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Manuscripts Of The Earl Of Ancaster

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Reference ANC
Covering dates 13th-20th Centuries
Held by Lincolnshire Archives
Extent 36 m3
Conditions of access Some files within this archive are restricted either by the depositor or on account of their physical condition. Please refer to individual files for further information.
Creators Bertie family, Dukes of Ancaster; Burrell family, Barons Willoughby De Eresby, of Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire; Heathcote family of Grimsthorpe Castle Lincolnshire, Barons Willoughby De Eresby, Barons Aveland of Aveland and Earls of Ancaster

Estate and Family Papers of the Barons Wilioughby De Eresby, Earls of Lindsey, Dukes of Ancaster and Kesteven, Barons Aveland of Aveland and Earls of Ancaster.

First Deposit of the Manuscripts of the Earl of Ancaster  1ANC  [n.d.]

1ANC1. Title Deeds found unbundled
1ANC1/A. Lincolnshire.
1ANC1/B. Other counties.
1ANC2. Title Deeds found bundled
1ANC2/A. Medieval and early modern deeds.
1ANC2/B. Later deeds.
1ANC3. Court Rolls 1 - 30
1ANC4. Family Settlements
1ANC5. Documents Subsidiary to title
1ANC5/A. Abstracts of title.
1ANC5/B. Case papers - 16th cent.
1ANC5/C. Case papers - 17th and 18th cent.
1ANC5/D. Estate Management Papers.
1ANC5/E. Bonds, draft deeds and other documents.
1ANC6. Rentals surveys and plans
1ANC6/A. Rentals.
1ANC6/B. Surveys and particulars.
1ANC6/C. Maps and plans.
1ANC7. Accounts
1ANC7/A. Household Accounts.
1ANC7/B. Labour Accounts.
1ANC7/C. Personal Accounts.
1ANC7/D. Estate Accounts.
1ANC8. Vouchers
1ANC9. Commercial activities
1ANC9/A. Trusteeships.
1ANC9/B. Bankruptcy Case, Carter.
1ANC9/C. Case Papers, stocks and shares.
1ANC9/D. Adjusted Accounts.
1ANC9/E. Miscellaneous Papers.
1ANC10. Household and Estate Management
1ANC10/A. Inventories.
1ANC10/B. Leases and Agreements.
1ANC10/C. Repairs, buildings.
1ANC10/D. Miscellaneous Papers.
1ANC11. Executorships, non-commercial
1ANC11/A. Wills etc.
1ANC11/B. Letters and Papers connected with legacies etc.
1ANC11/C. Accounts.
1ANC12. Personal Papers connected with public office
1ANC12/A. Grants of public office.
1ANC12/B. Grants to private persons.
1ANC12/C. Accounts.
1ANC13. Elections and county policies
1ANC13/A. Poll books.
1ANC13/B. Miscellaneous election papers.
1ANC14. Correspondence
1ANC15. Journals and literary works
1ANC16. Miscellaneous books
1ANC17. Additional (from Burrell papers)
1ANC18. Additional (from Burrell papers)
1ANC19. From B.R.A. Inventories

Family settlements  1ANC4  [n.d.]

Richard Wynne.  1ANC4/1  1668-1700

17 items.

Wynne, Barrington and Massingberd. Deeds of gift of his daughter's marriage portions, will, legacy receipts.

Heathcote and Jacobson.  1ANC4/2  1730-2

17 items.

Heathcote, Jacobson and Trafford.
Releases, with letters and draft replies relating to the marriage portion of Anne wife of Sir Jacob Jacobson kt. merchant of London and daughter of alderman Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
This bundle includes a faculty to remove bodies to Normanton from Low Layton co. Essex. 1734.

Armyne.  1ANC4/3  1654-1665

5 items.

Title to the manors of Osgodby, Ingoldsby, Lenton and Silk Willoughby.
The marriage settlement of Sir William Armyne with Susan Cave, with copies of his will, the act to sell his estates for the provision of portions for his daughters (both married to members of the Belasise family).

Heathcote and White.  1ANC4/4  1722-43

7 items.

Rent charge of £600 on all the Lincolnshire estates.
These relate to the marriage of Sir John Heathcote with Bridget, daughter of Thomas White esq. of Wallingwells co. Nottingham.

Daughters of Sir Gilbert Heathcote  1ANC4/5  1704-25

2 items.

Jacobson (Anne) Trafford (Elizabeth).

Sloane: Heathcote.  1ANC4/6  1694-1721

8 items.


Conditions of access: Do not produce

Settlement of property in Chelsea and in Ireland on the marriage of William Sloane junior with Hester Heathcote (daughter of Sir Gilbert). These include the marriage settlement of Sir Hans Sloane and Elizabeth Rose, uncle of William Sloane jr.

Documents connected with various trusts, Heathcote connections not stated.  1ANC4/7  1662-1760

5 items.

Neale, Skipwith and Digby.  1ANC4/8  1578-84

2 items.

These relate to a settlement and division of land at Keisthorpe co. Leicester made by a decree of the court of Exchequer. Much decayed.

Younge  1ANC4/9  1725

1 item.

Property at Colyton in Devon.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Miss Sophia Manners, daughter of John Manners of Grantham Grange, marriage articles.  1ANC4/10  1793

Settlement in pursuance of 1ANC4/10.  1ANC4/11  1795

1 item.

Duff-Manners (Heathcote a trustee).  1ANC4/12  1799

3 items.

Releases for the management of their fortunes during minority.  1ANC4/13  1797

2 items.

John and Robert Heathcote to the trustees of the late John Heathcote and Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Apparently a marriage settlement.  1ANC4/14  c. 1797

Grosvenor to Heathcote.

2nd Disentailing deed.  1ANC4/15  1802

Sir Gilbert Heathcote

3rd Disentailing deed.  1ANC4/16  1856

Gilbert John Baron Heathcote (wills of Sir John Heathcote and Sir Gilbert Heathcote).

Marriage of the Hon. G. Heathcote and Lady G. Gordon.  1ANC4/17  1863

2 items.

Counterparts of leases by Sir Thomas Mackworth of lands in Normanton and Tugby co. Rutland.  1ANC4/18  1717-8

7 items.


Abstracts of title etc.  1ANC5/A  [n.d.]

Arrangement: 1ANC5/A/8 - /22 tied together in a bundle.
1ANC5/A/23 - 29, Paper covered books, tied together.

Inventories of title deeds, delivered to Richard Bertie by order of the Lord Keeper, with other lists.  1ANC5/A/1  c. 1559

22 ff.

4 quires stitched together, lower margins decayed.

There are entries in several different hands; the largest item is a "shelf list" of evidences.
f.1. Detailed receipt by Cuthbert Bryerten alias Baker to Walter Herenden esq. of documents received for Richard Bertie's use. July 22nd 1559.
f.7. (referring back to f.3. seq.) detailed receipt Richard Bertie to Walter Herenden July 24th 1559.
f.8. The particulars in a box of evidences concerning Willowebeye's lands.
f.11. Shelf list. Inc. In the uppermost fyrst Tyll.

Abstract of title  1ANC5/A/2  July 1734

25 pages

To lands in Meerbooth, Coningsby, Swineshead and Billinghay, purchased by Sir John Heathcote of William Gill and others.
1st date March 25th 1680.

"Abstract of title to manors lands, etc. in co. Lincoln, late the estate of John Brownloe"  1ANC5/A/3  nd

15 page

(Ringstone, Rippingale, Kirkby Underwood, Stainfield in Hacconby, Graby, Walcott by Folkingham).
1st date April 20th 1621.

Schedule of deeds relating to lands in N. & S. Luffenham, Edith Weston and Morcot, co. Rutland.  1ANC5/A/4  late 19c

4 pages

Particular of title deeds delivered to Benjamin Wilkinson by Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/A/5  1844

1 page

Settlement of lands in Lobthorpe and Castle Bytham

Draft abstract of title to lands in Osgodby and Lenton, the property of Sir Gilbert Heathcote. 1st date August, 1715  1ANC5/A/6  [n.d.]

14 pages

Draft abstract of title to a moiety of the manors of Osgodby and Lenton and Lands in Ingoldsby. 1st date Feb. 1669.  1ANC5/A/7  nd

39 pages

Abstracts of title of Sir John Heathcote's estates in Ingoldsby.  1ANC5/A/8-12  nd

Rentals of title of Sir John Heathcote's estates (and others in Lincolnshire)  1ANC5/A/13-16  late 18 c

Letters and memoranda connected with the mortgaging of the Ingoldsby estates.  1ANC5/A/17-22  c. 1788 - 1804

F. Abstract of several deeds and writings relating to cottages and lands in Folkingham, Walcot, Spanby, Swaton and Horbling, which are unconnected with the title deeds.  1ANC5/A/23  nd. [Mid 18th century]

G. Abstract of the counterpart of a lease from Richard Wynne of Folkingham esq. to Robert duke of Ancaster, 29th June, 1719, of the manors of Manthorpe, Obthorpe and Wytham super Montem for 7 years at £3 per annum.  1ANC5/A/24  nd. [Mid 18th century]

H. Abstract of deeds and writings relating to a bond for £1600 from Richard Wynne esq. to William Wynne esq. 5th August, 1729 and charged on the Folkingham estate by the settlement of 23rd October 1743.  1ANC5/A/25  nd. [Mid 18th century]

I. Abstract of four leases from the younger children of Richard Wynne of Bedwell Park, esq. for their respective shares of the sum of £8000 provided for their portions and secured on the Folkingham estate by the settlement of 23rd October 1742 or 1743.  1ANC5/A/26  nd. [Mid 18th century]

C. Abstract of title to divers closes and parcels of freehold land - part of Folkingham Park purchased of Sir Thomas Aleyn by Richard Wynne esq. 13th April, 1695, for £4150.  1ANC5/A/27  nd. [Mid 18th century]

D. Abstract of title to 3 closes of freehold land called Folkingham Old Park purchased of Stiles Mapletoft gent. by Richard Wynne, esq. April 17th 1695 for £805.  1ANC5/A/28  nd. [Mid 18th century]

E. Abstract of deeds and writings relating to divers messuages, cottages and lands in Folkingham and other places purchased by Richard Wynne esq... "Bundles 1-12 both inclusive, all marked E."  1ANC5/A/29  nd. [Mid 18th century]

Case papers, cases of title, Willoughby and Bertie, 16th century  1ANC5/B  [n.d.]

Arrangement: These were completely loose papers, to the arrangement of which there was no clue, apart from a certain number of endorsements and some internal evidence. The papers have been sorted as far as could be done on this evidence but the classification thus achieved is entirely arbitrary and there remains a large miscellaneous class.

Will of William Lord Willoughby, jointure of lady Mary de Saluciis his widow and claim of Sir Christopher Willoughby to certain lands.  1ANC5/B/1  16th century

Arrangement: 1ANC5/B/1/p, q, r, s, fastened together.

Valor of the lands formerly of William Willoughby  1ANC5/B/1/a  1538

1 page

A paper book containing copies of charters relating to Pinchbeck, endorsed "Carte de Pynchebek. Domina Willoughbie"  1ANC5/B/1/b  [n.d.]

10 pages 5 of which are blank.

The earliest charter copied here is a grant by Nigel de Pyncebeck son of Walter de Essartys, to Reginald his brother (late 12 c.)

"Discourse for the title to the lands of Suffolk and Norfolk". Inside "These be the articles to be parformed yf I do conclude to take upon me the execucion of my Lorde my husbondes will etc." This relates to certain promises to Sir Christopher Willoughby and Lord Taylbois of Kyme whose daughter he married.  1ANC5/B/1/c  [n.d.]

A roll of 7 sheets.

Copy of a decree made "in interiori camera". Feb. 18th 1530, relating to the dispute. Sir Christopher is to enjoy certain manors until Lady Mary disproves his right. Signature Chr. Elyot, twice.  1ANC5/B/1/d  [n.d.]

Paper book containing the depositions of witnesses as to the probate of the will of William Lord Willoughby by Sir John Willoughby, John Jenny and Thomas Russhe.  1ANC5/B/1/e  [n.d.]

22 pages

Draft of the title of Lady Mary to the manor of Bradfield co. Suffolk.  1ANC5/B/1/f  [n.d.]

1 page

A portion of a copy of certain articles between Lady Mary and Sir Christopher. Hand and matter similar to those of c; top torn away.  1ANC5/B/1/g  [n.d.]

A roll of 5 sheets.

Title of Lady Mary to the manors forming her jointure.  1ANC5/B/1/h  [n.d.]

2 sheets.

This gives the terms of individual properties.

"Thies manors londes and tenementes hereafter foloynge appoynted for the joynture of ladye mary Wyllughby".  1ANC5/B/1/i  [n.d.]

3 sheets.

Same information as in 1ANC5/B/1/4

Title of Lady Mary to the lands settled in her marriage settlement, with objections of Sir Christopher and the replies of her counsel.  1ANC5/B/1/j  [n.d.]

3 sheets.

"Manor of Roughton" co. Norf.  1ANC5/B/1/k  [n.d.]

1 sheet.

This appears to be title of Sir Christopher to this manor.
A memorandum.

"This is the titill of Christopher Willoughby knight to the castell and towne of Orford."  1ANC5/B/1/l  [n.d.]

2 pages

Draft copy of orders made in this case.  1ANC5/B/1/m  [n.d.]

2 sheets.

Much decayed.

Copy of the will of Christopher Lord Willoughby.  1ANC5/B/1/n  [n.d.]

2 sheets.


Copy of the will of William Lord Willoughby.  1ANC5/B/1/o  [n.d.]

8 sheets.

Copies of the feoffments made to the uses of his will by William Lord Willoughby.  1ANC5/B/1/p  [n.d.]

A roll.

Marriage settlement of Lady Mary  1ANC5/B/1/q  Nov. 19th 1517

Portion of seal, apparently of Queen Katherine and signature: Katherine the quene.

Used as a label for q.  1ANC5/B/1/r  [n.d.]

Small portion of an account roll of Bullington priory 1414.
Debita domus
Magistro ordinis 1111 li.
..... alboys 1 s.
..... lok de Horncastil vii li.

Copy of a process in the exchequer: lady Mary and Sir Christopher.  1ANC5/B/1/s  [n.d.]

A roll decayed.

The title of Christopher Willoughby knight to the manors of Parham Ufford etc  1ANC5/B/1/t  [n.d.]

1 page

The title of Lady Mary to the manor of Roughton  1ANC5/B/1/u  [n.d.]

1 page

Title of Sir Christopher to Roughton  1ANC5/B/1/x  [n.d.]

1 page

Dispute between Richard Bertie and Katherine duchess of Suffolk and Robert Wigmore as to a lease of the manor of Roughton co. Norfolk assize of novel disseizin  1ANC5/B/2  16th century

This arises from the claims of Sir Christopher Willoughby by whose authority Roughton had been leased to Wigmore and it is possible that the papers in 1 were assembled for this case.

A portion of Wigmore's case, in French  1ANC5/B/2/a  [n.d.]

6 pages

Interrogatories to be put on the part of Richard Bertie and his wife. Draft only.  1ANC5/B/2/b  [n.d.]

5 pages

Statement of the rival claims  1ANC5/B/2/c  [n.d.]

1 page

Christopher Lord Willoughby, father of William Lord Willoughby and Sir Christopher, by Margery his wife. Margery enfeoffed John Jenny as trustee (for son William and grand-daughter) with Roughton. Sir Christopher sold to Cornwallis, who sold to Wigmore.

A note on the title of Sir Christopher, by Mr. Terry.  1ANC5/B/2/d  [n.d.]

2 pages

Summary of the Bertie case, with possible objections.  1ANC5/B/2/e  [n.d.]

2 pages

Note that Roughton was involved in the marriage settlement of Lady Heydon, daughter of Sir Christopher.  1ANC5/B/2/f  [n.d.]

1 page

Copy of a presentment made to the Epiphany sessions at Norwich  1ANC5/B/2/g  1559

3 pages

Respecting a breach of the peace committed at Antingham by Robert Wigmore gent. of Harwich

Summary of the Bertie title to Roughton.  1ANC5/B/2/h  [n.d.]

2 pages

Copy of a fine (lands unspecified) made by Robert Willoughby esq. 1459  1ANC5/B/2/i  [n.d.]

1 page

Apparently to the uses of his will: comments by a lawyer.

Copy of the proceeding in the assize of novel disseizin brought by Bertie against Wigmore.  1ANC5/B/2/j  1562

21 pages

Case of Wigmore, with comments of Bertie's attorney noted in margin.  1ANC5/B/2/k  [n.d.]

22 pages

Case of Jenny against Wigmore  1ANC5/B/2/l  1564

3 pages

Further case of Jenny against Wigmore  1ANC5/B/2/m  1567

6 pages

Proceedings in the assize Bertie against Wigmore.  1ANC5/B/2/n  1562

Copy of j.

Miscellaneous portions of proceedings in this case, loose.  1ANC5/B/2/o  [n.d.]

14 pages

Proceedings during the absence of Richard Bertie and his wife from England  1ANC5/B/3  16th Century

Copy of the act forfeiting the estates of Richard and Katherine to the Crown.  1ANC5/B/3/a  n.d

3 pages

Copy of the appointment of receivers, to account into the Exchequer.  1ANC5/B/3/b  1557

12 pages

Dispute between Richard Bertie and Katherine duchess of Suffolk, and Lord Willoughby of Parham.  1ANC5/B/4  16th century

12 is possibly a portion of this

Letter regarding the conduct of the case. Cuthbert Brereton to his master Richard Bertie at Edenham.  1ANC5/B/4/a  Feb. 11th 1563/4

2 pages

There is a reference to the escape of the master of the admiralty into Ireland.

Copy of a letter regarding the case.  1ANC5/B/4/b  Jan. 15th 1564/5

1 pages

? Richard Bertie to Lord Willoughby.

Petition of Lord Willoughby to Parliament: he asks for an act to prevent the alienation by Richard and Katherine of the manors of Orby, Somercotes, Barrow, Belchford and Fulletby and others which by an act of 27 Henry VIII were entailed upon his father's issue and to assure to Katherine only an "estate tail" in such lands, with remainder, on failure of her issue, to himself, and his heirs.  1ANC5/B/4/c  [n.d.]

9 pages

i. Titles of the parties to the manors of Pichbeck, Edgefield, Parham, Orford Cockerell, Orby and Hogsthorpe. ii. Copy of the settlement between William Lord Willoughby and Sir George Taylboys for marriage of Christopher Willoughby (father of Lord Willoughby of Parham) May 15th 1512. iii. Various notes about the Willoughby pedigree.  1ANC5/B/4/d  [n.d.]

24 pages

Somewhat decayed.

Manors etc. demanded by each party with Bertie's case for possession.  1ANC5/B/4/e  [n.d.]

2 pages

i. Willoughby: Eresby, Spilsby, Toynton, Steeping, Willoughby Orby Wood, Burwell Wood
ii. Bertie: Pichbeck, Edgefield, Elmingham, Parham, Orford Cockerell, Hogsthorpe.

Statement of the case of Richard Bertie and Katherine.  1ANC5/B/4/f  [n.d.]

12 pages

rather decayed.

Draft of requests for assurances of manors to be made by Lord Willoughby to Richard Bertie, after L.C.J. Catleyn's award.  1ANC5/B/4/g  Before Hilary term, 1564

2 pages


A survey of lands in Hogsthorpe formerly Lord Willoughby's now the Crown.  1ANC5/B/4/h  [n.d.]

1 page

Titles of both parties to the arbitrators.  1ANC5/B/4/i  [n.d.]

4 pages

Manors of Parham, Roughton, Orford, Edgefield, Burwell, Eresby, Snilsby, Toynton, Steeping, Orby and Pinchbeck.

Copy of an act of Parliament relating to the entail of Orby, Burgh, Somercotes, Hogsthorpe, Belchford, Ingoldmells, Eresby, Fulletby, Cockerington, Fulstow on Sir Christopher Willoughby and his heirs.  1ANC5/B/4/j  1535

10 pages

A copy of j. with a memorandum of its delivery. Jan. 19th 1564 by Cuthbert Brereton and John Jenny.  1ANC5/B/4/k  [n.d.]

8 pages


Brief declaration of Richard Bertie's title to Pinchbeck, Parham, Orford, Roughton, Edgefield, Ellingham, with summarised rentals.  1ANC5/B/4/l  [n.d.]

8 pages


Draft of 1, without rentals.  1ANC5/B/4/m  [n.d.]

6 pages

Copy of the articles of the award  1ANC5/B/4/n  [n.d.]

5 pages

i. Lord Willoughby resigns all claim in Willoughby, Eresby, Spilsby, Toynton, Steeping, and Pinchbeck.
ii. Lord Willoughby covenants to make an assurance of these manors to Richard and Katherine within 2 years.
iii. Richard Bertie and his wife resign all claim in Parham, Orford and Hogsthorpe.
iv. Richard Bertie and his wife covenant as no ii. Notes of considerations.

Bond and articles of arbitration.  1ANC5/B/4/o  June 1561

2 membranes


Richard Bertie and Lord Willoughby.

Papers in the dispute between Adrian Stokes and Richard Bertie for the possession of Edenham Bridlington and Vaudey fees.  1ANC5/B/5  [n.d.]

Related information: 1ANC3/3/67 also relates

A letter relating to Adrian Stokes' order to deliver the court rolls to him.  1ANC5/B/5/a  [n.d.]

Related information: c.f. 2nd letter 17th June 1579 in 3ANC/8/1/

William Lacy to his master Richard Bertie "at Barbicane" June 15th 1579.
The Address is endorsed: Humfrye Byrkett carvar of Yorke at Belsavage.

Copy of an indenture of covenant to levy a fine of her share in the dissolved monastery of Vaudey.  1ANC5/B/5/b  April 30th 1573

3 sheets.

Richard Bertie and Katherine to Lady Mary Gray.

Valor of the lands of Vaudey abbey in Edenham, Scottlethorp and Morton.  1ANC5/B/5/c  [n.d.]

1 sheet.

Endorsed: Ednam cum Scotlithorp. Ro. our.

Proofs for the Lord's title.  1ANC5/B/5/d  [n.d.]

2 pages

Richard Bertie's title to Bridlington fee in Edenham.

Fair copy of d.  1ANC5/B/5/e  [n.d.]

2 pages

Further title with comments.  1ANC5/B/5/f  [n.d.]

2 pages

There are a number of references to surveys of Bridlington lands in "the blue bag."
Adrian Stokes was the second husband of Francis Brandon, daughter and a co-heiress of Charles Brandon and mother of lady Jane Grey.

Bertie and Herendon  1ANC5/B/6  n.d

4 pages

Copy of a petition by Richard Bertie and Katherine asking for an act to compel Walter Herendon (whose father acted as trustee of their lands during their absence overseas) to execute without payment an assurance to them of their lands.

A Roll of proceedings  1ANC5/B/7  Easter term 1526

7 membranes

Related information: c.f. 1 Ancaster /3/20-22.

William Lord Willoughby and Mary his wife against Elizabeth countess of Oxford for unlawful sale of lands and houses in Grimsthorpe and Edenham leased to her for life with a reversion granted by the King to William and Mary.
[Elizabeth was the widow of William viscount Beaumont and these lands were granted to her in Dower December 1509. The reversion was granted to William and Mary as part of their marriage settlement.]

Miscellaneous documents apparently assembled in some of the above cases  1ANC5/B/8  n.d

"Divers grants made of landes in Tathwell and Conyngsholme, made to Beke".  1ANC5/B/8/a  [n.d.]

This contains copies, in a hand of the late 13 c. of charters relating to Tathwell, Conisholme and Fulstow, some of which complete the series listed in Holywell 87, c.f. LAAS vol. 4 part 1 (1948-50) p.22. and, most of which can be dated, early - mid. 13 c. + Arch. Rep. I

Copy of a chirograph of a fine.  1ANC5/B/8/b  Michaelmas term 1379

3 pages

William de Wilughby and Katherine his wife quer. Humphrey de Aldeburgh parson of Rand, John Merle parson of Covenham S. Mary and others deforc 2 tofts, 4 bovates and a mediety of 140 acres of wood in Blyton and Gainsborough.

Copy of a chirograph of a fine  1ANC5/B/8/c  All Souls' Day, 1379

2 pages

Humphrey de Aldeburgh and others quer. John de Wilughby of Ashby and Joan his wife deforc.
2 tofts, 4 bovates 140 acres of wood in Blyton and Gainsboro'.

Copy of a process in the Exchequer, in the bundle of the year 1434-5. which is itself a copy of a process of Easter term 1302.  1ANC5/B/8/d  [n.d.]

29 pages

The process relates to relief payable on the lands of Gilbert de Gaunt by Roger de Kardeston and Juliana de Gaunt, co-heirs.

Copy of a grant made by the King to John, Lord Beaumont, Charter Roll, 1448-51.  1ANC5/B/8/e  [n.d.]

24 pages

Related information: c.f. 1 Ancaster 3/3 passim and 5/B/7 above.

This is probably connected with the title of Richard Bertie and Katherine to Beaumont fee in Edenham.

Copy of an Inquisitio Post Mortem: Oct. 1462 at Alford.  1ANC5/B/8/f  [n.d.]

23 pages

Joan formerly lady of Willoughby.

A valor of lands, formerly parcel of the abbey of Revesby  1ANC5/B/8/g/i  [n.d.]

Lands in Claxby, Mareham, Wilksby, Moorby, Miningsby, Hareby, East Kirkby, Stickford, Hagnaby, East Keal, Toynton, Halton. Mavis Enderby, Bolingbroke, Raithby, Haltham, Kirby, Lincoln, Coningsby, Fulletby, Theddlethorpe, Frodingham, Partney, Stickney, Wainfleet, Thorp, Skegness, Burgh, Toft, West Keal, Steeping, Wood Enderby, Hameringham, Scrafield, Upper Toynton, Hagworthingham, Ashby Puerorum, Bag Enderby, Holbeach, Tetford, Belchford, Scamblesby, Goulceby, Donington, Clee, Grimsby, Strubby, Saleby, Dowsby, Thoresway, Maltby, Sibsey.
(Slightly different from that given in Monasticon V, 453).

Valor of lands and possessions formerly of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem  1ANC5/B/8/g/ii  [n.d.]

Lands in Maltby and Keteby (? Keadby)

Valor of the lands in Nocton Park  1ANC5/B/8/g/iii  [n.d.]

Lands in Water Willoughby, Osbournby, Ingham, Newton, Aunsby, Swaby, Sturton, Navenby, Lincoln, Ruskington, Aunswick, Scopwick, Potter Hanworth Nocton, Branston, Cawkwell, Metheringham.
A roll of 4 sheets.

Copy of a grant, Sir Thomas Heneage kt. and Katherine his wife and William Lord Willoughby to Edward VI in pursuance of his late father's will.  1ANC5/B/8/h  Aug. 15th 1548

32 pages

Heneage and Willoughby convey to the King in preparation for an exchange the manor of Kilnwick in co. York, a messuage in Frampton and Boston, the manor of Hogsthorpe, messuage and lands in Cockerington and Carlton, parsonage and advowson of Swinstead, rent charge on lands at Asgarby and Holbeach, messuages at Clixby, N. Hykeham, and Langton by Horncastle, parsonage and advowson of Gt. Limber, manor of Keelby, lands in Hallington, Theddlethorpe, Barnoldby, manor of Morton and Cawthorpe, messuages in Donington and Quadring, parsonage and advowson of Old Byland, co. York, and of Middle Rasen Drax, mill at Savegeton ?, Hampshire, parsonage house and advowson of Luddington co. Somerset, messuage in Kedington, manors of Walton Kardyff co. Gloucester and of Claxton co. Leic. Kirkby Bellow, co. Notts, Tibthorpe co. York, Overton co. York.

Copy of a grant by letters patent.  1ANC5/B/8/i  [n.d.]

Edward vi. to Heneage and Willoughby, in consideration of h, and of £1348 9s 1½d. Aug. 16th 1548.
Reversion of the park of Parlaunte granted by Henry VII to Anthony Denny.
Messuages and lands in Netherwood in Kingswood, Wilts, Wotton, Glouc., manor of Marshfield co. Glouc. (formerly Keynsham abbey) manor of Cheddar, formerly bishop of Bath and Wells.
Manor of Lilleston, co. Middlesex, formerly Prior of S. John of Jerusalem. Manor of Bardney and Southrey, formerly Abbot of Bardney. Manor of Bucknall formerly abbot of Crowland.
Pasture of Gunholme in Grainthorpe, formerly prioress of Alvingham
Grange of West Torrington Bullington
Grange of Aldwarke co. Derby Darley
Messuage in Youlgreave Darley
Messuages in West Torrington Bullington
Manor of Horkstow preceptory of Willoughton
Tithe of Twynerton co. Somerset priory of Minchbarrow
Land in Killingholme Humberston
Land in Nettleton Sixhills
Rectory of Upton and Kexby Haverholme
Land in Carwen co. Merioneth Valle Cruois
Rectory and advowson of Cabourne Wellow
Lands in Willoughton Sixhills
Rectory of Syston Thomas Pope
Farm of Bydfield in Bisley co. Glouc.
Beaumont's manor in co. Camb. Clerkenwell
Lands in Wellingore Prec. of Temple Bruer
Lands in Marton co. York Swyne
A lead ground in Nantwich co. Chester Cumbermere
Manor of Kelworth and Kardyff co. Glam. Morgan
Rectory of Goxhill Bridlington
Lands in Barrow Bridlington

Copy of an inquisition post mortem Louth July 1st 1552.  1ANC5/B/8/j  [n.d.]

15 pages

Nicholas Upton: Flete manor in Frampton, Magelynes manor in Frampton.

Memorandum of payment of subsidy by Richard Bertie and Katherine  1ANC5/B/8/k  1560

3 pages

Gives date of their marriage at Grimsthorpe July 11th 1552.

Notification by Cuthbert Brereton of his intention to take a lease of the Chantry of Wheatacre in Norfolk and Suffolk at the command of his master Richard Bertie.  1ANC5/B/8/l  Jan. 15th 1563/4

1 page

Copy of a royal grant (Queen Elizabeth) to Richard Bertie and Katherine of lands in Mumby in despite of pretended grants by Lord Willoughby of Parham.  1ANC5/B/8/m  n.d

1 membrane

A copy of a portion of a grant made to Richard Bertie and Katherine. (similar to m.)  1ANC5/B/8/n  1569

1 page


Endorsed "The last of the Lord Wyll".

Copy of licence to alienate the site of Vaudey Abbey.  1ANC5/B/8/o  n.d

3 pages

The queen to Gregory More and Peter Kempe who are to alienate to William Pethan and Thomas Monson to the use of Richard Bertie.

Valuation of all lands inherited by Peregrine Lord Willoughby  1ANC5/B/8/p  [n.d.]

1 sheet.

With a petition to "your Lordship" from P. Willoughby respecting Lordships assigned to the queen "for her third share"

Case Papers.  1ANC5/C  17c. and 18c

Arrangement: Three bundles of papers, tied up perhaps contemporaneously.

Armyne.  1ANC5/C/1  [n.d.]

Contemporary copy of the will of William Armyne of Osgodby.  1ANC5/C/1/a  1558

2 sheets.

Lands in Lenton, Ingoldsby, Keisby, Sapperton, manors of Silk Willoughby, Manthorpe, Pickworth.

A copy of 1ANC5/C/1/a.  1ANC5/C/1/b  1558

8 sheets.

Memorandum of a division of the lands in Lincs, inherited from William Armyne by some unknown person (? Mr, Blencoure) between his daughters Jemimina (sic) Armine Elizabeth and Katherine.  1ANC5/C/1/c  nd

1 page

Petition to the Lords Commissioners for the custody of the Great Seal.  1ANC5/C/1/d  Late 17 c

23 pages

Sir Thomas Barnadiston of Ketton co. Suffolk, nephew of Sir Michael Armyne, asks that his uncle's will, (dated 1668) should be upheld, by which he is to inherit Silk Willoughby, against his cousins Susan lady Belasyse wife of William Fortrey (Madison Pedigrees I, 42 says James) and Anne wife of Thomas Lord Crewe.
The will is quoted in extenso.
[Susan and Anne are the daughters of Sir William Armyne 2nd baronet, brother to Michael; Barnardiston is son of Anne, sister of William and Michael.]

A receipt for writings relating to the affairs of the late Lord Crewe.  1ANC5/C/1/e  c. 1727

2 pages


Rental of Osgodby and Lenton.  1ANC5/C/1/f  1686-97

10 pages

This appears to be a copy, with a number of queries, apparently by Lady Belasyse and Lord Crewe.

Bill in chancery, addressed to Lord Chancellor Finch  1ANC5/C/1/g  Before 1677

68 pages

Related information: c.f. infra XI/A/6 Will of Lady Belasise.

Thomas Barnardiston and Sir Thomas Styles of Wateringbury co. Kent (husbands of Sir Michael Armyne's sisters) against Evers Armyne, his uncle and executor for the execution of his will.
Recites the will in full.

Dowager countess of Lindsey  1ANC5/C/2  [n.d.]

Elizabeth 3rd. wife of Robert 3rd Earl of Lindsey who died 1701 for her son Charles v. Robert 4th Earl of Lindsey her stepson regarding her dower c. 1704, with various subsidiary causes.

Answers of Elizabeth dowager countess of Lindsey to the bill of Complaint of Robert Earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/2/a  c. 1704

46 pages

Statement of counsel of the case, with notes on the marriage settlements of all three wives of Robert Earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/2/b  c. 1704

15 pages

Much decayed.

Legal notes on the ownership of the property of an attainted man.  1ANC5/C/2/c  [n.d.]

4 pages

Arrangement: Folded inside 1ANC5/C/2/b.

Will of William Dutton esq. of Sherbourne co. Glouc.  1ANC5/C/2/d  1674/5

Attached to this is a pedigree of Dutton adressed to "Her honour the Lady countesse of Lindsey".

Copy of an act of Parliament Jan. 1531 relating to the estates of John earl of Oxford.  1ANC5/C/2/e  c. 1704

4 pages


This appears to be connected with the claim of Robert first earl of Lindsey to the earldom of Oxford.

Copy of a further answer by Elizabeth countess of Lindsey to Robert earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/2/f  c. 1704

4 pages

This relates to her willingness to give access to "the writings".

Copy of a case between Robert 3rd earl of Lindsey and Thomas Earl Rivers, respecting the portion of Lady Arabella, daughter of the earl of Lindsey and wife of Earl Rivers.  1ANC5/C/2/g  c. 1704

3 pages

Copy of a conveyance, in trust for her son Charles, of an interest in lands adjudged to her dower.  1ANC5/C/2/h  December 1st 1714

12 pages

much decayed.

Elizabeth dowager countess of Lindsey.

Dowager countess of Lindsey  1ANC5/C/3  [n.d.]

Answer to Thomas Lord Wharton to the complaint of Elizabeth countess of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/3/a  c. 18th century

2 pages

Elizabeth second wife of the third earl was a daughter of Philip Lord Wharton.

Draft letter to Robert 4th earl of Lindsey relating to his privilege as a peer not to be summoned into a lower court (as he is by the countess) while Parliament is sitting.  1ANC5/C/3/b  c. 18th century

2 pages

Answer of Robert 4th earl of Lindsey to the complaint of Elizabeth countess of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/3/c  c. 18th century

2 pages

Comments in the hand of 1ANC5/C/3/b

Mr. Horseman's opinion respecting the position of the countess's tenants.  1ANC5/C/3/d  1706

2 pages

Extract from the will of Montagu earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/3/e  [n.d.]

1 page

Note of lands claimed in dower. Grimsthorpe Hall and various fields.  1ANC5/C/3/f  [n.d.]

1 page

Notification by Edward Rich to the incumbent of Edenham of an augmentation to be paid to him, and of his need to take "the Engagement".  1ANC5/C/3/g  May 10th 1652

1 page


Report of Thomas Gery to the Lord Keeper on the accounts of the estates in dispute between the dowager countess of Lindsey and the 4th earl.  1ANC5/C/3/h  June 20th 1707

4 pages

A special matter (the goods at Chelsen) arising out of Gery's report.  1ANC5/C/3/i  October 14th 1707

4 pages

Case of Robert earl of Lindsey against the dowager countess. Signature of Lindsey G.C.  1ANC5/C/3/j  December 28th 1706

Interrogatories on the part of the dowager countess.  1ANC5/C/3/k  n.d

2 pages

A list of evidences, evidently for the proof of a case.  1ANC5/C/3/l  3rd Aug. 1707

2 pages

Opinion by Edward Perrot as to whether the entailed estate at Grimsthorpe is subject to the countess' dower.  1ANC5/C/3/m  April 25th 1702

2 pages

Note by P. Rawlinson on the state of the case.  1ANC5/C/3/n  18th century

2 pages

Case of the countess dowager - draft, apparently addressed to the 4th earl with proposals for a settlement.  1ANC5/C/3/o  nd

2 pages

Letter regarding the search for a deed relating to the reversion of Grimsthorpe in the public records.  1ANC5/C/3/p  Feb. 16th 1666

Mr. Ellys to the countess of Lindsey.
Gray's Inn.

Decretal order Juxon and other plaintiffs against the countess of Lindsey, Dutton and other defendants.  1ANC5/C/3/q  November 20th 1676

6 pages

The countess of Lindsey appears to be mother of William Dutton

Draft petition against ejectment from the manor of Edenham which had been leased to him by Thomas Earl Rivers and Arabella his wife.  1ANC5/C/3/r  18th century

John Rogers against Robert earl of Lindsey.

Petition to Parliament of the dowager countess of Lindsey against a bill granting a house and park at Havering oo. Essex to Robert 4th earl of Lindsey in recompense of his office as custodian of the House.  1ANC5/C/3/s  n.d

2 pages

Depositions as to the writings connected with the executorship of the third earl's estates.  1ANC5/C/3/t  January 1707/8

2 pages

Abstract of the will of Montagu earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/3/u  nd

1 sheet.

Statement of the demands made by the countess dowager  1ANC5/C/3/v  n.d

2 sheets.

A third share, as dower, in the manors of Grimsthorpe, Eresby, Edenham, Swinstead, Spilsby, Toynton, Hundleby, Halton, Willoughby, Belleau, Swaby, Aby, Saltfleet, Thedlethorpe, Carleton, Gayton, Welton cum Hamby, Gt. Steeping, Partney, Wrey? in co. Lincoln, Thorp in Bawn, Hadlesey and Rosey in co. York, Havering co. Essex, with the custody of the house and park, wardenship of the forest of Waltham and office of Great Chamberlain.

A copy of the schedule and inventory of the goods of Robert 3rd Earl of Lindsey.  1ANC5/C/3/w  May 26th 1701

12 pages

Grimsthorpe, Chelsea and Hardwick co. Buck.
A very detailed account.

An opinion by Henry Poley as to the right of the countess dowager of Lindsey to dower in the Grimsthorpe estate.  1ANC5/C/3/x  April 18th 1702

A list of reasons for a petition by the dowager countess of Lindsey to the Lord Chancellor.  1ANC5/C/3/y  nd

1 page

Copy of the dowager countess' petition to the Lords.  1ANC5/C/3/z  1704

Extracts from the letters of Andrew Birch, agent of Robert 3rd Earls 1679-82.  1ANC5/C/3/aa  nd

1 sheet.

These relate to relations between the dowager countess and the fourth earl.

The dowager countess' case for not paying a debt alleged against her.  1ANC5/C/3/bb  [n.d.]

4 pages

This sets forth the financial circumstances of the countess, including the case brought against her by Robert 4th earl to produce the accounts of her executorship.

Lady Lindsey's case respecting Havering Park.  1ANC5/C/3/cc  1709

5 pages

Related information: See also 1ANC5/C/3/5

These include the printed act to confirm the fourth part of Havering to the 4th earl

Particulars of papers to be proved in "my lady's tryall in Chancery"  1ANC5/C/3/dd  Nov. 8th 1704

Mr. Secretary Boyle's answer to the petition respecting Havering.  1ANC5/C/3/ee  1708/9

This is the queen's view about the insertion in the act of a clause saving the countess dowager's rights.

Interrogatories on the part of the countess dowager in the case brought against her to produce executorship accounts  1ANC5/C/3/ff  nd. [1704]

Addressed to Mr. John Mandervill at the countess dowager's house at Swinstead.

Copy of the report of Sir James Mountagu and Mr. Travers on the countess dowager's case about Havering.  1ANC5/C/3/gg  nd. [1704]

Idemnification by Lord Lindsey of 5 Withcall tenants who atterned to him in spite of a previous attornment to the dowager countess.  1ANC5/C/3/hh  July 8th 1703

Copy of a petition of the dowager countess to the queen regarding Havering.  1ANC5/C/3/ii  nd. [c.1704]

Estate Management Papers  1ANC5/D  [n.d.]

Arrangement: Some of these were already tied in separate bundles according to place and the loose papers of the same type which from their endorsement had obviously been arranged similarly, have been re-formed into separate bundles.
1ANC5/D/6, 7 and 8 were tied separately and had later been tied into a single bundle.

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/1  [n.d.]

Related information: c.f. ASW. 10/56

Copy of Bourne enclosure act.  1ANC5/D/1/a  1766

Copy of Deeping Fen Act  1ANC5/D/1/b  1664-5: 16 & 17 Car.II c.xi

Case of Sir Gilbert Heathcote against the Adventurers of Deeping Fen regarding the drainage of Bourne and Thurlby South Fens, one third of which he purchased from the earl of Stamford.  1ANC5/D/1/c  18th century

List of the Deeping Fen adventurers and of the taxable lands.  1ANC5/D/1/d  May 10th 1727

2 sheets.

Letter regarding the seizing of the lands of the undertakers for neglect.  1ANC5/D/1/e  nd. [18th century]

J. Prince to Mr. Farmer.

Draft reply to Maurice Johnson of Spalding (from Henry Heathcote) about the activities of Joseph Banks, in connection with Deeping Fen drainage.  1ANC5/D/1/f  May 25th 1727

Related information: See also 1ANC5/D/J

Copy of a View of Deeping Fens taken by Humphrey Smith esq. and Mr. John Grundy.  1ANC5/D/1/g  July 1737

8 pages

A note in the margin: "Number in the margin refers to the scheme in the great Book of Mapps where they are fully explained"
Endorsement: Deeping Fen Scheme.

Draft of letter ordering the scouring of the ditches in some parts of Bourne and Thurlby pastures.  1ANC5/D/1/h  n.d

Henry Heathcote.

Manuscript copy of the Deeping Fen Act.  1ANC5/D/1/i  1668

Letter from Maurice Johnson to Henry Heathcote about the activities of Joseph Banks.  1ANC5/D/1/j  May 21st 1727

Letter from John Farmer to Henry Heathcote about the neglect by the Deeping Fen adventurers of their drains and outfalls and about the position of Sir Gilbert's lands in Bourne and Thurlby with relating to the payment of drainage tax.  1ANC5/D/1/k  May 27th 1727

8 letters from John Farmer to Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Henry Heathcote on various matters relating to the Bourne and Thurlby estates, including certain claims on it made by Mr. Foot.  1ANC5/D/1/l-r  Oct. 28th 1724

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/2  [n.d.]

Many of these letters were very dirty and a number were much decayed.

Letters from Robert Ives senior to Sir Gilbert Heathcote relating to tenancies, rents, courts and other estates matters (Robert Ives evidently acted as steward)  1ANC5/D/2/a-i  c. April 1720 - April 1st 1725


References to the purchases of lottery tickets on his behalf, by Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Refer to the beginning of some drainage work.  1ANC5/D/2/j and k  nd [c. 1720?]

Letters from Thomas Clarkson to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, relating to the legal business connected with the estate.  1ANC5/D/2/l-w  Dec. 7th 1720 - Dec. 9th 1723


Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/3  [n.d.]

This bundle was endorsed "Old Papers about Bourn and Thurlby Pastures".

Rental of Thomas Earl of Stamford's estates in Bourne and Thurlby.  1ANC5/D/3/a  1676

Memorandum of Mr. Trolloppe's lease agreement for the year 1677.  1ANC5/D/3/b  [n.d.]

Rental of Bourne and Thurlby.  1ANC5/D/3/c  1678/9

A valuation of the earl of Stamford's estates in Bourne and Thurlby.  1ANC5/D/3/d  c. 1678

A copy of an exemplification (March 14th 1714/15) of an order in chancery in a case between the earl of Stamford, the duke of Rutland and certain proprietors of Deeping Fen.  1ANC5/D/3/e  nd

The Lord Chancellor refused to file an "adjudication" made by the commissioners of sewers without a hearing of the proprietors contrary to the act of 16 and 17 Car. II c. XI.

A copy of the will of Thomas earl of Stamford (Sept. 10th 1719).  1ANC5/D/3/f  nd

All estates bequeathed to his wife. Note that she died in November 1722.

Letter John Farmer (? to Henry Heathcote) about Mr. Foote.  1ANC5/D/3/g  Feb. 28th 1725/6

This has been used as a wrapper.

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/4  [n.d.]

Abstract of the title to the Bourne and Thurlby estates.  1ANC5/D/4/a  Inc 19th and 20th 1679

As 1ANC5/D/4/a  1ANC5/D/4/b  [n.d.]

Abstract of Sir Gilbert Heathcote's title to the Bourne and Thurlby estates.  1ANC5/D/4/c  Inc. 10th September 1719

Related information: See also 1ANC5/D/4/a&b

Copy of the will of Thomas earl of Stamford.  1ANC5/D/4/d  October 18th 1722

Copy of the will of Mary countess of Stamford.  1ANC5/D/4/e  October 18th 1722

Francis Foote appointed executor, with power for sale to pay debts.

Portion of an abstract of title, with comments.  1ANC5/D/4/f  nd

Thomas Abney's certificate that Thomas Carter has no claim on the estate.  1ANC5/D/4/g  February 10th 1724/5

Opinion of J. Ward as to the security of Sir Gilbert's title against the creditors of the earl and countess of Stamford.  1ANC5/D/4/h  Feb. 13th 1724/5

Promise by John Farmer that he will cause Foote to execute with him a conveyance to Sir Gilbert Heathcote of the Bourne and Thurlby lands.  1ANC5/D/4/i  March 11th 1724/5

Copy of a receipt for £300  1ANC5/D/4/j  March 1st 1724/5

Portion of £800 which is his share of the purchase price of £7300. John Farmer

Copies of the opinion of William Peere Williams on Sir Gilbert's title.  1ANC5/D/4/k and l  Jan. 8th 1725/6

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/5  [n.d.]

"Extracts from Mr. Robert Ive's letters about Bourne and Thurlby fenn pastures".

Notes from letters 1721-4 respecting the Bourne and Thurlby estates.  1ANC5/D/5/a  nd. [18th century]

Much decayed.

Letter Thomas Abney to Sir Gilbert Heathcote relating to the purchase.  1ANC5/D/5/b  October 14th 1721

Memorandum of purchase price.  1ANC5/D/5/c  nd

Draft of a lease for a year, Bourne and Thurlby pastures.  1ANC5/D/5/d  1724

Charles Cole and others to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Letters relating to tenants. Robert Ives and others.  1ANC5/D/5/e-j  [n.d.]

6 letters

24th November 1724 - 23rd July 1733

Memorandum about Deeping Fen and Sir Gilbert's title.  1ANC5/D/5/k  n.d

Bill to enable the Deeping Fen Adventurers to raise money for drainage etc.  1ANC5/D/5/l  1737 - 8

Many annotations and corrections.

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/6  [n.d.]

Rentals and particulars of Bourne and Thurlby estates.  1ANC5/D/6/a & b  nd. [18th century]

Connected with proof of title to the estates.  1ANC5/D/6/c-k  c. 1724-5

9 papers

10 memoranda relating to bailiff's accounts, charges on the estate etc.  1ANC5/D/6/l-u  c. 1719 - 24

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/7  [n.d.]

Copy of a letter to John Farmer about purchasing Bourne and Thurlby pastures.  1ANC5/D/7/a  Dec. 20th 1722

(? Joseph Banks).

John Farmer to Joseph Banks M.P. amplifying an account already sent to him of the estate and saying he wishes to sell it.  1ANC5/D/7/b  Dec. 24th 1722

Draft reply from Joseph Banks, putting off an offer till a minimum is fixed. Mentions "son Whichcote's" purchase of Deeping.
December 29th 1722.

Draft letter, Banks to Farmer, sending his viewer "Mr. Blackwell's" accounts of the lands.  1ANC5/D/7/c  Jan. 8th 1722/3

Reply to c., relating to repairs and mortgage.  1ANC5/D/7/d  Jan. 12th 1722/3

Arrangement: This letter was found crumpled inside the bundle.

Note of a letter signed Henry Browne that his master Jos. Banks was not well and had gone to his estate in Kent for a few days.

Draft of letter Banks to Farmer.  1ANC5/D/7/e  Jan. 22nd 1722/3

He is discouraged by the reluctance of those living near the estate to bid for it and thinks he may have bid too much his son Whichcote will certainly not agree with it.

Draft of two letters.  1ANC5/D/7/f  Jan. 22nd 1722/3

Joseph Banks to his son Joseph enclosing some of Farmer's letters and asking him to go to Bourne and make certain enquiries.
The Banks letters were perhaps returned to Farmer, who certainly asked in one of them for secrecy, and by him passed on to the Heathcotes. They are endorsed in Bank's hand.
London 22nd Jan. 1722
Dear Son,
I have yours and shall be sure to send to Meet Dear Deaughter and Joe, on Thursday and God send them a good Journey. You mention sending Mr. Crookes Account but it came not the only way would be to Humber them all for Harry took no account but of those Osbourne bought. As to sawne Pales you must consult Mr. Doubleday, - I fear unless made of Tough wood, they will break in the knots or break with the sun. Else no doubt will be very handsome. And as to Vid. Stother, the Farme is of that nature that a Woman cannot manage [Endeavour] to held her to another more proper for her, if that cant at present be found, Let her stay another year.
Sir Tho. Mackworth asks so unreasonable a price theres no thoughts of it -- I have writ 2 or 3 tymes to Wm. Pendock and can get no answer nor my Rentall. I veryly beleive it would be a good Purchase at 17 years. - I wish to God you could see it --- Pendock must be sick or dead or not received my letters I can do nothing without the Rentall. What must we do for Bricks next year. Must wee always be in the Mire, never finished. It greives me to think ont alwayes to meete with Rogues and Beggars is terrible. Now you are upon the Place I depend upon your Letting Exchangeing and Manageing everything to the best, and doubt it not, and for the Parke Nailes will let you alone till you come up and Wish Mr. Doubleday would step to the Smythinand get a couple made exactly such as he would have. As to all other matters I refer you to my two last letters and whal you'l find at Revesby and am
Dear son
Yr most affectionate Father,
J. Banks
I would have Pendock goe of Saturday to Bourne if you doe not I fear Post Master of Boston has not sent over my last letter.
22nd Jan.
Dear Jos.
I send you 2 or 3 of my last letters and answers from Mr. Farmer owner of the Bourne estate and Pendocks last letter to whome I have writ 3 letters for the Rentall and for more exact accounts of the estate and to what accidents Lyable. Its about 430 li. a year which at 17 years purchase (sic) cost but 7310 and if it may be advanced to 500 li per annum what can be now got like it, He says it will And he is to made the out Bankes good which is all the LandLord Repaires And may be undertaken at 12 li per annum.
I said its lyable to Sewers Rates Easiely taxed and noe houses to Repaire But I understand not well the Nature of it. Its a thing of vallue and not to be slighted.
Therefore if you cannot goe I would have you immediately of Fryday before day send out a [? shot] to goe to the Post Master of Boston and desire to know if he sent the letters to Wm. Pendock of Dunington, that I have writ and franked to him last 3 weekes. 3 in number. If not let your man carry them to Mr. Pendock who I would have see all Mr. Farmers Letters and goe over againe and see what I now write and tell me then his objections. And Answer these Queryes.
Whether the outbanke when cleansed and made goode will not be supported by 12 li a year.
Whether the tenants repaire not everything else.
Alsoe whether any danger of wanting tenants or of Rents sinking And if not whether to be raised to 500 li per annum.
Lastly the Nature of the lands and whether any part wett whether it has any High Country or by the fenside and if any parte of it wett and whether it bear good grasse or Brackin Thistles Bryars or what.
Let your man read all this exactly to him and order the Rentall to be sent me by him from Bourne next post.

Letter from Farmer to Banks.  1ANC5/D/7/g  Jan. 23rd 1722/3

He has had a bid of £7,700 but wants 19 years purchase at the present rents which he takes at £500.
I have bin from home these Hollidays or had sooner answered your last, The Fences the LandLord repairs on the estate is onely the Ring Fence, all the Innward fences are repaired by the tenant, I have a person will (one year with an other) repair them for 12 1. per annum the fences cheifly consist in Banks; and I will allow for putting them in good repair; out of the purchase money. I have bin bid 7700 li. but insist on 19 years, purchase at the present Rents, and will engage to raise it to 500 li. per annum if the purchaseor will give Leave, I would gladly come in to treat with a fair Chapman, but think 19 years purchase verry cheape, I wont talk with any body till I have your resolution hereupon and am sir your most humble servant
J. Farmer,
Endorsed: To John Banks esqre.
Member of Parliament att his House in Boswell Court, Temple Barr, London.
23rd Jan. 1722
Burne Estate, Mr. Farmer

Draft letter, Banks to Farmer.  1ANC5/D/7/h  Jan. 31st 1722/3

His son makes an unsatisfactory report on the drainage, which he encloses.
Boswell Court, 31st Jan.
I am favoured with yours, but the inclosed Informs you truely what has occurd since my last, There was such difference bitwixt Mr. Pendock and you that I engaged my son to go from Lincolne on purpose, and spend a day or 2 upon it, which he has done, and you see his result, he also sent me a Map of it, that if the Drains of the Fen should faile you would have no Outfall but be reduced to your primitive state etc. You may be sure I have been sincere for my Son it, for five pound is spend in vewing it, yet if you can answer these Objections, and it be not sold before, Ile go and vewe it myselfe when the House rises, You mistake me in 18 years purchase, thats a cheape Sound, but Lands at 25 years are oft Cheaper, Pray returne the inclosed to Sr, Your faithfull humble servant, J. Banks

Letter Farmer to Banks (reply to e).  1ANC5/D/7/i  Jan. 28th 1722/3

He is determined on 18 years purchase and if Sir Francis won't have it will offer it to the present Earl of Stamford.

Letter Farmer to Banks  1ANC5/D/7/j  Feb. 15th 1722/3

Introducing the bearer as likely to give information about the rental of the estate, expense of repairs etc.

Letter, William Pendock to Joseph Banks.  1ANC5/D/7/k  (?) Jan. 1722/3

He has surveyed the estate and doesn't encourage purchase chiefly because of drainage expenses.

Rough plan of the drainage of the estate.  1ANC5/D/7/l  nd

Farmer's hand. Addressed to Joseph Banks.

Letters.  1ANC5/D/7/m-u  Jan. 23rd - March 12th 1724/5

Farmer to Sir Gilbert and Henry Heathcote relating to the purchase.

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/8  [n.d.]

Letters and memoranda.  1ANC5/D/8/a-k  Oct. 28th 1725 - March 27th 1738

John Prince, Robert Ives, and Henry Heathcote relating to the beginning of the Deeping Fen Drainage.

Votes of the House of Commons.  1ANC5/D/8/h  Wed. March 8th 1737/8

p. 116. Petition to the Adventurers of the Deeping Fen for an act to raise money for drainage. Committee appointed.

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/10  [n.d.]

Letters exchanged between Sir John Heathcote and Samuel Spedding and George Denshire, relating to the negotiations for the purchase of Mr. Denshire's estate in Thurlby and Manthorpe.  1ANC5/D/10/a-r  Nov. 11th 1751 - July 5th 1752

Summary of the correspondence in 10 and 11, included here.

Memorandum about Francis Caton a midshipman on the Barfleur.  1ANC5/D/10/s  nd

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/11  [n.d.]

Continuation of the same correspondence.  1ANC5/D/11/a-z  July 7th 1752 - Aug. 2nd

This is partly concerned with the determination of a suit about the executorship of the estate of George Denshire sen. (Banks v. Denshire).
(Aug. 4th 1766 has a reference to the trial of Admiral Byng.)

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/12  [n.d.]

Various copies of court papers, briefs, affidavits etc. connected with the purchase of the estate and the case Banks v. Denshire.  1ANC5/D/12/a-v  1754-7

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/13  [n.d.]

Briefs, affidavits, etc. as in 1ANC5/D/12.  1ANC5/D/13/a-z,aa-dd  1752-7

Rather decayed.

Marked "Thurlby Papers, Bundle 2

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC5/D/14  [n.d.]

Draft abstract of title of Sir Gilbert Heathcote to the manor of Thurlby.  1ANC5/D/14/a  nd

Rather decayed.

Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15  [n.d.]

The whole of this bundle is very fragile.

Related information: c.f. 2ANC12/C/1
See copies of extracts from some of this bundle at end of V c.f. also Monson 1ANC7/13/249.

Rental  1ANC5/D/15/a  n.d

"Halford (agent) letters to Cotsworth and Sir John Heathcote, Coningsby estate".
[W. Cotsworth appears as patron in Coningsby in Speculum p. 35; for Eusden and Coningsby advowson see Monson 7/13/249.]

Receipt by George Heathcote for his share of a mortgage lent by William Heathcote to William Cotesworth esq. on his Lincs, estates.  1ANC5/D/15/b  April 29th 1723

Letters (? Halford to Cotesworth) respecting flood drainage in Wildmore Fen and the reluctance of the Champion to obey the court of sewers and take action.  1ANC5/D/15/c  April 28th 1716


"Abstract of the mortgage on Consby made by the Champion"  1ANC5/D/15/d  n.d

Decree of the court of sewers that the Champion and Cotesworth are to appear and show causes for their refusal to pay for the repair of the bank. (referred to in c.)  1ANC5/D/15/e  April 26th 1716

3 receipts.  1ANC5/D/15/e/1  c. 1724

Henry Heathcote (on behalf of his father to William cotes worth.

Valuation of an estate.  1ANC5/D/15/f  nd

Letter (copy) William Cotesworth to the Revd. Mr. Kelham (incumbent of Coningsby).  1ANC5/D/15/g  May 22nd 1729

He has seen Mr. Banks about the enclosure of the Moon

Kelham to Cotesworth, the same subject.  1ANC5/D/15/h  June 14th 1729

Halford to Cotesworth, regarding tithe payment to the new incumbent Mr. Eusden.  1ANC5/D/15/i  nd

[This is Laurence Eusden, poet Laureate 1718-30. D.M.B. c.f. also Monson]

Halford to Cotesworth, regarding tithe payment to the new incumbent Mr. Eusden.  1ANC5/D/15/j  Oct. 8th 1730

Mr. Eusden is dead, Mr. Ives knows of a suitable man. His own account.

Halford to Cotesworth, regarding tithe payment to the new incumbent Mr. Eusden.  1ANC5/D/15/k  May 24th 1730

Mr. Eusden is pursuing his tithes. Opposition of the populace to enclosure.

Halford to Cotesworth, regarding tithe payment to the new incumbent Mr. Eusden.  1ANC5/D/15/l  August 13th 1730

Delays in paying rent. An undesirable tenant

Halford to Cotesworth, regarding tithe payment to the new incumbent Mr. Eusden.  1ANC5/D/15/l/1  Oct. 22nd 1730

Mr. Ives' recommendation of a clergyman. The value of the tithes. He has sent money by a drover.

Halford to Mrs. Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/m  Dec. 31st 1730

Decline in value of rents.

Halford to Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/n  nd [c. 1730]

Sorry for her father's death. Some delays in paying rent.

Halford to William Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/o  Nov. 14th 1730

Mr. Hopkinson proposed as the new incumbent.

Halford to Mistress Ann Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/p  nd [c. 1730]

Sends money by a drover Mr. Hopkinson suggested as incumbent.

Halford to Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/q  April 20th 1730

Mr. Eusden's difficulties in arriving at Coningsby. Dec. 16th 1730. shortage of money.

Halford to Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/r  June 13th 1730

Mr. Eusden's tithes. Tenancy difficulties.

Halford to Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/s  Feb. 18th 1729/30

Houses out of repair.

Halford to Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/t  nd [c. 1730]

Mr. Eusden's inability to preach because of an impediment in speech. He drinks heavily.

Rental.  1ANC5/D/15/u  1728/9

Halford to Cotesworth  1ANC5/D/15/v  May 9th 1730

Mr. Eusden is ill.

The tithes, tenants' grievances.  1ANC5/D/15/w  April 11th 1730

Valuation of Mr. Cotesworth's estates.  1ANC5/D/15/x  1730

Arrears of rents.  1ANC5/D/15/y  1728-9

Free-houses in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/z  1731

Halford to Mr. Cotesworth.  1ANC5/D/15/aa  March 17th 1729/30

Arrears in rent. Mr. Alexander of Tattershall hopes to have the living.

Case of the freeholders and Lord of Coningsby against the stockholders of Wildmore Fen who refuse to pay fine for trespassing when their stock stray on to Coningsby moor.  1ANC5/D/15/bb  June 16th 1709

Sent by George Clayton. (? to William Cotesworth).

Robert Ives (to Sir Gilbert Heathcote) an account of the Coningsby estate.  1ANC5/D/15/cc  Jan. 16th 1730/1

Case and opinion about the amercements belonging to Coningsby manor. Taylor White.  1ANC5/D/15/dd  Jan. 30th 1745/6

These relate to encroachments on the common.

Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/ee  March 10th 1739-40

Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/ff  March 4th 1739

Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/gg  March 11th 1734/5


Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/hh  Jan. 2nd 1738/9

Enclosure of derelict marsh land at Meer Booth.

Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/ii  c. March 1739/40

Plan of the new cut.

Halford to Sir John Heathcote about a new cut for the Witham by Meer Booths in Coningsby.  1ANC5/D/15/jj  Feb. 18th 1737/8

The derelict marsh land.

Coningsby  1ANC5/D/16  [n.d.]

Claims made by Sir Gilbert Heathcote in the Coningsby Enclosure, with the allowances etc. of the commissioners.  1ANC5/D/16/a  1803

Papers in a cause William Cotesworth v. James Jarrett, Lewis Dymoke and Jane Dymoke.  1ANC5/D/16/b-g  1716

Dorrington  1ANC5/D/17  [n.d.]

Memoranda, notes, a few letters J. Trigg to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, relating to the conveyance of the rectory of Dorrington, by Groundsman and Tothill to Sir Gilbert.  1ANC5/D/17/a-w  1662-1726

J and k. lists for tithing. 1695.

Folkingham  1ANC5/D/18  [n.d.]

Abstracts of title of various Wynne estates in Folkingham, Threekingham, Newton, Bread St. London and Tattershall.  1ANC5/D/18/a-h  nd

Proceedings in Chancery.  1ANC5/D/18/i  nd

Mapletoft and Armstead.

Copy of letters patent of grant to Miles Sandis of Claybury c. Essex and others of the chapel of Birthorpe, with lands in Swineshead.  1ANC5/D/18/j  Jan. 1600

Copy of a royal grant to Francis Morris and others of the tithe of Folkingham.  1ANC5/D/18/k  n.d

Copies of grants of Folkingham to Lord Clinton.  1ANC5/D/18/l, m, n, o  nd

Folkingham  1ANC5/D/19  [n.d.]

Petition of Theophilus Earl of Lincoln for the recovery of the Knights' fees held of the Honour of Folkingham: Dembleby, Risby, Fenton, Threekingham, Heckington, Aswarby and Walcott.  1ANC5/D/19/a  nd

Copy of Defeasaunce of the Lordship of Sempringham, for a mortgages Richard Wynne.  1ANC5/D/19/b  1690

Copy of conveyance of lands purchased by Richard Wynne of the Earl of Lincoln.  1ANC5/D/19/c  1690/1

Copy of conveyance of Bedwell Park.  1ANC5/D/19/d  1707/8

Sir Henry Atkins to Richard Wynne

Copy of assignment of mortgage of Bedwell Park.  1ANC5/D/19/e  1704

Sir Henry Atkins to Mr. Young.
(Sir Wolstan Dixie is a party)

Copy of a conveyance of inheritance.  1ANC5/D/19/f  1707/8

Bedwell. Atkins to Wynne.

Copy of a conveyance of Folkingham.  1ANC5/D/19/g  1690

Earl of Lincoln to Richard Wynne.

Copy of a mortgage of Bedwell Park.  1ANC5/D/19/h  1704

Atkins to Dixie.

Copy of a marriage settlement.  1ANC5/D/19/i  1704

Sir Henry Atkins and Rebecca Maria daughter of Sir Wolstan Dixie.

Ingoldsby  1ANC5/D/20  [n.d.]

These are papers relating to a dispute about tithes between Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Ralph Anesly, rector of Ingoldsby, in the course of which Sir Gilbert brought an action for breach of privilege against Anesly.

Cover.  1ANC5/D/20/a  nd

John Trigg to William Heathcote, tithes of Osgodby.  1ANC5/D/20/b  May 16, 1716

Richard Snow to John Heathcote Esq at the Bank.  1ANC5/D/20/c  Aug. 22nd 1727

He cannot find a decree relating to the affair but will consult with someone employed by the Duchess of Marlborough.

Richard Bishop of Lincoln to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/D/20/d  Nov. 13th 1727

Sir Gilbert's oase is a just one. He knows nothing of Mr. Anesly who by his family name and patronage will probably take no notice of him. Mr. Porter will let him know about the sources in the registry.

Edward Bacon to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/D/20/e  Nov. 15th 1727

He cannot find writings relating to the enclosure of Ingoldsby.

Richard Bishop of Lincoln Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/D/20/f  Nov. 18th 1727

He has ordered Mr. Porter to send copies of two terriers. A search has been made at Buckden in "our registries" without success; the composition is perhaps enrolled in Chancery, or the Exchequer.

Sarah Duchess of Marlborough Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/D/20/g  Dec. 1st. 1727

She will send the address of a surveyor as soon as she can. Windsor Lodge

The same on the same subject.  1ANC5/D/20/h  Dec. 2nd. 1727

Ingtalio seal.

Ralph Anesly to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC5/D/20/i  March 8th. 1727/8

He is ready to apologise and withdraw

5 notices of a hearing of Sir Gilbert Heathcote's complaint of breach of privilege against Ralph Anesly, by the Committee of privileges and elections.  1ANC5/D/20/j  March 15th. 1727/8

Ingoldsby  1ANC5/D/21  [n.d.]

Case papers in the same case. Sarah Duchess of Marlborough was one of the occupiers of land accused of withholding tithe.  1ANC5/D/21/a-z, aa-jj  1727

b. Letter from the Duchess. Nov. 13th 1727.
l,m. Terriers referred to in 1ANC/D/20.

Osgodby  1ANC5/D/22  [n.d.]

Letters to and from Sir John Heathcote relating to his objection to maintain 6 beadmen at Kirkby Underwood.  1ANC5/D/22/a-h  Dec. 27th 1752 - Sept. 29th 1753

Related information: (Charity commissioners' report, pp. 204-5) For photographs of these Beadhouses c.f. M.C.D. 171.

Osgodby.  1ANC5/D/23  [n.d.]

Also Westborough and Claypole A packet of papers, much decayed, relating to swanmarks.

Bartholemew Armyne appoints Henry Lancaster of Claypole to be keeper of his swan-mark.  1ANC5/D/23/a  June 22nd. 1593

Apparently a list of swans belonging to Anthony Thorold and others.  1ANC5/D/23/b  1593-8

A similar list.  1ANC5/D/23/c  1601

Bargain and sale of a swan mark.  1ANC5/D/23/d  Jan 20th 1567

Thomas Wymbyshe gent. of Blankney to Bartholemew Armyne
Consideration. £13. 6. 8d.

Sir William Armyne appoints Richard Kyme to be keeper of his swan mark.  1ANC5/D/23/e  n.d

Sir William Armyne appoints Robert Kirke of Morton to be keeper of his swan mark  1ANC5/D/23/f  1613

List of cygnets marked for Mr. Armyge  1ANC5/D/23/g  1593

Signed Thomas Grantham.

Sir William Armyne appoints Thomas Trooblood.  1ANC5/D/23/h  1599

"A note of old swans delivered to me by my swanner."  1ANC5/D/23/i  1600

Letter from Henry Lancaster relating to swans.  1ANC5/D/23/j  1590

Sir William Armyne appoints Thomas Trooblood.  1ANC5/D/23/k  1600

List of regulations relating to swan keeping.  1ANC5/D/23/l  [n.d.]

Swineshead  1ANC5/D/24  [n.d.]

Letters, abstracts of title and case papers relating to the purchase by Sir Gilbert Heathcote of an estate in Swineshead and Frampton which formerly belonged to Sir Richard Hutchinson and was disputed in chancery between Gordon and Graham.  1ANC5/D/24/a-z, aa-zz, aaa-sss  1718-23

Much decayed.

Miscellaneous. (Lincolnshire)  1ANC5/D/25  [n.d.]

Roll containing copies of fines of lands in Frampton, Bicker, and Pinchbeck. 1331-82.  1ANC5/D/25/a  16c

Huntingfield family

Copy of a covenant to levy a fine, manor and advowson of Friskney, Alford and Well and Partney.  1ANC5/D/25/b  Dec. 2nd 1634

Sir Montague Bertie and others to Edward Skipwith of Keesby and Edmond Rockerell of Grimsthorpe.
( ? trustees)

Case and opinion about a manor of Graby.  1ANC5/D/25/c  nd

Particular of tithes payable in Hacconby.  1ANC5/D/25/d  1729

Drawn up by Robert Ives.

Copy of a marriage settlement.  1ANC5/D/25/e  Dec. 25th 1615

Coventree and Towers, Land in Louth.

Bedwell, co. Hertford  1ANC5/D/26  [n.d.]

Abstracts of title.  1ANC5/D/26/a-c  nd

Richard Wynne.

Edith Weston co. Rutland  1ANC5/D/27  [n.d.]

Letters and draft replies, Robert Ives, Taylor White, Arthur Weldon, and Henry Dagges, to Sir John Heathcote about his purchase of an estate in Edith Weston, formerly the property of Mark Brooks of Dublin.  1ANC5/D/27/a-z, aa-ii  1740-47

Edith Weston  1ANC5/D/28  [n.d.]

Copy of enclosure act. (n.d. act passed 1758)  1ANC5/D/28/a  [n.d.]

Account of Sir John Heathcote's allotment in the award.  1ANC5/D/28/b  [n.d.]

Attested copy of the Edith Wenton Award.  1ANC5/D/28/c  [n.d.]

Extract from an act of 1 and 2 William IV, c. 32. relating to shooting and common rights.  1ANC5/D/28/d  [n.d.]

Empingham co. Ruthland  1ANC5/D/29  [n.d.]

4 packets of letters and papers relating to a dispute between Rev. Mr. Cooper and Sir Gilbert Heathcote about the tithes of Empingham.  1ANC5/D/29  1850-52

Glaston co. Rutland  1ANC5/D/30  [n.d.]

Extracts and memoranda relating to the annexation of the rectory of Glaston to the mastership of Peterhouse, Cambridge and to a purchase of closes in Glaston by Sir John Heathcote of Thomas Linthwaite. (The act permitting the annexation is dated 1748).  1ANC5/D/30  c. 1791

Goadby Marwood co. Leic.  1ANC5/D/31  [n.d.]

Letters and memoranda addressed to the patron and proprietor Colonel Henry Lowe about the advowson and rectory of Goadby Marwood.  1ANC5/D/31/a-g  1693-1708

Much decayed.

Hambleton co. Rutland  1ANC5/D/32  [n.d.]

Bill for drawing up conveyance of an estate.  1ANC5/D/32/a  n.d

Mr. Flude to Sir John Heathcote

Whissendine, co. Rutland  1ANC5/D/33  [n.d.]

Letters and plans relating to an exchange of lands between Lord Aveland and the incumbent.  1ANC5/D/33/a-f  March - April 1880

Bonds, draft deeds and other miscellaneous documents Subsidiary to title  1ANC5/E  [n.d.]

Draft deeds  1ANC5/E/1  [n.d.]

A bundle of draft deeds chiefly mortgages of various properties to Sir John Heathcote  1ANC5/E/1/a-m  c 1745

Marked "From the late Mr. Thos. White's Chambers June 1786"

Bonds, Harnis Family  1ANC5/E/2  [n.d.]

Bonds and a fine connected with the estate of the family of Harnis of Kirton Holland.  1ANC5/E/2/a-m  1649-89

Miscellaneous documents  1ANC5/E/3  [n.d.]

Exemplification of a case Heathcote v. Worsdale and Tewson (yeoman of Bitchfield) for trespass at Ingoldsby.  1ANC5/E/3/a  1722

Chirographs of fines, Spilsby (1615), Great Carlton, Louth and Skidbrook (1647) Coningsby (1733).  1ANC5/E/3/b,c,d  1615-1733

Lease of the vicarial tithes and glebe of Lenton: Thomas Clarke vicar of Lenton to Bartholemew Armyne.  1ANC5/E/3/e  1594/5

"Papers about Sir Gilbert Heathcote's purchase." Rippingale, Ringstone, Kirkby and Hacconby.  1ANC5/E/3/f  nd

Fragments of draft deeds, notes regarding signing title deeds etc.  1ANC5/E/3/g-s  18 c

Calculations concerning repairs on an estate.  1ANC5/E/3/t  1709-10

Bonds and leases  1ANC5/E/4  [n.d.]

Bonds and leases relating chiefly to the Chesterfield property  1ANC5/E/4/a-h  1643-84


Rentals  1ANC6/A  [n.d.]

Wheatacre cum Burgh co. Norfolk  1ANC6/A/1  [n.d.]

A draft rental for the year 1551.  1ANC6/A/1/a  [n.d.]

17 pages

A rental "made at Grimsthorpe. Oct. 19th 1599."  1ANC6/A/1/b  [n.d.]

2 pages

Spilsby (College)  1ANC6/A/2  [n.d.]

Rental of the college of Holy Trinity in Spilsby  1ANC6/A/2/a  1504

1 membrane

The dorse is much faded.

Lands in Stickford, Stixwold, and Fulletby. (signs of stitching)

Folkingham (Honour)  1ANC6/A/3  [n.d.]

Two rentals for the manor of Croft, Burgh and Bratoft, parcel of the honour.  1ANC6/A/3/a and b  c. 1636

2 membranes

Much decayed.

Conditions of access: Not For Production

Rental of the honour of Folkingham.  1ANC6/A/3/c  1647-8

19 pages

Lands in Folkingham, Poynton, Aslackby, E. Laughton, Threekingham, Stow Green, Billingborough and Swaton.

Folkingham Rental.  1ANC6/A/3/d  1719-40

90 pages

Parchment binding. (including Newton and Threekingham)

Bourne and Thurlby  1ANC6/A/4  [n.d.]

(c.f. V/D passim)  1ANC6/A/4/a  1720

2 pages

Osgodby, Ingoldsby and Lenton  1ANC6/A/5  [n.d.]

Rental 1680-97, with some summarized accounts.  1ANC6/A/5/a  [n.d.]

24 pages

Parchment binding. (Signature of Susanna Bellasise Crewe, at times.)

General Rentals  1ANC6/A/6  [n.d.]

Rental of John de Willoughby, lands in Fulstow, North Cotes, Belchford, Ingoldmells, Hundleby, Partney, Little Steeping, Mablethorpe, Friskney, Raithby, Keal, Toynton, Cockerington, Skidbrook etc.  1ANC6/A/6/a  Mid. 14 c

2 mm.

Rental of William Lord Willoughby at his death.  1ANC6/A/6/b  1511-12

5 pages

stitched together.

Land in Orby, Burgh, Somercotes, Ingoldmells, Fulnetby, Cockerington, Hogsthorpe, Belchford, Fulstow Beck and Arsyk, Pinchbeck, Sutton and Frampton.

Rental of Rippingale, Ringston, Kirkby Underwood, Hacconby, Walcott, Dowsby, (lands purchased by Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Sir John Brownlow).  1ANC6/A/6/c  c. 1720

General Rentals  1ANC6/A/7  [n.d.]

A bundle labelled "Old Rentals and accounts of the manor of Folkingham etc."

Rentals of Sir John Heathcote's estates in Lincoln and Rutland.  1ANC6/A/7/a-w  1745-1772

Estate Accounts, classified.  1ANC6/A/7/x  1772

28 pages

Surveys and Particulars  1ANC6/B  [n.d.]

Fees of Beaumont and Folkingham  1ANC6/B/1  c. 1620

18 pages

last three slightly decayed.

A paper book containing (i) a list of the fees of John Viscount and Lord of Beaumont and Folkingham, renewed Jan. 6th 1441. Lands in Honington, Folkingham, Haydour, Boothby, Obthorpe, Baston,Keisby, Skellingthorpe, Market Stainton, Lobthorpe, Wilsthorpe, North Witham, Grimsthorpe, Scottlethorpe, Toft cum Lound, Wykeham, Witham (? on the Hill), Manthorpe, Kelby, Ingoldsby, Willoughby, Silkby, Alford, Swarby and Thorpe, S. Kyme, Asgarby, Helpringham, Kirkby Laythorpe, Ewerby, Authorpe, Howell, Heckington, Winkhill (in Heckington), Hale, Scredington, Morton, Birthorpe, Pointon, Threekingham, Dembleby, Pickworth, Walcott, Stragglethorpe, Brandon (in Hough on the Hill), Cranwell, Winceby, Irby (le Marsh), Ingoldmells, Friskney, Burgh, Winthorpe, Baumber, Ashby Puerorum, Bratoft, Claypole, Gt. Steeping, Welton, Partney, Skendleby, Scremby, Stixwold, Well, Alford, Bellow, Withene, Claxby, Asthorpe, Ulceby, Poolham, Barton, Coleby, Thoresby, Ferriby, Horkstow, Scampton, Burton by Lincoln, Risby and Sawcliff (in Roxby), Thorpe in Thistles, Aisthorpe.
(ii) A list of Inquisitions post mortem of those holding land of the honour of Folkingham 1309-1619.
No. 17 on cover.

Stow Green  1ANC6/B/2  Anno Domini 1704

45 pages

Limp parchment cover.

"Survey of the Town Fields Liberties and Terretories of Stow Green. Surveied at first by Mr. John Horstead Anno Domini 1632. And now coppied out by John Seagrave.
(2 on cover)

Stow Green  1ANC6/B/3  late 18c

46 pages

Paper cover

Copy of 1ANC6/B/2
(3 on cover)

Newton by Folkingham  1ANC6/B/4  c. 1720

36 pages

Parchment cover, double, on board.

Survey of the lands of Richard Wynne by fields. Method of survey noted: a seven foot pole called a gad.
(4 on cover)

Folkingham Lordship  1ANC6/B/5  c. 1720

1 large sheet.

Particular (summarised) of lands in Folkingham, Lenton, Threekingham, Walcot, Newton, by tenants. No. 12.

Threekingham Lordship  1ANC6/B/6  [n.d.]

1 large sheet.

Particular (summarised) of lands in Threekingham, by tenants. Date as 1ANC6/B/5. No. 13.

Ingoldsby  1ANC6/B/7  Late 18 c

Particular (summarised) by tenants. References to a map. Tenants' names on loose slips. Two skins.

Folkingham Estate  1ANC6/B/8  Late 18th century

Paper covered.

Particular by tenants, land in Folkingham, Newton, Threekingham, and Stow, Horbling and Spanby. No. 6.

Irnham estate  1ANC6/B/9  18th century

10 pages

Particular of lands of Dorothy Thimbleby in Irnham, Bulby, Hawthorpe and Corby.

Kirkby Underwood  1ANC6/B/10  1 August 1595

ff. 1-72

Limp parchment cover.

Related information: Copy of 1ANC6/B/10 by Mrs Thorlby: Misc Don. 170/2

"Terrier of the manor and lands of Richard Brownlowe in Kirkby Underwood, made by his command on August 1st 1595."
On the last page, a list of the owners of the land in 1636, with notes about how they obtained land and what the state of the houses was.
The survey is arranged by tenants, with surveys of the common and of woods and existing enclosures and includes also the holdings of free holders.

Maps and Plans  1ANC6/C  [n.d.]

Newton by Folkingham  1ANC6/C/1  undated c. 1720

Large plan on two pieces of parchment, giving field, names and names of householders. Drawings of houses also on the map

South America  1ANC6/C/2  Before 1821

Map of South America in case, published by W. Faden, geographer.

Railways and other public works  1ANC6/C/3  1822-1845

A small bundle of printed maps.

Boston, Grantham, Leicester and Midland Counties Junction Railway.  1ANC6/C/3/a  [n.d.]

Ambergate, Nottingham, Boston and Eastern junction railway.  1ANC6/C/3/b  [n.d.]

Covering letter dated 1845 addressed to J. G. Heathcote esq. MP.

Grand Union  1ANC6/C/3/c  [n.d.]

Nottingham via Grantham, Folkingham, Spalding, Holbeach and Long Sutton to King's Lynn

Cambridge and Lincoln Railway.  1ANC6/C/3/d  [n.d.]

Grand Union  1ANC6/C/3/e  [n.d.]

Related information: As 1ANC6/3/C/3/C

London and York Railway.  1ANC6/C/3/f  [n.d.]

Supplement to Herapath's Railway and Commercial Journal. Feb. 1st 1845

Direct North Railway.  1ANC6/C/3/g  [n.d.]

London to York via. Lincoln.

Direct North Railway.  1ANC6/C/3/h  Ja. 1845

London to York via. Lincoln.

Cambridge and Lincoln Railway  1ANC6/C/3/i  [n.d.]

Cambridge and Lincoln Railway  1ANC6/C/3/j  [n.d.]

Board of Trade map of several projected Railways in the London and York Division.  1ANC6/C/3/k  March 20th 1845

Related information: see 1ANC6/C/3/m.

Division list of the Eastern Counties Bill (Cambridge and Bury Extension) and Cambridge and Lincoln.  1ANC6/C/3/l  June 16th 1845

The latter bill was lost.

Report of Railway Department of Board of Trade on London and York schemes.  1ANC6/C/3/m  March 20th 1845

To accompany 1ANC6/C/3/l.

"Black Sluice map"  1ANC6/C/3/n  1822

A correct plan of the Low Fen lands and marshes lying between the Rivers Witham, Kime, Lea and Glen.

[no title or date]  1ANC7

Household Accounts  1ANC7/A  [n.d.]

Household accounts  1ANC7/A/2  1560-2

193 pages.

Paper limp parchment cover.

Related information: Long extracts from this book printed in H.M.C. Ancaster pp. 459-73.

These are the steward's accounts for the household of Richard Bertie and his wife Katherine duchess of Suffolk. The various sections of the accounts are marked by parchment tags glued to the lower edges.
f. 1. List of the household, the servants with their wages.
4. "An exstint drawne for the pantrie in October 1560."
This shows the allowance of loaves made in household, with a calculation of the number of loaves of bread baked from various quantities and types of flour.
6. "Jewell house and deptes repaid" Dec. 1560-Oct. 1562., monthly accounts.
9. "Wardrobe of robes. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
27. Children of honowre. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
30vo For bookes bought by Mr. Coverdall for Mistris Susan 2 xx Nov. 1561.
37. Warderobe of beddes. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562
51. Gyftes and rewardes. Oct. 1561.
68. Wurkes and Buyldinges. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
N.B. that works were going on at Eresby, Grimsthorpe, Vaudey and Belleau.
80. Charges in the Lawe. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
80vo. To Mr. Lacie of Stamford which drewe a book of Survayes for my master at his command the xd daye in iii French crownes, xviiis.
86. Husbandry Oct. 1560-Oct. 1562.
94. Necessaryes. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
112. Bakhouse and Pantre. Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
122. Bruhouse and Buttry Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
134. Cellor Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
140. Spicery chaundry and Lawndry Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
152. Kychen Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
166. Jurnyeng Oct. 1560.
173. Oct. 1561. To Mr. Robart Sampson for his charges rydyng in his syrcuyt to kepe corts as by his bill appeareth.
183. Stable Oct. 1560 - Oct. 1562.
193. c.f. Burgus and Georgis wages.

"The Booke of records for the kychyn at Grymesthorpe for the monthe of Marche. 1561"  1ANC7/A/3  March 1st - 31st 1561

33 pages.


Related information: This is presumably one of the "bookes" referred to in the summarised accounts of No. 2. H.M.C. Ancaster p. 473.

Pencil number 15
This is the daily record of meat fish games etc. and other provisions used in the kitchen with the amounts given for the meals of various members of the household.

A similar book to 1ANC 7/A/3  1ANC7/A/4  July 1561

32 pages.


Pencil No. 15a

"The Clarke's booke for the Kechyn"  1ANC7/A/5  June 1564

30 pages.


f.1. her grace went to grimstorp this day this day went all the strangers away that were at the weddinge.
f. 28vo. A list of food in stock.

Cuthbert Brereton's accounts "The book of Cofers".  1ANC7/A/6  June - December 1560

23 pages.


Arrangement: The book is arranged by months each month containing entries under separate headings, law, provisions for the household, debts, rewards, wardrobe, armery, works, necessaries, chiefly for the house at Barbican.

Related information: HMC p 473

f.1. June; charges for the case in the Arches.
The law charges are particularly full in relating to the case brought by Lord Willoughby of Parham for possession of Pinchbeck and certain manors in Norfolk, and Suffolk.
C.f. supra V/B/4.
f. 20. "The Book of Panells for the moneths of October November and December 1560
Pantry, buttry, cellor, chaundry, kechyn, pultry, fresh achettes, squellery, lawndry, stable.

A portion of an account book  1ANC7/A/7  November 1583

7 pages.


Related information: H.M.C. anc. p. 473

Household with the following divisions:
Wardrobe of beds, cellar, Bakehouse and pantry, brewhouse and buttery, spicery and chaundry, laundry, kitchen achates, woodyard, and coal house, stable, journeying, board wages and lodging, necessaries. Coffers with the following divisions, jewel house, wardrobes of robes, library, gifts and rewards, tithes, debts, prests.
The hand is similar to one which tied up and labelled many of the court rolls.
Pencil number 17
f.5vo Paid to Thos. Robinson the bookebynder for a gramor x11d.
Item for historia Normalice vs.
Antiquitat' Romanorum v111s.
Nisolvis xs.
Historia galica vs.

A series of small accounts relating to Peregrine Lord Willoughby's period in the Low Countries.  1ANC7/A/8  1583-1589

Related information: C.f. H.M.C. Ancaster pp 476-8.

Reckoning of the Lord Willoughby for his entertainment in her Majesty's service in the Low Countries.  1ANC7/A/8/a  June 15th 1583 to 13th August 1589

2 pages

There are a few endorsements said, by a contemporary hand, to be in the hand of the Lord Treasurer.

Draper's account.  1ANC7/A/8/b  Oct. 15th 1587

A household account  1ANC7/A/8/c  April 23rd to May 3rd 1588

2 pages

3 columns headed "Bought" "Spent" "Remaining" (some in "den Haghe".)
There are references to detailed bills in the journal and the headings are those of the earlier accounts.

Tailor's bill.  1ANC7/A/8/d  1588

2 pages

A household account similar to c.  1ANC7/A/8/e  March 29th to April 5th 1589

Smith's bill  1ANC7/A/8/f  n.d

2 pages
Language:  Dutch

General household accounts of Lady Heathcote.  1ANC7/A/9  1797 - 1813

4to size, green leather covered book. The first 20 folios have been torn out.

Some personal accounts, e.g. tickets for a concert etc.
Servants' wages, and money paid out for work done to house and some labour accounts.

Anonymous household and personal accounts.  1ANC7/A/10  1714-1716

Long narrow, half foolscap, paper covered note book.

List at the beginning of the price charged by the washerwoman for each article washed. ? Lady Heathcote.

Household and personal accounts of a lady.  1ANC7/A/11  c. 1734

Octavo sized note book, paper covered.

Sept. there is an account "for weding close".

Small leather covered note book "House Accounts 1796-8"  1ANC7/A/12  1796-1798

Set out monthly.
Household accounts at Normanton.
J. Daveny is house steward.

Note book  1ANC7/A/13  nd. [18th Century]

Small octavo size note book, paper cover.

At the front there is a list of the "London Tradesmen" with their addresses
A separate sheet for each tradesmen with the date when he is paid up to.

Note book.  1ANC7/A/14  1799-1805

Small parchment bound

J. Daveny is the house steward.
Arranged weekly and shows accounts for kitchen, grocery and housekeeper.
Towards the end it shows various tradesmen's accounts.

Accounts of the various tradesmen and general household accounts.  1ANC7/A/15  1805-1812

Octavo size leather bound book, stiff cover.

Notes (with dates) saying when they moved the establishment to London, Stocken, Richmond, and Colchester.

Accounts of various tradesmen for the households at London, Normanton, and Ramsgate.  1ANC7/A/16  1805-1810

Octavo size note book, limp red cover.

J. Daveny is the house steward.

General household and personal account book belonging to a lady.  1ANC7/A/17  1786-1810

Small 4to note book, stiff parchment cover.

Confectioners' accounts.  1ANC7/A/18-20  1806-1809

3 small leather covered note books.

Accounts of Sir Gilbert Heathcote with James Gunter and Son of 7 Berkeley Square, London.
Accounts for cakes, nuts, fruits etc.

"Grocery. Sir Gilbert Heathcote bart. 1804".  1ANC7/A/21  1804

Small blue paper covered book

Various grocery accounts.

"Grocer Book 1808".  1ANC7/A/22  1805-1808

Octavo sized note book, limp leather cover.

Accounts of Sir Gilbert Heathcote with William Davies.

"Sir Gilbert Heathcote bart. Oilman's Book."  1ANC7/A/23-24  1804-1810

Octavo limp leather bound note books.

Accounts for oil, soap, vinegar, pepper etc.

Household accounts at Mount Ararat.  1ANC7/A/25  1804-1813

Small 8vo. parchment covered note book.


Remains of account book  1ANC7/A/26  c. 1570


Conditions of access: Do not Produce

Labour Accounts  1ANC7/B  [n.d.]

Accounts for servants.  1ANC7/B/1-6  1794-1813

6 small note books

Names of servants, amount of wages paid and months worked.
5. is a receipt book of money paid to servants and estate workers.
Signed by each servant.
Part of 4 is also signed receipts by servants for wages.

Wages and time book, Grimsthorpe Home Farm.  1ANC7/B/7  1901-4

Personal accounts  1ANC7/C  [n.d.]

"Statement of account between Sir G. Heathcote and J. Daveny; Sept. 2nd 1813."  1ANC7/C/1  2 September 1813

Small quarto sized note book, no cover.

Only four pages used. Accounts of Gilbert Heathcote for stationery, travelling, horses, and other personal accounts.

Bank book, mentioning Gosling's bank.  1ANC7/C/2  1811-13

Estate Accounts  1ANC7/D  [n.d.]

An accounts of the money received from Sir Gilbert Heathcote by J. Daveny for use on the estates at Normanton, London etc.  1ANC7/D/1  nd [18th century]

Small leather bound book.

An account book, mostly rentals and arrears, bill of disbursements for personal estate.  1ANC7/D/2  1698-1702

Long parchment bound book, tattered at the edges.

Lenton and Ingoldsby. (? Stamford or Brownlowe estates).

Rentals, taxes, and other estate accounts for Weston.  1ANC7/D/3  1679-1812

Long narrow book, limp leather coyer with metal clasps, not very good condition: Repaired + rebound 1972; The first section of the book has been sewn together at the edges so making it impossible to read.

Not much used after the first section, now sewn.

"Farming book, Stocken Hall 1825."  1ANC7/D/4-5  1825

2 4to sized parchment bound books

Receipts and expenditures. Rents, rates, stock, etc.

Compotus of the lands of Lady Cecilia Wells.  1ANC7/D/6  1514-1518

Large parchment roll.

Anthony Hansard is the receiver.
Lands in Withern, Skendleby, Hanby, Bradley and Braynesbye (? Bransby) Conyngesholme, Alford and Aby.

"The Barony of Willoughbie Beake and Eresbie.  1ANC7/D/7  nd

Paper roll which is very much eaten at one end.

Conditions of access: Missing

The accounts of the Right Worshipful.......... and rent and revenues of the right honourable......
Eresby, Spilsby, the chantry of Spilsby, Partney, Friskney, Raithby, East Keal, West Keal, Stickford, Stainsby, Willoughby, Hanby, Welton, Sloothby, Gt. Steeping, Toynton, Ingoldmells, Theddlethorpe, Skidbrook, Saltfleethaven, Belleau, Well, Alford, Fulstow (Beck, Rectory and Arsyk), Gosberton, Grimsthorpe, Edenham, Haldney (?), Fishtoft.
There is then an account of the wood sold from some of the estates. List of the money for the rent of the above lands which has been paid by different farmers, also a list of arrearage of the farms etc. This roll is endorsed "The Recevors Account 1610".

Account book of Richard Wynne for various estates.  1ANC7/D/8  1729-42

49 pages

The account of a steward, William Myers.

Receipt for payment of rent by W. Adcock in 1826 (for Coningsby)  1ANC7/D/9  1826

Source of acquisition: Sent to the Grimsthorpe agent Mr. Binns in 1916 on behalf of a descendant.
Sent by Lord Ancaster 15-1-55.

[no title or date]  1ANC8

Vouchers  1ANC8/Vouchers  1701-c.1882

36 Bundles

1-8 1701-44. Small Nos. of vouchers, chiefly personal, all Heathcote.
? for guardianship or executorship.
? some of Carter's things mixed with them. (c.f. IX/B below)
9-15 1761-70. 4 bundles, chiefly for work done at Normanton and in London, Heathcote.
1 bundle made from a No. of loose vouchers, travelling and other personal bills, Lady Margaret Heathcote, with a few general household bills.
1771-80. 9 bundles (many smaller ones tied together).
General estate and household, Heathcote.
1781-90. 6 bundles. 9 bundles (many smaller ones tied together).
General estate and household, Heathcote.
1791-1820. 10 bundles 9 bundles (many smaller ones tied together).
General estate and household, Heathcote. and a No. of loose vouchers.
General estate and household, with many stable accounts.
c. 1882 A parcel containing household accounts. Grimsthorpe.
6 large parcels.

Commercial Activities  1ANC9  [n.d.]

There were among the loose papers and unlabelled bundles a number which appeared to be connected with the banking and general commercial activities of Sir Gilbert Heathcote (1651-1733), lord Mayor of London, chief founder of the new East India Company (1693) and a member of the first board of Directors of the Bank of England (D.N.B. XXV, 351). A number of these papers seem to have been concerned with executorship and bankruptcy trusts with which Sir Gilbert and his son Henry were concerned as trustees or creditors. There were also a number of case papers which appeared to be commercial in origin.

Trusteeships  1ANC9/A  [n.d.]

Arrangement: These have been arranged by the name of the testator or bankrupt where this is possible. One large group (that relating to Henry Carter) appears by itself as section B.

Ephraim Mountague, silk thrower, of London  1ANC9/A/1  Oct. 19th 1703 - Feb. 11th 1713/14

58 bonds for repayment of sums of money at 6% interest, Mountague to Sir Gilbert Heathcote. The sums of money lent are, according to slips of paper inside a number of the bonds, half shares of the purchase price of raw silk bought from various sources (e.g. the East India Company, Mr. Jacobsen, brother Wm. Heathcote, prize ships the Duke and Duchess). Some of the bonds are numbered, 1-43 and there are names on a few, at the bottom right hand side.

Ephraim Mountague  1ANC9/A/2  1703-1713

Warrant of attorney by E. Mountague to receive a declaration in an action of debt (£57,685 17. 9.) at the suit of Sir Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC9/A/2/a  April 1st 1713

List of bonds, 1-43 included.

Mortgage, as security for a payment of £1600 of a quantity (2683 lbs. of China silk and 198 lbs. of Bengal silk).  1ANC9/A/2/b  June 25th 1707

E. Mountague to Justus Beck, merchant of London.

Draft declaration of Sir Gilbert Heathcote's interest in one fifth of a quantity of silk bought and of his advancement of the full purchase price of other parcels of silk.  1ANC9/A/2/c  1703

Silk bought by E. Mountague of Francis Acton.

Similar declaration by Mountague  1ANC9/A/2/d  1703

much decayed.

Related information: See 1ANC9/A/2/C

Mortgage as security for a payment of £3000 of a quantity of silk (details given).  1ANC9/A/2/e  Dec. 22nd 1703

E. Mountague to Sir Charles Eyre of Row co. Surrey.

Anthony Palmer esq. of Stamford Baron  1ANC9/A/3  1713-1717

Copy of the will and discharges of legacies.  1ANC9/A/3/a-o  1713-17

The bundle is incomplete, beginning only with no. 10.

This is possibly connected with the title to the lordship of Woolfox or Woolfhouse co. Rutland.

James Ogle, bricklayer, of the island of Jamaica  1ANC9/A/4  1714-1723

Loose documents found in various places. Mr. Ogle had commercial connections with Sir Gilbert and Mr. Henry Heathcote, who acted for his widow after his death.

Statement of the debts of James Ogle  1ANC9/A/4/a  1714-16

Insurance and freight charges, stores etc. against logwood and indigo sold for him

Bills of lading, sugar and logwood  1ANC9/A/4/b,c,d  April 8th 1715 - July 6th 1716

James Ogle to William Bignall, merchant

Accounts for sales of sugar on James Ogle's account.  1ANC9/A/4/e,f,g  July 14th 1715 - Nov. 8th 1716

Note. the sums involved are fairly small.

Letters, James Ogle to his sister Jane James about remittances to her.  1ANC9/A/4/h,i,j  July 12th 1716 - May 4th 1719

Much worn.

Addressed to Labor in Vain Court in Old Fish Street.

Letters.  1ANC9/A/4/k,l  Sept. and Nov. 1716

William Bignall to James Ogle relating to consignments of sugar.

Memoranda of sums paid to Mrs. James.  1ANC9/A/4/m  1717-18

Certificate of probate of the will of James Ogle by Sarah Ogle.  1ANC9/A/4/n  Jan. 3rd 1720/1

Sir Nicholas Lawes Governor of the Island of Jamaica.

Copy of the will and probate inventory of James Ogle.  1ANC9/A/4/o  April 21st 1722

Certificate of Robert Baillie chief notary public and secretary of Jamaica and of Sir Nicholas Lawes. Seal of the colony of Jamaica.
N.B. that the inventory includes a number of slaves.

Power of attorney.  1ANC9/A/4/p  May 14th 1722

Sarah Ogle to Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Co. to recover debts due to James Ogle from James Burton and Others.

Letter and copy of a receipt.  1ANC9/A/4/q  March 1722

Gilbert and Henry Heathcote to the executors of James Barton late of Bristol.

Letters.  1ANC9/A/4/r,s  May 14th 1722

Sarah Ogle to Gilbert Heathcote relating to her husband's debts and assets.

Quitclaim for payment of legacy.  1ANC9/A/4/t  March 8th 1722/3

Francis James cordwainer and Jane his wife to Sarah Ogle.
(In order to pay it Henry Heathcote has sold S. Sea Co. stock which he was holding for Mrs. Ogle).

Letter.  1ANC9/A/4/w  Feb. 1723/4

Sarah Ogle to Jane James. She is sending £50 as a present.

4 receipted bills.  1ANC9/A/4/x  1723/4

Paid on Mrs. Ogle's behalf by Henry Heathcote.

3 Other Items  1ANC9/A/4/y  [n.d.]

Benjamin Boucher of Fort William in India  1ANC9/A/5  [n.d.]

Letters to Sir Gilbert and Mr. John Heathcote from Samuel and Mary Blount (widow of Boucher and also of Mr. Waldo)  1ANC9/A/5/a,b  Dec. 12th 1709

Regarding Boucher's estate and the despatch of his daughters to England. Calcutta.

Copy of Mr. Robert Nightingale's account on behalf of Mary and Joyce Blount.  1ANC9/A/5/c  [n.d.]

Copies of the journals and ledgers of B. Boucher.  1ANC9/A/5/d,e,f,g  1704/5

Detailed accounts of a general agent in Fort William, names of clients, English and Indian.

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/6  1677-1707

Mitchell was the brother-in-law of Sir Gilbert Heathcote; his son Thomas writes to Sir Gilbert as "Honoured Uncle."

Bonds and conveyances of part shares in various ships to Samuel Mitchell and Christopher his son.  1ANC9/A/6/a-k  1677-1703

Conditions of access: C-K = Not For Production

Gilbert Heathcote is one of the vendors.

Will of Samuel Mitchell.  1ANC9/A/6/1  Probate 1707

Much rubbed and decayed

Conditions of access: Not For Production

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/7  1697-1710

There are also a few accounts from the partners' agents in Lisbon, Ulivieri and Medici.

Copies of an agreement and accounts relating to the partnership of Francis Arundel, Samuel Shepherd and Samuel Mitchell, for the importation to England of coral, mirrors and other objets d'art.  1ANC9/A/7/a-x  1697-1710

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/8  1700-1704

Accounts, partnership, between Samuel Mitchell and William Broughton  1ANC9/A/8/a-f  c. 1700-1704

This partnership was dissolved in 1704.

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/9  1707-1716

Correspondence, chiefly from Thomas Mitchell (son of Samuel) and Francis Arundel to Sir Gilbert Heathcote and John Gunston.  1ANC9/A/9/a-q  Sept. 1707 - Oct. 1716

Interesting references to commercial affairs in Naples in war conditions and a long attack by Thomas Mitchell on Arundel, to whom he is apprenticed.

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/10  1707-1708

Accounts of Joseph Jennings for the upkeep of Hester Mitchell.  1ANC9/A/10/a-d  1707-8

Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn  1ANC9/A/11  1707-1719

Executorship accounts.  1ANC9/A/11/a-w  1707-1719

Samuel Mitchell  1ANC9/A/12  1708-10

59 items.

Receipts for outstanding accounts and legacies with other miscellaneous calculations.

Samuel Mitchell  1ANC9/A/13  1719-1727

Legal documents  1ANC9/A/13/a-d  1719-1727

E.g. marriage settlement of T. Mitchell.

Arthur Baron  1ANC9/A/14  1687-1688

Sir Gilbert Heathcote was one of the executors of Arthur Baron.

Releases by Frances Baron daughter of James Baron, citizen and clothworker, and her intended husband Francis Duncomb to her mother Anne and brother Arthur.  1ANC9/A/14/a-f  1687-8

With related documents.

Thomas Freeman  1ANC9/A/15  1707-1710

Two letters relating to the executorship of Thomas Freeman, dying in Batavia.  1ANC9/A/15/a-b  1707-10

John Heathcote, acting as agent for the executor Thomas Hugben.

Thomas, Lord Crewe  1ANC9/A/16  1697-1704

Armynes of Osgodby: Anne daughter and co-heir of Sir William Armyne married as her second husband Thomas, Lord Crewe.

Executorship accounts.  1ANC9/A/16/a  1697-1704

Parchment cover marked "Lincolnshire rents, personal estate."

This includes an inventory of the personal estate, plate etc. funeral expenses.

Balthazar Lyell; Sir John Heathcote a trustee  1ANC9/A/17  1740-54

28 items.

Letters, chiefly from Henry Lyell, brother and heir and Edward Grubb, to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, and some accounts.

Loans  1ANC9/A/18  1734-1743

Letters of attorney from the ambassador of the Emperor of Germany Count Philip Kinsky  1ANC9/A/18/a-b  March 6th 1734/5

Appointing Sir John Heathcote and others his agents for raising a loan, on which 1% is to be charged.

A large seal in a wooden case which appears to be associated with this transaction.  1ANC9/A/18/c  [n.d.]

A series of calculations  1ANC9/A/18/d  1743

much decayed

Relating to a loan to the King of Prussia

Samuel Brooking of Funchall, Madeira and of Modbury in Devon  1ANC9/A/19  1706-1713

Letters, receipts etc.  1ANC9/A/19/a-z, aa-ff  1706-13

From the heirs of Samuel Brooking to Gilbert Heathcote and John Pollexfen.

Samuel Brooking  1ANC9/A/20  nd [1700s]

Copies of will, accounts and other exhibits, and case papers.  1ANC9/A/20/a-o  [n.d.]

Bankruptcy Case, Henry Carter, linen draper  1ANC9/B  [n.d.]

William Heathcote was an assignee under the original commission and was succeeded first by Sir Gilbert and then by Sir John.

Commission of bankruptcy  1ANC9/B/1  April 13th 1714

1 item.

Conditions of access: Not fit for Production

Great Seal, in tin case, now detached and broken. Deed much decayed.

Papers of the firm of Carter Paris Batcheler  1ANC9/B/2  c. 1712-14

Notes of hand, copies of accounts, lists of creditors.  1ANC9/B/2/a-m  [n.d.]

g and m are files of bills.
There are also two wrappers endorsed Batchellor.

Creditors' papers  1ANC9/B/3  c. 1712-16

Affidavits, copies of documents, calculations and receipts  1ANC9/B/3/a-j  [n.d.]

Relating to the claims of three creditors, Doughty, Scawen and Coulson.

Assignees' and creditors' agreements  1ANC9/B/4  c. 1715/16 - 1725

These drafts relate principally to the claim of another creditor William Fellowes.  1ANC9/B/4/a-h  [n.d.]

Papers of William Heathcote, creditor and assignee  1ANC9/B/5  1712-16

Accounts, bills, letters relating to various loans made to Carter.  1ANC9/B/5/a-z, aa-gg  [n.d.]

Affidavits etc. in the course of the commission  1ANC9/B/6  1714-15

Affidavits of creditors relating to the bankruptcy.  1ANC9/B/6/a-m  [n.d.]

Accounts and financial memoranda  1ANC9/B/7  1714-16

The accounts of Mr. Vigerus Edwards, creditors' receipts for dividends etc.  1ANC9/B/7/a-s  [n.d.]

S. is a small bundle of 12 orders to pay sums to creditors, addressed by Edwards to William Heathcote as assignee of Carter.

Estate of Henry Carter  1ANC9/B/9  May 1715 - March 1716

Letters to William Heathcote and Vigerus Edwards from George Lilly bailiff of Carter's estate in co. Bedford.  1ANC9/B/9/a-h  [n.d.]

Further Division of the estates  1ANC9/B/10  1720-7

Letters, receipts etc. chiefly addressed to Sir Gilbert Heathcote as assignee.  1ANC9/B/10/a-z, aa-dd  [n.d.]

Further division of the estates  1ANC9/B/11  1741 Feb. - July

Letters etc. as in 10 chiefly addressed to Sir John Heathcote as assignee.  1ANC9/B/11/a-g  [n.d.]

Case Papers  1ANC9/C  [n.d.]

Army debenture case  1ANC9/C/1  1721-5

This arose from a purchase by Sir Gilbert from William Gulston who was acting for John Thorneycroft (and in reality for Aaron Senior) of an army debenture supposedly of £700, which Thorneycroft and Senior had obtained as a security for a loan they had made to John Bland who was acting on behalf of Matthew Packenham. The bond was found to be a forgery and Sir Gilbert demanded satisfaction from Gulston. Bland, who asserted that he acted in ignorance of the forgery also advanced a claim.

Briefs and related case papers.  1ANC9/C/1/a-n  [n.d.]

Army debenture case  1ANC9/C/2  nd [1700s]

Depositions and statements of case.  1ANC9/C/2/a-s  [n.d.]

Army debenture case  1ANC9/C/3  nd. [1700s]

Bonds, copies of accounts and other exhibits.  1ANC9/C/3/a-r  [n.d.]

Army debenture case  1ANC9/C/4  nd. [1700s]

Letters, chiefly from Gulston to Henry Heathcote.  1ANC9/C/4/a-j  [n.d.]

Woodnoth v. Heathcote  1ANC9/C/5  1720-1723

This case arose from a sale of £1000 worth of South Sea Co. stock 3rd. subscription, made to Benjamin Woodnoth in the name of John Heathcote, for Thomas White. Woodnoth attempted, when the contracts concerned with the 3rd. subscription were declared void, to recover the purchase money from Heathcote, alleging that he also could not find the contract registered at South Sea House.

Case papers.  1ANC9/C/5/a-g  [n.d.]

Swaine v. Sherwood  1ANC9/C/6  1720-1

20 items.

Much decayed.

Letters and drafts of cases. Case arising from a loan made by John Swaine to Thomas Sherwood on the security of a certain quantity of South Sea Company shares.

Miscellaneous Papers  1ANC9/D  [n.d.]

Adjusted accounts
These were wrapped in a list of East India Company merchants dated March 8th 1730/1 and are endorsed in several hands one of which resembles Sir John Heathcote's. They relate to executorships, commercial agencies etc.

Daniel Dickons  1ANC9/D/1  1722/3 - 32

12 items.

Relating to an executorship account.

Robert Ives  1ANC9/D/2  1720-5

4 items.

Relating to commissions performed by him chiefly in South Lincolnshire.

Thomas Isted  1ANC9/D/3  1720-8

7 items.

(Note that he has a plantation in Jamaica apparently a commercial agency; references to lotteries, South Sea Company subscriptions and also bills to Sir Hans Sloane.

Henry and William Maister  1ANC9/D/4  1718-25

14 items.

Lotteries, S.S. and E.I. Co's subscriptions, brokerage.

Sir Hans Sloane and William Sloane  1ANC9/D/5  1720-33

13 items.

Lotteries, subscriptions, general agencies for plantations in Jamaica.
1ANC9/D/5/F: Aug. 6th 1724. To cash paid Lutman and Remers per. Mr. Jacobsen for Raritys from Hamborough. £111-6.
D.N.B. mentions voyages made to Jamaica and a stay there in 1687-9 by Sir Hans Sloane.

Smith and Willott  1ANC9/D/6  1721-9

15 items.

Agency for the importation of ginger from Jamaica.
Paul Smith writes from Uttoxeter and Thomas Willott from Manchester (Old Hall, Withington). They were not a single firm but some of their letters and accounts have been wrapped together in a note dated March 10th 1729/30 from the City Remembrance John Lethieullier to Sir Gilbert, about the City's action regarding the Bill for the recovery of small debts.

John Fuller  1ANC9/D/7  1719-28

10 items.

(He had a plantation in Jamaica.)
General agency for shipping goods to him in Jamaica - iron work, sweetmeats and pantiles.
Connection with Isted and Sloane, whose tenant he seems to have been. N.B. charges for outfit and passage of various men to Jamaica. Similar items in 5 supra.

Samuel Slater of Chesterfield  1ANC9/D/8  1719-25

6 items.

Slater acted as Sir Gilbert's agent in Chesterfield.

James Ogle  1ANC9/D/9  1718-24

5 items.

Executorship accounts. c.f. IX/A/4 supra.

Benjamin Boucher  1ANC9/D/10  1704-23

6 items.

Related information: c.f. 9/A/5 supra.

Trusteeship account, John Heathcote trustee for Boucher's children. The papers came to Sir Gilbert as executor of his brother John.

Thomas and Hester Mitchell (children of Sam. Mitchell)  1ANC9/D/11  1719-23

14 items.

Related information: C.F. 9/A/6-13.

Trusteeship accounts, relating chiefly to Hester, who in married William Mingay a city merchant and refused at his insistence to have her fortune settled in trustees' hands, preferring to "follow the city custom"

Marie del Crusel of Amsterdam  1ANC9/D/12  1725-33

7 items.


Mary Mellor of Church Sterndale co. Derby and others.  1ANC9/D/13  nd [1720s]

5 items.

Trusteeship. Mary Mellor, widow, was sister of Thomas Wilson of St. George's Jamaica and one of her daughters is the wife of Thomas Willott, husbandman, of Withington Old Hall. The property of Thomas Wilson consists in ginger which was being shipped to William Heathcote.

Henry Smallwood  1ANC9/D/14  1720-23

43 items.

There are principally "drawn" notes to pay various sums to bearer, charging them to the writer's account.
c.f. Clapham Bank of England I, 10

George Heathcote (nephew of Gilbert and William)  1ANC9/D/15  1723-4

7 items.

Lotteries and subscriptions.

Miscellaneous small accounts, chiefly relating to Jamaica  1ANC9/D/16  1694-1726

Blount.  1ANC9/D/16/a  1709


Erisey.  1ANC9/D/16/b  1726-8

3 items.

Ballard.  1ANC9/D/16/c  1726

Andrews.  1ANC9/D/16/d  1724-8

4 items.

Connected with Andrews and Smallwood

Jacobsen.  1ANC9/D/16/e  1721-2

2 items.

Campbell.  1ANC9/D/16/f  1720-6

Lotteries and securities bought.

Harpur.  1ANC9/D/16/g  1720-4

3 items.

Witherston  1ANC9/D/16/h  1720

Board for the younger Heathcotes.

Kelly.  1ANC9/D/16/i  1710-16


Robinson.  1ANC9/D/16/j  1727-8


Harrison.  1ANC9/D/16/k  1716-17

2 items.


Hacker.  1ANC9/D/16/l  1719-23

2 items.


Lowe.  1ANC9/D/16/m  1714

Caleb Heathcote.  1ANC9/D/16/n  1718-19

"Bro. Caleb's account". This apparently is one of the accounts in Sir Gilbert's executorship of William Heathcote. Caleb seems at some time to have been resident in Jamaica.

Sentence.  1ANC9/D/16/o  1725-6


Dawson.  1ANC9/D/16/p  1722


Beeston.  1ANC9/D/16/q  1694/5

"Silver and gold received out of the Advice Man of War Capt. Acton from Jamaica by order for the account of my lady Beeston". [? the wife of Sir Wm. Beeston, Lt. gov. of Jamaica c. 1702, D.N.B. IV, 125]

Cross.  1ANC9/D/16/r  1723-5

4 items.

Jamaica: this includes two bills of lading for goods shipped in Cross in Jamaica by Henry Heathcote.

Robinson.  1ANC9/D/16/s  1717-20

Atherton  1ANC9/D/17  1732-5

11 items.

Documents in a case relating to the will of Thomas Hacker of Jamaica (16 1 supra). Mrs. Atherton wife of John Atherton of Durham Yard in the Strand was one of Hacker's sisters and heirs.

Miscellaneous Paper  1ANC9/E  [n.d.]

Partnerships  1ANC9/E/1  1650-70

3 items.

Much decayed.

Deeds of partnership and dissolution: Rayner and White mercers in the city of London. An inventory of goods and a bond included with the deed of dissolution.

Gilbert Heathcote gent. of Chesterfield  1ANC9/E/2  1663-91

55 items.

A series of bonds for repayment of debts to him by various men in the Chesterfield neighbourhood. (one at Sheffield.) This was perhaps put together after his death by his wife and executrix Anne Heathcote.

Account book  1ANC9/E/3  c. 1709

1 item.

Paper cover, decayed

Apparently a list of debtors, of someone trading to the East Indies. The names of Thomas and Nicholas Coppins are mentioned.

Gilbert and William Heathcote  1ANC9/E/4  1714-20

6 items.

Bond for the repayment of debts.

Agreements for the Jamaica trade  1ANC9/E/5  1705 and 1709

2 items.

Thomas Hacker and Samuel Andrew agree to serve as factors for the firm of Heathcote Brothers.

Colin Campbell; "Papers about Colin Campbell's debt sent to Gov. Macrae".  1ANC9/E/6  1720-7

13 items.

Bonds, copies of accounts, letters and draft letters relating to the repayment of a Joan made by Henry Heathcote (acting for John Wastell) on the security of S. S. Co. stock, for which satisfaction could not be bad at the time and which was recovered after letters to the Governor of Fort S. George. (Colin Campbell is of Gothenburg in 1727)

Sir Redmund Everard  1ANC9/E/7  1720-33

10 items.

Bonds, letters, copies of accounts relating to a loan by Josiah Wordsworth to Everard (Wordsworth acting for John Wastell) as security for which a certain quantity of S.S. Co. stock had been assigned to Wordsworth.

Thomas Dinely  1ANC9/E/8  1720-3

6 items.

Letters, drafts of case papers etc. relating to a loan made to Dinely by Wordsworth (acting perhaps as agent for Sir Gilbert Heathcote who is referred to in several of the letters). Wastell is referred to as the brother-in-law of Dinely. Decayed. c. is a letter from Wastell to Wordsworth. Aug. 31st 1721. extract: "I hope Sir Gilbert will take 200 1. or 300 1. from my brother. If any considerate person does but remember the cursed infatuation that befell everyone the last year he would be moved with compassion towards any sufferer. I am certain my loss is my all in that subscription and rather than distress one or two families to beg their bread I have taken what offered and submit myself to the low degree of a common broker to support my poor family from want".

South Sea Company miscellaneous memoranda  1ANC9/E/9  1719-28

c. 28 items.

Much decayed.

Covenants to transfer stock, receipts, memoranda of stocks, bought on behalf of various people by Sir Gilbert and Henry Heathcote.

Smith of Jamaica; "Copy of bonds attested before lord Mayor of London - May 8th 1739" (hand of Sir John Heathcote)  1ANC9/E/10  1720

6 items.

Copies of bonds made by Samuel and James Smith to Heathcote for repayment of a debt contracted by their father. Seal of Micajah Perry, Lord Mayor, in accordance with an act of 5 Geo. II for the more easy recovery of debts in the plantations and colonies of America.

Miscellaneous  1ANC9/E/11  1720-53

8 items.

partly decayed.

Letters, bonds, an account relating to various commercial affairs

Household and Estate Management  1ANC10  [n.d.]

Inventories of household goods etc.  1ANC10/A  [n.d.]

Inventory of the goods of Lyon lord Welles.  1ANC10/A/1A  1430

1 membrane.

[6th Lord Welles.] List of books in the chamber: 1 liber vocatus apocalipes gallice scriptus item 1 lucidar in French item 1 liber de natura bestium in french item 1 quateria anglice scripta de proverbiis item 1 rotulus vocatus le Brute Item 1 liber vocatus pilgrimage de vita humana and in the chapel 1 biblia 1 liber de iure civili.

Attached to 1ANC10/A is a memorandum of plate in the lord's hand. 'de dono episcopi Lincoln'.  1ANC10/A/1B  nd. [15th century ?]

Copies information: Copy in MCD125r MCD249/4

The Remayn taken at Southwarke the xviii day of December of plate anno xxvii H' viii  1ANC10/A/2  1536

6 pages.


Related information: see H.M.C. Ancaster p. 453 for this

The boke of alsuche horses as my Lades grace hathe the xxii of maye ao xxxviii H. viiith.  1ANC10/A/3  1547

16 pages.

Related information: See HMC Ancaster p453

At f. 7 a list of horses in 4 Edward VI.
ff. 10-12. a list of stock of all kinds in various fields with notes of what is to be done with it.
f. 13. The pastures at Swinthorpe.
f. 15. Mares of my lady Graces delivered to Eresby.

The booke of such horses as my lades grace hathe at Grimsthorpe or elles wher the XXVIII of April ao primo Ed VI. with a booke thereone anexed of all suche horses geldynges (twice) as hathe ben sold geven or died since the XXII of maye ao XXXVIII H. VIII untill these same day afore named.  1ANC10/A/4  1547

4 pages.

Arrangement: (A pencil no. gives 3 a.)

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 453.

Thinventorie of suche apraile and other thinges lent by my ladies grace to the duke and Ch. her sonnes and bought by her 1551.  1ANC10/A/5  1551

4 pages.

Arrangement: (pencil number 4.)

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 457.

In a hand of the late 17c. or early 18c: This paper respects wearing apparel.
On the last page: Inventary of the yonk dukes goodes.

Duplicate of 1ANC10/A/5, in a different hand  1ANC10/A/6  nd.[c.1551]

4 pages.

A nott of the Mares and fillies committed to the charge of Mr. John Turpin keeper of the fallowe deare parke in Maii 1587.  1ANC10/A/7  Endorsement says: February 1588

2 pages.

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 457.

A note of such mares as are covered this May 1589  1ANC10/A/8  May 1589

2 pages.

Arrangement: pencil No. 5a

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 457

An Inventory of furniture c. 1600.  1ANC10/A/9  [n.d.]

14 pages

Arrangement: pencil no. 6.

Related information: HMC Ancaster P.457

(H.M.C. says at Grimsthorpe) The cover is formed from a court roll of Fulstow, April 1572.

An inventory of goods belonging to the most noble marquis of Lindsey at Swinstead.  1ANC10/A/10  n.d. post 1735

8 pages

Arrangement: pencil no. 13

"The 27 of March 1725. I weighed her Grace the Dutchess of Ancasters briliants that belong to her Graces Nacklace and buckle. Jacob Duhamel"  1ANC10/A/11  27 March 1725

1 page

Arrangement: pencil no. 13.

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 458.

An inventory of Goods belonging to his Grace the duke of Ancaster att his hunting seate at Nainby (Navenby) Taken this 25 day of Augst. 1730.  1ANC10/A/12  25 August 1730

Arrangement: pencil no. 11.

Related information: HMC Ancaster p. 459.

Probate inventory, Maurice Wynn of Croggen.  1ANC10/A/13  1671

Related information: c.f. Calendar of Wynn of Gwydir papers 1515-1690, Aberystwyth National Library of Wales, 1926, passim.

Maurice Wynne the Receiver General of N. Wales, died 1670

A note of all my plates att Caermelwr. december the 1st 1676.  1ANC10/A/14  [n.d.]

Arrangement: pencil no. 6a.

Related information: Abstracts printed from H.H.C. Ancaster p. 458 in Calendar no. 2791.

Lady Wynn: Grace niece of archbishop Williams, and widow of Sir Owen

An abstract of all the goods of Gwyder Upper House that were in Thos. Hughes' custody now delivered to Thos. Wynne cler. by the orders of his Grace the Duke of Ancaster.  1ANC10/A/15  April the 1st 1728

4 pages

Arrangement: in paper cover.

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 459

An inventory of the Goods of his Grace the Duke of Ancaster left at the house called Upper Gwedur by Thos. Wynne cl.  1ANC10/A/16  June 8th 1737

6 pages.

Arrangement: pencil no. 12.

Related information: HMC Ancaster. p. 459.

Estate Management etc.  1ANC10/B  [n.d.]

Leases  1ANC10/B/1  1810

22 items.

Counterpart leases, on printed forms, by Sir Gilbert Heathcote of land in Langham co. Rutland.

Sale Particulars  1ANC10/B/2  1831, 1838

Crowland estate, including the manor and advowson.  1ANC10/B/2/a  1831


Irnham, Bulby and Hawthorpe.  1ANC10/B/2/b  1838


Shooting Book  1ANC10/B/3  1819 - 22

1 item.

19 pages, paper with paper cover

Sir Gilbert Heathcote. Places are always given. (Lincs. and Rutland estates and sometimes Belvoir, Apethorp and Lord W. Burley [sic].) and members of the party sometimes.

Stud Book  1ANC10/B/4  A copy made in 1844

1 item.; 60 pages (blank from 18)

Paper; Board covers.

Peregrine 3rd Duke of Ancaster's stud book for 1772-78

Repairs  1ANC10/C  [n.d.]

Tadworth Court, Epsom  1ANC10/C/1  1875-6

5 items.

A bundle of papers relating to repairs etc. to the house of W. H. Heathcote at Epsom.

Wem, co. Salop  1ANC10/C/2  nd

3 items.

Much decayed.

Estimates for repairs to the estate of John Newport.

Miscellaneous Household  1ANC10/D  [n.d.]

Fire Insurances  1ANC10/D/1  1765-83

5 items.

Policies and receipts for contributions, Westminster Contributors Hand in Hand, for Sir Gilbert Heathcote's House in Grosvenor Street and Grosvenor Square.

Menus  1ANC10/D/2  c. 1845

4 items.

Cartes du Jour for Paris restaurants.

Plans  1ANC10/D/3  nd. [18th Century]

5 items.

Plans for 3 floors, with two elevations of an unnamed house, endorsed "Plan of Houses."
Mr. Laurence Whistler believes these to be the work of Sir John Vanbrugh. Mr. John Charlton of K.N.O.W. agrees with this opinion 7th Nov. 1952 and Mr. Howard Colvin. Summer 1952.

Executorship Papers  1ANC11  [n.d.]

Related information: c.f. also 9/A and 9/D.

Wills and copies, inquisitions Post Mortem  1ANC11/A  [n.d.]

John Wylliamson, I.P.M.  1ANC11/A/1  October 18th 1513 at Alford

Copy on paper

Lands in Winceby and Scrafield.

John Caundish kt. of Woode in Isle of Axholme. Will  1ANC11/A/2  Oct. 19th 1553: November 8th 1554 (P.C.C.)


Related information: L&.H.S. XV, 733 has the grant of this monastic property to Cavendish, May 1540.

Property: Manors of Wood (Priory in the Wood, late Charterhouse), Thorneholme, Burnham, mills of Overburnham and Hall Flats, parsonages of Owston and Haxey,
Beneficiaries: wife Margaret, Augustine son of his brother John, of Orby, Margaret Sheffield his sister in law, Richard Thorne his nephew, Cycelie Zouche his sister in law, Richard son of his brother Richard.
Stonehouse's Axholme p. 256: Low Melwood granted to Mr. John Candish who had married into the Sheffield family and resided on their property at West Butterwick. Margaret daughter of Sir John Zouch of Codnor married 1. Sir Robert Sheffield and 2. John Caundish.
Elizabeth sister of Charles Brandon's father had married John Cavendish of Cavendish and Trimely St. Martin in co. Suffolk., Dugdale Baronage, II, 300.

John Maxy of Swinstead (Will, probate copy)  1ANC11/A/3  June 13th 1582. Probate June 25th 1582

Property: small pieces of land in Swinstead (crops given)
Beneficiaries: Joan his wife, sons James, William and John, daughter Agnes, brothers Henry and Richard.

William Crossfield, woollen draper of Kentish Town (will, probate copy)  1ANC11/A/4  Feb. 10th 1713, probate May 16th 1717

Property: House in Kentish Town.
Beneficiaries: sister Ann Crossfield, son in law Thomas Jackson.

A will of the same period as 4, quite illegible  1ANC11/A/5  18th century

Susan, Lady Belasise (will, copy)  1ANC11/A/6  Sept. 28th 1710. Probate March 11th 1711/12

26 pages

Arrangement: Paper, fragile.

Related information: [For Lady Belasise v. supra V/C/1.]

Property: Manor of Carbonells with Chilton co. Suffolk, Osgodby with Lenton, Ingoldsby East and West Hall.
Beneficiaries: (a trust recited) husband James Fortrey, godson James Davenant, cousins Horatio Walpole junior and William Carter esq.

Robert Hudson esq. of Tadworth Court (will, copy)  1ANC11/A/7  April 4th 1833. Probate May 12th 1835

13 pages, in an envelope postmarked 1863.


Related information: c.f. supra 10/C/1.

Property: freehold estate in co. Rutland, Tadworth co. Surrey.
Beneficiaries: wife, Mary Ann, Gilbert John Heathcote and Lionel Edward Heathcote and William Henry Heathcote, his relations.

Lady Willoughby d'Eresby (Will, copy, extract)  1ANC11/A/8  June 30th 1862

Property: estate of Drummond.
Beneficiaries: heirs of Alberic Drummond lord Willoughby: Clementina Elizabeth lady Aveland, Charlotte Augusta lady Carrington (his sisters) and Peter Robert Drummond lord Willoughby (his cousin)
In addition: 6 letters from the solicitors to Lord Aveland about this will. 1865.

The Payment of legacies, various executorship business  1ANC11/B  [n.d.]

William Heathcote esq. brother of Sir Gilbert, bequests to the children of his brother Col. Caleb Heathcote of New York  1ANC11/B/1  1723-35

13 items. (a-m.)

Caleb Heathcote married Martha ?; had 4 daughters and two sons. Both the sons and one of the daughters died before inheritance and some of these documents are concerned with the payment to the remaining daughters of their shares. One of the daughters, Ann, married James de Lancy (admitted at Corpus Christi, Cambridge, 1721, son of Stephen, merchant of New York, where he was born in 1703. Admitted at Inner Temple 1723. Chief Justice and lieutenant governor of New York. Died July 31st 1760. Alumni Cantabrig-ienses 1st series II, 29) Another sister, Martha, married Lewis Johnston who was bred to Physic and studied at Leyden c.f. 11/B/5K, infra
Quitclaims for payment of legacies, letters of administration ( for Wm. Gilbert and Elizabeth Heathcote, children of Caleb and Martha) and affidavits by various inhabitants of New York, e.g. Archibald Campbell, Barind Ryndens, William Bryant.

New York, as 1ANC11/B/1.  1ANC11/B/2  c. 1729-35

22 items. (a-v.)

Draft of the will of William Heathcote (in Sir John's hand) with calculations of the amounts due to each beneficiary and some bills for legal charges in the execution of will (the attornies are Samuel Baker and John Welles.)
Some of the notes and calculations are written on scraps of letters: 10. Notice for a guildhall court in 1730 "in scarlet gown" for the election of a lord mayor and "in violet gown" for the progress with the sheriffs to Westminster.

New York  1ANC11/B/3  1723-35

26 items. (a-z.)

Bills of exchange drawn by Martha Heathcote, and James de Lancy on Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Sir John Heathcote, with the accompanying letters, for the discharge of the legacies under William Heathcote's will.

New York  1ANC11/B/4  1716-36

27 items. -z, aa.

Letters relating to the legacy and to family matters, with a few draft replies, chiefly from James de Lancy to Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Sir John Heathcote. This formed a single bundle, labelled on the outside by Sir John "New York."
a. William Vesey to Sir Gilbert Heathcote. New York. May 19th 1716. He has delivered Sir Gilbert's messages to his brother (? Caleb) who is reducing his expenses. He sends information about Caleb's activity in the government of New York; he has placed his nominee in a customs house place but the commissioners have supplanted him with a relative of Lord Bolingbroke's. He (Vesey) hopes the Col. Heathcote will be appointed governor as he is extremely beloved and would in two or three years make his fortune.; Sir Gilbert has sufficient influence to achieve this. "the good services you have done the Crown and your interest with the King and the ministry and the Rt. Hon. Gen. Stanhope gives your honour a fair prospect of obtaining that post for him."
d. James de Lancy to John Heathcote. New York June 21st 1731. The Surveyor General of the Northern District has just died and he asks for his interest and Sir Gilbert's to get the place. "I propose to lay out thousand guineas to that end and have accordingly sent a note of £400 to Sir Gilbert.... you will know how to apply the money properly."
e.f. William Vesey to Sir Gilbert. New York June 21st 1731.
The same news.
g. Thomas Herring (formerly tutor to De Lancy at Cambridge) to Sir Gilbert. Bletchingley Sept. 21st 1731.
Thomas Herring (formerly tutor to De Lancy at Cambridge) to Sir Gilbert. Bletchingley Sept. 21st 1731.
[Archbishop of York 1743-7, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57. Alum. Cant. 1st series II, 358, DNB.]
k. James de Lancy to John Heathcote. New York Dec. 30th 1731. He has been disappointed of the place, although Sir Gilbert has been active on his behalf.
n. Martha Heathcote to Sir Gilbert. New York, May 8th 1732. She asks his interest to procure the return to the American station of Capt. Warren whose wife is the sister of James de Lancy.
q. James de Lancy to Sir John. New York Sept. 3rd 1733. He has been acting as chief justice on the appointment of the governor and asks for Sir John's help in making the appointment permanent.
r. James de Lancy to Sir John. New York June 19th 1734. His predecessor as Chief Justice is in England working against him; he asks for Sir John's help in getting the appointment confirmed.
s. James de Lancy to Sir John. New York Dec. 9th 1734.
His predecessor as Chief Justice, Mr. Morris, encouraged seditious practices:... "have had their inscriptions of Liberty and Law fixed up and carried about. Sir Robert very well knows the evil tendency of such things and if he be rightly informed of the measures taken here so resembling those in England I can make no question but that he will discountenance the man who in imitation of his brethren the Craftsmen has introduced that practice here."
u.v James de Lancy to Sir John. New York July 7th 1735. He has been on circuit and unable to write before; thanks Sir John for his efforts and hopes to hear of the outcome of the affair soon.
y. James de Lancy to Sir John. New York. Dec. 6th 1736.
He has now written to Mrs. Cosby to get a patent for the office of Chief Justice of New York from the King.

New York  1ANC11/B/5  1728-36

16 items. (a-p)

Letters relating to the legacy, James de Lancy to Sir Gilbert and Sir John. These were found loose.
n. Martha Heathcote to Sir John New York May 31st 1736.
Thanks for his favours to Capt. Warren. She is sorry that De Lancy has not been confirmed in his place.

Susanna Shaller widow  1ANC11/B/6  1710-11

8 items. a-h.

Releases and bonds, from beneficiaries under the will of Mrs. Shaller to John and William Heathcote, her executors. Schedule of accounts attached to h.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote 3rd Baronet, died 1785  1ANC11/B/7  1797

2 items.

Releases for the management of their fortune during their minority. John and Robert Heathcote to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote, executrix of John Heathcote esq. and Dame Elizabeth Heathcote, executrix of Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
[Lydia was the widow of John second son of Sir John Heathcote 2nd baronet who had acted has his brother's executor till his death in 1795, John and Robert were the 2nd and 3rd sons of Sir Gilbert; dame Elizabeth was Sir Gilbert's second wife.]

The Earl of Breadalbane  1ANC11/B/8  1767-9

21 items. a-u.

Letters, memoranda and drafts of assignments to trustees by Sir Gilbert Heathcote of a mortgage held by his father Sir John on property in Eccleshall co. Stafford owned by the Earl of Breadalbane.

General Grosvenor  1ANC11/B/9  1821-5

9 items.

Trust accounts and letters relating to the marriage settlement of Gen. Thomas Grosvenor and Elizabeth his wife. Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Gilbert Thomas Heathcote esq. are trustees. (Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir Gilbert 3rd. Baronet and sister of Sir Gilbert 4th baronet. She died in 1831. Thomas Grosvenor was the second son of Sir Robert Grosvenor 6th bart. and was field marshal and colonel of the 65th regt.)

Accounts etc.  1ANC11/C  [n.d.]

Charles duke of Suffolk  1ANC11/C/1  1538-1551

"Writings delivered to Mr. Randall."  1ANC11/C/1/a  1538-1549

4 pages

Paper; lower edge decayed.

A list of bonds, grants and receipts concerning the estate of Charles Duke of Suffolk.

"Specialties concerning the old duce."  1ANC11/C/1/b  [n.d.]

2 pages

Paper, lower edge decayed.

A list of bonds owing to Charles Duke of Suffolk.

"Disposition of the yong dukes gard.".  1ANC11/C/1/c  [n.d.]

9 pages


p. 1. A copy of the grant of full power over the lands of the late duke by his executors to Katherine his widow.
March 2nd 1546.
p. 8. Copy of the release by Henry VIII to Charles Duke of Suffolk of certain sums of money due to him for manors in Suffolk, Berks, Oxford, Essex and Lincoln [Burwell, Calceby, Calaxby, Muckton, Althorpe, Swinderby, Huttoft, Sutton, Hagnaby, Thurlesthorpe, Theddlethorpe, Mablethorpe, Long Leaford and Sloothby] n.d.
p. 3. Money paid to the young duke. 1550-1.
Sept. 1551. "For doctor Hatchers Reward. xx li." (c.f. Holywell collection).
p. 4. Inventory of apparel and others things lent by my ladys grace to the duke Henry and Charles her sonnis.

Sir Richard Wynne  1ANC11/C/2  1719-21

1 item.

Paper 16pp., paper cover.

Accounts of William Meux on behalf of Richard Wynne an executor of Sir Richard Wynne.

Sir John Heathcote  1ANC11/C/3  1760-1784

4 items.

Paper covered books containing receipts for portions and annuities payable to the four daughters of Sir John Heathcote.

Anne 1760-84 married Sir Robert Hamilton bart.  1ANC11/C/3/a  [n.d.]

Bridget 1760-84 married James, 16th Earl of Morton.  1ANC11/C/3/b  [n.d.]

Mary 1760-84. married John White.  1ANC11/C/3/c  [n.d.]

Hester 1760-84 married Sir Archibald Edmonstone.  1ANC11/C/3/d  [n.d.]

Sir Gilbert Heathcote 3rd baronet  1ANC11/C/4  1785-1798

Related information: c.f. 11/B/7 supra

Paper covered books, each containing particulars of the fortune of John Heathcote esq. drawn up in 1798.  1ANC11/C/4/a-b  [n.d.]

Similar books for Robert Heathcote.  1ANC11/C/4/c-d  [n.d.]

Accounts of the receiver of the settled estates in the case of Sir Gilbert Heathcote v. John and Robert Heathcote.  1ANC11/C/4/e-f  1785-6

Sir Gilbert Heathcote 3rd baronet  1ANC11/C/5  1787-92

(a-k.) 11 items.

Accounts and vouchers of the receiver and master's reports in the same cause.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote 3rd baronet  1ANC11/C/6  1791-2

(a-z, aa-oo.) 41 items.

Vouchers for the settled estates. Castle Bytham, [obthorpe, Swafield, Counthorpe.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 3rd Baronet  1ANC11/C/7  1790-1

25 items.

Similar vouchers.

Robert Heathcote esq. of Lobthorpe  1ANC11/C/8  1823-31

5 items.

2nd son of Sir Gilbert, 3rd baronet
Accounts of Sir Gilbert, 4th baronet as trustee for George, Augustus, Frederick, Francis and Thomas, sons of Robert Heathcote who died March 1823.
a. Is a settlement by John Heathcote (2nd son of Sir John) on behalf of his daughter Mary Anne on her marriage with George Hussey Page
[£10000 Bank Reduced 3% stock]
b-c. Account books.
Wrapped in a portion of the Times for Aug. 27th 1861, labelled, Lord Aveland.

Lady Willoughby d'Eresby  1ANC11/C/9  1828-87

23 items.

Copies of documents, releases and accounts relating to the trusts under the will of Clementina Elizabeth Drummond, baroness Willoughby d'Eresby and widow of Lord Aveland.

Lionel E. Heathcote, esq.  1ANC11/C/10  1871-8

20 bundles and some loose papers.

Accounts and vouchers for executorship (2nd son of Sir Gilbert, 4th bart.).

Personal Papers, Public Office etc.  1ANC12  [n.d.]

Grants of public Office  1ANC12/A  [n.d.]

Arrangement: These documents had been placed together in a wooden box, presumably to preserve the seals.

Letters patent granting to Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, President of the Council, Master of the Household and companion of the order of the garter, the office of supervision of the ceremonies on the forthcoming S. George's day, at which the King himself is unable to be present.  1ANC12/A/1  April 21st 1544

Great seal, fairly complete.

Copies information: Transcript in MCD246/17

Signature of the king, upper margin.

Copy of letters patent  1ANC12/A/2  Dec. 24th 1587

Peregrine lord Willoughby's office as lieutenant of the queen and governor of all forces in Holland, Zeeland and other provinces in Belgia.
Endorsement: My Lord's last Pattent.

Letters patent appointing ten commissioners for the parts of Kesteven to enquire into suspected seminary priests.  1ANC12/A/3  March 9th 1592

Great seal repaired.

A copy of the articles on which they are to act is annexed. Commissioners' names: Henry earl of Lincoln, William Bishop of Lincoln, Peregrine lord Willoughby, Edmond lord Sheffield, Charles lord Willoughby, Thomas lord Clinton, Sir Christopher Wray, L.C.J., Sir Anthony Thorold, Ralf Griffyn, dean of Lincoln, John belley bishop's chancellor, John Bushey, William Savill, Charles Dymoke, Richard Moore, Francis Harrington, Robert Carr, Edward Herne, William Carr, Edward Hall, John Markeham, William Lacy, Gregory Wolmer, Richard Thorold, William Pistor esquires, and Laurence Staunton B.D.
Endorsement (1) Kesteven, Lincoln.
(2) A Commission for the searchinge out of Seminaries and recusantes.

A Commission of array under the great seal, for the county of Lincoln, city of Lincoln, and the towns of Grimsby, Boston, Stamford, Grantham and Louth.  1ANC12/A/4  York July 4th 1642

Addressed to Robert Earl of Lindsey L.C., Montague lord Willoughby d'Eresby, Sir Francis Vane, K.B., Sir Peregrine Bertie, John Bellasise esq. Sir John Monson, Philip Tirwhitt, Thomas Dallyson, Sir William Saville, Sir Edward Hussey, Sir Thomas Trollope, Sir Edward Heron K.B., Charles Cavendish, Sutton Cony, William Withringdon, William Quading, Jervas Scroope, Jervase Neville, Daniel de Ligne, William Saunderson, Henry Rodley, Robert Markham, Thomas Grantham, Stephen Anderson, Thomas Ogle, Montague Cholmeley, Robert Tredway, Edmund Ellis, Thomas Harrington, Edmund Hall, Christopher Beresford, Richard Towethby, John Burrell, John Oldfield, Arthur Rendhead, William Conyng, Dymocke Walpoole, Edward Tournay, Jervas Helwish, Edward Middlemore, Nightingale Kyme, William Booth, John Bassett, Philip Weselhead, Redmore Burrell, William Ridell, the sheriff of the county of Lincoln, the mayor and sheriff of the city of Lincoln, the mayors of Grimsby, and Boston, the aldermen of Stamford and Grantham and the warden of Louth.
Signature Carolus R. in upper left hand margin.

Commission under the great seal, to raise a troop of 80 horse  1ANC12/A/5  York Aug 1st 1642

Addressed to Montague lord Willoughby d'Eresby.
Signature Charles R. in upper right hand margin.

Commission under sign manual as colonel of a regiment  1ANC12/A/6  York Aug 1st 1642

Addressed to Montague lord Willoughby d'Eresby.
He is to command his own troop (see 4) and those to be raised by Sir John Manson, Sir Charles Bolle and Sir William Pelham.
Sign manual Charles R. in upper right hand margin.

Commission under great seal as colonel of a regiment of 500 dragoons and 1500 foot for the safety of the king's person  1ANC12/A/7  August 31st 1642

Remains of Great Seal.

Conditions of access: Missing

Addressed to Montague lord Willoughby d'Eresby.
Signature of Charles R. in left hand upper margin.

Commission as deputy lieutenant  1ANC12/A/8  May 13th 1729

Seal plaque and signature of Ancaster G.C.

Peregrine duke of Ancaster, lord lieutenant to John Heathcote esq.

Commission of deputy lieutenant  1ANC12/A/9  March 12th 1759

Seal plaque and signature Exeter.

Brownlowe earl of Exeter to Gilbert Heathcote esq.

Commission as sheriff of Rutland  1ANC12/A/10  Feb. 6th 1771

Letters patent addressed to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, with mandate to his predecessor to deliver up to him the rolls and seals of office.

Commission as sheriff of Rutland  1ANC12/A/11  Feb. 11th 1795

Letters patent addressed to Sir Gilbert Heathcote as 1ANC12/A/10.

Commission as Captain of the Rutland Yeomanry  1ANC12/A/12  October 8th 1819

George earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham, sheriff of Rutland to Gilbert Heathcote esq.

Commission as major in the Rutland Yeomanry  1ANC12/A/13  Dec. 14th 1824

Related information: See 1ANC12/A/12

George earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham, sheriff of Rutland to Gilbert Heathcote esq.

Grants to Private Persons  1ANC12/B  [n.d.]

Royal Inspeximus by letters patent  1ANC12/B/1  June 25th 1294

Great seal, on silk cords, large fragment.

A grant by John King of Scots to Anthony bishop of Durham of the manors and advowsons of Penrith, Scotby, Carlatton, Langwathby, Salkeld and Sowerbury in co. Cumberland. June 20th anno 2°. [1294]

Fragments of a grant of arms  1ANC12/B/2  ? after 1707

Seal of John Vanbrugh, esq. Clarencieux, in tin box.

Sir Henry St. George, Garter King at arms and Clarencieux to Gilbert Heathcote. Illuminated borders.

Provisional grant of arms  1ANC12/B/3  11th July 1707


Peers Mauduit Windsor Herald to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
Drawing of arms.

A certificate of examination of certain deeds delivered by Andrew Marvell and Benjamin Billingsley.  1ANC12/B/4  [n.d.]

A piece of parchment cut from a deed.

Signature of Marvell.

Accounts and other papers connected with the tenure of public office  1ANC12/C  [n.d.]

Town of Newark  1ANC12/C/1  Sept. 26th 1571

Common Seal of Newark, almost complete.

Related information: c.f. V/D/18 and 19.

Bond to perform covenants, Aldermen and assistants of the borough to Edward Earl of Lincoln lord high admiral and lady Elizabeth his wife.

Paiments of the lend Receaved for the lord Generalles' Companie of horse  1ANC12/C/2  October 1587 - May 1589

49 pages

Paper parchment cover.

Related information: c.f. H.M.C. Ancaster, 475

Monthly accounts of the company's pay (names set forth.)

Money, furniture and victuals given to Captain Carsey's company  1ANC12/C/3  July 1587 - Nov 1588

139 pages

Paper parchment cover.

Related information: c.f. H.M.C. Ancaster, 473-5.

Monthly accounts, with a personal name index at the beginning.

Note of money received by Morgan Colman for Lord Willoughby's use  1ANC12/C/4  February 1588 - Aug 1589

4 pages


Related information: c.f. Supra. VII/A/8.

Monthly accounts of sums received for the use of the army.
Endorsement: Colman's Receiptes before the preparation for Fraunce.

The City of London  1ANC12/C/5  1703-1711

Sheriff's quittance, city of London  1ANC12/C/5/a  late 17c

4 membranes

Much rubbed and incomplete.

[c.f. A Guide to the Records of the Guildhall, London P. E. Jones, and R. Smith, London 1950 p. 27 for similar documents.]

Case of Broad Street ward in the late election of an alderman in the room of Sir Joseph Wolfe deceased.  1ANC12/C/5/b  1711

2 pages

Moneys advanced out of the chamber of London for carrying on the prosecutions concerning the elections of Alderman in Broad Street and Langborn wards.  1ANC12/C/5/c  1711-14

2 pages

Account of the profits and perquisites.. to Sir Gilbert Heathcote one of the sheriffs of London and Middlesex arising out of the Poultry Compter.  1ANC12/C/5/d  1703-4

2 pages

rather decayed.

Case and opinion relating to Sir Gilbert's action (? as Lord Mayor) in the disputed election.  1ANC12/C/5/e  n.d

2 pages

Notice that Queen's Bench was to be moved for a mandamus relating to the election case.  1ANC12/C/5/f  Nov 2nd 1711

2 pages

Copy of an order of Common Council that when suits are brought against the Lord Mayors or aldermen for refusing votes of non-freemen they shall be defended at the City's charge.  1ANC12/C/5/g  Sept. 20th 1711

2 pages

A list of alderman with their addresses.  1ANC12/C/5/h  [n.d.]

A list of all prisoners in Newgate Goal.  1ANC12/C/5/i  Sept. 28th 1703

1 membrane

much decayed.

Oakham and Uppingham Schools and Hospitals  1ANC12/C/6  1753-1837

Statues and Ordinances of Robert Johnson archdeacon of Leicester for the schools and hospitals of Oakham and Uppingham of which he is founder  1ANC12/C/6/a  Stamford 1753

23 pages

On the first page: J. Bramston. Uppingham.

Inside 1ANC12/C/6/a: Yearly rental of the estates of the governors of the hospitals and schools.  1ANC12/C/6/b  1792

1 page

Land at Leake, Whaplode, Barholme, Edlington, Oakham and Bullington.

Statues, etc. as 1ANC12/C/6/a.  1ANC12/C/6/c  Uppingham, 1837

25 pages

House of Commons  1ANC12/C/7  1812-1846

A private journal of proceedings in the House of Commons.  1ANC12/C/7/a  Feb. 10th - April 1812

16 pages (rest blank)

calf bound: paper

"Mr. Heathcote" took his seat: he is also noted on the fly-leaf as Secretary of State for war and colonies.

37 newspapers (Times, Globe, Morning Post, Morning Herald, Stamford Mercury, Standard, containing copies of speeches by G.J. Heathcote  1ANC12/C/7/b  March 7th 1834 - Feb. 13th 1846

Ruthland Yeomanry  1ANC12/C/8  1821-1825

Muster roll  1ANC12/C/8/a  1825

15 pages.

Lists of clothing and equipment in use and in store.  1ANC12/C/8/b  [n.d.]

2 pages

Abstract of the Regulations and Allowances applicable to Corps of Yeomanry Cavalry.  1ANC12/C/8/c  War Office, 1821

10 pages

Railways  1ANC12/C/9  nd. [1820s?]

A letter and 2 newspaper cuttings relating to the Midland Counties Railway.
[A meeting held at Uppingham to protect against a proposal change of route which would lead to the desertion of Uppingham. G.J. Heathcote took a prominent part.]

Quarter Sessions (Kesteven)  1ANC12/C/10  1900-7

18 items.

The Earl of Ancaster, chairman of Quarter Sessions. Calendars of prisoners with some correspondence from the clerk.

Royal Commission on Agriculture.  1ANC12/C/11  1881

Copies of the returns made on the Lincolnshire and Rutland estates of Lady Willoughby and Lord Aveland.  1ANC12/C/11/a-b-c  [n.d.]

Three letters relating to these forms from Thos. Sturgess and Thomas Lawrence to Lord Aveland.  1ANC12/C/11/d  Sept. 1881

Notes, apparently taken during the sitting of the Agricultural Commission.  1ANC12/C/11/e  [n.d.]

26 pages

Elections and County Politics  1ANC13  [n.d.]

Poll Books and Voters' lists  1ANC13/A  [n.d.]

County of Lincoln  1ANC13/A/1 and 2  June 25-27 1818

Printed. Brooke, Lincoln 2 has some manuscript notes at the beginning.

History of the Boston election.  1ANC13/A/3  June 1818

Printed J. Noble, Boston.

Impartial narrative of the contested election at Grantham, copy of poll book and list of M.P.'s for Grantham from 1467.  1ANC13/A/4  March 8-10th 1820

Printed by R. Storr, Grantham.

Poll book for the Boston election  1ANC13/A/5 and 6  March 7 and 8th 1820

Jackson Boston.
(G.J. Heathcote, Orange.)

County of Lincoln.  1ANC13/A/7  Nov. 23rd - Dec. 6th 1823

Printed by Bradbury and Dent, Cornhill, Lincoln.

5 copies of Poll book for Boston election.  1ANC13/A/8-12  June 9th and 10th. 1826

Printed W. Bontoft, Boston.
(Gilbert John Heathcote, Orange.)

Poll book Grantham election.  1ANC13/A/13  July 30th - 31st. and Aug. 2 and 3. 1830

Printed by S. Ridge, Grantham.

Poll book, Lindsey division  1ANC13/A/14  Dec. 21st and 22nd. 1832

Printed, Brooks, Lincoln.

Poll book, Kesteven and Holland division.  1ANC13/A/15 and 16  1841

Printed Smedley, Sleaford.

Poll book county of Rutland.  1ANC13/A/17  July 9th and 10th 1841

Printed Cunnington, Oakham.

Poll book, Stamford election.  1ANC13/A/18  July 31st. 1847

Miscellaneous Papers  1ANC13/B  [n.d.]

Boston and Lincoln election  1ANC13/B/1  1661

The earl of Lindsey

A bill of charges at the election, Lincoln  1ANC13/B/1/a  April 3rd. 1661

2 pages

Charges at the Black Spread Eagle, Antelope, Sarazen's Head.

An accompt of the expenses at the election of burgesses at Boston  1ANC13/B/1/b  April 8th 1661

2 pages

Charges at the Crown and for the waits, ringers, churchwardens and the officers of the Hall for fees "when your lordship was made free at Boston."

Mr. Peppergill's bill for food.  1ANC13/B/1/c  Boston April 12th.[1661]

2 pages


Related information: H.M.C. Ancaster pp. 478-82.

N.B. Mr. John Pridgeon accounts for all these.

Grantham  1ANC13/B/2  1715-33

These papers were wrapped in part of the Hue and Cry and Police Gazette June 18th. 1825 labelled "Letters from different people to Sir John Heathcote about an election at Grantham. The chief letters taken out and put in a portfolio." Listed in the order in which they were found.
cf. 3ANC9/1 which is the portfolio referred to here, the chief letter being written by Walpole.

Richard Sentence to John Heathcote.  1ANC13/B/2/a  n.d

He has celebrated the King's health with the gentlemen of the town and no disturbances resulted.

Draft reply to 1ANC13/B/2/a.  1ANC13/B/2/b  [n.d.]

He is glad things are going well in Grantham. The impeachment of Oxford and Bolingbroke has been decided on.
(Rd. Sentence was Alderman of Grantham in 1715, Turnor Grantham p. 49).

Richard Sentence to John Heathcote.  1ANC13/B/2/c  April 9th. 1715

His best customers have left him because of a rumour that he received a purse of gold "but what I did was to serve my king and contery and to discharge the trust that was imposed on me in that place that I now am in"

Draft of a letter John Heathcote to Richard Sentences "Never sent"  1ANC13/B/2/d  March 20th. 1721/2

He is ready to serve the corporation if Sir William Ellis, for whom he stood down before, is not standing. (n.d.) On the dorse, a draft, evidently to the corporation, on the same subject. He hears that the corporation have invited Mr. Fisher.
[Francis Fisher and Lord Tyrconnel were burgesses for Grantham in 1722.]

Sir William Ellys (to ? Sir Gilbert Heathcote)  1ANC13/B/2/e  Nocton, July 3rd. 1715

Recommending the bearer for a land waiter's place.

Address to John Heathcote from the alderman and comburgesses enclosing Sir William Ellys' letter and asking for a post as landwaiter or tide surveyor in the port of London for Mr. Turnor, who has been zealous in his cause.  1ANC13/B/2/f  Aug. 3rd. 1715

Address to John Heathcote from the alderman and comburgesses enclosing Sir William Ellys' letter and asking for a post as landwaiter or tide surveyor in the port of London for Mr. Turnor, who has been zealous in his cause.  1ANC13/B/2/g  Aug. 20th. 1715

Thanking him for his trouble and giving further details of Turner's career in the excise and customs.

Unsigned letter, from Grantham, to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/h  May 18th. 1716

Relating to one Hackett who is secretly disaffected to the government.

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/i  Jan. 21st. 1730/1

Respecting the ill conduct of Mr. Darling.

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/j  March 24th

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/2/i

Reports a struggle at the election.

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/k  The 6th

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/2/1

About the election.

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/l  March 3rd. 1720/1

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/2/1

A full account of the election. The Jacobites (the Jacks) have supported Mr. Rolt - they have broken his windows.

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/m  March 10th

Suggests how Heathcote might recommend himself by writing to Sentence. (obviously the predecessor of d. supra)

Isaac Garner to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/n  March 18th

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/2/i

Lord Cardigan has now set up a new candidate: Mr. Francis Fisher and there is a danger of two Tories coming in together.

Draft reply to 1ANC13/B/2/l  1ANC13/B/2/o  n.d

Explaining why he did not offer his services to the corporation

Lord Tyrconnel to John Heathcote  1ANC13/B/2/p  April 22nd. 1730

Recommending the bearer for a place in the East India Company.

The corporation of Grantham to Lord Tyrconnel recommending Richard Darling (a freeman) for a place in the East India Co.  1ANC13/B/2/q  April 2nd. 1730

The corporation of Grantham to John Heathcote thanking him for his favours to Darling.  1ANC13/B/2/r  Jan. 18th. 1730/1

The Duke of Rutland to Sir John Heathcote. Their friends have not been able to carry the election of an Alderman, but there is still hope for the parliamentary election.  1ANC13/B/2/s  Oct. 17th. 1733

Draft reply to 1ANC13/B/2/s.  1ANC13/B/2/t  [n.d.]

He did what he could for the Duke's interest.

Ms. Poll book.  1ANC13/B/2/u  1714

Lord Winchilsea  1ANC13/B/3  1741

A number of letters from Lord Winchilsea to Sir John Heathcote, found loose [Daniel 7th Earl of Winchilsea and 3rd. Earl of Nottingham, 1st Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, He had a house at Burley near Oakham. A. Collins, Peerage, vol 3. p. 252]

Relates to the raising of volunteers for Col. Cholmondeley's Regiment.  1ANC13/B/3/a  Oct. 18th. 1745

Notice of a meeting at N. Luffenham to raise men to join the King's troops at Doncaster.  1ANC13/B/3/b  Oct. 1745

News of deserters from the troops at Doncaster.  1ANC13/B/3/c  Nov. 2nd. 1745

He receives very contradictory reports and has just heard that the rebels are at Carlisle and mean to come into England. Asks for numbers of volunteers in Rutland.

Reply to 1ANC13/B/3/c.  1ANC13/B/3/d  Nov. 16th 1745

News of volunteers. He fears that his own Sentiments have been misinterpreted to the Duke of Newcastle.

Letter by Jas. le Pla applying to Lord Winchilsea for the post of surveyor of lights and windows in co. Leicester, the present holder of which office is at the point of death.  1ANC13/B/3/e  June 5th. 1745

The writer has been clerk to Sir John Heathcote and Capt. Dawes. He gives details of his oppenents.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John, enclosing 1ANC13/B/3/e.  1ANC13/B/3/f  June 10th. 1746

He cannot answer le Pla, whom in any case he does not trust. Besides he does not ask for favours from a any minister who cannot give him a return. Suggests other means of approaching Mr. Pelham. The effect of Lord Harborough's ill health on Stamford borough and on Mr. Pelham's attitude.

Reply to 1ANC13/B/3/f.  1ANC13/B/3/g  June 16th. 1746

He agrees with Lord Winchilsea. The county news is of fireworks " in the maner of Foxhall" for Lord Cambden's birthday, which set fire to the thatch of a stable at Belton.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John. An applicant for a Beadhouse place at Uppingham.  1ANC13/B/3/h  Sept. 29th. 1746

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John. An applicant for a Beadhouse place at Uppingham.  1ANC13/B/3/i  July 5th. 1747

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/3/h.

He does not mean to stand an election.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John. An applicant for a Beadhouse place at Uppingham.  1ANC13/B/3/j  Oct. 27th. 1747

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/3/h

He recommends a tenant.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John. An applicant for a Beadhouse place at Uppingham.  1ANC13/B/3/k  June 6th. 1747

Related information: See 1ANC13/B/3/h

Plans for the election; he hopes Sir John is his friend.

D. Armstrong to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/l  June 8th 1747

He sends a letter and hopes for his favours.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/m  Sept. 12th 1750

He hears of quarrels between the Earls of Harborough and Exeter, particularly one about a governor (of the Oakham and Uppingham Charity?) He discusses how to secure the election of the candidate he favours by winning over the Earl of Exeter.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/n  Sept. 24th. 1750

Related information: See 1ANC12/B/3/m

He hears of quarrels between the Earls of Harborough and Exeter, particularly one about a governor (of the Oakham and Uppingham Charity?) He discusses how to secure the election of the candidate he favours by winning over the Earl of Exeter.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/o  Sept. 27th 1750

Related information: See 1ANC12/B/3/m

He hears of quarrels between the Earls of Harborough and Exeter, particularly one about a governor (of the Oakham and Uppingham Charity?) He discusses how to secure the election of the candidate he favours by winning over the Earl of Exeter.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/p  Nov. 16th 1752

Related information: See 1ANC12/B/3/m

On the mastership of the school at Oakham. He hopes Sir John supports the candidate.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/q  Oct. 5th 1754

Related information: See 1ANC12/B/3/m

There is a vacancy among the governors. It is very important that they should carry a friend.

Draft of a letter, Sir John to Lord Winchilsea.  1ANC13/B/3/r  [n.d.]

He fears it is impossible to transport the two men for stealing his park pales.

Lord Winchilsea to Sir John.  1ANC13/B/3/s  n.d

Asks his opinion about whether a magistrate can interfere in a case of lunacy.

Lincolnshire Election. 1823.  1ANC13/B/4  Sept - October 1823

5 items.

Offers of support to G.J.Heathcote as candidate from Lord Yarborough. (3).
Sir Robert Heron (2).

1830 Election.  1ANC13/B/5  1830

32 items.

Offers of seats

Hull  1ANC13/B/5/a-i  [n.d.]

9 items. and note

Refused because of expense.

Beverley.  1ANC13/B/5/j-m  [n.d.]

4 items. and note

Mr. Sykes was before me.

Evesham.  1ANC13/B/5/n-o  [n.d.]

2 items.

I did not think it would succeed.

Ipswich.  1ANC13/B/5/p-w  [n.d.]

8 items.

I did not think it would succeed.

Grantham  1ANC13/B/5/x-aa  [n.d.]

4 items.

I should have turned out my uncle Lord Huntingdon.

Lincoln.  1ANC13/B/5/bb-ff  [n.d.]

5 items.

I did not think this would succeed but I was wrong, the Interest won.

Letters from Terrawest and Charles Tennyson  [no ref. or date]

6 bundles.

Tied with blue ribbon inside a large packet.

1831 election. Offers of seats  1ANC13/B/6  1831

Boston.  1ANC13/B/6/a-b  [n.d.]

2 items.

Lincoln.  1ANC13/B/6/c-d  [n.d.]

2 items.

"Heneage stood and succeeded" Letters from E. B. Drury and C. Tennyson.

Grantham.  1ANC13/B/6/e-f  [n.d.]

2 items.

Hughes was elected in this interest.

Lincs. Kesteven and Holland.  1ANC13/B/6/g-r  [n.d.]

12 items.

C. Pelham and Robert Heron.

1831 election, Boston  1ANC13/B/7  1825-1831

5 items.

Newspapers relating to Boston elections, 1826-31 and also to speeches by G. J. Heathcote.

Morning Chronicle.  1ANC13/B/7/a  Sat. March 12th 1825

The Courier.  1ANC13/B/7/b  Wed. Dec. 7th 1825

Boston Gazette and Lincolnshire Advertiser.  1ANC13/B/7/c  Tues. June 13th 1826

The Representative.  1ANC13/B/7/d  Sat. March 11th 1826

The Boston Gazette and Lincs. Advertiser.  1ANC13/B/7/e  Tues. May 3rd 1831

Boston elections.  1ANC13/B/8  1826-32

2 items.

Copy of printed poll book. 1826 and original poll book 1830.

Lincolnshire election  1ANC13/B/9  1832

List of promises. Lincs. election  1ANC13/B/9/a  1832

Printed list of polling places for Kesteven. Some notes of promises of voters.  1ANC13/B/9/b  1832

List of polling places for Holland.  1ANC13/B/9/c  1832

Return of Lincolnshire freeholders (Kesteven and Holland) and their distance from polling places.  1ANC13/B/9/d  Feb. 1832

Letters to and from Boston (to G. J. Heathcote)  1ANC13/B/10  1820-1821

37 items. a-z, aa-kk.

g. Copy of an address from Boston to Queen Caroline on the rejection of the divorce bill with news of a loyal address to the king from the corporation. Nov. 1820 - Jan. 1821.
p. Information about the trade of the port so that action can be taken by Mr. Heathcote, early in 1821.
The rest of this packet contains notes about politics in Boston, recommendations of individuals and societies, subscriptions to charities 1820-22. Most of the letters are written by William Garfitt.

Rutland elections 1841 - 7. (G. J. Heathcote a candidate)  1ANC13/B/11  1841-1847

33 items. a - gg.

Promises of votes (for themselves and their tenants) from various Rutland landowners.

Correspondence  1ANC14  [n.d.]

J. Heathcote Custom House Officer. his Note and Letters dated 2 August 1736 ( a note in the hand of Sir John Heathcote)  1ANC14/1/af  July 28th - August 3rd. 1736

6 items.

These include two letters from J. Heathcote to Thomas Sherwood (Sir John's agent) asking for a loan of 5 guineas to clear him from gaol.
Written from the Borough Counter, with Sherwood's reply and promissory notes.

Henry Pacey  1ANC14/2/a-b  Aug. 1720 - April 1721

2 items.

Two letters from Henry Pacey to Sir Gilbert Heathcote relating to the rents of his Frampton estates.

Edmund Lascelles  1ANC14/3/a-b  Jan. 1721/2

2 items.

Relating to the purchase of an estate by Sir Gilbert Heathcote; the master of an unnamed college is also involved.

Bishops of Lincoln  1ANC14/4  1721

Edmund Gibson to Sir Gilbert Heathcote  1ANC14/4/a  [n.d.]

Asking for his views about the sequestration of the living of Walcott by Folkingham, which is now vacant. Lincoln Sept. 10th 1721, in the course of his visitation.

Richard Reynolds to the duke of Ancaster  1ANC14/4/b  [n.d.]

Relating to the inclusion of George Newell (chancellor of the diocese) in the commission of the peace, for which he asks the duke's consent. He also refers to a similar request relating to Mr. George Wade, incumbent of Gainsborough and reports that he has ended the difference between Mr. Barnes and Mr. Henneage.

Literary Works and other personal papers  1ANC15  [n.d.]

Journals  1ANC15/A  [n.d.]

(Anonymous) Journal of a tour to the Lakes and Scotland in company with Lord Normanby.  1ANC15/A/1 and 2  June 9th - July 24th, no year. early 19th c

Journal of a Tour from London through the West of England.  1ANC15/A/3  June 7th - July 28th 1813

Literary remains  1ANC15/B  [n.d.]

A note book containing lists of books recommended by Professor Smyth at his lectures on Modern History.  1ANC15/B/1  nd

One page of rules of prosody.

Select Society of Edinburgh.  1ANC15/B/2  1812-3

a-d, 4 items

Gilbert Heathcote is given as a member of this debating society in 1813.
Two copies of a list of meetings in 1812, one copy of the same in 1813 and a copy of the rules.

Essays etc. written at Edinburgh by Gilbert Heathcote.  1ANC15/B/3  [n.d.]

a-d, 4 items.

Essays on Perfectibility, The Evidence of Sense, The Philosophy of Socrates with a copy of satiric verses, written in 1825.

A collection of verses.  1ANC15/B/4  nd.[17th Century]

Fol. 232 pages.

parchment bound.

A collection of fugitive verse, ballads, squibs etc. relating to political matters in the reigns of Charles II & James II. On the flyleaf: John Brownlowe. His Book [presumably Sir John Brownlow, 3rd baronet 1659-97]
The hand is uniform to p.146; after this the hand seems to be that of Brownlowe, who also annotates some of the earlier pages; pages 161 to the end are blank.
There is an index of contents of pp. 1 - 146.

Miscellaneous Books  1ANC16  [n.d.]

A volume of mediaeval treatises.  1ANC16/1  [n.d.]

ff. 1 - 94.

oak boards, leather covered. This volume has been repaired and rebacked, probably in late 19th century

Related information: fully described in H.M.C. Ancaster pp. 482-5.

ff. 1-4 Obit roll identified as Newsham in H.M.Q. where it is printed.
Smaller than the rest of the book.
f. 5. table of contents.
f. 5 vo. (Numerale) Inc. Audi Israel. Dominus tuus deus unus est.
Expl. copiosius sunt exarata.
Some marginal identification of quotations in hand of scribe.
f. 46 vo. Prologus De peccatorum agnitione tractatus.
Rubric: Incipit speculum penitentis sive sint peccata magis ignota.
Two folios cut away before f. 47.
Explic. restitutio ablatorum 7 distributio perceptorum.
f. 51 vo. Miracle of S. Werburgh.
Inc. Weduna autem regio.
Explic. tota devocione iugiter obtemperabat.
Slightly larger hand.
f. 52a half cut away. Scribbling in hand of 15th cent., scraps of Latin and alphabet.
f. 53 Similitudines magistri W. Linc. ecclesie cancellarii in sermonibus edite.
Inc. Ad declarandum in sermone. Explic. Quia nudur ingreditur nudus egreditur.
Some additions in a slightly different hand e.g. at f. 60 vo.
f. 76 Similitudinarium Magistri Stephani Archiepiscopi Cantuarinsis.
Inc. Ita sunt anime in gehenna sicut pisces.
Exp. sollempnitatis pertingitur ab angustia confessionis.

Muster certificate concerning the Hundred of Babergn Suffolk.  1ANC16/2  nd

Related information: Described with extensive quotation in H.M.C. pp. 485-500.

Entitled "A New Common-Place Book".  1ANC16/3  Cambridge, 1777

Quarto size, half bound book

By a Gentleman of the University of Cambridge.
This book is empty and has never been used.

"La Payanne Philosophe, ou les aventures de Madame La Comptesse de..... Par Madame de R.R. A Amsterdam, chez les libraries Associes MDCCLXII".  1ANC16/4 and 5  1762

2 small paper covered books
Language:  French

These are the second and third parts.

"Lettres d'Emerance a Lucie. Par Madame Le Prince de Beaumont. Seconde Partie, Tome Second. A Londres, chez J. Nourse, Libraire de Roi. MDCCIXV."  1ANC16/6  1775

361 pages.

A small paper covered book
Language:  French

"Le Masque de Fer ou les aventures admirables de Pere et du Fils. Cinquieme Partie. A La Haye, chez Pierre de Hondt. MDCCXIVII."  1ANC16/7  1777

88 pages.

Small blue paper covered book
Language:  French

La Chaumiere Indienne.  1ANC16/8  1791

Par Jacques Bernardin-Henri De Saint Pierre [miseris succerere disco. Virg. Aeneid lib. I, 634.]
Prix. 30 sols. broché.
De L'imprimerie de Monsieur A. Paris
Chez P. Fr. Didot le jeune.
Quai des Augustins no. 22.

Additional Boxes  1ANC17  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Transferred by N.R.A. from Burrell deposit.

Arrangement: Bundle nos. retained

Deedpoll by executors of Montague Earl of Lindsey stating that Robert Earl of Lindsey his son and heir has discharged his debts.  1ANC17/A/1  20 Jan. 1666/7

Documents and letters relating to an annuity granted by Sir C. M. Burrell followed by letters relating to its repurchase.  1ANC17/B/1-8  1796-1800

Tied up with this bundle are 4 envelopes containing certificates of stock transfers. c. 1851-61 and a letter from a bank requesting the removal of certain documents 1904.  1ANC17/B/9-13  1851-1861, 1904

3 documents connected with property of Capt. Samuel Jones late of Wapping and his heirs, chiefly E.I. and S.S. Stock.  1ANC17/B/14-16  17/9/20 - 1731/2

Documents concerned with the mortgaging by P. Burrell Esq. of leasehold property in Whitehall Lady Willoughby's jointure and that of the Countess of Clare, her daughter.  1ANC17/B/17-46  1776-1869

Inside 1ANC17/B/21 (will of Eliz. Burrell) proved 1794, the following documents were found:
1ANC17/B/22. Release of dower of land in Cuckfield (Sussex) 15 Oct. 1483.
1ANC17/B/23. Permission granted by Ancaster G.C. to Hugh Higgins to open a door from Waghorn's Coffee House into the Court of Requests and to prevent boys or others playing at Fives, Ball etc. in the court of Requests and annoying Peers and others passing through to Parliament. 24 May 1775.
1ANC17/B/24. Probate of Samuel Webster of All Hallows, Lombard Street, 1772.
1ANC17/B/25. Blank proxy form for House of Lords. Reign of Geo. III.

Marriage settlement - Samuel Greathead and Lady Mary Bertie  1ANC17/C/1  20 Feb. 1747/8

Appointment of £5000 of trust money under 1ANC17/C/1.  1ANC17/C/2  30 June 1756

Lease for a year and conveyance of Guyscliffe House in co. Warwick to uses of marriage settlement in 1, in purpuance of a decree in chancery  1ANC17/C/3-4  1 and 2 June 1759

Schedule of deeds for Lincolnshire estates mortgaged to Brodrick.  1ANC17/D/1  after 1833

As 1ANC17/D/1.  1ANC17/D/2  After 1833

Release of legacy under will of Robert Duke of Ancaster. Pierre Mille.  1ANC17/D/3  1 Aug. 1783

Letter of attorney to receive a legacy. Robert Maples with receipt.  1ANC17/D/4  1 May 1782

Discharge of legacy. Lieut. Gen. and Mrs. Tarleton  1ANC17/D/5  1810

Similar receipts.  1ANC17/D/6-9  1783

Receipts for sums paid by the Duke of Ancaster as executor of Lord Albemarle Bertie.  1ANC17/D/10  1775

Receipts as 1ANC17/D/6-9.  1ANC17/D/11-22  1783-4

Attested copy of marriage settlement.  1ANC17/E  Copy dated 20 Jan. 1792

50 pages.


Peter Burrell to Lady Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie. Date of Settlement 22 Feb. 1779.

Drafts and other working papers of Messrs. Bray and Warren; London properties, and settlement of Lady Clare.  1ANC17/F  1818-69

23 items.

1ANC17/F/12. Particulars of Lord Gwydir's estate at Wapping 1830.
1ANC17/F/18. Plan of Gwydir House, Whitehall (occupied by the Office of Works) with site for proposed statue of Sir Robert Peel. 1855. Signature of Charles Barry appears on plan - not original.

Draft will of Peter Robert Drummond, Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC17/G/1  1846

a-d memoranda inside.

Copy of will of Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth, baroness Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC17/G/2  1828

a-h inside: 8 letters and memoranda. 1811-28.

Copy of will of countess of Clare.  1ANC17/G/3  1831

a-g inside: 7 letters etc. relating to will and codicils, last dated 1842.

Account Book Trustees of P. R. Drummond, Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC17/H/1  1866-1911

Copy of will and codicil. Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC17/H/2  1865

Certificate by Garter King at Arms (Sir A. W. Woods) that Lady Willoughby d'Eresby was authorised to take additional surname of Willoughby.  1ANC17/H/3  20 Sept. 1896

Correspondence with Estate Duty Office  1ANC17/H/4  1907-10

72 items.

Regarding Peter Robert Drummond, Lord Willoughby d'Eresby's estates, with receipts for payments.

A small group of letters regarding payment of succession duty on same estates.  1ANC17/H/5  1917

3 items.

7 Letters on same question as 1ANC17/H/5  1ANC17/J/1  1917-24

Disentailing deed, wills of Sir Gilbert Heathcote Bart. and Peter Robert Drummond Lord Willoughby d'Eresby (Great Grandfather of Earl of Ancaster)  1ANC17/J/2  6 Jan. 1911

Schedule of deeds and documents relating to Grimsthorpe and Lindsey Coast Estates. Warren's 1908.  1ANC17/J/3  Mostly late 18c. and 19c

Conditions of access: [Where are these now? There is a grant of markets at Spilsby 1303 among them "in Wooden Box 8"] - apparently sent to Grimsthorpe in 1908.

Schedule of deeds relating to Aslackby and Withcall estates.  1ANC17/J/4  Sent to Grimsthorpe in 1907

Schedule of deeds relating to Edenham and Lincs. estates.  1ANC17/J/5  Sent to Grimsthorpe in 1907

A similar schedule. Lincs. estates.  1ANC17/J/6  nd

Receipt and covering letter for a parcel sent to Grimsthorpe in 1906.  1ANC17/J/7  1906

[no title or date]  1ANC18

Source of acquisition: Transferred by N. R. A. (as 1ANC17 above)

Inventory of the Household Furniture at Grimsthorpe Castle, the property of Lord Gwydir. Corrected to 181 ?.  1ANC18/1  [n.d.]

pp. 1-269 (blank after 197).

Bound in red calf, gilt.

Conditions of access: Withdrawn by Lord Ancaster

Drawing of Grimsthorpe Castle facing frontispiece. Names of paintings and prints, with some attributions and makers of pianos, lists of China. Index

Lease, (plan), copies of assignments etc.  1ANC18/2/1-10  1845-65

Stables at 12 Pembroke Mews, Halkin Street, St. George Hanover Square. Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.

Copy of a deed of assignation by Lady Aveland and her sister Lady Carrington of the portion of a younger child under the trust deed of the Earl and Countess of Stair.  1ANC18/3/1-3  1867

Two covering letters.

O.S. Map of Scotland 1867 Loch Lomond sheet 38.  1ANC18/4/1  1867

Lord Willoughby's lands marked.

Printed evidences, in a Scottish Court, as to responsibility for repair of a road in Glengyle.  1ANC18/4/2  nd

Memoranda in the same case.  1ANC18/4/3  nd

Charity subscriptions paid on various estates, Perth, 1862-3. Gwydir, Grimsthorpe and Lindsey coast estates, 1865.  1ANC18/5/1-7  1862-1865

Sale particulars and poster, Scottlethorpe and Elsthorpe farms.  1ANC18/6/1-2  1865

Statements of case (2 printed) regarding the interpretation of Lady Willoughby's trust.  1ANC18/7/1-4  1866-8

Insurance accounts, Willoughby trust estates  1ANC18/8/1  1865

Receipt for residue of a charge of £21,000 on same.  1ANC18/8/2  1874

Certificate of correctness of Grimsthorpe Inventory - additions in pencil (? to no. 1).  1ANC18/9  16 Sept. 1870

Copy of a lease of Mines and Minerals in certain lands called Coelmore and Diosgydd, co. Caernarvon.  1ANC18/10  1867

Copies of charity subscriptions as in no. 5, with statement of case regarding the responsibility of the trustees for payment.  1ANC18/11/1-8  1865

Copies of subsidiary trust deeds, codicils to will and other documents relating to the will of Lady Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC18/12/1-20  1864-7

Unused lease agreements by trustees of Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC18/13/1-5  c. 1867

Estimates of repairs, rentals etc. Gwydir, Grimsthorpe and Lindsey coast estates.  1ANC18/14/1-22  1865-7

5-6 receipts and expenditure, Welton lime quarry.

Bills for legal advice, etc. in matters connected with Willoughby trust estates; purchased at Witham on the Hill, sales at Spilsby and shares in Torbay and S. Devon club, and sales of consols.  1ANC18/15/1-16  1880-2

Draft of Executors' Accounts, Willoughby Trustees.  1ANC18/16/1-18  1865-70

Willoughby Trustees, Counterpart bank book.  1ANC18/17  1865-72

Accounts of Messrs. Warrens with Willoughby Trustees  1ANC18/18/1-14  1870-81

Correspondence with stock-brokers, receipts for legacies etc.

Genealogical memoranda etc. re Willoughby family.  1ANC18/19/1-9  1832-65

Accounts etc. as no. 18. particularly regarding sales of stock by trustees.  1ANC18/20/1-25  1866-74

Cases for counsel's opinion on different points affecting the Willoughby Trustees e.g. charities, advowsons etc.  1ANC18/21/1-13  1865-6

9-10, 12-13, are detailed accounts of charities.

Correspondence, plan, poster and other memoranda relating to the Portmadoc and Beaverpool Bridge Turnpike Trust, which passed through the Gwydir estates  1ANC18/22/1-28  1868-87

Plans, statements of case, and other documents regarding proposed Sutton and Willoughby Railway.  1ANC18/23/1-20  1884-7

7, 11 and 18 are plans. 15 is a Bill (1884).

Will, trust deed and codicil, Peter Robert Drummond, Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC18/24/1-3  1862-3

Bank account book. Willoughby Trustees.  1ANC18/25/1  1866-77

Documents related to a mortgage on the Willoughby Trust estates, held by the Life Association of Scotland.  1ANC18/26/1-12  1864-5

Estimates of total income, accounts of interest payable, lists of securities, Willoughby Trust Estates  1ANC18/27/1-10  1866-8

Inventory and valuation of furniture at Grimsthorpe and Gwydyr.  1ANC18/28/1  c. 1867

Inventory for Lease (lessee Lord Willoughby d'Eresby) 142 Piccadilly.  1ANC18/28/2  1865

Copy of 1ANC18/2.  1ANC18/28/3  [n.d.]

Willoughby Trust, Cash Account.  1ANC18/29/1  Year ending 22 Feb. 1870

Accounts between Dowager Lady Aveland and Lord Willoughby's Trustees.  1ANC18/29/2  nd

Lists of annuities due from Willoughby Trust Estates  1ANC18/30/1-13  1865-70

Sketch map and particulars of shooting and fishing on Perth estate.  1ANC18/31/1-3  1865

Copy of will of Lord Willoughby d'Eresby.  1ANC18/32  1864

Trust account.  1ANC18/33/1-5  1868

3 estimates of income.

Case papers, letters, extracts from trust deeds, etc. in case between Lady Willoughby d'Eresby and the trustees of the Lord Willoughby about the Scottish estates  1ANC18/34/1-74  1884-6

(nos. 63-69 are concerned with the payment of compensation by the Glasgow Water Company for drawing water from Loch Katrine. 1886).

Miscellaneous memoranda, draft accounts, vouchers, letters and a bank book (as 1ANC18/25 above)  1ANC18/35/1-57  1865-1876

Relating to the financial administration of the Trustees. 1866-70. 1. Bank book 1865-76.

Inventory and list of things wanting at Grimsthorpe  1ANC18/35/58-60  1870

Lord Willoughby d'Eresby's passport  1ANC18/35/60  Issued 3 June 1839

Signature of Palmerston, various visas on dorse.

Description and guarantee of a watch bought of Breguet by Lord Willoughby d'Eresby  1ANC18/35/61  1830

Letters of introduction for Lord and Lady Willoughby at Naples.  1ANC18/35/63-65  1839

Report by Geo. P. Kennedy on state of monument in Spilsby Church.  1ANC18/67  1865

Documents connected with lease of land at Spilsby to Messrs. Walker and Rainey for building an office.  1ANC18/70-80  1866

With proposed plan.

Draft conveyances with plan and letter, of site for a school at Willoughby le Marsh.  1ANC18/82-5  1864

Plan of site of Independent Chapel at Bettws y Coed  1ANC18/147  1869

Tabulated report of Bangor Diocesan Inspectors (of Schools) 1867.  1ANC18/150  Printed Bangor 1867

Proposed plan for villa development at Trefriw in the vale of Llanrwst, Kennedy  1ANC18/152  1846

Bond to pay portion of minister's stipend for new church at Crieff.  1ANC18/157  1864

Draft documents and letters relating to sales of land in Hundleby, Spilsby, Firsby, for Lincoln, Horncastle Spilsby and E. coast Railway.  1ANC18/161-185  1887

183-5. Plans of land concerned.

[no title or date]  1ANC19

Source of acquisition: Donated on 6 September 1954. A gift from Messrs Warrens of Bedford Square, London.

"An inventory of plate, pictures, chinas, household furniture, linen & books at Grimethorpe Castle by the will of the Right Honourable Peter, late Lord Gwydir deceased the 18th day of September 1812 given to the Right Honourable baroness Willoughby of Eresby for her life."  1ANC19/1  1829

Paper, calf spine.

Arranged by room, with an index to the rooms. Some items crossed through with pencil. At the end is a note of 16 February 1829 stating that other books have been subsequently sent to Grimsthorpe from London, with the signature of Baroness Willoughby d'Eresby.

Printed sale catalogue of the contents of 142 Piccadilly, London, including pictures etc.  1ANC19/2  18 April 1866

Bound leather, gilt title.

The prices but not the purchasers are noted.

"An inventory of the Entailed Property at Grimsthorpe Castle belonging to the Right Honourable Lord Gwydir."  1ANC19/3  nd

Copied from an inventory signed by Brownlow, Duke of Ancaster, 21 May 1780.
Includes an index of rooms and additions and erasures in pencil.

An inventory of the household furniture at Grimsthorpe Castle.  1ANC19/4  Corrected to 1 January 1812

Rough draft, with additions in another hand.
[This inventory is supplementary to 1ANC19/1.]

"Catalogue of the miniatures from Grimsthorpe at 142 Piccadilly, the property of the Right Honourable Lord Willoughby d'Eresby."  1ANC19/5  20 August 1864

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