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Records of the Fane family

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Reference FANE
Covering dates Early 13th century - 1970
Held by Lincolnshire Archives
Creators Fane family of Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire

Records of the Fane family  1 FANE  Early 13th century - 1961

1 FANE 1. Fulbeck Estate
1 FANE 1/1. Title deeds. Settlements & documents subsidiary to title
1 FANE 1/1/1. "Fulbeck Deeds". Title deeds & settlements, 1-60
1 FANE 1/1/2. "Fulbeck Deeds. Additional Series" 1-35
1 FANE 1/1/2a. Schedule of 1 FANE 1/1/1 & 1 FANE 1/1/2 above
1 FANE 1/1/3. Purchased medieval deeds
1 FANE 1/1/4. Other Fulbeck deeds and settlements
1 FANE 1/1/5. Fulbeck Mortgage
Bundles 1 and 2
1 FANE 1/1/6. Documents subsidiary to title: copies, abstracts, etc.
1 FANE 1/2. Inclosure records
1 FANE 1/3. Manorial records
1 FANE 1/4. Estate management
1 FANE 1/4/A. Surveys & rentals
1 FANE 1/4/B. Estate accounts
1 FANE 1/4/C. Leases and related correspondence
1 FANE 1/4/D. Correspondence
1 FANE 1/4/E. Miscellaneous letters and papers of William Collingwood
1 FANE 1/5. Plans
1 FANE 2. Asby de La Launde Estate
1 FANE 2/1. Title deeds and settlements
1 FANE 2/2. Personal documents and letters and papers, including probates and executorships.
1 FANE 2/3. Public Office.
1 FANE 2/4. Records of estate and household management.
1 FANE 3. Other Estates
1 FANE 3/1. Deeds and settlements
1 FANE 3/1/A. Heckington and Haute Huntre Fen, 1639-84
1 FANE 3/1/B. Firbeck, Yorks., and Henbury and Westbury, Glos., 1662-78
1 FANE 3/1/C. Westbury and Henbury, Glos., and Small Street, Bristol, 1691-1772
1 FANE 3/1/D. Various (Tunbridge, Elmstone, Ash, Preston, Harbledown, Kent; St. Martin in the fields and Lincoln's Inn, Middx.; York, Beverley, and Scalby, Yorks.; Barton, Som.), 1552-1799
1 FANE 3/1/E. Heron family estates in Surfleet, Heckington, etc. 1739-59
1 FANE 3/2. Estate Management
Fulbeck and Heckington, Lincs.; and Middlesex, Surrey, Berks., Hants. (3 items)
1 FANE 4. Fane Settlements and Wills (not included in Fulbeck title).
1 FANE 5. Executorships and Trusteeships
1 FANE 5/1. Trusteeship in Chamberlain family settlement, 1774
1 FANE 5/2. Executorship of John, 9th earl of Westmorland, 1774-80
1 FANE 5/3. Executorship of William Fane, including that of Mrs. L.H. Fane, 1839-61
1 FANE 5/4. Executorship of the Hon. Henry Fane
1 FANE 5/5. Executorship of Mrs. Elizabeth Fane, wife of Vere Fane, 1864-72
1 FANE 5/6. Executorship of Charles Chaplin, 1855-70
1 FANE 5/7. Executorship of George Warde, 1855-61
1 FANE 5/8. Executorship of Lady Jane Sherard, 1833-57
1 FANE 5/9. Executorship of Philip Reeve, 1858-72
1 FANE 5/10. Executorship of E.D. Batson (d. 1808), 1808-42
1 FANE 5/11. Administration of Francis Fane, esq. (d. 1758)
1 FANE 5/12. Administration of John Templeman, 1742
1 FANE 5/13. Executorship of Henry Swymmer, 1788
1 FANE 5/14. Executorship of the Rev. James Michel, 1838-47
1 FANE 5/15. Executorship of the Hon. Anne Fane, 1847
1 FANE 5/16. Trusteeship under the will of Sir Henry Chamberlain, bt. (d. 1829), 1843-81
1 FANE 5/17. Executorship of General Mildmay Fane, 1867-68
1 FANE 5/18. Trusteeship of marriage settlement of Robert Alexander and Julia C. Fane, 1844-63
1 FANE 5/19. Executorship of Lady Georgiana Fane, 1870-1908
1 FANE 5/20. Beresford family affairs, 1874-82
1 FANE 5/21. Trusteeship of marriage settlement of General C. Michel, 1850-94
1 FANE 5/22. Executorship of General John Reeve, 1862-67
1 FANE 5/23. Trusteeship of settlement of Henry Porter Lowe (afterwards Sherbrooke) with Louisa Fleming Fane, 1840-95
1 FANE 5/24. Executorship of Mrs. Harriette Anne Fane, 1867-70
1 FANE 5/25. Trusteeship under settlement of the Hon. and Rev. A.H. Gore and Miss Emma Reeve, 1865-83
1 FANE 5/26. Executorship of Miss Isabella Fane (d. 1880), 1860-80.
1 FANE 5/27. Executorship of Henry Prinsep Fane, 1888-1903
1 FANE 5/28. Trusteeship of marriage settlement of Col. F.A. Fane and Miss Augusta Fane, 1863-95
1 FANE 5/29. Trusteeship under settlements and executorship of C.J. Helyard (d. 1858)
1 FANE 5/30. Trusteeship under will of Judge Harington Morgan (d. 1914)
1 FANE 5/31. Trusteeship under marriage settlement of Col. John Campbell (1839)
1 FANE 5/32. Trusteeship of settlement of Ashwell estate, Rutland, on Lady Bromley, 1912-33
1 FANE 5/33. Guardianship of children of Charles Allanson Knight of Wolverley, Worcs., 1876-87
1 FANE 5/34. Executorship of Miss C.S. Alexander (d. 1897)
1 FANE 5/35. Executorship of W.D. Fane, 1903-04
1 FANE 5/36. Trusteeship of settlement of W.V.R. Fane and Miss H.B. Newman, 1895-1912
1 FANE 5/37. Executorship of Colonel Henry Fane, including Chancery suit and bankruptcy of his son, Captain H.J. Fane, and papers concerning the executorship of General Sir Henry Fane, 1835-89
1 FANE 5/38. Westmorland estates trust, 1897-1904
1 FANE 5/39. Executorship of Mrs. S.C. Haldimand (d. 1861)
1 FANE 5/40. Executorship of Miss E.R. Prinsep (d. 1860)
1 FANE 5/41. General and Mrs. Rodney's marriage settlement trust, 1895
1 FANE 5/42. Trust of Avon estates under the will of the Hon. Anne Fane, 1843-70
1 FANE 5/43. Trusteeship of the settlement (1864) on the marriage of William Earle Welby esq. and Miss Adeline Fane
1 FANE 5/44. Trusteeship of settlement on marriage of Arbuthnot Charles Guthrie and Anne Chamberlain, 1860
1 FANE 5/45. Trusteeship under the will of Mrs. Caroline Beresford and settlement on marriage of Miss E.L. Beresford, 1903-18
1 FANE 5/46. Trusteeship of marriage settlement of Col. Ellis P. Fox Reeve, 1894-1931
1 FANE 5/47. Trusteeship of Captain J.S. Reeve's children's settlement, 1926-32
1 FANE 6. Letters and Papers, Official and Private including diaries, journals and historical collections.
1 FANE 6/1. "Brympton Letters": letters to Thomas Fane of Brympton, afterwards 8th earl of Westmorland, 1744-62
1 FANE 6/2. "Papers relating to Lyme [Regis] and its election affairs", 1723-62
1 FANE 6/3. Fane family: miscellaneous letters, 1749-1858
1 FANE 6/4. Letters to Vere Fane.
1 FANE 6/4/1. Family letters to Vere Fane, 1808-37
1 FANE 6/4/2. Charles Arbuthnot and Harriet Fane, 1813
1 FANE 6/4/3. From General Sir Henry Fane, 1835-39
1 FANE 6/5. Letters to Vere Fane and Isabella Fane from or about Sir Henry Fane, 1836-42
1 FANE 6/6. Papers of General Sir Henry Fane
1 FANE 6/7. Papers of Isabella Fane
1 FANE 6/8. Papers of Colonel Francis Augustus Fane
1 FANE 6/9. Papers of Henry Prinsep Fane
1 FANE 6/10. Papers of William Dashwood Fane
1 FANE 6/10/1. "Letters from India", 1835-40
1 FANE 6/10/2. "Cambridge papers"
1 FANE 6/10/3. Notebooks
1 FANE 6/10/4. Personal accounts at Cambridge and London, 1835-61
1 FANE 6/10/5. Vouchers, 1838-92
1 FANE 6/10/6. Records relating to his legal profession, 1829-67
1 FANE 6/10/7. Historical collections, A-H
1 FANE 6/10/8. Later private correspondence and papers
1 FANE 6/10/8/A. Letters from R. Alexander, 1843-61
1 FANE 6/10/8/B. His letters to Miss S.M. Reeve, later his wife, 1861-77
1 FANE 6/10/8/C. Journal of travels, 1855
1 FANE 6/10/8/D. Letters from Miss E. Man, 1855-72
1 FANE 6/10/8/E. Reminiscences
1 FANE 6/10/8/F. Letters from H.E. Michel and his family, 1866-80
1 FANE 6/10/8/G. Letters about sale of the earl of Westmorland's pictures & the family's economic fortunes, 1884-99
1 FANE 6/10/8/H. Letters and accounts about the restoration of the Apethorpe pictures bought by W.D. and H.P. Fane
1 FANE 6/10/8/I. Sale catalogues of pictures, books, plate etc. sold from Apethorpe and Fulbeck, 1887-1904
1 FANE 6/10/8/K. Letters about the death of H.P. Fane, 1894
1 FANE 6/10/8/L. Miscellaneous letters & papers, 1864-97
1 FANE 6/10/8/M. Faculty for removing wife's remains to Fulbeck, 1897
1 FANE 6/11. Papers of William Vere Reeve Fane (later King-Fane)
1 FANE 6/11/1. Personal papers, 1886-1942
1 FANE 6/11/2. Records of Public Office, 1907-40
1 FANE 6/11/3. Historical collections
1 FANE 6/12. Various Diaries and Journals, 1808-1936
1 FANE 6/13. Other miscellaneous papers and copies
1 FANE 6/14. Miscellaneous maps and plans
1 FANE 6/15. Miscellaneous printed matter
1 FANE 7. Accounts, Personal, Household, and Game
1 FANE 7/1. Account book of the Hon. Henry Fane, 1779-96, with Fulbeck timber accounts, 1848, 1850 and undated
1 FANE 7/2. Account book of the Hon. Anne Fane; personal and household, 1823-31
1 FANE 7/3. Game accounts and registers, 1881-1934
1 FANE 8. Other Household Records
1 FANE 8/1. Inventories, 1758-1886
1 FANE 8/2. Papers concerning alterations to Fulbeck Hall, 1894-1934
1 FANE 8/3. Copy of plans of Manor House, Fulbeck, with proposed improvements for Julian Fane, 1961
1 FANE 9. Sale Particulars and Catalogues
1 FANE 9/1. Fulbeck, 1887 and Apethorpe 1892
1 FANE 9/2. "Estates around Fulbeck", 1875-1938
1 FANE 9/3. "Fulbeck etc.", 1825-1939
1 FANE 9/4. "Miscellaneous sales of pictures, books etc."
1 FANE 10. Various Documents Acquired From Officers of Fulbeck Parish
1 FANE 11. Miscellaneous.

Letters and Papers, Official & Private  1 FANE 6  1644-1942

"Brympton Letters": letters to Thomas Fane of Brympton, afterwards 8th earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/1  1744-1762

Samuel Tipton to Thomas Fane esq., Small street, Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/1  17 Sept 1744

Concerning his unwillingness to take upon him the burden of Mr. Templeman's estate, having considered the consequence of being obliged to stand to the arbitration of the Recorder and Mr. Stephens.

Warren Lyle to Thomas Fane esq., Bristol; from Oxenden St  1 FANE 6/1/2  3 April 1749

Leaves the affair with Captain Furnell entirely to Fane's management and will sign any receipt he thinks proper on receipt of the bill. Mention of Fane's uncles, "Madam", and "Poor Jack".

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/1/2; from London  1 FANE 6/1/3  8 April 1749

Acknowledges receipt of bank bill for £60.14s.0d. and states that whatever discharge he is pleased to give to Captain Furnell will be satisfactory.

Part of a letter from same to same as in FANE 6/1/3  1 FANE 6/1/4  No date

1 Fane 6/1/2-4 pinned together, endorsed "Capt. Lisle's severall letters abt. Capt. Furnells 60 li. and my acknowledgment of receiving the bill".

Ben. Follett to [Thomas Fane]; from Lyme  1 FANE 6/1/5  31 Jan 1757

Encloses copy of an order of the Mayor and Burgesses of Lyme Regis of 1737 for the payment of £126.16.2 to Henry Holt Henley esq. and refers to another order of 1740 for the payment of £115.19s.10d. to his executors, of which £55.17s. principal remains due. besides interest.
Enclosure: (a) Copy of order of 10 Jan. 1737, and account, Lyme Corporation debtor to Henry Holt Henley, esq., 1737.

Ben. Follett to Thomas Fune esq., M.P., at his house in Sackvill Street, London; from Lyme  1 FANE 6/1/6  16 Nov 1761

Informs him that the Corporation seem inclined to suspend the affair of the renewal of the prebendal Lease for some time because of Mr. Seaward's exorbitant demands. They will consider the most advisable method to pursue, whether to wait for better terms or to sell to Mr. Hollis, lord of the manor of Halstock. "The Corporation will be obliged to you for the votes, and hope you will be pleased to remember the land tax".
Endorsed: "Halstock Vicarage".

William Meecham to Thomas Fane esq., Member of Parliament in Sackvile Street, Piccadilly; from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/7  10 April 1762

Has been at Redland with Mr. King who will be ready whenever Fane orders him down to Brympton. Mrs. Brown has not the rent ready yet, but will pay for a half year in ten or fourteen days. Has been with Mr. Daniel examining into a leak in the gout which runs into the cellar in Small Street in wet weather.

Roger Hoare to Thomas Fane esq. from Taunton  1 FANE 6/1/8  12 April 1762

Informs him that the remaining [£] 400 is ready and he will send the deeds for him to execute by the next coach. On Fane's payment of the principal and interest, the cash shall be paid to Mr. Noble.

W.P. Thomas to Thomas Fane esq. from Wellington  1 FANE 6/1/9  13 April 1762

Mr. Sanford cannot help him to any part of the money before Midsummer, as the person who first promised him the supply has disappointed him. He will do his best to pay the whole £4000 by the time appointed.

William Ray to Thomas Fane esq. from Redland  1 FANE 6/1/10  19 April 1762

Concerning the writer's proceedings and success in obtaining a canonry at Wells on the death of the Treasurer. Expresses his gratitude to Fane for his interest in the affair. Describes the Dean's generous treatment of him. [Samuel Creswick, Dean of Wells, brother-in-law of Thomas Fane]. "The Treasurer [Robert Woodford] has left his affairs chiefly to his nephew Woodford, a spiritual horse-doctor at Ansford, who buried him like a scrub, gave no mourning to any of his servants, not even to old Joan, who liv'd with & nurs'd him 37 years, did not allow a single coach or proper servants to attend him, but put him in an hearse with 3 or 4 bottles of sour, stale beer & a bit of cold mutton, carry'd him to Evilton and there dug a hole for him & put him into the ground by his wife, & is now, I hear, return'd to Wells in order to make the most of what has been left him, which, it is said, will amount to upwards of two thousand pounds".

Samuel Beves to Thomas Fane esq. from Lyme  1 FANE 6/1/11  26 April 1762

Being old and infirm, he wishes to resign his employment in the customs in favour of his nephew, Samuel Crocker of Lyme, and hopes that Fane will secure this favour for him, since the family have always done their utmost to serve the interest of Fane and of his late uncle, the Honourable Baron.

Henry Fane to his brother [Thomas]; from Hotwell  1 FANE 6/1/12  13 May 1762

Congratulations on the marriage of the writer's niece [Mary Fane, daughter of Thomas, married Charles Blair, esq. at St. James's, Westminster, on 13 May 1762 (Northamptonshire Families, p. 108)]. Other matters. "The Lyme thing was no great matter one way or other, as we had no one to give it to".

John Fane to his father, Thomas Fane esq. at Brympton, near Yeovil  1 FANE 6/1/13  18 May 1762

Tells him his groom is suffering from St. Anthony's Fire. London is hot and disagreeable and the distemper still rages and is more fatal. "I find there is likely to be an end to the Ministry, they are all together by the ears. I wish the Duke would take courage & boldly resign before some folks have their projects ripe enough to wish it to take place. He will in that single act show his power, & his party would cling closely to him, but I fear he will fall a sacrifice to diffidence and irresolution". Hears the Duke is to resign as soon as the House rises and that G. Grenville is to be first Commissioner of the Treasury, but his real friends tell him that step will be his ruin. Reports of a peace, the French having had an answer from Spain.

Mary Creswick to her brother Thomas Fane esq., at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/14  18 May 1762

Thanks him for the account of the wedding and sends her compliments with invitations to stay and news of neighbours.

J. Culliford to Thomas Fane esq. at Brympton; from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/15  20 May 1762

Informs him that the Dean came over yesterday to visit Fane's brother and niece. He missed seeing him as he was gone to Bath, but called upon the writer. Best wishes to Mr. Blair and his lady, who left Fane on Friday.

John Fane to his father Thomas Fane at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/16  22 May 1762

The London heat. He heard of his father's procession and dinner accidentally from a stranger in the coffee house who was passing through Yeovil. Other news. The Duke of Newcastle's levee at which there was but one bishop, showing the ingratitude of the rescals. Lord Bute is to take the Treasury and George Grenville to be Secretary of State.

W.P. Thomas to Thomas Fane at Brympton; from Wellington  1 FANE 6/1/17  22 May 1762

Would have answered his letters sooner, but has been out on a circuit of court keeping. Mr. Beard of Tiverton has promised to supply Mr. Sanford with the money, and it would be most convenient for Fane to receive it at Tiverton or at Exeter, as he may probably get bills at one or the other for the whole sum. Will wait on Mr. Beard's counsel with the abstract of title and the draft assignment.

Ed. Phelips to "dear Sir"; from Critchil  1 FANE 6/1/18  28 May 1762

Asks him to hear and determine the contents of some warrants returnable on Wednesday at Montacute or Brympton, as he is detained there longer than expected. Mr. and Mrs. Blair left them this morning.
Endorsed: "Rob. Holman".

Henry Swymmer to Thomas Fane at Brympton; from Mold  1 FANE 6/1/19  30 May 1762

Concerning the living given to Norman at the request of Col. Elton. Effect of the drought on the country. "In imploying yourself in settleing your new purchase, and marling your land, you are much happyer than the great men contending for power and places". The Duke of Newcastle's levée. Returns to Bristol on Tuesday.

Same to same as in FANE 6/1/19 from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/20  6 June 1762

Family news. Will meet him at Wells, if he pays a visit there soon.

Sam. Foot to Thomas Fane from Sherborne  1 FANE 6/1/21  8 June 1762

Concerning Lord Londonderry's estate in Dorset which Mr. Walter had some thoughts of purchasing. "This is the wrong season of the year for me to assist you in the return of any money to London, but if youll please to inform me about what sum you shall want returns for, I'll make an enquiry and do all I can to help you in it".

Henry Swymmer to Thomas Fane from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/22  9 June 1762

On his instructions he waited on Mr Lascombe who will draw for him [Thomas] for any sum he wants and at what date he pleases, an arrangement more agreeable than troubling the banks. As Thomas expects to receive great part of this £4000 in cash, he had better provide money scales for weighing the Portugal gold, some of which is very base metal. Mr Joshua Sharp is so much engaged with drawing the conveyances of Buckingham House for the King, Beaufort House for the Duke of Cumberland, and another house purchased by Princess Amelia, that their B.W. Co.'s affair is at a stand. Approach of the general meeting of the B.W. Co. and fear of the Committee that if they do not give an account of their year's trade, their partners will be displeased. Miss Brown's rent. News of 6000 troops saling to Havana.

Samuel Creswicke [Dean of Wells], to Thomas Fane; from Haydon  1 FANE 6/1/23  10 June 1762

Prospective visit to Wells of Fane's brother and his daughter, after which they will be glad to see Mr. Fane, his lady and son. Effects of the drought on his farm.

Thomas Tyndall to Thomas Fane at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/24  16 June 1762

From Doctors Commons. Encloses a copy of the act of court upon the grant of the probate of his late brother's will to him.
Enclosure: (a) Copy of probate act. Will of Francis Fane, late of par. St. James, Westminster, proved by Thomas Fane esq., brother and sole executor, 1 June, 1757.

J[ohn] Fane to his father, Thomas Fane  1 FANE 6/1/25  16 June 1762

Family visits. Haymaking.

Joseph Banks to Thomas Fane at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/26  16 June 1762

In answer to his letter states that Fane's brother's will is dated 13 Jan. 1756, that the codicil is dated 7 March, 1757, and the testator died 28 May, 1758.

Henry Swymmer to Thomas Fane at Wells; from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/27  23 June 1762

There is no advice from Jamaica about when the Fleet are to sail, and as it is delayed so long, he expects he will have a large quantity of sugars come home in the first fleet, the duty on which will be nearly £1000. As money is so scarce there, asks that he will agree to his taking Mrs. Callahan's money and paying her interest for it until he can sell the sugars. He would not have wanted so much money had he not bought the shares in the B.W. Co., but as he regards it as a good bargain, thinks he will not repent.

Henry Fane to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/1/27  1 FANE 6/1/28  No date

Is sorry he has had so much trouble with his ministry. A possible coachman for his father. The drought.

Henry Fane to his father [Thomas Fane]; from London  1 FANE 6/1/29  1762

Encloses a character of the servant from his late master.
No date
Enclosure: (a) Testimonial by E. Rudge for William Robinson, coachman Tunbridge, 25 June, 1762.

Henry Fane to his father at Brympton; from London  1 FANE 6/1/30  1 July 1762

Encloses the Extraordinary Gazette concerning Prince Ferdinand's success. Asks how much coal to lay in for him.

William Ray to Thomas Fane at Brympton; from Redland  1 FANE 6/1/31  4 July 1762

Enquiries concerning servants for Fane. Asks his advice and directions concerning a dispute over the appointment of parish clerk and sexton in his parish.

Maria Blair to her father [Thomas Fane]; from Stafford  1 FANE 6/1/32  5 July 1762

Concerning the late unlucky affair that happened at Brympton and her husband's penitence for his conduct towards his servant, due to a high flow of spirits and thoughtlessness. Her intention to visit Dorchester Fair and Lulworth Castle.

Charles Blair to same as in 1 FANE 6/1/32; from Stafford  1 FANE 6/1/33  6 July 1762

Thanks for his advice. What has happened shall be a warning to him.

J. Culliford to Thomas Fane at Brympton; from Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/34  9 July 1762

Describes how he dined at Hayden with various divines including Fane's relation. Local news.

Francis Randall to Thomas Fane at Brympton; from London  1 FANE 6/1/35  9 July 1762

Begs his assistance, as a Member of Parliament and as a friend of Lord Halifax, who is now at the head of the Admiralty, in procuring for him a place as lieutenant in the navy. "As there is two representatives to the town, should not have troubled you particularly, but once being in London I went to wait on you, but you not being come up. I waited on your brother, who told me that the borough of Lyme, and the inhabitance was indifferent to him, and that if I wanted any favours I must apply to you, for he came into the House to serve you, and not himself".

Henry Fane to his brother Thomas at Brympton; from Wormsley  1 FANE 6/1/36  12 July 1762

Has sent a copy of the Ordnance Report to Mr. Warren to know the sentiments of their friends at Lyme". "The engineer proposes to contract the work and do it with Portland stone which he estimates at 3242 1., and to repair it in the old manner 1988; .14s.0d." Proposes to go to London and see Lord Bute and Mr Martin and settle this and the other Lyme affair with his lordship as well as he can. Has left politics at the same time he quitted business, and lives in a neighbourhood "where we eat often with one another".

James and Thomas Coutts to Thomas Fane; from Strand, London  1 FANE 6/1/37  15 July 1762

Concerning the price of 4 per cent Annuities.

Warren Lisle to [Thomas Fane?]; from Upwey  1 FANE 6/1/38  19 July 1762

Defers acceptance of his invitation, as he has to go to Penzance.
Endorsed: "Letters 1762".

James and Thomas Coutts to Thomas Fane; from Strand, London  1 FANE 6/1/39  20 July 1762

Concerning the purchase of 4 per cent annuities for him if the price falls.

Henry Fane to his father, Thomas Fane; from London  1 FANE 6/1/40  22 July 1762

Has to-day obtained leave to go into the country, but will not be in time to attend Mrs. Blair at Blandford Races. The Comptroller will sail in the St. Ann in less than a week.

F. Grojan to Charles Blair esq. at Mr. Fane's at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/41  24 July 1762

From Vine Street, Golden Square. Has seen Mungo Gray who tells him that he expects 30 guineas.

J[ohn] F[ane] to his father, Thomas Fane, at Brympton; from Salisbury  1 FANE 6/1/43  [n.d.]

Arrived there last night, after a very dusty hot journey. They propose dining at Forsten to-day where they will be glad to see him and any of their friends from Brympton. Lord Bute's levee at the Cockpit on Monday, which he attended.
Wednesday morning.

Draft from Thomas Fane to [F.] Grojan  1 FANE 6/1/42  Undated

In reply to his letter to Mr. Blair, who left about a week ago, he states that Mungo's demand is very exorbitant. Mr. Blair might have given him two or three blows with his hand and make his lip bleed, but he gave him 5 guineas and a new suit of livery clothes. "The sauciness of servants is not to be born". He had a disturbance in his own family and was obliged to discharge five of them, and Mungo, having been concealed in the house, joined the scoundrels, went away with them and rioted at Yeovil all night. If Mungo continues to demand such a sum, Mr. Blair will go to law.

Copy, in the hand of W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/1/42(a)  Undated

J[ohn] Fane to his father, [Thomas Fane]; from Wells  1 FANE 6/1/44  Undated

Arrived safely and found the Dean and writer's aunt in perfect health. Concerning a coachman for his father.
Other news.

Same to same, as in 1 FANE 6/1/44, at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/45  Undated

They found Mr Blair at their house when they arrived from Weymouth. Intended to meet him at the Bucks Head, but is obliged to attend an adjournment of the Quarter Session at Dorchester this morning. Mistaken indictment of the roads in Lord Ilchester's parish of Melbury Sampford. Their intention to return to Forsten after the Blandford races.
Saturday morning. Post mark "Wells".

Henry Fane to his brother, Thomas Fane at Brympton; from Hotwells  1 FANE 6/1/46  Undated

"Molly is got very well by these waters and riding out on the Downs, and if the young men can mount their palfreys and be free from the burthen of books, there is no fear of their being out of order". Has set them to their Ovid, and then they are to have a ride. Admires the way the present generation of young men soon attain the knowledge of the Treasury, which cost him many years. Criticizes the management of the Duke of Newcastle and his assistants and Mr. Secretary West. The drought. Dined with the Dean and his lady at Heydon on Friday, and has promised his sister to go to Wells on Thursday fortnight to stay some days, and will then turn his face towards Oxfordshire. He ought to call on his farms in Dorset, but hopes to see Farmer Young at Wells and be excused. Social news.
Monday morning.

Cover of letter to Thomas Fane esq. at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/47  1762

Post Mark: Wells.
Pencil endorsement: Dean Creswike, July 18th 1762.

Cover of letter to Thomas Fane Esq. at Brympton  1 FANE 6/1/48  Undated

Pedigree, in hand of W.V.R. Fane to illustrate Fane correspondence of 1762  1 FANE 6/1/49  Undated

Letter from Jonathan Morton Pleydell to Thomas Fane esq. at Brympton; from Hot-Well, Bristol  1 FANE 6/1/50  30 May 1762

If Mr. Blair thinks it inconvenient to take the house for fourteen years, he may have it for seven. The lease is intended to stand in the name of Fane and Mr. Blair only until Mr. Blair comes of age. On his return he will wait on Fane and Mr. Blair.

"Papers relating to Lyme [Regis] and its election affairs"  1 FANE 6/2  1723-1762

Certificate  1 FANE 6/2/1  24 Oct 1723

Printed form

That John Henley, esq., of par. St. Michael, Bristol, took the oaths appointed by Act of 1 Geo. I for the further security of His Majesty's person and government and the protestant succession, pursuant to the Act of 9 Geo. I.

Copy of part of charter of Lyme Regis with counsel's opinions  1 FANE 6/2/2  2 July 1757

Concerning the Recorder and whether he must be a barrister.

Assignment and letter of attorney  1 FANE 6/2/3  23 Nov 1745

From Molly Lisle of the City of Bristol, spinster, to her father Warren Lisle of Weymouth, gent., of all her right and interest in the estate of Richard Davie or John Templeman or Mary Templeman, by virtue of a deed poll made by Mary Templeman, wife of John Templeman of Bristol, merchant, deceased, dated 28 Jan. 1736, by which Mary vested the same in Thomas Fane of the City of Bristol, gent., in trust for Molly Lisle. Appointment of Warren Lisle as her attorney to receive the same.
[Warren Lisle Mayor of Lyme, 1752 and 1754].
Witnesses to sealing: Tho. Fane, Wm. Hathway.

Letter from Geo. Coad, junior: to John Scrope, esq.; from Exeter  1 FANE 6/2/4  8 April 1747

Since the writer has received no reply about his brother Benjamin whom Scrope has treated meanly, informs him that he may no longer look upon him as one of his friends in all matters relating to Lyme, as he will soon enter into engagements to set up an interest in opposition to his. Describes the pains he took in the past to support him and how when Scrope acted meanly, he told his supporters that it must be imputed to the great ascendancy the Mr. Fanes had over him. Details Scrope's dishonourable actions. The writer's fixed resolution to prevent either of the Mr. Fanes from ever being chosen for Lyme.

Enclosure "A coppy of the plan whereby the oppossition at Lyme is to be conducted"  1 FANE 6/2/4a  1747

By Geo. Coade, Junior. A scheme to persuade Mr. Pelham to choose Whig representatives other than Mr Scroope or the Fanes.
[John Scrope M.P. for Lyme, 1734-52].

Receipt for £30 received of Thomas Fane esq. by Jno. Baker by the hands of Mr. Samuel Warren  1 FANE 6/2/5  15 Nov 1756

"State of the Mayoralty account of the Honble. Francis Fane Esquire to Michaelmas 1748 as it relates to him and Benjamin Follett"  1 FANE 6/2/6  1755

And last mayoralty account, 1752. Mention of Thomas Fane, the present mayor.

"List of Mayors of Lyme, 1750-55, showing money received for annuity and bounty  1 FANE 6/2/7  1755 ?

Include Francis Fane, 1753, and Thomas Fane, 1755.
Note, in hand of Thomas Fane, "To lett Mr Lyle know that I will take one half of the annuity & that he may draw on Mr Davis for the other part & say nothing about the bounty".

Receipt by Ben. Follett for £32.7.5¼d  1 FANE 6/2/8  25 Aug 1755

Received of Thomas Fane esq., Mayor, the balance which he received of Warren Lisle, esq., to be applied towards the Mayoralty account of the said Mr. Fane.

Mayoralty account of Thomas Fane with Ben. Follett  1 FANE 6/2/9  c1757

1754-69, settled 1757.

"A List of the Names of the Bailiff, Burgesses, and Electors of the Borrough of Ilchester, 21 Octr. 1757"  1 FANE 6/2/10  1757

6 ff.

Shows those who "have connected themselves in negotiable notes of hand in opposition to the Lockyers intrest".
[Francis Fane member for Ilchester, 1747-54].

Letter from Ben. Follett to [the Recorder of Lyme]  1 FANE 6/2/11  20 Jan 1759

Sends him the clauses in the charter relating to the Mayor's dying. Thinks there will be no occasion for his attendance at the election of a new Mayor, for such new Mayor must be sworn before the late Mayor, Mr. John Fane, in the presence of three of the capital burgesses.

Letter from R. Fowler Coade to Henry Fane esq  1 FANE 6/2/12  28 May 1760

Encloses a letter about the arrears of land tax from Lyme for the year 1757. The Corporation met yesterday with the principal inhabitants to consult on some method of preventing the utter ruin of the town by attempting to get it eased of the insupportable burden, and decided to send to the Commissioners of the Land Tax requesting them to appoint the day for appeal. Asks him to prevent the Exchequer process from being issued until the case is determined.

Letter from [the Mayor, capital burgesses, and principal inhabitants] of Lyme to [Thomas Fane]  1 FANE 6/2/13  18 June 1760

Describing their proceedings about getting the borough eased of the Land Tax and the Town Clerk's negotiations with the Commissioners. They have sent over the Serjeant to him at Brympton so that he may consider what further steps are to be taken to secure the adjournment of the Lyme appeal.
23 signatures.

Petition to the Knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament from the Mayor and Capital Burgesses and principal inhabitants of Lyme for relief from the land tax  1 FANE 6/2/14  1760

Account of the economic fortunes of the town and its taxation.

"Disbursements on Account of the Right Honourable the Earle of Westmoreland for the year 1761 & 1762"  1 FANE 6/2/15  1761-1762

For dinners, wine, spirits and other provisions.
Endorsed by Thomas Fane: "Mrs Bakers Bills abt. Lyme".
[Thomas Fane became earl of Westmorland 26 Aug. 1762 and was called to the Upper House].

Similar disbursements as in 1 FANE 6/2/15 on account of Thomas Fane esq  1 FANE 6/2/16  Aug-Sept 1761

Account for wine etc., the Three Cups, Lyme  1 FANE 6/2/17  1762

Endorsed by Thomas Fane with memos. of disbursements.

Account of disbursements at Lyme on account of Thomas Fane  1 FANE 6/2/18  1762

Endorsed by him with various memoranda mainly about disbursements.... "lett the Corporation be sent to this evening to dine with Ld Burghersh tomorrow & lett that dinner be charged to my account" ....

Fane family: miscellaneous letters  1 FANE 6/3  1749-1858

[John, 7th] earl of Westmorland to [Thomas Fane]; from Hanover Square  1 FANE 6/3/1  26 Aug 1749

Asks him to try to settle a dispute between him and Mrs. M'Daniel over rent due from him for fourteen weeks' lodging. If you will take the trouble to draw upon me for the money, under a direction to Hanover Square, I will return your draught endorsed, and payable at Child's Shop to your order".

Anne Batson to her father Edward Batson, esq., Hatton Gardens, London; from Dewlish  1 FANE 6/3/2  8 Oct 1777

Is happy to find her acceptance of Mr. Fane's proposals meets with his approbation. "As it is rather a foolish subject to write on, I shall say no more". Was much concerned with the account Lady Mary Blair wrote her uncle concerning her brother.

[Major General Henry Fane] to his mother; from Salamanca  1 FANE 6/3/3  12 Dec 1808

Moves from hence to-morrow and will shortly meet the French who are about four times their numbers and commanded by Napoleon. As it may be his last opportunity of addressing her, makes a last request. From Vere she will learn the history of himself and a lady whose name she is well acquainted with. Asks that if he dies she will extend to his three children her countenance and protection.
[Not sent to her. See 1 FANE 6/3/5].

[Sir] Henry Dashwood to Vere Fane; from Kirtlington Park, near Woodstock  1 FANE 6/3/4  29 Aug 1813

As executor of the late Mrs. Knightley; he will give directions for the legacy left to Mr. William Fane's wife, the writer's niece, to be paid to Vere, William having sent from India a power of attorney.

[Major General Henry Fane] to Vere Fane; from on the Adour  1 FANE 6/3/5  28 Jan 1814

7 ff.

Concludes that Harriet's marriage has ere this taken place. His letter to Arbuthnot on the subject, and Arbuthnot's reply. His apprehensiveness that the match will be a source of un-easiness to their mother. They are nominally employed in blockading Bayonne. They are in the best cantoonments they can make out, and are now clothing and equipping their army to be ready to start upon their travels so soon as vegetation affords the means for their animals to exist: at present the horses and beasts of burden are living on furze. He has charge of the outposts of the right wing of the army, a very fidgetty command, as he is roused out of his bed most nights by volleys of musketry fired by his pickets and by serenades from enemy gunboats carrying 18 and 24 pounders, forcing their way down the Adour to Bayonne. Mildmay has been very ill with fever at St. Jean de Luz. Has never received the things Vere was to have sent him by Lord Tweeddale. Asks for the best map of France procurable. Thanks him for his counsel and offers with regard to his domestic affairs. He has had several reasons for his utter silence about them. A principal one has been the desire to avoid giving vexation to their mother, until the interest of his children made it necessary. This time has not yet arrived, for at their present ages they cannot be better of than under the watchful and incessant scrutiny of the best of mothers. A second reason has been delicacy towards her family - her sister is married to the Archbishop of Tuam's son, and she is in several ways related to all the Beresfords. A third reason has been feeling for "the unfortunate dropsical Secritary himself", who like the others is utterly ignorant of the history of the last eleven years. Describes the present situation of his children. Gives Vere permission to say what he pleases to their mother. Has received a letter from Mildmay, whom he will visit at St. Jean de Luz the day after to-morrow. Mildmay writes that William Fane is very ill of a fever. A long postscript in which he gives Vere the history of his children and their mother, so that if he should die, Vere may do them justice.

H[arriet] A[rbuthnot] to the Lady Georgiana Fane at Hastings; from S. Saye ?  1 FANE 6/3/6  20 Nov 1827

Asks to hear from her and how she likes Hastings in the winter. They found a large party there - the Jerseys, Stuarts, and a quantity of men. Her views on politics - is not Greek, and thinks the ministers are in a most amazing scrape. Lord Chesterfield's house party. They go to Hatfield to-morrow.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/3/6 at Hastings; from Woodford  1 FANE 6/3/7  19 Dec 1827

Hears Lord Westmorland has been again to Hastings and is going to Sudbourne. They themselves do not go this year as Charles is at home on leave as his regiment is ordered abroad. Social news. Describes her visit to Gorhambury. Means to go to Apethorpe as usual for Lord W[estmorland]'s birthday. Hopes to hear she is better.

Letter from [Viscount] St. Vincent to Vere Fane, esq., Messrs. Praed & Co., Fleet Street; from Park Street  1 FANE 6/3/8  26 July 1832

Concerning his payment of Latham for his commission and other financial matters. Sends the key of the tin box.

H. Fane to "my dearest Augusta"; from Benares  1 FANE 6/3/9  14 June 1857

6 ff.

Describes events at Jaunpore during the Mutiny, and their escape to an Indigo planter's house fourteen miles away, thence by boat to Kerrakut, where they lay hid in a native's house during a general plunder of the town. Returning to the Indigo planter's house, they then came safely to Benares with an escort of European soldiers. Information about the Mutiny elsewhere.

Blanche Dashwood to her mother [Mrs. Sherbrooke, Oxton Hall]; from Cawnpore  1 FANE 6/3/10  3 Dec 1857

A heartrending account of what happened to her during the siege of Lucknow and afterwards escaping to Calcutta in native carts. Deaths of her husband, Alexander, [her brother-in-law], Charlie, and her son Herbert. Birth of her son Arthur Frederic during the siege.

"A Lucknow Heroine". Newspaper cutting on the death, at Bournemouth, of Mrs. Garrett  1 FANE 6/3/10a  Undated

She married Lieutenant Alexander John Dashwood of the 48th Bengal Native Infantry in 1854 and went out to India in that year at the age of nineteen. She returned to England in 1857, a widow with two sons. She married in 1894 Colonel Algernon Robert Garrett, whom she survived three years.
9, 10 and 10a. in envelope addressed to Mrs. Sherbrooke, endorsed: "Harry's & Blanche Dashwood's accounts of Jaunpoor & Lucknow - given to W.V. Fane by his cousin Mrs. Jarvis, Oct. 1922".

Various fragments, in wrapper of a letter from Lord St. Vincent to Vere Fane, 15 Nov. 1829  1 FANE 6/3/11  c1829-c1839

Fragment of his letter
Fragment of another letter from him, 9 Jan. 1839
Signature of Duke of Wellington, cut off letter 4 envelopes addressed to Lady Georgina Fane, from Duke of Wellington, 1836.

Lord Westmorland to Dr. Garthshore; from Berkeley Square  1 FANE 6/3/12  26 Jan 1800

Having been so happy as to obtain Miss Saunders consent to an union and her permission to apply to her guardians, he begs to solicit his consent, and to express his anxious wish for every arrangement that can be most satisfactory and agreeable.
[John Fane, 10th earl of Westmorland married as his second wife, on 24 March 1800, Jane Saunders, second daughter and co-heir of Richard Huck, M.D. and F.R.C.P., who took the additional name of Saunders, by Jane, daughter of Peter Kinsey and Anne Saunders (V.C.H. Northamptonshire Families, p. 109)].

Letter from William Prinsep to his cousin Mrs. Fane [Louisa Hay Fane] at Muzufferpore, Tyrhoot, written in the form of a journal and illustrated with water-colour sketches  1 FANE 6/3/13  6-20 Aug 1819

16 ff.

Describes his voyage by river from Patna to Calcutta after visiting the Fanes at Muzufferpore.
Includes (f. 10) sketch of the Fane family at table at Muzufferpore, drinking to the writer's health, including Louisa (aged 4), and William Dashwood (aged 2).

Duke of Wellington to 10th earl of Westmorland; from London  1 FANE 6/3/14  31 Jan 1829

Is anxious to have some conversation with him and will be very obliged if he will come to town tomorrow at as early an hour as may be convenient.

Earl of Westmorland to "my dear Chaplin" [Charles Chaplin of Blankney]; from Apethorpe  1 FANE 6/3/15  23 Nov 1858

Condolences on the death of his dear Caroline: "she was the last of the four sisters once my most intimate friends".
[Caroline Fane, 4th daughter of the Hon. Henry Fane, born 1790, married Sept. 1812 Charles Chaplin].

Henry [Edward] Fane to his mother, [Maria Fane, w. of the Revd. Edward Fane]; from Bishop's Palace, Calcutta  1 FANE 6/3/16  7 Sept 1836

3 ff.

Has now seldom time for writing, as he acts as Private Secretary as well as A.D.C. to his uncle. Will have more to write about soon as they start for the Upper Provinces on the 13th. Describes his arrival in India in August. His meeting with the General, who told him that he has given him a Lieutenancy in the 55th. The general's house at the Palace. Describes a typical day in Calcutta.

Henry [Edward] Fane to his father, [the Revd. Edward Fane]; from Buxar  1 FANE 6/3/17  6 Oct 1836

4 ff.

They are now at one of the civil stations of the Company. where they have their principal stud. They have now made about half their river journey from Calcutta to Allahabad, where they are to remain for three weeks, and then commence their march inland, a tremendous affair as their camp will be nearly five thousand souls. The first detachment of the staff left Calcutta a month before them and filled a hundred budgrows. Their own party, until they arrive at Allahabad, is very small, only the General, two laides, four A.D.C.s and the surgeon, with about eighty servants and thirty or forty men of the guard. They were all obliged to discharge half their servants before they started, and are limited to five each. Describes these five and their duties. Hopes his father was able to cash a bill of fifty pounds which he drew on Praeds, a matter of necessity, as otherwise he would have had to remain in Ceylon and would have lost his Lieutenancy and present appointment. He had drawn all his own funds to pay that 10 shillings a day for seven months on board the Sir C. Malcolm. His good pay and allowances out here, about £600 a year, will enable him to do without the allowance his father has hitherto given him, which will in part repay the sums he has drawn upon him. His expenses will be small, in comparison with his income, as he lives entirely with his uncle. The General's kindness. "I fear that we none of us properly respected him till we came to this country, and see the good he does and is doing every day, the work he does, and the interest he takes and talent he displays in even the greatest trifle that comes through his department; which is no small quantity of work in an army of three hundred thousand men. The quantity be writes is incredible, and keeps two of us employed the greater part of the day in copying, besides the quantity of papers he has to read, not only on military business but as a member of the supreme council, on the general affairs of India". End of letter missing.

Pedigree of family of Hamlyn Williams, in hand of W.V.R. Fane  1 FANE 6/3/17a  [n.d.]

(Susan Hamlyn Williams, heiress of Clovelly, married Henry Edward Fane).
For copies of three letters from Henry Edward Fane to his cousin Louisa Fane, 1836-38, see 1 FANE 6/13/13.

[Jane, widow of John 10th earl of Westmorland] to "Lady Charlotte", from 29 King Street, St. James' Square  1 FANE 6/3/18  30 Nov 1849

24 pp.

Mentions the marriage which regards them mutually, but begins by enquiring about the health of poor Lady Frances, which occupies her whenever her thoughts turn towards Etton. Returns to the subject of the marriage of the eldest daughter of Sir James and Mady Mary Hamlyn Williams with Henry Fane of Fulbeck, eldest son of Mr. Edward Fane, the clergyman, who considers himself the heir of the first branch of the family after the earldom. He is a very fine and good-looking young man, very popular, and has been a great deal in India and Ireland, and is considered a very good officer. Explains how the Fulbeck estate was given to the second son, who was my Lord's uncle and guardian, and who has as many as eight sons, "and from whom a great many fine young men have sprung, who are now a credit to the family". The Fulbeck estate was left by Sir Henry Fane to his own family, and they are very well considered, though the misfortune can never be got over, which casts them below the others. Col. Fane, his eldest son, possesses by his father's will the old family estate of Fulbeck, of which place Edward Fane is rector and head of the Fulbeck branch which comes next to the title. The mother of all these (viz. of Sir Henry, Edward, etc.) a Dorsetshire lady, inherited a large estate there, and this she left to the second son, Edward, who became the head of the family. Has heard of a possible arrangement to give the Fulbeck estate to young Henry Fane and settle the equivalent in Dorset on Col. Fane and his family - an arrangement she would not favour. Remarks that young Henry, hero of the present romance, is within a very few lives of the earldom. Has heard talk of his leaving the army, but hopes he will not do so. Turns to the two other proposed matches, Emily daughter of Vere Fane and Colonel Reynardson. "Vere Fane ought now to be Lady Jersey's right hand Partner - alas he was bored and left Temple Bar, & now is Lady Jersey's right-hand man out of Temple Bar, and since then both parties have had the sense to put in a son of Vere's. William Dashwood Fane, "a very dear man to me", and other of his relatives. Ends her sketch with some information about the Chamberlains, a family very dear to her, though they have had to struggle with the disadvantages of left-handedness. Sir Henry Chamberlain's career in Brazil and Lisbon. Sir Henry Chamberlain's daughter Eliza married Captain Charles Bridgman, Lord Bradford's second son. Their eldest daughter, being very beautiful and good, married about two years ago Lord Albert Cunnyngham, whose family had lately acquired the pinnacle of railroad elevation. In spite of all his success and distinction, Sir Henry, who was cheerful and a delightful companion, changed and became care-worn and morose, never getting over the grief of not being allowed to take the name which will not efface the blot it can only mark, and died unhappy and covered with shame. Ends with an anecdote about the Hon. Ann Fane.
With a copy by W.V.R. Fane (18a.).

Letters to Vere Fane  1 FANE 6/4  1808-1839

"Family Letters to Vere Fane"  1 FANE 6/4/1  1808-1837

C[aroline] Fane to her brother Vere at Messrs. Child & Co., Temple Bar, London; from Upwood  1 FANE 6/4/1/1  10 April 1808

Her sister Anne's departure for Ireland with her children and her husband, John Michel. Michel will not know to what part of Ireland he is to go until he arrives at Dublin. They will stay there about a week longer and then go to old Mrs. Michels at Deane Court. Supposes Harry is at Fulbeck, but he has not written to Mama. Her grandfather [Edward Buckley Batson, who bought the Avon Tyrrell estate in Hants. and the Upwood estate in Dorset] is well and as young as ever.

[Sir] H. C[hamberlain] to Vere at Messrs. Childs & Co.; from Rio de Janeiro  1 FANE 6/4/1/2  22 Oct 1809

Asks for home news of him and his mother and family rather than news of continental politics. Is glad Vere's uncle David [Batson] left him £100 a year. News of Morgan. "I have taken possession of a very beautiful spot lately inhabited by Sir Sidney Smith, who in fact was kind enough to give it up to me". Describes the house, its position and magnificent views.

Mrs. Chaplin to Vere; from Blankney  1 FANE 6/4/1/3  17 Dec 1809

Inviting him to stay for Christmas.
Draft reply: regrets that he is engaged to spend Christmas at Apethorpe with Lord Westmorland.

Mrs. Adamson of the Bulls Head in Friday Street to Vere  1 FANE 6/4/1/4  24 Feb 1810

Sending him a ticket for the ball at the Adam and Eve, Smithfield Market, on 2 March, 1810.
Enclosure: Ticket.

"A Lady who saw Mr Fain at the Pentonville Ball" to Vere; from Church Street, Pentonville  1 FANE 6/4/1/5  24 Feb 1810

Sending him a ticket for another ball at which she hopes to dance with him.
Enclosure: Ticket for ball as in 1 FAIN 6/4/1/4.

William Fane to Vere Fane; from Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/1/6  6 March 1811

Asks him to call upon and show kind attention to a sister-in-law of his, named Bruce, who is coming to London, her husband having died very lately while Governor of Prince of Wales's Island. Thinks his own marriage is of very little consequence to anyone but himself, so can scarcely anticipate any objection from his mother. Thinks it only necessary in introducing any of his wife's relations to his own to ensure their attention to them, to show that the connection is in no way disgraceful. Has now been near two years and a half in Calcutta without having ever once quitted it except to go into the wilds or jungles on hunting parties. Expects to be appointed to Dacca in a short time. His salary is not such as he can well live upon, but hopes to get an appointment in a little time which will enable him to do so. He drew some time ago upon his mother for £2000, which he had been given to understand he had money enough to pay. His wife has about the same sum in England. Enquires about his friends at Temple Bar. Concerning the expedition which is preparing to attack the Dutch settlements on the Island of Java.

Anne Fane to her son, Vere, at Messrs. Child's; from Apethorpe  1 FANE 6/4/1/7  4 Jan 1813

Asks him not to send her any oysters as her parties are all broken up, and once she leaves home she never knows when she will return. Family news.

Anne Michel to her brother, Vere, at same as in 1 FANE 6/4/1/7  1 FANE 6/4/1/8  1813

Asks for two beds at his lodgings for a few nights for her three little children and their maid.
Post mark, 6 Jan. 1813, Wansford.

J[ohn] Fane to Vere Fane at Messrs. Child & Co.; from Wormsley  1 FANE 6/4/1/9  4 July 1813

Thanks for welcome news of dear George's safety, though they are sorry to hear of his patron's wound. The brilliant victory out does all Lord Willington's former achievements.

C[harles] V. Michel to Vere at same as in 1 FANE 6/4/1/9 from Notherwood  1 FANE 6/4/1/10  23 July 1813

Enquires concerning the death of Charles [Fane] from his battle wound. It must be a sad trial for poor Mildmay to be in the same regiment and to be going on, leaving the remains of his brother behind him.
[Colonel Charles Fane was mortally wounded 21 June 1813 at the battle of Vittoria, surviving only a few days, and was buried at Gomarra Mayor, in the garden of a convent].

E[dward] Fane to Vere at Child's House; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/4/1/11  6 Sept 1813

Concerning the sale of Vere's horses. Their mother has received a letter from Harry recommending her instantly to put a stop to all idea of Harriet marrying Arbuthnot. "She has consequently written to him declining the honour of his connexion; which nevertheless I foresee will finally take place... God grant the contrary, for I see no prospect of happiness in so preposterous a union".

Anne Fane to her son, Vere, at Temple Bar, London; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/4/1/12  2 Oct 1813

Tells him of her social engagements, as he mentioned Chamberlain's intention of being there. She must go to London to prepare Harriet for this wedding. Her house is terribly small, and she must keep a bed for her intended son in law, who is to meet them at Sudbrooke on Thursday. Opposition of Harry and Edward to the match.
A letter from Harriet Fane to Vere cross written, mentioning her future husband.

Anne Fane to her son, Vere, at Child's; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/4/1/13  9 Feb 1814

Is unequal to advise him as to whether he should change his employment. Regrets that she was originally the cause of his commencing a profession which has turned out so very unpleasant a one, and that offers so distant a prospect of his profitting by it. Points out the precarious tenure of the pursuit he hints at, for even if he gets a lucrative situation, a change of ministry "tumbles you to the ground". Agrees to provide him with some financial help. Hopes her means will improve when she has finished with Avon. Suggests he seeks the advice of their new relation, Arbuthnot.

Letter from same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/1/13 at Child's; from Sudbrooke  1 FANE 6/4/1/14  20 March 1814

Her regret that he was ever placed in a situation that has always been so inimical to his feelings and so unsatisfactory upon every court. Confesses she has very little hopes of his success, when he is to depend on the caprice of a government for future provision. Hopes that as a hanger on under the government he will be more fortunate than his father was. Recommends him to endeavour to make his fortune among the ladies. Family news. Asks him to enquire when Lord Malmesbury is to pay for the estate of hers he has agreed to purchase.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/1/14 at 1053 Rue Ducale, Brussels  1 FANE 6/4/1/15  c 1816

2 ff.

They spent a pleasant fortnight at Apethorpe. The Reynardsons have been spending nearly a week with her, who gave her an account of their visit to Brussels and of Vere. Congratulates him that her granddaughter has not red hair. Social news. "Harry's appointment to succeed Lord Combermere was given him by the Duke of York in so flattering a manner that he could not refuse it. Thinks that had he declined it, he would have been laid on the shelf for life. Harry left a fortnight ago, was in the House of Commons for several days, and is now with Mr. Pelham for a fortnight. Other family and social news. Mr. Arbuthnot will now be kept on the alert by the Opposition.
First page of letter missing.

A[nne] C. Michel, to her brother, Vere, at 59 Wimpole Street, London  1 FANE 6/4/1/16  1819

Forwarded to Fulbeck; from Dewlish. Social and family news.
Post mark, 8 March, 1819.

Sir H. Chamberlain to Vere Fane; from Rio de Janeiro  1 FANE 6/4/1/17  21 Dec 1819

Thanks for his being one of writer's daughter's marriage trustees. The writer hoped that he himself might be able to return to England with Captain Bridgeman and Eliza, but has just received fresh orders directing him to remain in Brazil. Thinks of sending his two youngest girls home.

C[aroline] Chaplin to Vere Fane  1 FANE 6/4/1/18  ?1823

Sends him her bill against William Fane (for clothes, maid's wages, and doctor's bills) and asks that the £25.4s. 0d. remaining due shall be placed to her account forthwith. Fears Miss Louisa's doctor's bills will prove rather heavy as the above account does not include the bill for measles.
Undated. Endorsed "1 August 1823" by W.D. Fane.

Proposals, by Vere Fane, for a yearly allowance to be made to relieve the distressed state of John Harris, with contributions from his mother, his brothers, and his sisters  1 FANE 6/4/1/19  Undated

Signatures: V. Fane, E. Fane, Ann Fane, H. Fane, C. Chaplin, R.G.C. Fane, H. Arbuthnot.
Memo. by Sir Henry Fane, with answer by Vere Fane.

James Chapman to [Vere Fane]; from Eton College  1 FANE 6/4/1/20  19 March 1834

Report on his son [Nevile Fane's] conduct and work.

Half-year's account for board, tuition etc  1 FANE 6/4/1/21  1836

[Nevile] Fane, at Eton, from 15 Sept. 1835 to 15 March, 1836. Total £106.16.1½d.

[The Revd. E. Fane] to Vere Fane  1 FANE 6/4/1/22  ?1837

Asks him to pay £11.5s. to Mrs. Fane's account at Coutts for him. Louisa's irksome engagement is over. Her pay. They returned home after an absence of three months on Thursday, and found his mother more feeble in body and mind. Hopes that he will come to visit with his wife and all their children. Concerning the proper person to give away the Christmas presents at Avon. His first day's hunting.
N.d. [endorsed 1837 by W.D. Fane]. End of letter missing.

"Charles Arbuthnot & Harriet Fane"  1 FANE 6/4/2  c1813

C[aroline] C[haplin] to Vere, at Temple Bar; from Sudbrooke  1 FANE 6/4/2/1  1813

Assures him that Harriet is as convinced as she is of the folly of the engagement she has made, and is almost as anxious to break it off honourably. Has persuaded Harriet, who is staying there with her alone, to promise not to write him another word without her permission. She herself has written to Arbuthnot to say that she has extracted this promise from Harriet and to avow herself his mortal enemy. The matter is now entirely in his hands, and those of their mother.
Post mark, 1 Dec. 1813.

H[arriet] Fane to Vere, at Temple Bar; from Sudbrooke  1 FANE 6/4/2/2  1813

5 ff.

Wishes to place her unfortunate affairs entirely in his hands and be guided by him. Her letters to Arbuthnot to put an end to their engagement, and his replies. Admits that she has promised to marry him, so that if he insists on her fulfilling the promises, she is bound to do so. The promises, however, were made when circumstances were totally different, and she is now convinced that no happiness could be the result of their union. She could not now marry him without making her mother miserable and disobliging all her brothers and sisters. They were willing to give up their objection to the difference in their ages, but Arbuthnot has now proved that the settlement he would make would be ruinous to him, as he was already spending the whole of his income. Yet now he says that it will not distress him to make the required sacrifice of income, that it will not be injurious to his children, and that he can easily find the security. When he reminds her of her broken promises, may she not also remind him of all the difficulties which he has made and which it now appears from his own confession are wholly imaginary. "Were I to have married him before all these discussions, I should have been, I am sure, perfectly happy; he is too amiable & excellent & I am too much attached to him for me to have been otherwise." Asks him to discuss the matter with Arbuthnot and advise as to whether she should marry him or end the engagement.
N.d. Endorsed by W.D. Fane "2 Dec. 1813".

Caroline Chaplin to Vere at Messrs. Child's & Co.; from Sudbrooke Holme  1 FANE 6/4/2/3  1813

Informs him that it is all over between Harriet and Arbuthnot, and she has written him a last farewell. Harriet's gratitude to him.
Post mark, "2 Dec. 1813".

Anne Fane to her son, Vere, at Childs; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/4/2/4  3 Dec 1813

Rejoices that the affair is at an end, for the difficulties in endowing to secure some provision for her are so great and so complicated that it seems to have amounted almost to an impossibility. The plan for the writer having to pay the premium would have been a disgrace. She pities Harriet and Arbuthnot and blames herself for not having put a stop to the affair many months ago. Other social and financial matters. An enquiry as to whether Upwood was to be sold.

Harriet Fane to Vere, at Temple Bar  1 FANE 6/4/2/5  1813

3 ff.

Quotes from some of Mr. A's letters which state so strongly the impossibility of making the sacrifice of annual income required, with details of his income. "... How could you & I live upon 1000 1. or 1200 1., if Mrs. Fane finds it so impossible to live upon her 6000 1. she can give you no assistance whatever". She imagines that in making difficulties he has been converted by his friend, Lord Sackville.
Post mark, 10 Dec. 1813.

Anne Fane to her son, Vere at Childs; from Sudbrooke  1 FANE 6/4/2/6  1813

Her astonishment at finding the correspondence between Mr. Arbuthnot and Harriet still going on. Had Arbuthnot confirmed his own offers in the month of August, Harriet would have been his before. Blames his friends for urging him on to make demands, one after another, in the hope of getting the better of them. Arbuthnot's fault has been talking and consulting with everyone he met. Is surprised at Lord Westmorland's conduct: he should remember that he is one of Harriet's guardians and that these promises were extorted from her under age. Is told that Vere recommended that Arbuthnot should come down to Fulbeck as soon as the Parliament is up. Entreats him to withdraw his sanction.
Post mark, 10 Dec. 1813.

Lord Westmorland to Vere; from Cotsmore  1 FANE 6/4/2/7  31 Dec 1813

Will be pleased to act as trustee. Thinks that if Harriet outlives Arbuthnot she ought to have the £10,000 insurance money, as that money is all he brings forward for the contract of marriage.

H[arriet] Fane to Vere; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/4/2/8  Undated

Mr. Arbuthnot comes to-morrow, but she does not believe, unless there is a necessity for it, that he will hear of putting it off for a fortnight, as the recess is wearing away and he is anxious they should be in the country a month.
With addition from G[race] A. M[ichel] begging him to come to the wedding. "Remember you have nothing now to keep you in London but the old fusty shop."

Caroline Chaplin to Vere; [from Sudbrooke]  1 FANE 6/4/2/9  Undated, 2 Dec 1813

Hopes that what Harriet has written will induce him immediately to put an entire end to this unfortunate affair.

C[harles] Arbuthnot to Vere  1 FANE 6/4/2/10  Undated

Harriet's letters. "I love her at this moment far more than perhaps any of you have ever been aware of".
Thursday night.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/2/10 from T[reasury] Chambers  1 FANE 6/4/2/11  Undated

Saw Lord Westmorland and showed him Vere's letter from Harriet. He was certain that she does not mean to be off and laughs at the idea of Arbuthnot being ill with the family. Her last letter to him proves that she would not be an unwilling victim.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/2/10  1 FANE 6/4/2/12  Undated

They have the Duke of York's box at Covent Garden tonight, and the Regent's to-morrow.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/2/10  1 FANE 6/4/2/13  Undated

Will show him one letter at least in which she tells him to show her letters, and another which will prove that he has not been ungenerous.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/2/10  1 FANE 6/4/2/14  Undated

Has had a letter from Vere's sister assuring him that all the objections of himself and of his trustees are nonsense and that he should agree to what Vere requires. His trustees object to the idea of his creating £10,000 fortune for her, in addition to his marrying her without any disposeable fortune of her own. Is not battling for terms, but merely acting on the knowledge of what his expenses are and will be. Sends him a paper with full information about his expenses. If they bear out what he has said, asks Vere to render him justice at Fulbeck by this day's post.

Draft from Vere to Arbuthnot  1 FANE 6/4/2/15  Undated

After reading the enclosed, thinks Arbuthnot cannot hesitate a moment in releasing Harriet for all her engagements. He never can be desirous of leading to the altar an unwilling victim. Proposes measures for a final dissolution of the engagement.

H[arriet] Fane to Vere  1 FANE 6/4/2/16  Undated

Depends on the conversations which he and Arbuthnot were to have to put out of his head the nonsense his trustees have put in. Begs him to bring the business to a good conclusion. "I shall certainly lose my senses if anything now prevents this marriage".

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/4/2/10  1 FANE 6/4/2/17  Undated

Has written to Mr. Arbuthnot, but fears she has not been decisive enough, but the idea of putting an end to it makes her perfectly miserable. She does not suppose he will be able to make the settlement required, and she has told him that in that case they had better put an end to it. Her strong attachment to him.
Sunday night.

C[harles] Arbuthnot to Vere; from Treasury Chambers  1 FANE 6/4/2/18  Undated

He had proposed to appropriate Miss Fane's fortune to the insurance, but it was necessary to withdraw the offer as soon as he found that it could not be done. However desirable it may be to create a large jointure, he believes it is without precedent that that burden should fall on the husband, when no use what ever is derived from marriage fortune. His dismay at the severity of the proposals when Vere showed him the plan at Apethorpe.

Anne Fane to her son, Vere  1 FANE 6/4/2/19  Undated

Mr. Arbuthnot is there. Asks him to be careful in answering Harriet's letter that he does not decide for her. At the time Harriet sent some things back to Arbuthnot, she also sent him the most loving letter.
Friday morning.

Draft from Vere to Harriet  1 FANE 6/4/2/20  Undated

By the enclosed she will see that she is released from all her engagements. Her angry letter which arrived this morning (1 FANE 6/4/2/5) he could not show to Arbuthnot, as it contained an attack on Lord Sackville. Advises that the war of words may cease and that every effort may be made to replaced all their minds in the tranquillity they were in 12 months ago.

Lord Westmorland to Vere  1 FANE 6/4/2/21  Undated

Arbuthnot has been with him and is in a great fidget, particularly with an epistle he has received from Caroline - not a very proper one. Mr. Shepherd has been with their lawyer who says Mrs. Fane will give no facilities, which seems very extraordinary. Asks for further news from Fulbeck.

Letters from General Sir Henry Fane to Vere Fane  1 FANE 6/4/3  1835-1839

From Avon  1 FANE 6/4/3/1  29 April 1835

4 ff.

Expects to be summoned on board his ship to-morrow, so sends final instructions. Has made arrangements at Fulbeck with Edward, who will remit to Vere the balances due to Sir Henry half yearly. Has given full instructions to Mr. Nightingale about the management of their mother's Avon and Upwood properties, and these require personal examination by Edward or Vere occasionally. Has not yet been able to renew his lease of the tithes from Mr. Wyndham of Dinton, the lay impropriator. Has let his farm and his business will be closed by degrees. Lady Fane remains at Avon, and he will pay his mother rent for the cottage. Any balances which arise at Avon, at Fulbeck, and in his agents' hands are to be paid to his credit with Praeds & Co., and are to be used to liquidate his debts. Has stated the payments which must be made for him half-yearly. Asks him to aid Lady Fane or Arthur with his counsel, if they should require it. Lady Fane stands in the position of being very materially damaged by the abolition of a patent place she holds in Ireland, should a radical government take the measures they have threatened. In such case, she must apply to Vere. The loss of his patronage will be felt by the two Blairs. He has written to Burghurst to undertake their patronage, and if necessary, Vere should communicate with him. He always intended to appropriate the saving from the trust funds in fitting them out when appointed to ships. Vere may use it accordingly. Asks to hear from him monthly.
Note by Vere that the last sheet contained orders about payments in Fleet St., and he has forwarded it there.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/4/3/1  1 FANE 6/4/3/2  30 April 1835

2 ff.

Asks that he will pay for William the cost of Caroline's passage, to his [Sir Henry's] account at Praeds. If his son Arthur should die during his absence, wishes the allowance to be continued to his wife.
Addressed to Trevethoe, Redruth.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/3  14 Sept 1835

5 ff.

Will not describe the voyage, as he has written a regular journal of it to some of the family. Describes the magnificance of Calcutta. He saw Mildmay, very well, during the nine days he was at Madras, Louisa met him here, and William will be here next month. They have not suffered from the heat, and he has been twice as hot in Spain and Portugal. Excellence of the food available. His finances, and bill he left unpaid. The first incumbrance he intends to discharge is his debt to Vere's house. Cannot tell what remittances he will be able to make from India. Hopes that after the first year his remittances will be pretty large, as his salary is about £16,000. After paying Vere, he wants to discharge a mortgage to Mrs. Almond of Sleaford for £1500, secured by the estate purchased from Wingfield in Fulbeck. After that he wishes to buy up the mortgage on Avon which Vere holds. Bella is better than she expected. His daughter in law will again make him a grandpapa soon.

At 189 Fleet Street  1 FANE 6/4/3/4  21, 26 Oct 1835

5 ff.

Has not written to Vere because he has kept up a regular correspondence with one or other of his family, and has trusted to his letters to one being circulated through the whole. Since he has been in Bengal, there have been too many calls upon his time to allow of more than one letter a month. At the moment he is writing at the Council table while the other members of the Government are discussing a matter of finance relating to their own civil retiring funds. Describes the method of government - Council, Secretaries of the several departments. Excellence of the acting Governor General. India is for the most part quiet, except for several murders which he mentions. Their communications are now complete across this vast empire, and this letter will travel on men's heads direct across the country near 1200 miles, to be embarked at Bombay for Europe. It takes him about ten hours a day to keep his hands quite clear of business, but does not intend to fall into arrears. William has just arrived from Allahabad "a tall, thin man - stooping a little, looking sufficiently florid - Hair enough remaining on his head: but all that at the top of it, quite white".
[Post mark 30 Jan. 1836].

At same as in 1 FANE 6/4/3/4  1 FANE 6/4/3/5  5 Nov 1835

Asks him to forward the enclosed, and to let him have an abstract of his account. William and his family are still with him.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/6  12 Nov 1835

2 ff.

Has taken advantage of an opportunity to place his son Henry on full pay, and he will have to pay the difference between the full and the half pay. Henry has written an order upon Vere's house to pay the amount to Major Seward of the 9th Regiment, and is not sure whether he left in Vere's hands the requisite power of attorney for disposing of any part of his stock. Longs to be on the wing for the Upper Provinces, but cannot move until he knows what is to become of the Government. Feels as though he will be very well able to perform his task.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/7  3 March 1836

3 ff.

Has heard that a reform has taken place and that Lady F's patent place has been done away with. If it is true, he is apprehensive of her committing some folly by quitting Avon, or some such nonsense, so asks Vere to write and say that £150 will be placed to her account at Coxes every quarter day. The Jupeter has just been reported at the mouth of the river, and Lord Auckland will be in Calcutta that evening or to-morrow. Tells him that a book published there by a radical rescal called the East India Military Journal will show him all the orders he has issued and how they handle him.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/8  26 April 1836

Encloses the third of the set of bills for £2500. Describes the present state of India. Doubts whether he will have any opportunity for assembling such a force as it would be worth his while to take in hand! As soon as the season permits, is going to start for the Upper Provinces, where the largest part of the Bengal army is cantooned, and he will probably remain the rest of his time about the western frontiers. In October he will go from Calcutta to Allahabad and William's house by the regular steam communication now established - a steam vessel which acts as a tug for a very large flat bottomed vessel. About the beginning of November, as soon as the rainy season is over, he will take the field. His tent, elephants, camels, and all the appendages of an eastern satrap, meet him at Allahabad. He will be under canvas between four and five months, moving from place to place, visiting as many military stations as he can, diverging here and there for a little tiger shooting, elephant hunting, hawking &c., and when it grows too hot in the plains, he will retire to Simla in the Himalaya mountains. "It cannot be otherwise than delightful to spend the next two years as I propose". Thriving and improving condition of India - agriculture and trade. "India is a most noble appendage to the Crown of England", and has infinite capabilities. Has no apprehensions about the fidelity of the army. Thinks Lord Auckland will do extremely well there.
1 ff.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/9  24 May 1836

Complains that Vere's letter of 15th November was unsatisfactory, as it communicated to him the stoppage of Lady F.'s finances by the act of the government, but did not say what arrangement he had made to obviate her difficulties. Desires that £125 a quarter may be paid to her account. That the government should take away patent places from the holders without full compensation is a most rascally act of robbery and spoliation. The patent office of Housekeeper of Dublin Castle was conferred on Mr. C[ooke] for her life, as a reward for his services as a public servant of the Government. He held it during his life and she continued to hold it afterwards. At his death, he was in but poor circumstances and had three maiden sisters. The writer, therefore, persuaded her, as she succeeded to the revenues of this patent place, to waive her right of administration to his will and claims to the third of his property. "If it had happened before I came to India, it would have broken our backs". Bella's sore throat and slight fever. "I like Lord Auckland very much; and we shall do quite well together".

From same as in 1 FANE 6/4/3/9  1 FANE 6/4/3/10  29 May 1836

Has received his letter of 20 December and approves of his action with regard to Lady Fane and his advice about addressing a memorial to the Treasury. Has made another remittance of £1500 today. Affairs of the Blair family. Does not interfere with the Commander in Chief of the Madras army about promotions, so Lady Mary FitzRoy should apply to him.

From Calcutta  1 FANE 6/4/3/11  18 July 1836

10 ff.

Glad to hear that he has been able to take up hunting again. Thinks this will find him returned from Cornwall, as he is usually settled in Nottingham Place before the bad weather sets in. Describes the boat in which he will spend about thirty days going to Allabahad, where he will land at William's house. Intends to start his march up the right bank of the Jumna on 7th November, with a terrible cavalcade. For the carriage of his camp equipage alone, the government allow him 49 elephants and 230 camels. His camp will contain at least 5,000 people. Has two complete sets of tents, with their attendants, and occupies one while the other is sent a march in advance, and made ready for his arrival. Describes how Bella will travel - in a howdah on an elephant, riding on her horse, and lying in her palanquan, carried on the shoulders of four men. His first halt will be at Cawnpoor, where he will collect about eight or nine Regiments of Infantry, three Regiments of Dragoons, eighteen pieces of horse artillery, and a batallion of foot. From there, thinks of visiting Lucknow and the King of Oudh, then Gwalior, capital of Scindia, Agra, Mattra, Delhi, Kurnal and Meerut. Will remain under canvas as long as the sun will permit in 1837, and will then go to Simla where he has purchased a country house, his summer retreat. In expectation of the death of his Persian interpreter, and the departure of his servant, Tom Barnes.

From on board the Bagurette Flat in tow of a steamer on the Hoogley  1 FANE 6/4/3/12  15 Sept 1836

8 ff.

Left Calcutta two days ago, after fifty-three weeks and does not know a more enjoyable place. A grand dinner given him by the Governor General on the eve of his departure. Describes his boat. His party consists only of his own family - Isabella, his son and his wife and child, Michel, Captain Campbell, and Edward's son, Henry Fane, and his personal surgeon Dr. Wood. Has some regiments and many things to see en route for Allahabad. Has on board with him his own cook, Wine etc., two cows, and several goats, twelve fat sheep and many dozen of poultry. Will land at Moorshedabad and at Patna where there are regiments for him to see. Will stop at Buxam, near which is one of the breeding studs for the British cavalry and artillery horses, one of a number of magnificent and most useful establishments. The banks of the Hoogley are uninteresting because of the flatness of the country, though the first 25 miles from Calcutta are very pretty from the multitude of temples and gants. Describes gants, and the sight of men, women and children bathing in the rivers in their thousands. Is vexed that the double-bodied Phaeton had not arrived when he left Calcutta. Post script that Mildmay is confirmed in his command at Trichinopoly.

From Camp within two marches of Cawnpoor  1 FANE 6/4/3/13  17 Nov 1836

7 ff.

Annoyed that Vere has not followed his instructions about payments to Lady Fane, and sends repeated instructions. Is surprised not to have had any account from Mr. Nightingale about the sale of his farming stock, crops, implements etc. at Avon. Asks Vere to call for a complete account, without delay, if all his accounts have not been rendered and balances paid. Asks for a clear balance sheet from June 1835 to December, 1836.
Continued from "Camp at Oung", same day. For the diurnal journal, which Vere hopes he will keep, he must look to Isabella or Edward (so they are obliged to call him as there are three other Henry's in the writer's family). Though the latter is a well behaved youth, with a talent for drawing, industry is not one of his most prominent qualities. Their arrival at Allahabad after 37 days, and after stopping at the cities on the way. Hindu houses and their simple way of life. Marched from Allahabad on 8th November. Describes his tents and camp and their mode of progress by elephant and horse. The elephants and camels in his camp, about 50 of the former and upwards of 400 of the latter. Describes the cavalcade. They finish the day's journey about half past seven, before the sun is at all hot, and sit down to breakfast at nine. "My elephant carries me alone, or perhaps with an aid de camp. Bella's carries her, Caroline, Bella's maid, and generally Colonel Beresford".

From Ferozpoor  1 FANE 6/4/3/14  26 Nov 1838

4 ff.

Concerning Messrs. Wiggins & Co. and his having been done out of his money. They all left their lovely mountain abode at Simla on 3rd November, and at the foot of the hills, on 7th, his party broke up. His daughter and grandchildren went east, to the Ganges, to embark for Calcutta and so to make their way home to England. He and the males of his family went west, to meet his army, bound for the lower Indus and Afghanistan. His army, which has been marching in four columns by different routes, will all arrive there by to-morrow and the next day. Has about 12 thousand fighting men, and this implies about 24 thousand followers. With the camp of the Governor General, he must have 50 thousand souls assembled there. Is to meet the Maharajah Runjeet Singh, who will have with him at least as many, and they are to have a grand show. All his prospects of laurels over the Indus have faded away, as the retreat of the Persians from before Herat has so completely altered the affairs of the countries west of Indus that his personal services are no longer deemed necessary. The army which he has assembled there will therefore be broken up. Will endeavour to make his way home as early as is conveniently practicable. Thinks of going down the Indus and proceeding home from Bombay. Post script asking him to let Isabella have what money she may require until his return.

From General Sir Henry Fane to his daughter Bella  1 FANE 6/4/3/15  28 Feb 1839

6 ff.

From near the mouth of the Indus. His vexation, when half way down the Indus, to receive instead of the notification of his successor, the request that he would remain some time longer in discharge of his functions as Commander in Chief. Must pass the summer in the Bombay Presidency, but will proceed forthwith to the Mahableshur hills. Has not only the evil of remaining a summer longer than he intended, but the nuisance of spending that summer in the greatest discomfort. Has written to his brothers about her and does not doubt they will take care of her till his return. Vere is to give her what money she requires. Was delayed on his voyage down the Indus by finding the lower part of the river, through Sinde, in arms to oppose Sir J. Keane and the Bombay army. Therefore he had to land in upper Sinde, leaving his boats at Bukkur, and he made fourteen marches with the troops. On the submission of Hyderabad, they countermarched and retraced their steps to Bukkur, where they had thrown a bridge of boats over the river, over which the troops passed and proceeded into Afghanistan. Here he parted from them, resumed his boats, and passed on down the Indus. On 28th February they reached the sea, where a brig of war was in waiting to carry him to Bombay. Henry, John Michel, and Dr. Wood are his companions, and they have played their rubber of whist every night. Henry Edward joined his regiment to march into Afghanistan. He is the first British officer to pass from the Himalaya mountains to the sea. Describes how he recieved Meer Rustum, Khan of Khyrpoor, a Belochee Chief, on his way through Sinde.

Letters to Vere Fane and Isabella Fane from or about Sir Henry Fane, 1836-42: a bundle labelled by Isabella Fane: "Letters written by my dear Father - and by others relating to his death"  1 FANE 6/5  1836-1842

Henry Fane to his brother, Vere  1 FANE 6/5/1  Undated

Asks that Mr. Ostler of Grantham may have a copy of one of his title deeds in Vere's possession, an exchange between their father and Sir Thomas Skipwith of lands in Fulbeck.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1; from Calcutta  1 FANE 6/5/2  20 March 1836

Transmits a bill for £2500, to be used, with such further sums from his balances as may be requisite, to wipe out his debt to Messrs. Praeds & Co. As his saving will now be progressive, wishes notice to be given to Messrs. Pearson & Co. of Sleaford of his intention, at the end of twelve months, to discharge a mortgage held by their client, Mrs. Alunt, secured by a mortgage of part of the Fulbeck estate. Asks him also to inform William Castleman of Wimborn of his intention to discharge his debt of £4,000 to him at the end of twelve months. Lives like a king on half his income.
With rough draft of letters sent by Vere.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1; from Calcutta  1 FANE 6/5/3  8 Sept 1836

Makes a further remittance of £4000 and some odd hundred pounds before his departure for the Upper Provinces. As this will lead to an accumulation of money in Vere's hands faster than his mortgages can be discharged, depends on him to lay out his balances in the most advantageous manner. When his previous instructions have been carried out, a mortgage for £10,000 to the executors of Mr Garland of Poole will be all that remains to discharge. Desires a regular half yearly statement of his account with the house.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1, at Praeds & Co. 189 Fleet Street; from Simla  1 FANE 6/5/4  10 Aug 1837

His Calcutta agents have remitted to Vere's house £2,000 on his account, and in a few days another bill for about £1100 will be remitted. As these sums will be in excess of his debts, he will commence a fund for his daughter's fortune and will vest the money in her name. £5,000 to be invested in the purchase of 3 per cents for her. Intends, as money comes to hand, to invest £5000 in Exchequer Bills in the joint names of Vere Fane and R.G.C. Fane, to be held by them in trust for Sir Henry, and in case of his death, to be transferred to Isabella.

Wrapper of letter, Sir H. Fane to Vere Fane, endorsed "Orders to advance money for Isabella"  1 FANE 6/5/5  Nov 1838

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1 from Kirkee  1 FANE 6/5/6  30 Sept 1839

His remittances, which are nearly at an end, as his successor has been appointed - Sir Jasper Nicoll. Concerning the change of the general to go into Afghanistan. Describes how well his Lieutenant, Sir J. Keane, has done his duty at Ghuzni. An account of the storming has been written by Maria's son, Henry. Edward's action about his drawing-room ceiling at Fulbeck, without his orders, is a superfluous expenditure as anyway he purposes to exchange Fulbeck for Avon.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1 from Bombay  1 FANE 6/5/7  12 Nov 1839

6 ff.

Resigns his command in India on 31st December and hopes to depart from the harbour of Bombay by 3rd January on the Malabar. His party will consist of his son, John Michel and his wife, Dr. Wood, and perhaps Edward's son, Henry, if he does not go home via Egypt. Describes the state of tranquillity in which he leaves India exaggerated fears of the powers of Russia and Persia. Now that the British have crossed the Indus have even advanced so far towards Persia as Herat, and have overrun all Afghanistan, the eyes of the Asiatic powers are wide open. Does not approve of the continued occupations of Cabul and the territories of Shah Soojah. A severe attack on his chest, probably of asthma, makes him doubt whether he has not received his route for "Kingdom come". His will is at Vere's house and he is sending the codicils he has made as his wealth increased.

Henry Fane to his sister, Bella; from Bombay  1 FANE 6/5/8  14-26 Nov 1839

6 ff.

Day-to-day reports concerning his father's health, with the history of his illnesses.

Marcus Beresford to Vere Fane at Messrs. Praed & Co.; from Bombay  1 FANE 6/5/9  24 Nov 1839

Informs him that his brother, Sir Henry Fane, is dangerously ill with a violent attack of fever. Sir Henry directs him to say that he has sent Vere several codicils to his will. Before his savings are invested in the hands of trustees, he wishes that Mr. Hobson should be paid for a new carriage and the works at Fulbeck completed. He solicits the continuance of Vere's kind assistance and service to his children, who are now in the management of landed and other property.
Has advised his son to complete with as little delay as possible the exchange between the Avon and Fulbeck estates and he prays Vere to afford him what service he can. Sir Henry has dictated these words, and prays to God to bless him.
Post mark, 19 April, 1840.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/1; At Messrs. Praeds, forwarded to Blankney, Sleaford  1 FANE 6/5/10  4 Dec 1839

Their Admiral, Sir Frederick Maitland, having died two days ago, it is thought that an express will go by the Red Sea, to inform minister, so he writes to assure him that Sir Henry's progress to convalescence has exceeded their most sanguine hopes. News that Khilat has fallen to their arms, with information about the capture.

Sir Henry Fane to his daughter, Bella  1 FANE 6/5/11  5 Dec 1839

Is recovering after a very severe attack. It wants now but twenty-six days to the sailing of his ship, and he looks forward to it as he has never been one day well in Bombay.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/11 from Malabarpoint, Bombay  1 FANE 6/5/12  28 Dec 1839

His improved health. He goes on board his ship in two days. The voyage. Is sending this letter by the overland mail, by which Henry Edward goes. Desires that a house in London may be taken for him and that she will meet him there when he arrives. Concerning General C., whom he has had to offer hospitality. Has managed to make John Michel a Major. He and his wife, Henry and Dart, and Wood are his companions on his voyage.
Wrapper endorsed by Isabella: "The last letter I ever received from my dearest Father - Janry 1840".

Sir Henry Fane to Vere Fane, 189 Fleet Street: from on board the ship Malabar  1 FANE 6/5/13  16 March 1840

Feels that he has so little chance of reaching England alive that he must trouble him on one or two points. Dr. Arthur Hood, who has attended him professionally these five years, will have to return to India to rejoin his regiment and is to have £200 for the purpose. Trusts to Vere to aid his son in settling all his affairs according to the views which he has made known to his brother Edward. Final greeting and signature by Sir Henry, rest in another hand.

[Mauor] J. Michel to his cousin Isabella [Fane] from 300 Regent Street  1 FANE 6/5/14  Undated

Has abstained from writing to her sooner, so that the first burst of her grief should have passed, and writes now to ask whether she would like to see him before he leaves London on Monday, since he was with his uncle for the last hours of his life. Offers of service.

Copy, in hand of Isabella Fane, of account by Col. John Michel of the death of his uncle, Sir Henry Fane, with other information about his health and conduct on the voyage  1 FANE 6/5/15  25 March 1840

Ship Malabar.

Henry Fane to Vere Fane; from the Malabar at sea  1 FANE 6/5/16  26 March 1840

Announces his father's death at 12 o'clock of the night of 24th March, when they were in sight of the Azores.
His burial at sea. Praises the kindness and usefulness of John Michel and the unremitting attention of Wood.

Enclosure  1 FANE 6/5/16a  26 March 1840

Henry Fane to Miss Isabella Fane, his sister, to be forwarded.
Their father's death. Describes the voyage and the progress of his disease. Will come to town immediately, though can say nothing of what he shall do or where he shall live.

Copy of letter from I[sabella] Fane to her mother [Lady Fane]; from 23 Wimpole Street  1 FANE 6/5/17  23 April 1840

At such a time of deep affliction hopes she will forgive and forget what is past. Would be happy if they could meet at least on friendly terms. As her mother did not answer the letter she wrote some years back, she feared she would look upon her again addressing her unfavourably.

I[sabella] F[ane] to her daughter, Bella, at 23 Wimpole Street, London  1 FANE 6/5/18  26 April 1840

Thanks God for the comfort of her letter. It was the desire of the dear departed that they should be on happy terms, and she reminds her that it has never been her fault that they were not always so. Trusts there will never again be any interruption of their peace and goodwill. Assures her that her home will always be at her daughter's disposal. Explains why she did not see her previous to her departure from England.

The Revd. A[rthur] F[ane] to his sister, Isabella  1 FANE 6/5/19  Undated

Copies for her a letter which their father wrote to their mother from the Cape of Good Hope. They have prayed for him, and have done what they could. Assures her of his protection.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/5/19 at 23 Wimpole Street  1 FANE 6/5/20  1840

His journey with the Persian cat. Has heard from their mother and rejoices that they have succeeded in their endeavours. Exhorts her to put away all annoyance and live peaceably with her. "The incompatibility of disposition between her and all her children renders reciprocal love out of the question", but they owe duty and regard.
Undated. Post mark, 28 April, 1840.

[Sir] John Keane to Isabella Fane; from United Services Club  1 FANE 6/5/21  Undated

Condolences. Describes the day he passed on the Indus with Sir Henry and urged him not to remain in Bombay.

Maria Fane to Isabella Fane at 23 Wimpole Street; from Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/5/22  31 April 1840

Condolences. Offers their home to be hers for as long as it suits her. Henry is arrived here.

Certificate (or copy) by Arthur Fane, Vicar of Warminster, that Isabella Fane, his sister, deceased, was born on 13 Dec. 1804  1 FANE 6/5/24  Undated

The Revd. Edward Fane to Isabella Fane, 23 Wimpole Street; from Leicester  1 FANE 6/5/23  1840

Invites her to Fulbeck after she has paid her visit at Blankney. Considers himself a great debtor to her father for his kindness to his son, and will be glad to return a small portion of the debt to his daughter.
Undated. Postmark May, 1840.

Cuttings from The Times  1 FANE 6/5/25  1842

Letter from H. Fane, Lieutenant-Colonel, Aide-de-camp to the late Commander-in-Chief in India, General Sir Henry Fane, on the Afghan War. Argues that the war was unnecessary, unwise, and most unjust. Sir Henry Fane pointed out the extreme danger of this wild expedition. The real reason for his retirement was disgust at the extraordinary power delegated to Mr. Macnaughton, a Civil Secretary.
Part of leader referring to this letter.
5 July, 1842.

Papers of General Sir Henry Fane  1 FANE 6/6  1834-1914

"Journals kept by my father, Sir H. Fane during the years 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838"  1 FANE 6/6/1  1834-1839

f. 1. His acceptance of the appointment of Commander in Chief of the Armies in India, Oct. 1834.
f. 2 Embarks on the True Briton, 1 May, 1835.
ff. 2-8 The voyage, including memorandum relating to Madeira, memorandum upon Trinidad.
ff. 8-9 Lands at Madras, 21 Aug. Re-embarks 29 Aug.
f. 10 Arrival at Calcutta, 5 Sept. 1835.
ff. 11v.-17v. Tour in the Upper Provinces, 13 Sept. 1836-21 April 1837.
By steamer from Calcutta to Allahabad, along the Bhagurette and Ganges visiting Morshedabad, Patna, Dirapore Gazeepoor stud, Benares.
ff. 17v.-20v. March from Allahabad to Cawnpore. Regiments etc. reviewed.
f. 20v.-21v. Futtebyhur, including gun carriage manufactory.
ff. 22-24 Mynpoorie and Agra.
ff. 24-25 Allyghun and Haupper with its stud.
ff. 25-26 Mereet
f. 26 Sirdhan
f. 26v.-32v. Protected Sikh States. Delakeree, Shahabad, Umballa, Sirhind, Kunaba Serai and Dourha Serai, Loodiana, Tehara, Mukkoo Elmritzir, Rungurk.
ff. 32v.-35v. Lahore. Inspection of Maharaja's troops (Runjeet Sing).
Introduced to Sultan Mahomed Khan and Peer Mahomed Khan.
f. 36-41. Libliamee, Kussoor, Ferozpoor, Leetala, Bussee, Barr, Sobatoo, Simla.
ff. 42-47v. "Journal of the meeting between Sir H. Fane and the Maharajah Runjeet Sing, at Lahore. March 1837".
ff. 49-61v. "Journal during my stay at Simla, 1837".
Includes a journal of a journey into the interior of the Himalayas, 23 Sept. 1837 - 5 Jan. 1838. Includes Delhi, and visit to Great Mogul.
ff. 62-63v. "Simla 1838". 5 Jan. - 3 Nov. Mainly observations on the weather.
ff. 64-65 "A return of the strength of the Nipal Army".
ff. 66-78v. "Journal of a passage down the Sutledge and Indus rivers to the Sea. 14 Dec. 1838-6 March, 1839.
From 4 miles west of Ferozpoor on the Sutledge (in the Punjab) to Bombay. Through the Punjab and Upper Sinde. Decided not to proceed through Lower Sinde owing to the hostility of the Amirs of Hyderabad. Awaiting the march of the Bengal column. By boat to Koree where he had a formal visit from Meer Roosturn Khan, Chief of Upper Sinde. When it appeared that the situation of Sir John Keane's Bombay force, below Hyderabad, was such that a diversion in their favour was desirable. He therefore left his boats and marched with 6 regiments of infantry, three of cavalry and two brigades of artillery towards Lower Sinde and on Hyderabad.
Returns the visit of Meer Roosturn Khan. Continued his march for 7 days. When the Ameers of Hyderabad gave in to the terms proposed to them, and he and the troops retraced their steps to Korea.
Observations on the country. The fort a of Bukker. Hyderabad city.
The Pulla Fishery, the Delta.
1 March, reached their vessel in safety; 6 March, made the anchorage in the harbour of Bombay.
ff. 80-83v. "Some account of what occurred in Hêrat in 1839, by an officer employed in the defence".
In form of a letter to "dear Foster" from "one of your assistants in Hêrat".
A plan of the fort pinned on.
In the hand of General Sir Henry Fane's son, Henry Fane.

Journal of Sir Henry Fane  1 FANE 6/6/2  1836-1839

69ff., 23 only used.

Mainly catalogue of ceremonial interviews given by him and of his visits to Indian rulers and chiefs, and of presents given.
Enclosure (f. 67). A document in an oriental language
Signed J.H. Phillips.
A paper with honorific titles of the Commander in Chief in English and in an Indian tongue, in same hand as the journal.
Note at the beginning of the book that the handwriting is not that of any of Sir H. Fane's family and is "probably that of the Persian Interpreter acting as Master of Ceremonies, Captain Hay, and others".

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/3  13 Feb 1835 - 5 March 1843

Copies of letters from General Sir Henry Fane, and after his death, [24 March 1840] from his son Lieut. Colonel Henry Fane. All relate to private affairs and finances. Include the following matters:
Arrangements for General Fane's passage to India on the True Briton, 13 Feb. 1835.
Letters to Vere Fane concerning his finances
Letters concerning goods to be sent out to India
Concerning remittances of money sent home.
Drafts for payments to be made.
Letters concerning provision for his children.
Concerning purchase of a Lieutenant Colonelcy for his son Henry for £2,975. 1837.
Order for a coach to be made for him for his return.
Instructions to Mr. Nightingale, steward for Avon and Upwood, 1838.
Concerning sale of his house at Simla, 1838.
Return passage for his daughter and family, Nov. 1838.
Re-decoration and reordering of house at Fulbeck, 1839.
Upwood, Dorset, offered for sale to Holroyd, April 1839.
Arrangements for return voyage, Oct. 1839. The last letter in General Fane's hand is dated 31 Dec. 1839. From 26 March, 1840, letters are from his son Henry, not always in chronological order, including:-
Letters concerning the General's death; to army authorities, Vere Fane, and others.
Drafts drawn by me in England, 1840".
To the Reverend Edward Fane concerning the disposal of his estates and houses, 3 May, 1840.
To brother, the Reverend Arthur Fane, concerning their respective inheritance under their father's will, 3 May, 1840.
To the Reverend Edward Fane about letting Fulbeck house to him, 31 May, 1840.
The last letter written by Sir Henry Fane to his brother, the Reverend Edward Fane, criticizing the will drawn up for their mother by which the Fulbeck property is divided and urging the exchange of Fulbeck and Avon. Upwood ought to be sold and the money used towards discharging the Avon mortgage. 10 March, 1840. Copied by son Henry.
Letter from General Fane to Lord Hill asking that his son Henry should receive the rank of baronet as a mark of recognition for his own conduct in the East. 24 Nov. 1839. Copied by son Henry.
Letter from General Fane to the Reverend Edward Fane about his expenditure at Avon on adding to the house, 15 Oct. 1815.
Account of money expended at Avon, 1812-17: £3286.9s.8d. Copied by son Henry.
To the Reverend Edward Fane concerning the Fulbeck estate where the writer now intends to reside, having given up the idea of exchanging Fulbeck for Avon. [Jan. 1841].
To Vere Fane, asking that the trustees of his father's will shall lay out money in consolidating the Fulbeck estate, since he has decided to settle there. 15 Jan. 1841.
Copy of letter from the Rev. E. Fane about giving up the Fulbeck house, 14 Jan. 1841.
Letters concerning a lease of the house to Mr. Yorke.
To the Rev. E. Fane about increasing the rents on three Fulbeck farms, 9 Aug. 1841.
Instructions about felling trees at Fulbeck.
Copy of letter from the Rev. E. Fane about John Harris, a reputed son of the Hon. Mr. Fane, 13 Jan. 1842.
Letter, a reputed son of the Hon. Mr. Fane, 13 Jan. 1842.
Letter concerning sale of his commission, 12 April, 1841.
Carbon copies.
Index at front of book.
Cover. red calf, inscribed
"General Sir H. Fane".

Minutes by General Sir Henry Fane, Commander in Chief of the Indian army  1 FANE 6/6/4  5 Oct 1835 - 6 Nov 1836

Matters referred to the Governor-General in Council.
Volume 201ff.
Index at front.

"General Orders issued by His Excellency the Commander in Chief since the 5th September, 1835, and which are considered 'Standing Orders' arranged according to date"  1 FANE 6/6/5  13 July 1835 - 14 Dec 1838

Printed orders bound up.

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/6  August 1835 - 17 Dec 1839

Miscellaneous official letters from General Sir Henry Fane as Commander-in-Chief.
Letters numbered.
Label on cover "General Sir H. Fane to the Horse Guards and sundry Military Correspondence".

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/7  11 Sept 1835 - 16 Sept 1837

Copies of letters from General Sir Henry Fane to Sir Charles Metcalfe bt. (Provisional Governor General) and then to Lord Auckland, Governor General.
"No. 1"
Pages numbered 1-376.

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/8  22 Sept 1837 - 10 Jan 1839

Copies of letters from General Sir Henry Fane to Lord Auckland.
"No. 2"
Pages numbered 377-755.

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/9  20 Jan 1839 - 21 Dec 1839

Copies of letters from General Sir Henry Fane to Lord Auckland.
"No. 3"
Pages, 756-922.

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/10  25 Nov 1835 - 10 Feb 1839

Copies of letters from Lord Auckland, Governor General, to Sir Henry Fane, Commander in Chief. Not arranged entirely chronologically.
Mainly March 1836 - Nov. 1837. "No. 1" 270pp.
Enclosure: Memo. of Corps and detachments employed against the Burmese in 1824-26.

Letter book  1 FANE 6/6/11  25 March 1835 - 13 June 1839

As in 1 FANE 6/6/10. Not entirely chronological in order.
Mainly Dec. 1837 - June 1839.
pp. 364.
"No. 2".

An index to the official letters of Sir Henry Fane while in India  1 FANE 6/6/12  Undated

The page references do not refer to 1 FANE 6/6/7-9, or to 1 FANE 6/6/6, but to three other volumes of copies of Sir Henry's letters which are not preserved in this deposit. Some of the letters in 1 FANE 6/6/7 above have pencilled page references in the margin, which are those referred to in this index. Probably the three volumes to which this index relates were chronological letter books including letters to the Governor General and to others.

A packet of military letters and memoranda  1 FANE 6/6/13  1835-1914

Copy of letter (in French) with English translation from Louis Philippe to Pendjit Sing, ruler of the Punjab, appointing General Allard as French agent with him  1 FANE 6/6/13/A, B  27 Oct 1835

Journal by Major Sleeman of a journey to the pass over the Snowey range (in Himalayas)  1 FANE 6/6/13/C  1837

6 ff.

Moterana, Nagkunda, over Huttoo, Kashaen, ascent to crest of Suraroo range, Kurasoo, Rooroo, Pubbur river, Chargowa, Pecca, Jungleeg, Leetee, near to the river Sutleje. Return journey to Phagoo by a slightly different route.

Correspondence  1 FANE 6/6/13/D  1838, 1914

Letter from [Rowland, 1st Viscount] Hill, [General Commanding in Chief] to Sir Henry Fane; from Horse Guards  1 FANE 6/6/13/D/1  4 Dec 1838

Thanks him for his letters informing him that he has received orders to assemble a force of about 10,000 men on the River Sutlege near Ferespoor as soon as practicable after the rains cease, and that Soujah al Mulk is also assembling troops at Loodiana, that he calculates to arrive before Candahar the last week in February, with a view to ulterior operations on Cabul, in conjunction with the whole of the force under Runjeet Sing. Informs him that he put his letters confidentially into the hands of the Duke of Wellington, and his grace having stated his opinion at some length, he encloses a copy of his memorandum. H.M.'s Government will send a copy to the Governor General. It is to be regarded solely for his information and not in the shape of an instruction, it being beyond his authority to exercise any controlling power over the military measures which Fane carries out under the direction of the Governor General. Encloses also copies of two other notes from the Duke which he has since received.

Copy of memorandum by the Duke of Wellington upon Sir Henry Fane's proposed operations in Afghanistan against Persia  1 FANE 6/6/13/D/2  21 Nov 1838

10 ff.

Stratfield Saye
With pencil note by Lieut. Col. Henry Fane that the project was decided on by Lord Auckland against the advice of Sir A. Burnes and the Commander-in-Chief.

Copy of further memorandum by the Duke on same as in 1 FANE 6/6/13/D/2  1 FANE 6/6/13/D/3  26 Nov 1838

3 ff.

As the accounts of the raising of the siege of Herat are confirmed; so supposes Sir Henry will not march, and is not sorry for it.

Copy of further memorandum by the Duke on the same as in 1 FANE 6/6/13/D/2  1 FANE 6/6/13/D/4  29 Nov 1838

And opposing the sending of the army stores by river unless adequate means of other transport are taken.

Letter from S.M. Rice, Secretary of the United Service Institution of India, to Colonel V.B. Fane, C.B., 21st Punjabis. Peshawar; from Simla  1 FANE 6/6/13/D/5  27 Nov 1914

Returns to him the copy of the memorandum of the Duke of Wellington on the proposed plan of operations for the 1st Afghan War, which is to be published in the Journal for January 1915, with Lord Hill's correspondence on the subject.

Memorandum by Sir Henry Fane to show in what measure his endeavours as Commander in Chief have proved abortive  1 FANE 6/6/13/E  May 1839

8 ff.

Details as to the military points on which he has been thwarted or not attended to.
In Sir Henry's hand.

Memorandum of the engineer operations at the taking of Ghuznee [Afghanistan] in July 1839  1 FANE 6/6/13/F  25 July 1839

4 ff.

By Geo. Thomson, Chief Engineer, Army of the Indus. Camp Ghuznee.
With plan of the Canbul Gateway and part of the fortress.

Letters from Lord Fitzroy Somerset to Lieut. Col. Henry Fane, 11th Hussars  1 FANE 6/6/13/G  1841, 1844

Letter  1 FANE 6/6/13/G/1  3 March 1841

From Horse Guards. Has laid before the General Commanding in Chief Fane's letter stating his anxiety to be placed in command of a regiment of cavalry. Informs him that there is so much difficulty in finding employment for an officer of his rank that his lordship cannot name the period when he may be able to bring him forward.

Letter  1 FANE 6/6/13/G/2  14 June 1844

Related information: For other papers concerning General Sir Henry Fane and his estate and executorship, see 1 Fane 5/37/13 and 14

Acquaints him that his anxiety to be allowed to realize the value of a Lieutenant Colonelcy of cavalry remains for consideration, but His Grace has no expectation of being able to meet his wishes at an early date.
Wrapper, labelled by Lieut. Col. Henry Fane "Letters from Lord F. Somerset on the subject of a Regmt. of Cavalry. The Duke of Wellington about Baronetage". Pencil note by W.D. Fane that the Duke of Wellington's 2 last notes were given to Vere Fane, 1887.

Papers of Isabella Fane  1 FANE 6/7  1836-1854

Isabella Fane's diary while in India with her father  1 FANE 6/7/1  1836-1838

Note Book; ff. 144. Cover, red calf.

13 Sept. 1836, left Calcutta for the Upper Provinces, proceeding up the Ganges by boat to Allahabad, then by land to Cawnpore.
8 Dec. 1836, left Cawnpore (f. 17).
28 Dec. 1836, Arrived at Agra (f. 21). Sir C. Metcalfe.
5 Jan. 1837, Left Agra.
31 Jan. 1837 Reached Meerut (f. 29v.).
19 Feb. 1837 Reached Shahabad (f. 33v.). The Seik country.
20 Feb. Umballa (ibid.)
26 Feb. Loudiana (f. 34v.).
6 March Camp pitched 3 miles beyond Amritsar. Visit to Rungeet Sing (ff. 37v. - 49v.). Marriage of Rungeet's grandson (f. 38v.). The Shalemar Gardens, near Lahore (f. 42)
13 March Arrived at Lahore (f. 42v.).
Visit to Runjeet's Palace. The Coie Nore (f. 43).
Visit to Runjeet's ten wives, (f. 45v.).
28 March Left Lahore (f. 49v.).
20 April Sabatoo (f. 53v.).
21 April Reached Simla (f. 54).
Expeditions from there in Himalayas Social visits.
25 Oct. 1837 Left Simla.
13 Nov. Reached Hansi, (f. 75).
25 Nov. Jhajjar, the residence of the Rajah, (f. 77v.).
30 Nov. - 11 Dec. Delhi (f. 78v. - 81).
18 Dec. Reached Kurnaul [Kamal] f. 82v.
Left 23 Dec. (f. 83v.).
28 Dec. Ambala (f. 84v.).
5 Jan. 1838 Reached Simla (f. 85v.).
15 May Marriage of John [Michel], (f. 98v.).
2-14 June Expedition to the Choor, (f. 101v. - 106).
21 August Unhappy to learn that her father must proceed to the neighbourhood of the seat of war, until the arrival of his successor.
16 Oct. The Governor General and party dined with them, their last grand party at Simla, (f. 126).
3 Nov. 1838 Left Simla for good, parting from father, f. 129v.).
24 Nov. Reached Meerut, (f. 135).
28 Nov. Began voyage down river Ganges at Gurmuckleesa Ghaunt, in budgrows. (f. 136).
11 Dec. Reached Cawnpore, (f. 139).
17 Dec. Allahabad, (f. 141v.).
30 Dec. 1838 Dinapur. (f. 144).

Letters from Isabella Fane to her aunt Mrs. [Caroline] Chaplin at Blankney, written in the form of a journal  1 FANE 6/7/2  1836-1837

1-9. Given to W.V.R. Fane by Mrs. Chaworth Musters, Oct. 1907, according to notes in the hand of W.V.R. Fane.
These letters cover the eight months spent in Calcutta before the opening of Isabella's diary although they subsequently cover the same period as the diary, they in no sense duplicate it, as they contain much additional information and lively observation.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/1  2 Jan 1836 - 1 Feb 1836


Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/2  4 Feb 1836 - 19 March 1836

Labelled on wrapper "7". 13ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/3  21 March 1836 - 23 April 1836

Described by Isabella as "Journal No. 2"; labelled on envelope "8". 14ff (half sheets).

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/4  27 April 1836 - 8 June 1836

"Journal 3"; "9" on wrapper. 6ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/5  9 June 1836 - 13 July 1836

"Journal No. 4". 10ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/6  15 July 1836 - 19 Aug 1836

"Journal No. 5". Wrapper numbered "10". 13ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/7  28 Aug 1836 - 18 Sept 1836

"Journal 6th". Envelope numbered "12". 6ff. and 2 newspaper cuttings.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/8  18 Sept 1836 - 8 Oct 1836

"Journal 7". Wrapper numbered "13". 10ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/9  8 Nov 1836 - 3 Dec 1836

"Journal 9". Wrapper numbered "15". 9ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/10  8 Dec 1836 - 3 Jan 1837

"Journal 10". 8ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/11  5 Jan 1837 - 7 Feb 1837

"Journal 11th". 12ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/12  9 Feb 1837 - 16 March 1837

"Journal 12". 14ff.

Letter  1 FANE 6/7/2/13  17 March 1837 - 24 April 1837

"Journal 13". 12ff. and 2 sketches, one of a jonpann by Henry Fane, the other of their sleeping tents.

Diary of Isabella Fane  1 FANE 6/7/3  1 Feb 1852 - 14 March 1854

70 ff.

1 Feb. 1852 - 14 Dec. 1852, at Boulogne, ff. 1-31v.
14 Dec. 1852 - 11 Sept. 1853, in England, ff. 31v.-56v.
In London
Lincolnshire: Blankney (home of the Chaplins).
London again
Lincolnshire: Little Ponton (home of Vere Fane)
Visit to Boston for re-opening of church, 12 May (f. 48v.). Opening of Sleaford church, 24 May (f. 49v.).
Fulbeck (the Hall then occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Batty).
Notts.: Oxton (home of the Sherbrookes).
London for 3 days
Lancs.: Bardsea (home of the Gales)
Wiltshire: Warminster, to stay with the Revd. Arthur Fane. Meets her mother.
11 Sept. 1853 - 14 March, 1854. Abroad ff. 56v.-70.
Antwerp, 11-14 Sept.
Aix-la-Chapelle, from 14 Sept.

Cover only of journal of Isabella Fane  1 FANE 6/7/4  1850-1852

Label: "Journal from May 29th 1850 to Janry 1852. To be burned on my death without being read". Inside back cover:pencil notes of dates of visits by Dr. Spies, Dr. Vittius, Dr. Gros, and Dr. Cook, 1850-51.

Papers of Colonel Francis Augustus Fane  1 FANE 6/8  1848-1892

Diaries  1 FANE 6/8/1  1848-1884

Related information: See 3 FANE 2/1-9 for diaries 1885-1893

Letts's Diary and Almanack.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/1  1848

1848. Note at beginning about 1847.
At Ringwood, Hants., for shooting at Avon, 7-13 Nov. 1847; at Fulbeck from 14 Nov.
Fulbeck, with days at Blankney, Wellingore, Rauceby, Ponton, Aswarby. 1 Jan. - 27 March. Entries mainly about hunting.
Manchester, with the 57th Regiment. Some hunting with the Cheshire hounds. Chartist meeting in Manchester on Good Friday to which Feargus O'Connor came.
28 April - 1 May, Ruthin.
5 May, arranges for lessons in sketching. Subsequent entries about drawing and painting. 10 May news of Mildmay Fane going to British Guiana.
23 -2 5 May, Astle.
31 May, preventing the meeting of Chartists.
7 June, concerned with arrest of Chartist leader, Ernest Jones, for seditious speeches "He was found in bed at the Moseley Arms Hotel at ¼ past 9".
14 August. At Town Hall all night because of reports that there would be a Chartist rising.
London, 6 Sept.
Ringwood, 8 Sept.
London, 11 Sept.
Manchester, 12 Sept.
Heaton, 21-25 Sept. and 28 Sept. - 4 Oct., 7-9 Oct.
Manchester, 18 Oct.
Fulbeck, 18 Oct. - 14 Nov. Shooting at Ponton, Rauceby, Syston.
Ringwood. From 15 Nov.
London. From 22 Nov.
Fulbeck. From 24 Nov. Hunting at Rauceby etc., Melton, Ponton.
At beginning of book: monthly accounts. at end: copies of letters written.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/2  1849

Aswarby, 1-5 Jan.
Fulbeck, 6-13 Jan.
Derby, 13-15 Jan.
Fulbeck 15-16
Rauceby 16-18
Aswarby 19-26 Jan.
Manchester 26 Jan. - 5 Feb. Death of his general, Sir Thomas. "Thus ends an era of my life. During the 5 years and 8 months I have lived with him, I am afraid I have done much to be blamed for and but little good. I hope I may improve from henceforward".
London, 5-8 Feb.
Ponton, Fulbeck etc. 8 Feb. - 16 April. Hunting.
London, 16-21 April. Left for Spain.
Folkestone, Paris, Bordeaux, Bayonne. Travelling in a diligence.
Tolosa, arrived 28 April
Madrid, arrived 30 April. 2 May, Escorial.
Seville, arrived 6 May
Madrid, 10-16 May
Paris, 21-29 May
London, 30 May
Cowes, 30 May-2 June
Portsmouth & Worthing, 2-4 June
Avon, 4-9 June
London, 9-11 June
Fulbeck, 11-23 June with visits to Rauceby and Aswarby.
London, 23 June
Brighton, 23 -25 June
London, 25 June - 7 July
Gosport, in his Yacht to Ryde, Cowes and Southampton 7-8 July.
London 9-17 July
12 July. "Went to the Horse Guards and arranged to go to the West Indies on the 17th of August".
The Nore, North Foreland, Deal, Dover, Havre, Portsmouth 17-23 July.
Manchester 24-26 July
Fulbeck 26 July - 14 Aug.
Left Southampton, 17 Aug.
At sea 17 Aug. - 6 Sept. Set up his organ in his cabin. It is very difficult to keep the pedals going evenly - and as I am a good deal sea sick, I have not much time to practise".
24 Aug. Madeira.
Barbados 6-9 Sept. Found Charles Michel, Commander of the 66th Regiment, at the Barracks.
Martinique, Dominica, Guadaloupe, 10 Sept.
Antigua. 11 Sept.
Arrived at barracks about 4a.m. and found Mildmay in bed.
12 Sept. His laundry list.
14 Sept. Mildmay gave a dinner party and dance at which Francis performed on his organ.
Barbuda. 17-29 Sept. Shooting expedition
Cattle hunting
Antigua 29 Sept. - 24 Oct.
Yellow fever outbreak among his company.
St. Kitts 24-26 Oct. Rode in races; dined with governor.
Antigua 27 Oct - Many deaths from fever 30 Nov. seized with fever himself.
20 Dec. shark hunting.
At beginning of book, various rough accounts and addresses.
At end, drafts of several letters various recipes - orange brandy, brass liquor, ginger cordial, furniture polish, barley water, guava jelly.
"Manner in which I was treated for yellow fever on the 30th Novr. 1849. Pulse 120". List of "men ill of yellow fever at Antigua from the 17th Octr. to the Novr. 1849, all belonging to my Company".
Names, characters, dates of death.
Accounts, no. 3 Company, Oct. & Nov. 1849.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/3  1850

Antiqua. Left on 1 Jan. Note that he kept a separate journal 1 Jan. - 31 March.
St. Thomas's. 2-11 Jan.
Porto Rico passed, 12 Jan.
Jamaica 15-17 Jan. Took up quarters at the Date Tree House, Kingston with Lord Durham and others.
Republic of New Grenada, South America (now Colombia)
19 Jan. arrived at Santa Martha shooting - 2 iguanas
24 Jan. started on expedition to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with two Indian guides.
25 Jan. Hired donkeys and engaged an interpreter.
13 Feb. Reached the Perpetual Snow".
22 Feb. arrived back at Santa Martha
24 Feb. left on journey westwards to Cartagena.
28 Feb. arrived at Cartagena.
3 March left by steamer, having bought some monkeys and mats to take away.
Kingston, Jamaica 6-10 March
St. Thomas's 15-23 March
Antiqua 25 March
"Arrived at one o'clock am at Antigua.
Hung my hammock up in Richardson's house and afterwards went to the Camp and from there to St. John's to see uncle Mildmay.
He did not blow me up as I expected, but was as jolly as a sandboy".
Guinea fowl shooting
Ill with dysentery
Cricket match
25 July. Received my leave to go home from the Horse Guards.
26 Aug. Gave no. 3 company over to his successor.
31 Aug. "Steamer 'Conway' came in before her time at ½ past 4 this morning. I embarked in her for England after being a year all but 8 days in the West Indies. During that time I have had Common Fever, Yellow Fever, and Dysentry, seen almost all the West Indian Islands, and was for two months in South America, so that I consider I have done a good deal in the time - and never wish to see the country again".
1 Sept. St. Thomas's. Embarked on the Tay.
At sea 1 - 19 Sept.
Southampton. Landed 19 Sept.
London 19-21 Sept.
Fulbeck 22-26 Sept.
London 27 Sept. To Southampton.
Guernsey 28 Sept. - 15 Nov.
Began life at depot as adjutant.
Organ lessons at St. James's church.
His own organ with him.
11 November, death of his mother.
Fulbeck 16-25 November. Burial of his mother.
London 25-27 November
Guernsey 28 Nov - 20 Dec. 2 Dec. Death of Annie.
London 21-24 Dec.
Fulbeck 24-30 Dec.
London 30 Dec.
"Thus ends 1850. The most unfortunate one of my life. My mother and poor Annie gone, Neville blind, and Ernest (Ernest Fitzroy Neville Fane, Lord Burghersh, 3rd son of the 11th early of Westmorland). out of his mind. And yet amidst all this misfortune to my dearest friends and relations, all seems to go well with me. May I always be thankful for all the blessings I enjoy, and may God have mercy on those he has taken to himself".
At beginning of book: Addresses of tradesmen and gentlemen.
State of accounts, Jan. 1st and July 1st, 1850.
List of clothes, linen etc. June 15th 1850.
At end: Draft letters, including one from Antiqua giving his reasons for exceeding his 6 weeks' period of leave of absence in January, and another about his allowance during this leave. Recipes for Arsenic soap and powder for animals.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/4  1851

Fulbeck 1-3 Jan.
London 3-6 Jan. "Went to the Horse Guards - found that I was to get my Company".
Fulbeck 6-11 Jan.
Melton 11-18 Jan. staying with Lord Wilton 11 Jan. "my name in the gazette as Captain".
Fulbeck 18-25 Jan.
Aswarby 25-27 Jan.
Fulbeck 27-30 Jan.
Apethorpe 30 Jan. Funeral of Lord Burghersh [Ernest]
Blankney 31 Jan. - 3 Feb.
Fulbeck 3-10 Feb. Etching on copper.
Rauceby 10-11 Feb. Hunting.
Fulbeck 11-22 Feb. 15 Feb. "Wrote to Uncle Mildmay about promotion going out to Canada."
London 22-26 Feb.
Fulbeck 26 Feb. - 12 March
London 12-14 Feb.
Guernsey 15 Feb. - 5 June
Etching and sketching; organ; cricket
10 May "Received our orders for embarkation for Bristol"
5 June "Embarked on board the Grand Turk with the Depot 54th Regiment".
Bristol 11 June - 2 July
Cricket, rackets
London 2-9 July "Went to see the Adjutant General who refused me leave to go to Canada".
Ryde 9-10 July To see Neville
Avon 10-12 July Shooting and fishing
London 12-22 July. 18 July "Received letter from Moore giving me leave".
Avon 22-26 July
London 26-29 July
Bristol 29 July - 18 Aug. 7 Aug. "Received my order to embark on the 30th for New Yorke".
London 18-21 Aug. 20 Aug. Fred's marriage.
Fulbeck 21-26 Aug.
London 26-28 Aug.
Liverpool 28-30 Aug.
30th "Embarked... on board the British and North American Mail Steamer Niagara for New Yorke".
"Kept a Journal from this time till my arrival at Quebec".
At sea 30 Aug - 11 Sept.
New York 11-14 Sept.
Newburg 14-15 Sept.
West Point 16 Sept.
Hyde Park 16-20 Sept.
Utica 20-22 Sept.
Buffalo 22-23 Sept.
Niagara 23-26 Sept.
Montreal 28-29 Sept.
Quebec 1 Oct. - 8 Dec.
14th "Margary started for England taking my Journal of the U.S. with him".
17th. Drove a slay.
8th Left Quebec with Uncle Mildmay "Kept a Journal from this point".
Montreal 10-12 Dec. By rail from La Prairie to New York.
New York 20-23 Dec.
Philadelphia 23-25 Dec.
24th "Kossoth came into Philadelphia to-day - People made fools of themselves about him".
Baltimore 25-26 Dec.
Washington 26-31 Dec.
New York 31 Dec.
At beginning of book: rough accounts, and addresses.
At end: "Things requisite for etching on copper, & notes".
Recipe for Lemon Cake
List of linen and clothes, 1 April 1851.
State of accounts, April, June, Sept. 1851.
Garrison racing results, Quebec, with prizes.
Draft letters.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/5  1852

New York 1-3 Jan. "Kept a Journal up to the 28th Jan."
Boston 3-10 Jan. Bunkers Hill 7 Jan.
New York 10-23 Jan.
14th "U. Mildmay left by the Africa. He started at 12".
Rutland 23-24 Jan.
Montreal 24-26 Jan.
Quebec. 27 Jan. - 31 Oct.
Sleighing Club
Playing organ in Cathedral
Moose hunting
8 March. Death of Neville: "one more of my best friends gone".
July. Quebec Races
Visit to St. Anns
Playing organ in church and practising men on the organ.
Montreal 1-6 Nov. Steeple chase and hunting.
Quebec 6 Nov. to end of year.
At beginning of book:
Verses sung by the writer to the Sleigh Club.
State of accounts. 1 Dec. 1852.
At end: State of accounts Feb. and March
Draft letters some re entering his horse for races.
Foot races. 7 & 8 June. List of races and winners.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/6  1853

Quebec. 1 Jan. - 19 Feb.
Montreal 21 Feb. - 9 March
7 March "Received permission to leave Quebec".
Quebec 11 March-25 May
At Sea 25-27 May
Kingston 27 May - 14 June
Hyde Park &N.Y. 15-20 June
Kingston 22 June -2 July
Quebec 3-19 July
Montreal 20-22 July
Kingston 23 July-29 Sept.
Quebec 30 Sept - 8 Oct.
Boston 11-12 Oct.
At sea 12-22 Oct. Arrived at Liverpool.
London 24-27 Oct.
Rauceby 28 Oct. - 5 Nov.
Fulbeck 5-8 Nov.
Avon 8-16 Nov. Shooting
Fulbeck 17 Nov. - 29 Dec. with visits to Aswarby Blankney, Syston, Ponton etc. for hunting.
29 Nov. "Began writing the letter press for the sketches".
25 Dec. "Wrote to Malim about India, and to U. Mildmay".
28 Dec. "Rd. letter from U. Mildmay telling me that he had been appointed to a Bengal Division in India - and that I was to go out as his A.D.C."
London 29-30 Dec.
At beginning of book: addresses and accounts
At end: draft letters
List of Kingston tradesmen
Ginger Beer recipe.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/7  1854

London 1-11 Jan. Working at Day and Hagues and printing and water colours.
Fulbeck 11-16 Jan.
London 16-23 Jan.
20 Jan. "Saw my new printing press put together".
Fulbeck 23 Jan. - 16 Feb. Visists to Rauceby 16th "Left dear old Fulbeck for some years to come at least". Arrangements for departure, sending on his piano and carriage.
London 16-20 Feb.
20th "Embarked on board the P. & O. S.S. Sultan at Southampton at one o'clock with Mildmay Fane - going out to India as his A.D.C.
At sea 20 Feb. - 7 March
Alexandria 7 March. Started on the Canal Boat for the Nile.
Cairo 8-9 March
Desert 9-10 March
Sirez. 10 March. Embarked on board the Hindostan for Aden.
Sea 10 March - 2 April.
Calcutta 2-6 April.
6-25 April, journey from Calcutta to Umballa (Ambala) via Benares, Cawnpore, Delhi, travelling in 2 Horse Daks.
Umballa. 25 April - 7 June.
13 May "Began reading Hindustani with a Moonshee".
Simla 10-30 June
Umballa 1 July - 2 Sept.
Entry under 5 Aug. is "Account with the General up to 3rd Aug. 1854".
20 Aug. "Printed the best impression I have yet done with my new press".
21 Aug. Letter to editor about printing 550 impressions of his paper including Simla scenes prepared by him and his brother.
Simla 4 Sept. - 3 Oct.
Umballa 5 Oct.
9 Oct. "Began printing the 'Tunnel'".
Some days spent in Ferozpore, Sabbatoo, and elsewhere shooting.
At beginning: names and addresses of tradesmen and others and others memoranda.
At end: draft letters
List of servants engaged at Umballa, with rates, and other memos.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/8  1855

Umballa 1 Jan. - 12 April
22 Feb. "1st day of the Umballa races. My black mare won the Chargers Race". Shooting expeditions - tigers etc. 18 March "Had a splendid fight with a tiger. He sprung at me, I shot him in the head but that did not stop him, and he caught hold of my elephant - we almost came down together. My bowdah was knocked on one side, and after tumbling about for a long time, we all tumbled out together".
21 March "Found the General busy about selling things to be off, as he is out of the coach".
23 March "Applied for 2 years leave to England".
12 April, "Left Umballa after a year's residence there, all but 8 days.
12-25 April. Umballa to Calcutta.
Calcutta 25 April - 4 May.
At sea 4 May - 12 June, via Madras, Ceylon, Aden, Red Sea, desert of Suez, Nile, Alexandria.
Trieste 12-14 June
Vienna 15-19 June
16th, called on Lord Westmorland.
Prague 19-21 June
21-30 June to London, via Dresden, Berlin, Frankfort, Cologne, Brussels, Calais.
London 30 June - 21 July
Fulbeck & Rauceby, 21-26 July
London 26 July-1 Aug.
Portsea 1-3 Aug. Goodwood "Cup" on 2 Aug.
Continental tour, 3-30 Aug.
Le Havre, Paris, Strasbourg, Baden, Shafthausen, Zurich, Lucerne, Hospental, Meyringen, Interlacken, Martigny, Chamounix, Geneva, Paris.
Fulbeck & Rauceby, 31 Aug - 10 Sept.
Oxton, Notts. 10-13 Sept. Visit to the Sherbrookes.
Fulbeck 13 Sept. - 12 Oct. With visits to Blankney, Rauceby, Aswarby, and London.
30 Sept. Draft of letter from him concerning purchase of an unattached majority 3 Oct. Another letter about same. Happy to give a liberal sum "say 3 or 400 above th regulation for such a step".
Avon 13-27 Oct. Shooting.
Rauceby 29 Oct. - 5 Nov. Hunting.
Oxton 5-8 Nov.
Fulbeck 8 Nov. - 31 Nov. with visits to London, Aswarby etc.
20 Nov. burial of Aunt Louisa 26 Dec. "Received letter from Turin refusing me the Italian contingent".
"Ended on unfortunate year for me - Lost 5 or 6 years service going to India: Turned out of my appointment refused majority in England or Turin - Bought horses at high price - lamed them and lamed myself, so as not to be able to hunt".
Usual entries at beginning and end.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/9  1856

Whole year in England at Fulbeck, London, Rauceby, Aswarby, Blankney, Ponton, Avon, Apethorpe.
Much hunting and shooting.
Continental tour 24 Jan. - 27 April.
Amiens, Paris, Lyons, Turin; Genoa, Florence, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp.
31 Jan. Turin "Went and saw Colonel Reed of the Italian Contingent who told me there was no chance of getting into it - so I have had all my work for nothing".
20 Feb. - 22 April, Berlin.
At Berlin skating, drawing in studio, and lessons in German and on zitter.
9-10 May, Considers and rejects idea of trying for post as Chief of County Constabulary.
18-22 July. Plymouth. Went to see his old regiment, the 54th, and made a speech.
5-21 Aug. On board the Whichcots' Yacht the Enchantress: Cowes, Dieppe, Cherbourg, Guernsey, Southampton.
1 Sept. "Seeing that one or two officers were wanted to explore the sources of the Nile, I wrote to the Geographical Society to volunteer for the service". A scientific man was required.
24 Dec. "Emily and I began painting scenes - for the play".
At beginning of book: names and addresses.
List of "Things in Different Boxes" 6 large packages from Canada, not yet arrived. 14 Jan. 1856.
Schedule of his travels, 1849-55 (continued at back of book).
At end: Statement of accounts at the present time, 20 Jan. 1856.
Accounts on continental tour, 24 Jan. - 22 April.
Instructions for painting transparencies on common shirting.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/10  1857

Fulbeck and elsewhere in Lincolnshire, London, 1 Jan. - 24 Feb.
29 Dec. "Determined to go to India".
At sea 28 Feb. - 1 April.
Embarked on Euxine" at Marseilles, to India, via Red Sea.
Calcutta 1-4 April. 26 days' journey to Peshawur 3 April. Exchanged his organ for a large harmonium.
Jaunpore 8 April. "Found Harry at his office".
Cawnpore 13 April.
Umballa 18 April
Peshawur 30 April - 17 Oct.
1 May. Joined the 87th Regiment.
5 May. Began the goose step
6 May. "Took my first lesson in Hindoostanie".
13 May. "Symptoms of mutiny among the native troops at Peshawur - the 64 N.I. ordered to march out to the forts during the night.
Pickets sent down to the Artillery".
18 May "Dreadful news from Delhi - almost all the Europeans there murdered. Wrote to the Brigadier offering to assist him - recd. an answer promising to give me an appointment on his staff if he can do so".
22 May "was ordered at 6 this morning to take a Company to the artillery lines and remain there 24 hours. Close by the 24th Regt. of N.I. were formed in parade and disarmed."
23 May Ordered to take command of 150 men of the 87th to march at night.
25 May. They arrived at Fort Hotee Murdan where a regiment of 700 men who had mutinied were posted. 120 killed and wounded and 180 prisoners taken.
27 May. Released the men of the 55th who had stuck by their officers.
28 May. Joined by 350 men of the 70th and some other troops.
30 May. Abizai Fort.
1 June. "Received the agreeable intelligence that General Cotton had appointed me to raise a force of European Cavalry mounted on horses of the 5th L. Cavalry and the men to be volunteers from the 27th, 70th and 87th Regts."
3 June. Returned to Peshawur for the Brigadier's instructions and to pick out volunteers.
5 June. "Issued the 1st orders of the 'Pesawur Light Dragoons".
10 June. "Blew away 42 men of the 55th from the Muzzles of guns... I had to order some of my men to shoot 2 of them who would not stand - horrid sight - had a very narrow escape of being killed by a part of man's body thrown in the air" ...
17 June "Applied to the Brigadier General to be allowed to have a third troop of natives to be attached to the Peshr. Light Horse ..."
19 June Ordered by Brigadier to form a new troop of natives out of the 5th Cavalry ....
28 Aug. "All quiet till 12, when firing began all round - ran up to my men & found the 51st had attempted to rush at our barracks etc. - and then shot - sent a troop of my Mooltan men out, and afterwards 100 of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. troops to look after the guns.
Frightful slaughter of the 51st - firing all day. We killed and took & shot about 400 prisoners - all prisoners shot that evening.
29 Aug. "Trial of prisoners - shot today 260 more".
Drilling and preparing regiment.
3 Oct. "The General continued his inspection this morning and was highly pleased with my interior economy. Seems determined to take the whole Regiment with him to Rawul Pindii".
17 Oct. Started on march from Peshawur to various stations around Rawul Pindi:- Tarro, Naushahra, Attock, Huttee, Kote, Harrupoor, Abottabad, Guree, Monsierdh. Rawul Pindi, Trenaul, Trato, 17 Oct. - 15 Dec.
23 Oct, men played cricket.
Peshawur 15 - 31 Dec.
"Wonderful changes have taken place during the year. I came out to join the 87th in Febry. - the Sepoy Rebellion broke out, and I have since June been organizing a Cavalry Regiment composed of Europeans and Natives - the 1st of the sort that have ever been attempted".
At beginning of book: Schedule of his travels, 1849-56.
At end: Draft letters
Note re distemper in dogs, and remedy.
State of account, 1 May, 1857.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/11  1858

"In command of the Peshawur Light Horse - a Regiment which I had raised on the 4th June 1857, and commanded ever since. This Regiment was composed of 200 Europeans - men I had picked out of volunteers from the 27th, 70th and 87th, 98th, 81st, and 24th Regiments of Infantry - and broken into Cavalry. There were also in the Corps a troop of 100 natives composed of Hindustanees, Seikhs, and Pattans - and about 60 other natives of the 5th L. Cavalry".
At Peshawur for the whole year.
Except for a march through hill villages and stations 8 March - 18 May, Taroo, Akora, Campbellpoore, Attock etc. with some fighting in the mountains.
4 May "Marched to Sultana, enemies country. Fighting in the mountains all day, got back to Camp at 7 in the evening - lost 7 men killed and about 25 wounded, killed about 60 of the enemy. Hung 2 prisoners". 10 May "Made peace with the Tribes - to have no more fighting".
And except for stay in Murree 25 Aug. -26 Sept.
16 June, "began tying up the grapes in the garden".
29 July "Peaches getting ripe".
10 Oct. "Double humped camel come to be drawn".
3 Nov. "Had a row with the General on parade - put under arrest".
9 Nov. "First day of Court of Enquiry upon my conduct".
11 Nov. "3d. day of Court Enquiry".
19 Nov. "General's son wrote an apology and all was made up - and I was released from arrest".
22 Nov. "Passed in the Collquial Examination".
24 Nov. "Received a letter from the Adjt. General to the Army, very polite but telling me that Col. Moore was unavoidably appointed to the P.L.H."
30 Nov. "The order came out for Col. Moore to take over the Regt. and me to return to my Regt."
1 Dec. "Gave over the Peshawur Light Horse.... to Col. Moore, Government having decided to form the 5th Cavalry on the newclus of my Regt. I have therefore had all my work for nothing and am turned out when not required any more".
3 Dec. Ordered to remain on duty at Peshawur till further orders.
27 Dec. Started from Peshawur
31 Dec. Left Rawul Pindee.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/12  1859

Journey from Thelum to rejoin 87th Regiment, via Lahore and Umritzir.
With regiment in camp Jullunder and elsewhere, 26 Jan. - 14 April. Shooting
6 April, "The English Mail came in today, with the Gazette containing my name as Major unattached".
12 April "Gave over my Company".
13 April "Got 2 months leave".
14-27 Apr. Journey to Calcutta
4-9 May. Calcutta to Madras by sea.
10-12 May, journey Madras to Bangalore. Visit to General Beresford and Ted.
Bangalore 12-16 May
16-23 May, return to Madras.
At sea 24 May -
P. & O. Steamer, 'Alma'
10 June, at Aden
12 June. Shipwrecked on the Moorshedgerah rocks. Escaped to shore in boats. Lost everything.
15 June. Taken back to Aden by a man of war.
15-24 June, Aden.
24 June. Return to Marseilles on the Candia.
London & Fulbeck 12 July -31 Dec., with visits to Avon, Cowes (the Whichcotes' yacht Enchantress), Syston, Aswarby, Oxton, Rauceby, Stubton.
13 Sept. "Received letter from Burghersh saying that the Duke of Cambridge would allow me to exchange into the 25th".
8 Oct. "Found that my name is in the Gazette as a Major in the 25th Foot at Gibraltar".
At beginning of book Addresses.
State of accounts 1 Jan. & 1 May and Sept. 20th.
At end: Schedule "My Travels etc.", 1849-58.
Draft Letters, some concerning his exchange with a Major in the 25th Regiment, from half pay to full pay.
List of clothes to be ordered in England.
List of belongings lost on board the Alma.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/13  1860

Gibraltar 9 Jan. - 14 Dec.
Began 1860 as Major in the 25th Regiment at Gibraltar, for which place I am to embark on the 4th".
9 Jan. "Joined the 25th Regt. as 2nd Major" Hunting with the Calpe Hounds. Spanish lessons.
31 Jan. "Rd. a telegram from Major Pitcairn... asking if I would give £200 to be Senior Major".
Bought a piano.
Balls at the Convent and Theatre.
10 Feb. Pitcairn has exchanged, which makes the writer senior Major.
14 March "Began sketching at night from models"
11 April, judge at the Gibraltar Spring Racing Meeting.
On leave 15 April - 23 May:-
San Roque, Alcala, Xeres [Jerez de la Frontera] Seville (the Feria; Bull fight; opera), Utrera, Ronda, Antiquera, Granada, Sierra Nevada de Granada and mines, Colmenar, Malaga, Ubrique.
24 May. Received new piano from Berlin.
17 June. "Colonel Hamilton left for England.
I now command the 25th Regt."
26 July. "Order published to-day that we are to go to England".
8 Aug. Steward of the Regattas.
20 Sept. Boar hunting in Tangier
31 Oct. "I am gazetted Lt. Colonel 25th Regt.
Vice Hamilton 19 years and 7 months in the service - Joined the 25th as Junior Major 7 Oct. 1859".
14 Dec. embarked on the Pera for 6 months' leave.
London 19-21 Dec.
Fulbeck 21-31 Dec.
"Ended 1860, the most fortunate one of my life".
At beginning: addresses.
At end: "My travels etc." Schedule 1849-59.
Poem, "To sit on rocks, to muse on flood & fell".

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/14  1861

Fulbeck etc. 1 Jan - 12 June.
Visits to Rauceby, London, Ringwood, Uffington, Aswarby, Avon, Lyme,
4 Feb. "was photographed".
2 April, Re-opening of Caythorpe Church.
Hunting, pike fishing.
24 May "Busy all day shipping Ted's dogs for India in the Alnwick Castle - 11½ couple Foxhounds, 4 Scotch deer hounds, 3 Clumber Spaniels".
12-17 June, journey Southampton to Gibraltar.
Gibraltar, 17 June - 10 Aug.
4 July, "Heard there was a small revolution in Spain".
15-17 July At San Roque fair.
5 Aug. "Heard I was to go to Constantinople with Sir W. Codrington".
10 Aug. "L. Gen. Sir W. Codrington has been appointed by the Queen especial envoy to Constantinople to congratulate the new Sultan upon his accession". Left Gibraltar on board the Scourge Man of War.
At Sea 10-22 Aug.
21 Aug. into sea of Marmora.
Constantinople 22 Aug. - 1 Sept.
23 Aug. "Sir W. Codrington presented the Queen's letter to Abdul Aziz, the new Sultan, at his palace on the Bosphorus".
24 Aug. Visit to Scutari.
2 Sept. Examining Dardanelles forts.
Athens, 3, 4 Sept. Presented to Queen of Greece. Fete on island of Salamis with her.
At sea 4-14 Sept. Return via Malta, Sardinia, Minorca Gibraltar 14 Sept. - 31 Dec.
8 Oct. Judge at the Gibraltar Horse Races.
29 Oct. First days of hunting with the Calpe. Hounds.
11 Nov. Duke of Beaufort and others landed.
3-11 Dec. Shooting expedition, Castana Casa Vieja and Tevilla.
At beginning and end of book: addresses, recipe for making tracing paper, draft letters. Schedule of "My travels etc." 1849-60. Rough accounts, including expenses for "Ted's dogs" and other memoranda.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/15  1862

Gibraltar 1 Jan. - 4 June.
18 Jan. "The Confederate Ship Sunpter took two vessels today not far from the rock - and came into the Bay afterwards".
11-23 Feb. Expedition into Spain, including Cadiz, with Duke of Beaufort.
7 April. "Had a large practice with String Band and chorus at my house - Figaro".
28-30 April. Gibraltar Spring Races.
3 June. Regiment embarked for Malta.
Malta 9 June - 1 July
"Left Malta on board H.M.S. Magicienne, Captain H.S.H. The Prince of Leiningen. There was also in his Cabin Mr. Massinberd".
Gibraltar 7-14 July.
London, Fulbeck etc. 19 July - 31 Dec.
9-17 Aug. Staying with Duke of Beaufort, Llangatock Park, S. Wales.
17 Aug. - 5 Sept. Clovelly Court, Devon, staying with brother Henry. Brother Ted there.
5-9 Sept. Castle Hill, South Molton. (Lord Fortescue's).
Visits to Avon, Apethorpe, Oxton, Badminton (Duke of Beaufort), Newmarket
22 Dec. Father very unwell.
25 Dec. "5 sons present - Wall only absent ...
Father... still very feeble. I cannot but think this is the last Christmas we shall spend at Fulbeck".
27 Dec. "Wall arrived tonight suddenly from India - all brothers and sisters are at home now".
28 Dec. Death of his father. "His age is 79.
He has been 55 years Rector of this parish".
At beginning and end of book: Addresses
Various rough accounts.
Schedule of his travels etc. 1861.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/16  1863

Fulbeck, London etc. 1 Jan. -
"Began the year under depressing circumstances, My dearest Father died on Sunday night last at 8.30. The whole family will be broken up & the Parsonage given up. I hope however that I have much happiness in store, as I am engaged to be married to my dear cousin Augusta William Fane".
3 Jan. "Buried our dear father at 1 o'clock today.
The whole of us six brothers dined together for the first time, I believe, in our lives".
15 Jan. "Augusta, Harriet and I dined for the last time in our dear old house".
18 Jan. Death of uncle Vere. Buried at Fulbeck, 24th.
5 Feb. "Wrote out a paper of conditions for Uncles Mildmay and Cecil to sign respecting the Hall".
8 Feb. "Cecil signed agreement to give up the Hall - gave original to the General and copy to Cecil".
9 Feb. 24 at dinner at Fulbeck.
10 Feb. "Married to Augusta Fane at 9.45. Ten male Fanes (myself included) went out hunting directly after. Had a splendid run, 12 miles as the crow flies. Killing at Quarrington".
16-25 Feb. Journey from London to Malta, via Paris, Marseilles.
Malta 25 Feb. - 31 Dec.
19 May "Moved into our new house at Sliema".
Tea parties, croquet, opera.
29 Dec. "Boy born this morning at 7.30".
At beginning and end of book:
Addresses, accounts, note of dividends half yearly.
Lists of linen marked 'EF' and 'FAF'.
Lists of silver, crockery, and glass.
Schedule, "My Travels etc." 1849-64.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/17  1864

Malta 1 Jan. - 8 June
31 Jan. "Christened Mildmay Edward Fane at Fort Manoel Chapel".
23 March Garibaldi arrived at Malta.
8 June, embarked for Canada with 1st batallion of 25th Regiment.
At sea 8-27 June
Quebec 27 June - 27 Aug.
6 July, Augusta left for England.
27 July, Gordon left, leaving him in command of Quebec. (returned 3 Aug.).
27 Aug. Embarked for England.
At sea 27 Aug. - 10 Sept. Arrived Liverpool.
Fulbeck, London, etc. 10 Sept. - 31 Dec.; visits to Avon
11 Oct. Burial of uncle Cecil.
3 Nov "Went to Parsonage, and spoke to Arthur about the Chancel window. Came back this morning at 5 from Lincoln Stuff Ball".
13-17 Dec. Visit to Cheshire - Astle.
17-22 Dec. Badminton, and then to Avon.
At beginning and end: Addresses.
Memo. of dividends half yearly.
Draft letters.
Accounts with Cox and with Praeds.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/18  1865

Fulbeck etc. 1 Jan. - 22 June. Visits to Avon, Ousden (Newmarket), Tyringham, Bucks., Blankney, Stubton, Oxton, Leamington, London. Often accompanied by Uncle Mildmay
12 May "7 months girl born this morning.
Aug. and child both well".
22 June "Embarked on board the Montreal S.S. Company's ship Moravian for Quebec - with Augusta, Mildmay, Hester, Mare and 2 dogs - for which I pay £75 passage".
Arrived at Quebec, 4 July.
Montreal 6 July - 31 Dec.
21-29 Sept. visit to Niagara.
30 Sept. - 7 Oct. Left Montreal with flying column and 2 batteries of artillery.
March to Chambly, St.Johns, La Prairie.
23 Oct. "Full Colonel to-day".
Usual entries at beginning of book.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/19  1866

Montreal, 1 Jan. - 13 Nov.
8 March "2 Companies ordered to sleep with clothes on on account of Feinians. 4th Crystal Palace Concert. 100 ladies singing in the Orchestra - 400 musicians in all - 60 drummers - about 3000 people in the building"
21 April. "Official letter came from England to say that we should go when our services could be dispensed with" A march to Cornwall, St. John's etc. Holiday at Isle Dorval, Lake George, West Point, New York.
At sea 15-28 Nov.
Fulbeck etc. 28 Nov. - 31 Dec.
17 Dec. "Left London for Sleaford... Found old Handley in the train. Had conversation with him and Peake at Sleaford about what was to become of me at Mildmay's coming of age with regard to the Bank - told them I distinctly understood that it would be optional with partners to continue me on as Manager or not".
At beginning and end: addresses, note of dividends, copy of receipt for £1428.11.5 from the trustees of the will of the Hon. Anne Fane, being a one seventh share appointed to him by the will of the Revd. E. Fane of £10,000 charge on the estate, settled by the will of the Hon. Anne Fane dated 29 Dec. 1865; inventory of household furniture.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/20  1867

On leave in England: Rauceby, London, Aswarby, Ousden (Newmarket), Fulbeck, Avon, Newton, Annesley Park, Cossington, Maidenhead, Muskham, Manchester, Devon (Clovelly), Have come home to look after M. Willson's Bank and Property".
Much time spent at the Bank in Sleaford.
Staying at the Hall at Rauceby, much of the time.
7 March "At the Bank all day with Handley, Peacock, and Charles, making a division".
8 June "Packed up our things - and broke up our temporary establishment at Rauceby". Went to Fulbeck.
13 July "Wrote to Aug - told her that I had quite decided to leave the Bank unless I got £2500".
15 July "Had talk with Peake about giving up the Bank".
21 July "Sent in to Horseguards an application to go on Half Pay ....
I was writing to Arthur about the Parsonage, when Mary came in, and begged I would live here at present".
2 Aug. "Rd. letter from the Military Secretary granting permission to me to go on half pay".
24 Aug. Arrived at Rauceby "where we are to live with Mary".
7 Oct. "Handley came, and we decided to invest £10,000 in Consols".
2 Nov. "Monument put up in Rauceby Church".
7 Dec. "Making preparations for Mildmay's going to India".
Rough accounts at beginning and end of book.
Enclosure: small photograph (head and shoulders) ? of writer.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/21  1868

In England: London, Rauceby, Fulbeck, Lincoln, Leamington, Adlestrop, Oxton, Dewlish, Ruskington, Stubton.
1 Jan. "Am in charge of the Sleaford Bank - retired on half pay on the 20 August for the purpose. Am living at Rauceby with my sister Mary... I was made Trustee of the Bank last week in place of Charles".
Constant visits to Bank; also hunting, shooting.
20 Feb. "Meeting of Partners and division of profits - Raised the salaries of 3 Junior Clerks.... "
12 March "Sad day for us - Our dear Uncle Mildmay fell from his horse out hunting today and died immediately".
1 April "I become the tenant of the old parsonage at Fulbeck from today at £120 a year". (Rented from Arthur Fane for a year).
12 June "Piano arrived from Berlin"
"Harry [Henry Prinsep Fane] wrote to Henry [Col. Henry Fane] taking the Hall".
30 June. London "Had conversations with Handley, Charles, and Mildmay [Willson] about Bank".
6 July "Handley & Capt. Peacock both came to the Bank, and we discussed Bank affairs, partnership etc."
11 Sept. "Harriet & Gussy left for Scotland. They leave the Hall today for good, though their time is up only on the 6 Oct."
26 Sept. "Busy all day unpacking Harry's Boxes at the Hall".
Frequent meetings to consider propositions about the Bank.
28 Dec. Had a Telegram to say my dear brother Henry died at 4 yesterday".
At beginning of book: addresses and rough accounts.
At end: draft letter concerning interest on his money in Bank of Bengal.
Estimate of Hall Expenses
Harry's present expenses.
Copy of memorial inscription to General Mildmay Fane.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/22  1869

In England: Fulbeck etc. as above.
Less time at Bank, more on estate management, etc.
1 Jan. "Am Colonel in the Army, unattached - but about to retire altogether from the army.
Entered the Firm of Peacock, Handley etc. as a Partner today - shall not pay in the capital or receive interest on it, till the deeds are signed.
Am living at Fulbeck Parsonage".
2 Jan. Attended brother Henry's funeral, Clovelly.
30 Jan. "H. Peacock, Mildmay [Willson] and myself went to Bank and Peake's office. The latter read over to us the new articles".... "Girl born at 11.15".
1 Feb. "Sent in my papers to sell through Dr. Dominichetti".
Notes concerning letters received or written concerning subscriptions to Conservative Registration and dis-discussions about Register System of North Lincolnshire.
20 Feb. "Susy [Henry's widow] wrote to Collingwood on the 19 to say I was to manage her estate here".
6 March "My name in the Gazette today as having sold out of the army".
8 March "Told W. Welby M.P. that I thought Thorold ought to be Chairman of the Conser. Registrat' ".
11 March "H.P. Fane started for Rome".
Various entries concerning Agricultural Society, including:
9 April "Rode to Lincoln. Acted as Chairman at Council Meeting of Agricultural Society".
14 April "Moved into the Hall at Fulbeck".
25 May Burial of sister in law, Susie, at Clovelly.
June, Hester, Mildmay and servants have scarlatina.
29 July "Drove V.C. to Lincoln, attended Conference of Laymen with the Bishop".
13 Aug. "Went to Newark in the mor' - joined in the afternoon by Aug., Harry & children, and drove the train back to Fulbeck".
At beginning: Note of securities deposited at the Sleaford Bank.
Note of dividends due half yearly Memo. re clothes for servants.
Account of payments, Jan. 1869.
List of members of Conservative Register Committee.
At end: Account of cost of monument.
Estimate of annual expenses (Total, £2082).
Rough diary entries, 3-8 Jan. 1870.
Enclosure: small photograph of a man, head and shoulders.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/23  1870

In England: Fulbeck etc.
1 Jan. "Sold out of the Army early last year and became a partner in the firm of Peacock Handley and Co. from the 1 Jan. 1869. Am now partner in the firm".
6 Jan. "Aug. confined of boy at 4 this morg."
7 Jan. "Mrs. Cecil Fane buried at Fulbeck in the same grave with Cecil".
13 Feb. Ralph Nevile christened.
13 June "Sold my wool at 41s. a todd to Mr. Christian".
Correspondence about and meetings of Conservative Registration.
27-29 July Sleaford Agricultural Show.
2-16, 26-30 Aug. Llandudno and N. Wales.
20 Aug. "Wall. and Ted arrived at Fulbeck from India via Japan, California, etc.
Visits to bank.
3 Nov. Attended at Lincoln a cricket meeting for forming a County Cricket Club.
8-12 Nov. Astle, Cheshire.
Hunting and shooting.
At beginning of book: addresses; list of Conservative Registration Committee; schedule of his investments.
At end: "My estimate of yearly expenses"
List of bills due on 1st Jan.
Schedule of "My Travels etc.", 1849-61.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/24  1871

Fulbeck etc. Hunting, shooting, social visits, and the Sleaford bank.
1 Jan. "Took my full share of the Bank to-day"
15 Feb. "H. Chaplin shewed us minutes of meeting about the Burton Hunt decided that the county should be divided into 2 parts".
Letters about Conservative Registration.
April Newmarket races, and purchase of thorough breds there.
Diaries now largely composed of notes of letters written and received.
30 June "Saw Handley who said he meant to retire"
3 July He sent in his retirement
11 Aug. "Cricket against Haverholme. Large party here".
On Continent 31 Aug - 4 Oct. Antwerp, Coblenz, Heidelberg, Munich, Oberammagau, Partenkirch, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Isch, Lintz, Nuremburg, Frankfort, Hamburg, Mayence, Amsterdam, The Hague.
8 Sept. ".... got to Oberamagau in a carriage at 6 - went to the House of Herr Lang, one of the Musicians of the Passionspeil".
9 Sept. Saw the passion play
1 Nov. "Rd. from Mildmay a letter to him from P.H. - which I showed to H.P. - both thought that Handley had better go".
21 Nov. "Mildmay received an official from P.H. [andley] saying he should give up - also letter from Peake to same effect - also Telegraph from do. to stop decision, which M.W. did not do - but wrote to P.H. accepting his decision".
23 Nov. "Mildmay 2d letter from Handley wishing to remain - He answed him 'No'".
5 Dec. "Mildmay and P.H. here yesterday, when the latter determined to stay on 2 or 3 years".
8 Dec. "Wrote to P.H. saying I was glad he was going to stop".
At beginning: addresses, etc. as in previous volume; schedule of investments and sales; estimate of yearly expenses.
At end; Bills due Jan. 1871.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/25  1872

Fulbeck etc., Avon, London.
31 Jan. "Fulbeck Chancel and Organ opening - party of 16 to luncheon".
24 Feb. "Wall. went to India to-day".
7 March "Bishop of Lincoln & Mrs. Wordsworth and 2 daughters came".
15 April "Lease for 3 years of Hall came back to Harry from Henry Fane".
5 July "Mildmay wrote to say we might give away the Fulbeck living".
16 July "Ted came home from the Channell Fleet".
At beginning: addresses and investments.
At end: Bills due; dimensions for hay stack, and other memoranda.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/26  1873

Fulbeck etc.
Continental tour 19 June 30 July. Brussels, Cologne, Weimar, Berlin, Dresden, Schandaw, Prague, Vienna, Bruck, Villach, Cortina, Schaffhausen, Zurich, Lucerne, Paris.
Usual memoranda at beginning and end, with accounts for continental tour at end.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/27  1874

Fulbeck etc.
2-4 March Bishop of Lincoln and Mrs. Wordsworth to stay
18 July "Began digging for water in Mildmay's Plantation".
26 July "Put in White Top Turnips"
17 Aug - 9 Sept. Tour of Yorkshire for shooting, sight-seeing
17 Nov. "My dear sister Harriet died at Brighton at 1 this morning".
15 Dec. "Ted went to London - on road to West Indies".
At beginning: Names and addresses.
Schedule of investments and sales, and value March 1874.
Largest single investment is £9,333 in Sleaford Bank.
List of pears, with observations as to quality 1871-74.
At end: Bills to be paid in January
Accounts for journey in Yorkshire and note of distances of journeys in Yorkshire.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/28  1875

Fulbeck etc.
19 Jan. "Went to Grantham to be sworn in as magistrate"
27-30 Jan. Staying with Westley Richards at Ashwell.
23 June "Went to Sleaford. Found Walter working there, having taken up his abode with Miss Peacock yesterday".
27 July "Began match at cricket, Colonel Fane's eleven against the Free Foresters". List of elevens, the Free Foresters including the Hon. & Rev. B. Hamilton and Lord Elgin.
Dance and dinner for 90 in evening.
28 July 2nd day of cricket. Dance and dinner, about 70 people.
5 Aug. "Harvest began on Heath".
7 Aug. "H.P.F. went to see Peake about sale of estate etc."
19 Aug. Played lawn tennis at Harlaxton.
24 Aug. - 4 Sept. Bridlington, to join Aug. and the children.
4 Sept. "Wrote to Grimsby Ice Company to discontinue Ice here (Bridlington), and send Ice every Monday to Fulbeck".
11 Dec. "Opened Fulbeck Reading and Coffee Room".
At beginning: Pears, 1871-75
Investments and value of stocks.
At end: Bills to be paid
List of cricketers.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/29  1876

Fulbeck etc.
22 Feb. "Meeting at Belton about Duke of Rutland's testimonial".
13 March "Rd. letter from Handley - says he means to retire".
16 March "Harry went to attend Mr. B. Praed's funeral".
"Marc Beresford died to-day at Leamington".
9 May "Sold remaining ewes and lambs to Pattisson".
1 Sept. "Shot near Kelby with Mildmay, Walter Willson, and Cecil Rhodes".
16 Oct. Clovelly. "Nev. started for Australia with Mr. Elcombe".
15 Nov. "Social Evening 100 people - 5 Lady singers - 1 told a Tiger Hunting Story".
"Harry Chaplin married to Lady Florence Leveson Gower".
26 Dec. "Cecil & F. Rhodes came".
At beginning: List of pears and apples with observations on quality, 1871-76.
Names and addresses.
Investments - sales & value of stocks, March 1876.
At end: Bills to be paid, Jan. 1876.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/30  1877

Fulbeck etc.
26 Jan. Death of H. Peacock.
22 Feb. "Mildmay went to Bourne with Gilbert Peacock, who is to work there".
28 Feb. "Went by early train to Bourne - G. Peacock came there for first time - Looked over accounts with him - As he did not know whether Mildmay had written to P.H. about him, I wrote out a paper of my scheme for G.P. to take home to Greatford to look over".
12 March "Sold the last of our Dorset lambs today at Sleaford".
14 March "Attended Board Meeting at Lunatic Asylum" [Bracebridge]
24 March "C. Rhodes and Mr. Rodgers came over, and I showed them the horses - practised the young ones over hurdles etc."
15-20 June On board Mildmay Willson's yacht, Mauritania - Southampton, Portsmouth, Ryde, Cowes.
28-29 June. Examination of Mildmay for entrance to Wellington College.
2 Aug. Heard that he had passed into Wellington.
26-27 July Cricket match. Col. Fane's eleven against the Free Foresters. 150 people at dinner.
28 Aug. - 18 Sept. Edinburgh, the Trossachs, Oban, Mull etc.
1 Oct. "80 Dorset sheep arrived".
23 Oct. "Saw Dr. Hawksley who pronounced me better but ordered Egypt".
At beginning: Investments.
At end: Bills to be paid and miscellaneous memoranda.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/31  1878

Fulbeck etc.
16 Jan. "Broke up Establishment at Fulbeck after 8½ years - since April 1869". Went up to London.
17 Jan. Left London "with Aug., Hester, Rachel & Ralph, Miss Murdoch and Reynolds". To Paris.
19 Jan. Arrived at Marseilles and embarked on S.S. Mohammed - es- Saduk.
Algiers: 21 Jan. Arrived at Algiers. "Emily Willson met us and we went up to a villa at Mustapha Superior - 3½ miles from the town... which Mary Willson and we are to have between us".
31 March "Rd. letter from Mildmay telling me about the Bank, Mutiny &c."
"Ted", H.P. Fane, and the Alexanders also there.
15 May "Left Algiers with Aug. and the children".
Return through France, Marseilles to le Havre. Left Hester, Rachel and Miss Murdoch with Madame Mofras at Benzeval in Normandy to be en pension for two months.
London 5-10 June
Fulbeck etc. 10 June
15 July. "Aug. and H.P.F. came from Oxton, and we began to live once more at the Hall".
5 Aug. "Went to Lincoln, and worked all day arranging an Arab tent for Bazaar at Lincoln Hospital".
4 Sept. "Aug. and children came back from France - the latter having been away 7 months".
Visits to Sleaford Bank continued. Hunting, shooting and social visits.
At beginning: names and addresses.
At end: List of bills to be paid, Jan. 1878.
List of articles bought at Algiers.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/32  1879

Fulbeck etc.
29 Jan. Took Ralph to school at Mr. Fenn's at Misbourne near Rickmansworth.
5 Feb. "Marlon Hamlyn Fane married to Col. L. Stucley. About 45 people to luncheon afterwards".
17 May "Wal who came from India after the Afghan War last week came to Fulbeck today".
21 June "Rd. letter from Sir D. Probyn to say H.R.H. the P. of Wales had put Mildmay's name down for R. Brigade".
2 Aug. "Tennis party, about 44 people".
4 Aug. "Wal married to-day in London to Mrs. Denis - called in newspaper 'Agnes daughter of late Sir Henry Bold Hoghton Bart. of Hoghton Towers, Lancaster' - The above Lady divorced her husband Capt. Houghton of the 5th Lancers about 7 or 8 months ago".
12 Aug. "Caythorpe Flower Show held in Hall grounds - about 2000 people present - We had 60 or 70 to tea".
27 Aug. "Left home with all the children for Dieppe".
France 27 Aug. - 19 Sept.
1 Sept. To St. Valery en Caux where they took a house over the Post Office which took in the whole party of seventeen (incl. Mrs. Nevile and party).
12 Sept. Wrote to Neville "who had written asking to come and live here during the winter - said yes £12 a month whether absent or present... Told him not to take Avon"...
At beginning: Names and addresses; table of investments - sales and value of stocks, April 1879.
At end: bills due 31 Dec. 1878, and some notes re Hester and Rachel.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/33  1880

Fulbeck etc.
"Walter Willson went to-day to live in 8 March. Bank premises at Newark".
5-14 April Activities re South Lincolnshire election, chairman of meetings at Sleaford and Boston.
18 May Left Fulbeck. "Broke up Establishment for a time".
To London.
20 May. To Paris with Miss Murdoch, Hester, and Rachel.
21 May Sent children & Miss Murdoch to Lausanne.
22-26 May 27 May - 3 June, 8-12 June London.
14 June "Went to Sleaford - in Magistrates' Room from 12 to ¼ to 7".
Staying at Rauceby much of time.
28 July "Went to attend meeting and form a Conservative Association at Boston".
Continental tour. 5 Aug. - 13 Sept. Paris, Lausanne, Ouchy.
Met Miss Murdoch and girls at Lausanne. Saint Martin, Chamounix, Montreux, Fribourg, Thun, Interlacken, Grundelwald, Neuchatel.
Oran - met by Mons. Le Pasteur Dumas "with whom Mildmay is to be".
7 Sept. Miss Murdoch, Hester, and Rachel went back to Lausanne.
Stuttgart, Mayence, Brussels, Calais.
2 Nov. "Uncle Fred Hodges buried at Lyme today age 81".
13 "John Handley buried at Newark".
31 Dec. "Went down to Newark with Walter Willson - took over securities from Hanley and closed the old partnership".
At beginning: names and addresses.
At end: bills to be paid; memo. re letting Fulbeck to Mr. Blair for 7 months; Miss Murdoch's account in Switzerland.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/34  1881

Fulbeck etc.
1 Jan. "Began this year as 2d partner in Peacock & Co. - P. Handley having retired from the Bank at the end of the year 1880".
17 Jan. "went to Sleaford. Walter and G. Peacock also there - settled to buy Newark House".
22 Feb. "Aug. went to her second lesson at Ambulance Class".
28 Feb. "Mildmay F. started from Oron Vaud, Switzerland, to-day - He has been there since the 7 September last".
Continental tour: 4-30 June. ".... left Victoria with Charles & Emma on a tour of Brussels, Baden Baden etc".
Brussels, Cologne, Heidelberg, Baden, Mayence, Aix, Brussels.
27 July "Mildmay F. went up to London yesterday, and went up for his preliminary ex. for the army today".
29 Aug. "Threshed our wheat in rain - Mildmay, Ralph &c at work all afternoon".
5 Sept. "Walter is to attend Sleaford and Bourne for a week, so I went to Newark today".
13 Sept. "Mildmay went back to his Tutors at Worthing".
Dorset, Devon, Hants. 28 Sept. - 26 Oct.
Wolfeton, Dewlish, Clovelly, Dulverton (Castle Hill), Hartland, Avon, Moyles Court and Huskington.
At beginning: addresses.
At end: bills to be paid, Jan. 1881.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/35  1882

Fulbeck etc.
28 Jan. "Rd. letter from Secry of the Geographical Society about my Sierra Nevada journal".
27 Feb. "Sent 3 first lambs to Sleaford - Had sold about 20 before to other people at £2 each".
25 March "New Marble monument over my father & mother's and Uncle Mildmay's grave put up and finished during this week".
12 April Mildmay W[illson] says he is not going to leave the Guards at present".
29 April "Saw in papers today that Capt. H.J. Fane was made a bankrupt".
15 May "Went down to Newark Show of which I am President this year. Had my 2 tents - gave tea to a good many people".
5 July "Mildmay comes home after his examination for Sandhurst".
June & July. Letters and other preparations art show at Sleaford.
10 July "Art Exhibition opened. I was Chairman. Lord Yarborough opened it".
15 July "Went in Evening to Art Exhibition (3rd day) at Sleaford. 1100 people paid during day".
20 July "Went to Sleaford - to Agricultural Show etc. - More than 1500 people visited the Art Exhib. today".
21 July "Lawn Tennis at Fulbeck, about 50 people".
24 July "Went and closed the Exhibition and made a speech".
26 July "Finished Hay - both for Ted & self".
4 Aug. "Bazaar at Fulbeck in our grounds for Organ Fund.
Great many people dancing &c".
30 Sept. "Sent 3 ton 10cwts onions to Manchester".
15 Nov. "Hester came out at the Lincoln Stuff Ball".
18 Nov. Left England for Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo 20 Nov. - 10 Dec.
22 Nov. "Sent back to H.P.F. remarks of W.D.F. and C.F. on new lease - with some remarks of my own".
At beginning: addresses.
At end: Bills due, Dec. 1881.
Copies of five letters to Mr Sneasby, 39 Shambles, Sheffield about sale of lambs to him, Feb. and March.
Account of lambs sold, with purchaser's name, and weight of lamb, Jan. - June. Total: 75.
"Bought 50 ewes at Dorchester Fair in November 1881. One died on arrival, 4 were barren - above produce of remainder - gave 71/- apiece for ewes. Cost of carriage to Fulbeck 4/- each.
Began lambing again June 25th.
Copy of letter to W. Richards about payment for a horse, 23 June.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/36  1883

Fulbeck etc.
10 Jan. "List of candidates for Sandhurst out - Mildmay failed..."
15 Jan. "Sold 3 more bullocks at Sleaford".
27 Jan. "Mildmay went off to-day to Profess. Schindholm at Coburg to study German etc."
1 Feb. "1st pair of lambs born today".
10 Feb. "Saw the New Bank in use for the first time at Bourne".
9 March "Telegraphed to Mildmay - met him at Sleaford with Walter, and determined that the latter must live at our house at Newark".
10 March "Had a capital afternoon with toboggin"
21 March "Went to Sleaford, and home after - gave prizes at the Art School".
London 17-28 April. Visit in order to have their portrait painted by Mr Lorimer. Some later visits also.
28 May "Drove a train - 1st time for 4 years".
4 July "Solicitors of Trustees, and Cap. H.J. Fane came today to Fulbeck to inspect Heir Looms".
17 July "Harry, Ted and I left at 10.49 from Hougham for Hull - embarked there on Dominico for Norway - joined by W.E. Welby".
Norway, Swden and Denmark
19 July - 16 Aug.
Stay with Hester at Sandene; arrival of Mildmay from Coblenz.
Return from Copenhagen via Kiel and Hamburg.
19 Oct. "Harvest Supper, about 20 people, and about 50 for dancing &c."
4 Nov. "Rd. letter from Charles saying that the Duchess of Cleveland had left him 5500 free of duty".
24 Nov. "Mildmay F. went up to London today to begin his 2nd Exn. for Sandhurst".
3 Dec. "Rd. letter from Mr. Davenport saying Ralph had got into Wellington".
At beginning: Addresses
List of clerks in banks at Newark, Bourne and Sleaford, with salaries.
At end. bills due, Decr. 31 1882.

Diary  1 FANE 6/8/1/37  1884

Fulbeck etc.
9 Jan. "Mildmay F. passed into Sandhurst".
2 Feb. "Social evening at Reading Room".
11 Feb. "Heard today that Emily Willson was engaged to F. Amcotts".
20 Feb. "Revd. J. Peacock our rector died ..."
London 23 Feb. - 10 March House at 128 Harley St. loaned by Julia
10 March. Death of nephew Nevile Hamlyn Fane, aged 26.
Monte Carlo, North Italy and Switzerland: 11 April - 7 May.
4 June "fulbeck sale. Vere came to Hall".
17 June ..." went to see Sir E. Whitmore about Mildmay and the Rifle Brigade".
25 June Holdich went into bankruptcy - I went to see him".
2 Aug. "Mildmay played cricket at Leadenham for Cliff Hovers".
7 Aug. "Vere Willson my nephew married to Miss Rose de St. Croix, niece of Mr. Young of Bradfield".
15 Aug. "Rd. letter from William about buying part of Fulbeck".
4 Sept. "Vere and his bride took up their abode at the Parsonage".
19 Sept. "Charles sent me telegram to say Mildmay Willson is ordered to Egypt - This will alter our plans".
21 Sept. "Sleaford Church struck by lightning".
Dorset, Somerset, Hants. 24 Sept. - 9 Oct. Dewlish, Stepleton, Poundisford, Brymton (Sir S. Ponsonby Fane), Wolfeton, Moyles Court, Ringwood, Rushington.
29 Sept. Bought 50 ewes at Dorchester Fair.
23 Oct. "Went to Bourn - met there F. Peacock, and installed him at the Bank, and at Mr. Evans".
Letters concerning Conservative Association business.
27 Oct. Mothers' meeting began
Night School began
29 Oct. "Went to Newark and arranged with Walter about F. Peacock going there".
8 Dec. "Went to Sleaford. F. Peacock came there and began work instead of at Newark. F. Peacock left".
15 Dec. "Mildmay came from Sandhurst by last train - the end of his career there - I hope".
20 Dec. "Went to War Office - Saw Bruce about Mildmay and Rifle Brigade".
22 Dec. "Sold 2 first Dorset lambs to Sneasby".
31 Dec. "Went to Sleaford, and counted money &C".
At beginning: addresses and other memoranda.
At end: Bills to be paid - Xmas 1883.

Journal, with illustrations  1 FANE 6/8/2  8 Dec 1851-27 Jan 1852

"Journal of Travels in Canada and the United States"
pp. 1-2 8 Dec. Started from Quebec with his uncle, Mildmay Fane, who, having just become Major General, this day quitted the 54th Regiment which he had commanded 22 years. "Almost the whole of the officers of the Garrison in about 20 sleighs.... turned out and drove with my uncle to Lorette, the first stage of our journey to Montreal".
pp. 3-6 Travel by "extra" (a low sleigh drawn by two horses tandem). Sketch of a winter "extra" in Lower Canada. Quebec to Montreal. The French Canadians.
pp. 6-7, 10-12 Dec. Montreal. Crossing the river. By sleigh to La Prairie.
p. 8 By train to Rutland, N.Y. Early departure by train.
pp. 9-10 Railway carriages in U.S.
pp. 10-11, 13-14 Dec. To Niagara via Buffalo.
pp. 12-14 15-16 Dec. Niagara.
pp. 14-15 17 Dec. Buffalo.
pp. 16-17 18-19 Dec. Buffalo to Hyde Park. Man turned out of train.
pp. 18-20 Fellow travellers.
p. 21 Sketch of travelling costume in Canada.
pp. 20, 22, 21-23 Dec. New York.
pp. 23-27 23-24 Dec. Philadelphia.
Kossuth's entry into Philadelphia, American horses.
pp. 27-29, 25-26 Dec. Baltimore.
pp. 29-43, 27-31 Dec. Washington
The Capitol (prints of exterior and of interior of Senate chamber stuck in, p. 33). Representatives and their ladies; senators; the original declaration of independence;
Debate in House of Representatives
The President - "a good Butler looking kind of man".
pp. 43-47, 1-3 Jan. New York.
"At homes" on New Year's day; Brooklyn; fights in Broadway; dancing.
pp. 48-65 3-12 Jan. Boston, General description. 'The Daughter of the Regiment'. (Sketch of the Lover in this opera, p. 51). The lover "a great fat beast more like a butcher than a singer". Sketch of an "Exquisite" at the Opera, p. 52. Visit to the Atheneum. Paucity of good art in U.S.
Bunkers Hill. The navy yard.
The manufacturing town of Lowell, 24 miles from Boston. Boston Assembly. Excellence of dancing. Good music. Sketch of an old woman at a concert, p. 66. Churches and their Christmas decorations.
pp. 67-78 12-23 Jan. New York; pretentiousness; buildings and furniture; reception days. The New York Hotel (a specimen printed menu pasted in (p. 75)). Social functions and the nouveaux riches.
p. 79 Two cuttings from New York papers, "Gossip of the Town".
Inserted at end of volume: (a) Panoramic View from the Bunker Hill Monument. Engraving and explanatory key, with perspective view of the monument [1848].
(b) 'The Lowell Offering', a monthly magazine "written, edited, and published by Female Operatives employed in the mills"
Vol. IV, no. 2. Dec. 1843.
Vol. IV, no. 12 Oct. 1844.
(c) Printed map of British Possessions in North America, with part of the United States.
Undated [c. 1840-50]. (Longman & Co., Paternoster Row).
(d) "Disturnell's New Map of the United States and Canada" (New York, 1851).
Marked by F.A. Fane with his route in Dec. and Jan. 1851 and 1852, and his route in Sept. 1851.
(e) Pen and ink sketch of the skating rink at Quebec.

The Agricultural Resources of Canada: Report of Colonel Francis Fane, a member of the Tenant-Farmer Delegation, on his visit to the Dominion in 1890  1 FANE 6/8/3, 4  1891

Two copies.

Published by authority of the Government of Canada (Department of Agriculture)
From Toronto across Canada to Vancouver Island. Illustrated.
With map of part of the Dominion of Canada, showing distances.
Insertions in 3:- notice concerning Canadian immigration arrangements.
Cutting from the Spalding Free Press, 3 March, 1891, viz. letter from Col. Francis Fane concerning Canadian emigration and another from Col. P.G.B. Lake, Grenfell, Assa. reprinted from the Manitoba Free Press.

Letters and Papers of Colonel F.A. Fane concerning the Fulbeck estate, given to W.V.R. Fane by Rachel Royds in 1927  1 FANE 6/8/5  1873-1891

Estate papers, letters, and vouchers for work done  1 FANE 6/8/5/1  1873-1889

1. Valuation of tenant right upon two fields in Fulbeck in the occupation of Mr. Collingwood to be transferred to Colonel Francis Fane, Lady day, 1873.
3. "Detailed statement made by F.A.F. and Taylor of lands at Fulbeck believed to have been purchased by the late Col. H. Fane. Gone through with deeds at Praeds by W.D. Fane and F.A. Fane April 14 1886".
4. "Rent account on late Col. H. Fane's estate at Fulbeck, taken on behalf of the Standard Insurance Company by Peake & Snow. Lady day 1887".
5. Copy of agreement for apportionment of rent in respect of premises comprised in lease to F.A. Fane dated 4 Nov. 1885 from Henry Fane, since deceased.
Agreement between mortgagees (James Hope, Spencer Campbell Thompson, William Dashwood Fane) and Francis A. Fane. 30 Sept. 1887.
7. Statement about mortgaged lands at Fulbeck made out for W.D. Fane. Tenant of the greater part is "Fane & Co. Coop". 1 Feb. 1888.
8. F.A. Fane's valuation of Norris's Farm. 12 Feb. 1888.
11,12. Other versions of 1 FANE 6/8/5/7
15. Draft of letter from F.A. Fane to W.R. Norledge, solicitor, Newark, concerning W.D. Fane purchasing the shop in Fulbeck late Lewarton's. 25 Sept. 1888.
16. Copy by F.A. Fane of correspondence between W.D. Fane and Charles Fane concerning lease of Fulbeck Hall etc.
Charles asks that Frank and Harry shall not be disturbed in their tenancy of Fulbeck so long as they wish to remain and pay the rent. They had a 7-14-21 year lease with the late Colonel, terminable on the death of any of them. Is willing to join in the lease if it were thought desirable.
W.D. Fane expresses himself desirous that Frank and Harry should remain at Fulbeck Hall as long as they wish and on the same conditions - "and it was in a great measure to secure their doing so that I became the purchaser". But does not know what he might have to do if Ted were to give up the Home Farm and the fields he has of his, or if Frank were to give up the Low Field Farm, as he might not be able to afford to live at Melbourne. As it is, if he gets the rental of Fulbeck as stated in the sale particulars, he will have £480 a year less than the income of the investments he parted with. Has been minus £550 a year since the East and W. India Dock Company ceased to pay dividend, and every shilling of rent he has received from Fulbeck and a good deal more has been spent in draining seven fields in the Low Field Farm, in almost re-building the old Farm in the village, and in improving the offices at the Hall. Explains that Fulbeck was paid for with £13,000 of his own and £25,000 of trust money coming to his son Willy, and the legal position with regard to this. June 1889. Copied Oct. 1889.
18. Plan and elevation of cottage "now in course of erection near Gainsborough". 18 items.

Papers concerning a lease to F.A. Fane of Tomlin's trustees' Farm at Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/8/5/2  1880-1891

1-3 Draft letter from F.A. Fane to B. Tidd Pratt Esq., Newark, enqiuring about a lease of a small farm in Fulbeck belonging to the Tomlin family. 1 July, 1880. Replies 2 July and 11 Sept.
4. Copy of letter from same to same, expressing desire to take the farm for a long term and sub-let it. 22 Sept. 1880.
5-14. Further correspondence about terms of lease and repairs. Fane to take lease and sub-let to George Lamb. Oct. 1880-Jan. 1882.
15. Lease.
The Rev. Thomas William May Lund of Cheetham Hill near Manchester, Lancs., clerk, Thomas Parkinson of Southwell, Notts., esq., and Becher Tidd Pratt of Newark upon Trent, gent. to
Francis Fane of Fulbeck, esq.
Messuage or tenement with outbuildings and garden with closes and parcels of land containing 66ac. 2r. 18p., until lately in the occupation of Joseph Jackson, in Fulbeck.
For 7 years.
Rent: 10s. an acre for first year; 20s. an acre for next two years; 35s. an acre for next two years; £2 an acre for rest of term.
31 March, 1882.
20. Draft of notice from F.A. Fane to lessors of his intention to drain parts of his holding. 1884.
21-27. Further correspondence about rent payments, receipts, 1885-1887.
28. Letter from B. Tidd Pratt to Col. Fane about renewal of lease, 16 Sept. 1887.
30. Inventory and valuation of straw upon Tomlins Farm, Fulbeck, transferred from Mr. G.W.S. Lamb's trustee in bankruptcy to the landlord, Col. F. Fane. 8 Oct. 1887.
With receipt for £97.18.6. 7 Nov. 1887.
32,33. B. Tidd Pratt to F.A. Fane offering him the farm at £85. 10.0 a year, with his draft reply, 4 & 9 Nov. 1887.
35-52. Further correspondence over taking the farm, receipt, 23 Nov. 1887 - Dec. 1890.
53-54. Letters concerning the draining of Tomlin's land, which Col. Fane's brother is buying, 1891.
55. Letter from Pratt & Hodgkinson, Newark, to Charles Fane, esq. informing him that Mr. Brooke has been served with notice to quit, 10 Aug. 1891.

"Papers connected with draining on W.D. Fane's Estate (late Col. H. Fane)"  1 FANE 6/8/5/3  1883-1888

Notice from F.A. Fane of his intention to drain part of the land in Fulbeck he holds of Col. Henry Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/1  Jan 1884

With schedule of lands, and approval of Col. Henry Fane.

Covering letter, returning form, from Col. Henry Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/2  c1884

Authority from Colonel H. Fane to Edward Humphries to act as his agent under the Agricultural Holding Act. 1883  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/3  10 June 1884

Notice and approval, as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/3/1 for part of the Low Field Farm  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/4  1 Jan 1885

With three letters from Peake, Snow and Peake to Col. H. Fane.

Receipted accounts for drainage 1883-5, with notice and approval, as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/3/4  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/5  27 June 1885

Notice and approval for drainage of Brant Field  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/6  Jan 1885

Copy of notice and approval for drainage of field called the Brache, part of Low Field Farm  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/7  Oct 1886

Addressed to Messrs. Alexander James Russell, James Hope and Spencer Campbell Thomson and Messrs. J.E. Fox & Co. their solicitors, from Col. Francis Fane and Co. With vouchers.

Notice and approval for drainage of the Brache  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/8  1887

From Francis Fane to W.D. Fane as mortgagee, 1887. With vouchers, and covering letter from W.D. To Francis Fane and family news re proposed visit to Continent.

Copy of notice and approval for drainage of West Dales  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/9  1887

Addressed as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/3/7.

Memo. of sum due from W.D. Files for leading tiles  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/10  1888

Plan of Fulbeck Low Field Farm occupied by H.P. and F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/3/11  1883

Letters and papers  1 FANE 6/8/5/4  1883

18 Items

"Exchange between E.G.R. Fane and W.G. Lely".

"Correspondence chiefly between W.D. Fane and Col. F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5  1887-1889

Evan Crofts to Col. Fane; from Leadenham  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/1  22 Oct 1887

Concerning employment of him as agent by W.D. Fane.

W.D. Fane to Col. F.A. Fane; from Melbourne, Derbys  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2  11 Nov 1887

Sends £10 subscription to Fulbeck School. Thinks of making an offer for the Bully Lane Cottage property. Their party for the ball, who are to go in Mr Wadham's omnibus.

Peake, Snow & Peake to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2 from Sleaford  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/3  17 Nov 1887

Request that Mr. E.G.R. Fane shall sign the enclosed agreement for the apportionment of the rent of the lands comprised in his lease. Asks whether he has any written agreement for the Reading Room and whether Mr. E.G.R. Fane has one for the lands he occupies not included in the lease, as the purchaser's solicitors ask to see the agreements with the tenants.

W.D. Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/3 from Melbourne Hall  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/4  25 Nov 1887

Concerning duty on Col. H. Fane's effects which he has paid and other matters concerning the will.

Same to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/5  30 Nov 1887

Has received the draft conveyance to him of the Fulbeck estate and enquires about four pieces of plantation in Waterloo House Farm.

Same to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/6  3 Dec 1887

Concerning duties on Col. H. Fane's effects and the four little plantations. Ralph's feet and hands.

Same to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/7  7 Dec 1887

Concerning agency for the Fulbeck estate and engaging Evan Crofts. Asks him to be watchful for his interests.

Same to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/8  9 Dec 1887

Has agreed to buy the seven cottages and orchard for £420, and the two pieces are to be excluded from the mortgage to his marriage settlement trustees. Thinks must defer doing anything about the woods until he comes, though orders are being given for the sale of Stocks to make up his purchase money.

Henry Snow to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/2 from Sleaford  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/9  13 Dec 1887

Imperfection of the conveyance to Lewarton.

Herbert Kirk to H.P. Fane, Fulbeck Hall; from Sleaford  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/10  13 Dec 1887

Sends drawings for him to inspect and will send the plans as soon as they are prepared.

W.D. Fane to Col. F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/11  15 Dec 1887

Returns Mr. Kirk's letter to Harry. Possibility of installing a lift. The North Green Cottages and Orchard and the Lewarton title. H. Byrom Reed, M.P. to stay with them to speak on Church Reform. They have dress circle tickets for Lord Salisbury's speech at the Derby Theatre.

Peake, Snow, and Peake to same; as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/11 from Sleaford  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/12  Undated

Send a memorandum of the rents payable by himself and Mr. E.G.R. Fane (enclosed).

W.D. Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/11 from Melbourne  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/13  7 Jan 1888

Is to have the seven cottages and orchard at £400. Dissatisfied with Mr. E. Crofts for misunderstanding his explicit instructions. Social events at Melbourne. Believes a safe arrangement is being made for him to pay the £38,000, in the absence of the gentleman in the West Indies.

Copy from Col. F.A. Fane to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/14  8 Jan 1888

Will be only too glad to assist Snow and him in all matters connected with Fulbeck. Snow had better make arrangements with the tenants who have given notice to quit next Lady Day. Wishes his (W.D. Fane's) purchase was settled, as it is impossible to get on with the woodcutting. E. Crofts's decision.

W.D. Fane to Col. F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/15  9 Jan 1888

E. Crofts's valuation.

John T. Robotham to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/15  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/16  14 Jan 1888

Offering to supply drainpipes.

W.D. Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/15  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/17  14 Jan 1888

A plan has been contrived for the safe payment of his purchase money in the absence of the party in the West Indies. Will come to Fulbeck after attending the reopening of Southwell Minster.

Draft from Col. F.A. Fane to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/18  15 Jan 1888

Will not be a party to introducing Morley into Fulbeck to do draining. Is just off to Rauceby as Mary cannot last much longer.

D. Metheringham from Scopwick, to Col. F. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/19  9 Feb 1888

Applying for Grass field, if available through Mr. Shaw's bankruptcy.

Official Receiver in Bankruptcy to Col. Fane concerning the field held by William Shaw as tenant to Miss Augusta Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/20  11 Feb 1888

Evan G. Crofts to Col. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/21  19 Feb 1888

Norris's decision to leave his farm, and the letting of it.

W.D. Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/21 from 15 South Audley Street  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/22  3 March 1888

Asks him to inspect the property which Mr. Morley, on the part of John Reeve is offering to sell him. Hears that the selling of the mortgaged lands is being left to Messrs. Capell, Cure and Bell, to whom Fred. A. Fane has assigned his interest. They have written that they hope he will increase his offer from £1500 to £2000, but he has replied that he will not go beyond £1650. His cataract. Willie will join them in London for a month's work with James, the military "coach".

Ordnance Survey Office, Derby, to Mr. Fane concerning alterations to the Fulbeck Hall sheet of the O.S  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/23  12 March 1888

W.D. Fane to Col. F.A. Fane; from 15 S. Audley Street  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/24  20 March 1888

Estate affairs. Proposed extensive exchange between John Reeve and himself, by which he would get all of Reeve's Land in Fulbeck parish, west of the Leadenham and Sleaford Road. Asks him to take the matter into his consideration. Relatives and their health. Has heard from Vere Fane that he is appointed to the 1st Punjab Cavalry, headquarters Rajawpur.

Evan G. Crofts to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/24 from Leadenham  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/25  25 March 1888

About letting the grass field to Blackbourn.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/25  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/26  5 Apr 1888

The meeting about Lamb. Fulbeck wood sale.

W.D. Fane to Col. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/27  26 July 1888

Thinks they are safe to get the Lewarton property, as his [F.A. Fane's] bid was the highest at the auction. Is not inclined to give more than the £520. Is already engaged for £1650 for the mortgaged land and for £420 for Wingfield's property, and there are other properties to be bought and alterations to be paid for.

Letter and pencil notes about Lewarton's house  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/28  July 1888

Copy or draft from F.A. Fane to Messrs. Hunt & White, Newark  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/29  27 July 1888

Stating that Mr. W.D. Fane will not give more than £520 for the Fulbeck property.

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane, from Melbourne  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/30  24 Aug 1888

Louisa's health. Meeting of executors of H. Sherbrooke at Nottingham. Fulbeck estate matters. Social news.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/30  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/31  5 Sept 1888

Thanks for his letter about Lewarton's shop. Cannot get to Fulbeck, with Millie and Willie until the 15th, as Julia and Charlotte are coming there. Other social news. Agnes goes to Hoghton Towers tomorrow. Is to pay the £1650 for the mortgaged lands this week or next. Other matters to be settled when he comes to Fulbeck.

Evan Crofts to Col. Fane; from Leadenham  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/32  8 Sept 1888

Reports on expenditure necessary to put Parker's premises in order. Asks him, in his absence, to give a look at the wash dyke, to have an eye on Jenkinson and to advance any money that Jacques wants for labour.

W.H. Norledge to Col. Fane; from 5 Cartergate, Newark  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/33  17 Sept 1888

Concerning the tenant stock and fixtures, if Fane lets to Messrs. Warwick & Co. the house he may buy.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/33  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/34  10 Oct 1888

His client has instructed him to accept the offer contained in Fane's letter, and therefore he remitts to Peake, Snow & Peake the conditions of sale.

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/35  16 Oct 1888

Anxiety that the matter of Wingfield's property shall not fall through. The Neviles charming visitors.

Draft of note from F.A. Fane to Mr. Emerson enclosing a letter from Emerson to Mr Snow for him to sign  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/36  17 Oct 1888

States that is anxious to become W.D. Fane's tenant instead of Miss Wingfield's, and to be a yearly tenant.

William Emerson to Col. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/36a  1 Oct 1888

Asks to be able to keep the orchard as well, and will be glad to be Mr. Fane's tenant.

Copy from F.A. Fane to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/37  17 Oct 1888

The Wingfield House.

William Emerson to Col. Fane concerning purchase of Miss Wingfield's house 19 Oct  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/38  1888

Draft from F.A. Fane to W. Emerson  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/39  20 Oct 1888

Thinks there is no chance of an arrangement being made as Mr. W.D. Fane would not give a five-years lease.

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/40  29 Oct 1888

Stone wall for the Wood top. Insurance of farm buildings. A new pear for him.

Warwick & Sons Ltd., Newark, to Col. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/41,42  30-31 Aug 1888

Asking whether they are still in treaty for the property, late Lewarton's, at Fulbeck, as it has been offered to them. With draft reply.

Peake, Snow, & Peake, Sleaford, to Col. F. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/43  10 Jan 1889

Ask him to remit £150.16.3, the balance received in respect of the mortgaged lands, to Messrs. Praeds, to be placed to the credit of the late Col. Henry Fane's Trust Account.

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/44  15 Jan 1889

Will send the cheque to Praeds. Believes the residuary account of Col. Henry will soon be made up and passed. Frank's examination results and coaching for him. County Council election at Melbourne and the meeting of Mr. Cudlip, the Radical candidate.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/44 from Melbourne  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/45  11 Feb 1889

As the snow is so deep, they have persuaded Hester and Cecil Michel to stay till tomorrow. Concerning purchase of cream-coloured mare. Hopes to come for the sale of the Hare and Hounds on the 21st. Encloses letters, one from Millie at sea.

Same to same from same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/45  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/46  3 March 1889

Offer of property from Mr. Morley.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/46 from 15 South Audley Street  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/47  13 March 1889

Concerning giving an effectual notice to Baines. Is sending more money to E. Crofts and asking for particulars of the drainage.

Form of notice to Mr. Charles Baines from W.D. Fane to quit and deliver up possession of land in the Ings  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/48  13 March 1889

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane; from 15 South Audley Street  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/49  4 June 1889

Concerning the outside painting at the Hall. Building of four cottages for £580. Offers to buy his piece of land in the Ings. Dinner on Friday night.

W.D. Fane to H.P. Fane; from Melbourne  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/50  11 July 1889

Cannot come to Fulbeck now. Ralph's departure this morning. Pedigree for Lady E. Cust. Particulars of land to be exchanged. Encloses letters describing their visit to Kent, which he asks to be returned to him as his journal.

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/51  18 July 1889

Schemes for exchange with Charles, who must not build on the Cricket Field.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/51 from Melbourne  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/52  21 July 1889

Social events. He will come to Fulbeck on 2nd August. The Cricket Field.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/52  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/53  25 July 1889

Conveyance from Francis to him of the South Ings. Encloses receipt for £137.10s. in reduction of principal money.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/51  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/54  21 July 1889

Apologies for not having answered his letter of the 27th sooner. Has had a good deal of letter writing to do with respect to a mortgage of the King estate at Martin for £5,500, and with the sale of a mortgaged property at Langley Mill. Is afraid he thinks there is no chance of Charles's letting him acquire the whole of the cricket field. Is glad he had a pleasant visit to the Garfits for the Louth Show. "Their mode of entertaining shows that there is still some affluence among country bankers!" Garden parties. Millie and Willie.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/8/5/5/51  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/55  3 Aug 1889

Concerning repayment by Francis of £200 due on the promissory note to him, leaving £1300 principal due. Has had a letter from Vere Willson asking his assent, as lord of the manor, to his putting up a building to hold services in at the Fulbeck parish junction of the Sleaford and Highdyke roads. Their garden party, their stay at Ogston Hall, and other social events.

Charles Fane to F.A. Fane; from Rauceby  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/56  4 Aug 1889

Concerning the proposed exchange at Fulbeck. Does not want to have fields away from the village. "After all the sacrifices I have made to retain Fulbeck in the Family, I do not care to be driven away from the village, nor am I in the least likely to consent to such a suggestion".

W.D. Fane to F.A. Fane; from Firbeck Hall, Rotherham  1 FANE 6/8/5/5/57  8 Aug 1889

Returns Charles's letter, thanking him for having put his proposal before him. Has heard that he will have to spend £150 and more on Parker's heath farm.

Packet of letters and plans, labelled by W.V.R. Fane "Proposed alterations at Fulbeck Hall"  1 FANE 6/8/5/6  June 1888

Not carried out.

Six letters from Charles Kirk, Sleaford, to Col. F.A. Fane and one from W.D. Fane to same  1 FANE 6/8/5/6/1-7  1888

Alterations involving butler's pantry, bakehouse and brushing room, and new dressing room with W.C. in new bay over drawing room bow adjoining bedroom, "for making Mr Edward Fane's last days happy". W.D. Fane not disposed to pay any part of the cost of the alteration over the drawing room bow, but will not object if Ted likes to make the addition.

Plan and elevation: proposed alterations for W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/8/5/6/8  June 1888

Dressing room over drawing-room bow. C. Kirk & Sons, Sleaford.

Unlabelled and undated plan of Fulbeck Hall domestic offices showing alterations  1 FANE 6/8/5/6/9  c1888

Horse Journal  1 FANE 6/8/6  1869-1892

Journal, in tabular form, in the daily entries for each of his horses, kept by Colonel F.A. Fane.

Papers of Henry Prinsep Fane  1 FANE 6/9  Late 18th century - Early 20th century

Various  1 FANE 6/9/1  1845-1898

H.P. Fane's lecture on his escape from Jaunpore during the Mutiny  1 FANE 6/9/1/1  Undated

5 ff.


Copy, in hand of W.D. Fane, of a letter from H.P. Fane, Bengal Civil Service, to Augusta Fane  1 FANE 6/9/1/2  14 June 1857

3 ff.

From Benares.
Describes his escape from Jaunpore.

Rough notes by H.P. Fane, intended for a journal  1 FANE 6/9/1/3  30 July 1845-5 Sept 1848

4 ff.


"Old letters given by Mrs. H.M. Spencer to W.D. Fane, 17 August 1896"  1 FANE 6/9/1/4  1856-1863

H. [P.] F[ane] to his sister Caroline Beresford; from Jaunpore  1 FANE 6/9/1/4/(a)  30 Jan [1856]

Has just been offered the district of Jaunpore, near Benares, and has accepted the appointment. Describes the district and the society there. Subsequent travels. Antelope shooting. Stayed two days at Cawnpore to meet the Alexander Dashwoods from Lucknow, and likes Blanche very much.

Francis Fane to H.P. Fane; from Peshawar  1 FANE 6/9/1/4/(b)  26 June 1857

Writes a line, though does not think there is much chance of its reaching him in safety. Is in great hopes that he is all right at Jaunpoore, as he thinks he had a Seikh Regiment there. Here they are all right, and likely to be so as long as General Cotton commands. Is now the Commandant of a force of European and native cavalry, and is working morning and night to get them into order: a splendid command, the more so, as the experiment has never before been tried in India. Is sending a long letter he got from his father some days ago.

H.P. Fane to Caroline Beresford; from Mirzapore  1 FANE 6/9/1/4/(c)  29 July 1857

Describes how he has been sent there to take the place of Mr Moore, the Joint-Magistrate there, who was killed by zemindars when he had been sent to punish them for plundering their neighbours. Is living with Mr. Tucker, the magistrate, and Mr. Elliott, the assistant. Discusses possibility of mutiny among native regiment there. Possibility of an attack on Benares. Has not had any further intelligence from Lucknow about the Dashwoods. Will send her Frank's last letter to him: his appointment will suit him exactly. How lucky Walter is to have got home before the outbreak, and by the time he and Ted have to come out, peace will have been restored. The house he is in is within 8 feet of the bank of the Ganges, and for several days they saw the bodies of the Europeans butchered at Cawnpore floating down the river. Suspects the 3,000 men who have dispersed the Nana Sahib's force at Caunpore and have gone to relieve Lucknow will have a tough fight. Is sorry she does not like the change from Bangalore to Madras, but thinks her safer there. Fate of the women at Cawnpore.

Same to his sister, Augusta Fane; from Mirzapore  1 FANE 6/9/1/4/(d)  30 Aug 1863

Addresses this letter to her at Malta, not withstanding the doubt as to whether she will be there or at some out-of-the-way quarters in Ireland. Instructions to be carried out by William or Ted in England concerning his newspapers, shoes, gloves and club. Approves of Arthur's proposal for a memorial well at Fulbeck and will contribute £20. News of various of his acquaintances in India. Is playing a good deal of croquet. Expects that his house will be a regular inn as the railway will be open to Mirzapore about the 1st of October. Hopes Addie's next letter will contain some information about W. W.[elby]'s conversation in an interesting subject with his old uncle. She ought to have received some slippers and a cummerbund he sent by Henry Dashwood. Concludes Dashwood got some friend to take them to Malta, when he determined to go to Syria and Constantinople. Photographs sent him by Louisa - but wants others.

8 letters from W.D. Fane to H.P. Fane; from Melbourne Hall, Derby  1 FANE 6/9/1/5  27 June 1878 - 31 Jan 1883

Concerning treating for the purchase of the Fulbeck Hall estate and the legal position, and advice about the new lease to be taken by H.P. and F.A. Fane, and the legal points involved. Implications of Capt. H.J. Fane's bankruptcy. Interspersed with social news.

A bundle of letters and papers of H.P. Fane concerning the new lease of Fulbeck Hall in 1883 to Charles Fane for the benefit of H.P. and F.A. Fane  1 FANE 6/9/1/6  1881-1889

Includes letters from Charles Fane, drafts by H.P. Fane and accounts. Three undated letters from Col. Henry Fane to H.P. Fane concerning the amount expended by the latter on Fulbeck. Postscript to one that the estate has become virtually the property of the Standard Insurance Company, with whom, at his death, they will have to deal. Debt between £50,000 and £60,000.
Letter from same to same "I can assure you that there is nothing in the paper or deed signed by me that can interfere with your lease any way. The Jesuit R.C.s were very anxious to continue the entail in the person of Vere B. Fane, the[y all are content ?] could do it; and did so for a large money compensation got out of Capt. C.G. Fane R.N. Who will lose all probably and the seceder now not a Roman Catholic. I have held my tongue until I was sure of my object, viz. To give the Papists a facer and to make the loss of Fulbeck most expensive. I personally have a good deal to say or pay besides.... I am sorry to say that Capt. C.G. Fane has been a principal agent in the matter". 14 June [1884].

A bundle of letters and receipts for the rent of Fulbeck Hall  1 FANE 6/9/1/7  1886-1893

A bundle of general letters and other papers  1 FANE 6/9/1/8  c1884-1893

1. Letter from W.B. Drawbridge, curate in charge, Tudeley, concerning the Fane family monument. 31 July 1885.
2. Letter concerning same from W.D. Fane. 3 Aug. 1885.
3. Letter from Charles Fane with tracing of plan of Fulbeck glebe land sold to former in 1885. 21 Dec. 1886.
4. Letter from W.W. Aldridge to Mrs. Willson; from Mumby. Encloses photograph of a monument in Harpham church (Lowthorpe, Yorks.) to Charlotte St. Quintin, wife of William St. Quintin, esq., daughter of Henry Fane, Esq., M.P. 19 Jan. 1886.
5. Circular notice and appeal from the Constitutional Club. Note of donation of £5, and proposal of Ralph Nevile Fane 5 Nov. 1886.
9-12. Letters concerning painting coats of arms on monument in Fulbeck church. 26 Dec. 1889.
13. Three letters from Charles Fane and other papers concerning the Ash Close and its ownership. 1887.
18. Circular concerning Lincoln Cathedral restoration with two letters from J. Clements, Subdean, on same. 1890.
19. Various papers concerning Tomlin's land in Fulbeck, bought by C.T. Fane for £4000 in 1891, including "sketch of title" by H.P. Fane.
21. Letter from Edmond Royds to "uncle Harry" [H.P. Fane]; from 7 Suffolk Place, S.W. Concerning settling the account for board, lodging etc. between them. They have spent a total of £923.19s.5d. on house, stables, and garden. 15 May, 1893.
22. Envelope containing copy of inscription on monument to Sir Anthony Benn, formerly recorder of Kingston on Thames, and rough sketch by H.P. Fane of monument in Kingston on Thames church to the Hon. Anthony Fane, 1643.
23. Letter from W.D. Fane to H.P. Fane concerning the Fane crest and enclosing two copies of his book plate. 13 Feb. 1884.
24. Vouchers for the grave and burial of Mr Edward Fane, 1886.
4 items.
25. Very rough pencil plan of the pictures at Dewlish.
26. Newspaper cutting: notice of sale by auction of freehold property in Caythorpe and Fulbeck, with pencil annotations, 1885.
27. Rough pencil plan of Hall and Rectory grounds, Fulbeck.
28. Note about the foundation and history of the Loyal Fane Lodge of Odd Fellows.
29. Printed letter of thanks from Col. F.A. and Mrs. Fane for silver bowl presented to them on their twenty-fifth marriage anniversary, 1888.
30. Three newspaper cuttings, including report of a meeting of ratepayers at Fulbeck on 1 Oct. 1888 at which Col. F.A. Fane was nominated as first County Councillor for the Caythorpe Division.

Letters and papers concerning Fulbeck waterworks  1 FANE 6/9/1/9  1863-1898

A bundle of letters and papers, including  1 FANE 6/9/1/9/A  1884-1898

List of water places found by Mr. Holt on 2 Nov. 1888 in the presence of H.P. Fane and V.F. Willson.
Letters and accounts belonging to H.P. Fane re Holywell Pump and its repairs, 1884-89, with his notes on Holywell spring.
Copy of H.P. Fane's proposals to a vestry meeting on 9 Oct. 1980 concerning his waterworks.
Specifications, contracts, and tenders for waterworks at Fulbeck Hall and for village, 1891.
Lease from Charles Thorold Fane of 1, Fleet St., to Henry Prinsep Fane of Fulbeck Hall of so much of Holywell Plantation as the latter shall within two years from the date hereof take and occupy as a site for a tank or reservoir, with licence to lay and maintain pipes in such parts of the plantation as the grantee shall think fit.
Recites that lessee is desirous of collecting and storing water from certain springs in or near Holywell Plantation and of conducting the same to Fulbeck Hall, and to a stand pipe to be erected in the village of Fulbeck.
Term: 150 years. Rent 1s.p.a.
29 June, 1891.
Various accounts and vouchers, including E.N. Crofts in account with H.P. Fane, esq., mainly 1891.
Memorandum by H.P. Fane regarding Holywell spring and the waterworks constructed by him from Holywell Plantation to Fulbeck Hall in 1891.
Memo. of agreement between W.V.R. Fane and Miss A.C. Fane concerning Holywell water. 10 Nov. 1897.
Papers concerning the erection of a shelter over the stand pipe on Fulbeck south or town green for the use of neighbouring householders, 1895-98.

Plan of tank and drains in Holywell plantation for Fulbeck waterworks  1 FANE 6/9/1/9/B  1891

Ewan N. Crofts.

Various pump accounts and vouchers  1 FANE 6/9/1/9/C  1863-1888

Coxwell Hollow Pump: copy of account book, 1864-87; vouchers, 1864, 1865, 1870, 1886-87, and circular from H.P. Fane about payment for repairs 1888.
Wells and pumps at north and south ends of Fulbeck: various accounts and vouchers, with some notes by H.P. Fane, 1863-66.
Book relating to making of a well and pump on the North Green, containing minutes of Well and Pump Committee, 1863, and Treasurer's accounts, 1863-65. Accounts continued in small note book pinned to the larger book.

Records as Churchwarden of Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/9/2  1865-1938

Printed churchwardens' accounts  1 FANE 6/9/2/1  1872-1892

Several copies.

Printed accounts of Fulbeck National and Infant Schools  1 FANE 6/9/2/2  1876-1891

1876, 1878, 1882, 1886, 1888, 1891.

Printed balance sheets, Fulbeck charities  1 FANE 6/9/2/3  1869-1891

1869-91 (with gaps), with accounts of other parish funds.

Printed epitomes of parish accounts  1 FANE 6/9/2/4  1880-1886

Printed balance sheets, Loyal Fane Lodge, Friendly Society  1 FANE 6/9/2/5  1889-1895

Printed account Fulbeck church Clock  1 FANE 6/9/2/6  1882

Bell-ringing papers  1 FANE 6/9/2/7  1871-1873

Ms. copy of rules of the Fulbeck bell-ringers 1871.
Draft nomination of six ringers by parishioners of Fulbeck, with their duties.
Rules of the Church Bell-ringers, Buckminster-cum-Sewstern, founded, 1873.

Copy of valuation by Richard Hall, auctioneer and valuer  1 FANE 6/9/2/8  8 Aug 1892

In accordance with instructions from the Rev. V.F. Willson, rector of Fulbeck, and Mildmay Willson. Willson of Rauceby, patron of the living, and with the approval of the Bishop, of two dwelling houses in Fulbeck, viz. "the Villa", which it is proposed to purchase for the living of Fulbeck and to alter and re-build as the future residence of the benefice", and the present parsonage house which it is proposed to sell to C.T. Fane.

Fulbeck Infant School  1 FANE 6/9/2/9  1878-1880

2 letters from Local Government Board to rector, 1879 & 1880.
Bye Laws made under section 74 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870, as amended by the Elementary Education Act, 1876, for the parish of Fulbeck by the School Attendance Committee of the Newark Union, 1877, with letter about same from Clerk of Newark Union School Attendance Committee, 1878.

A file of official letters, received by H.P. Fane as churchwarden  1 FANE 6/9/2/10  1879-1884

Copy of instrument concerning procurations, sent from Ecclesiastical Commission, 1879.
Documents concerning sequestration of the living during vacancy, 1884.
Correspondence with Charity Commission about the charities of the Countess of Pembroke and others and the Allotments Extension Act, 1882.
Letter to churchwardens, with draft reply, concerning allocation of a seat in church, 1884.

A large volume of plain cartridge paper into which a few parish vouchers have been stuck  1 FANE 6/9/2/11  1867-1892

Vouchers and tenders for work on highways, with one letter, 1867 and 1870-71.
Inserted loose in front of the volume:-
Citation to appear at Bishop's triennial visitation on 14 Oct. 1889, with visitation articles (unanswered). Note, dated 4 Nov. 1889 by H.P. Fane explaining that he was away in Paris and did not receive the citation until after the visitation.
Notice concerning Diocesan Conference, 1887.
Letters to H.P. Fane, concerning payment of voluntary church rate, 1884-87.
Draft letter from H.P. Fane to John Swan, Registrar, about parish register transcripts for Fulbeck, with two replies, 1890.
List of church fees, Fulbeck, 1886. In hand of W.D. Fane.
Draft inventory of Fulbeck church goods. In hand of W.D. Fane. 1890 or after.
Churchwardens' accounts, printed 1872-87, m.s. 1887-92.
List of holders of seats in church. n.d. (hand of H.P. Fane).
Fulbeck church restoration account, 1889, printed, with ms. addition "Account of Additional Restoration in 1890".

Letters, estimates, plans, vouchers etc. relating to the church fabric and fittings  1 FANE 6/9/2/12  1865-1938

Church Bells  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/a)  1880-1893

Papers put in the front of a large blotter.
Copy of estimate and report of Messrs. John Taylor & Co., Bell Founders, Loughborough, as to cost of rehanging the ring of 6 bells in Fulbeck church, 10 Feb. 1890 (In hand of H.P. Fane).
Account of cost of rehanging the bells at Melbourne, Derbys., in 1880 by Taylor of Loughborough, with notes by H.P. Fane.
Plan of Fulbeck church tower.
Specification and estimate from John Taylor & Co. 1893, and correspondence of H.P. Fane and John Taylor, 1893.
"Remarks by Mr. H.P. Fane on Mr Naylor's report on Fulbeck church bells", 1893.
"H.P. Fane's memorandum on the repair and rehanging of the Fulbeck Church bells".
Correspondence with Naylor & Sale, architects and surveyors, Irongate, Derby, with statement of cost of rehanging bells and work to clock, 1893.

East window of chancel and other improvements: estimates, plans, accounts, letters  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/b)  1871-1891

New stained glass east window, 1891; executed by Heaton, Butler and Bayne from design by C. Kirk.
Estimate for raising hot water pipes to above the floor levels, 1886 with plan.
Brass candle standards, 1888.
Church restoration, 1871 -, and 1888-90. Plans by C. Kirk of internal elevation, east end, and of font. Account of receipts, Fulbeck church restoration fund, 1880-90.

Organ  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/c)  1870-1887

Subscription list for new organ, 1870.
Subscription list and balance sheet, 1871-2.
Accounts for work done and letters, 1872-87.

Church clock  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/d)  1881-1882

A new clock presented by members of the Fane family in 1882.
Estimates and speifications (by E. Tucker, 7 Hyde Street, W.C.), 1881.
Letters between H.P. Fane and Tucker, 1881.
Printed account and list of subscribers, 1882.

Miscellaneous  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/e)  1865-1892

Letters re fire insurance of chancel and rectory, 1884, 1892.
Letters about lamps for church, 1892.
3 letters to H.P. Fane from Edward S. Wilson (formerly curate of Fulbeck), from Winterton Vicarage, about his copy of the Fulbeck parish registers and other matters. 1876, 1883.
Churchyard cross: Designs and letters concerning, from Naylor and Sale, Derby, 1893. Earlier letter, with design for same, from E. Nottingham, 1890, also mentioning renovating of old monument in church.
Letters re making a brass plate for erection in church to record that the nave was reroofed, the chancel arch rebuilt, and the east window enlarged in 1888. 1890.
Note concerning sale in 1885 to C.T. Fane of the field called the glebe sands by the rector of Fulbeck with the consent of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the patron.
Bills for extension of pipes in church, 1891; churchyard gate and fence 1892 and other items 1882-92; and other vouchers relating to Overseers of Poor and Surveyors of highways, 1865-71 "to be put on file of old bills in cupboard in Church Tower, H.P.F.".

Fulbeck infant school  1 FANE 6/9/2/12/f)  1876-1938

Extract from minutes of School Committee meeting held on 26 Feb. 1876, about repairs to building intended as infant school.
Vouchers 1876, 1882.
Copy of minutes of vestry meeting concerning infant schoolmistress held 1 May, 1884.
Other papers, including lease from Augusta Cecily Fane of Fulbeck, spinster, to the Revd. Vere Francis Willson, rector, and others of parcel of land adjoining Fulbeck National School for 21 years. 6 Jan. 1894. Endorsed with note by W.V.R. Fane "given to W. King-Fane by Miss A. Collingwood, April 1938. This scheme was not carried out as a new senior and infant school was built in 1896 at the bottom of the village".

Notes concerning parish officers, transcribed by H.P. Fane  1 FANE 6/9/2/13  Undated

Written in "Payne's and Co.s Indian Diary for 1868, containing a priced list of their wines and stores and a variety of information of a most useful kind on subjects relating especially to India, to which is added a map of India showing the railway communication" (Calcutta 1868).

Historical Collections of H.P. Fane  1 FANE 6/9/3  Late 18th century - Early 20th century

Copies of Fulbeck parish registers  1 FANE 6/9/3/1  (Undated)

1562-1707  1 FANE 6/9/3/1/a)  Undated

Copied by the Revd. E.S. Wilson, curate at Fulbeck, volume bound in red morocco.

1708-1847  1 FANE 6/9/3/1/b)  Undated

Copied by H.P. Fane 1708-50, and W.D. Fane 1751-1847.
Miscellaneous loose papers enclosed in front, including:-
Fulbeck burials, 1934-39, list by W.V.R. Fane.
Pedigree of Collingwood family in 18th c., in hand of W.V.R. Fane.
Various notes on Fulbeck: families, extracted from registers, in hand of W.V.R. Fane.
Quarto-size note book, in hand of H.P. Fane.
Copies of Fulbeck registers:-
Baptisms, burials and marriages, 1751-60.
Baptisms and burials, 1761-1812.
Baptisms, 1813-78.
Burials, 1813-81.
Marriages, 1760-1812.
List of rectors of Caythorpe, 1221-1898, in hand of W.V.R. Fane.
List of rectors or curates and churchwardens who signed Fulbeck registers, 1563-1688.
Other notes in the hand of H.P. Fane.

H.P. Fane's "Black Book"  1 FANE 6/9/3/2  Late 19th century - Early 20th century

Extracts and information about Fulbeck and the Fanes arranged alphabetically, continued by W.D. and W.V.R. Fane until c. 1939.
Loose in front, various papers of H.P. Fane, including letter from A.R. Maddison, about his discovery of a list of the officers and privates of the horse and foot militia of Lincolnshire in 1697.
Paper concerning Fulbeck Dairy Association.
Letter from the National (?)
Society to the Rev. V.F. Willson concerning Fulbeck school, 18 Sept. 1895.
Copy, in the hand of W.D. Fane, of letter from Local Government Board and medical report to Local Government Board about an outbreak of diptheria at Fulbeck, 1896.

Extracts from marriage registers of Fulbeck parish, 1813-37, by H.P. Fane  1 FANE 6/9/3/3  Undated

Quarto-size exercise book, 4 pages only used.

Extracts from "Church and Poor Book" 1751-76  1 FANE 6/9/3/4  Undated

By H.P. Fane, small notebook.

"Fulbeck Events collected by H.P.F."  1 FANE 6/9/3/5  Undated

Small note book, with rough notes on Fulbeck.

Copy of Fulbeck poor rate assessment, 1846  1 FANE 6/9/3/6  Undated

Small note book.

"Notes about Fulbeck"  1 FANE 6/9/3/7  Undated

Notes about houses and their occupants, by H.P. Fane. Quarto size note book.

Letts' Extract Book  1 FANE 6/9/3/8  Undated

Copies by H.P. Fane of various extracts from documents, verses etc. many about Fanes and Fulbeck.
pp. 1-2 Verse on Fulbeck by Mildmay Fane, earl of Westmorland, in c. 1659, from his ms. book preserved at Apethorpe.
p. 4 Lines written under a sketch of Mr George Warde and Mr. William Fane playing at chess, by Mr. James Prinsep.
pp. 6-9v. Extracts from Fulbeck parish registers, 1609-1870.
pp. 13v.-14 List of Fulbeck parish registers and records.
pp. 14v.-20v. Extracts from the Fulbeck Constables' Book, 1694-1779.
pp. 21-22v. Extracts from the accounts of the Overseers of the Highways of Fulbeck, 1739-71.
pp. 23-36 Extracts from Fulbeck church and poor book, 1697-1776.
ff. 36v.-37v. "Benefactions to the poor of Fulbeck - copied from the Parish 'Dole' Book".
ff. 38-39 "Lines on some members of the Belvoir Hunt".
ff. 44v.-45. Copy of letter from Sir Francis Fane, K.B., from Aston, to Lord Fairfax, Commander in Chief in York, 2 Jan. 1644. List of occupants of Fulbeck Hall, 1758-1902.
(Additions in hand of W.V.R. Fane).
f. 46v List of Mayors and M.P.a of Lyme Regis of Fane or related families.
ff. 47-48v. Particulars of Sir Henry Fane's farms in 1819.
ff. 49-53 Particulars of Fulbeck estates, March, 1826.
f. 53v.-54 Memorandum by the Rev. Edward Fane about the building of the school house, with plan; with letter about same, pp. 59v.-60.
f. 54v. List of parish records in parish cupboard in church.
ff. 55-57v. Memo: of letters amongst the Belvoir Castle Manuscripts, vol. 1, showing up to what year Sir G. Manners lived at Fulbeck.
ff. 59v.-65v. Copies of documents concerning Fulbeck School, mainly in hand of W.D. Fane, - 1897.
ff. 67 "The Poll for the election of a knight of the shire for the county of Lincoln taken Nov. 26 & Dec. 6 1823". "Copied 18 Oct. 1898 from book give by W.D.F. to Mrs. Emily Amcotts, 18 Oct. 1898".
f. 68 Agreement concerning Byards Leap School, 1889. Copied by W.D. Fane.
ff. 69-127 Blank.
f. 127v.-140 Further miscellaneous collections by H.P. Fane, including notes on Cressy Hall, Surfleet; the Kentish Fanes, with extracts concerning them from church registers in Kent; also extracts from parish registers of St. Augustine's, Bristol (Swymmer), Westbury on Trym, Glos., Aston, Yorks., Leadenham, Mereworth.
f. 140v.-41. List of pictures at Apethorpe, with notes in red ink as to their disposal.
ff. 142v.-49 Blank.
f. 149v. Size of windows in Fulbeck church.
f. 150v. Copy of correspondence between rector of Fulbeck and Chancellor of the diocese about burial fees, 1893.
f. 152v. Fane family burial ground. Plan, with list of interments.
f. 154 Letter of thanks, in verse, from Mr. Hill, station master at Honington, to Col. Francis Fane for a present of game, Dec. 1887.
f. 154v. Copy of letter from Neville Chamberlain, from Meerut, to Mrs. Walter Fane concerning the appointment by Sir Frederick Roberts of Ressaldar Ganda Sing of 'Fane's Horse' to be his native aide de camp. "It is touching to see how Walter's memory remains as fresh in the Regiment as if he had left only yesterday", 27 Dec. 1888.
ff. 155-59 Newspaper cuttings and ms. memoranda of births, deaths, marriages and other events relating to the Fanes and other related families, 1862-96.
f. 160 "Birthdays of nephews and nieces";
"Children of nephews and nieces".

Exercise book, labelled "Extracts from Registers, Inscriptions etc."  1 FANE 6/9/3/9  Undated

Notes by H.P. Fane on Fane monumental inscriptions at Tudeley, Hunton, Apethorpe, Mereworth, Westbury on Trym, Huntspill, Kingston-on-Thames, Westminster Abbey, St. Martin's London, Bishop's Tawton, and Fulbeck, etc.

List, by H.P. Fane, of various faculties in the Diocesan Registry, Lincoln, 1680-1771  1 FANE 6/9/3/10  Undated

Abstracts or notes of deeds relating to the Fulbeck estate, some made from deeds at Praed's Bank in 1883  1 FANE 6/9/3/11  Undated

1 Bundle.

Include, marriage settlement of Hon. Henry Fane and Ann Batson, 1777, settlement on marriage of Sir Francis Fane the younger with Hannah Rushworth, 1663/4. Some in the hand of W.D. Fane.

An Account of the family of Fane, Earl of Westmorland, by Dr. Bonney  1 FANE 6/9/3/12  Early 19th century

Pencil endorsement that it appears to be taken in a great measure from Collins's Peerage and is equally inaccurate.
[Watermark 1807].

Printed pedigree of the King family  1 FANE 6/9/3/13  Undated

Two printed pedigrees of the family of Fane, earls of Westmorland, and large engraved coat of arms of family  1 FANE 6/9/3/14  [Late 18th c]

With page including these items from catalogue of books and deeds on sale by James Coleman, 9 Tottenham Terrace, Tottenham, from whom H.P. Fane bought them.

"Old engravings of members of the family"  1 FANE 6/9/3/15  Late 18th century - Early 19th century

Print of Mildmay Fane, earl of Westmorland (published by W. Richardson 1796). 2 copies.
Another engraving of same (published 1806 by J. Scott). "Earl of Westmoreland. Henry IV Part II. From a miniature in the British Museum (published 1792 by E. Harding).
Engraving of Sir Henry Vane the younger.

Copies of various monumental inscriptions etc  1 FANE 6/9/3/16  Undated

From Benholm near Brotherton, Hough on the Hill, Harmston, Branston, Brympton, Averham, Ufford and elsewhere. In the hands of H.P. Fane and others.

Miscellaneous notes and extracts on the following subjects  1 FANE 6/9/3/17  Undated

Owners of land, 1628 and 1694; Fields of Leadenham and Caythorpe boundaries; Bequests to Fulbeck; extracts from Fulbeck Registers; extracts from Vestry Minute Book, 1821-38; "rectors, curates and proprietors" (of Fulbeck, from 1564), including extract from an account book kept by members of the Key family of Leadenham between 1693 and 1780. (notes endorsed on plan of the Palermo and Corleone Railway, Sicily); rough journal of events, Fulbeck, 1868-76; Fulbeck glebe; extracts from R. Ellis's account book (a Fulbeck carpenter). 1818-28, (endorsed on picture of the Larkhall Brewery); extracts from Montacute registers concerning Phillipps family; occupiers of land at Fulbeck in 1622; drainage of village of Fulbeck; rough sketch plan of Fulbeck fields; letters about register entries relating to Fanes of Firbeck and Aston; photographs of Fane monumental inscriptions at Fulbeck - Colonel Charles Fane, Vere Fane, General Sir Henry Fane. Other miscellaneous papers.

Papers of William Dashwood Fane  1 FANE 6/10  1829-c1930s

"Letters from India"  1 FANE 6/10/1  1835-1840

Louisa Fane to her son William Fane at Fulbeck; from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/1  17 March 1835

Hopes to hear from him after his return from Holland and to receive an account of what he saw. Has received a letter from Mrs. Edward Fane saying that William's uncle Edward was to take him in two or three days to Cambridge to introduce him to the professors and to settle him there. Is anxious to hear how he likes College and how he employs himself there. Is happy to find that Caroline seems very anxious to come out to India, and hopes she will come direct from school, without having been introduced into society in England. Has written to tell her that she will come out with the William Prinseps. Has received the box containing Caroline's miniature and Mr. Smeaton's likenesses of Emily and Harry. Is happy to hear from Mrs. Edward Fane that Harry's ringworm on his head is better so that he will be able to go to the Charterhouse after the Christmas holidays. Their reasons for choosing the Charterhouse as his school (William was also there). His little sisters Augusta and Addie. Lord William Bentinck's departure. If the seat of government were transferred from Allahabad to Agra his father would have to go there, unless he gave up his post, which, of course he would not do, as it is as good a one as he can hold, except that of a member of Council. Looks forward to her visit to Calcutta to meet Caroline.

William Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/1 from [same]  1 FANE 6/10/1/2  [March 1835]

After hearing of his inferior place in the recent examination and of his being more in society than a hard working student ought to be, asks him to consider carefully whether he should give up the idea of the law as his profession, and choose instead the East India Civil Service. Believes that, except by working constantly against his natural disposition, he cannot devote his whole time to study.

Caroline Fane to her brother, William, at Cambridge; from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/3  21 June 1836

They had been expecting their uncle Tom and his children to pass some time with them before he went home but on the day they were expecting them they received a letter saying that he had died of an apoplectic fit. It has affected Mama very much, and seeing the four little orphans continually about her adds to her grief. She has felt the value of having such dear parents as they have ten times more. Describes how she passes the day. They expect to be sent to Agra in the cold weather as the Governor is to make that place his residence and must have the Board of Revenue with him. Papa says he never expects to hear of his being Lord Chancellor, if he is only twelfth of his year.

Louisa Fane, his mother, to William Fane, at St. John's College, Cambridge; from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/4  16 Nov 1836

Has been wishing to write to him ever since she heard of his having the small pox, but was too busy while his Uncle Harry was there. Her impressions of Henry Edward Fane, with whom they were very much pleased. Her sorrow that they wrote to him [William] about idleness and inattention to his studies, when such letters were uncalled for and should not have reached him when he was ill. Gratified by news of his progress at college. His father's accident while riding. Sir Henry's recent visit to them, from 19th Oct. to the 8th Nov. He and Bella slept in their house, the rest in tents in the grounds. Carry is gone to Cawnpore with her uncle, and will accompany him to Lucknow if he should go there. She shares Bella's tent and elephant, but has her own horse to take her the last part of the daily march. Colonel Beresford, who lost his wife at the end of August, was with them more than six weeks and is a personification of kindness and therefore the universal favourite. Emily is to come out to them next year. His little sisters and cousins are quite well and tolerably good, but when so many children are together they will sometimes be noisy and sometimes get into mischief. The little Dashwoods have such loud voices that Adeline and Augusta are obliged to bawl to have any chance of being heard.

Caroline Fane to William Fane from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/5  16 Dec [1836]

Describes the month she was on march with her uncle and her visit to Cawnpore. They are expecting a steamer in a day or two to take them to Calcutta. News from the camp, where John Michel and Colonel Beresford both keep journals for her.

William Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/5 from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/6  3 Jan 1837

His satisfaction at his son's progress at Cambridge. He wrote as he did because he thought it as well to suggest to him whether he would not be more likely to gain that which is the main object of all our efforts in after-life - fortune - by pursuing a profession in which any one almost may engage successfully, instead of one that requires the most constant and devoted attention. Is now satisfied that he will leave the university with ample acquirement for any profession. The four Dashwood children and their future. His uncle Harry's visit to Allahabad, which was much to their satisfaction, especially Carry's. Carry's character and appearance. Augusta and Addie. Was glad to meet Henry Edward Fane, who will be glad when his uncle leaves India, when his father will be able to purchase a company for him in some regiment in England. Asks him to let him know about Harry's character at school for ability and application, as it will be necessary soon to determine one some profession for him.

Caroline Fane to William Fane from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/7  10 April 1837

Thanks for his account of himself at Keswick, where he spent the time in study. Describes their visit to Calcutta, where they stayed, first at Charles Prinsep's house, in which the William Prinseps and his brother George live together, and then with the Thobys. Three balls, a dinner party at Government House, plays and opera, and family dinner parties. James Prinsep one of the best tempered and most kindhearted of men, and his wife a very amiable, nice girl. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Alexander who are staying with them in Allahabad. Uncle and his party are now on their return march from Lahore and must have reached the hills, though she has not heard from thence. Colonel Beresford is her best correspondent, and keeps long amusing journals for her. Longs for Emily's arrival. Addie and Augusta.

Louisa Fane, his mother, to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/7 from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/8  29 May 1837

Reported improvement in his appearance due to smallpox. Vaccination now seems to be no prevention. She and Caroline are trying to persuade his Dad to go up to Simla next year, but he will not ask for leave of absence, though he has been ailing for six months. They would make a large family union if joined to his uncle's party. Caroline has received a letter from Henry Edward Fane, the first she has had since he was here. He is a favourite of the writer's as he is so good humoured and obliging. Wishes his Uncle Edward could get Teddy's destination changed from Madras to Bengal. Has been writing to different friends in England to beg they would try to get a writership for Harry, as they would like him to come out to India while they are still in the country. Her hopes that this time next year they may hear that he is a wrangler. They would of-course prefer to keep Harry at home, but she is afraid Uncle Vere means to put Nevile into his banking house, and that there will be no room in it for Harry. Thinks also that Mr. Alexander has destined his youngest son James to be his successor in the house of Fletcher & Co., and therefore there will be no place for Harry there. Will ask Mr. Alexander to exert his efforts to get a writership for Harry. They never hear how he is getting on at school and know nothing of his attainments. Asks him to find out what knowledge is required from boys who are to come to India, in future.

Caroline Fane to William Fane at St. John's College; from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/9  27 June 1837

Emmy's impending departure for India. Col. Beresford is her best correspondent at Simla and is exceedingly kind to her. He has tried to persuade her father to go to Simla. But Papa means to spend the last two years before going home at the Cape, so wishes to remain at Allahabad until the end of next year, if he can. Emily will only have been there a year when they all leave India. The weather: the rains have just set in. Describes how she spends her days. A horse for Emily. Papa has decided upon having Harry out to this country, as he says he knows of nothing for him in England. It will be such a shame to send the dear boy out the very year they will all be going home, particularly as it seems to be the only profession he does not wish himself to be in. Endorses a note from their father to uncle Vere to pay William £100 if he is a wrangler. Next Friday she will be nineteen.
Other family news.
Enclosure: note from William Fane to Vere Fane.

Louisa Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/9 from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/10  6-7 Sept 1837

Hopes that Emily sailed about the time that was fixed, as then they may look for her arrival about the 20th of November, but cannot tell how soon they will see her, as if they go to the Cape in February, it will scarcely be worth her while to come up to Allahabad. His father still continues so unwell that he is advised to go somewhere for change of climate. Sir Henry and most of his party have been ailing since the rains began at Simla. They are all to quit Simla at the end of October except Mrs. Fane who expects to be confined in November or December. They have invited her to come to stay with them, as she does not like the idea of her living alone for so many months. Thinks Bella ought to stay with her, but Bella thinks otherwise, though she ought to want to stay with her brother's wife at such a time. Bella is likely to be the only lady in camp. They think seriously of returning to England the year after next. Other future plans. His preparation for the examination. Julia starting school at Miss Meyrick's. Other family news. They have a Civilian just out of College staying with them on his way to his station. He is son of the historian of India, Mr. Mill, and appears to be clever, but is a Radical. The King's death has caused a sensation, even at this distant quarter. Hopes the young Queen will choose good advisers and not throw herself in the hands of Lord Durham and the Radicals.

Caroline Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/9 from Allahabad  1 FANE 6/10/1/11  9 Oct 1837

It is quite decided that they sail for the Cape in February next and probably stay there only one year. They are parting with the property as soon as they can and mean early next month to go to live with their friends the Turnbulls and to go on to Calcutta at the end of November or beginning of December. They have been staying for a fortnight at an empty house about six miles away for change of air for Papa, who had been very ill. Prospects for their stay in the Cape. News from Simla of their uncle. They will all return to the plains on 25th except for poor Christine who will stay there alone throughout the cold of the winter. Augusta and Addie. Social news. Lord Auckland and the Miss Edens are coming up country, they will see them again before they go down.

Caroline Beresford [his sister], to William Fane from Calcutta  1 FANE 6/10/1/12  26-27 Jan 1838

He shall be the first she will address under her new name. Her marriage to Col. Marcus Beresford. Objections by some of the family - Bella's doing. Longs for William to be acquainted with her husband, but expects it will be three years before they go home. After her uncle leaves [Gen. Sir Henry], they will join the regiment of which Marcus expects the command. "Papa has taken his passage in the Duke of Buccleugh and they sail on the 15th of next month". Emily is tired of India. Social life in Calcutta. The races.

Louisa Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/12 from Cape of Good Hope  1 FANE 6/10/1/13  9 May 1838

Overjoyed at hearing a few days ago that he was 19th out of 45 Wranglers. Hopes he will continue to be as diligent and persevering in the study of the law. Death of her mother. It is singular that both his grandmothers should have died at the same age and within so short a time of each other. How melancholy Fulbeck must look with the house shut up that used to be generally so full of visitors in addition to the large family party it usually contained. Is afraid there is an end of the family meetings at Christmas, for she thinks his uncle Harry will prefer to live at Avon. If he should let Fulbeck, her husband would like to become his tenant. They reached the Cape on the 24th of last month.
They met an old Indian acquaintance on the jetty the moment they landed who recommended to them a house in which he had been living and took them to see it. They liked it so much that they immediately determined to take it. The house is on the outskirts of the town, near the foot of Table Mountain. Hopes they will go into the country in the summer. Habits of social life there. Health of members of the family. The children are very happy as she has given them a little garden of their own. Visit of Col. and Mrs. Arbuthnot on their way from Ceylon to England. Carry's marriage. Marc Beresford is a perfect gentleman and the best-natured person in the world. Hopes Mrs. Ricketts will invite him to her house.

Emily Fane to same as in Fane 6/10/1/12 from Cape Town  1 FANE 6/10/1/14  8 June 1838

Longs for their return to England and finds it very dull there. The children now go to school. Describes how she passes her time. Her new horse. John Michel to marry. Her singing lessons. Papa's health improving. Visit of the Prince of Orange on his way home from Calcutta. Describes how she danced with him. He is not eighteen and very shy. Social comment.

Caroline Beresford to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/12 from Simla  1 FANE 6/10/1/15  9 July 1838

Congratulates him on his great success in the examination last January. Confesses that she expected congratulations from him on her marriage. Wants to know where he is settled in London, and how he passes his time. Heard from her parents from the Cape for the first time to-day. Simla is a beautiful place and they have enjoyed themselves, but Bella has made herself most especially disagreeable, and they can never go to Uncle Harry's house. She is a bad unforgiving-tempered girl, and she cannot make out what complaint she has against her. They are talking of nothing but wars all over India.

Louisa Fane to William Fane 1 FANE 6/10/1 from Cape Town  1 FANE 6/10/1/16  11 Sept 1838

Hopes he enjoyed his visit to Fulbeck and that it will not have spoilt him for study at Lincoln's Inn, where they are anxious to hear of his being comfortably established. His father's health has not improved and he has been constantly ailing from the time he landed. The changes in the atmosphere are too great there for him. Longs for the time when they are to go into the it country. They have taken the house Mr. Blair lived in, between six and seven miles from Cape Town. Emily is become pretty well reconciled to the Cape, is beginning to know the people, and finds it not so dull as she expected. News of Emily's doings. Hopes Harry will not get into scrapes when he goes to Haileybury. If he should not get his appointment this year and remains at the Charterhouse till the next, William must have him with him very often and incite him to study.
Is vexed to hear that Harry had not been reconciled to the idea of going to India. Asks him to ascertain what place he holds in his class at the Charterhouse. Asks him to buy and have sent to her a botanical microscope and London's Botanical Dictionary.

Caroline Beresford to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/16 from Simla  1 FANE 6/10/1/17  13 Oct 1838

Is anxious to hear about his new life in London. They go from Simla on the 2nd or 3rd of next month, and on the 25th will be at Ferozpore, where the whole force of 11,000 meet and Sir Henry takes command of them and where they meet Runjeet Singh. After about ten days she will return to her solitary home. Marc has bought a very nice little house for her, and Julia Dickey has promised to live with her through the winter. Bella has at last made friends with them, but thinks John Michel will never come round. Is sending him some shawl bordering, intended to be sewed together to make a waistcoat.

M[arcus] Beresford to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/17  1 FANE 6/10/1/18  13 Oct 1838

Concerning his success at Cambridge. Hears he is in the Union Club and is sorry he jockied Papa. Tells him to put his father's name down for the Union at once, as, after 32 years of fag he requires every consideration. His constitution is shattered, a good deal and his life has been wretchedly wasted for William and the rest. He will not enjoy the country. Is off to war - that is they go against an imagined foe. They are beginning to forgive them for marrying.
Enclosed in 1 FANE 6/10/1/17.

Emily M. Fane to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/17 from Wynberg  1 FANE 6/10/1/19  6 Jan 1839

Asks him to call on the James Prinseps immediately on their arrival in England.
The doctors think his best chance of recovery from his affection of the brain is a cold climate. Thinks it due to too much studying. Papa has not been nearly so well lately. Her pets - dogs and tortoises.

Caroline Beresford to William Fane from Simla  1 FANE 6/10/1/20  17 Sept 1839

Was pleased to receive his account of their dear Mama. Her own letter too was written in better spirits than she had expected.
What a blank her life must be to her now. Wishes her children were all at home, so that she might find happiness among them. Marc has lately been trying if any will buy him out in his corps, the Buffs, but without success. Hopes that in another year or so he may be able to quit the army. Uncle Harry's future plans unsettled so they can make no arrangements. Her life at Simla. Louisa Michel. Charlotte Michel's marriage and Mr. Helyar's madness.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/20 from Agra  1 FANE 6/10/1/21  18 Dec 1839

Reached this place this morning after a journey of nearly three hundred miles alone. Is glad he has been spending his holidays with Mama. Difficulty of their returning home soon: despairs of Marc managing to sell out in India. Marc hopes to reach her on the 22nd of next month. Does not know what will happen to them now. Sir Henry intended giving Marc an appointment, but Sir Jasper has taken the reins out of his hands. Has been made so happy today by seeing many of her old Allahabad friends. The Taj Mahal. Thinks Henry, who is going to England by the overland route, will reach it about the same time as this letter. It is a pity he left his regiment, so soon as they have had a good bit of hard fighting at Kelât.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/1/20 from Landour  1 FANE 6/10/1/22  5 Aug 1840

Is glad he likes Christine, who is a great favourite of hers. She likes her husband [Henry] too, for he can be very good natured and agreeable, but he is rather strange in some things. Is anxious to hear whether they will live at Fulbeck, but asks what is to become of poor Bella. Louisa's projected marriage. Their future prospects.

William Fane, his father, to William Fane [from the Cape]  1 FANE 6/10/1/23  11 May [1838]

Congratulations on the successful termination of his college career. Hopes he will become an eminent practitioner in the law. Expects this letter will find him established in London. He begged his uncle Edward, in communication with Vere and Cecily to do all that was necessary in fitting him out and providing him with an income, taking care to observe all proper economy. As long as he retains an Indian income he is rich enough, and it would be no discomfort for him to continue working on in India for the benefit of them all, but his health will not permit him to do so. He must therefore retire on a much less income than a little longer service would enable him to have.
Sees that none of them are particularly well pleased with the choice of profession they have made for Harry. By going to India he may return to England after 22 years service with an ample fortune, and there is no other profession that offers any such advantage. Asks what place Harry usually holds in his class.

Caroline Beresford to her sister Emily Fane; from Landour  1 FANE 6/10/1/24  Undated

Intends to answer her letter now, as in a few days they expect to have a house full again. ** Possible names for her unborn child. Marc suffering from his eyes. Is very anxious to go to England, but Marc says there is no use in sending his application for leave yet, but the matter will be settled in the next six weeks. Imagines the pleasure it must have been to them all furnishing the new house.
Asks what has made Mama try the Leamington waters. Is amused at the Edward Fanes wanting to rent Fulbeck Hall. Hopes Henry has got someone to put his journal into good grammar for him and to correct his spelling. Thinks otherwise that his journal would have been very interesting to friends, but it ia bold step in him to publish. Asks if she shall now direct her letters to Clarendon Square. Marc inclined to live in Yorkshire when they return. 7 Sept. [ ].

"Cambridge papers"  1 FANE 6/10/2  1834-1838

1 Parcel.

Various notes by W.D. Fane when at Cambridge, mainly mathematical, but some theology and classics, together with printed examination papers, [1834-38].
Examination papers: College examinations (St. John's), Dec. 1834, June 1835, Oct. 1835, Dec. 1835, May 1836, Dec. 1836, May, 1837.
Previous Examination, March, 1836.
Classical Tripos, Feb. 1838.
Mathematical Tripos January 1838.

Notebooks  1 FANE 6/10/3  [1830s]

Notes on history, made while at school  1 FANE 6/10/3/(a)  1830

Notes on Scripture, including some on Paley  1 FANE 6/10/3/(b)  1833

Law notes: notes on "Stephen, on pleading". [1838 or after]  1 FANE 6/10/3/(c)  c1838

Personal accounts of W.D. Fane at Cambridge and London  1 FANE 6/10/4  1835-1861

Note book, personal expenses, 1835-40 and account with Praed's and Co  1 FANE 6/10/4/(a)  1835-1840

Includes expenses during vacations in Lake District.

Similar note-book to 1 FANE 6/10/4/a household and personal  1 FANE 6/10/4/(b)  1841-1850

Includes sections re books bought, journeys.

Similar book to 1 FANE 6/10/4/a  1 FANE 6/10/4/(c)  1846-1855

Includes list of pupils with payments received 1847-54, books bought, and investments.

Similar book to 1 FANE 6/10/4/9  1 FANE 6/10/4/(d)  1856-1861

Vouchers  1 FANE 6/10/5  1838-1892

Mainly for furniture and furnishings bought in Leamington or London  1 FANE 6/10/5/(a)  1838-1858

Includes bills for pictures and objets d'art bought in Florence and Rome in 1847.
Vouchers for 1838 are labelled "Furniture, 21 Old Square, Lincolns Inn". Entered in "Furniture Book".

Mainly for furniture, furnishings, pictures, plate, china etc. and other household and personal expenditure  1 FANE 6/10/5/(b)  1852-1884

Includes memorial to William Fane in Fulbeck church, 1852-3.
Two letters from the Rev. E.S. Wilson to W.D. Fane about desks he is giving to the school and his cheque for altar rails, 1868, 1871.
Vouchers re removing house from 7 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park to Norwood Park, Southwell, Notts., 1868.
Stained glass memorial to General Fane, 1869.
Three letters from the painter Eddis about portraits of the family, 1873.
Repair of Brougham, 1875.
Removing house from Norwood to Melbourne, 1875.

Various, hosehold and personal  1 FANE 6/10/5/(c)  1855-1892

Records relating to W.D. Fane's legal profession  1 FANE 6/10/6  1829-1895

Law Books  1 FANE 6/10/6/A  1829-1856

Fee book, with index  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/1  1829-1838

Some pressed ferns.

Fee book  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/2  1842-1850

Book of drafts of opinions by W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/3  1842-1844

Enclosures:- additional notes on cases, opinions, etc.

Draft abstracts of title  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/4, 5  1844, 1846

2 vols.

Fee book  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/6  1850-1856

Legal glossary begun by W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/6/A/7  Undated

Terms arranged alphabetically. Watermark, 1844.

Minutes of meetings of the Mercantile Law Commission  1 FANE 6/10/6/B  1853-1855

Volume, foolscap, 40 pages only used.

Prefaced by a copy of the Commission, dated 1 June 1853, by which W.D. Fane, barrister at law, was appointed the Secretary.

Letters and papers  1 FANE 6/10/6/C  1847-1895

Mainly relating to W.D. Fane's tenure of the office of Legal Assistant at the Board of Trade.

Letters concerning his legal practice  1 FANE 6/10/6/C/1  1847-1856

14 Letters.

Several concern his going to the Board of Trade in 1856, including two from John Marshall, Lord Curriehill. Draft of a letter from W.D. Fane to the Lord Chancellor thanking him for selecting him as Secretary of the Mercantile Law Commission, 1855.

Reports on the Office of the Board of Trade by W.D. Fane, 1863 and 1865, summarized by him in 1895  1 FANE 6/10/6/C/2  1863-1895

With printed Copy of correspondence between the Treasury and the Board of Trade relative to the establishment of the latter office, including a report by the Right Hon. Stephen Cave and Mr. G. Ward Hunt.

A file of letters  1 FANE 6/10/6/C/3  31 July 1865 - 23 Feb 1867

26 Letters.

Correspondence before and at the time of W.D. Fane's leaving the Board of Trade. Letters from Milner Gibson, Stephen Cave and Sir Stafford Northcote (President of the Board of Trade) to W.D. Fane, with draft replies.
Concerning Fane's office as Legal Assistant and the addition to it of the duties of Assistant Secretary for the Railway Department; his desire to be relieved from some of his duties by the appointment of additional staff, and to be recompensed for work in the evenings necessitated by this addition; his resignation on the re-organisation of the office under which his post of Legal Assistant was abolished, and his unsuccessful claim for compensation for loss of office.

Historical Collections of W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7  19th century

Album of extracts, genealogical notes, and copies of monumental inscriptions concerning the Fanes and related families, mainly in the hand of W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/A  c 1870-1898

Includes: Engraving of monument of Ralph Neville, earl of Westmorland and his two countesses in Staindrop church, 1825 (opp. p. 4).
Pen-and-ink sketch of monument of George Fane and his wife in Tudeley church, Kent, 1831 (opp. p. 5).
Offprint of an article by W.V.R. Fane, 'The Pedigree of the Fane and Vane Family', published in The Genealogist, Oct. 1896). (op. p. 11).
Tracings of drawings of Fulbeck by Nattes (opp. p. 50). Extracts from State Papers Domestic, pp. 53-61.
Various loose letters and papers inserted.

Folder of loose papers  1 FANE 6/10/7/B  Undated

Notes and extracts from Fulbeck parish records  1 FANE 6/10/7/B/1  Undated

- From Vestry minutes, 1852-93.
Constables' book 1694-1782, accounts of Surveyors of Highways 1739-1836. 'Church and Poor book 1697-1776'.

Various  1 FANE 6/10/7/B/2  Undated

Include: Christmas: or his Pageant Play or Mysterie of St. George printed.
Pedigree of family of Maccabees, by W.V.R. Fane, 1884.
Pedigree of children and grandchildren of Col. John Fane, in hand of W.V.R. Fane.
Genealogy showing the relationships of the first six Caesars, in hand of W.V.R. Fane. Notes by W.D. Fane from 'Pedigree of Families of Vane and Fane'.
List of governors of Rome, of the Western Empire until its capture by Odoacar and of the Eastern Empire, 753 B.B. - 1453 A.D. Pedigree of Cokes, Lambs, and Cowpers, owners of Melbourne Hall, Derbys. (W.V.R. Fane).
Pedigree of Grahme and Bagott families, and of Bellingham of Upper Levins Hall, Westmorland.
Printed law examination papers [of W.V.R. Fane]: General Examination, Dec. 1891.
Printed handbill of lecture by W.D. Fane on old Melbourne at Mechanics Institute, Melbourne, 15 Nov. [ ].
Table of principal ministers of state 1689-1841.
Copies of two letters from Lord Balgonie from Crimean War, one "before Sebastopol, 7 Nov. 1854," other undated.

Lectures of W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/B/3  c1880s

The Rise of the British Power in India - Robert Clive.
The Rhône.
Church Defence. Read to Ruri-Decanal Synod at Aston on Trent 8 July, 1885; with draft of a lecture on state of the church in Melbourne.
Speech inaugurating new session of the Melbourne Young Men's Mutual Improvement Class, 28 Sept. 1885. Endorsed on printed Resolutions for the Conservative Gathering in Melbourne Hall Gardens, 6 Aug. 1884.

Copies of Fane deeds at Fulbeck made by H.P. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/B/4  Undated

Deeds of 1622-93.
Copy, by W.D. Fane of extract from will of Col. F.A. Fane bequeathing £50 for upkeep of Fane family monuments and burial places.

Various loose items  1 FANE 6/10/7/C  Late 19th century

'The Date of the Parish Church of Melbourne, Derbyshire', by W. Dashwood Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/1  1895

2 Copies.

Offprint, reprinted from the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society's Journal, 1895.

Extract from Diary of Sir Edward Dering regarding Sir Vere Fane's and Mr. Dering's election for Kent in 1678  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/2  Undated

Ms. 8ff.

Pedigrees of the families of Ellis of Wellingore and Key of Leadenham  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/3  Undated

Compiled by Mrs. E. Blanche Tempest, with three letters from her to W.D. Fane, 28 July - 4 August 1890. With extracts by W.D. Fane from an account book of the Keys of Leadenham, and copy of a paper found in this book.

Copy by W.D. Fane of a letter from Sir Henry Fane to Thomas Holroyd; from Mahabaleshwar  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/4  Undated

Offering to sell him Upwood, Dorset, and describing its advantages.

Various notes from Hutchins' Dorsetshire  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/5  Undated

3 ff.

[no title]  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/6  Undated

Pencil rubbing of coat of arms from the cover of an Italian ms. book belonging to the Countess of Jersey.

Copy by W.D. Fane of Crimean diary of E. Birch Reynardson  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/7  Undated

4 ff.

Encamped before Sabastopol. Concerning his battalion's part in the battle of Inkermann, and their present mode of life.
2-5 Jan., 18 & 19 Feb. 1855.

Letter from [T?]. J. Robinson to W.D. Fane; from 19 Fleet Street  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/8  29 Nov 1887

Acknowledges his contribution to the St. Mark's Home and sends him as a present an old cheque drawn on the Three Squirrels "when the firm stood Fowler, Rocke, & Simpson".
Enclosure:- Order to Mr [blank] Fowler & Company at the three Squirrells in Fleet Street, from Susanna Fane, to pay to 14 Feb. 1727/8.

Four letters from Lady Falmouth (of Mereworth Castle Maidstone)  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/9  8 Nov 1888 - 21 June 1889

To W.D. Fane and one draft reply by him. Fane and Nevill ancestry, and his loan to her of a pedigree. Repair of monument in Tudeley church. Concerning his visit to Mereworth, and an invitation to his son also.

Two letters from Lady Rose Weigall to W.D. Fane; from Southwood House, St. Lawrence, Ramsgate  1 FANE 6/10/7/C/10  [n.d.]

Recalls their talk about Mr. Arbuthnot, the Duke's old friend, and sends him a copy she has made of a letter from the Duke to her mother, describing, the 10 and 17 Aug. 1900.
Copy of a letter from The Duke of Wellington to "my dear Priscilla" [Lady Westmorland] describing Mr. Arbuthnot's death at Apsley House. 18 Aug. 1850.

File labelled 'A Pedigree and Family Record'  1 FANE 6/10/7/D  19th century

Printed pedigree  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/1  Undated

'Descent from the Four Sons of King Edward the Third common to the families of Fane, de Salis, and other Houses'.

Extracts, made by W.D. Fane in 1893, from the journals of the Revd. E. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/2  1893

1 vol. belonging to Miss A.C. Fane, covering the period 1851-62.
Includes news, social, family, and ecclesiastical. Fulbeck and elsewhere. 30 pages very closely written.

Pedigree of Nevilles, Despencers, and Fanes  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/3  19th century

Pierpont pedigree taken from Thoroton  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/4  Undated

Printed pedigree of descendants of Adam Loftus D.D  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/5  Undated

Archbishop of Dublin and Lord Chancellor of Ireland (d. 1605). Attested by W. Betham, Ulster King of Arms.

Letters from R.T. Gunton, with drafts from W.D. Fane concerning the copying of various letters at Hatfield House from Sir Thomas Fane for W.D. Fane, 1883  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/6  1883

List of letters from Sir T. Fane, taken from Hist.
Mss. Commission Report V (Salisbury).
Extracts from various of these letters at Hatfield, made by Mr. Gunton, 1883.

References to and extracts from mss. in the Bodleian Library concerning the Fane family  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/7  1883-1884

Extracted by George Parker. With letters from Parker and draft replies.

Copy by W.D. Fane in 1893 of a deed belonging to F. Benthall, Silsoe, Beds., a Fane family settlement of Mereworth and other estates in Kent, 1649  1 FANE 6/10/7/D/8  1893

Letters from F. Benthall concerning the same and on other genealogical matters.

"Incledon Letters"  1 FANE 6/10/7/E  c1896-1897

Copies of 16 letters mainly written to Elizabeth Fane who became wife of Lewis Incledon of Buckland in par. Braunton, Devon, but including some to Rachel Countess of Bath, and to Mrs. Mary Incledon, daughter-in-law of the said Elizabeth Incledon.
Writers: Robert Fane of Comb Bank, Kent. Mrs. Mary Watton, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Henry Fane of Basildon, Vere Fane, 4th earl of Westmorland and Rachel his wife and Mrs. Elizabeth Incledon. 1672-99 and one c. 1653-58.
Sent to W.D. Fane by L.C. Webber Incledon of the Dene, Dunster, Somerset, in 1896, with an introductory letter about the Incledons and Webbers.
Notes concerning the letters by W.D. Fane, 15pp.
Letters from L.C. Webber Incledon to W.D. Fane concerning the letters, 1896-97.

A packet of letters and accounts from Hardy and Page, Record Agents, about historical searches undertaken for W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/F  1886-1892

Nevill pedigrees  1 FANE 6/10/7/G  Undated

Notebook labelled by W.D. Fane "Ancestry of Henry Nevill, Ld. Abergavenny and Lady Frances Manners, father and mother of Mary Nevill, Lady le Despencer, wife of Sir Thomas Fane, compiled by Francis Bayley"  1 FANE 6/10/7/G/1  Undated

Pedigrees (in fan form) copied by W.D. Fane. On fly leaf: "copied from an M.S. of Francis Bayley, Judge of Westminster County County [sic], lent for the purpose to W.D. Fane. October 1862".
Cover, red leather.

An empty notebook, similarly drawn out for pedigrees  1 FANE 6/10/7/G/2  Undated

Letter from F. Bayley from 66 Cambridge Terrace, W. Has sent him some 'Fans' tracing the descent of Mary Neville from four of the sons of Edward III, and a book into which to copy them. May 1890.
12 sheets of pedigrees in Bayley's hand.

Abstracts or transcripts  1 FANE 6/10/7/H  Undated

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 19 no. 388. Thomas Underdowne complainant v. Harry of Vane [1450-52]  1 FANE 6/10/7/H/1  Undated

Inquisition post mortem Richard Fane, gent. Land in Kent  1 FANE 6/10/7/H/2  Undated

With covering letter from Hardy & Page, Record Agents, enclosing 1 FANE 6/10/7/H/ 1 and 2 1892.

Will (nuncupative) of Richard Fane, gent  1 FANE 6/10/7/H/3  Undated

20 March 32 Hen. VIII. Proved 1541, P.C.C.

Will of John Fane of Tonbridge, 1488  1 FANE 6/10/7/H/4  Undated

Proved 1488, P.C.C.

Inquisition post mortem John Fane  1 FANE 6/10/7/H/5  Undated


Later private correspondence and papers  1 FANE 6/10/8  1843-[c1930s]

R. Alexander's letters to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/A  1843-1861

From Treves. Historical and touristic  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/1  22 July 1843

From Venice Description of the place, with romantic considerations  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/2  17 Sept 1843

From Paris. General observations about cuisine, French novels etc  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/3  7 Oct 1843

From Turin. Drinking habits. The English character as seen by foreigners  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/4  22 Oct 1843

Is glad to have seen Italy in all the brightness of its beauty, but it has not charms enough to make him spend six months more away from home, and he has therefore turned northwards.

Julia Alexander to W.D. Fane; from Saryana  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/5  4 Nov 1844

Cross writing

Thanks for his letter. They are still in this little out-of-the-way place owing to the inundation of the river Mafra. The King of Sardinia refuses to build a bridge. Deficiencies of Italian roads. Describes the place. Priests. Italian oaths, & a murderer.

From Saryana  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/6  5 Nov 1844

Italian communications. Mantua Parma. He knows scarcely an Italian town that does not sadden with its dilapidation and sicken with its squalor.

From Pisa  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/7  20 Jan 1845

Hopes they will meet at Weimar. Method of travel: steamers and posting. Church controversies in England. Letter concluded by his wife Julia. The Carnival began yesterday, but little fun is to be expected yet. Margaret is too "John Bullish" to be amused at it. Thinks he might have devoted half an hour or so to an absent sister during his holiday, but supposes the large party at Fulbeck was not favourable to letter-writing.

Julia Alexander to W.D. Fane, from Pisa  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/8  25 Jan 1845

Charles Dickens passed through Pisa to-day, but she did not know it. Asks for further particulars about their planned German expedition and for how long the Weimar house is taken.

From Pisa  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/9  17 Feb 1845

Musings on classical themes. Their holiday plans.

From Turin  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/10  4 April 1845

Concerning method of hiring a carriage for their German holiday. Advises engaging a courier for the ladies. The situation between Switzerland and Sardinia.

Julia Alexander to W.D. Fane from Bad Gastein  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/11  3 June 1845

Describes the place, the efficacious waters, and the strange manner in which ladies and gentlemen sit together in a large public bath. Their future plans. Pleasure at the prospect of their meeting. Asks him to get two watches in England for her to give to the children, and to bring them to Vienna. Asks for latest news of Harry.

From Linz (Danube)  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/12  13 June 1845

Concerning the watches for Addie and Augusta. Asks him to hurry straight to Weimar to meet them there, as after a year's travel Somerhill is laying claims upon him and he wishes to show it to Julia in its summer glow. Expects they will reach Weimar the middle of next month, and stay a month.

From Civita Castillana  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/13  1 Oct 1846

They left Florence on Tuesday after a week's stay in the society of William's mother and having assisted in the choice of their habitation for the winter. Could not let Julia return again without seeing Rome and they are going to devote a week to the purpose.

From Acquapendente  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/14  23 Oct 1846

Their visit to Rome and Naples, and are now on their way to Florence where they intend visiting William's mother. Will then return home via Paris. Looks forward to a happy family party at Somerhill, including their son. Musings on foreign travel.

From Somerhill  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/15  14 Sept 1848

Concerning the funeral of his father, James Alexander, which is to be a private one. His father's character.

From Somerhill  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/16  18 Sept 1848

Encloses various enquiries which Charles has penned concerning their executorship. It is his opinion that it is his straightforward course, in pursuance with the testator's object, to offer Somerhill for letting. Has agreed with his mother that after the funeral notice shall be given to the servants. Would like him to come on Saturday morning if he can, as he may have questions on the management of the estate.

From Somerhill  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/17  22 Sept 1848

Has given instructions to Crudwell that he is in charge of the estate and is to realize as much from it as possible consistent with its permanent interests. The servants have all been given notice. The offer of Julia's (& William's) mother that they should spend the winter with her at Holden.

Julia Alexander to W.D. Fane; from Hotel Bellevue, Thun  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/18  25 June 1861

Congratulations on his engagement to Susan. With a concluding note from Robert Alexander.

Same to same; from same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/A/18  1 FANE 6/10/8/A/19  8 July 1861

His wedding present.

Letters from W.D. Fane to Miss Susan M. Reeve, whom he married in August 1861  1 FANE 6/10/8/B  1861-1877

Letters  1 FANE 6/10/8/B/1-17  16 June 1861 - 9 March 1877

1-8 to her before their marriage.
15 refers to Mrs. King (1875) and W.D. Fane's duties as executor to her late husband, The Revd. J.W. King. Telegram from Goodwood saying that "Apology" had not won the cup.

Extract from sermon preached at the funeral of Lady Susan Reeve, mother of W.D. Fane's wife, at Leadenham on 11 Sept. 1864, by the Rev. Offley Smith  1 FANE 6/10/8/B/18  1864

Letters of W.D. Fane forming a journal of travels  1 FANE 6/10/8/C  1855

To his mother, from Baden, and then from Zurich. Continental tour with Harry, Charles, Frank, and Ted  1 FANE 6/10/8/C/1  9, 11 Aug 1855

Southampton, Havre, Rouen, Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg, Baden-Baden.

To his sister Emy, from Baden  1 FANE 6/10/8/C/2  14 Aug 1855

Freiburg, Schaffhausen, Zurich.

To his sister Addie from Handeck  1 FANE 6/10/8/C/3  17 Aug - 2 Sept 1855

Continued on board Thuner See steamer; continued at Turin; continued on board the Capitole on voyage from Genoa to Civita Vecchia, and concluded at Rome. Lucerne, Hospental, Meyringen, Grindelwald, ascent of the Fanthorn, Newhaus, Martigny Turin, Genoa, Leghorn, Civitavecchia, Rome.
21 Aug. Departure of Charles for England.
24 Aug. Ted, Harry and Frank went to Chamounix, while W.D. Fane started alone for the great St. Bernard, Aosta, and the journey to Rome. Meeting with Sir Francis Palgrave and his son on the boat to Civita Vecchia. Stay with his friend knight in Rome.

Packet of letters  1 FANE 6/10/8/D  19th century

Labelled by W.D. Fane "Letters to W.D. Fane and Mrs. S.M. Fane from Miss Eleanor Man who was Governess in the family of General & Mrs. Michel at Dewlish where W.D. Fane resided in the care of his aunt from 1821 to 1825 when he went to Dr. Bond's school at Hanwell. Miss Man sends a silk handkerchief that had belonged to Sir Henry Fane and was round the neck of W.D. Fane in 1821 when he travelled from Avon Tyrrell to Dewlish. Miss Man in June 1823 grave to W.D. Fane a Book of Common Prayer matching the Bible given by his grandmother Anne Fane".
14. Letters of reminiscences about W.D. Fane as a small boy and enquiries about their children, written from Halstead, Seven-oaks.
1855-72. 13 filed together and one loose.

Reminiscences by W.D. Fane of his parents and early life  1 FANE 6/10/8/E  Undated

A rough draft, in pencil, of his reminiscences probably written towards the end of his life  1 FANE 6/10/8/E/1  Undated

Does not go beyond his schooldays at Dr. Bond's school at Hanwell.

A much fuller journal extending to 1850 and including extracts from correspondence  1 FANE 6/10/8/E/2  Undated

Details of life at Cambridge and in London. Written in ink in a quarto exercise book.

A packet of letters  1 FANE 6/10/8/F  1866-1880

Labelled by W.D. Fane: "Various letters from Henry Edward Michel who died at Melbourne, Victoria, August 1876; also letters from his daughters, Mrs. Coombs and Mrs. Goldspink and their husbands. Reduced Feb. 1895".

From Henry Edward Michel (cousin of W.D. Fane) from Melbourne, with one from his daughter Caroline Mary Coombs  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/1-8  1866-1874

Spent seven months lately in New Zealand on the west coast where there is abundance of gold, long enough to lose some money and nearly lose his life. His family. His remittances from England, sent by W.D. Fane. Thinks he has not the slightest chance of ever doing anything in Australia. Grandiose schemes for what he might do. Observations on the colony. Wants to leave and go to Cashmere. His insurance policy. "I am as usual doing nothing particular though constantly amusing my mind by inventing great speculations & companies which I can never get afloat". "The only thing annoys me is that I am getting a little old, and being so far from Paris, I cannot discover a permanant dye to hide the grey hairs in my beard". Thanks for wedding present to daughter Caroline. Her husband. The Tichborne trial: he had built up great hopes, as the prosecution was moving heaven and earth to prove that he is Arthur Orton of Wapping, whereas the writer thought he had found Arthur Orton living in the bush. Disappointment that he has not, after all, got Arthur Orton. His son Henry is on a sheep farm learning the art of squatting. "I am still fretting and fuming myself because I have no money to invest for some of you English people in the purchase and resale of town allotments in Melbourne".
28 Aug. 1866 - 5 Nov. 1874, and one incomplete and undated.

From J. Michel, from Dublin  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/9  13 May 1876

Receipt by Jane Michel for £470 received from W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/10  July 1876

The proceeds of a policy of assurance on the life of her late husband, H.E. Michel Melbourne.

From [J.D.?] Coombes; from Hope Mansell, Studley Park, Kew  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/11  3 Oct 1878

Informs him of the approaching marriage of Charlotte Michel, his wife's sister, to Charles Goldspink "a young gentleman of ample means which are invested in house property in Melbourne".

From Charlotte H. Goldspink; from Charing Cross Hotel  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/12  24 April 1879

Pleasure at prospect of a visit from him and thanks for invitation to visit him in Derbyshire.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/F/12, just before their departure to Australia  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/13  18 Jan 1880

From Charles Goldspink; from Albion Hotel, Bourke Street, Melbourne  1 FANE 6/10/8/F/14  21 July 1880

Death of his wife Charlotte from measles on board the mail ship Bangalore on 25 February. The baby has been spared. Encloses a letter (missing) which Charlotte wrote to him two days before she was taken ill.

Letters to W.D. Fane mainly concerning the sale of pictures by the earl of Westmorland and the family's economic fortunes  1 FANE 6/10/8/G  1884-[c1930s]

1 FANE 6/10/8/G/2-7 filed together.

From earl of Westmorland [Frances William Henry, 12th earl, d. 1891]  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/1  16 Oct 1884

About a commission in the Coldstream Guards for W.V.R. Fane. Engagement of his son, Lord Burghersh to Miss Naylor.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/1. Sale of pictures from Burghley  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/2  13 June 1888

"It is shocking all these pictures etc. being sold out of Burghley etc., but what are people to do with this agricultural depression". Will tell Agnews that Fane will perhaps call and look at the pictures.

From Thomas Agnew & Sons, 39 Old Bond Street  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/3  19 June 1888

Concerning pictures of earl of Westmorland and Mary, Countess of Westmorland which they are selling for Lord Westmorland.
With cutting from The Times about the Stuart Exhibition, 5 Jan. 1889.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/3  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/4  25 June 1888

Lord Westmorland agrees to sell the two pictures for £500.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/3. Concerning purchasers of other portraits  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/5,6  5, 9 July 1888

Restoration and despatch of portrait.

From E.M.P. [His sister, Emily Praed]  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/7  21 June 1888

Gneral rejoicing last night, when nine members of the family dined together, at W.D. Fane being the purchaser of the pictures. Their condition.

From Earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/8  17 Jan 1890

Offering further pictures of ancestors. "Horrible leave parting with them, but what is to be done, another farm 550 acres thrown up. I like farming the land, but having already 3800 acres in hand, this extra 550 acres is a worry, and the difficulty is the capital. I am rather proud of my farming. I grew again this year the best barley in the country, and made top price of some of it ...."

Draft reply to 1 FANE 6/10/8/C/8  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/9  18 Jan 1890

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/10, 11  20, 27 Jan 1890

Will send pictures. No mention of Mildmay earl of Westmorland having been offered the garter, in his account. His daughter Daisy Warriner Spicer of Spye Park lives in part of the old Forest of Pewsham near Lacock, whose owner, Sir Henry Sherington, was father of Grace who married Sir W. Mildmay. Concerning a pedigree which Fane has loaned to him.

From Lady Margaret Spicer, Spye Park, Chippenham  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/12  29 Jan 1890

Thanks for Westmorland pedigree which her father has forwarded to her.

Draft from W.D. Fane to "my dear Chieftain"  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/13  30 Jan 1890

Arrival of the pictures. Concerning others offered him. Offers £300 for Elizabeth Lady Westmorland and her son Henry. "I live here in the enjoyment of fine pictures belonging to Lord Cowper, Vandyke, Meirkirke, Lely, Kneller - Sir Godfrey's receipt for £50 for a full length portrait of Queen Anne is here in the Muniment Room".

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/14  31 Jan 1890

Will take £300 - it will be very useful as the valuation of a farm thrown on his hands comes to £321. Has a three quarter length picture of Vere, 4th earl, by William Trebute, 1677.

From E.M.P. [Emily Praed]; from 30 Montagu Square  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/15  31 Jan 1890

About the pictures he has bought. Thinks Beach a more likely artist than Sir W. Beechey. Hopes he will buy the picture.

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/16  3 Feb 1890

Thanks for cheque. Further about his pictures.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/16  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/17, 18  13 Feb 1890

About pictures in Old Masters' Exhibition and mistakes in catalogue. Thanks for extracts from State Papers.

From Sequier & Smart, 6 Argyll Place, Regent's Street  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/19  26 Feb 1890

Safe arrival of the two portraits and proposal to proceed with them agreeably to his directions.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/19  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/20  28 Feb 1890

Mrs. Praed to look at the two portraits, which she thinks are by Thomas Beach. Estimate for lining, cleaning and varnishing them.

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/21  7 Dec 1890

A genealogical query from Hardington Giffard to whom the earl has lent the pedigree Fane gave him. Has read about Frank's Canadian tour and thinks they had better all go out there - though he is sure they do not grow as good barley as he does. Quotes prices he gets.

Copy by W.D. Fane of letter from earl of Westmorland [Anthony Mildmay Julian, 13th earl, succeeded 3 Aug. 1891; died 1922] to ? Charles Fane; from Apethorpe  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/22  15 Aug 1891

"By the sale of the Yorkshire property I shall hope to clear this estate of every debt, then by entailing it on my heir, the pictures and everything which is of value to the Fane family will be handed down and the old place will be able to hold its own as it used to do in days gone by. I have that love for the place which is hard to explain, as I have lived and thoroughly enjoyed my life here from my childhood, and it would be a terrible blow to one to have to sell it, and... I have such a strong feeling that the future Lord Westmorlands should succeed to Apethorpe".
Statement of what his income will be - £7,000 gross, net £4,600 a year.

From Col. F.A. Fane; from Sleaford Bank, returning Westmorland's letter  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/23  17 Aug 1891

Only hopes he may not be too sanguine in his expectations, and that he will marry someone who will help him to live and have a lot of children.

From earl of Westmorland; from 19 Half Moon Street  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/24  19 Aug 1891

Is proud of the name of Chieftain and only hopes he will prove worthy of such a title. Thinks Charles is next in the Yorkshire entail, though his lawyer says not. His lawyer says that he has the power of sale and that the trustees can allow a certain amount of the sale money to be applied in paying off the mortgage on Apethorpe, and remain as a charge at 3 per cent interest.

From Charles Fane; from Highcliffe Hotel, Bournemouth  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/25  21 Aug 1891

Asks whether he thinks it would be possible to obtain the sanction of the Court of Chancery to the sale of the Yorkshire estate by means of a civil action against the trustees of Lady Westmorland's will. The trustees and family would offer no opposition and the Court would give their sanction to the sale for the purpose of paying off the debt on Apethorpe.

From Charles Fane from 1 Fleet Street  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/26  11 Sept 1891

Encloses particulars of Sharlston. The mortgage on the Sharlston estate is £20,000, on Apethorpe £105 000, and charges on it besides of £2400 a year in favour of relatives. These, with rates and taxes and expenses brings the outgoings to £7,000 a year, whereas the gross rental is only £8,000. There are besides unsecured debts for £20,000 or so, and these must be provided for at once to avoid proceedings. How this £20,000 is to be raised is an insurmountable difficulty. It appears that poor Lord W. will be quite unable to free himself, and that Apethorpe will have to go.

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/27  16 May 1892

The picture of Sir Francis Fane and others are to be sold. Hopes the Fane family will buy the family portraits amongst them. Parting with all that one loves is sad, yet he does it freely knowing that he helped one whom he loved when alive, and perhaps saved him a great sorrow. His sorrow is lightened because he is to marry a girl who has stuck to him through thick and thin.

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/28  26 May 1892

Thanks for the charming candlesticks.

From H. Horsley to Mrs. [F.A.] Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/29  17 Sept 1892

Thanks for visit. Sends her a copy of his father's glee 'Where the wind blows'. The pictures are all interesting, but not quite from the R.A. point of view, save that of Lady Westmorland.

From Hallcott Horsley; from Nunnykirk, Morpeth  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/30  5 Oct 1892

Concerning the artist of the picture, Bealt and not Beechey.

From earl of Westmorland  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/31  10, 12 May 1899

"Yesterday everything was settled and the dear old place remains in the family instead of going into the hands of one who would have disgraced its very walls". Heartfelt thanks for coming to his assistance so nobly. The reaction after seven years of constant worry is tremendous".
10 May 1899.
Endorsed with draft reply. Joy at the freeing of Apethorpe from the strangers. His son has taken a more active part than he himself, as he has made over their funds to him and he has closely followed the various steps in the complicated business.
12 May 1899.

From same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/G/31  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/32  10 Dec 1899

Thanks for hospitality, at Fulbeck. Has found some letters from Wellington to his grandfather.

Laura Willson to "Will" [W.V.R. Fane]; from Kettlethorpe Hall  1 FANE 6/10/8/G/33  [c.1930s]

Sends him some papers and pictures. Jack Fane took practically all the rest, and some of the china and silver. Kettlethorpe is already so full of its own things.

A packet of letters, accounts etc  1 FANE 6/10/8/H  1890-1892

Relating to the restoration by Sequier and Smart (6 Argyll Place, Regent's Street) of the Apethorpe pictures purchased by W.D. and H.P. Fane.

Sale catalogues of pictures, books, plate etc. sold from Apethorpe and Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/10/8/J  1887-1904

"Catalogue of A Portion of the Valuable Library of a Nobleman"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/1  1887

Lord Westmorland's library.
Sold by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 13-15 July 1887.
At end, ms. list of W.D. Fane's purchases, in the hand of H.P. Fane.

Another copy of same as 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/1  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/2  1887

Pencil notes of some prices.

Another copy of same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/1  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/3  1887

Some ink annotations by W.D. Fane. Prices of W.D. Fane's purchases, and of those books marked.
"Solus Deus Protector Meus".

"Portraits, Miniatures, and Objects of Art, the property of the Earl of Westmorland"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4  1892

Sold by Christie, Manson & Woods, 2 June, 1892.
Pencil notes by W.D. Fane of pictures bought by him and C.T. Fane, with prices.

Another copy of 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/5  1892

H.P. Fane's copy with prices added.

Another copy of 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/6  1892

Not annotated. Parts cut away.

Another copy of 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/7  1892

H.P. Fane's copy, with prices and purchasers' names.

Another copy of 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/8  1892

"Catalogue of the Library of the late Hollingworth Magniac"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/9  1892

Christie, Manson & Woods, 16 July, 1892
Includes (pp. 25-29). Illuminated Manuscripts, Autograph Letters and Historical Documents the property of the Earl of Westmorland.
Some prices marked in pencil.
E. Royds's copy.

"Catalogue of a valuable collection of books, illuminated manuscripts, autograph letters, and historical documents from various sources"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/10  1892

Christie, Manson & Woods, 16 & 18 July 1892.
Includes illuminated manuscripts etc., the property of the Earl of Westmorland, as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/9.

Furniture and General Contents of Apethorpe Hall. Hampton & Sons. 28 March 1904  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/11  1904

A few notes of purchases by W.V.R. Fane.
Enclosure: 2 letters from Lady Rose Weigall to W.V.R. Fane: from Southwood House, St. Lawrence, Ramsgate. Concerning her father's papers. Visit by her and her daughter Rachel. About the "antique bedstead" in the Apethorpe catalogue. 14 & 22 Apr. 1904.

Pages from: "Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Pictures and Water-colour drawings"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/12  1887

"Including... spendid portrait of the Hon. Mrs. Henry Fane by T. Gainsborough, R.A., from Fulbeck Hall, Grantham." Christie, Manson & Woods. 9 July, 1887
Items from Fulbeck are headed: "In the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division. Waddell v. Fane. Re H.J. Fane.
3 copies, prices marked in pencil.

"Catalogue of Handsome Silver and Plated Articles from Fulbeck Hall, Grantham ...."  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/13  26 July 1887

Christie, Manson & Woods.
Waddell v. Fane, Re H.J. Fane. In Bankruptcy.
Prices marked.

"Catalogue of Porcelain and Decorative Objects ...  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/14  27 July 1887

33 lots from Fulbeck Hall. Waddell v. Fane, Re H.J. Fane. In Bankruptcy.
Christie, Manson & Woods.
Prices marked.

"Catalogue of a Collection of Miscellaneous Books; including the Library of H.J. Fane, Esq."  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/15  10-11 Aug [1887]

58 pp.

Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, 47 Leicester Square.
Notes of purchases by W.D. Fane.

Another copy of 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/15  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/16  1887

A few annotations.

"Catalogue of Pictures by Old Masters and works of the Early English School ...."  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/17  3 Dec 1904

Christie, Manson & Woods.
Includes five pictures, the property of Lady Michel (p. 22).
Notes by W.V.R. Fane.

Exercise book labelled "Pictures"  1 FANE 6/10/8/J/18  1880s-1890s

Contains, stuck in, cuttings from sale catalogues, bills for purchases by W.D. Fane, letters and copies of letters concerning pictures, bills for restoration by Sequier and Smart; another copy of catalogue as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/J/4; cutting of verse by "Violet Fane", now Lady Currie, entitled "At Christie's", from The World; article on "Old Masters' exhibition at the Royal Academy, including Gainsborough's 'The Hon. Mrs. Fane' which was sold at Christie's the preceding summer, in St. James's Budget, 7 Jan. 1888; article on Art Sales, including 'The Hon. Mrs. Henry Fane', The Times, 12 July 1887; ms. list by W.D. Fane of books from the Apethorpe Library bought by him at Sotheby's, July 1887, with prices.
Enclosures: various similar letters and papers, including newspaper cutting of article on Metropolitan Museum, New York, including mention of the large and remarkable Sir Joshua Reynolds 'The Portrait Group of Henry Fane and his Guardians'; account for restoration of pictures, Sequier and Smart.
Note, G.,H. and J above found tied together.

Letters of condolence and other letters to W.D. Fane concerning the death of his brother Harry (H.P. Fane) on 8th Jan. 1894  1 FANE 6/10/8/K  8-30 Jan 1894

23 Items.

Miscellaneous letters and papers  1 FANE 6/10/8/L  1864-1897

Letter from her cousin Eleanor Cecily Clifton from Lytham Hall, Lytham, Lancs., to Mrs. W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/1  6 Sept 1864

Sympathy on her mother's death.

Harriett Ellice [Mrs. Russell Ellice née Chaplin] from Brickendonbury, Hertford, to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/L/1  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/2  5 Oct 1864

Sympathy on death of her mother and father.

Christine Fane to W.D. Fane; from Newark  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/3  26 Nov 1868

Thanks for the trouble he is taking in this unhappy affair. Thinks Fanny [her daughter in law] not fit to have the care of Vere because of her hysterical state, and he is best abroad in cold weather.

Etheldredo Anne [Bennett, Lady Superior] to "my dearest Georgie" [Charles George Fane]  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/4  nd [1868]

Fannie Fane was there all the morning in a terrible state of mind as her husband [Capt. H.J. Fane] has rejected all the amendments of the deed, and has gone abroad with the boy [Vere] for 18 months, until the child is seven years old and out of her power. Asks him to find out what William thinks about it.

Harry Fane to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/5  7 Dec 1872

Thanks for his note, though his efforts were unsuccessful. The Colonel's comments are only in accordance with his harsh treatment of him.

F.H. Turner to W.D. Fane; from 40 Bedford Row, London  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/6  25 May 1877

Concerning the late Roche trust. Sends the power of attorney to Messrs. Child and Co. to enable them to transfer to the Standard Life Assurance Company the £1054.3s.8d. Bank Stock held by Mr. C. Fane and himself, as part of the funds comprised in the deed of 27 Nov. 1867.

Two letters of condolence from his sister-in-law the Hon. Mrs. Emma Gore to W.D. Fane on the death of his wife, Susan  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/7, 8  13, 17 Dec 1877

S. Ponsonby Fane to W.D. Fane; from the Lord Chamberlain's Office  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/9  15 June [1878]

Was at Brympton the other day and found a good many old letters which he has packed up for him.

1[?] Talbot Coke to W.D. Fane; from Debdale Hall, Mansfield  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/10  22 Dec 1890

Presents him with a little Charles I badge. Can never thank him enough for all he has done for their family.

Two letters from Col. F.A. Fane to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/11,12  23 March, 12 April 1891

Concerning a proposed Dairy Company, with shares held by Charles, Harry, Gussy, and themselves, to be managed by Ewan Crofts, on land which Ted rented. The Fane memorial tablet. With draft reply to the first endorsed on it.

Draft letter from W.D. Fane to [Thomas] Dalton Lawrance  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/13  10 Jan 1897

Invitation to shoot at Fulbeck.

Charles Fane to W.D. Fane; from Glenmore House, Surbiton  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/14  28 June 1897

Concerning proposed tomb for W.D. Fane and his late wife, and removal of her remains. Is glad that room has been found for Addie's remains.

Fred. Fane to W.D. Fane: from Mayles Court [Hants.]  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/15  2 July [1897]

Thinks they will arrive on 12th. Concerning the family burial ground.

[no title]  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/16  Undated

List by W.D. Fane, stuck on a card, of bundles of family and other letters.

Letter from Vere Willson, the Parsonage, Fulbeck, to H.P. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/17, 18  18 Nov 1893

Asking for donation for alterations to the National School, with reply endorsed.
Copy of reply by W.D. Fane.

Vere Willson to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/19  23 Jan 1894

Asks who is executor of H.P. Fane, as he has promises in writing from him for the church bells and school.
Endorsed with reply: supply of water to the new rectory.

Same to same as in 1 FANE 6/10/8/L/19  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/20  29 Jan 1894

Sends 1 FANE 6/10/8/L/17. The water supply to his house and H.P. Fane's promise. Endorsed with reply from W.D. Fane, re H.P. Fane's committments.

Draft from W.D. Fane to Rev. Vere Willson  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/21  27 Oct 1894

Dislikes being called "the Squire" and the reference to the "Fane plot" in churchyard.

Vere Willson to W.D. Fane  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/22  27 Oct 1894

Dislikes having his house called the Rectory instead of the Parsonage.

C. [L. West ??] to W.D. Fane; from the Grove, Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/23  20 July 1896

Concerning fetching water from Fane's yard while his own supply is short.
Endorsed with reply.

[no title]  1 FANE 6/10/8/L/24  1888

Two letters, from W.J. Hardy and E. Nottingham, concerning W.D. Fane's nomination as a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

Faculty for removing his wife's remains from Leadenham, to Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/10/8/M  11 Aug 1897

Faculty to W.D. Fane.
Recites that his wife Susan Millicent died on 12 Dec. 1877 at Melbourne Hall and was buried in Leadenham Churchyard. In 1887 W.D. Fane purchased Fulbeck Hall and estate and has since taken up his residence there and wishes to remove the remains to Fulbeck Churchyard.
With correspondence and papers concerning same.

Papers of William Vere Reeve Fane (or King-Fane)  1 FANE 6/11  1865-1942

Personal Papers  1 FANE 6/11/1  1865-1942

British Passport  1 FANE 6/11/1/1  2 Aug 1886

Mr. William Vere Fane (British subject) travelling on the Continent Foreign Office, London.

Passport issued by Japanese government to British subjects  1 FANE 6/11/1/2  21 August 1893

Miss Crompton Roberts, Miss Fane and Mr. W. Fane.
With route proposed in Japan.

Cook's Itinerary for a tour  1 FANE 6/11/1/3  20 Feb-18 March 1907

Mr. W.V.R. Fane and Mr. S. Massingberd.
Burges, Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Toledo.

Faculty granted to W.V.R. King Fane and the Rev. H.C.F. Bingham  1 FANE 6/11/1/4  24 June 1921

To place a memorial tablet in Fulbeck church which has recently been removed from the chapel of Osborne College, to the memory of Vere William Garton Fane, 1892-1906.

Faculty granted to W.V.H. King Fane  1 FANE 6/11/1/5  c1925

To place a memorial tablet in Fulbeck church in memory of Major General Sir Vere Bonamy Fane K.C.B., K.C.I.E. (ob. 3 May 1924).
12 May, 1925.
Correspondence concerning same, from his widow Kathleen Lady Fane, and from the Army and Navy Stores, to W.V.R. Fane; notes on Sir V.B. Fane's curriculum vitae and decorations.

Diary  1 FANE 6/11/1/6  March - September 1902

Typescript, quarto, bound.

Captain W.V.R. Fane, 3rd Brigade Lincolnshire Regiment, in South African War.

"Reminiscences of William Vere Reeve King-Fane"  1 FANE 6/11/1/7  Nov 1942

Arranged under the following headings:-
"1875-1894" School Life 1878-1881.
"School Life: Eton, 1881-86"
"Life at Cambridge, 1886-89"
"The Inner Temple, 1889-1905"
"Purchase of the Fulbeck Estate, 1888".
"Recollections of Life at Fulbeck before 1914 and after".
"Children and the Flat in London"
"My Parents"
"Travel" Including holiday in India and Journey round the world in 1893 ..
"Travel after 1895"
"Motor Cars, Aeroplanes, and Wireless"
"Early recollections about Public Buildings and Public Events".
"Friends and Neighbours at Melbourn"
"Military Service"
"Riding and Hunting"
"Melbourn Religion and Politics"
"Excavation of Ancient Ruins & Tunnels", with list of excavations.
"Local Government Work"; a list of public offices held.
MS. on fooscap sheets.
In same bundle:
Discourse by W.V.R. Fane on the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion. MS. on foolscap.
Cuttings from the Grantham Journal of letters on the subject of Corpus Christi, originating with one from W. King Fane claiming that the festival, which was to be celebrated at Grantham, was not in accord with the doctrines of the Church of England. The controversy ended on the subject of the validity of Anglican orders, challenged by F.L.A. Arendzen. June - Aug. 1942.
MS. letter of support from the Rev. A.H. Morris, rector of Denton.

Miscellaneous letters to W.V.R. Fane and other papers  1 FANE 6/11/1/8  1865-1925

Letter from Emily Praed; from Owsden Hall, Newmarket  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(a)  1 May 1905

Concerning Mr. Say the painter.

Letter from A.M. Praed concerning the death of his mother (Emily Praed)  [no ref.]  11 May 1905

Letter from G.E. Bruce, A.D.C.; from C. in C's Camp, Delhi  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(b)  8 Feb 1915

Thanks for the coat of arms of General Sir Henry Fane.

Letter from his son Charles, from the Old Sanatorium, Charterhouse, Godalming  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(c)  9 June 1919

Newspaper cutting concerning the funeral at Fulbeck of Major-General Sir Vere Fane, K.C.B. K.C.I.E  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(d)  31 May 1924

Strip recording heights of W.V.R. Fane, Grace and Millie at various dates  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(e)  1865-1875

2 letters from W.V.R. Fane to his aunt Miss Augusta Fane  1 FANE 6/11/1/8/(f)  1 Nov, 6 Nov 1925

From Bulawayo and from Victoria Falls, Southern Rhodesia.
"Given to me W.K.F. by A.M. Praed, March 1940".

Letters and papers concerning a proposal that W.V.R. Fane should become a partner in Peacock and Willson's Bank  1 FANE 6/11/1/9  7 May 1900 - 17 Jan 1902

25 Items.

Letters from Major General Mildmay Willson, F.A. Peacock, Robert [?]. Herbert Ferguson Davie, Chartered Accountant, Jno. Streets, Thomas Charles Mills, and drafts from W.V.R. Fane.
Include (no. 5A) Profit and loss account for the year 1900.
(no. 8) Memoranda concerning accounts at the banks at Newark, Sleaford, Bourne, and Lincoln: amounts of loans, with comments on credit of customers. Enclosed in a letter from H. Ferguson Davie reporting on the financial standing of the bank, 1900.

Newspaper cuttings  1 FANE 6/11/1/10  1935-1937

Concerning the Lady Esther Makgill Case, 1935.
Concerning the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson, 1937.

A bundle of letters to W.V.R. Fane from Thomas P. Mills (of Rider, Heaton, Meredith & Mills, solicitors) concerning W.V.R. Fane's settlement of 1919 in favour of his children and the trust funds  1 FANE 6/11/1/11  1919-1931

Scheme for change of trust investments as suggested in November 1928.
Notice to trustees of settlement of 12 Aug. 1919 of appointment dated 10 Sept. 1931 and settlement executed on marriage of Mr. Charles William Fane, dated 15 Sept. 1931.
22 Oct. 1931.

Records of Public Office  1 FANE 6/11/2  1894-1940

High Sheriff of Lincolnshire  1 FANE 6/11/2/A  1907 - 1909

Bundle of papers  1 FANE 6/11/2/A/1  1907-1909

2 Nov. 1907, and 29 Feb. 1908.
(The first appointment resulted from the death of Edgar Lubbock, the previous Sheriff, during his year of office).
Accounts of Shrievalty expenses.
Estimated, draft, and fair, Mr. Charles Scorer, Undersheriff, in account with W.V.R. Fane, 1908-9; Sheriff's bank book, in account with Messrs. Peacock, Willson & Co., 1908-9.
Letters re the appointment, 1907-8.
Vouchers, including bills at the White Hart, 1907-09.
Form of juror's summons and of writ of fieri facias.

A bundle of correspondence  1 FANE 6/11/2/A/2  1904 - 1909

Letters from Charles Scorer, Undersheriff, from W. Rasdall, William Bennett, Fitzalan Howard, J. St. V. Fox, Canon A.R. Maddison (Sheriff's Chaplain), Edward White, W.F. Howard.
Subjects covered include the death of the previous sheriff, Edgar Lubbock, the failure of W.V.R. Fane's attempt to reduce expenses by buying a county coach, the illness of Charles Scorer, undersheriff, and Fane's desire to be a Deputy Lieutenant.
1907-09, with 2 letters of 1904.

Calendars of Prisoners for trial at the Assizes at Lincoln  1 FANE 6/11/2/A/3  1908 - 1909

17 Feb. 1908
20 June 1908
6 Nov. 1908
2 Feb. 1909.

Deputy Lieutenant  1 FANE 6/11/2/B  1911 - 1921

Appointment of Deputy Lieutenant
Adelbert Wellington Brownlow, Earl Brownlow, Lord Lieutenant, to Major William Vere Reeve Fane.
17 Feb. 1911.
With four letters concerning same, receipt for £4 for fees on appointment, and war office circular, 1921.

Justice of the Peace  1 FANE 6/11/2/C  c1912-1923

List of magistrates, Sleaford Petty Sessional Division  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/1  Undated

Typescript with ms. comments by Fane.

List of wapentakes and parishes in Sleaford Petty Sessional Division  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/2  Undated


Letter from Thos. H. Holdich, Clerk of the Peace  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/3  16 Oct 1912

Informing Fane that he has been appointed Vice-Chairman of Quarter Sessions.

Letter from earl of Yarborough  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/4  23 Feb 1923

Asking if he may nominate Fane as a member of the Kesteven Justices' Advisory Committee.

Letter from Harold Robson, Secretary of Commissions, on behalf of Lord Chancellor  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/5  2 March 1923

Inviting Fane to serve on same. Encloses a copy of Report of the Royal Commission on the Selection of Justices of the Peace (1911) (5b.).

Memo. by W.V.R. Fane on Sunday fishing on the River Witham and hours of opening for Public Houses  1 FANE 6/11/2/C/6  Undated

Chairman, Fulbeck Parish Council  1 FANE 6/11/2/D  1894 - 1940

Cutting from Lincolnshire Chronicle about constitution of parish councils  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/1  1894

With names of parishes, population, and numbers of Councillors.

Contribution scheme for putting finances of the County Hospital, Lincoln, in a sound position  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/2  Nov 1923

With explanatory letter, addressed to Chairman of parish council.

Account, Fulbeck Unemployment Fund  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/3  1931

Account of expenses of Fulbeck Parish Council  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/4  31 March 1933

Endorsed with note re fighting in Belgium in First World War.

Bank account  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/5  1937

Col. W.V. King-Fane with Lloyd's Bank.
Coronation account.

Rough accounts of Parish Council  1 FANE 6/11/2/D/6  1940

Member of Kesteven County Council  1 FANE 6/11/2/E  1907-1938

Letter from Clerk of the Kesteven County Council  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/1  12 May 1915

Informing Fane of his election as an Alderman.

Public Health and Housing Committee  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/2  8 Jan 1924

Report on the Housing and Sanitary Circumstances of Clay-pole Rural District.

Lindsey Standing Joint Committee  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/3  Jan 1925

Report on proposed new County Police Headquarters.

Census figures, by parishes, for Administrative County of the Parts of Kesteven  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/4  1931

File labelled "Central Schools. County Districts & Parishes 1929-30"  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/5  1920-1930

Education Committee minutes and other Committee papers, including re Stamford School, 1920-27.
Folder containing papers re schemes for the L.E.A. entering into agreements with managers of non-provided schools (ie. church schools). endorsed "Central Schools. Schemes of the L.E.A. & Diocesan Committee"; with other papers concerning education, 1929-30.
In same folder:-
Review of County Districts and Parishes, with proposals for re-arrangement in accordance with Section 46, Local Government Act, 1929.
Draft administrative scheme for Kesteven under Local Government Act, 1929.
Map showing proposed new divisions into R.D.C.s.
Plan of Kesteven showing proposed electoral divisions.
(See also 1 FANE 6/11/3/11 for Education Committee estimates, 1929-30).

Papers concerning highways improvement programme, with plan of western division of county  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/6  1936

Various papers concerning Finance Committee  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/7  1937-1938

[no title]  1 FANE 6/11/2/E/8  1907-1908

2 plans of Lincoln showing proposed outer circle road and with various lands coloured red. (O.S. 1907-8).

Trustee of Tattershall Castle (a National Trust property)  1 FANE 6/11/2/F  1936 - 1940

Income and Expenditure accounts and balance sheets: the National Trust re Tattershall Castle, 31 Dec. 1938.
31 Dec. 1939.
Letters and papers, 1936-40, mainly concerning its requisition by the military in 1940.
Including measurements showing sag and drop of oak beams, 1940.

Chairman of Appeal Committee for the restoration of St. Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln  1 FANE 6/11/2/G  1938

Related information: See also 1 FANE 6/11/3/7(u)

2 circular letters and account.

Chairman of Committee for Survey of Parochial Documents in the Minutes, memoranda, instructions, lists of records etc. diocese of Lincoln  1 FANE 6/11/2/H  1937-1939

Typescript paper on the storage of Records in Parishes. Authorship and date not stated.

Miscellaneous papers  1 FANE 6/11/2/J  1910 - 1939

Include Leadenham and District Nursing accounts, 1938-39.
Papers concerning apportionment of diocesan quota among parishes in Loveden Rural Deanery, 1933.
Abstract of accounts, the King's School Grantham, 1939.
Appointment of sequestrators for the parish church of Fulbeck: the Revd. H.D. Moore, and W.V.R. Fane and W. Baines, churchwardens, 1912.
Letter from Ernest H. Godson solicitor, Sleaford, to W.V.R. Fane concerning Fulbeck Greens, stating his opinion that the fee is vested in the Lord of the Manor and not in the Parish Council, 1910.

President of the Fulbeck Miniature Rifle Club  1 FANE 6/11/2/I  1907-1915, 1921-1928

Book containing minutes and accounts.

Colonel of the 3rd Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment  1 FANE 6/11/2/K  1902 - 1918

Six letters concerning his resignation of his command, which involved resignation of his commission in the Special Reserve, 1918.
Continuation of the Annals of the 3rd Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment, 1902-14. Typescript.

Historical Collections  1 FANE 6/11/3  Undated

Spring-back binder labelled 'Fulbeck'  1 FANE 6/11/3/1  Undated

List of Fulbeck incumbents 1480-1807, incomplete.
List of rectors of Leadenham, 1627-1922.
Place names in Loveden, Rural Deanery, a short article.
Extracts, in hand of W.D. Fane, from an account book of the Hon. Harry Fane, 1783-84.
Note on the parish of Byard's Leap.
Abstract of Inquisition Post Mortem of Richard Ellys of Fulbeck, 1547. (Series II vol. 84, no. 126).
Abstract of Inquisition Post Mortem of Timothy Thorold of Sleaford who was seised of the manor of Fulbeck, 1644/5. (Series II, vol. 537, no. 24).
Abstract of Inquisition Post Mortem of Thomas Thorold, late of Cathorpe, clerk, who was seised of manor of Fulbeck, 1638. (Series II, vol. 528, no. 49).
Extract from Registrum Antiquissimum, vol. III, p. 377, concerning Fulbeck tithes.
Notes on place names in Fulbeck parish.
References to Fulbeck in Feet of Fines, 1562-1602, supplied by Canon Foster, 1920.
Fulbeck Householders. Notes from Directory, April 1931.
Notes on the families of Lamb, Collingwood, Dixon and Beresford of Fulbeck.
Short article or lecture 'Fulbeck in 1805'.
Notes on Fulbeck Church Restoration, 1850-1900.

Spring-back binder labelled "Fulbeck Rectors 1560-"  1 FANE 6/11/3/2  Undated

Annals of the Rectors of Fulbeck, 1560-1939.
Notes on the advowson, on the various rectory houses, and on the glebe.

Spring-back binder labelled "Caythorpe, Leadenham, Welbourn"  1 FANE 6/11/3/3  Undated

Includes:- extracts from Domesday Book
Principal landowners in Caythorpe and Frieston in 1798, from Land Tax Assessment.
Notes from Caythorpe awards - Chancery decree of 1664, enclosure agreements of 1761 and 1762, and tithe award of 1844.
Short article on Dr. John Dee, rector of Leadenham, 1558-1570.
Abstract of sentence of deprivation against Dr. Dee, 1584.
Articles on the manor of Brayland or Heynings in Leadenham and on manor of Blyton in Leadenham.
Notes on Sir Charles Welby's property in Stragglethorpe, Leadenham, and Fulbeck.
Notes on Leadenham and Fulbeck Fee Farm rents, with letters from Hardy and Page about their researches and typescript abstract of documents from P.R.O., 1911.
Extracts referring to Leadenham and Fulbeck from Roger Gale's Registrum Honoris de Richmond, 1722, and Early Yorkshire Charters: The Honour of Richmond (C.T.Clay).
Short article, 'Welbourn in the Olden Times' with various abstracts of documents from the P.R.O.

Spring-back binder labelled "Topography"  1 FANE 6/11/3/4  Undated

Includes notes on Harlaxton Old Manor House, pedigree of De Ligne and Gregory families, Hougham, Houghton, Spittlegate enclosure 1693, 'Inventory of the Monuments of Superstition, 1566'.

A bundle of various papers  1 FANE 6/11/3/5  Undated

(a) File containing results of W.V.R. Fane's researches into the history of the finances of the King's School, Grantham, with other notes on Grantham. (In July 1941 W.V.R. Fane, one of the Governors of the School, was asked by the vice-chairman of the governors to look into the history of the finances of the school with particular regard to what had become of the school endowments).
Includes copy of his report; his list of contents of tin box at Midland Bank and of plans; printed scheme made by Board of Education under the Charitable Trust Acts 1853-94 for the alteration of the Scheme regulating the Grantham Grammar School, 1909; notes from minutes and ledgers of governors, Corporation minutes; copy of rental of estates belonging to the Corporation as trustees for the Free Grammar School, 1817; printed abstracts of accounts for years ended 1941 and 1942; notes on old houses in Grantham; memo. by W.V.R. Fane on Little Gonerby Burial ground.
(b) Notes on Lincolnshire wapentakes in 1086.
(c) Notes on Lincoln prebends.
(d) Miscellaneous notes, letters and papers.
Include: two letters from John Fane, one about Vere Fane leaving Child's bank, 1938 and 1940.
Plan and particulars of ruins excavated in the Nuns' Field, Leadenham, 1930. Robert S. Godfrey.
Reports of Lincoln Diocesan Record Office for 1938 and 1939.
Notes by E.J. Abell on buildings in Lincoln, 1939.
Note on "British Marco, Grantham" (The British Manufacture & Research Co. Ltd.).
Article reprinted from Lincolnshire Chronicle, 25 Apr. 1942:
'Lincoln Castle as a County Folk Museum?'.
Various notes from Stamford Mercury etc. by J. Bean King.

Spring-back binder labelled "Fane Family Notes"  1 FANE 6/11/3/6  Undated

Includes: Notes on Fane portraits by Reynolds, Beach, Gainsborough and Lawrence, and other extracts relating to Fane pictures and works of art.
Notes on the service records of General Sir Henry Fane, Lieut. Col. Charles Fane and General Mildmay Fane extracted from Army Lists by E.R. Collins, 1907; with copy of obituary of Lieut. Col. Charles Fane from Military Panorama, 1813. Notes by W.V.R. Fane about Sir Henry Fane and Isabella Gorges - dates of births of children etc.
Account in hand of W.V.R. Fane 'The Batsons, Avon, & Upwood' (1910), with letter from Constance Lady Manners from Avon Tyrrell, 1910.
Copy of printed article by W.V.R. Fane, 'The Pedigree of the Fane and Vane Family', with draft article on same subject, in reply to that by Mr. Keith Murray, never published.
2 letters from Hardy & Page, Record Agents, 1908. Certified copy of grant of arms to Sir Thomas Vane of Badsell, Kent, 1574.
Various extracts from Fane documents made by J.S. Gibbons 1908, mainly from documents at Mereworth Castle.
Loose in front:
'A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Fane, earl of Westmoreland' transcribed by W.D. Fane from vol. 2 of Baronagium Genealogium by Joseph Edmonson, Aug. 1876.
Pedigree of descendants of Henry Nevill, Baron Abergavenny, d. 1586/7, in hand of W.D. Fane.
Proofs of the Fane pedigrees from V.C.H. Northamptonshire.

Spring-back binder labelled 'Lincolnshire Miscellanea'  1 FANE 6/11/3/7  Undated

(a) Typescript copy of order book of Capt. Hebb's Company, Loveden Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1803-08.
(b) List of Kesteven Magistrates, 1700-1848 (hand of J. Bean King).
(c) Notes by W.V.R. Fane from a military map of Lincolnshire, 1798, in the Sessions House at Sleaford. A list of deputy Lieutenants.
(d) Copy of note from Reports of Associated Architectural & Archaeological Societies, vol. 8, p. XI (1865) about sepulchral slab found in Malandry field Lincoln.
(e) Notes by W.V.R. Fane taken from 'Notes on William Fowler of Winterton by Henry Wm. Ball of Barton on Humber', (1888).
Typescript of description and photograph of engraving of Roman antiquities discovered at Haceby.
(f) Note on descent of Ashby and Martin estates from the Rev. J.W. King's death, with pedigree.
(g) Copy of will and codicil of William West of Firbeck, 1646 (father-in-law of Sir Francis Fane).
(h) Note on owners of Clovelly, 1738-1884, extracted from Christine Hamlyn's "Clovelly annals".
(i) List of books collected by Col. E.L. Grange, offered for sale by Thomas C. Godfrey, Bookseller, York.
(j) Extracts by W.V.R. Fane from Messrs. Puttick and Simpson's Sale Catalogue, 22 Dec. 1885. Lincolnshire documents. "Original catalogue lent to me by Cragg of Threeckingham, Jan. 1913". Medieval Fulbeck deeds.
(k) Copy of Charity Commissioner's Report (1877) for parishes in Loveden rural deanery. (W.V.R. Fane proposed to reprint this section in the Loveden Rural Deanery Magazine).
(l) Notes on early works on English topography, 1540-1724.
(m) Kesteven Quarter Sessions records:
Two letters from Thos. H. Holdich, Clerk of the Peace, Sleaford, to W.V.R. Fane concerning the latter's report on the County Records, informing him that the carrying out of the recommendations in them has been referred to a sub-committee consiting of himself (Fane), Captain Cragg, and Capt. J.S. Reeve, 1908.
Rough index to Quarter Sessions Minutes, 1674-1823, by W.V.R. Fane.
(n) List of Acts of Parliament relating to turnpike roads in Kesteven, compiled by W.V.R. Fane, 1924. An Act for more effectually repairing the roads from Littlegate at the top of Leadenham Hill to Newark-upon-Trent and to Mansfield, and from Southwell to the South End of the town of Oxton in the county of Nottingham, 1826.
(o) Notes on the history of Redbourne. 2 pages, in pencil, by W.V.R. Fane.
(p) Printed article, of one page only, on 'The Old Bank, Sleaford' written at the time of the amalgamation of Messrs. Peacock, Willson & Co. with Lloyds Bank. Apparently from a banking journal.
(q) Map of Loveden wapen taking showing Domesday parishes. Marked by W.V.R. Fane on O.S. 1 inch map. Table of population and acreage of parishes 1901, notes from Domesday Book.
(r) Notes on the advowson and manor of Stubton (E. Royds).
(s) Table showing apportionment of parishes in Loveden Rural Deanery (for Diocesan Quota presumably). 1922 or after.
(t) List of inclosure and tithe commutation awards of parishes in the rural deanery of Loveden.
(u) 3 copies of A. Hamilton Thompson, St. Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln (pamphlet), with printed appeal for purchase and preservation of same, signed W.V.R. Fane, Chairman, 1935; draft covenants to be entered into by the City Council with the National Trust, 1938; minutes of meeting of Committee appointed to make an appeal for the purchase and preservation of St. Mary's Guildhall, 22 June 1937; list of donations received up to 3 July 1935.

Spring-back binder labelled 'Linc. Misc'  1 FANE 6/11/3/8  Undated

(a) List of archaeological finds from Lincolnshire in British Museum, with date of find. Undated.
(b) List of archaeological objects found at Caythorpe in 1899 in City of Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery. 1926.
(c) Various notes by W.V.R. Fane on Lincoln Castle.
(d) Bibliotheca Lincolniensis. A Selection of Books relating to Lincolnshire... offered for sale by Thomas C. Godfrey, Bookseller, York. List 10, Feb. 1932.
(e) List of proceedings of Archaeological and other Societies in the library of Lincoln Archaeological Society, Jews Court, Lincoln.
(f) Notes on charges at Kesteven Quarter Sessions and other information from the files, 1674-95.
(g) The articles of enquiry from the Hundred Rolls, 2 Ed. I, and other notes concerning the rolls.
(h) Jews Court, Lincoln: extract from Dr. Cecil Roth's lecture read there, 24 June, 1934.
(i) Typescript article on 'Pre-Ordnance Maps of Lincolnshire', with notes and some correspondence (inc. G.S. Gibbons and W.A. Cragg) on the subject, especially ra deer parks, 1932.
(j) Notes on Yorke's Union of Honour, 1640.
(k) Manuscript paper 'Lincolnshire Monasteries'.
(l) Manuscript paper 'Lincolnshire Prisons a Century Ago'.
(m) Paper on the future of Church Schools (at request of Rural Dean of Loveden) [c. 1930].
(n) Manuscript article on the effect of the raising of the school leaving age in Kesteven; with covering letter from editor of the Sleaford Standard, 1930.
(o) Notes entitled "Lincolnshire and Caythorpe".

File labelled "Apethorpe papers"  1 FANE 6/11/3/9  [n.d.]

(a) 'The Crown Sentences for the Lincolnshire Lent Assizes, 1850". Henry Fane esq. sheriff.
Printed paper.
(b) 'The Manuscripts of the Right Honourable the Earl of Westmorland at Apethorpe'... Report of Historical MSS. Commission, 1885.
Pencil annotation of Lot numbers. p p. 41.
(c) 'Apethorpe'
An account of the Mildmays and Fanes up to 1762 by Lady Rose Weigall (daughter of the earl of Westmorland.) Copied by W.D. Fane from her manuscript.
1893. 28ff.
(d) Catalogue, in hand of W.V.R. Fane, of old books etc. in two old oak boxes at Childs. Contents of larger carved oak box from Apethorpe, including 15 volumes of accounts 1593-1770.
Contents of smaller carved oak box from Apethorpe: letters and mss. of John Lord Burghersh 1800-56.
(e) Lists of documents from Apethorpe Muniment Room contained in 7 boxes, moved to Child's Bank in 1904. Typescript list produced by Alexander Jolly, Apethorpe Estate Office, as now in the Muniment Room, 22 Feb. 1904.
W.V.R. Fane's report on and list of documents at Child's Bank, removed from the Apethorpe Muniment Room June 1904. Original ms. list and typescript copy.
(f) Detailed catalogue of the contents of Box no. 1 of the Apethorpe muniments (pedigrees, arms, commissions, patents, wills, settlements etc.).
(g) Transcripts of various Apethorpe mss.

File 'Kesteven Enclosures'  1 FANE 6/11/3/10  Undated

List of parishes, arranged alphabetically, with date and information as to enclosure Acts and Awards, and acreage affected. Preceded by an introduction.
Alphabetical and chronological lists of Kesteven enclosure acts, list of enclosure awards at Public Record Office. Typescript, duplicated.
Printed list of Enclosure and Drainage Awards relating to parishes in the parts of Kesteven Jos. Phillips, Clerk of the Peace for Kesteven, Stamford, 1884.

Envelope "Kesteven Inclosure Acts & Awards": various notes, and letters, some from W.E. Tate  1 FANE 6/11/3/10A  [n.d.]

Includes printed note of Quarter Sessions for North and South Divisions, showing division of parishes, 1837.

File labelled 'Lincolnshire Monasteries'  1 FANE 6/11/3/11  1929-1930

Various loose notes by W.V.R. Fane, many of grants of monastic lands in Lincolnshire, placed in front of a file of estimates for Kesteven County Council Education Committee.

Unlabelled file  1 FANE 6/11/3/12  Undated

(a) Typescript notes on "Fanes of Bristol, and the Neighbourhood, 1669-1757".
"given to me by John Fane, Jan. /34. W. King-Fane".
(b) Printed transcript of Fulbeck Glebe Terrier, 1611.
(c) Miscellaneous notes and papers
Including: list of Fane landowners in 1873.
Fane family medals: letters from Mary Fane from Sutton Courtney and from Vere B. Fane from Peshawar about the sale of General Sir Henry Fane's medals and their purchase of W.V.R. Fane, 1914. Three lists by W.V.R. Fane of family orders and medals.
Letter from Vere B. Fane about setting up the arms of Sir Henry Fane with those of other Commanders-in-Chief at Snowdon, Simla, 1914.
Letter from Edw. Hutt, late Superintenant of Maitland Cemeteries, stating that the broken slate memorial stone in the old St. George's Cemetery, Cape Town, to William Fane was scrapped and no remains were recoverable. 1925.
Letter from Rachel Weigall about death mask of Charles I at London Museum, 1928.
Photograph of W.T. Phipps, Dec. 1931.
Letters concerning Loveden Hill Cinerary Urns, 1927.
Various newspaper cuttings re:-
Sale of Mereworth Castle by Lord Falmouth, 1923.
Photo of W.V.R. Fane, new Vice-Chairman of Kesteven Quarter Sessions, 1912.
Articles from the Times on the Murder of the Tsar.
Engravings: 'Ishmael driven out', and the 'Parable of the Seed', two plates contributed by John Rosseter of Somerby'.

W.V.R. Fane's History of Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/11/3/13  Undated

With other notes on Fulbeck. Ms. with printed copy with some ms. additions.

Various notes and extracts by J. Bean King, with a few by W.V.R. Fane  1 FANE 6/11/3/14  Undated

Notes on owners, of Blankney, owners of Metheringham, and the Green Man  1 FANE 6/11/3/15  October 1941

'E. R.'

File labelled "Pedigrees and Heraldry"  1 FANE 6/11/3/16  Undated

Includes: Pedigree of A Dix of West Willoughby in Sudbrooke.
Pedigree of Armine of Osgodby.
Pedigree of Audley of Hough and Welbourn, from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees.
Auriol pedigree.
Bankes pedigree.
Pedigree and notes on Beresford family.
Dashwood pedigree
De la Fontaine pedigree copied by W. King Fane in 1930 from the original lent to him by Capt. J.S. Reeve. Two letters from Huguenot Society of London about the family, 1930.
Earle of Strogglethorpe pedigree.
Ellis of Wellingore, pedigree.
Ellison of Sudbrooke and Boultham, pedigree.
Printed pedigree of Fane, earls of Westmorland and of Fulbeck branch from 2nd earl to c.
Cutting from The Conoisseur with picture and description of armorial bearings of Thomas Fane, 1554, in window at Grays Inn.
Abstract of settlement on Thomas Fane and Elizabeth Culpepper, 1558, from Westmorland 1788.

File labelled "Copies of Fane wills, letters etc. 1600-, Vol. II"  1 FANE 6/11/3/18  Undated

Notes from London marriage licences, 1521-1869.
Fane wills
Abstracts of deeds
Copies of monumental inscriptions
Mainly copies and abstracts of wills from Somerset House, many made by W.V.R. Fane in 1897.
Extracts from parish registers of Apethorpe, 1705-1900, of Aston near Rotherham, 1665-80, of Basildon, Berks., 1675-1766, of Fulbeck, 1628-1831, of Hadlow, 1558-94, of Hunton, Kent, 1606-79, of Hunts-pill, Som., 1656-79, of Mereworth, Kent, 1609-1762, of Henbury, Glos., 1669-1782.
Several letters, including one from A.R. Maddison concerning the Storer family, 1904, and several from H.W.F. Harwood, 1896.

Envelope marked "Miscellaneous"  1 FANE 6/11/3/19  Undated

Print of Mr. Henry Welby, gent., aetatis suae 84 (d. 1676), with his epitaph. Published 1794.
Typescript of the text of the plough Monday play at Clipsham, Rutland, with an introduction. 1905.
Paper entitled 'The Baltic States' delivered by W.V.R. Fane to meeting of the Chapter of the Loveden Rural Deanery. Typescript.
Photograph of a 17th century map of Melbourne and Kings Newton.
Notes on the family of Peachell or Petchel of Carlton Scroop.
Letter from W.A. Cragg about enclosures, 1937.
Letter from Constantia Fane, the Dower House, Boyton, and another from her son, Henry Fane, concerning a photograph of a portrait of the Rev. A. H. Fane [1937?].

Folder entitled "High Sheriffs of Lincolnshire, 1154-1935"  1 FANE 6/11/3/20  c1935

Notes for W.V.R. Fane's list of Sheriffs published in supplements to Lincolnshire Notes and Queries 1936.
Lists, notes, and some letters.
Notes of and letters from Sir Alfred Welby
Letters from Lewis Loyd and G.S. Gibbons.

Envelope endorsed "Sempringham"  1 FANE 6/11/3/21  1938-1939

W.V.R. Fane Chairman of the Sempringham Excavation Executive Committee.
Notes on Sempringham by W.V.R. Fane, letters to him (some from W.A. Cragg), and reports on the excavations Printed interim report, 1938 and report on excavations 1939, with plan of priory church. Director: H. Brown. O.S. map (25in.) Sheet CXXIV.8.
1. Letter. Miss Mann to Col. King-Fane 22/1/? 39 re accounts.
2. Letter. Miss Mann to Col. King-Fane 26/5/39 re Fane becoming Chairman and excavations recommencing.
3. Chairman Hugh Braun to Col. K-F. 18/10/1938 to enclose plan and account of season's work.
4. Draft of 1938 excavation report.
5. Letter of 1938 excavation report.
5. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 28/10/1939. Fortescue ownership of site (encl. family tree).
6. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 1/10/1939. Filling in of site and some further amateur excavation.
7. Letter. H. Braun to Col K-F. 27/9/1939. Plan, comments re absence of S wall of choir and burials at that point.
8. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 18/9/1939. Whether to continue excavation.
9. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 3/9/1939. Problems over labour.
10. Letter. W. Cragg to Col K-F 3/9/1939. Outbreak of war - effect on excavations.
11. Letter. H. Braun to Col K-F 13/7/1939. Discovery of priory below Clinton House.
12. Letter. A Rowland to Col K-F 16/8/1939. Concerning filling in and tidying up after Bardney Abbey excavs.
13. Letter. (darft) Col K-F to Crown Agents 22/8/1939. Date of Crown purchase of Sempringham.
14. Letter. Crown Agents to Col K-F 7/10/1939. Date of conveyance was 1855.
15. Copy of 25" map of Sempringham area with minor pencilled annotations.
16. Ms. in Col K-F's hand, on history of Priory and Aveland.
17. 2 copies of Hugh Braun's Report on Excavations, 1939
18. Ms notes (23 pp) on history of Priory and its owners draft from various sources.
(Nos 19 -39 in envelope addr. to Col K-F by W Cragg).
19. Sempringham Priory excavations (1938 report).
20. Tracing of conjectural plan of Sempringham layout based on Watton. In wrong place: (NW of church).
21. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F. Nov. (1939). re accounts and willingness of Crown to let finds go to Grantham Museum. + page of accounts and note.
22. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 24/10/38? Cost of printing report.
23. Accounts.
24. Newspaper cutting referring to proposed excavations at Sempringham (1938)
25. Letter. W. Cragg to Col K-F 18/5/1938. Re Committee Meeting.
26. Letter. Bishop of Lincoln to Col K-F 6/6/1938. Agrees to join Committee.
27. Letter. W. Cragg to Col K-F 9/5/1938. Creation of Committee.
28. Letter. W. Cragg to Col K-F 31/5/1938. Re Managing Director for excavs.
29. Letter. Capt. De la Bere to Col K-F 2/6/38. re Appeal and intention to take more APs.
31. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 6/6/38. Re Director.
32. Letter. W. Cragg to Col K-F 6/6/38. Similar - list of possible Directors inc. Peers, Clapham & Hamilton Thompson.
33. Appeal for funds.
34. Letter. Rose Graham to Col K-F 3/6/38. Agrees to be a member.
35. Various letters from local gentry accepting or declining membership of Committee.
36. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 9/7/1938. Start of excavs., enclosing note by H. Braun.
37. Letter. Miss Mann to Col K-F 14/6/1938. Reports H. Braun's willingness to direct on one day per week basis.
38. Letter W Cragg to Col K-F. Good Friday 1918.
Concerning Dr. Fareweather (proposed Director). Refers to Braceby excavations appeal.
39. Letter W. Cragg to Col K-F 13/7/1938. Encloses notes on Clinton house by County Library.

Typescript of short article by W.V.R. Fane 'The Plague in Fulbeck, 1609 & 1610'  1 FANE 6/11/3/22  Undated

Typescript of article by W.V.R. Fane "South Lincolnshire Quakers in the 17th Century"  1 FANE 6/11/3/23  July 1931

Printed in Lincolnshire Quakers in the 1936. With various notes on Quakers, including extracts from minutes of monthly meeting for south west part of Lincolnshire 1668-92, made by Miss G.L. Cashel at the expense of W.V.R. Fane.

Envelope labelled "Hon. Mrs. Henry Fane"  1 FANE 6/11/3/24  Undated

Typescript article on Anne, wife of the Hon. Henry Fane (1758-1838).
With drafts.

Envelope endorsed "John Dighton"  1 FANE 6/11/3/25  Undated

Notes about the identification of the Rev. John Dighton, rector of Fulbeck, with John Dighton one of the assistants in the murder of the Princes in the Tower.

Envelope endorsed "The Car Dyke"  1 FANE 6/11/3/26  Undated

Notes by N.E.S. 1931, and by W.V.R. Fane, 1931. Typescript of article on its origin, object, and extent, for Lincolnshire Notes and Queries, 1931. Letter on the subject from C.W. Phillips, Cambridge, 1931.

File labelled "Spare copies Inventory of Monuments of Superstition, Kesteven Inclosures, 1937"  1 FANE 6/11/3/27  Undated

Typescript of article on 'Inventory of the Monuments of Superstition, 1566' with two letters from Miss K. Major, Diocesan Archivist, 1938.
Further typescript copies of 'Kesteven Inclosures' (see 1 FANE 6/11/3/10).

Typescript copy of letter from Augusta Fane to her sister Julia Alexander describing the wedding of their brother William Dashwood Fane to Susan Reeve  1 FANE 6/11/3/28  10 Aug [1861]

Endorsed by W.V.R. Fane.

Packet labelled "Fane family memoranda"  1 FANE 6/11/3/29  Undated

Includes: quarto note book of notes by W.V.R. Fane on the families of Storer, Reeve, Kyrton and others, with some correspondence about the Storers.
Pedigree of Michel of Dewlish, in hand of W.D. Fane.
A description of Sharlston Hall, Yorks., in hand of W.D. Fane.
Letters from Hardy & Page, Record Agents, concerning historical searches undertaken, 1905-10.
Extracts and notes re Fane family made in MS. department of British Museum and from Westmorland MSS. by J.S. Gibbons, 1908-09.
A file of letters concerning enquiries made by W.D. and H.P. Fane as to the Fanes of Henbury and Bristol, 1881-84.
Various notes as to printed sources of information re the Fanes.
Draft of article by W.V.R. Fane on the pedigree of the Fane and Vane family.
Various letters concerning family history from earl of Westmorland, Hardinge F. Giffard, Charlotte Dering, vicar of Tudeley, Lt. Col. H. St. John Mildmay, Oswald Barron.
Description of Staindrop church in hand of W.D. Fane, 1872.
Contemporary list of grand jury at the Summer Assize for Lincolnshire, 1793.
Foreman, the Hon. Henry Fane. "Found by Augusta C. Fane, Feb. 1889, amongst the papers of the Revd. Edward Fane".
Letters concerning visit of W.V.R. Fane and Mr. Hardy to evidence room, Berkeley Castle, 1908.

Envelope inscribed "Sir Thomas Fane's coat of arms in Grays Inn Hall, 1554"  1 FANE 6/11/3/30  Undated

Biographical information concerning members of the Fane family who were members of Gray's Inn, with letters re same from the Librarian, Gray's Inn, 1938.
Notes on the Fane arms in Gray's Inn Hall, and 2 letters from G.S. Dixon, 1938.
Genealogical Table of the male line of descent of the family of Fane, Earl of Westmorland and Baron Burghersh, Printed. MS. additions by W.V.R. Fane.

Copies by W.V.R. Fane of 2 letters from Harriet Arbuthnot not to Lady Georgiana Fane 20 Nov. and 19 Dec. 1827  1 FANE 6/11/3/31  Undated

And of W.D. Fane's journal of his continental tour of 1855 (see 1 FANE 6/10/8).

3 quarto note books containing draft abstracts and notes of Fulbeck deeds  1 FANE 6/11/3/32  Undated

1. Deeds in Belvoir Muniment Room and at P.R.C. and wills at Somerset House.
2. Draft index to Fulbeck Deeds, 1622-1885.
3. Same, 1885-98.

Miscellaneous papers  1 FANE 6/11/3/33  Undated

Including list of Fulbeck glebe terriers.
List of articles found when the floor of the day nursery at Fulbeck was taken up in 1906.

Packet of abstracts or transcripts of documents made by W.V.R. Fane  1 FANE 6/11/3/34  Undated

(a) Wills of the family of Rigges of Stragglethorpe, Fulbeck etc., with notes in another land of Lincoln Consistory Court administrations
(b) Fulbeck deeds at Belvoir
Agreement concerning stint at Fulbeck 1619 and other documents copied by W.A. Carrington.
Letters about working on the Belvoir mas. from W.A. Carrington and Frederick W. Knox, 1897-98.
(c) Three letters to W.D. Fane from Sir J. Thorold, from Syston Park concerning Fane's examination of his deeds and transcriptions of a roll concerning Newbo Abbey, 1895-98; with newspaper cutting of letter about the site of Newho Abbey from M.B. Wynne, 1895.

Various Diaries and Journals  1 FANE 6/12  1808-1836

Diary of Miss Jane Reeve of Leadenham  1 FANE 6/12/1  1803-1814

Entered in 'The London Fashionable and Polite Repository for the year 1808'.
Entries by her up to 14 Feb.
6-9 Jan. Visit to Lincoln, in a bustle about election. Introduced at ball by Uncle King.
13-15 Jan. Visit to Blankney
22-25 Jan. Fineshade
26 Jan. - 7 Feb. In London "Found Aunt King in her snug apartments"
7-10 Feb. In Cambridge
14 Feb. Reached home.
Later entries by her sister, Millicent Mary Reeve
2 March. Jane died, aged 22
2 and 9 March 1810 and 19 July 1814. Reflections by Millicent Mary on her sister's death.

Journal of Millicent Mary Chaplin (nee Reeve), wife of Colonel Chaplin "13 St. Ursule St., Quebec"  1 FANE 6/12/2  1838-1839

Quarto vd.

14 May 1838 From Leadenham to Liverpool.
16 May Embarked on the ship Cambridge
Detailed description of voyage and of fellow passengers
12 June arrived at New York. Social visits.
16 June Started up Hudson river by steamer to Albany, Saratoga.
19 By stage coach to Caldwell
20 By steamer across Lake George.
By coach to shore of Lake Champlain. By steamer.
21 Landed at St. John's. By rail to La Prairie. Crossed to Montreal by steamer. By boat to island of St. Helens in Col. Grey's boat, the 71st regiment being quartered there.
22 June By steamer to Quebec.
Observations on the houses in the U.S. and absence of servants.
10 Aug. 1838 Left Quebec for Lake Charles
Visit to an Indian family - the wife of Chief Nicholas Vincent (who came to England in 1825 to represent the grievances of his race).
27 Aug. 1838 Left Quebec in the British America
28 Aug. Montreal
30 Aug. By stage coach to La Chine and then by steamer to the Cascades - passed the station from which the fur traders set out yearly going up the Ottawa for skins.
Along Lake St. Francis to Cornwall. By river to Kingston. By steamer on Lake Ontario to Oswego, Niagara, and Fort George. The 43rd regiment encamped just above the falls.
10 Sept. By railroad from Manchester to Buffalo.
"We came in for a very interesting sight at Buffalo, from 16 to 20 waggons loaded with men, women, children and all their furniture and household goods moving from the eastern state of New York to the Western one of Illiniois, leaving their cleared lands to begin their labours afresh in the forests".
The Indians in Buffalo
Toronto. Visit to Chief Justice Robinson who showed them site of the new college. Description of town.
The rebellion of last winter.
By steamer to Kingston. The Lake Fever
Embarked for return to Montreal and Quebec, reached on 22 Sept.
Observations on trees and plants, birds etc.
American expressions of speech.
Indian customs.
1 Aug. 1839 From Quebec to Kingston. Visit to the Penitentiary.
American prisoners at Fort Henry. By steamer to Toronto.
New York: Lady Westmorland and Miss Chamberlain in the same hotel.
Philadelphia. Museums. Girard College. Penitentiary, Waterworks, Jerome Bonaparte's house nearby, New York and return to Quebec on 6 Sept.

Journal of Millicent Mary Chaplin  1 FANE 6/12/3  1840

Quarto vol.

4 Aug. 1840 Left Quebec. Up the St. Lawrence to Port St. Francis. Wandover. Melbourne. Sherbrooke. Conditions of settlers, and what makes for success. Clearing of forests. Wolves. Persons loot in the woods. Sherbrooke was settled within the last twenty years, Stanstead, a neat village. Snake fences.
Georgeville on Lake Memphramagog. Into Vermont in the States: St. Johnsburg. Littleton village. La Fayette Mountains in Lincoln township. Birds of the woods. Wild raspberries. The White Mountains and the Green Mountains. Centre Harbour on Lake Winnipigsiogee, Shaker village and its inhabitants: a thriving community with some good farms.
Concord, (N.H.).
16-23 Aug. Boston. Description of city and surrounding country. Mr. President Quinsey of Cambridge College, and their visit to Cambridge. Unitarianism.
The Athenaeum.
By steamer from Boston to St. John (N.B.)
By coach to Fredericton, "a neat pretty town, in appearance.
By steamer from St. John to Annapolis, a small neat village. By coach to Halifax.
To Prince Edward's Island. Charlotte Town looks like "a pretty rural village by the water side".
Picton. Gaspé
Wrecks on this coast and their bad moral effects on the inhabitants who are enriched by them.
20 Sept. 1840 Return to Quebec.

Diary of Miss H.M. Dashwood (aunt of W.D. Fane). Isle of Man  1 FANE 6/12/4  1843-1846

4 ff.

Occasional entries only 3-12 Sept. 1843.
Leamington (her home) 17 Oct. 1843-6 July, 1844. Very occasional entries - pious reflections. Her deafness and other infirmities.
Continental Tour, 23 July - 4 Oct. 1845.
28 July. Embarked at Dover for Ostend with William Fane. Bruges; Ghent; Brussels; Namur; Liege; Aix-la-Chapelle. Cologne - "the most stinking, dirty town I ever was in"; Bonn; Coblentz; Rudesheim; Frankfurt (9 Aug, where the Robert Alexanders and Emily Fane joined them) Mrs. Rothschild still living there in her original old house - "tho' she might now change to a Palace if she pleas'd; Heidelberg; Baden Baden 19 Aug. Robert and Julia Alexander left for England Wurtsberg: Bamberg; Ratisbon; Marienbad; Carlsbad; Toplitz; Drosden - "where I had the happiness of meeting dearest Louisa"; Konigstein, Weimar; Schwartzburg; Wartburg castle; Frankfort; Coblentz; Ems; Louvain; Malines; Antwerp; Ostend to Dover.
Continental Tour 22 June - 2 October 1846.
Travelling alone, except for courier. Ostend, Ghent, Aix la Chapelle, Bonn, Bingen, Mannheim; Stuttgardt; Ulm; Augsburg; Munich; Saltzburg; Isch; Saltsburg, with expeditions to surrounding country; Konigsee; Innsbruck; Meran; Bormio; Varenna (where Robert & Julia Alexander joined them); Lake Como; Milan; Verona; Venice; Vicenza; Bergamo; Chiavenna; Splugen; Ragatz; Zurich; Freiburg; Boden; Mayence; Dusseldorf; Rotterdam London.
Note by W.D. Fane inside front cover:
"The tour of 1845 was made throughout with a maid (Hudson) and W.D. Fane. Emily Fane came from Weimar & joined the party at Frankfort for the portion of the tour by Heidelberg and Dresden to Weimar.
The tour of 1846 was commenced (from London to Ischl) with the maid and a courier.... W.D. Fane joined the party at Leopolds Kron. Thence the two parties started in two private carriages. One with 4 horses conveying Mrs. W. Fane, her daughters Addie and Augusta, their governess (Miss Lucy Calcott), two maids and the courier. The other with 2 horses conveying Miss Dashwood, Emily, and W.D. Fane and the maid (Hudson). In this manner the tour proceeded by Innsbruck, Meran, the Stelvio Pass & Como to Venice. From Venice Miss Dashwood's carriage conveyed her, her maid, W.D. Fane and Miss Calcott by the Splengen to Zurich, where the carriage was sold. The same party continued together to England".
Octavo vol.; red leather cover.
Enclosure: letter from W.D. Fane to Nevile Fane esq.. 189 Fleet Street; from Baden Baden and Heidelberg. They have enjoyed every part of their tour, his aunt having been perfectly well throughout. Their visit in Frankfurt to Ariadne and her tiger. Gambling in the German states. Hired a coach for them to proceed in at £5 a month, and travelled to Heidelberg in it. Strasbourg. Meeting with the William Chamberlains.
17 & 19 Aug. 1845.

Diary of Frances Maria (nee Massie) wife of the Revd. George Decker Blomfield, rector of Stevenage, Herts., and Prebendary of Chester  1 FANE 6/12/5  1847-1854

94 ff.

Social entertaining; the size of congregations; sermon texts; visits to the school; reading to the old; distribution of soup tickets; loans of sheets; texts and pious considerations.
Her children's doings; sons George, Charles, and Massie, daughters Rose, Cornelia and Fanny.
13 Jan. 1852 "At half past ten this morning my darling Cornelia was married by the Bishop of London to Frank Royds".
17 May 1854 "Dear George married at St. George's Hanover Square to Eliza Feilden".
22 Dec. 1854 "Frank Royds presented to the living of Coddington by the Dean and Chapter to our unspeakable joy & satisfaction". [The Revd. Francis Coulman Royds. His second son, Edmund, born 1860, married Rachel, daughter of Col. Francis Fane, in 1889].
References to her husband George, and to his brother, Bishop Blomfield of London, who visited them, and went with them for a tour of the Lakes in Aug. 1849.
Visits to Cheshire: Parkgate, Eccleston (to see her parents), Chester, and Pulford.
16 April, 1854. Death of her father [the Revd. Richard Massie, rector of Eccleston].
At beginning: "Sidney Massie, November 1846" [the writer's sister]. Various addresses of relatives and others.
At end: List of books on religious subjects, and sermon subjects and texts.
Various household and personal accounts.
Books lent.
Stockings given away, 1847.
List of persons, headed "Flannel".
Blankets given and lent.

Typescript journals of tours Colonel Edmund Royds of Stubton  1 FANE 6/12/6  1925-1936

"Motor Tour, September, 1925" "with Rachel and Ralph"  1 FANE 6/12/6/A  1925

By Rolls Royce to Thomby Grange, Northants; visit to Miss Bouverie at Delapré Abbey; Grafton Regis.
Wormsley, Oxfs: Fred. Fane's home ("The Wormsley property came to the Fane family about 200 years ago by marriage with an heiress, Miss Scrope").
Haxelby, Berks. Guernsey cows and poultry. Lyndhurst, Hants., home of Alfred Royds.
The New Forest.
Salisbury: John Cole Hamilton.
Rushington Manor, Totton, Southampton, home of Vere Birch-Reynardson.
Kingston Russell, Dorset, home of the Gribbles.
Rumsey House, Colne: Lord and Lady Walter
Hervey, 3-21 Sept.

Journal of Tour, May - June 1930"  1 FANE 6/12/6/B  31 May - 20 June 1930

With Rachel and maid. By Rolls Royce to Wormsley, via Delapré.
Oakfield near Reading. The Royal Counties Agricultural Show
Balmer Lawn, a hotel in the New Forest
Boyton Manor near Salisbury
Creech Grange
Compton near Guildford
Sandhills, Bletchingley
Stanmore - Air Vice Marshall Borton
Berwicks. Hatfield Peverel - the Hills and their horses.
Return to Stubton via Ousden.

"Journal of Visit to Scotland"  1 FANE 6/12/6/C  15 - 30 May 1931

By train with Rachel and Tony, to stay in bungalow near Forfar. Salmon fishing.
Glamis Castle.

"Journal of Tour"  1 FANE 6/12/6/D  10-20 May 1932

Compton near Guilford
Roche Court, Fareham
Creech, Dorset

"Journal of Short Tour"  1 FANE 6/12/6/E  27 May - 2 June 1933

Visit to the Praeds at Owsden, Suff.: a case at the Assizes
To Ashwell Bury, Herts. (Phyllis Fordham):
Observations on her farming
To Welwyn Garden City
His Blomfield and Massie ancestors (considerations prompted by passing through Stevenage). pp. 11-16
With a duplicate copy
Enclosures: Letter from Maud Cordeaux from Estoril, thanking him for sending his journal, 17 Feb. 1934.
Letter from Sir Theodore Chambers returning Sir Godfrey Thomas's letter. 27 July, 1933.
Letter from Sir Godfrey Thomas to Mrs. Calverley stating that he has had a copy made of the two pages of the journal describing Welwyn Garden City and will give it to the Prince of Wales at an appropriate moment, 18 July, 1933.
Two letters from Reginald Blomfield thanking him for the journal and the history of the Blomfields, 23 & 28 Aug. 1933.

"Yorkshire Tour"  1 FANE 6/12/6/F  1933-1934

2-15 September, 1933 Hatfield Chace, Skipwith, Howden, Scarborough - the Cricket Festival -, Staying at Sandsend
Harrogate (visit to the Misses Lily and Blanche Fane)
Pickering, Thornton Dale, Goathland.
"Mrs. Markham's History of England" and its author (wife of the vicar of Bracebridge 1814-59).
Danby, Hovingham and its 'Festival', Richmond (visit to Annie and Winifred Royds), Scorton and its school, associated with the Lauderdale Peerage Case.
With a duplicate copy
Leaflet about the church of SS. Peter and Paul, Pickering
Leaflet on Scorton Grammar School and its 210th anniversary reprinted from the Yorkshire Herald
Leaflet on Scorton Grammar School Speech Day reprinted from the Darlington and Stockton Times 29 July 1933.
Pamphlet on Scorton School, illustrated with original photographs.
Letter from J. Hubert Bainton, from Welbourn Place thanking Royds for lending him his 'Yorkshire Tour'. 11 Aug. 1934.

"Visit to Holkham"  1 FANE 6/12/6/G  1934

16 May to 6 June, 1934 staying in The Meal House, Holkham, Norf., which was let to them.
The history of the Holkham estate and house.
Gary Newton of Culverthorpe's marriage into the Coke family. The Newton family.
With a duplicate copy
Letter from Lord Yarborough returning Royd's notes on his Holkham visit, in which he compared the Yarborough estate to Holkham.
17 Aug. 1934.
Postcards of Holkham Hall and of nearby places.

"A month at Felixstowe"  1 FANE 6/12/6/H  1935-1936

August 1935.
Staying in the Vicarage, Felixstowe, which they had rented. Visits to relations and friends in Suffolk.
Death of Lord Bridgeman
Massey Royds
Enclosure: letter from E. Royds to "my dear "Hickman" enclosing journal and hoping he will have as happy a time at Felixstowe as they had. 7 Sept. 1936.

"Visit to Devonshire"  1 FANE 6/12/6/I  17-28 May 1936

Clovelly Court (Christine Hamlyn)
Haccombe (Joyce Carew)
Pitminster Lodge (Hilda Jervis)
The Helyars
Enclosure: 4 post cards of the Hall and the Church at Haccombe.

Other miscellaneous papers  1 FANE 6/13  c1660-c1920

Contemporary copy of bill in the Court of Exchequer  1 FANE 6/13/1a  1660-1667

34 ff.

Addressed to Thomas earl of Southampton, Lord High Treasurer, Anthony Lord Ashley, Chancellor and Under Treasurer, Mathew Hale kt., Lord Chief Baron, and the rest of the Barons of the Exchequer.
Information by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, kt. and bt., Attorney General.
That since 30 Jan. 1642 by virtue of some authority from King Charles I or from the present King or from Parliament or Lord Protector, several great sums of money have been assessed and collected for several public uses and employments of the commonwealth. There was excepted out of the late Act of general pardon all the accounts of persons appointed as Treasurers, Receivers, and Collectors of subsidy, custom, tonnage and poundage, exise etc., of rents and revenues of royal or church lands, or of lands of convicted recusants etc. since 30 Jan. 1642. By an Act of the present parliament, for the declaring, vesting and settling all such moneys, goods, and other things in His Majesty which were received in these late times and are remaining in the hands of any treasurers, receivers, collectors etc. not pardoned by the said Act of oblivion, it was ordained that all sums of money or goods levied since 30 Jan. 1642 by any of the late pretended authorities or by virtue of any authority derived from them for any public use were thereby vested in the King.
Since 30 Jan. 1642 money and goods have been levied by some of the late pretended authorities for public use in the county of Lincoln amounting to £60,000, and were in the possession of Sir William Berry, Robert Carr bt., John Whiteing, John Disney, William Harvey, John Harrington, James Harrington, Francis Mussenton, Thomas Dowse, Roger Preston, John Randall, Robert Yearborough, Robert Buckhill, Robert Wills, Treasurers, Receivers, Collectors, Sequestrators, Committee men and others, who have not rendered any account for the same but converted them to their own use.
Asks that they may on their oaths declare what moneys and goods were collected by them and remain in their hands.

Draft answer in the Exchequer to 1 FANE 6/13/1a  1 FANE 6/13/1b  1660-1667

11 ff.

Answer of John Disney, esq., of the county of Lincoln, one of the defendants.
An account of the amounts he received in virtue of various public offices and of how he paid over the moneys received and was discharged. viz. as Treasurer of Committee for receiving assessment for payment of the forces for the county of Lincoln in 1643; as Treasurer or Receiver for £2500 charged on the county of Lincoln for relief of the forces then before Pontefract in 1648; as receiver of part of the arrears of the fifth and twentieth part of the estates of divers persons in the county of Lincoln in 1645 and 1646; as Treasurer for the militia of the county in 1645-46; as recipient of one week's pay for the militia of the county in 1651; as Treasurer for one tenth part of the estates of delinquents in 1655-56; as Treasurer for the monthly assessments for the City and County of Lincoln in 1649-60; and as Treasurer for the City and County for the sequestration of delinquents in 1650-55.
Wrapper labelled "H.P. Fane, bought by W.D. Fane, 1873".

Indenture of return of Members of Parliament  1 FANE 6/13/2  18 July 1702

(1) Francis Fane esq., High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln.
(2) William Burbidge, gent., Alderman of the Town and Borough of Grantham, and the burgesses of the same.
Witnesses that (2), by virtue of a precept from (1), for electing two burgesses for the Parliament to be held on 20 August next, have elected Sir William Ellys of Nocton, bt., and Richard Ellys of Nocton, esq.
Sig. 'Fra. Fane'
Seal of shrievalty (castle gateway, 'F.F.'. 'LINC')
Endorsed by W.V.R. Fane "bought by W.V.R. Fane from Capt. Cragg for 3/6 Nov. 1912".

Table of fees to be taken by Clerks to the Justices  1 FANE 6/13/3  2 Aug 1753

Made by Justices in Quarter Sessions held for the parts of Kesteven at Folkingham.

'A List of the Clerks of the Treasury'  1 FANE 6/13/4  ?1762

7 ff.

List, with observations on each, and salary.
Apparently prepared for Lord Bute
Includes Henry Fane, salary £100 "The son of the Earl of Westmorland, very idle and careless of his duty and spending such time in the country. By the interest of his family intrusted with profitable business to the injury of his seniors in the office".
Endorsements: "1762". "Copy given to Lord Bute by S - M - ".
"W.D. Fane".

Examination of Elizabeth Parker of Middle Chernock, single woman  1 FANE 6/13/5  16 July 1762

Mutilated: the top and bottom of the examination only, with heading and signature only.

Sworn before Thomas Fane [later 8th earl].

Memoranda on various subjects by John, 10th earl of Westmorland (born 1759)  1 FANE 6/13/6  1781-1782

54 pp.

Loose folios unbound.

pp. 1-7, 11 Notes on the war in North America and at seal and especially of the correspondence between Lord George Germayne and Lord Cornwallis and Sir H. Clinton and others. 1780-81.
pp. 15, 23-28, 39, 43-47, 54. Causes for the British failure in North America and at sea, and further re the events of 1780-81.
p. 9 Notes reflecting on some legislation concerning the clergy.
p. 17 List of ships
'Ships cast away since the 1st of March, 1780'.
'Ships that came home disabled by hurricane or by other causes, from March 1780'.
p. 19 Comparison of numbers of ships in 1759 and 1781, and other figures.
p. 21-22 Further rough notes about ship building and numbers of ships.
pp. 31-33 Description of the established form of exercise to be observed by all the corps in camp, according to the standing orders [The earl became Captain of the Northants. Regiment of Militia in 1778. G.E.C.].
pp. 35-38 'Return of the number of ships of the line at Jamaica, the Leeward Islands and North America in every month from November 1780 to November 1781'.
Admiralty Office, 4 March, 1782.
In different hand from the rest.
pp. 51-52 Observations concerning His Majesty's conduct at the riots.

"Thomas Lamb, his Book"  1 FANE 6/13/7  1783-1823

61 ff.

Quarto. volume

A m.s. formulary book, covering vulgar fractions; land surveying; questions to exercise arithmetic; questions to exercise plain trigonometry; malt-gauging; a table for trying whether any bushel, half bushel, peck or gallon, be equal to the standard; cash table for the duty on malt from cistern or couch; duty upon malt from floor; the mensuration of superficies; extraction of the square root and its use; extraction of the cube root.
p. 59 Copies of:- Receipt for 6s. 8d. received of James Evelyn by W. Lamb for Parris Dole. 12 Jan. 1789.
Receipt for £2.7s. received of James Evelyn by W. Lamb, being; a donation for the poor of Fulbeck, 20 Dec. 1788.
Cheque for nine guineas. John Brown to Mr. Jno. Cam or bearer. 20 March 1787.
p. 61 Note on the contents of Mr. Richard Fewkes land in Fulbeck.
Illustrated with various diagrams. On p. 24v., under the heading of Questions to exercise plain trigonometry: construction, is an illustration of Fulbeck church, whose height is to be calculated.
Date on title page: August 24th, 1783.
Enclosures: Note from Thomas Lamb to "dear brother" stating that he has surveyed the close bought of him by Mr Ashwell end stating the contents and giving a diagram.
Fulbeck, 5 Aug. 1823.
Form of agreement for letting a farm.

A Common-place book  1 FANE 6/13/8  c1820

Quarto; volume, 78 ff. of which only 29 are used.

A collection of verse, bon mots, anecdotes etc. probably made in India.
A number refer to Ireland and Irish affairs.
References to Canning, Sidmouth, Wilkes, Lord Liverpool, Pitt.
Some items dated 1810, 1814, 1816, 1820.
Probably composed c. 1820. Water-mark 1816.

A book of notes, historical and statistical, and miscellaneous verse, some Italian, compiled by G.C. Pearson, Charterhouse  1 FANE 6/13/9  1831-1835

Quarto volume.

1831 some additions - 1835.

Ticket for coronation of Queen Victoria, Westminster Abbey Lady Georgina Fane  1 FANE 6/13/10  1837

Wellington's signature.

Typescript copies of letters to Thomas Fane, afterward 8th earl of Westmorland at Brympton, 1762  1 FANE 6/13/11  Undated

Related information: See 1 FANE 6/1 for originals

Typescript copies of letters from Louisa Hay Dashwood, who married William Fane in 1811, to her cousin Mrs. Geo. Haldimand (née Sophia Prinsep)  1 FANE 6/13/12  Undated

1. From Calcutta - 8 Oct. 1809.
2. From Calcutta - 16 Feb. 1810.
3. From Moorshedebad. 10 Jan. 1812.
4. From Berhampore, 2 July, 1812.
Information about Henry Prinsep, Sophia's brother, first in College at Calcutta, then in "a very good appointment", and subsequently as Register at Agra Writer's parents and her sisters, Emily, Harriet, and Charlotte. Her husband Fane. Birth of her daughter, [Louisa].

Copies of three letters written by Henry Edward Fane from India to his cousin Louisa Fane (afterwards Mrs. Sherbrooke)  1 FANE 6/13/13  Undated

1. From Cawnpore, 23 Nov. 1836.
2. From Simla, 27 Jan. 1838.
3. From Simla, 30 July, 1838. 2 copies.
News of her father and mother [Wm. and Louisa Hay Fane] and her sisters Augusta and Adeline. A rhinocerus fight in the field before Mr. Fane's house. Description of Sir Henry Fane's camp and their daily routine. Carry's marriage to Col. Marcus Beresford and the anger it has caused.
On envelope: ".... from originals given by Mrs. Musters to Christine Hamlyn and lent by her to W.V.R. Fane. Feb. 1910".

Typescript copies of despatches from Major-General Vere Bonnamy Fane commanding the 7th Division (British and Indian troops) against the Turks in Mesopotamia in 1917  1 FANE 6/13/14  Undated

Operations of Fane's column and 7th Division, 1st April 1917, to the occupation of Samarrah [north of Baghdad] on 24 April 1917. List of booty captured  1 FANE 6/13/14/1  Undated

Summary of operations, 22-24 Oct. 1917. Order no. 1. 7th Division, by Lieut. Col. Walter Leslie, 23 Oct. 1917  1 FANE 6/13/14/2  Undated

Report on operations, 1-12 Nov. 1917, concerning capture of Tekrit. Issued at Samarrah, 17 Nov. 1917. Copy of orders to 7th Division from Lieut. Col. Walter Leslie, 30, 31 Oct  1 FANE 6/13/14/3  Undated

Typescript extract from a letter from Lady Fane [wife of Major-General Sir V.B. Fane]  1 FANE 6/13/15  Undated

From Cairo describing her visit to Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, for part of which Fr. Waggett S.S.J.E. was guide. 8 Feb. 1920.

Book of farm accounts and family memoranda of the Preston family of Fulbeck  1 FANE 6/13/16  1710-1860

Cover, reversed calf; label of red leather on outside "Iune" ye. 24, 1761".

ff. 2-5 Memoranda of births, deaths, and marriages, families of Preeston, Marshall and Henson, 1710-1854.
ff. 5v.-7 Yearly totals for wages received, "vales & things sould", disbursements, and "neat money", ie. net receipts, 1759-71.
ff.8-44v. Farm accounts, receipts and disbursements, 1802-19, 1823-24.
About 15ff. cut out after f. 41.
ff.45-48 Account of material for building and repairing at Fulbeck 1823-60.
ff.48-50 have been sewn into the book at a later date in place of 6ff. which have been cut out at the end of the book.
Inscription inside front cover "H.P. Fane.
Bought by him from J.H. Jenkinson (Spratty)".

Miscellaneous maps and plans printed and manuscript  1 FANE 6/14  1753-1939

Various maps of the Netherlands  1 FANE 6/14/1  1753

Tholen island, mapped 1744  1 FANE 6/14/1/1  1753

Printed Amsterdam.

Walcheren, mapped 1750  1 FANE 6/14/1/2  1753


Schouwen and Duiveland, mapped 1753  1 FANE 6/14/1/3  1753

Printed, Amsterdam.

North Beveland, Wolphartsdyk, and East Boeveland, mapped in 1751  1 FANE 6/14/1/4  1753

Printed, Amsterdam.

South Beveland, mapped in 1747 and 1748  1 FANE 6/14/1/5  1753

Printed Amsterdam
In wrapper, labelled by W.D. Fane: "formerly of Col. Charles Fane, killed 1813".

Manuscript plan of part of Java, showing Cornelis and Batavia  1 FANE 6/14/2  Undated

Shows route of the column under Col. Gillespie, route of the 69th Regiment, route of the column under Major Yule, and English and enemy batteries.
Undated [1810 or 1812].

A book in which H.P. Fane mounted the following railway plans, taken mainly from time-tables or from share prospectuses  1 FANE 6/14/3  c1860s-c1880s

Railway map, companion to Bristol and Exeter Time Tables  1 FANE 6/14/3/1  Undated

Maps of the Caledonian Railway system and to its communications  1 FANE 6/14/3/2  Undated

The proposed Devon and Somerset railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/3  Undated

The Glasgow and South-Western Railway System  1 FANE 6/14/3/4  1868

Great Eastern Railway, maps of lines and connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/5  Undated

The Great Northern Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/6  1872

Great Western Railway, including plan of Metropolitan Railways  1 FANE 6/14/3/7  1869

Great Southern and Western Railway of Ireland  1 FANE 6/14/3/8  Undated

The Highland Railway and its connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/9  1872 and 1870

2 Maps.

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and its connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/10  Undated

The London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway and branches and continental connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/11  Undated

The London, Chatham, and Dover and branches, and Metropolitan extension lines of railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/12  Undated

The East London Railway and approaches  1 FANE 6/14/3/13  Undated

The London Central Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/14  Undated

The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway and its connections with the Continent  1 FANE 6/14/3/15  Undated

The Metropolitan Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/16  Undated

The Midland Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/17  1872

The North British Railway System; 1868 and (18A, loose) 1872  1 FANE 6/14/3/18  1868, 1872

The North Eastern Railway 1869 and [19A, loose] 1875  1 FANE 6/14/3/19  1869, 1875

The London and North Western Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/20  Undated

The North Staffordshire Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/21  Undated

The South Eastern Railway and its Branches and connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/22  Undated

The South Western Railway and branches  1 FANE 6/14/3/23  Undated

Railway map of Ireland showing the Midland Great Western District coloured green  1 FANE 6/14/3/24  Undated

Plan of Paris showing railways; Annexe de L'Indicateur Le Train  1 FANE 6/14/3/25  Undated

Great Western Railway and connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/A  1875

Plan of Madras and suburbs showing lines of the Madras Electric Tramways Company  1 FANE 6/14/3/B  Undated

Map of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada and its connections  1 FANE 6/14/3/C  1881

The Montreal and Sorel Railway, Canada  1 FANE 6/14/3/D  Undated

Mexico, shewing position of the Mexican Railway and the new lines projected and in course of construction  1 FANE 6/14/3/E  Undated

South America showing territory along west coast in which operations will be carried on by the Angle-Pacific Electric Light Telephone and Power Company Ltd  1 FANE 6/14/3/F  Undated

Sweden showing the Nassjo Oscarshamn Railway  1 FANE 6/14/3/G  Undated

The Pacific Ocean showing stations of Messrs; Henderson and Macfarlane  1 FANE 6/14/3/H  Undated

Map of part of Eastern Central Africa showing the routes and discoveries of Henry M. Stanley whilst in search of Dr. Livingstone, 1871-72  1 FANE 6/14/3/J  Undated

(Corner torn off).

City of New York and suburbs showing the Staten Island Rapid Transit Route  1 FANE 6/14/3/K  Undated

Railways in the Argentine Republic  1 FANE 6/14/3/L  1882

Map of railways of Lincolnshire, midlands and East Aglia showing dock at Sutton Bridge  1 FANE 6/14/3/M  Undated

Sketch map of the districts of St. Petersburg to be supplied by the City of St. Petersburg New Waterworks Company Ltd  1 FANE 6/14/3/N  Undated

The Salvador Central Railway (from prospectus for Salvador Government 7 per cent Debenture Bonds)  1 FANE 6/14/3/O  Undated

The Albert Railway of New Brunswick  1 FANE 6/14/3/P  Undated

Map of the Dominion of Canada showing the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific with Eastern connections (printed New York)  1 FANE 6/14/3/Q  Undated

Map of the Dominion of Canada  1 FANE 6/14/3/R  Undated

Showing the new western districts of Manitoba and far west about to be opened up by the Government Pacific Line of Railway and its connections with the Grand Trunk Railway. By Wm. Abbott F.R.G.S., London.
With Views of the principal cities on the line. (R1).

The Mersey Railway and connections and Mersey Tunnel  1 FANE 6/14/3/S  Undated

The Channel Tunnel Railway - Dover to Calais  1 FANE 6/14/3/T  Undated

2 Copies

Prospectus of the Cape Town and District Gas Light and Coke Company including map of the south-western suburbs of Cape Town  1 FANE 6/14/3/U  Undated

Page from the Daily News  1 FANE 6/14/3/V  1 Nov 1872

Including map of the San Juan Archipelago east of Vancouver Island (boundary dispute between Great Britain and the United States).
Names endorsed on most of the plans by H.P. Fane and a partial index inside front cover.

Map of part of North France  1 FANE 6/14/4  c1929

Seine Inférieure.
Government survey.
1914, partially revised in 1925 and 1929.
With index sheet to whole of France.

Map of part of Palestine  1 FANE 6/14/5  Undated

Part of Samaria.
Approximate British front line marked.
Endorsed by W.V.R. Fane "Palestine Campaign map of Gen. Sir V.B. Fane".

Tracing of "A map of the River Witham and the brook Brant with the adjacent towns  1 FANE 6/14/6  Undated

Surveyed in 1771.
Shews the river from Grantham to Lincoln.
Notes on map by W.V.R. Fane: original in Lincoln City Library; presented by J.B. King. Note of mills on the river and depths.

Tracing of enclosure award plan for Leadenham, 1778  1 FANE 6/14/7  1913

"Traced from the original in the possession of Capt. J.S. Reeve of Leadenham, Sept. 1913".
With notes from the award made by W.V.R. Fane.

Tracing of plan of Sempringham Priory Church; Excavated under Hugh Braun  1 FANE 6/14/8  1939

"Sketches of lands in the parish and vicinity of Sleaford" by G. Norris  1 FANE 6/14/9  19th century

4 ff.

A Quarto size note book with plans of pieces of land belonging to various persons, possibly compiled as an exercise in surveying.
Alternate blank pages have been used to copy in various verses - 'On Cruelty to Dumb Animals,' and, Verses addressed to an illustrious Female'.
[1st half of 19th century.].
Enclosure: surveys of plots of land in [Fulbeck], 1860
Headed "Surveying"

'Plan, sections etc. of Cross O'Cliff Hill near Lincoln, showing the present line of road with the proposed alterations, for improving the same', by J.S. Padley  1 FANE 6/14/10  April 1831


Miscellaneous printed matter  1 FANE 6/15  1644-1923

The Levee: A Poem occasion'd by the number of clergy at the Duke of Ne...le's last Levee. London  1 FANE 6/15/1  1756

7 pp.

Entry from sale catalogue pasted on cover.

Reports of the Proceedings of Public Meetings held at Calcutta to commemorate the talents and attainments of the late James Prinsep Esq., with a biographical notice  1 FANE 6/15/2  1840

15 pp.

James Prinsep, Assay Master of the Mint at Benares Assay Master at Calcutta and Secretary to the Asiatic Society.
His scientific and antiquarian researches. d. 22 April 1840 in his 40th year.
On cover: "Mrs. W. Fane".

Seventeenth Annual Report of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland  1 FANE 6/15/3  1840

23 pp.

Includes obituary notice of James Prinsep.

"A Memorial for a son from his father'  1 FANE 6/15/4  1893

A Memorial for Anthony Mildmay from his father, Sir Walter Mildmay, April 1570.
Copied from a MS. at Apethorpe Hall, and by permission of the 13th earl of Westmorland, published by the Rev. Arundell St. John Mildmay of Hazlegrove.

The Trial of Lawrence Earl Ferrers for the murder of John Johnson before the Right Honourable the House of Peers... on Wednesday the 16th, Thursday the 17th, and Friday the 18th of April, 1760  1 FANE 6/15/5  1760

52 pp.

Published by order of the House of Peers.
(Extract from sale catalogue describing it, 3s.).

Fane pedigree compiled by Arthur G.C. Fane  1 FANE 6/15/6  1923

Tracing his descent through the Fanes of Wormsley to Bermudo I, King of Asturias and Leon, Egbert King of England, Kenneth MCAlpin, first King of Scotland, Pepin I, Robert the Strong, Count of Paris, and Rhodri Mawr King of Wales.

Outline of a plan for improving the law of debtor and creditor, without abolishing imprisonment for debt  1 FANE 6/15/7  1844

2 pp.

Submitted to the President and Council of the Society for promoting the amendment of the law, by C. Fane, Esq., one of the Commissioners of the Court of Bankruptcy.

Printed Registers of Voters for South Lincolnshire Division  1 FANE 6/15/8  1874, 1880

Parishes of Brant Broughton, Beckingham and Sutton, Fulbeck, Fenton, Ancaster with West Willoughby and Sudbrook, Barkston, Carlton Scrope, Caythorpe and Frieston, Honington, Hough-on-the-Hill, Brandon and Gelston, Kelby, Normanton, Syston, Wilsford and Hanbeck.

Bankruptcy Reform  1 FANE 6/15/9  1838

In a series of letters addressed to Sir Robert Peel, Bart., by C. Fane, Esq., one of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Court of Bankcruptcy, Letters IV, V, VI, VII, London.

A True Relation of the Taking of the City, Minster, and Castle of Lincolne  1 FANE 6/15/10  1644

6 pp.


... Together with a list of the names of the Commanders, and number of common souldiers that was there taken London.
Sir Francis Fane, Governor, heads the list of prisoners taken.

Accounts, personal and household  1 FANE 7  1779-1934

Account book of the Hon. Henry Fane  1 FANE 7/1  1779-c1850

134 pp.

Paper: cover; parchment-covered.

p. 1 Index by W.V.R. Fane
pp. 2-4 "An Account of money recd & paid from the estate Valentine Morris Esqr. from 15 Janry 1779".
Payments to Mr Fane for interest due to Ladies Susan, Betsy, and Mary Fane and to Lady Augusta Fane and to the guardians of the Hon. Thos. Fane.
6 pages cut out here.
pp. 5-9 12-15. Account of Henry Fane with the Corporation of Lyme Regis, 1782-96.
18-19. 22-27. 29, 30-31. Receipts include annuity at Lady Day (£91.2s.6d.), dividend on £663.15.4 at Michaelmas and Lady Day, and an annual sum of some £89 described as 'bounty' or as 'special service'.
Disbursements include fee-farm rent for the Cobb, Treasury fees for warrant to stay process at the Exchequer, and payments to Mr. Arthur Raymond upon account.
p. 32 "Account of money recd from secretary of the Treasury"
1 page cut out after p. 32.
6 pages cut out after-p. 48.
pp. 61-134. Accounts of personal disbursements of the Hon. H. Fane, including some for household, 1783-85.
References to the family moving to Fulbeck in May, 1784.
pp. 7, 9-10, 49-60 Timber accounts [Fulbeck], temp. Col. H. Fane, 1848, 1850 and undated.
pp.11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 28, 36, 37, 42, 43 Blank.
Inscription in front cover: "H.P. Fane. Bought from J. Farmer, successor to R. Ellis of Fulbeck".
Enclosure: (a) Rules for forecasting the weather, in verse.
m.s., booklet of 8 pp., decayed.
(b) List of the dates of births of the children of the Hon. Henry Fane and Anne Batson, in of H.P. Fane.

Account book of Anne Fane, widow of the Hon. Henry Fane  1 FANE 7/2  1823-1831

72 pp.

Octavo volume

Personal disbursements, with some for household.
General detailed housekeeping expenses, however, are not included. These are apparently covered by regular payments to Corney entered as "Corney to pay bills", "Corney for sundries", and "Corney house account". Totals are also included for the "farm account", "garden account", and "sundries". The amounts for the first two of these accounts are sometimes noted as being paid to Thomas Lamb, to whom a salary of £40 was paid in 1829. Other wages included are those to cook, upper house maid, laundry maid, dairy maid. London bills are often noted as being paid by Mr Vere Fane.
Mrs. Fane was living at Fulbeck but made visits to London and many other places including Bath, Malvern, Brighton, Portsmouth, Woodford (Mr. Arbuthnot's home), Apethorpe, Cottesmore, Avon and Dewlish. In 1828 she went on a tour in the Isle of Wight and in 1829 made a journey from Cheltenham to Bangor to see the Menai Bridge.

Game Accounts  1 FANE 7/3  1881-1934

Fulbeck estate game accounts entered in The Gamekeeper's and Game-Preservers Account Book and Diary (1881)  1 FANE 7/3/1  1881-1902

Accounts of receipts and disbursements from 1881-92 the accounts are in the hand of Col. F.A. Fane; from 1892-93 in the hand of H.P. Fane; and from 1893 in another hand [? Ewan Crofts].
Up to 1893 the cost was shared between H.P. and C.T. Fane. In 1894 it became the joint account of C.T. and W.D. Fane.
The account for 1898-9 ends on p. 139, and the rest of the accounts, for 1899-1902, are entered on 20ff. of smaller size which have been sewn into the larger volume.
pp. 140, 141. Copies of two letters from W.V.R. Fane to Mr. Burtt concerning the shooting at Fulbeck, 28 Jan. and 5 Feb. 1902. In hand of W.V.R. Fane.
pp. 142-3. Copy of letter from same to Thomas Milbourn defining terms of his appointment as game-keeper.
8 Feb. 1902.
Inside back cover: Summary of Fulbeck game expenses 1882-1902 (when account transferred to estate account).
In hand of W.V.R. Fane.
Enclosures: Account of game shot 28 Sept. - 17 Jan. 1882-3. Copy of letter from W.V.R. Fane to "my dear Carrie" telling her he proposes to take the Fulbeck shooting into his own hands, 3 Jan. 1902; with reply 4 Jan.
List of equipment, kennels, nets etc. 1 Feb. 1902.

Game Register of Mildmay Fane  1 FANE 7/3/2  1885-1900

Black leather cover; metal clasp.

Entered in Game Book or Sportsmen's Register (published by Partridge & Cooper).
Date, place, number of guns, total of game shot, names of party etc.
Mainly Fulbeck and elsewhere in Lincs., but begins at Gibraltar, and includes Spye, Lavington, Bowood, Beltrim.
1885, 1891-1900.
On front flyleaf "Mildmay Fane from his father, F.A. Fane, Nov. 30 1885".

Fulbeck Game Account  1 FANE 7/3/3  1894-1905

1 Sheet.

A summary, in the hand of W.V.R. Fane of annual totals of game shot and of expenses.

Game Register, Fulbeck estate  1 FANE 7/3/4  1926-1934

Date: by whom shot: place: numbers of game shot: how disposed of.
In hand of W.V.R. Fane.

Other Household Records  1 FANE 8  1758-1961

Inventories  1 FANE 8/1  1758-1886

Probate inventory  1 FANE 8/1/1  7-9 Nov 1758

2 ff.


Francis Fane esq. of Fulbeck
Endorsed by W.D. Fane: "Given by H.P.F. to W.D.F., March 1893".

Inventory and valuation of the household furniture and effects on the premises no. 7 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, the property of the late Mrs. Fane [Mrs. Louisa Hay Fane, widow of William Fane]  1 FANE 8/1/2  1863

56 pp.

p. 51 Adeline and Augusta Fane dispose of their interests in these articles for £520. 10 Feb. 1863.
1855; with a valuation of certain of the articles, 16 Jan. 1863.
Letter from W.D. Fane to "my dearest A.A.s" [Augusta and Adeline] explaining that a full inventory of the furniture etc. which had then recently been left to them and Emily in fourths was made in 1855. Emily gave up to them her fourth on her marriage. The plate, linen, and jewels have been removed to Fulbeck and Keatley has valued the furniture remaining in the house at £708.10s., to which he adds various sums for pictures, books etc., making a total of £780. Suggests giving each of them £260 to purchase her third.
19 Jan. 1863. List of totals for each room.
Reply from Augusta Fane, 4 Feb. [1863].
5 ff.

An inventory of the furniture, fixtures, china, glass, and effects upon the premises no. 7 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, the property of W.D. Fane esq  1 FANE 8/1/3  Feb 1867

74 ff.

Defects noted in furnishings and in decoration of rooms.
Examined and corrected, 1868.

Notebook labelled "Contents of Iron Safes, Fulbeck 1886"  1 FANE 8/1/4  1886

20 ff.

ff. 1-5v. "Short abstract of deeds found in iron safes at Fulbeck in Dec. 1886". Deeds 1639-1837.
f. 6 "Books found in iron boxes in Servants bedroom at Fulbeck Hall". Include official records of Sir H. Fane and some printed books.
In hand of H.P. Fane.

Papers concerning alterations to Fulbeck Hall  1 FANE 8/2  1894-1934

Alterations to Hall, before W.D. Fane moved there from Melbourne, 1894-96  1 FANE 8/2/1  1894-1896

1 large bundle.

Extensions to back and front; plumbing alterations, square bay butler's pantry, heating, decorating.
Architects: Messrs. Naylor and Sale, Derby.
Estimates, specifications, accounts, receipts.
Plans before alterations, 8 sheets, [1888].

Laying out the grounds, Fulbeck Hall: new garden on north side  1 FANE 8/2/2  1895-1898

26 Items.

Letters, specifications, estimate, contract accounts, and a plan.
W. Innes Stuckey, Landscape Gardener, and Hudson Gurney.

Carpets and other furnishings  1 FANE 8/2/3  1894

7 Items.

Accounts from Maples, with letters.

Greenhouse and peach house and their heating  1 FANE 8/2/4  1896-1902

10 items including a plan.

Estimates, accounts, and correspondence with Messenger & Co., Loughborough.

Iron garden gate  1 FANE 8/2/5  1900

7 Items.

Estimate, designs and letters (One letter from A.M. P[raed] sending her design).

Erection of Billiard Room  1 FANE 8/2/6  1902

1 Bundle.

Specification, contract, plans, correspondence etc.

Vinery and plant house  1 FANE 8/2/7  1903

6 Items.

Housekeeper's room and other alterations to servants' quarters  1 FANE 8/2/8  1910

6 items including plan.

Various garden bills  1 FANE 8/2/10  1903-1920

5 Items.

Installation of electric light  1 FANE 8/2/11  1925

1 Bundle.

Erection of porch, removed from Syston Park  1 FANE 8/2/12  1934

1 Bundle.

Copy of plans and elevations of the Manor House, Fulbeck  1 FANE 8/3  July 1961

3 Items.

Showing proposed improvements and repairs for Julian Fane, Esq.

Sale particulars and catalogues  1 FANE 9  1825-1939

Fulbeck and Apethorpe  1 FANE 9/1  1887, 1892

The Fulbeck Estate, with plan  1 FANE 9/1/1  1887

10 pp.

8 copies: (a) W.D. Fane's copy, with ms. additions, plan missing.

The Apethorpe Estate, Northamptonshire  1 FANE 9/1/2  1892

102 pp.

With 3 photographs of Apethorpe Hall, exteriors and 5 plans of the Tansor estate in Tansor and Warmington.
The Nassington estate in Nassington, Yarwell, Thornhaugh, Wansford, and King's Cliffe.
The village of Yarwell
Part of the Nassington estate
The Apethorpe estate in Apethorpe, Blatherwycke, Southwick, Woodnewton, Kings Cliffe, and Nassington.
1st Edition.
3 copies (a-c)
(a) Has conditions of sale inserted and newspaper cuttings reporting on the sale.
The mansion house and home farms withdrawn at £103,000.

"Estates around Fulbeck"  1 FANE 9/2  1871-1938

Particulars arranged alphabetically by W.V.R. Fane. Vendors' names in round brackets when stated.

Ashby De La Launde  1 FANE 9/2/1  1921

(By direction of Lieut. Col. W. King Fane).
With plan and conditions of sale.
Not paginated.

The Barnby Manor estate, Notts. and Lincs  1 FANE 9/2/2  1879

12 pp.

Plans of estate in par. Barnby in the Willows and Coddington, Notts., and in Beckingham, Lincs., and of Barnby Manor; of estate in par. Fenton, Lincs., and Balderton, Notts. (H. Gilbert).
1st Edition.

Estate in Beckingham, Brant Broughton, Barnby-in-the-Willows, Thorpe-on-the-Hill, and North and South Hykeham  1 FANE 9/2/3  1918

(Wade-Gery v. Handley in Chancery).
With conditions of sale and ms. notes by W.V.R. Fane of purchasers and prices.
2 plans, loose.

Part of the Belvoir estate in Leics., Notts. and Lincs. (13,300ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/4  1920

284 pp.

Parishes of Granby, Plungar, Waltham, Thorpe Arnold, Scalford, Melton Mowbray, Goadby Marwood, Wycomb and Chadwell, Barrowby, Muston, Sedgebrook, Bottesford, Redmile, Eaton, Eastwell, Stathern, Harby, Hose, Stonesby, Ancaster.
18 plans and a key plan of Midlands showing location, in separate envelope.

The Bloxholm Estate  1 FANE 9/2/5  1917

With conditions of sale and annotations by W.V.R. Fane of purchasers and prices. (Cecil Langham, Esq.).
Illustrated, 24 pp. and folding plan.

The Boothby Hall Estate, near Grantham [Boothby Pagnell]  1 FANE 9/2/6  March 1926

(Mrs. Rayner - Marguerite Thorold). 2nd edition. Illustrated, 32 pp., and folding plan.

The remaining portions of the Boothby Hall Estate  1 FANE 9/2/7  June 1926

With conditions of sale.
Illustrated 30 pp. and plan.

Old Hall Farm, Brandon, in parr. Hough-on-the-Hill and Caythorpe  1 FANE 9/2/8  1937

(R.K. Watts, farmer).
8pp. and plan.

Brant Broughton: a freehold agricultural estate (2,650 ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/9  1912

With conditions of sale. (The Sutton trustees).
2nd edition. 44 pp. and 2 plans.

Court Lees, Caythorpe (579ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/10  1920

With conditions of sale.
(Sir Edward H. Packe) 8 pp. and plan.

The Church Farm, Panton, near Wragby, and Barnes' Farm, Caythorpe Heath  1 FANE 9/2/11  1918

With conditions of sale.
(Executors of John Langham, esq.).
8 pp. and plan.

The Coddington Estate  1 FANE 9/2/12  1918

In the parishes of Coddington, Newark-on-Trent, Winthorpe, and Holme, Notts. (Mrs. John Thorpe).
With conditions of sale.
Final edition. 26 pp. and 3 plans.

Coleby Hall, Coleby  1 FANE 9/2/13  1933

10 pp.

With conditions of sale. (Brigadier F.B. Hurndall). Illustrated.

Corby Heath Farm, Corby  1 FANE 9/2/14  1918

With conditions of sale. (Mr. J.P. Dickins).
6 pp. and plan.

Cranwell and Rauceby: freehold property (305 ac. Or. 7p.)  1 FANE 9/2/15  1920

With conditions of sale.
(Sir John H. Thorold, Bt.). 10 pp. including plan.

The Culverthorpe Estate ("a large portion of")  1 FANE 9/2/16  1917

In the parishes of Heydour, Aunsby, Swarby, Dembleby, and Ropsley.
With conditions of sale.
(Major H.L. Archer Houblon).
Illustrated 30 pp.; plan.

The Culverthorpe Estate ("the remaining portions")  1 FANE 9/2/17  1918

In the parish of Heydour of Heydour, Aisby, Oasby and Culverthorpe, and in the parishes of Kelby and Ropsley.
With conditions of sale.
Illustrated 44pp.; plan.

The Digby Estate  1 FANE 9/2/18  1877

In the parishes of Rowston and Billinghay and the township of Walcot, (2,561 ac. 2r. 6p.).
With conditions of sale. (part of Harrowby estate).
Plan. 18pp.

Fillingham Castle Estate, outlying portions (3,460 ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/19  1918

With conditions of sale. (John Henry Norcliffe Dalton).
Notes by W.V.R. Fane inside back. Plans. 24pp.
Cover of some of purchasers and prices.

The Fulbeck Estate  1 FANE 9/2/20  18 Oct 1887

Related information: See 1 FANE 9/1/1.

2 copies (a) and (b).
(a) Contains the contract for purchase by William Dashwood Fane for £38,000.

Fulbeck and Beckingham, and Harby, Notts  1 FANE 9/2/21  1876

Small farms and accommodation land (130ac. 2r. 18p.)
With conditions of sale. (Francis Browne of Welbourn's trustees).
2 copies, one annotated by H.P. Fane.
Plan, 6 pp.

Fulbeck, Bassingham, Coleby, Thurlby, Wellingore, Ludborough, and Wyham-cum-Cadeby: freehold properties of Capt. J.S. Reeve. (1,302ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/22  1903

With conditions of sale.
Entry concerning farm in Fulbeck annotated by W.V.R. Fane.
Contract for purchase by W.V.R. Fane for £3,000, 2 Aug.
5 plans, 16pp.

The Grayingham Estate ("the remaining portions of")  1 FANE 9/2/23  1920

Conditions of sale. (Sir J.H. Thorold, Bt.).
Plan, 12 pp.

Great and Little Hale  1 FANE 9/2/24  1927

694 ac. (Messrs. C.E. Harris & Sons).
Conditions of sale.
Plan, 12pp.

Harlaxton Manor Estate  1 FANE 9/2/25  1937

1,978 ac. (P.J. Sherwin Pearson Gregory).
Conditions of sale. Photographs of some farm-horses.
2 plans, 28pp.

The Harpswell Estate in the parishes of Harpswell and Hemswell 3,720ac  1 FANE 9/2/26  1918

(Sir George Whichcote, Bt.).
Conditions of sale. Illustrated, Plan, 28pp.

The Kiplin Estate  1 FANE 9/2/27  1919

In Kiplin, Scorton, Bolton-on-Swale, Ellerton-On-Swale, Catterick and Killerby, Yorks. (N.R.). (Mrs. Christopher H. Turnor).
Illustrated, plans, 28pp.

The Metheringham Heath Estate  1 FANE 9/2/28  1927

1,400 ac. in Metheringham, Dunston and Nocton. Includes Dunston Pillar (illustrated).
Conditions of sale. (Trustees of the late J.H. Dean, Esq.).
Illustrated, plan, 20pp.

Sir Robert Carre's Charity Estate, Metheringham  1 FANE 9/2/29  1919

778ac. 1r. 15p. (Charity Trustees).
Conditions of sale. Plan, 6pp.

Norwood Park in par. Southwell and Halam, Notts., and farm called the Cotmoor and Radley estate in the same parishes  1 FANE 9/2/30  1875

(Sir Richard Sutton, Bt.).
Conditions of sale.
2 plans, 10pp.

Norwood Park  1 FANE 9/2/31  1879

385 ac.
Plan, 4pp.

Osgodby Farm  1 FANE 9/2/32  1919

166ac. Or. 36p.
Plan 2pp.

Rowston and Timberland  1 FANE 9/2/33  1921

Sporting and agricultural estate 735ac. in par. Rowston and Timberland including 'Rowston Manor'.
Conditions of sale. (Estate of George T. Marriner, deceased).
2 plans. 12pp.

Silk Willoughby  1 FANE 9/2/34  1920

2,316ac. (Earl of Dysart).
Conditions of sale.
Illustrated, 2 plans, 24pp.
Notes of purchasers and prices by W.V.R. Fane.

Stragglethorpe  1 FANE 9/2/35  1938

668ac. 1r. 3p. (Executors of late R.I. Tongue).
Conditions of sale. Illustrated, plan, 8pp.
Note on cover by W.V.R. Fane that it was bought by Trinity College, Cambridge, by private treaty for £11,000. The whole property of about 1000 acres was bought by R.L. Tongue from Sir C. Welby about 1913. Mr Tongue then resold some 330 acres to the Howard Gilliat Leslie family and Mrs. Howard Gilliat restored and enlarged the old Hall at a cost of about £15,000.

Stubton Hall Estate  1 FANE 9/2/36  1918

3317ac. (Lady Ada Marian Wilmot).
Conditions of sale.
2 plans; 50 pp.
Notes of prices and purchasers of various lots by W.V.R. Fane, including Stubton Hall and various farms and cottages by Col. E. Royds, M.P.

Sudbrook in par. Ancaster  1 FANE 9/2/37  1916

2 freehold farms.
323ac. (by order of mortgagees).
Conditions of sale.
Plan missing; 12pp.

Syston Park Estate  1 FANE 9/2/38  1932

556ac. (Sir J.G. Thorold).
Conditions of sale.
Illustrated; plan; 28pp.

The Thorney Estate  1 FANE 9/2/39  1918

In par. Thorney, Wigsley and Saxilby, Notts. and Lincs
2,305 ac. (W.M. Curzon-Herrick).
Conditions of sale. Illustrated; plans; 34pp.
Enclosure: Newspaper cutting concerning sale, 31 Aug. 1918.

The Thurlby Estate  1 FANE 9/2/40  1918

1,400ac. in Thurlby by Lincoln. (Sir Benjamin P. Bromhead, Bt.).
Conditions of sale.
Plan; 24 pp.
Enclosure: Newspaper cutting from Lincolnshire Chronicle concerning the sale.

2 plans of an estate at Welbourn for sale by auction  1 FANE 9/2/41  1871

Annotated by W.D. Fane as to fields included in Col. Reeve's settlement, General Reeve's will and "Colonel Reeve".
Colonel Reeve's purchase marked.

Welbourn: freehold estate known as the Manor of Welbourn 676ac  1 FANE 9/2/42  1872

Conditions of sale. Plan; 8pp.
2 copies.

Welbourn Hall  1 FANE 9/2/43  1893

117ac. 1r. 18p. (devisees in trust under the will of Surgeon-General Allen, deceased).
1 photograph; Plans; 10pp.

Welbourn Manor  1 FANE 9/2/44  1937

5 ac. 3r. 18p. (by order of the executors of James Dawson, deceased).
Illustrated; 12pp.
Note by W.V.R. Fane "bought by Mrs Parry of Kirton in Lindsey".

Whisby, Sotby and Belchford, Gayton-le-Marsh, Mablethorpe, and Metheringham Fen: estates of Lady Alwyne Compton-Vyner (4,000ac.)  1 FANE 9/2/45  1918

Conditions of sale.
4 plans; 24pp.

"Fulbeck, etc.". sale particulars, catalogues and posters  1 FANE 9/3  1825-1939

Plan of an estate in the parish of Beckingham for sale by auction  1 FANE 9/3/1  1880

Lands at Barnby in the Willows and Sutton.

Manor of Carlton Scroop and the Ashes Farm  1 FANE 9/3/2  1903

Particulars, plan, and conditions of sale.

Caythorpe House, Caythorpe  1 FANE 9/3/3  1939

Particulars, plan, and conditions of sale.
10 pp. Illustrated.
By direction of the executors of the late J. Herbert Dennis, Esq.

Fulbeck: upwards of 32ac. pasture and grass land  1 FANE 9/3/4  1825

Particulars, and conditions.
Contract for purchase for £1286.5s.0d by Thomas Sharp.
1 f.

Fulbeck: freehold estate including upwards of 420ac. land, and the Hare and Hounds, sold pursuant to a decree in Chancery in Peacock v. Burtt  1 FANE 9/3/5  1832

Particulars and conditions.
2 ff. and plan.

Fulbeck, Beckingham, and Harby: small farms and accomodation land (130ac. 2r. 18p.). (Francis Brown's property)  1 FANE 9/3/6  1876

Particulars and conditions of sale.
Contract for purchase by Charles Jenkinson of Fulbeck for £400.
Plan separate, and 4 ff.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/7  1893

Four freehold cottages.
Sale poster.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/8  1894

Various cottages.
Sale poster.

Fulbeck, Caythorpe, and Frieston: dwelling houses and closes  1 FANE 9/3/9  1897

By order of the late Mr. Joseph King's devisees.
Sale poster.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/10  1900

2 Copies.

Surplus household furniture from the Old Parsonage
Sale poster.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/11  1911

The Holmes Farm (83ac. 3r.).
Sale notice.

Fulbeck and Welbourn: freehold cottages  1 FANE 9/3/12  1913

Sale poster.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/13  1915

Sale poster.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/14  1920

Houses, arable and pasture land (340ac.).
Particulars and plan.
2 ff. and plan.
Endorsed by W.V.R. Fane: "Arthur Willson".

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/15  1929

Household furniture from The Cottage, Fulbeck (Miss L. Willson).
Sale notice.

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/16  1932

2 Copies.

The "fine old country residence", and pasture and arable land Sale notice.
Note by W.V.R. Fane "put up only inn one lot and bought in at £1250".

Fulbeck  1 FANE 9/3/17  1937

Freehold accommodation lands (27ac. 3r.28p.).
Particulars and conditions of sale.
"By direction of the trustees of Mrs. Augusta Fane's will". 2 ff.

Lincoln  1 FANE 9/3/18  1923

Furniture etc. at "D'Isney Place".
Sale catalogue, including books. 80pp.

Somerton Castle and Bassingham  1 FANE 9/3/19  1839

With 343ac. in par. Boothby Graffoe and 3ac. in Bassingham.
2 ff.

Somerton Castle estate  1 FANE 9/3/20  1885

403ac. 3r. 32p.
Vendors: trustees of the late Frederick Marfleet
Particulars. Plan and 3 ff.
1st edition.

Syston Hall  1 FANE 9/3/21  1923

Sale catalogue of furniture, pictures and books.
By direction of Sir John G. Thorold, bart.

Syston Hall  1 FANE 9/3/22  1928

Sale catalogue of builders' material, fixtures, and fittings.
4 photographs, 18p
2 copies.

Plan of an estate in the parish of Welbourn cum Sapperton, to be sold by auction  1 FANE 9/3/23  1860

Welbourn  1 FANE 9/3/24  1868

114ac. 0r. 24p. of arable and pasture land etc.
Particulars. 2 ff.

Welbourn, Carlton-le-Moorland and Bassingham 465ac. 1r. 13p. including the Manor House, Welbourn  1 FANE 9/3/25  1885

Particulars. 2 plans and 2 ff.

"Miscellaneous sales of pictures, books etc."  1 FANE 9/4  1888-1927

Catalogue of the collection of books, manuscripts, etc. formed by the late E.J. Willson, many relating to the city and county of Lincoln  1 FANE 9/4/1  1888

Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge.
Notes in pencil of prices paid.

'Pictures by Old Masters and of the Early English School from Different Collections'  1 FANE 9/4/2  1895

Christie, Manson & Woods. 28 pp.
Some notes of prices, by W.D. Fane
On cover "prices marked from the Times, 15 July".

'Catalogue of fine books, illuminated manuscripts, autograph letters and historical documents'  1 FANE 9/4/3  1918

Include rare books etc. the property of Lady Beryl Gilbert, removed from Revesby Abbey.
Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge. 38pp.
Sewn up with:- 'Catalogue of Fine Engravings & Drawings', including some the property of Lady Beryl Gilbert, from Revesby Abbey.
pp. 11-35 catalogue
Note by W.V.R. Fane on p. 22 that the collection of drawings and engravings of Lincolnshire subjects by Buck, Nattes and others were bought in at £600, but that 4 volumes of the sketches were afterwards bought privately by him for a much lower price.

'Catalogue of fine books, illuminated and other manuscripts, and valuable bindings'  1 FANE 9/4/4  1918

The property of the late Rev. E.S. Dewick (mainly liturgical).
The property of Lady Beryl Gilbert, removed from Revesby Abbey including many Banks' family letters and papers.
Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge. 70pp.

Stubton Hall: catalogue of antique furniture etc  1 FANE 9/4/5  1918


'Catalogue of Printed Books and a few Manuscripts comprising a selection from the remainder of the celebrated library at Syston Park.... the property of Sir J.G. Thorold, Bt. ...'  1 FANE 9/4/6  1923

Sothby, Wilkinson & Hodge.
Note by W.V.R. Fane of total for Thorold books: £2771.14.6
92pp. (29pp. of which related to Thorold Books).
Enclosure: Note by W.V.R. Fane on the sale at Sotheby's of part of Sir J. Thorold's library from Syston Park, 12-30 Dec. 1884, which made £28,000, with some of the prices of the principal lots.

'Catalogue of valuable printed books illuminated and other manuscripts comprising... a selection from the remainder of the celebrated library at Syston Park' (second and final portion)  1 FANE 9/4/7  1923

Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge.
70pp. (Syston Park, pp. 38-69).

Mereworth Castle, Kent  1 FANE 9/4/8  1923

Sale catalogue of the contents of the Castle.
By order of Viscount Falmouth.

Mereworth Castle  1 FANE 9/4/9  1923

Separate catalogue of the pictures.
Text as in 1 FANE 9/4/8
Illustrated 16pp.
'Enclosure: letter from Messrs. Foster, auctioneers, Pall Mall, to W.K. Fane concerning pictures in the sale, and informing him that those of Mary Nevile and Mary Mildmay have been retained by Lord Falmouth. 13 Sept. 1923.

Catalogue of collection of military badges, coins and war medals  1 FANE 9/4/10  1927

Messrs. Glendining and Co. Ltd., 7 Argyll St.
Include (lots 101 and 102), military service medal of General Mildmay Fane and gold medal awarded to Lieut. Col. Charles Fane for battle of Corunna, 1814, sold by Rachel Royds.
Note of prices at which W.V.R. Fane bought these two.
38pp. and illustrations.

Various Documents Acquired from Officers of Fulbeck Parish  1 FANE 10  1722-1896

Seven letters of instruction from the Tithe Commissioners to Edward Humphreys esq., land agent, Fulbeck, churchwarden  1 FANE 10/1  19 Sept 1866-23 March 1867

Concerning loan of the parish copy of the inclosure award and the making of a new valuation on the conversion of the Fulbeck corn rents to a rent charge.

Church rate assessment book  1 FANE 10/2  1863-1869

In hand of W. Collingwood.

Additions to Fulbeck Churchyard  1 FANE 10/3  1863-1865

A bundle of letters and papers including: a book containing draft vestry minutes concerning the same, 1863-64; letters to W. Collingwood from Charles Fane and Col. Henry Fane; valuation of house and garden belonging to Col. H. Fane, in the tenure of John Newton; charge by the churchwardens, William Collingwood and Edward Humphry upon the Fulbeck parish rates of £650 advanced by W.D. Fane for purchase and enclosure of additional burial ground, 1864; list of subscriptions; tenders for new churchyard wall; account of receipts and disbursements.

Fulbeck Village Hall  1 FANE 10/4  May 1896

Plan said elevations of Fulbeck Village Hall by Naylor and Sale, architects of Derby.
With 3 letters concerning same from Naylor and Sale to A. Collingwood, esq., Fulbeck, May 1896.

A volume composed of miscellaneous parish vouchers etc. which have been guarded  1 FANE 10/5  1722-1893

Includes: lease for a year (to be followed by release) from Francis Fane of Fulbeck, esq., son and heir of Francis Fane, esq. deceased who was grandson and heir of Sir Francis Fane formerly of Fulbeck, K.B., to Edward Fane of Fulbeck, rector, John Robinson of Fulbeck, gent., Mountague Stace of Fulbeck, gent., John Cropley of Fulbeck, yeoman, John Shaw the elder of Fulbeck, yeoman, Richard Shaw of Fulbeck, yeoman, and William Urry of Fulbeck, shoemaker.
Property: the seven acres close of pasture called Little Brant Hill in Fulbeck.
22 March 1722.
Endorsed by H.P. Fane, "Poor Close".
Churchwardens' and Overseers of the Poor's vouchers, 1751, 1763, 1803, 1806, 1853-70, include bills for medicines.
Letter from Wm. Broadhurst, from Newark, concerning the Norway oak box which he has made and sent for the use of the parish, price 7s. 6d.; with receipt 11 March 1752.
Conditions for letting the Poor Close, signed by the best bidder Ed. Willcock, in the presence of witnesses. Conditions in hand of the Rev. E. Fane. 8 May, 1808.
Agreement between Robert Capp of Fulbeck and the Revd. Edward Fane, on the part of the Overseers of the Poor and Churchwardens, for renting the field called Branthill and Floodgrass, 9 May, 1846.
Copy of declaration of trust of money executed by the rector and churchwardens (Revd. V.F. Willson and William Collingwood and H.P. Fane); the interest on £50 to benefit the needy poor 30 Jan. 1885.
Letter from John Swan, diocesan Registrar, to H.P. Fane, concerning surplice fees, 11 April, 1893.
Note, by the Rev. V.F. Willson, of Donations for screen, 1892.
List of parish officials, Fulbeck, 1883.
Balance Sheet, Loyal Fane Friendly Society, 1882.
Accounts of Fulbeck National and Infant Schools, 1881.
In front of cover: "This book belongs to Fulbeck Parish and should be kept in the Parish Cupboard in the Tower of the Church. H.P. Fane. December, 1890".

Overseers of the Poor: miscellaneous vouchers and other papers  1 FANE 10/6  1806-1883

5 Items.

Include statement by the parish officers and rate payers of Fulbeck of their claim against the Treasurer of the Newark Union to whom it has been ordered they should pay the proceeds of the sale of several cottages. Alludes to Fulbeck workhouse, acquired in 1807. 1837.
Printed table of pauperism and expenditure in Mr. C.L. Dashwood's district (Leics., Lincs., Notts., Rutl.).
Includes, by parish, details of numbers relieved, percentage of pauperism, and analysis of expenditure. 1882-83.

A bundle of books containing valuation lists etc  1 FANE 10/7  1792-1875

Labelled by W.V.R. Fane "Valuation lists etc. bought of Taylor's executors Oct. 1897".

Survey and valuation of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/7/1  1792

10 ff.

Proprietors, Occupiers, Names and acreage of closes, with valuation.
On last page: list of proprietors showing their total number of acres in the Low field or Old Inclosure and of Heath Land.

Survey and valuation of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/7/2  1805

16 pp.

Proprietors and occupiers, names and acreage of closes, annual value.
References to numbers on plan.
Presumably made pursuant to enclosure act.
Entitled: "An account of the lands in the Manor and Parish of Fulbeck... with the quantity and annual value of each respective parcel thereof according to Christopher Epworths Survey of Great Grimsby".
Inside front cover: "Charles Lamb, Welbourne 1870".

A copy of 1 FANE 10/7/2  1 FANE 10/7/3  16 April 1806

"An account of the lands in the manor and parish of Fulbeck.... with the quantity and annual value of each respective parcels there, and assessments, at two shillings, one shilling, sixpence and threepence in the pound, on such annual value, to assist the parish officers in regulating their parochial accounts".
On front page: receipt by Wm. Brooke for £10.10.0 received from the Overseers of the Poor of Fulbeck for a manuscript book "sent to me by Mr Christopher Epworth for whom it is received".

Valuation of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/7/4  Undated; before 1863

Occupiers, owners, name of situation of property, number on map, acreage, estimated rental, rateable value.
One list at front of book, another starting from back.

Similar valuation to 1 FANE 10/7/14  1 FANE 10/7/5  1861

Blank spaces filled in with Greek syntax, and with an account of Paul B. Du Chaillu's adventures hunting gorilla in equitorial Africa in 1842, with pen and ink sketch of a gorilla.
Cover inscribed "corrected copy of the valuation of the parish of Fulbeck".

Valuation of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/7/6  1863

"A copy of the valuation of the lands and hereditaments in the parish of Fulbeck.... rateable for the relief of the poor, in accordance with the Union Assessment Committee Act, 9 April 1863. J.C. Taylor".

Another copy of 1 FANE 10/7/6  1 FANE 10/7/7  1863

Valuation as in 1 FANE 10/7/6  1 FANE 10/7/8  Undated before 1870

Similar valuation as in 1 FANE 10/7/6  1 FANE 10/7/9  Undated before 1870

Rate assessment book  1 FANE 10/7/10  1875

Fulbeck School Rate.
Mr. Taylor, Collector.

Fulbeck, Highways Account  1 FANE 10/8  1 April 1837 - 24 March 1838

1 f.

Weekly disbursements on highways, showing amounts due for day labour, contract work, materials, teamwork.
Receipts from rate.

Fulbeck Charities  1 FANE 10/9  19 Oct 1838

Attested copy of will of Anne Corney of Fulbeck, spinster Legacy of £5 to executors in trust to pay it among such poor persons living in Fulbeck whom they shall think desirable objects of charity.
Property: 4 messuages in par. St. Paul near Newport Arch, Lincoln.
Executors: George Reynolds of Lincoln, gent. and George Lambe of Fulbeck, farmer.

Book containing programmes subscription lists and accounts of Penny Readings and dramatic performances at Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/10  1865-1868

John Collingwood, Hon. Secretary.
Enclosures: printed programmes of concerts held in Fulbeck Reading Room on 9 Feb. 1865
18 Jan. 1867
4 Feb. 1868.

Miscellaneous papers of W. Collingwood  1 FANE 10/11  1791-1873

Cheque for 5 guineas on Newark upon Trent Bank  1 FANE 10/11/1  1791-1793

Jas. Guthrie to Mrs. Jno. Jackson. 11 Oct. 1791.
Endorsement that it was exhibited under the Commission of Bankruptcy against James Guthrie, 1793.

Rough draft of Fulbeck glebe terrier  1 FANE 10/11/2  1822

Endorsed with account of disbursement of Overseer of Poor.

Copy of letter from General Reeve to Poor Law Board  1 FANE 10/11/3  March 1862

Expressing willingness that his extra parochial property at Maiden House shall be annexed to the parish of Leadenham, and letter from Poor Law Board acknowledging same.
In envelope addressed to Mr. William Collingwood.

List of Inspectors and Valuers, Sleaford Petty Sessional Division, Cattle Plague  1 FANE 10/11/4  1866

Printed notice from Col. Francis Fane on behalf of Fulbeck School Committee  1 FANE 10/11/5  1872

Of appointment of a Committee of Management to superintend the school and of voting of a voluntary rate for the same.
Addressed to Mr. W. Collingwood.

Letter from William Newton, Clerk to the Guardians of the Newark Union, to Mr. Collingwood, Overseers of the Poor, Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/11/6  23 Dec 1873

Enclosing copy of a letter from the Local Government Board refusing to sanction the use of £36.136 arising from the sale of property belonging to the parish towards the expense of paving a footpath in the parish.

Personal miscellanea  1 FANE 10/12  25 June 1861

Copy of will of Robert Tomlin of Fulbeck, gent.
Executors: nephew John Read Tomlin and William Collingwood of Fulbeck, farmer.

Bundle, "Papers bought from Mrs. Stephen Lamb, Feb 1903, 10/-"  1 FANE 10/13  1800 - 1872

Vouchers  1 FANE 10/13/1  1830

Account to Mr Thomas Lamb, Overseer of Fulbeck, for meals and lodgings provided for paupers.

Land tax assessment for parish of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/13/2  1800

Table of Fulbeck Land Tax redeemed  1 FANE 10/13/3  c 1866

Collector's duplicate of assessment for Assessed Taxes for the parish of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/13/4  1867-1868

Inhabited House Duty, male servants, carriages, horses and mules, dogs, armorial bearings. Stephen Lamb, Collector.

Same as in 1 FANE 10/13/4  1 FANE 10/13/5  1868-1869

Same as in 1 FANE 10/13/4  1 FANE 10/13/6  1869

Collector's duplicate of assessment for Income Tax for the parish of Fulbeck  1 FANE 10/13/7  1867-1868

Same as in 1 FANE 10/13/7  1 FANE 10/13/8  1869-1870

Same as in 1 FANE 10/13/7  1 FANE 10/13/9  1870-1871

Same as in 1 FANE 10/13/7  1 FANE 10/13/10  1871-1872

Miscellaneous  1 FANE 11  1625-c1934

Final concord (right and left hand indentures)  1 FANE 11/1  1801

John Massey, gent., plaintiff.
Mary Capp, widow, and William Capp and Lucy his wife, deforc.
2 messuages, 2 cottages, 4 barns, 4 stables, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 30ac. land, 20ac. meadow, and 20ac. pasture in Fulbeck.
Morrow of Trinity, 41 Geo. III.

Letter from John Sherard Reeve to W.V.R. Fane asking if he would like to buy Dickens farm  1 FANE 11/2  Undated

[1902 or earlier].
Endorsed "Abortive Purchases. Reeve".

Copy of probate act of will of Andrew Wither esq  1 FANE 11/3  Undated

Extracted from P.C.C. Proved 16 Apr. 1752.
Watermark 1823.

Copy of administration act of Francis Fane late of Fulbeck, esq  1 FANE 11/4  Undated

Extracted from P.C.C. Granted to Jane Fane, widow and relict. Nov. 1758.
Watermark 1824.

Extract from the will of Thomas Beach, late of Keevil, Wilts., esq  1 FANE 11/5  Undated

Dated 23 Feb. 1753, proved 22 March 1753. Extracted from P.C.C.
23 Feb 1753
Watermark 1825.

Attested copy of will of Henry Swymmer of Bristol, esq  1 FANE 11/6  1823

Dated 10 May 1773, Codicils 1773-74. Copy 1823.

Copy of probate act of the will of Henry Swymmer  1 FANE 11/7  Undated

Dated 24 Nov. 1774. Extracted from P.C.C.

Copy of probate act of the will of Richard Meyler, late of city of Bristol, dated 10 Nov. 1787  1 FANE 11/8  Undated

Watermark 1821.

Copy of probate act of the will of John William Simcoe Bramston, formerly of Lincoln's Inn and late of Somerset Housem Middx  1 FANE 11/9  Undated

Dated Nov. 1818.
Watermark 1822.

Quitclaim  1 FANE 11/10  27 Nov 1738

John Cook of the City of Lincoln, Alderman, to Thomas Wells, son of the late Joseph Wells of Hungerford, Berks., clerk. All his estate, right, and interest in premises in Fiskerton, mortgaged to Cook by Edward Fane of Fulbeck, clerk, nephew and heir and executor of the will of Jane Fane, spinster, deceased, and Joseph Wells of Hungerford, Berks., clerk, one of the coheirs of Robert Marshall, esq., deceased.

Abstract of some Fane family settlements and wills of 1757-1800, made by General Sir Henry Fane  1 FANE 11/11  Undated

Statement of cropping on the farm of Robert Sykes at Spridlington  1 FANE 11/12  1846-1847

Entries on a printed form showing name of close, acreage, how cropped in 1846, and how cropped in 1847.
Stamped and addressed to R. Sykes, Spridlington, Spittal.

Certified copies of various entries from parish registers  1 FANE 11/13  19th century

Henry Lamb of Farndon d. 14 Feb. 1824.
Joseph Long of Cranwell buried 19 Jan. 1823.
Diana Maydwell of Grantham, buried 9 July 1830.
Mrs. Mary Capp, widow, of Lincoln, buried at Fulbeck, 16 March 1837.
Order to John Smith, Grave Maker, to make a grave in the Friends' Burial Ground at Waddington for the burial of William Burtt, who was buried 14 June 1832 (Copy from the Register Book of Burials belonging to the Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends). Covering letter from Joseph Burtt, 18 Feb. 1837, to Pearson and Holdich, solicitors, Sleaford.

Same as in 1 FANE 11/13  1 FANE 11/14  19th century

Baptism of Silvester Joseph Langwith at Grantham, 14 Feb. 1837.
Burial of John Langwith of Back Lane, Grantham, 3 June 1825.
Affidavit of George White concerning John Langwith, late of Grantham, builder and surveyor, his death in 1825, and his heir, 1836.

Same as in 1 FANE 11/13  1 FANE 11/15  19th century

Marriage of John Langwith, junior, of Grantham, carpenter, and Sarah Long of Cranwell, spinster, at Cranwell, 19 May, 1777. Certified 1837.
Other Langwith entries 1777-1787.

Note by W.D. Fane about the property conveyed by Wingfield to Sir H. Fane and the Skipwith pedigree  1 FANE 11/16  Undated

Rough notes by same on the lands awarded to H. Fane esq. in respect of tithes payable by other owners, with draft of letter from W.D. Fane  1 FANE 11/17  Undated

Queries and answers as to title of closes in Fulbeck, on mortgage to Praed & Co  1 FANE 11/18  1822

Further observations on abstracts of title with answers, headed "Fane and Lister"  1 FANE 11/19  Undated

[Watermark 1824].

Particulars of the farms in Fulbeck in mortgage to Praed and Co  1 FANE 11/20  Undated

[Watermark 1824].

Particulars of three farms at Fulbeck proposed to be mortgaged for securing the sum of £6000 and interested  1 FANE 11/21  Undated

[Watermark 1821].

Schedule of title deeds, 1681-1826, of estate at Fulbeck mortgaged to Messrs. Praed and Co. delivered to Mr. Potts  1 FANE 11/22  15 Jan 1840

An account of the entailed estate, also the land bought by Lieut. Col. Henry Fane, situate at Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/23  1879

Acreage and rent.

Survey of the Old Estate, Fulbeck, and of land bought by Lieut. Col. Henry Fane  1 FANE 11/24  Undated after 1840

'Schedule of deeds and documents deposited with Messrs. Goslings and Sharpe in Tin Box marked "W.V.R. Fane Esqre".'  1 FANE 11/25  Late 19th century

Deeds concerning the purchase of Fulbeck in 1888, 1880-95.
Deeds concerning the purchase from Mr. C.T. Fane, 1885-95.
Examined by W.V.R. Fane 16 Jan. 1896.

Copy of letter from Canon E.T. Leeke, Subdean, to John Wakeford  1 FANE 11/26  8 Oct 1921

Concerning the account of the Kirkstead Restoration Fund which stands in Wakeford's name and is overdrawn to the extent of £211.

Agreement between Thomas Sharp of Fulbeck and the Rev. Edward Fane of Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/27  4 Feb 1825

For sale from former to latter of a house, barn, stables, and 62ac. land on the South Heath in Fulbeck for £2,800.

Copy of deed of covenant to produce title deeds  1 FANE 11/28  5 Dec 1864

(1) John Reeve of Leadenham, esq., late a Captain in the Grenadier Guards and Lieut. Col. in H.M.'s Army.
(2) Christopher Lawson of Leadenham, farmer
Title deeds of close of arable land in Leadenham (3ac. 1r.) called the Willow holt field, and of the Ingram Close (3ac.), conveyed from (1) to (2) by indenture of even date.

Catalogue of horses, carriages, etc. property of the late General Mildmay Fane, to be sold by auction  1 FANE 11/29  2 April 1868


Papers concerning disposal of furnishings etc. from 7 Norfolk Crescent in 1868  1 FANE 11/30  c1868

Inventory of furniture and effects at 7, Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, the property of W.D. Fane, sold to Charles Fane.
List of articles at 7 Norfolk Crescent to be taken to Norwood Park.
Valuation of articles for sale to Col. F.A. Fane, with letter from same.

Copy of will of Col. Henry Fane, dated 6 March 1883  1 FANE 11/31  1883

Draft transfer of mortgage  1 FANE 11/32  28 Nov 1886

(1) Charles Thorold Fane of 1 Fleet Street, esq., and Herbert Bulkley Praed of 189 Fleet Street, esq. to
(2) W.D. Fane of Melbourne Hall, Derbys., esq., as executors of Col. H. Fane.
Property: closes of land with barn in the parish of Fulbeck mortgaged by Henry Fane to R.G.C. Fane and Vere Fane in 1849.
Principal: £3300.

Draft letter from W.D. Fane to Mr Mills  1 FANE 11/33  5 Aug 1887

About the sale of the Fulbeck estate by the Trustees of the Standard Insurance Office, and his wish to buy the Hall and about 40 acres of land, as he wishes his brother and brother in law to continue to live at Fulbeck Hall.

Correspondence between T. Mills, W.D. Fane and others concerning the Fulbeck purchase  1 FANE 11/34  1887-1888

7 Letters.

Copy of opinion on the title of the Fulbeck estate, on behalf of W.D. Fane, the purchaser  1 FANE 11/35  4 Nov 1887

Bill of legal costs for purchase of the Fulbeck estate; W.D. Fane esq. to Meredith, Roberts and Mills  1 FANE 11/36  1887-1888

Bill of legal costs in same as in 1 FANE 11/36  1 FANE 11/37  1888

Col. F.A. Fane dr. to Peake, Snow, and Bake.

Letters concerning an exchange of land in Fulbeck between Colonel Reeve and W.D. Fane  1 FANE 11/38  1891

8 Items.

Letter to W.D. Fane from E.W. Crofts about letting the south west farm, with draft of reply  1 FANE 11/39  1 Jan 1894

Letter to W.D. Fane from Charles Fane thanking him for deed relative to the advowson of Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/40  31 Jan 1898

Copy of letter from W.V.R. Fane to Peake, Snow, and Peake  1 FANE 11/41  4 March 1901

Concerning a mortgage they hold on the premises of J.E. Jenkinson of Fulbeck, who has asked him to take a transfer of the mortgage.
With note concerning the property.

Letter from W.M. Brooks to Messrs. Crofts and Gregorie concerning Miss Seely's property at Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/42  29 July 1901

Endorsed "Abortive Purchases. Seely".

Further letter from F. St. B. Gregorie to W.V.R. Fane concerning same as in 1 FANE 11/42 14 Oct. 1903  1 FANE 11/43  1902 - 1903

With W.V.R. Fane's note of his offer, 20 Nov. 1902.

Letter from J.S. Reeve to W.V.R. Fane offering two fields for purchase  1 FANE 11/44  Nov 1904

Plan of freehold estate at Caythorpe (220a. 3r. 11p.), with sale particulars  1 FANE 11/45  1913

Abstract by W.V.R. Fane of conveyance from Christopher Beresford the elder and the younger to Sir Francis Fane  1 FANE 11/46  Undated

Of cottage, close etc. in Fulbeck heretofore the lands of Richard Gybson, charged with payments to the poor of Fulbeck, 1652.
On dorse: note by W.V.R. Fane concerning the Fulbeck parochial non-ecclesiastical charities.

Notes by W.D. Fane taken from abstracts of title to Top Ings Close, Bully Close, Cottagers Close, and South Ings, Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/47  Undated

Rough notes by W.V.R. Fane concerning the letting of the Mere, 1856-1904  1 FANE 11/48  Undated

Copy by W.D. Fane of memorandum by Edward Fane about the lands purchased of William Capp by the Hon. Anne Fane  1 FANE 11/49  Undated

Final concord, right-and left-hand indentures  1 FANE 11/50  1625

John Bellay and Theophila his wife plts.
William Smith and Elizabeth his wife, deforc.
10 ac. land, 5ac. pasture, and common of pasture for all aniamls with appurtenances in Nether Broughton (Leics).
Consideration: £41.
Quindene of Easter, 1 Charles I.

Final concord, right-hand and left-hand indentures  1 FANE 11/51  1625

John Bellay and Theophila his wife plts.,
Robert Hopkins and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants
1 messuage, 6ac. land, 2ac. meadow, 4 ac. pasture, and common of pasture for all animals in Neither Broughton.
Consideration: £41.
Quindene of Easter, 1 Charles I.

Final concord  1 FANE 11/52  1721

William Julian, esq., and John Reeve, gent., plts.
Thomas Hayes, esq., deforc.
17 messuages, 17 gardens, and common of pasture for all animals with appurtenances in Rounton alias East Rounton
Consideration: £120.
Morrow of the Ascension, 7 Geo. I.

Rough notes concerning title to lands in Fulbeck, 1676-1759  1 FANE 11/53  18th c

"Given to H.P. Fane by W.D. Fane".

Account  1 FANE 11/54  1869

Richard Henry Rigden in account with Miss Harriet and Miss Augusta Fane for the Prebend of Lyke and Halstock, Dorset. Receipts and disbursements.

Copy by W.D. Fane of the schedule from a deed of covenant  1 FANE 11/55  Undated

Dated 29 Sept. 1764
Being a list of deeds relating to the title to tithes in the parishes of Hanbury, Westbury, Compton, Redwich, Hindwick, Northwich, Astwick, Lawrence Weston Charlton Barwich Crossmarsh and Stowich, co. Glos., 25 Hen. VIII - 1718.

Letters to W.D. Fane concerning investments and other financial matters  1 FANE 11/56  1888-1902

11 Items.

From Peake, Snow and Peake, Praeds and Co., (later Lloyds Bank), T.C. Mills, Goslings and Sharpe (later Barclay and Co.), and Great Eastern Railway Co.

Schedule, in hand of W.V.R. Fane, of Maidenhouse Farm fields etc. at Fulbeck  1 FANE 11/57  Undated

Arranged in Lots, showing acreage, commuted tithe, purchaser, price, valuation and culture.

Letters and papers concerning the investment of Mrs. W. Fane and W.D. Fane in the Bank of Bengal  1 FANE 11/58  1866-1902

14 Items.

Papers concerning transfer of business from the London and Provincial Law Assurance Society to the Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company  1 FANE 11/59  1882-1884

8 Items.

(W.D. Fane a shareholder in former).

2 letters  1 FANE 11/60  19th century

Letter, from Mrs. L[ydia] S[herbrooke] to her brother, W.D. Fane. Concerning her son Penn's invitation to Melbourne. Encloses a note she has found, thinking he may like to have a bit of dear old General Reeve's handwriting. An accident to the old mare Garnet when Nevie was riding her.
Enclosure: Letter from General J. Reeve to Henry Sherbrooke. Postponement of his visit to Oxton. Their entertaining at Leadenham. Shooting. The harvest. His daughter Susan Fane and William enjoying themselves in Wales. 6 Sept 1863.

Letters to W.D. Fane concerning the absorption of the firm of Gosling and Sharpe in Barclay and Co  1 FANE 11/61  1896

5 Items.

Various papers relating to investments and other financial matters  1 FANE 11/62  1871-1902

24 Items.

Label "W.D.F[ane]. Bank Papers as to Securities, Subscriptions etc."
Include bill of legal costs for purchase of land from G. Dudley Ryder, 1871; papers relating to executorship of H.P. Fane; list of W.D. Fane's subscriptions - "Standing Order Charities and Societies"; list of W.V.R. Fane's local subscriptions.

Letter from Rose, widow of the Rev. V.F. Willson, to W.V.R. Fane; from Rauceby  1 FANE 11/63  11 July 1917

Concerning a monument to her late husband. Will leave Rauceby and has just bought a house at Little Hampton, Bucks.

Small plan of Fulbeck village traced by W.V.R. Fane  1 FANE 11/64  Undated

Miss A.C. Fane's bill of legal costs for purchase of freehold property at Fulbeck from Mr. Henry Burtt  1 FANE 11/65  1888

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and other printed matter  1 FANE 11/66  19th century

Description from The Newark Advertiser 22 Nov. 1882 of the opening of the Ossington Coffee Palace at Newark; letters to the Times on Eucharistic doctrine and Dr Pusey, n.d.; sale catalogue of Quorn horses etc. to be sold by Messrs. Tattersall at Quorndon, 30 Apr. 1870; 2 notices of annual sale of Mr. R. Milward's ponies by Messrs. Tattershall, 1873, 1875.

Miscellaneous labels, fragements, wrappers and residue  1 FANE 11/67  19th-20th century

Include: Draft of testimonial presented to Mr. E.N. Crofts on his retirement as agent to the Fulbeck estate after 46 years, with list of subscribers and account of presentation fund, in hand of W.V.R. Fane. 1934.
Account by W.D. Fane of his securities, in settlement and invested in his own name.
Various lists of contents of tin boxes.
15 Share Certificates: 4½% Bond Loan of 1911 of the Black-Sea-Kuban Railway Co.
Three letters from W.E. Bools to W.D. Fane; from 46, Farm Terrace, Clapham. Concerning his sale to Fane of 3 medieval deeds concerning Fulbeck, the Fulbeck chief rent rolls, and the Thorold settlements. The Disney papers which he has, 1891.

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