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Reference ACC/0265
Covering dates 1692 - 1901
Held by London Metropolitan Archives
Extent 40 files
Creators Frere Cholmeley, solicitors
Note AW, June 1977

This collection consists of deeds relating to properties in Hammersmith, Fulham, Tottenham and other places. It also includes probates and certificates
Files ACC/0265/031-040 relate to Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885), nephew of the poet, appointed headmaster of Harrow School in 1836. He was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln in 1869 (See Dictionary of National Biography)

DEEDS: HAMMERSMITH, FULHAM  [no ref.]  1692-c.1870

Mortgage by demise  ACC/0265/001  1692 Jun 29

1. William Reade of Chiswick, gent
2. Richard Hughes of St Andrew Holborn, gent
Premises: messuage with appurtenances and one rood of ground adjoining, in Hammersmith [parish of Fulham], in occupation of John Peddar
Abuttals given
Consideration: £30
Assignment of mortgage, dated 20 June 1693
1. Richard Hughes
2. Tertullian Lewis of Clare market [St. Clement Danes], oilman
Consideration: £51 16s

Bond in £200  ACC/0265/002  1693 Jun 24

1. William Read [sic] of Chiswick, gent
2. Tertullian Lewis of St. Clement Danes, oilman
Condition: (1) to perform covenants in indenture of release of same date

Assignment of mortgage  ACC/0265/003  1729 Dec 19

1. Nathaniel Bridgwater of St. Martin in the Fields, gent
2. Jonas Durand citizen and pewterer of London
3. William Turner citizen and goldsmith of London
Premises: new brick capital messuage, divided into two tenements, and one rood of ground adjoining, in Hammersmith, parish of Fulham, formerly in occupations of Mr. George Cook and Mr. John Senex
Abuttals given
Consideration: £300 to (1) by (3), £200 to (2) by (3)

Lease for a year (release missing)  ACC/0265/004  1777 Jan 27

1. Henry Joseph of St. Bridget otherwise Brides, London, pewterer, and John Durand of Glanville Street [St. Marylebone], painter, assignees of estate of Jonas Durand late of St. Martin in the Fields, pewterer dealer and chapman, a bankrupt, (who was eldest son and heir of Jonas Durand citizen and pewterer of London, deceased)
2. Roger Thomas of Fleet Street, London, gent. and Moses Hadley of Parker Street, St. Giles in the Fields, blacksmith
Premises: two messuages, formerly one capital messuage, and one rood of ground adjoining, (except staircase to one messuage, being built upon copyhold land), in Hammersmith, parish of Fulham, formerly in occupations of Mr. George Cook and Mr. John Senex
Abuttals given

Lease for 20 years from 25 March 1798  ACC/0265/005  1798 May 16

1. William Lafosse of Ospringe near Feversham, Kent, esq
2. Samuel Naylor of Great Newport Street, St. Anne Westminster, gent
Premises: copyhold brick messuage and four perches of ground in Hog Lane, Hammersmith [Fulham], in occupation of Mr Nix (being formerly two cottages, leased by (1) to (2) in 1777 for 21 years, and pulled down by (2), who erected brick messuage); abutting east on way leading to the High Bridge and west upon messuage and premises in possession of (2)
Rent: 20s. yearly

Probate of will, dated 27 September 1793, and codicil, dated 25 January 1794, of Samuel Naylor of Great Newport Street [St. Anne Westminster], gent  ACC/0265/006  1799 Mar 2

Will: all estate to testator's wife Elizabeth Naylor; legacies to executors
Sole executrix: Elizabeth Naylor
Executors: Gilbert Pudner of Fleet Street, London, haberdasher and Cuthbert Kilton of Princes Street, Westminster, plumber
Codicil: revokes legacies to and appointment of executors
Executrix and executor: Elizabeth Naylor and testator's son Thomas Naylor

Lease for a year (release missing)  ACC/0265/007  1837 Oct 11

1. Joseph Ravenscroft Elsey late of Wilmington Square, Pentonville, now of Upper Homerton, gent. and Richard Webb Jupp of Carpenters Hall, City of London, gent
2. Samuel Naylor of Great Newport Street, St. Anne Westminster, gent
Premises: two freehold messuages, formerly one capital messuage, and one rood of ground adjoining, (except staircase to one messuage, being built upon copyhold land), in parish of Hammersmith, formerly part of parish of Fulham

Copy of will, dated 12 July 1855, of Samuel Naylor of Great Newport Street, St. Anne Westminster, gent  ACC/0265/008  [c.1870]

Bequests: to testator's nephew Samuel Naylor:- half part of two freehold cottages at Hampton Wick; half part of freehold close of meadow at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs.; testator's share in dwelling house and two gardens, part freehold and part copyhold, in Hampshire Hog Lane, Hammersmith, in occupation of testator; share in four freehold cottages with courtyard, at north end of kitchen garden of before mentioned dwelling house in Hampshire Hog Lane; share in eight messuages and gardens in Grove Place, Hammersmith, on north side of high road from London to Brentford; share in two copyhold messuages and ground at Brook Green, Hammersmith
To testator's brother Elisha Naylor:- garden ground at Cliffe, Kent; two copyhold messuages in Bridge Street, Hammersmith; share in freehold cottage near The Hampshire Hog Public House, Hammersmith
To testator's niece Katherine Goolden:- freehold ground and cottages at White Waltham, Berks.; freehold estate at Pinkneys Green, Berks
To testator's nephew Samuel Naylor and testator's niece Sarah Waring:- estate, part freehold and part copyhold of manor of Fulham, consisting of two messuages and gardens near the Dove Coffee House and leading to the Upper Mall in Hammersmith
Executors: Samuel Naylor, John Edward Waring and Doctor Richard Goolden

DEEDS: TOTTENHAM  [no ref.]  1773 - 1821

Conveyance by lease and release  ACC/0265/009 a-b  1773 Oct 27-28

1. Robert Michell and Francis Michell both of Saville Street, St. James Westminster, esqs., Katherine Barrett of Lee, Kent, widow, Martha Catherine Carter and Julia Frances Carter both of Chilton, Bucks., infants, Samuel Enys of Richmond, Surrey, esq. and Katherine Enys of St. Anne Westminster, spinster
2. Robert Michell of Keyford, Somerset, esq., Christopher Michell and Thomas Michell both of City of New Sarum, esqs., Thomas Eyre LL.D. of Chilmarke, Wilts., and Anne his wife, George Rooke of Kent, esq. and Phillis his wife
3. George Richards of New Inn [St. Clement Danes], gent
Premises: two houses with barn, stable, garden ground and fields (total 12½ acres) in Marsh Lane, Tottenham, formerly in occupation of Robert Morton, yeoman, now of Thomas Glover
Consideration: £1,200 to Robert and Francis Michell by (3)

Counterpart lease for 14 years from 25 March 1821  ACC/0265/010  1821 Nov 1

1. Ann Eyre of Wells, Somerset, widow and Rev
Thomas Penruddocke Michell of Southampton, clerk
2. Thomas Beckett Cambridge of Tottenham, inn keeper
Premises: parcel of land (14 acres) used as a market garden, with messuage and buildings, in Marsh Lane, Tottenham, formerly in occupation of Thomas Meyrick
Rent: £80 yearly

MISCELLANEOUS DEEDS  [no ref.]  1822-1901

Assignment of lease for remainder of 96 years from 25 December 1811  ACC/0265/011  1871 Nov 13

1. Richard Hall of 3 Charles Street, Back Road, St. George's [in the East], pork butcher, mortgagee
2. Christian Frederick Dunker of 13 Suffolk Street, Commercial Road [Stepney], sugar baker
3. William Reynolds of 11 Betts Street, St. George's in the East, cooper
Premises: two brick messuages, Nos. 13 and 14
Suffolk Street, hamlet of Mile End Old Town [Stepney]
Consideration: £200 to (1) by (3), £145 to (2) by (3)

Counterpart lease for 80 years from 25 March 1901  ACC/0265/012  1901 Dec 16

1. Percy William Francisle Breton of Lamb Buildings, Temple, City of London, barrister-at-law
2. Laurie and Marner Ltd. of 311 Oxford Street, St. Marylebone
Premises: messuage and premises No. 13 on east side of Dering Street, St. George Hanover Square, with right of way to public stableyard
Rent: £188 10s. yearly

Deed of covenant to surrender copyhold premises by way of mortgage, upon trusts for sale  ACC/0265/013  1833 Dec 16

1. Henry Podmore of Heathcote Street, Mecklenburgh Square [St. Pancras], esq
2. John Coleman of Tilshead, Wilts., gent
Premises: copyhold messuage, two cottages, and land called Quelches and Scotches (39a 3r 29p) within manor of Clayton, Sussex
Consideration: £450

Deed of covenants  ACC/0265/014  1822 Apr 16

1. Richard Vachell of Coptfold Hall, Margaretting, Essex, esq
2. Rev. Thomas Wright of Middle Claydon, Bucks., clerk
Covenant by (1) to discharge all debts owing on personal estate of Ellenora Dalrymple and her son Robert Dalrymple, both deceased
Real estate includes premises in Manchester Square, St. Marylebone and Middle Claydon, Bucks


Probate of will, dated 31 October 1796, of Elizabeth Dandridge of Gresse Street, Rathbone Place, St. Pancras, widow  ACC/0265/015  1796 Dec 29

Bequests: messuage in Holywell Lane, St. Leonard Shoreditch, several messuages in Middle Row and Bowl Yard, St. Giles in the Fields, money, stock and personal estate, in trust to Stone Tuppin or Tuppen of St. Marylebone, gent., and testatrix's daughter Elizabeth Heselton of St. Pancras, widow
Executors: Stone Tuppin and Elizabeth Heselton

Probate of will, dated 28 February 1803, of Elizabeth Heselton of Lisson Green, St. Marylebone, widow  ACC/0265/016  1805 Aug 3

Bequests: all real and personal estate [as in ACC/265/15] to William Tuppen of Castle Street East, St. Marylebone, gent., nephew of Stone Tuppen, deceased
Executor: William Tuppen

Probate of will, dated 4 June 1886, of Eliza Eleanor Bongard of 35 Victoria Road, Stroud Green [Hornsey] widow  ACC/0265/017  1891 Feb 27

Bequests: all estate to children of testatrix.
Executors and trustees: Frederick Gallard Reynolds of Ravenscroft, Moss Hall Grove, North Finchley, cousin of testatrix, and Daniel William Bongard of 28 Lincolns Inn Fields, gent., brother of late husband of testatrix.

Certified copies of entries in registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; Relating to John Fearson, surveyor, and his family, 1763-1822.  ACC/0265/018-028  1826

In churches in Southwark, St. Giles in the Fields, St. Anne Westminster, St. Mary Whitechapel, All Saints Poplar, and St. Giles Without Cripplegate, City of London

Marriage certificate, All Saints, Poplar: Thomas Pugh of St. George Southwark and Susannah Pearson.  ACC/0265/029  1823 Oct 14

Copy of probate of will, dated 11 April 1822 and proved 18 July 1822, of John Pearson of 16 Penny Fields, All Saints, Poplar.  ACC/0265/030  c.1824

Bequests: all estate to testator's wife Hannah and six daughters.
Executrix: Hannah Pearson.

Appointment of £3,000 by George Frere of Lincoln's Inn, esq., from his marriage settlement to settlement of his daughter, Susanna Hatley Frere on marriage to Rev. Christopher Wordsworth  ACC/0265/031  1838 Dec 3

Stock certificates and notices to trustees of marriage settlement of Susanna Hatley Frere and Rev. Christopher Wordsworth  ACC/0265/032-037  1851-1877

Found enclosed in ACC/0265/031

Marriage settlement  ACC/0265/038  1838 Dec 4

1. Rev. Christopher Wordsworth LL.D. of Harrow on the Hill, clerk, headmaster of Harrow School
2. George Frere of Lincolns Inn and of Twyford House, Thorley, Herts., esq
3. Susanna Hatley Frere, spinster, one of daughters of (2)
4. Henry Goodford of Lincolns Inn, esq., James William Smith of Lincolns Inn Fields, esq., Rev. Thomas Henry Steel of Harrow on the Hill, clerk, and Thomas Jodrell Phillips of Lincolns Inn, esq
Settlement: sums of money and insurance policies assigned to (4) as trustees
Memorandum, undated, of arrangement of money regarding settlement

Original and copy of account of succession to personal property of children of Right Revd. Christopher Bishop of Lincoln, upon death of latter  ACC/0265/039-040  1885 Sep

With envelope
Found enclosed in ACC/0265/038

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