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Reference M:Accession 612
Covering dates 1819-1943
Held by City of Westminster Archives Centre
Extent 101 Files

No further details   Bill for vegetable seeds, supplied 1825-26, by Andrew Henderson, [1] Pineapple Place, Maida Vale, to Wykeham Martin, Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, with a letter requesting prompt payment to defray cost of repairs to his greenhouses, damaged in recent hailstorms.  M:Accession 612/2  20 July 1826
No further details   Letter from John Singleton Copley, first Baron Lyndhurst (1772-1863) [6]Hyde Park Terrace, Paddington, to Montagu [Basil Montagu 1770-1851, legal writer?] thanking him for letter and gift.  M:Accession 612/3  10 December 1834
No further details   Letter from Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), prison reformer, in Jersey to Catherine Steers, a Quaker friend at 15 Chancery Lane, about placing a four year old boy in an asylum in Bayswater.  M:Accession 612/6  8 November 1836
No further details   Letter from John Finch, solicitor, 26 Tokenhouse Yard, London, to Alfred Hunter, 7 Conduit Street, Paddington, requesting a copy of the lease for 39 Star Street, Paddington in order to prepare an assignment to George Spring.  M:Accession 612/7  2 March 1838
No further details   Letter from Waterhouse Hawkins, painter and exhibitor at Royal Academy, 1833-1840, 2 Cambridge Square, Paddington to Mr. Brandon returning a paper on Shakespeare and mentioning a meeting of the Friends of Poland where Hawkins would be exhibiting his painting, Prince Sangrusko and Dog.  M:Accession 612/8  2 May [18]41
No further details   Letter from Henry Jutsum (1816-1869) Landscape painter, 174 Edgware Road Maida Hill to Mr Smith in Kent explaining that he had just moved to this address from [9] Princes Street, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone; he describes the house and how to reach it.  M:Accession 612/9  15 August 1847
No further details   Letter from Thornton Leigh Hunt (1810-1873) journalist and writer, Bayswater, to Rev. Robert Vaughan (1795-1868) congregational divine, discussing book on colonisation and possibility of writing pieces on communism, John Stuart Mill, or French politicians.  M:Accession 612/10  24 February [c.1849]
No further details   Letter from Sir William Martins, [3] Hyde Park Gardens (resident there, 1842-74), inviting Sir Henry and Lady Dillon [Sir William Henry Dillon (1779-1857) admiral], to dinner party with Prince of Surat.  M:Accession 612/11  Nd; 16 March [c.1850]
No further details   Letter from Stephen Garrard, solicitor, 31 Hyde Park Gardens, Paddington, of Garrard and James, 13 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, to John and James Leighton, booksellers and book binders, 40 Brewer Street, Golden Square, discussing binding of copy of "Finden".  M:Accession 612/13  13 January 1853
No further details   2 letters written from 24 Maida Hill West to Lady Dillon and Admiral Sir [William] Henry Dillon (1779-1857) including arrangements for transport to Mansion House, for Lord Mayor's party.  M:Accession 612/14  13 August 1853(?); 29 May 1855(?)
No further details   Letter from Henry [Nelson] O'Neil (1817-1880) historical painter, 6 Garway Road, Bayswater arranging for client to see picture and to receive one from his brother in Glasgow.  M:Accession 612/15  3 January [1854-1859]
No further details   Letter from Sir James Stephen (1789-1859), Colonial under-secretary, 1836-1847, 29 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington to Sir James Cosmo Melvill (1792-1861) chief secretary to East India Company sending a letter from Doctor Vaughan of Manchester about problems in the East India Company's education system in India.  M:Accession 612/16  16 January 1857
No further details   Letter from Sir John Taylor Coleridge (1790-1876), judge, 6 Southwick Crescent, Paddington, concerning the inclusion of his name on a petition for [John Abraham] Heraud, (1799-1887), author, critic and poet, and mentioning the omission in the petition of reference to one of Heraud's poems, The Legend of St. Loy (1821).  M:Accession 612/18  10 November 1860
No further details   Letter from John Doyle (1797-1868) portrait painter and caricaturist, 17 Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, Paddington to C.H. La Fouche requesting further details about a fishing trip to the Isle of Lewes which Mr Bainbridge had described to him at a dinner party for St Patrick's Day given by Mr La Fouche.  M:Accession 612/19  8 April 1862
No further details   Letter from George Kmety (1810-1865) Hungarian revolutionary, 10 Chepstow Place, Paddington to Captain Hamilton.  M:Accession 612/20  10 July 1862
No further details   Letter from Alexander Dyce (1798-1869), Elizabethan scholar who bequeathed his library to the Victoria and Albert Museum, 33 Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park, to Robertson [James Craigie Robertson (1813-1882), Canon of Canterbury and church historian] about arrangements to meet for dinner with two friends, Macpherson and Leathes [Stanley Leathes (1830-1900), hebraist, Professor of Hebrew at King's College, Cambridge].  M:Accession 612/22  1 April 1865
No further details   Letter from Frederick Walker (1840-1875), painter and book illustrator, 3 St. Petersburgh Place, Bayswater, to S.J. Whiteford enclosing some rough sketches for selection.  M:Accession 612/23  28 September 1865
No further details   3 letters from Joseph Moses Levy (1812-1888) founder of the Daily Telegraph 1855, 103 Lancaster Gate, Paddington to Henry Neville (1837-1910) actor and lessee of the Olympic Theatre, 1873-1879, about arrangements to hear a new play and a dinner appointment.  M:Accession 612/25  N.d. [1867-1880]
No further details   Letter from Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), author and scientist, 37 Queen's Gardens, Bayswater, to Doctor Sharpey [William Sharpey (1802-1880) professor of anatomy and physiology at University College, London 1863-1874], offering an invalid bed for University College Hospital. With cuttings: Who's Who entry and portrait.  M:Accession 612/26  4 December 1867
No further details   Letter from Henry Brinsley Sheridan, barrister and Member of Parliament for Dudley, Worcestershire (1858-1886) 17 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park to Wentworth Sturgeon, barrister, requiring assurances about a committee he had been asked to support.  M:Accession 612/27  29 July 1869
No further details   Letter from Edmund Yates (1831-1894) novelist and founder of The World, Lancaster Lodge, Lancaster Gate to [Frederic] Chapman [publisher, 1823-1895] about arrangements for publishing his work in America. (Wrecked in Port (1869). Dr Wainwright's Patient (1871).  M:Accession 612/30  28 February 1871
No further details   Note from Sir William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875), musical composer, 18 Porchester Terrace, Kensington Gardens to Viscount Sydney, Lord Chamberlain (John Robert Townshend, 1805-1890), accepting invitation to an audience with Queen Victoria.  M:Accession 612/31  20 June 1871
No further details   Letter from Richard Doyle (1824-1833), artist and caricaturist, contributor to Punch, son of John Doyle portrait painter and caricaturist, 54 Clifton Gardens, Paddington, accepting an invitation to dinner.  M:Accession 612/33  N.d. 5 July [watermark-1872]
No further details   Letter from Nicholas Chevalier (1828-1902) landscape and historical painter and engraver, 5 Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park to William Tinsley (1831-1902), publisher, requesting payment for illustrations of London's Reach.  M:Accession 612/34  19 June 1873
No further details   Letter from Monsieur Parrière, Stranraer House, Maida Vale, Paddington to ballroom dancing instructor excusing himself from further lessons with a postscript sending a 'Russian' quadrille for the band.  M:Accession 612/35  9 February [18]74
No further details   Letter from Archibald Forbes (1838-1900) war correspondent and military biographer, 34 Lanark Villas, Maida Hill, with thanks for letter and enclosures received on his return to England (from Afghanistan?).  M:Accession 612/36  22 August 1879
No further details   Letter from Mrs. Emma Phipson, 14 Connaught Square, Hyde Park to Mr Hooper thanking him for copy of The Radical and sending the prospectus of a society recently started and inviting him to its next meeting. With four tickets for meetings of the Zetetical Society, 36 Great Queen Street, Holborn  M:Accession 612/38  28 January 1881
No further details   2 letters from Caroline H. Lysaght, 33 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park replying on behalf of her brother in law, [James Whitwell Torre] to an enquirer asking for genealogical details of the Torre family.  M:Accession 612/39  16 March, 5 April 1881
No further details   Letter from John Miller Strachan, Bishop of Rangoon, 1882-1903, 6 Chilworth Street, Paddington to Canon Allen Page Moor, Vicar of St Clement's, Truro, Cornwall, 1872-1900, thanking him for his congratulations on his appointment as Bishop.  M:Accession 612/43  30 March 1882
No further details   Letter from Reginald Brabazon, 12th Earl of Meath (1841-1929), diplomat and philanthropist, 83 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, to Miss Medhurst, agreeing to deliver a parcel for her.  M:Accession 612/44  7 February [1882-1887]
No further details   Letter from Sir Warrington Wilkinson Smyth (1817-1890) mineralogist and geologist, lecturer in mining at the Royal School of Mines, and president of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, 5 Inverness Terrace, Paddington, to Dr Barham [of Falmouth Polytechnic, Cornwall] about amalgamation of the Mining Institution and Miners Association  M:Accession 612/45  12 August 1884
No further details   Letter from Edmund Gosse, poet and man of letters (1849-1928) to John Cordy Jeaffreson, barrister, archivist and author (1831-1901), thanking him for help with research for a book and promising to send him a copy when it is published. Letter addressed from Cowley House, Broadway, Worcestershire; printed heading '29 Delamere Terrace, Westbourne Square', crossed through.  M:Accession 612/46  10 September 1885
No further details   Letter from Marion H. Spielmann [art editor of the Pall Mall Gazette], 16 Porchester Terrace, Paddington, to John Fulleylove (1847-1908), landscape painter and member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, about route of Lord Mayor's Show and notice in Pall Mall Gazette about Fulleylove's exhibition.  M:Accession 612/47  30 October 1886
No further details   Letter from Annie French Hector (1825-1902) novelist under pseudynom Mrs Alexander, wife of Alexander Hector, explorer (died 1875) from 54 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale answering a reader's request for an autograph.  M:Accession 612/49  22 April 1887
No further details   Letter from Robert Browning, poet (1812-1889), 19 Warwick Crescent, Paddington, accepting an invitation to dinner. (name of recipient cut out)  M:Accession 612/50  3 May 1887
No further details   Letter from John Waller, dealer in autographs, 2 Artesian Road, Paddington, [to Canon Allen Page Moor, vicar of St Clements, Truro, Cornwall] thanking him for payment for two autograph letters and discussing other acquisitions.  M:Accession 612/52  3 April 1889
No further details   Letter from Hugh Owen FSA, 12 Porteus Road, Paddington to Cunnington and Sons ordering claret. (With small portrait engraving on top left corner of notepaper)  M:Accession 612/53  8 October 1889
No further details   Letter from Sir John Miller Adye (1819-1900) general, 12 Tavistock Road, Westbourne Park, Paddington enclosing a ticket for the exhibition of the South London Society.  M:Accession 612/54  29 October 1889
No further details   Letter from Sir Edmund Widdrington Byrne (1844-1904), barrister and judge, 33 Lancaster Gate, Paddington to Burney [Charles Burney, (1840-1912), barrister?] thanking him for a book, mentioning his 'Tooting friends' (Burney lived on Wandsworth Common) and the birth of his child.  M:Accession 612/55  24 November 1889
No further details   Letter from Lady Wilma Maria Francesca Hallé, (formerly Norman-Neruda) (1839-1911), violinist & wife of Sir Charles Hallé (1819-1895), pianist and conductor, 20 Linden Gardens, Paddington, sending Miss Crafts the address of her sister in Austria.  M:Accession 612/56  N.d [1889-1892] (Monday)
No further details   Letter from George Lathom Browne, author and biographer, 16 Westbourne Park Villas, Paddington to John Cordy Jeaffreson (1831-1901), barrister, author and archivist, 24 Carlton Road, Maida Vale discussing books about Nelson. (Jeaffreson's publications included Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson (1888) Browne published Nelson: public and private life as told by himself, his comrades and his friends (1891))  M:Accession 612/57  15 March 1890
No further details   Letter from Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow (1850-1919) landscape painter, 3 St Petersburg Place, Bayswater, to Mrs Lewis accepting invitation to meet Stanley [Henry Morton Stanley, explorer?] at Stafford House, St James.  M:Accession 612/58  13 May 1890
No further details   Letter from Cornelia A.H. Crosse, 32 Delamere Terrace, Westbourne Square to Mrs Alec Tweedie, traveller and writer (died 15 April 1940) congratulating her on a piece about Norway and mentioning some articles of her own on Temple Bar and Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Also mentions her neighbour Mrs Gosse (Edmund William Gosse (1849-1928) poet and man of letters, lived at 29 Delamere Terrace), meeting Mrs. Tweedie.  M:Accession 612/59  24 July 1891
No further details   Note from Sir George Thomkyns Chesney (1830-1895) general and author, 27 Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, Paddington, acknowledging receipt of a parcel of photographs.  M:Accession 612/60  11 November 1891
No further details   Letter from G. Colmache, 26 Fulham Place, Harrow Road, Paddington to Mrs [Aylmer] Gowing, poet, congratulating her on poems she had written, with suggestions for a series on female heroines displaying different virtues.  M:Accession 612/61  17 December [1890s?]
No further details   Letter from Sir James, Baron Hannen (1821-1894) judge, 49 Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, Paddington, to Lady Gooch thanking her for sending him a copy of the Diaries of Sir D[avid] Gooch (1816-1889) railway pioneer and inventor.  M:Accession 612/62  7 May 1892
No further details   Letter from Miss S.J. Prideaux, 37 Norfolk Square, Hyde Park to [James and Walter James] Leighton, bookbinders and booksellers, [40 Brewer Street, St James Piccadilly] asking if they would sell her a catalogue of the Books of J T Payne [Joseph Payne (1840-1910), physician who collected a medical library?].  M:Accession 612/63  12 June [1892]
No further details   Letter in pencil, with envelope, from James Payn (1830-1898) novelist, 43 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, Paddington to Rev. Spencer R. Wigram, West Ilsley, Newbury, Berkshire, enclosing £1 for poor of parish.  M:Accession 612/65  28 December [1897]
No further details   Letter from Francis Knollys, 1st Viscount Knollys (1837-1924) as private secretary to Edward VII (then Prince of Wales), Marlborough House, Pall Mall to Sir Donald Currie (1825-1909) founder of Castle Steam Ship Company and M.P. [4 Hyde Park Place], asking him to be President of the North Paddington League of Mercy to be established by the Prince of Wales.  M:Accession 612/67  23 February 1899
No further details   Letter from Percy Thomas Macquoid (died 1925) painter, designer and decorator, The Yellow House, 8 Palace Court, Bayswater, (resident there 1894-1925), inviting John Fulleylove (1845-1908) landscape painter and his wife to dinner.  M:Accession 612/68  17 April [1900?]
No further details   Letter from Rev. Herman Adler, chief rabbi of the Great Synagogue, (St. James' Place, Aldgate ) 6 Craven Hill, Hyde Park to Henry Charles Barker, solicitor, arranging a meeting in the 'girl's department' in Old Montague Street Whitechapel.  M:Accession 612/70  26 June 1903
No further details   Letter from Nathaniel Lindley, Baron Lindley (1828-1921) lord of appeal, 19 Craven Hill Gardens, Paddington, as chairman of the executive committee of the Norfolk District and Cottage Nursing Federation, asking for a contribution towards a retirement gift for Rev. H.J. Cowell, Secretary.  M:Accession 612/71  4 November 1903
No further details   Two letters from Ernest Alfred Bendall (1846-1924), drama critic for the Observer and Daily Mail, 37 Princes Square, Bayswater, Paddington to Macmillan [Macmillan & Co.Ltd, publishers, St Martins Street, Leicester Square?] about plays by a young writer sent to him for his comments.  M:Accession 612/72  9 November 1904; 9 February 1905
No further details   Letter from Kathleen Purcell, harpist, 25 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, Paddington to Mrs Burgess enclosing a Venetian necklace as a wedding present for her daughter and a notice for a special matinee being given by her friends for her own wedding on 30 April.  M:Accession 612/73  20 March 1908
No further details   Six letters from Gilbert Walker, from Claremont House, 12 St Mary's Terrace, Paddington Green to H.E. Friend, lecturer, about a lecture on Paddington village. The letters include descriptions of Claremont House which, according to Walker, was the oldest house then standing in Paddington.  M:Accession 612/76  14 February 1909 - 2 February 1910
No further details   Letter from Lord(?) Cockerell, 106 Banbury Road, Oxford to [H E] Friend, lecturer, thanking him for loan of book which helped him with his family history. He discusses his grandfather's connection with Mrs Sarah Siddons, actress, (1755-1831) when she lived at Westbourne Farm, c.1805.  M:Accession 612/77  18 November 1909
No further details   Letter from Stanley Owen Buckmaster 1st Viscount Buckmaster (1861-1934), Lord Chancellor and statesman, 1 Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park, Paddington to Hardy [Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, (1838-1920) first baron, judge and Master of the Rolls?] in reply to a letter of welcome sent to Buckmaster on his appointment as Lord Chancellor.  M:Accession 612/78  29 May 1915
No further details   Two cards from F. Lawrence, 32 Marylands Road, Paddington to James Hooper, 92 Queen's Road, Norwich, with personal news. Note by Hooper of dates answered.  M:Accession 612/79  4, 17 January 1917
No further details   Letter from [Ernest] Borough Johnson, artist (died 1949), 22 Westbourne Park Road, Paddington to [Eric] Hesketh Hubbard, landscape and architectural painter (died 1957) about search for paintings by deceased members of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) for duo-centenary exhibition. He mentions paintings in his possession by Sir Hubert von Herkomer, German born British portrait painter (1849-1914) and Harry Backer, one of his pupils.  M:Accession 612/81  15 September 1943
No further details   Receipted bill of Joseph Hampton (late Joseph Johnson), carrier, 4 Northwick Mews, Aberdeen Place, St. Marylebone for services to Doctor Ansley. Attached to letter from John S. Brinsley, 121, Leadenhall Street, sending a case of 'natural curiosities' from Madras, which Captain Hall of the ship 'Sir Edward Paget' had purchased from Captain R. Maunsell.  M:Accession 612/82  16 March 1838
No further details   Bill from Edward Welch, floorcloth manufacturer, 1 Chapel Street, Paddington to Mr Edward Tilbury, of Edward Tilbury and Co, warehousemen, 35 and 49 High Street, St Marylebone.  M:Accession 612/83  20 November 1840
No further details   Two vouchers of Poynder and Medlicott, lime merchants for supplies of stone, chalk, and cement from their lime wharf at Paddington (Bason) to Mr Tilbury [Edward Tilbury, warehouseman?]. (Receipted).  M:Accession 612/84  6 August, 20 October 1841
No further details   Voucher for woollen van cloth supplied by William Thornton, rick cloths, tarpaulin, and ropes manufacturer, 90 Harrow Road, Paddington to Mr. E[dward] Tilbury. With note of payment, 27 June 1844.  M:Accession 612/85  20 May 1844
No further details   Receipted bill from Edward Vigers Junior, timber merchant, Union Saw and Planing Mills, Lisson Street, Paddington for sawing planks for Messrs Tilbury [Edward Tilbury & Co, warehousemen?].  M:Accession 612/86  13 October 1849
No further details   Auction Sale Catalogue of furniture, .china and glass to be sold under an execution for rent by Oxenham and Son, auctioneers, 353 Oxford Street, St James Piccadilly. Cover only, marked in ink, 'J Lewis Esq' and 'Mr Tilbury'.  M:Accession 612/87  15 April 1836
No further details   Trade card, with engraving of carriage, of J Corns, coal, coke, charcoal, wood and potato warehouse, 4 Gardens Mews, Conduit Street West, Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, advertising carrying service. Note on reverse by Doctor James O'Loughlin, 155 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington authorising the bearer to collect a large chest.  M:Accession 612/88  5 January 1850
No further details   Faculty from Bishop of London to rector, churchwardens and parishioners of St Mary's Paddington permitting removal of bodies of Mary Telles, Margaret Thompson, Louisa Thompson, Richard Thompson and Maria Thompson by William Henry Thompson and John Thompson from a vault under the parish church of St Mary Paddington to the family vault under the church of St John Paddington.  M:Accession 612/89  11 July 1832
No further details   Marriage certificate of William Luther and Mary Ann West both of Paddington. Extract made by William Heydon, Perpetual Curate of Paddington.  M:Accession 612/90  27 February 1820
No further details   Certified copy from burial register of All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green, of burial, on 25 January 1878, of Arabella Stone, aged 77, of 97 Hereford Road, Paddington. Copy certified by Henry J Croft, registrar, 95 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. (Used in case at law, Lugli vs Pantin).  M:Accession 612/91  16 July 1880
No further details   Rubbings of seals of the Collegiate Church of St Peter (Westminster Abbey), and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England (incorporated 1836) on a lease of 3 Walterton Road, Paddington, from Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Tobias Parnell, builder, of 8 Carlton Terrace, Harrow Road, Paddington. Rubbings made by M. Selwyn, Paddington Society.  M:Accession 612/92  11 May 1868
No further details   Printed letter from the committee of Paddington residents, established to provide a Dinner for the children of the National and Sunday schools to commemorate the christening of the Prince of Wales. With manuscript list of names and amounts of money headed 'Houses etc not taken into account.'  M:Accession 612/93  17 January 1842
No further details   Prospectus for St Mary Magdalene's Institution for the Supply of Trained Nurses, 3 Delamere Crescent, Paddington, giving details of costs and regulations for the treatment of nurses. (This institution is listed in the directories from 1879 to 1898).  M:Accession 612/94  N.d. [1879-1893]

Folder icon  Papers of John Finch of the Paddington Rifle Volunteers.  M:Accession 612/95  1866-1880

These documents are held at City of Westminster Archives Centre

a) Letter from A G Bax, Captain and Adjutant, 2 Sussex Place, Hyde Park-Gardens, to Sergeant Finch, thanking him for a photograph of the Paddington Rifle Volunteers. 10 December 1866
b) Certificate of discharge from the 36th Middlesex (Paddington) Rifle Volunteer Corps of Sergeant John Finch, at his own request. Signed by A G Bax, Captain and Adjutant. 31 January 1867
c) Letter from John Clarke, Captain and Adjutant, 18th (late 36th) Middlesex Rifle Regiment, Greville House, Paddington to Captain J Finch stating that Finch was enrolled in the regiment on 8 August 1860 and enclosing a copy of the rules of the Regimental Gymnasium. 26 November 1880

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