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Reference N/C/031
Covering dates 1721 - 1912
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 62 files
Source of acquisition Deposited in the Greater London Record Office, County Hall, London S.E.1, 20 August 1964 (Ac. 64. 48)
Numbers N/C/031/31-62 deposited by the London Congregational Union in the Greater London Record Office, County Hall. S.E.1. 4 November 1966 (Ac.66.59)
Creators Fetter Lane Congregational Chapel, City of London; Union Road Congregational Chapel, Leyton, Essex

This collection contains minutes, leases, rules of the society and accounts

Chapel records  [no ref. or date]

Printed notice of Registrar General concerning provisions of Act 6 & 7 Wm. IV, c.85, 86.  N/C/031/1  [c. Feb.] 1837

Register of baptisms  N/C/031/2  June 1730-June 1896

Minute book of Church meetings  N/C/031/3/1-2  [c. Apr.] 1707-Feb.1721/2

[Draft] letters of Thomas Bradbury to Rev. Benjamin Gravener and Rev. Jeremiah Hunt, 4 Sep. 1707, 16 Apr. 1719 granting dismissions, on final folios; statement of F. Walter, Secretary of New Court Congregational Church, Tollington Park, N. 4, 24 Jan. 1954, that volume had been in possession of his Church and was now transferred to Fetter Lane, loose at front of volume.
On 31 Oct. 1728 Thomas Bradbury and his followers left the Fetter Lane Church and joined the New Court Chapel, Carey Street, Lincolns Inn Fields becoming pastor there. It seems probable that he took the volume with him.

Minute book  N/C/031/4  March 1721 - February 1783

Mar. 1721/2-June 1728 Minutes of Church meetings; from Apr. 1725 contain frequent references to financial controversies resulting in Bradbury's departure;
June 1728 [with later additions] Roll of members
Nov.1773-Feb. 1783 Minutes of Church meetings.

Minute book  N/C/031/5  N.D

Conditions of access: UNFIT for Consultation

Booklet, pasted to flyleaf, containing lists of ministers and deacons serving Church from 1660 and 1710 respectively
1759-1836 "Collections made for the Congregational Fund ...." notes referring specifically to collections during pastorates of Webb and Rawlins at top of page.
June 1728 [with later additions] Roll of Members; duplicate of above.
June 1728-Sep. 1859 Minutes of Church Meetings; minutes of 26 Feb. 1728 contain dismission of Bradbury and his followers and reception of Thomas Tingey
Minute of 31 May 1732 concerns acquisition of new site - Fetter Lane and opening of subscription for new meeting house; minutes of Feb. 1732/3-Dec. 1755 very brief; minutes of Dec. 1757-June 1758 concern death of Richard Rawlin, pastor, repudiation of Edward Hickman, his assistant and reception of James Webb; from Nov. 1773-Feb. 1783
Minutes duplicated in above volume; minutes of 2 Jan. 1807 followed by inserted folios containing account of Bunnell's Almshouse, built 1800; minutes of May-Aug. 1827 concern reception of Caleb Morris as pastor and minutes of 18 Dec. 1828, his establishment of F. L. Christian Instruction Association.

Minute book of Deacons  N/C/031/6  Aug. 1838-Feb. 1867

Register of pew-rents; prefaced by 2 coloured plans of pews on ground-floor and in gallery; indexed.  N/C/031/7  1825-1829

Minute book of Building Committee.  N/C/031/8/1-3  Nov. 1832-Apr. 1835

Assignment of lease  N/C/031/9  23 Sep. 1721

(1) Henry Coulston, London, victualler (2) James Bunce, cit. and clockmaker, London; mess. in Fewter alias Fetter Lane, par. St. Andrew, Holbourn, known as the Sign of the Mountain Eagle, formerly "the Kings Head".

Lease for 21 years and counterpart  N/C/031/10/1-2  20 Dec. 1725

(1) Francis Walrond, eldr., Ottery St. Mary, Devon., merchant; Francis Walrond, yr. gent., his son (2) James Bunce; premises as above; inventory annexed.

Counterpart lease for 7 years  N/C/031/11  20 May 1726

(1) Francis Walrond, eldr. and Francis Walrond, yr. as above (2) William Shepherd, par. St. Andrew Holborn, carpenter; mess. abutting E. on Fetter Lane, S. on mess. occ. by Andrew Rudsby, N. on mess. occ. by - Fitzwater, W. on mess. occ. by James Frogley; inventory annexed.

Assignment of lease  N/C/031/12/1  25 Dec. 1726

(1) Ralph Harwood, Shoreditch, Middx., Esq., James Harwood, of same, gent. (2) Joseph Brewer, Fetter Lane, victualler; premises as in 9 and 10.

Assignment of lease  N/C/031/12/2  13 Nov. 1730

(1) Joseph Brewer, as above
(2) Ann Smeathman, par St. Andrew Holborn, spinster; premises as above.

Assignment of lease  N/C/031/12/3  6 May 1732

(1) Ann Smeathman, as above
(2) Thomas Gordon, par St. Andrew, Holborn, carpenter; premises as above.

Release  N/C/031/13/1  14 Jan. 1790

(1) George Wright, late of St. Andrew Holborn, now of St. Pancras, brewer; William Bonner, par. St. James Clerkenwell, staymaker; Caleb Furnell, par. St. Martin in Fields, currier; William Weightman, late of Staples Inn, new of Hatton Garden, par. St. Andrew Holborn, gent; James Webb, late of St. Martin in Fields, now of Camberwell, Sy., hardwareman (2) Charles Wingfield, Newport St., par. St. Martin in Fields, stay-maker; James Wightman, New St., par. St. Martin in Fields, hardwareman; Thomas Stiff, of same, hardwareman; Joseph Bunnell, Bedford St., par. St. Paul, Covent Garden, laceman; James Nokes, Newington, Sy., carpenter; Zachariah Bunnell, New St., hardwareman; Samuel Bensted, Duke St., par. St. Marylebone, grocer; Thomas Ody, par. St. Andrew Holborn, brazier; 3 mess in Fetter Lane and meeting house thereon, held on trusts.

Release  N/C/031/13/2  15 June 1791

(1) Jacob Furnell, par. St. Martin in Fields, currier, eldest son and heir of Caleb Furnell (2) William Bonner, William Weightman, Charles Wingfield, James Wightman, Thomas Stiff, Joseph Bunnell, James Nokes, Zechariah Bunnell, Samuel Bensted and Thomas Ody; 1/5 part in above 3 mess and meeting house.

Lease for 1 year and Release in fee  N/C/031/14/1-2  28 & 29 Sep. 1804

(1) Mary Parminter, A La Ronde House, nr. Exeter, Devon, spinster
(2) Joseph Bunnell, Southampton Row, par. St. George Bloomsbury, Middx. Esq.; mess. and meeting house at upper end of alley called Church Yard Alley near Fetter Lane.

Grant  N/C/031/15  9 Aug. 1806

(1) Thomas Burnell, Hammersmith, Middx., mason (2) Joseph Bunnell, as above; mess at upper end of Church Yard Alley adjoining premises already in his possession.

Lease for 1 year and copy release in trust  N/C/031/16/1-2  24 & 25 Feb. 1814

(1) Joseph Bunnell as above (2) Rev. George Burdet, Camberwell, Sy.; Thomas Stiff, New St., Covent Garden, hardwareman; Thomas Ody, Holborn, ironmonger; Thomas Pellatt, Ironmongers Hall, gent., Zachariah Bunnell, New St., hardwareman; Charles Taylor, Hatton Garden, engraver; James Muston, Hatton Garden, upholder; George Valentine, Bank of England, gent.; Samuel Griffith, Tottenham Court Road, apothecary; Jeremiah Jackson, Bishops Court, Middx., apothecary; 3 mess at upper end of Church Yard Alley, containing an almshouse and other premises adjoining chapel.

Lease for 21 years  N/C/031/17/1  15 Apr. 1823

(1) William Weightman, Red Lion Square, Holborn, gent.; Thomas Stiff, Joseph Bunnell, James Nokes, Zachariah Bunnel Thomas Ody (2) Robert Combe, Fetter Lane, surgeon; mess. in Fetter Lane, W. side, abutting W. on meeting-house.

Assignment of lease  N/C/031/17/2  2 Nov. 1825

(1) Robert Combe (2) Thomas Allen Symonds Inn, City of London, gent. (3) George Merritt, Grays Inn Passage, Red Lion Square, surgeon; mess. as above.

Agreement  N/C/031/17/3  24 Sep. 1833

(1) William Addis, present tenant of above mess. (2) Thomas Ody, surviving trustee of above; release of rights by (1) in as much of mess. as is necessary for extension and repair of meeting house; erection of proper privy for mess. for (2) on remaining ground.

Lease for 21 years and counterpart  N/C/031/18/1-5  30 Aug. 1823

(1) William Weightman and trustees as above (2) Thomas Cornock, Chancery Lane, cheesemonger; mess. in Fetter Lane, abutting S. on that now in tenure of Robert Combe;
31 Jan. 1824 Assignment of lease: (1) Thomas Cornock (2) John Davies, Clare St, Clare Mkt., cheesemonger; mess as above; licence of trustees annexed.
Assignment of lease: (1) John Davies (2) Frederick James Frith, Oxford St., Middx., cheesemonger: mess as above.
1 Aug. 1826 Assignment of lease: (1) F. J. Frith, late of Fetter Lane, now of Cheswell St., City of London and Samuel Davis, Rotherhithe Wall, Sy., cheesemonger; (2) Edmund Wilson, 4 Fetter Lane cheesemonger, mess. as above; Licence of trustees to assign.

Assignment of Lease  N/C/031/19  30 Nov. 1825

(1) George Merritt, Fetter Lane, (2) Christopher Fexton, Exchequer Offices, Somerset Place, surgeon; mess as in N/C/031/17.

Assignment of Lease  N/C/031/20  22 July 1826

(1) Christopher Foxton (2) James Bryant, New Milman St., Mecklenburgh Square, surgeon; mess. as in N/C/031/20.

Assignment of Lease  N/C/031/21  19 Feb. 1827

(1) James Bryant (2) William Addis, Bride Lane, Fleet St., perfumer; mess. as in N/C/031/21.

Lease for 1 year and copy release in trust  N/C/031/22/1-2  17 & 18 Mar. 1828

(1) Joseph Bunnell, Tindal Place, Islington, Esq.,; Zachariah Bunnell, Lower Terrace, Islington, Esq.,; Thomas Ody, Kentish Town, Esq., (2) Thomas Pellatt, Ironmongers Hall, gent.; James Muston, Hatton Garden, warehouseman; Thomas Hancox, Oxford St., par. St. Ann Westminster, woollen draper; Apsley Pellat, St. Paul's Church Yard, glass seller; Thomas Cross, Bartletts Bldgs., par. St. Andrew Holborn, bookbinder; Thomas Burden, St. James's St., gold and silver laceman; George Valentine, Islington, gent.; Samuel Barrett, Hoxton Square, Middx., gent.; Henry Walton, Strand, Middx., gent.; 2 brick mess. as above and part of third.

Surrender  N/C/031/23  28 Sep. 1836

(1) Sarah Addis, widow and exec. of William (2) Thomas Ody, 1 Sidmouth St., Grays Inn Lane, sole surviving Trustee; premises as in N/C/031/22; brief inventory.

Lease for 1 year  N/C/031/24  13 June 1839

(1) Thomas Ody and James Muston (2) Rev. Caleb Morris, Duncan Terrace, Islington; Henry Walton, Strand, printseller; Daniel Edwards, Queen St., Cheapside, surgeon; Thomas Cross, Bartlett Bldgs., bookbinder; Thomas Hammond Fooke, Hatton Garden, jeweller; Reuben Spark, Farringdon St., potato salesman, George Wagstaff, Bartlett Passage, builder; James Buchanan, Racquet Court, Fleet St., silver caster; James Burden, Sidmouth St., gent.; Peter Mumford, Newcastle St., Strand, cornchandler; William Smith, St. Martin's Lane, button manufacturer; mess. at upper end of Church Yard Alley.

Volume entitled "List of Subscribers to the Fetter Lane Auxiliary Missionary Society.  N/C/031/25  1819-1826

Annual Report of Fetter Lane Church, Union Road, Leyton.  N/C/031/26  1904

Exercise book containing pieces for elocution, inscribed on inside cover 'Irene Edwards/Elocution' and in another Land "Vanstead College Snaresbrook".  N/C/031/27  N.D

Records of the Provident Society, Fetter Lane Chapel, established 1806.  [no ref. or date]

Minute book; printed prospectus pasted at rear of volume.  N/C/031/28  Dec. 1806-Jan. 1816

Printed circular containing alterations to rules and list of members admitted 1806-1814.  N/C/031/29  12 Jan. 1814

Volume containing amendments to rules admitted at General Q.S. for City of London.  N/C/031/30  Oct. 1816-Jan.1823

Volume containing:- Rules of Society; Roll of honorary and ordinary members.  N/C/031/31  1806 - 1827

Printed volume containing rules adopted July 1830.  N/C/031/32  1830

Report of Committee appointed to revise rules; printed rules pasted in with MS. annotations.  N/C/031/33  N.D.[c. Sep. 1853]

Ledger of accounts; pages loose and torn at edges, contains register of admissions and subscriptions  N/C/031/34  Jan. 1806-Sep. 1809

Cashbook.  N/C/031/35  Feb. 1806-Jan. 1816

Printed balance sheet.  N/C/031/36  6 July 1832

Printed address delivered to members by J. Harrison, Secretary, at Annual Meeting.  N/C/031/37  20 July 1835

Printed notice of Annual Meeting.  N/C/031/38  2 July 1836

Printed notice of annual meeting  N/C/031/39  1 July 1837

Printed notice of annual meeting  N/C/031/40  2 July 1839

Printed notice of annual meeting  N/C/031/41  6 July 1841

Printed notice of annual meeting  N/C/031/42  4 July 1842

Printed notice of annual meeting  N/C/031/43  7 July 1845

Printed minutes of Annual Meeting with report of Secretary.  N/C/031/44  25 July 1845

Printed copy of inscription on silver tea pot presented to James Harrison at above.  N/C/031/45  28 July 1845

Printed circular letter of Harrison expressing thanks.  N/C/031/46  1 Aug. 1845

Printed report.  N/C/031/47  20 July 1846

Printed report.  N/C/031/48  19 July 1847

Printed report.  N/C/031/49  16 Oct. 1848

Printed notice of Annual Meeting.  N/C/031/50  2 July 1849

Printed report.  N/C/031/51  16 July 1849

Printed minutes of Special General Meeting.  N/C/031/52  25 Feb. 1850

Printed notice of Annual Meeting.  N/C/031/53  2 July 1850

Printed report.  N/C/031/54  24 July 1857

Printed report.  N/C/031/55  8 Aug. 1859

Printed report.  N/C/031/56  14 Aug. 1865

Printed report.  N/C/031/57  13 Aug. 1866

Printed report.  N/C/031/58  10 Aug. 1868

Printed report address contains summary of history.  N/C/031/59  12 Feb. 1906

Pages containing Scheme for Society made under National Insurance Act, 1911 Sec. 72.  N/C/031/60/1-5  June 1912

Hymn-sheet [possibly used at centenary]  N/C/031/61  N.D

Printed vol  N/C/031/62  1806-1823

4 Apr. 1808 Rules of Provident Society, (established 13 Jan 1806), as enrolled.
30 Oct. 1816 Alterations as enrolled
23 Jan. 1823
1806 - 1822 List of numbers
Note This vol. was sent to Congregational Historical Society by the last Secy of this Trust, when it was wound up in 1965

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