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Reference Y/SP
Covering dates 1836 - 1883
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 27 series

Folder icon  HOLBORN  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

No further details   Charles Street/Drury Lane Roman Catholic Schools. Architect: J. J. Scoles, 58 Pall Mall  Y/SP/82/1/A-I  1856
No further details   Christ Church National Schools, Little Guildford Street, Bloomsbury Surveyor: Jas. Schofield, 5 Keppel Street, Russell Square.  Y/SP/82/2/A-Q  1870
No further details   Home and Colonial School Society's Training College for Mistresses, Gray's Inn Road. Architect?: W. Cubitt and Co., Gray's Inn Road  Y/SP/82/3/A-H  1856
No further details   Home and Colonial School Society's Training Collge for Mistresses, Gray's Inn Road. ppsd additions; Architect: -  Y/SP/82/3/I  n.d
No further details   St. Alban the Martyr Parish School Baldwin's Gardens, Holborn. Architects: Mileham and Kennedy, 40 Great Marlborough Street, W.  Y/SP/82/4/A-G  1872
No further details   St. Andrew, Holborn, Shoe Lane, National Schools. Architect?: C. F. Cheffins and [...] So 11 Southampton Bldgs, Holborn  Y/SP/82/5/A-C  n.d
No further details   St. George the Martyr Parochial School, 24 Gloucester Street, Queen Square. Architect: S. S. Teulon, 9 Craigs Court, Charing Cross; (Includes specification of works)  Y/SP/82/6/A-I  1862
No further details   St. Giles Wesleyan School, Great Queen Street. Architect: W. W. Pocock, 10 Trevor Terrace, Knightsbridge  Y/SP/82/8/A-F  1858
No further details   St. John the Evangelist National School, Eagle Street, Red Lion Square; Architect: Keith D. Young and F. W. Tasker, 11 Red Lion Square, W.C.  Y/SP/82/9/A-K  1871
No further details   Trinity National School, Gray's Inn Road; [Green St Theobald's Rd] Architect: Charles H. Cooke Burlington Chambers 180 New Bond Street.  Y/SP/82/10/A-C  n.d

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