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Reference IOR
Covering dates 1600-1948
Held by British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
Extent 15 km (volumes, files, charters, maps)
Conditions of access Open to public access except for recent personal files, and a very small number of subject files

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Related information: L/MIL/5/143

Built by Perry, launched 1787, 3 decks, 4in bottom, length 161ft 6in, keel 130ft 5¾in, breadth 41ft 3in, hold 15ft 6½in, wing transom 25ft 1½in, port cell 29ft 2in, waist 3ft 10in, between decks 7ft 11in & 6ft 5in, roundhouse 6ft 3in, ports 14 middle, deck range 86ft 9in, 1180 tons. Principal Managing Owner: Thomas Newte. Voyages: (1) 1787/8 Madras and China. Capt Thomas Price. Portsmouth 5 Apr 1788 - 15 Jul Madras - 2 Oct Whampoa - 14 Dec Second Bar - 9 Apr 1789 St Helena - 2 Jun Long Reach. (2) 1789/90 Madras and China. Capt George Stevens. Torbay 6 Mar 1790 - 22 Jun Madras - 29 Jul Negapatam - 1 Aug Madras - 11 Oct Whampoa - 20 Jan 1791 Second Bar - 17 Mar Macao - 3 Jul St Helena - 1 Sep Long Reach. (3) 1792/3 China. Capt George Stevens. Portsmouth 21 May 1793 - 10 Nov Manila - 20 Dec Whampoa - 18 Feb 1794 Second Bar - 16 Mar Macao - 18 Jun St Helena - 10 Sep Long Reach. 24 Jun 1793 fleet captured Le Franc, crew of Ceres took possession

No further details   Ceres: Journal  IOR/L/MAR/B/215E  26 Nov 1787-30 May 1789
No further details   Ceres: Journal, Archibald Connolly, Chief Mate  IOR/L/MAR/B/215F  26 Nov 1787-30 Jun 1789
No further details   Ceres: Ledger  IOR/L/MAR/B/215W(1)  c.1787-c.1789
No further details   Ceres: Pay Book  IOR/L/MAR/B/215W(2)  c.1787-c.1789
No further details   Ceres: Journal  IOR/L/MAR/B/215G  1 Jan 1790-11 Oct 1791
No further details   Ceres: Ledger  IOR/L/MAR/B/215X(1)  c.1790-c.1791
No further details   Ceres: Pay Book  IOR/L/MAR/B/215X(2)  c.1790-c.1791
No further details   Ceres: Journal  IOR/L/MAR/B/215H  13 Mar 1793-18 Dec 1794
No further details   Ceres: Ledger  IOR/L/MAR/B/215Y(1)  c.1793-c.1794
No further details   Ceres: Pay Book  IOR/L/MAR/B/215Y(2)  c.1793-c.1794

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