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Reference P90/PET
Covering dates 1812 - 1943
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 85 files
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No further details   Register of baptisms  P90/PET/7  Jun 1876 - Jun 1880
No further details   Register of baptisms  P90/PET/8  Jun 1880 - Nov 1890
No further details   Register of baptisms  P90/PET/9  Jan 1891 - May 1905
No further details   Register of marriages  P90/PET/14  Sep 1879 - Aug 1888
No further details   Register of marriages  P90/PET/15  Aug 1888 - Dec 1902
No further details   Rough list of numbers of Easter communicants  P90/PET/20  1905 - 1912
No further details   Bishop's licence to Rev. R.H.A. Bradley, M.A., to officiate in St. Peter's Mission, Regent Square, mission church of the Parish of St. Peter's Regent Square.  P90/PET/23  21 Apr. 1899
No further details   Licence of Rev. V.T. Kirby, M.A., as Assistant Stipendiary Curate.  P90/PET/24  17 July 1916
No further details   Licence of Rev. H. Bushell, Lic.Div.  P90/PET/25  21 Dec. 1916
No further details   Licence of Rev. E. R. Brunning  P90/PET/26  7 Oct. 1917
No further details   Licence of Rev. J. Mackie  P90/PET/27  19 Dec. 1920
No further details   Licence of Rev. F. Young, M.A.  P90/PET/28  27 Nov. 1923
No further details   Licence of Rev. J.F. Fletcher,B.A. B.D., as Assistant Stipendiary Curate, with provisional clause under Colonial Clergy Act.  P90/PET/29  15 June 1931
No further details   Licence of Rev. H. J. Dobb, Th.L.  P90/PET/30  25 Oct. 1937
No further details   Letter from Ecclesiastical Commissioner to Rev. T. Nolan informing him of decision to grant £120 towards stipend of curate.  P90/PET/31  10 June 1867
No further details   Questionnaire, completed, with view to issue of a certificate of value of benefice under Act 33 and 34 Vict. cap.97 or for other purposes.  P90/PET/32  10 Apr. 1874
No further details   Declaration of trust by Rev. Thos. Nolan for holding of No. 34 Brunswick Square in trust as parsonage of Regent Square Church.  P90/PET/35  31 Mar. 1859
No further details   Letter from Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Rev. T. Nolan granting £1,400 towards parsonage house.  P90/PET/36  19 Mar. 1867
No further details   Ordinary assessment made under sect.24 of Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure, 1923.  P90/PET/44  25 Oct. 1941
No further details   Duplicate returns of parochial statistics to National Assembly of the Church of England.  P90/PET/45/1-20  1905 - 1924
No further details   Churchwardens' account Easter 1896 - Easter 1897  P90/PET/46  1897
No further details   Churchwardens' accounts  P90/PET/47  24 Apr. 1885
No further details   Account of A. Blomfield Jackson, architect, for preparation of plans, etc., for contractors.  P90/PET/48  June 1905 - Sep.1986
No further details   Pass book of St. Peter's Restoration Fund in account with London and Westminster Bank, Ltd.  P90/PET/51  Apr. 1906 - July 1908
No further details   Account of Wm. Cubitt and Co. for works done to church.  P90/PET/52/1-2  Aug. 1906 - Apr.1908
No further details   Balance sheet of St. Peter's restoration fund.  P90/PET/53/1-2  15 July 1908
No further details   Provisional valuation of church and mission house, "corner of Seaford Street, Sidmouth Street and Regent Square" made under Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910.  P90/PET/54/1-2  Oct. 1915
No further details   Statement of annual amounts payable by Ecclesiastical Commissioners and included in quarterly payments scheme.  P90/PET/55  1939
No further details   Inventory  P90/PET/58  1937
No further details   Faculty for removal of pulpit and reading desk to original place, leaving portion of present desk as lectern; removal of font to entrance of church; alteration of free sittings to make them more comfortable; extension of church rails 3' and substitution of lighter railing; erection of credence.  P90/PET/59  23 Sep. 1875
No further details   Citation for scheme involving demolition of old church and erection of old church and erection of new church, Sunday schools, mission building and vicarage if necessary; or scheme for repairs and restoratio work to existing edifice.  P90/PET/60  15 July 1892
No further details   Printed appeals of Restoration committee and correspondence with Archdeacon of London and Bishop of Islington concerning them.  P90/PET/61/1-6  Dec. 1905 - Aug. 1906
No further details   Faculty for removal of side galleries; restoration of Holy Table to original position at E. end of church; formation of new chancel floor W'ward of it; erection of partition to form choir vestry on N. side of chancel; moving of Morning chapel E'ward to correspond with other alterations; replacement of heating apparatus; lighting of church by electricity; re-arrangement of flooring and seating of nave; erection of stone pulpit; partition of Children's Galleries; removal of oil painting "The Mockery of Our Lord" at present in Morning chapel to another part of church; envelope containing rough notes of insurance of church and mission.  P90/PET/62/1,2  11 Apr. 1906
No further details   Minutes of meeting of Restoration committee.  P90/PET/63  14. Jan. 1908
No further details   Letter from Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Rev. C.W.Steffen informing him of decision to grant £30 towards repair of roofs of church, vestry and mission room.  P90/PET/64  12 July 1916
No further details   Specifications, accounts and drawings of works carried out at parish hall, Regent Square.  P90/PET/65/1-17  Sep.1924 - Jan.1925
No further details   Envelope addressed to Rev. C.W. Steffens, 33 Regent Square, W.C.1 containing design for proposed reredos by Gerald Cogswell, A.R.I.B.A., 2 Bedford Square, W.C.1, dated May 1925; and 6 foolscap folios, first of which inscribed "A correspondence relating to certain expressions in an article of W. Scott Champion in the "Building News" date Oct. 19th 1877 re The Church of S. Peter Regent Sqre. carried on by Mr. William Woodward and Wm. Scott Champion Nov. 16 1877" addressed to Revd. R.H.A. Bradley "with W.S.C.'s compts;" pasted on the folios are cuttings from the journal including a drawing of the proposed restoration; also in the bundle is a picture post-card undated, showing the church.  P90/PET/66/1-9  May 1925
No further details   Letters from Gerald Cogswell to Rev. C. Steffens concerning designs for reredos.  P90/PET/67/1-3  May 1925
No further details   Papers relating to the John Kendal Garner Charity.  P90/PET/68/1-4  Apr. 1916 - Aug. 1917
No further details   Copy (printed) of "An Act/..../ For Paving, Cleansing, Lighting, Watching, Watering, and/otherwise Improving and Keeping in Repair, the Streets, Squares, and other Public Passages and Places, which are and/shall be upon certain Pieces of Ground in the Parishes of/Saint Pancras; /Saint George the Martyr,/and/Saint George, Bloomsbury,/Or some or One of them, in the County of Middlesex, Belonging/to the Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of/exposed and deserted Young Children, commonly called/the/Foundling Hospital".  P90/PET/69  1812
No further details   Copy of printed Act, 38 and 39 Vict. - Session 1875, "To provide for the Maintaining as an Open Space by the Vestry of the Paris of Saint Pancras of the Disused Burial-grounds of the Parishes of Saint Pancras and Saint-Giles in-the-Fields, and other Lands and Hereditaments near thereto, in the said Parish of Saint Pancras; and for other purposes  P90/PET/72  1875
No further details   St. Peter's magazine.  P90/PET/73  Mar. 1907
No further details   St. Peter's magazine.  P90/PET/74  Aug. 1908
No further details   Abstract of title of John Lucas, esq., to freehold estate in Cromer Street, and Dutton Street, covering period 1782-1810.  P90/PET/77  1849
No further details   Abstract title of Rev. R. Allen, Thomas Pearson and Charles Henry Lovell to leasehold premises in Dutton Street and Cromer Street, covering period 1810-1849.  P90/PET/78  1849
No further details   Letter from National Society to Rev. R.H.A. Bradley stating conditions on which it would agree to the transfer of the Schools of St. Peter's to the L.S.B.  P90/PET/80  23 July 1884
No further details   Letters from S.B.L. to Rev. R.H.A. Bradley, agreeing to transfer of school-house of St. Peter's National School, Dutton St., to S.B.L.  P90/PET/81/1-2  25 July, 2 Aug., 1884

Folder icon  Correspondence relating to the Dutton Street Schools, the revesting of ownership of site of same and measures to be taken in view of impending demolition in area  P90/PET/82/1-16  Oct. 1889 - Apr. 1892

These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Rev.R.H.A. Bradley; Rev. G.F. Whidborne, St. George's Vicarage, Battersea Park Rd.; Messrs. Lucas and Sons, 21 Surrey St., Victoria Embankment; R. Stewart, All Saints Vicarage, 34 Rutland Gate,S.W.

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