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Covering dates 12th century - date
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent 9 Sub-fond collections

Folder icon  EDUCATION  W.Temple 20  Nov 1942-30 June 1943

These documents are held at Lambeth Palace Library

390 ff.

Papers relating to the educational policies of the Church of England and the forthcoming Education Bill, including criticism of the National Society's 'Interim Report on the Dual System' and letters and papers on the applicability of the Scottish Education Act for England and Wales. Includes a copy of the National Society's report with an explanatory note (ff. 4-8); a reprint on 'Religion and National Life' from The Times for 17 February 1940 (f. 39); a published copy of the joint statement of Christain belief by Archbishop Temple and John Seldon Whale, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council (ff. 91-2); papers relating to a proposed course on the appreciation of architecture (ff. 118-23, 340-2); a copy of the Chichester Diocesan Gazette, vol. 20, for December 1942 (ff. 149-50); resolutions of ruridecanal conferences; a report on a Christian education conference held at Posbury St. Francis, Crediton, Devon, on 2-19 February 1943 (ff. 278-87); a joint letter to members of the House of Commons signed by Archbishop Temple, Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York, Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London, Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams, Bishop of Durham, Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Winchester, Roy Drummond Whitehorn, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council, Melbourn Evans Aubrey, Sidney Malcolm Berry, Walter James Noble, and John Seldon Whale (f. 347); and reports of a joint deputation to the Board of Education on 6 May 1943 by the Association of Church School Managers, the Church Schools Emergency League, the Church Union, the Mothers' Union and the National Clergy Association (ff. 368-75). Correspondents include: Henry Leonard Fosbrooke, Archdeacon of Lancaster (ff. 10-11, 37); Kenneth Escott Kirk, Bishop of Oxford (ff. 12-13, 345-6); Archbishop Temple (passim); Evelyn Foley Braley, Principal of the College of the Venerable Bede, Durham (f. 16); Cyril Eastaugh (f. 17); Charles Robert Grey, 5th Earl Grey (ff. 18-21, 84-5, 132-3, 142); George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 22-3, 78-9, 314-16, 339, 344, 358, 387); Roundell Cecil Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne and Minister of Economic Warfare (ff. 26-7, 66); John Newton Mallinson, Hon. Secretary of the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education (f. 44); Arthur Rupert Browne-Wilkinson, Canon of Chichester (ff. 47-8, 109-11, 187-8), including a memorandum on 'Paragraph 8 of the Interim Report on the Dual System' (ff. 189-90); Edward George Courtman, Organizing Secretary of the National Clergy Association (ff. 50, 236), including a set of forms to be used in a petition to the Board of Education (ff. 237-41); Edward Sydney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield (f. 51); Richard Austen Butler, Minister of Education (passim); Albert Peel, editor of The Congregational Quarterly (ff. 65, 72-3); Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Baron Quickswood (f. 74); Benjamin Gregory, editor of the Methodist Recorder (ff. 83, 100, 105, 108, 128-9, 234); Edgar Francis Hall, Diocesan Director of Religious Education, Exeter (ff. 87-8); John Seldon Whale, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council (ff. 89-90, 138-9, 251-2); Lady Caroline Beatrix Bridgeman (f. 93); the National Church League (ff. 114-15); (George) Frederic Arthur Cockin, Canon of St. Paul's (f. 116); Alfred Lambert Woodard, Vice-Chairman of the National Society (ff. 134, 174, 231); Harry Duncan McGowan, 1st Baron McGowan (ff. 136-7); Edmund Audley Downes, Dean of Bocking (ff. 140-1); Robert M'Gowan Barrington-Ward, editor of The Times (f. 146); John Scott Lidgett, President of the United Methodist Church (ff. 153-4, 381); William Kemp Lowther Clarke, Editorial Secretary of the S.P.C.K. (f. 157); William Ashley-Brown (ff. 161-3); Sir Robert Edmund Martin (passim); the United Society for Christian Literature (f. 176); Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College (f. 177); Sir Walter Moberly, Chairman of the University Grants Committee (f. 178); Harold Evelyn Hubbard, Suffragan Bishop of Whitby (f. 207), enclosing a report of a conference on 'Religious Education in Secondary Schools' (ff. 208-15); A.E. Ikin, former Director of Education for Blackpool (f. 222), enclosing a copy of his 'Suggestions for a 1943 Education Act' (ff. 223-8); Lynda Grier, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (ff. 242, 257, 276), including a reprint from The Times for 20 February 1943 of a letter to the editor on the end of the 'dual system' (f. 243); Sir George Henry Gater, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies (f. 250); Robert Birley, Headmaster of the Charterhouse (ff. 268-75, 296-8, 308-12, 329); Anthony Bevir, private secretary to Prime Minister Winston Churchill (f. 300); Terry Thomas, Headmaster of Leeds Grammar School (ff. 323-6); John Victor Macmillan, Bishop of Guildford (f. 348); Michael Bruce (ff. 361-5, 384-5); Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York (f. 379); and Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (f. 380).

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