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Bexley Borough Council and Predecessor Authorities

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Reference LABX
Covering dates 1880 - 1975
Held by Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre
Extent 4799 Files
Creators Bexley Borough Council, 1937-1965; Bexley Urban District Council, 1894-1937; Bexley Local Board of Health, 1880-1894

Administrative history:
In 1819 the heath of the village of Bexley was enclosed by special act of Parliament. The main London to Dover road ran across the heath and as the century progressed a new town called Bexleyheath began to develop along its length. The town was still administered by Bexley Parish Vestry, but this arrangement proved unpopular with the people of Bexleyheath. In 1880 a solution was found by the creation of Bexley Local Board of Health, established under the Public Health Act 1875 to act as the sanitary authority for the whole Parish of Bexley. The Local Government Act 1894 created Bexley Urban District Council. This replaced the Local Board and took over the civil powers of the Parish Vestry. In 1902 the neighbouring Parish of East Wickham was absorbed into the Urban District.
In 1937 Bexley was granted a royal charter erecting the town into a Borough. The charter provided for a Mayor and Borough Council to take over the functions of the old Urban District Council, it also acquired a greater say in the running of local schools through a joint committee with Kent County Council.
Under the terms of the London Government Act 1963 the Borough of Bexley was abolished and from 1 January 1965 the town became part of the London Borough of Bexley.

Administrative records


Minutes  LABX/CA/1  [n.d.]

Bexley Local Board  LABX/CA/1/1  [n.d.]

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/1  May 1880-Oct 1883

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/2  Nov 1883-Apr 1887

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/3  May 1887-July 1890

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/4  Aug 1890-Jan 1893

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/5  Feb 1893-Dec 1894

Bexley Local Board Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/6  Jan 1895-Feb 1896

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/7  Feb 1896-Mar 1897

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/8  Apr 1897-Mar 1898

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/9  Apr 1898-Nov 1898

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/10  Dec 1898-Mar 1899

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/11  Apr 1899-Apr 1900

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/12  Apr 1900-Apr 1901

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/13  Apr 1901-Apr 1902

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/14  Apr 1902-Mar 1903

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/15  1903-1904

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/16  1904-1905

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/17  1905-1906

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/18  1906-1907

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/19  1907-1908

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/20  1908-1909

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/21  1909-1910

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/22  1910-1911

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/23  1911-1912

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/24  1912-1913

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/25  1913-1914

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/26  1914-1915

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/27  1915-1916

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/28  1916-1917

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/29  1917-1918

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/30  1918-1919

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/31  1919-1920

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/32  1920-1921

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/33  1921-1922

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/34  1922-1923

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/35  1923-1924

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/36  1924-1925

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/37  1925-1926

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/38  1926-1927

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/39  1927-1928

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/40  1928-1929

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/41  1929-1930

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/42  1930-1931

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/43  1931-1932

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/44  1932-1933

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/45  1933-1934

Bexley UDC Minutes  LABX/CA/1/1/46  1934-1935

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2  [n.d.]

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/1  Apr-Oct 1931

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/2  Dec 1931-Mar 1932

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/3  Apr-Oct 1932

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/4  Nov 1932-Mar 1933

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/5  Apr-Oct 1933

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/6  Nov 1933-Mar 1934

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/7  May-Oct 1934

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/8  Nov 1934-Mar 1935

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/9  Jun 1935-Mar 1936

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/10  Apr-Oct 1936

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/11  Dec 1936-Mar 1937

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/12  Apr-Jun 1937

Bexley UDC Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/13  Jul-Oct 1937

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/14  Nov 1937-Mar 1938

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/15  Apr-Oct 1938

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/16  1938-1939

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/17  1939-1941

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/18  1941-1943

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/19  1943-1945

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/20  1945-1946

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/21  1946-1947

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/22  1947-1948

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/23  1948-1950

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/24  1950-1951

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/25  1951-1952

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/26  1952-1953

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/27  1953-1954

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/28  1954-1955

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/29  1955-1956

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/30  1956-1957

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/31  1957-1958

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/32  1958-1959

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/33  1959-1960

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/34  1960-1961

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/35  1961-1962

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/36  1962-1963

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/37  1963-1964

Bexley Borough Council Printed Agenda and Minutes  LABX/CA/1/2/38  1964-1965

Papers  LABX/CA/2  [n.d.]

Agendas and Reports  LABX/CA/2/1  [n.d.]

Council Reports  LABX/CA/2/1/1  1938 - 1943

Council Reports  LABX/CA/2/1/2  1943 - 1952

Council Reports  LABX/CA/2/1/3  1952 - 1962


Minutes  LABX/CB/1  [n.d.]

Allotments Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1  [n.d.]

Allotments Committee Minutes 1951-1958 missing

Allotments Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1/1  1921 - 1935

Allotments, Baths and Housing Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1/2  1935 - 1937

Allotments, Parks and Baths Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1/3  1937 - 1939

Allotments and Parks Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1/4  1939 - 1950

Allotments and Parks Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/1/5  1959 - 1965

Parks Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2  [n.d.]

Recreation Ground Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/1  1898 - 1925

Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/2  1925 - 1926

Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/3  1926 - 1929

Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/4  1929 - 1932

Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/5  1932 - 1933

Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/6  1934 - 1935

Parks Committee Minutes  LABX/CB/1/2/7  1935 - 1937

Papers  LABX/CB/2  [n.d.]

Allotments Committee Papers  LABX/CB/2/1  [n.d.]

Allotments and Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/1/1  1938 - 1950

Allotments and Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/1/2  1950 - 1954

Allotments and Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/1/3  1954 - 1956

Allotments Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/1/4  1957 - 1964

Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/2  [n.d.]

Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/2/1  1957 - 1962

Parks Committee Reports  LABX/CB/2/2/2  1962 - 1965


Minutes  LABX/CC/1  [n.d.]

Civil Defence Committee Minutes  LABX/CC/1/1  [n.d.]

Civil Defence Committee Minutes  LABX/CC/1/1/1  1949 - 1965

Papers  LABX/CC/2  [n.d.]

Civil Defence Committee Papers  LABX/CC/2/1  [n.d.]

Civil Defence Committee Reports  LABX/CC/2/1/1  1949 - 1965


Minutes  LABX/CD/1  [n.d.]

Education Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/1  [n.d.]

Education Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/1/1  1944 - 1950

Education Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/1/2  1960 - 1965

Education Sub-Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/2  [n.d.]

Technical Education Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/2/1  1900 - 1905

School Management and General Purposes Sub-Commttee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/2/2  1946 - 1956

School Management and General Purposes Sub-Commttee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/2/3  1957 - 1965

Education Development Sub-Committee Minutes  LABX/CD/1/2/4  1950 - 1965

Papers  LABX/CD/2  [n.d.]

Education Committee Papers  LABX/CD/2/1  [n.d.]

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/1  1944 - 1949

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/2  1949 - 1953

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/3  1953 - 1956

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/4  1956 - 1959

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/5  1959 - 1962

Education Committee Reports  LABX/CD/2/1/6  1962 - 1965


Minutes  LABX/CE/1  [n.d.]

Electricity Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1  [n.d.]

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/1  1902 - 1903

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/2  1903 - 1904

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/3  1905 - 1906

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/4  1906 - 1908

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/5  1908 - 1909

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/6  1909 - 1911

Electric Lighting and Traction Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/7  1911 - 1913

Electricity and Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/8  1913 - 1916

Electricity and Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/9  1917 - 1920

Electricity and Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/10  1920 - 1924

Electricity and Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/11  1924 - 1927

Electricity Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/12  1927 - 1931

Electricity Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/13  1931 - 1933

Electricity Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/14  1934 - 1935

Electricity Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/15  1935 - 1937

Electricity, Sports Stadium, Post War Development, Holidays at Home Executive, Physical Training and Recreation Committees Minutes  LABX/CE/1/1/16  1937 - 1949

Bexley and Dartford Joint Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/2  [n.d.]

Joint Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/2/1  1921 - 1925

Joint Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/2/2  1926 - 1929

Joint Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/2/3  1929 - 1932

Joint Tramways Committee Minutes  LABX/CE/1/2/4  1933

Papers  LABX/CE/2  [n.d.]

Electricity Committee Papers  LABX/CE/2/1  [n.d.]

Electricity Committee Reports  LABX/CE/2/1/1  1938 - 1948



Registers of Burials  LABX/DA/2/1  [n.d.]

Bexleyheath Cemetery Register  LABX/DA/2/1/1  1879-1909

Bexleyheath Cemetery Register  LABX/DA/2/1/2  1909-1926

Bexleyheath Cemetery Register  LABX/DA/2/1/3  1926-1937

Bexleyheath Cemetery Register  LABX/DA/2/1/4  1937-1943

Index of Burials  LABX/DA/2/2  [n.d.]

Bexleyheath Cemetry Index of Burials  LABX/DA/2/2/1  1879-1943



Correspondence files re land, property and development.  LABX/DA/4/1  [n.d.]

Papers concerning the "Housing of the Working Classes Act", and its implementation in identifying various properties as unfit for habitation.  LABX/DA/4/1/1  1890-1913

Conveyance of freehold land, Bexleyheath Market Place  LABX/DA/4/1/2  1893-1908

With plans, draft indenture and correspondence.

Land transfer from Dartford U.D.C. (East Wickham)  LABX/DA/4/1/3  1900-1902

Papers concerning official enquiry, agreements on roads and sewerage provision, including map. Also notes on East Wickham's rates.
Formerly catalogued as "F254"

Improvements to Church Road, Bexleyheath  LABX/DA/4/1/4  1901-1910

Enquiry re financial liability with regard to 1879 Inclosure Award, and specification/plans for work to be done by R.& J. Butler. Formerly catalogued as "F271"

Conveyance of piece of land, Upper College Farm, Bexley by Oxford University to Kent Waterworks.  LABX/DA/4/1/5  1902

Draft conveyance of property "Ypsilanti", Bourne Street (with sale brochure) by Bexley U.D.C. to J.W. Ellingham of Bexleyheath Broadway.  LABX/DA/4/1/6  1902

Formerly catalogued as "F256"

Dispute over land and ditch ownership at Bellegrove, Welling  LABX/DA/4/1/7  1905-1907

Correspondence with adjacent house owners, with copy letter on treatment of other local open spaces from 1870, and forecourt frontages.
Formerly catalogued as "F251"

Draft mortgage of property "Roding" Hawthorne Road and correspondence with house owner G.E. Church, under 1899 Small Dwellings Acquisition Act.  LABX/DA/4/1/8  1906

Formerly catalogued as "F331

Papers concerning alleged land encroachment by Bexley U.D.C., between Upton Road and Lion Road.  LABX/DA/4/1/9  1908-1909

Formerly catalogued as "F259"

Proposed new development "Mount Park Estate", between Upton Road and Arbuthnot Lane, by Eliab Box of Bexleyheath Broadway.  LABX/DA/4/1/10  1910-1911

Formerly catalogued as "F260"

Papers re sale of land to Bexley U.D.C. by Oxford University, for building of library.  LABX/DA/4/1/11  1911-1913

Bexley Village

Proposed name-change for Victoria and Albert Roads, and local complaints about the proposal.  LABX/DA/4/1/12  1913

Formerly catalogued as "F249"

Proposed sale of land to Bexley U.D.C., (Bourne Road Football Club ground) with plan/contract.  LABX/DA/4/1/13  1914-1915

Formerly catalogued as "F257"

Bexley U.D.C., proposals to build houses on Hartford Road site, with correspondence with Ministry of Health.  LABX/DA/4/1/14  1920-1924

Formerly catalogued as "F309"

Conveyance of "Boys and Girls Hall"; correspondence and draft Conveyance/Trust Deed.  LABX/DA/4/1/15  1922-1927

Formerly catalogued as "F308"

Housing schemes at Hartford Road and Highland Road, correspondence  LABX/DA/4/1/16-17  1925-1926

Including legal action with contractors (J.W. Ellingham Ltd.) re arbitration award. (Formerly catalogued as "F332-333").

Dispute over house frontage, Central Avenue, Welling  LABX/DA/4/1/18  1927-1931

Formery catalogued as "F269"

Papers re proposed development of flats, Wickham Street.  LABX/DA/4/1/19  1927

Papers concerning Bridgen Road and Parkhill Road, re sewerage, road-widening and land purchase from Oxford University.  LABX/DA/4/1/20  1927-1932

File re public health at the East Wickham site, including court cases, correspondence with "Hutments Protection League" about housing defects, health risks and rent restrictions.  LABX/DA/4/1/21  1928-1931

Further correspondence with "Hutments Protection League", texts of related legislation, petition from Erith and Welling Welfare Association", newspaper cuttings.  LABX/DA/4/1/22  1930-1935

Further correspondence on the "Hutments" and the Lodge Hill Estate, Welling.  LABX/DA/4/1/23  1935-1937

Notices and replies, from "S. 168" (Registration of owners/mortgagees of East Wickham Estate).  LABX/DA/4/1/24  1938

Draft Orders and Services of Notices  LABX/DA/4/1/25-26  1939

Copy Compulsory Purchase Orders, and plans, "Nos. 1-3"  LABX/DA/4/1/27-28  1939

File of objections to the Compulsory Purchase Orders including plans of the affected area.  LABX/DA/4/1/29  1939

East Wickham Hutments Brief and Enquiry papers.  LABX/DA/4/1/30  1939

Service of "S.41" statements and Health Defect reports.  LABX/DA/4/1/31-33  1939

Plans of East Wickham "Hutments", and other slum clearance areas.  LABX/DA/4/1/34  c.1939

Offers for sale of the "Red House", Bexleyheath.  LABX/DA/4/1/35  1934-1951

Sale particulars of property, "Halcot", with plan.  LABX/DA/4/1/36  1935

Riverside Walk proposals, with plans.  LABX/DA/4/1/37  1935-1938

Acquisition of land for Riverside Walk (Tanyard lane - Crofton Avenue).  LABX/DA/4/1/38  1937-1938

Correspondence, reports and plans, Riverside Walk.  LABX/DA/4/1/39  1938-1965

Conveyance of Tramway Depot, Bexleyheath Broadway.  LABX/DA/4/1/40  1935-1936

Proposed new fish and chip shop at Blendon Road (Mr. Hodgkiss) and public protests about its licencing.  LABX/DA/4/1/41  1936

Acquisition by U.D.C. of open space at Stevens Estate, Welling, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/1/42  1937-1940; 1946; 1949

Purchase of part of the Halcot Estate by Bexley U.D.C., with plans (for housing development).  LABX/DA/4/1/43  1938

Correspondence and plans re use of East Wickham Farm for Civil Defence purposes.  LABX/DA/4/1/44  1940-1955

Plan for proposed Surface Shelter at Bellegrove Road, Welling. (Methodist Hall).  LABX/DA/4/1/45  1941

Abstract of Title, land fronting Bexley-Broadway and Townley Road (Payne's Charity, freehold of A.P. Pickett).  LABX/DA/4/1/46  1943

File re ownership of land in Each Wickham wanted for housing.  LABX/DA/4/1/47  1944

Lease of site on Hurst Place estate, to Hurst Horticultural Society, and prior correspondence/memoranda on the estate's compulsory purchase by the U.D.C.  LABX/DA/4/1/48  1944-1953

Schedule of properties rendered uninhabitable or destroyed by enemy action during World War II  LABX/DA/4/1/49  1945

With information on level of damage and financial implications of demolition or repair.

Purchase of land and erection of houses by Forresters' Homes, Mayplace Road  LABX/DA/4/1/50  1945-1962

Also including relaying of electricity cables.

Purchase of land at junction of Hurst Road and Parkhill Road, Bexley, incl. plans.  LABX/DA/4/1/51  1942-1957

Papers re land - use, land adjoining Riverside Walk and Murchison Avenue, with plans.  LABX/DA/4/1/52  1948-1952

Lease surrender of the Providence Chapel, Danson Lane (Schedule of Conditions)  LABX/DA/4/1/53  1948

Correspondence and memoranda re requisition of "Marl House", Parkhill Road, and subsequent use of.  LABX/DA/4/1/54  1949-1959

File on buildings of historic interest in the Borough, with annotated area plan.  LABX/DA/4/1/55  1949-1964

Lodge Hill Estate, Welling; erection of houses and "Right-of-Way" termination.  LABX/DA/4/1/56  1952-1957

Town Planning Contravention Appeal, re Nos. 1, 3, 5, 7 East Street, Bexleyheath.  LABX/DA/4/1/57  1959-1961

Danson Park and House.  LABX/DA/4/1/58  1926-1932

Danson Tennis Club and new Hard Courts  LABX/DA/4/1/58-59  1931

Application for Polo Facilities at Danson Park, by the Royal Artillery  LABX/DA/4/1/60  1928

Formerly catalogued as "F319"

Correspondence re hire of rooms at Danson House.  LABX/DA/4/1/61-65  1935-36; 1937; 1938-39; 1939; 1940-51

Maintenance of Rose Garden at Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/66  1935

Gifts of plants and birds to Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/67  1935-1938

Museum and gifts to house, Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/68  1935-1944

Correspondence on the structure of Danson House.  LABX/DA/4/1/69  1936-1951

Danson Boating Pool, correspondence about.  LABX/DA/4/1/70  1936

Danson Park catering contract correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/1/71-73  1936-1937; 1949-1952; 1952-1961

Bexleyheath "Gala Day" Garden Party at Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/74  1936-1951

Correspondence on the usage of Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/75-76  1932-1941; 1941-1953

Purchases for Borough Museum at Danson House.  LABX/DA/4/1/77  1936-1937

Polo Field at Danson Park, correspondence  LABX/DA/4/1/78  1937

Illuminations at Danson Park, mainly for Gala Day.  LABX/DA/4/1/79  1937-1938

Aviary at Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/80  1937-1952

Cycle Polo Matches at Danson Park, and general cycle track facilities.  LABX/DA/4/1/81-82  1938-1948

Ice cream sales at Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/83  1938-1950

Installation of gunsite and trenches at Danson Park and subsequent notices to quit.  LABX/DA/4/1/84-89  1940-1957

Stables at Danson Park, correspondence on maintenance and usage of.  LABX/DA/4/1/90  1941-1965

Right-of-way to Pavilion in Danson Park, and use of adjacent land by military authorities.  LABX/DA/4/1/91  1942-1943

Repairs to Danson lodges, correspondence/repair orders.  LABX/DA/4/1/92  1942-1943

Correspondence/reports on fatal accidents in Danson Park lake.  LABX/DA/4/1/93  1943-1952

Miscellaneous correspondence on the management of Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/94  1945-1962

Trees in Danson Park facing East Rochester Way  LABX/DA/4/1/95  1946-1947

Correspondence about obstruction and felling of.

Model railway at Danson Park  LABX/DA/4/1/96  1948-1965

Correspondence/reports on its licensing and operation.

Correspondence concerning hire of organ at Danson park, and maintenance of the organ.  LABX/DA/4/1/97  1951-1964

Correspondence re usage of the Danson Park grounds.  LABX/DA/4/1/98  1954-1963

Correspondence concerning painting of railings at Danson Park.  LABX/DA/4/1/99  1957

Grecian Temple at Danson Park  LABX/DA/4/1/100  1959-1962

Correspondence on proposed demolition and subsequent removal of, including with Georgian Group (re-building of Temple at St. Paul's Walden Bury, Herts.)

Correspondence re cleansing of west end of Danson Park lake, and general file on Danson Park lake and reservoir.  LABX/DA/4/1/101-102  1952-1958; 1961-1965

Circuses at Danson Park  LABX/DA/4/1/103  1959-1964

Correspondence and agreements.

Danson Park Boathouse and cafe, building and opening of.  LABX/DA/4/1/104  1960-1965

Removal of trees at Danson Park and Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/105  1961

Correspondence and schedules.

Correspondence concerning appropriation of parkland at Danson Park for housing development.  LABX/DA/4/1/106  1962-1964

General correspondence files concerning the ownership, management and usage of Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/107-110  1935-1940; 1941-1945; 1945-1956; 1957-1964

Correspondence concerning the conveyance of Hall Place  LABX/DA/4/1/111  1935-1937

With plans (purchase by U.D.C.), with Lady Limerick remaining as life Tenant.

Tenancy of Bourne Cottage, Hall Place, correspondence with and about tenants, and maintenance.  LABX/DA/4/1/112  1936-1952

Estate and grazing land schemes at Hall Place, with plans.  LABX/DA/4/1/113  1939-1952

Re-instatement of floorboards at Hall Place and papers concerning the installation of a pipeline from its grounds to the David Evans factory.  LABX/DA/4/1/114  1941-1952

General correspondence on the usage of Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/115  1947-1953

Correspondence re catering at Hall Place  LABX/DA/4/1/116  1948-1965

Correspondence covering the erection and usage of greenhouses at Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/117-118  1949-1954; 1952-1956

Mineral workings on the Hall Place estate  LABX/DA/4/1/119  1952-1953

Correspondence, reports, plans.

Correspondence concerning opening of the Hall Place grounds, with plans.  LABX/DA/4/1/120  1952

Tenancy of Mr. Coombs in Hall Place lodge.  LABX/DA/4/1/121  1952

Correspondence on the preservation of the building's fabric, Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/122  1953-1963

Correspondence/report concerning the hiring of Hall Place by the Kent Education Committee, and their subsequent usage of it.  LABX/DA/4/1/123-124  1955-1959; 1960-1965

Fencing repairs and maintenance at Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/125  1955-1965

Electricity supply installation at Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/126  1955-1957

Correspondence re history of Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/1/127  1955-1964

Correspondence files re parks, open spaces and recreation.  LABX/DA/4/2  [n.d.]

Bexleyheath Recreation Ground; opening and leasing of; football club applications; copies of tenancy agreements with Oxford University.  LABX/DA/4/2/1  1879-1898

Correspondence concerning the control and ownership of "Shoulder of Mutton Green", Welling, with the L.C.C. and Dartford Borough Council.  LABX/DA/4/2/2  1897-1903

Papers of the U.D.C.'s Parks and Pleasure Grounds Committee  LABX/DA/4/2/3  1932-1933

Also some other c. 1935 Council minutes.

General correspondence on parks, mainly with other local authorities on the usage of, and access/inspection of the Council's parks.  LABX/DA/4/2/4  1935-1951

St. Mary's Recreation Ground, complaints about.  LABX/DA/4/2/5  1935-1948

Opening ceremony for new Borough Swimming Pool (Danson Park).  LABX/DA/4/2/6  1936-1937

Statistical data about open spaces in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/2/7  1937-1939

Parks accounts of the Treasurer's Department.  LABX/DA/4/2/8  1938-1945

Bexley U.D.C. Town Clerk's papers on the management of the Borough's parks, mainly re Danson Park and Hall Place.  LABX/DA/4/2/9-10  1938-1939; 1939-1945

Correspondence re proposed "Veteran's Bowling Green and Clubhouse" for the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/2/11  1943

Competition judging by the Parks Superintendent.  LABX/DA/4/2/12  1946-1949

File, miscellaneous correspondence on open spaces in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/2/13  1948-1964

Correspondence of the U.D.C. with local athletic clubs re usage of Council grounds and parks.  LABX/DA/4/2/14  1950-1952

Rifle range at rear of West Lodge, Bexleyheath Broadway  LABX/DA/4/2/15  1951-1952

Correspondence about.

Photograph of opening "St. George's Field"  LABX/DA/4/2/16  1955

From the "Municipal Review"

Correspondence files re roads and transport.  LABX/DA/4/3  [n.d.]

Bexleyheath Railway Bill; re Act to confirm Further Powers on, and correspondence re effects on the Brampton Park Estate.  LABX/DA/4/3/1  1893-1896

Diversion of footpaths by Bexleyheath Railway; case papers re dispute between U.D.C. and the railway company.  LABX/DA/4/3/2  1895-1896

Bexley Tramways. Largely papers relating to "London Passenger Transport Bill", 1934, and Bexley U.D.C.'s objection to it.  LABX/DA/4/3/3  1901-1934

Includes correspondence, petitions, site plan of tram depot at Bexleyheath Broadway; brief for Bexley U.D.C.; petition against takeover of the local tramway system by the LPTB; published proceedings of Select Committee; statistical tables of usage/income for use as evidence in objection; printed transcript of Tramways accounts, 1930; printed text of London transport companies' shareholders' meetings. Also text of 1901 Bexley Tramways Act; further file, "Through-running or inter-running of Tramways, 1913-15" (Woolwich - Bexleyheath - Erith), including data on current transport practice and charges; correspondence with L.C.C. and other local transport operators, re through-running of Workers' Trains.

Proposed widening of Lodge Lane, E.Wickham, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/3/4  1902-1903

Widening of Wickham Lane following Woolwich Borough Council Act.  LABX/DA/4/3/5  1903-1905

Widening of Vicarage Road and Dartford Road  LABX/DA/4/3/6  1922-1925

Widening of Vicarage Road and Cold Blow, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/3/7  1922-1924

Widening of Dover Road at Crook Log/Park View, with plans and related legal papers.  LABX/DA/4/3/8  1923-1926

Bexley U.D.C. Tramways/Electric Lighting Bill papers (largely re electricity supply)  LABX/DA/4/3/9  1908-1921

Maintenance agreement between Bexley U.D.C. and South Eastern and Chatham Railway, re paths over track, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/3/10  1910-1911

Footpaths between Upton Road and Arbuthnot Lane  LABX/DA/4/3/11  1913-1914

Correspondence re Right-of-Way.

Tramcars and war service  LABX/DA/4/3/12  1915-1924

Correspondence between U.D.C. and L.C.C.

Sunday bus services from Peckham - Bexley  LABX/DA/4/3/13  1916

Correspondence, memoranda, periodicals with transport articles.

Adjudication about services between Bexley U.D.C. and the L.C.C.  LABX/DA/4/3/14-15  1920-1922

Correspondence concerning tramway pole-painting contract.  LABX/DA/4/3/16  1920

Tramway accident at Bexleyheath  LABX/DA/4/3/17  1931-1932

Collection by tramcar (of post)  LABX/DA/4/3/18  1935-1936

Erith Road; agreement for Bexley U.D.C. to maintain the part of the road lying in Crayford, and payment arrangement for this (stamp duty on agreement).  LABX/DA/4/3/19  1921

Formerly catalogued as "F330"

Dartford Light Railway  LABX/DA/4/3/20  1922-1923

Agreement with Bexley U.D.C. about this operation, and associated Dartford-Gravesend road-widening scheme.

Papers concerning encroachment on footpath, Woodlands Estate  LABX/DA/4/3/21  1926-1927

Formerly catalogued as "F261"

Bellegrove Park Estate; dispute between Bexley U.D.C. and the estate's developers re whether roads should be repairable by public charge or not.  LABX/DA/4/3/22  1926-1933

Formerly catalogued as "F287"

Road maintenance in Long Lane, Bedonwell Road and Brampton Road, including plans and agreement with Erith U.D.C.  LABX/DA/4/3/23  1926-1928

Diversion of footpath on Brampton Estate (Brampton Road - Pickford Lane)  LABX/DA/4/3/24  1928

Formerly catalogued as "F258"

Correspondence with London Passenger Transport Board on integration of local tramway services into main LPTB system.  LABX/DA/4/3/25  1932-1933

Agreement for footbridge between Gypsy Road level crossings, with plans.  LABX/DA/4/3/26  1932-1946

Provision of public seats on highways, correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/3/27  1936-1962

Maintenance of tram-tracks, correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/3/28  1938-1941

Dedication of land at Elmwood Drive, Bexley for highway improvement  LABX/DA/4/3/29  1946

Also includes plans/contracts from 1930

Banks Lane Highway Improvement, and related correspondence with Christ Church, Bexleyheath.  LABX/DA/4/3/30  1960-1965

Correspondence files re public health, water supply and sewerage.  LABX/DA/4/4  [n.d.]

Papers of the West Kent Main Sewage Board  LABX/DA/4/4/1  1890

Draft agreements with Bexley U.D.C

Re-division of District for sewerage/cleansing purposes, and boundary dispute with Sidcup.  LABX/DA/4/4/2  1895-1987

Bexley U.D.C. correspondence with other U.D.C.s on tuberculosis in cattle and prevention of it spreading  LABX/DA/4/4/3  1900-1910

Formerly catalogued as "F272"

Byelaws for West Kent Main Sewage Board  LABX/DA/4/4/4  1900-1915

Correspondence on the local risk of smallpox, and Isolation Hospital provision  LABX/DA/4/4/5  1902

Formerly catalogued as "F273"

Metropolitan Water Act and local water supplies, agreements and correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/4/6-7  1902, 1912

Dispute over drainage at East Wickham Farm, 1905-06  LABX/DA/4/4/8-9  1905-1909

Further file on development of East Wickham Estate (East Wickham Farm; Exall's Farm; cottage in Wickham Street) formerly catalogued as "F320-321"

Correspondence on alleged failure of Bexley U.D.C. to empty cesspool in Edison Row, East Wickham.  LABX/DA/4/4/10  1907-1908

Formerly catalogued as "F322"

Bexley U.D.C.'s response to Public Health Act Amendment  LABX/DA/4/4/11  1908

Memoranda and correspondence with the Home Office formerly catalogued as "F274"

Correspondence re provision of anti-Diptheria toxin by the U.D.C.'s Medical Officer of Health.  LABX/DA/4/4/12  1910

Formerly catalogued as "F275"

Maintenance of Bexley Patients at Bow Arrow Hospital, Dartford, and Dartford Hospital Committee's re-imbursement claim.  LABX/DA/4/4/13  1910-1912

Formerly catalogued as "F283"

Sewerage provision and cesspool at Payne's Charity Cottages.  LABX/DA/4/4/14  1911

Correspondence re compulsory notification of Polio and Cerebro-Spinal fever to the U.D.C.'s Medical Officer of Health.  LABX/DA/4/4/15  1912

Formerly catalogued as "F276"

Correspondence re compulsory notification of Opthalmia Neonatorum to the Medical Officer of Health.  LABX/DA/4/4/16  1914

Formerly catalogued as "F277"

Report and other papers concerning Venereal Disease  LABX/DA/4/4/17  1916-1917

Formerly catalogued as "F278"

Papers relating to proposed Bexley Maternity and Child Welfare Clinic.  LABX/DA/4/4/18  1921-1928

Formerly catalogued as "F286"

Proposed Public Convenience outside the "Lord Bexley" public house, Bexleyheath  LABX/DA/4/4/19  1921-1922

Formerly catalogued as "F279"

Sewerage installation at Welling Station Approach, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/4/20  1921-1925

Construction of sewer by Bexley U.D.C. in Lower Station Road, and related agreement with Crayford U.D.C.  LABX/DA/4/4/21  1923

Drainage of Baldwin's Park Estate (Tile Kiln Lane - Summerhouse Drive)  LABX/DA/4/4/22  1925-1926

Formerly catalogued as "F250"

Correspondence about proposed joint use by Bexley and Erith U.D.C.s of Erith's Isolation Hospital.  LABX/DA/4/4/23  1927-1929

Formerly catalogued as "F284"

Proposed drainage (by septic tank), Boundary Road - Gordon Road, Blackfen (for new housing).  LABX/DA/4/4/24  1927

Formerly catalogued as "F253"

Agreement between Bexley U.D.C. and Metropolitan Water Board, for water supplies to Uptor Road.  LABX/DA/4/4/25  1928

Papers of Bexley and Dartford Joint Hospital Committee and Bexley U.D.C., re use of Bow-Arrow Hospital  LABX/DA/4/4/26  1929-1930

Formerly catalogued as "F285"

Pollution complaints about piggeries in Arbuthnot Lane.  LABX/DA/4/4/27  1935

Complaint concerning the hygiene of gypsies resident at Welling.  LABX/DA/4/4/28  1935

Ministry of Health Returns by the Borough, re supply of milk under Maternity and Child Welfare Act.  LABX/DA/4/4/29  1936-1938

Metropolitan Water Board and the Borough Correspondence  LABX/DA/4/4/30  1936-1938

MWB Reports  LABX/DA/4/4/31  1939-1943

MWB Act; Bills, "Book of Reference", press cuttings.  LABX/DA/4/4/32  1939-1945

Correspondence files re legal matters.  LABX/DA/4/5  [n.d.]

U.D.C. Byelaws concerning cleaning of privies  LABX/DA/4/5/1  1883-1901

Formerly catalogued as "F265"

Byelaws concerning, and lists of, local slaughterhouses  LABX/DA/4/5/2  1898-1900

Formerly catalogued as "F267"

U.D.C. Byelaws concerning pleasure grounds and parks  LABX/DA/4/5/3  1899-1926

Formerly catalogued as "F266"

U.D.C. Byelaws concerning common lodging houses.  LABX/DA/4/5/4  1920

Formerly catalogued as "F264"

Kent County Council Byelaws  LABX/DA/4/5/5  1935-1964

Building Byelaws  LABX/DA/4/5/6-7  1936-1939; 1952-1965

Byelaws concerning parks  LABX/DA/4/5/8  1936-1964

Byelaws concerning public libraries  LABX/DA/4/5/9  1952-1958

Metropolitan Water Board Byelaws  LABX/DA/4/5/10  1957

Dartford Tunnel Byelaws  LABX/DA/4/5/11  1955-1963

Bexley United Charities; appointment of Trustees  LABX/DA/4/5/12  1908-1910

With copy of Charity Commission's order from 1879 formerly catalogued as "F270"

Memorandum on implications of Factory and Workshop Act on local authorities  LABX/DA/4/5/13  1912

Formerly catalogued as "F304

Factories (mis-description) Act, and related circulars.  LABX/DA/4/5/14  1913

Formerly catalogued as "F262"

Dartford Petty Sessions, Bexleyheath cases.  LABX/DA/4/5/15  1916-1919

Correspondence concerning claim of James Harley's widow under Workmen's Compensation Act.  LABX/DA/4/5/16  1919

Formerly catalogued as "F252"

Papers re action by R. Saunders against against Bexley U.D.C., following allegations of defective tram-track, after Welling road accident.  LABX/DA/4/5/17  1919-1920

Formerly catalogued as "F280"

Legal investigation following fatal blaze at Welling cinema (Wickham Parish Hall)  LABX/DA/4/5/18  1929-1930

Formerly catalogued as "F289"

Lawsuit between Bexley U.D.C. and Sidney Herbert Alabaster, re claims for housing rent reduction on behalf of Alabaster and H.H. Cooper.  LABX/DA/4/5/19  1930

Certification of cinemas for Sunday opening licensing.  LABX/DA/4/5/20  1930-1931

Formerly catalogued as "F317"

Storage licensing to traders and farmers for petroleum and calcium carbide storage.  LABX/DA/4/5/21  1931-1932

Formerly catalogued as "F263"

Licensing for music, dancing and musical performances.  LABX/DA/4/5/22  1931-1933

Formerly catalogued as "F328"

Correspondence files re education  LABX/DA/4/6  [n.d.]

Compensation claim from Bexley U.D.C. by Schools Attendance Officer.  LABX/DA/4/6/1  1903

Bexley U.D.C.'s contribution to Dartford Secondary School for Girls.  LABX/DA/4/6/2  1907-1912

Scheme for management of Fosters' Endowed School, East Wickham.  LABX/DA/4/6/3  1914

Bexley U.D.C.'s financial contribution towards extension for County School for Girls, Dartford.  LABX/DA/4/6/4  1919-1920

Appointment of School Manager.  LABX/DA/4/6/5  1920-1923

Correspondence concerning exchange of flags by local schools with Bexley, Australia.  LABX/DA/4/6/6  1923-1927

General education correspondence, between U.D.C./Borough and K.E.C. officials, re special places in secondary schools; new Roman Catholic School  LABX/DA/4/6/7  1936-1938

Published K.E.C. reports on Vocational Guidance/Special Plans.

General education correspondence  LABX/DA/4/6/8  1939-1945

Including poster on local events issued by Co-op. Society, "Lift the Blackout from your mind".

Bexleyheath Elementary Education  LABX/DA/4/6/9  1935-1938

Correspondence/memoranda, largely resulting from complaints by the St. Michael's residents' Association, and subsequent K.E.C. involvement, re alleged inadequate school accommodation provision at Brampton Road School; also report on the establishment of Upton Road School, 1935.

Education enquiries  LABX/DA/4/6/10  1935-1938

Also contains published report on local education provision.

School clinics (concerning the Borough's dissatisfaction with the K.E.C.'s provision of clinics locally).  LABX/DA/4/6/11  1939

Proposed council schools for Bexleyheath and Welling (Lodge Hill)  LABX/DA/4/6/12  1936

Memorandum and statutory notices about.

School accommodation, largely 1939, including letter from local Labour Party on alleged "hopeless overcrowding" at local schools, with memo of Parliamentary debate on the subject.  LABX/DA/4/6/13  1939-1943

Higher Education. Reports and correspondence on proposed Further Education College at Dartford, and its naming.  LABX/DA/4/6/14  1935

Minutes of meetings of School Governors/Managers in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/6/15-18  1946-1950; 1950-1954; 1955-1959; 1959-1965

Correspondence files re other Council services.  LABX/DA/4/7  [n.d.]

Burial accommodation at Bexley, East Wickham and Lamorbey, with related boundary alterations  LABX/DA/4/7/1  1911-1925

Plans, correspondence, memoranda. Formerly catalogued as "F268"

General correspondence concerning the Borough's Museum Service, largely at Danson Mansion.  LABX/DA/4/7/2  1926-1954

Including correspondence about Danson vase and proposed history of Bexley.

General correspondence on library provision.  LABX/DA/4/7/3  1935-1954

Correspondence with the Museums Association, largely re museum premises in Danson Mansion.  LABX/DA/4/7/4  1936-1944

Bexley Museum, Curator's reports and correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/7/5  1936-1939

Library Committee papers, including purchase of Boswell College, and proper construction of new central library.  LABX/DA/4/7/6  1939-1952

Hurst area library facilities, including plan for proposed new branch at Albany Park.  LABX/DA/4/7/7  1939-1957

File "Library miscellaneous", mainly correspondence, including complaints, memoranda, records of accidents.  LABX/DA/4/7/8  1943-1953

Purchase of land for library site at Axminster Crescent.  LABX/DA/4/7/9  1947

General correspondence of Museum and Library Service  LABX/DA/4/7/10  1947-1964

Including with Area Museums Service, re purchase of Boswell photo. collection, history of Bexley, Kent bibiliography contribution.

Papers and plans concerning library site at Welling Green.  LABX/DA/4/7/11  1947-1957

Library regulations  LABX/DA/4/7/12  1952-1956

Architectural competition for new library (new Central Library).  LABX/DA/4/7/13  1955-1956

Official opening of Reference Library, Townley Road.  LABX/DA/4/7/14  1959

Report on Bexley Public Libraries  LABX/DA/4/7/15  1959-1960

Bexley gas- lighting; correspondence, memoranda and agreements for provision by the West Kent Gas Company.  LABX/DA/4/7/16  1880-1914

Formerly catalogued as "F303"

Street-lighting; negotiations and draft agreement for lighting Court Leet Bottom, with plan.  LABX/DA/4/7/17  1904-1908

Formerly catalogued as "F329"

Electric cable installation at Bexleyheath Station  LABX/DA/4/7/18  1907-1909

Correspondence and agreement.

Correspondence concerning potential supply of electricity to Crayford by Bexley U.D.C  LABX/DA/4/7/19  1912-1913

Formerly catalogued as "F324"

Papers concerning Local Government Board enquiring into bulk supply of electricity by Bexley U.D.C.  LABX/DA/4/7/20  1913-1914

Formerly catalogued as "F325"

Supply of electricity to Lord Dudley Gordon, Bourne Place, and use of garden store there as a sub-station.  LABX/DA/4/7/21  1914-1920

Formerly catalogued as "F255"

Provision of outside shop-lighting in the area  LABX/DA/4/7/22  1915

Correspondence and reports.

Electricity installation at "Newlands", Park Hill, Bexley.  LABX/DA/4/7/23  1919-1921

Bulk supply of electricity to the Foots Cray Electricity Supply Co. Ltd.  LABX/DA/4/7/24  1919-1922


Draft agreement for the supply of electricity with Woolwich Metropolitan Borough Council.  LABX/DA/4/7/25  1924

South Suburban Gas Company correspondence with U.D.C.; Re application for reduction in gas price by L.C.C  LABX/DA/4/7/26  1925-1926

Proposed erection of gas-holder by SSGC at Upper Wickham Lane., and local objections.  LABX/DA/4/7/27  1927

SSGC Consolidated Bill; draft texts and correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/7/28  1928

SSGC Gas Bill - reports, correspondence draft sections, petitions against, statistics.  LABX/DA/4/7/29  1932-1934

Bexley Electricity Undertaking; printed Abstract of Accounts.  LABX/DA/4/7/30  1940

Public clocks and church clocks (maintenance of)  LABX/DA/4/7/31  1945-1952

Including letter from Mr. Heath about pigeons soiling the Clock Tower, Bexleyheath Broadway.

Fire Service. Correspondence  LABX/DA/4/7/32  1930

Charles Colvill Testimonial Fund (former employee of Bexleyheath Fire Brigade for 50 years). (Formerly catalogued as "F290").

Miscellaneous correspondence on Bexley and Bexleyheath Fire Brigades.  LABX/DA/4/7/33  1935-1943

Formerly catalogued as "F291"

Reports of the Chief Officers of the Bexleyheath and Bexley Fire Brigades  LABX/DA/4/7/34-35  1934-1938

Formerly catalogued as "F292" and "F293"

Fire Reports of the Bexley and Bexley-heath Fire Brigades (/36-37, Bexley /38-41, Bexleyheath)  LABX/DA/4/7/36-41  1934-1938

Formerly catalogued as "F294 and "F295"

Payment records, payments to Bexley and Bexleyheath Brigades for attendance at fires.  LABX/DA/4/7/42  1934-1938

Formerly catalogued as "F296"

Reports on fire and ambulance services, with related correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/7/43  1936-1938

Formerly catalogued as "F299"

Accidents to fire-engines, correspondence, reports, plan of Bexleyheath Broadway.  LABX/DA/4/7/44  1936-1940

Formerly catalogued as "F297"

Fire alarms; correspondence about complaints on use of noisy "maroon" for fire alerts.  LABX/DA/4/7/45  1936-1942

Formerly catalogued as "F298"

Testimonials for services rendered by former Fire Brigade members.  LABX/DA/4/7/46  1936-1937; 1954

Formerly catalogued as "F300"

National Fire Brigades Association's Annual Tournament at Danson Park  LABX/DA/4/7/47  1937-1938

Formerly catalogued as "F301"

Fire Brigades Act; correspondence and reports relating to mutual assistance between local councils under the Act.  LABX/DA/4/7/48  1938-1940

Formerly catalogued as "F302"

Correspondence and plans relating to the quantity/location of fire-fighting equipment at the Council's office.  LABX/DA/4/7/49  1943-1945

Civic Restaurant  LABX/DA/4/7/50  1946-1950

Correspondence re: public complaints about closure of the Civic Restaurant

Waste Collection  LABX/DA/4/7/51  1924-1925

Clearance of rubbish from Weir Road, Bexley

Allotments  LABX/DA/4/7/52  1922-1924

Correspondence re: allotments

Correspondencefiles re the Charter of Incorporation, 1938.  LABX/DA/4/8  [n.d.]

Petition for grant of Charter of Borough Status of Bexley U.D.C., under 1933 Local Government Act.  LABX/DA/4/8/1  1935-1936

General correspondence relating to Charter of Incorporation bid, 1936-38  LABX/DA/4/8/2  1936-1955

Also some subsequent correspondence with other authorities about obtaining Charter status.

General files re Charter of Incorporation, and dealings with the Privy Council about the U.D.C.'s application.  LABX/DA/4/8/3  1935-1937

Includes correspondence, reports, statistical data, press-cuttings.

Clerk's report on the adminstration of the Charter of Incorporation campaign by Bexley U.D.C.  LABX/DA/4/8/4  1935-1937

"Verbatim Report of Inquiry re Charter of Incorporation", December 1936.  LABX/DA/4/8/5  1936

Charter of Incorporation Inquiry papers  LABX/DA/4/8/6  1936

Draft evidence, memoranda, annotated plan and UDC/ward boundaries.

File of newspaper reports on Charter of Incorporation.  LABX/DA/4/8/7  1936-1938

Witnesses' statements for Charter application enquiry, and covering correspondence  LABX/DA/4/8/8-18  1936-1937

Including Fire Brigade, K.C.C., Ministry of Health (8/16-18).

Printing arrangements for draft Charter of Incorporation.  LABX/DA/4/8/19  1937

Appointment of Charter Mayor, and Charter message drafts by the Mayor.  LABX/DA/4/8/20  1937-1938

Presentation of Charter, correspondence about and with Lord Cornwallis as presentor  LABX/DA/4/8/21  [n.d.]

Correspondence concerning arrangements for Charter Day Civic Luncheon.  LABX/DA/4/8/22-23  1937

Printing of brochure for Charter of Incorporation.  LABX/DA/4/8/24  1937-1938

Charter Ball organisation.  LABX/DA/4/8/25  1937-1938

Correspondence and plans relating to Charter of Incorporation Campaign, with statistical graphs on the local economy.  LABX/DA/4/8/26  1938

Correspondence/memoranda on Charter Day celebrations, and printed leaflets, sales brochures/posters of suppliers of entertainment, fireworks, etc.  LABX/DA/4/8/27  1937-1954

Correspondence concerning Mayoral Borough Coat of Arms.  LABX/DA/4/8/28  1938-1965

Charter of Incorporation Official Insignia (Regalia, mace).  LABX/DA/4/8/29  c. 1953

Memorandum re Charter of Incorporation Silver Jubilee Celebrations  LABX/DA/4/8/30  1962

General correspondence/reports on Charter's Silver Jubilee celebrations.  LABX/DA/4/8/31  1961-1964

Correspondence on production of Anniversary Handbook for Charter Silver Jubilee Clebrations.  LABX/DA/4/8/32  1962

Correspondence files re special events.  LABX/DA/4/9  [n.d.]

Poster and proclamations on the accessions of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.  LABX/DA/4/9/1  1936, 1952

Mr. Summons' "Good Companions" collection (war relief collection, legality dispute).  LABX/DA/4/9/2  1942

"Merchant Navy Week" in the Borough; minutes, agendas, reports.  LABX/DA/4/9/3-4  1942-1943

"Dig for Victory" Week campaign  LABX/DA/4/9/5-9  1943-1946

Also including Horticultural Committee minutes, 1947-48 formerly catalogued as "F281"

"Prisoners of War Week", correspondence/minutes/agendas.  LABX/DA/4/9/10-11  1944-1945

Bexley Borough links with Royal Navy ships  LABX/DA/4/9/12  1944-1955

Formerly catalogued as "F288"

Correspondence concerning Peace Celebrations.  LABX/DA/4/9/13  1945

Correspondence concerning Victory Celebrations.  LABX/DA/4/9/14  1946

Horticultural Shows, correspondence and memoranda.  LABX/DA/4/9/15-20  1946-1956

Formerly catalogued as "F282"

Correspondence/reports on Civic Exhibitions  LABX/DA/4/9/21-22  1948-1951

National Savings Bank "Silver Lining Weeks" Campaigns  LABX/DA/4/9/23-24  1948-1949

Includes memoranda, printed items, correspondence; letters from Edward Heath when prospective Parliamentary candidate for Bexley.

United Nations Appeal for Children  LABX/DA/4/9/25-27  1948-1952

Minutes of Executive Committee for local UNAC Appeal, April-June 1948  LABX/DA/4/9/25  1948

Correspondence and memoranda for Lord Mayor of London's UNAC Appeal.  LABX/DA/4/9/26  1948

General files concerning UNAC appeal (largely 1948). Includes printed and typescript circulars, correspondence, lists of committee members, programme of events for UNAC Week, June 1948. Also correspondence with local charities, political parties, M.P.s, Sophie Tucker.  LABX/DA/4/9/27  1948-1957

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Papers of local Festival Organising Committee; organisation and meetings.  LABX/DA/4/9/28  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Correspondence, events by outside organisations.  LABX/DA/4/9/29  1949-1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Festival programme, printing and compilation of.  LABX/DA/4/9/30  1950-1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Festival publicity, correspondence  LABX/DA/4/9/31  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Special Festival Film Show  LABX/DA/4/9/32  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Correspondence/circulars, offers of entertainment from outside organisations.  LABX/DA/4/9/33  1950-1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Copies of official Government reports/circulars/programmes about the Festival  LABX/DA/4/9/34  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Miscellaneous correspondence, circulars press-cuttings about the Festival.  LABX/DA/4/9/35  1949-1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Musical scores and related correspondence for "Bexley March" written for Festival.  LABX/DA/4/9/36  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Correspondence, organisation of Festival of Britain "Brains Trust".  LABX/DA/4/9/37  1951

Festival of Britain events in the Borough: Correspondence re events and competitions put on by organising committee.  LABX/DA/4/9/38  1951

Correspondence on "Summer Entertainments" in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/9/39  1962-1965

Correspondence files re finance and staffing.  LABX/DA/4/10  [n.d.]

Local Authority Officer' Adoptive Super-annuation Bill, with related correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/10/1  1901-1902

Formerly catalogued as "F306"

Correspondence and legal opinion re rating of greenhouses.  LABX/DA/4/10/2  1906

Provisional Valuation of Bexley U.D.C. properties.  LABX/DA/4/10/3  1913-1919

Notices of intended Rates, with certificates of posting.  LABX/DA/4/10/4  1914-1928

Local Government Emergency Powers Act; payment to servicemen under the Act  LABX/DA/4/10/5  1916

Correspondence with Local Government Board

War Loans an Savings Campaign; correspondence with National War Savings Committee.  LABX/DA/4/10/6  1917

Telephone charges correspondence; mainly printed memoranda from London Telephone Service.  LABX/DA/4/10/7  1921

Loose papers re Rateable Values in the area, re 1929 local Government Act  LABX/DA/4/10/8  c. 1929

Also memorandum from U.D.C. to Kent County Council re opposition to proposed merger with Erith.

Tithe Redemption Agreements under Tithes Act; correspondence, circulars, plans.  LABX/DA/4/10/9  1950-1961

Car Allowance claims by Borough staff  LABX/DA/4/10/10  1952-1953

Printed Annual Accounts and Statistics for the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/10/11  1963-1964

Published Borough Rate Estimates.  LABX/DA/4/10/12  1964-1965

Correspondence files re relations with other authorities.  LABX/DA/4/11  [n.d.]

Kent County Council Smallholding Acts, circulars.  LABX/DA/4/11/1  1882-1907

Kent County Council Elections; posters, printed memoranda, correspondence.  LABX/DA/4/11/2  1910-1915

Formerly catalogued as "F323"

Printed minutes of Kent County Council Inquiry into County Districts Boundary Alterations, following 1929 Local Govt. Act.  LABX/DA/4/11/3  1932

Report (printed) of County Council Review of Electoral Divisions.  LABX/DA/4/11/4  1936

Dartford Division Parliamentary Constituency  LABX/DA/4/11/5  1944-1946

Correspondence, memoranda, cheques; re implementation of Electoral Registration Acts, 1943-1944.

Kent County Council Weights and Measures Department Reports.  LABX/DA/4/11/6  1959-1964

Correspondence files re miscellaneous subjects.  LABX/DA/4/12  [n.d.]

Lists of members and officers of the U.D.C. supplied to the Local Government Board.  LABX/DA/4/12/1  1890-1914

Formerly catalogued as "F305"

Files of "miscellaneous receipts and jottings from Solicitors etc.  LABX/DA/4/12/2  1903-1920

Mainly printed items re planning, financial and legal circulars, proposed new maternity home".

Correspondence re proposed County Boundary alterations at East Wickham, with L.C.C. and Local Government Board.  LABX/DA/4/12/3  1908-1909

Correspondence and Notice of Appointment, Overseer of the Poor.  LABX/DA/4/12/4  1920-1921

File "Greater London"  LABX/DA/4/12/5  1919-1930

Including report on Bexley's proposed attempt to obtain Borough status, 1919; maps of Metropolitan Police Districts north and south of the Thames, main file relates to Royal Commission on London Government and the "Greater London Scheme", includes correspondence with ministries, posters advertising public meeting about "Greater London Scheme"; correspondence with other local authorities in London and elsewhere, and with local M.P.s, in quest for Charter.

Correspondence, dispute between Bexley U.D.C. and Kendall and Sons of London over supply of Norwegian Granite Setts (delay in delivery for building stone).  LABX/DA/4/12/6  1909-1910

Notes from the Town Clerk re proposed reorganisation of his department.  LABX/DA/4/12/7  1912

Formerly catalogued as "F307"

Correspondence with the Bexley Unemployed Committee, re hire of Bexleyheath Market Place (rooms in no. 13).  LABX/DA/4/12/8  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous Council committee papers, minutes, memoranda, posters, printed leaflet (largely 1952-1954).  LABX/DA/4/12/9  1914-1954

Also large annotated land map of Dartford U.D.C. Includes Council meeting papers, 1949-1954, committee papers 1935-1938.

Printed Tenants' Handbook issued by Borough Housing Committee.  LABX/DA/4/12/10  c.1930-1960

4 editions

Postal Districts. Alterations of names.  LABX/DA/4/12/11  1937-1938

Bexley Draft Planning Scheme; circular and list of objections.  LABX/DA/4/12/12  1937

Air Raid Precautions Returns  LABX/DA/4/12/13  1938-1939

Includes O.S. map annotated with first-aid posts, air defence posts and military depots.

Copies of reports submitted to Council Committees  LABX/DA/4/12/14  1938-1945

Majority relating to Parks Committee and management of Danson Park.

Civil Defence Duties (Compulsory Enrolment Order).  LABX/DA/4/12/15  1941-1943

Correspondence on the award of Bravery Awards for services in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/12/16  1941-1962

Correspondence re installation, watching and lighting of anti-tank blocks in the Borough  LABX/DA/4/12/17  1940-1947

Includes annotated maps of the Hll Place estate. Also agreements for their post-war removal.

War Damage in the Borough; correspondence and reports, domestic properties and general  LABX/DA/4/12/18  1941-1953

Including letter from the Prime Minister's office.

Correspondence about, and lists of candidates for, Borough's "Roll of Honour".  LABX/DA/4/12/19  1943-1952

Correspondence on proposed musical society in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/12/20  1943

Correspondence concerning War Memorials and Memorial Services in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/12/21  1944-1945

Correspondence on conferring of "Honorary Freedom of the Borough" status.  LABX/DA/4/12/22  1944-1945

Correspondence concerning evacuation of Borough Maternity Home.  LABX/DA/4/12/23  1944

Posters, circulars, memoranda concern-Electoral Registration, under the Representation of the People Act.  LABX/DA/4/12/24  1945-1954

Reports and correspondence, Post-War Plans for Woolwich Arsenal (Bexley's participation on Woolwich Arsenal Post-War Development Committee.  LABX/DA/4/12/25  1945-1947

Statistical Returns on Air Raid Shelters in the Borough.  LABX/DA/4/12/26  1946-1952

Statistical Returns for Representation of the People Act.  LABX/DA/4/12/27  1946-1965

Correspondence concerning film about the Borough's Mayoress, "Mayoress at Home", and arrangements for its public showings.  LABX/DA/4/12/28  1947

Reports on the use of local premises and land for Civil Defence purposes.  LABX/DA/4/12/29  1947-1950

Correspondence concerning the Borough's links with Bexley, New South Wales, Australia.  LABX/DA/4/12/30  1941-1953

Miscellaneous Council Committee papers.  LABX/DA/4/12/31  1952

Correspondence, recommendations for local awards and honours  LABX/DA/4/12/32  1952-1964

Including with Edward Heath M.P. and Harold MacMillan, when Minister of Housing and Local Government.

Correspondence re publication of History of Bexley by Prof. F.R.H. du Boulay, and agreement for licence to publish.  LABX/DA/4/12/33  1958-1961


Incorporation Papers  LABX/DA/5/1  [n.d.]

Petition for charter incorporating Bexley as a Municipal Borough  LABX/DA/5/1/1  1936

Order in Council granting the charter of incorporation  LABX/DA/5/1/2  1937

Charter of Incorporation  LABX/DA/5/1/3  1937

Notes on proceedings at a Conference between representatives of the Local Government Boundary Commission, the Boroughs of Bexley and Erith and the Urban District of Crayford  LABX/DA/5/1/4  1947

Summary of representations to the Local Government Boundary Commission by the Boroughs of Bexley and Erith and the Urban District of Crayford  LABX/DA/5/1/5  1947

Papers relating to the proposed creation of a County Borough incorporating Bexley, Erith and Crayford  LABX/DA/5/1/6  1949-1959

Order in Council amending the charter of incorporation  LABX/DA/5/1/7  1954

Constitutional Papers  LABX/DA/5/2  [n.d.]

London Gazette  LABX/DA/5/2/1  20 April 1909

Including the notice of the order of the Local Government Board conferring powers on the Council under the Public Heath Acts Amendment Act 1907


Newscutting Files  LABX/DA/8/1  [n.d.]

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/1  1900 - 1903

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/2  1902 - 1903

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/3  1903 - 1905; 1915 - 1917

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/4  1907 - 1908

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/5  1908 - 1909

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/6  1914 - 1917; 1919 - 1921

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/7  1918; 1927

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/8  1923

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/9  1928; 1932

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/10  1929 - 1937

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/11  1935 - 1937

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/12  1931; 1937

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/13  1938

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/14  1938 - 1941

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/15  1949

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/16  1950

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/17  1952

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/18  1953

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/19  1954

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/20  1954 - 1957

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/21  1934 - 1936

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/22  1936 - 1937

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/23  1937

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/24  1937 - 1938

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/25  1938

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/26  1941 - 1945

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/27  1948

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/28  1951

Newscuttings  LABX/DA/8/1/29  1957 - 1959

Index (to LABX/DA/8/1/21)  LABX/DA/8/1/30  1934-1936


Registers  LABX/DA/9/1  [n.d.]

Record of number of bombs dropped in the Borough of Bexley  LABX/DA/9/1/1  1940-1945

Incident Report Book  LABX/DA/9/1/2  1940-1945

Repair of war damage incident book  LABX/DA/9/1/3  1940-1944

Register of land or buildings of which possession has been taken by local authority  LABX/DA/9/1/4  1939-1941

Register of war damage to sewers  LABX/DA/9/1/5  1940-1945

Register of Civilian Deaths due to War Operations  LABX/DA/9/1/6  1940-1945

Subject Files  LABX/DA/9/2  [n.d.]

Schedule of properties rendered uninhabitable  LABX/DA/9/2/1  1939-1945

Air raid general precautions scheme  LABX/DA/9/2/2  1939-1945

Air raid protection - wardens bulletins  LABX/DA/9/2/3  1940-1941

Provisional local war instructions  LABX/DA/9/2/4  n.d

Unexploded Bombs and Mines  LABX/DA/9/2/5  1942

Unexploded Bombs and Mines  LABX/DA/9/2/6  1942-1943

Unexploded Bombs and Mines  LABX/DA/9/2/7  1943

Unexploded Bombs and Mines  LABX/DA/9/2/8  1943-1945

Unexploded Bombs and Mines  LABX/DA/9/2/9  1945-1952

Defence Medal Applications  LABX/DA/9/2/10  1953-1971

Radiac Equipment  LABX/DA/9/2/11  1955-1968

Civil Defence School, Easingwold  LABX/DA/9/2/12  1968-1972

Utilities and Post Office  LABX/DA/9/2/13  1968

War Book  LABX/DA/9/2/14  1968

Miscellaneous  LABX/DA/9/3  [n.d.]

Death due to war operations: form for unidentified woman, Welling  LABX/DA/9/3/1  9 September 1940



Poor Rate Books  LABX/DB/2/1  [n.d.]

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/1  Apr 1898

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/2  Nov 1898

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/3  May 1899

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/4  Nov 1899

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/5  May 1900

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/6  Nov 1900

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/7  May 1901

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/8  Nov 1901

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/9  March 1902

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/10  June 1902

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/11  Nov 1902

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/12  May 1903

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/13  Oct 1903

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/14  Apr 1904

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/15  Oct 1904

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/16  Apr 1905

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/17  Oct 1905

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/18  Apr 1906

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/19  Oct 1906

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/20  Apr 1907

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/21  Oct 1907

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/22  Apr 1908

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/23  Oct 1908

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/24  Apr 1909

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/25  Oct 1909

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/26  Apr 1910

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/27  Oct 1910

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/28  Oct 1911

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/29  Apr 1912

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/30  Oct 1912

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/31  Apr 1913

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/32  Oct 1913

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/33  Apr 1914

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/33A  Oct 1914

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/34  Apr 1915

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/35  Oct 1915

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/36  Sept 1916

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/37  Apr 1917

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/38  Oct 1917

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/39  Apr 1918

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/40  Oct 1918

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/41  Apr 1919

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/42  Oct 1919

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/43  Apr 1920

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/44  Oct 1920

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/45  Apr 1921

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/46  Oct 1921

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/47  Oct 1922

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/48  Apr 1923

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/49  Oct 1923

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/50  Apr 1924

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/51  Oct 1924

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/52  Apr 1925

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/53  Oct 1925

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/54  Apr 1926

Poor Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/1/55  Oct 1926

General District Rate Books  LABX/DB/2/2  [n.d.]

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/1  July 1881

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/2  July 1882

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/3  Feb 1883

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/4  July 1883

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/5  July 1884

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/6  August 1885

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/7  August 1885

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/8  April 1886

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/9  April 1886

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/10  Nov 1886

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/11  May 1888

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/12  May 1889

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/13  June 1890

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/14  May 1891

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/15  Nov 1891

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/16  June 1892

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/17  June 1892

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/18  Nov 1892

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/19  Nov 1892

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/20  June 1893

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/21  June 1893

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/22  June 1893

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/23  Nov 1893

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/24  May 1894

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/25  Dec 1894

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/26  Dec 1894

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/27  June 1895

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/28  May 1896

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/29  May 1896

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/30  Dec 1896

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/31  Dec 1896

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/32  Dec 1896

General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/33  June 1897

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/34  Nov 1897

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/35  June 1898

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/36  June 1898

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/37  June 1898

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/38  June 1898

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/39  Nov 1898

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/40  Nov 1898

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/41  Nov 1898

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/42  June 1899

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/43  June 1899

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/44  June 1899

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/45  Dec 1899

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/46  Dec 1899

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/47  June 1900

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/48  June 1900

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/49  June 1900

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/50  Dec 1900

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/51  Dec 1900

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/52  Dec 1900

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/53  June 1901

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/54  June 1901

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/55  June 1901

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/56  June 1901

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/57  Dec 1901

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/58  Dec 1901

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/59  Dec 1901

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/60  Dec 1901

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/61  June 1902

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/62  June 1902

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/63  June 1902

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/64  June 1902

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/65  Dec 1902

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/66  Dec 1902

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/67  Dec 1902

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/68  Dec 1902

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/69  Dec 1902

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/70  June 1903

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/71  June 1903

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/72  June 1903

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/73  June 1903

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/74  June 1903

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/75  Dec 1903

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/76  Dec 1903

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/77  Dec 1903

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/78  Dec 1903

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/79  Dec 1903

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/80  June 1904

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/81  June 1904

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/82  June 1904

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/83  June 1904

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/84  June 1904

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/85  Nov 1904

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/86  Nov 1904

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/87  Nov 1904

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/88  Nov 1904

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/89  Nov 1904

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/90  May 1905

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/90A  May 1905

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/91  May 1905

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/92  May 1905

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/93  May 1905

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/94  Oct 1905

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/95  Oct 1905

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/96  Oct 1905

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/97  May 1906

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/98  May 1906

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/99  May 1906

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/100  May 1906

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/101  Oct 1906

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/102  Oct 1906

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/103  Oct 1906

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/104  Oct 1906

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/105  Oct 1906

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/106  May 1907

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/107  May 1907

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/108  May 1907

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/109  May 1907

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/110  May 1907

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/111  Oct 1907

Special General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/112  Oct 1907

Special General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/113  Oct 1907

Special General District Rate Book (Lamorbey Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/114  Oct 1907

Special General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/115  Oct 1907

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/116  Apr 1908

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/117  Oct 1908

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/118  Sept 1909

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/119  March 1910

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/120  Apr 1910

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/121  Oct 1910

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/122  March 1911

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/123  Sept 1911

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/124  Sept 1912

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/125  March 1913

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/126  Sept 1913

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/127  March 1914

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/128  Sept 1914

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/129  March 1915

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/130  Sept 1915

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/131  Oct 1917

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/132  March 1918

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/133  Oct 1918

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/134  March 1919

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/135  Oct 1919

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/136  Apr 1920

General District Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/2/137  Sept 1920

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/138  March 1921

General District Rate Book (St Mary's & East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/139  March 1921

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/140  Oct 1921

General District Rate Book (St Mary's & East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/141  Oct 1921

General District Rate Book (St Mary's & East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/142  March 1922

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/143  Oct 1922

General District Rate Book (St Mary's & East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/144  Oct 1922

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/145  Apr 1923

General District Rate Book (St Mary's & East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/146  Apr 1923

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/147  Apr 1924

General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/148  Apr 1924

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/149  Apr 1924

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/150  Apr 1925

General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/151  Apr 1925

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/152  Apr 1925

General District Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/153  March 1926

General District Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/154  March 1926

General District Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/2/155  March 1926

Combined Rate Books  LABX/DB/2/3  [n.d.]

Combined Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/3/1  Apr 1927

Combined Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/3/2  Oct 1927

Combined Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/3/3  Apr 1928

Combined Rate Book (Welling Ward)  LABX/DB/2/3/4  Apr 1928

Combined Rate Book (Bexleyheath Ward)  LABX/DB/2/3/5  Apr 1928

General Rate Books  LABX/DB/2/4  [n.d.]

General Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/1  Apr 1929

General Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/2  Apr 1929

General Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/3  Apr 1929

General Rate Book (Bexleyheath Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/4  Oct 1929

General Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/5  Oct 1929

General Rate Book (Old Bexley Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/6  Oct 1929

General Rate Book (Welling Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/7  Oct 1929

General Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/8  Oct 1930

General Rate Book (Old Bexley Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/9  Oct 1930

General Rate Book (Welling Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/10  Oct 1930

General Rate Book (Bexleyheath Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/11  Oct 1931

General Rate Book (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/12  Oct 1931

General Rate Book (Old Bexley Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/13  Oct 1931

General Rate Book (Christchurch Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/14  1939 - 1940

General Rate Book (Brampton Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/15  1939 - 1940

General Rate Book (St Mary's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/16  1939 - 1940

General Rate Book (Danson Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/17  1939 - 1940

General Rate Book (Falconwood Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/18  1939 - 1940

General Rate Book (St. Michael's Ward)  LABX/DB/2/4/19  1939 - 1940

Special Sewer Rate Books  LABX/DB/2/5  [n.d.]

Special Sewer Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/5/1  May 1888

Special Sewer Rate Book  LABX/DB/2/5/2  Nov 1891

Valuation Lists  LABX/DB/2/6  [n.d.]

Valuation List  LABX/DB/2/6/1  1901

Valuation List  LABX/DB/2/6/2  1907

Valuation List (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/6/3  1924

Valuation List (Bexleyheath Ward)  LABX/DB/2/6/4  1934

Valuation List (East Wickham Ward)  LABX/DB/2/6/5  1934

Valuation List (Old Bexley Ward)  LABX/DB/2/6/6  1934

Valuation List (Welling Ward)  LABX/DB/2/6/7  1934

Supplemental Valuation Lists  LABX/DB/2/7  [n.d.]

Supplemental Valuation List  LABX/DB/2/7/1  1911


Correspondence re: housing  LABX/DB/4/1  [n.d.]

Lectures - Rating Valuation Officers Association.  LABX/DB/4/1/1  1949-1959

Lectures, papers and correspondence (L106 Part 1)

Housing - housing rebates.  LABX/DB/4/1/2  1951-1955

Papers and correspondence (H124/3 Part 1)

Housing - Guarantees to Building Societies.  LABX/DB/4/1/3  1952-1965

Papers and correspondence (H124/2)

Housing - Housing Rebates.  LABX/DB/4/1/4  1955-1963

Papers and correspondence (H124/3 Part 2)

Administrative Re-organisation  LABX/DB/4/1/5  1967-1975

Including the working party on the Maud Report A101 Part 1

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