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Reference P90/PAN1
Covering dates 1660 - 1950
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 374 files
Conditions of access Files P90/PAN1/1-153; 155-170, 172-203, 208-209, 211-240, 242-369 are not available or unfit for consultation
Please use microfilm copies where available
Accruals P90/PAN1/211-371 Records of the parish of St Pancras transferred from the records of the Boards of Guardians in the former London County Record Office, County Hall, Westminster Bridge, London SE1 (now the Greater London Record Office) November 1961 (Ac.61.68.).
P90/PAN1/374 Parish record transferred from the records of Woolwich Board of Guardians 17 March 1986
Source of acquisition Records of St Pancras parish, ie. of St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Road, and of St Pancras, Euston Road, St Pancras, deposited in the London County Record Office, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1
24 October 1961 (Ac.61.60)
Creators Church of England, St Pancras' Parish, Camden

Administrative history:
Saint Pancras was a parish before the Conquest. Said to occupy the site of a Roman Camp, the Old Church erected c.1180, was enlarged and almost rebuilt in 1848 and again restored in 1888. The burial ground has been a place of Christian burial for over 700 years being at times favoured by Roman Catholics and in particular French exiles - a factor said to be attributable to its dedication to the Roman martyr Pancratius.
In 1822 a new parish church was completed in Euston Road reducing the Old Church to the status of Parish Chapel. In 1863 the latter regained its status as the principal church of a new parish. The two parishes are referred to separately as St. Pancras, Pancras Road (i.e. the Old Church) and St. Pancras, Euston Road (i.e. the new church completed in 1822). The records of the Old Church were transferred to the new church in 1822. Thus all records from 1660 to 1822 and listed as P90/PAN1/- relate to St. Pancras Old Church.
Until 1822 the parish church was the Old Church in Pancras Road; at that date the new parish church in Euston Road was completed, and the Old Church became the Parish Chapel. This later became the parish church of a new parish.

Various church registers and parish poor law records

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