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India Office Records

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Reference IOR
Covering dates 1600-1948
Held by British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
Extent 15 km (volumes, files, charters, maps)
Conditions of access Open to public access except for recent personal files, and a very small number of subject files
Creators Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, 1784-1858; Burma Office, 1937-1948; East India Company, 1600-1858; India Office, 1858-1947

Administrative history:
The East India Company was established in 1600 as a joint-stock association of English merchants trading to the 'Indies'. Over a period of 250 years the Company underwent several substantial changes in its basic character and functions. A period of rivalry with a 'New' Company after 1698 resulted in the formation in 1709 of the United Company. This 'new' East India Company was transformed during the second half of the eighteenth century from a mainly commercial body with scattered Asian trading interests into a major territorial power in India with its headquarters at Calcutta. The political implications of this development eventually caused the British Government to institute a standing Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (or 'Board of Control') to exercise supervision over the Company's Indian policies. This change in the Company's status, along with other factors, led to the Acts of Parliament of 1813 and 1833, which opened the British trade with the East Indies to all shipping and resulted in the Company's complete withdrawal from its commercial functions.
The Company continued to exercise responsibility, under the supervision of the Board, for the government of India until the re-organisation of 1858. With the India Act of 1858 the Company and the Board of Control were replaced by a single new department, the India Office, under a Secretary of State. In 1937, the separation of Burma from India led to the creation in London of a Burma Office separate from the India Office, though still under the same Secretary of State.
With the achievement of independence by India and Pakistan in 1947, and by Burma in 1948, both the India and Burma Offices were dissolved. Thereafter their archives were administered by the Indian Records Section, from 1962 known as the India Office Records, of the Commonwealth Relations Office (later the Commonwealth Office) and from 1968 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
In 1982 the India Office Records (together with the India Office Library) were placed on deposit with the British Library Board and have been administered, as Public Records, by the British Library Oriental and India Office Collections.

The India Office Records comprise archives created and accumulated by the India Office (1858-1947) and its offshoot the Burma Office (1937-48), or inherited or otherwise acquired by the India Office from its predecessor bodies mainly the East India Company 1600-1858 and the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (1784-1858); also archives created or acquired by the India Office Records acting as the successor to the India and Burma Offices in respect of their archives.
The records relate to British commercial and political relations with India, south and south-east Asia, and other countries with which the East India Company established contact; they also contain voluminous information on the British administrations in India and Burma.

Records of the Military Department  IOR/059/IOR/L/MIL  1708-1957

c. 44 968 volumes/1935 boxes

Conditions of access: Open; except for post-First World War personal files of British officers and Warrant officers in the Indian Army L/MIL/14 and Royal Indian Navy and Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve L/MIL/16. These files are held under the terms of a statutory instrument, authorised by the Lord Chancellor, under 'extended closure' of between 75 to 100 years. The closure period for these files has been set at 75 years from the date of entry of the serviceman/woman into the service. The files are opened on an annual basis.

Archival history:
Partly because of their bulk and partly because the Military Department had its own sub-registry, the records accumulated or inherited from the East India Company were kept physically apart from the main body of the India Office Records. A Keeper of Military Records was employed to manage them from 1867 in the new India Office building in Whitehall.

Creator(s): East India Company, Board of Control and India Office in London

Related information: L/WS India Office War Staff Papers (1921-1951), K Records relating to Addiscombe Military Seminary; Pembroke House and Ealing Lunatic Asylumns and the Royal Engineering College at Cooper's Hill; L/AG/45 Accounts and related records of Haileybury, Addiscombe, Cooper's Hill and Warley Barracks.
Records of military and naval furlough pay, allotments, gratuities and service pensions (also pensions paid to dependents) - series L/AG/20, 21, 23, 26.
Military estate papers of European officers and other ranks of the EIC/Indian Army dying in India and related territories 1792-1953 - sub-series L/AG/29/1, L/AG/34/30, 33, 40.

Administrative history:
Administrative responsibility for the military function of the East India Company in India rested initially with the Public Departments of Bengal, Madras and Bombay. A purely Military Department emerged in Madras from 1752 and in 1772 the Governor-General in Bengal assumed supreme control of the military administration in Bengal and Bombay. Military Departments emerged in Bengal and Bombay in the 1780s. These departments reported back to the Court of Directors in London, through the Committee of Correspondence. In London, matters concerning the East India Company's armies in India and in other settlements, were originally handled by the Committee of Correspondence and until 1804 the conduct of military correspondence with India was mainly in the hands of the Examiner of Indian Correspondence. It was briefly the responsibility of the Auditor to 1809. In 1809 a separate Military Department was established, headed by a Military Secretary, who was normally a high-ranking Indian Army officer. The Department was also responsible for conducting the military correspondence with government departments and individuals in Britain. As a result of the reorganisation of the Company in 1834, the Political and Military Committee was appointed to control its military business.
The Board of Control's Military department was formed in 1807 to supervise the Company's military correspondence with India.
In 1858, the India Office was established as a Department of State. It assumed the executive functions of the Company's affairs and those of the Board of Control. The India Office's Military Secretary reported to the Military Committee of the advisory Council of India which discussed business before placing questions before the Secretary of State for India in Council. The Company's European regiments in India were abolished and the Company's Military seminary at Addiscombe was closed. In 1867 the Military Department took on the additional responsibility for marine business from India.
The Company's Army had consisted of both European and native corps. Following the end of the Company's rule the European regiments were amalgamated with the British Army (1860/61) but the native army continued (after reductions and extensive reorganisation) as the Indian Army, officered as before by Europeans.

This sub-fonds comprises records of the Military Department, East India House (1809-1858); several Court of Directors Committees concerned with military matters e.g. the Military Seminary Committee (1809-1834), the Political and Military Committee (1834-1858); the Military Department of the Board of Control (1807-1858) the India Office Military Department (1858-1947) and Addiscombe Military Seminary, responsible for the general and technical education of the Company's officer cadets.
The Military Department records in London deal mainly with the business of the European element of the Company's armies in India - recruiting of private soldiers, appointment of officers, pay, leave, promotion, passages to India, pensions - which is reflected in the many series covering European personnel. The L/MIL records reflect the whole spectrum of military policy and administration, including the organisation, operations and equipment of the army, navy and airforce in India and related territories. They also document, often in considerable detail, the careers - appointments, pay, leave, promotions and pensions - of individual European officers and soldiers in the Indian Army, the Indian Medical Service and the Royal Indian Navy and its predecessors (from 1867). Less extensive information is available for the members of the British army units serving in India. The Military records include a large proportion of the Board's copies of correspondence, which were later chosen to be kept in preference to the Company's. They also reflect the process of merging of the surviving Company's and Board's military records with those of the India Office's military department into a single body of 'Military Department' records.

Bibliography: The definitive finding aid to the Military Department records is Anthony Farrington, Guide to the records of the India Office Military Department IOR L/MIL and L/WS (London, 1982); See also M. Moir, A General Guide to the India Office Records, (London, 1988), pp. 181-185

Entry to the military, medical and nursing services of the East India Company's Army (1753-1861) and the Indian Army (1861-1940)  IOR/L/MIL/9  1753-1940

629 volumes/files

Conditions of access: No restrictions

Related information: The discharge papers of those EIC Army other ranks who took unpensioned discharge in India in 1859-61, viz: Bengal L/MIL/10/303-17; Madras L/MIL/11/278-81; Bombay L/MIL/12/282-86 contain a duplicate record of the soldier's L/MIL/9 entry registration as well as details of his character and service

Administrative history:
The East India Company's Armies in India came into existence in the 1750s and consisted of native regiments of infantry and cavalry plus at each Presidency (Bengal, Madras, Bombay) a European corps of artillery and infantry - in addition a few EIC European cavalry regiments were raised in the UK as an emergency measure during the Mutiny in 1857-60. During the 18th century the Company was only permitted to recruit periodically in the UK under Royal Warrant but from 1801 it received annual drafts of recruits from the British Army and in 1810 was allowed to set up its own independent UK recruiting establishment. Regular officers were directly appointed to the EIC Army from its inception in the 1750s, a permanent Indian Medical Service was established in 1764 and an EIC Veterinary Service in 1826.
Direct recruitment of European private soldiers to the Indian Army ceased c1861/62 following the transfer of the EIC European corps to the British Army - however British Army NCOs could still enter the Indian Army via the Unattached List and subsequent promotion to the warrant officer rank of Sub-Conductor. From the late 19th century onwards most young officer cadets were appointed to the Indian Army after graduating from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and spending a probationary year with a British Army regiment in India. An Indian Military Nursing Service, recruited in the UK, was set up 1887 - prior to that date nursing in Indian military hospitals was performed by male medical orderlies of the Military Subordinate Medical Service.

The series falls into six categories:
1) Recruitment of European private soldiers (1753-1861);
2) Entry of officer cadets (1775-1940);
3) Records of Addiscombe Military Seminary and of the Royal Engineering Establishment, Chatham, (1809-62);
4) Appointments to the Indian Medical Service, Veterinary Service and Nursing Service (1787-1920);
5) Temporary commissions in the Indian Army and the Indian Army Reserve of Officers (1917-21);
6) UK appointments of civilian artificers to the Indian Army 1921.

The Recruitment of Private Soldiers  IOR/L/MIL/9/1-106  1753-1861

106 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

The East India Company recruiting in Great Britain was confined to private soldiers for its artillery and infantry units apart from a short period during the Mutiny, when special European cavalry regiments were raised.
The enlistment, training and embarkation of these recruits are covered in three sub-sub-series: L/MIL/9/1-28 Registers of Recruits, 1817-1860.
L/MIL/9/29-84 Military Depots, 1801-1861.
L/MIL/9/85-106 Embarkation Lists, 1753-1861.
Recruiting methods were amongst the first subjects discussed between the Company and the newly created Board of Control in 1784. The Company's efforts had long been hampered by Parliamentary feeling against standing armies - indeed an act of 1781 limited the number of recruits who could be held in England awaiting embarkation to 2000 in time of war and 1000 in peace time (endnote reference: 21 Geo III c65 s32) - and it was forced to recruit by acting upon Royal Warrants issued for each specific occasion, which authorised a named individual to enlist a stated number of men (endnote reference: for an example see IOR:H/24 p113, special commission to Robert Millagan to raise recruits in any part of Great Britain, 30 Sep 1757). The earliest Embarkation Lists provide evidence of attempts to enlarge the numbers by sending agents abroad to enlist 'North European Protestants' (endnote reference: see 'Deutsche and Schweizer Rekruten fur die englische Ostindien-Gesellschaft 1753-1762' Anthony Farrington, Genealogie 20 (Bruhl, 1971) pp 693-701), while existing legislation against the recruitment of Roman Catholics was a further handicap. Although such recruits as were obtained were inspected by a Company's officer and surgeon, and the then by a Crown officer, there were frequent complaints from India about the quality of the men provided.(endnote reference: For instance, Cornwallis to the Court of Directors, 16 Nov 1787, in IOR:H/85 p 845 - "But what shall I say of the Company's Europeans? I did not think Britain could have furnished such a set of wretched objects. For God's sake lose no time in taking up this business in the most serious manner").
After a long agitation, it ws agreed in the 1790s that the Company ought to be allowed to follow the same pattern as the Crown's forces, and in 1799 came an Act for better recruiting the forces of the East India Company.(endnote reference: 39 Geo III c109). This permitted the Company to train, array, exercise and discipline recruits in England, and also to subject them to martial law prior to embarkation and during the voyage to India.
As a result of the act, full-time recruiting officers, each with a staff of NCOs, were stationed in London, Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh, with additional officers at Cork from 1822, and at Bristol and Newry from 1846. The actual numbers of recruiting sergeants employed varied according to the urgency of the demand. Considering the parallel needs of the British Army, it is hardly surprising that the Company always had great difficulty in obtaining sufficient men. For instance, during the season 1819/1820, 1354 were embarked, against an estimated deficiency of 4009, and a good proportion of those who initially enlisted in the various districts were either rejected at the depot on medical grounds, deserted before joining the depot, or bought themselves out.
A permanent training depot was first established at Newport on the Isle of Wight in 1801. It was moved to Brompton Barracks at Chatham in March 1815, and finally to Warley, near Brentwood in Essex, in May 1843.

Registers of Recruits  IOR/L/MIL/9/1-28  1817-1860

28 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

The registers contain the following details (or a selection of them) for each recruit: name, age, height, colour of hair and eyes, type of complexion, shape of face, place of birth, by whom and where enlisted, date of enlistment and attestation, date of joining the depot and of final approval, period of service, previous occupation, marital status, date and ship of embarkation, Presidency, Corps, and remarks.
They represent the returns made by the district recruiting officers and, apart from L/MIL/9/12, entries are confined to artillery and infantry recruits. The arrangement is roughly chronological, and it clearly shows the batches brought in by the various recruiting sergeants. There are no indexes.

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/1  Dec 1817-Apr 1819

with recruits for British Army infantry regts stationed in India Dec 1823-Jun 1826

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/2  Apr 1819-Feb 1822

with a duty roster Jul-Oct 1838

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/3  Oct 1825-Jan 1829

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/4  Feb 1829-Dec 1834

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/5  Jan 1835-May 1840

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/6  May 1840-Aug 1843

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/7  Sep 1843-May 1853

Registers of Recruits: London District  IOR/L/MIL/9/8  May 1853-Jul 1860

Registers of Recruits Liverpool District  IOR/L/MIL/9/9  Sep 1827-Dec 1840

Registers of Recruits Liverpool District  IOR/L/MIL/9/10  Jan 1841-Jun 1857

Registers of Recruits Liverpool District  IOR/L/MIL/9/11  Jun 1857-Jul 1859

Registers of Recruits Liverpool District  IOR/L/MIL/9/12  Nov 1857-Jul 1860

cavalry only

Registers of Recruits Bristol District  IOR/L/MIL/9/13  May 1846-Nov 1850

Registers of Recruits Bristol District  IOR/L/MIL/9/14  Nov 1850-May 1856

Registers of Recruits Bristol District  IOR/L/MIL/9/15  May 1856-Apr 1859

Registers of Recruits Bristol District  IOR/L/MIL/9/16  Mar 1859-Jul 1860

Registers of Recruits North British District (Scotland)  IOR/L/MIL/9/17  Jul 1819-Aug 1924

Registers of Recruits North British District (Scotland)  IOR/L/MIL/9/18  Aug 1824-May 1827

Registers of Recruits North British District (Scotland)  IOR/L/MIL/9/19  May 1839-Aug 1851

Registers of Recruits North British District (Scotland)  IOR/L/MIL/9/20  Oct 1851-Mar 1858

Registers of Recruits North British District (Scotland)  IOR/L/MIL/9/21  Mar 1858-Jul 1860

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Dublin  IOR/L/MIL/9/22  Jan 1843-Jul 1855

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Dublin  IOR/L/MIL/9/23  Jul 1855-Dec 1858

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Dublin  IOR/L/MIL/9/24  Dec 1858-Jul 1860

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Newry  IOR/L/MIL/9/25  May 1846-Dec 1857

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Newry  IOR/L/MIL/9/26  Jan 1858-Jul 1860

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Cork  IOR/L/MIL/9/27  Jan 1846-Nov 1851

Registers of Recruits Ireland: Cork  IOR/L/MIL/9/28  Nov 1851-Jul 1860

Military Depots  IOR/L/MIL/9/29-84  1801-1861

56 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

Depot Registers of Recruits  IOR/L/MIL/9/29-46  1801-1860

18 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

The registers contain similar details to L/MIL/9/1-28. They were made up after the recruits arrived at the depot, and the entries are arranged chronologically under each letter of the alphabet.

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/29  Jul 1811-Dec 1819

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/30  Jan 1820-Dec 1830

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/31  Jan 1831-Dec 1838

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/32  Jan 1839-Dec 1846

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/33  Jan 1847-Jul 1855

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Artillery  IOR/L/MIL/9/34  Jul 1855-Jul 1860

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Cavalry  IOR/L/MIL/9/35  Oct 1857-Dec 1859

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Cavalry  IOR/L/MIL/9/36  Jan 1860-Jul 1860

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry: ''Infantry Description Book''  IOR/L/MIL/9/37  1801-1815

alphabetical roll of men marched from Chatham to the depot 23 Jul 1801, and of recruits attached to the Company's service from Cpt Nugent's levy 9 Oct-5 Dec 1801; list of recruits received and forwarded to India 1802-1815; list of recruits embarked from the depot, arranged by ship, 1805-1811

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry: "Description Book Vol 2''  IOR/L/MIL/9/38  1801-1809

Aug 1802-Feb 1806, with a table of embarkations 1801-1809

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry: "Description Book Vol 3''  IOR/L/MIL/9/39  1805-1809

Aug 1806-Jun 1809, with a list of deserters transferred to the EIC service from prison ships 1805-1808

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/40  Sep 1810-Jun 1815

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/41  Jan 1816-Dec 1826

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/42  Jan 1827-Jun 1839

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/43  Jul 1839-Dec 1845

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/44  Jan 1846-Dec 1853

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/45  Jan 1854-Apr 1858

Military Depots Register of Recruits: Infantry:  IOR/L/MIL/9/46  Apr 1858-Jul 1860

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/47-58  1804-1858

12 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

The volumes contain copies of letters from the depots at Newport, Chatham and Warley to the Military Secretary and other officials at East India House, to the War Office, and to the recruiting officers. They are mainly concerned with individual recruits and embarkation arrangements. L/MIL/9/48-58 have indexes.

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book A  IOR/L/MIL/9/47  11 Aug 1804-23 Jul 1813

with 'Depot rules and regulations'

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book B  IOR/L/MIL/9/48  17 Sep 1813-31 Dec 1817

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book C  IOR/L/MIL/9/49  4 Jan 1818-7 Jul 1820

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book D  IOR/L/MIL/9/50  8 Jul 1820-27 Nov 1822

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book E  IOR/L/MIL/9/51  Sep 1822-3 Jan 1828

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books Letter Book F  IOR/L/MIL/9/52  4 Jan 1828-2 Sep 1834

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book G  IOR/L/MIL/9/53  4 Sep 1834-2 Mar 1841

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book H  IOR/L/MIL/9/54  5 Mar 1841-31 Aug 1846

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book I  IOR/L/MIL/9/55  1 Sep 1846-13 Mar 1851

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book K  IOR/L/MIL/9/56  15 Mar 1851-19 Feb 1855

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book L  IOR/L/MIL/9/57  20 Feb 1855-30 Jan 1857

with index

Military Depots: Depot Letter Books: Letter Book M  IOR/L/MIL/9/58  30 Jan 1857-18 Nov 1858

with index

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/59-63  1843-1861

5 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

The orders cover the organisation and operation of Warley Depot, and they include details of military discipline, parades, staff, promotions and embarkation arrangements. Each volume contains an index

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/59  24 May 1843-21 Nov 1847

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/60  29 Nov 1847-23 Mar 1852

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/61  24 Mar 1852-8 Nov 1855

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/62  9 Nov 1855-26 Mar 1858

Military Depots: Depot Orders  IOR/L/MIL/9/63  27 Mar 1858-15 Jun 1861

Military Depots: Depot Discharges  IOR/L/MIL/9/64-66  1851-1860

Conditions of access: Open

Copy discharge certificates for recruits who were found to be unfit or unsuitable, or who bought themselves out

Military Depots: Depot Discharges  IOR/L/MIL/9/64  Oct 1851-May 1860


Military Depots: Depot Discharges  IOR/L/MIL/9/65  Sep 1851-Mar 1859

unsuitable & unfit

Military Depots: Depot Discharges  IOR/L/MIL/9/66  Nov 1851-May 1860

purchase & miscellaneous

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/67-72  1848-1862

6 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

Transcripts or extracts of the proceedings of district and depot courts martial held at Warley or Chatham. L/MIL/9/67-71 are indexed. L/MIL/9/72 covers deserters only.

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/67  6 Jun 1848-11 Mar 1852

with index

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/68  16 Mar 1852-4 Oct 1854

with index

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/69  20 Oct 1854-12 Jul 1856

with index

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/70  25 Apr 1856-23 Apr 1859

with index

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/71  23 Apr 1859-10 Sep 1861

with index

Military Depots: Depot Court Martial Books  IOR/L/MIL/9/72  9 Dec 1857-9 Jun 1862

deserters only

Military Depots: Depot Approvals and Desertions  IOR/L/MIL/9/73-76  1835-1861

4 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

Military Depots: Depot Approvals and Desertions Lists of recruits finally approved at the depot  IOR/L/MIL/9/73  Jan 1841-Dec 1850

giving date of approval, enlistment district, period of service, and remarks

Military Depots: Depot Approvals and Desertions Monthly numerical returns of recruits  IOR/L/MIL/9/74  Jan 1858-Jun 1861

received at the depot Jan 1859-Mar 1861, and of recruits stationed at the depot Jan 1858-Jun 1861

Military Depots: Depot Approvals and Desertions Alphabetical lists of recruits who deserted before joining the depot  IOR/L/MIL/9/75  Feb 1835-Jun 1860

giving enlistment district and dates of enlistment and desertion

Military Depots: Depot Approvals and Desertions Alphabetical list of recruits who deserted in their enlistment district  IOR/L/MIL/9/76  Apr 1859-Mar 1861

giving corps, age, height, place of enlistment, dates of enlistment and desertion, and remarks

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/77-84  1824-1860

8 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

They are arranged by ship and they give name, age, height, place of birth, date and place of enlistment, period of service, previous occupation, and remarks. L/MIL/9/83 gives names only. L/MIL/9/77-82 contain indexes of ships.

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/77  Jan 1824-Oct 1832

with some separate list of grooms with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/78  Jan 1833-Nov 1843

with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/79  Feb 1844-Oct 1849

with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/80  Mar 1850-Nov 1855

with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/81  Jun 1856-Nov 1858

with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/82  Jan 1859-Jul 1860

with index of ships

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/83  Feb 1819-Oct 1840

names only

Military Depots: Depot Embarkation Lists: Certified returns, made by the depot commandant, of men embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/84  1856-1861

Numerical returns of recruits embarked Jan 1859-Jul 1861; list of the depot and recruiting staffs May 1859; memo on the disposal of deceased soldiers' effects 1858; numerical returns of recruits sent to each Presidency 1856-1859

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/85-106  1753-1861

22 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

Registers of men embarked, compiled at the port of embarkation. They are arranged by ship, and each volume contains an index of ships' names. The list of men for each ship is divided into infantry and artillery, in roughly alphabetical order. L/MIL/9/85,89-90 & 96 give rank, place of birth, trade, age and remarks. L/MIL/9/86-88 & 97 give date of joining ship and remarks. L/MIL/9/98-102 give trade, place of birth, date of attestation, age and remarks. L/MIL/9/91-95 give rank, place of birth, trade, age, date received on board and remarks, and in L/MIL/9/91 the list for each ship is certified by an EIC official, a surgeon at the port and the ship's surgeon.

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/85  1740-1763

with typescript lists c1916 of soldiers received at Madras

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/86  Oct 1767-Mar 1769

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/87  Sep 1769-Apr 1772

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/88  Oct 1772-May 1778

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/89  Jan 1774-Apr 1778

with 'Delivery of cloaths to each recruit'

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/90  Jan 1775-Dec 1784

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/91  Jan 1784-Apr 1787

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/92  Oct 1787-Apr 1788

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/93  Nov 1789-Apr 1791

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/94  Nov 1791-Apr 1792

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/95  Nov 1792-May 1794

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/96  Jan 1792-Dec 1797

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/97  Dec 1799-Dec 1809

Embarkation Lists  IOR/L/MIL/9/98  Jan 1810-Feb 1816

Embarkation Lists:  IOR/L/MIL/9/99  Mar 1816-Jun 1824

Embarkation Lists:  IOR/L/MIL/9/100  Jan 1825-Dec 1839

Embarkation Lists:  IOR/L/MIL/9/101  Feb 1840-Nov 1847

Embarkation Lists:  IOR/L/MIL/9/102  Mar 1848-Aug 1854

Embarkation Lists: Annual rolls of recruits embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/103  Aug 1778-Oct 1785

giving place of birth, occupation, age, by whom mustered, height, date of attestation, ship and remarks

Embarkation Lists: Annual rolls of recruits embarked  IOR/L/MIL/9/104  Nov 1785-Jan 1786

giving place of birth, occupation, age, by whom mustered, height, date of attestation, ship and remarks

Embarkation Lists: Register of officers in charge of recruits during the voyage  IOR/L/MIL/9/105  1835-1858

giving destination, number of recruits, ship and date of sailing, full details of the appointment, amount of passage money due, date of warrant and payee, 1835-1854; register of medical officers, giving similar details

Embarkation Lists: Register of officers  IOR/L/MIL/9/106  1855-1861

The Entry of Officer Cadets  IOR/L/MIL/9/107-332  1775-1940

225 volumes

Conditions of access: Open

Officer cadets were appointed to the East India Company's armies by the patronage of members of the Court of Directors and the Board of Control. Each patron had a fixed quota of nominations for each season, and cadets were 'recommended' to him by a friend or acquaintance. After nomination the cadet had to forward to East India House his formal application, a certificate of age, and relevant testimonials. Final approval was given after he had appeared before the Committee of Correspondence (to 1809), the Military Seminary Committee (1809-1834), or the Political and Military Committee (after 1834).
The majority of cadets were appointed 'direct' to their regiments and received their training during their first years of service in India. During the eighteenth century some cadets, referred to as 'country', were actually living in India at the time of their appointment. However, the special technical requirements of the artillery and engineer branches led the Company initially to pay for the training of such cadets at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich and then, in 1809, to establish its own Military Seminary at Addiscombe near Croydon.
After 1858 all appointments were vested in the Crown. Cadets attended Sandhurst and then served a twelve month probationary period in a British Army regiment before transferring to the Indian service. From 1898 officer cadets from Sandhurst were commissioned immediately onto the Indian Army Unattached List and were allocated to Indian Army regiments upon arrival. But the old patronage system was partially reflected in the institution of Queen's India Cadetships awarded by the India Office, with Royal approval, to the deserving sons of civil servants and officers with previous service in India. The India Office Records do not hold the application papers of Sandhurst trained cadets unless they were awarded Queen's Indian Cadetship or were Unattached List Candidates.
During the First World War cadets were selected by competitive examination in England for training at the Wellington or Quetta Cadet Colleges in India, and the prolonged emergency in Afghanistan and the Middle East also led to temporary appointments between 1919 and 1921
During the Second World War large numbers of Emergency Commissions were granted. There are no application papers for this group, but service files survive in IOR: L/MIL/14.

Bibliography: Military Guide, p. 132

Cadet Papers (1789-1860) and Cadet Registers (1775-1860)  IOR/L/MIL/9/107-269  1775-1860

163 volumes

Conditions of access: No restrictions

Related information: 1) Records of the Military Seminary Committee and of the Political and Military Committee, 1809-1859, L/MIL/1/9-80
2) Lists of rank of Cadets and regulations regarding them, 1794-1862, L/MIL/9/270-291
3) Records of Addiscombe Military Seminary, 1809-1862, L/MIL/9/333-357
4) Account books of Addiscombe Military Seminary 1828-1861, L/AG/45/2/1-3
Personal name index: modern index of the EIC Cadet Papers (1789-1860) and of selected entries in the Cadet Registers (1775-1860), Z/L/MIL/9/1

Administrative history:
Officer cadets for the East India Company's Armies (Bengal, Madras, Bombay) were generally appointed in the UK upon the nomination of a member of the Court of Directors, also (after 1784) of the Board of Control. From the 1750s to the 1780s some cadets, known as 'country cadets' were appointed locally in India - the names of these country cadets are not generally to be found in the Cadet Registers. Before the commencement of the Cadet Registers in 1775 recourse must be had to the brief records of appointment in the Minutes of the Court of Directors [B] and the series Dispatches to India [E/4]. Cadets were 'recommended' to their patron by a mutual friend or acquaintance and after nomination were obliged to forward to East India House a formal application, a certificate of age and relevant testimonials. Final approval of their appointment was given after they had appeared before the Committee of Correspondence (until 1809), the Military Seminary Committee (1809-1834) or the Political and Military Committee (after 1834)
In 1809 the East India Company's Military Seminary was 'established at Addiscombe near Croydon to provide general and technical education for EIC officer cadets - attendance was compulsory for artillery and engineer cadets, optional for cavalry and infantry cadets - if an officer attended Addiscombe a brief record of his attendance will appear in his cadet papers. In 1859 following the demise of the East India Company the Seminary became the Royal India Military College, with entrance through competitive examination. It continued to supply cadets for the Indian Army until 1861 when it was closed down - henceforth cadets for the Indian Army entered via the military academies at Sandhurst and Woolwich.

The series is divided into two separate sub-series, namely the Cadet Papers (1789-1860) L/MIL/9/107-254 and the Cadet Registers (1775-1860) L/MIL/9/255-269.
The Cadet Papers consist of application forms and petitions, birth or baptism certificates produced to satisfy age regulations, testimonials, and related corespondence and memoranda, forwarded to East India House when a cadet's appointment was under consideration - baptism certificates are lacking in some of the early papers but appear regularly from c1795 onwards. The Cadet Registers comprise mainly annual lists of cadets giving brief details - information usually to be found includes Presidency, date of appointment, name of nominating Director, and ship on which embarked.
The lists below cover all the Cadet Papers but only those entries in the Cadet Registers where an officer either has no Cadet Papers or where the information in the Registers supplements what is found in the Papers. Assistant Surgeons, whose names are also to be found in Cadet Registers, are not included in the list. The list gives the full name of each cadet followed by the relevant volume and folio numbers.

Bibliography: See 'A guide to the records of the East India College, Haileybury, and other institutions', Anthony Farrington (London 1976), pp 113-23 [OIR 026.954].
See also 'Addiscombe, its heroes and men of note', Henry Meredith Vibart (London 1894) [OIR 335.007].

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/107  1789-1799

Phillips, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/1  [n.d.]

Hankins, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/2  [n.d.]

Barber, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/3  [n.d.]

Crowe, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/4  [n.d.]

Hyde, James Chicheley  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/6  [n.d.]

Edmonds, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/7  [n.d.]

Lushington, James Law  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/8  [n.d.]

Taylor, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/9  [n.d.]

Cooper, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/10  [n.d.]

Alleyn, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/11  [n.d.]

Maitland, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/12  [n.d.]

Young, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/13  [n.d.]

Shubrick, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/14  [n.d.]

Hicks, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/16  [n.d.]

Johnson, Joseph Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/17  [n.d.]

Lindsey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/18, 640  [n.d.]

Spender, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/19  [n.d.]

Forbes, James John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/20  [n.d.]

Rainey, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/21  [n.d.]

Garner, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/22  [n.d.]

Bell, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/23  [n.d.]

Macpherson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/24  [n.d.]

Hammond, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/25  [n.d.]

Rider, Jacob  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/26-27  [n.d.]

Mockler, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/28  [n.d.]

Wilson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/29  [n.d.]

Watson, Augustus Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/30  [n.d.]

Leigh, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/31  [n.d.]

Swayne, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/32  [n.d.]

Marriott, Wood  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/33  [n.d.]

Cleiland, William Douglass  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/34  [n.d.]

Elliott, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/35, 406-07, 428  [n.d.]

Martin, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/36  [n.d.]

Addison, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/37  [n.d.]

Dougal, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/38  [n.d.]

Clerk, Edward Freeman  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/39  [n.d.]

Shuldam, Edmund William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/40  [n.d.]

Goodall, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/41  [n.d.]

Turner, Robert Orr  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/42  [n.d.]

Lambert, George Lattin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/43  [n.d.]

Read, Garrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/44  [n.d.]

Hopkinson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/45  [n.d.]

Clifton, Edward Serjeant  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/46  [n.d.]

Reddishe, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/47  [n.d.]

Thorne, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/48  [n.d.]

Sealy, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/50  [n.d.]

Palmer, Charles Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/51  [n.d.]

Jenkins, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/52  [n.d.]

Ormsby, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/53  [n.d.]

King, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/54  [n.d.]

Bellingham, Henry Tenison  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/55  [n.d.]

Ellison, Frederick Croasdaile  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/56  [n.d.]

Howell, James Waller Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/57  [n.d.]

Bignand, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/58  [n.d.]

West, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/59  [n.d.]

Young, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/60  [n.d.]

Martin, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/61  [n.d.]

Moore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/62  [n.d.]

Richardson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/63  [n.d.]

Brown, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/64  [n.d.]

Parker, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/65  [n.d.]

Ford, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/67  [n.d.]

Tyson, Peter Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/68  [n.d.]

Shairp, Norman  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/69  [n.d.]

MacGregor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/70  [n.d.]

Beauman, Edward Barry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/71  [n.d.]

Cunningham, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/72  [n.d.]

Shaw, William Drury  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/73  [n.d.]

Swinton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/74  [n.d.]

Becket, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/75  [n.d.]

Martin, George Brackstone  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/76  [n.d.]

Stewart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/77  [n.d.]

Hanham, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/78  [n.d.]

Fleming, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/79  [n.d.]

Greensill, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/80  [n.d.]

Rupe, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/81  [n.d.]

Sibley, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/82  [n.d.]

Scott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/83, 584  [n.d.]

Simpson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/84  [n.d.]

Anderson, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/85  [n.d.]

Menzies, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/86  [n.d.]

Manley, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/87  [n.d.]

Stewart, Charles Forbes  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/88  [n.d.]

Stoniham, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/89  [n.d.]

Titcher, Jeremiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/90  [n.d.]

Grant, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/92  [n.d.]

Macdonald, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/93  [n.d.]

Sealy, Benjamin William Dowden  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/94  [n.d.]

Watson, James Balfour  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/95  [n.d.]

Griffith, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/96  [n.d.]

Frissell, Edward Smith  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/97  [n.d.]

Gillespie, George James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/98  [n.d.]

Garnham, Robert Clement  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/99  [n.d.]

Bowdler, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/100  [n.d.]

Durant, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/101  [n.d.]

Maddison, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/102  [n.d.]

Snow, Edward Winterton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/103  [n.d.]

Savage, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/104  [n.d.]

Ponsonby, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/105  [n.d.]

Barnby, Alfred Maillard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/106  [n.d.]

Dickinson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/107  [n.d.]

Doveton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/108  [n.d.]

Collett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/109  [n.d.]

Dunbar, James Wedderburn  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/110  [n.d.]

Wilson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/111, 245  [n.d.]

Hunter, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/112  [n.d.]

Williams, Monier  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/113  [n.d.]

Kinnersley, Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/114  [n.d.]

Bayer, Richard Otto  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/115  [n.d.]

Jones, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/116  [n.d.]

Kerr, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/117  [n.d.]

Cantillon, James Brien  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/118  [n.d.]

Dutton, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/119  [n.d.]

Hartley, George Eusebius  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/120  [n.d.]

Tovey, Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/121  [n.d.]

Temple, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/122  [n.d.]

Jones, William Ireland  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/123  [n.d.]

Smith, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/125  [n.d.]

Parkhurst, LeGendre  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/126  [n.d.]

Gilchrist, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/127  [n.d.]

Pepper, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/128  [n.d.]

Palin, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/130  [n.d.]

Douglas, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/131  [n.d.]

Willett, Augustus Saltren  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/132  [n.d.]

Miller, James Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/133  [n.d.]

Marett, Peter Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/134  [n.d.]

Begbie, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/135  [n.d.]

Morris, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/136  [n.d.]

Stewart, Francis Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/137  [n.d.]

Hindis, James Courtail  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/138  [n.d.]

Landeg, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/139  [n.d.]

Patrickson, William Gould  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/140  [n.d.]

Stirling, Robert Gage  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/141  [n.d.]

Campbell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/142  [n.d.]

Caulfield, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/143-44  [n.d.]

Ferguson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/145  [n.d.]

Hutchison, Francis Perry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/146  [n.d.]

Outlaw, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/147  [n.d.]

Comyn, Powel Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/148  [n.d.]

Hodges, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/149  [n.d.]

Potter, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/150  [n.d.]

Blackmore, William Firmin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/151  [n.d.]

Hare, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/152  [n.d.]

Stewart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/153  [n.d.]

Monteath, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/155  [n.d.]

Mather, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/156  [n.d.]

Court, Major Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/157  [n.d.]

Woodhouse, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/158  [n.d.]

Pepper, George John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/159  [n.d.]

Stuart, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/161  [n.d.]

Wood, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/162  [n.d.]

Fraser, William Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/163  [n.d.]

Blake, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/164  [n.d.]

Martin, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/165  [n.d.]

Baillie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/166  [n.d.]

Wilson, Francis Whish  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/167  [n.d.]

Newton, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/168  [n.d.]

Jones, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/169  [n.d.]

Hughes, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/170  [n.d.]

Dade, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/171  [n.d.]

Manners, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/172  [n.d.]

Roberts, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/173  [n.d.]

Slye, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/174  [n.d.]

Dunbar, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/175  [n.d.]

Ferrior, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/176  [n.d.]

Ralph, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/177  [n.d.]

White, John Stuart  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/178  [n.d.]

Townsend, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/179  [n.d.]

Foster, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/180  [n.d.]

Penny, Gabriel Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/181  [n.d.]

Bromley, Robert Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/182  [n.d.]

Ponton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/183  [n.d.]

Birch, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/184  [n.d.]

Stevenson, Thomas Thompson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/185  [n.d.]

Seward, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/186  [n.d.]

Tod, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/187  [n.d.]

Warburton, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/188  [n.d.]

Hatton, Christopher Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/189  [n.d.]

Jones, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/190  [n.d.]

Bonomi, John James Joseph Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/191  [n.d.]

Collyer, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/192  [n.d.]

Wainhouse, John Bondenell  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/193  [n.d.]

Thomson, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/194  [n.d.]

Lovell, John Williamson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/195  [n.d.]

Whyte, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/196  [n.d.]

McFarlane, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/197  [n.d.]

Hampton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/198  [n.d.]

Kinsey, Miles Basset  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/199  [n.d.]

Le Couteur, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/200  [n.d.]

Taylor, Henry George Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/201  [n.d.]

Smith, Thomas Paterson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/202  [n.d.]

Chitty, George Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/203  [n.d.]

Nesbit, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/204  [n.d.]

Waugh, William George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/205  [n.d.]

O'Connell, Maurice  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/206  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/207  [n.d.]

Johnston, Francis James Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/208  [n.d.]

Goodfellow, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/209  [n.d.]

Brown, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/210  [n.d.]

Torriano, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/211  [n.d.]

Powell, Charles Harvey  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/212  [n.d.]

Foster, Baynton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/213  [n.d.]

Hume, Peter Bearsley  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/214  [n.d.]

De Waal, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/215  [n.d.]

Bishop, Charles Thomas George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/216  [n.d.]

Wiggens, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/217  [n.d.]

Willimott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/218  [n.d.]

Kingsley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/219  [n.d.]

Meredith, Arthur Tisdal  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/219  [n.d.]

Robinson, John Ellithorn  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/221  [n.d.]

Fogo, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/222  [n.d.]

Webster, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/223-24  [n.d.]

Pitman, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/224  [n.d.]

Falconer, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/225  [n.d.]

Walker, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/226  [n.d.]

Hair, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/227  [n.d.]

Cowper, Thomas Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/228  [n.d.]

Priedy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/229  [n.d.]

Burrows, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/230  [n.d.]

Moore, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/231  [n.d.]

Willimott, Chamberlain  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/233  [n.d.]

Brooke, James Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/234  [n.d.]

Garrard, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/235  [n.d.]

Markes, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/236  [n.d.]

Bell, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/237  [n.d.]

Harriott, John Staples  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/238  [n.d.]

Gastineau, Charles Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/239  [n.d.]

Gibson, George Milson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/240  [n.d.]

Dunbar, John Purrier  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/241  [n.d.]

Hall, Lovell William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/242  [n.d.]

Blake, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/246  [n.d.]

Clapham, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/248  [n.d.]

Anderdon, William Procter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/249  [n.d.]

Duncan, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/250  [n.d.]

Stanley, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/251  [n.d.]

Heathcote, William Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/252  [n.d.]

Bennett, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/253  [n.d.]

Bond, Octavius  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/254  [n.d.]

Longan, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/255  [n.d.]

Kempe, John Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/256  [n.d.]

Lyall, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/257  [n.d.]

Cunningham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/258  [n.d.]

Greenwood, Samuel Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/259  [n.d.]

Turner, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/260  [n.d.]

Maynard, Josiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/261  [n.d.]

Baird, Peter C.  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/262  [n.d.]

Peach, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/264  [n.d.]

Tanner, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/265  [n.d.]

Hay, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/266  [n.d.]

Hutchins, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/267  [n.d.]

Keene, Henry George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/269  [n.d.]

Page, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/270  [n.d.]

Marriott, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/272  [n.d.]

Lester, Charles Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/273  [n.d.]

Povoleri, Charles Wills Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/274  [n.d.]

Dawson, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/275  [n.d.]

Dickson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/276  [n.d.]

Lindsay, David Bethune  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/277  [n.d.]

Mainwaring, Edward Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/278  [n.d.]

Obré, Edward Smyth  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/279  [n.d.]

Sealy, John Bellett  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/280  [n.d.]

Boyle, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/281  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/282  [n.d.]

Dickson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/283  [n.d.]

Fairfax, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/284  [n.d.]

Sutherland, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/286  [n.d.]

Arthur, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/287  [n.d.]

Brown, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/288  [n.d.]

Kemp, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/289  [n.d.]

Woolley, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/290  [n.d.]

Elphinstone, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/291  [n.d.]

Atkins, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/292  [n.d.]

Beresford, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/293  [n.d.]

Simond, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/294  [n.d.]

Gabriel, John Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/295  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/296  [n.d.]

Turner, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/297, 300  [n.d.]

Evans, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/298  [n.d.]

Gatley, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/299  [n.d.]

West, Montagu Hesse  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/301  [n.d.]

Keir, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/302  [n.d.]

Blake, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/303  [n.d.]

Gellie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/304  [n.d.]

Paisley, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/306  [n.d.]

Campbell, Mungo  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/307  [n.d.]

Nation, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/308  [n.d.]

Gordon, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/309  [n.d.]

Smith, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/310  [n.d.]

Grey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/311  [n.d.]

Lyne, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/312  [n.d.]

Mitchell, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/313  [n.d.]

Shute, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/314  [n.d.]

McDouall, Sutherland  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/315  [n.d.]

Perry, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/316  [n.d.]

Greaves, James Bexworth  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/317  [n.d.]

Fortune, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/318  [n.d.]

Wallis, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/319  [n.d.]

Harris, Henry Hamlyn  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/320  [n.d.]

Bell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/321  [n.d.]

Pell, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/322  [n.d.]

Warden, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/323  [n.d.]

Solomon, John Collier  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/324  [n.d.]

Hadwell, John Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/325  [n.d.]

Oake, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/326  [n.d.]

Baines, Charles Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/327  [n.d.]

Yates, Richard Hassells  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/328  [n.d.]

Woulfe, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/329  [n.d.]

Harington, Henry Lens  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/330  [n.d.]

Sykes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/331  [n.d.]

Tolfrey, Charles Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/332-33  [n.d.]

Montgomery, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/334  [n.d.]

Merriman, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/335  [n.d.]

Miles, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/336  [n.d.]

Robinson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/337  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/338  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Hume  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/339  [n.d.]

Voss, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/340  [n.d.]

Brush, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/341  [n.d.]

Deschamps, Henry Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/342  [n.d.]

MacGregor, John Alexander Paul  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/343  [n.d.]

Hexter, Henry Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/344  [n.d.]

Cantwell, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/345  [n.d.]

Shepherd, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/346  [n.d.]

Kelly, James Amos  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/347  [n.d.]

Cape, Henry Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/348  [n.d.]

Acton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/349  [n.d.]

Gibson, Alured  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/350  [n.d.]

Preston, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/351  [n.d.]

Gardiner, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/352  [n.d.]

Forbes, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/353  [n.d.]

Waite, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/354  [n.d.]

Maxtone, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/355-56  [n.d.]

Wren, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/357  [n.d.]

Dickson, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/358  [n.d.]

Malton, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/359  [n.d.]

Brodie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/360  [n.d.]

Owen, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/361  [n.d.]

Porter, John Young  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/362  [n.d.]

Scott, Robert Bigo  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/363  [n.d.]

Sale, Henry Wallace  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/364  [n.d.]

Goreham, George John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/365  [n.d.]

Bellasis, Edward Hutchins  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/366  [n.d.]

Astle, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/367-68, 416  [n.d.]

Sydenham, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/369, 410  [n.d.]

Anderson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/370  [n.d.]

Hay, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/371  [n.d.]

Beete, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/372, 414  [n.d.]

Robertson, William Macdonald  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/373  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/374, 411  [n.d.]

Forbes, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/375  [n.d.]

Becher, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/376  [n.d.]

Pepper, Hercules H.  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/377  [n.d.]

Gordon, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/378-79, 440  [n.d.]

Pepper, Henry Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/380  [n.d.]

Richards, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/381, 397, 437-38, 482-83  [n.d.]

Hope, Mark  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/382  [n.d.]

Courtney, John Lees  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/383, 433  [n.d.]

Stuart, Thomas David  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/384  [n.d.]

Nuthall, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/385, 435  [n.d.]

Hay, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/386  [n.d.]

Comyn, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/387, 426  [n.d.]

Forrest, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/388  [n.d.]

Wilson, Hill  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/389, 553  [n.d.]

Clarke, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/390  [n.d.]

Beecroft, Robert Shafto  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/391, 559  [n.d.]

Tolly, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/392  [n.d.]

Collins, Edward Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/393, 424  [n.d.]

Morse, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/394, 418  [n.d.]

Cooper, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/395  [n.d.]

Borlase, Charles Bonython  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/396  [n.d.]

Jones, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/398  [n.d.]

Traherne, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/399, 431  [n.d.]

French, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/400  [n.d.]

Deacon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/401, 422  [n.d.]

Cauty, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/402  [n.d.]

Aiskell, Francis Kirkpatrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/403, 561  [n.d.]

Coombs, John Monckton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/404  [n.d.]

Berry, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/405, 459  [n.d.]

Vernon, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/408-479  [n.d.]

Lopez, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/409  [n.d.]

Morris, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/412, 442  [n.d.]

Butler, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/413-50  [n.d.]

Aldin, Joseph (John) James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/415, 473  [n.d.]

Brooke, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/417, 475  [n.d.]

Forbes, Gordon James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/419, 489  [n.d.]

Grant, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/420, 453-54  [n.d.]

Phillips, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/421, 477  [n.d.]

Shapland, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/423, 487  [n.d.]

Croxton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/425, 455  [n.d.]

Aikenby, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/427, 545  [n.d.]

Clephane, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/429-30, 557  [n.d.]

Slingsby, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/432, 472  [n.d.]

Seton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/434, 446  [n.d.]

Cotes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/436  [n.d.]

Clarke, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/439, 464  [n.d.]

Marriott, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/441, 469  [n.d.]

Cleghorn, John Ross  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/443-45, 543  [n.d.]

Gibbs, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/447, 466  [n.d.]

Coles, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/448  [n.d.]

Scobie, Mackay J.  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/449, 461-62  [n.d.]

Molesworth, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/451, 505  [n.d.]

Swinton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/452, 463  [n.d.]

MacMillan, Robert Gordon  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/456  [n.d.]

Grant, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/457, 468  [n.d.]

MacRedie, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/458, 509  [n.d.]

Powney, Rumbold Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/460, 491  [n.d.]

Andrews, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/465, 547  [n.d.]

Brown, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/467, 507  [n.d.]

Perkins, William Hill  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/470-71, 493  [n.d.]

Whitaker, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/474, 550  [n.d.]

McLean, Allan  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/476, 502  [n.d.]

Stark, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/478, 497  [n.d.]

Limond, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/481, 499  [n.d.]

Hough, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/485-86, 518, 521  [n.d.]

Baker, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/488, 511  [n.d.]

Scot, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/490, 504  [n.d.]

Trench, Luke Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/492-513  [n.d.]

Whitehead, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/494, 556  [n.d.]

Lamb, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/495-96  [n.d.]

Ludlow, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/498, 515  [n.d.]

Conway, Thomas Henry Somerset  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/500, 519  [n.d.]

Burke, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/501, 539  [n.d.]

Gordon, Wills Hill  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/503, 525  [n.d.]

Monsell, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/506, 551  [n.d.]

Kenny, David Courtney  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/508, 533  [n.d.]

Graham, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/510, 523  [n.d.]

Welsh, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/512, 537  [n.d.]

Spencer, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/514, 535  [n.d.]

Stewart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/516, 528  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/517, 529  [n.d.]

Hawkins, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/520, 531  [n.d.]

Carter, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/522  [n.d.]

Smyth, Henry William Carmichael  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/524, 541  [n.d.]

Mitchell, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/526  [n.d.]

Hornby, Henry Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/527  [n.d.]

Wilson, Edward Pitches  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/530  [n.d.]

Torriano, Hilary Harcourt  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/532  [n.d.]

Browne, Richard Veale  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/534  [n.d.]

Muatt, George Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/536  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/538  [n.d.]

Crozier, Rawson Boddam  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/540  [n.d.]

Warden, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/542  [n.d.]

Peché, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/544  [n.d.]

Peché, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/546  [n.d.]

Sarney, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/548  [n.d.]

Ridge, Charles John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/549  [n.d.]

Burn, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/552  [n.d.]

Slessor, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/554  [n.d.]

Murray, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/555  [n.d.]

Bowen, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/558  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/560  [n.d.]

Sydenham, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/562  [n.d.]

Cartwright, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/563  [n.d.]

Ford, Matthew Randle  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/564  [n.d.]

Cock, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/565  [n.d.]

Sharp, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/566  [n.d.]

Rand, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/567  [n.d.]

Lake, Roby Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/568-69  [n.d.]

Patterson, Boreham  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/570  [n.d.]

Taylor, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/571  [n.d.]

Barker, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/572  [n.d.]

Ogilvy, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/573  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/574  [n.d.]

Yates, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/575  [n.d.]

Bromhall, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/576  [n.d.]

Sillitoe, Aaron  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/577  [n.d.]

Laing, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/578  [n.d.]

Eastwick, Willoughby Bertie  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/579  [n.d.]

Weston, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/580  [n.d.]

O'Donnell, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/581  [n.d.]

Showers, Charles Lionel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/582-83  [n.d.]

Davis, Edward Favell  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/585  [n.d.]

Menzies, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/587  [n.d.]

Dodd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/588  [n.d.]

Maxwell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/589  [n.d.]

Clark, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/590  [n.d.]

Martin, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/591  [n.d.]

Ryan, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/592  [n.d.]

Warner, Goodwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/593  [n.d.]

Evans, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/594  [n.d.]

Gibbs, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/595  [n.d.]

Huthwaite, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/596  [n.d.]

Fleming, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/597  [n.d.]

Price, William Phillips  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/599  [n.d.]

Hill, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/600  [n.d.]

Marischall, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/601  [n.d.]

Martin, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/602  [n.d.]

Whitehead, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/603  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, George Carr  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/604  [n.d.]

Fraser, Paisley Weir  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/605  [n.d.]

Ross, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/606  [n.d.]

Barclay, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/607  [n.d.]

Gregson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/608  [n.d.]

Herbert, Morgan  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/609  [n.d.]

Hunter, Watson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/611  [n.d.]

Shaw, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/612  [n.d.]

Knox, Thomas Saunders  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/613  [n.d.]

Harriott, George Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/614  [n.d.]

Fagan, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/616  [n.d.]

Fagan, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/617  [n.d.]

Livesey, John Pearson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/618  [n.d.]

Simson, Connel  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/619  [n.d.]

Little, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/620  [n.d.]

Boscawen, Hugh Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/621  [n.d.]

Nicol, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/622  [n.d.]

Mainwaring, Rowland Eyton  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/623  [n.d.]

Wharton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/625  [n.d.]

Butter, Charles Grinville  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/626  [n.d.]

Addison, Hadley  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/627  [n.d.]

Wissett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/628  [n.d.]

Innes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/630  [n.d.]

Gall, George Herbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/631  [n.d.]

Baldock, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/632  [n.d.]

Fagan, George Hickson  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/633  [n.d.]

O'Brien, Lucius Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/634  [n.d.]

Graham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/635  [n.d.]

Kitchen, William Wilby  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/636  [n.d.]

Rhodes, William Willey Kitchen  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/636  [n.d.]

Stokoe, John Cook  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/638  [n.d.]

Robertson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/639  [n.d.]

Munro, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/641  [n.d.]

Henderson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/642  [n.d.]

Wade, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/643, 646  [n.d.]

Duncan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/644  [n.d.]

Mathews, William Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/645  [n.d.]

Newall, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/647  [n.d.]

Rose, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/648  [n.d.]

Bell, Scarlet Brown  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/649  [n.d.]

Shubrick, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/650  [n.d.]

Barker, Henry Raymond  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/652  [n.d.]

MacDonell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/653  [n.d.]

Hampton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/654  [n.d.]

Munro, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/655  [n.d.]

Harris, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/657  [n.d.]

Forbes, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/658  [n.d.]

Lumley, James Rutherford  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/659  [n.d.]

Winch, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/660  [n.d.]

Hamilton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/661  [n.d.]

Latter, Robert James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/662  [n.d.]

Dalrymple, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/663  [n.d.]

Clarkson, Robert Graham  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/664  [n.d.]

Schnell, John Steuart  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/665  [n.d.]

Watson, William Mitchell  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/666  [n.d.]

Bunyon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/667  [n.d.]

Day, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/668  [n.d.]

Latter, Barry Richard William  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/669  [n.d.]

Palk, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/670  [n.d.]

Roughsedge, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/671  [n.d.]

Winfield, John Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/672  [n.d.]

Hay, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/107/673  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/108  1789-1799

Hamilton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/1  [n.d.]

Wood, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/2  [n.d.]

Dickson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/3  [n.d.]

Cox, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/4  [n.d.]

Egan, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/5  [n.d.]

Kerr, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/6  [n.d.]

Watson, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/7  [n.d.]

Breton, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/8  [n.d.]

Howorth, Humphrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/9  [n.d.]

Prendergast, Jeffrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/10  [n.d.]

O'Reilly, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/11  [n.d.]

Alves, Gilmour  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/12  [n.d.]

Mackonochie, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/13  [n.d.]

Cookesley, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/14  [n.d.]

Bond, Charles John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/15  [n.d.]

Agnew, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/16  [n.d.]

Dillon, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/17  [n.d.]

Gennys, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/18  [n.d.]

Gilbert, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/19  [n.d.]

Malcolm, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/20  [n.d.]

Byres, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/22  [n.d.]

Carruthers, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/23  [n.d.]

Prother, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/24  [n.d.]

Jerdan, John Stuart  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/25  [n.d.]

Lorain, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/26  [n.d.]

Campbell, Colin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/27  [n.d.]

Casement, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/28  [n.d.]

Bate, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/30  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/31  [n.d.]

Yarde, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/32  [n.d.]

Mangnall, Kay  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/33  [n.d.]

Sherer, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/34  [n.d.]

Lowry, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/35  [n.d.]

Custance, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/36  [n.d.]

Harding, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/37  [n.d.]

Faithfull, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/38  [n.d.]

McAlister, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/39  [n.d.]

Roberts, Charles Morrisey  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/40  [n.d.]

Keating, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/41  [n.d.]

Garner, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/42  [n.d.]

Bayle, Henry Dundas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/43  [n.d.]

Mudge, Charles Paul  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/44  [n.d.]

Hay, Samuel Sinclair  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/45  [n.d.]

Houston, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/46  [n.d.]

Grant, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/47  [n.d.]

McDowall, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/48  [n.d.]

Griffiths, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/49  [n.d.]

Broughton, Thomas Duer  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/50  [n.d.]

Mandeville, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/51  [n.d.]

Noble, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/52  [n.d.]

Wilson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/53  [n.d.]

Taylor, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/54  [n.d.]

Hodgson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/56  [n.d.]

Marriot, Charles Selwood  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/57  [n.d.]

Sinclair, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/58  [n.d.]

Burden, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/59  [n.d.]

Pollock, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/60  [n.d.]

Dymock, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/61  [n.d.]

Taylor, Sutton  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/62  [n.d.]

Brookes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/63  [n.d.]

Cartwright, William Perry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/64  [n.d.]

McLeod, Aeneas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/65  [n.d.]

Campbell, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/66  [n.d.]

Campbell, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/67, 214  [n.d.]

Young, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/68  [n.d.]

Edwards, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/69  [n.d.]

Breuls, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/70  [n.d.]

Warburton, Garnett  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/71  [n.d.]

Martin, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/72  [n.d.]

McLeod, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/73  [n.d.]

Showers, Lionel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/74  [n.d.]

Bromhall, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/75  [n.d.]

Blair, Patrick George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/76  [n.d.]

Nesbit, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/77  [n.d.]

Sheldon, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/78  [n.d.]

Davis, Edward Favell  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/80  [n.d.]

Long, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/81  [n.d.]

Weston, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/82  [n.d.]

Martin, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/83, 151  [n.d.]

Eastwick, Willoughby Bertie  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/84  [n.d.]

Barker, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/85  [n.d.]

Webster, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/86  [n.d.]

Cumming, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/88, 181  [n.d.]

Graham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/89, 226  [n.d.]

Wright, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/90  [n.d.]

Bradley, Gregory  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/91, 209  [n.d.]

Collins, James William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/92  [n.d.]

Adams, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/93  [n.d.]

Taylor, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/94  [n.d.]

Edwards, Jarrett  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/95  [n.d.]

Millward, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/96, 225  [n.d.]

Lake, Roby Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/97  [n.d.]

Pennyman, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/98  [n.d.]

Cartwright, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/99  [n.d.]

Rowland, Alexander Mall  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/100  [n.d.]

Butter, Charles Grinville  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/101  [n.d.]

Peyron, Charles Adolphus  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/102  [n.d.]

Yates, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/103  [n.d.]

Ruddiman, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/104  [n.d.]

Wakefield, Henry White  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/105, 210  [n.d.]

Lopez, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/106  [n.d.]

Ahmuty, Thomas Arthur Staples  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/107  [n.d.]

Wissett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/109  [n.d.]

Tolcher, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/110, 116, 552  [n.d.]

Spink, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/111  [n.d.]

Brown, Simon  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/112  [n.d.]

Scott, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/113  [n.d.]

Tekell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/114  [n.d.]

Bruce, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/117  [n.d.]

Reynolds, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/118  [n.d.]

Fish, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/119  [n.d.]

Ker, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/120  [n.d.]

Robertson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/122  [n.d.]

Vaughan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/123  [n.d.]

Fallon, Dominic Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/124  [n.d.]

Murray, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/125  [n.d.]

Boyd, Massom  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/126  [n.d.]

Bryant, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/127  [n.d.]

Harrison, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/128  [n.d.]

Ramsay, Archibald Montgomery  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/129  [n.d.]

Manley, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/131  [n.d.]

Leighton, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/132  [n.d.]

Munt, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/133  [n.d.]

James, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/134  [n.d.]

Davis, Robert William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/135  [n.d.]

Imlach, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/136  [n.d.]

Mackeson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/137  [n.d.]

Money, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/138  [n.d.]

Russell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/140  [n.d.]

Thomas, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/141  [n.d.]

Tombs, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/142  [n.d.]

Ryan, Bernard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/143  [n.d.]

Parr, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/144  [n.d.]

Briggs, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/145  [n.d.]

Brooksbank, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/146  [n.d.]

Le Mesurier, John Perchard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/147  [n.d.]

Bowen, Herbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/148  [n.d.]

Taylor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/149  [n.d.]

Weldon, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/150  [n.d.]

Logie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/152  [n.d.]

Hickie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/153  [n.d.]

Paschaud, George Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/154  [n.d.]

Spellissy, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/155  [n.d.]

Barnard, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/156  [n.d.]

Newnham, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/157  [n.d.]

Ormsby, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/158  [n.d.]

Stirling, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/159  [n.d.]

Shoolbred, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/160-61  [n.d.]

Stuart, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/162  [n.d.]

Gill, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/163  [n.d.]

Slade, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/164  [n.d.]

Hanham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/165-66  [n.d.]

Gibson, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/167  [n.d.]

Blankenhagen, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/168  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Cunningham  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/169  [n.d.]

Goodall, Lawrence  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/170  [n.d.]

Saltwell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/171  [n.d.]

Keates, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/172  [n.d.]

Stewart, John James Robertson  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/173-74  [n.d.]

Wallis, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/175  [n.d.]

MacVitie, William Bushby  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/176  [n.d.]

Craigie, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/177  [n.d.]

Rudland, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/178  [n.d.]

Murchison, Kenneth Archibald John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/179  [n.d.]

Laller, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/180  [n.d.]

Carruthers, Jacob  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/182  [n.d.]

McLeod, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/183  [n.d.]

Kennett, Brackley  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/184  [n.d.]

Mason, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/185  [n.d.]

Fraser, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/186  [n.d.]

Shewcraft, Hugh Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/187  [n.d.]

Carr, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/188  [n.d.]

Callaghan, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/189  [n.d.]

Ravenshaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/190  [n.d.]

Knowles, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/191  [n.d.]

Macdonald, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/192  [n.d.]

White, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/193  [n.d.]

Stuart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/195  [n.d.]

Read, John Peregrine  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/196  [n.d.]

Greenstreet, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/197  [n.d.]

Percival, Martin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/198  [n.d.]

Brown, James Dennistoun  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/199  [n.d.]

Munro, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/200  [n.d.]

Simpson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/201  [n.d.]

Spry, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/202  [n.d.]

Steele, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/203  [n.d.]

Darke, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/204  [n.d.]

Bent, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/205  [n.d.]

Chitty, Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/206  [n.d.]

Watson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/207  [n.d.]

Cartwright, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/208  [n.d.]

Graham, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/212  [n.d.]

Porteous, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/213  [n.d.]

Swetenham, Killiner  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/215  [n.d.]

Midwinter, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/216  [n.d.]

Wright, Thomas Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/217  [n.d.]

Podmore, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/218  [n.d.]

Campbell, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/219  [n.d.]

Vieg, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/220  [n.d.]

Jones, Anselm  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/221  [n.d.]

Roehead, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/222  [n.d.]

Baker, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/223, 472  [n.d.]

Stamper, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/224  [n.d.]

Dick, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/227  [n.d.]

McDougal, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/228  [n.d.]

Marsden, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/229  [n.d.]

Richards, Alfred  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/230  [n.d.]

McLean, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/231  [n.d.]

Vernon, Joseph Mortimer  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/233  [n.d.]

Mealy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/234, 279  [n.d.]

Tichborne, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/235  [n.d.]

Corsellis, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/236  [n.d.]

Scott, Hopton Stratford  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/237-38  [n.d.]

Wilson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/239  [n.d.]

De Morgan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/240  [n.d.]

Haffey, John Burgess  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/241  [n.d.]

Cooper, Charles Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/242  [n.d.]

Lewis, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/243  [n.d.]

Peacock, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/245  [n.d.]

De Morgan, George Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/246  [n.d.]

Farran, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/247  [n.d.]

James, Reginald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/248  [n.d.]

Caldwell, James Lillyman  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/249  [n.d.]

Hoare, Henry Carr  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/250  [n.d.]

Barry, Edward Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/251  [n.d.]

Brown, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/252  [n.d.]

Redman, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/253  [n.d.]

Urquhart, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/254  [n.d.]

Roome, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/255  [n.d.]

Tatem, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/257  [n.d.]

Burr, Charles Barton  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/258-61  [n.d.]

Parry, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/262  [n.d.]

Pittman, Gibbon Charles George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/263  [n.d.]

Haswell, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/264  [n.d.]

Batchelor, Peter Elwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/265  [n.d.]

Moodie, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/266  [n.d.]

Welsh, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/267  [n.d.]

Grange, Richard George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/268  [n.d.]

Dalrymple, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/269  [n.d.]

Taynton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/270  [n.d.]

Creasy, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/271  [n.d.]

Harris, Thomas Charlton  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/272-73  [n.d.]

Foster, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/274  [n.d.]

Crosdill, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/275-76  [n.d.]

Hewitt, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/278  [n.d.]

Benn, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/280  [n.d.]

Doolan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/281-82  [n.d.]

Lock, Jeremy  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/283  [n.d.]

Hill, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/284  [n.d.]

Gifford, Frederick Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/285, 288  [n.d.]

Comyn, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/286  [n.d.]

Cookson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/287  [n.d.]

Knox, Tomkins  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/289  [n.d.]

Eyles, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/290  [n.d.]

Golding, Richard Fisher  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/291  [n.d.]

Ballard, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/292  [n.d.]

Osborne, Hugh Stacey  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/294  [n.d.]

Hazard, Joseph William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/295  [n.d.]

Blair, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/296  [n.d.]

Lewin, Edward Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/297  [n.d.]

Jones, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/298-302  [n.d.]

Maxwell, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/303  [n.d.]

Hollond, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/304  [n.d.]

Woodington, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/305-07  [n.d.]

Skinner, Joseph Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/309  [n.d.]

Sargent, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/310  [n.d.]

Clark, Otto  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/311  [n.d.]

Poole, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/312  [n.d.]

Hannay, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/313  [n.d.]

Livingston, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/314  [n.d.]

Walker, William Bensley  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/315  [n.d.]

De La Motte, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/316  [n.d.]

Dawes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/317  [n.d.]

Sulivan, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/318  [n.d.]

Allen, Cornelius  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/319  [n.d.]

Grant, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/320  [n.d.]

Kennedy, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/321  [n.d.]

Mackay, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/322  [n.d.]

Campbell, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/323  [n.d.]

Ruddiman, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/324  [n.d.]

Joes, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/325  [n.d.]

Eldridge, William Jolliffe  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/326  [n.d.]

Morgan, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/327  [n.d.]

Stewart, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/328  [n.d.]

Abernethy, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/329  [n.d.]

Tucker, William Pendock  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/330  [n.d.]

Pattle, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/331  [n.d.]

Forsyth, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/332  [n.d.]

Allen, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/333  [n.d.]

Thomas, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/334  [n.d.]

Hull, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/335  [n.d.]

Shearer, John Shaw  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/336  [n.d.]

Smith, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/337  [n.d.]

Carpenter, William Leonard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/338  [n.d.]

Dyson, Jeremiah Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/339  [n.d.]

Midford, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/341  [n.d.]

Roberts, Thomas Turner  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/342  [n.d.]

Muller, Theodore Conrad  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/343  [n.d.]

Hardy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/344  [n.d.]

Humphreys, Humphrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/345  [n.d.]

Fulton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/347  [n.d.]

Wilson, John Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/348  [n.d.]

Fraser, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/349  [n.d.]

McBean, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/350  [n.d.]

Miller, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/351  [n.d.]

Brown, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/352  [n.d.]

Pearse, William Goodenough  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/353  [n.d.]

Lewis, William Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/354  [n.d.]

Ridge, Edward Jervaise  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/355  [n.d.]

Blacker, Valentine  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/356  [n.d.]

Fry, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/357  [n.d.]

Kelly, Hastings Montagu  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/358  [n.d.]

Grant, Peter Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/359  [n.d.]

Logie, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/360  [n.d.]

Glas, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/361  [n.d.]

Gordon, Thomas Cosmo  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/362  [n.d.]

Morse, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/363  [n.d.]

Egan, Kingston  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/364  [n.d.]

Staunton, Francis French  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/365  [n.d.]

Donnely, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/366  [n.d.]

Quilter, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/367  [n.d.]

Carfrae, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/368  [n.d.]

Stewart, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/369  [n.d.]

Moore, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/370-71  [n.d.]

Bellingham, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/372  [n.d.]

West, Mark  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/373  [n.d.]

Birch, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/376  [n.d.]

Delamain, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/377  [n.d.]

Dalrymple, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/378  [n.d.]

Reid, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/379  [n.d.]

Oliver, William Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/380  [n.d.]

Smythe, Edward Lloyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/381  [n.d.]

Showers, Edward Melian Gullifer  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/382  [n.d.]

Remmington, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/383  [n.d.]

Bell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/384  [n.d.]

Swindell, Benjamin Cosby  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/385  [n.d.]

Hawtrey, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/386  [n.d.]

Blanchard, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/387  [n.d.]

Mayne, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/388  [n.d.]

Davidson, Alexander Hector  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/390  [n.d.]

Griffin, George Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/391  [n.d.]

Blackney, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/392  [n.d.]

Elwood, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/393  [n.d.]

Helm, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/394  [n.d.]

Grant, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/395  [n.d.]

Blackney, John Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/396  [n.d.]

Kyan, Denis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/397  [n.d.]

Arbuthnot, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/398  [n.d.]

Dickenson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/399  [n.d.]

Oake, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/400  [n.d.]

Short, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/401  [n.d.]

Smith, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/402  [n.d.]

Hales, Robert Unit  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/403  [n.d.]

Ballmer, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/404  [n.d.]

Gibson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/405  [n.d.]

Williams, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/406-07  [n.d.]

Maillard, Andrew Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/408  [n.d.]

Macartney, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/409  [n.d.]

Wood, William Henville  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/410  [n.d.]

Turner, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/411  [n.d.]

Carrington, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/412  [n.d.]

Smyth, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/413  [n.d.]

Brodie, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/414  [n.d.]

Staig, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/415  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/416  [n.d.]

George, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/417  [n.d.]

D'Aguilar, George Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/418  [n.d.]

Frith, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/419  [n.d.]

Saunders, Erasmus  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/420  [n.d.]

Anderson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/421  [n.d.]

Bridge, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/422  [n.d.]

Oliphant, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/423  [n.d.]

Agnew, Patrick Vans  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/424  [n.d.]

Cornish, Richard Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/425  [n.d.]

Macpherson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/426  [n.d.]

Hodgson, John Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/427  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/428  [n.d.]

Andree, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/429  [n.d.]

McInnes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/430  [n.d.]

Watson, Richard Augustus Clay  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/431  [n.d.]

Whitfield, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/432  [n.d.]

Farrell, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/434  [n.d.]

Wiggens, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/435  [n.d.]

Hewatson, John Wilson  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/436  [n.d.]

Fraser, Simon  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/437  [n.d.]

Patman, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/439  [n.d.]

Bryant, Jeremiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/440  [n.d.]

MacQueen, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/441  [n.d.]

Phipps, Pownol  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/442  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/444  [n.d.]

Faithfull, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/445  [n.d.]

Griffin, John Pitt  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/446  [n.d.]

Ball, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/447  [n.d.]

Murray, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/448  [n.d.]

Cave, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/449  [n.d.]

Knight, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/450  [n.d.]

Cleaveland, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/451  [n.d.]

King, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/452  [n.d.]

Hughes, Alexander Radford  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/453  [n.d.]

Owen, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/454  [n.d.]

Pierce, Fortunatus Hagley  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/455  [n.d.]

Burcan, Alexander William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/456  [n.d.]

Lutwidge, Skivington  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/457  [n.d.]

Ashhurst, James Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/458  [n.d.]

Jephunneh, Jean Baptiste François  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/458-59  [n.d.]

Weaver, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/460  [n.d.]

Weston, William Brydges  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/461  [n.d.]

Harper, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/462  [n.d.]

Jones, John Heming  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/463  [n.d.]

Young, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/464  [n.d.]

Macpherson, John Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/465  [n.d.]

Merry, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/466  [n.d.]

Helm, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/467  [n.d.]

Gibson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/468  [n.d.]

Waugh, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/469  [n.d.]

Paske, Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/470  [n.d.]

Hawkins, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/471  [n.d.]

Lumsdaine, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/473  [n.d.]

Swinton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/474  [n.d.]

Venner, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/475  [n.d.]

Turton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/476, 488  [n.d.]

Tod, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/477  [n.d.]

Jackson, Augustus Henry Ernst  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/478  [n.d.]

Kinsey, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/479  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, James John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/480  [n.d.]

Darke, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/481  [n.d.]

Henley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/482  [n.d.]

Faithfull, William Coward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/483  [n.d.]

Sibley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/484  [n.d.]

Jollie, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/485  [n.d.]

Patterson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/486  [n.d.]

Murray, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/487  [n.d.]

Walker, Francis James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/489  [n.d.]

Tandy, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/490  [n.d.]

Jordison, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/491  [n.d.]

McLeod, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/492  [n.d.]

Smythies, Edmund Walcot  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/493  [n.d.]

Roberts, Henry Tuffnell  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/494  [n.d.]

Bellingham, John George  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/495  [n.d.]

Chatfield, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/497  [n.d.]

Tudor, James Caslon  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/499  [n.d.]

Davison, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/500  [n.d.]

Todd, Suetonius Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/501  [n.d.]

Alexander, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/502  [n.d.]

Hodgson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/503  [n.d.]

Arden, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/504  [n.d.]

Baker, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/505-06  [n.d.]

Hunter, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/507  [n.d.]

Henderson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/508  [n.d.]

Glover, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/509  [n.d.]

Bruce, William Carstairs  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/510  [n.d.]

Lloyd, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/511  [n.d.]

Fell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/512  [n.d.]

Buckworth, Horatio  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/513  [n.d.]

Borthwick, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/514  [n.d.]

Carter, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/515  [n.d.]

Bannatyne, James Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/516, 523  [n.d.]

Kempland, George Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/517  [n.d.]

Fagan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/518  [n.d.]

Priddy, Robert Cozens  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/519  [n.d.]

Stewart, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/520  [n.d.]

Ince, William Boyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/521  [n.d.]

Willis, Constantine Bornman  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/522  [n.d.]

Willis, Richard Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/522  [n.d.]

Walter, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/524  [n.d.]

Pearson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/525  [n.d.]

Reilly, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/527  [n.d.]

Drew, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/528-29  [n.d.]

Jeffreys, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/530  [n.d.]

Dale, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/531  [n.d.]

Walker, Sidney  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/532-33  [n.d.]

Morgan, Frederick William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/534  [n.d.]

Rosignoli, Thomas Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/535-36  [n.d.]

McLeod, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/537  [n.d.]

Patton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/538  [n.d.]

Mitchell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/539  [n.d.]

Montgomerie, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/540-41  [n.d.]

McLeod, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/542  [n.d.]

Foster, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/543  [n.d.]

Christiana, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/545  [n.d.]

Leech, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/546  [n.d.]

Allan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/547  [n.d.]

Moberly, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/548  [n.d.]

Watson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/549  [n.d.]

Hull, Thomas Hillman  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/550  [n.d.]

Monteath, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/551  [n.d.]

Maillard, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/553-54, 567  [n.d.]

Galloway, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/555  [n.d.]

Balcetti, Joseph Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/556  [n.d.]

Gordon, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/557-58  [n.d.]

Ross, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/559  [n.d.]

Ramsay, Thomas Kennedy  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/560  [n.d.]

Haldane, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/561  [n.d.]

Fearon, John Douglas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/562-63  [n.d.]

Cadell, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/564  [n.d.]

Callender, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/565  [n.d.]

Taylor, James William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/566  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Edward Ford  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/568  [n.d.]

St Clare, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/569  [n.d.]

Walker, Richard Clements  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/570-71  [n.d.]

Grant, Bartholomew  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/572  [n.d.]

Read, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/573-75  [n.d.]

Cumming, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/576  [n.d.]

Adamson, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/577  [n.d.]

Blair, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/578  [n.d.]

Armstrong, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/579  [n.d.]

Tanner, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/580  [n.d.]

Leith, Ernest Hepburn  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/581  [n.d.]

Palk, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/582  [n.d.]

Whitehill, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/584  [n.d.]

Williams, Hugh Achilles Preston  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/585  [n.d.]

Williams, Charles Achilles  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/586  [n.d.]

Wilson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/587  [n.d.]

Dempster, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/588  [n.d.]

Walker, Rossiter Lenton  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/589  [n.d.]

Small, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/590  [n.d.]

Dumaresq, William Cook  IOR/L/MIL/9/108/591  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/109  1789-1799

McLeod, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/1-2  [n.d.]

Johnston, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/3  [n.d.]

Graham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/4  [n.d.]

Smith, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/5  [n.d.]

Small, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/6  [n.d.]

Quiross, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/7  [n.d.]

Jennings, William Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/8  [n.d.]

Roberts, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/9  [n.d.]

Renton, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/10-11  [n.d.]

Campbell, Charles Hay  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/12  [n.d.]

Binning, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/13  [n.d.]

Anderson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/14  [n.d.]

Harris, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/15  [n.d.]

Johnston, George Joseph Bidmead  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/16  [n.d.]

Patton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/17  [n.d.]

Allen, William Taylor  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/18  [n.d.]

Rayne, William Taylor  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/18  [n.d.]

Sherriff, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/20  [n.d.]

McNeilley, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/21  [n.d.]

Grant, James McVicar  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/22  [n.d.]

Davies, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/23  [n.d.]

O'Hara, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/24  [n.d.]

Thorold, William Hardy  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/25-26  [n.d.]

Jones, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/27  [n.d.]

Gardner, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/28  [n.d.]

Houston, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/29  [n.d.]

Patterson, James Boreham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/30  [n.d.]

Carruthers, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/31  [n.d.]

Dalrymple, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/32-33  [n.d.]

Taylor, Sutton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/34  [n.d.]

Campbell, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/35  [n.d.]

Griffiths, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/36  [n.d.]

Young, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/37  [n.d.]

Cartwright, William Perry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/38  [n.d.]

Pollock, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/39  [n.d.]

Hodgson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/40  [n.d.]

Hay, Samuel Sinclair  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/41  [n.d.]

Bayle, Henry Dundas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/42  [n.d.]

Custance, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/43  [n.d.]

Day, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/44  [n.d.]

Sinclair, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/45  [n.d.]

Edwards, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/46  [n.d.]

Mandeville, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/47  [n.d.]

Bate, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/48  [n.d.]

McAlister, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/49  [n.d.]

Yarde, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/50  [n.d.]

Prendergast, Jeffrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/51  [n.d.]

Keating, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/52  [n.d.]

Noble, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/53  [n.d.]

Alves, Gilmour  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/54  [n.d.]

Hay, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/55  [n.d.]

Agnew, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/57  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/58  [n.d.]

Watson, William Mitchell  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/59  [n.d.]

Harding, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/60  [n.d.]

Cookesley, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/61  [n.d.]

Seward, Joseph Breton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/62  [n.d.]

Hamilton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/63  [n.d.]

Lumley, James Rutherford  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/64  [n.d.]

Egan, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/65  [n.d.]

Sherer, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/66  [n.d.]

Hill, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/67  [n.d.]

Price, William Phillips  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/68  [n.d.]

Whitehead, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/69  [n.d.]

Lindsey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/70  [n.d.]

Barker, Henry Raymond  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/71  [n.d.]

Roome, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/72  [n.d.]

Cox, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/73  [n.d.]

Mathias, William Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/74  [n.d.]

Palk, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/75  [n.d.]

Hampton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/76  [n.d.]

Becher, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/77  [n.d.]

Livesey, John Pearson  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/78  [n.d.]

Henderson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/79  [n.d.]

Duncan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/80  [n.d.]

Stokoe, John Cook  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/81  [n.d.]

Little, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/82  [n.d.]

Nicol, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/83  [n.d.]

O'Brien, Lucius Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/84  [n.d.]

Addison, Hadley  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/85  [n.d.]

Innes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/86  [n.d.]

Clarkson, Robert Graham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/87  [n.d.]

Warner, Goodwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/88  [n.d.]

Fraser, Paisley Weir  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/89  [n.d.]

Hunter, Watson  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/90  [n.d.]

Martin, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/91  [n.d.]

Maxwell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/92  [n.d.]

Menzies, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/93  [n.d.]

Scott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/94  [n.d.]

Laing, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/95  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/96  [n.d.]

Muatt, George Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/98  [n.d.]

Wharton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/99  [n.d.]

Ogilvy, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/100-01  [n.d.]

Crozier, Rawson Boddam  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/102  [n.d.]

Slessor, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/103  [n.d.]

Sillitoe, Aaron  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/104  [n.d.]

O'Donnell, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/105  [n.d.]

Sarney, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/106  [n.d.]

Dare, Hastings  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/107  [n.d.]

Murray, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/108  [n.d.]

Baldock, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/109  [n.d.]

Wilson, Edward Pitches  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/110  [n.d.]

Peché, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/111  [n.d.]

Sharp, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/112  [n.d.]

Torriano, Hilary Harcourt  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/113  [n.d.]

Rand, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/114  [n.d.]

Barn, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/115  [n.d.]

Peché, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/116  [n.d.]

Warden, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/117  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/118  [n.d.]

Bowen, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/119  [n.d.]

Mitchell, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/120  [n.d.]

Ridge, Charles John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/121  [n.d.]

Browne, Richard Veale  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/122  [n.d.]

Sydenham, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/123  [n.d.]

Hornby, Henry Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/124-26  [n.d.]

Graham, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/127  [n.d.]

Shaw, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/128  [n.d.]

Keble, John Petrie  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/129  [n.d.]

Chambers, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/130  [n.d.]

Fisher, Andrew Gideon  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/131, 474  [n.d.]

Dod, Broughton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/132  [n.d.]

Nail, Herman  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/133  [n.d.]

Noble, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/134  [n.d.]

Johnston, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/135  [n.d.]

Fraser, Thomas Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/136  [n.d.]

Haffey, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/137  [n.d.]

Grant, Charles Urquhart  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/139  [n.d.]

Grant, Lewis Alexander James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/140  [n.d.]

Pyefinch, John Wightwick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/141  [n.d.]

Steele, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/142-43  [n.d.]

Fortnom, Thomas William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/144  [n.d.]

Lewis, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/145-48  [n.d.]

Macpherson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/150  [n.d.]

Gordon, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/151, 229, 294, 400-01  [n.d.]

Myers, John Jeremiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/152  [n.d.]

Sloane, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/153  [n.d.]

Stephenson, Curwen Orfeur  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/154  [n.d.]

Maitland, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/155  [n.d.]

Mainwaring, Boulton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/156  [n.d.]

Fotheringham, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/157  [n.d.]

Fotheringham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/158  [n.d.]

Shaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/159  [n.d.]

Hope, John Cooper  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/160  [n.d.]

MacDonell, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/161  [n.d.]

Blachford, Daniel Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/162  [n.d.]

Seton, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/163  [n.d.]

Shaw, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/164  [n.d.]

Baillie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/165  [n.d.]

Peacock, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/166  [n.d.]

Hunter, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/167-68  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/169  [n.d.]

Whitfield, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/170  [n.d.]

Wright, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/171  [n.d.]

Browne, Marmaduke  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/172  [n.d.]

Archbold, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/173  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/174  [n.d.]

Walcott, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/175  [n.d.]

Webb, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/176  [n.d.]

Williams, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/177  [n.d.]

Watson, Joseph D'Acre  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/178  [n.d.]

Annesley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/179  [n.d.]

Bleaden, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/180  [n.d.]

Elliott, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/181  [n.d.]

Barlow, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/182  [n.d.]

Waugh, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/183  [n.d.]

Leigh, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/184  [n.d.]

Darell, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/185  [n.d.]

Nibbs, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/186  [n.d.]

Batwell, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/187  [n.d.]

Campbell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/188, 349  [n.d.]

McLean, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/189  [n.d.]

Bodley, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/190  [n.d.]

Thompson, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/191  [n.d.]

Ricketts, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/192  [n.d.]

Dickinson, John Pile  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/193  [n.d.]

Coleman, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/194  [n.d.]

Vaughan, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/195, 324-26  [n.d.]

Vaughan, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/196  [n.d.]

Campbell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/197, 205  [n.d.]

Burdett, William Bagnall  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/198  [n.d.]

Newsom, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/199  [n.d.]

Manners, Russell  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/200  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/201  [n.d.]

Logan, Fitch (Fitzthomas)  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/202  [n.d.]

Grant, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/203  [n.d.]

Fraser, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/204  [n.d.]

Charleton, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/205  [n.d.]

Marshall, Josiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/206  [n.d.]

Haughton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/207-08  [n.d.]

Wardlaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/209, 222  [n.d.]

Young, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/210  [n.d.]

Forbes, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/211  [n.d.]

Munro, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/212  [n.d.]

Grant, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/213  [n.d.]

Ahier, Joshua  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/214  [n.d.]

Davis, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/215  [n.d.]

Brown, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/216  [n.d.]

Jones, John Lloyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/217  [n.d.]

Turing, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/218  [n.d.]

Long, Edmund Perry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/219-20  [n.d.]

Clark, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/221  [n.d.]

Leslie, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/223  [n.d.]

Thomson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/224  [n.d.]

Wilson, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/225  [n.d.]

Theyto, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/226  [n.d.]

Scott, John Wrightson  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/227  [n.d.]

Whittall, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/228  [n.d.]

Tottingham, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/230-31  [n.d.]

Hawes, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/232  [n.d.]

Spence, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/233  [n.d.]

Wahab, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/234  [n.d.]

Stewart, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/235  [n.d.]

Ogg, Roderick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/236  [n.d.]

Dalrymple, Hew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/237  [n.d.]

Allen, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/238  [n.d.]

Lloyd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/239  [n.d.]

Millingchamp, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/240  [n.d.]

Hall, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/241  [n.d.]

Lauder, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/242  [n.d.]

Baldwin, Beasley  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/243  [n.d.]

Lorani, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/244  [n.d.]

Wright, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/245  [n.d.]

Elliott, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/246  [n.d.]

Nicolay, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/247  [n.d.]

Broom, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/248  [n.d.]

Williams, Thomas Carey  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/251  [n.d.]

McLeod, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/252  [n.d.]

Cox, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/253  [n.d.]

Desborough, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/254  [n.d.]

Brice, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/256  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/257  [n.d.]

Mackay, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/258  [n.d.]

Skinner, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/259  [n.d.]

Boardman, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/260  [n.d.]

Aldridge, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/261  [n.d.]

Beauman, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/262-63  [n.d.]

Cawthorne, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/264  [n.d.]

Dunkin, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/265  [n.d.]

Rowles, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/266  [n.d.]

Kilsha, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/267  [n.d.]

Nanson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/268  [n.d.]

Gore, John Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/269  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Galbraith  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/270  [n.d.]

Smyth, Nicholas Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/271  [n.d.]

Wallace, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/272  [n.d.]

Patton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/273  [n.d.]

Corrall, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/274  [n.d.]

Sealy, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/275  [n.d.]

Kelly, George Robert Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/276-77  [n.d.]

Street, John Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/278  [n.d.]

Aubrey, John Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/279  [n.d.]

Ackmuty, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/280  [n.d.]

Bertie, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/281  [n.d.]

Stewart, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/282  [n.d.]

Colebrooke, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/283  [n.d.]

Colebrooke, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/284  [n.d.]

Keasberry, John Palmer  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/285, 287  [n.d.]

Barker, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/286  [n.d.]

Paschaud, Charles Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/288-89  [n.d.]

Boyé, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/290  [n.d.]

Johnson, George Gerrard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/291  [n.d.]

Barroll, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/292  [n.d.]

Smith, Pooley Molyneux  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/293  [n.d.]

Mathews, Richard Walter William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/295  [n.d.]

Geils, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/296  [n.d.]

Cevil, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/297  [n.d.]

Mallett, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/298  [n.d.]

Morgan, Charles Stanley  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/299-300  [n.d.]

Young, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/301  [n.d.]

Taylor, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/302  [n.d.]

Kemble, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/303-05  [n.d.]

Parker, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/306-08  [n.d.]

Baxter, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/309  [n.d.]

Marriott, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/311  [n.d.]

Baynes, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/312  [n.d.]

Alvares, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/314-17  [n.d.]

Beaghan, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/318-19  [n.d.]

Smith, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/320  [n.d.]

Haddon, Peter Boyce  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/321  [n.d.]

Patterson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/322  [n.d.]

Boileau, Solomon Hugh Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/323  [n.d.]

Scott, William James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/327  [n.d.]

Carter, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/328  [n.d.]

Hay, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/329-30  [n.d.]

Andrews, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/331  [n.d.]

Pollock, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/332-33  [n.d.]

Scott, Hopton Stratford  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/334-35  [n.d.]

Fair, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/336  [n.d.]

Geils, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/337  [n.d.]

Seton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/338-39  [n.d.]

Lighton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/340-41  [n.d.]

Stewart, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/342-43  [n.d.]

Grove, Leslie Ralph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/344-45  [n.d.]

Lanauze, Charles Guy  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/346-47  [n.d.]

Raper, Felix Vincent  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/348  [n.d.]

Thatcher, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/350  [n.d.]

Friell, Simeon Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/351  [n.d.]

Edwards, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/352  [n.d.]

Hogg, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/353  [n.d.]

Lithgow, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/354  [n.d.]

Smith, Thomas Hatcher  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/355  [n.d.]

Willison, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/356  [n.d.]

Ryder, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/357  [n.d.]

Douglas, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/358  [n.d.]

Henderson, William Fotheringham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/360  [n.d.]

Fagan, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/361  [n.d.]

Schrader, John Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/362  [n.d.]

Reid, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/363  [n.d.]

Smith, Sydenham  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/364  [n.d.]

Duggan, Timothy Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/365  [n.d.]

Steel, George Crawford  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/366  [n.d.]

Rowley, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/367  [n.d.]

Clarke, Charles Poyntz  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/368  [n.d.]

Robertson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/369, 435  [n.d.]

Moore, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/370  [n.d.]

Walker, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/371  [n.d.]

Rebenack, John Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/372-73  [n.d.]

Heath, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/374  [n.d.]

Moodie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/375  [n.d.]

Jones, Henry Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/376  [n.d.]

Dandridge, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/377  [n.d.]

Rattray, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/378  [n.d.]

Smith, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/379  [n.d.]

Venables, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/380  [n.d.]

Craig, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/381  [n.d.]

Druitt, Sacheverell  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/382  [n.d.]

Peele, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/383  [n.d.]

Newington, Horatio  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/384  [n.d.]

Faithfull, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/385  [n.d.]

Wilson, Henry Thomas John Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/386  [n.d.]

Fordyce, Arthur Dingwall  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/387  [n.d.]

Ramsay, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/388  [n.d.]

Doveton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/389-90  [n.d.]

Grant, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/391  [n.d.]

Kelso, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/392  [n.d.]

Hessman, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/393  [n.d.]

Wilder, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/394  [n.d.]

Davis, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/395  [n.d.]

Ross, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/396  [n.d.]

Monin, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/397  [n.d.]

Bellasis, George Bridges  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/398-99, 404  [n.d.]

Mathewson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/402-03  [n.d.]

Sutherland, Hector  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/405-06  [n.d.]

Henderson, John Campbell  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/407  [n.d.]

Brady, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/408  [n.d.]

Daniell, Francis Andrews  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/409  [n.d.]

Lyne, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/410  [n.d.]

Brooke, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/411  [n.d.]

MacRedie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/412  [n.d.]

Fowler, Robert Ferris  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/413  [n.d.]

Ravenhill, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/414  [n.d.]

Inglis, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/415  [n.d.]

De Havilland, Thomas Fiott  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/416  [n.d.]

Prager, Lionel  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/417  [n.d.]

MacGowan, Suetonius  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/418  [n.d.]

Baker, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/419  [n.d.]

Dardell, James Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/420  [n.d.]

Bagster, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/421  [n.d.]

Stone, Webb  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/422  [n.d.]

Ryan, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/423  [n.d.]

Ryves, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/424  [n.d.]

Steele, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/425  [n.d.]

Fraser, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/426  [n.d.]

Ferguson, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/427  [n.d.]

Johnson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/428  [n.d.]

Baker, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/429  [n.d.]

Pippard, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/430  [n.d.]

Storey, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/431  [n.d.]

Ormsby, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/432  [n.d.]

Kemp, Edward Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/433  [n.d.]

Blair, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/434  [n.d.]

Molesworth, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/436  [n.d.]

Isaac, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/437  [n.d.]

Cowper, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/438  [n.d.]

Bentley, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/439  [n.d.]

Crofts, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/440  [n.d.]

Cathery, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/441  [n.d.]

Herries, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/442  [n.d.]

Monteath, Archibald Douglas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/443  [n.d.]

Nugent, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/444  [n.d.]

Evans, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/445  [n.d.]

Sheppard, Robert Robinson  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/446  [n.d.]

Cameron, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/447  [n.d.]

Brewer, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/448  [n.d.]

Cotgrave, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/449  [n.d.]

Blofeld, John Spencer  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/450  [n.d.]

Osborn, Henry Clifton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/451  [n.d.]

Moore, John Bagshaw  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/452  [n.d.]

Mahon, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/453  [n.d.]

Savoet, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/455  [n.d.]

Polhill, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/456-57  [n.d.]

Hawkes, Joshua  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/458  [n.d.]

Mason, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/459  [n.d.]

Jefferson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/460  [n.d.]

Stonard, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/461  [n.d.]

McGill, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/462-63  [n.d.]

Massie, Watkin  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/464  [n.d.]

Mimardière, Henry John Cacouault  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/465  [n.d.]

Jacob, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/466  [n.d.]

Sykes, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/467-68  [n.d.]

Probyn, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/469  [n.d.]

Williams, Arthur Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/470  [n.d.]

Beck, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/471  [n.d.]

Marshall, George Bristow  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/472  [n.d.]

Innes, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/473  [n.d.]

Scott, George Dennistown  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/475  [n.d.]

Blain, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/476-77  [n.d.]

Coote, George Chidley  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/478  [n.d.]

Sandford, John Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/479  [n.d.]

Bayley, James Walker  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/480-81  [n.d.]

Boddam, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/482  [n.d.]

Manning, Edgar Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/483  [n.d.]

Hogg, Robert William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/484-90  [n.d.]

Macan, Clements Gillespie  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/492  [n.d.]

Malden, Thomas Barlow  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/493-95  [n.d.]

Maginniss, Andrew Ferguson  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/496-98  [n.d.]

Sydserff, Charles Jervis  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/499  [n.d.]

McGeorge, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/500-02  [n.d.]

McMurdo, Bryce  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/503-04  [n.d.]

Marshall, John Hudleston  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/505-06  [n.d.]

Gardner, William David Fullerton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/507-10  [n.d.]

Nason, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/511-14  [n.d.]

Hale, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/515-16  [n.d.]

Greene, Lyttelton  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/517  [n.d.]

Lighton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/518  [n.d.]

Drew, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/519  [n.d.]

McLeod, Allen  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/520  [n.d.]

Taggart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/521  [n.d.]

Clitherow, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/522  [n.d.]

Crowder, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/523  [n.d.]

Marshall, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/525  [n.d.]

Carnevale, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/109/526-28  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/110  1799-1800

Sale, Henry Wallace  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/1  [n.d.]

Ellison, Frederick Croasdaile  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/2  [n.d.]

Bellingham, Henry Tenison  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/3  [n.d.]

Porter, John Young  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/4  [n.d.]

Kelly, James Amos  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/5  [n.d.]

Cauty, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/6  [n.d.]

West, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/7  [n.d.]

Howell, James Waller Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/8  [n.d.]

Ormsby, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/9  [n.d.]

Poignand, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/10  [n.d.]

Ford, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/11  [n.d.]

Faithfull, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/12  [n.d.]

Greaves, James Bexworth  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/13  [n.d.]

Pell, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/14  [n.d.]

Thing, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/15  [n.d.]

Willis, Richard Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/16  [n.d.]

Jenkins, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/17  [n.d.]

Coombs, John Monckton  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/18  [n.d.]

Hexter, Henry Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/19  [n.d.]

Brush, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/20  [n.d.]

Deschamps, Henry Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/21  [n.d.]

Robinson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/22  [n.d.]

Shepherd, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/23  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Hume  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/24  [n.d.]

Cantwell, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/25  [n.d.]

Harris, Henry Hamlyn  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/26  [n.d.]

Wright, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/27, 103-04  [n.d.]

Wilson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/28  [n.d.]

Scott, Robert Bigo  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/29  [n.d.]

Williams, Hugh Achilles Preston  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/30  [n.d.]

Williams, Charles Achilles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/31  [n.d.]

Becket, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/32  [n.d.]

Voss, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/33  [n.d.]

Wallis, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/34  [n.d.]

Merriman, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/35  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/36  [n.d.]

Tolfrey, Charles Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/37  [n.d.]

Montgomery, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/38  [n.d.]

Whish, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/39-40  [n.d.]

Harington, Henry Lens  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/41  [n.d.]

Hughes, Alexander Radford  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/42  [n.d.]

Miles, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/43, 387  [n.d.]

Simons, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/44-45  [n.d.]

Hall, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/46  [n.d.]

Sykes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/47  [n.d.]

Pierce, Fortunatus Hagley  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/48  [n.d.]

Page, Charles Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/49-50  [n.d.]

Newton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/51  [n.d.]

Bennett, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/52  [n.d.]

Poole, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/53  [n.d.]

White, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/54  [n.d.]

Black, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/55-56  [n.d.]

Irving, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/57  [n.d.]

Prescott, Isaac Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/58  [n.d.]

George, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/59  [n.d.]

Bacon, Alexander Beauchamp  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/60  [n.d.]

Carstairs, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/61  [n.d.]

Salter, James Fallowfield  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/62  [n.d.]

Cruso, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/63  [n.d.]

Stewart, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/64  [n.d.]

Thomas, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/64  [n.d.]

Strachan, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/65  [n.d.]

Poignand, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/66  [n.d.]

Allan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/67  [n.d.]

Trewman, John Turner  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/68  [n.d.]

Powell, Nathan Penry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/69-70  [n.d.]

Kennedy, Vans  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/71  [n.d.]

Maxwell, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/72  [n.d.]

Dumaresq, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/73-74  [n.d.]

Dykes, Tretcheville  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/75-78  [n.d.]

Peacock, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/79  [n.d.]

Pierce, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/80  [n.d.]

Parmenter, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/81-83  [n.d.]

Purvis, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/84  [n.d.]

Kent, Henry Young  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/85  [n.d.]

Besnard, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/86  [n.d.]

Close, Henry Jackson  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/87  [n.d.]

Simpson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/88  [n.d.]

Simson, John Mackenzie  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/89  [n.d.]

Gepp, George Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/90  [n.d.]

Warner, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/91-92  [n.d.]

Weston, Frederick Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/93  [n.d.]

Davis, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/94  [n.d.]

Strover, Samuel Rogers  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/95  [n.d.]

Wooldridge, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/96  [n.d.]

Pearson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/97  [n.d.]

Bowyer, Cornelius  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/98  [n.d.]

Reynolds, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/99  [n.d.]

Lindsay, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/100  [n.d.]

Lord, Eyre Coote  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/101  [n.d.]

Hannay, William Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/102  [n.d.]

Woodward, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/105  [n.d.]

Colvill, Thompson  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/106  [n.d.]

Ogilvie, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/107  [n.d.]

Wyburd, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/108-09  [n.d.]

Smith, Lewin Scott  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/110-11  [n.d.]

Conry, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/112  [n.d.]

McCraith, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/113  [n.d.]

Edwards, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/114  [n.d.]

Martin, Charles Ray  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/115  [n.d.]

O'Reilly, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/116  [n.d.]

Hill, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/117  [n.d.]

Scholey, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/118  [n.d.]

Leggatt, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/119  [n.d.]

Woodcock, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/120  [n.d.]

Webb, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/121  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Andrew Carol  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/122  [n.d.]

Swayne, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/123  [n.d.]

Simons, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/124  [n.d.]

Charlesworth, John Lee  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/125  [n.d.]

Palk, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/126  [n.d.]

Baker, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/127  [n.d.]

Kirwan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/128  [n.d.]

Preston, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/129-30  [n.d.]

Wells, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/131  [n.d.]

Blakiston, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/132  [n.d.]

Aston, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/133  [n.d.]

Barrett, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/134  [n.d.]

Duffin, William Clarke  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/135  [n.d.]

Shaw, Rodolphus  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/136  [n.d.]

Davie, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/137  [n.d.]

Nash, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/138  [n.d.]

Lewis, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/139  [n.d.]

Purchas, Henry Ansley  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/140  [n.d.]

Nott, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/141-42  [n.d.]

Moore, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/143  [n.d.]

Davie, Peregrine  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/144  [n.d.]

Higgins, Charles Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/145  [n.d.]

Chambré, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/146  [n.d.]

Stokoe, Thomas Weltden  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/147  [n.d.]

Jenings, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/148  [n.d.]

Swiney, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/149  [n.d.]

Selwyn, George Brydges  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/150  [n.d.]

Pester, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/151-55  [n.d.]

Bucke, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/156  [n.d.]

Norris, James Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/157  [n.d.]

Moxon, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/158  [n.d.]

Sanford, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/159  [n.d.]

McLeod, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/160  [n.d.]

Arnold, Edward Shippen  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/161  [n.d.]

Gordon, Charles Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/162  [n.d.]

Parlby, Brooke Bridges  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/163  [n.d.]

Astley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/165  [n.d.]

Williams, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/165  [n.d.]

Sparkes, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/166  [n.d.]

Fernyhough, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/167  [n.d.]

Fernyhough, Wilson  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/168  [n.d.]

Jeffreys, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/170  [n.d.]

Fraser, James Stewart  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/171  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/172  [n.d.]

Reding, John Cannon  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/173  [n.d.]

Hill, John Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/174  [n.d.]

Williamson, John Carmalt  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/175  [n.d.]

Smithwaite, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/176  [n.d.]

Lacey, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/177  [n.d.]

Armstrong, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/178-79  [n.d.]

Harington, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/180  [n.d.]

Cheese, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/181  [n.d.]

Fair, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/182  [n.d.]

Law, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/183  [n.d.]

Brookholding, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/184  [n.d.]

Hay, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/185  [n.d.]

Moore, Robert Proudlove  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/186  [n.d.]

Brown, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/187  [n.d.]

Cox, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/188  [n.d.]

Buchan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/189-90  [n.d.]

Walker, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/191  [n.d.]

Tippett, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/192  [n.d.]

Grant, Nathaniel Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/193  [n.d.]

Reynolds, Lewis Champaigne  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/194-96  [n.d.]

Loftie, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/197  [n.d.]

Holt, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/198  [n.d.]

Dennis, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/199  [n.d.]

Bishop, Samuel Pidding  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/200  [n.d.]

Barnett, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/201  [n.d.]

Brown, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/202  [n.d.]

Hankin, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/203  [n.d.]

Lucas, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/204  [n.d.]

Somerville, Henry Erskine  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/205  [n.d.]

Hyde, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/206  [n.d.]

Puller, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/207  [n.d.]

Higgins, Edmund Buttall  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/208  [n.d.]

Jackson, William Hill  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/209  [n.d.]

Anderson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/210  [n.d.]

Coles, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/211  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/212  [n.d.]

Wright, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/213  [n.d.]

Cadell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/214  [n.d.]

Barlow, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/215  [n.d.]

Munt, Frederick Grierson  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/216  [n.d.]

Perkins, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/217  [n.d.]

Home, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/218  [n.d.]

Hodgson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/219  [n.d.]

Bye, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/220  [n.d.]

Moody, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/221  [n.d.]

Littler, John Hunter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/222  [n.d.]

Ward, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/223  [n.d.]

Scott, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/224  [n.d.]

Walker, Charles Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/225  [n.d.]

Heysham, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/226  [n.d.]

Dally, Francis Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/227  [n.d.]

Fagan, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/228  [n.d.]

Green, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/229  [n.d.]

Barrett, Benjamin Aplin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/230  [n.d.]

Knight, John Clothier  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/231  [n.d.]

Ryan, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/232  [n.d.]

Wahab, George Lancelot  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/233-34  [n.d.]

Wahab, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/235  [n.d.]

Grant, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/236  [n.d.]

Moore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/237  [n.d.]

Fielding, William George Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/238  [n.d.]

Mitchell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/239  [n.d.]

Moore, John Lovell  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/240  [n.d.]

Creagh, William Bagwell  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/241  [n.d.]

Gordon, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/242  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/243  [n.d.]

Elphinstone, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/244  [n.d.]

Hyde, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/245  [n.d.]

Blakiston, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/246-47  [n.d.]

Sadler, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/248  [n.d.]

Gore, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/249-51  [n.d.]

Browne, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/252  [n.d.]

Blacker, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/253  [n.d.]

Rainey, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/254  [n.d.]

Cole, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/255  [n.d.]

Franks, Joseph Bridges  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/256  [n.d.]

Godfrey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/257  [n.d.]

Godfrey, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/258  [n.d.]

Palmer, Hampson Beckford  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/259  [n.d.]

Pattle, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/260  [n.d.]

Shermer, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/261  [n.d.]

Watson, William Larkins  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/262  [n.d.]

Colt, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/263, 305-06  [n.d.]

Watts, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/264  [n.d.]

Mordaunt, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/265  [n.d.]

Christie, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/266  [n.d.]

Craigie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/267  [n.d.]

Degravers, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/268  [n.d.]

Davidson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/269  [n.d.]

Middleton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/270  [n.d.]

Wyatt, Edgar  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/271  [n.d.]

Frederick, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/272  [n.d.]

Waters, Edmund Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/273  [n.d.]

Dickson, Henry David Erskine  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/274-75  [n.d.]

Cunningham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/276  [n.d.]

Downes, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/277  [n.d.]

Pickering, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/278  [n.d.]

Tichborne, Benjamin Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/279  [n.d.]

Maling, Irwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/280  [n.d.]

Harrison, Robert Orfeur  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/281  [n.d.]

Stannus, Ephraim Gerrish  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/282-83  [n.d.]

Williamson, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/285  [n.d.]

Dickson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/286  [n.d.]

Richards, Scipio Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/287  [n.d.]

Brougham, Peter Calmel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/288  [n.d.]

Barbut, Henry Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/289  [n.d.]

Attwater, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/290  [n.d.]

Lawless, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/291  [n.d.]

Fulton, Nicholas Graham  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/293  [n.d.]

Lambert, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/294  [n.d.]

Nicholetts, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/295  [n.d.]

Simpson, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/296  [n.d.]

Hankin, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/297  [n.d.]

Vincent, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/298  [n.d.]

Steuart, William Fordyce  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/299  [n.d.]

Wulbier, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/300  [n.d.]

Pentland, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/301-02  [n.d.]

Baines, George Veal  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/303-04  [n.d.]

Cunliffe, Robert Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/307  [n.d.]

Day, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/308-09  [n.d.]

Cator, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/310  [n.d.]

Kent, William Street  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/311  [n.d.]

Starling, Parlett  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/312  [n.d.]

Shaw, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/313  [n.d.]

Pollock, Montgomery  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/314  [n.d.]

Waters, Henry James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/315-17  [n.d.]

Lloyd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/319  [n.d.]

Robertson, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/320  [n.d.]

Nixon, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/321  [n.d.]

Gahagan, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/322  [n.d.]

Litchfield, George Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/323-25  [n.d.]

Lea, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/327  [n.d.]

Owen, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/328  [n.d.]

James, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/329  [n.d.]

Sutton, Evelyn Lovett  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/330  [n.d.]

Rimington, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/331  [n.d.]

Moorhouse, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/332  [n.d.]

Dawes, Robert John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/333  [n.d.]

Garraway, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/334-36  [n.d.]

Kemm, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/337  [n.d.]

Clark, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/338  [n.d.]

Lodwick, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/339  [n.d.]

Ross, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/340  [n.d.]

Rogers, Levi  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/341  [n.d.]

Fraser, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/342  [n.d.]

Bruce, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/343  [n.d.]

Morrison, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/344  [n.d.]

Rose, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/345  [n.d.]

Osborne, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/346  [n.d.]

Guild, John David  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/347  [n.d.]

Jones, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/348  [n.d.]

Smith, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/349  [n.d.]

Sampson, Francis Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/350-51  [n.d.]

Taylor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/352  [n.d.]

Canning, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/353  [n.d.]

Balmain, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/354  [n.d.]

Brown, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/355  [n.d.]

Sandwith, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/356  [n.d.]

Watson, Thomas Wentworth  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/357  [n.d.]

Robertson, Simon Fraser  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/358  [n.d.]

Stewart, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/359  [n.d.]

James, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/360  [n.d.]

Grant, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/361  [n.d.]

Forbes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/362  [n.d.]

Nixon, George Lennox  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/363  [n.d.]

Young, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/364  [n.d.]

Hackett, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/365  [n.d.]

Linton, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/366-67  [n.d.]

Morris, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/368  [n.d.]

Laprelle, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/369  [n.d.]

Wier, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/370  [n.d.]

Dun, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/371  [n.d.]

Burgh, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/372  [n.d.]

Taggart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/373  [n.d.]

Kennedy, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/374  [n.d.]

Boyd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/375  [n.d.]

Gother, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/376  [n.d.]

Buchanan, Robert Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/377  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/378  [n.d.]

Paterson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/379  [n.d.]

Strange, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/380  [n.d.]

Palmer, Francis Webber  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/381  [n.d.]

Lawson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/382  [n.d.]

Hawes, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/383  [n.d.]

Davy, Lyson Hopkin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/384  [n.d.]

Kyan, John Howard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/385-86  [n.d.]

Martinnant, Edward James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/388  [n.d.]

Bowen, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/389  [n.d.]

Jackson, Gregory  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/390  [n.d.]

Barton, Ezekiel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/391-92  [n.d.]

Burford, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/393  [n.d.]

Higgott, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/394  [n.d.]

Murray, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/395  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/396  [n.d.]

Alder, Thomas Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/397  [n.d.]

Hampton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/398  [n.d.]

Wemyss, David Charteris  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/399  [n.d.]

Humphreys, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/400  [n.d.]

Fearon, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/401  [n.d.]

Bartholomew, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/402  [n.d.]

Mathias, William Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/403  [n.d.]

Clark, James Barclay  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/404  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/405  [n.d.]

Ward, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/406-07  [n.d.]

Wrottesley, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/408  [n.d.]

Yates, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/409  [n.d.]

Le Fevre, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/410  [n.d.]

Hatherley, Henry Wells  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/411  [n.d.]

Hicks, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/412  [n.d.]

Collier, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/413-15  [n.d.]

Yates, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/416  [n.d.]

Lewis, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/417  [n.d.]

Harris, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/418  [n.d.]

Campbell, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/419  [n.d.]

Crofts, John Strudwick  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/420  [n.d.]

Brackenbury, Joseph Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/421  [n.d.]

Andree, Richard Collyer  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/422  [n.d.]

Reynolds, Edmund Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/423  [n.d.]

Agar, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/424-25  [n.d.]

Brooks, George Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/426  [n.d.]

Russell, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/427  [n.d.]

Woodhouse, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/428  [n.d.]

Keighly, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/429  [n.d.]

Ross, Hugh Munro  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/430  [n.d.]

Rolland, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/431  [n.d.]

Smith, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/432  [n.d.]

Jones, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/433  [n.d.]

Brooks, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/434  [n.d.]

Lowing, Rayner  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/435  [n.d.]

Burton, William Martin  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/436-37  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/438  [n.d.]

Hollingberry, Monings  IOR/L/MIL/9/110/492  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/111  1800-1801

Johnson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/1  [n.d.]

De Crez, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/2  [n.d.]

Hardcastle, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/3  [n.d.]

Cooper, Leonard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/4  [n.d.]

Spry, William Bach  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/5  [n.d.]

Wakeman, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/6  [n.d.]

Lumsden, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/7  [n.d.]

Oliver, Joseph Ward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/8  [n.d.]

Smith, John David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/9  [n.d.]

Tweedy, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/10  [n.d.]

Fitzgerald, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/11-13  [n.d.]

Rundall, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/14  [n.d.]

Midford, Thomas Herbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/15  [n.d.]

Schnell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/16  [n.d.]

Hankin, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/17  [n.d.]

Jones, John Tasker  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/18  [n.d.]

Munn, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/19  [n.d.]

Donaldson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/20-22  [n.d.]

Blacker, St John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/21  [n.d.]

Tapp, Horatio Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/23  [n.d.]

Andrews, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/24  [n.d.]

Denty, Henry Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/25-27  [n.d.]

Taylor, James Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/28-29  [n.d.]

Kettle, James Tilley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/30  [n.d.]

Rand, James Dennet Webber  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/31  [n.d.]

Cox, Robert Kilbye  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/32  [n.d.]

Alexander, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/33  [n.d.]

Vevers, Spencer Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/34-36  [n.d.]

Robinson, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/37  [n.d.]

Brook, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/38-39  [n.d.]

Meall, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/40  [n.d.]

Leighton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/41  [n.d.]

Robertson, Thomas Dundas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/42-44  [n.d.]

Turnbull, Frederick Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/45  [n.d.]

Tudor, Thomas Mather  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/46  [n.d.]

Barton, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/47  [n.d.]

Byers, James Broff  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/48  [n.d.]

Brooke, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/49  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/50-51  [n.d.]

Gwynne, Edward Mathew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/52-53  [n.d.]

Combe, Boyce  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/54  [n.d.]

Pollock, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/55-56  [n.d.]

Morgan, John Woodley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/57  [n.d.]

Morgan, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/58  [n.d.]

Burton, William Martin  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/59  [n.d.]

Graham, James William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/60  [n.d.]

Montresor, Hauteville  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/61-62  [n.d.]

Rintoul, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/63  [n.d.]

Field, Ringsted Plantagenet  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/64  [n.d.]

Nutt, Justinian  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/65  [n.d.]

Tickell, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/67  [n.d.]

Sweetland, Edward Score  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/68  [n.d.]

Finch, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/69  [n.d.]

Cumming, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/70  [n.d.]

Jackson, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/72-73  [n.d.]

Elder, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/75  [n.d.]

Masterson, Dugald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/76  [n.d.]

Hewett, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/77  [n.d.]

Foster, Edgar Moody  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/78  [n.d.]

Griffinhoofe, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/79  [n.d.]

Laurie, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/80  [n.d.]

Nixon, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/81  [n.d.]

Dering, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/82  [n.d.]

Gravener, Thomas Cannon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/83  [n.d.]

Murray, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/84  [n.d.]

Field, Henry Edward Plantagenet  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/85  [n.d.]

Cracroft, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/86-87  [n.d.]

Scouler, James Brathwaite  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/88  [n.d.]

Hume, John Unwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/89  [n.d.]

Hill, Percy George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/90  [n.d.]

Frith, James Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/91-92  [n.d.]

Williams, Richard John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/93  [n.d.]

Langley, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/94-95  [n.d.]

Lanry, Charles Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/97-98  [n.d.]

Bushby, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/100-02  [n.d.]

Worsley, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/103-04  [n.d.]

Auriol, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/106  [n.d.]

Collins, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/107-08  [n.d.]

Tudor, George Cowley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/109-10  [n.d.]

Tucker, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/111  [n.d.]

Morgan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/112-13  [n.d.]

Gill, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/114  [n.d.]

Gladwin, Francis William Ulrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/115  [n.d.]

Axford, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/116  [n.d.]

Woods, Robert Carr  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/117  [n.d.]

Betts, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/118  [n.d.]

Gape, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/119-20  [n.d.]

Ellia, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/122-23  [n.d.]

Lee, Brice Wakeford  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/124  [n.d.]

Stewart, Thomas Guise  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/125  [n.d.]

Lockett, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/126-27  [n.d.]

Baddeley, William Clinton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/128  [n.d.]

Bryan, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/129  [n.d.]

Coote, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/130-31  [n.d.]

Chamberlain, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/132  [n.d.]

Spinks, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/133  [n.d.]

Hutchinson, Gideon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/134-35  [n.d.]

Close, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/136  [n.d.]

King, Penford  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/137  [n.d.]

Torr, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/139  [n.d.]

Denton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/140-41  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/142  [n.d.]

Watts, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/143-44  [n.d.]

Smith, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/145  [n.d.]

Bell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/146-47  [n.d.]

Maunsell, George Eaton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/148  [n.d.]

Gibbon, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/149  [n.d.]

Plowden, George Augustus Chicheley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/150  [n.d.]

Church, William Lowther  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/151  [n.d.]

Carnegy, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/152  [n.d.]

Home, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/153-56  [n.d.]

Broughton, Edward Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/158  [n.d.]

Gwynne, Rowland  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/159-60  [n.d.]

Land, Sebastian  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/161-62  [n.d.]

Garden, John Robertson  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/163  [n.d.]

De Beauregard, John Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/164-65  [n.d.]

Kenny, Wolfenden  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/166  [n.d.]

Gummer, Stephen Stone  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/167-68  [n.d.]

Marston, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/169  [n.d.]

Phillips, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/170-72  [n.d.]

Maguire, Bryan  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/173-74  [n.d.]

Menzies, Henry Wright  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/175  [n.d.]

Wilson, Richard Greathead  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/176-77  [n.d.]

Maxwell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/178  [n.d.]

Beard, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/179-80  [n.d.]

Herbert, Evan  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/181  [n.d.]

Browne, Edward Cave  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/182  [n.d.]

Apsley, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/183  [n.d.]

Showers, Howe Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/184  [n.d.]

Cock, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/185-86  [n.d.]

Bowen, Humphrey Stopford  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/187-88  [n.d.]

Jobson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/189  [n.d.]

Wallace, George Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/190  [n.d.]

Kutzleben, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/191  [n.d.]

Raynsford, Hanbury  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/191  [n.d.]

Buchanan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/192  [n.d.]

Kendall, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/193  [n.d.]

Kennett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/194  [n.d.]

Russell, Lechmere Coore  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/195-96  [n.d.]

Smith, William Stuart  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/197-98  [n.d.]

Kennett, Charles Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/199  [n.d.]

Cooper, Henry Edward Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/200  [n.d.]

Plenderleath, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/201  [n.d.]

Oliver, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/202  [n.d.]

Morrison, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/203-04  [n.d.]

Adams, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/205  [n.d.]

Barnewell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/206-07  [n.d.]

Davidson, Cornelius  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/208-10  [n.d.]

Lamb, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/211  [n.d.]

Pateshall, Edwyn Sandys  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/212  [n.d.]

Douglas, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/213-14  [n.d.]

Ferguson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/215  [n.d.]

Arrowsmith, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/216-17  [n.d.]

Baldock, Robert Walters  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/218  [n.d.]

Scott, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/219  [n.d.]

Turner, William Donaldson  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/220-21  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, Johnson  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/222-23  [n.d.]

Stanley, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/224-25  [n.d.]

Eamonson, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/226  [n.d.]

Bowes, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/227-28  [n.d.]

Sackville, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/229  [n.d.]

Le Hardy, Dumaresq  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/230  [n.d.]

Gabb, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/231  [n.d.]

Scott, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/232  [n.d.]

Bray, William John Knighton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/233  [n.d.]

Bidwell, Woodward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/234  [n.d.]

Mander, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/235-36  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/237-38  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/239  [n.d.]

Hamilton, John Hay  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/240-41  [n.d.]

Seward, Godwin Ponsborne  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/242-43  [n.d.]

Hindley, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/244-45  [n.d.]

Morrill, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/246-47  [n.d.]

Wilson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/248-49  [n.d.]

Baker, William Pyndar  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/250  [n.d.]

Whitehill, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/251  [n.d.]

Whitehill, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/252  [n.d.]

Des Voeux, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/253  [n.d.]

Bowring, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/254-55  [n.d.]

Newall, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/256  [n.d.]

Maunsell, Philip Oliver  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/257-59  [n.d.]

Woolley, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/260-61  [n.d.]

Smyth, John Wickins  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/262  [n.d.]

Bulman, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/263  [n.d.]

Heriot, Nugent  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/264  [n.d.]

Briggs, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/265-66  [n.d.]

Dalton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/267-68  [n.d.]

Stewart, Josiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/269  [n.d.]

Green, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/270  [n.d.]

Ryder, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/271  [n.d.]

Glascott, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/272-73  [n.d.]

Kingdon, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/274  [n.d.]

Dana, Charles Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/275  [n.d.]

Hunter, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/276-77  [n.d.]

Scott, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/278-79  [n.d.]

Baxter, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/280  [n.d.]

Bowen, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/281  [n.d.]

Webb, William Spencer  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/282  [n.d.]

Buchan, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/283  [n.d.]

Plunket, William Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/284-85  [n.d.]

Gillespie, John Wood  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/287  [n.d.]

Woodford, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/288-89  [n.d.]

Williams, Henry Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/290  [n.d.]

Duncombe, John Ambrose Egerton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/291-92  [n.d.]

Stock, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/293-94  [n.d.]

Bellasis, Daniel Hutchins  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/295-96  [n.d.]

Stone, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/297-98  [n.d.]

More, John Forbes  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/300  [n.d.]

Tytler, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/301  [n.d.]

Howden, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/302-03  [n.d.]

Peters, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/304  [n.d.]

Rutherford, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/305-07  [n.d.]

Ashe, William Hoadley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/309  [n.d.]

Hunter, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/310, 487  [n.d.]

Maver, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/311  [n.d.]

Lott, Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/312-13  [n.d.]

Dunsmure, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/314  [n.d.]

Napier, Johnston  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/315  [n.d.]

Dalziel, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/316  [n.d.]

Burgess, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/317  [n.d.]

Reid, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/318  [n.d.]

Cregoe, Frind  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/319-21  [n.d.]

Bainbridge, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/322  [n.d.]

Heard, James John Bickford  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/323-24  [n.d.]

Vincent, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/325  [n.d.]

McLaren, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/326-27  [n.d.]

Ridge, James Brook  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/328  [n.d.]

Mackie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/329  [n.d.]

Herne, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/330-31  [n.d.]

Sneyd, Ralph Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/332-33  [n.d.]

Parker, Francis Lee  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/334-35  [n.d.]

Wilson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/336  [n.d.]

Corbet, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/337-38  [n.d.]

Ward, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/339-40  [n.d.]

Cubbon, Mark  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/341  [n.d.]

Preston, James John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/342-43  [n.d.]

Hunter, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/344  [n.d.]

Murray, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/345  [n.d.]

Drysdale, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/346  [n.d.]

Browne, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/347-48  [n.d.]

Moncrieff, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/349  [n.d.]

Wake, William Rowland  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/350-51  [n.d.]

Flint, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/352  [n.d.]

Faithfull, Charles Complin  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/353-55  [n.d.]

Richardson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/356-57  [n.d.]

Robertson, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/358-59  [n.d.]

Heming, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/360  [n.d.]

Balmain, Fletcher Norton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/361  [n.d.]

Plenderleath, Mansfield  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/362  [n.d.]

Costeley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/363-66  [n.d.]

McNab, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/367  [n.d.]

Ogilvie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/368  [n.d.]

Smith, Patten  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/369-70  [n.d.]

Coxwell, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/371  [n.d.]

Spears, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/372  [n.d.]

Dundas, James Fullarton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/373  [n.d.]

Gwynne, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/374  [n.d.]

Jayne, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/375  [n.d.]

Jayne, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/376  [n.d.]

Wilkie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/377  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/378  [n.d.]

Craig, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/379  [n.d.]

Jones, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/381  [n.d.]

Winston, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/382  [n.d.]

Cheese, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/383  [n.d.]

Gordon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/384  [n.d.]

Davis, William Worsley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/385  [n.d.]

Paton, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/386-87  [n.d.]

Hill, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/388  [n.d.]

Arbuthnott, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/389-90  [n.d.]

Veatch, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/391  [n.d.]

Kenyon, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/392  [n.d.]

Chambers, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/393  [n.d.]

Robinson, Thomas Savage  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/394-95  [n.d.]

Taylor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/396  [n.d.]

Trotter, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/397  [n.d.]

Pitchford, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/398-99  [n.d.]

Walker, William Walmesley  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/400-03  [n.d.]

Leys, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/404-05  [n.d.]

Smyth, Charles Finch  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/406-07  [n.d.]

Brown, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/408  [n.d.]

Dunsterville, Elias Vivian  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/409-11  [n.d.]

Dunsterville, John Bell  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/412-13  [n.d.]

Hay, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/414-15  [n.d.]

Tickell, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/416-17  [n.d.]

Jones, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/418-19  [n.d.]

Campbell, William Coote  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/420  [n.d.]

Douglas, Graham  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/421-22  [n.d.]

Henry, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/423-24  [n.d.]

Lee, Henry Shute  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/425  [n.d.]

McMurdo, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/426  [n.d.]

Graydon, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/427  [n.d.]

Gulland, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/428-33  [n.d.]

Grant, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/434  [n.d.]

Walker, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/435  [n.d.]

Pierie, Thomas Dundas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/436  [n.d.]

Martine, John Russell  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/438  [n.d.]

Hunter, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/439  [n.d.]

Bertram, Archibald Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/441  [n.d.]

Hatherley, Narcissus Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/442-43  [n.d.]

Seyer, Richard Twine  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/444-45  [n.d.]

Lewis, Tubal  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/446-48  [n.d.]

Daubeny, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/449  [n.d.]

Baynsford, Hanbury  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/450-51  [n.d.]

Cleaveland, Thomas Sadleir  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/452-53  [n.d.]

Cunningham, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/454  [n.d.]

Grant, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/455  [n.d.]

Russell, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/456-57  [n.d.]

Hay, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/458  [n.d.]

Langslow, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/459  [n.d.]

Shaw, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/460  [n.d.]

Hunter, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/461  [n.d.]

Lecky, Conolly McCausland  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/462  [n.d.]

Gordon, George Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/463  [n.d.]

Smyth, Henry William Carmichael  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/464  [n.d.]

Weston, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/465-66  [n.d.]

Mackay, Robert Skeene  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/467  [n.d.]

Maitland, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/468-70  [n.d.]

Milburn, Reginald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/471  [n.d.]

Burton, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/472-73  [n.d.]

Land, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/474-75  [n.d.]

Menzies, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/476  [n.d.]

Knight, John Clothier  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/477-78  [n.d.]

Davies, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/479-80  [n.d.]

Montagu, Henry Seymour  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/481  [n.d.]

Braddon, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/482  [n.d.]

Huntly, Thomas Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/483-84  [n.d.]

White, Francis Sellon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/485-86  [n.d.]

Johnston, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/488  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, Aeneas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/489-90  [n.d.]

Cullen, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/491-92  [n.d.]

Brownrigg, John Studholm  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/493-94  [n.d.]

Barron, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/495  [n.d.]

Seton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/496  [n.d.]

Gough, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/497  [n.d.]

Bacon, Samuel Ishmael  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/498  [n.d.]

Stacey, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/499-500  [n.d.]

Paul, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/501  [n.d.]

Shur, George Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/502-03  [n.d.]

Rose, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/504  [n.d.]

Barker, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/505  [n.d.]

Skene, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/506  [n.d.]

Whitesmith, Leonard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/507-08  [n.d.]

Jones, Richard Montgomery  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/509-11  [n.d.]

Tagg, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/512-13  [n.d.]

Blackman, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/514-15  [n.d.]

Cock, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/516-17  [n.d.]

Bannerman, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/518  [n.d.]

Fluker, Thomas Charles Torriano  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/519-20  [n.d.]

Short, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/521-22  [n.d.]

Tyssen, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/523-24  [n.d.]

Plumptre, Kaye Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/525  [n.d.]

Seymour, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/526-27  [n.d.]

Dyneley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/528-29  [n.d.]

Knight, George Ablett  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/530-31  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, William Gordon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/532  [n.d.]

Gilbert, Walter Raleigh  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/533  [n.d.]

Kempe, William Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/534-35  [n.d.]

Dalgairns, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/536  [n.d.]

Pallmer, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/537  [n.d.]

Dundas, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/538-39  [n.d.]

Livingston, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/540  [n.d.]

Percy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/541-42  [n.d.]

Fenwick, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/543  [n.d.]

Heathcote, George Deare  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/544  [n.d.]

Biggs, John Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/545-46  [n.d.]

Perkins, Ambrose Bening  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/547  [n.d.]

Rawlins, Henry Brotherson  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/548-49  [n.d.]

Paget, Thomas Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/550  [n.d.]

Peile, Christopher Fountain  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/551-52  [n.d.]

Sydenham, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/554  [n.d.]

Robertson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/555  [n.d.]

Evans, Richard Lacy  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/556-57  [n.d.]

Oliver, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/558  [n.d.]

Montgomerie, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/559  [n.d.]

Sinnock, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/560-61  [n.d.]

Chauvel, James Shannon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/562  [n.d.]

Mitchell, Alfred  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/563  [n.d.]

Strickland, Jarrard Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/563-65  [n.d.]

Rowning, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/567  [n.d.]

Bruce, Alexander Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/568-69  [n.d.]

Hiatt, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/570  [n.d.]

Gray, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/571-72  [n.d.]

Arrow, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/573  [n.d.]

Bourne, Richard Burrowes  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/574-75  [n.d.]

Beaumont, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/576-79  [n.d.]

Lindsay, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/580  [n.d.]

Baker, Godfrey Phipps  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/581  [n.d.]

Clarke, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/582-83  [n.d.]

Gunn, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/584  [n.d.]

Anderson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/585-86  [n.d.]

Adams, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/587  [n.d.]

Eveline, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/588  [n.d.]

Roebuck, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/589  [n.d.]

Guille, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/590  [n.d.]

Warburton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/591-92  [n.d.]

Turner, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/593  [n.d.]

Kettle, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/594  [n.d.]

Matthew, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/595-96  [n.d.]

Bird, Luke  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/597  [n.d.]

Dunlop, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/598  [n.d.]

Skene, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/599  [n.d.]

Coane, Montgomery  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/600-01  [n.d.]

Kirkaldy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/602-03  [n.d.]

Matthew, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/604  [n.d.]

Stacy, Henry Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/605  [n.d.]

Baker, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/606  [n.d.]

Vaughan, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/607-08  [n.d.]

Gordon, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/609-10  [n.d.]

Rudyerd, Henry Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/611-12  [n.d.]

Levermore, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/613-14  [n.d.]

Gilchrist, George Lawder  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/615  [n.d.]

Grut, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/616  [n.d.]

Keith, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/617-18  [n.d.]

Cox, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/619  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles Wallace  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/620-21  [n.d.]

Walker, Forster  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/622  [n.d.]

Thomson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/623  [n.d.]

Kennedy, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/624  [n.d.]

Gibson, John Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/625  [n.d.]

Turner, Thomas Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/626-27  [n.d.]

Crozier, John Dempster  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/628-29  [n.d.]

Boileau, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/630  [n.d.]

Sneider, Thomas Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/631-32  [n.d.]

Carter, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/633-35  [n.d.]

Ardagh, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/636-38  [n.d.]

Hall, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/639  [n.d.]

Proctor, Robert Beauchamp  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/640-41  [n.d.]

Randall, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/642-43  [n.d.]

Blake, Cornelius  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/644-46  [n.d.]

Dickson, Richard Lothian  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/647-48  [n.d.]

Gordon, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/649-50  [n.d.]

Perkins, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/651  [n.d.]

Martin, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/652  [n.d.]

Thomas, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/653  [n.d.]

James, Charles Butler  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/654  [n.d.]

Morin, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/655  [n.d.]

Villeneufve, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/656  [n.d.]

Lane, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/657  [n.d.]

Brown, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/658-59  [n.d.]

Russell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/660  [n.d.]

Palmer, Thomas James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/661-62  [n.d.]

Manesty, Samuel Gascoyne  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/663-64  [n.d.]

Pedler, Philip Warren  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/665  [n.d.]

Hanson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/666-67  [n.d.]

Murchison, Ludvick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/668  [n.d.]

Wollett, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/669-70  [n.d.]

Thomas, Mills  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/671  [n.d.]

Anderson, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/672  [n.d.]

Robertson, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/673  [n.d.]

Grant, Ludovick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/674-75  [n.d.]

Sealy, William Hinton  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/676-77  [n.d.]

Ashness, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/678  [n.d.]

Tydd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/679-80  [n.d.]

Fraser, Simon  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/681  [n.d.]

Smith, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/682-83  [n.d.]

Newcomen, Thomas Eustace  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/684-85  [n.d.]

Engleheart, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/686-87  [n.d.]

Briggs, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/688-89  [n.d.]

Blyth, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/690-91  [n.d.]

Sweet, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/692  [n.d.]

Blott, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/693  [n.d.]

Challen, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/694-95  [n.d.]

Meredith, John Isaiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/696-97  [n.d.]

Lyall, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/698-99  [n.d.]

Ambrose, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/700  [n.d.]

Studley, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/701-03  [n.d.]

Jefferis, Rowland  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/704-06  [n.d.]

Ross, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/707  [n.d.]

Gage, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/708  [n.d.]

Young, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/709  [n.d.]

Kirchhoffer, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/710  [n.d.]

Baber, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/711-12  [n.d.]

Barlow, Andrew Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/713  [n.d.]

Soilleux, John Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/714-15  [n.d.]

Wollocombe, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/716-17  [n.d.]

Jackson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/111/718  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/112  1802-1803

Meyrick, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/1  [n.d.]

Payne, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/2-3  [n.d.]

Roberts, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/4-5  [n.d.]

Rodber, John Pole  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/6-8  [n.d.]

Craigie, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/9-10  [n.d.]

Gerrard, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/11-13  [n.d.]

Roberts, Browne  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/14-18  [n.d.]

Ormsby, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/19  [n.d.]

Leonard, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/20-21  [n.d.]

Ferris, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/22-23  [n.d.]

McDowell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/24-26  [n.d.]

Powney, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/27-28  [n.d.]

Atkinson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/29-30  [n.d.]

Whish, William Samson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/31-32  [n.d.]

Hargrave, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/33  [n.d.]

Tollemache, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/34  [n.d.]

Webb, Nathaniel Spencer  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/35  [n.d.]

Williamson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/36-37  [n.d.]

Shadwell, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/38  [n.d.]

Dent, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/39-40  [n.d.]

Glover, Henry Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/41  [n.d.]

Gramshaw, Robert Michael Oginski  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/42-43  [n.d.]

Harris, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/44-45  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Kenneth  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/46  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, Beauchamp  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/47-48  [n.d.]

Shaw, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/49-50  [n.d.]

Munro, Edward Stacey  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/51  [n.d.]

Lyons, Theodore  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/52  [n.d.]

Pryce, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/53-54  [n.d.]

Hamilton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/55-57, 374  [n.d.]

Wood, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/58-59  [n.d.]

Guinand, Robert Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/60  [n.d.]

Kennedy, Charles Pratt  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/61-62  [n.d.]

Dick, Alexander Ballantyne  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/63  [n.d.]

Page, Gregory  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/64-65  [n.d.]

Russell, Robert Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/66  [n.d.]

Clitherow, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/67-68  [n.d.]

Black, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/69  [n.d.]

Gregory, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/70  [n.d.]

Arnold, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/71-72  [n.d.]

Salmon, William Broome  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/73-74  [n.d.]

Cock, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/75-76  [n.d.]

Carew, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/77-78  [n.d.]

Harriott, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/79-80  [n.d.]

Purvis, George Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/81  [n.d.]

Campbell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/82  [n.d.]

Cole, John Shenton  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/83-84  [n.d.]

Carberry, William Coleman  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/85  [n.d.]

Clark, Walter Galloway  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/86-87  [n.d.]

Green, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/88  [n.d.]

Darby, Charles Barrett  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/89-90  [n.d.]

Yates, Walter Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/91  [n.d.]

Nicholson, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/92-93  [n.d.]

Shawe, George Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/94-95  [n.d.]

Gorton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/96-97  [n.d.]

Salvin, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/98-100  [n.d.]

Fenoulhet, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/101-02  [n.d.]

Bowyer, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/103  [n.d.]

Bowler, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/104  [n.d.]

Norton, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/105  [n.d.]

Brooke, Richard John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/106-07  [n.d.]

Lorimer, Batman John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/108  [n.d.]

Bower, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/109  [n.d.]

Whitehead, Frederick Molloy  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/110-12  [n.d.]

Purvis, John Leman  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/113  [n.d.]

Kelson, William Mortimer  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/114  [n.d.]

Lynn, Charles Seymour  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/115-16  [n.d.]

Stewart, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/117  [n.d.]

Wright, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/118-19  [n.d.]

Harvey, Henry Cory  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/120  [n.d.]

Cox, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/121  [n.d.]

Black, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/122-23  [n.d.]

Pearson, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/124  [n.d.]

Allen, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/125-26  [n.d.]

Cunningham, William Percy  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/127  [n.d.]

Bowes, William Johnson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/128-29  [n.d.]

Saunders, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/130-31  [n.d.]

Benny, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/132-33  [n.d.]

Taylor, Henry Scott  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/134  [n.d.]

Lynch, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/135-36  [n.d.]

Shaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/137  [n.d.]

Shaw, John Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/138  [n.d.]

Campbell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/139-40  [n.d.]

Goodbehere, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/141  [n.d.]

White, Bernard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/142-43  [n.d.]

Davies, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/144  [n.d.]

Page, George Cracklow  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/145  [n.d.]

Fitzpatrick, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/146-47  [n.d.]

Lloyd, Charles Heath  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/148  [n.d.]

Shirley, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/149  [n.d.]

Yates, Charles Watson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/150  [n.d.]

Hughes, Valentine  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/151-52  [n.d.]

Varty, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/153-54  [n.d.]

Molesworth, Richard Pigot  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/155  [n.d.]

Locke, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/156-57  [n.d.]

Hodgson, Samuel Irton  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/158-59  [n.d.]

Beddo, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/160  [n.d.]

Pattullo, Archibald Erskine  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/161  [n.d.]

Moncrieff, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/162-63  [n.d.]

Gooch, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/164  [n.d.]

Knight, Augustus Pitt  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/165  [n.d.]

Langton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/166-67  [n.d.]

Byerley, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/168  [n.d.]

Anderson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/169-70  [n.d.]

Barclay, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/173  [n.d.]

Blackwood, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/174-76  [n.d.]

Rattray, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/177  [n.d.]

Elam, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/178  [n.d.]

Martin, Henry York  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/179-80  [n.d.]

Townsend, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/181  [n.d.]

Edgington, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/182  [n.d.]

Walpole, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/183  [n.d.]

Stewart, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/184, 296  [n.d.]

Hassard, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/185  [n.d.]

Scott, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/186  [n.d.]

Moor, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/187-88  [n.d.]

Ogilvie, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/189  [n.d.]

Kennedy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/190  [n.d.]

Ewing, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/191-92  [n.d.]

Saunders, William Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/193  [n.d.]

Saunders, Francis David  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/194-95  [n.d.]

Rolleston, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/196  [n.d.]

Hill, West Tertius  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/197-98  [n.d.]

Browne, Americus James Otis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/199-200  [n.d.]

Kempster, George Forth  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/201  [n.d.]

McLean, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/202  [n.d.]

Crewe, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/203  [n.d.]

Cooper, Henry Massey  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/204  [n.d.]

Richardson, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/205-06  [n.d.]

Guinand, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/207  [n.d.]

Tabois, Richards John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/208-09  [n.d.]

Collyer, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/210-11  [n.d.]

Aylmer, James Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/212  [n.d.]

Kelty, John Macro  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/213  [n.d.]

Barbauld, Arthur Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/214-15  [n.d.]

Graham, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/216-17  [n.d.]

Sweedland, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/218  [n.d.]

Hamilton, David Dundas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/219-21  [n.d.]

Fagan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/222-23  [n.d.]

Knott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/224-25  [n.d.]

Pereira, Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/226  [n.d.]

Conway, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/227-28  [n.d.]

Waugh, Patrick Young  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/229  [n.d.]

Campbell, Charles Hay  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/230  [n.d.]

Black, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/231  [n.d.]

Forward, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/232  [n.d.]

Oliver, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/233-34  [n.d.]

Ross, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/235  [n.d.]

Swann, John Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/236  [n.d.]

Douglas, Alexander Sholto  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/237  [n.d.]

Johnston, Alexander Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/238-39  [n.d.]

Broadley, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/240-41  [n.d.]

Watson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/242-43  [n.d.]

Maxwell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/243  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/243  [n.d.]

MacQueen, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/244-46  [n.d.]

Cope, Henry Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/247  [n.d.]

Chambers, William Rodney  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/248-49  [n.d.]

D'Avenant, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/250  [n.d.]

Wallington, Charles Arthur Granado  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/251  [n.d.]

St Clare, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/252-54  [n.d.]

Parker, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/255-56  [n.d.]

Lowther, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/257-58  [n.d.]

McLeod, Allan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/259-60  [n.d.]

Grant, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/261  [n.d.]

Dawson, Thomas Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/262-63  [n.d.]

MacDonell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/264-65  [n.d.]

Peard, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/266-67  [n.d.]

Duncan, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/268  [n.d.]

Glover, Charles Halcott  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/269  [n.d.]

Russell, John Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/270  [n.d.]

De Carteret, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/271  [n.d.]

McFarlane, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/272  [n.d.]

Bertier, Elisha  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/273  [n.d.]

Berrington, Rowland  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/274  [n.d.]

Braun, George Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/275-76  [n.d.]

Montgomerie, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/277  [n.d.]

Bishop, Charles Moorhouse  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/278  [n.d.]

Chatfield, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/279  [n.d.]

Finch, Charles Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/280-81  [n.d.]

Marrett, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/282  [n.d.]

Forbes, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/283  [n.d.]

Raymond, Charles Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/284-85  [n.d.]

Chillingworth, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/286-87  [n.d.]

Duncan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/288  [n.d.]

Massey, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/289-90  [n.d.]

Home, William James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/291  [n.d.]

Fielder, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/292-93  [n.d.]

Jobson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/294  [n.d.]

Fraser, Pringle  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/295  [n.d.]

Smyth, Edwin Robinson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/297  [n.d.]

Fraser, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/298  [n.d.]

Waterhouse, Robert Jephson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/299-300  [n.d.]

Broadbent, Thomas Wheeler  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/301-02  [n.d.]

Godley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/303  [n.d.]

Browne, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/304  [n.d.]

Jennings, William Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/305-07  [n.d.]

Taylor, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/308  [n.d.]

Taylor, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/309-10  [n.d.]

Batine, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/311  [n.d.]

Perceval, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/312  [n.d.]

Hay, Patrick Martin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/313  [n.d.]

Lindsay, Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/314  [n.d.]

Williams, John Stratford  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/315  [n.d.]

Jenkins, Richard Boycott  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/316  [n.d.]

Leach, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/317  [n.d.]

L'Oste, Frederic Alphonsus  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/318  [n.d.]

Bonner, John George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/319-20  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles Corner  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/321-22  [n.d.]

Reid, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/323  [n.d.]

Roberts, Allen  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/324  [n.d.]

Baillie, William David  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/325  [n.d.]

Miller, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/326-27  [n.d.]

Grant, Bartholomew  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/328-29  [n.d.]

Driffield, Edward James Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/330-33  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/334  [n.d.]

Proctor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/335  [n.d.]

Ker, Hugh Inglis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/336-37  [n.d.]

Grindlay, Robert Melville  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/338-39  [n.d.]

Capon, Robert John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/340  [n.d.]

Inglis, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/341  [n.d.]

Watson, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/342-43  [n.d.]

Youngson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/344  [n.d.]

Spiers, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/345-46  [n.d.]

Cupples, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/347  [n.d.]

Guinness, John Grattan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/348  [n.d.]

Burman, Francis Leather  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/349  [n.d.]

Wiltshire, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/350  [n.d.]

Paske, Thomas Theophilus  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/351-52  [n.d.]

Donne, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/353  [n.d.]

Davenport, Edward Ormis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/354  [n.d.]

Leggatt, Garard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/355  [n.d.]

Scoones, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/356  [n.d.]

Heming, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/357-58  [n.d.]

Fleming, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/359  [n.d.]

Cocksedge, James Coppin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/360  [n.d.]

Wight, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/361  [n.d.]

Frith, Warren Hastings Leslie  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/362  [n.d.]

Dunn, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/363-65  [n.d.]

Smith, Daniel Cromindin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/366  [n.d.]

Macdonald, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/367  [n.d.]

Payne, William Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/368-69  [n.d.]

Cory, Richard Wymond  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/370  [n.d.]

Cameron, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/371  [n.d.]

Leith, Ernest Hepburn  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/372  [n.d.]

Cookson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/373  [n.d.]

Swaffield, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/375-76  [n.d.]

Campbell, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/377  [n.d.]

McQuhae, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/378  [n.d.]

Chance, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/379-82  [n.d.]

Thew, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/383  [n.d.]

Hay, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/384  [n.d.]

Baker, William Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/385-86  [n.d.]

Forbes, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/387  [n.d.]

Hales, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/388  [n.d.]

Erskine, Gretnah William Tell  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/390-91  [n.d.]

Erskine, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/392-93  [n.d.]

Myers, William Sibthorp  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/394  [n.d.]

Boggs, James Major  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/395  [n.d.]

Edmonds, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/396-97  [n.d.]

Vincent, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/398  [n.d.]

Delamain, Thomas Lawrence Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/399-400  [n.d.]

Munro, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/401-02  [n.d.]

Forrester, John Napier  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/403  [n.d.]

Curtis, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/404-05  [n.d.]

Bruce, James Robertson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/406  [n.d.]

Kemble, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/407-08  [n.d.]

Jones, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/409  [n.d.]

Forbes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/410  [n.d.]

Reid, James Forbes  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/411-12  [n.d.]

Pottinger, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/413  [n.d.]

Collins, Elias  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/414-15  [n.d.]

Pollock, William James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/416  [n.d.]

Palmer, John Lawley Fish  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/418-19  [n.d.]

Hyde, James Chicheley  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/420-21  [n.d.]

Rashleigh, Charles Watson  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/422  [n.d.]

Bell, Charles Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/424  [n.d.]

Cobbe, Thomas Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/425  [n.d.]

Vevers, Charles Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/426-28  [n.d.]

Gowan, George Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/429  [n.d.]

Craig, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/430  [n.d.]

Winship, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/431-32  [n.d.]

Boyn, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/433-34  [n.d.]

Smith, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/435-37  [n.d.]

Turton, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/438-39  [n.d.]

Walcott, William George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/440-41  [n.d.]

Graham, Allan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/442-43  [n.d.]

Dunmore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/444  [n.d.]

Pyne, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/445-46  [n.d.]

Utterson, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/447  [n.d.]

Grehan, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/448  [n.d.]

Marshall, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/449-50  [n.d.]

Laurens, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/451  [n.d.]

Best, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/452  [n.d.]

Waddell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/453  [n.d.]

Gillkrist, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/454-55  [n.d.]

Scott, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/456-57  [n.d.]

MacGregor, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/458  [n.d.]

Perceval, King  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/459  [n.d.]

Byam, Martin William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/460-61  [n.d.]

Abdy, James Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/462-64  [n.d.]

Blair, Gilbert James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/465  [n.d.]

Farquharson, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/466  [n.d.]

Isacke, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/467-68  [n.d.]

Webber, Mark Carter  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/469-70  [n.d.]

Pickering, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/471  [n.d.]

Bruce, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/472  [n.d.]

Chadwick, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/473  [n.d.]

Miller, Henry Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/474  [n.d.]

Cutcliffe, Theodore Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/475-76  [n.d.]

Wynne, Julius  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/477  [n.d.]

Rolleston, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/478  [n.d.]

Saverland, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/479  [n.d.]

Morton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/480-82  [n.d.]

Debrett, John Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/483-84  [n.d.]

Rigaud, Charles John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/485-86  [n.d.]

Maunsell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/487-88  [n.d.]

Richardson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/489-90  [n.d.]

Blake, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/491-94  [n.d.]

Carew, Henry Holdsworth  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/495-96  [n.d.]

Herbert, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/497-98  [n.d.]

Willock, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/499  [n.d.]

Prendergast, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/500-01  [n.d.]

Savery, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/502  [n.d.]

Birt, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/503-04  [n.d.]

Harrison, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/505  [n.d.]

Jenkins, Charles Edward Orlando  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/506-07  [n.d.]

Robertson, Francis William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/508  [n.d.]

Davis, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/509-10  [n.d.]

Fulton, Robert Bell  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/511  [n.d.]

Hay, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/512  [n.d.]

Brodhurst, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/513-15  [n.d.]

Hewey, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/516-17  [n.d.]

Curphey, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/518-19  [n.d.]

Pryce, Elias Bird  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/520-21  [n.d.]

Bellew, Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/522  [n.d.]

Thackeray, St John  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/523-24  [n.d.]

Playfair, Hugh Lyon  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/525  [n.d.]

Ketchen, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/112/526  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/113  1803-1804

Parlby, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/1  [n.d.]

Carne, John Camin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/2-3  [n.d.]

Smith, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/4-5  [n.d.]

Bridgeman, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/6  [n.d.]

Garling, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/7-8  [n.d.]

Wilson, William Feuilleteau  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/9  [n.d.]

Sykes, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/10  [n.d.]

Blount, Harry Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/11-12  [n.d.]

Travers, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/13-14  [n.d.]

Dixon, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/15  [n.d.]

Morris, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/16, 686-87  [n.d.]

Tulloch, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/17  [n.d.]

Warde, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/18  [n.d.]

Burnett, Thomas Dickason  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/19  [n.d.]

Douglas, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/20-21  [n.d.]

Bell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/22  [n.d.]

Bonsey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/23  [n.d.]

Soppitt, Mathew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/24-25  [n.d.]

Jackson, Thomas Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/26-27  [n.d.]

White, Henry Campbell  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/28-29  [n.d.]

Bamford, John Simpson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/30  [n.d.]

French, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/31  [n.d.]

Graham, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/32  [n.d.]

Babington, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/33-34  [n.d.]

Macdonald, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/35  [n.d.]

Massie, Frederick Lloyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/36  [n.d.]

Biss, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/37  [n.d.]

Swinton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/38-39  [n.d.]

Loder, Joseph William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/40  [n.d.]

Cooch, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/41  [n.d.]

Rich, Claudius James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/42  [n.d.]

Bagnold, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/43-46  [n.d.]

Hawes, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/47-48  [n.d.]

Dawson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/49-50  [n.d.]

Layburn, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/51  [n.d.]

Ommaney, Cornthwaite  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/52  [n.d.]

Pottinger, Eldred Curwen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/53-54  [n.d.]

Goble, Francis Methold  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/55  [n.d.]

McHarg, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/56  [n.d.]

Say, John Alford  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/57-58  [n.d.]

Harrison, Richardson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/59-60  [n.d.]

Newcome, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/61  [n.d.]

Stewart, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/62  [n.d.]

Reed, Stewart  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/63  [n.d.]

O'Connor, Walter George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/64  [n.d.]

Wallace, Edmond  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/65  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/66-67  [n.d.]

Tegart, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/68-69  [n.d.]

Crowther, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/70  [n.d.]

Alley, George Holroyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/71-72  [n.d.]

Bolton, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/73-74  [n.d.]

Chavasse, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/75  [n.d.]

Lawson, Spottiswoode  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/76-77  [n.d.]

Cooke, Henry Herbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/78-79  [n.d.]

Ambrose, Beresford  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/80  [n.d.]

Story, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/81-82  [n.d.]

Pew, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/83  [n.d.]

Ellis, William Fane  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/84-85  [n.d.]

Purvis, Richard Fortescue  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/86-87  [n.d.]

Barr, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/88-89  [n.d.]

Hall, Edward Durham  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/90  [n.d.]

Remington, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/91  [n.d.]

Robins, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/92  [n.d.]

Scott-Waring, Charles Edward Hastings  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/93-94  [n.d.]

Waring, Charles Edward Hastings Scott  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/93-94  [n.d.]

Priddy, Robert Cozens  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/95  [n.d.]

Page, Henry Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/96-97  [n.d.]

Harris, Michael John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/98-99  [n.d.]

Whitehill, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/100  [n.d.]

Allsop, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/101-02  [n.d.]

Satterthwaite, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/103-08  [n.d.]

Parsons, John Whitehill  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/109  [n.d.]

Slade, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/110-11  [n.d.]

Jolly, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/112  [n.d.]

Tennent, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/113  [n.d.]

Lang, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/114  [n.d.]

Macpherson, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/115  [n.d.]

Craigie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/116  [n.d.]

Mortimer, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/117  [n.d.]

Owen, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/118-21  [n.d.]

Spankie, James Shiells  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/122  [n.d.]

McCormick, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/123  [n.d.]

Smart, Charles Kenworthy  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/124-25  [n.d.]

Eckersall, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/126  [n.d.]

Trotter, John Spottiswoode  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/127  [n.d.]

O'Donnoghue, John Jeffery  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/128  [n.d.]

Hardy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/129  [n.d.]

Hollingworth, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/130  [n.d.]

Eamer, Charles Samler  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/131-32  [n.d.]

Dundas, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/133-34  [n.d.]

Hunter, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/135-36  [n.d.]

Brett, William Thomson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/137-38  [n.d.]

Taylor, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/139-40  [n.d.]

Noble, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/141-42  [n.d.]

Buckley, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/143-44  [n.d.]

Gregory, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/145  [n.d.]

Williams, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/146  [n.d.]

Grant, Duncan James McVicar  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/147  [n.d.]

Hollis, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/148  [n.d.]

Murrall, Thomas William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/149-51  [n.d.]

Drew, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/152-53  [n.d.]

Drummond, John Gavin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/154  [n.d.]

Hudson, Watson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/155-56  [n.d.]

Gore, Ralph Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/157-58  [n.d.]

Wilson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/159  [n.d.]

Cocke, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/160-61  [n.d.]

Raban, Thomas Uvedale Stephens  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/162  [n.d.]

Lighton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/163  [n.d.]

Ryan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/164  [n.d.]

Frye, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/165-66  [n.d.]

Hardwick, Champain  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/167  [n.d.]

Hughes, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/168-69  [n.d.]

Marriott, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/170  [n.d.]

Biddulph, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/171-72  [n.d.]

Fotheringham, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/173  [n.d.]

Duff, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/174  [n.d.]

Stuart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/175-76  [n.d.]

Flemming, Richard William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/177  [n.d.]

Wilson, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/178  [n.d.]

Morrison, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/179-80  [n.d.]

Dacre, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/181  [n.d.]

Home, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/182-83  [n.d.]

Walker, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/184  [n.d.]

Murphy, Thomas Turner  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/185  [n.d.]

Goad, John Fryer  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/186-87  [n.d.]

Boyle, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/188-89  [n.d.]

Kennedy, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/190  [n.d.]

Moseley, Walter Borlase  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/191  [n.d.]

Hervey, Hervey Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/192-93  [n.d.]

Vaughan, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/194-95  [n.d.]

Manders, Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/196  [n.d.]

Elderton, Harry Kelson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/197-98  [n.d.]

Wymer, George Petre  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/199  [n.d.]

Brown, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/200  [n.d.]

Domvile, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/202  [n.d.]

Kirk, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/203-04  [n.d.]

Little, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/205  [n.d.]

Gordon, James Innes  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/206  [n.d.]

Vance, James St George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/207  [n.d.]

Smith, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/208  [n.d.]

Racster, John Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/209  [n.d.]

Bayley, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/210  [n.d.]

Bayley, Cornwall  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/211  [n.d.]

Pratt, John Backhouse  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/212  [n.d.]

Warner, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/213-14  [n.d.]

Milne, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/215  [n.d.]

Chambers, Auriol Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/216  [n.d.]

Livingstone, David Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/217  [n.d.]

Cunningham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/218  [n.d.]

Blackall, Marcus  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/219  [n.d.]

Douglas, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/220  [n.d.]

Hickes, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/221  [n.d.]

Watson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/222-23  [n.d.]

Dalgairns, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/224  [n.d.]

Jenkins, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/225  [n.d.]

Talbot, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/226  [n.d.]

Gordon, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/227-28  [n.d.]

Young, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/229  [n.d.]

Macdonald, Ronald  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/230-31  [n.d.]

Shireff, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/232  [n.d.]

Stirling, Connoly  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/233  [n.d.]

Cruikshank, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/234  [n.d.]

Stewart, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/235  [n.d.]

Walker, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/236  [n.d.]

Davies, Evan  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/237  [n.d.]

Hill, William George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/238-39  [n.d.]

Park, John Charles Bliss  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/240-41  [n.d.]

Duffin, Robert William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/242-43  [n.d.]

Fothergill, Charles Octavius  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/244-45  [n.d.]

De Waal, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/246  [n.d.]

Aubrey, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/247-48  [n.d.]

Snodgrass, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/249  [n.d.]

Snodgrass, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/250  [n.d.]

Dumas, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/251  [n.d.]

Wright, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/252  [n.d.]

Gordon, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/253-54  [n.d.]

Campbell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/255-56, 284  [n.d.]

Forbes, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/257  [n.d.]

Shawe, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/258-59  [n.d.]

Ogilvie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/260-61  [n.d.]

Pagan, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/262-63  [n.d.]

Riddell, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/264-65  [n.d.]

Sneyd, William Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/266-67  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/268  [n.d.]

Corry, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/269-70  [n.d.]

Kelso, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/271  [n.d.]

Van Swinden, Philip Simeon  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/272  [n.d.]

Langdon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/273-74  [n.d.]

Hadwen, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/275  [n.d.]

Clubley, James Keating  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/276  [n.d.]

Robertson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/277  [n.d.]

Campbell, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/278-79  [n.d.]

Bernard, William Owen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/280-81  [n.d.]

Pew, Peter Laurie  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/282-83  [n.d.]

Montgomery, John Allen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/285-86  [n.d.]

Bettesworth, William Henry Robin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/287-88  [n.d.]

Gataker, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/289  [n.d.]

Moody, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/290-91  [n.d.]

Irwin, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/292-93  [n.d.]

Gleeson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/294  [n.d.]

Parsons, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/295-96  [n.d.]

Crooke, Samuel Cantwell  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/297  [n.d.]

Hutchinson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/298  [n.d.]

Condell, Joseph Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/299  [n.d.]

Stuart, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/300  [n.d.]

Smith, Clement Fitzwater  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/301  [n.d.]

Agnew, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/302  [n.d.]

Williamson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/303, 324  [n.d.]

Horne, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/304  [n.d.]

Smith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/305  [n.d.]

Wilson, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/306  [n.d.]

Norman, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/307  [n.d.]

Hoyes, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/308  [n.d.]

Asher, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/309  [n.d.]

Inglis, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/310  [n.d.]

Carleton, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/311  [n.d.]

Vetch, George Anderson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/312  [n.d.]

Roberdeau, James William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/313  [n.d.]

Baker, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/314-15  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Roderick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/316-17  [n.d.]

Wilson, Robert Scott  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/318  [n.d.]

Monteath, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/319  [n.d.]

Craigie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/320  [n.d.]

Bradshaw, William Rigby  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/321  [n.d.]

Baumgardt, Francis Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/322  [n.d.]

Warde, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/323  [n.d.]

Bowe, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/325-26  [n.d.]

Polhill, Thomas William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/327  [n.d.]

Kyd, John Bevis  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/328  [n.d.]

Davies, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/329-30  [n.d.]

Denby, William Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/331-32  [n.d.]

Mallet, John Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/333-34  [n.d.]

Holland, George Freer  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/335-37  [n.d.]

Moore, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/338-39  [n.d.]

Hall, Matthew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/340  [n.d.]

Wardlaw, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/341  [n.d.]

Campbell, Ivie  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/342  [n.d.]

Reed, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/343-45  [n.d.]

Crossley, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/346  [n.d.]

Carleton, Henry Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/347  [n.d.]

Jones, Theophilus Bolton  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/348-49  [n.d.]

Ross, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/350  [n.d.]

Boys, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/351  [n.d.]

Grinstead, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/352  [n.d.]

White, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/353-54  [n.d.]

Noble, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/355  [n.d.]

Donaldson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/356  [n.d.]

Crocket, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/357  [n.d.]

Kerns, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/358  [n.d.]

Barwell, Osborn  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/359-60  [n.d.]

Marshall, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/361-62  [n.d.]

Dickinson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/363  [n.d.]

Heptinstall, Douglas Hughes  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/364-66  [n.d.]

Baker, Henry Minson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/367  [n.d.]

Lawtie, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/368-69  [n.d.]

Irvine, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/370  [n.d.]

Inverariry, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/371-72  [n.d.]

Swyer, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/373  [n.d.]

Delap, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/374  [n.d.]

Logan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/375  [n.d.]

Graves, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/376-77  [n.d.]

Monk, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/378  [n.d.]

McLeod, Alexander Francis Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/379-80  [n.d.]

Hammond, Thomas John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/381-82  [n.d.]

Sutherland, Eric  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/383  [n.d.]

Castieau, John Buckley  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/384-85  [n.d.]

McConochie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/386  [n.d.]

Crichton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/387  [n.d.]

Cheape, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/388  [n.d.]

Gwynne, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/389  [n.d.]

Ogilvy, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/390  [n.d.]

Thompson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/391  [n.d.]

Shordiche, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/392-93  [n.d.]

Cox, Henry Chambers Murray  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/394  [n.d.]

Greentree, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/395  [n.d.]

Butler, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/396  [n.d.]

McCraken, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/397  [n.d.]

Anderson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/398  [n.d.]

Gray, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/399-400  [n.d.]

Dowden, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/401  [n.d.]

Walker, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/402  [n.d.]

Moseley, George Wayland  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/403-04  [n.d.]

Carncross, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/405  [n.d.]

Plunkett, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/406  [n.d.]

Speck, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/407  [n.d.]

Moore, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/408  [n.d.]

Hayes, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/409  [n.d.]

Muriel, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/410  [n.d.]

Hoby, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/411-12  [n.d.]

Carr, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/413  [n.d.]

Calvert, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/414  [n.d.]

Flyn, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/415  [n.d.]

Sibbald, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/416  [n.d.]

Flyn, Edmond  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/417  [n.d.]

Murray, Andrew Lumsden  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/418-19  [n.d.]

Mitchell, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/420-21  [n.d.]

Maddock, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/422-23  [n.d.]

Howell, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/424  [n.d.]

Everest, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/425-27  [n.d.]

Macdonald, Donald Keith  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/428  [n.d.]

Casement, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/429  [n.d.]

Faris, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/430-31  [n.d.]

Mathieson, Patrick Grant  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/432  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry Tipper  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/433  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Kenneth  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/434  [n.d.]

McDonagh, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/435  [n.d.]

Sanford, John Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/436  [n.d.]

Edsall, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/437-38  [n.d.]

Unthoff, Gerard  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/439-40  [n.d.]

Jamison, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/441  [n.d.]

Hoofstetter, John Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/442-43  [n.d.]

Murray, Eneas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/444  [n.d.]

Conroy, Llewellyn  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/445  [n.d.]

Gregg, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/446  [n.d.]

Campbell, Cornwallis  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/447-48  [n.d.]

Innes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/449-50  [n.d.]

Pickersgill, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/451  [n.d.]

Olpherts, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/452  [n.d.]

Newmarch, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/453  [n.d.]

Thackeray, St John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/454  [n.d.]

Thackeray, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/455  [n.d.]

Cooke, William Percy  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/456-57  [n.d.]

Hutchinson, Thomas Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/458  [n.d.]

Hawthorne, Steele  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/459-60  [n.d.]

Rich, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/461-62  [n.d.]

Ranken, John Grant  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/463-64  [n.d.]

Jackson, James Nesbitt  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/465  [n.d.]

Steuart, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/466-67  [n.d.]

Pratt, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/468  [n.d.]

Lechmere, Edwin Sandys  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/469  [n.d.]

Godby, Edward John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/470-71  [n.d.]

Hornby, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/472-73  [n.d.]

Green, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/474  [n.d.]

McLeod, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/475  [n.d.]

Kempland, George Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/476-77  [n.d.]

O'Brien, Henry Jeremiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/478-79  [n.d.]

Maxwell, Hamilton  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/480  [n.d.]

Lofft, Robert Emlyn  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/481  [n.d.]

Baldwin, Thomas James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/482-83  [n.d.]

Anquetil, Thomas John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/484  [n.d.]

McKerrell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/485  [n.d.]

Roberts, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/486  [n.d.]

O'Donel, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/487-88  [n.d.]

Veitch, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/489  [n.d.]

Spellissy, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/490  [n.d.]

Watts, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/491-92  [n.d.]

Robertson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/493-94  [n.d.]

Newton, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/495  [n.d.]

Wilkins, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/496  [n.d.]

Rigby, George Andrews  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/497  [n.d.]

Long, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/498-99  [n.d.]

Spiller, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/500  [n.d.]

Jervis, Evan  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/501  [n.d.]

Bolton, George Leak  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/502  [n.d.]

Reid, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/503  [n.d.]

Hawkes, John Clifton  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/504-05  [n.d.]

Simson, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/506  [n.d.]

Hake, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/507-08  [n.d.]

Wells, Samuel William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/509  [n.d.]

Lloyd, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/510  [n.d.]

Gibbs, Robert Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/511-12  [n.d.]

Scott, Thomas Lisle  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/513-14  [n.d.]

Lugar, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/515  [n.d.]

Napier, John Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/516-17  [n.d.]

Wilson, George James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/518  [n.d.]

Hawkins, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/519  [n.d.]

White, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/520  [n.d.]

Leadbeater, John Dick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/521  [n.d.]

Temple, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/522-24  [n.d.]

Ward, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/525  [n.d.]

Hurst, William Estridge  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/526  [n.d.]

Gillum, Robert William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/527  [n.d.]

Arden, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/528-29  [n.d.]

Ivatts, Thomas Taylor  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/530-31  [n.d.]

Grafton, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/532  [n.d.]

Mactavish, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/533  [n.d.]

Tramplett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/534  [n.d.]

Shepherd, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/535  [n.d.]

Hancock, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/536-37  [n.d.]

Woodcock, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/538  [n.d.]

Havard, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/539  [n.d.]

Dunsterville, James Henderson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/540-41  [n.d.]

Harrison, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/542-43  [n.d.]

Le Maistre, Charles Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/544-45  [n.d.]

Place, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/546-47  [n.d.]

Lane, Pynsent  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/548  [n.d.]

Crozier, Francis Page  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/549  [n.d.]

Boulderson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/550  [n.d.]

Donaldson, James Innes  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/551  [n.d.]

Tucker, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/552  [n.d.]

Dumaresq, William Cook  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/553  [n.d.]

Renton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/554  [n.d.]

Parker, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/555-56  [n.d.]

Cheyne, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/557  [n.d.]

Bull, Simeon Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/558  [n.d.]

Marriott, Basil  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/559  [n.d.]

Gould, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/560-62  [n.d.]

Skirrow, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/563  [n.d.]

Jones, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/564-65  [n.d.]

Illingworth, William Cayley  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/566  [n.d.]

Corker, Henry Booth  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/567-68  [n.d.]

Innerarity, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/569  [n.d.]

Carthew, Alfred  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/570  [n.d.]

Baillie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/571  [n.d.]

Davies, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/572  [n.d.]

Crewe, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/573  [n.d.]

Dangerfield, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/574-75  [n.d.]

Hallifax, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/576  [n.d.]

Key, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/577  [n.d.]

Marsack, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/578-79  [n.d.]

Wood, Edward Munday  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/580  [n.d.]

Barwell, Henry Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/581-82  [n.d.]

Rose, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/583  [n.d.]

Towsey, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/584  [n.d.]

Carr, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/585-86  [n.d.]

Rutherford, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/587  [n.d.]

Stewart, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/588-89  [n.d.]

Latham, Francis John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/590, 663  [n.d.]

Gell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/591  [n.d.]

Place, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/592-93  [n.d.]

Stacy, Lewis Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/594  [n.d.]

Eckford, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/595  [n.d.]

Bailie, William Annesly  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/596-97  [n.d.]

Tanner, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/598-99  [n.d.]

Cockeram, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/600  [n.d.]

Graham, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/601-03  [n.d.]

Keith, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/604  [n.d.]

Grace, John Bethune  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/605-06  [n.d.]

Kerr, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/607  [n.d.]

Johnston, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/608  [n.d.]

Heude, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/609  [n.d.]

Stamper, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/610  [n.d.]

Nash, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/611-12  [n.d.]

Livingston, John Liddell  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/613-14  [n.d.]

Ogilby, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/615-16  [n.d.]

Eckford, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/617  [n.d.]

Innes, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/618  [n.d.]

Manson, Alexander Baillie  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/619  [n.d.]

Barclay, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/620-21  [n.d.]

Burn, Andrew William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/622  [n.d.]

Nickson, John Hely Hutchinson  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/623-24  [n.d.]

Walker, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/625  [n.d.]

Dent, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/626-27  [n.d.]

Smith, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/628-29  [n.d.]

Payne, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/630  [n.d.]

Roome, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/631-32  [n.d.]

Gerrans, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/633  [n.d.]

Eglonton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/634-35  [n.d.]

Graham, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/636  [n.d.]

Laurie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/637  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/638-39  [n.d.]

Browne, Anthony Wagan  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/640  [n.d.]

Remon, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/641-42  [n.d.]

Husband, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/643  [n.d.]

Parr, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/644-45  [n.d.]

Pattinson, Thomas George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/646  [n.d.]

Buckley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/647  [n.d.]

Poggenpohl, Paul  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/648-49  [n.d.]

Sherriff, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/650  [n.d.]

Fergusson, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/651-52  [n.d.]

Barber, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/653-54  [n.d.]

Brown, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/655  [n.d.]

Ker, John Baker  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/656-57  [n.d.]

Brough, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/658  [n.d.]

Stewart, Thomas Skipton  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/659-60  [n.d.]

Moore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/661  [n.d.]

Waddington, Thomas Douglas William  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/662  [n.d.]

Harris, John Sharland  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/664-65  [n.d.]

Gordon, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/666  [n.d.]

Jameson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/667  [n.d.]

Hurle, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/668  [n.d.]

Carnac, Henry Thomas Rivett  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/669-70  [n.d.]

Rivett, Henry Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/669-70  [n.d.]

Jefferson, Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/671  [n.d.]

Michie, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/672-73  [n.d.]

Webster, John Ernestus  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/674  [n.d.]

Vigne, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/675-78  [n.d.]

Kirk, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/679  [n.d.]

Fraser, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/680-81  [n.d.]

Bunyon, Edward Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/682  [n.d.]

George, John Villers  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/683-84  [n.d.]

Melville, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/685  [n.d.]

Cooke, William Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/688-90  [n.d.]

Reid, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/691-92  [n.d.]

McIntire, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/693  [n.d.]

Hare, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/694  [n.d.]

Christie, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/695-97  [n.d.]

Fell, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/698-99  [n.d.]

Wishart, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/700  [n.d.]

Adams, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/701  [n.d.]

Renton, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/702  [n.d.]

Lindo, Aaron  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/703  [n.d.]

Hogg, Metcalfe Stanwick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/704-05  [n.d.]

Perret, Henry Vincent Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/706  [n.d.]

Walker, Thomas Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/707-08  [n.d.]

Canning, John Smith  IOR/L/MIL/9/113/709-10  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/114  1804-1805

Newell, Thomas George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/1-2  [n.d.]

Stewart, Cosmos Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/3  [n.d.]

Seymour, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/4  [n.d.]

Price, Rice  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/5  [n.d.]

Newman, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/6  [n.d.]

Trueman, Zachary Turner  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/7  [n.d.]

Dowie, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/8  [n.d.]

Fullarton, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/9  [n.d.]

Robinson, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/10  [n.d.]

Simpson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/11  [n.d.]

Taylor, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/12-13  [n.d.]

James, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/14  [n.d.]

Lethbridge, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/15-16  [n.d.]

Bazley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/17-18  [n.d.]

Thwaites, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/19  [n.d.]

Gandy, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/20-21  [n.d.]

Riley, Stephen Davis  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/22-23  [n.d.]

White, William Glendower  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/24-25  [n.d.]

Reid, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/26  [n.d.]

Allan, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/27-28  [n.d.]

Jacob, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/29-30  [n.d.]

Cunningham, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/31  [n.d.]

Walkinshaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/32-33  [n.d.]

Hall, Humphrey Senhouse  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/34  [n.d.]

Sharp, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/35  [n.d.]

Home, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/36-37  [n.d.]

Castell, Richard John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/38-40  [n.d.]

Macartney, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/41-43  [n.d.]

Elderton, Charles Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/44  [n.d.]

Bradby, Edward Taylor  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/45  [n.d.]

Vyse, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/46-47  [n.d.]

Spiller, Francis John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/48-49  [n.d.]

Dickson, Robert Louis (Lowrie)  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/50  [n.d.]

Davidson, Michael Hyndman  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/51  [n.d.]

Jourdan, Henry George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/52  [n.d.]

Pirie, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/53  [n.d.]

Isacke, George Hutchinson  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/54  [n.d.]

Frith, Frederick Wollaston  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/55  [n.d.]

Paterson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/56  [n.d.]

Watkins, Hutton  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/57  [n.d.]

O'Hara, Brabazon Rawdon  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/58-59  [n.d.]

Hawkins, James Zachariah  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/60  [n.d.]

Gowan, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/61  [n.d.]

Coyle, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/62  [n.d.]

Ash, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/63  [n.d.]

Donald, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/64  [n.d.]

Baugh, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/65  [n.d.]

Ledlie, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/66  [n.d.]

Hamilton, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/67  [n.d.]

Watson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/68  [n.d.]

Methven, Cathcart  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/69  [n.d.]

Rudsdell, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/70-72  [n.d.]

Sanderson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/73  [n.d.]

Burges, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/74  [n.d.]

Fleming, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/75  [n.d.]

Hall, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/76-77  [n.d.]

Sheppard, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/78  [n.d.]

Stanley, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/79  [n.d.]

Timbrell, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/80  [n.d.]

Lumsden, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/81  [n.d.]

Wilkie, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/82  [n.d.]

Hepworth, Thomas Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/83-84  [n.d.]

Murray, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/85  [n.d.]

Terns, John St George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/86-87  [n.d.]

Ledlie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/88  [n.d.]

Trapaud, Cyrus Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/89-91  [n.d.]

Pelly, Robert Parker  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/92-93  [n.d.]

Dudgeon, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/94  [n.d.]

Moncrieff, Hastings Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/95-96  [n.d.]

Moore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/97  [n.d.]

Tweedie, Maurice  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/98  [n.d.]

Odell, John Cornwall  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/99  [n.d.]

Reynolds, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/100  [n.d.]

Boileau, John Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/101-02  [n.d.]

Peach, Henry Edmund  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/103  [n.d.]

Grant, Francis John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/104-05  [n.d.]

Paterson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/106  [n.d.]

Smyth, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/107  [n.d.]

Peter, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/108-09  [n.d.]

Agnew, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/110  [n.d.]

Young, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/111  [n.d.]

Watkins, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/112  [n.d.]

Guise, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/113  [n.d.]

Fitzgerald, William Elliot  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/114  [n.d.]

Oakes, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/115  [n.d.]

Shortt, Henry Palmer  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/116  [n.d.]

Scott, Duncan Gordon  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/117  [n.d.]

Thomas, Robert Arding  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/118  [n.d.]

Burroughs, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/119  [n.d.]

Curran, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/120  [n.d.]

Andrews, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/121-22  [n.d.]

Stopford, Edward William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/123  [n.d.]

Dun, Charles Denis  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/124  [n.d.]

Berrie, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/125  [n.d.]

Herbert, Emanuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/126  [n.d.]

Kerie, Jedediah  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/127  [n.d.]

Bannerman, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/128  [n.d.]

Bayliss, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/129  [n.d.]

Irvine, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/130  [n.d.]

Torriano, Josias  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/131  [n.d.]

Blagrave, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/132  [n.d.]

Ogilvie, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/133  [n.d.]

Walter, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/134  [n.d.]

Babington, George Kinsly  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/135  [n.d.]

Stewart, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/136  [n.d.]

Shore, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/137  [n.d.]

Gordon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/138  [n.d.]

McDermot, Owen St George Eyre  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/139  [n.d.]

Herring, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/140  [n.d.]

Bannerman, Edward John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/141  [n.d.]

Lowder, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/143  [n.d.]

Norton, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/144-45  [n.d.]

Blane, George Rodney  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/146-47  [n.d.]

Kitson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/148  [n.d.]

Parslow, Daniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/149  [n.d.]

Fulton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/150  [n.d.]

Russell, Samuel Stone  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/151-52  [n.d.]

Stirling, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/153  [n.d.]

Skardon, Charles Ramsay  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/154-55  [n.d.]

Stubbs, Orlando  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/156-57  [n.d.]

Riddell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/158  [n.d.]

Donaldson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/159  [n.d.]

Byers, John Lawson  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/160  [n.d.]

Lloyd, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/161-62  [n.d.]

Morgan, Peter Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/163  [n.d.]

Low, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/164  [n.d.]

Horsbrugh, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/165  [n.d.]

Willows, Jeffrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/166  [n.d.]

Lofft, Christopher Jebb  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/167  [n.d.]

Woodcock, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/168-69  [n.d.]

Colberg, Ambrose Harvey  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/170-71  [n.d.]

Clayton, Charles Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/172  [n.d.]

Moncrieff, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/173  [n.d.]

Crichton, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/174-75  [n.d.]

Kinsey, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/176-77  [n.d.]

Button, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/178-79  [n.d.]

Tideman, John Arnold  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/180  [n.d.]

Cooke, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/181-82  [n.d.]

Savage, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/183-85  [n.d.]

Stewart, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/187-88  [n.d.]

Gwatkin, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/189  [n.d.]

Ross, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/190  [n.d.]

Young, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/191  [n.d.]

Gowland, Thomas Beach Jarrett  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/192-93  [n.d.]

Hawkes, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/194-95  [n.d.]

Bennett, Henry Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/196-97  [n.d.]

Tulloch, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/198  [n.d.]

Wahab, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/199  [n.d.]

Munro, Charles Adolphus  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/200  [n.d.]

Alves, Charles George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/201  [n.d.]

Bruce, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/202-03  [n.d.]

Barnard, Reading John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/204  [n.d.]

Young, Gavin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/205  [n.d.]

Farquharson, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/206  [n.d.]

Brown, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/207  [n.d.]

Williams, Henry Lloyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/208  [n.d.]

Hall, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/209-10  [n.d.]

Taylor, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/211-12  [n.d.]

Stubbins, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/213  [n.d.]

Page, William George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/214  [n.d.]

Norris, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/215  [n.d.]

Budd, George Hayward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/216  [n.d.]

Wilkins, Thomas John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/218-19  [n.d.]

Hancock, Edward Young  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/220-21  [n.d.]

Swanston, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/222  [n.d.]

Lloyd, George William Aylmer  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/223  [n.d.]

Beatson, William Stuart  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/224-25  [n.d.]

Glenholme, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/226-27  [n.d.]

Fraser, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/228-30  [n.d.]

Norton, Fletcher  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/231  [n.d.]

Price, Ferdinand  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/232-33  [n.d.]

Oldnall, Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/234-35  [n.d.]

Wavell, Arthur Goodall  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/236-37  [n.d.]

Cruikshank, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/238  [n.d.]

Bell, Hugh Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/239-40  [n.d.]

Lecky, Alexander Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/241  [n.d.]

Gibson, John Roebuck  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/242  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/243  [n.d.]

Tocker, Hannibal  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/244-46  [n.d.]

Tocker, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/244-46  [n.d.]

Anderson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/247-48  [n.d.]

Clode, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/249  [n.d.]

Aitchison, John William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/250-51  [n.d.]

Trist, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/252  [n.d.]

Colman, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/253  [n.d.]

Dalyell, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/254-55  [n.d.]

Taylor, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/256-57  [n.d.]

Trelawny, Jonathan  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/258  [n.d.]

Ross, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/259-60  [n.d.]

McCormick, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/261-62  [n.d.]

De Waal, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/263-64  [n.d.]

Williamson, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/265  [n.d.]

Strachan, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/266  [n.d.]

Trevor, Alexander Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/267-68  [n.d.]

Wright, John Hairby  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/269-70  [n.d.]

Grant, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/271  [n.d.]

Peard, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/272-73  [n.d.]

Velthropp, Christian Leonard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/274-76  [n.d.]

Robson, Felix  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/277-78  [n.d.]

Anderson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/279-80  [n.d.]

Brooke, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/281-82  [n.d.]

Jones, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/283  [n.d.]

Ridley, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/284-85  [n.d.]

Chambers, Robert Ewbank  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/286  [n.d.]

Sinclair, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/287  [n.d.]

Lovelace, Henry Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/288-91  [n.d.]

Price, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/292  [n.d.]

Teulon, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/293  [n.d.]

Hodgson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/294-95  [n.d.]

Jackson, Julian  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/296-98  [n.d.]

Alves, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/299  [n.d.]

Nind, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/300-01  [n.d.]

Lambert, Lattin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/302  [n.d.]

Chambers, Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/303  [n.d.]

Hendy, Gerard John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/304  [n.d.]

Smith, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/305  [n.d.]

Pfeifer, Charles Frederick John Jacob  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/306-07  [n.d.]

Graham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/308-10  [n.d.]

Franklin, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/311-13  [n.d.]

Scott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/314  [n.d.]

McKeever, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/315-16  [n.d.]

Mitchell, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/317  [n.d.]

Walpole, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/318-19  [n.d.]

Palin, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/320  [n.d.]

Mackeson, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/321  [n.d.]

Hockley, Thomas Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/322  [n.d.]

Norton, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/323  [n.d.]

Maltby, William Shearwood  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/324-25  [n.d.]

Babington, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/326-27  [n.d.]

Sneyd, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/328-29  [n.d.]

Squire, William Hill  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/330  [n.d.]

Forsyth, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/331  [n.d.]

Mallandain, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/332-33  [n.d.]

Saunders, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/334-35  [n.d.]

Bayley, Brook William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/336  [n.d.]

Kyd, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/337-38  [n.d.]

Hull, Robert Redman  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/339-40  [n.d.]

Hancorne, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/341-42  [n.d.]

Faithfull, Richard Coventry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/343-44  [n.d.]

Pettingal, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/345  [n.d.]

Greene, George Philip William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/346  [n.d.]

Frushard, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/347-48  [n.d.]

Stewart, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/349-50  [n.d.]

Crisp, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/351  [n.d.]

Bateman, Joseph Denman  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/352  [n.d.]

Craig, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/353-56  [n.d.]

Armstrong, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/357  [n.d.]

Friswell, James Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/358  [n.d.]

Cumming, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/359-60  [n.d.]

Jameson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/361  [n.d.]

Maule, Alfred  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/362  [n.d.]

Morrieson, William Elliot  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/363-64  [n.d.]

Campbell, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/365  [n.d.]

Hunter, McNaughton Crawford  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/366  [n.d.]

Grant, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/367-68  [n.d.]

O'Reilly, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/369  [n.d.]

Black, Charles William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/370  [n.d.]

Eden, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/371-72  [n.d.]

Montgomerie, Hamilton Ann  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/373  [n.d.]

Crichton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/374  [n.d.]

Birkett, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/375  [n.d.]

Wyndowe, Edwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/376-77  [n.d.]

Cadogan, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/378  [n.d.]

Myers, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/379  [n.d.]

Christian, Hugh Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/380  [n.d.]

Hare, Hugh Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/380  [n.d.]

Johnston, Charles Blayney Murray  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/381  [n.d.]

Bolton, John Everson  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/382  [n.d.]

Cecil, Jesaiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/383  [n.d.]

Eldridge, Ambrose  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/384  [n.d.]

Mackintosh, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/385  [n.d.]

Jolly, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/386  [n.d.]

Dunn, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/387-88  [n.d.]

Duffin, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/390-91  [n.d.]

Buchan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/392  [n.d.]

Newton, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/393-94  [n.d.]

Keating, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/395  [n.d.]

Jeffery, William Williams  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/396-97  [n.d.]

Goldfrap, Frederick William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/398-99  [n.d.]

Knight, John Rogers  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/400  [n.d.]

Gordon, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/401  [n.d.]

Steele, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/402  [n.d.]

Blagdon, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/403  [n.d.]

Hancock, Thomas Gregory  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/404-05  [n.d.]

Gore, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/406  [n.d.]

Robertson, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/407  [n.d.]

Hooper, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/408-10  [n.d.]

Watson, Brooke  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/411-12  [n.d.]

Paul, Matthew Coombs  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/413-14  [n.d.]

Macdonald, Colin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/415  [n.d.]

Boyer, George Skene  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/416-17  [n.d.]

Kingston, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/418  [n.d.]

Bateman, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/419  [n.d.]

Topping, George Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/420  [n.d.]

Mercer, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/421-22  [n.d.]

Aldwinkle, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/423  [n.d.]

Whalley, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/424  [n.d.]

Wood, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/425  [n.d.]

Brooks, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/426-27  [n.d.]

Woodward, Henry Courthope  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/428-29  [n.d.]

Collet, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/430  [n.d.]

Sandys, Frederick Hervey  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/431-38  [n.d.]

Macan, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/439-40  [n.d.]

Farmer, Maurice  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/441  [n.d.]

Noton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/442  [n.d.]

Wade, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/443-44  [n.d.]

Greening, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/445-46  [n.d.]

Field, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/447-51  [n.d.]

Campbell, Gabriel Napier Christie  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/452  [n.d.]

Grant, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/453-56  [n.d.]

Anderson, David Dalrymple  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/457-58  [n.d.]

Crowe, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/459  [n.d.]

Webb, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/460-61  [n.d.]

Willock, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/462-63  [n.d.]

Patton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/464  [n.d.]

Wilkinson, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/465  [n.d.]

Morley, Mark  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/466-68  [n.d.]

Frobisher, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/469-70  [n.d.]

Holmes, John Addison  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/471  [n.d.]

Blissett, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/472  [n.d.]

Warde, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/473-74  [n.d.]

Wigan, Thomas William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/475  [n.d.]

Cotton, Richard Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/476-77  [n.d.]

Ferrier, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/478  [n.d.]

Napier, John George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/479-81  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, Archibald Ramsay  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/482  [n.d.]

Gore, Henry Head  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/483  [n.d.]

Lloyd, Randall Walne  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/484  [n.d.]

Clough, Henry Butler  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/485-86  [n.d.]

Cubitt, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/487  [n.d.]

Power, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/488  [n.d.]

Fletcher, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/489-90  [n.d.]

Thoresby, Thomas Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/491-92  [n.d.]

Frederick, Lennox John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/493  [n.d.]

Black, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/494  [n.d.]

Dashwood, Charles James Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/495-96  [n.d.]

King, Charles Prager  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/497  [n.d.]

Godby, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/498  [n.d.]

Ellis, John Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/499  [n.d.]

Blair, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/500  [n.d.]

Rutledge, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/501-02  [n.d.]

Inglis, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/503  [n.d.]

Kennett, Robert Vincent  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/504-05  [n.d.]

McCarthy, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/506  [n.d.]

Cushny, James Forbes  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/507-09  [n.d.]

Blackall, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/510-11  [n.d.]

Cowslade, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/512-13  [n.d.]

Chapuset, Charles Christian Ferdinand  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/514-15  [n.d.]

Hardwick, William Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/516  [n.d.]

Taylor, James William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/517-18  [n.d.]

Blake, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/519-20  [n.d.]

Fagan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/521-22  [n.d.]

Binny, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/523  [n.d.]

Playfair, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/524  [n.d.]

Cookson, George Bryan  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/525  [n.d.]

Baillie, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/526-27  [n.d.]

Clarke, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/528  [n.d.]

McMaster, Bryce  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/529  [n.d.]

Gray, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/530  [n.d.]

Ridding, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/531  [n.d.]

Morley, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/532-33  [n.d.]

MacDonell, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/534  [n.d.]

Stephens, William George  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/535-36  [n.d.]

Baker, Hugh Cossart  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/537  [n.d.]

Willis, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/538  [n.d.]

Sotheby, Frederick Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/539-40  [n.d.]

Stuart, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/541-42  [n.d.]

Tomlinson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/543-44  [n.d.]

Quartley, William Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/545  [n.d.]

Hunter, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/114/546-47  [n.d.]

Cadet Papers  IOR/L/MIL/9/115  1805-1806

McFarlane, Hugh Falconer  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/1  [n.d.]

Boles, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/2-3  [n.d.]

Willows, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/4  [n.d.]

Batley, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/5-6  [n.d.]

Evans, Lacy  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/7  [n.d.]

Peckett, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/8-9  [n.d.]

Clay, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/10  [n.d.]

Campbell, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/11  [n.d.]

Moberly, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/12-14  [n.d.]

Roberts, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/15  [n.d.]

Higgins, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/16  [n.d.]

Michael, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/17  [n.d.]

Hough, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/18  [n.d.]

White, Edward Skeate  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/19  [n.d.]

Rawlins, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/20-21  [n.d.]

Roche, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/22-23  [n.d.]

Howell, Henry Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/24-25  [n.d.]

Robinson, Charles Burgoyne  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/26-28  [n.d.]

Wilcoxon, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/29-30  [n.d.]

Cowan, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/31  [n.d.]

Croasdaile, Henry Gould Starkie  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/32  [n.d.]

Forster, Ralph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/33  [n.d.]

Turner, Charles Expiriour  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/34-35  [n.d.]

Lomas, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/36-37  [n.d.]

Holbrow, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/38  [n.d.]

Blake, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/39-40  [n.d.]

Gosling, Robert Hamlet  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/41  [n.d.]

Lister, Frederick George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/42  [n.d.]

Janson, Louis Thomas [James]  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/43  [n.d.]

Barnes, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/44-45  [n.d.]

Fowke, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/46-48  [n.d.]

Bromley, Nathaniel Barrett  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/49  [n.d.]

Wallace, Newton  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/50-51  [n.d.]

Goodrich, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/52-53  [n.d.]

Brandon, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/54-55  [n.d.]

Mandall, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/56  [n.d.]

Holmes, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/57, 328  [n.d.]

Godfrey, John Race  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/58  [n.d.]

Abbey, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/59-60  [n.d.]

Nicolson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/61  [n.d.]

Mackenzie, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/62  [n.d.]

Jenkins, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/63  [n.d.]

Horn, George John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/64-65  [n.d.]

Nielson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/66-67  [n.d.]

Godby, Christopher  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/68  [n.d.]

Scoones, Thomas Watmore  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/69  [n.d.]

Lewis, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/70  [n.d.]

Moore, William White  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/71  [n.d.]

Levade, Charles Isaac  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/72-73  [n.d.]

Steel, Scudamore Winde  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/74  [n.d.]

Jones, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/75  [n.d.]

Lawrence, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/76  [n.d.]

Jackson, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/77  [n.d.]

Townsend, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/78  [n.d.]

Jessup, John Henry Bowes  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/79-80  [n.d.]

Borthwick, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/81  [n.d.]

Hutchinson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/82  [n.d.]

Brown, Patrick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/83-84  [n.d.]

Maltby, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/85  [n.d.]

Ashe, St George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/86  [n.d.]

Samuel, Edmund Philips  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/87-88  [n.d.]

Burnside, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/89  [n.d.]

Thomas, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/90  [n.d.]

Hammond, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/91  [n.d.]

Auldjo, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/92  [n.d.]

Peart, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/93  [n.d.]

Colebrooke, John George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/94  [n.d.]

Bruce, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/95  [n.d.]

Stuart, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/96  [n.d.]

Hamilton, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/97  [n.d.]

Tennent, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/98  [n.d.]

Watson, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/99  [n.d.]

Crichton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/100  [n.d.]

Britton, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/101  [n.d.]

Snowden, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/101  [n.d.]

Cotes, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/102  [n.d.]

Field, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/103  [n.d.]

Holmes, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/104  [n.d.]

Matthews, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/105  [n.d.]

Taylor, John Keating  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/106-07  [n.d.]

Pemberton, George Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/108-09  [n.d.]

Roxburgh, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/110  [n.d.]

Homer, Arthur Aston  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/111-12  [n.d.]

Fenwick, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/113-14  [n.d.]

Carmichael, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/115  [n.d.]

Pridham, William Collins  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/116  [n.d.]

Chambers, Frederick James Millbank  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/117-18  [n.d.]

Hasker, William Cottrell  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/119  [n.d.]

Martin, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/120  [n.d.]

De Burgh, Hubert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/121-22  [n.d.]

Leigh, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/123  [n.d.]

Broughton, Edward Wilson  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/124  [n.d.]

Baker, John Law  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/125  [n.d.]

Dixon, William Hardwick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/126-27  [n.d.]

Jackson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/128  [n.d.]

Wade, Claude Martine  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/129  [n.d.]

Parker, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/130  [n.d.]

Webster, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/131  [n.d.]

Woolcock, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/132  [n.d.]

Christie, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/133  [n.d.]

Aitken, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/134-35  [n.d.]

Dore, George Willoughby  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/136-37  [n.d.]

Medwin, Henry Clough  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/138-39  [n.d.]

Sconce, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/140-41  [n.d.]

Fiott, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/142-43  [n.d.]

Young, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/144  [n.d.]

Perry, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/145  [n.d.]

Byrne, Thomas Carey  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/146  [n.d.]

Henderson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/147  [n.d.]

Ralfe, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/148  [n.d.]

Dun, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/149  [n.d.]

Davies, Thomas Dolman Lloyd  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/150  [n.d.]

Jeffery, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/151  [n.d.]

Kippen, Campbell  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/152  [n.d.]

Meggison, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/153  [n.d.]

Dowton, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/154  [n.d.]

Christian, Brabazon  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/155  [n.d.]

Brumfield, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/156-57  [n.d.]

McGlashan, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/158  [n.d.]

Herring, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/159  [n.d.]

Woolley, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/160-61  [n.d.]

Becher, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/162-63  [n.d.]

Simpson, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/164  [n.d.]

Tudor, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/165  [n.d.]

Hilton, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/166-67  [n.d.]

Caldwell, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/168  [n.d.]

Connor, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/169  [n.d.]

Murcott, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/170  [n.d.]

Pearce, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/171-73  [n.d.]

Wight, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/174  [n.d.]

Snodgrass, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/175  [n.d.]

Ellison, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/176  [n.d.]

Mathew, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/177-78  [n.d.]

Pratt, Benjamin  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/179  [n.d.]

Barnard, Henry Clapton  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/180  [n.d.]

Thornton, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/181  [n.d.]

Thornton, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/182  [n.d.]

Stacy, John Ellis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/183-84  [n.d.]

Conway, John Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/185  [n.d.]

Dennis, George Gladwin  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/186-87  [n.d.]

McNeilley, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/188-89  [n.d.]

Young, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/190  [n.d.]

Tristram, William Barrington  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/191  [n.d.]

Pasmore, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/192  [n.d.]

Newall, Patrick Heron  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/193  [n.d.]

Newall, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/194  [n.d.]

Monck, George Paul  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/195-96  [n.d.]

Rowley, William Horsley  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/197  [n.d.]

Fyfe, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/198  [n.d.]

Wilson, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/199  [n.d.]

Richardson, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/200  [n.d.]

Bowerbank, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/201  [n.d.]

Walker, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/202-03, 297  [n.d.]

Reilly, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/204-05  [n.d.]

Dwyer, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/206  [n.d.]

Golding, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/207  [n.d.]

Chase, Morgan Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/208  [n.d.]

Beason, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/209  [n.d.]

Denny, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/210-11  [n.d.]

Jones, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/212  [n.d.]

Poole, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/213  [n.d.]

Bond, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/214  [n.d.]

Pritchard, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/215  [n.d.]

Fernie, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/216-17  [n.d.]

Byrn, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/218-19  [n.d.]

De Lisle, Nicholas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/220-21  [n.d.]

Hervey, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/222-23  [n.d.]

Wood, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/224  [n.d.]

Hodge, James Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/225  [n.d.]

Bostock, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/226-27  [n.d.]

Rich, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/226-27  [n.d.]

Macdonald, William Bannantyne  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/228  [n.d.]

Read, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/229-30  [n.d.]

Reid, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/231-32  [n.d.]

Heron, Francis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/233  [n.d.]

Du Heaume, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/234-35  [n.d.]

Scott, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/236  [n.d.]

Cameron, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/237  [n.d.]

Le Page, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/238  [n.d.]

Stewart, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/239  [n.d.]

Rodger, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/240  [n.d.]

Haultain, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/241  [n.d.]

Lester, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/242  [n.d.]

Henny, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/243  [n.d.]

Chesney, Charles Cornwallis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/244-45  [n.d.]

Adair, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/246-47  [n.d.]

Dwyer, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/248  [n.d.]

Poulton, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/249-50  [n.d.]

Gilbert, Charles James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/251-52  [n.d.]

Grant, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/253-54  [n.d.]

Anstruther, Robert John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/255  [n.d.]

Mathews, Solomon  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/257  [n.d.]

Pope, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/258  [n.d.]

Scott, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/259, 388  [n.d.]

Foote, Edward James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/260-61  [n.d.]

Young, Robert Rayner  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/262-63  [n.d.]

Sheen, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/264-65  [n.d.]

Richardson, John Brenson  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/266  [n.d.]

Bentley, Arthur  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/267-68  [n.d.]

Hardy, Abraham  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/269  [n.d.]

Taylor, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/270  [n.d.]

Gale, John Littledale  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/271  [n.d.]

Hales, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/272  [n.d.]

White, Henry Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/273-74  [n.d.]

Thomas, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/275-76  [n.d.]

Irwin, Hudleston  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/277  [n.d.]

Butticaz, George William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/278  [n.d.]

Hobkirk, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/279-80  [n.d.]

Field, George Bridges  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/281  [n.d.]

Seppings, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/282-83  [n.d.]

Tichborne, John Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/284  [n.d.]

Dunbar, Matthew Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/285  [n.d.]

Nicholson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/286  [n.d.]

Aubert, Jeremiah  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/287-88  [n.d.]

Farrington, John James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/289-90  [n.d.]

Maquay, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/291  [n.d.]

Stanley, Charles Duplan  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/292-93  [n.d.]

Presgrave, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/294  [n.d.]

McCausland, Conolly Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/295  [n.d.]

Bell, George Banks  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/296  [n.d.]

Hunter, Williamson  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/298  [n.d.]

Pringle, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/299  [n.d.]

Shepley, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/300  [n.d.]

Munt, George McIntosh  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/301-02  [n.d.]

Du Feu, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/303  [n.d.]

Jeremie, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/304  [n.d.]

Cowslade, Thomas Carnan  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/305  [n.d.]

McLeod, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/306-07  [n.d.]

Sissmore, Broadfield  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/308-09  [n.d.]

Shakespear, John Mure  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/310-11  [n.d.]

Dick, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/312  [n.d.]

Fagan, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/313-14  [n.d.]

Eyre, Robert Douglas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/315  [n.d.]

Archer, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/316  [n.d.]

Dobbs, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/317  [n.d.]

Atkinson, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/318  [n.d.]

Garner, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/319  [n.d.]

Burgess, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/320  [n.d.]

Pitt, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/321-22  [n.d.]

Otto, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/323  [n.d.]

Oliver, Thomas Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/324  [n.d.]

Coulthard, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/325-26  [n.d.]

Hornidge, William Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/327  [n.d.]

Houlton, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/329-31  [n.d.]

Elliot, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/332-33  [n.d.]

Monro, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/334  [n.d.]

Heard, St John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/335-36  [n.d.]

Dwyer, Anthony  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/337  [n.d.]

Pearson, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/338  [n.d.]

O'Brien, Stephen  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/339  [n.d.]

Walter, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/340  [n.d.]

Turner, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/341  [n.d.]

Casement, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/342-44  [n.d.]

James, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/345  [n.d.]

O'Shea, Andrew  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/346-47  [n.d.]

Fitzgerald, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/348  [n.d.]

Swinhoe, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/349  [n.d.]

Black, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/350-51  [n.d.]

Palmer, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/352  [n.d.]

Aspinwall, John Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/353  [n.d.]

Smith, George Fordyce  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/354  [n.d.]

Douglass, Adam  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/355-56  [n.d.]

Rashleigh, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/357  [n.d.]

Boyd, Gardner  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/358  [n.d.]

Highmore, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/359  [n.d.]

Pogson, Wredenhall Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/360-61  [n.d.]

Mortimer, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/362-64  [n.d.]

Fiddes, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/365  [n.d.]

Webster, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/366  [n.d.]

Smith, Henry Brown  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/367  [n.d.]

Godfrey, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/368-69  [n.d.]

Woolf, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/370  [n.d.]

Davidson, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/371  [n.d.]

Ramsay, Thomas Kennedy  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/372  [n.d.]

Gilman, Philip Case  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/373  [n.d.]

Decluzeau, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/374-75  [n.d.]

Reding, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/376  [n.d.]

James, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/377  [n.d.]

Best, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/378  [n.d.]

Wheler, Hugh Massey  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/379  [n.d.]

Bertram, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/380  [n.d.]

Philipps, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/381  [n.d.]

Brewer, Philip  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/382  [n.d.]

Playfair, William Davidson  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/383  [n.d.]

Robinson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/384, 567-68  [n.d.]

Lockhart, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/385-86  [n.d.]

Griffith, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/387  [n.d.]

Duncan, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/389  [n.d.]

Pottinger, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/390  [n.d.]

Mackie, Lewis  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/391  [n.d.]

Melville, Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/392  [n.d.]

Brown, William Paul Theodore  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/393-94  [n.d.]

Douglas, Hugh  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/395-96  [n.d.]

Harkness, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/397  [n.d.]

Peirson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/398-99  [n.d.]

James, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/400-01  [n.d.]

Eccles, Gilbert William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/402-03  [n.d.]

Allan, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/404-05  [n.d.]

Orgill, Naunton  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/406-07  [n.d.]

Cole, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/408  [n.d.]

Cockburn, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/409-10  [n.d.]

Roberts, Roderick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/411-12  [n.d.]

Woodyatt, George Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/413  [n.d.]

Stanley, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/414  [n.d.]

Neale, Pendock  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/415-16  [n.d.]

Charters, Archibald Elijah  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/417  [n.d.]

Badenach, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/418  [n.d.]

Templer, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/419  [n.d.]

Hautenville, Alexander Jaffray  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/420  [n.d.]

Campbell, Duncan  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/421  [n.d.]

Hempel, George Augustus  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/422-23  [n.d.]

Foster, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/424  [n.d.]

Crowther, Carlos  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/425  [n.d.]

Hunter, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/426  [n.d.]

Strachan, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/427  [n.d.]

Browne, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/428-29  [n.d.]

Alderson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/430-31  [n.d.]

Armstrong, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/432  [n.d.]

Sinnock, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/433-34  [n.d.]

Wallis, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/435  [n.d.]

Casey, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/436-37  [n.d.]

Earle, John Lucas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/438-39  [n.d.]

Fergusson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/440  [n.d.]

Cursham, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/441-42  [n.d.]

Nash, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/443-44  [n.d.]

Shickle, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/445-46  [n.d.]

Day, James Leslie  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/447  [n.d.]

Fatio, Ellis John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/448-49  [n.d.]

Newland, Welbore Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/450  [n.d.]

Noble, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/451-52  [n.d.]

Oliver, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/453  [n.d.]

Milner, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/454  [n.d.]

Wild, Charles Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/455  [n.d.]

Baker, Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/456  [n.d.]

Williams, Charles Sawkins  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/457  [n.d.]

Marr, Robert John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/458  [n.d.]

Logan, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/459  [n.d.]

Binny, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/461  [n.d.]

James, Michael  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/462  [n.d.]

Shaw, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/463  [n.d.]

Daker, William Jones  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/464-65  [n.d.]

O'Reily, John Tracy  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/466  [n.d.]

Clarkson, James [John] Oram  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/467-68  [n.d.]

Dodgson, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/469  [n.d.]

Shepherd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/470-71  [n.d.]

Ford, William Whiting  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/472  [n.d.]

Welsh, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/473-74  [n.d.]

Hamilton, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/475  [n.d.]

Birch, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/476-77  [n.d.]

Waldron, John Hamersley  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/478  [n.d.]

Herring, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/479-80  [n.d.]

Allen, David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/481-82  [n.d.]

Hyde, John Fleming  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/483-84  [n.d.]

Todd, Joseph  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/485-86  [n.d.]

Wilson, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/487  [n.d.]

Boydell, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/488-89  [n.d.]

Harris, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/490-91  [n.d.]

Ritchie, Walter Kenneth  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/492-93  [n.d.]

Todd, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/494-95  [n.d.]

Weir, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/496  [n.d.]

Thomson, William Richard  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/497-98  [n.d.]

O'Reily, Godfrey  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/499  [n.d.]

Jones, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/500  [n.d.]

Mortimer, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/501  [n.d.]

Watson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/502  [n.d.]

Cumming, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/503  [n.d.]

Bonest, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/504  [n.d.]

Robeson, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/505  [n.d.]

Colquhoun, Robert David  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/506-07  [n.d.]

Gordon, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/508-09  [n.d.]

Jones, Owen  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/510-11, 514-15  [n.d.]

Mawe, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/512-13  [n.d.]

Smith, Robert Wood  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/516-17  [n.d.]

Kyan, Thomas Sutton  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/518-19  [n.d.]

Alexander, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/520  [n.d.]

Gregory, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/521-22  [n.d.]

Grant, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/523-24  [n.d.]

Grant, Archibald  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/525  [n.d.]

Scott, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/526  [n.d.]

White, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/527-28  [n.d.]

Tulk, John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/529-32  [n.d.]

Hodges, Walter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/533-35  [n.d.]

Benett, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/536-37  [n.d.]

Shadwell, George John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/540  [n.d.]

Green, Harry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/541  [n.d.]

Auchinleck, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/542-43  [n.d.]

Bontein, James  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/544-45  [n.d.]

Gordon, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/546  [n.d.]

Hodges, Henry William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/547-48  [n.d.]

Sandby, Thomas Minchin  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/549  [n.d.]

MacQueen, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/551  [n.d.]

Ball, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/552-54  [n.d.]

Cameron, Neville Somerville  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/555  [n.d.]

Storer, Charles  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/556-57  [n.d.]

Cowper, Gilbert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/558-39  [n.d.]

Kirkman, Nathaniel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/558-59  [n.d.]

Story, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/560  [n.d.]

Kennan, Thomas Gwyr Burges  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/561-62  [n.d.]

Dixon, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/563-64  [n.d.]

Turnor, Exuperious Robert  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/565-66  [n.d.]

Croxton, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/569-70  [n.d.]

Butcher, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/571-73  [n.d.]

Greaves, William Tertius Nassau  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/574  [n.d.]

Meddowcroft, Samuel  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/575  [n.d.]

Smyth, Henry  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/576-77  [n.d.]

Birbeck, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/578  [n.d.]

McCormick, Alexander  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/579  [n.d.]

McAlister, Donald  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/580-82  [n.d.]

Alston, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/583-84  [n.d.]

Stevenson, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/585  [n.d.]

Herbert, James Dowling  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/586  [n.d.]

Lindesay, George  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/587  [n.d.]

Breton, Peter  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/588-89  [n.d.]

Percival, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/590-92  [n.d.]

Wood, Henry John  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/593-94  [n.d.]

Lester, William Kidman  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/595  [n.d.]

Oliphant, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/596  [n.d.]

Derville, Frederick  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/597-98  [n.d.]

Cross, Thomas  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/599  [n.d.]

Huthwaite, Edward  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/600-01  [n.d.]

Taylor, William  IOR/L/MIL/9/115/602-03  [n.d.]

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