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Papers of Sir Roy Cameron (1899 - 1967)

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Reference CSAC 32/9/75
Covering dates 1856-ca 1968
Held by London University, University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room
Extent 12 files
Source of acquisition The collection was received from Professor Cyril L.Oakley shortly before his death. Professor Oakley had been a colleague and friend of Cameron, and author of the Royal Society Biographical Memoir (vol. 14, 1968, pp.83 - 117).
Cameron had been compiling material for a history of pathology, and had collected some autograph letters (see esp. A.4, D.12). Printed material relating to the history of medicine has been accepted for the library of the Wellcome Unit of the History of Medicine, Oxford, by the Director, Dr. Charles Webster, who also gave valuable help with dating and selection of items in the handlist.
Creators Comeron, Sir, Gordon Roy, 1899-1967, Knight, scientist and pathologist
Note Listed by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel

Administrative history:
Summary of the career of Sir Roy Cameron
b.1899 Victoria, Australia
1911 - 16 educ. Kynaton High School
1916 University of Melbourne, Queen's College
1923 Tutor in Physiology, Histology and Pathology, Queen's College
1925 - 27 Assistant, and Deputy Director, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
1927 work under Aschoff, Freiburg-im-Breisgau
1928 - 30 Graham Scholar in Pathology, University College Hospital Medical School, London
1930 - 33 Beit Fellow, U.C.H.M.S.
1932- 52 Assistant Editor, Journal of Pathology & Bacteriology
1934 - 37 Reader in Pathology
1937 - 64 Professor of Morbid Anatomy, U.C.H.M.S
1939 - 45 seconded to Chemical Defence Experimental Station, Porton Down
1946 - 64 Director of the Graham Department, U.C.H.M.S.
1946 F.R.S.
1957 created Knight Bachelor
1960 Royal Medal, Royal Society
1962 Foundation President, College of Pathologists.
A full account of the professional and government committees on which Cameron served may be found in the Biographical Memoir.

A. Biographical & Personal A.1 - A.5
B. Notebooks & Working papers B.1 - B.5
C. Lectures, publications, manuscripts C.1 - C.11
D. Work on pathologists & history of pathology D.1 - D.12

A. Biographical & Personal  CSAC 32/9/75/A.1 - A.5  [n.d.]

Biographical and Personal  CSAC 32/9/75/A.1, A.2  1925 - 26

2 Ex. Bks., 'Pure Mathematics Part I' & 'Part II'. Courses given by GRC at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, where he was First Assistant & Deputy Director 1925 - 27.

Biographical and Personal  CSAC 32/9/75/A.3  1964

Misc. biographical & personal material: printed matter, laureation addresses & souvenirs of honorary degrees, invitation lectures etc.; photographs; corresp. re Linacre Lecture given by GRC 1964.
(Includes letters of thanks to C.L.Oakley for copies of his Royal Society Memoir of GRC).

Biographical and Personal  CSAC 32/9/75/A.4  1927-1937

Cameron's matriculation certificate at University of Freiburgim-Breisgau 1927, and 14 autograph letters or cards from Ludwig Aschoff 1928 - 37.
(Aschoff directed Cameron's work at the Pathological Institute of the University of Freiburg.)

Biographical and Personal  CSAC 32/9/75/A.5  1959 - 65

Scientific & personal correspondence with Professor Hou Pao-chang, of Peking, where he moved in 1962 after his retirement from the Department of Pathology & Bacteriology, University of Hong-Kong.
Professor Hou and Cameron collaborated on scientific papers, and on Biliary Cirrhosis, (Oliver & Boyd, 1962).

B. Notebooks & Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.1 - B.5  [n.d.]

Notebook and Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.1  1961

Red notebk. 'Research', dated inside 'Jan.1961 - ' of notes (some on loose cards) of research problems to be undertaken by GRC.

Notebook and Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.2  n.d

1 file

'Pathology as a Science'
Ms. & notes for lecture or talk.

Notebook and Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.3  n.d

1 file

Work on Liver Pathology, esp. reversibility & regeneration; notes on cases & on the literature; annotated related offprints; correspondence (1957,1958); Ms. draft 'The principle of reversibility in liver damage. Ciba Symposium. Manchester.'

Notebook and Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.4  n.d

1 file

Work on Oedema, esp. pulmonary oedema.
Casenotes & notes on the literature; annotated related offprints; correspondence Bernard Halpern 1951, Sir Aubrey Rumball 1961.

Notebook and Working papers  CSAC 32/9/75/B.5  n.d

1 file

Work on Spleen, Banti's disease, splenic vein stenosis. Notes on cases & on the literature; annotated related offprints; correspondence 1957, 1961.

C. Lectures, publications, manuscripts.  CSAC 32/9/75/C.1 - C.11  [n.d.]

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.1  c 1962

Notes for 'Edinburgh Lecture' on history of cellular pathology, with special reference to the work of John Thomson, John Goodsir, William S.Greenfield, James Lorrain Smith.

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.2  1962

'Exploring the injured cell.' (The Mathison Memorial Lecture, Melbourne).
Notes & correspondence.

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.3  1965

'The changes in cells associated with malignancy.'
Ms. of opening speech at meeting on 'Malignancy' held at Postgraduate Medical School of London, 1965.

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.4  c 1962

'Defence mechanisms and the oral cavity.'

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.5  1966

'Some remarks on the future of dermatological research' 2 Ms. drafts, notes & related material
(see Brit. J. Derm, 78, 365)

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.6  1966

Review of R.C.Curran: Atlas of Pathological Histology

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.7  1965

Review of R.C.Hudson: Cardiovascular Pathology

Lectures, publications, manuscripts  CSAC 32/9/75/C.8  1966

Draft Report of College of Pathologists to Royal Commission on Medical Education. Typescr. with Ms. annotations.

Obituaries  CSAC 32/9/75/C.9 - C.11  [n.d.]

Both C.9 and C.10 contain extensive correspondence with friends and colleagues for information to be used in obituary. An itemised list of correspondents is enclosed with the files.

Obituary  CSAC 32/9/75/C.9  1968

Wilson Smith (published in J.Path.Bact.,95,326)

Obituary  CSAC 32/9/75/C.10  1966

George Payling Wright (published in J. Path. Bact., 92, 613)

Obituary  CSAC 32/9/75/C.11  1965

'A tribute to Edgar King': Ms. draft of foreword to collection of essays in honour of Edgar King, 1965. (includes list of contributors and abstracts of their essays.

D. Work on pathologists & history of pathology  CSAC 32/9/75/D.1 - D.12  [n.d.]

Arrangement: The material has been grouped under headings, mainly biographical.

Administrative history:
Cameron gave papers and lectures on these subjects during the later part of his career, and was compiling material for a more extensive history to be written during his retirement. He had also accepted (March 1966, see item D.8) an invitation from Dover Publications to write an introduction to a reprint edition of R.Virchow, Cellular Pathology. Cameron died before this could be completed.

Ludwig Aschoff  CSAC 32/9/75/D.1  c1965-c1966

Related information: See also item CSAC 32/9/75 A.4

Misc. obituaries & printed tributes. Letters from Franz Buchner 1965, 1966.

Julius Cohnheim  CSAC 32/9/75/D.2  n.d

Foolscap notebook, 'Notes for an Experimental Pathology': Contains 'scheme' for book, then remainder of book devoted to account of Cohnheim's life, his work and that of his pupils; includes photograph of Cohnheim.

Julius Cohnheim  CSAC 32/9/75/D.3  n.d

Misc. notes & drafts on Cohnheim and his times.

Julius Cohnheim  CSAC 32/9/75/D.4  1954 - 65

Misc. correspondence in response to GRC's requests for information on Cohnheim.

Notes on Ludwig.  CSAC 32/9/75/D.5  [n.d.]

Work on Giambattista Morgagni  CSAC 32/9/75/D.6  n.d

Notes, correspondence, printed material.

Work on Rudolf Virchow.  CSAC 32/9/75/D.7  1891-1984

Includes 3 letters from Virchow 1891, 1892, 1894; request from Dover Publications for GRC to write introduction to reprint edition of Virchow's Cellular Pathology; misc. correspondence in response to GRC'S requests for information on Virchow 1958 (see 'A Symposium in honour of the centenary of Virchow's Cellular Pathology 1858 - 1958', J. Clin. Path., 11, 463)

Misc. notes & drafts on Virchow and his work  CSAC 32/9/75/D.8  nd

Notebook of material on German science & education in 19th century  CSAC 32/9/75/D.9  nd

Diary for 1965 used as notebook of material on Virchow & other German scientists.  CSAC 32/9/75/D.10  nd

Shorter notes on Vesalius, Recklinghausen, W. H. Welch.  CSAC 32/9/75/D.11  nd

Autograph letters of personal & scientific interest  CSAC 32/9/75/D.12  c1856-1959

Letters concerning an abnormal brain: from W. L. Begley to William Jenner, to accompany specimen sent as a gift to Jenner and William Sharpey 1856; from Jenner to Thomas Barlow re specimen 1891; from Thomas Barlow to "my dear Gran" (Cameron's nickname among his friends) enclosing the previous correspondence 1935.
4 letters from R. A. Kölliker 1862
3 letters from Walter Pagel 1954 (2), 1961
Letter from Peyton Rous 1959

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