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Reference A/FWA
Covering dates 1843 - 1965
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent Over 2000 files
Conditions of access All records of the F.W.A. which are less than 60 years old, with the exception of annual reports and other publications, are closed to public consultation unless written permission for access is obtained from the Director of the Family Welfare Association.

Folder icon  SECRETARY/DIRECTOR  A/FWA/C/C  [n.d.]

These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Administrative history:
The Secretary was the principal officer of the Charity Organisation Society. The first secretary was Charles B. P. Bosanquet 1870-1875. In 1875 he was succeeded by C. S. Loch, who dominated the C.O.S. until the breakdown of his health in 1913 followed by his retirement in 1914. Subsequent secretaries were the Revd. J. C. Pringle 1914-1919, H. L. Woollcombe 1919-1923, M.W. Fox-Strangways 1923-1925 (acting secretary), Revd. J.C. Pringle 1925-1936 and B. E. Astbury 1936-1956. In 1960 the post of Secretary was replaced by that of Director.

Although the Secretary was involved in all aspects of the work of Central Office, very few records relating specifically to the Secretary appear to have survived. The few correspondence files listed below were deposited on 7 November 1983 (Acc 1898) with the files of the Enquiry Department.

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