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Union Society of the City of Westminster Records

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Reference 1285
Covering dates 1836 - 1962
Held by City of Westminster Archives Centre
Extent 34 documents
Source of acquisition Records deposited on permanent loan by Councillor Prendergast, 51 Sutherland Street, London SW1 on 30 April 1983.
Creators Union Society of the City of Westminster; Union Society of St James Westminster

Administrative history:
The Society was founded on 27 August 1784 as the Union Society of St. James Westminster. The original object of the Society is unclear but was probably mainly social. It undoubtedly undertook some philanthropic work probably connected with the parish of St. James, as most members of the Society were vestrymen of that parish.
When St. James Westminster was amalgamated with the other civil parishes in Westminster, the Society decided to change its name. Consequently at a meeting in December 1902 it became the Union Society of the City of Westminster, under which name it has continued to the present day.

Minute books
Rules and membership
Property of the Society
Social functions of the Society
History of the Society

MINUTE BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

Minute book; also includes lists of members, annual subscription and attendance records, accounts, 1861 - 1876  1285/1  8 November 1861 - 14 July 1882

Minute book  1285/2  10 November 1882 - 10 May 1889

Minute book, including minutes of executive committee meetings from 9 June 1898; also includes a list of members for 1890  1285/3  1 November 1889 - 6 November 1901

Enclosures: Miscellaneous letters, vouchers and newscuttings

Minute book, including minutes of executive committee meetings  1285/4  20 November 1901 - 28 November 1924

Minute book, including minutes of executive committee meetings; also includes list of members, n.d. [1925 - 1950] and annual financial statements, 1926 - 1951  1285/5  9 January 1925 - 13 November 1951

RULES AND MEMBERSHIP  [no ref. or date]

Articles of the Society; also includes list of members, 12 November 1841  1285/6  10 June 1836

Printed articles with lists of members  1285/7  1896 and 1898

Rules of the Society and list of members  1285/8  1907

Printed lists of members, some with manuscript annotations  1285/9  1907 - 1924

Applications for membership  1285/10  23 March 1908 - 26 October 1950

Revised version of the rules of the Society  1285/11  1925

Receipt book  1285/12  27 July 1897 - 25 May 1900

Subscription account ledger, indexed  1285/13  1898 - 1901

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Letter of resignation from the Honorary Secretary, T H Munsey  1285/14  26 February 1927

Letter book of the Honorary Secretary, J L Edwards; index of names  1285/15  7 November 1927 - 2 July 1935

Correspondence of the Honorary Secretary, R S Yates, arranged alphabetically by correspondent  1285/16  May 1938 - October 1945

PROPERTY OF THE SOCIETY  [no ref. or date]

Letter from George Lambert presenting a loving cup (see also 1285/22)  1285/17  10 December 1897

Inventory of portraits and records of the Society deposited with the St. James Restaurant Company  1285/18  29 June 1903

Letter from the City of Westminster granting permission for seven portraits of past presidents of the Society to be hung in City Hall  1285/19  14 March 1913

Fire insurance policy for the portraits  1285/20  13 November 1914

Correspondence between Stanley Probyn, son of Lieutenant Colonel Clifford Probyn, President of the Society from 1901 until his death, and T H Munsey, Honorary Secretary of the Society, concerning the presentation of a portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Probyn to the Society  1285/21  April 1920 - 20 March 1923

Also subsequent correspondence conducted through Probyn's solicitors regarding the ownership of the portrait which he was attempting to reclaim

Letters concerning the receipt of two photographs found among the effects of T H Munsey by his son; also photographs of the portrait of John Willcock, President of the Society in 1800, and of the loving cup presented by Lieutenant Colonel George Lambert, President of the Society in 1897  1285/22  January 1942

Related information: See also 1285/17


Replies to a dinner invitation addressed to Mr A E Faulkner at the St James's Hall Restaurant, Piccadilly  1285/23  n d [December 1898]

Treasurer's accounts of members' payments for dinners  1285/24  November 1899 - May 1900

Programme for the Annual Ladies' Banquet  1285/25  18 May 1934

Invitation to the Tri-Jubilee Celebration Dinner  1285/26  5 October 1934

Voting card concerning a Ladies' Evening  1285/27  20 May 1938

Seating plan for members' dinner  1285/28  19 November 1959

Seating plan for members' dinner  1285/29  25 January 1962

HISTORY OF THE SOCIETY  [no ref. or date]

T H Munsey, "A Short History of the Union Society of the City of Westminster"  1285/30  1924

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Parcel of artefacts including a medal dated 30 May 1898 and a set of keys and printing blocks  1285/31  [Late 19th century]

Sample of stationery supplied by Fribourg and Treyer of 34 Haymarket  1285/32  n d [late 19th century]

Sample invitation card to a dinner at the Café Royal  1285/33  n d [early 20th century]

Acknowledgement card from the Post Office concerning the Business Reply Licence  1285/34  14 March 1939

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