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Reference IOR
Covering dates 1600-1948
Held by British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
Extent 15 km (volumes, files, charters, maps)
Conditions of access Open to public access except for recent personal files, and a very small number of subject files
Creators Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, 1784-1858; Burma Office, 1937-1948; East India Company, 1600-1858; India Office, 1858-1947

Administrative history:
The East India Company was established in 1600 as a joint-stock association of English merchants trading to the 'Indies'. Over a period of 250 years the Company underwent several substantial changes in its basic character and functions. A period of rivalry with a 'New' Company after 1698 resulted in the formation in 1709 of the United Company. This 'new' East India Company was transformed during the second half of the eighteenth century from a mainly commercial body with scattered Asian trading interests into a major territorial power in India with its headquarters at Calcutta. The political implications of this development eventually caused the British Government to institute a standing Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (or 'Board of Control') to exercise supervision over the Company's Indian policies. This change in the Company's status, along with other factors, led to the Acts of Parliament of 1813 and 1833, which opened the British trade with the East Indies to all shipping and resulted in the Company's complete withdrawal from its commercial functions.
The Company continued to exercise responsibility, under the supervision of the Board, for the government of India until the re-organisation of 1858. With the India Act of 1858 the Company and the Board of Control were replaced by a single new department, the India Office, under a Secretary of State. In 1937, the separation of Burma from India led to the creation in London of a Burma Office separate from the India Office, though still under the same Secretary of State.
With the achievement of independence by India and Pakistan in 1947, and by Burma in 1948, both the India and Burma Offices were dissolved. Thereafter their archives were administered by the Indian Records Section, from 1962 known as the India Office Records, of the Commonwealth Relations Office (later the Commonwealth Office) and from 1968 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
In 1982 the India Office Records (together with the India Office Library) were placed on deposit with the British Library Board and have been administered, as Public Records, by the British Library Oriental and India Office Collections.

The India Office Records comprise archives created and accumulated by the India Office (1858-1947) and its offshoot the Burma Office (1937-48), or inherited or otherwise acquired by the India Office from its predecessor bodies mainly the East India Company 1600-1858 and the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (1784-1858); also archives created or acquired by the India Office Records acting as the successor to the India and Burma Offices in respect of their archives.
The records relate to British commercial and political relations with India, south and south-east Asia, and other countries with which the East India Company established contact; they also contain voluminous information on the British administrations in India and Burma.

Crown Representative's Records - Indian States Residencies  IOR/R/2  No date

Archival history:
The Political Department sent out orders in November 1946 for Residents to weed out and destroy records deemed to be of no historical interest and of no value for purposes of future reference. In March 1947, Nehru asked Wavell to stop the destruction of the records and for Residency records to be transferred to the future Dominion government. Fresh instructions for weeding were sent out in April 1947, and in May Nehru approached Mountbatten on the question of the destruction and transfer of records, achieving a temporary cessation in the process. It was agreed in June 1947 that Residents should have the power to destroy records if copies were held in the Political Department. Residents were instructed to send confidential records to New Delhi for safekeeping, resulting in a flood of consignments arriving at the United Kingdom High Commission. In 1948, the decision to retain the Political Department and Residency records in New Delhi as an archive was rescinded and the entire collection was shipped to London for sorting. The R/1 records were sorted into Agency groups in 1948, but the Residency records were left in the order in which they were received. The Residency lists of records consigned to the UK High Commission form the basis for the current list.

Administrative history:
R/1 and R/2 are files from the records in India of the Crown Representative. The office of Crown Representative was created by the Government of India Act 1935 as an additional title for the Viceroy and Governor-General in order to distinguish the Viceroy's political functions with regard to the independent princes ruling the Indian States from his administration of British India. The ruling princes of the States were in treaty relations with the Crown, and the Crown acted for each State in its dealings with foreign powers and with other Indian States. Before the creation of the office of Crown Representative and the separate administrative machinery of the Political Department these functions were carried out by the Viceroy, through the Government of India Foreign and Political Department, as simply another part of British India's foreign policy.
The administrative hierarchy headed by the Crown Representative comprised the Political Department secretariat in New Delhi and Simla, and the Residents and Political Agents in the Indian States. The Residents and Agents had regular contact with the ruling princes and the Political Department and could thus provide advice and supervision for the States and information for the Crown Representative.
After the transfer of power in British India to an Indian Government, the Crown Representative continued to have a responsibility to the princes ruling the Indian States. Where rulers of Indian States did not sign conditional Instruments of Accession to the post-transfer India, the Crown's responsibilities to those rulers continued in full force and the Crown needed the records of its Representative to carry out its continuing functions. Where the States rulers did accede to the post-transfer India, the Crown was bound by treaty relationships to maintain the confidentiality of its Representative's past dealings with the rulers and their predecessors.

Whereas R/1 comprises files from the central secretariat records of the Crown Representative, R/2 comprises files from the records maintained locally by the Residents and Political Agents.

Kolhapur and the Deccan States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

Comprises Kolhapur, Janjira, Sawantwadi, Mudhol, Sangli, Bhor, Aundh, Akalkot, Phaltan, Jath, Savanur, Miraj (Senior), Miraj (Junior), Jamkhandi, Kurundwad (Senior), Ranidurg, Kurundwad (junior)

Kolhapur Residency files [Kolhapur list 2] - confidential files  [no ref.]  1944-1947

KE serial numbers

File C-22/44 Administrative arrangements for the Wadi Jaghir. Future of the Wadi Jaghir. 1944-1947.  IOR/R/2/943/1  1944

File C-36/46-8. Internal Security Scheme, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/943/2  1946

File C-34/47 Civilian British subjects of non-Indian domicile in the Deccan States and administered area.  IOR/R/2/943/3  1947

File C-47/47 Investiture of the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/943/4  1947

File C-57/47 Cancellation of the guarantee to the feudatory Jaghirdars of Kolhapur under article 8 of the Agreement of 1862.  IOR/R/2/943/5  1947

File A-150/46 Disposal of the records of the Crown Representative 1946-1947.  IOR/R/2/943/6  1946

Kolhapur Residency files [Kolhapur list 2] - non-confidential files  [no ref.]  1937-1942

KE serial numbers

File J-47/42 Reciprocity in the matter of treatment of attested copies of judicial and other documents granted by courts in British India and the Mudhol and Akalkot Darbar.  IOR/R/2/943/7  1942

File J-87/39 Reciprocity in the matter of treatment of attested copies of judicial and other documents granted by courts in British India and the Kolhapur State and Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/943/8  1939

File J-138/38 Request of Sangli Darbar to authorise the Judge, Huzur Court, Sangli, to certify documents under Sec.79 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.  IOR/R/2/943/9  1938

File J-81/37 Procedure in the matter of applications for permission to institute suits against Ruling Princes and Chiefs under Section 86 of the Civil Procedure Code... (orders of the Political Department, India).  IOR/R/2/943/10  1937

Kolhapur Residency files [Kolhapur list 1] - confidential files  [no ref.]  1888-1947

KE serial numbers

File C-9/35 Hydro Electric Scheme and manufacturing aluminium in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/943/11  1935

File C-9(2)/35 Hydro Electric Scheme and Manufacturing aluminium in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/943/12  1935

File C-30/35 Kolhapur Darbar's request for retrocession of Akewat and Takli.  IOR/R/2/943/13  1935

File C-91/35 Federation - Financial adjustments.  IOR/R/2/944/14  1935

File C-91/35 Dowager Rani of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/944/15  1935

File C-159/35 Lands, buildings and roads vesting in C.R. for the functions of the Crown.  IOR/R/2/944/16  1935

File C-164/35 Sangli Darbar's claimceded territory.  IOR/R/2/944/17  1935

File C-165/35 Certain payments by Ramdurg Darbar to the British Government.  IOR/R/2/944/18  1935

File C-166(3)/35 Payments other than tribute - Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/944/19  1935

File C-166(4)/35 Payments other than tribute - Aundh.  IOR/R/2/944/19A  1935

File C-166(5)/35 Payments other than tribute - Bhor.  IOR/R/2/944/20  1935

File C-166(6)/35 Payments other than tribute - Jamkhandi.  IOR/R/2/944/21  1935

File C-166(8)/35 Payments other than tribute - Jath.  IOR/R/2/944/22  1935

File C-166(9)/35 Payments other than tribute - Kurundwad Senior.  IOR/R/2/944/23  1935

File C-166(10)/35 Payments other than tribute - Kurundwad Junior.  IOR/R/2/944/24  1935

File C-166(11)/35 Payments other than tribute - Miraj Senior.  IOR/R/2/944/25  1935

File C-166(12)/35 Payments other than tribute - Miraj Junior.  IOR/R/2/944/26  1935

File C-166(14)/35 Payments other than tribute - Phaltan.  IOR/R/2/944/27  1935

File C-166(15)/35 Payments other than tribute - Ramdurg  IOR/R/2/944/28  1935

File C-166(16)/35 Payments other than tribute - Sangli  IOR/R/2/945/29  1935

File C-166(18)/35 Payments other than tribute - Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/945/30  1935

File C-101/35 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji re: adoption.  IOR/R/2/945/31  1935

File C-101(2)/35 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji re: adoption.  IOR/R/2/945/32  1935

File C-101(3)/35 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji re: adoption.  IOR/R/2/945/33  1935

File C-101(4)/35 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji re: adoption.  IOR/R/2/945/34  1935

File C-183/35 Tribute payable by the Murundwad Senior to the British Government on behalf of the Kurundwad Junior.  IOR/R/2/945/35  1935

File C-190/35 Negotiations with Warburg Group of Bankers in connection with manufacture of aluminium in Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/946/36  1935

File C-192/35 Babti Amal by the Jath State to the Raja of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/946/37  1935

File C-25/36 Memorial from the Chief of Jath to Viceroy re: Babti Amal payment to Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/946/38  1935

File C-123(2)/36 Accession to Federation - Negotiations.  IOR/R/2/946/39  1936

File C-8/37 Extra territorial rights of States on establishment of Federation.  IOR/R/2/946/40  1937

File C-25/37 Proposal by the Jath Darbar to pay the amount of Babti Amal to the Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/946/41  1937

File C-58/37 Abdication by the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/946/42  1937

File C-65/37 Demise of H.H. the Raja of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/946/43  1937

File C-25/38 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkarnaji to Secretary of State re: adoption.  IOR/R/2/946/44  1938

File C-71(2)/38 Political Agitation in Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/947/45  1938

File C-87/38 Offer of assistance by the States to the British Government in the event of war.  IOR/R/2/947/46  1938

File C-27/39 Affairs of Wadi Estate.  IOR/R/2/947/47  1939

File C-34/39 Disturbances at Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/947/48  1939

File C-34(2)/39 Disturbances at Ramdurg  IOR/R/2/948/49  1939

File C-61/39 Land Revenue Rates in Kurundwad Senior.  IOR/R/2/948/50  1939

File C-70/39 Proposed withdrawal by the Raja of Ramdurg from the Government of the States.  IOR/R/2/948/51  1939

File C-71/39 Loan of services of Dist. and Sessions Judge from British India to the Ramdurg State. - Mr. Davar's Report.  IOR/R/2/948/52  1939

File C-71(2)/39 Loan of services of Dist. and Sessions Judge from British India to the Ramdurg State. - Mr. Davar's Report.  IOR/R/2/949/53  1939

File C-152/39 Demise of the Raja of Miraj Senior.  IOR/R/2/949/54  1939

File C-80/40 Unrest in the Kolhapur Infantry.  IOR/R/2/947/55  1940

File C-89/40 Land Revenue Administration in States.  IOR/R/2/949/56  1940

File C-97/40 Arrangements for the interim administration of the Kolhapur State consequent on the demise of H.H. Sir Rajaram Chhatrapati Maharaja, Maharaja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/949/57  1940

File C-98/40 Succession to the Gaddi of the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/950/58  1940

File C-98(2)/40 Succession to the Gaddi of the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/950/59  1940

File C-98(3)/40 Succession to the Gaddi of the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/950/60  1940

File C-24/41 Death of Meh. Udajirao Chavan, Himmat Bahadur.  IOR/R/2/950/61  1941

File C-27/41 Excise duty on sugar in Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/950/62  1941

File C-29/41 Succession to Gadi of Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/951/63  1941

File C-41/41 Administration arrangements in the Wadi Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/951/64  1941

File C-55/41 Abrogation of Article VI of the Kolhapur Agreement of 1862.  IOR/R/2/951/65  1941

File C-59/41 Interim Council in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/951/66  1941

File C-59(2)/41 Regency Council of Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/951/67  1941

File C-73/41 Future of Wadi Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/951/68  1941

File C-43/42 Death of the Jaghirdar of Bavada.  IOR/R/2/951/69  1942

File C-45(2)/42 Selection of an heir to Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/951/70  1942

File C-73/42 Death of the Raja of Kurundwad Jr.  IOR/R/2/951/71  1942

File C-22(2)/43 Joint High Court for the Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/952/72  1943

File C-55/43 Policy followed by Regency Council in Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/952/73  1943

File C-59/43 Death of the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji - Succession to the Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/952/74  1943

File C-59(2)/43 Ichalkaranji Jaghir's succession.  IOR/R/2/952/75  1943

File C-70/43 Polish Refugee Camp in Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/952/76  1943

File C-17/44 Akalkot Affairs  IOR/R/2/952/77  1944

File C-42/44 Ex-Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/952/78  1944

File C-8/45 Kolhapur Regency Council  IOR/R/2/953/79  1945

File C-81/45 Regarding Dr. and Mrs. Simeons.  IOR/R/2/953/80  1945

File C-53/45 Raja of Bhor and the Bhor State affairs.  IOR/R/2/953/81  1945

File C-79/45 Polish Refugee Camp, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/953/82  1945

File C-91/45 Representation of the Deccan States on the Constitution Making Body.  IOR/R/2/953/83  1945

File C-96/45 Joint High Court for the Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/953/84  1945

File C-37/46 Union of the Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/953/85  1946

File C-37(2)/46 Union of the Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/953/86  1946

File C-37(3)/46 Union of the Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/954/87  1946

File C-96/46 Ruling powers to H.H. the Raja of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/954/88  1946

File C-106/46 Sheri lands in the Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/954/89  1946

File C-122/46 Disposal of airfields in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/954/90  1946

File C-132/46 Kolhapur Succession.  IOR/R/2/954/91  1946

File C-132(2)/46 Kolhapur Succession.  IOR/R/2/954/92  1946

File C-49/47 Territorial claims of Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/954/93  1947

File C-53/35 Retrocession of a portion of Civil Station, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/955/94  1935

File C-53(2)/35 Retrocession of a portion of Civil Station, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/955/95  1935

File C-90/36 Printed copies (45) containing views of Kolhapur and the Deccan States regarding Accession to Federation.  IOR/R/2/955/96  1936

File C-43/40 Suit against Secretary of State by Mr. V.P. Pratinidhi of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/955/97  1940

File C-56/30 Memorial from Mr. V.P. Pratinidhi to the Secretary of State.  IOR/R/2/955/98  1936

Bombay File No. 1902 of 1920 Memorial from Mr. V.P. Pratinidhi re: Succession of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/955/99  1920

File No. II of 1902 Memorial from Bhausaheb Pratinidhi re: Succession or Aundh.  IOR/R/2/956/100  1902

File of 1909-10 Memorials re: succession of Aundh Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/956/101  1909-1910

File 1907 Proceedings of the Aundh Commission. (Printed).  IOR/R/2/956/102  1907

File C-32/38 Request of Mr. V.P. Pratinidhi for supply of certain copies.  IOR/R/2/956/103  1938

File C-168/35 Memorial from Mr. V.P. Pratinidhi Re: Succession of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/956/104  1935

File P-31/37 Claim of the Kolhapur Darbar to the retrocession of Malwan Harbour and restoration of Chikodi and Manoli.  IOR/R/2/956/105  1937

File of 1933-34 Adoption of an heir by the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji.  IOR/R/2/956/106  1933-1934

File 1902 Papers relating to Sangli succession.  IOR/R/2/956/107  1902

File F.I.(1) + (2) Papers relating to Phaltan succession.  IOR/R/2/956/108  1888-1932

File No.44 of 1932 Memorial of Kanasaheb, Chief of Kurundwad Junior for permission to adopt.  IOR/R/2/956/109  1932

File No.29 of 1924-25 Regarding Indumati Ranisaheb of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/956/110  1924-1925

File No.38 of 1930. Enquiry into the disturbances at Madhavpur-Vadgaon.  IOR/R/2/957/111  1930

File No.1728 of 1922-23 Proposed grant of dynastic salute of 21 guns to H.H. the Maharaja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/957/112  1922-1923

File No.9302 of 1932 Salutes - Representation by the Ruler of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/957/113  1932

File No.1814-II of 1932 Representation from the Chief of Bhor.  IOR/R/2/957/114  1932

File No.5477 of 1927-30 Maintenance allowance to the Dowager Rani of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/957/115  1927-1930

File No.631 of 1914 Regarding removal of the Rani of Sawantwadi from the State limits.  IOR/R/2/957/116  1914

File No.302 of 1913 Regarding removal of the Rani of Swantwadi from the State limits.  IOR/R/2/957/117  1913

File No.44 of 1918 Permissi on to Rani of Sawantwadi to reside in Bombay Presidency.  IOR/R/2/957/118  1918

File No.1166 of 1922-25 Maintenance allowances to the Dowager Rani of Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/957/119  1922-1925

File No.1869 of 1923-32 Request of the Chief of Sangli for the title of H.H. and enhancement of salute.  IOR/R/2/957/120  1923-1932

File No.8444-I of 1931 Claim of Hanmantrao a collateral of the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/957/121  1931

File No.1593-A of 1909-10 Permanent deposition of the Ruler of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/958/122  1909-1910

File No.837 of 1922-24. Future succession in Aundh.  IOR/R/2/958/123  1922-1924

File No.1592 of 1907. Correspondence re: Aundh Affairs.  IOR/R/2/958/124  1907

File No.1750 of 1908. Maintenance allowance to Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/958/125  1908

File No.834 of 1915. Sawantwadi affairs  IOR/R/2/958/126  1915

File C-119/46 Death of Meherban Dattajirao Ghatge Sarjerao, Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/958/127  1946

File C-123/46 File Re: Ichalkaranji Succession.  IOR/R/2/958/128  1946

Kolhapur Residency files [Kolhapur list 1] - non-confidential files  [no ref.]  1812-1945

KE serial numbers

File 1935. J-161/35 Part II. Compensation to the Chief of Bhor for lands acquired for the Bhatgar (Lloyd) Dam.  IOR/R/2/958/129  1935

File 1935. J-404/35 Reciprocal arrangements between Kurundwadi Junior Darbar and H.E.H. Nizam's Government in regard to the matter of execution of Civil Court decrees.  IOR/R/2/958/130  1935

File 1935. J-376/35 Proposed civil suit by the Chief of Miraj (Junior) State against the Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior.  IOR/R/2/958/131  1935

File 1935. J-76/35. Part II Reductions and remissions of stamp duties---Indian States---Area under British jurisdiction and Railway lands in --- Revised lists.  IOR/R/2/959/132  1935

File 1935. J-223/35 Petition from Hari Shridhar Prabhudesai of Poona, Permission under Section 86 of the Civil Procedure Code to sue the Jaghirdar of Bavada in the Court of the First Class Suberdinate Judge of Rajapur.  IOR/R/2/959/133  1935

File 1935. J-24/35 Reciprocal arrangements between British Districts in the Bombay Presidency on the one hand and the States, Agency areas and Railway limits in the Deccan States Agency on the other for the provisional surrender of the stolen property for the purposes of identification and its final disposal.  IOR/R/2/959/134  1935

File 1935. J-78/35 Part I Extradition Offences. List of Indian State Forces desertion from which is an extradition offence.  IOR/R/2/959/135  1935

File 1935. J-107/35 Jurisdiction over Post offices situate in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/959/136  1935

File 1935. J-252(2)/35-II Representation of Sawantwadi Darbar creation during minority administration of a Saranjam Jaghir within the Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/959/137  1935

File 1935. J-161/35 Part I Compensation to the Bhor State for land acquired for the Bhatgar Dam.  IOR/R/2/959/138  1935

File 1935. J-413/35 Permission to sue the Jaghirdar of Bavda, a Feudatory of the Kolhapur State, under Section 86 of the Civil Procedure Code.  IOR/R/2/959/139, Item 1  1935

File 1935. J-413/35 Request of Mr. Anant Vinayak Prabhudesai for  IOR/R/2/959/139, Item 2  1935

File 1935. J-413/35 Request of Mr. Anand Shimrao Pandit for information whether there is any change in the orders.  IOR/R/2/959/139, Item 3  1935

File 1935. J-413/35 Ruling of the Government of India that the Jaghirdar of Bavda is not a Ruling Prince of Chief within the meaning of that Section.  IOR/R/2/959/139, Item 4  1935

File 1935. J.438/35 Extradition of accused Chunilal asked by the Aundh State from Hyderabad State and reciprocal extradition arrangements arrived at between them.  IOR/R/2/959/140  1935

File 1935. J-315/35 Jurisdiction over Government lands in the village of Shrivade in the Jamkhandi State.  IOR/R/2/960/141  1935

File 1935. J-252(1)/35 Representation of the Sawantwadi Darbar regarding creation during Minority Administration of Saranjam Jaghir within the Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/960/142  1935

File 1935. J-94/35 Petition (Miscellaneous). Complaint of Mrs. Sunwantibai Dajisaheb Raje Chorpade of Machaknur against the order of Raja of Mudhol discontinuing her maintenance allowance.  IOR/R/2/960/143  1935

File 1936. J-53/36 Proposed arrangement between the British Districts in the Bombay Presidency on the one hand and the States, Agency areas and Railway limits in the Deccan States Agency on the other for the provisional surrender of stolen property for the purpose of identification and its final disposal.  IOR/R/2/960/144  1936

File 1936. J-282/36 Reciprocity between the Government of Bombay and the States in the Deccan States Agency and Kolhapur regarding proclamation and attachment of property in extradition cases.  IOR/R/2/960/145  1936

File 1936. J-87(2)/36 Memorial from Kolhapur Darbar in the matter of the claim of Himat Bahadur, a Feudatory Jahagirdar in the Kolhapur State to intestate Jadid Inams in his Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/960/146  1936

File 1936. J-87(3)/36 Memorial from the Kolhapur Darbar to the Secretary of State for India in the matter of the claim of the Himat Bahadur a Feudatory Jaghirdar in the Kolhapur State to intestate Jadid Inams in his Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/960/147  1936

File 1936. J-90/36 Compensation to the Raja of Bhor for the lands acquired in connection with the Lloyd Dam.  IOR/R/2/960/148  1936

File 1936. J-92/36 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Kagal (Junior) in the matter of exercise of all rights appertaining to Kadim Inams in the Kagal Junior Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/960/149  1936

File 1936. J-116/36 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Vishalgad in the matter of the Kolhapur Darbar's order requiring him to obtain their post-sanction to the Seal used by the First Class Magistrate of his Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/961/150  1936

File 1936. J-121/36 Umrani Saranjam. Jath Darbar's claim to levy succession Nazarana from the Saranjamdar of  IOR/R/2/961/151  1936

File 1936. J-140/36 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji in the matter of the exercise by the Kolhapur Darbar of the supervision of a High Court in criminal matters in his Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/961/152  1936

File 1936. J-142/36 Treaty between Government and the Savanur State for the recovery of the land revenue and other dues and the surrender of criminals and Mudemal.  IOR/R/2/961/153  1936

File 1936. J-25/36 Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act 1935.  IOR/R/2/961/154  1936

File 1936. J-87/36 Memorial from the Himmat Bahadur, a Feudatory Jaghirdar in the Kolhapur State in the matter of his claim to intestate Jadid Inams in his Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/961/155  1936

File 1936. J-73/36 (Part II) Jurisdiction over Government lands in the village of Shiravade in the Jamkhandi State.  IOR/R/2/961/156, Item 1  1936

File 1936. J-73/36 (Part II) Memorial from the Jamkhandi Darbar to H.E. the C.R. re:  IOR/R/2/961/156, Item 2  1936

File 1936. J-73/36 (Part I) Jurisdiction over Government lands in the village of Shiravade in the Jamkhandi State.  IOR/R/2/961/157  1936

File 1936. J-39/36 Repayment to the Chief of Miraj Junior of debt incurred by the Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior under Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/961/158, Item 1  1936

File 1936. J-39/36 Memorial from Meherban Yeshwantrao Appasaheb Ghatge in the matter of repayment to the Raja of Miraj Junior of debt incurred by the Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior under Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/961/158, Item 2  1936

File 1937. J-127/37 Representation of the Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior against the order of the Prime Minister of Kolhapur regarding the jurisdiction of the Junior Jaghir in a Criminal matter.  IOR/R/2/962/159  1937

File 1938. J-27/38 Jurisdiction of State courts over Imperial Post Offices situated in Indian States and over the employees of such Post Offices.  IOR/R/2/962/160  1938

File 1938. J-22/38 Extradition - Interstatal, between the states in the Kolhapur Residency and the Deccan States Agency and other Residencies in India.  IOR/R/2/962/161  1938

File 1938. J-28/38 Review application from Babaji Sattu Nagarji of Kapashi in the matter of resumption of an Inam by the Jaghirdar of Kapshi.  IOR/R/2/962/162  1938

File 1938. J-170/38 Intestate Property. Right of the Indian States to (1) unclaimed deposits in the Savings Banks of the Imperial Post Offices in the States and (2) investments in Government Securities belonging to States subjects who die intestate and heirless.  IOR/R/2/962/163, Item 1  1938

File 1938. J-170/38 Decision of Government of India that unclaimed deposits in British post offices situate in Indian States will pass to the Rulers as Bona vacantia.  IOR/R/2/962/163, Item 2  1938

File 1938. J-170/38 Decision of Government of India regarding unclaimed Government Securities, situate in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/962/163, Item 3  1938

File 1938. J-169/38 Political Saranjam Question regarding the payment of administrative cost of the villages given to the Raja of Bhor as Political Saranjam in exchange of lands acquired for the Lloyd Dam at Bhatgarh, from the Bhor State.  IOR/R/2/962/164, Item 1  1938

File 1938. J-169/38 Remuneration to the village officers of Wing (Wai Taluka). Question regarding payment of  IOR/R/2/962/164, Item 2  1938

File 1938. J-169/38 Request of the Bhor Darbar to move the Government of Bombay to issue instructions to villages officers to recover the State's dues in time.  IOR/R/2/962/164, Item 3  1938

File 1938. J-69/38 Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act 1935. Levy of road contribution on motor vehicles complaints and disposal of.  IOR/R/2/962/165, Item 1  1938

File 1938. J-69/38 Petition from Mahratta Union motor service and other institutions.  IOR/R/2/962/165, Item 2  1938

File 1938. J-140/38 Representation. Feudatory Jaghirdars: Jaghirdar of Magal Junior. Representation from the Jaghirdar of Kagal Junior against the Kolhapur Darbar in the matter of determining the nature of all Inams consequent to the assumption of the year 1825 as the year of grant of the Kagal Junior Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/962/166  1938

File 1938. J-158/38 Land Acquisition Acquisition by British Military authorities of land belonging to the Kurundwad Senior State adjoining the Rifle Ranges, to maintain safety limits of the Military Fire Fighting ranges in Belgaum.  IOR/R/2/962/167  1938

File 1938. J-44/38 Petition. Petition from Mr. Keshav Narayan Jemenis of Miraj re: his claim to the income from the village Khilegaon as a Saranjam grant.  IOR/R/2/962/168  1938

File 1938. J-112/38 Ruling Princes and Chiefs: Raja of Jath. Request of the Raja of Jath for exemption from personal appearance in Courts of British India.  IOR/R/2/963/169  1938

File 1938. J-36/38 Reciprocity between Kolhapur and the Sangli States in Civil matters.  IOR/R/2/963/170  1938

File 1938. J-149/38. Question regarding continuance of maintenance allowance to Appasaheb Machaknur and his adoptive mother Gunawantibai, and return of cash and ornaments belonging to the family.  IOR/R/2/963/171  1938

File 1939. J-91/39 Exercise of powers by the son of the Jahagirdar of Vishalgad and by the administrator of Ichalkaranji in Kadim Inam matter.  IOR/R/2/963/172, Item 1  1939

File 1939. J-91/39 Interpretation of the Kadim Notification No. 61 dated 20.3.32.  IOR/R/2/963/172, Item 2  1939

File 1939. J-91/39 Representations from the Jahagirdars of Vishalgad and Ichalkaranji.  IOR/R/2/963/172, Item 3  1939

File 1939. J-88/39 Kadim Inams in the Kagal Junior.  IOR/R/2/963/173  1939

File 1939. J-59/39 Jurisdiction and Railway Lands. Agitation in railway lands in Indian States Transfer of railway lands from the jurisdiction of Provincial Governors to that of Residents.  IOR/R/2/963/174  1939

File 1939. J-71/40 Memorial No. 24 from meherban Yeshvantrao Appasaheb Ghatge in the matter of the Kolhapur Darbar's rights regarding certain Kadim matters in the Kagal (Junior) Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/963/175  1939

File 1940. J-56/40 Memorial No. 29 from the Jaghirdar of Kagal (Junior) and other Feudatories against the Darbar's Notification No. 37, dated the 8th August 1939; requiring the Feudatory Jaghirdars to obtain previous sanction of His Highness for opening Courts in the Jaghirs and using seals for their functioning.  IOR/R/2/963/176  1940

File 1940. J-67/40 Memorial No. 2 from the Himmat Bahadur, Kolhapur, to His Majesty's Secretary of State for India, in the matter of a dispute between the Kolhapur Darbar and the Himmat Bahadur Jaghir regarding the nature of certain Inam grants forming a portion of the Himmat Bahadur Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/963/177  1940

File 1940. J-69/40 Memorial Nos.15 and 23 from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji against the interlocutory orders of the Kolhapur Darbar in the matter of attachment of Police Patil's Watan at Ichalkaranji and restoration of Kadim Inam lands on an application by Anandibai Sontakke of Ichalkaranji.  IOR/R/2/963/178  1940

File 1941. J-42/41 Memorial No. 66 from the Jaghirdar of Vishalgad against the Kolhapur Darbar's Orders in respect of four alientated villages in the Jaghir, viz. Varal, Parale, Bhendavade and Khed.  IOR/R/2/963/179  1941

File 1942. J-15/42 Extradition. Extradition of British Indian Subjects from British India to Indian States:- Removal of restrictions on the Criminal powers of the Rulers of Kolhapur and Sangli in the matter of trial of British Subjects under Section 302 of the I.P.C.  IOR/R/2/963/180  1942

File 1942. J-89/42 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji to H.C. the C.R., re: the exercise of revisional jurisdiction by the Kolhapur Darbar in criminal matters.  IOR/R/2/964/181  1942

File 1943. J-52/43 Memorial No. P.15 dated the 1st May 1943 from the Jaghirdar of Torgal, Kolhapur State, regarding the administration of all the Kadim Iname in his Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/964/182  1943

File 1944. J-50/44 Revision of Kadim Inam Lands at Bolwad to the Miraj Senior Darbar.  IOR/R/2/964/183  1944

File 1945. J-301/45 Classification of Major and Minor Jaghirs. Representation from the Kagal Junior Jaghir in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/964/184  1945

File 1945. J-313/45 Application of Darbar's Notification P.D. No. 61 of 1932 to the Kagal (Junior) Jaghir regarding Kadim Inams.  IOR/R/2/964/185  1945

File 1945. J-317/45 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Torgal addressed to H.E. the C.R. regarding Control over the Kadim Inams in Jorgal Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/964/186  1945

File 1945. J-118/45 Registration of Births and deaths etc. --- Information in regard to Deccan States & Wadi Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/964/187  1945

File 1940. J-54/40 Entertainment by the Resident of Political Revisional Applications against the decisions of courts of the Deccan States in Civil, Revenue and Criminal cases.  IOR/R/2/964/188  1940

File 1941. J-106(2)/40 Memorial from the Kolhapur Darbar in the matter of the management by the State Court of Wards of the three villages of Nigwe, Haldi & Atyal in the Himmat Bahadur Jaghir held by the deceased Govindrao Madhavrao Chavan, Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/964/189  1941

File 1943. J-59/43(Part I) Application from Captain M.R. Chavan against the order of the Kolhapur Regency Council in the heirship enquiry decision upon the death of Meherban Govindrao Madhavrao Chavan, a maintenance holder in the bahadur Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/964/190  1943

File 1943. J-61/43 Memorial No.1557/P/FD, dated 23.6.43 from Resident's decision in the heirship inquiry held on the death of Meherboan G.M. Chavan, a maintenance holder in the Himmat Bahadur Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/964/191  1943

File 1944. J-43/44 Bill for the abolition of Khoti Tenure in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/964/192  1944

File 1944. J-56/44 Memorial from the Jaghirdar of Torgal for restoration of jurisdiction over the four villages of Bannur, Kallur, Gudgumnal and Channatti situate in the Torgal Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/964/193  1944

File 1935. P-5/35. Part I Attiveri Irrigation project four the cultivable waste lands granted to the Raja of Mudhol in British territory for agricultural purposes.  IOR/R/2/965/194  1935

File 1935. P-5/35 Part II Attiveri Irrigation Tank.  IOR/R/2/965/195  1935

File 1935. P-3/35 Demarkation of the boundary line between the Sawantwadi State and Portuguese territory.  IOR/R/2/965/196  1935

File 1935. P-8/35 Supply of Arms and Ammunition to the Indian --- Orders of the Government of India re:  IOR/R/2/965/197  1935

File 1935. P-42/35 Part I Renewal of Abkari leases of the Ramdurg and other Deccan States.  IOR/R/2/965/198  1935

File 1935. P-42/35 Part II Renewal of Abkari leases with the States in this Agency.  IOR/R/2/965/199  1935

File 1935. P-53/35 Investments of the Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/966/200  1935

File 1935. P-61/35 Railway - Traffic Survey in connection with the proposed Railway line from the Akalkot Station to the Akalkot Town.  IOR/R/2/966/201  1935

File 1935. P-62/35-I Maintenance of the Kolhapur Residency.  IOR/R/2/966/202  1935

File 1935. P-62/35 Agency Offices in Residency Compound.  IOR/R/2/966/203  1935

File 1935. P-85/35. Part I Arrangements in connection with the celebration of His Majesty's Silver Jubilee, 1935.  IOR/R/2/966/204  1935

File 1935. (P-85/35 Part II Their Majesties' Silver Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/966/205  1935

File 1935. P-85/35 Part III Silver Jubilee (Kharitas).  IOR/R/2/966/206  1935

File 1935. P-96/35 Part I Distribution of shares in the Road Development Account (representing proceeds of the additional duty of two annas per gallon levied on petrol for road development) to the end of March 1933.  IOR/R/2/966/207  1935

File 1935. P-96/35 Part II Road Account. Distribution of final shares for 1933-34.  IOR/R/2/966/208  1935

File 1935. P-151/35 Supply of service postage stamps of its equivalent to the Sawantwadi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/967/209  1935

File 1935. P-167/35 Execution of Agreement about the Nira Right Bank Canal.  IOR/R/2/967/210  1935

File 1935. P-245/35 Abkari Agreement with Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/967/211  1935

File 1935. P-260/35 Administrative arrangements for the Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/967/212  1935

File 1935. P-326/35 Payment of the Moity of the "Amal" in the village of Dudhgaon in the Walwa Taluka of the Satara District according to the Revision Survey introduced in 1925-26, to the Sangli Darbar.  IOR/R/2/967/213  1935

File 1935. P-327/35 Protest against levy by the Salt Department of the Government of Bombay of port and other dues within the limits of the Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/967/214, Item 1  1935

File 1935. P-327/35 Question whether the Shores of Kirmapani village are British territory.  IOR/R/2/967/214, Item 2  1935

File 1935. P-440/35 Boundary dispute between "Tolnur" a village in the Akalkot State and "Mashal" a village in the Hyderabad State.  IOR/R/2/967/215  1935

File 1935. P-594/35 Reversion of a Kadim grant of Inam to the Kurundwad (Junior) State.  IOR/R/2/967/216  1935

File 1935. P-609/35 Payment by the Sawantwadi of Tanakha Allowance to the Mouni Bawa Nath situated in the village of Padgaon in the Kolhaput State.  IOR/R/2/967/217  1935

File 1935. P-729/35 Retrocession to the Kolhapur Darbar of a portion of the Civil Station of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/967/218  1935

File 1935. P-802/35 Functions which Foreign & Political Department, discharge on behalf of Government of India as opposed to the Crown.  IOR/R/2/967/219  1935

File 1936. P-88/36 Project for the construction of a Dam at Warasgaon or Khadakwasala.  IOR/R/2/967/220  1936

File 1936. P-42/36 Excise. Abkari Agreement with the Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/967/221  1936

File 1936. P-95(III)/36 Abkari Lease Agreements with the Deccan States and the Government of Bombay - Renewal of.  IOR/R/2/967/222  1936

File 1936. P-119/36 Abkari Agreement 1924-34, with the Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/967/223  1936

File 1936. P-133/36 Representation from the Sawantwadi Darbar regarding the revision of the amount of the annual payment made to the Darbar in commutation of its land and Sea Customs Rights and of the annual compensation paid in respect of salt rights.  IOR/R/2/967/224  1936

File 1936. Annexure to file No. P-133/36 Commission of Customs rights to the British Government for Peerkhani Rs. 13, 470-11-11, per year.  IOR/R/2/967/225  1936

File 1936. P-134/36 Additions and alterations to the office buildings of the Kolhapur Residency.  IOR/R/2/968/226  1936

File 1936. P-167/36 Execution of agreements about the Nira Right Bank Canal.  IOR/R/2/968/227  1936

File 1936. P-248/36 Requisition of inscribed ancient Copper plates in the Deccan States Agency.  IOR/R/2/968/228  1936

File 1936. P-259/36 Position of Indian States in relation to Slavery Convention.  IOR/R/2/968/229  1936

File 1936. P-324/36-I Maintenance of the Kolhapur Residency Buildings (Furniture Tennis Courts etc.).  IOR/R/2/968/230  1936

File 1936. P-324/36-II Maintenance of the Kolhapur Residency Buildings, Gardens, Furniture curtains etc.,  IOR/R/2/968/231  1936

File 1936. P-402/36 Purchase of Raitawa lands at Kognoli in the Chikodi Taluka by His Highness the Maharaja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/968/232  1936

File 1936. P-535/36 Coronation of His Majesty the King Emperor George VI.  IOR/R/2/968/233  1936

File 1936. P-536/36 Watans held by Indian States in the Bombay Presidency. Policy of the Government of Bombay in the matter of.  IOR/R/2/968/234  1936

File 1936. P-566/36 Boundary dispute between Sadalapur and Hattikanbas (Akakot State) and Chikhalli in H.E.H. the Nizam's territory.  IOR/R/2/968/235  1936

File 1937. P-573/36 Acquisition of inmovable property of way of trust by the Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji.  IOR/R/2/968/236  1937

File 1936. P-592/36 Working agreement between the Kolhapur Darbar and the M. & S.M. Railway. Amendment to Clause 10.  IOR/R/2/969/237  1936

File 1936. P-303/36 Representation of Indian States Forces at the Coronation of His Majesty the King Emperor in London in May 1937.  IOR/R/2/969/238  1936

File 1936. P-609/36 Accession - Proclamation. Proclamation regarding the accession of His Royal Highness Duke of York to the throne as George VI.  IOR/R/2/969/239  1936

File 1936. P-609/36 Work-Card Proclamation of Accession to the throne of His Majesty King George VI on 14th December 1936 at 9 a.m. at the Kolhapur Residency.  IOR/R/2/969/240  1936

File 1937. P-27/37 Memorials Representation of the Raja of Mudhol in regard to his claim to Padsalgi Estate.  IOR/R/2/969/241  1937

File 1937. P-28/37 Memorials Representation of the Raja of Mudhol in regard to his claim to Bilgi Estate.  IOR/R/2/969/242  1937

File 1937. P-53(i)/37 Submission of presents and addresses to His Majesty on the occasion of the coronation. Naming of institutions after Coronation of His Majesty.  IOR/R/2/969/243  1937

File 1937. P-57/37 Memorial from the Raja of Aundh regarding the exchange of territory of the Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/969/244  1937

File 1936-37. P-82/37 Non-Observance by the British Government of the reservations in the cession of Vingorla by the treaty of 3-10-1812 and the Rokha otherwise called deed cession, of 29-4-1813.  IOR/R/2/969/245  1936-1937

File 1937. P-(G)-4/37 Excise: Opium Agreement of 1897 with the Aundh Darbar. Claim to refund of 20% on opium duty.  IOR/R/2/969/246  1937

File 1937. P-(G)-G/37 Railways: Retrocession to Akalkot State of Sovereignty without jurisdiction over lands ceded by it in full Sovereignty for Railway purposes.  IOR/R/2/969/247  1937

File 1937. P(G)-16/37 Opium Agreement of 1897 with the Bhor Darbar -- Claim to refund of 20% of opium duty.  IOR/R/2/969/248  1937

File 1937. G-37/37 Additions and alterations to the Residency and other buildings in the Kolhapur Residency.  IOR/R/2/969/249  1937

File 1938 G-115/38 Kolhapur Residency and Deccan States Agency. Grant for furniture in the Secretary's Bungalow at Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/969/250  1938

File 1938. G-90/38 Memorials: Claim by the Kolhapur Darbar to the retrocession to them of the Malwan Harbour.  IOR/R/2/970/251  1938

File 1939 G-38/39 Residency Post Office Building - Treatment of Immoveable property under the new Constitution.  IOR/R/2/970/252  1939

File 1939. P-112/39 War: Assurances by Ruling Princes of the Indian States to render assistance to the British Government in the event of war in Europe.  IOR/R/2/970/253  1939

File 1939. P-145/39 Amalgamation of Administration of certain States in in the Deccan States Agency to avoid duplication of administrative expenditure in the appointment of separate Taluka staff and establishment. Preparation of a map showing the States in Kolhapur Residency and the Deccan States Agency.  IOR/R/2/970/254  1939

File 1939. P-21/39 Indian Soldiers' Board.  IOR/R/2/970/255  1939

File 1938. P-109/38 Feudatory Jaghirdars: Jaghirdar of Vishalgad. Representation from the Jaghirdar of Vishalgad against the order of His Highness the Maharaja of Kolhapur in the matter of the period of limitation for the feudatories of Kolhapur to appeal against the orders of the Darbar; rules under Kolhapur State Notification 1 of 31.5.1930; discussion regarding Rule 8 of.  IOR/R/2/970/256  1938

File 1938. P-122/38 Feudatory Jaghirdars. Question regarding the management of the estates of the minors in the Feudatory Jaghirs of the Kolhapur State; the right of the Jaghirdar of Kapshi regarding.  IOR/R/2/970/257  1938

File 1942. P-80/42 Tribute paid by the Kurundwad (Junior) Darbar to the British Government.  IOR/R/2/970/258  1942

File 1943. P-4/43 Memorial dated 22-12-42 from Meherban Hindurao Pirajirao Ghatge and Meherban Yeshwantrao Pirajirao Ghatge of Kagal (Senior), in the matter of the ownership of the Kolhapur Electric Supply Co., Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/970/259  1943

File 1944. P-119/44 Opium Agreements.  IOR/R/2/970/260  1944

File 1945. P-178/45 Instructions regarding policy in the grant of Missing Leases.  IOR/R/2/970/261  1945

File 1904. 469 Sangli: Discontinuance of the Allowance granted in 1848 by the --- State to Vinaykrao alias Bhau Saheb and his descendants to compensate them for exclusion from the succession to the Gadi of that State.  IOR/R/2/970/262  1904

File 1906. 1617 Amount spent by the Kolhapur Darbar on the Residency buildings, Establishment, furniture etc.  IOR/R/2/971/263  1906

File 1914 2056 Inams Jaghirs:- Savantwadi:- Tenure of the 25 villages held by the Desai of Parma in the ----- State, the Claims of the Desai to the Forest & Abkari rights in his villages.  IOR/R/2/971/264  1914

File 1915 604 Native Chiefs. Daflapur:- Claim of Lieut Balasaheb to the revision of the Daflapur Estate.  IOR/R/2/971/265  1915

File 1915 764 Roads:- Southern Maratha Country: Proposed construction of a metalled road from Kundal Road Station to Valva in the Satara District.  IOR/R/2/971/266  1915

File 1915 1214 Railways: Barsi Light Railway Proposal made by the Chief of Jath with regard to the alignment of the proposed extension of the Barsi Light Railways.  IOR/R/2/971/267  1915

File 1915 1951 Lands: Akalkot: Sanction to the -- Grant of cultivable waste lands as Kadim Inam in exchange for the Nira Right Bank Canal at Pilio the Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/971/268  1915

File 1914 569 Sawantwadi: Sanction to the Purchase of landed property near Belgaum for the Sar Desai of --- of Rs. 22,500 from the general revenue of the State.  IOR/R/2/971/269  1914

File 1916 754 Investiture: Akalkot: Investiture of the Raja Saheb of --- with full powers.  IOR/R/2/971/270  1916

File 1923 1350 Patilki Watan Register. Lat, Ichalkaranji. Memorial from Meherban Harayanrao Babasaheb Ghorpade, Jaghirdar of Ichalkaranji, (against the advice tendered by the Resident at Kolhapur, and Political Agent, Southern Maratha Country States) in a revenue matter decided by the Jaghirdar.  IOR/R/2/971/271  1923

File 1916 1859 Kadim Inams:- Bhor: Lapse to the ----- State of the Mokasa Amal in the alienated village of Bhavekhal in the ---- State on certain conditions.  IOR/R/2/971/272  1916

File 1916 1864 Inams:- Ramdurg: Reversion to the --- State of the Deshpande Inam land situated in the village of Panchgaon in the State subject to certain conditions.  IOR/R/2/971/273  1916

File 1917 195 Memorials: Aundh: Memorial from Gopalkrishnarao Parashramrao, Ex-Chief of Aundh, praying that orders by which he was deprived of his powers as the Chief of Aundh may be reconsidered, negatived.  IOR/R/2/971/274  1917

File 1917 381 Successions: Phaltan: Succession of Kumar Shri Malojirao alias Rana Saheb the adopted son of the late Meherban Mudhojirao Janrao alias Bapu Saheb Naik Nimbalkar to the Phaltan State.  IOR/R/2/971/275  1917

File 1917 623 Territorial changes: Jath: Transfer of the Daflapur estate to the Chief of ----.  IOR/R/2/971/276  1917

File 1917 637 Inams & Jahagirdars: Kolhapur: (Proposal to the Kolhapur Darbar to introduce into the feudatory Jahagirs a) Circular on the subject of the right of service on the part of the holders of service Inams.  IOR/R/2/971/277  1917

File 1917 888 Inams and Jahagirs, Miraj (Senior): Orders that the Chief of ---- can not levy Nazarana on succession to Kadim Inams in the State.  IOR/R/2/971/278  1917

File 1917 11 Powers: Aundh: Agitation in certain Newspapers for the restoration to the Chief-ship of the --- State of Nana Saheb, who was deprived of his powers in 1907.  IOR/R/2/971/279  1917

File 1917 1893 Investiture: Phaltan: (Question as to the validity of the adoption by the Chief of ---- of Malojirao the present Chief and to the claim of others to succeed to the Gadi). Investiture of Kumar Shri Malojirao alias Manasaheb, Chief of ---- with full ruling powers of his State.  IOR/R/2/971/280  1917

File 1918 973 Lands: Jamkhandi: Acquisition of certain Kadim ---- by the Jamkhandi State for some public purposes.  IOR/R/2/971/281  1917

File 1920 1025 Alienations: Kolhapur: Alienation in perpetuity of the village of Pul in the Kolhapur State by His Highness to his nephew Meherban Jayasingrao Pirajirao Ghatge  IOR/R/2/972/282  1920

File 1920 1154 Lands:- Ramdurg:- Transfer of --- (regarding for the temporary diversion on the Bijapur Branch of the Madasand Southern Maratha Railways) by the --- State to the Railway Company.  IOR/R/2/972/283  1920

File 1921 1210 Buildings: Kolhapur: Construction of a new Treasury building at the Kolhapur Residency.  IOR/R/2/972/284  1921

File 1921 2038 Lands: Claim of the Jamkhandi State to certain land in the village of Bazrik Taralghat as forming the village site of its village Nelgud.  IOR/R/2/972/285  1921

File 1922 1025 Petitions: Daflapur: Petition from Sakharam bin Vyankatrao Chavan Patil Dafle Deshmukh of --- in the matter of his claim to succeed to the six village as heir to the late Rani Saheb.  IOR/R/2/972/286  1922

File 1923 1528 Inam Villages: Akalkot: Restoration --- of --- to --- State.  IOR/R/2/972/287  1923

File 1923 1917 Land-Grant: Savantwadi - Continuance of freehold thikans granted to late Shrimati Manuraja Saheb Shitole to her adopted son.  IOR/R/2/972/288  1923

File 1925 3206 Immovable property: Raja Saheb of Mudhol: Purchase of --- by --- in Goa territory.  IOR/R/2/972/289  1925

File 1924 2624 Inamdars or Dumaldars: Mudhol: Position of --- in the State and their relation with the Raja.  IOR/R/2/972/290  1924

File 1925 3510 Land: Miraj: Acquisition of --- at --- for Railway.  IOR/R/2/972/291  1925

File 1926 4296 Successi on: Kagal Senior: Meherban Jayasingrao Abasaheb and arrangements for administration during minority.  IOR/R/2/972/292  1926

File 1928 5579 Claims: Abdul Karim walad Sabdar Khan, to certain villages in the Savanur State.  IOR/R/2/972/293  1928

File 1929 6167 Nazarana: Jamkhandi: Claim of the Chief of --- for refund of --- levied by Government on the adoption of his late father.  IOR/R/2/972/294  1929

File 1930 7415 Immovable property: Aundh: Purchase of "South View" Bungalow at Mahabaleshwar by the Chief of ---  IOR/R/2/972/295  1930

File 1930 7829 Immovable property: His Highness the Sar Desai of Sawantwadi: Acquisition of --- by --- at Panchagani.  IOR/R/2/972/296  1930

File 1931 8264 Immovable property: Chief of Phaltan: Transfer of the residential property at Poona belonging to the ---  IOR/R/2/972/297  1931

File 1931 8375 Kadim Inam: Vishalgad Jahagir: Application from Shankar Narayan Deshpande in the matter of his lands in ---  IOR/R/2/972/298  1931

File 1931 8551 Land: Savanur --- Transfer of Jurisdiction over certain land in Hersur in Dharwar District to --- State.  IOR/R/2/972/299  1931

File 1932 9336 Babti Amal: Jath State: Payment of --- by the --- to the Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/972/300  1932

File 1930-31 6715-I Dispute: Ambewadi in Kurundwad (Senior) State. Between Brahmin Inamdars of --- and the Maratha Ryots.  IOR/R/2/972/301  1930-1931

File 1930-31 6715-II Dispute: Ambewadi in Kurundwad Senior State. Between Brahmin Inamdars of --- and the Maratha Ryots.  IOR/R/2/973/302  1930-1931

File 1926-28 4008 Dispute: Jath State and Umrani Saranjamdar (regarding alleged encroachment on land belonging to Buwajirao Parashramrao Dafle, Saranjamdar of Umrani).  IOR/R/2/973/303  1926-1928

File 1923-29 1930 Patilki Vatan: Daflapur Estate: Transfer of --- to the name of Chief of Jath State.  IOR/R/2/973/304  1923-1929

File 1927-30 1363-II Navalgund Deshgat Lands: Ramdurg State: Claim of Chief of --- to ---  IOR/R/2/973/305  1927-1930

File 1923-26 1363-I Navalgund Deshgat Lands: Ramdurg State: Claim of Chief of --- to ---  IOR/R/2/973/306  1923-1926

File 1932-33 9266 Immovable property: Sangli: Acquisition of residential property at Mahableshwar by Her Highness the Rani Saheb of ---  IOR/R/2/973/307  1932-1933

File 1922-30 694-III Railway: Narsi Light Railway. Pandharpur Lonand extension of --- 1922  IOR/R/2/973/308  1930

File 1924-25 467-IV Saranjam: Umrani (Jath). Memorial from B.P. Dafle, Deshmukh, Saranjamdar of --- regarding his claim to Sandal wood trees in Umrani village.  IOR/R/2/973/309  1924-1925

File 1923-27 694-IV Railway: (Niraj): Barsi Light Railway: Cession of Jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/973/310  1923-1927

File 1925-27-29 694-II Railway: Barsi Light Railway: Panaharpur-Niraj extension.  IOR/R/2/974/311  1925-1929

File 1922-24-25 694-I Railway: Pandharpur-Miraj Extension: Revised estimates of ---.  IOR/R/2/974/312  1922-1925

File 1922-23 727 Succession: Daphlapur--Petition from Chavan Sakharam bin Vyankatrao alias Parashram, Patil, Daphle Deshmukh of --- regarding his claim to --.  IOR/R/2/974/313  1922-1923

File 1922-23 225 Sangli - Miraj Road: Liability of Miraj (Junior) State for its contribution towards the upkeep of ---.  IOR/R/2/974/314  1922-1923

File 1927-32 5186 Sovereign Right: Mimmat Bahadur, Kolhapur. Claim of --- to intestate property in his Jaghir as a ---.  IOR/R/2/974/315  1927-1932

File 1928-29 5993 Sahotra Allowance: Bhor State: Claim of -- to -- in the dominion of His Exalted Highness the Nizam.  IOR/R/2/974/316  1928-1929

File 1927-26 5327 Land: Akalkot: Land required by the G.I.P. Railway for Boroti water supply in --- State.  IOR/R/2/974/317  1927-1928

File 1925-28 3050 Claim: Mudhol Darbar: Recognition of --- of --- over certain land in Bhorpade Peth, Poona. Memorial from the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/974/318  1925-1928

File 1932-33 6669-IV Jurisdiction: Memorial from the Chief of Miraj Senior in the tter of right to exercise civil and criminal --- over the estate known as "Miraj Mala  IOR/R/2/975/319  1932-1933

File 1929-30 6286 Claims: Sangli Darbar's claim to stamp duty and registration fees in respect of lands leased out to Jank Storage Company by the M.S.S.M. Railway.  IOR/R/2/975/320  1929-1930

File 1928-29 5484 Jurisdiction: Anantpur and Nimboni villages: Restoration of --- over --- to the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/975/321  1928-1929

File 1928-30 6019 Judi: Lands in villages of Sanagal, Kittur and Connagar in Randurg State. Memorial from the Chief of Ramdurg requesting cancellation of levy of settlement --- on certain ---.  IOR/R/2/975/322  1928-1930

File 1928-29 5956 Patilki Watan Lands: Tarihal in Yellur Taluka of Kurundwad (Junior) State. Request of the Chief of Kurundwad Junior for the restoration of the ---- (or as an alternative the payment to him of the Scale and Nim Judi levied from the lands since the introduction of the Survey Settlement in the State in 1897-98.)  IOR/R/2/975/323  1928-1929

File 1927-28 Memorial from the Raja of Mudhol for enhancement of the powers and status of his State.  IOR/R/2/975/324  1927-1928

File 1931-32 No. IV Vol. III Kulkarni, K.D. of Rui. His petition in the matter of restoration to him of his property in Kagal Jahagir confiscated by the late Jahagirdar.  IOR/R/2/975/325  1931-1932

File 1880 Kolhapur Cemetery at Malwan --- Consent of the Darbar to enclose the --- with a wall.  IOR/R/2/975/326  1880

File 1874 Kolhapur Death of Rani Tara Bai Saheb, elder widow of His Highness Rajaram Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/975/327  1874

File 1846 Death of Bhagirathi Bai Dafle.  IOR/R/2/975/328  1846

File 1871 Complaint lodged by the Darakdars against the Chief for having attached their Huks and landed Property.  IOR/R/2/975/329  1871

File 1861 Kolhapur - Feudatory Kapshi Yeshwantrao Bhau Saheb Ghorpade -- Complaining against the assignment of Rs. 725/- for his maintenance and applying for the partition of the Estate.  IOR/R/2/975/330  1861

File 1872 Kolhapur: Feudatory Kapshi Yashwada Bai Saheb Ghorpade --- Complaint of --- against the Chief of Kapshi, Santajirao Saheb Ghorpade.  IOR/R/2/975/331  1872

File 1891 Sangli Laxman Hari Lagu --- Tainat case of ---.  IOR/R/2/975/332  1891

File 1934 Kolhapur: Feudatory Bavda Jaghir. Inams in the Bavada Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/975/333  1934

File 1886 Miraj Junior: Payment to the Miraj Junior State of Rs. 600/- on account of its right to levy Jakat in the Town of Sangli --- Claim of the Sangli State to discontinue the ---.  IOR/R/2/975/334  1886

File 1931 Sangli Acquisition of certain property by His Highness the Chief of Sangli at Kelawali in the Ratnagiri District.  IOR/R/2/976/335  1931

File 1889 Sangli Bhaskar Hari Patwardhan --- Restoration of the village of Kharsing to  IOR/R/2/976/336  1889

File 1861 Kolhapur: Feudatory Ichalkaranji. Keshivrao Sadashivrao Bapat; Chinto Keshav Bapat - Claim of --- in the village of Chapowday and Chitale in the Azra Taluka of the Ichalkaranji. State.  IOR/R/2/976/337  1861

File 1868 Kolhapur: Peudatory Ichalkaranji. Application of the provision of the summary settlement Act to the village of Mahpun held in Inam by the Ichalkaranji Chief.  IOR/R/2/976/338  1868

File 1842 Jath Claim of Parashram Jagtap to the village of Shedial.  IOR/R/2/976/339  1842

File 1930 Sangli: Purchase of certain immoveable property in the Nasik District by His Highness the Chief of Sangli.  IOR/R/2/976/340  1930

File 1835 Jath Death of Raumrao Dafle, Jaghirdar of Jath.  IOR/R/2/976/341  1835

File 1848 Ramdurg: Village of Muddenur in the Ramdurg State --- Claim of Keshavrao Saheb to the --- etc.  IOR/R/2/976/342  1848

File 1878 Kolhapur: Feudatory Sarlashkar Bahadur. Succession by adoption to the estate of Gopalrao Saheb.  IOR/R/2/976/343  1878

File 1870 Kolhapur: Feudatory Kapshi. Complaint against the Chief of Kapshi and State officials.  IOR/R/2/976/344  1870

File 1886 Ramdurg: Claim of the Ramdurg State to enjoy free Chowthai and Nazarana Navalgund Deshgat lands.  IOR/R/2/976/345  1886

File 1842 Sangli Sayad Allisaheb walad Sayad Aboo bakar Pirjade -- Claim of --- to the restoration of the whole villages of Loni and Lochan.  IOR/R/2/976/346  1842

File 1878 Jath Memorial from the Chief of Jath to His Excellency the Governor or Bombay.  IOR/R/2/976/347  1878

File 1904 Jath Report regarding the share of Dumaldars and Nukkadars.  IOR/R/2/976/348  1904

File 1891 Sangli Shankar Ganesh Fadnis of Terdal --- Claim of --- regarding Kadim Tainat enjoyed by his family.  IOR/R/2/976/349  1891

File 1853 Jath Investiture of the Chief of Jath with the management of his estate.  IOR/R/2/976/350  1853

File 1889 Sangli Gopal Babaji Maik Jasud of Sangli -- Claim of --- to Continuance of his full Beheda Tainat of Rs. 150/-.  IOR/R/2/976/351  1889

File 1889 Trimbak Hari Patwardhan --- Tainat case of ..  IOR/R/2/976/352  1889

File 1879 Jath Resumption of Shet Sanadis holdings.  IOR/R/2/976/353  1879

File 1903 Jath Correspondence regarding inquiry in the Khavaskhani Vatan Lands in the possession of Balawant Ramchandra Gumasta Khavaskhan of the Jath State and cash allowance payable to him.  IOR/R/2/976/354  1903

File 1878 Miraj Senior Hucks in Lingaur.  IOR/R/2/976/355  1878

File 1882 Miraj Senior. Alienation by the holder of Inam (not for service) for the interest of himself and his successors therein can not legally take place with concurrence of the Chief.  IOR/R/2/976/356  1882

File 1827 Miraj Senior Madhavrao Saheb -- Request of --- for a Sanad for which Saranjam and Settlement of his affairs.  IOR/R/2/976/357  1827

File 1827 Miraj Senior: Madhavrao Gangadharrao Patwardhan --- Claim of --- to the Fort of Miraj.  IOR/R/2/976/358  1827

File 1858 Miraj Senior Balwantrao Annasaheb Patwardhan of --- Soliciting the interference of the Political Department in removing certain sum of money from his family.  IOR/R/2/976/359  1858

File 1890 Kolhapur: Feudatory Kapshi. Payment of certain Huks and Babs due to the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/977/360  1890

File 1829 Miraj Junior Mortgage by Sardar Khanderao alias Bapusaheb Vinchurkar of Poona of his immoveable property in British India to the Chief of Miraj Junior.  IOR/R/2/977/361  1829

File 1895 Bhor Land surrendered to the British Government by the Chief of Bhor.  IOR/R/2/977/362  1895

File 1849 Kolhapur. Nazarana: Information re: Nazarana livied in the British Districts.  IOR/R/2/977/363  1849

File 1897 Kolhapur Kolhapur: Himmat Bahadur: Claim of the Himmat Bahadur to conduct the succession enquiry of Givindrao Chavan.  IOR/R/2/977/364  1897

File 1874-81 Kolhapur: Feudatory Ichalkaranji. Investiture of Givindrao Abasaheb with the administration of his Estate.  IOR/R/2/977/365  1874-1881

File 1891 Kolhapur: Kapshi. (Feudatory). Claims of Kapshi against Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/978/366  1891

File 1884 Kolhapur: Advices of the Political Agent to the Regent in Council in various matters.  IOR/R/2/978/367  1884

File 1854 Kolhapur: Ichalkaranji. Death of Venkatraosaheb. Government orders Re: the resumption of the Ichalkaranji estate.  IOR/R/2/978/368  1854

File 1851 Kolhapur: Kannyagat Putti, Levy of ---.  IOR/R/2/978/369  1851

File 1853-55 Kolhapur Commutation payable by the Kolhapur Government towards the expense of maintaining the Southern Maratha Horse --- payment of.  IOR/R/2/978/370  1853-1855

File 1851 Kolhapur. Company's currency. Proposal for introducing the --- in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/978/371  1851

File 1851 Kolhapur. Southern Maratha Irregular Horse. Amount payable by the Kolhapur State on account of a detachment of the --- serving at Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/978/372  1851

File 1841-1885 Sangli Police duties of Gotihal etc. appointment of a Karkun to perform ---  IOR/R/2/978/373  1841-1885

File 1924 Miraj Junior. Purchase of certain immoveable property in Mahabaleshwar by the Chief of Miraj Junior.  IOR/R/2/978/374  1924

File 1852-61 Kolhapur: Feudatory Vishalgad. Payment to the --- on account of the six villages attached to the fort of Prachitgad Satara District.  IOR/R/2/978/375  1852-1861

File 1921 Sangli Refund of income-tax levied on the cash payment made by the British Government in the Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/978/376  1921

File 1830 Ramdurg. Adoption by Radhabaisaheb.  IOR/R/2/978/377  1830

File 1848 Ramdurg Chief's Claim to the village of Muddenur in the Ramdurg State.  IOR/R/2/978/378  1843

File 1861 Kolhapur: Peudatory Bavada. Moreshwar Babasaheb --- Chief of Bavada. Investiture of --- with the management of his Estate.  IOR/R/2/978/379  1861

File 1909 Kolhapur: Kapshi Seat of the Jaghirdar Kapshi in the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/978/380  1909

File 1863 Kolhapur Forts & Strong holds in the Kolhapur State --- Dismantling the.  IOR/R/2/978/381  1863

File 1863 Kolhapur Khoti tenure in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/978/382  1863

File 1863 Kolhapur. Charges on account of troops stationed at Kolhapur, since 1856-57.  IOR/R/2/978/383  1863

File 1884 Kolhapur. Memorandum of inspection recorded by Colonel Reeves.  IOR/R/2/978/384  1884

File 1912 Sangli. Moiety of the Revenue of the village of Dudhgaon.  IOR/R/2/978/385  1912

File 1914 Sangli. Resumption of certain service Inam land at Kaltippi.  IOR/R/2/978/386  1914

File 1920 Sangli. Purchase by the Chief of - Property at Mahabaleshwar known as "Green Wood".  IOR/R/2/978/387  1920

File 1883 Sangli. Land in dispute between Miraj and Mhysal.  IOR/R/2/978/388  1883

File 1886 Sangli. Alienation of a sub-inam in Mhysal.  IOR/R/2/978/389  1886

File 1841 Gajendragad. Disaffection of the Gajendraged Chief towards the British Government.  IOR/R/2/979/390  1841

File 1851 Kolhapur: Ichalkaranji. Ambolee and Gela - Claims of the Chief of Ichalkaranji to jurisdiction etc. in the villages of - and Claim of the Sawantwadi State to Tankhas in certain villages of the Azra Taluka.  IOR/R/2/979/391  1851

File 1835-1845 Kolhapur: Ichalkaranji. Claim of the Ichalkaranji State to independence from the jurisdiction of the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/979/392  1835-1845

File 1861-68 Miraj Senior. Gangadharrao Balasaheb. Death of and subsequent arrangements for the management of the estate during Minority.  IOR/R/2/979/393  1861-1868

File 1859-60 Miraj Senior. Gangadharrao Balasaheb permitted to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/979/394  1859-1860

File 1849 Kolhapur: Vishalgad. Proposal for the introduction of the Company's currency in the Vishalgad Jaghir.  IOR/R/2/979/395  1849

File 1850 Kolhapur Vishalgad. Anandrao Bapuji Cambheerrao - Claim to the village of Wadgaon in the Vishalgad State.  IOR/R/2/979/396  1850

File 1854 Kolhapur. Ancient Records relating to the Revenue management of Malwan etc., called for by the Collector of Ratnagiri.  IOR/R/2/979/397  1854

File 1890 Sangli. Reversion of share of one of the Bhaubands to the Mhysal Saranjam Claims Re: This.  IOR/R/2/979/398  1890

File 1889 Sangli. Compensation paid to the Sangli State for the absence of Mhysal Sowars.  IOR/R/2/979/399  1889

File 1823 Kolhapur. Territory transferred to the Kolhapur State on account of Sawantwadi. Dispute re: Sawantwadi & Ichalkaranji villages.  IOR/R/2/979/400  1823

File 1885 Miraj Senior. Installations of the Miraj (Sr.,) Chief.  IOR/R/2/979/401  1885

File 1859 Miraj Senior. Forts in the States of Sangli and Miraj Dismantling of the.  IOR/R/2/979/402  1859

File 1823 Kolhapur. Release of six villages in the Manoli Taluka.  IOR/R/2/979/403  1823

File 1823 Kolhapur. Interference of the British Government in the affairs of Kolhapur. Limit of the  IOR/R/2/979/404  1823

File 1812 Kolhapur. Agreement concluded between the Raja of Kolhapur and British Government.  IOR/R/2/979/405  1812

File 1907 Kolhapur: Sarlashkar Bahadur: Feudatory. Payment of certain Huks and Babs by the village officers direct to the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/979/406  1907

File 1845-1846 Sangli. Yelvatti and Hollapur - restoration of Chintamanrao Appasaheb as work of appreciation for his assistance to Government in connection with disturbances in Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/980/407  1845-1846

File 1880 Kolhapur. Bavada: Feudatory. Investiture of Madhavraosaheb with the management of his estate.  IOR/R/2/980/408  1880

File 1899 Kolhapur. Ichalkaranji. Request of the Ichalkaranji Chief to permit him to adopt a son to succeed him.  IOR/R/2/980/409  1899

File 1871-72 Miraj Senior. Investiture of Ganapatrao Tatyasaheb with the Administration of the Estate.  IOR/R/2/980/410  1871-1872

File 1889 Kolhapur. Bavada. Grant to the Bavada Chief and his Agents of certain powers under the land Revenue Code in respect of his Inam village of Trimbak.  IOR/R/2/980/411  1889

File 1881-82 Gajendragad Succession to the Estate of Gajendragad.  IOR/R/2/980/412  1881-1882

File 1869-70 Kolhapur: Bavada. Khoti of Kumnhavli in the Bavada State. Claim of Shridhar Pandurang Thakur to the same disallowed and the Khoti abolished for the benefit of the State.  IOR/R/2/980/413  1869-1870

File 1848-1856 Kolhapur: Kagal Senior. Feudatory. Request of Ramabaisaheb of Walwa for permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/980/414  1848-1856

File 1838 Kolhapur: Kagal Senior. Dissensions between Ramabai and Sundrabai Saheb of Kagal Senior.  IOR/R/2/980/415  1838

File 1825 Kolhapur: Kagal Senior. Resumption of Kagal by the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/980/416  1825

File 1857 Kolhapur. Torgal: Feudatory. Village of Coodpuri granted as a dowry by Ahilya Bai Saheb of Torgal to her daughter on her marriage with Chief of Mudhol - correspondence regarding its management, continuance to the Mudhol Family etc.  IOR/R/2/980/417  1857

File 1894 Kolhapur. Kagal Junior. Feudatory. Installation of the Chief of Kagal Junior.  IOR/R/2/980/418  1894

File 1847-55 Kolhapur. Bavada. Feudatory. Dutarfa villages in the Ratnagiri Collectorate - Commutation of the Bavada Chief's rights in the.  IOR/R/2/980/419  1847-1855

File 1872-74 Sangli. Complaint to Government of - against order of banishment from Sangli. Ruling of Government as to banishment from a Native State.  IOR/R/2/980/420  1872-1874

File 1857 Ramdurg. Death of Radhabai Saheb of - and consequent investiture of Ramrao Saheb, her adopted son, with the administration of the Estate.  IOR/R/2/980/421  1857

File 1855 Sangli. Resumption proposed by the Inam Commission of certain items of revenue reserved by the Peshwa's Government but underestimated by Chintamanrao in ceding Hoobli to British Government in commutation of Horse Service declined by Government.  IOR/R/2/980/422  1855

File 1908-10 Sangli. Tour of the Chief of Sangli through India and his Installation.  IOR/R/2/980/423  1908-1910

File 1903 Kurundwad Junior. Settlement of Dispute between Meherban Dajisaheb and Bapusaheb in connection with the conduct of business of the State.  IOR/R/2/981/424  1903

File 1827 Kolhapur. Petition from Watandars for the restoration of property taken unjustly by the Raja -  IOR/R/2/981/425  1827

File 1860-61 (Jamkhandi) Vinayak Vishnu Yadwadkar Patwardhan of Asangi praying for payment in full of the Tainat of rupees 3,000 granted to his family.  IOR/R/2/981/426  1860-1861

File 1926-1930 Bhor. Acquisition of lands for Nira - Right Bank Canal in Bhor State.  IOR/R/2/981/427  1926-1930

File 1927-32 Bhor. Land Acquired for Lake Whiting.  IOR/R/2/981/428  1927-1932

File 1862-1863 Miraj Junior. Saranjam land in the village of Rahimatpur in the Satara District exempted from levy of Assessment.  IOR/R/2/981/429  1862-1863

File 1858 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Feudatory. Vishalgad State:- Allowances of certain persons payable from the villages below the Chats - Correspondence regarding.  IOR/R/2/981/430  1858

File 1862 Sangli. Kadim Inams situated in Treaty Jahagirs. Offers of Summary Settlement for to be made through Political Agent. Bapu Saheb Shahapurkar's Inam land in the Inam village of Mootge.  IOR/R/2/981/431  1862

File 1862-63 Sangli. Treaties compilations: Correspondence about ommission from the - of Treaty with the Sangli Chief.  IOR/R/2/981/432  1862-1863

File 1862-64 Sangli. Survey of the Shirhatti Mahal - made and that of the other Districts also contemplated.  IOR/R/2/981/433  1862-1864

File 1868 Sangli. Revenue Survey Settlement of the Mangalwedha Taluka.  IOR/R/2/981/434  1868

File 1905 Miraj Junior. Tour of the Chief through India and his Installation to Gadi.  IOR/R/2/981/435  1905

File 1883-87 Poona Political Department. Forest. Correspondence.  IOR/R/2/981/436  1883-1887

File 1822 Shedbal. Shedbalkar. Assignment to be granted to - in lieu of his Mokas in the Nizam's District. Allotment of lands to the value of Rs.500/- from the village of Siddapur and a garden at Poona.  IOR/R/2/982/437  1822

File 1909. Kurundwad Junior. Dispute between Meherban Bhau Saheb and Dajisaheb chiefs of Kurundwad Junior in connection with the vacating of Maisaheb's Wada at Kurundwad.  IOR/R/2/982/438  1909

File 1841 Kolhapur. Exchange of territory between the Kolhapur State and the British Government - Proposal for the -  IOR/R/2/982/439  1841

File 1846-47 Kolhapur. Debts of the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/982/440  1846-1847

File 1874 Sangli State. Memorial from the Chief of Sangli to Government making allegations against the Political Agent.  IOR/R/2/982/441  1874

File 1920-22 Sangli State. Patwardhan Vithalrao Chintamanrao - Continuance to him of the cash allowance of Rupees 21,000/- granted to his Ancestor Vinayakrao alias Bhausaheb.  IOR/R/2/982/442  1920-1922

File 1927 Kurundwad Junior State. Dispute between the two Chiefs of Kurundwad (Junior regarding ownership of the Ganji site at Kurundwad.  IOR/R/2/982/443  1927

File 1851-1856 Akalkot State. Correspondence regarding the boundary disputes between Nagansur and Manoor for the years 1851-1856  IOR/R/2/982/444  1851-1856

File 1925-26 Kurundwad Junior. Reversion of Kadim Grant to Kurundwad Junior State.  IOR/R/2/982/445  1925-1926

File 1900 Remdurg State. Installation of the Chief of Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/982/446  1900

File 1855-1862 Kolhapur State. Death of Jayasingrao alias Hindurao Babasaheb, Chief of Kagal. Adoption by Parvatibaisaheb of Sakharamrao Saheb on payment of Nazar etc., to the Kolhapur State. Arrangements for the management of the Estate.  IOR/R/2/982/447  1855-1862

File 1916-1920 Miraj Senior. Levy of Nazarana by the Miraj Senior State on the succession of Kadim Inams.  IOR/R/2/982/448  1916-1920

File 1918 Sawantwadi. Correspondence regarding boundary line between Bhekurle and Mirvel, Villages.  IOR/R/2/982/449  1918

File 1832 Mudhol. Demand of Gunwantabai Saheb Widow of Maharao Ghorpade of Machaknur, for the assignment of villages in lieu of the allowance enjoyed by Maharao.  IOR/R/2/982/450  1832

File 1897 Phaltan. Railways, S.M.Railway Company - Land in the Phaltan State required by the -  IOR/R/2/982/451  1897

File 1902 Miraj Junior. Continuance of the Inam village of Tanu in the Indapur Taluka in the name of the present Chief.  IOR/R/2/982/452  1902

File 1918-24 Sawantwadi. Inams. Sawantwadi. Continuance of the Nemnuk of Sadoba Sabaji Subhedar to his son Jairam for the term of his life.  IOR/R/2/982/453  1918-1924

File 1892 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Feudatory. Question as to whether the annual Allowances payable to the State from the Ratnagiri Collectorate is liable to Income-Tax.  IOR/R/2/983/454  1892

File 1914 Wadi Estate. Death of Nana Saheb Patwardhan Chief of Wadi.  IOR/R/2/983/455  1914

File 1825 Miraj Senior. Surrender of Miraj Fort by Madhavrao Saheb of Miraj. Adjustment of arrears of pay of the Garrison of Miraj Fort.  IOR/R/2/983/456  1825

File 1825 Miraj Senior. Mr. Chaplin's letter forwarding copy of Sanad granted to Ganapatrao Narayan Patwardhan for the Fort of Miraj.  IOR/R/2/983/457  1825

File 1915 S.M.C. States. Question whether Kadim Inam Lands in the S.M.C. States can be acquired under the Land Acquisition Act without reference to Government.  IOR/R/2/983/458  1915

File 1912 Wadi Estate. Additional Powers to Saranjamdar of Wadi and Introduction of certain Acts into the Wadi Estate.  IOR/R/2/983/459  1912

File 1830 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Cash Payments to Vishalgad State.  IOR/R/2/983/460  1830

File 1846 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Civil Jurisdiction to be conducted by the Nayadish of Kolhapur in respect of Ek-Turfa villages of the Vishalgad State.  IOR/R/2/983/461  1846

File 1847 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Restoration of the Mahajanko Watan and the village of Talavade to the Waicul Family in Vishalgad State.  IOR/R/2/983/462  1847

File 1836 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Claim of the Chief of Vishalgad on the Thana of etc., and to certain other allowances in the Satara Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/983/463  1836

File 1845 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Claim of Vithal Appaji Sabnis to Family Watan.  IOR/R/2/983/464  1845

File 1908. Sangli. Sheri lands at Kasba Digraj and Karnal.  IOR/R/2/983/465  1908

File 1825 Gajendraged. Kamaljabai Bhosle of - Death of - & allowance to Mainabai.  IOR/R/2/983/466  1825

File 1825 Kolhapur. Aggressions of His Highness the Raja upon the possessions of the Nipanikar.  IOR/R/2/983/467  1825

File 1826 Kolhapur State. Treaty with His Highness the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/983/468  1826

File 1847 Kolhapur State. Grants made or Resumptions ordered during the Regency of Diwan Saheb.  IOR/R/2/983/469  1847

File 1854 Kolhapur State. Political relations of Kolhapur with the British Government - Narrative of -  IOR/R/2/983/470  1854

File 1845 Kolhapur. Bavada Jaghir. Feudatory. Death of Raghunathrao Govind, Chief of Bavada and Adoption of an heir permitted by Government on certain conditions. Adoption of Ramrao Saheb by Janakee Bayee Saheb, Widow of Raghunathrao. Receipts of the Sansthan from the Ekturfa and Duturfa possessions below the Ghats.  IOR/R/2/983/471  1845

File 1881 Jamkhandi. Claim to the village of Kop. Complaint against levy of certain cesses.  IOR/R/2/983/472  1881

File 1825 Jamkhandi. Jamkhandikar. Gopalrao Saheb Patwardhan Claim of - for the Sar Deshkat Bab of Mouje Kundgol.  IOR/R/2/983/473  1825

File 1826 Jamkhandi. Jamkhandikar. Gopalrao Saheb - Permission granted to - for adopting a son Government guarantee for continuing the Saranjam to the adopted son.  IOR/R/2/983/474  1826

File 1855 Jamkhandi. Sanad granted to the Chief of Jamkhandi - Copy of - required by Government.  IOR/R/2/983/475  1855

File 1857 Jamkhandi. Continuance to the Chief Ramchandrarao Appasaheb for life of the Deshgat Watan of the Jamkhandi Pargana.  IOR/R/2/983/476  1857

File 1881 Savanur State. Report of Mr. E.P. Robertson on the Inam in Savanur State.  IOR/R/2/983/477  1881

File 1858 Jamkhandi. Jamkhandi Chief - Suspected complicity of the - and the Raja of Sorapur in treasonable designs against the British Govt.  IOR/R/2/984/478  1858

File 1835 Jahagirs (Bombay Presidency). Levy of Nazzarana on succession to Estates etc.  IOR/R/2/984/479  1835

File 1886 Sevanur State. Savanur 1886-88. G.R. on the succession to the Savanur State.  IOR/R/2/984/480  1886

File 1912 Savanur State. Investiture of the Nawab of Savanur.  IOR/R/2/984/481  1912

File 1892 Savanur State. G.Rs. with correspondence the death of Abdul Tabrezkhan Delerjang Bahadur and succession of Abdul Mazid to Savanur Gadi.  IOR/R/2/984/482  1892

File 1886 Savanur State. Savanur Succession 1886-88. Mr. Middleton's Memorandum on the dispute about the succession to the Gadi of Savanur.  IOR/R/2/984/483  1886

File 1887 Kolhapur. Ichalkaranji. Feudatory. Question as to whether jurisdiction in the Inam village of Khed in the Ichalkaranji State belongs to the Inamdar, or the Jahagirdar or the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/984/484  1887

File 1855 Kolhapur State. Kolhapur State. Pot Inams comprehended in jahagirs etc., lapsed to the - from confiscation and default of succession - Measures proposed for the final adjudication of -  IOR/R/2/984/485  1855

File 1873 Deor State (Nagpur). Management of Raja Janojee Bhonsale's villages taken up by Government till the sum of Rs. Five and half lakhs has been repaid.  IOR/R/2/984/486  1873

File 1896 Sangli State. Suit instituted in the Sangli State by Pritirao Chavan against the Himmat Bahadur of Kolhapur and Udajirao Jotyajirao Chavan of Digraj etc.  IOR/R/2/984/487  1896

File 1893 Miraj Senior. Representation of the Chief of Miraj Senior against the advice of Political Agent Kolhapur and S.M. Country in connection with certain lands (within the limits of Miraj Town) in possession of the Sangli Chief.  IOR/R/2/984/488  1893

File 1875-1888 Aundh. Boundary dispute between Koragani and Ranpuri in Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/984/489  1875-1888

File 1823 Kolhapur. Ichalkaranji. Deshmukhi and Sardeshmukhi Rights of the Chief of Ichalkaranji in some divisions of Miraj Prant.  IOR/R/2/984/490  1823

File 1903 Mudhol. Presentation of Khillat at the time of the Installation of the Chief of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/984/491  1903

File 1856 Kolhapur. Right of Kolhapur upon Hakdar's & Inamdar's lands in the estates of Jahagirdars as to resumption in default of heirs, Nazarana, etc.  IOR/R/2/984/492  1856

File 1856 Kolhapur. Ichalkaranji. Tankhas due from Wadi State on villages in Ajra Mahal and Ajra Tanka on Amboli village.  IOR/R/2/984/493  1856

File 1840 Kolhapur. Prohibition of Mint at Kolhapur except on Special occasion.  IOR/R/2/984/494  1856

File 1845 Kolhapur. Observation of Government of India relating to the future administration of Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/984/495  1845

File 1849 Kolhapur. Payment by the Kolhapur Darbar of Expenditure incurred by the British Government on account of the quelling of the Insurrection of 1844.  IOR/R/2/985/496  1849

File 1830 Nipani. Transfer of the Nimbalkar's villages in the Sholapur Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/985/497  1830

File 1891 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Feudatory. Vishalgad Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/985/498  1891

File 1820 Miraj Senior. Division in the Miraj Family. Dispute in the family of Warss Branch of the Kurundwad Patwardhans.  IOR/R/2/985/499  1820

File 1831 Gajendragad. Claim of Gajendragadkar to the village of Bhadurdini in H.H. the Nizam's Dominions.  IOR/R/2/985/500  1831

File 1856 Gajendragad. Villages held by Gajendragad Chief in the Badami Taluka - Claim of H.H. the Nizam's Government to the -  IOR/R/2/985/501  1856

File 1844 Gajendragad. Death of Bhujangrao Saheb Ghorpade. Chief of Gajendragad and Recognition of his son Doulatrao Saheb as successor without payment of Nazarana, etc.  IOR/R/2/985/502  1844

File 1848 Mudhol. Sabawa Imree Anekhan Desai & Madgonda of Mudhol & Dhowleshwar Parganas - Claim of to the Village of Kesurkop assigned to Krishnawa in payment of her maintenance allowance.  IOR/R/2/985/503  1848

File 1880 Kurundwad Senior. Revenue Jurisdiction of Ganeshwadi.  IOR/R/2/985/504  1880

File 1895 Aundh. Correspondence regarding the revision Settlement of some villages in Aundh State.  IOR/R/2/985/505  1895

File 1930 Kurundwad Senior. Proposed exchange of the Angol Village in the Kurundwad Senior State for certain villages of the Kurundwad Junior State.  IOR/R/2/985/506  1930

File 1842 Miraj Senior. Death of Gopalrao Saheb and lapse of his Saranjam to the British Government also grant of Maintenance allowance to his widow - etc.  IOR/R/2/985/507  1842

File 1920 Jath. Deshmukhi Watan case for the Umrani village.  IOR/R/2/985/508  1920

File 1845 Kolhapur. Feudatory. Vishalgad. Grant in Inam Dharmadaya Devasthan paid from the Revenues of the Sansthan - Statement of, Required by the Collector of Ratnagiri.  IOR/R/2/986/509  1845

File 1849 Kolhapur. Bavada. Feudatory. Death of Ramrao Raghunathrao, Chief of Bavada and adoption of Moreshwarrao saheb on the payment of the Nazarana of Rs.10,000/- etc.  IOR/R/2/986/510  1849

File 1901 Sangli. Death of the Chief and further correspondence.  IOR/R/2/986/511  1901

File 1821 Ramdurg. Ramdurg & Nargund Chiefs - Jaghirbab of Konoor.  IOR/R/2/986/512  1821

File 1841 Nipani. Disturbance at Nipani.  IOR/R/2/986/513  1841

File 1841 Nipani. (a) Dismantlement of the Fort at (b) Disposal of Military stores aptured at  IOR/R/2/986/514  1841

File 1862 Jahagirdar Miscellaneous. Adoption Sanads --- (a) Issue of adoption Sanad, (b) Request of the Junior Chiefs of the grant of an - refused.  IOR/R/2/986/515  1862

File 1839 Nipani. Sodajirao Saheb --- Death of --- and subsequent arrangements regarding his Saranjam.  IOR/R/2/986/516  1839

File 1804 Nipani. Sodajirao Saheb Nimbalkar --- Services rendered by --- to the British Government.  IOR/R/2/986/517  1804

File 1826 Nipani. 1. Representation of the --- Re: Inam villages. 2. Request that the company's Umal of the village Mudanbhavi, Taluka Kittur, be made over to him in exchange for his Umal in Kusba Durungi.  IOR/R/2/986/518  1826

File 1835 Gajendragad. Aggression Committed by Bhujangrao Saheb in H.H. Nizam's Territory. Stationing of Detachment of Troops at Gajendragad ----- etc.  IOR/R/2/986/519  1835

File 1827 Jamkhandi. Complaining that the villages of Shri Swami of Sankeshwar had sustained much injury from His Highness the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/986/520  1827

File 1844 Gajendragad. Communication from the Gajendragad Chief containing his request to enter his name in the list of 1st Class Sardars (2) to grant compensation etc.  IOR/R/2/986/521  1844

File 1838 Kolhapur. Death of His Highness the Bawa Saheb Maharaja of Kolhapur and arrangements for the administration of the Kolhapur State during the minority of H.H. Baba Saheb Maharaj: Formation of a Regency etc. Appointment of Daji Krishna Pandit as Chief Karbhari and transfer of certain Government servants to the Kolhapur State etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/986/522  1838

File 1876 Kolhapur. Ichalkaranji. Feudatory. Trimbak Balkrishne Ghorpade, Claim of --- to the Ichalkaranji State.  IOR/R/2/986/523  1876

File 1858 Nipani. Sidojirao Nai Nimbalkar of Nipani, Succession to the Estate of ---.  IOR/R/2/987/524  1858

File 1820 Ramdurg. Ramdurg and Nargund Chiefs --- Division of Mokasa Umal between.  IOR/R/2/987/525  1820

File 1884 Nipani. Rakhmabai Naik Nimbalkar of Nipani --- Claim to Rayatawa lands and Kulkarni and Patilki Watans pertaining to the Deshgat Watans of the Hipani Desai entered in etc.  IOR/R/2/987/526  1884

File 1845 Kolhapur. Cession of Territory in liquidation of the Charges incurred by the British Government in connection with the Insurrection of 1844.  IOR/R/2/987/527  1845

File 1833 Miraj Senior. Division of the Estate between Moroba Aba and Ganapatrao Tatyasaheb request of the former regarding --- Arrangements --- Consequent upon the Death of Moreshwarrao Abasaheb etc.  IOR/R/2/987/528  1833

File 1904 Mudhol. Delivery of the State Jewellery to the Chief.  IOR/R/2/987/529  1904

File 1903 Mudhol. Investiture of the Chief.  IOR/R/2/987/530  1903

File 1847-49 Kolhapur. Kolhapur --- Claim of Dhondo Anant Wad to the management ---  IOR/R/2/987/531  1847-1849

File 1871-1872 Sangli. Chiefs absence from State - addictions to unworthy favourites and maladministration of affairs conduct viewed by Government: with disapprobation --- Warning given to Chief ---.  IOR/R/2/987/532  1871-1872

File 1839-47 Ramdurg., Disputes between the Ramdurg village of Panchgaon and the Torgal village --- Beedkee.  IOR/R/2/987/533  1839-1847

File 1819 Sangli. Chintamanrao Rao Saheb of Sangli --- requested to acknowledge sole dependence on the British Government. Measures contemplated in case of his refusal to sign the acknowledgement.  IOR/R/2/987/534  1819

File 1910-11 Jamkhandi. Cash allowance to be paid to certain Hakkdars out of the Revenue of Dhavalpuria Saranjam village in the Ahmednagar District.  IOR/R/2/987/535  1910-1911

File 1947 Miraj Junior. Payment of arrears of Deshmukhi and Sar Deshmukhi in Haks due to the State from the village Chikalgotam in Satars.  IOR/R/2/987/536  1947

File 1861 Tasgaon (Satara). Transfer of Tasgaon Taluka to the Satara Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/987/537  1861

File 1825 Shedbal. Death of the Chief of --- & Measures adopted for the administration of the estate during the Minority of Trimbakrao Appa.  IOR/R/2/987/538  1825

File 1861-79 Sangli---Kurundwad. Inam: Not subject to summery Settlement rules --- being Political Holdings.  IOR/R/2/987/539  1861-1879

File 1848-1867 Sangli. Lapsed life Washasans in territory ceded to Government by Sangli Chief in lieu of Horse Service.  IOR/R/2/987/540  1848-1867

File 1871 Kolhapur. Burning at Florence of the mortal remains of His Highness Rajaram Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/987/541  1871

File 1879 Sangli. Terdal Paragana. Right to intestate estates within limits of --- Belongs to Sangli's Chief from whom Deshgat is held Sub in Feudum.  IOR/R/2/987/542  1879

File 1879-80 Sangli. Adoption in respect of Kadim Estate --- Sole right of Government to allow or disallow.  IOR/R/2/987/543  1879-1880

File 1859 Sangli. Political Agent Mr. Locketts---report on Sangli Government in regard to the State's supervision. Resignation of Bapu Saheb Shahapurkar Dhundirao Tatya Saheb placed in charge of Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/987/544  1859

File 1903-1908 Kolhapur. Dispute between the Kolhapur Darbar and the Jaghirdar. Here regarding the revenues of forests of village Arjunwadi. Proposed exchange of the Jurisdiction of the villages of Arjunwadi and Gudewadi.  IOR/R/2/987/545  1903-1908

File 1885-90 Bhor. Claim made by Vishwanath Gopal Janvekar and another to certain Sahotra Amals in the villages of Magtane and Bhilvadi.  IOR/R/2/987/546  1885-1890

File 1902-3 Native States. Relative to reciprocity in the matter of the service of processes and the execution of decrees between British Indian Courts, Courts established or continued by the Governor-General in Council, and Native State Courts.  IOR/R/2/987/547  1902-1903

File 1901 Akalkot. Cash allowance. Chief of Aundh. Exemption from the payment of Judi on his Sardeshmukhi Amal in Kurla Mahal of the Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/988/548  1901

File 1858-64 Sangli. Nargund Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/988/549  1858-1864

File 1855-57 Kolhapur. Birth of a son to H.H. Baba Saheb Maharaj of Kolhapur by his elder Rani. his death --- also Levy of "Doost Putti".  IOR/R/2/988/550  1855-1857

File 1837-60 Bhor. Adoption of a heir Raghunath Rao and various arrangements for the management of the Territory.  IOR/R/2/988/551  1837-1860

File 1916 Phaltan. Installation of the Chief of Phaltan in 1917.  IOR/R/2/988/552  1916

File 1834-37 Sangli. Adoption Succession for  IOR/R/2/988/553  1834-1837

File 1929-31 Bhor. Transfer of Jurisdiction over lands acquired for the Nira Canals from the Bhor State.  IOR/R/2/988/554  1929-1931

File 1902. Miraj Junior. Jamkhandi States. Continuance of the Inam villages of Tanu in the Indapur Taluka of the Poona District and of Koregaon in the Khed Taluka of the same district to the Chiefs of Miraj Junior and Jamkhandi respectively.  IOR/R/2/988/555  1902

File 1928-29 Aundh and Phaltan. Particulars of territory ceded to or by Indian States.  IOR/R/2/988/556  1928-1929

File 1847-53 Jamkhandi. Payment to the Chief of Jamkhandi on account of his Serdeshmukhi Hak in Samdoli.  IOR/R/2/988/557  1847-1853

File 1924 to 26 Sawantwadi. Payment of Military Pensions residing in the Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/988/558  1924-1926

File 1862 Kolkapur. Vishalgad State. Request of the Chief of the --- for restoration of any part of the Konkan villages forfeited to the British Government also Remarks of Government on the administration of the State.  IOR/R/2/988/559  1862

File 1879 Kolhapur & Sangli. Forests in the Kolhapur & the Sangli States --- Government orders regarding the supervision of the ---  IOR/R/2/988/560  1879

File 1825-26 Sangli. Chintman Rao Saheb of Sangli --- Representation from --- for settling his affairs.  IOR/R/2/988/561  1825-1826

File 1873 Sangli. Sepoys' disturbance at Sangli and bad state of affairs of the Chief's territory which led to Government interference.  IOR/R/2/989/562  1873

File 1913-14 Phaltan. Acquisition of certain land in the village of Hingangaon for the new Station yard at Adarki.  IOR/R/2/989/563  1913-1914

File 1846 Kolhapur. Sibandi Forces -- Reorganisation of the  IOR/R/2/989/564  1846

File 1848 Kolhapur. Vishalgad. Claims of Ramchandra Ballal Sathe to Mokassa Amals in the Vishalgad possessions below the Ghats forfeited to the British Government.  IOR/R/2/989/565  1848

File 1846 Sawantwadi. Tunkhas of Munohar and Rangna.  IOR/R/2/989/566  1846

File 1848-52 Kolhapur & Ramdurg. Dispute between Radhabaisaheb of Ramdurg and Keshavrao Saheb of Ichalkaranji about the village of Mudenoor.  IOR/R/2/989/567  1848-1852

File 1855-63 Kolhapur. Transfer to H.H. Babasaheb Maharaj, Raja of Kolhapur of the Administration of the Kolhapur State 1859-63. Treaty with the Raja (1862).  IOR/R/2/989/568  1855-1863

File 1923-29 Kurundwad Junior. Extra Territorial British lands in Tarihal - Memorial from Meh. Nanasaheb, Chief of Kurundwad Junior, in the matter of Patilki Watan lands at  IOR/R/2/989/569  1923-1929

File 1856-1858 Kolhapur. (Sarlashkar Bahadur.) Continuance of the Estate of Hanamantrao Saheb to Gopalrao Saheb.  IOR/R/2/989/570  1856-1858

File 1900-1904 Bhor State. Boundary Dispute between Tokpole (Bhore State) and Sownoshi etc., (British).  IOR/R/2/989/571  1900-1904

File 1875-1888 Aundh. Claim of the Pant Pratinidhi to the River Bed of Sangam Mahuli.  IOR/R/2/989/572  1875-1888

File 1886-1889 Kurundwad Senior. Land taken up for Musketry Practice at Benkanhalli---Compensation.  IOR/R/2/989/573  1886-1889

File 1820 Shedbalkar. Prayer of --- for permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/989/574  1820

File 1919-1930 Sawantwadi. Provincialization of Roads. Improving of the Math-Kasal Road. Erection of Mandaps in the Kundal Bazar on Math Kasal Road.  IOR/R/2/989/575  1919-1930

File 875-1888 Aundh. Payment of Mokasa Anmal to the British Govt. by the Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/990/576  1875-1888

File 1914-1920 Aundh. Claim of the Pritindidhi to certain Maikowdi holdings.  IOR/R/2/990/577  1914-1920

File 1879-1939 Correspondence regarding payment of compensation for additional land taken up for the lake File.  IOR/R/2/990/578  1879-1939

File 1932 Kurundwad Junior. Death of Meherban Nanasaheb and recognition of Meherban Bapusaheb as the Jurisdictional Chief without any restrictions on his powers.  IOR/R/2/990/579  1932

File 1889-90 Kurundwad Junior. Boundary Dispute between villages in the Kurundwad Junior States and those in H.H. the Nizam's Territory.  IOR/R/2/990/580  1889-1890

File 1881-88 Kolhapur. Service Commutation Rules in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/990/581  1881-1888

File 1887-1906 Jath. Question of the resumption of an Inam Grant made by the --- State.  IOR/R/2/990/582  1887-1906

File No.J-40/37 Mudhol. Memorial from the Raja of Mudhol in regard to certain Estates. Request of the Raja that the villages of Nandgaon and Kumpta be declared to be the private property of the Ruler held under assurances of Government. Certain additional grievances of the Raja.  IOR/R/2/990/583  1937

File No. P-276/46 Kurundwad Junior. Precedence to be enjoyed "inter se" by the Jurisdictional and non-Jurisdictional Ruler of the Kurundwad Junior State.  IOR/R/2/990/584  1946

File 1878 Ramdurg. Death of Yogirao Bapu Saheb and subsequent arrangements for the management of the estate during the minority of his son.  IOR/R/2/990/585  1878

File 1825 Kolhapur and Sawantwadi. Arrangements between the Darbars regarding the Gadkaris of Prasidghad.  IOR/R/2/990/586  1825

File 1906 Kolhapur Sar Leakar Bahadur. Nazarana payable to the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/990/587  1906

File 1904 Resumption of lands given as dowry to the Himat Bahadur.  IOR/R/2/990/588  1904

File 1896 Claim of the Darbar to Succession Nazarana recovered by the Chief of Kapai and Govt. orders thereon - Darbar's request for reconsideration of the same.  IOR/R/2/990/589  1896

File 1903 Claim of the Darbar to the village of Pirwadi (Kapahi Jaghir).  IOR/R/2/990/590  1903

File 1915 Patilki Watan of the Jahagirdar of Kapsi in the Satara District.  IOR/R/2/990/591  1915

File 1905 Nazarana and service commutation payable by the Kapsi Jaghir to the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/990/592  1905

File 1899 Sangli State. Request of the Sangli Chief to allow him to purchase certain land outside the precincts of the town of Shahapur and to exercise Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction over it etc.  IOR/R/2/990/593  1899

File 1888 Miraj (Junior). Deshing Saranjam - Management of the handed over to Hindurao Chorpade.  IOR/R/2/990/594  1888

File 1825 Kolhapur. Demands upon H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/991/595  1825

File 1913 Kolhapur - Kapshi. Adoptions to Kadim Inams.  IOR/R/2/991/596  1913

File 1913 Death of Hanmantraosaheb and proposal for the investiture of  IOR/R/2/991/597  1913

File 1889 Sangli. Marihal Abkari Case.  IOR/R/2/991/598  1889

File 1834 Miraj Junior. Claim of the Raja of Satara to certain Thorat Babs in Beedhgaon.  IOR/R/2/991/599  1834

File 1841 Kolhapur - Tchalkaranji, Keshavrao Tatya Saheb Chief of Ichalkaranji regarding permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/991/600  1841

File 1926 Kurundwad Junior. Acquisition of Kadim Inam lands by the Kurundwad Junior State at Vadgaon.  IOR/R/2/991/601  1926

File 1928 Wada of the Chief at Kurundwad. Dispute re: opening of a window.  IOR/R/2/991/602  1928

File 1909 Aundh. Succession of Balasaheb Pratinidhi to the Gaddi of Aundh State and his installation.  IOR/R/2/991/603  1909

File 1901 Demise of the Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/991/604  1901

File 1896 Jath. Installation ceremony of Meherban Ramrao Abasaheb Dafle (2) Karajagi Patel's application about the payment of Judi.  IOR/R/2/991/605  1896

File 1913 Akalkot. Notifications No. 3063-I.B. dated 13/8/1897 in connection with the cession of Jurisdiction by the Chief of Miraj Sr. over the lands occupied by the Barai Junction - Pandharpur extension of the Barshi Light Railway.  IOR/R/2/992/606  1913

File 1909 Aundh. Laxmibai Pratinidhi- not to leave the Benares without the permission of Government.  IOR/R/2/992/607  1909

File 1841 Phaltan. Death of Bujaba Naik Nimbalker, Chief of Phaltan (2) Adoption by his widow and (3) handing over the administration to Moodappa Naik Nimbelkar.  IOR/R/2/992/608  1841

File 1930 Akalkot. Resumption of cash allowance held by the Kasbekar Family.  IOR/R/2/992/609  1930

File 1849 Phaltan. Saranjam - Grant of - to Maloji Naik Nimbalkar by the Hon'ble Mr. Eliphinston.  IOR/R/2/992/610  1849

File 1887 Akalkot. Correspondence relating to the Investiture of the Raja of Akalkot with powers 1886-89.  IOR/R/2/992/611  1887

File 1881 Aundh. Opium: Rules for the regulation of the sales of - in Native States in the Bombay Presidency and agreements entered into by the Chiefs in respect of them.  IOR/R/2/992/612  1881

File 1876 Jath. Allowance - Complaint by the Chief, regarding non-payment of allowance to him, and information asked by the Government re: his liabilities.  IOR/R/2/992/613  1876

File 1850-62 Aundh. Jurisdiction over the village Chikhally of Paragana Aundh.  IOR/R/2/992/614  1850-1862

File 1886 Akalkot. Engagements of the Akalkot State in regard to the free trade.  IOR/R/2/992/615  1886

File 1891 Akalkot. Charge of the forest Department to be handed over to the Raja of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/992/616  1891

File 1892 Akalkot. Forest: Transfer of management of the State forest to the Chief of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/992/617  1892

File 1930 Akalkot. Acquisition of immovable property by the Regent of Akalkot in Hubli.  IOR/R/2/992/618  1930

File 1856 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Village of Mhapan in the Ratnagiri Zilla - correspondence regarding the restoration of the Chief's share in the etc.  IOR/R/2/992/619  1856

File 1852 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Death of Keshvrao Tatyasaheb and adoption of Venkatrao Saheb.  IOR/R/2/992/620  1852

File 1916 Akalkot. Nira Right Bank - Land acquired within limits of village Piliv, Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/992/621  1916

File 1931 Akalkot. Succession of Saraswatibai w/o late Sardar Ganpatji Raje Bhonsle of Kurla.  IOR/R/2/992/622  1931

File 1849 Akalkot. Claim of the Chief of Akalkot to certain village for the years 1849-1853.  IOR/R/2/992/623  1849

File 1902 Kolhapur. History of Kolhapur compiled by Capt. Wood.  IOR/R/2/992/624  1902

File 1864-68 Kolhapur - Kagal Senior. Death of Sakkaramrao Bapusaheb Ghatge Chief of Kagal and adoption of Jayasingrao Abasaheb.  IOR/R/2/992/625  1864-1868

File 1881-82 Kolhapur. Alienation Scheme for Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/993/626  1881-1882

File 1845 Kolhapur. Maintenance allowance of Saeebai Diwan Saheb of Kolhapur (2) Jewels gifted to H.H. Ahilyabai Ranisaheb.  IOR/R/2/993/627  1845

File 1882 Kolhapur. Formation of Regency Council.  IOR/R/2/993/628  1882

File 1919 Akalkot. Cash allowance - Mokasa amal due to Akalkot from the British Government.  IOR/R/2/993/629  1919

File 1910 Akalkot. Boundary dispute between Hilli in Akalkot and Manur in Nizam's Territory.  IOR/R/2/993/630  1910

File 1899 Akalkot. Resumption of Land at Shirval.  IOR/R/2/993/631  1899

File 1864-67 Akalkot. Arrangement for Raja of Akalkot's maintenance and Administration of the State.  IOR/R/2/993/632  1864-1867

File 1892 Aundh. Exchange of Gundal for villages of Kinbhai in British territory.  IOR/R/2/993/633  1892

File 1908 Akalkot. Boundary dispute in respect of villages in Akalkot State and the Nizam's territory.  IOR/R/2/993/634  1908

File 1886 Satara. Defence Fortifications - Satara Fort.  IOR/R/2/993/635  1886

File 1892 Kolhapur - Torgal. Rival claims between the Jahagirdar of Torgal and the Kolhapur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/993/636  1892

File 1850-55 Akalkot. Mis-management of Akalkot State during the period of 1850-1855.  IOR/R/2/993/637  1850-1855

File 1913 Akalkot. Boundary Dispute - Hilli in Akalkot State and Manur in Nizam's territory.  IOR/R/2/993/638  1913

File 1826 Kolhapur. Settlement of disputes between Kolhapur and Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/993/639  1826

File 1880 Akalkot. Boundary dispute regarding village of Hilli in Akalkot State and village Mannur in Nizam's territory.  IOR/R/2/993/640  1880

File 1880 Akalkot. Adoption by the widows of Maloji bin Shivaji Raje Bhonsle Junior family of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/993/641  1880

File 1926 Aundh. Exchange of Bagewadi Mahal of the Chief of Aundh for Gundal Taluka in Bijapur Dist.  IOR/R/2/993/642  1926

File 1881-82 Akalkot. Compensation for the land taken up for Railway Station at Tadwal.  IOR/R/2/993/643  1881-1882

File 1826 Kolhapur. Dispute between the Kolhapur and Wadi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/993/644  1826

File 1929 Sawantwadi. Tankha amount - Dispute re: payment of - Mounni Nava Math.  IOR/R/2/993/645  1929

File 1858 Jamkhandi. Confinement and release of Ramchandrarrao Appasaheb Chief of Jamkhandi.  IOR/R/2/994/646  1858

File 1867 Jamkhandi. Chief's right of occupancy of certain holdings engaged by his family in the Poona District.  IOR/R/2/994/647  1867

File 1862 Jamkhandi. Exchange of villages - Chiefs request for an -  IOR/R/2/994/648  1862

File 1876 Jamkhandi. Claim to levy Judi from the Deshpande of Yadwad.  IOR/R/2/994/649  1876

File 1925 Transfer of Red Castle bungalow at Mahableshwar in the name of the Minor Chief of Jamkhandi from that of the late Chief.  IOR/R/2/994/650  1925

File 1926 Jamkhandi. Investiture of the Chief of J'khandi.  IOR/R/2/994/651  1926

File 1876 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Death of Govindrao Abasaheb and adoption of Narayanrao Babasaheb.  IOR/R/2/994/652  1876

File 1925 Jamkhandi. Chief's right over teak wood in his Inam lands at Koregaon.  IOR/R/2/994/653  1925

File 1889 Kolhapur. Tainat case of Krishnaji Vinayak Khadilkar.  IOR/R/2/994/654  1889

File 1864 Jath. Kharitas from H.E. the Governor of Bombay to the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/994/655  1864

File 1871-1876 Jath. Petition from Rakhamabai w/o Moorarao Naik Nimbalkar for her claim to the village of Muchandi.  IOR/R/2/994/656  1871-1876

File 1874 Jath. Question raised by the A.P.A. Jath regarding attachment of Khaavas Khani & Deshmukhi lands of the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/994/657  1874

File 1874 Jath. G.R. regarding resumption of Inams.  IOR/R/2/994/658  1874

File 1874 Jath. G.R. regarding of the Jath Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/994/659  1874

File 1927 Jath. Memorial from the Chief of Jath for the restoration of civil, criminal and revenue jurisdiction over the villages Antapur and Nimboni.  IOR/R/2/994/660  1927

File 1892 Jath. Resumption of certain grants in the Jahagir in the Jath State.  IOR/R/2/994/661  1892

File 1924-26 Jath. Introduction of Revenue Survey in village Saranjam of Umrani.  IOR/R/2/994/662  1924-1926

File 1857 Kolhapur - Kapshi. Death of Ramchandrarao Ghorpade Chief of Kapshi - Succession of Santajirao.  IOR/R/2/994/663  1857

File 1896 Jath. Claim of Khasnis to certain lands resumed by the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/994/664  1896

File 1832-1840 Sangli State. Compensation of Rs. 1361 to Chief of Sangli and Kurundwad for relinquishment of rights of distillation and sale of liquor.  IOR/R/2/994/665  1832-1840

File 1884 Miraj Senior. Sindola Property at Mahableshwar.  IOR/R/2/995/666  1884

File 1899 Kolhapur. Summary Settlement Rules of 1882.  IOR/R/2/995/667  1899

File 1880 Kagal (Kolhapur). Claim of Jayasingrao Abasaheb to jurisdiction over Kadim Inams in Kagal State.  IOR/R/2/995/668  1880

File 1819 Kolhapur. Claim of the Raja of Kolhapur to 1/3rd revenue of villages south of the Coondul river.  IOR/R/2/995/669  1819

File 1848-52 Sangli. Death of Chintamanrao Appasaheb and arrangements for management of Sangli during the minority of Tatyasaheb and provision for the adopted grandson Bhausaheb.  IOR/R/2/995/670  1848-1852

File 1893 Jath. Khavas Khan lands in Daflapur State.  IOR/R/2/995/671  1893

File 1878 Jath. Survey Settlement.  IOR/R/2/995/672  1878

File 1826 Kolhapur - Vishalgad. Surrender of the fort of Malkapur by the Pratinidhi of Vishalgad.  IOR/R/2/995/673  1826

File 1910 Miraj Sr. Shamna Mir Darga at Miraj.  IOR/R/2/995/674  1910

File 1883 Akalkot. Patilki Watan of the village Verul by the Raja of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/995/675  1883

File 1883 Akalkot. Abkari and opium - Akalkot Agreements to be entered into with the Chief of Akalkot regarding revenue from his State.  IOR/R/2/995/676  1883

File 1892 Akalkot. Transfer of land in the Akalkot State to the G.I.P. Railway.  IOR/R/2/995/677  1892

File 1877 Akalkot. Raja of Akalkot's education at Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/995/678  1877

File 1903 Kurundwad Junior. Land acquired at Belgaum for Rifle Range.  IOR/R/2/995/679  1903

File 1885 Kurundwad Jr. Divisions of Inams in K'wad and Ganeshwadi (2) Question whether the Senior Chief can resume or transfer an ancestral grant without the consent of the Junior Chiefs raised and decided.  IOR/R/2/996/680  1885

File 1908 Kurundwad Sr. Death of Meharban Balasaheb and succession of Meherban Bhalchandrarrao Annasaheb to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/996/681  1908

File 1920-24 Jath. Reversion of Daflapur' Estate to Jath State (2) Patilki Watan lands held by the alleged Bhaubands of the late Chief of (Jath) Daflapur.  IOR/R/2/996/682  1920-1924

File 1888 Akalkot. Exchange for certain villages in British India (Sholapur Taluka) for Pilai Mahal in Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/996/683  1888

File 1913-28 Akalkot. Akalkot Irrigation Project  IOR/R/2/996/684  1913-1928

File 1914 Akalkot. Grant of Inam of Government Waste land in exchange for land acquired for the Nira Right Bank Canal.  IOR/R/2/996/685  1914

File 1893 Akalkot. Boundary dispute between Akalkot and Nizam's State regarding village.  IOR/R/2/996/686  1893

File 1850-1862 Akalkot. Information re: Naratives of relations with Akalkot completed to the end of 1853.  IOR/R/2/997/687  1850-1862

File 1870 Akalkot. Memorial of Maloji Raje Bhonsle Raja of Akalkot for reinvesting him with the management of his State.  IOR/R/2/997/688  1870

File 1892 Akalkot. Claim to Watan of Gaodgaon in Akalkot State by Anandrao Appaji Kulkarni.  IOR/R/2/997/689  1892

File 1850-1863 Akalkot. Agreement between Akalkot Darbar and the Hon'ble East India Company.  IOR/R/2/997/690  1850-1863

File 1895 Akalkot. Claim of Ramchandra Laxman Deshpande to share in the village of Rampur.  IOR/R/2/997/691  1895

File 1850-62 Akalkot. Records about abolition of transit duties adjusted to the Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/997/692  1850-1862

File 1923 Akalkot. Succession to Akalkot Gadi.  IOR/R/2/997/693  1923

File 1922-24 Akalkot. Acquisition of land for level crossing.  IOR/R/2/997/694  1922-1924

File 1922-23 Akalkot. Restoration of certain villages to Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/997/695  1922-1923

File 1905 Aundh. Installation of the Chief of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/997/696  1905

File 1877-78 Akalkot. Petition of Khanderao Shidshet Deshmukh appealing against a decision of the Political Superintendent of Akalkot in regard to his heirship to the property of his deceased father Shidshet Deshmukh.  IOR/R/2/997/697  1877-1878

File 1914 Akalkot. Succession to Jahagir villages of the late Pirzade Shah Muhamud Ali-uddin of Baravpur in the Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/997/698  1914

File 1919 Akalkot. Re-survey of land in Akalkot State occupied by the G.I.P. Railway.  IOR/R/2/997/699  1919

File 1874 Jath. Maintenance allowance to the Chief of Jath and his memorial for restoration of powers.  IOR/R/2/997/700  1874

File 1850-62 Akalkot. Compensation for land in Poona and Punch Mahal.  IOR/R/2/997/701  1850-1862

File 1873 Jath. Memorial of the Chief of Jath for the restoration of his Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/997/702  1873

File 1917-27 Jath. Memorial of Purshuramrao alias Daje Saheb.  IOR/R/2/997/703  1917-1927

File 1897 Akalkot. Patilki Watan - Claim of Raja of Akalkot to H.E.H. Nizam's village of Verul.  IOR/R/2/997/704  1897

File 1895-99 Akalkot. Compensation for land taken up by the S.M. Rly. Co.  IOR/R/2/997/705  1895-1899

File 1872 Jath. Resumption of Bagwadi Village.  IOR/R/2/997/706  1872

File 1887 Akalkot. Correspondence regarding Lady Kamlabai Raje Bhonsle, Dowager Rani of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/997/707  1887

File 1899 Akalkot. Resumption of Inam Land granted to Pira Naikeem and continuance of payment of assessment thereon.  IOR/R/2/997/708  1899

File 1909 Akalkot. Introduction of the Gordon settlement Rules and Pensions Act in to Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/998/709  1909

File 1909 Akalkot. Land given to the G.I.P. Railway for additional residential accommodation.  IOR/R/2/998/710  1909

File 1867 Kolhapur - Kagal Sr. Claim to the Kagal Estate by Narsingrao Charge of Walwa.  IOR/R/2/998/711  1867

File 1846 Kolhapur-Torgal. Claim to the village of Basseedonee in the Parasgad Taluka - Sakharamrao Ghatge Sarjerao and Laxmanrao Sinde Khasgil of Torgal.  IOR/R/2/998/712  1846

File 1886 Kolhapur - Kagal Senior. Succession of Pirajirao Bapusaheb Chief of Kagal Senior.  IOR/R/2/998/713  1886

File 1823 Kolhapur - Kagal Jahagir. Dispute between the Jahagirdar of Kagal and the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/998/714  1823

File 1915 Exchange of villages in Aundh State for British villages.  IOR/R/2/998/715  1915

File 1917 Jamkhandi. Waiving of Government claim to compensation in respect of Kadim Inam land acquired by Jamkhandi State for Public purposes.  IOR/R/2/998/716  1917

File 1921 Jamkhandi. Acquisition of Kadim Inam land in village Shiravade by Jamkhandi State.  IOR/R/2/998/717  1921

File 1914 Jamkhandi. Question regarding reversion to Govt. of certain Deshmukhi lands at Shirwade.  IOR/R/2/998/718  1914

File 1887 Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen Empress of India.  IOR/R/2/998/719  1887

File 1871 Phaltan. Heridatory pension granted to Gazarabai and her heirs hereditarily.  IOR/R/2/998/720  1871

File 1868 Satara. Enhanced allowance to Rajusbai Mayeesaheb ex-Rani of Satara.  IOR/R/2/998/721  1868

File 1876 Darbar in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria assuming the title "Empress of India" and issue of certificates to certain gentlemen on the occasion.  IOR/R/2/998/722  1876

File 1910 Verification of Akalkot State and occupied by the M. & S.M. Railway.  IOR/R/2/998/723  1910

File 1914 Ramdurg. Reversion of Deshpande Inam land at Panchgaon, to the Chief of Ramdurg on certain conditions.  IOR/R/2/998/724  1914

File 1913-14 Ramdurg. Installation of the Chief of Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/998/725  1913-1914

File 1922 Jamkhandi. Purchase of immovable property at Belgaum by the Chief of Jamkhandi.  IOR/R/2/998/726  1922

File 1898-1929 Jath. Death of Chief of Jath - administration arrangements and Investiture of New Chief.  IOR/R/2/998/727  1898-1929

File 1876 Akalkot. Correspondence 1875-1889 regarding seven Makta Villages.  IOR/R/2/999/728  1876

File 1862 K'wad Sr. Death of Trimbakrao Appasaheb and Division of his Estate.  IOR/R/2/999/729  1862

File 1889 Kurundwad Sr. Kurundwad Senior's representation regarding subalienations.  IOR/R/2/999/730  1889

File 1826 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Political Agent's decision regarding Ichalkaranji claim possessions of the Raja of Kolhapur in Ajpa Taluka.  IOR/R/2/999/731  1826

File 1868 Jath. Revenue Survey of Jath State.  IOR/R/2/999/732  1868

File 1892 Jath. Petition from Junior widow of the Amritrao Dafle Saranjamdar of Jath, requesting permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/999/733  1892

File 1884 Jath. Yeshwantarao Dafle. Umrani Heirship Case.  IOR/R/2/999/734  1884

File 1902-1911 His Majesty's Coronation Darbar at Delhi.  IOR/R/2/999/735  1902-1911

File 1883-84-94 Kolhapur. Death of H.H. Shivaji IV Maharaja of Kolhapur Succession to the Gadi and question of Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/1000/736  1883-1894

File 1839 Kolhapur-Kagal. Subordination of Kagal to Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1000/737  1839

File 1894 Kolhapur. Installation of H.H. Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaja Saheb of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1000/738  1894

File 1846 Kolhapur - Kagal. Claim of Marutirao and Radhabai for restoration of village confiscated by Kagal Jahagir on account of particupation in an insurrection by Govindrao.  IOR/R/2/1000/739  1846

File 1866 Kolhapur. H.H. Chimasaheb Maharaj. Increase of allowance - Sale of State Bungalow at Karachi.  IOR/R/2/1000/740  1866

File 1860-61 Kolhapur. Mr. Havelock's report on the financial results of the Revenue Settlements for 1860-61.  IOR/R/2/1000/741  1860-1861

File 1859 Kolhapur. Revenue in kind - comutation into cash payment.  IOR/R/2/1000/742  1859

File 1867 Kolhapur. Complaints of Her Highness Shiliyabai Ranisaheb of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1000/743  1867

File 1893-1913 Jath. Memorial from Rani Saheb Dafle of Daflapur for permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/1000/744  1893-1913

File 1868-1927 Jath. Correspondence regarding the village of Bagewadi in Jath States.  IOR/R/2/1000/745  1868-1927

File 1894-1898 Jath. Nazrana on account of succession of Ramrao Abasaheb Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1000/746  1894-1898

File 1922 Kolhapur. Death of H.H. Colonel Sir Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaja of Kolhapur and the succession of H.H. Rajaram Chatrapati Maharaja to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/1000/747  1922

File 1855 Aundh. Right of - to alienate revenue in perpetuity.  IOR/R/2/1001/748  1855

File 1826 Kolhapur. Translation of papers from and to Kolhapur and other Jahagirdar regarding claims and other matters.  IOR/R/2/1001/749  1826

File 1876-77 Akalkot. Claim of Akalkot State to Mokasa payments on account of certain villages belonging to H.H. the Maharaja of Gwalior.  IOR/R/2/1001/750  1876-1877

File 1881 Jath. Succession to the Saranjam of Umrani.  IOR/R/2/1001/751  1881

File 1896 Jath. Correspondence regarding claims to Kadim Judi in Inam villages in Jath State.  IOR/R/2/1001/752  1896

File 1825 Kolhapur. Treaty with His Highness the Raja of Kolhapur in 1825.  IOR/R/2/1001/753  1825

File 1871 Jath. Boundaries - settlement of - in certain villages in Jath State.  IOR/R/2/1001/754  1871

File 1826 Kolhapur. Attachment of Manoli Pargana for satisfying claims of Chiefs and Inamdars who were put to loss by the excesses committed by the Raja.  IOR/R/2/1001/755  1826

File 1827 Kolhapur. Breaking up the Force assembled against Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1001/756  1827

File 1825 Kolhapur. Abstract of claims against the Raja of Kolhapur together with the decision passed thereon.  IOR/R/2/1001/757  1825

File 1825 Kolhapur. Movement of the Force on Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1001/758  1825

File 1894 Kolhapur. Annual allowance of Rs. 364/4/1 paid to Kolhapur Darbar in connection with the Bhairavgad Bab.  IOR/R/2/1001/759  1894

File 1826 Kolhapur. Schedules of Sanads produced by Baba Maharaja and Bhau Maharaj.  IOR/R/2/1001/760  1826

File 1827 Kolhapur. Surrender to British authority of the forte Panhalgad, Pawangad, Akiwat and Samangad belonging to Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1001/761  1827

File 1854 Karad. The exchange of Karad and other villages between the Pant and Government.  IOR/R/2/1001/762  1854

File 1881 Mhysal. Management of the Saranjam of Mhysal transferred to Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/1001/763  1881

File 1842 Nargund. Death of Dadajirao Appasaheb Chief of Nargund Estate continued to his eldest son.  IOR/R/2/1001/764  1842

File 1891 Jath. Withdrawal of the Powers of the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1001/765  1891

File 1892 Jath. Memorial of Rani Baisaheb w/o late Ramchandrarao Dafel of Dafla.  IOR/R/2/1001/766  1892

File 1893 Jath. Petition from Khanajirao bin Laxamanrao Dafle and three others regarding the selection of a succession to the late Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1001/767  1893

File 1904 Jath. Correspondence regarding Deshmukhi Watan in village Kanamadi in Athni Taluka and the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1001/768  1904

File 1894 Jath. Certain lands held by the Maslman Patil family liable to payment of settlement judi.  IOR/R/2/1001/769  1894

File 1858 Nargund. Nargund affairs.  IOR/R/2/1002/770  1858

File 1897 Akalkot. Succession of Ganpat Bhavanji as Chief of Akalkot. Installation terms - Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/1002/771  1897

File 1900 Akalkot. Memorials from Talajee Fathesing Raje Bhosle of Akalkot regarding his (1) Claim to the Chiefship of Akalkot (2) Grant for expenses of his 3rd marriage.  IOR/R/2/1002/772  1900

File 1875 Kolhapur and S.N.C. States. History of Kolhapur and the Southern Maratha Country States.  IOR/R/2/1002/773  1875

File 1900-01 Akalkot. Mokasa Amal of village Ule in Sholapur District.  IOR/R/2/1002/774  1900-1901

File 1915 Akalkot. Acquisition of land for the Nira Canal project at Pilive.  IOR/R/2/1002/775  1915

File 1891 Akalkot. Release of Prisoners on the occasion of the investiture of the Raja of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/1002/776  1891

File 1892-94 Jath. Nazarana for succession of Jahagirdar.  IOR/R/2/1002/777  1892-1894

File 1873 Jath. Chief of Jath's claims to the villages of Rast's of Antapoor and Nimboni.  IOR/R/2/1002/778  1873

File 1891-92 Akalkot. Investiture of the Raja of Akalkot with powers of Administration, and the expenditure of Rs. 20,000/- sanction for the same.  IOR/R/2/1002/779  1891-1892

File 1896 Patilki Wattan at Verul in Nizam's Territories.  IOR/R/2/1002/780  1896

File 1877 Akalkot. Acquisition of land by G.I.P. Railway for crossing Station.  IOR/R/2/1002/781  1877

File 1894. Jath. Memorial to Her Imperial Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for India in Council from - Ranee Saheb widow of the late Ramchandrarao Appa Saheb Deshmukh and Chief of Duflapur in Jath State.  IOR/R/2/1003/782  1894

File 1879. Jath. Memorial from the Chief of Jath setting forth his objection for residing at Jath praying for the restoration of his powers and letting out his Deshmukhi lands in Jath.  IOR/R/2/1003/783  1879

File 1874 Jath. Several complaints against the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1003/784  1874

File 1881-85 A.D. Akalkot. Memorial of Tulajirao Raje Bhosale of Akalkot - re: Partition of Inam and Saranjam.-  IOR/R/2/1003/785  1881-1885

File 1889 Akalkot. Land required by the G.I.P. Railway in Akalkot State for Plate-layers' hut in S.E.Line.  IOR/R/2/1003/786  1889

File 1896 Akalkot. Compensation for lands taken up by the S.M.Railway.  IOR/R/2/1003/787  1896

File 1914 Akalkot. Watan and Inam cases. Question of succession to the Jahagir villages of the late Pirrade of Burhanpur in Akalkot State.  IOR/R/2/1003/788  1914

File 1892 Akalkot. Survey operations in (1) Janjira (2) Aundh (3) Phaltan and (4) Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/1003/789  1892

File 1884-87 Akalkot. Celebration of Her Majesty's Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/1003/790  1884-1887

File 1888-1902 Akalkot. Adoption of His Kinsman by Chief of Phaltan as his successor.  IOR/R/2/1003/791  1888-1902

File 1854 Kolhapur. Proposed reduction in the Kolhapur State expenditure.  IOR/R/2/1003/792  1854

File 1827 Kolhapur. Supposed intrigues between Their Highness the Rajas of Kolhapur and Sitara.  IOR/R/2/1003/793  1827

File 1825 Kolhapur. Hill forts in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1003/794  1825

File 1827 Kolhapur. Derived jurisdiction of the Raja in the villages of the Mussoora Fort.  IOR/R/2/1003/795  1827

File 1839 Miraj Senior. Balwantrao Moreshwer Patwardhan claim to independence of the Miraj Chief.  IOR/R/2/1003/796  1839

File 1847 Miraj Sr. Miraj Darga.  IOR/R/2/1003/797  1847

File 1828 Kolhapur. Political Agents proceedings with the Raja of Kolhapur - settlement of several claims for indemnification of the injuries sustained by the various Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/1003/798  1828

File 1874 Miraj Sr. Gangadharrao Balsaheb - Adoption of -  IOR/R/2/1003/799  1874

File 1827 Kolhapur. Govt. instruction in the Secret Deptt. regarding the conduct to be pursued towards H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1004/800  1827

File 1835 Miraj Sr. Gopalrao Saheb Mirajkar - complaint of - regarding the transfer of 2 villages Yellalvati and Hallalpur.  IOR/R/2/1004/801  1835

File 1919 Kurundwad Junior. Indebtedness of Meherban Bhausaheb, Chief of Kurundwad Jr. State.  IOR/R/2/1004/802  1919

File 1839 Miraj Sr. Sahotra Amal in Sangli Miraj - Claim of Pant Sachiv to the -  IOR/R/2/1004/803  1839

File 1902 Sangli. Selection of Vinayakrao alias Bhausaheb as Chief and correspondence regarding Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/1004/804  1902

File 1842 Miraj Sr. Garden and Kuran in the Poona Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/1004/805  1842

File 1883 Miraj Sr. Kavathe Guland succession case - Recognition of Yeshwantrao as successor of Yamagirao sub-saranjamdar.  IOR/R/2/1004/806  1883

File 1827 Kolhapur. H.H. the Rajah of Kolhapur. Projected attack of - on the Inamdars of Seergur and Nilgi.  IOR/R/2/1004/807  1827

File 1827 Attempts against the Patwardhan.  IOR/R/2/1004/808  1827

File 1841 Kolhapur. Certain lands alleged to have been held without any right by subject of the Kolhapur Government.  IOR/R/2/1004/809  1841

File 1840 Kolhapur. Manohargad - Collector of Revenue assigned to - and Right of Kolhapur Govt. to seize its servants in any of the villages etc.  IOR/R/2/1004/810  1840

File 1877 Kolhapur. Monument at Yeoti of H.H. Bawa Saheb Maharaj - Removal of the - from original site and construction of a new one.  IOR/R/2/1004/811  1877

File 1890 Sangli. Manolikar's Tainat case - Advice given by the Political Agent in the -  IOR/R/2/1004/812  1890

File 1903 Kolhapur - Kagal Jr. Representation by the Kagal Junior Jahagirdar in the matter of Patilki watan land leased to one Manku Hanmanta.  IOR/R/2/1004/813  1903

File 1918 Kolhapur. Encroachment by the Kolhapur Darbar on - the Gwalior Darbar's lands at Wadi Ratnagiri.  IOR/R/2/1004/814  1918

File 1877 Kolhapur. Investiture of H.H. Shivaji Maharaja with the insignia of the order of K.C.S.I.  IOR/R/2/1004/815  1877

File 1861 Sangli. Discussion between Tatyasaheb Chief of Sangli and Vinayakrao Bhausaheb re: Vinayaka's maintenance.  IOR/R/2/1004/816  1861

File 1871 Kolhapur. Claim of Rani of Tanjore to the Gadee of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1005/817  1871

File 1860-63 Sangli. Bapusaheb Shahapurkar - grant of villages to the - Attainment or the Shrihatti Mahal.  IOR/R/2/1005/818  1860-1863

File 1884 Sangli. Claims of the Sangli Chiefs to certain items of Revenue in the village of Dudgaon.  IOR/R/2/1005/819  1884

File 1886 Sangli. Joint Administrators of Sangli.  IOR/R/2/1005/820  1886

File 1885 Powers of the Chiefs of the position of Sangli Jahagirdar in regard to Kadim Inams on Beheda Tainat Shondo Narsinha Nimbalkar.  IOR/R/2/1005/821  1885

File 1908. Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Claim of the Jahagirdar to service commutation in respect of watan property held in the village Rangoli by certain Bhaubands of the Desai of Wantmuri.  IOR/R/2/1005/822  1908

File 1892 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Ichalkaranji Chief - Investiture of the - with the administration of his Estate.  IOR/R/2/1005/823  1892

File 1900 Kolhapur - Bavada. Memorial from the Chief of Bavada against the decision passed by the collector of Ratnagiri in 1895 etc.  IOR/R/2/1005/824  1900

File 1887 Jath. Application of Rani Baisaheb Dafle Deshmukh of Daflapur for the entry of her name in the list of 1st class Sardars.  IOR/R/2/1005/825  1887

File 1911 Kolhapur - Torgal. Measures suggested by the Resident for improvement of Torgal Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/1005/826  1911

File 1879 Jath. Settlement with Sanadis etc.  IOR/R/2/1005/827  1879

File 1891 Sangli. Claim of Sangli Chief to civil criminal and revenue jurisdiction in Gotihal.  IOR/R/2/1005/828  1891

File 1824 Kolhapur. Aggressions of the Raja of Kolhapur in the vicinity of Manoli and Chikodi.  IOR/R/2/1005/829  1824

File 1855 Miraj Sr. Deshmukhki Huks in certain villages of the Miraj Sr. State - claim of Laxmanrao Saheb to -  IOR/R/2/1005/830  1855

File 1877 Sangli. Land at Kalloli in the Chikodi Taluka given in Inams by the Desai of Nandi to the Ganpati Sansthan - correspondence re: the possession of etc.  IOR/R/2/1005/831  1877

File 1912 Jath. Barshi Light Railway. Miraj Pandharpur Road.  IOR/R/2/1005/832  1912

File 1844 Sangli. Claims of Sangli Chief, Chintemanrao against Madhavrao, chief of Miraj and counter claims by the latter etc.  IOR/R/2/1005/833  1844

File 1857 Kolhapur. H.H. Chima Saheb Maharaj - conduct of - in connection with the disturbance in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1006/834  1857

File 1861 Kolhapur - Kapshee. Yeshwada Bai, widow of Ramchandrarao Saheb Ghorpade - complains of the levy of Nazarana and service commutation.  IOR/R/2/1006/835  1861

File 1923 Jath. Correspondence regardin umrani Saranjam and disposal of Kadim Inams.  IOR/R/2/1006/836  1923

File 1890 Bhor. Sahotra Amal - Payment of to the Pant Sachiv of Bhor.  IOR/R/2/1006/837  1890

File 1890 Miraj Junior. Deshing saranjamdar - claim of - to a refund of Nazarana levied from him.  IOR/R/2/1006/838  1890

File 1927 Kurundwad Jr. Arrangement between the chiefs re: construction of Nagarkhana of K'wad Jr. State at Vadgaon.  IOR/R/2/1006/839  1927

File 1896 Jath. Settlement with the Hukadars and Darakdars of the Jath Jahagirs - Non service.  IOR/R/2/1006/840  1896

File 1848 Kolhapur - Kagal. Deshmukhi Huks of the Kagal State in the village of Alsund belonging to pant Pratinidhi of Satara.  IOR/R/2/1006/841  1848

File 1888 Jamkhandi. Deshgat Watan in the Jamkhandi State held by Adreshappa Desai - deceased.  IOR/R/2/1006/842  1888

File 1846 Kolhapur. Supremacy of the Kolhapur State over the Ichalkaranji State.  IOR/R/2/1006/843  1846

File 1849 Kolhapur. Lands in the Poona Collectorate - Claim of Keshavrao Narayan the Chief of Ichalkaranji to the -  IOR/R/2/1006/844  1849

File 1883 Miraj Sr. Laxmeshwar Koshti Procession.  IOR/R/2/1006/845  1883

File 1924 Wadi Jaghir. Investiture of Meherban Ganpatrao Ganadharrao Patwardhan, Jaghirdar of Wadi, with the management of his estate.  IOR/R/2/1006/846  1924

File 1911 Kurundwad Sr. & Jr. Tank of Kurundwad - Dispute between the Kurundwad Senior and Junior Chiefs re: the -  IOR/R/2/1006/847  1911

File 1856 Kolhapur. Adoptions of Heirs to alienated State Revenue - Government Sanction requisite for.  IOR/R/2/1006/848  1856

File 1858 Kolhapur State. Continuance for H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur of the village of Nartawde, held by the Raja's mother.  IOR/R/2/1006/849  1858

File 1882 Miraj Sr. Deshmukh of Dualgaon - succession case of.  IOR/R/2/1007/850  1882

File 1827 Kolhapur. Minute by H.E. the Governor on the representations of H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur and certain S.M.C. Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/1007/851  1827

File 1825 Kolhapur. Kolhapur Raja - Letters from Mr. Chaplin, and Commissioner to the -  IOR/R/2/1007/852  1825

File 1857 Kolhapur. Inams under attachment in the Kolhapur State - Disposal of the -  IOR/R/2/1007/853  1857

File 1861 Kolhapur. Mutiny of the 27th Regiment. N.1. Changes incurred by the Molhapur State on account of the - to be borne proportionately by the British Govt., the Kolhapur State and its feudatories.  IOR/R/2/1007/854  1861

File 1837 Kolhapur. Occurrence of a "Suttee" at the village of Patgaon in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1007/855  1837

File 1865 Kolhapur. Alienation of land - suggestion for abrogating the 5th article of the Agreement of 1862 prohibiting the - without the concurrence of the British Government - until the British debt is liquidated.  IOR/R/2/1007/856  1865

File 1857 Kolhapur. Commutation of pecuniary and territorial claims connected with the fort of Munchar and the remaining Innkha villages of Prasidgad - Arrangements effected between the Kolhapur and Waree States regarding the -  IOR/R/2/1007/857  1857

File 1848 Kolhapur. Jahageers and Watana under attachment in 1848.  IOR/R/2/1007/858  1848

File 1850 Kolhapur. List of persons in the - possessing special titles furnished to Government.  IOR/R/2/1007/859  1850

File 1848 Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji. Tenure of the Ichalkaranji Estate - and exercise of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction - Decision of Government regarding the -  IOR/R/2/1007/860  1848

File 1825 Kolhapur. Kolhapur Raja - Tyrannical conduct of the towards the Patankar family at Kolhapur and Baba Maharaj - Political Agent's letters on the subject.  IOR/R/2/1007/861  1825

File 1857 Southern Marath Country States. Enforcement of Act XXVIII of 1857 within the Districts under this Agency area.  IOR/R/2/1007/862  1857

File 1860 Kolhapur. Sub-Inams in existence before the grant of the village containing them - right of the - to such inams on their lapse.  IOR/R/2/1007/863  1860

File 1877 Miraj Junior State. Death of Hariharrao Dadasaheb and Measures for the administration of the Miraj Junior State during the minority of Laxmonrao Annasaheb.  IOR/R/2/1007/864  1877

File 1827 Ramdurg. Request of Radhabaisaheb, widow of Narayanrao Saheb for permission to adopt an heir. Adoption of Ramrao Saheb. Dissensions between Radhabaisaheb and Ramraosaheb.  IOR/R/2/1007/865  1827

File 1857 Tasgaon. Request of Umabaisaheb and Parwatibaisaheb widows of the late Chief of Tasgaon, for permission to adopt a son and heir to their husbands. Adoption of Hariharrao. Patwardhan - Request for continuance of watan in his name.  IOR/R/2/1008/866  1857

File 1825 Kolhapur. Transfer of Chikodi and Manoli to His Highness the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1008/867  1825

File 1823 Shedbal. Mr. Chaplin's letter to the Political Agent Dharwar, conveying the decision of Govt., that the Jahageer of Shedbal shall descend to Trimbakrao, the adopted son of Ganpatrao saheb after the latter's death.  IOR/R/2/1008/868  1823

File 1873-80 Sangli. Administration - Chief's thalis to Political Agent and to Government offering in one year to carry out reforms.  IOR/R/2/1008/869  1873-1880

File 1840 Shedbal. Shedbalkar - Villages in the Poona Collectorate - Proposal for exchange of ---  IOR/R/2/1008/870  1840

File 1928 Miraj Senior. Acquisition of immovable property by the Chief of Miraj Senior.  IOR/R/2/1008/871  1928

File 1923 Miraj Senior. Permission to purchase a bungalow at Poona for Chief's young son.  IOR/R/2/1008/872  1923

File 1827 Kolhapur. Increase of Military Force by His Highness the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1008/873  1827

File 1825 Kolhapur. Kolhapur Raja - Hostile conduct of the -  IOR/R/2/1008/874  1825

File 1857 Miraj Senior (Kagwad). Death of Trimbakrao Appasaheb Chief of Kagwad and lapse of the estate to the British Government. Appointment of a Karbhari. Transfer of villages to the Belgaum and Sholapur Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/1008/875  1857

File 1849 Mudhol. Lingappa Basappa Desai of Pargana Tamgi - Claim to a half share in the Deshgat Watan.  IOR/R/2/1008/876  1849

File 1827 Kolhapur. Hostilities of the Raja of Kolhapur against the British Government; and the demands upon the Raja.  IOR/R/2/1008/877  1827

File 1829 S.M.C. Annexation of the S.M. Country to the Presidence of Bombay.  IOR/R/2/1008/878  1829

File 1869 Kolhapur. H.H. Chima Saheb Maharaj - Death of - and payments of his debts etc.  IOR/R/2/1008/879  1869

File 1826 Tasgaum. Ramchandra Sadashiv Sahasrabudhe, Dependent of the Chief of - Watan enjoyed by - Question of continuing the same to his heirs.  IOR/R/2/1008/880  1826

File 1912 S.M.C. States. Treaty, Rights, Dignity and honours, privileges and prerogatives of the Ruling Princes and Chiefs of India.  IOR/R/2/1008/881  1912

File 1922 Bhor. Succession; Accession to the Gadi of Bhor by the new Chief....  IOR/R/2/1008/882  1922

File 1827 Kolhapur. Corps of Observation - Stationing of the - at Kolhapur on account of the intemperate conduct of the Raja: His subsequent good conduct and concessions granted to him by Government in consequence.  IOR/R/2/1008/883  1827

File 1928 Chikodi and Manoli. Inam in enjoyment of the proprietors of the Talukas of Chikodi and Manoli ceded by the Raja of Kolhapur to the British Government Principles by which Government should be guided in respect to them.  IOR/R/2/1008/884  1928

File 1827 Ramdurg. Ramdurgkar - Radhabai Saheb - Request for permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/1008/885  1827

File 1829 Ramdurg. Ramdurgkar Radhabaisaheb - Request of - for the restoration of the Ramdurg Sansthan and nomination of a successor to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/1008/886  1829

File 1870-71 Sangli and Mudhol. Settlement by the Survey Department of the Patil and Kulkarnis Watans.  IOR/R/2/1008/887  1870-1871

File 1888 Bhor. Forest.  IOR/R/2/1009/888  1888

File 1838 Mudhol. Village of Nandgaum in the Mudhol State - Claim of Shivram Shastri to the --  IOR/R/2/1009/889  1838

File 1861 Inam villages and lands in the Satara Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/1009/890  1861

File 1826 Mokassa Babs due from the Mudhol and other S.M.C. States - Claim of the British Government to the  IOR/R/2/1009/891  1826

File 1853 Inam village of Kumte - Representation of the Raja against his being requred to produce proof of his title to the village and Government orders thereon.  IOR/R/2/1009/892  1853

File 1844 Representation from Venkatrao Saheb regarding the dispute between the Raja and the Desaini of Lokapur; claim to the Beelgee Mahal.  IOR/R/2/1009/893  1844

File 1848 Claim of Ranojirao Ghorpade to a portion of the Mudhol State etc.  IOR/R/2/1009/894  1848

File 1841-42 Certain disputes between the Rajah of Satara and the Chief of Mudhol. Settlement of  IOR/R/2/1009/895  1841-1842

File 1829 Govindrao's pretensions to the - Ghorpadeship of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/1009/896  1829

File 1845 Laxmonrao Ghorpade's claims to a moiety of the Mudhol Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/1009/897  1845

File 1854 Death of Venkatrao Rajesaheb and subsequent arrangements for the management of the estate during the minority of BalwantraoSaheb. Arrangements for the education of Balwantrao Saheb. Enquiry into the debts of the Estate.  IOR/R/2/1009/898  1854

File 1862 Death of Balwantrao Rajasahen and subsequent arrangements for the management of the estate during the minority of the infant Chief.  IOR/R/2/1009/899  1862

File 1860-61 Investiture of the Chief Balwantrao Rajasaheb with the management of the estate.  IOR/R/2/1009/900  1860-1861

File 1882 Venkatrao Rajasaheb of Mudhol - Investiture of, with the administration of his estate.  IOR/R/2/1009/901  1882

File 1886 Important levy of judy on certain Deshgat lands held by the Jamkhandi Chief also Reduction in the amount of judi paid by the Chief.  IOR/R/2/1009/902  1886

File 1872 Memorial from Bakabaisaheb of Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/1009/903  1872

File 1886 Jamkhandi. Site for a Mission School at Dhavalpuri.  IOR/R/2/1010/904  1886

File 1896 Jamkhandi Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/1010/905  1896

File 1896 Adoption by Ramchandra Rao Appasaheb, Chief of Jamkhandi, his death and subsequent arrangement during the minority of the young Chief as also - appointment of the Administrator.  IOR/R/2/1010/906  1896

File 1894 Khavaskhani Deshmukhi Vatan.  IOR/R/2/1010/907  1894

File 1854 Feudatory, Sarlashkar Bahadur. Hanamantrao Saheb - Application for permission to adopt.  IOR/R/2/1010/908  1854

File 1900 Feudatory Ichalkaranji. Levy of service commutation on the Chief Deshmukhi land at Chandur.  IOR/R/2/1010/909  1900

File 1888 Sangli. Dhondo Narsinha Nimbalkar - Appeal of - in the matter of the division of family Tainat.  IOR/R/2/1010/910  1888

File 1842 Feudatory Bavada. Bhimrao Bhaskar Sachiv - Complaint of regarding mismanagement of the Bavada Estate and subsequent orders of - Government regarding its management.  IOR/R/2/1010/911  1842

File 1890 Kolhapur. Bhudargad Gadkarie.  IOR/R/2/1010/912  1890

File 1858 H.H. Chima Saheb Maharaj - Removal of from Kolhapur. Application of his wife to accompany him. Maintenance allowance fixed for  IOR/R/2/1010/913  1858

File 1921 S.M.C. Claim of the Chief of Ramdurg to the Navalgund Deshgat lands in the Ramdurg State.  IOR/R/2/1010/914  1921

File 1873 Napani. Murarrao Naik Nimbalkar of Nipani - Succession to the estate of  IOR/R/2/1010/915  1873

File 1847 Jahagirdar Misc. Inam Investigation S.M.C Country.  IOR/R/2/1011/916  1847

File 1843-45 Sangli. Chintamanrao's Claim to magistrial Jurisdiction over villages of Gooradhllikatti in Dharwar District and Ambi Gotihal in Sholapur District.  IOR/R/2/1011/917  1843-1845

File 1902 Himat Bahadur, Kolhapur. Nazarana payable to the Kolhapur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/1011/918  1902

File 1882 Jath. Restoration of Powers of the Chief of Jath.  IOR/R/2/1011/919  1882

File 1889 Kolhapur, Kapshi. Death of Santajirao Chief of Kapshi, arrangements for management of Estate and adoption of Jayasinghrao Saheb.  IOR/R/2/1012/920  1889

File 1852 Gajendragad. Bahijirao Ghorpade Hindurao - claim of - to a portion of the Sardeshmukhi Watan and the village of Sangowday enjoyed by Dowlatrao Ghorpade of Gajendragad.  IOR/R/2/1012/921  1852

File 1858 Miraj Senior. Dismantling of Miraj Fort.  IOR/R/2/1012/922  1858

File 1857 Bawda Jahagir. Information regarding the fraudulent possession by Autaji Baburao Waingankar and the Raneys of the village.  IOR/R/2/1012/923  1857

File 1873 Kolhapur. Claim of Leuxmibai w/o Bhawanrao Ramchandrarao Bedkihalkar to the village of Math in possession of her Nephew.  IOR/R/2/1012/924  1873

File 1903-1912 Miraj Senior. Claims of the Miraj Junior and Sangli States to a moiety of revenues of land set apart with Miraj Senior State for maintenance of Miraj Fort.  IOR/R/2/1012/925  1903-1912

File 1903 Jamkhandi. Investiture of the Chief. Grant of privilege leave to Mr. Vaidya and appointment of Mr.B.P. Joshi as State Karbhari.  IOR/R/2/1012/926  1903

File 1858 Kolhapur. Erection of suitable quarters at Karachi for His Highness Chima Saheb.  IOR/R/2/1012/927  1858

File 1895 Sangli. Government Orders regarding handing over 3 acres of land in the village of - Vasugde to Sangli State.  IOR/R/2/1012/928  1895

File 1874 Bawda Jaghir. Dispute in connection with payment of revenue by the Rayots to the Khots Mosum.  IOR/R/2/1012/929  1874

File 1848 Bawda Jahagir. TundaliUmain the Kurdar Taluka in Ahmednagar Zilla --- Claim of the Chief of Bawda recognized by the British Government.  IOR/R/2/1012/930  1848

File 1855 Restoration of Inam villages in certain Thikans in Salsee and Kharepatan mahals to the Chief of Bawda.  IOR/R/2/1012/931  1855

File 1835 Rights of the Chief of Bawda in the Konkan Succession of Raghunathrao Saheb to possessions below the Ghat.  IOR/R/2/1012/932  1835

File 1861 Liability of Possessions of the Chief of Bawda to Income Tax.  IOR/R/2/1012/933  1861

File 1885 Rawda Jahagir. Papers asked for by the Collector of Ratnagiri in connection with Settlement Claims to certain cash allowances - granted in the villages below the Ghat by the British Government - Papers in Records of Bawda Jahagir.  IOR/R/2/1012/934  1885

File 1872 Gajendragad. Question regarding Succession to the Estate held by Daulatrao Ghorpade Hindurao Chief of Galgendragad.  IOR/R/2/1012/935  1872

File 1847 Bawda Jaghir. Claim of Bawda State to Babtees in village of Adoor in Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1012/936  1847

File 1905-07 Akalkot. Inquiry into the conduct of Mr. Vithal Tikaji in connection with the Mal-administration of the Akalkot State 1905-07.  IOR/R/2/1013/937  1905-1907

File 1844 Gangadharrao Balasaheb - Request to be placed in sole charge of the estate also enquiry into the defalcations - claims against the estate.  IOR/R/2/1014/938  1844

File 1870 Mhysal. Mhysal Adoption case.  IOR/R/2/1014/939  1870

File 1832-51 Mudhol. Disputes between the Desaini of Lokapur and the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/1014/940  1832-1851

File 1832 Lokapur. - Hebalappa Desai of Likapur - Appeal of - in the matter of certain money claims preferred against him.  IOR/R/2/1014/941  1832

File 1853-54 Shedbel. Request of Trimbakrao Appa Saheb for permission to adopt a son.  IOR/R/2/1014/942  1853-1854

File 1827-32 Kagwad. Management of the Estate during the minority of the Chief - The appointment of the Chief's natural father as sole guardian - Transfer of the management to Trimbakrao Appa Saheb, Chief of Kagwad.  IOR/R/2/1014/943  1827-1832

File 1822 Sangli. Chintaman Rao's refusal to give up Babaji Pant Gokhla.  IOR/R/2/1014/944  1822

File 1818 S.M.C. Brigadier General Munro's Report on the Affairs of the S.M. Country.  IOR/R/2/1014/945  1818

File 1885-86 Kolhapur. Request of the Ratnagiri Collector to be furnished with a list of the Kolhapur estates in the Ratnagiri District included in the cession of territory made by the State in liquidation of its debts to the British Government.  IOR/R/2/1014/946  1885-1886

File 1866-1867 His Highness Baba Saheb Maharaj - Death of and adoption of H.H. Rajaram Maharaj.  IOR/R/2/1015/947  1866-1867

File 1826-81 Sangli and Kurundwad. Compensation for closing liquor shops in the Jaghir villages of Sangli and Kurundwad in the civinity of Belgaum.  IOR/R/2/1015/948  1826-1881

File 1856 Kolhapur. Recovery of "Doost Putti" Levied on the occasions of Births and marriages in the Royal Family to Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1015/949  1856

File 1858 Kolhapur. Birth of a son to H.H. Baba Saheb Maharaj by his Younger Rani and Levy of "Doost Putti" on the occasion.  IOR/R/2/1015/950  1858

File 1848-49. Kolhapur. Birth of a son to H.H. Baba Saheb Maharaj and Levy of "Dastapatti" on the occasion.  IOR/R/2/1015/951  1848-1849

File 1820 Jahagirdar's Misc. New Saranjam of Rs.1,90,000/- grant of - to the Patwardhan.  IOR/R/2/1015/952  1820

File 1886-88 Kurundwad Senior. Claim of the Kurundwad Senior Chief in respect of Inam lands.  IOR/R/2/1015/953  1886-1888

File 1874 Sangli. Compensation of Rs.21/- a year by Governments to Bangli Chief for certain cess in Dodvad.  IOR/R/2/1015/954  1874

File 1903-1909 Kolhapur. Dispute between the Kolhapur and the Gwaliar Darbars about a piece of land at Wadi Ratnagiri.  IOR/R/2/1015/955  1903-1909

File 1858-59 Sangli. Restoration to Bapusaheb Shahapurkar as rewards for his services to Govt. of villages lands held by him and Govt. making the same inheritable, on his death, subject to payment of judi by adopted as well as natural heirs double nazarana being leised on succession of an adopted son.  IOR/R/2/1015/956  1858-1859

File 1929-39 Miraj. Family dispute for partition of property between Chintaman Rao Saheb of Sangli and Mahadeo Rao Saheb of Miraj.  IOR/R/2/1015/957  1925-1939

File 1865-85 Ramdurg. Jalihal Deshgat.  IOR/R/2/1015/958  1865-1885

File 1846-47 Shedbal. Kulkarni Watan of Shedbel. Dispute regarding the -  IOR/R/2/1015/959  1846-1847

File 1910 Ramdurg. Proposals for a bridge over the Malaprabha river and the water works at Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/1015/960  1910

File 1848-59 Tasgaon. Death of Parasharam Bhausaheb Chief of Tasgaum and annexation of Estate to the British Government. Representations of Ramabai Saheb for the - Continuance of the estate to her.  IOR/R/2/1015/961  1848-1859

File 1820-30 Sangli. Sanglikar - Chintamanrao Appa Saheb claim of - to certain fields in the possession of one Maahadaji Marayan Patwardhan - Claim to Gramopadhye Watan in the village of Kotowrey.  IOR/R/2/1015/962  1820-1830

File 1837-45 Kolhapur. Proposed Exchange of villages belonging to the Bharatgad Fort for other villages in the British Districts.  IOR/R/2/1015/963  1837-1845

File 1862-70 Akalkot. Akalkot contingent horse  IOR/R/2/1016/964  1862-1870

File 1881 Mudhol. Death of Hebalappa Desai of Lokapur. Transfer of the management of the estate to the Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/1016/965  1881

File 1836-37 Tasgaon. Imposition of a fine on the Chief for certain cruelties to - prisoners and accused persons.  IOR/R/2/1016/966  1836-1837

File 1836 Kolhapur. Manohargad - Revolt and surrender of the Fort of-  IOR/R/2/1016/967  1836

File 1832 Minute by the right Hon'ble the Governor on the Affairs of the Kolhapur State in 1832.  IOR/R/2/1016/968  1832

File 1925-31 Bhor. Jurisdiction over Roads Exercise of.... on Poona - Bangalore Road passing through Bhor State.  IOR/R/2/1016/969  1925-1931

File 1857 S.M.C. Protection of the S.M. Country Frontier.  IOR/R/2/1016/970  1857

File 1870 Akalkot. Death of Raja of Akalkot - Recognition of the Young Prince.  IOR/R/2/1016/971  1870

File 1929-32 Dispute regarding Kurla Mahal.  IOR/R/2/1016/972  1929-1932

File 1857 S.M.C. G.W. Anderson's report on the Chiefs of the S.M.C.  IOR/R/2/1016/973  1857

File 1893-95 Akalkot. Claim of the Akalkot Chief to the Watan of Patilki at Vorul in Nizam's Dominions.  IOR/R/2/1016/974  1893-1895

File 1913-14 Akalkot. Survey. Settlement of Boundary dispute between Hilli and Manur.  IOR/R/2/1016/975  1913-1914

File 1888-89 Kolhapur. Nazarana Rules in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1016/976  1888-1889

File 1859 Remodelling of the Kolhapur Darbar Establishments.  IOR/R/2/1016/977  1859

File 1846-48 Aundh. Adoption of son by the Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh.  IOR/R/2/1017/978  1846-1848

File 1846-1850 Commutation of Sowar service into money payments Also appointment of a Commandant, a second-in-command and Adjutant and organisation of the Left and Right Wings of the S.M.Horse.  IOR/R/2/1017/979  1846-1850

File 1913-1922 Sangli, Miraj Sr. and Jr. S.M.C. Volume I Sangli and Miraj Sr. and Jr.  IOR/R/2/1017/980  1913-1922

File 1835 Sangli. Chintamanrao Appa Saheb - Request of - for granting the village of Kotawde in Inam.  IOR/R/2/1017/981  1835

File 1827 Ramdurg. Ramdurg Chief Narayanrao Appa - Death of and subsequent correspondence re: succession by adoption.  IOR/R/2/1017/982  1827

File 1876-78 Sangli. Prolongation of the Joint Administration in Sangli.  IOR/R/2/1017/983  1876-1878

File 1904-05 Sangli. Claim of the Chief to the two villages Itga and Adarkatti in the Shirhatte Taluka.  IOR/R/2/1017/984  1904-1905

File 1861-70 Ramdurg. Devasthan at Nargund Transfer of management of the - to the Chief of Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/1017/985  1861-1870

File 1832-37 Mudhol, Hebalappa Desai of - Prays for the restoration of certain lands, hucks, etc. placed under attachment by the Raja of Mudhol.  IOR/R/2/1017/986  1832-1837

File 1923-25 Sawantwadi. Revision settlement of 199 villages in the Sawantwadi State and of 6 villages in the Parma estate in that State.  IOR/R/2/1017/987  1923-1925

File 1886-87 Kolhapur. Claim of the Kagal State to service commutation on Inam lands in Kagal and etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/1017/988  1886-1887

File 1875-76 Kurundwad. Claim of the Senior Chief to (a) Certain lands in Mhysal (b) Levy of Nazarana from Heriditory Watandars.  IOR/R/2/1017/989  1875-1876

File 1828 Savanur. Nargundar - Representation from Dadajirao Venkatesh.  IOR/R/2/1017/990  1828

File 1832 Mudhol. Claim of Govindrao Saheb Ghorpade for the restoration of some villages withheld from him by the Mudhol State.  IOR/R/2/1017/991  1832

File 1866-1881 Kurundwad Jr. Kurundwad Junior State Branch (a) Ganpatrao Harihar entrusted with the management of the Estate (b) Death of Vinayakrao Appa Saheb and recognition of Harihar Rao as his successor etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/1017/992  1866-1881

File 1846-48 Mudhol. Death of Balama Desai of Lokapur Adoption of Hebalappa by Balama and His recognition as Desai and payment of Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/1017/993  1846-1848

File 1882-83 Akalkot. Inam inquiry cases - Inquiry into several grants in perpetuity both of land and money made subsequent to 1848 by the Raja of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/1017/994  1882-1883

File 1906 Akalkot. Claim of Tulaji Fattesingh Raje Bhosale of Akalkot to the Gadi of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/1017/995  1906

File 1895 Kolhapur. Encroachment by the Kolhapur Darbar on the land etc. belonging to the Gwalior Darbar at Wadi Ratnagiri.  IOR/R/2/1017/996  1895

File 1899-1902 Levy of Nazarana from Miraj Jr.  IOR/R/2/1017/997  1899-1902

File 1850-1892 Bhor. - Boundary dispute between the villages of Poona Collectorate and those within the territory of the Pant Sachiv; boundary dispute between the villages in the territories of the Pant Sachiv and of the British Government; Government Resolution sanctioning the payment of compensation to the Chief of Bhor on account of land taken up etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/1017/998  1850-1892

File 1840-46 Kolhapur. Ambaoli and Gela - Claim of the Ichalkaranji Chief to sole jurisdiction in the villages of -  IOR/R/2/1018/999  1840-1846

File 1843-54 History of Native States under Kolhapur and Deccan States Agency - Preparation of -  IOR/R/2/1018/1000  1843-1854

File 1867 Kolhapur. Scheme for the Administration of the Kolhapur Principality during the minority of H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1018/1001  1867

File 1844 Kolhapur. Report to Govt. on the circumstances under which the village of Uknoor and Beerunhat were transferred to the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1018/1002  1844

File 1928-29 Bhor. Sahatra allowance - Claim of... of Chief of Bhor in Nizams dominion.  IOR/R/2/1018/1003  1828-1929

File 1871-75 Kolhapur. Monument at Florence in memory of H.H. Bajaram Maharaj - Erection of the -  IOR/R/2/1018/1004  1871-1875

File 1869 Kolhapur. H.H. Rajaram Maharaja entrusted with the control of the Khasgi Department.  IOR/R/2/1018/1005  1869

File 1878 Kolhapur. Munj and marriage ceremonies of H.H. Shiwaji Maharaj, Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1018/1006  1878

File 1927 Bhor. Relation of Indian States with the Paramount Power and British India.  IOR/R/2/1018/1007  1927

File 1869-70 Kolhapur. His Highness' training of work in administration and his visit to England.  IOR/R/2/1018/1008  1869-1870

File 1870 Kolhapur. Death of H.H. Rajaram Maharaj.  IOR/R/2/1018/1009  1870

File 1898 Kolhapur. Kagal Senior Chief's right for exercising revisionery powers in possessory suits.  IOR/R/2/1018/1010  1898

File 1849 Kolhapur. Two letters sent by the Wakil of the deposed Raja of Satara from England to H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur regarding the etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/1018/1011  1849

File 1869 Akalkot. Information - re: Mints in Native States.  IOR/R/2/1018/1012  1869

File 1907 Akalkot. Claim of Tulaji Fattesingh Raja Bhonsle of Akalkot - to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/1018/1013  1907

File 1855 Kolhapur. History of certain villages in Kolhapur & Vishalgad ceded to British Government.  IOR/R/2/1018/1014  1855

File 1828 Kolhapur. Madhavrao Pandit Pratinidhee's request for restoration of certain villages on the south Bank of Varna.  IOR/R/2/1018/1015  1828

File 1854-1862 Kolhapur. Excess revenue of - paid to Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1018/1016  1854-1862

File 1854-62 Kolhapur. Adjustments of revenues of -.  IOR/R/2/1018/1017  1854-1862

File 1820-21 Sangli. Cession by Chief of Sangli to Govt. of territory in lieu of Horse contingent.  IOR/R/2/1018/1018  1820-1821

File 1854 Kolhapur. Adjustment of Revenues.  IOR/R/2/1018/1019  1854

File 1872-73 Mudhol. Representations on behalf of the Desai of Lokapur regarding his right of permitting certain Watandars to adopt an heir and levy - Nazarana - also his claim to certain lands.  IOR/R/2/1019/1020  1872-1873

File 1927-29 Sawantwadi. Payment of Military pensioners residing in the Sawantwadi State.  IOR/R/2/1019/1021  1927-1929

File 1843-1853 Mudhol. Disputes between Govindrao Saheb and his adoptive mother Gunwantabai Bai Saheb of Machaknur.  IOR/R/2/1019/1022  1843-1853

File 1842 Kolhapur. Attempts to poison Tarabai Rani Saheb mother of H.H. Baba Saheb Maharaj.  IOR/R/2/1019/1023  1842

File 1812-13 Treaties with the Chiefs of the Southern Mahratta Country.  IOR/R/2/1019/1024  1812-1813

File 1877 Kolhapur. Report on the administration of Local Funds in the Kolhapur State.  IOR/R/2/1019/1025  1877

File 1932 Akalkot. State inquiry committee:- Information re: cash payments made by Govt. to Ruling Chiefs Princes under treaties and payment to Govt. by Indian States on account of lapsed Kadim Inams.  IOR/R/2/1019/1026  1932

File 1934 Kurundwad Jr. Recognition of the succession of Meh. Ganpatrao Trimbakrao to the non-Jurisdictional Chiefship of the Kurundwad Jr. State and other matters pertaining to his State Share etc.  IOR/R/2/1019/1027  1934

File 1858-59 Kolhapur. Proposed reduction of the S.M. Horse. Also reduction of a detachment of the Kolhapur Local Infantry posted at Satara to 2 companies.  IOR/R/2/1019/1028  1858-1859

File 1835 Sangli. Deshmukhi Haks of the Nimbalkar of Savarde - Resumption of Chintamanrao Restoration of - By Government.  IOR/R/2/1019/1029  1835

File 1885-88 Kolhapur. Kolhapur Darbar's claim to a moiety of the revenues of village Tirawade in the Malvan Taluka of Ratnagiri Collectorate.  IOR/R/2/1019/1030  1885-1888

File 1930 Akalkot. Resumption of cash allowance held by the Kasbekar family.  IOR/R/2/1019/1031  1930

File 1916 Akalkot. Investiture of the Raja of Akalkot.  IOR/R/2/1019/1032  1916

File 1922 Kolhapur. Request of the Darbar that the income from the Sheri lands at Shri Narasobachi wadi may be handed over to it for management.  IOR/R/2/1019/1033  1922

File 1919 Kolhapur. Alienation by H.H. of the village Pal to his nephew Meherban Jayasingrao Pirajirao Ghatge.  IOR/R/2/1019/1034  1919

File 1856-62 Kolhapur. Correspondence with the Revenue Commissioner re: the proposed amaxation of the Ichalkaranji Jaghir to the Br. Territory in part payment etc.  IOR/R/2/1019/1035  1856-1862

File 1893 Aundh. Treatment of cash allowance of Rs.1000/- payable to the Chief of Aundh. etc.  IOR/R/2/1019/1036  1893

File 1919-1926 Bhor. Land acquisition for Nira Right Bank Canal.  IOR/R/2/1019/1037  1919-1926

File 1893-1917 Graves - Native States - Regarding the maintenance and repairs to the Graves of Europeans situated in isolated places in Native States.  IOR/R/2/1019/1038  1893-1917

File 1859 Ramdurg. Permission to adopt a son given to Ramrao Saheb the Chief of Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/1019/1039  1859

File 1826 Ramdurg. Ramdurg and Torgal Chiefs. Affray between -.  IOR/R/2/1020/1040  1826

File 1917 Kurundwad Jr. Death of Meherban Daji Saheb and installation of Meherban Bapusaheb.  IOR/R/2/1020/1041  1917

File 1899 Kurundwad Jr. Death of Ganpatrao Bapusaheb one of the Chiefs of Kurundwad Jr. and subsequent arrangement for the administration of the State, etc.  IOR/R/2/1020/1042  1899

File 1866 Ramdurg. Adoption of Yogirao Saheb by Ramrao Naraya Chief of Ramdurg also Ramrao Saheb's request to be exempted from the payment of Nazarana negatived by Government.  IOR/R/2/1020/1043  1866

File 1876 Miraj Jr. Death of Laxmanrao Annasaheb and Investiture of Hariharrao saheb with the administration of the estate.  IOR/R/2/1020/1044  1876

File 1876-78 Kurundwad Sr. Death of Raghunathrao Dadasaheb and Succession of Chintamanrao Balasaheb to his estate.  IOR/R/2/1020/1045  1876-1878

File 1879-85 Kadim Inams in Native States - Enquiring into -  IOR/R/2/1020/1046  1879-1885

File 1926 Sawantwadi. Condition of cemeteries in Amboli and Sawantwadi.  IOR/R/2/1020/1047  1926

File 1843-1932 Ramdurg. Ramdurg Inamati Lands.  IOR/R/2/1020/1048  1843-1932

File 1883 Miraj Jr. Sardeshmukhi of Nimblak in the Satara Collectorats - Claim of the Miraj Jr. Chief to the -  IOR/R/2/1020/1049  1883

File 1851 Mudhol. Ballappa Emdi Anakham Desai's claim to the village of Belguli.  IOR/R/2/1020/1050  1851

File 1906 Miraj Jr. Khot Lonarwadi case in which the Saranjamdar of Deshing had made the land Sheri.  IOR/R/2/1020/1051  1906

File 1867-68 Kolhapur. Munj and Marriage ceremonies of H.H. Rajaram Maharaj.  IOR/R/2/1020/1052  1867-1868

File 1845-49 Kolhapur. Formation of the Red coated Rissala.  IOR/R/2/1020/1053  1845-1849

File 1870-73 Kolhapur. H.H. Shivaji Maharaj - Adoption of -  IOR/R/2/1020/1054  1870-1873

File 1865-70 Wadi Jaghir. Mokassa Umal of Jattegaon in Khandesh.  IOR/R/2/1020/1055  1865-1870

File 1885-86 Kurundwad Sr. Dispute between the Kurundwad Sr. Chief and the Rayats and Hakdars of Tikota regarding "Meti" rights.  IOR/R/2/1020/1056  1885-1886

File 1886-88 Kolhapur. Claim of Kolhapur Darbar to certain holdings in the Ratnagiri Collectoriat.  IOR/R/2/1020/1057  1886-1888

File 1832-1844 Kolhapur. Torgalkar Laxmanrao Saheb Scinde, Sena Khasgeet - Soliciting the interference of the British Government in obtaining for him the restoration of certain villages resumed by H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1021/1058  1832-1844

File 1890 Kolhapur. Certain lands in the Satara collectorate standing in the name of H.H. the Maharaja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1021/1059  1890

File 1885-86 Kolhapur. 24 inscriptions at Panhala - Translation of the - made by Colonel Watson.  IOR/R/2/1021/1060  1885-1886

File 1839-1844 Miraj Jr. Sequestration by Govt. of - Mirajkar's 15 villages for liquidation of debts, etc.  IOR/R/2/1021/1061  1839-1844

File 1910-11 Kurundwad Jr. Division of the amount of Abri compensation between the two Chiefs of K'wad Jr.  IOR/R/2/1021/1062  1910-1911

File 1900 Kurundwad Jr. Correspondence in connection with conduct of the Administrative business of the State by Meherban Daji Saheb and Bhausaheb Chief of Kurundwad Jr.  IOR/R/2/1021/1063  1900

File 1887-93 Bhor. Govt. Resolution sanctioning the appointment of Rao Bahadur Shitaram Damodar for carrying out the demarkation in the Bhor State for the Forest Committee.  IOR/R/2/1021/1064  1887-1893

File 1844 Kolhapur. Fort of Vishalgad - recapture of the - from the Rebels.  IOR/R/2/1021/1065  1844

File 1876-1890 Sangli. Levy of local cess on certain lands in the village of Sullebhavi formerly held by the Desai of Kittur and now lapsed to the British Govt. Claim of the Sangli State to the - admitted by the Belgaum Collector.  IOR/R/2/1021/1066  1876-1890

File 1821 Kolhapur. Kolhapur State - Murder of H.H. the Raja.  IOR/R/2/1021/1067  1821

File 1905-1907 Kurundwad Jr. Judi claimed by the Kurundwad Junior State on the Patiliki land at Tarihal now in the enjoyment of Government.  IOR/R/2/1021/1068  1905-1907

File 1862-63 Kolhapur. Adoption and succession Sanads - Grant of - to H.H. the Raja of Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/1021/1069  1862-1863

File 1909 Miraj Jr. Claim of the Chief of Miraj Jr. for the restoration to him of certain Inam lands at Karkamb in respect of which the Collector of Sholapur has demanded adoption nazarana from him.  IOR/R/2/1021/1070  1909

File 1899 Miraj Jr. Adoption of the young Chief of Miraj Jr.  IOR/R/2/1021/1071  1899

File 1859 Ramdurg. Permission to adopt a son by the Chief of Ramdurg.  IOR/R/2/1021/1072  1859

Kolhapur Residency non-confidential volumes  [no ref.]  1821-1934

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File 1844-49 1 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/1/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 2(A) Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/2/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 2(B) Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/3/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 3 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/4/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 4 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/5/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 5 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/6/K  1844-1849

File 1844-49 6 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/7/K  1844-1849

File 1844-53 7 Kolhapur. Rebellion.  IOR/R/2/9/8/K  1844-1853

File 1857 1(A) Mutiny.  IOR/R/2/9/9/K  1857

File 1857 1(B) Mutiny.  IOR/R/2/9/10/K  1857

File 1857 2 Mutiny.  IOR/R/2/9/11/K  1857

File 1857 3 Mutiny.  IOR/R/2/9/12/K  1857

File 1884-1926 1 Jath. Umarani Saranjam.  IOR/R/2/9/13/J  1884-1926

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File 1915-29 2 Jath. Umarani Saranjam  IOR/R/2/9/14/J  1915-1929

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File 1850-1923 2 Jath.  IOR/R/2/9/15/J  1850-1926

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File 1875-81 IV  IOR/R/2/9/16/J  1875-1881

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File 1874-90 VII Jath Misc.  IOR/R/2/9/17/J  1874-1890

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File 1896-1925 XII Jath.  IOR/R/2/9/18/J  1896-1925

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File 1897-1912 I Bhor. Delhi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/9/19/C  1897-1912

File 1898-1911 I Nasarapur Missionaries.  IOR/R/2/9/20/C  1898-1911

File 1888-1915 II Survey.  IOR/R/2/9/21/C  1888-1915

File 1873-86 I P.W.D.  IOR/R/2/9/22/C  1873-1886

File 1921-25 VI P.W.D.  IOR/R/2/9/23/C  1921-1925

File 1925-29 VII P.W.D.  IOR/R/2/9/24/C  1925-1929

File 1908-10 IX P.W.D.  IOR/R/2/9/25/C  1908-1910

File 1844-65 I Aundh. Correspondence regarding Roosoom claimed by the Chief of Sorapur on the 24 villages in the Bagawari Pargana from the Pant Pretinidhi and British Government, ending with London India Office No.37 of 30th November 1865.  IOR/R/2/9/26/B  1844-1865

File 1902-08 XI Partition of Khasagi and Kinhai property.  IOR/R/2/9/27/B  1902-1908

File 1903-12 XXII Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/9/28/K  1903-1912

Conditions of access: For index see subject index in volume.

File 1900-11 VIII Dispute between Kagal Junior and Kolhapur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/9/29/K  1910-1911

File 1899-1913 IX Dispute between Kagal Senior and Kagal Junior.  IOR/R/2/9/30/K  1899-1913

File 1886-92 II Claims of Kapshi against Kolhapur.  IOR/R/2/9/31/K  1886-1992

File 1916-22 I Sawantwadi. Survey.  IOR/R/2/9/32/S  1916-1922

File 1848-61 III(1) Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/33/T  1848-1861

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File 1848-61 III(2) Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/34/T  1848-1861

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File 1826-38 VII Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/35/T  1826-1838

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File 1889 VI Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/36/T  1889

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File 1821-23 VIII Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/37/T  1821-1823

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File 1897-98 IX Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/38/T  1897-1898

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File 1903-12 X Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/39/T  1903-1912

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File 1841-82 IV Jaghirdar(Misc.)  IOR/R/2/9/40/T  1841-1882

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File 1841-82 I Jamkhandi.  IOR/R/2/9/41/F  1841-1882

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File 1879-85 I Kolhapur. Opium.  IOR/R/2/9/42/K  1879-1885

File 1886-1900 II Opium.  IOR/R/2/9/43/K  1886-1900

File 1908-34 VIII Mendoli enquiry case.  IOR/R/2/9/44/K  1908-1934

File 1923-34 XV Himmat Bahadur  IOR/R/2/9/45/K  1924-1934

Conditions of access: For index see subject index in volume

File 1926-33 XII Miraj Senior and Junior. Dispute between the Miraj Senior and Junior States regarding the right to exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction over the land known as "Miraj Mala".  IOR/R/2/9/46/K  1926-1933

File 1850-81 I Kurundwad. Partition of the Kurundwad Estate.  IOR/R/2/9/47/L  1850-1881

File 1929-32 I Dispute between the Inamdars and the Ryots of Ambewadi under the Kurundwad Senior State.  IOR/R/2/9/48/L  1929-1932

File 1929-32 II Dispute between the Inamdars and the Ryots of Ambewadi under the Kurundwad Senior State.  IOR/R/2/9/49/L  1929-1932

File 1893-1912 III Kolhapur Residency. Boundary disputes.  IOR/R/2/9/50/K  1893-1912

Kolhapur and Deccan States: Bombay Political Department volumes  IOR/R/2/9 (1/107) - R/2/9 (916/173)  1823-1908

Administrative history:
KG serial numbers

Comprises correspondence with the rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces. These are Bombay Political Department Records dating from the period before 1924 when Kolhapur and the Deccan States were in political relations with the Government of Bombay, and sent to the Resident in Kolhapur after the States were placed in direct political relations with the central government.
The contemporary index volumes may be requisiitioned as follows:
R/1/6/151 Index for 1823-1857
R/1/6/152 Index for 1858-1872
R/1/6/153 Index for 1873-1885
R/1/6/154 Index for 1886-1908
To requisition files from R/1/6/151, state R/2/9 and give the pencil number followed by the second (or sole) element of the typed volume number, e.g. R/2/9 (1/107).
To requisition files from R/1/6/152-154, state R/2/9 and give the pencil number followed by the typed 'Comp.' number, e.g. R/2/9 (916/173). Only those entries with red crayon ticks and pencil numbers are present in the collection: entries not so marked refer to files retained in India.

Madras States Agency  IOR/R/2/879/1 - R/2/903/442  No date

Madras States Agency (Travancore, Cochin, Pudukkotai) Confidential Disposals  [no ref.]  1813-1946

File 1813 Travancore Succession - Rani Lakshim Baji and the pretender Elaya Raja Kerala Varma.  IOR/R/2/879/1  1813

File Dis. No. 1/1857 Travancore adoption in 1857.  IOR/R/2/879/2  1857

File Dis. 1/1872 Education - Memorandum by Sir Alexander Arbuthnot.  IOR/R/2/879/3  1872

File Dis. 2/1875 A banner for the Maharaja of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/4  1875

File Dis. 3/1876 Bishop Methis Versus Visitor Apostolic.  IOR/R/2/879/5  1876

File Dis. 9/1876 Armourial Bearings for Travancore and Cochin Families.  IOR/R/2/879/6  1876

File Dis. 14/1876 H.H. the Travancore Maharaja's visit to Calcutta.  IOR/R/2/879/7  1876

File Dis. 2/1877 Mr. Seshia Sastvi's retirement and Mr. Nanoo Pillai's appointment as Dewan of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/8  1877

File Dis. 4/1877 Reception of Native Princes at Calcutta.  IOR/R/2/879/9  1877

File Dis. 8/1877 Preparation of the Budget - Resident's letter to the Maharaja and H.H.'s reply.  IOR/R/2/879/10  1877

File Dis. 13/1877 Dewan Sastria Sastvi's renewal of agreement.  IOR/R/2/879/11  1877

File Dis. 18/1877 Orders on England for stores to go through the Dewan.  IOR/R/2/879/12  1877

File Dis. 9/1878 Europeans residing in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/13  1878

File Dis. 18/1878 Sale of waste lands for Coffee cultivation in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/14  1878

File 1878 Correspondence re: expulsion of Capt. Gray and Mons. Monteur from Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/15  1878

File Dis. 8/1879 Press Correspondents at Darbars.  IOR/R/2/879/16  1879

File Dis. 9/1879 Officering Nayar Brigade.  IOR/R/2/879/17  1879

File Dis. 14/1879 Pleaders etc. of European origin.  IOR/R/2/879/18  1879

File Dis. 1/1882 Acts, Rules and Regulations - approval of bills by the Madras Govt. and the Resident.  IOR/R/2/879/19  1882

File Dis. 2/1882 Installation of Thackudaya Kaimal.  IOR/R/2/879/20  1882

File 1884 Pudukkottai Ceremonials.  IOR/R/2/879/21  1884-1895

File Dis. 1/1885 Resident to watch carefully all important things going on in Travancore and Cochin and to show Govt. that he is doing so.  IOR/R/2/879/22  1885

File Dis. 6/1885 Formation of volunteers in Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/879/23  1885

File Dis. 7/1885 Syrian Church Dispute - Mar Athanisius asking for Resident's interference.  IOR/R/2/879/24  1885

File Dis. 10/1885 Periyar Project.  IOR/R/2/879/25  1885

File Dis. 10/1885 Pudukkottai Installation.  IOR/R/2/879/26  1886

File Dis. 11/1890 Travancore Maharaja' - Presentation of a goblet to the Viceroy and the rules regarding such matters.  IOR/R/2/879/27  1890

File Dis. 14/1890 Mr. Grigg's confidential report on Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/879/28  1890

File Dis. 11/1891 Suchindram Pollution Case - Jacob and Horsley.  IOR/R/2/879/29  1891

File Dis. 23/1891 Travancore Legislative Council - Resident's opinion - when to be obtained during the passage of a bill.  IOR/R/2/879/30  1891

File Dis. 27/1891 Review by Dewan's of administration reports of Departments.  IOR/R/2/879/31  1891

File Dis. 20/1892 Estates Rent Recovery Bill and Suits valuation Bills, Travancore, becoming law.  IOR/R/2/879/32  1892

File Dis. 28/1894 Disability of Christians in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/879/33  1894

File Dis. 29/1894 Kottayam Brahmin Palaya case.  IOR/R/2/879/34  1894

File No. 237/1894 Installation - Pudukkottai.  IOR/R/2/879/35  1894

File Dis. 4/1895 Ruling family - Cochin - Illness and death of Veerakerala Varma Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/879/36  1895

File Dis. 13/1895 Rules at Mysore for regulating Residency visiting list.  IOR/R/2/879/37  1895

File Dis. 25/1895 Article in Travancore Times headed "British Govt." connection with Idolatory - Resident asked for information.  IOR/R/2/879/38  1895

File Dis. 35/1895 Death of Mr. Grigg, C.I.E.,  IOR/R/2/879/39  1895

File Dis. 4/1896 Cochin Raja's salute.  IOR/R/2/879/40  1896

File Dis. 39/1896 Mr. Ree's tour to Devicolam and his notes on High Range Road.  IOR/R/2/879/41  1896

File Dis. 40/1896 Trichur Peshkar Narayana Menon.  IOR/R/2/879/42  1896

File Dis. 1/1897 Missionaries and Travancore Grant-in-aid Code.  IOR/R/2/879/43  1897

File Dis. 5/1897 Employment of more natives under the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/879/44  1897

File Dis. 8/1897 Travancore chief Justice on a sentence of death passed upon a juvenile offender in Cochin.  IOR/R/2/879/45  1897

File Dis. 12/1897 M/S Prince and Labouchardiere and invitations.  IOR/R/2/879/46  1897

File Dis. 25/1897 Travancore Senior Ranis visit to Lady Havelock.  IOR/R/2/879/47  1897

File Dis. 31/1897 Garlanding of papers invited for Darbars.  IOR/R/2/880/48  1897

File Dis. 48/1897 Residency Jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/880/49  1897

File Dis. 4/1898 Salute of Travancore Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/880/50  1898

File Dis. 5/1898 Venetian Coins in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/880/51  1898

File Dis. 16/1898 Travancore Maharaja Salutes.  IOR/R/2/880/52  1898

File Dis. 23/1898 Marumakkathayam Marriage bill.  IOR/R/2/880/53  1898

File Dis. 7/1899 Palace Expenditure in Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/54  1899

File Dis. 3/1900 Syrian and other churches.  IOR/R/2/880/55  1900

File Dis. 10/1900 Travancore adoption and the Elaye Raja's objections.  IOR/R/2/880/56  1900

File Dis. 23/1900 Cochin Chief Court Bill.  IOR/R/2/880/57  1900

File Dis. 24/1900 Re: Signature of Bishop Hodges. The Anglican Bishop in Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/58  1900

File Dis. 4/1901 Cochin Rajkumar's letter of the 9th Heir of Cochin and Resident's remarks.  IOR/R/2/880/59  1901

File Dis. 5/1901 Invitation to H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore to attend the Coronation of King Edward VII in London.  IOR/R/2/880/60  1901

File Dis. 9/1901 Grant of personal interview by H.E. the Governor to Mr. Sri Narayanan Tampi, Maharaja's son.  IOR/R/2/880/61  1901

File Dis. 10/1903 Re: sending petitions addressed to Government to the Dewan for remarks.  IOR/R/2/880/62  1903

File 1904 Printed Papers re: Kothayam College Endowment etc. given to Mr. Andrew by Rev. Sell.  IOR/R/2/880/63  1904

File Dis. 32/1905 Petitions of Mercy to Local Govts. by Criminals condemned to Capital punishment by Chief Courts of Travancore and Cochin or their relatives.  IOR/R/2/880/64  1905

File Dis. 40/1905 G.O. G.23 Pol. of 20.10.05 - letters of invitation to the Maharaja of Travancore and Raja of Cochin from H.E. the Governor of Madras.  IOR/R/2/880/65  1905

File Dis. 45/1905 Visit of the Governor of Goa to Cochin for the Consecration of the Roman Catholic Cathedral Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/66  1905

File Dis. 47/1905 Cochin Raja's proposed abdication in 1905.  IOR/R/2/880/67  1905

File Dis. 183/1905 Invitation to R.R.H. the Prince of Wales from the Travancore and Cochin Raja's.  IOR/R/2/880/68  1905

File Dis. 7/1905 File ref. Richardson's Case.  IOR/R/2/880/69  1905

File 1905 Administration. Travancore. Correspondence between Dewan and Resident.  IOR/R/2/880/70  1905

File Dis. 10/1906 Demi-official Correspondence regarding Prince of Wales Visit.  IOR/R/2/880/71  1906

File Dis. 16/1906 Residence of Europeans in Native States - discontinuance of practice of consulting Darbars.  IOR/R/2/880/72  1906

File Dis. 29/1906 Church at Alleppey - eviction of building in front of church. Taking action under Travancore Land Conservancy Regulation.  IOR/R/2/880/73  1906

File Dis. 45/1906 Residence of Europeans - explaining circumstances under which practice of consulting Darbars was discontinued.  IOR/R/2/880/74  1906

File Dis. 48/1906 Forwarding of draft-Regulations by Travancore Darbar to Madras Government before introducing in Legislative Council.  IOR/R/2/880/75  1906

File Dis. 50/1906 Church at Allepey - Land encroachment.  IOR/R/2/880/76  1906

File Dis. 61/1906 Appointment of Mr. Bannerjee as Dewan of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/77  1906

File re: 1907 Prohibition against Catholic children studying in non-Catholic schools.  IOR/R/2/880/78  1907

File Dis. 25/1907 Imperial Defence Scheme - Contribution from Travancore towards -  IOR/R/2/880/79  1907

File Dis. 26/1907 Impl. Defence Scheme - Contribution from Cochin towards the -  IOR/R/2/880/80  1907

File Dis. 34/1907 Railways in Native States.  IOR/R/2/880/81  1907

File Dis. 40/1907 Opening of Telegraph offices in Native States.  IOR/R/2/880/82  1907

File Dis. 8/1908 Residence and acquisition of property by Europeans and Americans in Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/83  1908

File Dis. 11/1908 Residence and acquisition of property by Europeans and Americans in Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/84  1908

File Dis. 17/1908 Pallivasal Water Power.  IOR/R/2/880/85  1908

File Dis. 23/1908 Special Appellate Court - for trial of European British subjects.  IOR/R/2/880/86  1908

File Dis. 24/1908 Relations between Resident and Cochin Darbar.  IOR/R/2/880/87  1908

File Dis. 41/1908 Commending Mar Timothans Chaldean Bishop of Malabar to the good offices of H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore and Raja of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/880/88  1908

File Dis. 44/1908 Submitting records of criminal cases to Resident for advice where capital punishment is awarded.  IOR/R/2/880/89  1908

File Dis. 63/1909 Visit of Maharaja of Travancore and Raja of Cochin to Madras in connection with H.E. Lord Minto's visit.  IOR/R/2/880/90  1909

File Dis. 67/1909 Viceroy's visit to Madras.  IOR/R/2/881/91  1909

File Dis. 22/1910 Alwar Chetti's Case - Forests.  IOR/R/2/881/92  1910

File Dis. 60/1910 Appointment of Thampurans of Cochin to some judicial appointments in British Service.  IOR/R/2/881/93  1910

File Dis. 1/1911 Powers of H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore to pass laws independently of the Legislative Council.  IOR/R/2/881/94  1911

File Dis. 3/1911 St. Thomas Syrian Church - Letter to Resident from Most Rev. Titus Marthoma.  IOR/R/2/881/95  1911

File Dis. 14/1911 Cochin Tampurans. Employment in British service and proposals for education.  IOR/R/2/881/96  1911

File Dis. 15/1911 Raising of personal salute of Raja of Cochin from 17 to 19 guns.  IOR/R/2/881/97  1911

File Dis. 35/1911 Precedence among European Officers of the Darbars and British Officers in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/881/98  1911

File Dis. 45/1911 Strike among Nayar Brigade men - release of ringleaders.  IOR/R/2/881/99  1911

File Dis. 48/1911 Use of H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore is motor car by the Resident.  IOR/R/2/881/100  1911

File Dis. 51/1911 Dewan of Cochin - Appointment of successor to Mr. Banerjee.  IOR/R/2/881/101  1911

File Dis. 217/1911 Vols. I and II, III, Thachudaya Kaimal Stanam.  IOR/R/2/881/102  1911

File Dis. 10/1912 Ashe Murder Case.  IOR/R/2/881/103  1912

File Dis. 25/1912 Appointment of Thachudaya Kaimal at Irinjalakuda.  IOR/R/2/882/104  1912

File of Correspondence 1912-14 re: Thachudaya Kaimal's Case Confidential papers subsequent to Secy. of State's decision.  IOR/R/2/882/105  1912-1914

File Dis. 36/1913 Petitions before Special Magistrates in Travancore and Cochin's Procedure to be adopted.  IOR/R/2/882/106  1913

File Dis. 47/1913 Direct Correspondence between H.H. the Raja of Cochin and H.E. the Viceroy re: appointment of the 24th Tampuran in the Financial Dept. of the G. of I. and remarks of the Madras Govt.  IOR/R/2/882/107  1913

File Dis. 3/1914 Cooly Crimping Case - Resident's remarks on the Judgment of the Sessions Judge, Kettayam in the Slavery Case in the Travancore High Lands.  IOR/R/2/882/108  1914

File Dis. 8/1914 Importation of Cigars through the Post by Dr. Perkins - censure passed on Excise Commissioner, Travancore for threatening Dr. Perkins with arrest.  IOR/R/2/882/109  1914

File Dis. 16/1914 Advisory Council for Cochin -  IOR/R/2/882/110  1914

File Dis. 35/1914 Allegations against Mr. C.W. Schomberg that he was holding communication with the Captain of German Cruiser "Emden" off the coast of Colachely.  IOR/R/2/882/111  1914

File Dis. 39/1914 Resident's note on H.E. the Governor's tour to Travancore and Cochin in 1914.  IOR/R/2/882/112  1914

File Dis. 49/1914 Re: the health of the Consort of the Junior Rani of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/882/113  1914

File Dis. 53/1914 Cochin Tensncy Bill. H.H. the Raja of Cochin's letter to the Governor of Madras.  IOR/R/2/882/114  1914

File Dis. 42/1915 Purchase of property at Coonor by H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore.Sanction refused by the Madras Govt.  IOR/R/2/882/115  1915

File Dis. 53/1915 The Imperial Maritime League London - H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore and the Raja of Cochin advised not to reply to the Hon. Secretary.  IOR/R/2/882/116  1915

File Dis. 91/1915 Poy Kayil Yohannan - Religious movement started by -  IOR/R/2/882/117  1915

File Dis. 9/1916 H.H. the Ex-Raja of Cochin - exchange of visits with the Governor of Madras.  IOR/R/2/882/118  1916

File Dis. 34/1916 Nazrani Deepika - publication of war news -  IOR/R/2/882/119  1916

File Dis. 61/1916 Floating of Loan by Travancore Darbar for construction of Quilon-Travancore Rly. extension.  IOR/R/2/882/120  1916

File Dis. 69/1916 Cochin Deraswam Funds - grant of loans by Darbar on security of landed property in British India.  IOR/R/2/882/121  1916

File Dis. 112/16 Calls between Ruling Chiefs and members of Executive Council.  IOR/R/2/882/122  1916

File Dis. 45/1917 Indian War Loan - inviting Co-operation of Darbars.  IOR/R/2/882/123  1917

File Dis. 59/17 Zamorin's property - taking over of the arrangement by the Court of Wards.  IOR/R/2/882/124  1917

File Dis. 81/1917 Remission of Customs Duty on tea sold to the War Office by M/S Harrison and Crosfield Ltd. Quilon.  IOR/R/2/882/125  1917

File Dis. 108/1917 Supply of Monazite - enquiry by Radium Luminous Material, Corporation, U.S.A.  IOR/R/2/882/126  1917

Koodalmonickum Devaswam Proclamation - 1917.  IOR/R/2/882/127  1917

File Dis. 56/1918 Constitutional Reforms recommended by the Viceroy and Secy. of State. Consulting the Darbars re: -  IOR/R/2/882/128  1918

File Dis. 57/1918 Edapalli Chief - Memorial for independent status.  IOR/R/2/882/129  1918

File Dis. 77/1918 Treaty rights - Enquiry whether there had been any infringments to Trav. and Cochin Darbars.  IOR/R/2/883/130  1918

File Dis. 90/1918 Ships owned by subjects of Native States - flying of flags.  IOR/R/2/883/131  1918

File Dis. 93/1918 Zirconium License - granted to Mr. Schomburgh.  IOR/R/2/883/132  1918

File Dis. 97/1918 Mica-seizure of illicit - from the godowns of M/S Hopkins and Williams, Colachel.  IOR/R/2/883/133  1918

File Dis. 99/1918 Dewan of Cochin - Appointment of Mr. Vijayaroghavacharya.  IOR/R/2/883/134  1918

File Dis. 100/1918 Friction between Dewan Mr. Bhore and the Raja of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/883/135  1918

File Dis. 23/1919 Travancore Legislative Council Regulation V of 1073 - Order on draft bill.  IOR/R/2/883/136  1919

File Dis. 27/1919 Complaint of the Ex-Raja of Cochin that he is not being consulted in regard to State matters.  IOR/R/2/883/137  1919

File Dis. 53/1919 Cochin Hydro Electric Scheme - Information given to H.M.'S Trade Commr. and the complaint against American competition in Electrical Machinery.  IOR/R/2/883/138  1919

File Dis. 55/1919 Koodalmanickam Devaswom dispute and - Scheme of Management - 3 vols.  IOR/R/2/883/139  1919

File Dis. 56/1919 Koodalmanikam Devaswam. Proclamations of Travancore and Cochin Darbars - and Act I of 1919 of Madras Government.  IOR/R/2/883/140  1919

File Dis. 64/1919 Zircon Sand - Travancore Minerals Co. to collect Letter of Recommendation from India Office.  IOR/R/2/883/141  1919

File Dis. 11/1922 Travancore Devaswam Proclamation - Separation of Devaswams from Revenue Dept.  IOR/R/2/883/142  1922

File Dis. 37/22 Leper Asylum Trichur - abandonment of the building at Anapara.  IOR/R/2/883/143  1922

File Dis. 34/1922 Dewan of Cochin. Appointment of Mr. Narayana Menon.  IOR/R/2/883/144  1922

File Dis. 21/1924 Ruling Family - Travancore - Death of Sri Mulam Thirunal - Succession of Sri Chithira Thirmal and Regency.  IOR/R/2/883/145  1924

File Dis. 23/1924 Jewels - Chellam vakai of Travancore. Valuation by M/S P. Orr and Sons.  IOR/R/2/884/146  1925

File Dis. 24/1924 Dewanship of Travancore - appointment of Mr. Watts as Dewan.  IOR/R/2/884/147  1924

File Dis. 25/1924 Cochin Dewan - retirement of Mr. Naryana Menon and appointment of Mr. Harayana Iyer - Govt. of India views re - their sanction for such appointments.  IOR/R/2/884/148  1924

File C/24 Honours and titles - Maharani to the Ranis of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/884/149  1924

File Dis. 6/25 Cochin State - High appointments - Consultation of the Political Officer by the Dewan.  IOR/R/2/884/150  1925

File Dis. 11/1925 Civil List allce. of the Maharaja and Maharani Regent of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/884/151  1925

File Dis. 19/1925 Pallivasal Power House Scheme Travancore agreement with K.D.H.P. Coy.  IOR/R/2/884/152  1925

File Dis. 22/1925 Western Palace Jaghirdar - Pudukkottah.  IOR/R/2/884/153  1925

File Dis. 29/1925 Special offences Regulation - Travancore.  IOR/R/2/884/154  1925

File Dis. 30/1925 Dewan of Travancore - Junior Maharani's protest against the appt. of Mr. Watts.  IOR/R/2/884/155  1925

File Dis. 34/25 Travancore Maharani Regent. Salute and escort within the State.  IOR/R/2/884/156  1925

File Dis. 37/1925 Valia Kirl Tampairam of Travancore - articles in the "Jam Nabhoom" against  IOR/R/2/884/157  1925

File 38/25 Travancore Sovereignty Interpreter Regulation.  IOR/R/2/884/158  1925

File Dis. 31/1926 A.G.G's powers of interference - short note on -  IOR/R/2/884/159  1926

File Dis. 7/26 Kharitas - Procedure for presentation of -  IOR/R/2/884/160  1926

File Dis. 37/26 Maharani Regent of Travancore - Political status of -  IOR/R/2/884/161  1926

File Dis. 25/1927 Darbar Ceremonials - question of the position of A.G.G's chair at Darbars.  IOR/R/2/884/162  1927

File Dis. 27/1927 Brooke Bond concession - Junior Maharani's protest etc.  IOR/R/2/884/163  1927

File Dis. 43/1927 Ruling family Cochin Proclamation taking over management of Anna Raja's Estate by the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/884/164  1927

File Dis. 19/28 Pudukkottai Palace members - memorials from - for increased allowances - 2 volumes.  IOR/R/2/884/165  1928

File Dis. 21/28 Maharani Regent of Travancoore - status allces. and dignities after expiration of Regency.  IOR/R/2/885/166  1928

File Dis. 32/28 Tour of H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore to North India.  IOR/R/2/885/167  1928

File Dis. 54/28 Ruling family - Pudukkottai - Martanda Sydney's relations and claims upon the Pudukkottai State.  IOR/R/2/885/168  1928

File Dis. 55/28 Pudukkottai succession - Installation of Rajagopala Tondaiman to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/885/169  1928

File Dis. 63/28 Appointment of Mr. C.G. Herbert as Dewan of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/885/170  1928

File Dis. 16/29 Nayar Brigade Travancore - reorganisation of -  IOR/R/2/885/171  1929

File Dis. 17/29 Precedence Koil Tampurans to have over Dewan.  IOR/R/2/885/172  1929

File Dis. 27/29 Pudukkottai Administration during minority.  IOR/R/2/885/173  1929

File Dis. 54/29 Valia Koil Tampuran - State Banquet, protest against seat assigned.  IOR/R/2/885/174  1929

File Dis. 55/29 Status of Valia Koil Tampuran.  IOR/R/2/885/175  1929

File Dis. 56/29 H.E. the Viceroy's visit to Travancore and Cochin - reception at Guest House Trivandrum - order of precedence.  IOR/R/2/885/176  1929

File Dis. 72/29 H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore - education of - and termination of minority, 3 volumes.  IOR/R/2/885/177  1929

File Dis. 74/29 Regency in Travancore - termination of - when Maharaja attained the age of 18 - Sir C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar's memorandum.  IOR/R/2/886/178  1929

File Dis. 75/29 Dewanship of Travancore - appointment of Mr. V.S. Subramania Iyer to succeed Mr. Watts.  IOR/R/2/886/179  1929

File Dis. 77/29 Ruling family Cochin. Complaint of the Junior Tamparans about the administration of Palace funds.  IOR/R/2/886/180  1929

File Dis. 2306/29 Koodalmanickum Davaswam - Thachudaya Kaimal - enquiry into the Character and Conduct of the Thachudaya Kaimal, in 4 volumes.  IOR/R/2/886/181  1929

File Dis. 32/30 Cochin Palace expenditure - fund for grant of relief to widows of deceased Tampuram.  IOR/R/2/886/182  1930

File Dis. 86/30 Travancore Devaswam Commissioner appointment of Mr. Venkatarama Iyer. Mr. Cater's advice to the Maharani.  IOR/R/2/886/183  1930

File Dis. 25/31 Pudukkottai administration during Mr. Raghaviah's absence in England for Second Round Table Conference.  IOR/R/2/887/184  1931

File Dis. 28/31 Maharaja of Cochin - imbecility medical examination and death -  IOR/R/2/887/185  1931

File Dis. 33/31 Investiture of H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore with ruling powers -  IOR/R/2/887/186  1931

File Dis. 34/31 Judgments in Murder cases and legislation in Madras States - note on the submission of -  IOR/R/2/887/187  1931

File Dis. 52/31 Student's hartal in Travancore on the death of Pandit Motilal Nehru.  IOR/R/2/887/188  1931

File Dis. 55/31 Pudukkottai - Raja's maternal uncle fined for visiting Pudukkottai without permission; complaint against Raja's mother; boat at Kodaikanal - purchase of  IOR/R/2/887/189  1931

File Dis. 61/31 Political agitators from British India - power granted to Pudukkottai Darbar to extern  IOR/R/2/887/190  1931

File Dis. 68/31 Externment of Nagaratnam Iyer of Pudukkottai for printing seditious pamphlet.  IOR/R/2/887/191  1931

File Dis. 71/31 Pudukkottai administration - by a single administrator - appointment of Mr. B.G. Holdsworth.  IOR/R/2/887/192  1931

File Dis. 72/31 Retrenchment - amalgamation of the Madras States Agency with the Mysore Residency - proposals for -  IOR/R/2/887/193  1931

File Dis. 73/31 Maharani Regent of Travancore - dignities and allowances -  IOR/R/2/887/194  1931

File Dis. 87/31 Pudukkottai Riots - reports - publication of - and general amnesty to all accused.  IOR/R/2/887/195  1931

File Dis. 44/32 Nagaratnam Iyer of Pudukottai externed - permitted to return on signing an undertaking.  IOR/R/2/887/196  1932

File Dis. 51/32 'Courtesy Title of "Her Highness" to the Junior Maharani of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/887/197  1932

File Dis. 8/33 Samir Maharani of Travancore - Complaints re: allces. honours etc.  IOR/R/2/887/198  1933

File Dis. 43/33 Prescription of "Satya Metha Anweshonm" written by Thomas Kathaner, Travancore.  IOR/R/2/887/199  1933

File Dis. 79/33 Misunderstanding between Maharaja of Cochin and Dewan Mr. Herbert regarding extension of Kastri Ranga Aiyaris term.  IOR/R/2/887/200  1933

File Dis. 80/33 Pudukkottai Raja's mother - refusals to go to Kodaikanal - instructions as to how she should be dealt with.  IOR/R/2/887/201  1933

File Dis. 83/33 Ceremonial - wearing of uniform by A.G.G. when visiting the Maharaja - dispensed with -  IOR/R/2/887/202  1933

File Dis. 75/34 Memorial to the Secy. of State about Travancore Govt. and Ruling family.  IOR/R/2/887/203  1934

File Dis. 76/34 Cochin administration - Tiyyar memorial - Public Service Commission - Dewan Herbert's threatened resignation - and warning to Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/887/204  1934

File Dis. 12/35 Ceremonials - Travancore State position of A.G.G's chair at official Darbars and Ceremonials at other functions.  IOR/R/2/887/205  1935

File Dis. 25/35 Ceremonials Silver Jubilee parade at Trivandrum.  IOR/R/2/888/206  1935

File Dis. 79/35 Strained relations between H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore and his Dewan Sir Mahammad Habibullah - and subsequent resignation of Sir Muhammed and appointment of Sir C.P. Rameswami Aiyer to succeed him.  IOR/R/2/888/207  1935

File Dis. 87/35 Ceremonials - Travancore State - at Social and Allied functions.  IOR/R/2/888/208  1935

File Dis. 100/35 Ceremonials and etiquette - Interchange of visits between the wife of H.E. the Governor of Madras and Her Highness the Senior Maharani of Travancore - Government of India's ruling.  IOR/R/2/888/209  1935

File Dis. 101/35 Col. Field's (A.G.G.) confidential report regarding certain problems relating to Travancore and Cochin States.  IOR/R/2/888/210  1935

File Dis. 103/35 Visit of H.H. the Maharaja of Cochin to Coimbatore and Madras - propriety of H.H's attending the marriage of his Dewan's daughter at Coimbatore - and of receiving addresses from Coimbatore Municipality and Madras Corporation.  IOR/R/2/888/211  1935

File Dis. 107/35 Travancore affairs and Legislative reforms.  IOR/R/2/888/212  1935

File Dis. 108/35 Classification of Christians in Travancore and the Travancore Public Services Notification.  IOR/R/2/888/213  1935

File Dis. 114/35 Russian priests and missionaries in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/888/214  1935

File Dis. 125/35 Style of address of a Junior Maharani of Travancore - change of - to Her Highness Maharani Setu Parvati Bayi.  IOR/R/2/888/215  1935

File Dis. 43/36 Cochin affairs - allegations against Sir R.K. Shanmukham Chetty. Dewan of Cochin - of maladministration and corruption - A.G.G's report to Political Dept., Maharaja of Cochin's answer to allegations etc.  IOR/R/2/888/216  1936

File Dis. 62/36 Legislative Reforms - Travancore.  IOR/R/2/888/217  1936

File Dis. 78/36 Cochin Maharaja's request that Dewan to be present when Resident speaks about State matters.  IOR/R/2/888/218  1936

File Dis. 89/36 Christian Missions and Travancore Govt. - Amendment of Education Code.  IOR/R/2/888/219  1936

File Dis. 91/36 Travancore affairs - memorandum of the Joint Political Congress to Dewan Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Aiyer and its reply.  IOR/R/2/889/220  1936

File Dis. 95/36 Cochin affairs - Conviction of editor of the West Coast Review and appointment of Mr. E. Krishnamenon as Dewaswam Commissioner.  IOR/R/2/889/221  1936

File Dis. 96/36 Newspaper "Kottayam Patrika" - question in the House of Commons about cancellation of the license of -  IOR/R/2/889/222  1936

File Dis. 130/36 Ezhavas in Travancore of Cochin - movement among - to abandon Hinduism.  IOR/R/2/889/223  1936

File Dis. 131/36 Conviction of Mr. C. Kesaran of the Joint Political, Congress Travancore for sedition.  IOR/R/2/889/224  1936

File Dis. 104/37 Flags to be flown on the Administration Block of the Cochin Harbour.  IOR/R/2/889/225  1937

File Dis. 153/37 Personal letters to the Resident from Sir C.P. Ramaswami Aiyer Dewan of Travancore 1937.  IOR/R/2/889/226  1937

File Dis. 160/37 Educational concessions to the depressed classes in Travancore - new rules.  IOR/R/2/889/227  1937

File Dis. 168/37 Indian National Leaders. Enquiry from Administrator Pudukkottai (Mr. Tottenham) regarding procedure to be followed with reference to possible demise of Mr. Gandhi and Resident's reply.  IOR/R/2/889/228  1937

File Dis. 180/37 Boy Scouts Association Travancore and Cochin - Change in Travancore Scout Law -  IOR/R/2/889/229  1937

File Dis. 183/37 2 volumes. Koodalmanickom Temple - Incidents as a result of Travancore Temple Entry Proclamation.  IOR/R/2/889/230  1937

File Dis. 184/37 National Anthem to be played at end of Annual Armistice Day celebrations in Trivandrum.  IOR/R/2/889/231  1937

File Dis. 186/37 Termination of the appointment of Col. H.S. Stewart. Trav. State Forces.  IOR/R/2/889/232  1937

File Dis. 187/37 Resignations of Major M.C. Davell and Rick from the Trav. State Forces.  IOR/R/2/889/233  1937

File Dis. 14/38 Ceremonials - mode of addressing invitations for official functions to H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/889/234  1938

File Dis. 158/38 Arrest of a British Missionary by Travancore police - Resident's remonstrations.  IOR/R/2/889/235  1938

File Dis. 24/38 Christian grievances in Travancore -  IOR/R/2/889/236  1938

File Dis. 113/38 Arrest (rumoured) of Bishop Abraham Mar Thomas Metropolitan in connection with political agitation in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/889/237  1938

File Dis. 137/38 Christians in Travancore - editorial note in the Bombay Discesan Magazine - Nov. 38 - Resident's report.  IOR/R/2/890/238  1938

File P. 1996/38 Koodalmanickim Devaswoms - arrangements subsequent to removal of Thackudaya Kaimal.  IOR/R/2/890/239  1938

File Dis. 118/39 Ruling family - Senior Kaharani of Travancore - Sripadam Estate - assumption of management by the Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/890/240  1939

File P. 1278/39 Koodalmanickum Temple affairs. Utsawomin 1114 M.E. (1939)  IOR/R/2/890/241  1939

File Dis. 30/40 M/S Hopkin and Williams, Trav. Ltd. - proposal for acquiring Ilmenite and monazite deposits in Brazil and their request to capital Issues Committee, London, for exporting necessary capital to Brazil.  IOR/R/2/890/242  1940

File P. 1207/41 Installation and investiture - Reading of Proclamations at - in Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/890/243  1941

File Dis. 244/42 Dewan of Cochin - Sir Shennukhan Chetty - Pension and Leave Salary on retirement.  IOR/R/2/890/244  1942

File Dis. 306/42 Cochin Police Strike - May 1942.  IOR/R/2/890/245  1942

File P. 89/44 Christian Grievances - memorial by Christian members of Travancore Legislative Council.  IOR/R/2/890/246  1944

File Dis. 2840/44 Vol. I Free Compulsory primary education - Travancore Government's assumption of responsibility.  IOR/R/2/891/247, Item 1  No date

File Dis. 2840/44 Vol. II Christian Grievances in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/891/247, Item 2  1944

File Dis. 5116/44 Christian Grievances in Travancore - articles in Catholic Herald, etc.  IOR/R/2/891/248  1944

File Dis. 5646/46 Grievances of Travancore Christians - memorandum etc. -  IOR/R/2/891/249  1946

File G.O. No. 16 dated 15-1-72. Travancore Dewan - Sir T. Madhava Rao - resignation on certain conditions - Remarks of Government.  IOR/R/2/891/250  1872

Madras Records, Confidential  [no ref.]  1858-1926

File Proceedings dated 8-2-71. Travancore - Rupture between Dewan and Maharaja.  IOR/R/2/891/251  1871

File Despatch No. 2 dated 22-2-71. Travancore - Rupture between Dewan and Maharaja, causes intimated.  IOR/R/2/891/252  1871

File G.O. No. 83/6 dated 8-2-75. Travancore Maharaja's Private Funds.  IOR/R/2/891/253  1875

File G.O. No. 212 dated 9-4-75. Pudukkottai - Private debts of the Raja.  IOR/R/2/891/254  1875

File G.O. No. 322 dated 29-5-75 Native States - Nuzzerona - Exemptions - recommendations -  IOR/R/2/891/255  1875

File G.O. No. 473 dated 1-8-75 Travancore - Intrigues - Original correspondence.  IOR/R/2/891/256  1875

File G.O. No. Nil dated 21-8-75. Native States - Periodical reports.  IOR/R/2/891/257  1875

File G.O. No. 625 dated 27-9-75 Pudukkottai - Debts of the Raja of Details furnished.  IOR/R/2/891/258  1875

File G.O. No. Nil dated 23-11-75 Native States - periodical report.  IOR/R/2/891/259  1875

File G.O. No. 62 dated 26-1-77 Travancore State - Coil Thamburan.  IOR/R/2/891/260  1877

File G.O. No. 255 dated 5-4-77 Travancore Diwan - Seshayya Sastri Retirement.  IOR/R/2/891/261  1877

File G.O. No. 320 dated 1-5-1877 Succession of Seshayya Sastri, Dewan of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/891/262  1877

Conditions of access: 5 copies.

File G.O. No. 592 dated 20-11-1878. Pudukkottai Raja - Salutes - Claims.  IOR/R/2/892/263  1878

File G.O. No. 815-16 dated 16-11-83 Pudukkottai - Titles - Salutes Restoration.  IOR/R/2/892/264  1883

File G.O. No. 267 dated 22-4-84. Pudukkottai Raja - Title - Salute of 11 guns.  IOR/R/2/892/265  1884

File G.O. No. 670 dated 2-10-84. Pudukkottai Raja - Salute and titles.  IOR/R/2/892/266  1884

File G.O. No. 393 dated 23-6-96. Senior Princes, Pudukkottai recording note regarding - prepared for the information of H.E. the Governor.  IOR/R/2/892/267  1896

Notes connected with confidential No. 13 - Political dated 19-2-97 regarding removal of restrictions of H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai and entrusting him with full powers.  IOR/R/2/892/268  1897

Conditions of access: 5 copies

File G.O. No. 102 dated 13-2-97. Directing that H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai be informed that the Government consider it undesirable that he should visit England.  IOR/R/2/892/269  1897

File G.O. No. 235-36 dated 5th April 97. Pudukkottai Raja's visit to England - Permission refused - Reasons intimated to Government of India.  IOR/R/2/892/270  1897

File G.O. No. 268 dated 23/4/97. Communicating to the Raja of Pudukkottai the decision of the Govt. of India that his visit to England should be postponed.  IOR/R/2/892/271  1897

File G.O. No. 522-23 dated 6-8-97. Pudukkottai State - Asking for information in connection with the future administration of -  IOR/R/2/892/272  1897

File G.O. No. 625 dated 23-9-97. H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai - Passing orders on the several charges preferred by - against the Poll. Agent Mr. B. Macleod.  IOR/R/2/892/273  1897

File G.O. No. 31-32 dated 11-1-98. Salutes to the Maharaja of Travancore - Recommendation to the Govt. of India to a local salute of 21 guns -  IOR/R/2/892/274  1898

File G.O. No. 97 dated 7-2-98. Salute to the Maharaja of Travancore communicating to the Resident in Travancore and Cochin copies of correspondence with the Govt. of India regarding formal recognition of a local salute.  IOR/R/2/892/275  1898

File G.O. No. 97-98 dated 27-1-99. H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai entrusted with full powers of administration - confidential papers.  IOR/R/2/892/276  1899

File G.O. No. 123 dated 8-2-99. Reorganisation of the administrative machinery of Pudukkottai.  IOR/R/2/892/277  1899

File G.O. No. 171-172 dated, 15-3-1900. Adoption by H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore - Directing that the Government of India be addressed regarding the proposal - of two girls of the Mavelikara family.  IOR/R/2/892/278  1900

File G.O. No. 321 dated 14-5-1900. Adoption by H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore - communicating to the Resident in Travancore and Cochin letter from the Govt. of India stating that the proposal - of two girls from the Mavelikare family will be recognised and confirmed and requesting that officer to make the necessary intimation to the Travancore Government.  IOR/R/2/892/279  1900

File Confidential disposal No. 1 dated 9-1-1900. Control over Pudukkottai affairs - Instructions to the Political Agent regarding the exercise of his -  IOR/R/2/893/280  1900

File G.O. No. 511 dated 17-8-1901. Debit of the expenditure connected with H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai's visit to Calcutta - to Public revenues - sanction in supersession of G.O. No. 309 Poll. dated 19-3-1896.  IOR/R/2/893/281  1901

File G.O. No. 508 dated 16-8-1901. Travancore State Bill to regulate the working of Public conveyances - disapproval of the draft -  IOR/R/2/893/282  1901

File G.O. No. 390-391. Brief Histories of Native States dated 1-7-1901 under the Political control of the Madras Government -  IOR/R/2/893/283  1901

File G.O. No. 306-307 dated 4-6-1901. Privy purse expenditure of Native Chiefs - Directing that Government of India be addressed re - Letter furnishing information.  IOR/R/2/893/284  1901

File G.O. No. 483 dated 25-9-1902. Death of a Nair girl in the Trivandrum Palace - Forwarding to Govt. of India draft of a letter the Madras Govt. propose to send to the Resident in Travancore and Cochin on the subject -  IOR/R/2/893/285  1902

File G.O. No. 514, 515 dated 7-10-1902. Death of a Nair girl in the Trivandrum Palace instructing the Resident in Travancore and Cochin as to the action taken in connection with above.  IOR/R/2/893/286  1902

File G.O. No. 684 dated 19-12-1902. Honours for the Raja of Pudukkottai - Informing Poll. Agent that in recommending the grant of - he has transgressed his sphere as a Political Agent.  IOR/R/2/893/287  1902

File G.O. No. 695 dated 23-12-1902. Death of a Nair girl in the Trivandrum Palace - no further action recommended.  IOR/R/2/893/288  1902

File G.O. No. 55 dated 16-2-1903. Death of a Nair girl in the Trivandrum Palace - letter from Govt. of India - recording above.  IOR/R/2/893/289  1903

File G.O. No. 387 dated 22-8-1903. Military aid - Cochin - Internal disturbance -  IOR/R/2/893/290  1903

File G.O. No. 612 dated 16-11-1903. Petitions complaining against Travancore and Cochin Administrations informing Resident that the facts mentioned will not justify interference by Government.  IOR/R/2/893/291  1903

File G.O. No. 484-5 dated 23-9-1904. Contribution from Native States towards Imperial Defence.  IOR/R/2/893/292  1904

File G.O. No. 550-551 dated 13-9-1906. Emoluments of Resident in Travancore and Cochin - Privileges and conveniences enjoyed by Resident at the expense of Darbars.  IOR/R/2/893/293  1906

File G.O. No. 314 dated 12-7-1909. Cochin Fisheries - Lease to the Indian Fisheries Co. Ltd.,  IOR/R/2/894/294  1909

File G.O. No. 498 dated 14-10-1909. Travancore Mining Leases - Communicating copy of a letter from the Director, Geological Survey of India re certain minerals found in the State and suggesting that leases should not be granted before obtaining expert advice.  IOR/R/2/894/295  1909

File Letter No. 311 dated 29-6-1910. Monazite Deposits in Travancore - furnishing report called for by the Secretary of State in respect of concession to Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/296  1910

File G.O. No. 338 dated 16-7-1910. Monazite Deposits in Travancore Recording papers.  IOR/R/2/894/297  1910

File G.O. No. 391 dated 17-8-1910. Monazite Deposits in Travancore Views of the Madras Govt. on the preliminary Report of the Geological Survey Department.  IOR/R/2/894/298  1910

File Confidential No. 38 dated 5-10-1910. Mr. V. Alwar Chetty - D.O. correspondence between H.H. the Raja of Cochin and Madras Government.  IOR/R/2/894/299  1910

File G.O. No. 482 dated 10-10-1910. Monazite Sand deposits in Travancore - communicating correspondence with the Govt. of India re grant of lease to London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/300  1910

File G.O. No. 531 dated 12-11-1910. Monazite deposits in Travancore - forwarding copy of an endorsement from the India Office transmitting a note of conversation between the India Office and Messrs. William Hopkins Ltd., London.  IOR/R/2/894/301  1910

File G.O. No. 116 dated 4-3-1911. Monazite sand Deposits in Travancore re royalty to be fixed in the lease to be granted by the Travancore Darbar to the London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/302  1911

File G.O. No. 125 dated 13-3-1911. Monazite sand deposits in Travancore re royalty to be fixed in the lease to be granted by the Travancore Darbar to the London Coamopolitan Mining Co. Ltd. forwarding an endorsement from the India Office transmitting a report on an interview between Messrs. Hopkins Williams and a representative of the Political Department.  IOR/R/2/894/303  1911

File G.O. No. 168 dated 30-3-11. Monazite sand deposits in Travancore, approving with remarks the draft of the Mining Lease between Travancore Darbar and London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/304  1911

File G.O. No. 180 dated 4-4-1911. Monazite concessions in Travancore forwarding a letter from Messrs. Hopkins and Williams Ltd. re -  IOR/R/2/894/305  1911

File G.O. No. 217 dated 2-5-1911. Monazite concessions in Travancore. Correspondence.  IOR/R/2/894/306  1911

File Letter No. 295 dated 13-6-1911. Telegraph Office at Trivandrum - conversion into a combined Post and Telegraph Office on condition that there shall be always two Eurasian signallers on the staff.  IOR/R/2/894/307  1911

File Letter No. 343 dated 20-7-1911. Legislation in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/894/308  1911

File G.O. No. 350 dated 27-7-1911. Monazite sand in Travancore. Recording copy of lease granted to the London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/309  1911

File G.O. No. 469 dated 27-9-1911. Legislation in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/894/310  1911

File G.O. No. 614 dated 6-12-11. Monazite sand in Travancore. Recording correspondence - assignment to Travancore Minerals Co. of Lease granted to London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/894/311  1911

File G.O. No. 636 dated 23-12-1911. Monazite sand in Travancore Recording letter from London Cosmopolitan Co. Ltd. forwarding draft transferring to Travancore Minerals Co. Ltd. the rights of the former under the Monazite Lease.  IOR/R/2/894/312  1911

File G.O. No. 146 dated 9-3-1912. Monazite sand in Travancore Recording letter from London Cosmopolitan Co. Ltd. forwarding draft transferring to Travancore Minerals Co. Ltd. the rights of the former under the Monazite Lease. Assignment deed dated 28-12-1911 and Memorandum executed between London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. and the Travancore Minerals Company.  IOR/R/2/894/313  1912

File D.O. No. 364-1 dated 8-4-1912. Advisory and Executive Councils for the Cochin State - Views of Government -  IOR/R/2/894/314  1912

File G.O. No. 568 dated 27-10-1914. Installation and investiture Darbars in Native States - Correct procedure that should be adopted in the -  IOR/R/2/894/315  1914

File G.O. No. 642 dated 2-12-1914. Monazite concessions in Travancore - Tendering advice to the Travancore Darbar in the matter of the grant of -  IOR/R/2/895/316  1914

File G.O. No. 644 dated 5-12-1914. Monazite concessions in Travancore - Granting to the Travancore Minerals Co. to exploit and export Zirconium.  IOR/R/2/895/317  1914

File G.O. No. 662 dated 12-12-1914. Raja of Pudukkottai - re restoration of salute of 19 guns - refused.  IOR/R/2/895/318  1914

File G.O. No. 111 dated 21-2-1914. Cochin Darbar - recording papers re certain matters connected with -  IOR/R/2/895/319  1914

File G.O. No. 572 dated 18-12-1915. Monazite concession in Travancore - Measures taken by the India Office to release the - granted to the Travancore Minerals Co. from the control of the German Financial Group under which it has been allowed to pass.  IOR/R/2/895/320  1915

File G.O. No. 588 dated 28-12-1915. Monazite sand in Travancore - approving with remarks the draft of the Mining Lease proposed to be granted to Messrs. Hopkin & Williams for the extraction of Monazite.  IOR/R/2/895/321  1915

File G.O. No. 8 dated 5-1-1916. Monazite sand in Travancore - Issuing an erratum to the above G.O.  IOR/R/2/895/322  1916

File G.O.No.99 dated 0-3-1916. Raja of Pudukkottai - Marriage of - with an Australian Lady.  IOR/R/2/895/323  1916

File G.O.No.143 dated 5-4-1916. Monazite concession in Travancore - Government Pleader's opinion on the question whether the consent of the Travancore Darbar to the transfer by the London Cosmopolitan Co. to the Travancore Minerals Co. of their rights was obtained by fraud and if so whether the transfer so obtained was a breach of the lease.  IOR/R/2/895/324  1916

File G.O.No.528 dated 20-12-1916. Monazite concession in Travancore - lease granted to Messrs. Hopkin and Williams.  IOR/R/2/895/325  1916

File G.O.No.98 dated 3-3-1917. Monazite sand in Travancore - Recording papers received from the India Office on monazite concession in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/895/326  1917

File G.O.No.157-158 dated 12-4-1917. Salutes to Ruling Chiefs - Revision of tables - re.  IOR/R/2/895/327  1917

File G.O.No.299 dated 16-7-1917. Expressions denoting Royalty - Recording papers regarding the use of -  IOR/R/2/896/328  1917

File G.O.No.479 dated 16-10-17. Travancore Monazite lease - terms of lease - Violation.  IOR/R/2/896/329  1917

File G.O.No.505 dated 31-10-1917. Monazite lease - Informing that Government have no objection to the Darbar releasing the London Cosmopolitan Co. from its obligation to the Darbar provided that the Travancore Minerals Co. concur in the proposed scheme of liquidation.  IOR/R/2/896/330  1917

File G.O.No.11 dated 9-1-1918 Monazite - recording correspondence from India Office relating to enquiry from Radium Luminous Material Corporation, New York, as to the Br. Firms which can supply - sands.  IOR/R/2/896/331  1918

File G.O.No.15 dated 9-1-1918. Travancore Mining Lease - Correspondence.  IOR/R/2/896/332  1918

File G.O.No.16 dated 9-1-1918. Mining Lease - Correspondence from India Office in 1917 re. Messrs. Hopkin & Williams.  IOR/R/2/896/333  1918

File G.O.No.196 dated 8-5-1918. Mining lease - Informing Govt. have no objection to the Travancore Darbar being advised to enter into negotiating with Mr. Perry as to the terms of the - to be granted to him for petroleum.  IOR/R/2/896/334  1918

File G.O.No.561 dated 12-11-1918. Mica - Deposits - Travancore - Exploitation.  IOR/R/2/896/335  1918

File G.O.No.594 dated 5-12-1918. Mica - Approving Resident's action in not communicating to Travancore Darbar para. 2 of G.O.No.561 dated 12-11-18 re. the export of 1800 lbs. of mica - belonging to Messrs. Hopkin & Williams.  IOR/R/2/896/336  1918

File G.O.No.448 dated 22-8-1919. Ex-Raja of Cochin - notes re -  IOR/R/2/896/337  1919

File G.O.No.687 dated 18-12-1919. Monazite concession in Travancore recording correspondence from the India Office -  IOR/R/2/896/338  1919

File G.O.No.698 dated 24-12-1919. High Offices in Pudukkottai - recording papers relating to -  IOR/R/2/896/339  1919

File G.O.No.291-92 dated 28-6-1920. Monazite - Supplemental Lease deed executed by Messrs. Hopkin and Williams.  IOR/R/2/896/340  1920

File G.O.No.130 dated 8-3-1921. Kharita re. appointment of Resident - Question of presentation.  IOR/R/2/896/341  1921

File G.O.No.316 dated 8-7-1921. Chamber of Princes - question of membership -  IOR/R/2/897/342  1921

File G.O.No.401 dated 26-8-1921. Pudukkottai State - M.R.Ry. B.R.R. Thondaiman - claim to succession -  IOR/R/2/897/343  1921

File G.O.No.553 dated 1-12-1921. Pudukkottai Gadi - Succession to by B.R.R. Thondaiman.  IOR/R/2/897/344  1921

File G.O.No.9 dated 5-1-1922. Pudukkottai succession -  IOR/R/2/897/345  1922

File G.O.No.367 dated 21-8-1923. B.R.R. Thondaiman - Memorial against Pudukkottai Darbar - interference refused.  IOR/R/2/897/346  1923

File G.O.No.150 dated 30-8-1924. Indian States - Travancore - question of succession and regency.  IOR/R/2/897/347  1924

File D.O.No.1284-1 dated 5-8-1925. Pudukkottai Succession - B.R.R. Thondaiman - interview.  IOR/R/2/897/348  1925

File G.O.No.43 R dated 16-7-1924. Monazite - Travancore Minerals Co. alteration of terms of undertaking and other cognate matters - correspondence between the Company and Secretary of State -  IOR/R/2/897/349  1924

Special Files A to Z  [no ref.]  1797-1896

File B.4 Appointment of a Bishop in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/897/350  1878

File B.6 Estate of General Cullen.  IOR/R/2/897/351  1863

File E.25 Edapally - Transfer of - and the levy of tax by Cochin.  IOR/R/2/897/352  1891-1892

File H.5 Honours - Title of Maharaja conferred upon Raja of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/897/353  1866

File I.3 Installation of Cochin and Travancore Rajas - Correspondence  IOR/R/2/897/354  1829-1864

File I.7 Irinjalakuda Pagoda - Papers re - dispute  IOR/R/2/897/355  1828-1851

File I.10 Irinjalakuda riot - Correspondence relating to.  IOR/R/2/897/356  1882

File J.2 Judicial Reforms in Travancore -  IOR/R/2/898/357  1861-1881

File J.5 Jurisdiction - Criminal - exercised by Cochin, on Patorem lands.  IOR/R/2/898/358  1864-1865

File J.7 Judicial Reforms in Cochin.  IOR/R/2/898/359  1878-1881

File J.8 Judges of the Appeal Court - Dismissal of 1st and 2nd Judges of the Appeal Court of Travancore and re-instatement of Mr. Kohloff 2nd Judge.  IOR/R/2/898/360  1838

File L.4 Light House, Cape Comorin - Construction of  IOR/R/2/898/361  1859-1870

File M.18 Munro Island - Correspondence relating to.  IOR/R/2/898/362  1808-1889

File N.29 Neet from the Ranee - granting of neet by Ranee to Dewan Padmanabhan appointing him as Dewan at the instance of Colonel Munro.  IOR/R/2/898/363  1813

File O.4 Oottupura in Travancore - Particulars re.  IOR/R/2/898/364  1824-1856

File P.14 Poonjat Chief's claims to certain lands in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/898/365  1821

File P.15 Plumbago in Travancore.  IOR/R/2/899/366  1857

File P.36 Palliport Farm - Management.  IOR/R/2/899/367  1871

File R.15 Resident to address courts of Travancore and Cochin through their Dewans.  IOR/R/2/899/368  1865-1870

File S.4 Slavery in Travancore and Cochin - Emancipation of  IOR/R/2/899/369  1813-1872

File S.35 Schools of Travancore - throwing open the schools to all classes of children.  IOR/R/2/899/370  1870

File T.6 Treaty of Commerce and extradition between England and Portugal.  IOR/R/2/899/371  1879-1881

File T.38 Travancore Raja's Title - Stating that the grant was by the King of Delhi through the Nizam and not from the heads of Mahratta States.  IOR/R/2/899/372  1797

File T.43 Title Deeds - to Mr. H.M. Knight by Travancore.  IOR/R/2/899/373  1896

File U.1 Ultimate Court of Appeal in Travancore & Cochin.  IOR/R/2/899/374  1860-1874

File W.4 Travancore Wills and Register Book of Wills.  IOR/R/2/899/375  1857-1891

File Z.2 Zeaput - Grant of - to the men of the Military Force, Resident's Establishment and menials on the installation of the Maharaja of Travancore  IOR/R/2/899/376  1829-1885

Madras States Agency Records, General  [no ref.]  1890-1943

File Dis.No.48/1890. Commenting upon the Leniency of the Travancore High Court Judges in Commuting a sentence of death into imprisonment for life.  IOR/R/2/899/377  1890

File Dis.No.182/1890. Highness - Requesting the Madras Govt. on the subject of the continuance of the Title - to the Senior Female member of the Cochin Raja's family.  IOR/R/2/900/378  1890

File Dis.79/1891. Guard of Honour to the Elaya Raja - Travancore.  IOR/R/2/900/379  1891

File Dis.110/1891. Criminal Case No. 33 of 1066/1891  IOR/R/2/900/380  1891

File Dis.110/1891. M.E. of Sessions Court, Travancore - forwarding for an expression of the Resident's views.  IOR/R/2/900/380  1891

File Dis.233/92. Appointments - Peishkars and Judges - Resident to be consulted.  IOR/R/2/900/381  1892

File Dis.165/93. Official reception of native Chiefs at Railway Stations.  IOR/R/2/900/382  1893

File Dis.261/93. Marriage ceremony in the Cochin Raja's family.  IOR/R/2/900/383  1893

File Dis.391/93. Disabilities of Christian Converts.  IOR/R/2/900/384  1893

File Dis.280/95. Darbar Ettiquette - Travancore and Cochin.  IOR/R/2/900/385  1895

File Dis.6/96. Cochin Raja's family - Death of Sir Vira Kerala Varmah, KCIE and the installation of his successor H.H. Rama Varma.  IOR/R/2/900/386  1896

File Dis.38/96 Travancore Maharaja's family - Death of Kerala Varma, Elaya Raja of Travancore and the recognition of Prince Rama Varma as Elaya Raja.  IOR/R/2/900/387  1896

File Dis.497/96 Ceremonial fund, Cochin - disbursement of Rs. 40,000/- from the Cochin State Treasury in connection with the illness of the Raja.  IOR/R/2/900/388  1896

File Dis.56/98 Exchange of territory - British Government and Travancore - Proposal.  IOR/R/2/900/389  1898

File Dis.250/1900 Adoption of 2 princesses into the Travancore Maharaja's family.  IOR/R/2/900/390  1900

File Dis.13/00 Palace allowance - Cochin.  IOR/R/2/900/391  1900

File Dis.408/00 Palace allowance - Cochin.  IOR/R/2/900/392  1900

File Dis. 345/00 Assistant Resident - Precedence to - in Travancore letter from the Government of India.  IOR/R/2/900/393  1900

File Dis. 193/01 Travancore Maharaja's family - Demise of Rama Varma, Elaya Raja of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/900/394  1901

File Dis. 119/02 Reception of the Governor of Madras by H.H. the Raja of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/900/395  1902

File Dis. 19/03 Royal Proclamation - 1st January 1913 - Coronation of H.K. Edward VII.  IOR/R/2/900/396  1903

File Dis. 124/03 Delhi Darbar medals - Presentation of - to H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore to H.H. the Raja of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/900/397  1903

File Dis. 360/03 Petitions - Churches - erection of a church at Parippu, Kottayam.  IOR/R/2/900/398  1903

File Dis. 76/04 Military aid to Cochin State - G.O. stating that no assurance of - in case of internal disturbances can be given by Government  IOR/R/2/900/399  1904

File Dis. 154/04 Residency servants - Conviction of a syce and a peon - by the Kottarakarai magistrate - without the permission of the Resident to try them.  IOR/R/2/900/400  1904

File Dis. 65/05 Kharita - Delivery of - re resumption of duties as Viceroy by Lord Curzon and Governor of Madras by Lord Ampthil.  IOR/R/2/900/401  1905

File Dis. 332/05 Mr. Lee - Relating to the alleged murder case against - a European Planter.  IOR/R/2/900/402  1905

File Dis. 597/06 Residency servants - Complaint against - not to be entertained without the permission of the Resident.  IOR/R/2/900/402A  1906

File Dis. 341/07 Petition to the Maharaja of Travancore - from the Principal, C.M.S. College about Munro Island.  IOR/R/2/900/403  1907

File Confl. 41/11 Legislation in Travancore - H.H. the Maharaja's powers to enact - has not been extinguished by the creation of a Legislative Council.  IOR/R/2/900/404  1911

File Dis. 386/12 Thachudaya Kaimal - Re the powers of the Kaimal to manage the Irinjalakuda temple.  IOR/R/2/900/405  1912

File Dis. 293/14 Residency servants - arrest of attender Krishna Pillai - without informing the Resident -  IOR/R/2/900/406  1914

File Confl. 22/1923. Indian State Forces - Reorganisation of the Travancore Nayar Brigade - Minutes of the Conference held.  IOR/R/2/900/407  1923

File R.Dis. 2728/26 Kharitas - note on - from Viceroys to Rulers of Travancore and Cochin and to the Senior Rani of Travancore.  IOR/R/2/900/408  1926

File R.Dis. 1486/28 European British subjects - Jurisdiction over - in Travancore and Cochin - Civil and Criminal.  IOR/R/2/900/409  1928

File R.Dis. 354/30 Churches situated in the territories of Indian States - Operation of the Indian Church Act, 1927.  IOR/R/2/900/410  1930

File R.Dis. 790/32 Installation of H.H. the Maharaja of Cochin.  IOR/R/2/901/411  1932

File R.Dis. 1553/32 Appointment in Travancore carrying a salary of Rs. 500/- p.m. and above and judgments in Referred Trials of the Travancore High Court - Practice of consulting A.G.G. Madras States - Discontinuance of -  IOR/R/2/901/412  1932

File R.Dis. 1687/32 Acts, Rules and Regulations - question of forwarding bills etc. to A.G.G. for remarks.  IOR/R/2/901/413  1932

File R.Dis. 1717/32 Spirits and spirituous medicines - for the use of the A.G.G. his Assistant and the Residency Hospital - Exemption from the payment of customs duty and the necessity of taking out Travancore Import Permits.  IOR/R/2/901/414  1932

File R.Dis. 3604/32 Estate of deceased Europeans in Travancore - answers to certain queries of Mr. Wallace, N.D.H.P. Co.Ltd., Munnar.  IOR/R/2/901/415  1932

File Confl. 141/37 Jurisdiction over Europeans, Americans and Br. Indians in Indian States - Poll. Department Confidential note clarifying the present position in regard to the exercise of -  IOR/R/2/901/416  1937

File R.Dis. 2453/35 Red Cloth on station platforms - spread of - on the arrival and departure of certain personages - instructions on the -  IOR/R/2/901/417  1935

File R.Dis. 4415/43 H.H. the Raja of Pudukkottai - Investiture with ruling powers -  IOR/R/2/901/418  1943

Madras States Agency Records, Mines and Minerals  [no ref.]  1890-1943

File Dis. 32/1890 Mining for Plumbago and Tale - Travancore.  IOR/R/2/901/419  1890

File Dis. 288/92 Mining lease to Messrs. Parry & Co.  IOR/R/2/901/420  1892

File Dis. 145/93 Plumbago mining in Travancore - Memorial from D.M. De Silva of Colombo.  IOR/R/2/901/421  1893

File Dis. 470/95 Plumbago mining - Grant of - lease to Messrs. Parry & Co.  IOR/R/2/901/422  1895

File Dis. 23/11 Monazite Deposits in Travancore - Lease to London Cosmopolitan Mining Co. by the Travancore Government in respect of  IOR/R/2/901/423  1911

File Dis. 56/14 Monazite concession - Travancore Minerals Co. and London Cosmopolitan Mining Co.  IOR/R/2/901/424  1914

File Dis. 1014/16 Monazite concession - Messrs. Hopkin & Williams  IOR/R/2/902/425  1916

File R.Dis. 1472/20 Mines & Minerals - Travancore Minerals Co.  IOR/R/2/902/426  1920

File R.Dis. 1830/24 Mines & Minerals - Zircon sand - Standing permit to Travancore Minerals Co.  IOR/R/2/902/427  1924

File R.Dis. 1916/27 Mines and Minerals - Travancore Minerals Co. Constitution of - new lease executed by -  IOR/R/2/902/428  1927

File R.Dis. 2697/27 Minerals in Travancore - terms on which concessions have been granted in Travancore for the recovery of -  IOR/R/2/902/429  1927

File R.Dis. 1672/29 Mining lease to Messrs. Hopkin & Williams Ltd., Travancore.  IOR/R/2/902/430  1929

File R.Dis. 482/30 Mines & Minerals - Export of sand for experiment in the working of Zircon - Travancore Minerals Co.  IOR/R/2/902/431  1930

File R.Dis. 1247/33 Mining lease for monazite, Zircon & Ilmenite to Mr.E.Masillamani, Trivandrum - grant of.  IOR/R/2/902/432  1933

File R.Dis. 272/33 Mining lease granted to Messrs. F.X. Pereira & Sons, Trivandrum.  IOR/R/2/902/433  1933

File R.Dis. 1808/34 Mines & Minerals - essential minerals - Petroleum - prospecting license for - application from Mr. H.W. Perry, Consulting Engineer, Trichinopoly.  IOR/R/2/902/434  1934

File R.Dis. 2325/35 Mining lease to Mr.J.L. Pimando Colombo by the Travancore Government without considering whether he holds a certificate of approval from the Govt. of India or a local Government.  IOR/R/2/902/435  1935

File R.Dis. 1954/35 Mines & Minerals - Mining lease to Messrs. F.X. Pereira & Sons.  IOR/R/2/902/436  1935

File R.Dis. 3930/43 Minerals - Travancore - Agreement with Travancore Minerals Co. -  IOR/R/2/902/437  1943

Special Files  [no ref.]  1841-1922

Pudukkottai - Miscellaneous papers - vols. I-VII.  IOR/R/2/903/438  1874-1919

Mr. Pennington's Report re Pudukkottai.  IOR/R/2/903/439  1875

Mr. Bayley's Report - July 1841 - Pudukkottai.  IOR/R/2/903/440  1841

Collection of Miscellaneous Correspondence on confidential matters.  IOR/R/2/903/441  1862-1918

Secret Papers relating to Pudukkottai State received from Madras Govt.  IOR/R/2/903/442  1904-1922

Punjab States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

Comprises Patiala, Bahawalpur, Khairpur, Jind, Nabha, Kapurthala, Tehri-Garhwal*, Sirmur (Nahan)*, Mandi, Bilaspur (Kahlur)*, Maler Kotla, Faridkot, Chamba, Suket, Loharu, Bashahr*, and twenty other states. States in the charge of the Political Agent for the Punjab Hill States are marked with an asterisk. There are no files from the Punjab Hill States Agency proper in this collection. It was assumed in 1948 that any such files destined to form part of this collection were lost in civil disturbances in the Punjab in 1947.

Punjab Hill States - Residency Files  [no ref.]  1844-1947

File Misc-17/44 Significance of the designation "Superintendent, Hill States," formerly enjoyed by the Deputy Commissioner, Simla.  IOR/R/2/361/1  1944

File P/1-31 of 1855-59. Nalagarh Affairs. Annexation of Nalagarh to the British Government and restoration of Nalagarh to Uggar Singh.  IOR/R/2/361/2  1855-1859

File P/1-34 of 1860-1877. Succession of the Raja of Hindor. Restoration of Nalagarh State to Uggar Singh.  IOR/R/2/361/3  1860-1877

File L/4-34 of 1882-1929 Acquisition of territory by Govt. in Simla.  IOR/R/2/361/4  1882-1929

File G.10/330 of 1872 Grant of modified Sanad to the Raja of Sirmur.  IOR/R/2/361/5  1872

Kalsia Correspondence with the King of Delhi  IOR/R/2/361/6  1872

List of approved crests of the Punjab Hill States in the year 1947 before the lapse of Paramountcy.  IOR/R/2/361/7  1947

File G-29-60/43 Memorandum reg: Tibet Bashahr Treaty.  IOR/R/2/361/8  1943

File R4/5-(4)/46 Returns-Annual-Births & Deaths under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Registration-Births, Deaths and Marriages.  IOR/R/2/361/9  1946

File 6037 of 1944 Register of Marriage certificates.  IOR/R/2/361/10  1944

Register of births of British subjects under the Provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922.  IOR/R/2/361/11/1  1922

Register of deaths of British subjects under the Provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922.  IOR/R/2/361/11/2  1922

Marriage Notice Book  IOR/R/2/361/12  ?1922

Punjab Hill States - Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1934-1940

File V.16-7/37 Part-A of 1937-39 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.I  IOR/R/2/363/13/1  1937-1939

File V.16-7/37 Part-A of 1937-39 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.II  IOR/R/2/363/13/2  1937-1939

File V.16-7/37 Part-A of 1937-39 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.III  IOR/R/2/363/13/3  1937-1939

File V.16-7/37 Part-A of 1937-39 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.IV  IOR/R/2/363/13/4  1937-1939

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.I  IOR/R/2/363/14/1  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.II  IOR/R/2/363/14/2  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.III  IOR/R/2/363/14/3  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.IV  IOR/R/2/363/14/4  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.V  IOR/R/2/363/14/5  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.VI  IOR/R/2/363/14/6  1940-1944

File V.16-7/37 Part-B of 1940-44 Rana of Bhajji State's Affairs Vol.VII  IOR/R/2/363/14/7  1940-1944

Relating to Bhajji State, of 1934-1940.  IOR/R/2/362/15  1934-1940

The Book-Alqabnama-1935.  IOR/R/2/362/16  1935

Rajputana Agency  [no ref.]  No date

Comprises Udaipur (Mewar), Jaipur, Jodhpur (Marwar), Bundi, Bikaner, Kotah, Karauli, Kishengarh, Bharatpur, Jaisalmer, Alwar, Tonk, Dholpur, Sirohi, Dungarpur, Partabgarh, Banswara, Palanpur, Jhalawar, Shahpura, Danta, Lawa, Kushalgarh.

Rajputana Agency Office (Abu Residency) Files  [no ref.]  1859-1940

File 135-General (CLD) I.1859-62 Titles of Native Chiefs and others.  IOR/R/2/131/1  1859

File 135-General (CLD) II.1864-65 Titles of Native Chiefs. Title of "Dheeraj" conceded to the Chief of Kishengarh. List of titles submitted by the A.G.G. and Government remarks thereon.  IOR/R/2/131/2  1864-1865

File P/50-4(1937) 1935-1940. Collection of photographs of the Residents of Rajputana for the Residency.  IOR/R/2/131/3  1935-1940

Jaipur Agency - Confidential and Secret Files  [no ref.]  1929-1934

File No.1012/1929-34 Allowance of Her Highness the second Maji Sahiba of Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/131/4  1929-1934

File No.1036/1930. Orders regarding transmission of objectionable telegrams.  IOR/R/2/131/5  1930

File No.1054/1930 All India Congress Working Committee 1930 and Bombay session of the Indian National Congress 1934, also Haripura session, Surat District, 1938.  IOR/R/2/131/6  1930-1938

File No.1055/1930. Manner in which the wives of Ruling Princes and Chiefs should be addressed and referred to in correspondence.  IOR/R/2/131/7  1930

File No.1060/1931 Vol. I. Investiture of His Highness Maharaja Man Singh of Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/131/8, Item 1  1931

File No.1060/1931. Vol. II. Investiture of His Highness Maharaja Man Singh of Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/131/8, Item 2  1931

File No.1070-A/1931 Relative precedence of Jaipur and Jodpur.  IOR/R/2/131/9  1931

File No.1107/1932 Committee on ceremonials  IOR/R/2/132/10  1932

File No.1130/1933 Viceregal visits to Indian States-Flag to be flown over the house in which His Excellency resides.  IOR/R/2/132/11  1933

File No.1143/1934 Memorandum prepared by the India Office, London, on the protection of the rights of the States in the Federal and Provincial Fields under the new constitution.  IOR/R/2/132/12  1934

File No.1147/1933 Allocation of seats on the Federal Legislature to the States inter se.  IOR/R/2/132/13  1933

Jaipur Agency - Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1871-1938

File No.39 of 1892. Claim of Rao Raja of Sikar to the village Shyampura.  IOR/R/2/132/14  1892

File No.8 of 1897 Copies of official letters addressed by the Agent to the Governor-General in Rajputana to Raja Fateh Singh of Khetri 1866.  IOR/R/2/132/15  1897

File No.53 of 1895 Papers connected with the Sikar and Khetri claims to compensation under Salt-Agreement.  IOR/R/2/132/16  1895

File No.97 of 1898. In re. hoarding of Jharshahi rupees in Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/132/17  1898

File No.111 of 1898. Proposed conversion of the Jaipur currency.  IOR/R/2/132/18  1898

File No.141 A. of 1901. Commutation of the services of Kishengarh Jagirdars for cash payment and their resistance to the scheme.  IOR/R/2/132/19  1901

File No. 231 of 1903 Petitions from Barisal Singh and Sheodayal Singh of Khatu and Thakur Hari Singh Shekhawati. - Khatu-Madni Istamrar Case  IOR/R/2/133/20  1903

File No.665 of 1916. Policy of Govt. in respect of minority administrations  IOR/R/2/133/21  1916

File No.701 of 1931-41 Memorandum on the ceremonies connected with successions in the Native States.  IOR/R/2/133/22  1931-1941

File No.738 of 1921 Nimrane affairs settlement by Resident, Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/133/23  1921

File No.788 of 1922 Regarding arrangements for the administration during the minority  IOR/R/2/133/24  1922

File No.847 of 1923-24 Regarding His Highness the Nawab of Tonk's request for the rendition of the Lawa Thikana to Tonk  IOR/R/2/133/25  1923

File No.906 of 1925 Introduction of further changes in the minority administration of the Jaipur State  IOR/R/2/133/26  1925

File No.930 of 1933.Vol.I. Enquiry into the Land Tenures and special powers of certain Thikanadars of the Jaipur State.  IOR/R/2/134/27  1933

File No.930 of 1933.Vol.II. Enquiry on the Land Tenures and special powers of certain Thikanas of the Jaipur State.  IOR/R/2/134/28  1933

File No.930-A. Wills' Report.  IOR/R/2/134/29  ?1934

File No.1185 of 1934 Distribution of the report of Joint Select Committee and treatment of the essential safeguards demanded by the Indian States in the Joint Parliamentary Committee's Report.  IOR/R/2/134/30  1934

File No.1187 of 1934 Danta - Shahpura Precedence.  IOR/R/2/134/31  1934

File No.1192 of 1934 Action under the emergency Powers Ordinance 1932 for offensive articles printed against Ruling Princes and Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/134/32  1934

File No.1207 of 1935 Allocation of seats to Indian States inter se in the Federal Legislatures relating to Tonk and Shahpura etc.  IOR/R/2/134/33  1935

File No.1275 of 1936 Decision of the Rajadhiraja of Shahpura to relinquish the Jagir of Kachola (Udaipur) and request for due recognition of the position of Shahpura as a separate and independent State under the suzerainty of the Crown.  IOR/R/2/135/34  1936

File No.1198 of 1935.Vol.I. Text of Provisional draft instrument of Accession as revised by the Secretary of State and Accession of States to the Federation.  IOR/R/2/135/35  1935

File No.1198 of 1938.Vol.II. Text of Provisional draft instrument of Accession as revised by the Secretary of State and accession of States to the Federation.  IOR/R/2/135/36  1938

File No.1275 of 1936.Vol.II. Decision of the Rajadhiraja of Shahpura to relinquish the Jagir of Kachola (Udaipur) and request for due recognition of the position of Shahpura as a separate and independent State under the suzerainty of the Crown.  IOR/R/2/136/37  1936

File No.22 of 1888. Khetri and Sikar claims. "Riyasat" - Seat in Darbar - Direct correspondence with Viceroy - - do- with Govt. of India in re. Kotputli - Shyampura.  IOR/R/2/136/38  1888

File No.24 of 1890. Sikar and Khetri contention in re. use of the word "Riyasat" in connection with those Chief-ships.  IOR/R/2/136/39  1890

File No.35 of 1871. Sikar's claim to Shyamgarh  IOR/R/2/136/40  1871

File No. 930 of 1933 Material connected with the Will's Report.  IOR/R/2/136/41  1933

Jaipur Agency - Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1900-1947

File No. 396 of 1926 Illness and demise of His Highness the Maharaja of Kishengarh. Succession of Maharaja Yagayanarain Singh to the Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/136/42  1926

File No.1056 of 1930 Proposed grant of an honorary rank in the Army to His Highness the Maharaja of Jaipur and his appointment to the King George's own Bengal Sappers and Miners. Proposal to appoint H.H. the Maharaja of Jaipur as Hony. Colonel of the 10/6th Rajputana Rifles.  IOR/R/2/136/43  1930

File No. 1230 of 1935 Grant of Honorary Commissions in the I.A. Procedure for recommending Ruling Princes and Chiefs for grant of honorary rank or promotion to higher honorary rank in the Army, and in the Royal Air Force and Indian Air Force.  IOR/R/2/136/44  1935

File No.1293 of 1937 Successions in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/136/45  1937

File No.1337 of 1938 Private loans of His Highness Nawab Sir Mohammad Saadat Ali Khan Bahadur of Tonk.  IOR/R/2/136/46  1938

File No.1377 Vol. I of 1938 Proposed rendition of Lawa to Tonk and the proposal to make over Lawa to Jaipur. Vol I  IOR/R/2/137/47  1938

File No. 1377 Vol. II. of 1938 Proposed rendition of Lawa to Tonk and the proposal to make over Lawa to Jaipur. Vol II  IOR/R/2/137/48  1938

File No. 1414 of 1939 Death of Maharaja Yagayanarain Singh of Kishengarh and adoption of Kunwar Sumair Singh of Zorawarpura to the Kishengarh Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/137/49  1939

File No.1437 Vol. I of 1939 Correspondence regarding privy purse (or civil list) of H.H. the Nawab of Tonk. Vol I  IOR/R/2/137/50  1939

File No. 1437 Vol. II of 1947 Correspondence regarding privy purse or civil list of H.H. the Nawab of Tonk. Vol II  IOR/R/2/137/51  1947

File No. 1457 of 1939 Arrangements for minority administration of the Kishengarh State during the minority of Maharaja Sumair Singh.  IOR/R/2/138/52  1939

File No.1573/1940 Question of finding a successor to Lt.Col.G.H. Anderson, CIE, Vice-President, Tonk. Appointment of Mr. D.E. Augier, OBE, and of K.B. Qadri, IBE.  IOR/R/2/138/53  1940

File No. 1680/1940 Question of betrothal of H.H. the minor Maharaja Sumair Singh Bahadur of Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/138/54  1940

File No. 1849/1941 H.H. the minor Maharaja of Kishengarh - Correspondence relating to ---. Training of H.H. (Reports on H.H.).  IOR/R/2/138/55  1941

File No.1878/1941 Vol. I Matters connected with the future of Nimrana. Vol I  IOR/R/2/138/56  1941

File No.1878/1941 Vol. II Matters connected with the future of Nimrana. Vol II  IOR/R/2/138/56  1941

File No. 1990/1942 Appointment of a Puisne Judge for Tonk State.  IOR/R/2/139/57  1942

File No. 1954/1942 Appointment of Dewan Bahadur Dr. L.R. Sikund, M.A., Ph.D., Bar-at-Law, as Chief Member of Council, Kishengarh, and of Maharaj Lal Singh.  IOR/R/2/139/58  1942

File No.1956/1942 Retirement of Rao Bahadur Kesri Singh, B.A., LL.B., Chief Member of Council, Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/139/59  1942

File No. 2059/1943 Supervision of judiciary and Police of the Loharu State by a High Court judge and the Chief Police Officer of the Nabha State: Alwar Darbar's representation  IOR/R/2/139/60  1943

File No.2118/1944. Khetri's relations with the Jaipur Government in the matter of the new constitutional reforms in Kotputli and the adoption of the State High Court for that Pargana.  IOR/R/2/139/61  1944

File No.3-P/46 Nimrana affairs.  IOR/R/2/139/62  1946

File No.9-P/46 Memorial by the Sheikhawati, etc., Thikenadars against the Jaipur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/139/63  1946

File No.10-P/46 Restrictions on the movements of Ex-Maharaja of Rewa.  IOR/R/2/139/64  1946

File No.11-P/46 Disturbances in Alwar State.  IOR/R/2/139/65  1946

File No.19-P/46 Constitutional reforms in Tonk and disturbances in Tonk State.  IOR/R/2/139/66  1946

File No.23-P/46 Vol. I Inauguration of constitutional reforms in Kishengarh State.  IOR/R/2/139/67  1946

File No.23-P/46 Vol. II Constitutional Committee, Kishengarh State.  IOR/R/2/140/68  1946

File No.24-P/46 Desire of Rajadhiraja Umaid Singhji Raja of Shahpura to abdicate in favour of his son.  IOR/R/2/140/69  1946

File No.27-P/46 Inauguration of constitutional reforms in Alwar State.  IOR/R/2/140/70  1946

File No.28-P/46 Inauguration of constitutional reforms in the Shahpura State.  IOR/R/2/140/71  1946

File No.30-P/47 Administrative training of the Rao of Kushalgarh, and grant of powers to: proposed Banswara-Kogarh agreement.  IOR/R/2/140/72  1947

File No. 46-P/47 Proposal to invest His Highness of Kishengarh with ruling powers, and his administrative training.  IOR/R/2/140/73  1947

File No. 47-P/47 Tonk Succession.  IOR/R/2/140/74  1947

File No. 51-P/47 Appointment of Rao Sahib Kesri Singh Ranawat as Chief Member of Council, Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/140/75  1947

File No. 29-Tonk/1938 LDG 3/8/47 Tonk succession.  IOR/R/2/140/76  1938

File No. 40-P/46 Jat troubles in Sheikhawati.  IOR/R/2/140/77  1946

File No. 1310 of 1936 Amenities enjoyed by the Resident at Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/140/78  1936

File No. 1659 of 1946 Use of slidex by Indian States Forces.  IOR/R/2/140/79  1946

File No. 2-P/46 Request of the Jaipur Government for remission of annual tribute payable to British Government under the supplementary Treaty of 1871.  IOR/R/2/140/80  1946

File No. 4-P/46 Viceregal visit to Jaipur in 1946.  IOR/R/2/141/81  1946

File No. 5-P/46 Viceregal visit to Alwar in 1946.  IOR/R/2/141/82  1946

File No. 8-P/46 Proposed remission of the tribute paid by the Kotah Kotries to the Jaipur State.  IOR/R/2/141/83  1946

File No. 18-P/46 Residents conference at Delhi in April 1946-Proceedings of - (Use of an aircraft in an emergency).  IOR/R/2/141/84  1946

File No. 31-P/46 G.H.Q. standing operation instructions.  IOR/R/2/141/85  1946

File No. 32-P/46 Premature release of prisoners convicted of offences in connection with 1942 disturbances committed in the Administered Areas and Railway lands over which the Crown Representative exercises jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/141/86  1946

File No. 34-P/47 Annual safe custody reports of Cypher codes and confidential Code Q. Instructions for use of Disposal of secret documents.  IOR/R/2/141/87  1947

File No. 783/1922 Regarding attitude adopted by the Bhomias of Torawati.  IOR/R/2/141/88  1922

File No. 1295/1937 Jaipur Affairs.  IOR/R/2/141/89  1937

File No. 1295/ Vol. I. of 1937 Sikar Affairs.  IOR/R/2/141/90  1937

File No. 1345/1938 Grievances of Bhomies of Sheikhawati, Udaipurwati, Torawati, Bairath, Near-sarwati, Khandelwati and the Parganas of Danta-Ramgarh in Jaipur State.  IOR/R/2/141/91  1938

File No. 2027/1943 Grievances of Bhomias of Torawati and Amarsarwati, Jaipur State, regarding their rights of mines, Matmi, Excise, etc., in their Thikanas -- land revenue assessment.  IOR/R/2/141/92  1943

Papers regarding Naila Metmi case. Jaipur.  IOR/R/2/142/93  1900

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1901-1935

Charge Notes - Dungarpur - dated 25-9-01, 26.4.02, and 20.4.12. Banswara - August 1903 and 13-4-09. About 1910 by Mr. Holme.  IOR/R/2/143/A77  1901-1912

Charge Notes - Banswara - dated 8.3.04, 2.2.09 (2 notes), 14.6.11 (with marginal notes of 20.4.12), 20.4.12 and 8.9.13.  IOR/R/2/143/A78  1904-1913

Charge Notes - Partabgarh - dated 26.1.09, 20.4.12 & 21.3.13.  IOR/R/2/143/A79  1909-1913

Charge Notes - Kushalgarh - February 1907, 1.2.09, 20.4.12 and 19.3.13.  IOR/R/2/143/A80  1907-1913

Charge Note (Agency) left by Colonel Benn in 1914.  IOR/R/2/143/A81  1914

Charge Notes (Agency) dated 23.2.16, 27.6.16, 5.4.18, 5.12.18 and February 1920.  IOR/R/2/143/A82  1916-1920

Charge Notes (Agency) dated November 1922 (4 notes), 1924 and 12.2.26.  IOR/R/2/143/A83  1922-1926

Charge Notes (Agency) dated 15.10.31, 16.3.33. and February 1935.  IOR/R/2/143/A84  1931-1935

Internal situation in Mewar - September 1914 to September 1927 (file No.8 of 1914).  IOR/R/2/143/A85  1914-1927

Proposed simplification of Political relations between the Government of India and the Rajputana States (file No.11 of 1918).  IOR/R/2/143/A86  1918

Mademoiselle D'orly & Swami Ductanand (file No.18 of 1924).  IOR/R/2/144/A87  1924

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1844-1931

File 1/1844 Succession of Maharawat Dalpat Singh to Partabgarh.  IOR/R/2/144/A88  1844

File 3/1861.I. Relations of the Rao of Kushalgarh with the Banswara Darbar.  IOR/R/2/144/A89, Item 1  1861

File 3/1861.II. Relations of the Kushalgarh Chiefship with Banswara.  IOR/R/2/144/A89, Item 2  1861

File 6/1861 Administration of the Mewar State during the minority of Maharana Shembhu Singh and His Highness's investiture with full powers.  IOR/R/2/145/A90  1861

File 8/1862 Suttee - Wife of Lachman Singh Bhumia of Banera.  IOR/R/2/145/A91  1862

File 2/1867 Salute to His Highness the Maharana of Udaipur: Increase in the number of  IOR/R/2/145/A92  1872

File 1/1869 Adoption and succession of Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh to the Shahpura Chiefship.  IOR/R/2/145/A93  1869

File 1/1869 Sentences of death in Southern Rajputana States.-Method of carrying cut -  IOR/R/2/145/A94  1869

File 1/1872 Witch swinging at Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/145/A95  1872

File 2/1878 Cemetery at Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/146/A96  1878

File 1/1885 Witch swinging case in Banswara.  IOR/R/2/146/A97  1885

File 21/1891. Presbyterian Mission Church at Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/146/A98  1891

File 117/1920. Salute of guns to the Rajadhiraja of Shahpura.  IOR/R/2/146/A99  1920

File 202/1930. Succession of Maharana Sir Bhupal Singh.  IOR/R/2/146/A100  1930

File 122/1931. Relations of the Bhumia Chiefs with the Mewar Darbar.  IOR/R/2/146/A101  1931

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1884-1928

File 2 of 1896. His Highness the Maharana Sir Fateh Singh.  IOR/R/2/147/95  1896

File 3 of 1897. Charge Notes of Lt. Col. Curzon Wyllie. Lt. Col. Newill. Lt. Col. Ravenshaw. Major Pinhey. Mr. Home. Lt. Col. Spence. Mr. Wilkinson.  IOR/R/2/147/96  1897

File 4 of 1901. Mewar Administration  IOR/R/2/147/97  1901-1907

File 11 of 1921. Succession to the Gaddi of Mewar.  IOR/R/2/147/98  1921

File 12 of 1921. Change of Regime in Mewar - Main file Vol.I.  IOR/R/2/147/99  1921-1922

File 13 of 1922. Change of Regime in Mewar - Main file Vol.II  IOR/R/2/147/100  1922

File 14 of 1922 Change of Regime in Mewar (correspondence with Mr. G. C. Chenevix Trench, Settlement Officer, Mewar).  IOR/R/2/148/101  1922

File 16 of 1923 Change of Regime in Mewar (Intervention of outsiders).  IOR/R/2/148/102  1923

File 17 of 1924 Change of Regime in Mewar (His Highness the Maharana's letter to the Viceroy and subsequent negotiations)  IOR/R/2/148/103  1924-1925

File 17-A(Old No. XX.A).1928. Change of Regime in Mewar.  IOR/R/2/148/104  1928

File 31 (Old No. 22-A of 1884). Demise of His Highness Maharana Sajjan Singh & succession of His Highness the Maharana Fateh Singh.  IOR/R/2/148/105  1884

File No. C/11/13. Discoursive Note on Idar affairs 1902 - 1922 by Major Meek  IOR/R/2/149/106  c 1922

Jaipur Agency - Jaipur Confidential and Secret Files  [no ref.]  1920-1945

File No. 1388 of 1938. Request of the Raja of Shahpura for membership of the Chamber of Princes.  IOR/R/2/146/A102  1938

File No. 1390 of 1938. Resumption by the Mewar Darbar of village Pacholi in Udaipur granted to Shahpura in Jagir.  IOR/R/2/146/A103  1938

File No. 1628 of 1940 Proposal to grant a Jagir to the second son of His Highness the Maharaja of Alwar.  IOR/R/2/146/A104  1940

File No. 1643 of 1940. I. Military training to His Highness the Maharaja of Jaipur. II. Arrangements for the administration of the State during H.H's absence.  IOR/R/2/146/A105  1940

File No. 1658 of 1940. Telegraphic Messages in Cypher for Military Advisers.  IOR/R/2/146/A106  1940

File No. 1689 of 1940. Supply of information to States received from C.I.D. Sources.  IOR/R/2/149/107  1940

File No. 1692 of 1940. Constitution of a state council for Alwar.  IOR/R/2/149/108  1940

File No. 1705 of 1940. Question of the betrothal of the minor Thakur of Lawa.  IOR/R/2/149/109  1940

File No. 1741 of 1940. Regarding Benasthali Girls School.  IOR/R/2/149/110  1940

File No. 1744 of 1940. Correspondence by Chamber of Princes with Indian States.  IOR/R/2/149/111  1940

File No. 1841 of 1941. Guardians to minor Princes and Heirs-Apparent.  IOR/R/2/149/112  1941

File No. 1768 of 1941. Examination of Khandan grants and conversion of Jagirs into cash.  IOR/R/2/149/113  1941

File No. 1769 of 1941. Revision of Khandan Rules in Tonk.  IOR/R/2/149/114  1941

File No. 1784 of 1941. Forfeiture of moneys held by Post offices to the credit of unlawful bodies. Procedure regarding.  IOR/R/2/150/115  1941

File No. 1821 of 1941. Agitation by Jagirdars in Alwar against alleged interference with their ancient rights etc.  IOR/R/2/150/116  1941

File No. 1822. of 1941. Jaipur Rajya Praja Mandal.  IOR/R/2/150/117  1941

File No. 1827 of 1941. Grant of an honorary rank in the Army to His Highness the Maharaja of Alwar.  IOR/R/2/150/118  1941

File No. 1843 of 1941. Appointment of H.H. the Maharaja of Jaipur as a Member of the National Defence Council.  IOR/R/2/150/119  1941

File No. 1844 of 1940-41.Vol.I Policy of Govt. in respect of minority administrations in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/150/120  1940-1941

File No. 1844 of 1944 Vol.II. Policy of Government in respect of minority administration in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/150/121  1944

File No. 1857 of 1941 Use of unauthorised titles by Indian States in their official publications.  IOR/R/2/150/122  1941

File No. 1951 of 1942. Muslim League in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/150/123  1942

File No. 2058 of 1937. Adoption Sanad granted to Nawab Wazeer-ud-Daula Mohammad Wazeer Khan Nawab of Tonk in 1862.  IOR/R/2/150/124  1937

File No. 2062 of 1943. Future of smaller Indian States - Joint Administrative Scheme etc.  IOR/R/2/150/125  1943

File No. 2077 of 1943. Revolutionary movement - Civil disobedience - Revival of by congress in British India.  IOR/R/2/150/126  1943

File No. 2104 of 1944.Vol.II Miscellaneous circulars issued and enquiries made by Central Intelligence Bureau and orders regarding suspects etc: in connection with the War 1946.  IOR/R/2/151/127  1944-1946

File No. 2127 of 1944. Replacement of Mr. Omrao Behari Mathur, Revenue Member, Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/151/128  1944

File No. 2132 of 1944. Employment of Mr. R.N. Dey by the Jaipur State.  IOR/R/2/151/129  1944

File No. 2133 of 1944. Development Member, Kishengarh State.  IOR/R/2/151/130  1944

4 spare copies of notes by Colonel Benn for Jaipur Succession  IOR/R/2/151/131  1920

Khetri Tusulli-namah Khetri Agreement documents.  IOR/R/2/151/132  No date

File No. 18-P of 1945. Recognition of tenancy rights of cultivators in Rajputana.  IOR/R/2/151/133  1945

File No. 42-P of 1945. Model Rules for the constitution of Reserve and Civil List Funds in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/151/134  1945

File No. 52-P of 1945. Payment of family allowance by the congress to the dependents of the members of the Indian National Army  IOR/R/2/151/135  1945

Jaipur Agency - Jaipur Confidential and Secret Files: Alwar  [no ref.]  1876-1940

File No. 91/1876. Agreement between the British Govt. and the Maharaja of Alwar relative to the abolition of all export, import and transit duties in the State.  IOR/R/2/151/136  1876

File No. 1 of 1882. Alwar Genealogy.  IOR/R/2/151/137  1882

File No. 98 of 1906. Native States asked to bear a portion of the cost of Police on Railways passing through their territories.  IOR/R/2/151/138  1906

File No. 92/1915. Use of phraseology in official correspondence with the Alwar Darbar.  IOR/R/2/151/139  1915

File No.3/1922-23. Regarding question raised by Alwar Darbar of requisitioning troops from Government in times of Emergency.  IOR/R/2/151/140  1922-1923

File No.5/1923-26 Regarding Sahibi River Scheme.  IOR/R/2/151/141  1923-1926

File No.22 of 1924. Regarding the titles of His Highness the Maharaja of Alwar.  IOR/R/2/151/142  1924

File No.46/1928 Nimrana Affairs.  IOR/R/2/151/143  1928

File No.54 of 1931. H.E. the Viceroy's visit to Alwar.  IOR/R/2/151/144  1931

File No.53-P of 1932. Nimrana Affairs. - Succession of Rajkumar Umrao Singh as Raja of Nimrana etc.  IOR/R/2/152/145  1932

File No.4 of 1934. Ruparel River Dispute.  IOR/R/2/152/146  1934

File No.5 of 1934. Meo Agitation in Alwar State and its re-action in the Bharatpur territory. - Activities of Chaudhri Yasin Khan.  IOR/R/2/152/147  1934

File No.8 of 1934. Allocation of seats to Indian States inter se in the Federal Legislature, regarding Alwar.  IOR/R/2/152/148  1934

File No.12-P of 1934. Land Revenue Assessment in Alwar  IOR/R/2/152/149  1934

File No.23 of 1936. Budget Estimates for the Alwar State for the financial year  IOR/R/2/152/150  1936-1937

File No.33.-AN. of 1936. Memorial of Rao Bahadur Raja Durjan Singh, Jagirdar of Jaoli (Alwar State), for recognition of the title of "Raja" as a hereditary distinction.  IOR/R/2/152/151  1936

File No.37-S. of 1937. Maintenance of the Seriska-Bairat Road by the Alwar Darbar.  IOR/R/2/153/152  1937

File No.38.-AN. of 1937. Alwar State Internal Security Scheme  IOR/R/2/153/153  1937

File No.48.-AN of 1937. Accession of Indian States to the proposed Federation of India.  IOR/R/2/153/154  1937

File No.59.-AN. of 1938. Complaints from Raos Raghuraj Singh, Sumer Singh and Hamri Singh and their mother etc. against the Raja of Nimrana for reduction etc. in their maintenance allowances.  IOR/R/2/153/155  1938

File No.61-AN of 1938. Foremation of the Praja Mandal in Alwar on Congress Activities.  IOR/R/2/153/156  1938

File No.64-AN of 1938 Vol. I Land Revenue Assignments in the Alwar State - Revision of Jagri and Muafi Rules - 1922.  IOR/R/2/153/157  1938

File No.64-AN of 1938.Vol.II Land Revenue Assignments in the Alwar State - Revision of Jagri and Muafi Rules, 1922.  IOR/R/2/154/158  1938

File No.73-AN of 1938. Titles of His Highness the Maharaja of Alwar.  IOR/R/2/154/159  1938

File No.76.AN. of 1938. Alwar Darbar's proposal to establish more direct control over Nimrana.  IOR/R/2/154/160  1938

File No.77 - AN of 1939. Papers received from P.A., E.R.S., regarding infringements of Treaty rights.  IOR/R/2/154/161  1939

File No.78-AN of 1939. Trouble on Bharatpur-Alwar border. Abduction of Musammat Niwazi of village Bari (Alwar) by Ismail Meo of village Biwan Bharatpur State.  IOR/R/2/154/162  1939

File No.80 of 1939. Relations of the Alwar Darbar with its feudatory, Nimrana, on the former's accession to the Federation.  IOR/R/2/154/163  1939

File No.85-AN of 1939. Nimrana Affairs - Question about the revision of the Alwar-Nimrana agreement of 1868, and the transfer of Residency powers to the Alwar State.  IOR/R/2/154/164  1939

File No.86 of 1939. The Raja of Nimrana's proposal for the resumption of certain Muafi lands held by his half-brothers.  IOR/R/2/154/165  1939

File No.96 - AN of 1939. Extradition of Azmat Khan son of Daulat Khan of village Matak, Bharatpur State, from Delhi to Alwar U/S 368, I.P.C.  IOR/R/2/154/166  1939

File No.61-AN-II of 1940. Formation of a Praja Mandal in Alwar or Congress Activities.  IOR/R/2/155/167  1940

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1876-1945

Southern Rajputana States - Vernacular Branch  [no ref.]  No date

File No.7 of 1890. Demise of Marawat Udai Singhji of Partabgarh and adoption of Maharaj Arnod (Raghunath Singhji).  IOR/R/2/155/168  1890

Western India States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

File No.Vol.20 of 1919-33 Idar:- Correspondence on the demise of his late Highness Maharaja Daulat Singhji of Idar and accession and investiture of the present Highness Maharaja Himatsinghji.  IOR/R/2/155/169  1919-1933

File No.G/196 of 1908-1915 Succession to Vijaynagar State and other subjects.  IOR/R/2/155/170  1908-1915

File No.133-Vol.I of 1911-1912. Idar Succession and other subjects.  IOR/R/2/156/171  1911-1912

Kherwara Assistancy  [no ref.]  No date

File No.157 of 1913-14 Opening of schools by Christian Missionary Society in the territory of Jawas and Jura.  IOR/R/2/156/172  1913-1914

Mewar Agency  [no ref.]  No date

File No.151/30 Death of H.H. the Maharana Fateh Singhji of Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/156/173  1930

File No.P/42-1/41-44 Rao Harendra Kumar Singh of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/156/174  1941-1944

File No.P/42-2-I/36-44-Vol.I Absorption of Kushalgarh Chiefship into the Banswara State - Memorial submitted by H.H. the Maharawal of Banswara. Vol I  IOR/R/2/156/175  1936-1944

File No.P/42-2-I/36-44-Vol.II Absorption of Kushalgarh Chiefship into the Banswara State - Memorial submitted by H.H. the Maharawal of Banswara. Vol II  IOR/R/2/157/176  1936-1944

File No.42-18/44 Demise of H.H. Maharawal Shri Sir Pirthi Singhji Bahadur, K.C.I.S., Succession of H.H. Maharawal Shri Chandra Veer Singhji Bahadur.  IOR/R/2/157/177  1944

File Idar-21 of 1876-1901 Matters regarding succession to Gaddi of Maharaja Sir Kesri Singh.  IOR/R/2/157/178  1876-1901

File 17-Confl./1911 Proposal to grant full powers of administration to Maharaj Kumar Mansingh of Partabgarh  IOR/R/2/157/179  1911

File 28 of 1913 Grant of powers of administration in the Banswara State to Maharaj Kumar Pirthi Singh.  IOR/R/2/157/180  1913

File 275-C/28 Banswara Darbar's objection to the use of certain seals by the Pao of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/157/181  1928

File No.41-22/43-45-Vol.I Return of Graves. Vol I  IOR/R/2/157/182  1943-1945

File No.41-22/43-45-Vol.II Return of Graves. Vol II  IOR/R/2/157/183  1943-1945

File No.81/32 Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh on the occasion of the marriage of Baiji Sahiba of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/158/184  1932

File No.27/37 Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh on the occasion of the marriage of Baiji Sahiba of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/158/185  1937

File No.190/40 Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh on the occasion of the marriage of Baiji Sahiba of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/158/186  1940

File No.42-18-A/44 Banswara Succession - Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/158/187  1944

Mewar Residency - Banswara  [no ref.]  No date

File No.3 of 1880 Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh at the marriage of the Maharawal of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/158/188  1880

File No.4 of 1905 Attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/158/189  1905

Southern Rajputana States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

File No.141-G/28 Banswara Darbar's objection to Kushalgarh Chiefship's representation at the Opium Committee's Meeting held at Mt. Abu.  IOR/R/2/158/190  1928

File No.1-Adm.No.1 Part II of 1905. Non-attendance of the Rao of Kushalgarh on the occasion of the marriage of the Maharaj Kunwar of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/158/191  1905

File No.VIII-Ceremonial and Visits. 3 of 1880-1932. Rao's attendance at Banswara on the occasion of the Maharawal's marriage.  IOR/R/2/159/192  1880-1932

File No.XXI-Judicial-Kushalgarh 2 of 1894-1922 Kushalgarh Rao's powers in henious offences.  IOR/R/2/159/193  1894-1922

File No.16-G/28 Kushalgarh Rao's attendance on the occasion of Baijilal's marriage.  IOR/R/2/159/194  1928

File No.99-G/30 Kushalgarh Rao's attendance on the occasion of Maharaj Kumar's marriage.  IOR/R/2/159/195  1930

Western India States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

File No.A.D.M.114 of 1919-20 Succession of Thakore Gopal Singh s/o Kesrasingh Pahadji to the Gaddi of Vadagam Taluka owing to the death of K.S. Natwarsinghji of Vadagam.  IOR/R/2/159/196  1919-1920

File No.A.D.M. 11 & 439 of 1918-1929. Death Report of Thakor Vajesinghji of Stahamba and succession of Kumar Ratansinghji and enhanced powers to the Thakore of Sathamba.  IOR/R/2/159/197  1918-1929

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1836-1913

Mewar Residency Office, Udaipur (Mewar)  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1836 Mutilation cases  IOR/R/2/159/198  1836

File 5/1861 Death of Maharana Sarup Singh and succession of Shambhu Singh.  IOR/R/2/159/199  1861

File 14/1874 Death of Maharana Shambhu Singh and Succession of Maharana Sujjain Singh.  IOR/R/2/159/200  1874

File 14-A/1874 Udaipur Succession  IOR/R/2/160/201  1874

File 10/1875 Marriage of His Highness Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur with the Princesses of Idar and Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/160/202  1875

File 30/1881 Rendition to the Mewar State of their portion of the Magra-Merwara.  IOR/R/2/160/203  1881

File 30/1900 Illness of the Maharaj Kanwar of Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/161/204  1900

File 15/1907 Revision of tributes payable by the States of Banswara, Partabgarh and Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/161/205  1907

File 53/1911 Representation from His Highness the Maharana of Mewar regarding his seat, order of precedence, presentation of nazars etc. in the Coronation Darbar, Delhi.  IOR/R/2/161/206  1911

Mewar Residency Office, Udaipur (Dungarpur)  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1873 Witch swinging in Bagduri of Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/161/207  1873

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States (Banswara)  [no ref.]  No date

File 4/1905 Demise of His Highness Maharawal Lachman Singh of Banswara and Succession of Maharawal Shambhu Singh to the Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/161/208  1905

File 6/1913 Illness and demise of His Highness Maharawal Shambhu Singh of Banswara. Succession of His Highness Maharawal Prithi Singh.  IOR/R/2/162/209  1913

Jaipur Agency - Jaipur Confidential and Secret Files  [no ref.]  1937-1940

File No.1306 of 1937 Tonk affairs. - (Employment of Officers).  IOR/R/2/162/210  1937

File No.1312 of 1937. Request of the Raja of Shahpura for a membership of the Mayo College General Committee.  IOR/R/2/162/211  1937

File No.1424 of 1939 Question of appointment of a Guardian for the minor Maharaja of Kishengarh. Arrangements for his Education and up-bringing.  IOR/R/2/162/212  1939

File No.1451 of 1939. Precedence of the Maharajas of Jaipur and Bikaner at social functions in the Viceroy's House.  IOR/R/2/163/213  1939

File No.1472 of 1939. Establishment of Advisory Boards in the Kishengarh State.  IOR/R/2/163/214  1939

File No.1483 of 1939. Maharaja of Dewas's (Junior) "Note on Political Agitation and Public Ferment in Indian States and some suggestions to check their growth".  IOR/R/2/163/215  1939

File No.1486 of 1939. Miscellaneous Intercepted Correspondence.  IOR/R/2/163/216  1939

File No.1495 of 1939. Request of the Tonk Darbar for a loan of Rs.Six lakhs from the Reserve Bank of India to finance Famine Relief Works in the State.  IOR/R/2/163/217  1939

File No.1501 of 1939. Use of telephone for Confidential Conversation.  IOR/R/2/163/218  1939

File No.1527 of 1939. Shahpura Darbar's complaint against (i) the Jagirdar of Khamore, and (ii) the Thakur of Kerote.  IOR/R/2/163/219  1939

File No.1533 of 1939. Raja of Shahpura's proposal for the confiscation of village Mindoli held in Muafi by the Raj Vias Family.  IOR/R/2/163/220  1939

File No.1544 of 1939. Enquiry about titles of younger sons and brothers of Rulers of Indian States and their wives.  IOR/R/2/163/221  1939

File No.1552 of 1939. Maximum limit for the Privy Purse of Rulers of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/163/222  1939

File No.1553 of 1939. Progress and developments in States: Existing Major defects and steps to be taken to remedy them.  IOR/R/2/163/223  1939

File No.1572 of 1940. Behaviour of certain recalcitrant Sahibzadas of Tonk.  IOR/R/2/163/224  1940

File No.1580 of 1940. Proposal that the Resident at Jaipur in his capacity as supervisor of the Minority Administration of the Kishengarh State should be entitled to call on the Police Asstt: to H/R etc. for the inspection of the various spheres of the Kishengarh State Administration.  IOR/R/2/163/225  1940

File No.1588 of 1940. His Highness the Maharaja of Jaipur's attitude towards the Resident at Jaipur visiting the State, Thikanas. Resident's visits to Sikar and Khetri: Tour Notes.  IOR/R/2/163/226  1940

File No.1592 of 1940. 1. Style and Status of Foreign wives married by Indian Princes. 2. Style and status of Sita Devi wife of the Maharaja of Baroda.  IOR/R/2/163/227  1940

File No.1598 of 1940. Privy Purse of the Raja of Shahpura.  IOR/R/2/164/228  1940

File No.1609 of 1940. Use of the term "Government" by Indian States.  IOR/R/2/164/229  1940

File No.1612 Vol.I. Khaksar and other volunteer organisations in States.  IOR/R/2/164/230  1940

File No.1612 of 1940.Vol.II. Khaksar and other volunteer organisations in States.  IOR/R/2/164/231  1940

File No.1615 of 1940. Shooting of certain persons by Sahibzada Abdul Habib Khan Alias Kale Mian of Tonk.  IOR/R/2/164/232  1940

File No.2 of 1926 Succession & adoption. Succession in Mohammadan States.  IOR/R/2/164/233  1926

Jaipur Agency - late Haraoti and Tonk Agency, Deoli: Confidential and Secret Files  [no ref.]  1915-1934

File No.10 C.B. of 1930. Opium - Indian States - Discontinuance of cultivation in - Committee to investigate the States Opium Problems - Report of  IOR/R/2/164/234  1930

File No.13 CB of 1930. Conferment of Titles, Medals and Badges by Rulers of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/164/235  1930

File No.306 of 1931. Memorial from Sahibzada Mohammad Hanif Khan against the orders of His Highness of Tonk regarding his banishment from Tonk and confiscation of his Jagir.  IOR/R/2/164/236  1931

File No.12 CB. of 1932. Institution of the Indian Police Medal.  IOR/R/2/164/237  1932

File No.6 CB. of 1933. Note on the ina Kherar District in the Haraoti and Tonk Agency.  IOR/R/2/164/238  1933

File No.3 Military of 1916-17. War Protection of Railways.  IOR/R/2/164/239  1916-1917

File No.C.17 of 1924. Kherars - Opposition to settlement by Mewar Kherar Minas of Maugawan.  IOR/R/2/165/240  1924

File No.G.18 of 1921 Kherars - Activities of Sheo Rama Mina of Lohari.  IOR/R/2/165/241  1921

File No.9-Tonk of 1915-1933 Sahibzada Muhammad Hanif Khan.  IOR/R/2/165/242  1915-1933

File No.19-Tonk of 1922 Tonk Exiles.  IOR/R/2/165/243  1922

File No.39-Tonk of 1928. Indebtedness of Sahibzadas.  IOR/R/2/165/244  1928

File No.41-Tonk of 1930. Trouble over handing over of Treasury by Seth Kesri Singh (Kotah Seth) to Seth Birdh Mal Lodha Ajmer  IOR/R/2/165/245  1930

File No.42-Tonk of 1930. Illness of His Highness the Nawab (Sir Ibrahim Ali Khan) and his death on 23-6-1930, succession of Mohd: Saadat Ali Khan; and termination of Sir Cecil Kaye's services in Tonk.  IOR/R/2/165/246  1930

File No.44-Tonk of 1930-1931. Sir Cecil Kaye. - His attempt to become Guardian to Ismail Ali Khan (Nanne Mian) or Agent Kamdar to Jamil-uz-Zamani Begum.  IOR/R/2/165/247  1930-1931

File No.45-Tonk of 1931. Agitation against Nawab Saadat Ali Khan and trouble with Jamil-uz-Zamani, Begum  IOR/R/2/165/248  1931

File No.48 - Tonk of 1931. Tonk Currency Conversion - Suggestion to convert Tonk currency into British Indian Currency.  IOR/R/2/166/249  1931

File No.2-Shahpura of 1928. Papers regarding service to Mewar Darbar by Raja of Shahpura.  IOR/R/2/166/250  1928

File No.9-Shahpura of 1924. Shahpura Chief's proposal to abdicate. Shahpura Chief's proposal to pay cash tribute to Mewar in lieu of Kachhola Chakari. Request for recognition of Chiefship as a "State". Request for recognition of Chief as a Ruling Prince and to be made a Member of the Chamber of Princes.  IOR/R/2/166/251  1924

File No.14-Shahpura of 1927. Refusal of Mewar to address Shahpura as "State" or "Darbar".  IOR/R/2/166/252  1927

File No.16.-Shahpura of 1930-32 Acquisition of land in the United Provinces by Rajkumar Sardar Singh of Shahpura.  IOR/R/2/166/253  1930-1932

File No.28-Shahpura of 1930-31 Representation of Indian States on the Federal Legislature and Princes at the Round Table Conference.  IOR/R/2/166/254  1930-1931

File No.M.9.C. of 1921-1934 Internal Security India and Defence Schemes  IOR/R/2/166/255  1921-1934

File No.24 of 1921-1924. Lawa Case.  IOR/R/2/166/256  1921-1924

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1864-1939

Mewar Residency  [no ref.]  No date

File 4/1872 Succession of Maharawat Odey Singh to the Gadi of Partabgarh.  IOR/R/2/167/257  1872

File 8/1875 Visit of His Highness Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.  IOR/R/2/167/258  1875

File 6/1876 Administration of Mewar during the minority of Maharana Sajjan Singh and His Highness' investiture with full powers.  IOR/R/2/167/259  1876

File 6/1910 Coronation Darbar at Delhi - 1911 - General.  IOR/R/2/167/260  1910

File 22/1911 Coronation Darbar, Delhi - 1911. Programmes and ceremonials.  IOR/R/2/167/261  1911

Mewar Residency - Udaipur - Vernacular Files  [no ref.]  No date

File 4/1864 Demise of Maharawat Dalpat Singh and Succession of Maharawat Udai Singh.  IOR/R/2/167/262  1864

[no title or ref.]  No date

File 19/1873 Ratlam Darbar's claim for Talwar Bandi to the Rao of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/167/263  1873

File 28/1880 Marriage of Maharawal of Banswara and present of Nazarana by the Rao of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/168/264  1880

File 39/1905 Demise of Maharawal Laxman Singh of Banswara and attendance of Rao of Kushalgarh to Banswara.  IOR/R/2/168/265  1905

Southern Rajputana States Agency - Dungarpur  [no ref.]  No date

File I-Administration No.2- of 1908 Investiture with ruling powers of His Highness Maharawal Bijaya Singh of Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/168/266  1908

Kotra Assistancy  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1875 Marriage of the Maharana of Udaipur with the daughter of the Maharaja of Idar.  IOR/R/2/168/267  1875

File 3/1921 Correspondence regarding the Christian Missionary Society House at Kotra.  IOR/R/2/168/268  1921

Idar and Vijaynagar Records  [no ref.]  No date

File G/471-34 of 1934. Mission Worker's House in Bhetali in the Idar State.  IOR/R/2/168/269  1934

File G/18 A of 1925-31 Political Agent, Mahi Kantha - Precedence between Vijayanagar and Danta.  IOR/R/2/168/270  1925-1931

File 76-C/1918. Question of a reward for the war services of the Dungarpur State.  IOR/R/2/168/271  1918

File 128-C/1918. Wife of Maharawal Bijey Singh of Dungarpur - Report of Mr. Holme's visit to Dungarpur after Maharawal Bijey Singh's death. Report of funeral ceremonies of Maharawal Bijey Singh.  IOR/R/2/168/272  1918

File 126-C/1908 Abdication of H.H. the Maharawal of Banswara and arrangements for the training of the Maharaj Kumar.  IOR/R/2/168/273  1908

File 50/1939 Adoption of Kunwar Bhagwat Singhji by H.H. the Maharana of Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/168/274  1939

Eastern Rajputana States Agency (Bharatpur) - Confidential Branch Files  [no ref.]  1883-1944

File Volume of 1896. Printed file entitled Return. East India. Copy of correspondence relating to the deposition of the Maharaj Rana of Jhalawar.  IOR/R/2/169/275  1896

File 1/1883 Ceremonials observed on official visits of the Political Agent to the Chiefs of the States in the E.R.S. Agency.  IOR/R/2/169/276  1883

File 1/1900 (Part I) Death of Koddo Khawas at the hands of His Highness Maharaja Ram Singh of Bharatpur at Abu on 2nd June 1900. Deposition of Maharaja Ram Singh and succession of Maharaj Kunwar Kishen Singh, his infant son in his place.  IOR/R/2/169/277  1900

File 3/1910 Ceremonials observed on the occasions of official visits between the Kotah and Jhalawar Chiefs and the Political Agent.  IOR/R/2/169/278  1910

File 4/1911 Extension of the Imperial Service Order and Medal to India.  IOR/R/2/169/279  1911

File 5/1911 Claim of the Karauli Darbar to have precedence over certain Chiefs in general Darbar. II. Karauli Darbar's attendance at Delhi Darbar of 1911 excused.  IOR/R/2/169/280  1911

File 7/1911 Rejection of the request of the Chief of Kishengarh to be allowed precedence over the Chief of Karauli.  IOR/R/2/169/281  1911

File 8/1911 Question of precedence between Kishengarh and Bharatpur and Karauli and Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/169/282  1911

File 3/1912 Memorial to Government of India and Secretary of State from His Highness the Maharaj Rana of Jhalawar for restoration of certain perganas transferred to Kotah.  IOR/R/2/170/283  1912

File 6/1914 Investiture with full Ruling powers of His Highness Maharaj Rana Udaibhan Singh of Dholpur.  IOR/R/2/170/284  1914

File 3/1916 Memorandum on the policy of the Government of India in respect of minority administrations in Central India and Rajputana.  IOR/R/2/170/285  1916

File 4/1916 (1) Disbandment of the 42nd Deoli Regiment and raising of the Mina Corps. (2) Request of the Kotah Darbar to be relieved from payment of contributions of 2 lakhs  IOR/R/2/170/286  1916

File 2/1917 Memo. on the recognition of successions in Indian States and on ceremonials to be observed at Installations to be observed at Installations and Investitures.  IOR/R/2/171/287  1917

File 3/1917 Bundi - Bikaner dispute about precedence.  IOR/R/2/171/288  1917

File 1/1918 Rights secured to Ruling Princes and Chiefs by treaties etc. Representations made Ruling Princes and Chiefs in connection with the treaties and action taken thereon by Government.  IOR/R/2/171/289  1918

File 3/1918/1944 Orders and Rules for British Honours.  IOR/R/2/171/290  1944

File 4/1921 Remission of contribution made by the Kotah Darbar for the Mina Corps stationed at Deoli.  IOR/R/2/171/291  1921

File 5/1921 Visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to Bharatpur in 1921-22. (Bharatpur Darbar to be consulted when presents are proposed to be given by High personages for distribution to State officials).  IOR/R/2/171/292  1921

File 2-P/1926 Bharatpur Affairs  IOR/R/2/172/293  1926-1930

File 4-P/1927 Death of Maharaja Sir Bhanwar Pal of Karauli on 3rd August 1927 and succession of Maharaja Bhompal Singh Bahadur of Hadoti August 1927  IOR/R/2/173/294  1927

File 10-P/1927 Title of Samar Bir with a gold medal carrying a life allowance of Rs.40/- p.m. to S.A.S. Lt. Sampuran Singh on foreign service by Bharatpur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/173/295, Item 1  1927

File 10-P/1927 Institution of the Girraj Order His Highness of Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/173/295, Item 2  1927

File 10-P/1927 Presentation by the Datia Darbar to Khan Sahib Naqi Mohammad Khan of a Baroni medal.  IOR/R/2/173/295, Item 3  1927

File 10-P/1927 Grant of a golden chain with the hereditary title of Fouzdar carrying an allowance of Rs.50/- p.m. to Major Abdul Samad, a British Indian subject.  IOR/R/2/173/295, Item 4  1927

File 1-P/1928 Proposals regarding the administration of the Bharatpur State.  IOR/R/2/173/296  1928

File 8-P/1929 Installation of His Highness Maharaja Brijendra Singh of Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/173/297  1929

File 12-P/1930 Conferment of titles, medals and badges by Rulers of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/173/298  1930

File 33-/P/1930 Secret and confidential books with the Political Agent, Eastern Rajputana States.  IOR/R/2/173/299  1930

Eastern Rajputana States Agency (Bharatpur) - Confidential Branch Files  [no ref.]  1931-1947

File 22-P/31 Restoration of friendly relations between Udaipur and Bundi Darbars.  IOR/R/2/174/300  1931

File 7-P/37 Acceptance of medals by Ruling Princes and Chiefs and their subjects and award of their decorations of foreigners.  IOR/R/2/174/301  1937

File 11-P/37 Procedure for the presentation of British decorations to subjects of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/174/302  1937

File 24-P/37 Privy Purse allowance for the Maharaja of Bharatpur and the administration of the Deodhiat Tahsil.  IOR/R/2/174/303  1937

File 37-P/37 Memorandum of instructions for the treatment and safeguarding of secret and confidential information and papers.  IOR/R/2/174/304  1937

File 43-P/37 Procedure for the submission of recommendations for the grant of O.B.I. to officers of Indian States Forces.  IOR/R/2/174/305  1937

File 18-P/38 Ceremonials to be observed in connection with the tours of His Excellency the Viceroy.  IOR/R/2/174/306, Item 1  1938

File 18-P/38 Instructions regarding the preparation of detailed draft programmes of engagements etc. as soon as the Viceregal visit to an Indian State is announced.  IOR/R/2/174/306, Item 2  1938

File 40-P/39 Increasing mobility of Political Officers by use of aeroplanes.  IOR/R/2/174/307  1939

File 47-P/39 Investiture of His Highness the Maharaja of Bharatpur with powers. Ceremonies observed on the occasion  IOR/R/2/174/308  1939

File 66-P/39 Desire of the minor Maharaja of Bharatpur to place the State Forces Unit and other resources of the State at the disposal of His Majesty's Government.  IOR/R/2/175/309  1939

File 39-P/40 Transfer of powers to the Maharaj Kumar of Karauli.  IOR/R/2/175/310  1940

File 138-P/40 Death of Colonel His Highness Maharao Sir Umed Singh Bahadur of Kotah and succession of Maharao Bhim Singh.  IOR/R/2/175/311  1940

File 53-P/41 Annual returns of Secret books and publications.  IOR/R/2/175/312  1941

File 71-P/41 Easements and privileges enjoyed by Political Officers.  IOR/R/2/175/313  1941

File 75-P/41 Parts I and II Administration in Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/175/314  1941

File 114-P/41 Recommendations for the grant of honorary rank or higher honorary rank in the Army.  IOR/R/2/175/315  1941

File 28-P/42 Appointment of Pt. Ishwari Narain Kichlu as Dewan, Karauli.  IOR/R/2/176/316  1942

File 1-P/43 Appointment of Dewan, Bharatpur State.  IOR/R/2/176/317  1943

File 42-P/43 Death of His Highness Maharaj Rana Sir Rajendra Singhji Bahadur and succession of Maharaj Rana Harish Chandra of Jhalawar.  IOR/R/2/176/318  1943

File 44-P/43 Allocation of expenditure in the State budget and the civil list.  IOR/R/2/176/319  1943

File 21-P/44 Karauli affairs.  IOR/R/2/176/320  1944

File 1-P/45 Gift from Ruling Princes to His Excellency the Viceroy, orders regarding.  IOR/R/2/176/321  1945

File 19-P/45 Succession of Maharaj Kumar Bahadur Singh of Bundi to the Caddi.  IOR/R/2/176/322  1945

File 27-P/45 Appointment of Dewan, Bundi.  IOR/R/2/176/323  1945

File 2-P/46 Appointment of an elected Minister in the Bharatpur State Council.  IOR/R/2/176/324  1946

File 45-P/46 Revision of salutes of Ruling Princes.  IOR/R/2/177/325  1946

File 47-P/46 Grant of titles by Ruling Princes. Conferment of the title of "Raja" on his brothers by His Highness of Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/177/326  1946

File 65-P/46 Separate investment of funds for the marriages of the daughters of His Highness of Bharatpur.  IOR/R/2/177/327  1946

File 74-P/46 Question regarding the return of Raja Kishen to Bharatpur and the restoration of his Jagir etc.  IOR/R/2/177/328  1946

File 12-P/47 Death of His Highness Maharaja Sir Bhompal Deo of Karauli and succession of Maharaj Kumar Ganesh Pal to the Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/177/329  1947

File 14-P/47 Evacuation of European British subjects in the event of an emergency.  IOR/R/2/177/330  1947

File 20-P/47 Relaxation of the restrictions over the powers of His Highness of Bundi.  IOR/R/2/177/331  1947

Mewar and Southern Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1842-1933

Mewar Residency, Mewar  [no ref.]  No date

File 2/1842 Death of Maharana Sardar Singh and succession of Sarup Singh of Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/177/332  1842

File 47/1902 Betrothal between His Highness the Maharaja of Kishengarh and the daughter of His Highness of Udaipur.  IOR/R/2/177/333  1902

File 140/1933 Dispute regarding temple at Pakhabdeo in Mewar.  IOR/R/2/177/334  1933

Mewar Residency, Dungarpur  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1898 Demise of His Highness the Maharawal Udai Singh of Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/177/335  1898

File 1/1908 Investiture of His Highness the Maharawal Bijey Singh of Dungarour.  IOR/R/2/177/336  1908

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States - General  [no ref.]  No date

No. VIII-Ceremonials and Visits - 11 - of 1878. Presentation of Imperial Banners to the Chiefs of Banswara and Partabgarh.  IOR/R/2/178/337  1878

No. VIII-Ceremonials & Visits - 24 - of 1910. Rajputana Memorial to His late Imperial Majesty King Edward VII.  IOR/R/2/178/338  1910

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States - Dungarpur  [no ref.]  No date

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption - 1 - of 1898. Succession of Maharawal Bijey Singh in 1898 Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/178/339  1898

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption - 4 - of 1918. Illness and demise of Maharawal Bijey Singh of Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/178/340  1918

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption - 5 - of 1918. Succession of Maharawal Lachhman Singh of Dungarpur.  IOR/R/2/178/341  1918

No. I-Administration-10 of 1927. Investiture with Ruling Powers of His Highness Maharawal Lachhman Singh of Dungarpur in 1928.  IOR/R/2/178/342  1927

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States - Partabgarh  [no ref.]  No date

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption - 1 - of 1890. Demise of Odey Singh, Maharawal of Partabgarh and succession of Raghunath Singh.  IOR/R/2/179/343  1890

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States - Kushalgarh  [no ref.]  No date

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption - 1 - of 1891. Demise of Rao Zorawar Singh of Kushalgarh and succession of Rao Udai Singh.  IOR/R/2/179/344  1891

No. XXXIII-Succession & Adoption -2- of 1916. Demise of Rao Udai Singh and succession of Rao Ranjit Singh of Kushalgarh.  IOR/R/2/179/345  1916

Mewar Residency - Partabgarh  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1890 Demise of His Highness the Maharawat Odey Singh of Partabgarh and succession of Maharaj Raghunath Singh.  IOR/R/2/179/346  1890

File 1/1870 Printed correspondence on different subjects in Rajputana.  IOR/R/2/179/347  1870

Mewar Residency, Confidential Files - Banswara  [no ref.]  No date

File 1/1908 Papers about His Highness the Maharawal Shimbhu Singh's abdication. Banswara.  IOR/R/2/181/348  1908

Political Agency, Southern Rajputana States  [no ref.]  No date

File 127-C/1910 Grant of Ruling Powers to Maharaj Kunwar Pirthi Singh of Banswara.  IOR/R/2/181/349  1910

File 132-C/1916-1926 Correspondence about keeping the Raja of Sailana and his family, out of Dungarpur - Reports by Colonels Smith and Shore on Maharawal Bijay Singh's mental condition.  IOR/R/2/181/350  1916-1926

File 131-C/1917 The opinion of His Highness the Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur regarding relative precedence inter se of Banswara Partabgarh etc.  IOR/R/2/181/351  1917

Mewar-Udaipur  [no ref.]  No date

File 2/1857 Indian Mutiny  IOR/R/2/181/352  1857

Western Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1873-1941

File 188-Bikaner/1882-1917 Revision of Bikaner Salt Agreement of 1879.  IOR/R/2/182/353  1882-1917

File 15/1880-1886 Certain papers regarding the Bikaner Salt Agreement.  IOR/R/2/182/354  1880-1886

File 111/1887-1891 Bikaner Minority Administration.  IOR/R/2/182/355  1887-1891

File 59/1887-1894 Demise of Maharaja Dungar Singh and succession of Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner.  IOR/R/2/182/356  1887-1894

File 81/1898-1907 Installation of Highness Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner with Ruling Powers and removal of restrictions.  IOR/R/2/182/357  1898-1907

File 26/1890 Transfer of the administration of Mallani to the Marwar Darbar in 1891.  IOR/R/2/182/358  1890

File 7/1873 Death of Maharaja Takhat Singh and succession of Jaswant Singh to the Marwar Gaddi, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/182/359  1873

File 4(a)/1895 Demise of His Highness Maharaja Jaswant Singh and succession of Maharaja Sardar Singh to Jodhpur Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/182/360  1895

File 29/1898 Cemetries in the Western Rajputana States.  IOR/R/2/182/361  1898

File 31/1906-1909 Lease of Abu.  IOR/R/2/183/362  1906-1909

File 31/1909-1915 Lease of Abu.  IOR/R/2/183/363  1909-1915

File 36/1911 Demise of Highness Maharaja Sardar Singh Bahadur of Jodhpur on 20th March 1911.  IOR/R/2/183/364  1911

File 83/1911 Kharitas to and from the Marwar Darbar re the death of His Highness Maharaja Sardar Singh Bahadur, GOSI and succession of Maharaja Sumer Singh to the Gaddi of Marwar, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/183/365  1911

File 31/1914 Lease of Abu  IOR/R/2/184/366  1914

File 31/1916-1918 Lease of Abu.  IOR/R/2/184/367  1916-1918

File 123/1916 Investiture of His Highness Maharaja Sumer Singh with powers. - H.E. Lord Hardinges' visit to Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/184/368  1916

File 31/1918-1922 Lease of Abu  IOR/R/2/184/369  1918-1922

File 246/1918 Inauguration of the new regime at Jodhpur after the death of His Highness Maharaja Sumer Singh Bahadur.  IOR/R/2/184/370  1918

File 76/1918 Demise of His Highness Maharaja Sir Sumer Singh Bahadur of Jodhpur on 3rd October 1918. Kharitas to and from the Darbar regarding the death of His Highness and succession of Maharaja Umaid Singh to the Gaddi of Marwar.  IOR/R/2/185/371  1918

File 226/1919 History of two old bronze guns in the Jodhpur Fort.  IOR/R/2/185/372  1919

File 151/1936 Kharitas from H.E. the Viceroy to the Ruling Princes at the change of Viceroyalty.  IOR/R/2/185/373  1936

File 105/G(BS)/38 Registration of births, deaths, etc. among British subjects residing in the Bikaner and Sirohi States.  IOR/R/2/185/374  1938

File 242/39-I & II Registration of certain European British subjects. Register of European British subjects, 1939. Registration of Foreigners Rules 1939 and Executive Instructions. Provisional Instructions for the control of Foreigners in War 1939. Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939. Executive Instructions. Marwar Registration of Foreigners Rules.  IOR/R/2/185/375  1939

File 218/1939 (3 volumes) Registration of Foreigners - Form A - Part II.  IOR/R/2/185/376  1939

Western Rajputana States Agency Files  [no ref.]  1881-1945

File 40/1881-1912 Irrigation of certain tracts lying in the Bikaner State by the Western Jumna Canal.  IOR/R/2/187/381  1881-1912

File 117/1882-1894 Sirhind Canal passing in Bikaner State.  IOR/R/2/187/382  1882-1894

File 14/1882 Claim of Rawal of Assam Jalelae (Jodhpur) regarding his village being considered in British territory.  IOR/R/2/187/383  1882

File 10/1884 Plans of the land required for Railway pruposes in Marwar territory.  IOR/R/2/187/384  1884

File 16/1887 Plans of the land required for Railway pruposes in Marwar territory.  IOR/R/2/187/385  1884

File 55/1897 Construction of new Balotra-Shadipali Railway line - orders as to under what circle the line may be placed (Jodhpur).  IOR/R/2/187/386  1897

File 31/1897 Rewari-Kuchaman Chord Railway Survey via Phulera and Kishengarh.  IOR/R/2/187/387  1897

File 13/1898 Baran-Ajmer and Marwar Railway Survey.  IOR/R/2/188/388  1898

File 16/1898 Land required by the Rajputana Malwa Railway for sinking a new well at Mori Railway Station.  IOR/R/2/188/389  1898

File 15/1899 Agreement between the Government of India and His Highness the Maharaja of Jodhpur for the construction of a Railway from Belotra to Hyderabad and for the working of the section of the Railway from the Jodhpur frontier to Hyderabad (Sind).  IOR/R/2/188/390  1899

Note: Missing

File 10/1900-04 Certain matter's conerning the Ghaggar canal in the Bikaner State.  IOR/R/2/188/391  1900-1904

File 7/1901 Contract between the Secretary of State for India and the B.B. & C.I. Railway revising with effect from the 1st July 1900, the arrangements for working the Rajputana-Malwa Railway and other lines.  IOR/R/2/188/392  1901

File 48/1903 Baran-Ajmer-Marwar Railway Survey.  IOR/R/2/188/393  1903

File 57/1903 Proposed extension of Railway from Borawar to Sikar.  IOR/R/2/188/394  1903

File 131/1905 Sutlej Canals in the Bikaner State.  IOR/R/2/189/395  1905

File 44/1905 Construction of Mirpur Khas Jhudo Railway.  IOR/R/2/189/396  1905

File 86/1905-1913 Sirohi and Merwar Darbars proposal to build Bunds in the Surki and Jawai Rivers respectively in their own territories.  IOR/R/2/189/397  1905-1913

File 167/1907-1910 Construction and working of the Mirpur Khas Khadro Railway.  IOR/R/2/190/398  1907-1910

File 108/1910 Proposed construction and working of the Mirpur Khas Khadro Railway  IOR/R/2/190/399  1910

File 124/1920 Encroachment on Railway land at Somesar, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/190/400  1920

File 61/1924 Working of Mirpur Khas - Judho and Mirpur Khas-Khadro branches consequent on the separation of Jodhpur and Bikaner States Railways.  IOR/R/2/190/401  1924

File 42/1927 Construction of Nathdwara Road (Maoli) - Sursinghji-ka-Gudha Railway lines by the Mewar Darbar.  IOR/R/2/190/402  1927

File 175/1929 Encroachment on Rani Station yard. Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/190/403  1929

File 7/1930 Working of the Mirpur Khas-Judho and Mirpur Khas Khadro Branches consequent on the separation of the Jodhpur and Bikaner States Railways.  IOR/R/2/191/404  1930

File 308/33 Division of jurisdiction over Gudhwada villages between British Government and Palanpur State.  IOR/R/2/191/405  1933

File 365/1937 Demarcation of Railway land on the Sambhar Branch of the B.B. & C.I. Railway, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/191/406  1937

File 149/37 Land at Kuchaman Road, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/191/407  1937

File 154/1939 Realignment of the Balotra-Pachbhadra Railway line, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/191/408  1939

File 241/1943 Land dispute between the Baikaner and the Punjab Governments.  IOR/R/2/191/409  1943

File 113/1944 Agreement between the BB & CI Railway and Jodhpur Railway for the running of the BB & CI Ry trains by the Jodhpur Railway Engines between Kuchamen Road and Phulera.  IOR/R/2/191/410  1944

File 283/1942 Sagpan Bab-recovery of the levy by the Sirohi State.  IOR/R/2/191/411  1942

File 197/1944 Grievances of Sheoganj Mahajans against the Sirohi State authorities in connection with the levy of Sagoan Bab.  IOR/R/2/191/412  1944

Western Rajputana States Agency Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1858-1947

Files RZ 414-421- location not known

File 30/3(45) Memorial to His Excellency the Viceroy and Governor General of India from Panch Mahajans of Sheoganj against the orders of the Resident for Rajputana regarding levy of Sagpan Bab by the Sirohi State.  IOR/R/2/192/413  1945

File 293-39/Vol II Grievances of Maharaj Man Singh of Manadar against the Sirohi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/194/422  1939

File 67/40-I Sirohi Succession.  IOR/R/2/194/423  1940

File 67-P/40-II Sirohi succession. Proposed adoption of one of the Manadar Kanwars.  IOR/R/2/194/424  1940

File 154/40 Memorial to H.E. the Crown Representative from Maharaj Man Singh of Manadar against the Sirohi Darbar in respect of his Jagir etc.  IOR/R/2/194/425  1940

File C/45-1/46 Death of H.H. Maharajadhiraja Maharao Sir Sarup Ram Singh Bahadur, GCIE, KCSI, Maharao of Sirohi and consequent arrangements for carrying on the Administration of the State.  IOR/R/2/194/426  1946

File C/45-1/46 Vol. II Sirohi Succession.  IOR/R/2/194/427  1946

File C/45-2/45 Adoption of infant Tej Singh of Bari-Panti Manadar by H.H. the Maharao of Sirohi to succeed Sirohi Gaddi as Tej Ram Singh.  IOR/R/2/195/428  1945

File 9/14 Vol VI Part I Demise of H.H. Maharawal Salivaban of Jaisalmer and succession of Maharawal Jawahir Singh  IOR/R/2/195/429  1914

File 9/14 Vol VI Part II Jaisalmer Succession - Miscellaneous petitions etc.  IOR/R/2/195/430  1914

File 10/14 Documents showing the wishes of H.H. Maharawal Bairisal in regard to his successor which were found after the death of H.H. Maharawal Shaliwahan Bahadur of Jaisalmer.  IOR/R/2/195/431  1914

File C/30-1/45 Grievances of Thakur Abhaisingh s/o Maharaj Man Singh of Manadar against Sirohi Succession.  IOR/R/2/196/432  1945

File C/26-3/46 Grant of Jagir to Rao Raja Lakhpat Ram Singh of Sirohi.  IOR/R/2/196/433  1946

File C/45-5/46 Appointment of a guardian to His Highness the Maharao Tej Singh of Sirohi.  IOR/R/2/196/434  1946

File C/30-1/47 Grievances of Thakur Abhai Singh of Manadar against the Sirohi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/196/435  1946

File 56/1858-80 Succession of Thakur Tejsingh to the Manadar Estate in Sirohi.  IOR/R/2/196/436  1858-1880

File 56/1881-86 Succession of Thakur Tejsingh to the Manadar Estate in Sirohi.  IOR/R/2/196/437  1881-1886

File 58/1907-12 Succession to the Manadar Estate after the Death of Raj Sahiban Tejsingh.  IOR/R/2/197/438  1907-1912

File 58/1913-18 Succession to the Manadar Estate after the Death of Raj Sahiban Tejsingh.  IOR/R/2/197/439  1913-1918

File 58/1918-20 Succession to the Manadar Estate after the Death of Raj Sahiban Tejsingh.  IOR/R/2/197/440  1918-1920

File 38-P/38 Retrocession of jurisdiction over Railway lands.  IOR/R/2/198/441  1938

File 65 of 1928 Representation of His Highness the Maharaja of Jodhpur regarding the restoration to the Jodhpur State of the District of Umarkot in Sind.  IOR/R/2/198/442  1928

File C/41-1(45) Construction and Maintenance of roads and bridges. Policy regarding (1)  IOR/R/2/198/443  1945

File C/1-9(46) Minority Administration in Sirohi State.  IOR/R/2/198/444  1946

File C/1-11(46) Constitution Act of Sirohi State and Rules thereunder.  IOR/R/2/198/445  1946

File C/21-2(46) Recommendations for English Honours.  IOR/R/2/198/446  1946

File C/27-1(46) Martial Law.  IOR/R/2/198/447  1946

File C/39-1(46) Inter-Rajput Jat troubles - Jodhpur State.  IOR/R/2/198/448  1946

File C/42-1(46) Post-war Development of Indian Railway System, Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/198/449  1946

File C/49-4(46) Loan of Indian States buildings to the Govt. of India (1)  IOR/R/2/198/450  1946

File C/1-2(47) Proposed Retrocession of the District of Abu to the Sirohi Darbar (1)  IOR/R/2/198/451  1947

File C/22-1(47) Internal Security Schemes.  IOR/R/2/198/452  1947

File C/26-1(47) Settlement operations in retroceded areas of Mewar and Marwar villages in Merwara (1)  IOR/R/2/198/453  1947

File C/36-2(47) Disposal of records of the Crown Representative.  IOR/R/2/198/454  1947

File C/49-2(47) Properties hired, leased or requisitioned from States by military authorities since 1939.(1)  IOR/R/2/198/455  1947

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