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Reference LCC
Covering dates 1721-1983
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 1588 series
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No further details   Barnfield Estate Plumstead Common Road SE18  LCC/AR/HS/3/2  1953?
No further details   Battersea Bridge Buildings Battersea Bridge Road SW11  LCC/AR/HS/3/3  1907?
No further details   Bekesbourne Buildings Bekesbourne Street, E14  LCC/AR/HS/3/5  1953?
No further details   Bourne Estate Clerkenwell Road, EC1  LCC/AR/HS/3/7  1905?
No further details   Bow Bridge Estate Bromley High Street E3  LCC/AR/HS/3/8  1933-1953
No further details   Brightlingsea Buildings Narrow Steet, E14  LCC/AR/HS/3/9  1952?
No further details   Caledonian Road N7  LCC/AR/HS/3/11  1952?
No further details   Chadworth Buildings Garden Row site  LCC/AR/HS/3/14  1952?
No further details   Churchway Dwellings Churchway, NW1  LCC/AR/HS/3/15  1900?
No further details   Coventry Cross Estate St Leonard Street E14  LCC/AR/HS/3/17  1935, 1953
No further details   Downham Estate Downham Way Whitefoot Lane  LCC/AR/HS/3/19  1894-1970?
No further details   Durham Buildings Battersea  LCC/AR/HS/3/20  1902-03, 1952
No further details   East Greenwich Cottages (Westview, Armitage & Collerton Buildings) Blackwall Lane SE10  LCC/AR/HS/3/21  1893-1953
No further details   Goldsmith's Estate Goldsmith's Row, E2  LCC/AR/HS/3/22  1893-1953?
No further details   Hainault Estate Manford Way Chigwell  LCC/AR/HS/3/23  1968?
No further details   Hanwell Estate Westcott Crescent W7  LCC/AR/HS/3/24  1968
No further details   Hardy Cottages Eastney Street Greenwich, SE10  LCC/AR/HS/3/25  1903
No further details   Herbrand Street Dwellings Herbrand Street, WC1  LCC/AR/HS/3/26  1902?
No further details   Hutton Estate Fielding Way Brentwood  LCC/AR/HS/3/28  1953
No further details   Idenden Cottages Tunnel Avenue Greenwich, SE10  LCC/AR/HS/3/29  1893-1969
No further details   Merstham Estate Merstham, Redhill  LCC/AR/HS/3/31  1950-1958
No further details   Mottingham Estate Mottingham Road Mottingham  LCC/AR/HS/3/33  1937?

Folder icon  Old Oak Estate Erconwald Street, W12 (Post war cottages - assisted scheme type plans)  LCC/AR/HS/3/35  1919-1920

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No further details   Oxhey Estate Oxhey Drive South Oxhey, Herts  LCC/AR/HS/3/37  1968?
No further details   Ring Cross Estate Chillinworth Road, N7  LCC/AR/HS/3/39  1953?
No further details   Roehampton Estate Putney Park Lane, SW15  LCC/AR/HS/3/40  1921-1924
No further details   Rushworth Street and Boyfield Street Dwellings Rushworth Street, SE1 (Formerly Green Street and Gun Street)  LCC/AR/HS/3/41  1897, 1952
No further details   Scotwood Homes (Factory built)  LCC/AR/HS/3/43  1966
No further details   Shipwright Estate The Highway, E14  LCC/AR/HS/3/44  1955
No further details   Shore Estate Well Street, E9  LCC/AR/HS/3/45  1927
No further details   Solander Gardens Estate Cable Street, E1 (Dellow, Bewley, Cowood, Chancery Buildings)  LCC/AR/HS/3/46  1893-1894
No further details   Stamford Hill Estate Stamford Hill, N16  LCC/AR/HS/3/47  1937
No further details   Swan Lane Dwellings Swan Lane Estate, SE16  LCC/AR/HS/3/48  1903-1952
No further details   Valette Buildings Valette Street Jurusalem Square Hackney, E8  LCC/AR/HS/3/51  1952
No further details   Webber Row Estate Webber Row, SE1  LCC/AR/HS/3/53  1902-1906, 1952
No further details   Wedmore Estate Wedmore Street, N19  LCC/AR/HS/3/54  1953?
No further details   Wenlake House Helmut Row, EC1  LCC/AR/HS/3/55  1953?
No further details   Yabsley Street Tower Hamlets  LCC/AR/HS/3/57  1893?
No further details   York Street Dwellings York Street, Drury Lane, WC2  LCC/AR/HS/3/58  1901-1903, 1952
No further details   Pre - First World War House Plans  LCC/AR/HS/3/59  1893 - 1914
No further details   Newington Sessions House Newington Causeway  LCC/AR/HS/3/60  1913?
No further details   Mallory Buildings  LCC/AR/HS/3/61  [n.d.]

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