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Pickfords Tank Haulage Co. Ltd and Papers of Mr Griffith Parsonage

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Reference M380 PIC
Covering dates 1931-1970
Held by Merseyside Record Office
Extent 2 Series
Creators Pickfords Tank Haulage Co Ltd; Parsonage, Griffith fl 1913-1943, of Liverpool

Financial, Regal, records, plans, photographs etc.

Pre - World War II Records  M380 PIC/1  [n.d.]

Ledger: accounts and runs made  M380 PIC/1/1  1934-1938

Indexed; co. not identified

Statement analysis ledger  M380 PIC/1/2  1936

Co. not identified

Miscellaneous correspondence of Garlick, Burrell, Edwards  M380 PIC/1/3  1935-1938

Cartage and haulage contractors and forwarding agents mostly February/March 1937, re. Coventry

Pickfords Tank Haulage Co  [no ref. or date]

Financial  M380 PIC/2  [n.d.]

Liverpool and Manchester trading statements  M380 PIC/2/1  1959

Revenue lists  M380 PIC/2/2  1964

Revenue lists: Grangemouth  M380 PIC/2/3  1965+1967

Revenue lists: Liverpool and Manchester  M380 PIC/2/4  1965

Revenue lists: Liverpool and Manchester  M380 PIC/2/5  1966

Revenue lists: Liverpool and Manchester  M380 PIC/2/6  1967

Revenue lists: Liverpool, Manchester, Ellesmere Port and Grangemouth  M380 PIC/2/7  1968

Revenue and expense summaries  M380 PIC/2/8  1968

Trading statements  M380 PIC/2/9  1969

Revenue lists (various depots)  M380 PIC/2/10  1969

Final accounts  M380 PIC/2/11  1969-1970

Petrofina contract accounts and proposals  M380 PIC/2/12  1964-1965

Legal  M380 PIC/3  [n.d.]

Pickfords and Barium Chemicals, Widnes: Memorandum of agreement  M380 PIC/3/1  1966

Pickfords and ICI Mond Division: memorandum of agreement and correspondence (bundle)  M380 PIC/3/2  1967-1968

Pickfords and Lankroo Chemicals Ltd, Eccles  M380 PIC/3/3  1968

Fleet: Instructions/Licensing  M380 PIC/4  [n.d.]

Licensing details  M380 PIC/4/1  1958-1960

Licensing details  M380 PIC/4/2  1960-1963

Licensing details  M380 PIC/4/3  1962-1963

Fleet list: Liverpool and Manchester  M380 PIC/4/4  1963

Speed arrangement and driver costings  M380 PIC/4/5  1960

Transport Act 1968: drivers' hours, log sheets etc  M380 PIC/4/6a-b  1968-1970

2 Files

"Guide for British goods vehicle operators making journeys overseas"  M380 PIC/4/7  1969

BRS "Conditions of Carriage"  M380 PIC/4/8  nd

Printed: 2 copies

Contract hire vehicle insurance rates  M380 PIC/4/9  1970

Operating instructions, Wilsons flour tank  M380 PIC/4/10  nd

Fleet list  M380 PIC/4/11  nd

Staffing and Internal Organisation  M380 PIC/5  [n.d.]

Circulars re. staff allowances  M380 PIC/5/1  1950-1958

Establishent  M380 PIC/5/2  1952-1958

Applications for employment and personal files  M380 PIC/5/3a-d  1952-1959

4 Files

Miscellaneous personnel correspondence  M380 PIC/5/4  1952-1959

'Manual' staff: Conditions of work; establishment; re. log sheets  M380 PIC/5/5  1955-1958

Equal pay: policy and implementation  M380 PIC/5/6  1957

BRS cadet: Training scheme (Mr L Carlile)  M380 PIC/5/7  1958

Disputes etc. including Bootle (Octber-November 1960); Liverpool (1961); and Runcorn (1966)  M380 PIC/5/8  1960-1966

Contracts of Employment Act  M380 PIC/5/9  1964-1965

Productivity and incentive schemes: includes report on Productivity Agreement Project, circa 1966  M380 PIC/5/10  1966

Tank Haulage Management Committee: minutes and papers  M380 PIC/5/11  1968-1969

Management accounting review  M380 PIC/5/12  1968

Sales invoicing and other financial procedures  M380 PIC/5/13  1969

T.L.A. (?)  M380 PIC/5/14  1969

Bonuses, productivity schemes, and wall sheets  M380 PIC/5/15  1970

Letter re. Registration of Pickfords Tank Haulage as subsidiary of Pickfords  M380 PIC/5/16  1969

Unidentified list of companies in Coventry  M380 PIC/5/17  nd

External Correspondence Etc  M380 PIC/6  [n.d.]

Lancashire petrol deliveries (Urmston)  M380 PIC/6/1  1951-1958

W. A. Bridge of Hays Wharf Cartage, Smithfield, London  M380 PIC/6/2  1952-1954

Grangemouth depot: correspondence; newspaper cuttings; The Double Bond  M380 PIC/6/3  1959-1960

Midland Acid Co  M380 PIC/6/4  1963-1965

Plans  M380 PIC/7  [n.d.]

95 Great Homer Street  M380 PIC/7/1  1941

Erection of temporary roof over grinder house no. 3, following damage by enemy action

Twin containers mounted on 32 tons gross vehicle  M380 PIC/7/2  1969

Block plan - St Margaret Mary Dovecot  M380 PIC/7/3  nd

Photographs  M380 PIC/8  [n.d.]

Hays Wharf Cartage Co. meat wagon  M380 PIC/8/1  1920s/1930s

Bad condition

Hays Wharf Cartage Co. wagons  M380 PIC/8/2a-c  1930s/1940s

3 Items

14 Pickfords lorries (with Mobil Inductrial Oils advertising) on road  M380 PIC/8/3a  1950s

2 Photos

As M380 PIC/8/3a, on suburban road  M380 PIC/8/3b  1950s

As M380 PIC/8/3a, in shed  M380 PIC/8/3c  1950s

Workers in front of lorry (3a-d by F W Harris, Swansea)  M380 PIC/8/3d  1950s

Pickfords tankers (with Mobil advertising) unloading from Empire Cedric at unidentified port  M380 PIC/8/4  1950s

7 items by Stuart Bale of Liverpool

2 BRS tankers and one Pickfords tanker outside Port of Liverpool building  M380 PIC/8/5a-c  1950s

3 Items

British Petroleum tanker and personnel in unidentified town  M380 PIC/8/6a-d  1950s

4 Items

Pickfords tanker unloading  M380 PIC/8/7a-b  1950s

FINA tanker  M380 PIC/8/8a-h  1956

7 photos and invoice

Pickfords and Liverpool Fire Brigade personnel with drinking water tankers and filling pool  M380 PIC/8/9a-h  1957

8 items with stamp of Warrington Guardian series

Social  [no ref. or date]

Group (mainly male) eating  M380 PIC/8/11  1930s/1940s

Office staff - some personnel as in (M380 PIC/8/11)  M380 PIC/8/12  1940s

Function  M380 PIC/8/13  1950s/1960s

7 Items

Group at dinner table (in folder)  M380 PIC/8/14  1950s/1960s

19 unsorted photographs  M380 PIC/8/15  nd

Source of acquisition: Deposited 2 Nov 1988

Professional Institutions and Conferences  M380 PIC/9  [n.d.]

Industrial Transport Association  M380 PIC/9/1a-c  1938-1940

Information inludes constitution and activities, 11th annual report (to February 1939), admission form, programme of meetings (1938-1939); sent to G Parsonage in 1940 (12 items in 3 envelopes)

British Transport Commission papers and proceedings of officers' conference, Balliol College, Oxford  M380 PIC/9/2  1960

5 Items

Transport Policy with Special Reference to Co-ordination  M380 PIC/9/3  1966

Address given by Sir Reginald Wilson to the Traders Road Transport Association

Power Handling and Storage Symposium papers (at Liverpool  M380 PIC/9/4  1969

3 Items

Includes "Road Transport of Powders in Bulk" by G Parsonage

Institute of Transport: journals  M380 PIC/9/5  1970-1971

September 1970
November 1970
January 1971

Institute of Transport: certificate of associated membership  M380 PIC/9/6  1970

Publications  M380 PIC/10  [n.d.]

M380 PIC/10/1-8 re Pickfords/Hays Wharf

Hays Wharf Cartage Co/Pickfords: outline of pension scheme  M380 PIC/10/1a-b  1938,1949

Hays Wharf Cartage Co/Pickfords: memorandum of agreement re rates of pay to white collar staff  M380 PIC/10/2  1943

As (M380 PIC/10/2) with amendments  M380 PIC/10/3  1948

Transport Saga - a history of Pickfords and Hays Wharf Cartage Co  M380 PIC/10/4  1947

Pickfords Ltd A Study of the Market for Road Tanker Transport: report by Martech Consultants Ltd  M380 PIC/10/5  1966

Report on the size and composition of Pickfords London tank haulage fleet  M380 PIC/10/6  1966

Pickfords accounting periods and calendar  M380 PIC/10/7  1968

Index to Pickfordsway map of Great Britain  M380 PIC/10/8  1950s/1960s

3 Items

J 9-26: British Road Services publications

Road Haulage Executive: rate of pay (white collar staff)  M380 PIC/10/9  1950,1967

2 Items

(Male) Group Pension Fund (salaried staff)  M380 PIC/10/10  1957

Group superannuation fund explanatory leaflet  M380 PIC/10/11  (1957)

As (M380 PIC/10/11) trust deed and rules  M380 PIC/10/12  (1957)

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure  M380 PIC/10/13a-b  1960,1963

2 Items

Accounting periods and calendar  M380 PIC/10/14  1961-1967

7 Items

The vital facts of life for BRS - Chairman's message  M380 PIC/10/15  1962

Memorandum of agreement - rates of pay operating and other wages grades  M380 PIC/10/16a-b  1962,1966

2 Items

Negotiating machinery  M380 PIC/10/17  1963

The Manager and Staff Training, with BRS amendments  M380 PIC/10/18  1967,1968

(The Association (freight) booklet)

Memorandum of agreement: rates of pay etc  M380 PIC/10/19  1963

Engineering maintenance grades

Management Bulletin  M380 PIC/10/20  1964

Policy and Practice  M380 PIC/10/21  1965

Industrial Relations and Staff Policies  M380 PIC/10/22  1966

Superannuation and pension funds  M380 PIC/10/23  1967

BRS Who's Who  M380 PIC/10/24  1967

Training manual (photocopy)  M380 PIC/10/25  (1960s)

The Name of the Game is Profit overview, nd  M380 PIC/10/26  (Late 1960s)

Miscellaneous  M380 PIC/10/27-30  [n.d.]

Liverpool and District Carters and Motormen Union: scale of wages  M380 PIC/10/27  1937

Headlight Journal of the Road Transport Worker  M380 PIC/10/28  1947

HMSO: Charges, costs and wages in the Road Haulage Industry  M380 PIC/10/29  1966

HMSO: Road Haulage Charges  M380 PIC/10/30  1966

Thrift and Benfit Club rules G. Parsonage Hon Sec n.d  M380 PIC/10/31  c1950

How to see London "Pickfordsway" maps and gazetteer, n.d  M380 PIC/10/32  ?early 1950s

Personal Papers  M380 PIC/11  [n.d.]

Curriculum Vitae of G Parsonage (aged 18) (in envelope)  M380 PIC/11/1  1931

Annual report, Liverpool Microscopic Society  M380 PIC/11/2  1934

Larkhill and North East Liverpool Tenants Association  M380 PIC/11/3a-d  nd

(a) Tenants Review - covers West Derby, Walton, Clubmoor, Pinehurst and Norris Green Housing Estates: February, March, May, July, September and October issues/; 1935 (b) Rules book, c1932; (c) Literary and Debating Society invitation cards (3 items) 1933-1934; (d) Syllabuses, (5 items) 1932-1935.

Newspaper cuttings re road haulage  M380 PIC/11/4  1936-1937

(Includes Garlick Burrows and Edwards staff dance 1937)

Pocket diary  M380 PIC/11/5  1939

Notebook "H Parsonage History" (one page only used)  M380 PIC/11/6  (1939)

Law for the Driver (Bedford Drivers Club)  M380 PIC/11/7  c1939

School of Commerce Road Transport Classes (1938-1939)  M380 PIC/11/8  1938

Prospectus: City Technical College, building industry courses 1939-1940  M380 PIC/11/9  1939

Prospectus: Walton Junior Day Technical School  M380 PIC/11/10  1930s/1940s

Civil Service Commission examination papers  M380 PIC/11/11  (1930s)

Skerry's College examination papers, nd  M380 PIC/11/12  (1930s/1940s)

Draft letter to Ernst Bevin, unsigned, nd  M380 PIC/11/13  c1940

Letters/notifications re salary increases, bonuses, pension cshemes, national insurance etc  M380 PIC/11/14  1940-1963

(c20 items plus enclosures)

Notice re war damage (at G Parsonage's home)  M380 PIC/11/15  1941

Letter (dated 29 March 1945) to G Parsonage from 1st Ltd Karl F Bertram, United States Army  M380 PIC/11/16  1945

Related information: See M380 PIC/10/18 and M380 PIC/10/19 below

Notice of Institute of Transport examinations with covering letter from Hays Wharf  M380 PIC/11/17  1946

Letter (dated 3 January 1947) to G Parsonage from Karl F Bertram, Cleveland Heights, Ohio  M380 PIC/11/18  1947

Related information: See M380 PIC/10/16 and M380 PIC/10/19

File, including draft letter to Karl F Bertram newspaper cuttings and other correspondence  M380 PIC/11/19  c1947

Newspaper cuttings: includes Liverpool College speech day (1951)  M380 PIC/11/20  1940s/1950s

Re Harvey Lonsdale Elmes (1947); programme - Psychic Truth Society, Pickfords business cards

Individual Accident file  M380 PIC/11/21  1955-1969

Correspondence: G Parsonage's rejection of the post of Tank Haulage Manager, London  M380 PIC/11/22  1959-1960

Pension scheme certificate  M380 PIC/11/23a  1943

Letter re salary deductions  M380 PIC/11/23b  1943

Humorous regulations for 'Parliamentary debate' on the 'Soft Soap Industry'. n.d  M380 PIC/11/24  ?1950s

The British Council Outline of Activities with newspaper cutting of Liverpool activities 1944  M380 PIC/11/31  1943

Metropolitan Area joint conciliation Bound memorandum of agreement  M380 PIC/11/29  1935

McDougall's Reference Both Tables and General information  M380 PIC/11/28  1920s

Handicrafts Handbooks Fretworth  M380 PIC/11/25  1926

Design Sheet for hanging cabinet from Hobbies magazine  M380 PIC/11/26  1929

Design sheet for [...] or occasional table from Hobbies magazine  M380 PIC/11/27  1929

Machinetool Review  M380 PIC/11/30  Sept-Oct 1936

"Gnomior" windscreen demister [...] pack  M380 PIC/11/32  1950s

Ribble Lancashire/Scotland services timetable  M380 PIC/11/33  June - Sept 1930

Cosville motor services - map of [...] in wales  M380 PIC/11/34  n.d 1930s

Civil Defence/World War II  M380 PIC/12  [n.d.]

Personal Protection Against Gas Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 1, reprint of 1938 edition  M380 PIC/12/1  1942

Air Raids What You Must Know, What You Must Do  M380 PIC/12/2  1941

Shelter at Home  M380 PIC/12/3  nd

Air Raid Precautions Training Bulletin No 2 reprint of 1940 edition  M380 PIC/12/4  1942

Chart: War Gases - their nature, effects and first aid treatment  M380 PIC/12/5  nd

The Fire Guards Handbook Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 14  M380 PIC/12/6  1942

First Aid and Nursing for Gas Casualties: Air Raid precautions handbook No 14  M380 PIC/12/7  1943

Notes for the Guidance of Wardens at Rescue Incidents: Civil Defence training pamphlet No 7  M380 PIC/12/8  1943

Objects dropped from the air: (2 editions) Civil Defence pamphlet No 2  M380 PIC/12/9  1943,1944

Civil Defence training bulletin, Nos 10-12  M380 PIC/12/10a-c  1943-1944

Notes on the Detections and Reporting of Unexploded Missiles (amendments)  M380 PIC/12/11  1944

Notes on the Detections and Reporting of Unexploded Missiles: Civil Defence training pamphlet No 1  M380 PIC/12/12  1943

Rescue of Crews from Unexploded Aircraft: Civil Defence training pamphlet No 6  M380 PIC/12/13  1944

Air Raid Precautions Training Manuals  M380 PIC/12/14-16  [n.d.]

Basic Training in Air Raid Precautions (No 1)  M380 PIC/12/14  1942

Manual for Officers Responsible for Air Raid Police Training (No 2)  M380 PIC/12/15  1940

Rescue Service Manual (No 3)  M380 PIC/12/16  1942

Blister Gases: Their Effects and Preventive Treatment publicated by the Birmingham Fire Dept  M380 PIC/12/17  nd

Liverpool (?) Air Raid Police instructors course notes, with handwritten notes (one file)  M380 PIC/12/18  (1943)

Daily Express map of the Western Front with gummed flags (nd), map showing location of European radio broadcasting stations (nd)  M380 PIC/12/19  c1938/1939

Newspaper cutting (Daily Herald) of Junkers JU52 German troop plane (+ copy)  M380 PIC/12/20  (1940)

Script of comedy sketch "Will Hay School"  M380 PIC/12/21  nd

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