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Reference Y/SP
Covering dates 1836 - 1883
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 27 series

Folder icon  HAMMERSMITH  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

No further details   St. John's National School (Marked 'Ragged Schools')  Y/SP/80/1/A-E  n.d
No further details   St. John's Schools Bradmore Lane. Architect: George Saunders, Hammersmith  Y/SP/80/1/F-K  1869
No further details   St. Mary's R.C. Training School, Brook Green. Architect?: Gilbert K. Blount; J. H. [Hansom] Clifton.  Y/SP/80/2/A-Q  1850-1855
No further details   St. Matthew's Masboro' Road (marked 'formerly St. Paul's') Architect: George Saunders Hammersmith  Y/SP/80/3/A-E  1867
No further details   St. Matthew's Masboro' Road Architect: Eberyn Greff 1 St. Helen's Place, E.C.  Y/SP/80/3/F-G  1874
No further details   St. Paul's National (Boys) School, [Broadway]; Architect: -  Y/SP/80/4  1853
No further details   St. Peters National (Boys) School, King Street. Architect: J. William Burn, 9 New Broad Street, E.C.  Y/SP/80/5/A-C  1860

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