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Catalogue of papers and correspondence relating to ALFRED RENE JEAN PAUL UBBELOHDE FRS (1907 - 1988)

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Reference NCUACS 32.8.91
Covering dates c1953-1990
Held by London University, Imperial College Archives
Extent 37 files
Source of acquisition The material was received in May 1989 from Professor F J Weinberg FRS who had assembled it while preparing his Memoir for the Royal Society.
Creators Ubbelohde, Alfred Rene Jean Paul, 1907-1988, chemical engineer
Note Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell
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We are very grateful to Professor Weinberg for making the material available for cataloguing.

Administrative history:
b. 1907 Antwerp
1920-26 St Paul's School
1926-30 Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford
1931-33 Senior Scholar of Christ Church Research in Department of Thermodynamics, Oxford 1931-32 spent at Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Göttingen (A. Eucken).
1933-35 Senior Research Award DSIR Research in Department of Thermodynamics, Oxford
1936-40 Dewar Fellow of the Royal Institution
1940-45 Principal Experimental Officer, Ministry of Supply
1945-54 Professor of Chemistry, Queen's University, Belfast
1951 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society
1954-75 Professor of Thermodynamics, University of London (Imperial College)
1961-75 Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Imperial College
1961 Conferral of CBE
1975-88 Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College

The papers consist of letters, narratives and addresses which often contain recollections of or information about Ubbelohde additional to those directly quoted in the published text. There are both original letters or typescripts and photocopies.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/1

Reprint of memoir by F J Weinberg (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 35, 1990).

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/2

Typescript drafts of memoir, ms notes.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/3

Lists of Ubbelohde's scientific papers.

[no title]  NCUACS 32.8.91/4  1988-89

Correspondence with Royal Society re memoir

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/5

Lists of friends and colleagues to be circularised for information.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/6 - 8

3 folders.

Letters requesting information, letters of thanks for information, follow-up letters, arranged alphabetically.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/9 - 29

Letters in response to requests for information, arranged alphabetically.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/9

Baile, B
Includes Baile's 'Personal memoir of Professor Paul Ubbelohde' and letter from Ubbelohde to Baile, 28 July 1937.
Baile and Ubbelohde first met as Oxford undergraduates in 1926.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/10

Baker, W
Includes exchange of correspondence between Baker and Ubbelohde re 'the connection of classical aromatic, benzenoid chemistry with the structure of graphite' 1983-84.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/11

Bell, R P
Buckle, R

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/12

Carabine, M D

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/13, 14

2 folders.

Clarke, J K A
Re Ubbelohde's years at Queen's University, Belfast, and including Clarke's 'personal appreciation' of him and letters to Clarke from E F Caldin, D D Eley and H Gg Wagner.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/15

Cox, E G (Sir Gordon)
Re war years and service on Agricultural Research Council.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/16

Davies, R H
Re war years.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/17

Eley, D D
Feilden, G B R
Flowers, B H (Lord Flowers)
Flowers's farewell address made to Ubbelohde on his retirement as Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/18

Ford, H (Sir Hugh)
Includes photocopy of ms on the theory of evolution written by Ubbelohde (with G H Stevenson) while still at school.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/19

Grace, M A
Includes copy of obituary notice written by Grace for the Pauline (school magazine of St Paul's School)
Ubbelohde was a former pupil and governor for many years.
Gray, P

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/20

Greene, G M
Includes copies of letter from A J and Elsie Ubbelohde (brother and sister-in-law) and of A J Ubbelohde's reminiscences of the family's arrival in England from Belgium during the First World War.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/21

Inman, D
Note on Ubbelohde's work on ionic melts.
Lewis, F A
Includes copy of appreciation by Lewis and E Wicke and letter from Ubbelohde to B Baronowski 1976.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/22

McCoubrey, J C
McLaughlin, E

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/23

Mackle, H
Re Ubbelohde's years at Queen's University, Belfast.
Melville, H W (Sir Harry)

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/24

Michels, H S
Obituary notice for Imperial College Network; note on Ubbelohde's work on detonations.
Moore, N P W
Mott, N F (Sir Nevill)

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/25

Oliver, E J
Parry, G S
Note on Ubbelohde's work on carbon, graphite and inter - calation compounds.
Pilkington, L A B (Sir Alastair)
Rhodes, E
Richardson, J F
Runcorn, S K

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/26

St Paul's School.
An appreciation by the High Master.
The Salters' Company.
Ubbelohde was a Director of the Salters' Institute of Industrial Chemistry 1959-75, and a Liveryman of the Company from 1975.
Sutton, L E
Includes extracts from a letter from H Mackle to Sutton and copy of appreciation of Ubbelohde by his personal secretary at Queen's Belfast (Anne Wasson).
See also 28.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/27

Tate, F H
Thomas, J M
Includes his obituary notice of Ubbelohde for Nature.
Tompkins, F C

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/28

Wasson, Anne
Annotated copy of reminiscences as Ubbelohde's personal secretary at Queen's Belfast sent to Weinberg by J K A Clarke.
Weale, K E
Photocopy of profile of Ubbelohde in the Spanner, 1969.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/29

Note re Ubbelohde's years at Queen's Belfast.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/30

Letters from contributors commenting on draft memoir. Photocopies.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/31 - 36

Miscellaneous biographical items.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/31

Times obituary; memorial service.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/32

Curriculum vitae (latest date 1953).

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/33

Photocopied ms of talk by Ubbelohde 'A student in the thirties', 7 February 1983.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/34, 35

Articles and tributes. 2 folders.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/36


[no title or date]  NCUACS 32.8.91/37


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