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Reference A/KE
Covering dates 1897-1985
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 2923 files (Approximately)


These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Administrative history:
From 1908 it was the general practice of the Fund to send a copy of the minutes of Council and the main Committees to the President or Governors to be approved and signed. These duplicate minutes have been preserved in many cases and serve to supplement the main series of minutes when these are incomplete.
Early in the 1920s the Fund adopted the practice of numbering in separate sequences all documents presented to or emanating from each committee, e.g. documents from the Pay Beds Committee were numbered P.B.C. 1-134 (A/KE/52). They frequently included agendas and unsigned copies of the minutes. These documents have therefore been included in the first section of the lists with committee minutes. Correspondence and other papers, although often closely linked with the work of a particular committee, have however been grouped separately under subject.
For some purposes the Fund worked very closely with the British Hospitals Association though the two organisations were quite distinct. As a consequence of this cooperation some of the records of the British Hospitals Association remained with the Fund and are listed here (e.g. A/KE/37). On the other hand some records of the Fund which have not been traced may possibly have strayed into the custody of the British Hospitals Association.

This list includes all the minutes and papers of the Council and Committees of King Edward's Hospital Fund for London which the Fund has deposited in the Greater London Record Office between 1963 and 1987. It combines the Council and Committee minutes and papers formerly contained in List 1 (Ac.63.18) and List 2 (Ac 65.78, Ac.66.68) with those deposited more recently (Ac.74.6, and Acc 2488).

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