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Reference HLB/MXJ
Covering dates 1905-1929
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 47 volumes
Conditions of access HLB/MXJ/045 is closed until 2030.
Source of acquisition Records of Middlesex Districts Joint Smallpox Hospital Board deposited in the former Middlesex County Record Office, now the Greater London Record Office, by Mr Nixon, Steward of Clare Hall Hospital, South Mimms, 23 Feb 1951.
Creators Middlesex Districts Joint Smallpox Hospital Board, 1905-1929
Related information See also H/NW/1/SP for records of the Smallpox Hospital 1808-1903.
Bibliography For further information see FAH Simmonds, A History of Clare Hall Hospital, Sep 1962, GLHL P26.15 (CLA).

Administrative history:
In 1740 Dr Robert Poole was instrumental in creating a charity for the relief of poor persons suffering from Smallpox. In 1746 subscriptions were raised for erecting a hospital at Cold Bath fields, Clerkenwell. On the site of a house that was already used by the charity for the treatment of infected persons.
The trustees had owned land in St Pancras since 1765, when they had moved the innoculation hospital from a house in Old Street. In 1793-4 the hospital was rebuilt there and subsequently received patients from the Cold Bath Fields Hospital. By 1850 the land in St Pancras was redeveloped as Kings Cross Station and the hospital moved to a site on Highgate Hill.
In 1896 the hospital made its final move to Clare Hall, South Mimms, Middlesex. At this time the hospital was still privately run by a board of management and administered by a house committee. In 1905, the councils of 14 districts of the County of Middlesex combined to form a Joint Board which purchased Clare Hall Hospital. In 1907 the Joint Board took over the administration of the hospital.
In May 1911, the Local Government Board made an order, permitting the admission to Clare Hall of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Under a special order of the Minister of Health in 1928, the Hospital became a Middlesex County Council Institution. This came into effect on 1st April 1929 and the Joint Board was dissolved.
During World War II as part of the Emergency Medical Service, a hutted hospital was built in the grounds. By December 1942, all 540 beds in the hospital were devoted to tuberculosis patients.
In 1948 on creation of the National Health Service, the hospital was transferred to the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board. In 1949 non-tuberculosis patients were admitted for treatment. The hospital was closed in 1975.

Minutes, reports, finance records and superannuation records.

Minutes  HLB/MXJ/1-29  1905 - 1929

Printed minutes, signed (except Farm Sub-Committee) and bound into volumes.

Meetings of the Board  HLB/MXJ/1-13  [n.d.]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/01  Oct 1905-Apr 1912

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/02  Apr 1912-Apr 1914

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/03  May 1914-Apr 1916

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/4  Jun 1916-Apr 1918

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/5  May 1918-Apr 1920

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/6  May 1920-Apr 1921

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/7  May 1921-Apr 1922

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/8  May 1923-Apr 1924

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/9  May 1924-Apr 1925

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/10  May 1922-Apr 1923

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/11  May 1925-Apr 1926

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/12  May 1926-Mar 1928

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/13  May 1928-Mar 1929

Finance Committee  HLB/MXJ/14-18  [n.d.]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/14  Sep 1907-Apr 1912

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/15  Apr 1912-Apr 1916

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/16  Jun 1916-Apr 1921

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/17  May 1921-Apr 1925

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/18  May 1925-Mar 1928

General Purposes and House Committee  HLB/MXJ/19-26  [n.d.]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/19  Apr 1907-Apr 1912

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/20  Apr 1912-Apr 1916

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/21  Jun 1916-Apr 1919

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/22  May 1919-Apr 1921

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/23  May 1921-Apr 1923

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/24  May 1923-Apr 1924

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/25  May 1924-Apr 1925

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/26  May 1925-Mar 1928

General Purposes and House Committee and Finance Committee  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/27  May 1928-Mar 1929

Visiting Sub-committee  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/28  Jun 1921-Mar 1929

Farm Sub-Committee  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/29  Jun 1924-Mar 1929

Reports  HLB/MXJ/30-32  1914 - 1929

Annual Reports Bound volumes, printed.  HLB/MXJ/30-31  [n.d.]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/30  1914-1925

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/31  1925-1929

Finance Reports  [no ref. or date]

To committees on superannuation, contributions returned, cheques on petty cash and Clare Hall Accounts.

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/32  Dec 1925-Mar 1929

Finance  HLB/MXJ/33-45  1907 - 1929

Ledgers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/33  Mar 1907-Mar 1917

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/34  Apr 1917-Mar 1926

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/35  Apr 1926-Apr 1928

Ledger of Sundry Creditors  HLB/MXJ/36  1910-1911

Ledger of Sundry Debtors  HLB/MXJ/37  1919-1929

Expenditure Journals  HLB/MXJ/38-40  [n.d.]

General Expenses, name of payee, sum and invoice number.

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/38  Mar 1907-Mar 1921

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/39  Apr 1921-Mar 1923

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/40  Apr 1923-Sep 1925

Cash Account Books  HLB/MXJ/41-43  [n.d.]

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/41  1907-1921

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/42  Apr 1921-Jan 1928

[no title]  HLB/MXJ/43  Jan 1928-Jul 1929

Registers  HLB/MXJ/44-45  [n.d.]

Provisions Register Gives number of days for staff in Clare Hall Hospital and sums spent on various types of food per month.  HLB/MXJ/44  1907-1923

Patients Maintenance Register Patients at Clare Hall Hospital, gives names of patients and date of admission.  HLB/MXJ/45  1923-1929

Conditions of access: CLOSED UNTIL 2030

Superannuation  HLB/MXJ/46-47  1924 - 1929

Ledger  HLB/MXJ/46  1924-1929

Register of Contributions Under the Local Government and other Officers Superannuation Act, 1922.  HLB/MXJ/47  1925-Mar 1929

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