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Research notes of D.H.B.Chesshyre, local historian, re Old Ford Road and neighbourhood

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Reference P/CHE
Former reference TH/8264
Covering dates c.1970-1980
Held by Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives
Extent 15 Files
Source of acquisition Donated by D.H.B.Chesshyre, M.A., Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms, 25 September 1982.
Accessioned 10 July 1988
Creators Chesshyre, D H B, fl 1970-1980, local historian
Related information see L.6160 (class 040), Number Seventeen, or the History of 17 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green and the Natt Family, in the Local History Library, for his finished (unpublished) book on this topic.

Administrative history:
These notes were compiled by Mr.Chesshyre in the course of his research into no. 17 Old Ford Rd.

The collection consists of notes, maps and correspondence.

Detailed summary by D.H.B.Chesshyre of the contents of the following files A-P [note: files 'M' and 'O' were not deposited  P/CHE/1  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/1]

File A: notes on Bethnal Green's history prior to 1880  P/CHE/2  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/1-3]

File B: notes on Stepney Manor and the Wentworth and Colebrooke families  P/CHE/3  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/3]

File C: copy maps of Stepney and Bethnal Green  P/CHE/4  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/4]

File D: transcripts of entries from Land Tax Assessments, census returns, rate books, etc., re Old Ford Road.  P/CHE/5  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/5]

File E: notes on Netteswell House  P/CHE/6  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/6]

File F: notes on Aldgate House and the Mussell and Gretton families  P/CHE/7  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/7]

File G: notes on the Natt and connected families  P/CHE/8  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/8]

File H: notes on Bethnal Green families connected with Old Ford Rd. (Treadway, Genery, Pritchard, Debatta or Debetaz, etc)  P/CHE/9  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/9]

File I: notes on Victoria Park  P/CHE/10  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/10]

File J: notes on no. 21 (formerly no. 12) Old Ford Rd.  P/CHE/11  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/11]

File K: notes on Old Ford Rd. after 1880 (including Jacoby and Pickard families)  P/CHE/12  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/12]

File L: Correspondence with Thomas Saunders  P/CHE/13  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/13]

File N: Correspondence, notes and photographs re book illustrations  P/CHE/14  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/14/1-2]

File P: notes on Bethnal House  P/CHE/15  (1970s)

Former reference: [TH/8264/15]

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