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Papers of PROFESSOR SAMUEL TOLANSKY, F.R.S. (1907 - 1973)

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Reference CSAC 24.1.75
Covering dates 1926-1974
Held by London University, University College London (UCL) Manuscripts Room
Extent 22 boxes
Conditions of access The documents are not necessarily yet open to scholars.
Source of acquisition The papers, covering the years 1926 - 1973, were received from Mrs. Ottilie Tolansky and the Department of Physics, Royal Holloway College.
Creators Tolansky, Samuel, 1907-1973, scientist and physicist
Note Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel
The help of Professor R.W.Ditchburn and Dr. V.I.Little is gratefully acknowledged.

Administrative history:
Summary of the career of Samuel Tolansky.
(A full account is given in the Memoir by R.W.Ditchburn and G.D.Rochester, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society,20,1974)
1907 b. Newcastle upon Tyne
1919 - 25 Rutherford College (Boys' School)
1925 - 29 Armstrong College (Durham University)
1929 - 31 Research with W.E.Curtis, Armstrong College
1931 - 32 Earl Grey Fellowship, Durham University; work with F.Paschen,Berlin
1932 - 34 1951 Exhibition Senior Studentship; work with A.Fowler,Imperial College,London
1934 - 47 Assistant Lecturer (later Lecturer and Reader) Manchester University; work with W.L.Bragg; research on nuclear spins & multiple-beam interferometry
1935 m. Ottilie Pinkasovitch
1946 D.Sc. Manchester University
1947 - 73 Professor of Physics, Royal Holloway College,London University; work in interferometry, diamond physics, Moon dust.
1952 Fellow of the Royal Society
1966 Hon. Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1970 Hon. Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society.

The papers cover all aspects of Tolansky's activities and interests. A note on the arrangement of the publications and correspondence precedes Sections D and H,J.
A. Biographical & Personal A.1 - A.18
B. Royal Holloway College, London B.1 - B.8
C. Notebooks & Working papers C.1 - C.21
D. Publications (see note on p.7) D.1 - D.169
E. Committees & Advisory bodies E.1 - E.13
F. External Examining F.1 - F.10
G. Conferences, Demonstrations, and Exhibitions G.1 - G.8
H. Scientific correspondence (see note on p.20) H.1 - H.103
J. Publications correspondence (see note on p.20) J.1 - J.29
K. Lectures, Broadcasts,Television K.1 - K.15
General note on the correspondence
Professor Tolansky conducted an extensive correspondence with scientific colleagues, instrument and equipment manufacturers, learned and professional societies and the like. His special interests in surface topography of diamond and many other structures brought him numerous enquiries from the research departments of industrial and manufacturing concerns. In addition, his many publications and his contributions to radio and television programmes involved him in correspondence with editors, journalists, producers and members of the general public.
Tolansky dealt very conscientiously with this varied correspondence and many of his replies contain reports on work in progress in his laboratory or elsewhere, or matters of general personal or scientific interest. Wherever possible, an indication of information of this kind appears in the itemised list below.
Not all correspondents are indexed, since in several cases the incoming letters has been lost and only Tolansky's reply remains. Known correspondents are listed on the relevant files, and in the Index on p. 30

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