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Manuscripts Of The Earl Of Ancaster

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Reference ANC
Covering dates 13th-20th Centuries
Held by Lincolnshire Archives
Extent 36 m3
Conditions of access Some files within this archive are restricted either by the depositor or on account of their physical condition. Please refer to individual files for further information.

No further details   The beginning of another account of the same  8ANC11/109  Oct 1588
No further details   Copy of 8ANC6/38  8ANC11/161  1588, Feb 21
No further details   SHORTER VERSION OF 8ANC6/43  8ANC11/165  1589
No further details   [no title or date]  8ANC11/171
No further details   French copy & Drafts of 8ANC6/47  8ANC11/172-175  1589
No further details   Copy of 8ANC6/104  8ANC12/35  Nov 1589
No further details   Rough draft of 8ANC12/48, corrected by Lord Willoughby.  8ANC12/49  [n.d.]

Folder icon  THOMAS SANDYLL, Mayor of Lynn, to LORD WILLOUGHBY.  8ANC7/103  1601, October 13. King's Lynn

These documents are held at Lincolnshire Archives

¼ page.

--Stating that his Lordship's man has sold his boat to one Mr. John Wallis, a merchant of the town, for eighty pounds, forty pounds being paid down and bond given for the rest; which bond is left with the Mayor until Lord Zouche "do seal covenants" that Wallis shall quietly hold and enjoy the said boat.

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