshire, Citizen & cook, London  AA/V/H/97/4/981v  13 Oct. 1707

Anne Lawrence, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/982  17 Oct. 1707

William Holliocke, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/983v  23 Oct. 1707

Thomas Ferne, the elder, Bricklayer, Stanstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/984v  5 Nov. 1707

John Hills, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/985v  5 Nov. 1707

Anne Dendy, Widow, St. Saviours Southwark Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/986  7 Nov. 1707

Robert Child, Tanner, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/987  12 Nov. 1707

Henry Cheeseman, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/989  15 Nov. 1707

Stephen Chilman, the elder, Bricklayer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/990v  18 Nov. 1707

John Cogger, the elder, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/991v  20 Nov. 1707

Edward Vickars, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/993v  21 Nov. 1707

Edmund Thomas, Gentleman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/994  22 Nov. 1707

Edward Marley, Builder, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/995  9 Dec. 1707

Nicholas Poultney, Blacksmith, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/996  12 Dec. 1707

John Hopkins, Citizen & draper of London, Drapers Almsman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/996v  30 Dec. 1707

Samuel Harris, Husbandman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/997  8 Jan. 1707/8

Thomas Jones, Gentleman, All Hallows, Bread Street, London  AA/V/H/97/4/998  15 Jan. 1707/8

Richard Waterman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/999  20 Jan. 1707/8

Elizabeth Leader, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/999  26 Feb. 1707/8

Ruth Whitchurch, Wife of James Whitchurch, merchant, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1000v  1 Mar. 1707/8

William Archer, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1002v  19 Feb. 1707/8

Anne Thompson, Spinster, Late of Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1003  3 Mar. 1707/8

Robert Cox(margin), Bexley  AA/V/H/97/4/1004  26 Apr. 1708

Elizabeth Butler, Spinster, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1005  11 May 1708

Johanna Kendall, Widow, All Hallows, Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/4/1006  14 May 1708

John van Wyke, Battle painter, Late of Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1006v  14 May 1708

Thomas Charlewood, Yeoman, Woodlands, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1007  19 June 1708

Christopher Hayward, Yeoman, Austin Lodge, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1009  21 June 1708

Robert Isaac, Citizen & turner, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1010v  28 June 1708

William Gilbert, Innholder, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1011v  29 June 1708

Mark Serles, Tailor, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1012  6 July 1708

James Merchant, Husbandman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1013  28 July 1708

George Garrett, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1013v  3 Aug. 1708

Hannah Godden, Widow, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1017  6 Aug. 1708

John Croudwell, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1018v  9 Aug. 1708

John Arnold, Citizen & butcher, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1020v  22 Aug. 1708

James Marshall, Citizen & innholder, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1021v  27 Sept. 1708

Richard Howlett, Innholder, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1022v  5 Oct. 1708

Elizabeth Trice, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1023v  12 Oct. 1708

Edward Tartual, Yeoman, Merstham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1024v  14 Oct. 1708

Elizabeth Browne, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1025  25 Oct. 1708

Mary Willett, Widow, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1026  12 Nov. 1708

Peter Trice, Farrier, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1027  22 Nov. 1708

William Silcocks, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1028  22 Nov. 1708

John Green, Cordwainer, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1030  22 Nov. 1708

Edward Courtley, Husbandman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1031v  24 Nov. 1708

Thomas Pattendon, senior, Blacksmith, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1032v  30 Nov. 1708

Mary Frisby, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1033v  14 Dec. 1708

James Kentfield, Mealman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1034  17 Jan. 1708/9

Richard Thomset, Husbandman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1034v  17 Jan. 1708/9

Frances Maxham, Widow, Putney  AA/V/H/97/4/1035v  22 Jan. 1708/9

Thomas Halfpenny, Yeoman, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1036v  28 Jan. 1708/9

George Baker, Gentleman, Platt, Wrotham  AA/V/H/97/4/1039  4 Feb. 1708/9

Anne Ifield, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1041v  16 Feb. 1708/9

William Bewmont, Yeoman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1042  19 Feb. 1708/9

George Sanders, Yeoman, Whites Green in Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1044  2 Mar. 1708/9

John Philips, Yeoman, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1045  2 Mar. 1708/9

Margaret Owen, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1046  18 Mar. 1708/9

Sarah Seal, Spinster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1047  2 Apr. 1709

John Pannell, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1047v  5 Apr. 1709

Richard Peacy, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1048  6 Apr. 1709

Edward Godman, Widower, St. Dyonis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/4/1049v  8 Apr. 1709

Phillip Carter, Gardener, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1050  29 Apr. 1709

John Godfrey, Citizen & cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1051  4 May 1709

William Laremar, senior, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1052  4 May 1709

Stephen Arnold, Scrivener, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1053  24 May 1709

John Martin, the elder, Wheeler, Stanstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1054v  1 June 1709

John Semmons, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1055v  9 June 1709

John Tooth, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1056  18 July 1709

John Martin, Collier, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1057  18 July 1709

Barbara Kitching, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1059  25 July 1709

Edward Powey, Cordwainer, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1059v  27 July 1709

Richard Mercer, Carpenter, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1060v  5 Aug. 1709

Jeremiah Hickes, Mariner, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1061v  19 Oct. 1709

John Batt, Glover, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1062  20 Oct. 1709

Thomas Meager, Yeoman, Combe, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1063v  1 Nov. 1709

Jane Blare, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1064  3 Nov. 1709

William Jones, the elder, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1066  11 Nov. 1709

Jane Round, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1067v  14 Nov. 1709

George Comber, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1068v  15 Nov. 1709

Thomas Pollard, Husbandman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1069v  17 Nov. 1709

William Mitchell, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1070v  10 Dec. 1709

Mary Ruston, Spinster, St. Dyonis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/4/1071  30 Dec. 1709

James Round, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1072v  9 Jan. 1709/10

Elizabeth Ingram, Gentlewoman, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1073  10 Jan. 1709/10

Matthew Humphery, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1074  27 Jan. 1709/10

William Blank, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1075  5 Feb. 1709/10

John Davies, Esquire, Low Layton, Essex  AA/V/H/97/4/1076  9 Feb. 1709/10

Mary Goodchild, Widow, St. Michael Royal London  AA/V/H/97/4/1077  9 Feb. 1709/10

John Stephens, Bricklayer, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1077v  10 Mar. 1709/10

Thomas Beckett, the younger, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1078v  21 Mar. 1709/10

Elizabeth Mereman, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1080v  3 Apr. 1710

Henry Hoar, Surgeon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1081v  6 Apr. 1710

Frances Comming, Widow, St. Michael, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1082v  7 Apr. 1710

John Bennett, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1083v  10 Apr. 1710

Thomas Harman, Blacksmith, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1084  20 Apr. 1710

Elizabeth Chapman, Widow of David Chapman, maltster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1084v  24 Apr. 1710

Humphrey Burrows, Hollow Turner, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1087v  16 May 1710

Sarah Gill, Widow, Bourne Street, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1089  1 June 1710

Thomas Beckett, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1089v  2 June 1710

Nathaniel Page, Grocer, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1090v  26 June 1710

James Sleet, Shoemaker, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1091v  14 July 1710

Sarah Beckett, Widow of Thomas Beckett, junior. Died of smallpox, Penshurst  AA/V/H/97/4/1092v  14 July 1710

Richard Harwood, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1093  17 July 1710

Robert Tegge, Painter, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1093v  2 Aug. 1710

Elizabeth Munns, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1094v  12 Sept. 1710

John Darby, Carpenter, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1095v  13 Sept. 1710

Mary Baxter, Widow, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1096v  20 Sept. 1710

Prudence Hunt, Spinster, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1097  11 Oct. 1710

John Pigg, Husbandman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1098  14 Oct. 1710

Robert Hinton, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1098v  26 Oct. 1710

Gabriel Keniard, Bachelor of the Garrison. Sheerness, Sheerness, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1099v  1 Nov. 1710

Jane Gilpin, Widow, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1100  8 Oct. 1710

Rachell Read, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1101  6 Nov. 1710

John White, Husbandman, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1102v  10 Nov. 1710

Thomas Hodgskin, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1103v  27 Nov. 1710

Hew Hoper, Costermonger, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1105  29 Dec. 1710

James Harris, Farmer, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1105v  5 Jan. 1710/11

John Goldup, House carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1107  5 Jan. 1710/11

Anne Best, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1107v  11 Jan. 1710/11

John Miles, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1108v  16 Jan. 1710/11

Elizabeth Herrett, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1110  17 Jan. 1710/11

Thomas Squibb, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1111v  18 Jan. 1710/11

James Sindersby, Carpenter, Larkfield, East Malling Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1112v  1 Feb. 1710/11

Thomas Wingrove, Farrier, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1113  19 Feb. 1710/11

Thomas Harvey, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1114  16 Mar. 1710/11

Robert Leadbetter, Distiller, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1115  19 Mar. 1710/11

Sarah Hellens, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1116  20 Mar. 1710/11

James Godden, Tanner, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1117  22 Mar. 1710/11

William Cleburn, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1119  3 Apr. 1711

William Cooper, Tailor, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1119v  13 Apr. 1711

Henry Hubbard, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1120v  18 Apr. 1711

Mathew Preston, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1122  21 Apr. 1711

James Harwood, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1123v  8 May. 1711

Joseph Finch, Husbandman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1125v  10 May 1711

Thomas Duck, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1126v  10 May 1711

Ellinor Brigstock, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1127v  17 May 1711

Benjamin Manning, Citizen & joiner, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1129v  23 May 1711

Thomas Cheall, Mercer, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1130  1 June 1711

John Miller, the elder, Tile maker, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1131  19 June 1711

Robert Hulk, Vintner, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1132  2 July 1711

Frances Billingsby, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1133v  18 July 1711

Alice Myn, Spinster, St. Dyonis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/4/1134v  31 July 1711

Robert Hewlett, Cordwainer, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1135v  9 Aug. 1711

William Lewis, House carpenter, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1136v  14 Sept. 1711

Joseph Thurling, Blacksmith, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1138  25 Sept. 1711

John Hibben, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1138v  25 Sept. 1711

Nicholas Hill, Yeeding, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/4/1139v  27 Sept. 1711

Henry Colbeck, Citizen & bricklayer, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1140  3 Oct. 1711

Thomas Ashdown, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1141v  3 Nov. 1711

John Peake, Yeoman, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1142  13 Nov. 1711

Joanna Bridgman, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1144  3 Dec. 1711

Ellinor Randolph, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1144v  5 Dec. 1711

Thomas Broughton, Citizen & barber chyrurgeon, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1145v  28 Dec. 1711

Mary Bird, Widow, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1146  31 Jan. 1711/12

Thomas Bower, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/4/1147  4 Feb. 1711/12

William Phillips, Citizen & cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/4/1148  8 Feb. 1711/12

Jane Martin, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/4/1149  9 Feb. 1711/12

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/5  1712-1721

Thomas Moreley, Scavelman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1150  9 Feb. 1711/12

James Heard, Scavelman. H.M. Dockyard, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1151  13 Feb. 1711/12

Christopher Boyer, Yeoman, Selsdon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1151v  16 Feb. 1711/12

Elizabeth Barrett, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1153  22 Feb. 1711/12

Grace Colton, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1154v  25 Feb. 1711/12

Stephen Simmons, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1155v  6 Mar. 1711/12

Thomas Buckler, Citizen & salter, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1156v  7 Mar. 1711/12

Edward Goswell, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1157  18 Mar. 1711/12

Susanna Kent, Widow, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1158v  19 Mar. 1711/12

Richard Barton, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1159  9 Apr. 1712

Dorothy Truelove, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1160  25 Apr. 1712

John King, Labourer, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1160v  29 Apr. 1712

Richard Hunt, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1162  9 May 1712

George Morgan, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1163  9 May 1712

William Bassett, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1164v  9 May 1712

David Dartnoll, Carpenter, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1165v  22 May 1712

Thomas Boakes, the elder, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1167v  22 May 1712

John Hye, sen, Sawyer, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1168v  4 June 1712

Mary Tax, Widow, Late of Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1169  14 July 1712

Anne Pettit, Spinster, St. Olaves Bart Street, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1170  16 July 1712

John Warren, Baker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1170v  14 Aug. 1712

Richard Curtis, Tanner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1171v  20 Aug. 1712

Edward Hitchcock, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1172  22 Aug. 1712

Margaret Jarrett, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1173  27 Aug. 1712

Jorden Gilbert, Yeoman, East Peckham  AA/V/H/97/5/1175  9 Sept. 1712

Beatrice Hamond, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1176v  26 Sept. 1712

Samuel Stratford, Collar maker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1177v  2 Oct. 1712

John Colton, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1178  8 Oct. 1712

Robert Cackett, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1179  24 Oct. 1712

Henry Wallis, Cordwainer, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1181v  10 Nov. 1712

Rich. Aviss, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1182  14 Nov. 1712

Thomas Talbutt, Farmer, Bothwell, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1183  25 Nov. 1712

Arthur Holloway  AA/V/H/97/5/1184  1 Dec. 1712

Montague Wood, Citizen & Framework-knitter, All Hallows Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/5/1184v  2 Dec. 1712

Maxfeild Hodsoll, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1185v  17 Dec. 1712

Thomas Hoare, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1187  8 Jan. 1712/13

John Lashley, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1188v  23 Jan. 1712/13

William East, Gardener, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1190  3 Feb. 1712/13

James Silvester, St. Michael Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1191  9 Feb. 1712/13

Jane Martin, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1192  9 Feb. 1712/13

Katherine Deighton, Widow, St. Vedast Foster Lane London  AA/V/H/97/5/1194  14 Feb. 1712/13

Robert Lawson, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1194v  20 Feb. 1712/13

Margaret Boughton, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1195  1 Apr. 1713

Thomas Heathfield, Maltster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1197  10 Apr. 1713

Hannah Meale, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1199  15 Apr. 1713

William Lawrence, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1199v  20 Apr. 1713

Richard Lance, Yeoman, Fairesea in Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1201  12 May 1713

Edmund Bartlett, Husbandman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1202  12 May 1713

Katherine Goldsmithe, Widow, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1202v  12 May 1713

John White, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1203v  21 May 1713

Katherine Sandys, Spinster, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1204  5 June 1713

Margaret Trice, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1205v  5 June 1713

Thomas Waller, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1207  8 June 1713

Abraham Hill, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1208  9 June 1713

Mary Squire, Widow, Shinglewell, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1209  10 June 1713

Abraham Buss, Husbandman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1210v  19 June 1713

John Short, Yeoman, Waxham, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1211v  4 July 1713

Robert Webb, Miller, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1212v  6 July 1713

John Newman, Farmer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1213v  22 July 1713

John Anderson, Gentleman, Weald in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1214  26 Aug. 1713

Joseph Burkmaster, Husbandman, St. Mary, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1215v  1 Oct. 1713

Elizabeth Howlett, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1216  9 Oct. 1713

Daniell Mills, Bricklayer, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1217v  9 Oct. 1713

John Hunt, Yeoman, Halsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1218v  15 Oct. 1713

William Palmer, Citizen & needlemaker, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1219v  20 Oct. 1713

Robert Clarke, Citizen & dyer, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1220v  2 Nov. 1713

Thomas Hales, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1221v  7 Nov. 1713

Robert Tyrrill, Maltster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1222v  12 Nov. 1713

John Ireland, Husbandman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1223  1 Dec. 1713

John Keeble, Gardener, Brenchley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1224v  4 Dec. 1713

Joseph Sandford senior, Citizen & barber chirurgeon, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1227  8 Jan. 1713/14

John Moyce, Butcher, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1228  8 Feb. 1713/14

John Stevens, the elder, Husbandman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1229v  9 Feb. 1713/14

John Pennyale, Butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1230  21 Dec. (1713)

Thomas Paty, Caulker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1231  20 Feb. 1713/14

Thomas Page, the elder, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1232v  5 Mar. 1713/14

Henry Daves, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1233v  5 Mar. 1713/14

Hannah Hill, Widow, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1234v  12 Mar. 1713/14

John Atkins  AA/V/H/97/5/1235  15 Mar. 1713/14

Mary Harley, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1236v  23 Mar. 1713/14

Grace Ellison, Spinster, Of St. Andrew, Holborn, died at Kippington, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/5/1237v  16 Apr. 1714

Henry Jackson, Yeoman, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1240v  22 Apr. 1714

Thomas Wingfield, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1241v  23 Apr. 1714

John Young, the elder, Petty chapman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1242v  11 May 1714

George Smith, Barber surgeon, St. John Baptist London  AA/V/H/97/5/1243v  14 May 1714

Elizabeth Soane, Widow, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1244  14 May 1714

Katherine Soden, Widow, formerly of Hook Norton, Oxford, now All Hallows Bread St., London  AA/V/H/97/5/1244v  1 June 1714

Lancelott Thackston, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1245  11 June 1714

Nicholas Wigrells, Maltster, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1246v  14 May 1714

John Edmeads, the elder, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1247v  14 June 1714

Richard Pearson, the elder, Maltster, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1248  18 June 1714

William Maybank senior, Bargemaster, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1249  30 June 1714

Mary Bown, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1250  13 July 1714

Elizabeth Cackutt, Widow, Cheapstead, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1251  14 May 1714

Anne Griffin, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1252  12 Aug. 1714

Mary Hammond, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1252v  2 Sept. 1714

Alice Adams, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1254  3 Sept. 1714

Richard Savage, Plasterer, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1256v  30 Sept. 1714

Percival Chalkhill, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1259  7 Oct. 1714

Henry Westerne, Husbandman, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1260  14 Oct. 1714

William Mitchender, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1260v  25 Oct. 1714

William Terry, Yeoman, Darrant, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1261v  13 Oct. 1714

John Head, Labourer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1262v  20 Aug. 1714

Philip Sandford, Clerk, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1263  20 Nov. 1714

Richard Bassett, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1264  24 Nov. 1714

Anne Mills, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1265v  2 Dec. 1714

John Cleburn, Coachmaker, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1266v  8 Dec. 1714

Samuel Shapes, Husbandman, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1267  8 Dec. 1714

Elizabeth Anderson, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/5/1268  14 Dec. 1714

George Metcalfe, Mariner, St. Thomas, Southwark, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1268v  28 Dec. 1714

George Pinckney  AA/V/H/97/5/1269v  1 Jan. 1714/15

Benjamin Hickman, Clothworker, St. Dionis Backchurch, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1270v  1 Jan. 1714/15

Richard Downing, Farrier, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1271  8 Jan. 1714/15

Timothy Fly, Yeoman, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1272v  10 Jan. 1714/15

William Butler, Yeoman, Great Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1274v  11 Jan. 1714/15

Sarah Hills, Spinster, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1275v  1 Feb. 1714/15

Atwood Sheppard, Distiller, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1276v  2 Feb. 1714/15

William Simmons, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1277  19 Jan. 1714/15

Sarah Wright, Widow, Fortie Green, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1278  13 Jan. 1714/15

Benjamin Boddicott, Butcher, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1278v  14 Feb. 1714/15

John Baker, Plumber, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1279v  18 Feb. 1714/15

John Catt, Carrier, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1280v  6 Dec. (1714)

Benjamin Lawrence, Wheelwright, Harrow-on-the-Hill Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1281  25 Mar. 1715

Robert Farley, Yeoman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1282  28 Mar. 1715

Elizabeth Piggot, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1283  29 Mar. 1715

Ellinor Lampen, Wife of Nicholas Lampen, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1284  4 Apr. 1715

Thomas Bowyer, Upholsterer, Queen Street, Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1285  5 Apr. 1715

Grace Mogg, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1285v  5 Apr. 1715

John Heather, Gardener, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1286  8 Apr. 1715

James Shute, Gentleman, St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1287v  11 Apr. 1715

Mary Biggs, Spinster, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1288  23 Apr. 1715

Nicholas Wolf, Stationer, St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1289  23 Apr. 1715

James Bisse, Schoolmaster, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1289v  14 May 1715

Joan English, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1291  17 May 1715

Abraham Walter, Gentleman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1292  11 Apr. 1715

Joseph Fly, Yeoman, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1293  23 May 1715

Geo. Larkin, Bachelor, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1294v  25 May 1715

Marmaduke Weeks, Lidgin, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1295  1 June 1715

Thomas Green, Gunner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1295v  6 June 1715

Elizabeth Fly, Widow, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1296  15 June 1715

Thomas Fly, Yeoman, Yeading, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1297  15 June 1715

Joel Woodgate, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1298v  29 June 1715

William Lee, Butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1299  15 July 1715

William Goodman, Yeoman, Hayes End, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1300  22 July 1715

Thomas Maynard, Mariner, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1301  26 July 1715

Tobias Barton, Blacksmith, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1301v  27 July 1715

Will: Allin, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1302  24 May 1715

Joane Hodsoll, Widow, Plaxtoll, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1303  24 May 1715

James Burt, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1303v  10 Oct. 1715

Susannah Richards, Widow, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1304  30 Sept. 1715

Thomas Anderson, Victualler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1305  13 Oct. 1715

John Chase, Gentleman, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1306  26 Oct. 1715

Thomas Beardsworth, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1306v  11 Nov. 1715

Phillipia Butler, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1307v  17 Nov. 1715

John Alford, Citizen & cordwainer, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1311v  29 Dec. 1715

Susanna Vincent, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1312  14 Jan. 1715/16

Elizabeth Smith, Spinster, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1312v  26 Jan. 1715/16

Matthew Tilden, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1313v  31 Jan. 1715/16

John Thornton, the elder, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1314v  4 Feb. 1715/16

Thomas Williams, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1315v  4 Feb. 1715/16

John Orton, Gentleman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1317v  8 Feb. 1715/16

Iden Plain, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1318  8 Feb. 1715/16

Elizabeth Brownsmith, Relict of Benjamin Brownsmith, tallow chandler, Sevenoaks, late of the City of London  AA/V/H/97/5/1319  10 Feb. 1715/16

William Wheeler, Yeoman, Dunckes Gree, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1322v  10 Feb. 1715/16

John Fry, Weaver, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1323v  25 Feb. 1715/16

John Whitehart, Citizen & clothworker, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/5/1324v  13 Mar. 1715/16

John Armour, Victualler, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1325  10 Apr. 1715/16

Eleanor Baker  AA/V/H/97/5/1325v  11 Apr. 1715/16

John Baldwin, Maltster, Plaxtoll, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1326  11 Apr. 1715/16

William Goslinge, sen, Tallow chandler, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1327  13 Apr. 1715/16

William Tomlyn, Gentleman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1327v  14 Apr. 1715/16

William Fostrett, Citizen & haberdasher, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1329  17 Apr. 1716

Thomas Bishop, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1329v  19 Apr. 1716

Nathaniel Cuthbert, Gentleman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1330  29 Apr. 1716

George Davis, Citizen & draper, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1331  1 May 1716

Henry Wells, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1332  30 Apr. 1716

William Burgis, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1333v  16 May 1716

William Pickett, senior, Wheelwright, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1334v  25 May 1716

John Street, jun, Gentleman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1336  2 June 1716

Thomas Pattenden, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1338  4 June 1716

John Randoll, House Painter, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1338v  8 June 1716

William Ifield, Cordwainer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1339v  12 June 1716

Thomas Smith, Innholder, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1340v  12 June 1716

Thomas Chart, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1342  15 June 1716

Nicholas Snowdon, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1343  16 June 1716

William Platt, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1344  23 June 1716

Alexander Guiller, Hoyman, Newheath, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1344v  3 July 1716

Richard Alexander, Yeoman, New Windsor, Berks  AA/V/H/97/5/1345v  4 Aug. 1716

Samuel Mercer, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1346v  22 Aug. 1716

Francis Stoakes, Yeoman, Southall, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1347v  5 Sept. 1716

Henry Smith, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1349  8 Sept. 1716

John Stone, Citizen & clothworker, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1349v  10 Oct. 1716

Anabella Swaile, Servant to Mr. Southmead, St. Mary le Bow Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1350  15 Oct. 1716

Anne Snooke, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1350v  19 Oct. 1716

Martha Phillips, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1352  22 Oct. 1716

Phillip Norwood, Maltster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1353  3 Nov. 1716

George Fletcher, Husbandman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1354  19 Nov. 1716

Robert Perch, Yeoman, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1355  23 Nov. 1716

Thomas Feild, Gardener, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1356  4 Jan. 1716/17

John Burgess, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1356v  5 Jan. 1716/17

Robert Allen, the elder, Yeoman, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1358  16 Jan. 1716/17

Rebecca Rumney, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1359  1 Feb. 1716/17

Phillip Parsons, Mercer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1360  5 Feb. 1716/17

Thomas Flower, Victualler, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1361  19 Feb. 1716/17

Anne Hollyman, Widow, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1361v  20 Mar. 1716/17

John Leech, Shopkeeper, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1362v  25 Mar. 1717

Thomas Watts, Tanner, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1363  2 Apr. 1717

Mary Evans, Wife of William Evans late citizen & dyer of London, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1364  2 Apr. 1717

Sarah Streatfield, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1364v  4 Apr. 1717

William Slade, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1366  7 May 1717

William Wetherhead, Gentleman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1366v  9 May 1717

William Driver, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1367v  22 May 1717

Henry Squire, Yeoman, Coombe in Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1368  23 May 1717

Edward Hazlewood, Sailor, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1369  23 May 1717

Henry Pullen, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1370  30 May 1717

Joseph Barber, Mealman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1371  27 May 1717

Edward Goldsmith, Tanner, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1371v  5 June 1717

Edward Gardner, Farmer, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1372v  16 July 1717

William Taylor, the elder, Yeoman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1373v  18 July 1717

George Hubble, Bricklayer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1374v  18 July 1717

Jone Eagles, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1375v  1 Aug. 1717

Jacob Edwards, Gunner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1376  26 Aug. 1717

Edward Swaine, Blacksmith, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1377  27 Aug. 1717

Katherine Brooks, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1377v  20 Sept. 1717

Richard Green, Citizen and cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1378v  7 Oct. 1717

Abigail Bradbury, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1379v  21 Oct. 1717

Richard Collins, Barber surgeon, Wood End, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1380  8 Nov. 1717

Samuel Rayner, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1381  11 Nov. 1717

John Boyinton, Cook, Southall, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1382  19 Nov. 1717

Robert Baldwin, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1383  20 Nov. 1717

Stephen Landon, Schoolmaster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1384v  20 Nov. 1717

Edward Pollard, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1386  21 Nov. 1717

Robert Russell, Yeoman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1387  3 Dec. (5 Oct. 1722)

John Keeble, Mariner, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1388  11 Dec. 1717

William Baker, Victualler, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1389  14 Dec. 1717

Elizabeth Longhurst  AA/V/H/97/5/1390  6 Jan. 1717/18

Francis Brasier, Yeoman, North End, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1391  22 Jan. 1717/18

Hugh Holliday, Distiller, St. Vedast, Foster Lane London  AA/V/H/97/5/1392  27 Jan. 1717/18

Martha Lewen, Widow, Woodside, Croydon Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1392v  8 Feb. 1717/18

Elizabeth Walter, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1393v  13 Feb. 1717/18

John Mitchell, Citizen and Haberdasher, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1394v  15 Feb. 1717/18

Ralph Selby, Gentleman, Hunton, alias Huntington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1395v  7 Mar. 1717/18

Mary Carter, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1396  11 Apr. 1718

John Aynsworth, Gentleman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1397  17 Apr. 1718

William Newman, Husbandman, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1398  23 Apr. 1718

Thomas Brigstock, Yeoman, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1398v  14 May 1718

Henry Dunmole, Husbandman, Crock Hill Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1399v  24 May 1718

George Foster, Mariner, Stepney, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1400v  5 June 1718

Mary Blake, St. Dionis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/5/1401  23 July 1718

Abraham Dent, Baker, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1402  22 Oct. 1718

George Durling, the elder, Yeoman, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1403v  2 Dec. 1718

William Coxon, Citizen and goldsmith, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1406  20 Dec. 1718

Hannah Edlin, Spinster, Late of London  AA/V/H/97/5/1406v  1 Jan. 1718/19

Thomas Eldridge, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1408  22 Oct. (1718)

John Beesley, Citizen and apothecary, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1408v  3 Jan. 1718/19

Edmund Tanner, Mariner, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1409v  7 Jan. 1718/19

Abraham Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1411  17 Jan. 1718/19

Elizabeth Blooz, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1411v  17 Jan. 1718/19

Alice Woodgate, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1412v  19 Jan. 1718/19

Matthew Rossell, Citizen and cordwainer, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1414  6 Feb. 1718/19

Mary Harrod, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1414v  18 Feb. 1718/19

Anne Jones, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1416v  16 Feb. 1718/19

John Mitchell, Honemaker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1417  4 Mar. 1718/19

John Reading, Husbandman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1417v  7 Mar. 1718/19

William Sympson, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1418v  9 Mar. 1718/19

Gregory Thomlyn, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1420  19 Mar. 1718/19

Robert Daws, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1421  17 Apr. 1718/19

John Tys, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1422  25 Apr. 1718/19

Joseph Crundwell, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1422v  25 Apr. 1718/19

William Fish, Shoemaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1424v  28 Apr. 1718/19

Job Richards, Citizen & Ironmonger, St. Michael's Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1425  29 Apr. 1718/19

Anne Jennings, Widow, East [...] Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1426  2 May 1718/19

Henry Akers, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1427v  5 May 1719

Nicholas Dance, Bricklayer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1428  9 May 1719

Owen Swan, Citizen and vintner, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1429v  15 May 1719

George Luxford, Gentleman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1430  22 May 1719

Thomas Shaw, Yeoman, Seale, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1431  7 June 1719

John Parfett, junr, Gentleman, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1432  10 June 1719

Margaret Faulkner, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1433  12 June 1719

George Finch, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1435  24 June 1719

John Bishop, Yeoman, Hunton  AA/V/H/97/5/1436v  24 June 1719

Frances Dickins, Spinster, St. Michael's Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1437  1 July 1719

George Bysh, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1438v  3 July 1719

Henry Start, Yeoman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1439  14 Aug. 1719

Sarah Helsome, Widow, St. Mary-le-Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1440  19 Aug. 1719

Elizabeth Keckwick, Widow, All Hallows, Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/5/1440v  24 Aug. 1719

Anthony Parrey, Baker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1441  9 Sept. 1719

Barbara Perett, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1442v  15 Oct. 1719

Katherine Derby, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1443  22 Oct. 1719

Praxed Dilkes, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1444  26 Oct. 1719

Mildred Sweetapple, Widow, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1444v  27 Oct. 1719

Richard Sharp, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1445  30 Oct. 1719

James Fremlen, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1446  30 Oct. 1719

Thomas Taylor, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1447  6 Nov. 1719

Peter Everest, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1448  11 Nov. 1719

Richard Beven, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1449v  11 Nov. 1719

William Armour, Cowkeeper, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1450v  11 Nov. 1719

James How, senr, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1451  13 Nov. 1719

Mary Young, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1452  24 Nov. 1719

Samuel Belcham, Shopkeeper, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1452v  24 Nov. 1719

Henry Maddox, Gentleman, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1453v  11 Dec. 1719

Nicholas Olive, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1455  31 Dec. 1719

Mary Harding, Widow, St. Mary, Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1456  1 Jan. 1719/20

George Cronk, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1456v  2 Jan. 1719/20

Ephrahim Cogger, Yeoman, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1457  2 Jan. 1719/20

Robert Whistler, Husbandman, Morecocks in Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1458  9 Jan. 1719/20

Thos. Dean, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1459  25 Jan. 1719/20

John Ward, Cordwainer, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1459  25 Jan. 1719/20

Nathaniel Warner, Cooper, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1460  11 Feb. 1719/20

John Leake, Citizen and stationer, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1460v  29 Feb. 1719/20

Thomas Limeburner, Gunner, Battery at Howneot Fort, River Medway  AA/V/H/97/5/1461  2 Mar. 1719/20

William Pickford, Gentleman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1462  4 Mar. 1719/20

Oliver Mantell, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1462v  4 Mar. 1719/20

Sarah Pinchbeck, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1463  7 Mar. 1719/20

Elizabeth Collins, Widow, Woodend, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1465  28 Mar. 1720

Margaret Combridge, Spinster, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1466  9 Apr. 1720

James Justice, Gentleman, All Hallows, Bread St., London  AA/V/H/97/5/1468  3 May 1720

William Harris, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1469v  10 May 1720

Anna Holland, Widow, All Hallows, Bread St., London  AA/V/H/97/5/1470  13 May 1720

John Owen, Haberdasher, St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1471  17 May 1720

Elizabeth Trice, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1472v  1 June 1720

Thomas Cogger, Hoopmaker, Kemsing, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1473  4 June 1720

William Coale, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1474v  4 June 1720

Edward Creasy, Tallowchandler, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1475v  9 June 1720

Thomas Hawks, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1476v  9 June 1720

William Rawlinson, Cordwainer, Chipstead, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1477  9 June 1720

Elizabeth Margetts, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1478  11 June 1720

John Mattock, Haberdasher, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1478v  16 June 1720

Richard Wells, Perukemaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1480  19 June 1720

Thomas Tolhurst, Butcher, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1480v  22 June 1720

Ann Carre, Spinster, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1481v  28 June 1720

Stephen Burnett, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1482v  2 July 1720

Joseph Favill, Barber surgeon, Ivy Lane, St. Faiths, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1483  11 July 1720

Richard Spencer, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1484  21 July 1720

Alice Long, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/5/1484v  23 July 1720

William Higgs, Bricklayer, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1485  6 Aug. 1720

Thomas Lathorpe, Citizen and cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1486  9 Aug. 1720

Ann Holly, Spinster, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1488  23 Aug. 1720

Mary Cox, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1489  25 Aug. 1720

Jane King, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1489v  8 Sept. 1720

William Reynolds, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1490v  9 Sept. 1720

John Jennings, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1491v  30 Sept. 1720

Emm Jones, Farmer & widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1491v  1 Oct. 1720

Humphrey Bannister, Clockmaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1492v  3 Oct. 1720

Elizabeth Houghton, Widow, St. Dionis, Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/5/1493  3 Oct. 1720

William Shepley, Yeoman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1494v  21 Oct. 1720

William Harrison, Clerke, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1495v  23 Nov. 1720

George Andrews, Shoemaker, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1496  2 Jan. 1720/21

John Read, Tailor, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1496v  17 Jan. 1720/21

John Parris, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1497  17 Jan. 1720/21

Mary Gradwell, Widow, St. Mar-le-Bow  AA/V/H/97/5/1498  20 Jan. 1720/21

William Vincent, Dealer, Bothwell, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1499  20 Jan. 1720/21

Robert Davy, Gardener, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1500  10 Feb. 1720/21

William Huss, Blacksmith, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1501v  13 Feb. 1720/21

Hugh Davis, Citizen & long bow string maker, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1502  17 Feb. 1720/21

Elizabeth Brigstock, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1503  25 Feb. 1720/21

Benjamin Manlove, Citizen & weaver of London, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1504  4 Mar. 1720/21

Thomas Burges, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1504v  7 Mar. 1720/21

Thomas Bird, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1507v  7 Mar. 1720/21

William Hitchcock, Coffeeman, St. Mary Aldermary, Bow Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1508v  7 Mar. 1720/21

William Thackstone, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1509  3 Apr. 1721

John Cooper, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1510  4 Apr. 1721

Elizabeth Ringwood, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1511  3 May 1721

Charles Lynton, Carpenter, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1511v  8 May 1721

Augustine Webb, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1513v  13 May 1721

John Ware, Cordwainer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1515  16 May 1721

Henry Atfield, Cordwainer, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1517  19 May 1721

Anne Plampin, Widow, St. Dunstan-in-the-East, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1517v  19 May 1721

Edmond Reading, Yeoman, Harrow Town, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1518  1 June 1721

Nathaniel Lewis, Husbandman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1519v  9 June 1721

William Dyson, Farmer, Sudbury, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1520v  12 June 1721

Philip Hutchens, Farmer, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1521  30 June 1721

John Rawlins, Farmer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1522  1 July 1721

Daniell Brace, Gentleman, Walworth, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1524  25 July 1721

Henry Saxby, the elder., Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1525v  5 Aug. 1721

William Sanders, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1528  11 Aug. 1721

Michael Boreman, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1529  23 Aug. 1721

John Fuller, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1530v  10 Oct. 1721

Nicholas Hubble, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1533  11 Oct. 1721

Mary Cowley, Widow, Leadenhall Market, St. Dionis Backchurch  AA/V/H/97/5/1534  23 Oct. 1721

William Terrey, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1535  23 Oct. 1721

Elizabeth Cooper, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/5/1536  25 Oct. 1721

Richard Phillips, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1538  2 Nov. 1721

Thomas Sage, the elder, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1539  5 Nov. 1721

Richard Platt, Citizen of London & blacksmith, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/5/1539v  13 Nov. 1721

Thomas Tomlyn, Cordwainer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1540v  25 Nov. 1721

Joseph Whitchurch, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/5/1541v  14 Dec. 1721

Robert Brown alias Wood., Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/5/1542  14 Dec. 1721

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/6  1722-1738

Thomas Walter, Yeoman, Kenton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/1  8 Jan. 1721/2

John Wheeler, the elder., Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/2  9 Jan. 1721/2

William Turner, Yeoman, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/3v  9 Jan. 1721/2

Henry Durley, Gentleman, London  AA/V/H/97/6/6  11 Jan. 1721/2

John Higgs, Blacksmith, Harrow Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/7  12 Jan. 1721/2

Richard Smith, Labourer, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/8v  13 Jan. 1721/2

Thomas Newman, Yeoman, Crowhurst, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/9v  15 Jan. 1721/2

Nathaniel Jones, Gentleman, St. Pancras, Soper Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/13v  18 Jan. 1721/2

Henry Green, Innholder, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/14  25 Jan. 1721/2

John Pearce, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/15  26 Jan. 1721/2

Mary Burt, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/16  31 Jan. 1721/2

Thomas Mantle, Blacksmith, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/16v  16 Feb. 1721/2

William Keble, Clerk, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/18  8 Feb. 1721/2

John Hooker, Schoolmaster, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/19  12 Feb. 1721/2

John Owton, Collarmaker, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/20v  27 Feb. 1721/2

Joseph Knocker, St. Giles, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/21v  9 Mar. 1721/2

William Pearch, Victualler, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/22v  13 Mar. 1721/2

Robert Huntington, Vicar of Bexley, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/24  21 Mar. 1721/2

Richard Keeble, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/25v  6 Apr. 1722

Thomas Newton, Schoolmaster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/26v  11 Apr. 1722

Francis Covell, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/ [...] /v  16 Apr. 1722

Rachael Day, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/6/29v  21 Apr. 1722

Frances Hudson, Widow, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/31  23 Apr. 1722

Ester Bolsham, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/31v  30 Apr. 1722

Richard Wright, Yeoman, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/32v  7 May 1722

George Gibson, Yeoman, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/33v  9 May 1722

Bridgett Maddox, Widow, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/34v  10 May 1722

Mark Glover, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/36  18 May 1722

William Smith, Joiner, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/6/37v  6 July 1722

John Mansfield, Husbandman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/38  11 June 1722

Richard Offen, Blacksmith, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/38v  9 July 1722

William Smith, Husbandman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/39  13 July 1722

Margarett Brown, als Wood, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/40  16 July 1722

Joan Baker, Widow, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/41  13 July 1722

John Sutton, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/42  28 July 1722

Anne Baldwyn, Widow, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/44  19 July 1722

John Seaburn, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/6/45v  4 Sept. 1722

George Oxe, Victualler, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/46v  6 Sept. 1722

Elizabeth Bird, Widow, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/47  14 Sept. 1722

William Johnson, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/48v  17 Sept. 1722

John Skinner, Butcher, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/49  18 Sept. 1722

Anne Chapman, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/50  24 Sept. 1722

Nicholas Kelshe, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/51  10 Oct. 1722

Magdalen Wood, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/53  3 Dec. 1722

William French, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/54  16 Dec. 1722

Charles Chapman, Yeoman, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/55  17 Dec. 1722

Richard Danks, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/57  18 Dec. 1722

William Clear, Poulterer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/59v  12 Jan. 1722/3

Richard Gregory, Husbandman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/60v  28 Jan. 1722/3

Margarett Morley, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/62  28 Jan. 1722/3

Charles Badger, Cabinet maker, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/63  4 Feb. 1722/3

John Allen, Bricklayer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/65v  12 Feb. 1722/3

Andrew Combs, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/65  15 Feb. 1722/3

Wm. Wood  AA/V/H/97/6/66  24 Feb. 1722/3

Margarett Moorhead, Spinster, St. Mary Foster London  AA/V/H/97/6/67  3 Apr. 1723

John Harvey, Maltster, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/68  6 Apr. 1723

William Dennis, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/68v  12 Apr. 1723

Thomas Swetman, Single man, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/69v  14 Apr. 1723

Mary Saunders, Widow, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/70  26 Apr. 1723

William Cutler, Widower, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/71  26 Apr. 1723

Geo. Crittall, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/72  1 May 1723

Joseph Osbourne, Shoemaker, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/72  7 May 1723

William Streete, Yeoman, Preston, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/73  17 May 1723

David Hoare, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/74v  20 May 1723

Thomas Edmeads, Yeoman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/75  7 June 1723

William Rogers, Husbandman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/76  8 June 1723

Mary Knocker, Widow, St. Michaels, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/77  3 July 1723

Anthony Overy, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/77v  8 July 1723

Thomas Edmeades, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/79v  24 Sept. 1723

William Thompson, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/80v  30 Sept. 1723

Anne Hunt, Widow of John Hunt, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/81  12 Oct. 1723

Phillippa Pigott, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/82  29 Oct. 1723

William Barnsley, Mariner, H.M.S. Reserve  AA/V/H/97/6/82v  31 Oct. 1723

Thomas Thornton, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/83v  5 Nov. 1723

Mary Ashley, Wife of John Ashley, Late of St. James, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/84v  11 Nov. 1723

Andrew Turner, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/6/86  19 Nov. 1723

James Knight, Painter, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/86  21 Nov. 1723

John Osmond, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/86v  19 Dec 1723

Edward Stevens, the elder, Baker, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/87v  20 Dec. 1723

John Walter, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/88v  2 Jan. 1723/4

Mary Aldwin, Widow. Chandler, Harrow Town, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/89v  8 Jan. 1723/4

Richard Rooke, Yeoman, Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/91  8 Jan. 1723/4

Robert Rutland, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/91v  10 Jan. 1723/4

John Nutten, Citizen & cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/6/93  11 Jan. 1723/4

Richard Fitchett, Butcher, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/94  14 Jan. 1723/4

Richard Ogbourne, Carpenter, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/95v  21 Jan. 1723/4

Nathaniel Johnson, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/96v  22 Jan. 1723/4

Alice Ward, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/97v  31 Jan. 1723/4

William Smith, Husbandman, Horsnailcrouch, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/98v  31 Jan. 1723/4

Edward Coker senior, Butcher, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/99v  3 Feb. 1723/4

Robert Cuffe, Husbandman, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/100v  4 Feb. 1723/4

James Frampton, Cordwainer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/102v  6 Feb. 1723/4

James Samborne, Clerk, rector of Merstham, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/103  13 Feb. 1723/4

Anne Read, Spinster, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/104  19 Feb. 1723/4

Thomas Hall, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/105  18 Mar. 1723/4

John Compen, Citizen & pewterer, London  AA/V/H/97/6/107  27 Mar. 1724

Martha Burnett, Widow, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/107v  3 Apr. 1724

Elizabeth Wootton, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/109  4 Sept. 14 Apr. 1724

John White, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/110  14 Apr. 1724

Rich. Woodgate, Gent, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/111  16 Apr. 1724

Elizabeth Banks, One of the brethren of the Almes House, Great Almes House, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/113  24 Apr. 1724

William Bedford, Citizen & draper, London  AA/V/H/97/6/113v  5 May 1724

William Seymour, sen., Carpenter, Weald, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/114v  7 May 1724

Richard Coulgate, Cooper, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/115v  12 May 1724

John Cooke, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/116  23 May 1724

Thomas Burgis, Baker, Plaxtol, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/117  11 June 1724

William Batchler, the elder, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/118  17 June 1724

William Wilson, Citizen & clothworker, London  AA/V/H/97/6/119  18 June 1724

Thomas Wood  AA/V/H/97/6/120  7 July 1724

John Constable, Yeoman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/120  9 July 1724

Edmond Holt, Citizen & harberdasher, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/121  10 July 1724

Robert Bloome, Mariner, London  AA/V/H/97/6/122v  16 July 1724

Elizabeth Nicholl, Widow, Roxeth, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/123  4 Aug. 1724

Avice Thornton, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/126  16 Aug. 1724

Richard Rutland, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/126v  18 Aug. 1724

Margaret Crockford, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/127v  18 Aug. 1724

Alexander Adams, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/128  5 Sept. 1724

Mary Phillips, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/129  24 Sept. 1724

Henry Harris, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/130  20 Oct. 1724

Mary Harman, Widow of Richard Harman, Chipstead, Chevening  AA/V/H/97/6/131  24 Oct. 1724

Francis Wray, Hoopshaver, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/132v  7 Nov. 1724

Richard Crutcher, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/134v  13 Nov. 1724

John Boomer, Maltster, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/135v  4 Dec. 1724

Thomas Bishop, the elder, Blacksmith, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/137  8 Dec. 1724

William Crowhurst, Butcher, Plaxtol, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/138  11 Dec. 1724

John Mitchell, Yeoman, Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/139  1 Jan. 1724/5

Anne Boomer, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/140  18 Jan. 1724/5

Elizabeth Knight, Widow, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/141  25 Jan. 1724/5

Thomas Read, Tailor, Kings End, Ruislip, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/142v  1 Feb. 1724/5

William Holden, Yeoman, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/143v  4 Feb. 1724/5

Richard Whiskin, the elder, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/146  8 Feb. 1724/5

Joseph Leaver, Victualler, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/147  9 Feb. 1724/5

Thomas Whitehead, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/147v  10 Feb. 1724/5

Judith Twisden, Widow, East Malden, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/148  11 Feb. 1724/5

Jane Groom, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/6/149v  1 Mar. 1724/5

Edde Cox, Widow, Stanstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/150v  10 Mar. 1724/5

Jane Widginton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/151v  23 Mar. 1724/5

Arthur Wootten, Innholder, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/152v  13 Apr. 1725

Jonathan Hatton, Victualler, citizen & cooper, St Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/153v  20 Apr. 1725

Abraham Bishop, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/154v  3 Apr. 1725

Henry Williams, Citizen & cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/6/155  20 May 1725

Mary Cary, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/15 [...]   24 May 1725

Edmund Lamkin, Gardener, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/159  3 June 1725

Christopher Hayward, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/160v  18 June 1725

James Turner, Baker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/161v  20 July 1725

William Hall, St. Saviours, Southwark  AA/V/H/97/6/162v  13 Aug. 1725

Joan Hibard, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/163v  24 Aug. 1725

Ann Hadgley, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/164  30 Aug. 1725

Francis Turner, Cooper, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/165v  1 Sept. 1725

Isaac Hatch, the elder, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/167  8 Sept. 1725

Thomas Stevenson, Brewer, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/168v  10 Sept. 1725

John Collins, the elder, Blacksmith, Crockenhill, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/169v  14 Sept. 1725

Godfrey Corre, St, Michaels, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/170v  24 Sept. 1725

William Ayles, Tailor, St. Dionis Backchurch  AA/V/H/97/6/171v  1 Oct. 1725

Thomas Gell, sen., Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/172  2 Oct. 1725

William Ede, Yeoman, Norwood Hill, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/173v  7 Oct. 1725

Elizabeth Flower, Widow, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/175  8 Oct. 1725

Elizabeth Davis  AA/V/H/97/6/176  13 Oct. 1725

Robert Stanborough, senior, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/176v  6 Nov. 1725

Thomas Roffer, Husbandman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/177v  8 Nov. 1725

John Jenner, Carpenter, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/178v  12 Nov. 1725

John Small, Blacksmith, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/180  19 Nov. 1725

Thomas Levett, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/181  1 Dec. 1725

Henry Collins  AA/V/H/97/6/181v  5 Jan. 1725/6

William Dodd, Yeoman, Stonehouse in Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/182v  14 Jan. 1725/6

Thomas Alloway, Baker, St. Vedasts, London  AA/V/H/97/6/183v  3 Feb. 1725/6

Thomas Sheppard, Waterman, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/184  4 Feb. 1725/6

Thomas Gilbert, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/185  10 Feb. 1725/6

Angelet Wright, Widow, Watling Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/186  24 Feb. 1725/6

Anne Durling, Widow of Robert Durling, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/187  24 Feb. 1725/6

Elizabeth Adams, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/187v  25 Feb. 1725/6

Thomas Cockett, Victualler, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/189  3 Mar. 1725/6

Charles Larrett, Mariner, Halifax merchant ship  AA/V/H/97/6/191v  10 Mar. 1725/6

Elizabeth Hodsoll, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/193  18 Mar. 1725/6

Joan Cole, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/195v  18 Mar. 1725/6

Catherine Phillips, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/196  23 Mar. 1725/6

Jane Duratt, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/197v  20 Apr. 1726

Hannah Gilpin, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/198  22 Apr. 1726

Matthew Oadham, St. Clements Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/200  8 May 1726

John Piper, Blacksmith, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/201  16 May 1726

William Satcher, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/202v  1 June 1726

Robert Palmer, Blacksmith, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/203  3 June 1726

John Loft, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/204v  3 June 1726

Thomas Usborn, Wheelwright, Larksfield, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/205  3 June 1726

Robert Hurst, Citizen & barber surgeon, London  AA/V/H/97/6/206  7 June 1726

Henry Saxby, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/207  25 June 1726

Margaret Plant, Spinster, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/208v  11 July 1726

Edmund Watts, Citizen & smith, St. Michael Royal Dowgate Hill, London  AA/V/H/97/6/209v  2 Aug. 1726

Henry Roberts, Sievemaker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/210  10 Aug. 1726

Susanna Murten, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/211v  31 Aug. 1726

John Turner, senior, Yeoman, Bothwell in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/212v  17 Sept. 1726

Thomas Burgess, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/213v  22 Sept. 1726

Henry Eve, Gentleman, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/215  2 Oct. 1726

Everard Cater, Gentleman, Lincolns Inn, London  AA/V/H/97/6/216v  5 Oct. 1726

Nicholas Trice, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/217v  15 Oct. 1726

Elias Gilbart, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/218v  17 Oct. 1726

George King, Collier, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/219v  20 Oct. 1726

Robert Davies, Husbandman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/220  21 Nov. 1726

Thomas Lee, Yeoman, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/221  1 Dec. 1726

Thomas Blundell, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/221v  2 Feb. 1726/7

Thomas Wood, Shopkeeper, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/223  2 Feb. 1726/7

William Maddox, Gentleman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/224  4 Feb. 1726/7

Ellen Watson, Widow  AA/V/H/97/6/226  20 Feb. 1726/7

William Twilly, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/226v  11 Mar. 1726/7

John Wayman, Glassgrinder, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/227v  17 Mar. 1726/7

William Saywell, Yeoman, Lidging, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/228  22 Mar. 1726/7

Ralph Gardiner, Pinner, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/229  29 Mar. 1727

William Garrett, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/229v  11 Apr. 1727

John Davis, Cordwainer, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/230  18 Apr. 1727

Anne Linton, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/231  27 Apr. 1727

Thomas Cox, Butcher, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/231v  8 May 1727

John Gates, Husbandman, Wembley Green, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/232v  9 June 1727

William Mercer, Victualler, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/233v  9 June 1727

Joseph Browne, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/234v  16 June 1727

John Adkins, Glazier, Green Hill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/237v  8 July 1727

George Peacock, Poulterer, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/238v  11 July 1727

Daniel Hawkins, Yeoman, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/239v  11 Aug. 1727

George Widington, Waterman, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/241  28 Aug. 1727

William Heathfield, Tallow chandler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/241v  26 Aug. 1727

William Plowman, Blacksmith, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/243  20 Sept. 1727

William Cooper, Husbandman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/244  29 Sept. 1727

Priscilla Paty, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/245  6 Oct. 1727

John Barnes, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/247  6 Oct. 1727

Jane Forrow, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/248  9 Oct. 1727

John Heathfield, Oatmeal maker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/249  17 Oct. 1727

George Andrews, Brazier, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/250  23 Nov. 1727

John Balch, Gentleman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/251  28 Nov. 1727

Thomas Penley, Gardener, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/252  12 Dec. 1727

Charles Roberts, Waterman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/253  14 Dec. 1727

John Deane, Stocking presser, St. Michael Royal, College, Hill, London  AA/V/H/97/6/254v  18 Dec. 1727

John Shippy, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/6/255v  18 Dec. 1727

Mary Foster, Wife of Richard Foster, victualler, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/257  27 Dec. 1727

John Paget, Brewer, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/259  31 Jan. 1727/8

William Eires, Drayman, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/259v  15 Feb. 1727/8

Henry Harding, Clothworker & citizen, London  AA/V/H/97/6/260v  24 Feb. 1727/8

Edmund Barlow, Freeman of the city of London, London, St. Mary Bow  AA/V/H/97/6/261  4 Mar. 1727/8

John Oliver, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/262  4 Mar. 1727/8

Phebe Gearing, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/6/263v  6 Mar. 1727/8

John Alexander, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/264v  11 Mar. 1727/8

Susanna Natt, Widow, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/265v  20 Mar. 1727/8

Francis Combridge, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/266v  1 Apr. 1728

John Shiffield, Shipwright, St. Clave's Southwark, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/268  4 Apr. 1728

James Woods, Yeoman, Yeading in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/269  28 May 1728

Richard Adds, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/270v  9 May 1728

Thomas Evens, Tailor, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/271v  9 May 1728

Thomas Small, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/272v  7 May 1728

Weeden Hull, Farmer, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/274  15 May 1728

John Walldin, Victualler, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/275  16 May 1728

Richard Wiffen, Yeoman, Havell in Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/276v  16 May 1728

James Smith, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/277v  28 May 1728

John Martain, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/278  6 June 1728

John Knight, Cordwainer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/279  6 June 1728

John Skilton, Butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/280v  10 July 1728

William Wilkes, Brewer, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/281  29 Aug. 1728

Thomas Corderoy, Victualler, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/283  23 Sept. 1728

William Pinnocke, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/283v  2 Oct. 1728

Robert Courtney, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/285  19 Oct. 1728

Mary Quare, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/6/285v  7 Nov. 1728

Elizabeth Child, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/6/286v  8 Nov. 1728

Thomasin Tye, Widow of John Tye  AA/V/H/97/6/287  15 Nov. 1728

Priscilla Jackson, Widow, St. Michael Paternoster Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/6/288  15 Nov. 1728

George Start, Maltster, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/289  27 Nov. 1728

Penelope Righton, Wife of Samuel Righton, citizen & cooper of London  AA/V/H/97/6/290  6 Dec. 1728

Mary Lewen, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/291v  7 Dec. 1728

John Waite, Butcher, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/292v  14 Jan. 1728/9

Ann Marsh, Spinster, London  AA/V/H/97/6/295v  21 Jan. 1728/9

Ann Rivers, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/296v  22 Jan. 1728/9

John Walker, Blacksmith, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/298  19 Mar. 1728/9

Daniel Sherwin, St. Dionis Backchurch, Fenchurch St., London  AA/V/H/97/6/299  2 Apr. 1729

John Stanning, Victualler, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/299  9 Apr. 1729

Francis Gibbs, Labourer, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/300  15 Apr. 1729

Henry Street, Farmer, Kenton Green, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/301  17 Apr. 1729

Richard Emberton, Farmer, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/301v  21 Apr. 1729

John Harrod, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/302v  6 May 1729

Robert Fitches, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/303  10 May 1729

Thomas Weller, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/304v  17 May 1729

Francis Christmas, Innholder, Northcote in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/307v  26 May 1729

John Fox, Victualler, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/309  23 May 1729

William Massey, Farmer, Rainham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/310  2 June 1729

William Robinson, Citizen & loriner, London  AA/V/H/97/6/311  3 June 1729

Wm. Jones  AA/V/H/97/6/312  4 June 1729

John Phillips, Sawyer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/312v  11 June 1729

William Ellis, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/314  13 June 1729

William Pigott, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/316v  13 June 1729

Henry Collier, Husbandman, Stansted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/317v  23 July 1729

George Price, Plasterer, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/319  4 Aug. 1729

Henry Dunmole, Husbandman, Crockenhill, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/320  15 Aug. 1729

Robert Stanborough, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/321  26 Aug. 1729

Mary Laws, St. Dunstan in the East Widow London  AA/V/H/97/6/322  28 Aug. 1729

John Fuller, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/323  6 Sept. 1729

George Daniel, Turner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/324  9 Sept. 1729

John Gouge, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/324v  22 Sept. 1729

Michael Thompson, Yeoman, Weald wood in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/325v  22 Sept. 1729

Elizabeth Stawell, Spinster, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/326  1 Oct. 1729

Anne Peele, Widow, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/326v  9 Oct. 1729

John Nye, Blacksmith, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/328  10 Oct. 1729

Mary Knight, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/329  14 Oct. 1729

Francis Hodsell, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/330v  16 Oct. 1729

William Woottington, Husbandman, Huntington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/332  24 Oct. 1729

Thomas Farley, Farmer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/333  14 Nov. 1729

John Goldsmith, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/336  4 Nov. 1729

John Shepheard, Publican, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/338  4 Nov. 1729

Elizabeth Wigral, Widow, Otford Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/339  6 Nov. 1729

John Rutter, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/340  10 Nov. 1729

Thomas Couchman, Wheelwright, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/341  11 Nov. 1729

Mary Long, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/342v  17 Nov. 1729

John Quaits, Merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/6/343v  19 Nov. 1729

Henry Bamleb, Yeoman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/344v  4 Dec. 1729

Katherine Mock, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/346v  8 Dec. 1729

Richard Dyer, Barber surgeon, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/347v  17 Dec. 1729

George May, Bachelor, Shoreham  AA/V/H/97/6/348  6 Jan. 1729/30

William Tilden, Yeoman, Northfleet. Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/349  20 Jan. 1729/30

William Arnold, Carpenter, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/350  10 Feb. 1729/30

Mary Cowlard alias Goodburgh, Wife of Thomas Cowlard, carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/351v  13 Feb. 1729/30

Thomas Harman, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/352v  27 Feb. 1729/30

George Allen, Chapman, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/354v  13 Mar. 1729/30

John Fearman, Victualler, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/355v  6 Apr. 1729/30

John Haynes, senior, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/356v  15 Apr. 1730

John Wild, Gardener, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/357v  18 Apr. 1730

Ralph Ewins, Mariner, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/358v  5 May 1730

Robert Duddy, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/359v  12 May 1730

Henry Locking, Mercer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/360v  18 May 1730

Francis Covell, Wheelwright, (Croydon), Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/363  25 May 1730

John Harding, Draper, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/363v  10 June 1730

Joseph Weedon, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/364v  20 July 1730

Thomas Fearne, Barber & tailor, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/365v  14 Aug. 1730

William Bosher, Shipwright, Woolwich, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/366v  21 Aug. 1730

Mary Rowles, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/367  4 Sept. 1730

Nicholas Heath, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/368  8 Sept. 1730

John Murrant, Yeoman, Brastead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/369v  18 Sept. 1730

John Rogers, St. Pancras, Soper Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/371  21 Sept. 1730

William Butler, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/372v  3 Oct. 1730

John Rivers, Yeoman, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/374v  22 Oct. 1730

Isaac Tomlin, Yeoman, Nepicar in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/376  3 Dec. 1730

John Smith, Victualler, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/379v  15 Dec. 1730

Sibell Bassit, Wife of William Bassitt, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/380  13 Jan. 1730/31

Robert Rathwell, Innholder, Three Cups Inn, Bread Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/381v  11 Feb. 1730/31

William Martin, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/381v  28 Jan. 1730/31

Thomas Newman, Tanner, Brasted, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/383  9 Feb. 1730/31

Richard Westwood, senior, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/384v  16 Feb. 1730/31

Mary Dyer, Widow, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/385v  23 Apr. 1731

Richard Chapman, Yeoman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/387  24 Apr. 1731

John Allen, Farmer, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/388  24 Apr. 1731

Jane Cacket, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/388v  3 May 1731

John Wallis, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/389v  6 May 1731

Thomas Bance, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/391  22 May 1731

Thomas Humphery, the elder, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/391v  8 June 1731

Joyce Coombs, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/394  9 June 1731

James Meredith, Brewer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/396  16 June 1731

Thomas Owen, Mercer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/397v  6 July 1731

William Henton, senior, Butcher, Charlwood  AA/V/H/97/6/398v  19 July 1731

Richard Watson, Yeoman, Greenhill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/400  10 Aug. 1731

Catherine Gramshaw, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/401  26 Aug. 1731

Richard Foster, Victualler, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/402  24 Sept. 1731

Lewis Hughes, Mariner, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/403v  2 Oct. 1731

Rice Wynne, Boxmaker, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/6/404v  10 Oct. 1731

Elizabeth Chater, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/405  15 Oct. 1731

Mary Day  AA/V/H/97/6/406  15 Oct. 1731

Thomas Gates, Husbandman, Heaver, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/407v  19 Oct. 1731

William Roffey, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/408v  25 Oct. 1731

Gideon Lot, Innholder, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/410  16 Nov. 1731

Mary Baynard, Widow, Foots cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/411v  8 Dec. 1731

Ambrose Marlow, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/412v  13 Dec. 1731

William Saunders, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/413  20 Dec. 1731

Margaret King, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/414v  18 Jan. 1731/2

Cary Keeble, Clerk of the parish of St. Michael, Cornhill, All Hallows, Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/6/416  24 Jan. 1731/2

John Todd, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/416v  26 Jan. 1731/2

Thomas Drury, Blacksmith, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/417v  27 Jan. 1731/2

John Evans  AA/V/H/97/6/418v  1 Feb. 1731/2

Elizabeth Lawrence, Widow, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/419  13 Mar. 1731/2

John Bround, Yeoman, Bristow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/420  20 Apr. 1732

Alice Powell, Widow, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/421  24 Apr. 1732

Elizabeth Medhurst, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/422v  6 May 1732

John Greentree, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/423v  20 May 1732

John Priest, Yeoman, Norwood, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/424v  23 May 1732

Elizabeth Travers, Spinster, City of London  AA/V/H/97/6/425v  30 May 1732

Jasper Ridley, Carpenter, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/426  1 July 1732

John Turner, Cooper, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/427v  3 July 1732

Thomas Pryer, Blacksmith, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/429v  11 July 1732

John Kenswood, Pattenwood maker, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/430v  19 July 1732

Mildred Lamb, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/432v  6 Sept. 1732

Nicholas Crundall, Down, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/433v  23 Sept. 1732

Thomas Wilson, Citizen & glazier, London  AA/V/H/97/6/434v  3 Oct. 1732

Mary Best, Widow, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/436  16 Oct. 1732

Richard Lamas, the elder, Yeoman, Hendon, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/437  24 Oct. 1732

John Teballs, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/438v  3 Nov. 1732

Daniel Williams, Schoolmaster, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/439v  n.d. to probate 1732

John Craft, Citizen & weaver, London  AA/V/H/97/6/441  28 Nov. 1732

Elizabeth Baker, Widow, Brumpton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/441v  5 Dec. 1732

James Bryan, Butcher, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/443  9 Jan. 1732/3

John Leaver, Victualler, Crockenhill, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/444v  11 Jan. 1732/3

Mary Bristow, Widow, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/446v  17 Jan. 1732/3

John Battsford, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/447v  27 Jan. 1732/3

Robert Crosley, the elder, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/449  27 Jan. 1732/3

Mary Belcher, Spinster, All Hallows, Bread St., London  AA/V/H/97/6/450  3 Feb. 1732/3

John Bradshaw, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/6/451v  11 Feb. 1732/3

William Blundal, Pipe maker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/452  21 Feb. 1732/3

William Pinnock, Mercer, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/453  23 Feb. 1732/3

William Hayes, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/455v  1 Mar. 1732/3

Thomas Cowland, Carpenter, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/6/455v  13 Apr. 1733

Richard Care, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/457v  13 April 1733

George Dennis, Citizen & barber surgeon, London  AA/V/H/97/6/458v  26 Apr. 1733

Randall White, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/460  2 May 1733

Jane Tomlyn, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/460v  11 May 1733

John Simons, Victualler & Innkeeper, Gillingham  AA/V/H/97/6/462v  26 May 1733

Mary Smith, Widow, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/463v  7 June 1733

John Farley, Innholder, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/464v  7 June 1733

William Shove, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/466v  13 June 1733

Daniel Osmond, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/467v  21 June 1733

James Friend, Yeoman, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/468v  23 June 1733

Joseph Decon, Husbandman, Harrow, Wembley Green, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/469v  6 July 1733

George Roberts, the elder, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/470  16 July 1733

William Herring, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/6/471  14 Aug. 1733

John Burton, Tailor, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/472v  4 Aug. 1733

Richard Chapman, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/473v  17 Aug. 1733

Elizabeth Evans, Spinster, St. Pancras, Soper Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/475  4 Sept. 1733

Elizabeth Street, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/476  4 Sept. 1733

Eleanor Higginson, Widow of Peter Higginson, St. Michael Paternoster Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/6/477  29 Sept. 1733

Thomas Jarvis, Husbandman, Wembley Green, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/478v  17 Sept. 1733

Thomas Bulley, Bricklayer, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/479  21 Sept. 1733

Richard Bromley, Gentleman, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/6/480  20 Oct. 1733

Catherine Scott, Wife of John Scott, gent, East Sheen, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/482  29 Oct. 1733

James Cranwell, Yeoman, Chittingden, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/483v  2 Nov. 1733

Mary Goldsmith, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/485  3 Nov. 1733

James Gardner, Gardener to the Earl of Leicester, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/486  10 Nov. 1733

Eleanor Hotham, Spinster, Friday Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/488  16 Nov. 1733

Mary Stanbury, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/488v  21 Nov. 1733

Richard Cooper, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/489v  21 Nov. 1733

Mary Charr, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/491  23 Nov. 1733

Sarah Buckmaster, Widow, St. Botolph Aldgate London  AA/V/H/97/6/492  5 Dec. 1733

Robert Perch, Wine cooper, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/493v  29 Jan. 1733/4

William Lee, Victualler, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/495  12 Mar. 1733/4

William Mantle, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/496v  15 Apr. 1734

George Baker, Gentleman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/497v  4 May 1734

Richard Whiffin, Yeoman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/498v  12 June 1734

Mary Allen, Spinster, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/499v  12 July 1734

Thomas Ovey, Waterman, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/6/499  11 July 1734

William Cooke, Citizen & cooper, London  AA/V/H/97/6/501  19 July 1734

Anne Baldwyn, Widow, Crouch, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/502  24 July 1734

Roger Roberts, H.M.S. Marlborough, Boatswain  AA/V/H/97/6/503  29 Aug. 1734

Ralph Haswell, St. Mary Whitechapel  AA/V/H/97/6/504  26 Sept. 1734

Thomas Page, Yeoman, Alperton, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/504v  27 Sept. 1734

Elizabeth Chiles, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/505v  15 Oct. 1734

John Poplet, the elder, Husbandman, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/506v  23 Oct. 1734

George Puplett, Victualler. Partner with John Grint, Bread Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/508  1 Nov. 1734

Elizabeth Scales, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/509  8 Nov. 1734

Richard Midwinter, Gardner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/510  8 Nov. 1734

Mary Jarvis, Widow, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/511  19 Dec. 1734

William Vine, Carpenter, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/512  21 Dec. 1734

Mary Kilworth, Widow  AA/V/H/97/6/513  26 Nov. 1734

Mary Fry, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/514  21 Jan. 1734/5

Thomas Allen, Glover, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/515  26 Jan. 1734/5

Thomas Staples, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/516  28 Jan. 1734/5

William Hackett, Basketmaker, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/517  13 Feb. 1734/5

John Comber, Blacksmith, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/518  4 Mar. 1734/5

Thomas Hipwell, Cook, H.M.S. Princess Royal, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/521  15 Mar. 1734/5

William Hunt, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/522  20 Mar. 1734/5

Susan Lodge, Cheshunt, Herts  AA/V/H/97/6/523  3 Apr. 1735

Thomas Mercer, Butcher, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/524  10 Apr. 1735

Henry Leake, Master calker, H.M. Dockyard Chatham, Chatham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/525  14 Apr. 1735

Joseph Foster, St. John Evangelist, London  AA/V/H/97/6/526  1 May 1735

Joseph Brown, Citizen & baker, London  AA/V/H/97/6/527  2 May 1735

Ann Fitzwater, Spinster, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/528  14 May 1735

James Ward, Citizen & goldsmith of London, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/529  2 June 1735

Thomas Shorter, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/530  19 June 1735

Sarah Pascall, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/531  28 June 1735

Sarah Sherbourne, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/531v  26 June 1735

Daniel Nicholl, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/532  2 Aug. 1735

William Launder, Yeoman, Halfway Street, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/533  9 Aug. 1735

John Gardiner, Watchmaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/534  1 Sept. 1735

William Seamour, junior, Shopkeeper, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/535  23 Sept. 1735

Edward Andrah, Yeoman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/536  24 Sept. 1735

John Smith, Yeoman, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/537v  6 Oct. 1735

William Brand, Husbandman, Stanstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/538v  13 Oct. 1735

Christopher Roberts, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/539v  4 Nov. 1735

William Round, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/540v  11 Nov. 1735

Thomas Skarmer senior, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/541  19 Dec. 1735

Katherine Butler (Catherine), Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/543v  20 Dec. 1735

Joseph Wood, Gentleman, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/546  23 Dec. 1735

Christopher Burrell, Glover, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/547v  29 Dec. 1735

Robert Ducemy, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/6/548v  30 Dec. 1735

John Biffin, Citizen & draper, London  AA/V/H/97/6/549  15 Jan. 1735/6

John French, Husbandman, Bensham, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/550  10 Mar. 1735/6

Ann Watson, Widow, Greenhill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/550v  20 Mar. 1735/6

Jane Hill, Wife of Henry Hill, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/552v  19 Apr. 1736

Jacob Couchman, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Weald, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/554  20 May 1736

James Knapp, Kidder, Harrow Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/555v  24 May 1736

John Bigg, House carpenter, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/556v  25 May 1736

Ann Berry  AA/V/H/97/6/558  26 May 1736

John Nowlton, St. Dionis Backchurch, London  AA/V/H/97/6/559  7 June 1736

Mary Harding, Widow, late of Putney  AA/V/H/97/6/559v  21 June 1736

Richard Wooden, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/561v  11 June 1736

Rebecca Merritt, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/563v  15 July 1736

Elizabeth Marshall, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/565  22 July 1736

Henry Braby, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/566v  1 Aug. 1736

Henry Cheesman, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/567v  3 Aug. 1736

William Thurley, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/569  5 Aug. 1736

Henry Searles, the elder, Yeoman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/571  7 Aug. 1736

Martha Marchant, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/572  15 Sept. 1736

James Carter, Dyer, London  AA/V/H/97/6/574  20 Sept. 1736

William Baker, Citizen & mason, London  AA/V/H/97/6/575  23 Sept. 1736

Thomas Henneker, Bachelor, late of East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/576  6 Nov. 1736

Peter Emery, Carpenter, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/576v  17 Nov. 1736

Mary Hadlow, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/577  15 Jan. 1736/7

James Smith, Citizen & blacksmith, Little Fryday Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/578  18 Jan. 1736/7

Arthur Jones, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/579v  13 Apr. 1737

John Grint, All Hallows, Bread Street, London  AA/V/H/97/6/580v  14 Apr. 1737

James Allen, Perukemaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/581  23 May 1737

William Wood  AA/V/H/97/6/582v  24 May 1737

George Medhurst, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/583  24 May 1737

William Hammond, Innholder, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/584  4 June 1737

Margaret Head, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/586  1 July 1737

George Blundell, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/587  2 July 1737

Sarah Stratton, Servant to Beatrice Harman, All Hallows, Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/6/588v  7 July 1737

Michael Goodwin, Glazier, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/589  22 July 1737

Thomas Smith, Cooper, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/590  19 Aug. 1737

William Limby, Citizen & turner, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/592  5 Oct. 1737

Edward Hammond, Bricklayer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/593  7 Oct. 1737

Andrew Johannot, Paper maker, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/597v  22 Oct. 1737

Henry Cox, Butcher, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/599v  2 Nov. 1737

Isaac Owsley, Carpenter, Down, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/601  10 Nov. 1737

George Nickman, Servant to Mr. Edmund Trunch, St. Michael Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/6/602v  11 Nov. 1737

Elizabeth Gilbert, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/603  6 Dec. 1737

William Reeve, the elder, Lighterman, Christ Church, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/604v  21 Nov. 1737

William Colleries, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/605  5 Nov. 1737

Edward Cowper, St. Vedast, Foster Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/6/608v  9 Jan. 1737/8

Martin Stow, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/609  10 Jan. 1737/8

Thomas Woodstock, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/610v  18 Jan. 1737/8

George Rand, Citizen & weaver, White Hart Court, Gracechurch St., London  AA/V/H/97/6/611  20 Jan. 1737/8

John Norris, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/612  23 Jan. 1737/8

Elizabeth Read, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/613  2 Feb. 1737/8

Thomas White, Chandler, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/614  16 Mar. 1737/8

William Windsor, Chapman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/614v  28 Mar. 1738

Thomas Ward, Gardener, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/615v  17 Apr. 1738

Richard Children, Yeoman, Westwood in Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/616  5 May 1738

William Turner, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/618v  18 May 1738

John Marten, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/619v  18 May 1738

John Radbourne, Victualler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/621  25 May 1738

William Ramsden, Tapster, Richmond, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/622v  25 May 1738

Samuel Giles, Blacksmith, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/6/623  25 May 1738

John Heath, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/623v  13 June 1738

John Skinner, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/624v  21 June 1738

Dorothy Smith, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/626v  10 July 1738

Thomas Reynolds, Citizen & Pewterer, London  AA/V/H/97/6/627v  24 July 1738

Timothy Wright, Pattenmaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/628v  14 Aug. 1738

Robert Pickett, Bachelor, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/629v  15 Aug. 1738

Richard Bosswell, Shopkeeper, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/630v  4 Sept. 1738

William Jones, Turner, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/631v  11 Sept. 1738

William Nester, Gentleman, London  AA/V/H/97/6/633  6 Oct. 1738

Richard Sharp, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/634  25 Oct. 1738

George Cronk, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/634v  14 Nov. 1738

Joyce Poole, Spinster, St. Michael's Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/6/636  16 Nov. 1738

William Casthlake (or Caslake), Yeoman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/6/636v  6 Dec. 1738

Thomas Goldsmith, Carpenter, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/6/637v  13 Dec. 1738

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/7  1739 - 1757

Nicholas Wood, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/1  8 Feb. 1738/9

William Constable, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/2  12 Feb. 1738/9

Lawrence Gomb, Butcher, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/3  16 Feb. 1738/9

John Pullman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/4v  13 Mar. 1738/9

William Carr  AA/V/H/97/7/5  11 Apr. (1738)

Thomas Walker, Victualler, Southwark, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/6  28 Mar. 1739

Thomas Wilkins, Husbandman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/7  21 Apr. 1739

James Lane, Painter stainer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/8v  2 May 1739

Robert Curd, Carpenter, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/10v  5 May 1739

James Fox, Husbandman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/ [...] v  11 May 1739

Thomas Burd, Weaver, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/15v  25 May 1739

Edward Nation, House joiner, St. Pancras, Soper Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/17  6 June 1739

Margaret Baker, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/18  13 June 1739

John Hoan, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/20  17 July 1739

James Yarner, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/21v  4 Aug. 1739

Christopher Seagood, Painter, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/23  17 Aug. 1739

Jane Seagood, Widow, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/24  22 Sept. 1739

Isaac Pennyall, Butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/24v  4 Oct. 1739

Thomas Blundell, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/25v  15 Oct. 1739

Thomas Lockwood, Cooper, St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/ [...] 26  16 Oct. 1739

James Dane, Apothecary, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/27v  22 Dec. 1739

Edward Milton, Victualler, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/7/32  22 Dec. 1739

Edmund Tribe, Cooper, St. Michael's Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/33  29 Dec. 1739

Elizabeth Spencer, Widow, St. Ann's, Westminster  AA/V/H/97/7/34  14 Jan. 1739/40

Paschal Tennant, St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/7/36  16 Jan. 1739/40

Catherain Morris, Widow, Cobham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/37  28 Jan. 1739/40

John Saunders, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/38  29 Jan. 1739/40

Joseph Blind, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/39  22 Feb. 1739/40

Catherine Lloyd, Servant, Thames Street, London  AA/V/H/97/7/40  22 Feb. 1739/40

James Sampson, Husbandman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/41  10 Mar. 1739/40

Henry Hutchins, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/42  20 Mar. 1739/40

Margaret Burrell, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/43  4 Apr. 1740

William Gilbert, Shipwright and maltster, Gillingham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/44  9 Apr. 1740

John Hawes, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/45  10 Feb. (1739/40)

Crispin Chambers, Blacksmith, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/47  17 May 1740

Thomas Chaxfield, Yeoman, Mereworth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/48  20 May 1740

Rebeckah Walter, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/49  23 May 1740

Nathaniel Hewitt, Mariner, H.M.S. "Edinburgh"  AA/V/H/97/7/50v  23 May 1740

Thomas Chaplin, Bricklayer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/51  27 June 1740

Anne Austell, Spinster, Eastcheap, London  AA/V/H/97/7/52v  4 June 1740

Mary Jewell, Spinster, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/55v  26 June 1740

William Chapman, Linkmaker, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/56v  2 July 1740

Elizabeth Hammond, Widow, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/57v  31 July 1740

John Rowland, Blacksmith, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/59  11 Aug. 1740

William Yarrow, Victualler, Roehampton, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/59v  2 Sept. 1740

William Marsh, Ropemaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/60v  8 Oct. 1740

Henry Zealey, the elder, Gentleman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/61  11 Nov. 1740

William Biggs, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/63  5 Jan. 1740/41

Edward Brooker, Apothecary, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/64  14 Jan. 1740/41

James Filkins, Sawyer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/65v  26 Jan. 1740/41

William Frank, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/66v  28 Jan. 1740/41

Frances Hutchins, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/ [...] 68  31 Jan. 1740/41

Thomas Wilson, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/69  10 Mar. 1740/41

Elizabeth Cope, Pinner, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/70  23 Mar. 1740/41

Walter Crisp, Parish of All Hallows Lombard St., London  AA/V/H/97/7/71  26 Mar. 1741

Joan Lovell, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/71v  10 Apr. 1741

John Woods, Husbandman, Norwood, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/72v  15 Apr. 1741

Joseph Tagg, Fruiterer, Three Cranes, London  AA/V/H/97/7/74v  20 Apr. 1741

John Browne  AA/V/H/97/7/75v  27 Apr. 1741

James Bounell, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/76  28 Apr. 1741

John Skinner, Husbandman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/78  28 Apr. 1741

Thomas Borer, Victualler, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/79  2 May 1741

Cicelia Maria Wood, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/80  23 May 1741

John Collins, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/82  9 June 1741

Mary Jones, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/83  17 June 1741

James Bell, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/84  25 June; 14 Aug. 1741

William Backett, Bricklayer, Larkfield, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/86  14 July 1741

Thomas Shorter, Carpenter, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/87v  8 Aug. 1741

Mary Parrett, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/88v  17 Aug. 1741

Henry White, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/89v  2 Sept. 1741

Ann Dunmull, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/90v  19 Sept. 1741

John Grub, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/91  25 Sept. 1741

Stephen Hall, St. Dunstans in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/7/92  26 Sept. 1741

Edward Gibson, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/93  29 Sept. 1741

John Harris, Sugar boiler, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/94  2 Oct. 1741

Martha Smith, Widow, Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/95  21 Oct. 1741

Joseph Phillips, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/96  27 Oct. 1741

Thomas Lee, Cordwainer, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/97  9 Nov. 1741

Mary Coker, Widow, Sudbury, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/100v  17 Nov. 1741

George Tripland, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/101v  17 Nov. 1741

Henry Turner, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/102v  2 Dec. 1741

James Inward, the elder, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/103v  4 Dec. 1741

Anne Eversfield, Widow, Chatham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/104v  4 Dec. 1741

Joseph Hill, Butcher, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/105v  15 Dec. 1741

John Darby, Yeoman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mdx  AA/V/H/97/7/107v  15 Dec. 1741

Sarah Nutshaw, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/108v  21 Dec. 1741

John King, Farmer, Parkhill, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/109v  24 Dec. 1741

Mary Edmonds, St. Mary's Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/111v  29 Dec. 1741

John Long, Master mariner of the 'Mary Snow', St. Georges, Southwark  AA/V/H/97/7/113  11 Jan. 1741/2

William Boddicott, the elder, Butcher, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/114  15 Jan. 1741/2

Nathaniel Hartrup, Shipwright foreman afloat at H.M. Dockyard Chatham, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/115  1 Feb. 1741/2

George Marshall, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/118v  3 Feb. 1741/2

Samuel Middleton, Mariner, H.M.S. Somerset  AA/V/H/97/7/119v  3 Feb. 1741/2

Joan Pey, Widow, Southall Green, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/120  10 Mar. 1741/2

William Holly, Victualler, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/121  10 Mar. 1741/2

William Budgen, Cordwainer, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/122  12 Mar. 1741/2

Arthur Wootton, Innholder, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/123  18 Mar. 1741/2

Edward Gibson, Bricklayer, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/124  18 Mar. 1741/2

William Dudgeon, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/127  31 Mar. 1742

Thomas Everest, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/128  29 Mar. 1742

Thomas Harrison, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/129v  31 Mar. 1742

John Kempton, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/131  9 Apr. 1742

William Gold, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/132  14 Apr. 1742

Thomas Palmer, Innholder, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/133v  16 Apr. 1742

John Darvoll, Poulterer, Leadenhall Market, London  AA/V/H/97/7/134  26 Apr. 1742

Ursula Knight, Spinster, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/135  3 May 1742

Elizabeth Nettlingham, Widow, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/138v  3 May 1742

John Simmons, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/139v  17 May 1742

Edward Bloome, Bricklayer, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/140v  25 May 1742

George Tapsel, Tailor, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/142  10 June 1742

Anne Chapman, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/143  12 June 1742

Jane Hunt, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/144v  22 June 1742

Elianor Fisher, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/145v  5 July 1742

William Stone, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/146v  26 July 1742

Robert Holding, Husbandman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/147v  26 July 1742

John Newsome, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/149  5 Aug. 1742

John Allingham, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/150v  23 Sept. 1742

Hugh Coran, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/152  19 Oct. 1742

Robert Whitehead, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/153v  18 Nov. 1742

Ann Hunt, Widow, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/155  22 Nov. 1742

John Gouldsmith, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/156  3 Dec. 1742

Ann Madest, Widow, Northfleet  AA/V/H/97/7/156v  3 Dec. 1742

Thomas Swift, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/157v  8 Dec. 1742

Benjamin Trosee, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/158v  20 Dec. 1742

Robert Cockett, Farmer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/159  24 Dec. 1742

Mary Bunyan, Widow, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/160  25 Nov. 1742

Richard Adams  AA/V/H/97/7/161  4 Jan. 1742/3

Elizabeth Manning  AA/V/H/97/7/161v  13 Jan. 1742/3

James Burt, Distiller, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/162v  2 Feb. 1742/3

Thomas Marshall, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/163v  4 Feb. 1742/3

Ann Coran, Widow, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/165  9 Feb. 1742/3

Thomas Beaumont, Yeoman, Chipstead, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/165v  26 Feb. 1742/3

Elizabeth Beaumont, Widow, Chipstead, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/167  26 Feb. 1742/3

Elizabeth Collins, Spinster, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/7/169  26 Feb. 1742/3

Roger Purey, Clothier, St. Mary, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/170  18 Mar. 1742/3

Charles Price, Citizen & merchant tailor, London  AA/V/H/97/7/171  19 Mar. 1742/3

William Saker, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/171v  21 Mar. 1742/3

John Causon, Widower, St. Michael Paternoster Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/7/172  3 May 1743

Jane Edwards, Widow, Single Well, Ifield, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/173v  19 Apr. 1743

John Boyce, Citizen & vintner, St. Laurence Poultney, London  AA/V/H/97/7/174v  3 May 1743

James Browne, Victualler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/175  3 May 1743

Susanna Amhurst, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/176v  19 May 1743

John Henham, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/178  1 June 1743

Edward Varnal, Servant, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/180  10 June 1743

Eleanor Wotton, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/180v  5 July 1743

Henry Cox, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/181  28 July 1743

Elizabeth Lane, Crackenhill, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/182v  13 Aug. 1743

George Busse, Farmer, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/184  19 Aug. 1743

William Wendover, Carpenter H.M.S. "Stirling Castle", Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/185  26 Sept. 1743

John Dance, Bricklayer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/186v  25 Oct. 1743

David Marsh, Victualler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/187v  29 Oct. 1743

Robert Jessup, Yeoman, Leigh, Tunbridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/188  31 Oct. 1743

Ann Newman, Widow, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/189v  2 Nov. 1743

Margaret Fox, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/190v  3 Nov. 1743

Adam Funnell, the elder, Butcher, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/192  7 Nov. 1743

Richard Marsh, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/193  10 Nov. 1743

Mary Smith, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/194  29 Dec. 1743

John Sutton, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/194v  4 Jan. 1743/4

Stephen Flood, House carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/196v  18 Jan. 1743/4

Mary Andrews, Gentlewoman, St. James, Westminster Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/197  18 Jan. 1743/4

Richard Denham, Yeoman, Chipsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/198  10 Feb. 1743/4

Edward Pearshouse, Coffee man, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/7/199  24 Feb. 1743/4

William Richardson, Blacksmith, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/200  7 Mar. 1743/4

William Gamman, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/201  10 Mar. 1743/4

Thomas Braden, Lighterman, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/7/204v  31 Mar. 1744

Thomas Johnson, Butcher, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/205  10 May 1744

John Johnson, Butcher, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/207  16 May 1744

John Wall, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/7/208v  18 May 1744

Esther Curteis, Wife of the rector of Wrotham, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/209v  23 May 1744

William Curteis, Doctor in Physick, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/211  23 May 1744

Ann Marvell, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/213  31 May 1744

Charles Vere, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/213v  25 June 1744

Thomas Mills, Cordwainer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/214  3 July 1744

Alice Dann, Wife of William Dann, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/215  3 July 1744

Catherine Dagley, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/216  9 July 1744

John Bayley, Citizen & poulterer, Leadenhall Market, London  AA/V/H/97/7/216v  25 July 1744

Edward Dalton, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/217v  1 Aug. 1744

George Rich, Tanner, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/218v  1 Aug. 1744

John Westmore, Husbandman, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/219v  24 Sept. 1744

George Small, Hoopshaver, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/220v  25 Sept. 1744

Richard Homewood, Yeoman, Charlwood  AA/V/H/97/7/221v  2 Oct. 1744

Richard Jessup, the elder, Wheelwright, Eysnford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/223  8 Oct. 1744

Elizabeth Tapley, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/225  8 Oct. 1744

Elizabeth Baldwin, Single woman, Broadfields, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/226  23 Oct. 1744

Rebeccah Adams, Widow, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/227  3 Nov. 1744

John Cockett, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/228  13 Nov. 1744

John Pritty, Fruiterer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/229  21 Nov. 1744

William Bryan, Gentleman, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/230  7 Dec. 1744

Anne Dennis, Widow, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/231  18 Dec. 1744

William Trevett, Chapman, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/232  24 Dec. 1744/5

Samuel Edwards, Tailor, St. Michaels, Wood Street, London  AA/V/H/97/7/232v  11 Feb. 1744/5

John Taylor, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/233v  12 Feb. 1744/5

Elizabeth Elks, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/234v  16 Feb. 1744/5

Robert Elks, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/235v  16 Feb. 1744/5

Sarah Jackson, Widow of Nathaniel Jackson, weaver, Newington Butts, Southwark, London  AA/V/H/97/7/236  23 Feb. 1744/5

Thomas Campion, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/237  6 Mar. 1744/5

Ann Dormor, Widow, Plaxtol, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/238  6 Apr. 1745

Solomon Price, Citizen & fletcher, St. Dionis Backchurch, London  AA/V/H/97/7/239v  22 Apr. 1745

Ann Mace, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/240  1 May 1745

Alice Foster, Spinster, citizen and stationer, St. Mary Aldermary London  AA/V/H/97/7/241v  2 May 1745

Thomas Tigh, Baker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/242  2 May 1745

Dorothy Burnett, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/243  26 May 1745

John Bartholomew, Farmer, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/244  11 June 1745

James Cowlard, Blacksmith, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/244v  11 June 1745

James Mugridge, Cordwainer, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/245v  17 June 1745

Sarah Ward, Spinster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/248  18 June 1745

Thomas Pascall, Brickmaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/249  18 June 1745

Thomas Hammatt, the elder, Farmer, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/251  4 July 1745

John Payne, Weaver, Copthall Gates, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/252  8 July 1745

Daniel Constable, the elder, Yeoman, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/253  19 July 1745

William Brooke, Husbandman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/254v  24 July 1745

Thomas Enon, Shipwright and carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/255  26 July 1745

Thomas Cooper, Cordwainer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/257  2 Aug. 1745

Mary Oldridge otherwise Aldridge, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/258  28 Aug. 1745

John Clark, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/258v  20 Sept. 1745

Richard Morfield, Mariner, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/259  26 Sept. 1745

William Adams, Pedlar & chapman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/260  3 Oct. 1745

John Williss the elder, Hoop-shaver, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/261  22 Oct. 1745

Mary Parrot, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/262v  5 Nov. 1745

John Masterman, Waterman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/263  24 Dec. 1745

Katherine Bourn, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/264v  30 Dec. 1745

John Beckett, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/265v  22 Jan. 1745/6

John Killick, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/267v  18 Mar. 1745/6

Thomas Freeman, Tailor, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/269  20 Mar. 1745/6

William Wood, Weald Common, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/270v  27 Mar. 1746

Sirling Broadway, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/272v  30 Apr. 1746

Richard Penfold, Cordwainer, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/273v  30 Apr. 1746

Susanna Mantle, Widow of William Mantle, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/274v  1 May 1746

John Edmeades, Wheeler, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/275v  12 May 1746

Robert Pullen, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/278  15 May 1746

Joseph Glover, Victualler, Larkfield, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/279  15 May 1746

Alexander Meopham, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/279v  15 May 1746

John Moyer, Butcher, Crouch, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/282v  15 May 1746

Prudence Covell, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/284v  22 May 1746

Thomas Stonier, Barber and perukemaker, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/285v  30 May 1746

Mary Wheeler, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/287v  3 June 1746

Elizabeth Cox, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/288v  24 June 1746

Thomas Dudley, Master Smith H.M. Dockyard Chatham, Kent, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/289v  1 July 1746

Nicholas Oxley, Husbandman, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/293  26 July 1746

Roger Gribble, Mariner, Walworth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/293v  16 Aug. 1746

Benjamin Todd, Schoolmaster, St. Dionis Backchurch Lime Street, London  AA/V/H/97/7/294v  22 Aug. 1746

John Flood, Yeoman, Lidging, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/295  2 Sept. 1746

William Akest, Flaxman, Brasted, Kent. College Hill  AA/V/H/97/7/297v  19 Sept. 1746

Sarah Wallis, St. Michael's Royal, London  AA/V/H/97/7/299  24 Sept. 1746

Elizabeth Dennis, Spinster, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/300v  18 Oct. 1746

John Miller, Shipwright, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/301v  28 Oct. 1746

John Harvey, Confectioner, Tower Hill, London  AA/V/H/97/7/303  31 Oct. 1746

Barbara Crowhurst, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/303v  7 Nov. 1746

Greenwood Cheney, St. Dunstan in the East  AA/V/H/97/7/304v  17 Nov. 1746

John Groombridge, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/305  4 Nov. 1746

Hugh Hacking, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/7/306  9 Dec. 1746

William Lowin  AA/V/H/97/7/306v  11 Dec. 1746

Luce Chaplin, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/307  10 Feb. 1746/7

Henry Pigott, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/307v  26 Feb. 1746/7

Walter Brooker, Sawyer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/308v  6 Mar. 1746/7

William Dann, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/309v  7 Mar. 1746/7

John Townson, Citizen and innholder of London, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/310v  11 Mar. 1746/7

Thomas Curteis, Rector & vicar of Wrotham, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/311  11 Mar. 1746/7

Gilbert Holker, Doctor of Physick, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/313  11 Mar. 1746/7

John Simmons, the elder, Yeoman, Gillingham, Ment  AA/V/H/97/7/313v  12 Mar. 1746/7

James Mansfield, Husbandman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/317  16 Mar. 1746/7

Thomas Baker, Sadler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/318  2 Apr. 1747

Sarah Parrett, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/319v  11 Apr. 1747

Robert Welland, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/320  27 Apr. 1747

William Herbertt, Cooper, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/321  4 May 1747

Jones Hughes, Pavior, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/ [...] 322  12 May 1747

William Bachelder, Farrier, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/322v  21 July 1747

John Hawes, Clerk, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/323  12 Aug. 1747

Richard Jackson, Yeoman, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/324  15 Aug. 1747

Samuel Hawes, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/325v  12 Aug. 1747

Sarah Smith, Widow, St. Mary Aldermary  AA/V/H/97/7/328v  27 Aug. 1747

John Armstrong, Writing master, Harrow  AA/V/H/97/7/329  1 Sept. 1747

Ambrose Druitt, Gent, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/330  7 Sept. 1747

Richard Leonard, Bricklayer, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/331  10 Sept. 1747

Thomas Coppen, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/332  14 Sept. 1747

Elizabeth Linton  AA/V/H/97/7/332A  17 Sept. 1747

John Moody, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/333  18 Sept. 1747

John Porter, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/334  6 Oct. 1747

Sarah Hubble  AA/V/H/97/7/334v  12 Oct. 1747

Elizabeth Burton, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/335  27 Oct. 1747

John Pattenden, Hop Factor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/335v  30 Oct. 1747

Sarah Finch, Widow, Great Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/338v  3 Nov. 1747

Thomas Hammond, Blacksmith, Minster, Isle of Sheppey, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/339v  18 Nov. 1747

Thomas Jefferies, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/341  23 Nov. 1747

Richard Edlin, Yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/342v  25 Nov. 1747

James Rix, Bachelor, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/344  28 Nov. 1747

Thomas Diprose, Chatham  AA/V/H/97/7/345  7 Dec. 1747

John Phillips, Gillingham  AA/V/H/97/7/346  11 Dec. 1747

William Fish, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/346  16 Dec. 1747

James Bell, senior, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/348  11 Jan. 1747/8

William Burton, St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London  AA/V/H/97/7/349  11 Jan. 1747/8

John Inward, Innholder, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/350v  19 Jan. 1747/8

Mary Kinleside, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/351  21 Jan. 1747/8

Elizabeth Woods, Widow, Norwood, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/351v  26 Feb. 1747/8

Henry Finch, Yeoman, Greenhill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/352v  1 Mar. 1747/8

Richard Gilbert, Gardener, Twickenham, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/354v  24 Mar. 1747/8

Sarah Kingston, Spinster, St. Dionis Backchurch  AA/V/H/97/7/355v  14 Apr. 1748

Jeremiah Delver, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/355v  15 Apr. 1748

Gideon Farman, Master Mastmaker H.M. Dockyard, Chatham, Kent, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/357  4 May 1748

Robert Russell, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/358  9 May 1748

Solomon Willard, Victualler, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/358v  26 May 1748

Stephen Chilman, Yeoman, Roughway, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/359v  26 May 1748

Jeremiah Parker, Bricklayer, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/362  3 June 1748

Ann Eades, Widow, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/363  6 June 1748

Evan Williams, Coachman, St. Mary Whitechapel Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/364  13 June 1748

Henry Bonwick, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/364v  20 June 1748

George Palmer, Shipwright, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/366  1 July 1748

Thomas Cooper, Tailor, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/366v  1 July 1748

Robert Harman, Butcher, Chipstead, Chevening Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/367v  20 July 1748

Humphrey Baldwin, the elder, Husbandman, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/368v  20 July 1748

Elizabeth Bourne, Widow, Newdigate, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/370  25 July 1748

John Mace, Innholder, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/371v  29 July 1748

Moses Burt, Butcher, Leadenhall Market, London  AA/V/H/97/7/372  8 Aug. 1748

Thomas Smith, Shipwright, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/372v  16 Sept. 1748

Edward Golding, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/374v  17 Sept. 1748

John Orbell, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/375v  3 Oct. 1748

William Glover, Gentleman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/376v  17 Nov. 1748

Richmond Mullins, Butcher, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/379v  9 Dec. 1748

Richard Price, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/380v  13 dec. 1748

Bridgett Saltmarsh, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/381  18 Dec. 1748

Mary Leaver, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/383v  21 Dec. 1748

William King, Shoemaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/384  10 Jan. 1748/9

Richard Webb, the elder, Waterman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/384v  19 Jan. 1748/9

John Copper, Servant to Thomas Lambard, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/385v  6 Feb. 1748/9

John Niccolls, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/387v  9 Feb. 1748/9

Thomas Lewton, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/390  9 Feb. 1748/9

Henry Smith, House carpenter, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/391v  23 Feb. 1748/9

Edward Pickannoll, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/392v  11 Mar. 1748/9

Frances Westmore, Widow, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/393  14 Mar. 1748/9

Elizabeth Jenkins, Widow, St. Dionis Backchurch, London  AA/V/H/97/7/394  10 Apr. 1749

Ann Meopham, Widow, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/394v  3 May 1749

Beale Lambard, Spinster, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/7/395v  17 May 1749

Ann Armson, Widow, Cannon Street, London  AA/V/H/97/7/397  30 May 1749

Mary Druitt, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/397v  15 June 1749

Thomas Goldsmith, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/399v  22 June 1749

Mary Hill, Widow of Joseph Hill, Butcher, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/401  29 June 1749

Mary Arnold, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/401v  30 June 1749

Thomas Ellis, Yeoman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/403  30 June 1749

William Cheeseman, the elder, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/403v  10 July 1749

Mary Gravett, Widow, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/405  2 Aug. 1749

Thomas Burges, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/406  16 Aug. 1749

Thomas Stiles, Labourer, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/407  13 Sept. 1749

James Bowra, Clocksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/408  25 Sept. 1749

James Creasy, Baker, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/409  7 Oct. 1749

Elizabeth Wright, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/410v  21 Oct. 1749

Bartholomew Tegg, Baker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/411  26 Oct. 1749

John Stapleton, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/412  2 Nov. 1749

Richard Bell, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/413  6 Nov. 1749

John Boakes, Wheeler, Tonbridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/415  18 Nov. 1749

Charles West  AA/V/H/97/7/419  2 Jan 1749/50

Edward Gregory, Citizen & baker, St. Mary Bothaw  AA/V/H/97/7/419v  5 Feb. 1749/50

John Johnson, Chapman, Kent Street, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/420v  26 Feb. 1749/50

Henry Yetton, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/421  7 Mar. 1749/50

Mary Browne, Widow, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/423  30 Mar. 1750

Thomas Everest, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/425  23 Apr. 1750

William Woolley, Victualler, London  AA/V/H/97/7/426  26 Apr. 1750

Thomas Birsty, Cordwainer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/427  26 Apr. 1750

James Calverley, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/428  26 Apr. 1750

Isaac Lawton, Citizen and wheelwright, London  AA/V/H/97/7/430v  4 May 1750

Henry Street, Yeoman, West End, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/432  7 May 1750

William Creasy, Baker, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/434v  2 May 1750

John Bishop, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/437  10 May 1750

John Street, senior, Gentleman, West End, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/439v  30 May 1750

Daniel Dancer, Yeoman, Weald, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/444v  9 June 1750

Michael Brick, Wine Porter, Parish of Christchurch  AA/V/H/97/7/445v  12 June 1750

Elizabeth Readin, Spinster, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/446  5 July 1750

John Wood, Collarmaker, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/447  16 July 1750

William Lane, Farmer, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/448  17 July 1750

William Martin, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/449v  20 July 1750

Abraham Richardson, Husbandman, Welling in Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/450  4 Sept. 1750

Richard Hill, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/451v  25 Sept. 1750

Charles Gualline, Hatmaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/452  3 Oct. 1750

Mary Ellis, Widow, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/452v  8 Oct. 1750

John Morris, Servant, Hayes, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/453v  24 Oct. 1750

Henry Bourn, Fisherman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/454v  1 Nov. 1750

Joseph Kingston, Citizen & shipwright of London, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/457  5 Nov. 1750

John Johnson, Brewer, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/455v  27 Nov. 1750

Thomas Smith, Yeoman, late of Leeds, now of Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/456v  11 Dec. 1750

Samuel Leving, St. Peter's Hospital, commonly called the Fishmongers Almshouses, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/459  1 Dec. 1750

William Raw, Butcher, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/462  5 Jan. 1750/51

John Hollamby, Yeoman, Colas in Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/463  7 Jan. 1750/51

John Batman, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/464  2 Feb. 1750/51

Nicholas Roberts, Gardener, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/464v  11 Feb. 1750/51

John Archer, House carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/465v  11 Feb. 1750/51

John Beaket, Labourer, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/466  16 Feb. 1750/51

Anthony Danter, Blockmaker, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/467  19 Feb. 1750/51

William Rutter, Victualler, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/468v  25 Feb. 1750/51

John Burden, Grocer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/469v  6 Mar. 1750/51

John Cricks, Sailmaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/471v  27 Mar. 1751

Sarah Knott, Widow, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/472v  30 Mar. 1751

Richard Skelton, the elder, Butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/473  10 Apr. 1751

Thomas King, Butcher, Mersham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/474  11 Apr. 1751

Robert Cackett, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/475  15 May 1751

John Duck, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/476v  25 May 1751

Stephen Beard, Flax dresser, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/477  7 June 1751

Richard Horden, Weaver, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/478  20 June 1751

William Andrews, Shopkeeper, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/479  27 June 1751

James Bainbridge, Yeoman, Croydon  AA/V/H/97/7/479v  4 July 1751

James East, Wheelwright, Norcott, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/480  3 Aug. 1751/2

Matthew Rogers, Blacksmith, St. Mary Gray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/481  30 Aug. 1751/2

Gregory Henham, Mercer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/481v  12 Sept. 1751/2

John Howard, Shoemaker, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/482v  14 Oct. 1751/2

George Faulconer, Maltster, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/483  25 Oct. 1751/2

William Beardsworth, Shopkeeper, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/484v  11 Nov. 1751/2

Thomas Napp, St. Mary-le-Bow  AA/V/H/97/7/485v  11 Nov. 1751/2

Henry Young, Carpenter, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/486  15 Nov. 1751/2

Martha Durant, Widow, Southall Green, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/487  23 Nov. 1751/2

John Taylor, sen, Husbandman, Chiddingstone  AA/V/H/97/7/488  2 Jan. 1751/2

Edward Chiles, Gentleman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/488  20 Jan. 1752

Edward Love, House carpenter, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/489v  6 Feb. 1752

John Vallinges  AA/V/H/97/7/490  21 Feb. 1752

Walter Waller, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/490v  4 Mar. 1752

William Staples, Husbandman, Keston, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/491  20 Mar. 1752

Richard Geary, Citizen & baker, London  AA/V/H/97/7/491v  6 Apr. 1752

William Jones, Shipwright 'HMS St. George', late of Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/492  5 May 1752

Ann Muggridge, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/492v  16 May 1752

William Snapes, Servant to Mr. Rose, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/493v  25 May 1752

George Luck, Yeoman, Borough Green, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/494  15 June 1752

Elizabeth Reathurbee, Widow, London  AA/V/H/97/7/497  27 Sept. 1752

John Gisling, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/498v  19 Oct. 1752

Robert Webb, Grocer, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/500  19 Oct. 1752

Ann Staple, Spinster, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/500v  21 Oct. 1752

Julyan Stanford, Spinster, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/501  27 Oct. 1752

Eliz. Keble, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/502v  28 Oct. 1752

Eleanor Francis, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/503v  7 Nov. 1752

John Crosswell, Husbandman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/504v  28 Nov. 1752

Chris. Blighton, Gent, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/505  5 Dec. 1752

Thoms. Comber, sen, Carpenter, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/506  9 Jan. 1753

Thos. Hawkins, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/7/506v  26 Feb. 1753

Mary Camber, Spinster, St. Dionis Backchurch, London  AA/V/H/97/7/507  10 Mar. 1753

Thos. Wakelyn, Collar maker, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/507v  28 Mar. 1753

Mary Baker, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/509  5 Apr. 1753

Mary Boulton, Widow, St. Mary Newington Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/509v  11 June 1753

Thos. Harris, Victualler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/510  27 June 1753

Joseph Baxter, Schoolmaster, Pinner, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/511  7 July 1753

Thos, Brenchley, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/511v  2 Aug. 1753

Abraham Riggall, Waterman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/513v  13 Aug. 1753

John Stone, sen, Husbandman, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/514v  18 Aug. 1753

Abraham Bartholomew, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/515v  5 Sept. 1753

Wm. Orton, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/516v  12 Sept. 1753

Rich. Henn, sen, Blacksmith, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/517v  22 Sept. 1753

John Merrit, jun, Distiller, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/519  15 Nov. 1753

Geo. Fowler, Cutler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/520v  5 Dec. 1753

John Reeve, Yeoman, Chipsted, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/521  12 Dec. 1753

Gabriel Rule, Alehouse keeper, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/522  22 Feb. 1754

Eliz. Jenkins, Widow, Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/522v  2 Mar. 1754

John Evans, Citizen & barber, London  AA/V/H/97/7/523v  11 Mar. 1754

John Cole, Butcher, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/524  13 Mar. 1754

Thos. Scudder, House carpenter, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/525v  4 Apr. 1754

Love Thompson, Spinster, Whitecross St., London  AA/V/H/97/7/527v  6 Apr. 1754

Thos. Wells, jun, Farmer, Lower Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/528  11 Apr. 1754

Wm. Wood, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/528v  16 May 1754

John Lever, Victualler, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/529v  7 June 1754

Arth. Vanderkiste, Apothecary, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/530  8 June 1754

Jane Cockett, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/530v  11 June 1754

Geo. Novice, Perukemaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/532  11 June 1754

Wm. Jennings, Carpenter, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/532v  11 June 1754

Fras. Cogger, Farmer, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/533v  2 July 1754

Sam. Banister, Farmer, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/534v  23 July 1754

Wm. Savage, Innholder, Southall, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/7/536  10 Aug 1754

John Spicer, Glazier, Harrow on the Hill  AA/V/H/97/7/536v  21 Aug. 1754

Matt. Higgs, sen, Blacksmith, Weald, Harrow on the Hill  AA/V/H/97/7/537v  21 Aug. 1754

Rich. Hills, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/538  22 Aug. 1754

Martha Huddleston, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/539v  4 Sept. 1754

Rebecca Egby, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/540  9 Oct. 1754

Mary Hill, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/541  12 Oct. 1754

Thos. Collins, Sawyer, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/542  11 Dec. 1754

Rich. Morgan, Yeoman, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/543  7 Jan. 1755

Ann Tayler, Widow, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/545  7 Jan. 1755

Kath. Barber, Widow, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/546  14 Feb. 1755

Edw. Cartwright, Tailor, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/547  26 Feb. 1755

Nich. Whiting, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/548  10 Mar. 1755

Eliz. Pilton, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/549  26 Mar. 1755

Sarah Dalton, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/549  10 Apr. 1755

Mary Martin, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/551  7 May 1755

Francis Tomlinson, Wheelwright, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/552  17 May 1755

Wm. Pink, Husbandman, Down, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/552v  3 June 1755

Robt. Wallis, Glazier, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/553v  21 June 1755

Jenkin Jones, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/554  2 July 1755

Mary Hyde, Widow, Sundridge Place, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/554v  4 Sept. 1755

Rich. Stevens, Husbandman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/555v  12 Sept. 1755

Wm. Willicoine, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/556v  13 Sept. 1755

Wm. Hide, Gunner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/557v  4 Feb. 1756

Jas. Maynard, Locksmith, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/558  16 Feb. 1756

Hy. Farncomb, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/560  7 Feb. 1756

John Fleete, Caulker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/560v  20 Feb. 1756

Hannah Hayward, Spinster, St. Dionis Backchurch London  AA/V/H/97/7/561v  1 Mar. 1756

Thos. Reynolds, Chandler, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/563  3 Mar. 1756

Edw. Wickenden, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/563v  22 Mar. 1756

Augustine Pope, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/7/564v  13 Apr. 1756

Thos. Morgan, Yeoman, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/565v  7 May 1756

Thos. Taylor, Wheelwright, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/567  7 May 1756

Mary Perit, Spinster, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/567v  17 May 1756

Thos. Bishop, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/568v  21 May 1756

Ann Everest, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/570  2 July 1756

Jas. Randall, Sawyer & victualler, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/571v  7 July 1756

John Hoar, Gent, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/572v  8 July 1756

John Butler, Gardener, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/574v  2 Nov. 1756

Dan. Hodges, Sawyer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/575v  3 Jan. 1757

Wm. Tickner, Gardener, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/577  18 Jan. 1757

Benj. Hubble, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/578  13 May 1757

Thos. Jessop, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/578v  13 May 1757

Geo. Pike, Shipwright. Carpenter of 'H.M.S Vigilant', Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/579v  9 June 1757

Matthias Woodhams, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/581v  9 July 1757

Sarah Fillery, Rel. of Wm. Fillery, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/583  12 July 1757

Jas. Paine, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/583v  23 July 1757

Dorothy Bigg, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/585  8 Aug. 1757

Hy. Cownden, Shipwright, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/588  3 Sept. 1757

Wm. Pattenden, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/7/588v  13 Sept. 1757

Zachary Bourne, Plasterer, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/589  14 Sept. 1757

Jas. Hill, sen, Gent, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/7/590  9 Dec. 1757

Register of Wills  AA/V/H/97/8  1758-1808

John Ellyott or Elliott, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/1  8 Feb. 1758

Anthony Plummer, the elder, Shipwright, Gillingham  AA/V/H/97/8/1v  9 Feb. 1758

Elizabeth Reeves, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/4  8 Mar. 1758

Thomas Munn, Yeoman, Darenth, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/5  15 Mar. 1758

Thomas Lovett, Blacksmith, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/6  18 Mar. 1758

John Atherfold, Yeoman, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/6v  10 Apr. 1758

Elizabeth Caslake, Widow, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/8v  3 May 1758

Robert Reed, Carpenter, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/9v  3 May 1758

Thomas Hilder, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/10  8 May 1758

Jane Sanguineto, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/11  21 June 1758

Peter Trice, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/11v  10 July 1758

John Taylor, Yeoman, Adam's Well, West Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/12v  1 Aug. 1758

George Henn, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/14v  11 Aug. 1758

Richard Turner, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/15  20 Nov. 1758

James Cox, Husbandman, Merstham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/16  19 Dec. 1758

William King, Yeoman, Ham, Croydon  AA/V/H/97/8/17  23 Jan. 1759

John Turner, Caulker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/18v  2 May 1759

Thomas Weller, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/19  1 May 1759

Lawrence Evens, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/20  3 May 1759

Sarah Smith, Wife of Thomas Smith, butcher, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/21  17 July 1759

George Fetherston, Tailor, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/22v  18 July 1759

Thomas Smith, Servant, Croydon  AA/V/H/97/8/24  20 July 1759

Robert Sharp, Blacksmith, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/25  4 Sept. 1759

Alexander Topping, Staymaker, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/26  12 Nov. 1759

John Charman, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/26v  11 Dec. 1759

Thomas Bellingham, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/29  19 Dec. 1759

George Johnson, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/30  20 Dec. 1759

Augustine Webb, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/32  20 Dec. 1759

Michael Wood, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/32v  31 Dec. 1759

Richard Lubton, Sawyer, St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London  AA/V/H/97/8/33v  5 Feb. 1760

Jane Wood, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/34  8 Feb. 1760

Thorp Brown, Shopkeeper, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/35  26 Mar. 1760

Wm. Warren, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/35v  12 May 1760

Thos. Piper, Carpenter, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/37  17 May 1760

John Ward, Carpenter, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/38  17 May 1760

Jas. Nightingale, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/39  1 July 1760

Thos. Larkin, Yeoman, late of W. Peckham; now of E. Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/40  7 July 1760

John Strutfield, Husbandman, E. Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/42v  11 July 1760

Eliz. Lewton, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/44v  8 Aug. 1760

Sarah Roffey, Widow, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/45v  2 Sept. 1760

Wm. Taylor, Carpenter, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/46v  10 Sept. 1760

Jas. Sigston, Yeoman, Newhith, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/48v  11 Oct. 1760

Henry Paul, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/49  6 Nov. 1760

John Tompkins, Brasier, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/50v  11 Nov. 1760

Chas. Potten, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/51  20 Dec. 1760

Hannah Stevenson, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/51v  1 Jan. 1761

Thos. Ensor, Mealman & chandler, Northcote, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/53  2 Jan. 1761

Eliz. Kerver alias Kervell alias Karver, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/54  12 Jan. 1761

John Haythorne, Husbandman, late of Croydon, now of Dulwich, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/55  23 Jan. 1761

Rich. Venner, Yeoman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/56  6 Mar. 1761

Admon. for the benefit of minors

Geo. Hinton, Gent, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/58  6 Mar. 1761

Joseph Marten, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/58v  24 Apr. 1761

Affia Taylor, Widow, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/59v  24 Apr. 1761

Eliz. Seamor, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/60v  27 Apr. 1761

John Rolf, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/61v  18 May 1761

Eleanor Ellens, Widow of Wm. Ellens, barber, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/62v  12 June 1761

Wm. Downer, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/63  24 June 1761

Edw. Muddle, sen, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/64  2 July 1761

Eliz. Downer, Widow of Wm. Downer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/66v  2 July 1761

Wm. Clagget, Quarter gunner of Upnor Castle, Kent, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/67v  13 Aug. 1761

Wm. Hards, Husbandman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/68  29 Aug. 1761

Robt. Filmer, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/69v  19 Sept. 1761

Jacob Cresfield, Shopkeeper, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/70v  20 Oct. 1761

John Williams, Gardener, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/71v  18 Nov. 1761

Wm. Thompson, Victualler, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/72  23 Nov. 1761

John Piggott, Husbandman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/73  9 Dec. 1761

John Taylor, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/74  10 Dec. 1761

John Jeffaries, Chatham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/75  10 Dec. 1761

John Whiting, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/75v  7 Jan. 1762

Mary Fullman, Spinster, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/77  19 Jan. 1762

John Carter, Newsman, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/78  17 Feb. 1762

Wm. Giles, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/78v  15 Apr. 1762

Wm. Dann, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/79v  21 Apr. 1762

William Philips, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/82  17 May 1762

Ann Riverse, Spinster, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/83  18 May 1762

Ann Lane, Widow, Harrow Weald, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/84  18 May 1762

Eliz. Staple, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/85  2 May 1762

Robert Naybours, Bell Yard, Gracechurch Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/85  23 May 1762

Hannah Franklin, Widow, Weald Heath, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/87  21 May 1762

David Whiffin, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/87v  18 June 1762

Thomas Humphrey, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/89v  7 July 1762

Richard Evens otherwise Evans, Victualler, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/90v  25 Aug. 1762

William Pickman, Ropemaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/91v  1 Sept. 1762

Mary Golder, Widow, Southall in Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/92  22 Sept. 1762

James Cox, Yeoman, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/93  29 Sept. 1762

Richard Cooper, Rigger, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/93v  5 Nov. 1762

Thomas Gamball, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/94v  11 Nov. 1762

John Pinfold, Shipwright & victualler, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/97  23 Dec. 1762

John Tomlyn, Yeoman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/97v  3 Jan. 1763

John Saxby, the elder, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/99  13 Jan. 1763

Thomas Ambler, Chimney sweeper, Well Court, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/8/102  9 Feb. 1763

Richard Pike, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/103  14 Feb. 1763

James Car, Yeoman, Lambeth  AA/V/H/97/8/103  16 Feb. 1763

Samuel Trigg, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/104v  1 Mar. 1763

William Green, Orpington (late of Shoreham), Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/105  7 Mar. 1763

Robert Peirce, Butcher, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/106  11 Mar. 1763

Richard Fenner, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/107  11 Mar. 1763

Thomas Wickham, Husbandman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/108v  6 July 1763

Robert Friend, Waterman & lighterman, Lower Thames Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/109v  21 July 1763

William Squire, Boxmaker, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/8/110  23 July 1763

John Adams, Collier, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/111  19 Oct. 1763

Thomas Mellen, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/111v  22 Dec. 1763

Mary Stroud, Widow, Gracechurch Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/112  11 Jan. 1764

William Misterton, Victualler, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/113  6 Feb. 1764

John Berrill, Caulker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/113v  6 Feb. 1764

Stephen Colgate, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/115  14 Feb. 1764

Henry Ezard, Cordwainer, Hayes, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/116v  9 Mar. 1764

John Edlin, Gentleman, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/117v  29 May 1764

William Quentery, House carpenter, Weald in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/119  11 June 1764

John Wray, sen, Husbandman, E. Malling  AA/V/H/97/8/120v  18 June 1764

Ann Gomb, Wife of James Gomb, butcher, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/120v  18 June 1764

James Furner, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/122  22 June 1764

Mary Deake, Spinster, St. Pancras, Soper Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/8/122v  19 July 1764

Thomasin Adgate, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/123v  28 June 1764

Edward Round, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/125  1 Aug. 1764

Thomas de Harcourt otherwise Gardner, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/126v  6 Aug. 1764

George May, Victualler, Farningham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/129  15 Sept. 1764

William Holliday, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/130  28 Sept. 1764

William Ingram, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/130v  29 Sept. 1764

Joseph Marlen, St. James, Grain  AA/V/H/97/8/132  11 Oct. 1764

John Killick, Gardener, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/132v  16 Nov. 1764

Humphrey Burroughs, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/133v  26 Nov. 1764

Benjamin Round, Yeoman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/135  4 Dec. 1764

William How, Victualler, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/136v  11 Dec. 1764

George Dann, Sen, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/137v  19 Dec. 1764

Thomas Fletcher, Plasterer, St. Vedast Foster Lane London  AA/V/H/97/8/141  26 Dec. 1764

Samuel Barrett, Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/141  9 Jan. 1765

Ann Abraham, Spinster, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/141v  11 Jan. 1765

Martha Bucknell, Baker, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/143v  25 Jan. 1765

William Daniel, Master gunner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/144  7 Mar. 1765

Isaac Hatch, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/144v  21 Mar. 1765

Mary Lover, Yeoman, Chipstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/146  15 May. 1765

Thomas Cornes, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/147v  4 June 1765

Joseph Plucknett, Publican, Thames Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/148  11 June 1765

Elizabeth Fowle, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/148v  20 Aug. 1765

William Oliver  AA/V/H/97/8/149  24 Aug. 1765

William Stevens, Labourer, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/150  30 Aug. 1765

John Gomston, Stationer, Portugal Street, St. James  AA/V/H/97/8/150v  1 Oct. 1765

Susannah Brannes otherwise Branes, Widow, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/151v  2 Oct. 1765

John Smart, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/152v  5 Nov. 1765

John Fuller, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/154  7 Nov. 1765

John Andrews, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/154v  26 Nov. 1765

Henry Allchin, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/155v  5 Dec. 1765

Rich. Bradfield, Blacksmith, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/156  16 Dec. 1765

Mary Higden, Widow, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/8/157  30 Dec. 1765

Mich. Booth, Cooper, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/157v  16 Jan. 1765

Thos. Rich, Bargeman, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/158v  29 Jan. 1766

Keziah Gulliford, Servant, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/159  12 Feb. 1766

Ann Bramley, Widow, E. Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/159v  7 Mar. 1766

Thos. Martin, Mariner, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/160v  7 Mar. 1766

Eliz. Mellin, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/162v  19 Mar. 1766

Hump. Baldwin, Husbandman, Heavy Hatch, Ightham Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/163v  23 Apr. 1766

John Sugers, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/165  10 May 1766

Martha Killick, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/165v  22 May 1766

Wm. Moody, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/166v  10 June 1766

Wm. Oliver alias Oliver Wm. Nale, Gardener, Brompton, Gillingham  AA/V/H/97/8/167  5 July 1766

Mary Nobbs, Widow & victualler, Kent Street, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/167v  25 July 1766

Thos. Wood, St. James', Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/168v  14 Aug. 1766

Benj. Fielder, Butcher, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/169v  2 Sept. 1766

Sarah Mailen, St. James', Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/170  15 Sept. 1766

Rich. Songgest, Husbandman, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/171  26 Sept. 1766

Wm. Cowper, Broker, Blackman Street, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/171v  26 Sept. 1766

Thos. Butcher, Yeoman, Penshurst Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/172  3 Nov. 1766

John Sear, Widower, Kings Head Court, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/8/173  8 Nov. 1766

John Hall, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/173v  13 Dec. 1766

Wm. Gregory, Surgeon, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/174  26 Dec. 1766

John Springett, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/175  7 Jan. 1767

Wm. Kipps, Glover & breeches maker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/176  21 Jan. 1767

Thos. Holyday, Bricklayer, Croydon Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/177  28 Jan. 1767

Susannah Hatt, St. Mary Newington  AA/V/H/97/8/177v  3 Feb. 1767

Wm. Morgan, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/178  2 Mar. 1767

James Eastland, sen, Yeoman, Cheam, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/178v  18 Mar. 1767

Nathaniel Taylor, Victualler, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/179v  13 Apr. 1767

John Gaeel, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/180  23 Apr. 1767

Lydia Canell, News carrier, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/180v  2 May. 1767

Robert Curtis, Brick burner, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/181  22 July 1767

John Bliss, Bricklayer, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/181v  5 Aug. 1767

Francis Gostling, Collarmaker, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/182v  6 Aug. 1767

Thomas Carman, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/183  10 Aug. 1767

William Blundell, Gent, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/184  25 Aug. 1767

Elizabeth Greatrex, Widow, Norwood Green, Southall, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/186  29 Aug. 1767

Richard Younger, Bricklayer, Woolwich, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/186v  11 Sept. 1767

George Hartley, Tailor, St. Mary's Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/187  6 Nov. 1767

Thomas Pollard, Butcher, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/187v  16 Nov. 1767

Sarah Cartwright, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/189  27 Nov. 1767

Hugh Hurlbatt, Carpenter, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/190  25 Feb. 1768

Mary Curd, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/190v  25 Feb. 1768

William Bodnum, Gunner, H.M.S. 'Hero'  AA/V/H/97/8/191  11 Mar. 1768

James Marshall, Labourer, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/192  9 Apr. 1768

William Soane, Husbandman, Coombe in Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/192v  08 July 1768

Thomas Hoath, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/193v  14 July 1768

William Hoare, Yeoman, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/194  15 July 1768

Samuel Boocock, Mercer, Cheapside, London  AA/V/H/97/8/195v  21 July 1768

James Preston, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/196  30 Sept. 1768

James Newbolt, Farrier, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/196v  15 Oct. 1768

Elizabeth Sissell, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/197v  27 Oct. 1768

Richard Pidgeon, Shipwright, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/198  1 Nov. 1768

Elizabeth Theobalds, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/199v  12 Nov. 1768

Elizabeth Ebbs, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/200v  9 Jan. 1769

Francis Hunt, Husbandman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/201v  10 Jan. 1769

John Walker, Cooper, St. Mary Aldermary, London  AA/V/H/97/8/202  12 Jan. 1769

George Tichiner, Husbandman, Orpington, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/202v  20 Jan. 1769

Thomas Wooden, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/203v  25 Feb. 1769

John Mitchell, Victualler, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/204v  6 Mar. 1769

John Cronk, Farmer, Oldbury Hill in Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/205v  8 Mar. 1769

Henry Notley, Shoemaker, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/207  17 Mar. 1769

Mary Overy, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/207v  9 May. 1769

Edward Gisling, Husbandman, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/208v  8 Apr. 1769

Richard Moore, Bricklayer, Merstham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/210  26 May 1769

Daniel Marlen, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/211  1 Aug. 1769

Henry Terry, Cordwainer, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/211v  30 Aug. 1769

Robert Cockril, Farmer, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/212v  4 Oct. 1769

John Wise, Yeoman, Lidsing, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/213v  18 Oct. 1769

John Bucknell, Baker, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/214v  24 Oct. 1769

Isaac Freeman, jun, Victualler, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/215  1 Nov. 1769

James Older, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/215v  9 Nov. 1769

Mary Webb, Widow, St. Dunstan in the East, London  AA/V/H/97/8/217  29 Nov. 1769

Robert Symonds, Victualler, Crayford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/217v  7 Dec. 1769

Sarah Axtell, Widow, Waddon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/218  8 Jan. 1770

Jane March, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/219v  11 Jan. 1770

Benjamin Dransfield, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/220  1 Mar. 1770

Ann Snelling, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/221  20 Mar. 1770

Nicodemus Turner, Yeoman, East Farley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/222  22 Aug. 1770

William Packham, Cordwainer, Plaxtol in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/222v  11 Sept. 1770

John Ridley, Yeoman, Burstow, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/223v  21 Nov. 1770

William Plaw, Yeoman, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/224  7 Jan. 1771

Richard Gates, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/225  7 Feb. 1771

John Burgis, Butcher, Plaxtol, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/226v  7 Feb. 1771

Elizabeth Meed, Widow, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/227v  22 Feb. 1771

Elizabeth Jones, Widow, Otford  AA/V/H/97/8/228v  5 Mar. 1771

Sarah Strand, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/228v  8 Mar. 1771

John Ellis, Butcher, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/230  22 Mar. 1771

Martha Beet, Widow, Hever, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/231  2 Apr. 1771

John Waterman, Victualler, Larkfield, E. Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/231v  8 Apr. 1771

William Lover, Yeoman, late of Chevening, Kent, now of Sundridge  AA/V/H/97/8/232v  20 Apr. 1771

William Gilbert, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/233v  1 May 1771

Nicholas Elliott, Husbandman, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/235  18 May 1771

William Peirce, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/236  27 May 1771

Alexander Booke, Wheelwright, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/236v  29 May 1771

Richard Small, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/237v  30 May 1771

Richard Blundell, Victualler, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/238  20 June 1771

Elizabeth Older, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/239  2 July 1771

Mary Olliver, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/240  11 July 1771

Benjamin Avery, Victualler, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/241  24 July 1771

John Jenkins, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/241v  29 July 1771

Mary Scott, Widow, Walworth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/242  10 Sept. 1771

Thomas Wilds, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/242v  9 Oct. 1771

John Taylor, Drysalter, Dowgate, London  AA/V/H/97/8/243v  22 Oct. 1771

John Masterman, Butcher, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/244  25 Oct. 1771

Thomas Chantler, Shopkeeper, Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/245v  24 Dec. 1771

Henry Couchman, Carpenter, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/246  8 Jan. 1772

Swift Kirby, Baker, Wimbledon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/247  10 Jan. 1772

John Price, Parish clerk & schoolmaster, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/247v  11 Feb. 1772

William Clifford, Husbandman, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/248  6 May 1772

John Freeman, Yeoman, East Peckham  AA/V/H/97/8/249v  22 May 1772

George Anderson, Aldenham, Herts  AA/V/H/97/8/250v  26 Aug. 1772

James Taylor, Servant, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/251  5 Sept. 1772

Richard Grace, Victualler, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/8/251v  21 Sept. 1772

James Higgins, Shipwright, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/252  22 Sept. 1772

John Broad, Yeoman, Plaxtol in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/253  16 Oct. 1772

Elizabeth Stone, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/254v  9 Nov. 1772

William Phelps, Gardener, Walworth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/255v  23 Nov. 1772

Marie Malleau  AA/V/H/97/8/256v  5 Feb. 1773

Benjamin Richbell, Victualler, East Horsley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/257  16 Mar. 1773

Walter Crittenden, Victualler, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/257v  2 Apr. 1773

Thomas Webb, Farmer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/258  6 Apr. 1773

Mary Bey, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/259  19 Apr. 1773

Henry Stickings, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/260  23 Apr. 1773

Christopher Rose, Ball Alley, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/261  22 May 1773

Sarah Snelling, Widow, Croydon  AA/V/H/97/8/261v  9 July 1773

Benjamin Burgess, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London  AA/V/H/97/8/262  21 Sept. 1773

Thomas Pain, Carpenter, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/262v  28 Oct. 1773

Samuel Herbert, Victualler, St. Mary Newington, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/264  29 Nov. 1773

John Feldwick, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/264v  18 Dec. 1773

George Plaistow, "Patingmaker", Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/265  18 Dec. 1773

William Seagars, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/265v  19 Jan. 1774

Thomas Thornton, Yeoman, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/266  1 Mar. 1774

Thomas Hughson, Servant, Wimbledon  AA/V/H/97/8/267  3 Mar. 1774

Thomas Warde, Blacksmith, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/267v  9 Mar. 1774

John Brown, Carpenter, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/268  31 Mar. 1774

Thomas Stephens, Linen draper, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/270  1 Apr. 1774

Ann Marsh, Widow, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/272  2 Apr. 1774

Anna Searle, Widow, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/272v  20 Apr. 1774

Thomas Knell  AA/V/H/97/8/273  26 May 1774

William Hall, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/274  10 June 1774

John Ingram, Watchmaker, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/274v  11 June 1774

Thomas Pankhurst, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/276  14 June 1774

Ann Smith, Widow, Crouch in St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/276v  23 June 1774

William Waters, Victualler, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/277v  2 Aug. 1774

Susanna Allchin, Widow, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/278  29 Oct. 1774

John Nightingall, Yeoman, Charlwood, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/279  15 Nov. 1774

William Meager, the elder, Husbandman, Shirley, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/280v  10 Dec. 1774

William Bowhay alias Broad, Husbandman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/281  13 Dec. 1774

Martha Johnson, Widow, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/281v  2 Mar. 1775

Thomas Bridle, Rigger, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/282  9 Mar. 1775

John Driver, Cornchandler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/283  15 Mar. 1775

Daniel Mills, Rigger, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/284  28 Mar. 1775

Elizabeth Eagles, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/284v  29 Mar. 1775

Sarah Cackett, Widow, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/285v  26 June 1775

Frances Cartwright, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/287v  24 Aug. 1775

Elizabeth Finch, Married woman, Pinner, Middx  AA/V/H/97/8/289  7 Oct. 1775

William Chandler, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/290  28 Oct. 1775

Francis Randall, Farmer, Dibden, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/8/290v  29 Nov. 1775

Mary Mann, Widow, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/291v  13 Dec. 1775

George Hills, Plaxtol in Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/292v  21 Dec. 1775

Margery Pattenden, Widow, Mortlake, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/293  6 Jan. 1776

Ann Knight, Widow, Pancherst in Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/294  29 Mar. 1776

Thomas Packman, Yeoman, Knockholt, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/295  28 Sept. 1776

William Allen, St. Mary le Bow, London  AA/V/H/97/8/295v  15 Nov. 1776

Henry Stone, St. Michael, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/8/296  14 Feb. 1777

Henry Streatfield, Baker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/297  26 Feb. 1777

Walter Smallwood, Shipwright, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/297v  15 May 1777

John Harris, Schoolmaster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/298v  27 May 1777

Elizabeth Wingfield, Widow, Peckham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/299  17 Oct. 1777

Mary Austen, Spinster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/299v  18 Nov. 1777

James Stephenson, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/300  18 Nov. 1777

Elizabeth Walker, Widow, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/301  12 Dec. 1777

William Cobb, Roxeth in Harrow, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/301v  20 Jan. 1778

Walter Gooding, Husbandman, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/302  22 Apr. 1778

Mary Feaverstone, Widow, East Peckham, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/303  16 June 1778

William Spatchurst, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/304  17 June 1778

William Jennis, Ship's carpenter, H.M.S. Royal Sovereign  AA/V/H/97/8/306v  26 June 1778

Ann Amherst, Spinster, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/307  28 July 1778

Richard Thomas, Gardener, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/308  31 Aug. 1778

James Gouge, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/308v  25 Sept. 1778

Robert Ellis, the elder, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/310v  17 Feb. 1779

Mary Younger, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/313  19 Feb. 1779

Edward Merril, Distiller, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/313v  17 May 1779

Stephen Bromley, Shopkeeper, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/315  4 June 1779

John Hards, Husbandman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/316v  9 July 1779

Elizabeth Beal, Married woman, East Farleigh  AA/V/H/97/8/318  2 Aug. 1779

Sarah Sugars, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/319  23 Aug. 1779

Thomas Salmon, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/320  12 Feb. 1780

James Summerton, Husbandman, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/320v  30 Mar. 1780

John Nettlefold, Cordwainer, Chipsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/322  8 July 1780

Elizabeth Blundell, Widow, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/322v  27 July 1780

John Green, Wheelwright, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/324  8 Aug. 1780

As AA/V/H/97/8/324 (registered again)  AA/V/H/97/8/325  [n.d.]

Ann Corker, Married woman, Crooked Lane, London  AA/V/H/97/8/325v  7 Sept. 1780

Thomas Margetts, Poor Brother of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity Croydon, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/326v  9 Sept. 1780

Richard Sutherden, Collar maker, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/327v  2 Nov. 1780

James Crossley, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/328v  12 Feb. 1781

Sarah Hodges, Widow, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/329v  12 July 1781

William Munn, Farmer, Darent, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/330v  27 July 1781

William Martin, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/331v  14 Aug. 1781

Elizabeth Comber, Spinster, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/333  19 Sept. 1781

Mary Hollomby, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/333v  4 Oct. 1781

Benjamin Cork, Farmer, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/334  18 May 1782

David Challand, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/335v  25 May 1782

William Hunt, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/335v  24 June 1782

John Hinch, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/336v  8 Aug. 1782

William Gibson, Bricklayer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/337v  20 Sept. 1782

Joseph Gunner, Innholder, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/338v  8 Nov. 1782

James Pack, Gentleman, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/339  8 Mar. 1783

Isaac Roffey, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/341  12 May 1783

Thomas Markby, Victualler & barber, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/342  3 July 1783

John Day, Yeoman, Hunton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/343v  4 Oct. 1783

Susan Pound, Putney, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/346  24 Oct. 1783

David Crittall, Husbandman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/347  3 Nov. 1783

John Lezeir, Barber & perukemaker, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/348  18 Nov. 1783

Jane Pike, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/349v  19 Dec. 1783

Stephen Allen, Farmer, Halstead, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/350  17 Mar. 1784

John Fowle, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/351  24 Mar. 1784

Robert Sharp, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/352  3 Apr. 1784

Andrew Day, Yeoman, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/353  21 May 1784

Thomas White, Gentleman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/354v  12 Nov. 1784

Mary Boakes, Widow, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/356  12 Mar. 1785

John Elliott, Miller, Chipsted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/357  21 Apr. 1785

Henry Rice, Downe, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/358  27 May 1785

Thomas Woodgate, sen, Husbandman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/358  2 Aug. 1785

James Hawley, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/359v  6 Aug. 1785

Ann May, Pinner, Mddx  AA/V/H/97/8/360  7 Nov. 1785

Samuel London the elder, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/360v  8 Feb. 1786

Mary Meret, Widow, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/363  2 Mar. 1786

John Small, Yeoman, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/364  4 Apr. 1786

Robert Nightingale, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/366  12 June 1787

Mary Crouk, Widow, shopkeeper, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/367  26 June 1787

Richard Wheatly, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/368  24 Sept. 1787

Thomas Burr, Glazier, plumber, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/369v  31 Oct. 1787

Elizabeth Relph, Spinster, E. Farleigh  AA/V/H/97/8/371v  19 Apr. 1788

Richard Loveland, Miller, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/373  6 June 1788

Robert Edwards, Yeoman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/373v  7 July 1788

William Hubble, Wheelwright, St. Mary Cray, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/378v  24 July 1788

John Pattenden, sen, Butcher, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/379v  13 Jan. 1789

Joseph Shelly, Shopkeeper, Otford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/381  6 Mar. 1789

Zebulon Leigh, Gentleman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/383  8 Apr. 1789

Thomas Bellingham, Yeoman, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/384  8 June 1789

Thomas Turner, Baker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/386  8 June 1789

George Smith, Farmer, Woodside, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/388v  13 June 1789

Mary White, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/389v  17 June 1789

Thomas French, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/391  1 July 1789

Francis Allingham, Farmer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/392  17 July 1789

John Wells, Yeoman, Brasted, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/393  12 Dec. 1789

John Bell, Farmer, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/394  19 Jan. 1790

Thomas Garnet Stoneham, Gentleman, Chipsted, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/395  10 Mar. 1790

William Rawlisson, Butcher, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/397v  10 Mar. 1790

Ann Gosling, Spinster, East Malling Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/399  30 July 1790

Richard Heaver, Brickmaker, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/400  23 Sept. 1791

George Bagfield, Butcher, Idle Hill in Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/400v  30 Sept. 1791

William Bennett, Weaver, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/402  31 May 1792

John Towner, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/402v  3 Nov. 1792

William Taylor, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/403  29 Dec. 1792

John Kennard, Yeoman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/404v  2 Jan. 1793

Henry Sudweeks, Yeoman, St. James, Isle of Grain, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/405v  1 Mar. 1793

Sarah Hubble, Widow, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/407v  2 Jan. 1794

Mary Capon, Spinster, Shoreham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/409  6 Mar. 1794

Michael Panck, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/410  6 Mar. 1794

John Mantle, Scavelman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/410v  25 Feb. 1795

John French, Pattenmaker, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/412  16 May 1795

Joseph Mellin, Shipwright, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/413  16 May 1795

John Giles, Yeoman, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/414  1 Feb. 1796

William Sheppard, Blacksmith, Larkfield, East Malling, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/415  23 Mar. 1796

Timothy Tanner, Tailor, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/415v  8 Aug. 1796

Thomas Bishop, Husbandman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/416v  9 Aug. 1796

Molly Mellin, Widow, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/419  22 June 1797

George Tidd, the elder, Caulker, H.M.S. Yard, Chatham, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/420  19 Dec. 1797

James Blackwell, Bricklayer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/421  6 Mar. 1798

Ivett Pankhurst, Shipwright, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/422  27 Apr. 1798

Margaret Bartlet, Widow, Kent Street, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/423  16 June 1798

Thomas Trier, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/423v  4 Sept. 1798

William Smith, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/424v  12 Oct. 1798

Josiah Ranger, Carpenter, Bessel Green, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/425v  4 Feb. 1799

Thomas Lynds, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/426  12 Apr. 1799

William Hughes, Schoolmaster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/427v  9 May 1799

Robert Smith, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/428  2 Aug. 1799

Ann Streetly, Spinster, Bexley, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/428v  4 Oct. 1799

John Oliver, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/429  4 Jan. 1800

Edward Ward, Victualler, Single Well in Ifield Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/429v  21 Apr. 1800

Robert Chester, Labourer, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/430v  15 Oct. 1800

Elizabeth Young, Widow, Manor Row, Walworth, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/431v  19 Dec. 1800

Henry Nordish, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/432  31 Dec. 1800

William Stevens, Innkeeper, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/434  17 Jan. 1801

Thomas Eltom, Maltster, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/435v  19 Feb. 1801

William Hubble, Yeoman, Chevening, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/436v  12 June 1801

Richard Beverstock, Gentleman, Mortlake, Surrey, late of Walton-on-Thames  AA/V/H/97/8/439  20 May 1801

Thomas Pett, Turner, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/442v  10 July 1801

David Hunt, Yeoman, Meopham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/444v  6 Aug. 1801

Thomas Clark, Shipwright, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/445  17 Mar. 1802

George Agate, Gardener, Croydon, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/8/446v  10 May 1802

John Beale, Farmer, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/447v  19 May 1802

William Field, Butcher, Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/448  22 June 1802

Margaret Jackson, Widow, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/449  26 July 1802

James Lewis, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/450v  10 Jan. 1803

Mary Archer, Widow, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/451  28 Apr. 1803

John Alchin, Husbandman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/453  18 Aug. 1803

John Knight, sen, Blacksmith, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/454  27 Aug. 1803

Thomas Mearns, Carpenter, H.M.S. Temeraire now living Brompton, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/455  25 July 1804

Mary Austen, Shopkeeper, widow, East. Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/455v  5 Dec. 1804

Lucy Towner, Widow, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/456v  12 Dec. 1804

John Maddocks, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/457v  23 Feb. 1805

Thomas Older, Yeoman, Hale Oak in Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/459v  11 Dec. 1805

Richard Jacob, Yeoman, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/461v  14 June 1806

Samuel Peckham, Butcher, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/464  9 Oct. 1806

Thomas Martin, Husbandman, East Peckham  AA/V/H/97/8/465  19 Nov. 1806

Thomas Kennard, Farmer, East Earleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/465v  4 Jan. 1807

Richard Woodhams, Yeoman, Penshurst, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/467  11 May 1808

Samuel Mercer, Gentleman, East Farleigh, Kent  AA/V/H/97/8/468  16 Dec. 1808

Register of Wills: Croydon and Shoreham  AA/V/H/97/9  1809-1841

Mary Hadden, Widow, Eynsford, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/1  11 Mar. 1809

John Hawley, Farmer, Ightham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/1  16 May 1809

Richard Morgan, Wheelwright, Sevenoaks  AA/V/H/97/9/2  21 June 1809

Edward Beaumont, Yeoman, Liding otherwise Lydyng, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/4  7 Aug. 1809

John Ashley, Plumber & glazier, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/4  2 Aug. 1809

Benjamin Tapsell, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/5  15 May 1810

John Long, Yeoman, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/6  16 Nov. 1810

Mary Smith, Widow, Kennington Lane, Lambeth  AA/V/H/97/9/12  9 Mar. 1811

William Humphrey, Innholder, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/13  9 Mar. 1811

William Deane, Yeoman, Crouch, Wrotham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/13  6 Mar. 1812

Samuel Randell, Gardener, Barnes, Surrey  AA/V/H/97/9/15  19 Oct. 1812

Thomas Ware, Farmer, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/16  9 Oct. 1813

Henry Eagleton, Tailor, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/17  4 Mar. 1816

Daniel Gray, Labourer, Northfleet, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/18  20 Aug. 1816

Stephen Craddock, Labourer, East Peckham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/19  15 Nov. 1817

Thomas Wells, Husbandman, Cowden, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/19  24 Nov. 1818

George Lock, Gentleman, Sevenoaks, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/20  5 Jan. 1819

Mary Tracy, Widow, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/22  10 Sept. 1821

Henry Leigh, Innkeeper, Chiddingstone, Kent  AA/V/H/97/9/24  4 May 1841

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