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Reference A/FWA
Covering dates 1843 - 1965
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent Over 2000 files
Conditions of access All records of the F.W.A. which are less than 60 years old, with the exception of annual reports and other publications, are closed to public consultation unless written permission for access is obtained from the Director of the Family Welfare Association.


These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Conditions of access: All unpublished records of the Family Welfare Association are closed to public access for 60 years.

Archival history:
These records were deposited in the Greater London Record Office on 28 November 1991 (Acc 2991). Although some volumes and documents are closely related to records included in the main deposit of the archives of the Family Welfare Association (formerly known as the Charity Organisation Society), particularly the minutes of the Grants Committee 1946-1964 (ref. A/FWA/C/A/53/001-006 and records of Charities associated with the Family Welfare Association (ref. A/FWA/C/G/01-06), as this deposit forms a coherent group originating from the Grants Department, it has been decided to keep it together and to catalogue it as Class J.

Related information: For minute books of the Grants Committee (which was before July 1950 known as the Cases Sub-Committee) for 1946-1965 see A/FWA/C/A/53/001-006 and A/FWA/C/A/54/001-002 For agenda books 1950-1967 see A/FWA/C/A/55/001-007. For a register of trust funds administered by the Grants Committee see A/FWA/C/A/56/002/01.

Administrative history:
In October 1969 the terms of reference of the Grants Committee were defined as follows (A/FWA/C/J/01/001)
1. a) To consider all applications for grants and pensions from funds under the control of the Council and to have power to authorise grants from such funds not exceeding £250 in any 12 months on any individual case, the initial grant not to exceed £200.
b) To make recommendations when required to trustees of funds not controlled by the Council.
c) To make recommendations to the Executive Committee, through the Head of the Case-Work Department, on all cases where authority is required for grants exceeding the amounts specified in (a) and in cases where a pension is awarded for the first time.
d) To review from time to time the policy regarding the administration of the trusts concerned and to make recommendations through the Head of the Casework Department to the Executive Committee as they think necessary.

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