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Small Pox Hospital

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Reference H/NW/1/SP
Held by London Metropolitan Archives

Folder icon  MISCELLANEOUS  H/NW/1/SP/05-08  1895-1903

These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

No further details   Newspaper cutting giving 1660 recipe for cure for small pox, among MSS at Welbeck Abbey (found in H/NW/1/SP/01)  H/NW/SP/5  n.d. [late 19th c.]
No further details   Letter to Dr Cainall from A. Newsholme, Health Department Brighton, requesting details of case of Mr Lansdale, admitted 29 December 1894.  H/NW/1/SP/06  n.d. [1895]
No further details   Schedule of agreements with U.D.C's of Tottenham, Friern Barnet, Enfield, Edmonton, Wood Green, Southgate, and St. Albans, and with Kingston Corporation and St. Albans Town Council.  H/NW/1/SP/07  Jan 1903
No further details   [Admission forms] to Isolation Hospital (authority of Willesden U.D.C.) of Rose Harris and Vryhied Harris.  H/NW/1/SP/08/001-2  n.d. [19th/20th c.]

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