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Records of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 1757-1975 and of the Old Comrades, and other military units and personalities.

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Reference DE 6007
Covering dates 1860 - 1984
Held by Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Record Office
Extent 31 subfonds
Source of acquisition Deposited: 10 July 2001
Creators Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 1757-1975

Listed: 25 June 2003

17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot  DE 6007/1-21  1757-1860 [1851-1961]

Major General James Wolfe  DE 6007/1-2  [n.d.]

Cuttings, from Notes & Queries, relating to James Wolfe.  DE 6007/1  11 Oct. 1851 - 20 Dec. 1851

[The 17th foot was brigaded under Major General Wolfe at the capture of Louisberg in 1757 and later the grenadier company was present at Quebec].

Cutting from the Illustrated London News, with a review of Robert Wright's Life of Major-General James Wolfe.  DE 6007/2  14 May 1864

There is no mention of Wolfe's connection with the regiment.

American War of Independence  DE 6007/3-8  [n.d.]

Page (from an unidentified publication) with photographs of a bill-hook and 'ice-creeper' found on the sites of British camps during the American War of Independence.  DE 6007/3  n.d. [c.1930?]

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of a display of buttons, pottery, and other artefacts found on the site of the 17th Regiment's camp at New York during the American War of Independence, c. 1780-83.  DE 6007/4  n.d. [c.1950]

War Office photograph of Alec Fox, President of the British War Veterans of America, presenting two pewter buttons of the 17th Foot in 1779 to Lt.-General Sir Colin Callander, Colonel of the Regiment.  DE 6007/5  1956

[See Green Tiger, Autumn 1956 p. 279 opp.]
With duplicate.

Order of Service for the 'Fourth Annual Memorial Service to the Memory of Members of the 17th Regiment of Foot who died defending the Garrison of Stoney Point, July 15-16, 1779'.  DE 6007/6  7 June 1959

Order of Service for the fifth annual Stoney Point service.  DE 6007/7  5 June 1960

Photographs taken at the Annual Memorial Service to members of the 17th Foot killed at Stoney Point, New York.  DE 6007/8  n.d. [c.1961]

Crimean War, Nova Scotia, etc.  DE 6007/9-21  1852-1860

Cutting from the Illustrated London News; an obituary of Colonel William Croker, C.B., late officer commanding 17th Foot.  DE 6007/9  21 Aug. 1858

The News of the World, containing news from the Crimea, 'Stations of the British Army' (17th Regt. Of Foot in the Crimea) etc.  DE 6007/10  4 March 1855

[Soiled and damaged - incomplete]

Newspaper cutting (source unidentified) with an obituary of Captain John L. Croker, senior captain, 17th Foot. With some account of Croker's antecedents.  DE 6007/11  14 July 1855

Photograph of the Malakoff redoubt, Sebastopol, from (and including views of) the French lines.  DE 6007/12  1855

Endorsed: "French approach to the Malakoff - Taken after the place fell. A Telegraph and small look-out hut on the top of the parapet".

Photograph of the interior of a Russian battery, at Sebastopol [?] after its capture.  DE 6007/13  1855

Photograph, signed 'Robertson' [?], of the defences and ruined naval and military installations of Sebastopol, in the Crimea.  DE 6007/14  n.d. [1855]

Photograph of the ruined town and Russian military and naval buildings at Sebastopol, after their capture.  DE 6007/15  1855

Photographic panorama of the ruined town, harbour and defences of Sebastopol, after their capture.  DE 6007/16  1855

Photograph of the ruined defences of Sebastopol, Crimea.  DE 6007/17  n.d. [1855]

The photograph shows ruined defences (trenches, gabions, etc.) and the shells of buildings.

Coloured lithograph of the 'Camp of the 3rd Division, July 9th 1855', outside Sebastopol.  DE 6007/18  n.d. [c.1860]

Plate 12 of an unidentified publication.

Label originally pasted to a guide post brought, as a souvenir, back from the Crimea.  DE 6007/19  n.d. [c.1860]

With a transcript (1980).

Cutting from the Illustrated London News; an obituary of General William Gordon, C.B., who commanded 17th Foot in the Crimea.  DE 6007/20  25 August 1883

Informal group photograph of the officers of the 17th Regiment, probably at Quebec or Halifax, Nova Scotia.  DE 6007/21  n.d. [c.1860]

Bibliography: [See Leicestershire at War, p.44]

1st Battalion  DE 6007/22-144  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also 8th Battalion)

Discharge certificate of No. 1495 Private William Russell, 1st Battalion, 17th Regiment of Foot.  DE 6007/22  1873

Administrative history:
Russell was born in Uxbridge and joined the 30th Foot at Westminster in 1866. He was discharged 'being unfit for further service' at Lucknow, India, in 1873.

Group photograph of the officers of the 1st Battalion, dressed as their predecessors of 1688, to celebrate the bi-centenary of the formation of their regiment.  DE 6007/23  1888

Related information: (See Lt.-Colonel E.A.H. Webb History p.202).

A fancy dress ball was held at The Assembly Rooms, York.

Portrait photograph of Mr. W. Bassett  DE 6007/24  n.d. [c.1950]

Administrative history:
'served 1st Bn. Jan. 1894-1902 and 10th Bn. 1914-1916'.

South Africa  DE 6007/25-50  1897-1903

Group photograph of the 'sergeants' mess'; warrant officers and sergeants, of the 1st Battalion, at Pietermaritzburg, Natal.  DE 6007/25  1897-99

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion Football team; winners of the Greaves' Challenge Cup, Natal 1898.  DE 6007/26  1898


Photograph of the monument to the officers and men of the 1st Battalion who died at Foot Napier (Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa) 1898-1899.  DE 6007/27  n.d

Photograph of Johannes Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic (Transvaal) and Mrs. Kruger.  DE 6007/28  n.d. [c.1895]

South African War: portrait photograph of Marthinus Y. Steyn, President of the Orange Free State.  DE 6007/29  1900

Administrative history:
Steyn (1857-1916) opposed the war but after the outbreak of hostilities, he played an active part in its prosecution.

South African War: portrait photograph of Commandant-General P. J. (Piet) Joubert.  DE 6007/30  n.d. [c.1899]

Administrative history:
Joubert (1831-1900) was Vice-President of the Transvaal and, from 1885, Commandant-General. He is shown in uniform, holding his sword.

South African War: photograph of Boer signallers, with heliographs and signalling lamps.  DE 6007/31  n.d. [c.1899]

South African War: portrait photograph of General Christiaan De Wet by A.T.B. Boekhandol, Pretoria.  DE 6007/32  n.d. [c.1899]

Administrative history:
De Wet [1854-1922] served with the Orange Free State forces around Ladysmith (1899) and in support of Cronje, at Paardeburg. He was one of the most prominent and successful of the Boer leaders during the guerrilla war.

Photograph, in ornate card mount, of an informal group of officers outside a stone built redoubt, identified on the reverse as [battalion] headquarters.  DE 6007/33  n.d. [1899-1900]

Photograph, in ornate card mount, of Lt. Col. Carleton in conversation with an orderly [or his servant?] and Major Scott reading a book, seated on a camp chair, beside a corrugated iron shelter at Ladysmith.  DE 6007/34  n.d. [1899-1900]

Photograph, in ornate card mount, of Lt. Col. G. D. Carleton (standing) and Major E. R. Scott (seated) beside a corrugated iron shelter, during the siege of Ladysmith.  DE 6007/35  n.d. [1899-1900]

Photograph, in ornate mount, of a group of four soldiers; in slouch-hats, with bandoliers of ammunition, their backs to a stone wall.  DE 6007/36  n.d. [1899-1900]

They are presumably either local troops in Ladysmith (1899-1900) or 1st Battalion, c. 1901-1902.

'Telegraph' news-vendor advertising 'Relief of Ladysmith'.  DE 6007/37  1900

South African War: portrait photograph of Shalk Burger.  DE 6007/38  n.d. [c.1899]

Administrative history:
Burger (1852-1918) served as commandant of the Lydenburg Commando and in the absence of Kruger in Europe, Burger acted as President of the Transvaal.

South African War: portrait photograph of Commandant-General Louis Botha.  DE 6007/39  n.d. [c.1900]

Administrative history:
Botha (1862-1919) was one of the Transvaal's most gifted commanders; defeating attempts to relieve Ladysmith at Colenso, Spion Kop and Vaal Krantz. Appointed to the command of the Transvaal's forces at the death of Joubert in March 1900, Botha retained command until the end of the war.

South African War: photograph of General Ben Veljoen and his secretary.  DE 6007/40  n.d. [c.1900]

Administrative history:
Veljoen (1868-1917] was promoted General in June 1900. He was active throughout the war, including the siege of Ladysmith and the battles of Elandslaagte [1899] and Bergendal [August 1900].

South African War: photograph of 'Boer boys' sitting on a Cape cart in Pretoria.  DE 6007/41  n.d. [c.1900]

South African War: photograph of the 'Dopperchurch' in Pretoria.  DE 6007/42  n.d. [c.1900]

South African War: photograph of 'Mr. Wagner - Mrs. Berret 3 months on commando'.  DE 6007/43  n.d. [c.1900]

Administrative history:
Mrs. Berret is shown dressed as a man and fully armed and equipped for the field.

South African War: photograph of the 'Kraai Pan commando', posed dramatically, fully armed, on and in front of a railway locomotive.  DE 6007/44  n.d. [c.1899]

'Kraai Pan' does not appear in Hall's Handbook of the Anglo Boer War as the designation of a commando. Presumably the (unidentified) commando is, therefore, pictured at Kraai Pan.

South African War: photograph of a Boer 155mm (6 inch) Creusot breech loading gun, mounted on a railway truck.  DE 6007/45  n.d. [c.1900]

This is one of four Creusots, nicknamed 'Long Toms', used by the Boers. It appears to have been mounted to be fired from the railway.

South African War: photograph of a 'Boer Foot Bridge across Tugela'.  DE 6007/46  n.d. [c.1901]

The photograph shows a 'blue-jacket' with black labourers on the bridge.

Photograph of the 'Palace of Justice', Pretoria, South Africa.  DE 6007/47  n.d. [c.1901]

Coloured postcard, 'Presenting [South African] War Medals. Colchester Barracks'.  DE 6007/48  n.d. [c.1902]

Photograph of Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain's visit to Bloemfontein, 5 February 1903; Chamberlain receives an address from the mayor.  DE 6007/49  1903

Photograph of 'Chamberlain's visit to Bloemfontein Feb. 5 1903'.  DE 6007/50  1903

Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies, stands at the centre of a platform.

Aldershot, including manoeuvres  DE 6007/51-62  1907-1911

Team photograph of the 1st Battalion rugby football team, winners of the Army Rugby Union Cup.  DE 6007/51  1907

Formal group photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, Major-General Utterson (Colonel of the Regiment) and the officers of the 1st Battalion, presumably on the occasion of the presentation of new Colours, by the Duchess, at Shorncliffe.  DE 6007/52  n.d. [31 July 1908]

Group photograph of highest scorers in a shooting competition at Bisley including Sergeant-Major Armston, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/53  1908

Photograph of the 1st Battalion Football team, at Shorncliffe, Kent, 1907-08. Winners of the South East Kent Junior league.  DE 6007/54  1908

[Named, inc. Colonel G. H. P. Burne, Capt. H. Stoney Smith and Capt. A.W.S. Brock].

Informal group photograph of a Colour-Sergeant and men of the 1st Battalion, with Major-General A.H. Utterson, C.B. (Colonel of the Regiment).  DE 6007/55  n.d. [c.1908]

Postcard photographs of the 1st Battalion, at rest, in Lechlade Market Place, during the Army Manoeuvres, 1909.  DE 6007/56  1909

Source of acquisition: [Presented by Capt. Noel Morgan, M.C., D.L., late Leicestershire Regiment]

The cards are numbered '26' - '30' and include views of Colonel H. L. Croker, and Majors Blackader and Glossop, in front of the battalion transport (no.s 26 and 27) and observers', staff, or umpires' motor cars (28-30).

Postcard photograph of the arrival of the 1st Battalion at Aldershot.  DE 6007/57  5 Jan. 1910

The photograph shows the band and one company, in service dress but wearing home service helmets.

Postcard photograph of a 2nd-Lieut. and men of the 1st Battalion marching, on 'manoeuvres'.  DE 6007/58  1910

Postcard photograph of the 1st Battalion, in full dress, marching through a park at Aldershot to church parade [?].  DE 6007/59  n.d. [c.1910]

The card is endorsed by Lieut. H. Barrington Brown: 'I am on the front of the woman on a bicycle'.

Informal group photograph of two officers, with warrant officers and N.C.O.s at Aldershot.  DE 6007/60  n.d. [c.1910]

Formal group photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants of the 1st Battalion, each identified with his signature.  DE 6007/61  n.d. [c.1910]

[8½ x 11½ ins.]

Photograph of 'G' Company, 1st Battalion, competing in the 'Evelyn Wood Competition' [route-marching] at Aldershot.  DE 6007/62  1911

First World War  DE 6007/63-66  1917-1919

Photograph of Lieut.-Colonel R. H. Gillespie, Major H. Barrington Brown and Capt. J.W.E. Mosse, 1st Battalion, France, 1917.  DE 6007/63  1917

[Endorsed with identification and date by Brown].

Postcard photograph of Major H. Barrington Brown, 1st Battalion, with Major Higham of the Suffolk Regiment at Verquin, France.  DE 6007/64  1917

Photograph of men of the 1st Battalion, with machine-guns, to the German 2nd line trench during the battle of Cambrai.  DE 6007/65  20 Nov. 1917

Certificate recording that 9904 Sergeant Drummer B. V. Powe, 1st Battalion, was mentioned in a despatch, dated 16 March 1919.  DE 6007/66  1 July 1919

No. 65374 Private Charles E. Chambers, 'C' Company, 1st Battalion [later no. 4851404 Lance Corporal]  DE 6007/67-72  [n.d.]

Soldier's Service Book, of No. 65374 Private C. E. Chambers, 'C' Company, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/67  1919 - 1920

Soldier's Pay Book of C. E. Chambers.  DE 6007/68  1919

Third Class Certificate of Education awarded to No. 65374 Private C. Chambers.  DE 6007/69  26 April 1920

Character Certificate of C. E. Chambers.  DE 6007/70  1920

Discharge Certificate of Charles Edward Chambers.  DE 6007/71  1920

Discharge Certificate of Lance Corporal Charles Chambers, enlisted 1921 and discharged 1922.  DE 6007/72  1921

Ireland, Aldershot, & Egypt  DE 6007/73-78  1922-1927

Group photograph of 'D' Company, 1st Battalion, at Dublin.  DE 6007/73  26 Nov. 1922

Group photograph of the 'Drums', 1st Battalion, at Aldershot.  DE 6007/74  Nov. 1924

Group photograph of 'C' Company, 1st Battalion, at Aldershot.  DE 6007/75  Nov. 1924

Photograph of an unidentified rugby football team; probably that of the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/76  n.d. [c.1925]

Group photograph of no. 14 platoon, 'B' Company, 1st Battalion, at Alexandria, Egypt.  DE 6007/77  n.d. [c.1925]

Group photographs of prize winners from 'A' Company, 1st Battalion, at the Egyptian Command Rifle Meeting.  DE 6007/78  1927

India, including the celebration of the Regiment's 250th anniversary and presentation of new Colours (1938) 1931-1938.  DE 6007/79-100  [n.d.]

Group photograph of the Veterinary School, Ambala, India, January, 1931. Including Sergt. W. Knight, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/79  1931

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion boxing team; winners of the 'Open Team Boxing Tournament, Kasauli' India, 1932.  DE 6007/80  1932

[With duplicate]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion boxing team for the match with the Army School of Physical Training, 11 February 1932.  DE 6007/81  1932


Photograph of the 'Proclamation Parade' of the 1st Battalion, under the command of Major R. R. Yalland D.S.O., at Multan, India.  DE 6007/82  1 January 1935

Photograph of the 1st Battalion, with Band and Drums, at Multan, India. The photograph shows the entire battalion, with officers mounted.  DE 6007/83  n.d. [1935]

Probably the same occasion as DE 5970/110.

Menu for the Dinner in Honour of Lt. Col. H. S. Pinder, M.C., officer commanding 1st Battalion, given by the officers of The Sherbrooke Regiment, Canada.  DE 6007/83A  9 August 1935

Group photograph, 'B' company, 1st Battalion, hockey team (winners of the Inter-Company Unit Hockey Cup, Jubbulpore, 1936.  DE 6007/84  1936

[Named: inc. Capt. L. Sawyer & C.Q.M.S. Knight]

Informal group photograph of the Officers' and Sergeants' teams for the Davis Football Cup, Jubbulpore.  DE 6007/85  1937


Photograph of the 1st Battalion cross-country running team, winners of the 'Barton Cross-Country Challenge Cup', 1936-1937.  DE 6007/86  1937

[Named: inc. Lieut. G. W. H. Field and Lt. Col. H. S. Pinder, M.C.]

Photograph of Lieut.-Colonel H. S. Pinder and Major J. G. Herring Cooper, Commanding Officer and Second in command of the 1st Battalion, mounted at the head of the Battalion, Jubbulpore, India.  DE 6007/87  1 Jan. 1938

Group photograph of Lt. Col. H. S. Pinder and the officers of, or attached to, the 1st Battalion, India.  DE 6007/88  n.d. [c.1938]

Photograph of the Band and Drums, 1st Battalion at Jubbulpore [?].  DE 6007/89  n.d. [1938]

Souvenir booklet, '1st Battalion...250th Anniversary', with an history of the Regiment and illustrations of the storming of GhUznee (1839) Death of Wolfe, Regimental Chapel, and the new Colours.  DE 6007/90  1938

Printed programme: Presentation of Colours to 1st Battalion...  DE 6007/91  1938

With coloured reproduction of the new Colours and 'Order of Ceremony'.

Photograph of the presentation of new Colours, by the Viceroy, Lord Linlithgow, to the 1st Battalion, at Jubbulpore, India.  DE 6007/92  2 March 1938

Photograph of the presentation of new Colours to the 1st Battalion, by the Viceroy on India, Jubbulpore.  DE 6007/93  2 March 1938

Photographs of the parade for presentation of new Colours to the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/94  2 March 1938

Including the Viceroy's speech, his presentation of the colours, the band and drams, and companies marching past.

Colour party, with the old Colours of the 1st Battalion, Jubbulpore, India.  DE 6007/94A  2 March 1938

Photograph of 'B' Company and the Colours of the 1st Battalion marching past (the Viceroy - not visible).  DE 6007/95  2 March 1938

Cutting from The Statesman, reporting the presentation of new Colours to the 1st Battalion at Jubbulpore.  DE 6007/96  3 March 1938

Printed 'Special 10th (Jubb[ulpore]) Infantry Brigade Orders' congratulating the 1st Battalion on the 'remarkably high standard of their performance' on their 250th anniversary parade.  DE 6007/97  5 March 1938

Battalion Orders by Lieut-Colonel H. S. Pinder M.C. commanding 1st Battalion  DE 6007/98  7 March 1938

Including a copy of the Viceroy's speech 'on the occasion of the presentation of new Colours to the 1st Battalion'.

Cutting from The Statesman, with photographs from the presentation of new Colours to the 1st Battalion, at Jubbulpore, 3 March 1938.  DE 6007/99  8 March 1938

Cutting from The Illustrated Weekly of India, celebrating '250 Years of Unbroken Service Past Glories of the Leicestershire Regiment'.  DE 6007/100  20 March 1938

Second World War, including captivity  DE 6007/101-104  1942-1946

Transcript, in two volumes, of a diary kept by Major R. G. G. Harvey, 2nd in command of the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/101  n.d. [15 Feb. 1942 - 8 Oct. 1945]

The original was buried, owing to Japanese searches, and only retrieved and completed after Harvey's liberation on 17 August 1945. The diary records the activities of working parties, weather, food, sickness, and a surprising range of social activities.

Typescript transcriptions of memoranda and messages regarding the supply of money, medicines, and foodstuffs to Japanese prisoner-of-war camps in Thailand.  DE 6007/102  April 1943 - August 1945

Including requests for supplies from senior or medical officers at various camps and memoranda of discussions with the Swiss Consul, representing British interests.
The transcripts are an important source of evidence for the 'black market' and other sources of supply, described in Brigadier W. E. Underhill (ed.) The Royal Leicestershire Regiment...1928 to 1956 pp.119-121.

Copy letter of R. C. Lamyng to 'Swinton'  DE 6007/103  22 June 1946

With news from Singapore of 'our yellow friends'; comments on the sentences given to Japanese war criminals and news of old comrades.
[Faint carbon-copy]

Typescript account of the 1st Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment and The British Battalion (1st Bn. and 2nd Bn. The East Surrey Regt.) in the Malayan Campaign, Dec. 1941 - Feb. 1942.  DE 6007/104  n.d. [c.1946]

[Unattributed. In effect a War Diary, including lists of company commanders & warrant officers.]

Post-war; including Hong Kong, Korea, Germany (Coronation parade, 1953 and presentation of new Colours, 1954) Sudan and Cyprus.  DE 6007/105-144  [n.d.]

Portrait photograph of Major (Q.M.) J. Greasley, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/105  March 1947

Group photograph of 'B' Company, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/106  1947

Photographs of the 1st Battalion Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess dance, at Honeybourne Airfield, Evesham, Worcs.  DE 6007/107  1948

Brigadier Horsfield and Lt. Col. Field are seen cutting the cake. (1 duplicate).
[See The Green Tiger, May 1948, p.181].

Photograph of the depot (1st Battalion) tea party.  DE 6007/108  25 June 1949

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, August 1948, p.213].

Leicester Evening Mail photographs of the 1st Battalion's departure from Glen Parva, via South Wigston, for Hong Kong  DE 6007/109  11 May 1949

1. Major J.L. Bromhead at the head of 'B' Company
2. The Band and 'B' Company pass St. Thomas's church, South Wigston.
3. Unidentified company passing through South Wigston and cheering crowds.
4. The Band passing a crowd of factory workers.
5. Unidentified company (as DE 6007/109/3).

'Acme Newspictures' photograph of the 1st Battalion entraining at South Wigston for Liverpool Docks, en route for Hong Kong.  DE 6007/110  11 May 1949

'Planet News Ltd.' photograph of a soldier's wife lighting his cigarette, at South Wigston Station [?] awaiting the departure of the 1st Battalion for Hong Kong.  DE 6007/111  11 May 1949

With duplicate.

'Planet News Ltd.' photograph of crowds at South Wigston Station [?], to see the 1st Battalion depart for Hong Kong.  DE 6007/112  11 May 1949

Carbon copy of typescript 'Note on the Malayan Campaign by L.M.H.' [?General Sir Louis Heath] as an introduction for Col. A.M.L. Harrison's History of the 11th Indian Division.  DE 6007/113  6 June 1949

Typescript letter from 'Tom' in Johore, to 'Esmond'  DE 6007/114  6 June 1949

With family news but also a description of 'the position in Malaya'; policing the jungle, the difficulties of co-ordinating police and military units in ambushes of Communist bandits, etc.

Embroidered souvenir of service in Hong Kong, with flags and Tiger above a dedication from 'Cyril' to his mother.  DE 6007/115  1949

With the original paper bag and explanatory letter from the nephew of No. 2012058 Private C. Beckitt, 'C' Company, 1st Battalion.

Photographs taken at the Officers' Ball  DE 6007/116  n.d. [1950]

1. 'The Palais Glide' - participants identified.
2. The 1st Battalion (dance) band.

Photograph of Lieut.-Colonel S. D. Field and the officers of the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/117  n.d. [c.1950]

Photograph of wreaths, including an elaborate 'Royal Leicestershire' badge, at the foot of the United Nations flag-pole in the U.N. Cemetery, Pusan, S. Korea.  DE 6007/118  1952

Photographs of the presentation of medals to the 1st Battalion in Korea, by Major General A.J.H. Cassells. [See also The Green Tiger, Nov. 1952, p.144]  DE 6007/119  1952

Rhine Army Public Relations photograph of General Sir Richard Gale and the R.S.M. H. Brown, 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/120  n.d. [c.1953]

Photograph of the prize-giving at the 1st Battalion rifle meeting.  DE 6007/121  April 1953

Mrs. Hutchins presents a wooden spoon to Private O'Gara, 'A' Company. [Others named].

Photograph of Brigadier Delacombe presenting the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to R.Q.M.S. Mellors; at the Brigade Commander's Farewell Parade (1st Battalion).  DE 6007/122  April 1953

Photographs of the Coronation Parade at Iserlohn, Germany  DE 6007/123  2 June 1953

1. Lt. Col. G. E. P. Hutchins, followed by the adjutant, Capt. P. G. Bligh, at the head of the 1st Battalion.
2. Major General Sugden taking the salute as Major H.N. Daniels D.S.O. and 'B' Company march past.

Photograph of the 1st Battalion Corps of Drums beating retreat on 3 June 1953, during the coronation celebrations.  DE 6007/124  3 June 1953

Photograph of R.S.M. T.J. Marston in conversation with Major General F.R.G. Matthews, Director of Infantry, on his visit to the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/125  1 Dec. 1953

[November 1953 ?]

Photographic proofs from The Green Tiger  DE 6007/126  1953

1&2 Battalion Rifle Meeting, April, 1953
3. Brigade Commander's farewell parade, April, 1953
4. Coronation Parade, 2 June, 1953
5. Corps of Drums beating retreat, 3 June, 1953
6. Coronation Parade, 2 June, 1953.

Photographic proofs from The Green Tiger  DE 6007/127  1953

1. 1st Battalion Coronation Detachment at the Regimental Depôt (named in the Green Tiger, August 1953, p.83)
2. 2nd Cadet Battalion, cadets arrive at Dortmund Station on a visit to the 1st Battalion. [Green Tiger Aug. 1953]
3. Ex O.R.Q.M.S. C.S. Stevens on duty as a steward, just off The Mall, practising for Coronation Day, 1 June 1953. [Green Tiger, Aug. 1953]

Public Relations photograph of Lieut. General Sir Colin B. Callander, at the presentation of colours to 1st Battalion, 27 July 1954.  DE 6007/128  1954

[With duplicate]

Photographs of the inspection of the 1st Battalion by Brigadier R. H. Batten, commanding 5 Infantry Brigade.  DE 6007/129  n.d. [c.1954]

Photograph, taken from a tall building [?] of the 1st Battalion band and drums 'Beating the Retreat in Iserlohn Town', Germany, 10 June 1954.  DE 6007/130  1954

Snapshot photograph of the 1st Battalion Athletic Meeting, 12 June 1954.  DE 6007/131  1954

Mrs. Watson presents the shield to 2/Lt. C. S. Hall, captain of the 'A' Company team.

Photographs of the marching past of the new Colours, of the Battalion and Band marching off, and of the Battalion forming up for the General Salute.  DE 6007/132  July 1954

Public Relations photograph of Lieut. General Sir Colin Callander, Colonel of the Regiment, acknowledging the General Salute at the beginning of the ceremony of presentation of new Colours.  DE 6007/133  27 July 1954

[With duplicate]

Photographs of the Parade of the 1st Battalion, for the presentation of new Colours.  DE 6007/134  27 July 1954

Bibliography: [See also Green Tiger, Nov. 1954]

Public Relations photograph of Lieut. Gen. Sir Colin Callander presenting new 1st Battalion Colours to Lieut. M. L. Barclay [Queen's] and 2/Lieut. J. H. Rees [Regimental] at Iserlohn, Germany, 27 July 1954.  DE 6007/135  1954

[With duplicate]

Army public relations photographs recording the 'Battle Royal' manoeuvres in Germany  DE 6007/136  1954

Some of men of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment but also Sherwood Foresters, Durham Light Infantry, etc.

Group photograph of the March 1955 'passing out' at Glen Parva  DE 6007/137  March 1955

Subsequently posted to the 1st Battalion in the Sudan, then Cyprus.

Singapore Straits Times photograph of H.E. The Governor of Singapore unveiling a tablet to the memory of The British Battalion.  DE 6007/138  1955

[With duplicate, proof, from The Green Tiger]

Press photograph of Lt. Col. J.E.D. Watson, D.S.O., commanding 1st Battalion, as he 'smiles farewell to the Sudan'.  DE 6007/139  1955

Photograph [Green Tiger proof?] of the 1st Battalion landing in Cyprus.  DE 6007/140  16 October 1955

Photograph of men of the 1st Battalion on the arrival in Cyprus.  DE 6007/141  16 October 1955

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, Spring 1956, p.199]

Photographs, Green Tiger proofs, of the 1st Battalion on parade and relaxing in Cyprus. For the original of one, see DE 5970/134.  DE 6007/142  1956

Bibliography: [See Green Tiger, Autumn 1956, pp.278-9]

Photograph of C.Q.M.S. Lidstone and 1st Battalion H.Q. Company cooks and helpers preparing a meal on the beach during Royal Tigers weekend, Cyprus.  DE 6007/143  1956

Bibliography: [Named in Green Tiger, Autumn 1956 after p.278]

"The Tigers Return", a typescript report for publication, by 2/Lieut. J. W. Coghill  DE 6007/144  n.d. [May 1958]

Concerning the 1st Battalion's service on Cyprus and its return to Seaton Barracks, Plymouth.

2nd Battalion  DE 6007/145-197  [n.d.]

Home Service, Egypt & India  DE 6007/145-156  1859-1911

Newspaper cutting (source unidentified) reporting the presentation of Colours to the 2nd Battalion, at Devonport.  DE 6007/145  12 Feb. 1859

Duplicated 'extract from Digest of Services of 2/Battn', in support of a claim for a 'Canada, 1866' battle honour (?).  DE 6007/146  n.d

Much faded & incomplete.

'A Military Execution in India'; a ms. account of the trial and hanging of No. 2638 Private George Flaxman, 2nd Battalion, for the murder of Lance Sergeant William Carmody, 1st Battalion, at Ranakit, India, on 9 September 1886.  DE 6007/147  n.d

[Printed in full in The Green Tiger, August 1952, p.117. The case of Private Flaxman has been suggested as a 'prototype' for Kipling's Danny Deever].

Photograph of men of the 2nd Battalion at Aldershot, 1895.  DE 6007/148  1895

The lance-corporal and twenty men are studiously at ease; reading a 'paper, playing cards, playing a frying-pan 'banjo', etc.

Letter for [Sir] Evelyn Wood, Adjutant General, at the War Office, to the officer commanding 2nd Battalion in Egypt, notifying him of the form of Royal Cypher selected for use on 'badges, buttons and other devices' by King Edward VII.  DE 6007/149  May 1901

Photograph of the 2nd Battalion, on parade beside their barracks, Alexandria, Egypt.  DE 6007/150  1902


Informal group photograph of [?] a musketry competition team, of the 2nd Battalion, at Alexandria, Egypt, 1902.  DE 6007/151  1902

[Named: Sergeants Garbutt, Armston, Thornburn, Arkinstall, and Freeman; Band Master Thompson Colour Sergeant Pursey and Lt. & Quartermaster W. F. Hammond]

Postcard photograph of the brass (?) plaque identifying the 'original Holy Standard...of the Fulani Empire in 1809' captured by Captain G.C.R. Mundy at the battle of Burmi, Northern Nigeria, 27 July 1903, and presented by Mundy to the officers of the 2nd battalion, June 1904.  DE 6007/152  n.d. [c.1960]

Informal group photograph from the 2nd Battalion (and one in Scottish uniform) with bowls, brushes and sponges; presumably for some humorous ritual [?].  DE 6007/153  n.d. [c.1905]

Informal group photograph of the officers of the 2nd Battalion, at Meannee Barracks, Colchester.  DE 6007/154  1905-06


Informal group photograph of men of the [?] 2nd Battalion, in India.  DE 6007/155  n.d. [c.1907]

'Soldier's Small Book' of No. 8328 Private Vincent Moss, 2nd Battalion.  DE 6007/156  1908 - 1911

With a memorandum (to be inserted in the book) on venereal disease and a cutting (origin unknown) reporting the award of the D.C.M. to Moss.

First World War  DE 6007/157-162  1914-1918

Battalion Orders by Lieut-Colonel C. G. Blackader DSO commanding 2nd Battalion, at Ranikhet, India, ordering General Mobilization.  DE 6007/157  9 Aug. 1914

Photograph of the 2nd Battalion leaving Ranikhet for Bareilly [en route for the Western Front].  DE 6007/158  12 August 1914

Postcard photograph of Private W. Buckingham V.C., 2nd Battalion, outside the gates to Buckingham Palace [?].  DE 6007/159  n.d. [1915]

Portrait photograph of Private William Buckingham, V.C., 2nd Battalion.  DE 6007/160  n.d. [c.1915]

Typescript transcripts of Orders and communiques issued by Major General Charles Townshend, commanding 6th Division, besieged at Kut-al-Amarah.  DE 6007/161  n.d. [1915-16]

Administrative history:
[The 2nd Battalion was with the relief force].

Photograph, signed by HRH The Duke of Connaught ['Arthur F(ield) M(arshall)'] of his inspection of a guard of honour drawn from the 2nd Battalion, at Ismailia, Egypt.  DE 6007/162  12 or 13 March 1918

[9¼ x 11¼ inches]

India, Egypt & the Sudan, Colchester, Germany and Ireland, 1921-1936, Aldershot Military Tattoo, 1937.  DE 6007/163-189  [n.d.]

Informal group photograph [of one company, unidentified?) of the 2nd Battalion, at Deolali, India, 1921.  DE 6007/163  22 Oct. 1921

Group photograph of the 2nd Battalion boxing team, 'winners All India Boxing Tournament Mussoorie 1922'.  DE 6007/164  1922

Formal group photograph of 'D' Company, 2nd Battalion, taken at the Fort, Delhi, 14 August 1922.  DE 6007/165  1922

Related information: See also DE 5866 for a photograph of 'A' Company probably taken at the same occasion].

Photograph of the officers of the 2nd Battalion, at Jhansi, India.  DE 6007/166  n.d. [c.1922]

Formal group photograph of [?] one company of the 2nd Battalion, at Jhansi, India.  DE 6007/167  n.d. [c.1922]

Photograph of an unidentified football team; probably that of the 2nd Battalion at Jhansi, India.  DE 6007/168  n.d. [c. 1922-23]

Group photograph of an unidentified company of the 2nd Battalion, at Jhansi, India.  DE 6007/169  n.d. [1922-1923]

"At lunch"; informal group photograph of men of the 2nd Battalion, at Ismailia, Egypt, eating water melon.  DE 6007/170  1924

Endorsed: "This is some of our boys enjoying a feed of water melon not too bad is it'.

Photograph of the 2nd Battalion, on the barrack square at Khartoum, Sudan [?] at a General Salute, with lowered Colours.  DE 6007/171  n.d. [c.1924]

Group photograph of 'D' Company, 2nd Battalion, dressed for physical training, with trophies and cups, at Khartoum, Sudan.  DE 6007/172  n.d. [c.1924]

Photograph, from the upper windows of a building (?) of a church service, or ceremony with a religious element, held in the open, at Khartoum, Sudan.  DE 6007/173  n.d. [c.1924]

The 'congregation' includes both military and civilian (British and Sudanese) participants, including the Band.

Photograph of the monument (at Khartoum?) to soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Battalion The Argyle 85 Sutherland Highlanders and Egyptian Medical Corps, killed or mortally wounded 'in action against Sudanese Mutineers on 27th and 28th November, 1924.'  DE 6007/174  n.d. [c.1924]

Group photograph of Lieut. And Quartermaster H. Bolland, with N.C.O.s and men of the 2nd Battalion.  DE 6007/175  n.d. [c.1925]

Typescript (secret) instructions to the 2nd Battalion, at Colchester, regarding action to be taken in the event of 'Industrial Unrest' [following on the General Strike].  DE 6007/175A  May 1926

The instructions concern equipment and weapons to be taken, transport, etc.

Photograph of the 2nd Battalion football team and incidents during and after the Army Cup final, Easter Monday, 1927.  DE 6007/176  1927

Including presentation of the cup by Queen Mary and presentation of the team to King George V.

Formal group photograph of the Band and Drums, 2nd Battalion the Leicestershire Regiment, taken at Colchester, 25 March, 1927.  DE 6007/177  1927

Photograph of 2nd Battalion transport being loaded onto a railway wagon (the wagon labelled 'Stuttgart').  DE 6007/178  n.d. [c.1928]

Photographs and press-cutting of a recruiting march 'through streets of Derry', by the 2nd Battalion.  DE 6007/179  14 March 1935

Menu for the 'Dinner of Merit' for the 2nd Battalion, at the City Hotel, Londonderry.  DE 6007/180  1 Oct. 1935

Informal group photograph of the 2nd Battalion and King's Royal Rifle Corps hockey teams, on the occasion of their match in the first round of the (Northern Ireland Depot) Army Cup.  DE 6007/181  n.d. [c.1935]-

The Leicestershire Regiment team is in white.

Photograph of Lt. Col. A. T. Le M. Utterson, commanding the 2nd Battalion, lying a wreath at the Londonderry War Memorial.  DE 6007/182  n.d. [c.1935]

[Original cut-down in size]

Snapshot photographs of the Barracks Square and Orderly Room of the 2nd Battalion at Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry.  DE 6007/183  n.d. [c.1935]

Belfast News-Letter photographs of scenes at a race meeting; possibly the annual point-to-point races of the Londonderry Garrison Drag Hunt.  DE 6007/184  n.d. [c.1936]

Londonderry Sentinel photograph of the Londonderry Garrison Drag Hunt (including officers of the 2nd Battalion).  DE 6007/185  n.d. [c.1936]

Typescript arrangements for the 'Lodging the Colour' display at the Coronation Tattoo, Aldershot (2nd Battalion found the 'Blue Company' for the display).  DE 6007/186  1937

Photograph of musketeers and pikeman at the (Aldershot) Coronation Tattoo.  DE 6007/187  1937

Endorsed: 'the Colour being lodged after the day's parade'.

Photograph of musketeers 'carrying out the "postures'", at the Coronation Tattoo.  DE 6007/188  1937

'Representative Costumes of the Blue Company', photograph of officers, sergeants, drummers, musketeers and pikemen at the Coronation Tattoo, Aldershot.  DE 6007/189  1937


Second World War (Crete)  DE 6007/190-191  1941-1945

Photographs of enemy aeroplanes, paratroops, and bombing, taken during the battle for Crete, 14-30 May 1941.  DE 6007/190  1941

[The photographs are faded and of poor quality but are still of significance as they were taken in action].

Portrait photograph of Captain J. W. Bryan, M.C., 2nd Battalion.  DE 6007/191  n.d. [c.1945]

India, c.1946-1947 (and 1948)  DE 6007/192-197  [n.d.]

Photograph of a rugby match at Bombay, India, between the 2nd Battalion and R.A.F. (Karachi).  DE 6007/192  n.d. [c.1946]

Photograph of Lt. Col. A.L. Novis, of the 2nd Battalion, presenting the Inter-company athletic cup to Pte Thompson of 'D' Company.  DE 6007/193  1947

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, Nov. 1947. p.122].

Photograph of the 2nd Battalion Shooting Team.  DE 6007/194  1947

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, Nov. 1947. p.122]

Photograph of Lt. Col. J. N. Carter, with the 2nd Battalion Football Team.  DE 6007/195  1947

Bibliography: [Named in The Green Tiger, August 1947, p.76].

Photograph of 'A' Company, 2nd Battalion, at Poonah or at Bombay  DE 6007/196  1947

Bibliography: (See The Green Tiger, February 1947, p.17).

Correspondence of Major A.C. Cave, recovering three trunks stored at Thomas Cook's in Port Said, 1938.  DE 6007/197  1948

3rd Battalion (Militia)  DE 6007/198-202  c.1895-1948

Photograph of the officers and colours of the 3rd Battalion [former militia]. [Sepia]  DE 6007/198  n.d. [c.1895]

Photograph of the Colours, band, and troops of [?] the 3rd Battalion at drill, with an audience of children, at the depot, Glen Parva.  DE 6007/199  n.d. [c.1895]

Seville photograph of 'H' Company, 3rd Battalion (Captain R. S. Phillips and Lieut. Stephen) Militia Rifle Association best shooting company of the Militia Force, 1897.  DE 6007/200  1897

Operation Orders No. 2 by Lt. Col. R.E. Martin, commanding 1/3rd Leicestershire Regiment; 'the 46th Div. is to capture the HOHENZOLLERN REDOUBT & FOSSE No. 8'.  DE 6007/201  12 Oct. 1915

With appendices re use of bombs and smoke and a message of good luck from the divisional commander.

Photograph of the 3rd Battalion Colour Party and escort, prior to the laying up of the Colours in St. Thomas's church, South Wigston.  DE 6007/202  12 Nov. 1948

Administrative history:
[See Green Tiger, February 1949, pp.8-10. The Colours were later transferred to the Regimental Chapel in Leicester Cathedral (buried in casket beneath the altar) in June 2000 (see RTA Newsletter Autumn 2000)]

4th Battalion, etc.  DE 6007/203-234  [n.d.]

(inc. 4/5th Battalion, 44 (Leics. Regt.) AA Bn. (RE) and 579th (Royal Leics.) LAA Regt., R.A. (TA)

Photograph of Lt. Col. Oliver, 4th Battalion.  DE 6007/203  n.d. [c.1910]

Group photograph of [?] Lt. Col. Oliver and the officers of the 4th Battalion, at the Magazine Barracks, Leicester.  DE 6007/204  n.d. [c.1914]

Informal group photograph of the drums of the 4th (Reserve) Battalion in snow, in Victoria Park, Leicester, December 1914.  DE 6007/205  1914


Telegram from Capt. Bedingfield, Commanding the Depot of the 4th Battalion, to Capt. Simpson: 'Battalion warned for Luton...'.  DE 6007/206  27 Jan. 1915

[With envelope]

Typescript 'Battalion Orders by Lieut. Col. C. F. Oliver T.D. Commdg. 2/4th Leics. Regt.'  DE 6007/207  28 May - 1 July 1915

The orders list duty officers, parades and drills, leave arrangements, promotions and punishments, etc. The 2/4th Battalion was training at Luton.
Endorsed: 'OC A Coy' [Officer commanding, 'A' Company]

Notification, with covering letter, of the grant of an extension of leave of absence to Lieut. J. H. Manners, Marquis of Granby to 2 Nov. 1915. [4th Battalion]  DE 6007/208  29 Sept. - 6 Oct. 1915

Bundle concerning 4th Battalion casualties; inc. lists of wounded, and notifications of officer casualties and their admissions to hospitals, treatment etc.  DE 6007/209  Oct. 1915

Letters from Territorial Forces Records, Lichfield notifying the 1/4th Battalion Administrative Centre of the deaths, wounding or illnesses of 4th Battalion officers.  DE 6007/210  29 Oct. 1915 - 3 Jan. 1916

Message sent by Capt. W. H. Godsal, Brigade Major, to the 4th Battalion, covering aerial photographs of trenches etc. 'in case you should like them for your Regimental diaries or records'.  DE 6007/211  3 Nov. 1915

Memorandum from the Adjutant, 4th Battalion, to the Administrative Depôt, covering 'several Documents Secret and Confidential which may be of interest to future generations of this Regiment'.  DE 6007/212  10 Nov. 1915

With an inventory of documents sent.

Typescript copy of letter from Captain F. S. Parr, 4th Battalion, to his parents.  DE 6007/213  n.d. [15 Nov. 1915]

Parr writes from the Lazorette No. 1, Wesel, Rhineland; having been captured on 13 October 1915. He has no clothing and instructs his parents to send his uniform and great coat, food, cigarettes, and his shaving kit. An interesting description of life as an officer prisoner-of war, still at an early stage of the war.

Letter from Colonel Sarson, commanding 3/4th Battalion, to the Officer Commanding the Magazine, Leicester, requesting that 'the music at the Depôt belonging to the 1st/4th be handed over to Mr. Leggett, Bandmaster, 3/4th Battalion.  DE 6007/214  16 April 1916

Letter, with envelope, from Colonel J. E. Sarson to Capt. H. Simpson  DE 6007/215  26 April - 4 May 1916

Complaining of his 'most unreasonable and entirely unjustifiable' attitude to the request that the music of the 1/4th Battalion be loaned to the 3/4th Battalion... 'After all, we are all one Battalion, and the property of each Unit will become the property of the 4th Battalion of the future, our unreliable instruments included'.

Draft reply of Simpson, defending his conduct  DE 6007/216  4 May 1916

('all Bn. property at the Magazine is in my official custody &... there is no question of usurpation of authority...").

Pencilled memorandum, or draft, recording silver cups etc. deposited at the National Provincial Bank by the O.C. 4th Battalion.  DE 6007/217  16 June 1916

Correspondence concerning Capt. H. Simpson's examination by a medical board and subsequent period of 'light duty at home'.  DE 6007/218  2 Feb. - 27 July 1917

Administrative history:
[Simpson was attached to the 4th Battalion administrative centre]

Army papers of No. 8399 Private (later Sergeant) Richard Elliott, 4th Reserve Battalion.  DE 6007/219/1-7  1918 - 1923

1. Covering note for Ward Badge, awarded 'for "Services Rendered" in H.M.'s Military Forces since 4th August, 1914. 11 Sept. 1918.
2. Discharge Certificate, 3 Feb. 1919.
3. Testimonial certifying Elliott's character as "Very Good" according to his official record', signed by Lieut. J. A. Thomas, Adjutant, Depôt.
4. Notification of Elliott's assessment by Medical Board at 20% disablement, 29 June 1921.
5. Discharge Certificate, from the Defence Force after serving 84 days, 2 July 1921.
6. Duty Certificate of discharge (as above), 2 July 1921.
7. Notification of ministry of pensions award, 11 June 1923.

Group photograph of Col. J. E. Sarson (Hon. Colonel) with officers of the [?] 4th Battalion.  DE 6007/220  n.d. [c.1925]

Photograph of Sergeant G. Garratt, Lieut-Colonel A. Halkyard, Capt. C.D. Oliver and R.Q.M.S. J. Bell, 4th Battalion; winners of the Hamilton-Leigh Challenge Cup at Bisley.  DE 6007/221  1931

Photograph taken at the Magazine Barracks, Leicester.

Photograph of the officers of the 4th Battalion, at Haltwhistle Camp  DE 6007/222  1936

The 'last camp' before the battalion's conversion to an anti-aircraft rôle]

Cutting from The Tatler: 'A Regimental Metamorphosis' with caricatures of officers and former officers of the 4th Battalion [retitled 44th (The Leicestershire Regiment) Anti-Aircraft Battalion] from a celebratory dinner.  DE 6007/223  13 Jan. 1937

Enlargement of snapshot photograph of Richard [?] Harris, 44th (The Leicestershire Regiment) Anti-Aircraft Battalion, R.E. (T.A.).  DE 6007/224  n.d. [c.1938]

Photograph of the senior ranks, 44th (Searchlight Battalion) Royal Artillery with the colours of the 4th Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment (their predecessor unit).  DE 6007/225  n.d. [c.1940]

Photograph of the final parade of the 'Q' (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment) L.A.A. Battery Royal Artillery (T.A.)  DE 6007/226  n.d. [1955]

The band marching past the Lord Mayor of Leicester, Alderman C. H. Harris.

Photograph of past and present commanding officers of the 579th (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment) L.A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery (T.A.)  DE 6007/227  1955

[Named, inc. Lt. Col. Sir R. E. Martin, see Green Tiger Summer 1955, p.69].

Leicester Mercury cutting concerning Captain G.C.G. Gee  DE 6007/228  1958

With portrait and photograph of Gee's company of the 2/4th Battalion in September 1914.

Press cutting reporting the appointment of Lieut.-Colonel J.P.N. Creagh to command the 4/5th Battalion (T.A.) in place of Lieut.-Colonel S. A. Smith.  DE 6007/229  n.d. [c.1960]

Formal group photograph of [?] the 4/5th Battalion, with smaller group photographs.  DE 6007/230  n.d. [c.1962]

Group photograph of the officers of the 4/5th Battalion at their Annual Camp at Folkestone; Colonel G. J. German holding the silver tiger presented to the battalion in 1961.  DE 6007/231  1962

[With 6 duplicates]

Letter from the Equerry to The Queen Mother to Colonel German, with thanks for their Christmas card and best wishes to the 4/5th Battalion.  DE 6007/232  23 Dec. 1964

Letter from the Lady in Waiting to the Duchess of Gloucester with thanks and good wishes to Colonel G. J. German, Lt. Col. Creagh and all ranks of the 4/5th Battalion.  DE 6007/233  31 Dec. 1964

Letter from Princess Margaret to Colonel G. J. German with good wishes for the New Year for Colonel Creagh and all ranks of the 4th/5th Battalion.  DE 6007/234  1965

5th Battalion  DE 6007/235-344  [n.d.]

Including the papers of Lieut.-Colonel E. C. Atkins, 1900-1980

5th Battalion  DE 6007/235-243  1916-1980

Souvenir card 'presented by the W.O.s, Staff-Sergts. And Sergts. at a concert held on January 15, 1916...In the full assurance that....the Battalion will...add fresh laurels to the name of the famous Leicestershire Regt.'.  DE 6007/235  1916

[From the camp of the 2/5th Battalion at Harpenden, Herts.

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of the Lord Mayor of Leicestershire, Councillor J. N. Frears, Brigadier H. S. Pinder MC (Col., the Royal Leicestershire Regiment) Lord Hazlerigg, Lord Lieutenant, and Brigadier P. N. White (Commanding 147 Lorried Infantry Brigade, T.A.) promoting '5th Bn. Recruiting Week'.  DE 6007/236  1947

Leicester Mercury photograph of the combined bands and drums of the 438 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (TA) and 5th Battalion The Royal Leicestershire Regiment (TA) marching through the Memorial Arch, Victoria Park, during the Lord Mayor of Leicester's Remembrance Day Service and Parade.  DE 6007/237  11 Nov. 1956

Newspaper cutting from the Leicester Mercury, with a photograph of 5th Battalion officers at a cocktail party  DE 6007/238  2 June 1958

'part of weekend at Kibworth Range'.

Leicester Mercury cutting reporting Lieut.-Colonel Peter Preston's visit to 5th Battalion troops on 'the famous Nijmegen march'.  DE 6007/239  24 July 1958

"'Bos' Impressions"; a sheet of caricatures of 5th Battalion officers toasting the commanding officer, Lieut.-Colonel Peter McH Preston on his departure from Whitburn, co. Durham.  DE 6007/240  1959

Leicester Mercury cutting: 'Mock TA battle leads to protest' (by the vicar of Oaks in Charnwood). [5th Battalion]  DE 6007/241  1 Oct. 1963

Leicester Mercury report of the death of Colonel John Cridlan Barrett, V.C. (late 1/5th Battalion).  DE 6007/242  9 March 1977

Leicester Mercury report of reminiscences of the Norwegian Campaign, 1940, of Harold Farley (late sergeant, 1/5th Battalion).  DE 6007/243  15 Feb. 1980

Papers of Lieut.-Colonel Ernest Clive Atkins  DE 6007/244-344  1900-1920

Administrative history:
Atkins was born Hinckley on 13 February, 1870. He was educated at Bedford School and joined the family business in Hinckley, living at Stretton House. He was commissioned into the 1th (Volunteer) Battalion, the Leicestershire Regiment on 23 April 1892. In 1900 Atkins married (Agnes) and was promoted Major (he had received his lieutenancy on 5 August 1893 and captaincy on 17 March 1894). In 1908, on the creation of the Territorial Army, Atkins joined the 4th Battalion, becoming Lieut.-Colonel on 6 July 1914. On the outbreak of war he was appointed recruiting officer for Hinckley and then given command of the 5th Battalion, which was subsequently expanded and divided - Atkins commanding 2/5th.
Atkins's battalion saw active service around Dublin in 1916 but during a period of training in Ireland Atkins fell foul of his brigadier and was judged to be unfit to command the battalion in France. He campaigned against his removal (which seems to have been regretted by the battalion) but only saw brief active service, after a period of retraining, in 1917 and 1918.

Circular letter to Captain E. C. Atkins, with arrangements for 1st Volunteer Battalion Leicester Regiment.  DE 6007/244  16 March 1900

Pocket notebook kept by Atkins, recording queries, matters to be dealt with, etc.; including investigation of an accident on the firing range, stretcher squad for field-days, addresses, etc.  DE 6007/245  1907

War Office printed leaflets and guidelines for the organisation, creation and running of The Territorial Force and Territorial Association for Leicestershire.  DE 6007/246  1907

With a leaflet on terms and conditions for service in the Territorial Force.

Correspondence and printed papers re the formation of a County Association for Leicestershire under the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act, 1907  DE 6007/247  1907 - 1908

inc. returns of the strengths of local forces, attestation forms, lists of members of the Leicestershire and Rutland Territorial Associations Joint Committee and agenda for the inaugural meeting.

'Battalion Orders by Lieut.-Colonel E. C. Atkins commanding 4th Battn. Leicestershire Regiment', No.s. 37, 38, 39, 40 and 44 and by Lieut.-Colonel C. F. Oliver (unnumbered - July 1909).  DE 6007/248  1909

[Foolscap, typescript]

'Record of Services', form filled in by Atkins as a 'specimen'.  DE 6007/249  c.1914

Letter to Atkins from T. A. Whitaker, Surveyor of Taxes, requesting an appointment with Atkins to seek his views on the effect of 'the Government's recent Currency, Banking and Business Arrangements'.  DE 6007/250  7 Aug. 1914

Copy messages to and from Atkins concerning his appointment as Recruiting Officer at Hinckley 'for the purpose of attesting and approving of Recruits'.  DE 6007/251  Aug. - Sept. 1914

Recruiting poster for the 5th (Reserve) Battalion Leicestershire Regiment: 'WANTED 1000 RECRUITS for Territorial Force...'.  DE 6007/252  n.d. [Aug. 1914]

Copy letter from the War Office with conditions for service, with reserve and extra reserve battalions, of members of the National Reserve who are not over 42 years of age.  DE 6007/253  17 Aug. 1914

Letter from Lord Ranksborough congratulating Atkins on his appointment as C.O. of the 5th Battalion.  DE 6007/254  22 Sept. 1914

Letter from Field-Marshal Lord Roberts (stamped signature) to Atkins promoting the National Service League and enclosing a printed Notice calling for ex-non-commissioned officers to return to re-enlist to train the New Army, with an endorsement by the National Service League.  DE 6007/255  23 Sept. 1914

War Office memorandum appealing for candidates for Commissions, with instructions on time to apply and allowances etc. payable.  DE 6007/256  Sept. - Nov. 1914

With memorandum on the appointment of schoolmasters qualified in drill immediately as corporals.

H.M.S.O. miscellaneous publication: 'Correspondence respecting the European Crisis'.  DE 6007/257  1914

Photographs of uniformed officers [inc. Atkins?] with chaplain, a woman and boy at a tented camp.  DE 6007/258  n.d. [c.1914]

Letter from the Colonel  DE 6007/259  16 June 1915

Commanding 2/1 Lincoln and Leicester Brigade to Atkins asking him to sign and distribute 'small tickets' to his battalion as a 'permanent record...that they have undertaken the Imperial Service Obligation...I hope the recipient will be able to keep this for all may save him from some unpleasant moments if people should scoff at him for not having gone abroad'.

Copy letter of Major General E. Stuart Wortley  DE 6007/260  16 Oct. 1915

Commanding 46th Division, reporting the recent 'distinguished gallantry' of the North Midland Division.

Leicester Daily Post and Mercury Christmas card to all servicemen from the people of Leicestershire and Rutland.  DE 6007/261  Dec. 1915

With envelope (unused).

Notebook containing notes of observations on the battalion by the Major General Commanding 59th Division.  DE 6007/262  22 Dec. 1915 - 20 April 1916

Special Battalion Orders by Atkins, commanding 2/5th Battalion, reproducing a Christmas message from H.M. The King.  DE 6007/263  25 Dec. 1915

Letter from German to Atkins. German describes his journey across to France for three days with the 9th Battalion.  DE 6007/264  29 Dec. 1915

Letter from 'Rankforde' at Sunnyside, Hinckley, to Atkins asking for his help in obtaining a commission for 'Tandle'  DE 6007/265  4 Jan. 1916

'I sincerely believe he would make a good officer. He deserves better by education & by his willingness to do his part - than to be left in the "ruck".

Confidential report by Brigadier-General C.G. Blackader D.S.O., commanding 177th Brigade, on Atkins  DE 6007/266  8 Feb. 1916

Including the remarks: 'I consider that for Active Service abroad he is not so Competent to Command, as would be a Regular Officer with experience of modern warfare'.
In envelope marked 'confidential'.

Letter of Captain Hassall, Staff Captain to 177th Infantry Brigade at Harpenden, to 'Officer Commanding, 2/5 Leicester Regiment'  DE 6007/267  10 Feb. 1916

'Pressing..... As Enemy Aircraft is reported over the United Kingdom, please issue instructions at once for your Police to see that all lights in your Area are reduced to a minimum'.

Letter from G. W. Oliver, of 106 Highfields, Coalville, to the Officer Commanding 2/5th Leicestershire Regiment, concerning No. 4968 Private G. Oliver  DE 6007/268  15 Feb. 1916

'as he cannot write himself I should esteem it a favour if you could let me know what to expect, I was rather surprised that he passed the doctors...the lad is alright [sic] except for a certain slowness of the action of the Brain...the result of a severe attack of Depithera [sic]'.

Letter from Harry L. M. Butler, of Ballsbridge, Dublin  DE 6007/269  28 Feb. 1916

Thanking Atkins for 'the Services of your men...our opinion is shared by all our personal friends in Dublin many of whom did far more for the poor soldiers than it was in our power to do - & the Leicester Rgt. won golden opinions all over this district not only from the better class residents but from the respectable working classes who when they are loyal are far more bitter against the rebels than we are...'.

Army form C.2121, message pad, containing Atkins's messages during operations against the Irish rebels in Dublin.  DE 6007/270  n.d. [March 1916]

'To O[fficer] C[ommanding] A Co[mpany]...Another push will be made this afternoon....if you can obtain any forward observation points in high houses get them...'
[To H.Q. 177th Brigade from Atkins at Ball's Bridge] "Promiscuous firing is not taking place in my area".

Letter to Atkins from Blackader saying farewell to the brigade  DE 6007/271  22 June 1916

'Like a bombshell came a telegram yesterday ordering me forthwith to France....I am very leave the brigade which I had hoped I would have gone with to France'.
[With envelope]

Newspaper cutting [from Pall Mall?] concerning 'Dugouts in Khaki', the debate over the employment of 'elderly ex-volunteers and Territorial officers' who could be replaced by cheaper officers 'on the active list but incapacitated for foreign service'.  DE 6007/272  [No month] 1916

Letter from A. E. Sanbach (commanding 59th Division) concerning drafts for France.  DE 6007/273  31 Aug. 1916

Protests had been made at the reduction in trained manpower in Ireland and the suggestion that the entire division be sent instead but 'it is a military necessity to take these trained men away from the 59th Division, in consequence of the heavy casualties in the recent fighting in France".

Telegram from Colonel The Duke of Rutland to the 5th Battalion wishing 'good fortune to Leicestershire men now leaving to join Leicestershire units at the front'.  DE 6007/274  2 Sept. 1916

Letter from [Capt.] Tallents, Brigade Major, to Atkins  DE 6007/275  3 Sept. 1916

'The General will be away at the Curragh on a staff will be commanding the brigade'.

Letter of Miss Lizzie Maples, of Long Street, Stoney Stanton, to Atkins, seeking his help in finding Private H. Smith  DE 6007/276  4 Sept. [1916?]

'who is the father of my child a girl now 6 months old...I and the baby are entirely dependant upon my aged parents...'.

Memorandum, by Atkins [?], of the G.O.C.'s criticisms of his battalion  DE 6007/277  10 Sept. 1916

'Capt. Porter - officer on parade....Sgt. Hart Culls [?] improperly dressed....lack of Supervision.... Selection of bad....Sentries don't know their duties....Fire drill - bad....etc.

Correspondence between Tallents and German.  DE 6007/278  20-22 Sept. 1916

The G.O.C. queried why one of his battalion's companies was not training at the race course when he visited it. German denied that they were in the brigade programme to be there and there is a note from Tallent acknowledging the error as his.

Memorandum of Atkins's following his summons to the General Officer Commanding to hear the deficiencies of his battalion following an inspection.  DE 6007/279  20-22 Sept. 1916

The complaints (e.g. 'Runners were being taught badly', 'men's recreation room bare & no comforts sergeants mess barest ever seen', etc.) have pencilled responses.

Memorandum book (of Atkins's?) with notes on criticism of his battalion and deficiencies in facilities and training.  DE 6007/280  28 Sept. 1916

Letter from H. Gordon Dean, at Strand Barracks, Limerick, to Atkins  DE 6007/281  25 Oct. 1916

Thanking him and Col. German [Lt. Col. G. German, D.S.O., T.D., second in command of 2/5th Bn.] 'for doing so much for us when we landed into Fermoy', with an ironic description of the Brigadier General's [?] inspection of the 2/4th Lincolnshire Regiment
The General...was fearfully in trouble at the thought of nine men struggling to get salt out of one pot...& the blessed corporal's toes were only 44° instead of 45° when he turned to dismiss the guard'.

Parade State of 2/5th Battalion, with Rolls of Warrant Officers and N.C.O.s of 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' Companies.  DE 6007/282  9 Nov. 1916

Correspondence, and related papers, between Atkins and Captains Tallents and Hart Davis, concerning the adverse report on Atkins as battalion commander.  DE 6007/283  5 Aug. 1916 - 10 Nov. 1916

Atkins requests an interview with the Major General commanding 59th Division. With copy telegram regretting that Q.M.S. Gilbert cannot be promoted and offering Quartermaster E.H. Thomas, 'late 7th Reserve Worcester Regt.'.

Copy confidential report on Lewis Gun training and miniature rifle range practice by the 5th Battalion.  DE 6007/284  10 Nov. 1916

The unfavourable report, by Captain Tallents, Brigade Major, has additional pencilled comments of defence or explanation.

Letter from Guy German to Atkins deploring the removal of Atkins from command  DE 6007/285  10 Nov. 1916

'It is a great blow to the Battalion & to me personally it means more than I can tell you. It is wrong too'. German plans to see Lord Ranksborough on the subject and holds the Brigade responsible for failures in Lewis-gun training.

Letter from German, at the Royal George Hotel, Rugby, to Atkins.  DE 6007/286  11 Nov. 1916

He is to see R [Ranksborough?] on Wednesday and is collecting evidence [on behalf of Atkins?].

59th Division, Divisional Circular No. 204, 'Lewis Guns': drill for the use of Lewis (machine) guns.  DE 6007/287  13 Nov. 1916

Copy memorandum of Major General A.E. Sandbach, commanding 59th Division, covering the unfavourable report on Atkins; concurring with Brigadier General James's poor opinion of Atkins, but adding facts in his favour and suggesting his employment overseas rather than his gazetting to the Territorial Forces Reserve.  DE 6007/288  15-16 Nov. 1916

Memorandum from Captain Hart Davis to Atkins directing him 'to hand over command of the Battalion under your command to Lt. Col. G. German'.  DE 6007/289  15 Nov. 1916

[With envelope, inside envelope]

Memorandum of Captain R. Hart Davis covering papers forwarded to Atkins.  DE 6007/290  19 Nov. 1916

Letter from Atkins to Captain R. Hart Davis complaining at his rudeness  DE 6007/291  20 Nov. 1916

'a staff Captain is just a Company Commander or less...the fact that confidential reports pass through his hands does not give him a prescriptive right to be made to a Commanding officer in his own Orderly Room even if he is just leaving...'.
[With envelope]

Letter of Hart Davis to Atkins, defending his actions  DE 6007/292  20 Nov. 1916

'I do not think that you will on reflection consider your own manner to me to have been exactly conciliatory'.
[With envelope]

Post Office Telegram form from 'Subaltern' to Atkins: 'Battalion beat fifth Lincolns 1 nil'.  DE 6007/293  22 Nov. 1916

Letter to Atkins from the Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and members of the sergeants mess of the 2/5th Battalion, expressing their regret at his departure, assuring him of their 'utmost faith in your ability to lead us', and expressing their 'appreciation of your firm yet benevolent rule, your unfailing interest in our welfare, & the Excellent military training'.  DE 6007/294  22 Nov. 1916

[With envelope]

Atkins's reply to the above (draft) with his thanks and best wishes  DE 6007/295  n.d. [Nov. 1916]

'wherever I may be & wherever you may be I shall always be glad to hear of you collectively & individually'.

Letter from Colonel Guy German at Fermoy, Ireland, to Atkins, with news of the 2/5th Battalion and comments on Atkins's 'dismissal'  DE 6007/296  23 Nov. 1916

"You were not sent away because of the condition of the Batt. or any such tomfoolery - you were the victim of a policy & it made no difference if you were good bad or or [sic] indifferent."
And on the Brigadier General (C.H.L. James, C.B., C.M.G.)
"Price came over & really made me laugh on the old old subject....he described an interview he had with James which was most amusing, he was pulling James' leg all through & he never saw it...".

Letter from Lord Ranksborough to Atkins: 'Can you lunch at Brooks Club...on Thursday 30th Inst.?'.  DE 6007/297  23 Nov. 1916

Letter from German to Atkins enclosing and commenting on the results of the 'Dollymount Course'; examinations of officers and N.C.O.s, in which the 5th Battalion had done well.  DE 6007/298  24 Nov. 1916

Typescript letter, signed by Corporal J. Swift, 'on behalf of the Corporals and Lance Corporals of the 2/5th Battalion' expressing their faith in Atkins as their leader and regretting 'that you had not the opportunity of taking us to the front'.  DE 6007/299  24 Nov. 1916

Draft letter of Atkins in reply to the above thanking the corporals and lance-corporals and wishing their battalion a 'safe and victorious return', from active service.  DE 6007/300  n.d. [Nov. 1916]

[Written on the reverse of a shirtmaker's bill and a bill from Sir Herbert Marshals & Sons, with picture of the Victoria Music Galleries, Leicester, 'To Thoroughly Overhauling Gramophone...' etc.]

Letter from 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', of The Row, Hartest (W. Suffolk) to Atkins, thanking him for his sympathy for them in their loss of a son  DE 6007/301  28 Nov. 1916

'I wish he had been spared as he was the youngest, dearest, & best'.

Pencilled notes; a 'diary' of the deteriorating relations between the G.O.C. 177th Brigade [Brigadier-General C.H.L. James, C.B.] and Atkins  DE 6007/302  n.d. [c.Nov. 1916]

'Inspected draft for France - Criticised hair & upper lip but not a word of advice...turned up at church Parade & complained that Capt. Jesson had a yellow collar & Capt. Moon a white tie'.

Pencil notes by Atkins of criticisms at an inspection on 12 August at Castle Town Rock, and at a Conference on 26 August [1916].  DE 6007/303  n.d. [c.Nov. 1916]

Pencil notes on his personal position, future, and a defence against criticisms, by Atkins.  DE 6007/304  n.d. [c.Nov. 1916]

Letter from German to Atkins with news of the battalion and of the relations with the brigade or divisional commander.  DE 6007/305  2 Dec. 1916

There is a lengthy account of negotiations with Captain Tallents (Brigade Major) over delegates for a trench mortar team and an account of an inspection ('salt cellars as usual not in sufficient abundance').

Letter to Atkins from Lottie Jewell on her mother's behalf, thanking him for his letter of condolence on the loss of their son  DE 6007/306  [n.d.]

[? No.4954 Private Hedley Wilkins Jewell 2/5th Bn., of Appleby Magna, killed, 18 Nov. 1916]
"We are all terribly upset, we thought he was safe in Ireland...".

Letter to Atkins from T. D. Thomas, at Fermoy, covering Atkins's mess bill and with news of the Battalion's move to Chelmsford en route for France.  DE 6007/307  7 Dec. 1916

Letter from German to Atkins, with news of the Battalion's departure.  DE 6007/308  8 Dec. 1916

German had won his dispute over the trench mortar officers and is pleased at the news of 'Asquith & the Haldare going...I like the idea of some business talent in the cabinet. I hear everybody in London is depressed & no wonder when one thinks of the ships that are going down & the muddle headed incompetent government'. German hopes a rumour that they are bound for Salonika is not true.

Letter from G.E.S. Coxhead, headmaster of the Grammar School, Hinckley, to Atkins sympathising  DE 6007/309  10 Dec. 1916

[At his removal from command of 2/5th Battalion ?].

Letter from German to Atkins reporting that the planned move of the brigade to Essex had been cancelled  DE 6007/310  12 Dec. 1916

'The popular rumour is Salonika but I have no grounds to believe it. We are here now until after Xmas'.

Letter from German to Atkins with news of the battalion including the discovery of 'Poor Corporal Smith's body' down river.  DE 6007/311  13 Dec. 1916

Related information: [See DE 6007/301]

Letter from Capt. Jesson to Atkins asking his help with a deficit in mess funds.  DE 6007/312  14 Dec. 1916

Related information: [See DE 6007/301, 306 and 311]

He refers to the loss of £15 'when Smith and the Mess cart disappeared. We have buried Smith and Jewel today'.

Draft letter(s) from Atkins to Colonel German thanking him and the officers of 2/5th Battalion for their gift of a gold watch, inscribed 'To the 'C.O.' from his Officers'.  DE 6007/313  14 Dec. 1916

Letters from the Duke of Rutland to Atkins offering him command of the 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Volunteers and secondly understanding his inability to accept and returning the copy of DE 5970/288 sent to him by Atkins by way of explanation.  DE 6007/314  14-18 Dec. 1916

Letter from Capt. T. D. Thomas to Atkins enclosing his receipted mess bill.  DE 6007/315/1-2  18 Dec. 1916

Thomas describes the 'perfect farce' of the mess committee: 'They have been running the mess at a dead loss...some weeks they were as much as £17 & £15 down...'. He also describes arrangements for the funerals of Corporal Smith and Private Jewell: 'Smith's body was found last Tuesday at Cappoquin, and Pte Jewell's on Wednesday at Ballyduff. The both bodies were buried on Thursday in the Military Cemetery'.

Letter from Annie [Jewell] to Atkins, thanking him for arranging to put a wreath on her brother's grave.  DE 6007/316  18 Dec. 1916

Letter from German to Atkins with more battalion news.  DE 6007/317  22 Dec. 1916

They have suffered extremes of weather, 'dry and hot July & Aug. then the heaviest flood for years & now the hardest bitter. All pipes in "our 'ouse" frozen up - haven't had a bath for a week and W.C. not useable...'.

Letter from Capt. W. E. Porter, commanding 'D' Company, thanking Atkins for his 'generous gift' to the company.  DE 6007/318  23 Dec. 1916

Letter from 'Vere', commanding 'C' Company, thanking Atkins for his gift of a 'fiver' for the company  DE 6007/319  24 Dec. 1916

'Its damned cold weather and I've got the 'flu. The prospect of a decent meal tomorrow cheers one up a bit'.

Letter from Capt. Jesson to Atkins, on behalf of 'B' Company, thanking him for his generous gift and with an account of the company's celebrations and news of the mess deficit.  DE 6007/320  26 Dec. 1916

Letter from German to Atkins with a description of Christmas in barracks at Fermoy and thanks for Atkins's gifts.  DE 6007/321  26 Dec. 1916

German brings Atkins up-to-date on the activities of his officers.

Letter from Capt. O.H. Feilden, 'A' Company, thanking Atkins for his Christmas gift and giving an account of the entertainment, 'Area Belle' for which he was responsible.  DE 6007/322  26 Dec. 1916

Feilden also enclosed a cheque for £13.

Letter from German to Atkins 'to let you know the position of Vere', who had been referred to a 'nerve specialist in London'.  DE 6007/323  n.d. [31 Dec. 1916?]

Draft letter of Atkins's concerning the use and value of Percheron horses.  DE 6007/324  n.d. [c.Dec. 1916]

With an off-print from the Journal of the Board of Agriculture, August 1908, on 'Types of Horses suitable for Army Remounts', 1909 Atkins argues against suggestions that Percherons be especially bred for military use.

Letter from Lord Ranksborough, at Kingston Hill Place, Surrey, thanking Atkins for his letter regarding Percherons.  DE 6007/325  5 Dec. 1916

'I have put G.H.Q. on to our friend and also Sir John Maxwell late G.O.C. Ireland - it looks to me as if our friend has a friend that wants a Battalion earmarked for France'.

Company Rolls for 2/5th Battalion, originally printed but amended in ink until 12 Nov. 1917.  DE 6007/326  c.1916-1917

The rolls record the names, ranks, & numbers of the entire company, with their religion and 'remarks', such as 'sick', 'died of wounds', 'commission', 'transferred to Base (Calais)', etc. The form seems to have been printed whilst the battalion was at Fermoy, Ireland, pending it proceeding overseas.

Envelope and rough notes, made by Atkins; calculating his travel times to France and noting the addresses of next of kin of Corporal Smith and Private Jewell, drowned in Ireland.  DE 6007/327  c.1917

Telegram envelope  DE 6007/328  3-10 Jan. 1917

(i) Telegram to Atkins from the Curragh Camp ordering him to report to headquarters, 15th Army for attachment to his unit in the field.
(ii) Notice of his appointment to 2/5 Battalion
(iii) Movement Order for Atkins from Boulogne to Abbeville.

Letter to Atkins from Ethel [Atkins?], of The Hall, Hinckley, to 'My dear old Clive' wishing him well on his departure  DE 6007/329  8 Jan. 1917

'Oh! Clivey War does wonderful things, in Peace time we might even have quarrelled, but war brings us to the knowledge that we Atkins love each other very much'.
[With envelope]

Orders for Atkins's transfer from 21st Middlesex Regt. To 13th East Surrey Regt., from the Staff Captain, 121st Infantry Brigade.  DE 6007/330  21 Jan. 1917

Letter from Captain H. H. Stacke, Deputy Assistant Military Secretary, Home Forces, to Atkins, conveying the thanks of 'the Field-Marshal...for all the work you did recently with your Battalion'.  DE 6007/331  27 Jan. 1917

War Office Circular Memorandum No. 440 concerning arrangements for the payment of separation and other family allowances to wives and families of members of the Territorial Force.  DE 6007/332  24 Feb. 1917

Copy Order from H.Q. 40th Division, with instructions for Atkins to attend a 'Senior Officers' Course' at Aldershot.  DE 6007/333  25 March 1917

Receipt for 260.80 francs paid by Atkins 'on account of Imprest Holder' to Lt. M. Hucker, 13th Bn. East Surrey Regt.  DE 6007/334  2 April 1917

Correspondence concerning Atkins's unpaid claim for Field Allowance.  DE 6007/335  30 April - 15 June 1917

Including two letters from O. H. Fielden, with news of 2/5th Battalion; 'We have got our first D.C.M....and our first M.M., so your battalion is getting on'.

Copy letter and form from the Director of Personal Services, War Office, to Atkins concerning his service in France with 13th Battalion East Surrey Regiment, until 5 August 1917.  DE 6007/336  13 Aug. 1917

The Times, including (p. 2, col. 6) 'The London Gazette' supplement report  DE 6007/337  1 Sept. 1917

'Leicester. R. - Lt. Col. E.C. Atkins (ret. list, T.F.) relinquishes his commn. on ceasing to comd. a Bn. (Sept. 1).'
[With duplicate]

Notes made by Atkins on musketry and field training.  DE 6007/338  n.d. [c.1917]

Typescript minutes/reports from Territorial Forces Association meetings, including lists of decorations awarded, activities of Territorial units, etc.  DE 6007/339  1917-1918


Letter from Montagu Spinney to Atkins, replying to Atkins's letter of 11 April  DE 6007/340  17 April 1918

'We are all feeling a bit sad at the moment. We have just come out of the two big shows & there are very few of the old friends left.'

Letter from S. H. Gilbert asking for Atkins's support for his application for a commission in the Labour Corps.  DE 6007/341  24 Sept. 1918

Gilbert is serving as Company Sergeant Major of a Royal Engineers Labour Company and describes its organisation and activities.

Letter from the Leicestershire and Rutland Territorial Associations to Atkins, enclosing a copy of a letter received from Lieut.-General C.F.M. Macready, Adjutant General to the Forces, recording the services of the 2/5th Battalion upon its disbandment.  DE 6007/342  23 Dec. 1918

Letter from German to Atkins with personal news and news of fellow officers.  DE 6007/343  26 June [1919?]

German is to be invested with the D.S.O. on behalf of 'the old Bn.'.

Gregson and Gregson 'Sketch map of the Somme Battlefields'.  DE 6007/344  1920

6th Battalion  DE 6007/345-357  [n.d.]

Including the papers of Lieut.- Colonel J.C. Burdett, 1915-1919

'Diet Scale', chart showing the diet of the 6th Battalion, at Perham Down Camp, for the week ending 12 June 1915.  DE 6007/345  1915

Drawn up and signed by Lieut. J. W. Burditt, Regimental Transport Officer.

Lieut.-Colonel J. C. Burdett, D.S.O., M.C., 96th Battalion)  DE 6007/346-357  c.1916-1919

Photographic portrait of Burdett  DE 6007/346  n.d. [c.1916]

(Proof copy by Elliott & Fry).

Photograph of Burdett, leaving Buckingham Palace with his parents, sister, and Captain J.W. Burdett, M.C. & bar.  DE 6007/347  n.d. [c.1918]

Photographic portrait of Burdett, by Alethia Hudson, of 5, King Street, Leicester.  DE 6007/348  n.d. [c.1918]

Snapshot photographs of Burdett and his officers, in informal groups.  DE 6007/349  n.d. [c.1918-19]

Postcard group photograph of 110 Infantry Brigade staff and battalion commanding officers and second-in-commands (named) at Bovelles, France.  DE 6007/350  March 1919

With duplicates.

Postcard group photograph of Brigadier-General H.R. Cummings, with the staff of 110th Infantry Brigade, at Bovelles.  DE 6007/351  March 1919

Postcard photograph of Burdett with a group of officers, at Guignemicourt.  DE 6007/352  March 1919

Postcard photograph of Burdett, with a group of warrant officers and sergeants.  DE 6007/353  March 1919

Snapshot photograph of an officer and men (a platoon?) beside their tents. Probably at Bovelles?  DE 6007/354  n.d. [c.March 1919]

Postcard snapshot photograph of Burdett in conversation with a woman (half omitted).  DE 6007/355  n.d. [c.1919]

Postcard photograph of a sergeant with transport horses in harness.  DE 6007/356  n.d

Snapshot photograph of a sergeant (as DE 6007/356) at Beaufort.  DE 6007/357  1918

7th Battalion  DE 6007/358  c. 1942

Photograph of 'D' Company of an unidentified battalion  DE 6007/358  n.d. [c.1942]

The photographer, 'Sydney H. Wood, Darlington' suggests the 7th Battalion, during their period (1941-42) on the East Coast prior to their departure for India.

8th Battalion  DE 6007/359-376  [n.d.]

(Re-numbered as 1st Battalion in 1942) including papers of Lieut. G.G.W. Sleath, 1914-1975.

George Griffin Ward Sleath, 8th & 3rd Battalions and East Surrey Regiment  DE 6007/359-372  1914-1918

Postcard portrait photograph of Sleath, by Lewis Newman, of Mountsorrel.  DE 6007/359  1914

Postcard photograph of Sleath, with 'B' Company orderlies (8th Battalion) in camp, Aldershot.  DE 6007/360  Sept. 1914

Postcard photograph of Sleath, with other recruits, in 'Kitchener Blues' uniforms, in camp at Aldershot.  DE 6007/361  Sept. 1914

Postcard photograph of sergeant Sleath with his wife-to-be, Ethel Handford.  DE 6007/362  n.d. [c.1916]

Snapshot photograph of Sleath, in hospital uniform, recuperating from a wound received on the Somme, at Maldon Hospital, Essex.  DE 6007/363  n.d. [1916/17]

Sleath, with another patient, at Maldon Hospital.  DE 6007/364  n.d. [Winter 1916/17]

Snapshot photograph of Sleath, with nurses, at Maldon Hospital, Essex.  DE 6007/365  n.d. [1916/17]

Cabinet (cut-down) photograph of Sergeant-major Sleath, with Sergeant-major Thomas Ramsey, and corporals Horace and Cyril Sleath.  DE 6007/366  n.d. [c.1917]

Postcard photograph of Sergeant Major Sleath, at Perham Down, Wilts.  DE 6007/367  n.d. [c.1917]

A message on the reverse, to Miss Handford, 'Dear Girlie', records his imminent departure for 10 days with 3rd Grenadier Guards.

Postcard photograph (as above) of Sergeant-Major Sleath smoking in the entrance of a tent, with an unidentified sergeant.  DE 6007/368  n.d. [c.1917]

Postcard photograph of Sleath, with other sergeants from various units, one demonstrating a Lewis gun, identified on the reverse as candidates for commissions.  DE 6007/369  Nov. 1917

Army form B. 2079: certificate of Sleath's discharge from 3rd Battalion 'for the benefit of the Public Service for the purpose of being appointed to a Commission'.  DE 6007/370  1918

Part of an envelope addressed to '2nd Lt. G.G.W. Sleath M.C., East Surrey Regt., Mountsorrel, near Loughboro'.  DE 6007/371  n.d. [c.1918]

Letter to Lt. Col. J. L. Wilson from Miss Jean B. Sleath, with reminiscences of her father, G.G.W. Sleath.  DE 6007/372  1983

8th Battalion  DE 6007/373-376  1942-c.1975

Photograph of General Sir Clive Liddell, with the Corps, Division and Brigade Commanders, and Lt. Col. P.A.B. Wrexon, at Holt, Norfolk, on the renumbering of the 8th Battalion to 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/373  2 June 1942

Photograph of General Sir Clive Liddell inspecting the 8th Battalion, at Holt, Norfolk, on its renumbering as the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/374  2 June 1942


Polar Bear News (newsletter of the 49th Infantry Division), including reports of activities of the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/375  26 October 1945

Typescript account of 'The 8th Leicesters Somme Bugle'.  DE 6007/376  n.d. [c.1975]

The bugle was kept as a souvenir of the attack by the 8th Battalion at Gueudecourt, France, on 25 September 1916, by Capt. F. E. Breacher. He had blown the Quorn Hunt 'Tally-ho' to encourage his men and kept it when evacuated to hospital.

9th Battalion  DE 6007/377  1917

Aerial photograph of Polygon Wood, with the site of Lieut.-Colonel P.E. Bent V.C.'s death marked.  DE 6007/377  30 Sept. 1917

11th Battalion  DE 6007/378-379  [1962]

Cutting from the Leicester Mercury, concerning Frederick Read, an artist and cartoonist, who served with the 11th Battalion during the Great War.  DE 6007/378  12 April 1962

'He drew about ten [cartoons] recently at his home, 102 Wicklow Drive, Leicester, and took them along to a reunion...'.

Pen and ink cartoons by Frederick Read  DE 6007/379  [n.d.]

(i) 'I said mind the wire - "Clot"'
(ii) 'If you can wear a truss for two years upside down you can ride a camel in the "Middle East"'
(iii) '"Re-union 1980": Do yer remember 'F' Camp - when we had a wrestle and I got yer in the "scissors".'
(iv) "'Smells orl right mate; What is it"? "Me shirt"'
(v) '"Call yerself a mascot aye? What you want is the "Iron Cross". - Your 'helpin' the Jerry's"'
(vi) '"Whad daya mean it don't fitcha, yer got it on ain't cha?"'
(vii) "'That bloke's get more lives than a b-- cat"'
(viii) '"Now we come to what is known as unarmed combat."'

Leicestershire Regiment (general) or Battalion unspecified  DE 6007/380-413  1903-2000

Circular letter advertising the call for subscriptions to the South African War memorial window in St. Martin's, Leicester.  DE 6007/380  24 April 1903

Group photograph of a boxing team, with their trophies; battalion unidentified.  DE 6007/381  n.d. [c.1905]

Group photograph of an athletics or gymnastics team [?], Battalion unknown.  DE 6007/382  n.d. [c.1910]

Copy photograph of [?] private Daines, 4th or 5th Battalion, at camp.  DE 6007/383  n.d. [c.1912]

[Image poor]

Postcard, with wreath, colours, and badge surrounding the portrait of an unidentified soldier of the Leicestershire Regiment. By Newby of Aldershot.  DE 6007/384  n.d. [c.1914]

Photograph of a British entrenchment on the Western Front, c.October 1914.  DE 6007/385  n.d. [1914]

Presumably the photograph, enlarged from a snapshot, shows either the 1st or 2nd Battalion.

Photographs of men of the 1st or 2nd Battalions in sandbagged entrenchments on the Western Front.  DE 6007/386  n.d. [c.1915]

Postcard photograph of 'Britons Camp, St. Albans', Herts., showing the guard and guard-tent [?] of 2/4th or 2/5th Battalion.  DE 6007/387  n.d. [July - Oct. 1915]

Printed order of Service for the Dedication of the Chapel of St. George, St. Martin's parish church, Leicester, by the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.  DE 6007/388  11 Nov. 1921

Postcard photograph: '"C" Coys Dinner Parade, The Leicesters.', battalion unidentified.  DE 6007/389  n.d. [c. 1925]

Postcard photograph of an unidentified football team.  DE 6007/390  n.d. [c.1925]

Portrait photographs of Major-General Sir Edward M. Woodward, Colonel of the Regiment, by Howard M. King, Croydon.  DE 6007/391  n.d. [c.1928]

[Duplicates: 2 signed by the subject]

Photographs of the gymnastics team at their exercises.  DE 6007/392  1936


Leicester Evening Mail supplement. '250th Anniversary of the Leicestershire Regiment'.  DE 6007/393  4 July 1938

An illustrated account of preparations for the celebrations, of life in the Regiment and memories of old soldiers.

Envelope addressed to Councillor Mrs. H. Simpson  DE 6007/394  [n.d.]

(i) An invitation to Major General Sir Edward M. Woodward and the Officers of the Leicestershire Regiment 'At Home', 5 July 1938
(ii) Invitation to the Ceremonial Parade in Victoria Park, 7 July 1938
(iii) A notice of the alteration of the time of the Victoria Park Parade, 7 July 1938
(iv) Order of Service for the drumhead service at Glen Parva Barracks, 10 July 1938
(v) Printed programme of celebrations, 1938

Portrait photograph of Major General Sir Edward M. Woodward KGMG, CB, Colonel of the Regiment, 1916-1943.  DE 6007/395  n.d. [c.1943]

Portrait photograph of General Sir Clive G. Liddell, K.C.B., (Colonel of the regiment, 1943-48).  DE 6007/396  n.d. [c.1948]

Photograph of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment badge.  DE 6007/397  n.d. [c.1950]

Photograph of 'Fanfare of Trumpets' by bandsmen of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, at Victoria Park, Leicester [?].  DE 6007/398  1952

[Most named]

Portrait photograph of Lieut.-General Sir Colin B. Callander, KCB, KBE, MC, 30th Colonel of the Regiment.  DE 6007/399  n.d. [c.1955]

[With duplicate]

Photographs and transparency (for printing) of the badge of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.  DE 6007/400  n.d. [c.1955]

Printed notice, with illustrations of existing badges and of the new badge, that the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Royal Leicestershire Regiment and Sherwood Foresters badges would be replaced by that of 'The Forester Brigade' in August 1960.  DE 6007/401  1960

Photograph of a high-jump event, endorsed 'Harford High Jump'.  DE 6007/402  n.d. [c.1960]

Snapshot photographs, with negatives, of a [T.A.?] exercise (evacuating wounded, rowing a boat, etc.). in a 'Youngs Camera Corner' wallet.  DE 6007/403  n.d. [c.1960]

Painting of an officer in full dress, c.1914; with regimental badge.  DE 6007/404  n.d. [c.1960]

Signed 'M9' and labelled 'The Royal Leicestershire Regiment'.

Letter from Brigadier A. C. Tyler, U.K. Army Liaison Staff, Canada, to Lieut.-General Sir Colin B. Callander appealing for artefacts for a new museum at 'the old British fort that stands on the point jutting out into Lake Ontario'.  DE 6007/405  27 March 1962

With a list of 'graduates' of the Royal Military College of Canada and their service in British regiments or corps.

Printed engraving, by J. Flower, of the 'Gateway in the Newarke', 'formerly the Headquarters of the 4th and 5th Battalions.  DE 6007/406  n.d. [c.1965]

Now the proposed home of the Regimental Museum.'

Photograph of (1. to r.) Howard Riley and Colin Appleton, in their Leicester City F.C. strip.  DE 6007/407  n.d. [1966]

Recruiting handbill, 'We both had a good time in the Royal Leicestershire Regiment! Why don't YOU?'  DE 6007/408  n.d. [1966]

Signed by Colin L. Appleton and Howard Riley, both of Leicester City Football Club.

Photograph (with duplicates) of present and former Colonels of the Regiment, during Royal Tigers' Weekend (Pinder, Callander, Spurling, & Kendrew).  DE 6007/409  1968

'Proposals', scale drawings, for the 'overthrow to gate at Leicester War Memorial' (Victoria Park, Leicester)  DE 6007/410  1970

Incorporating the Royal Leicestershire Regiment cap badge and dedication to all ranks, 1688-1970. Drawn by A. J. Chapman, of George Lister & Sons Ltd., Cherry Hinton, Cambridge.

Leicester Mercury report of the retirement to Australia of Tony Davis, late sergeant major with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.  DE 6007/411  9 Nov. 1978

Leicester Mercury cutting, with reminiscences and photographs of Major Charles Dodson (retired from the Royal Leicestershire Regiment in 1948).  DE 6007/412  21 Feb. 1980

Colour photograph of Lt. Col. J. L. Wilson DL receiving his O.B.E. from H.M. The Queen.  DE 6007/413  July 2000

Depôt  DE 6007/414-441  [n.d.]

inc. 17th Regimental District and 7th Infantry Training Centre

Group photograph of the Regimental District Football Club.  DE 6007/414  1899


Printed photograph of Major General Sir Edward Robert Prevost Woodgate, 1845-1900.  DE 6007/415  1900

Administrative history:
Woodgate commanded, briefly, the Seventeenth Regimental District (based at Glen Parva) before being sent to South Africa in command of the 11th Brigade. He was mortally wounded whilst in command on Spion Kop.

Photograph of the 17 Regimental District Football Club.  DE 6007/416  1906-07

[Named: inc. Major F. E. Glossop]

Group photograph of the 17th Regimental District Football Club; winners of the Rolleston Cup, 1907-08 and 3rd place in the Leicester and District League, 1907-08.  DE 6007/417  1907 - 1908

[Named: inc. Major F.E. Glossop and Capt. C. M. Serjeantson].

Postcard photograph of the 17th Regimental District Football Club; Leicester & District League Champions, Thursday League Champions, etc.  DE 6007/418  1910

Revised scheme for the 'Leicester Recruitment Campaign'.  DE 6007/419  1 Aug. 1915

Typescript programme and arrangements for the Leicester 'Recruiting Campaign' of parades and meetings.  DE 6007/420  1-6 August 1915

Leicester & Leicestershire Recruiting Committee, typescript statistics of recruitment and facilities for recruitment in Leicester and other, comparable towns or cities.  DE 6007/421  n.d. [1915]

With pencil notes of a meeting of the Borough Council at which Mr. Councillor Hincks moved 'That this Council deplore the scanty response of Leicestershire men to the recruiting appeals...'.

Notes, pencilled on Army Memorandum for (C. 348), concerning recruitment; funds for the bands, 'Returns of how many men actually engaged in Govt. work', etc.  DE 6007/422  n.d. [1915]

Group photograph of a staff sergeant of the Leicestershire Regiment, with representatives [?] of local women's voluntary units; nurses, V.A.D.s, etc.  DE 6007/423  n.d. [c.1918]

Photograph of a drum-head service, probably on Armistice Day [?] with Civic dignitaries, nurses and troops of the Leicestershire Regiment and Leicestershire Yeomanry [?] present.  DE 6007/424  n.d. [c.1920]

Group photograph of 'Ypres Squad', at the Depôt, the Leicestershire Regiment.  DE 6007/425  Nov. 1927

Group photograph of 'Cambrai Squad', at the Depôt, Leicestershire Regiment, January 1927.  DE 6007/426  1927

Group photograph of 'Somme Squad', at the Depôt, Leicestershire Regiment, January 1928.  DE 6007/427  1928

Group photograph of the Leicestershire Regiment (depot) boxing team, for the Inter-Depôt Bi-annual boxing competition, 23 September 1936.  DE 6007/428  1936


Photograph of the Leicestershire Regiment (depôt) boxing team, winners of the Inter-depôt Bi-annual Boxing Competition, 6 October 1937.  DE 6007/429  1937


Formal group photograph of the Depôt Sergeants' Mess, with Lt. F. H. Kirkwell and Capt. L. G. McKinstry.  DE 6007/430  1937


Photograph of King George VI, escorted by Major F. M. Bishop, inspecting a guard of honour from the 7th Infantry Training Centre at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester.  DE 6007/431  30 October 1946

Bibliography: [See Leicestershire at War p.39]

Photograph of no. 5 Platoon, 'B' Company, Depôt clearing snow at Matlock, Derbys.  DE 6007/432  n.d. [c.1947]

Photograph of General Sir Clive Liddell, Colonel of the Regiment, with Lt.-Cols. Field, Upcher and Coburn at the Depôt.  DE 6007/433  1948

[Proof copy of Green Tiger, May 1948, p. 193]

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment and Leicestershire Gentlemen cricket teams, who played a match on Royal Tigers' Day, 1950.  DE 6007/434  24 June 1950

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of Mr. E. J. Williams and Mr. S. H. Moore walking to bat [?] in the cricket match on Royal Tigers Day 1950.  DE 6007/435  n.d. [? 24 June 1950]

Visitors to the Regimental Museum examine an eagle-carving, captured at Sebastopol in 1855.  DE 6007/436  n.d. [c.1950]

Leicester Mercury photograph of Lance Corporal Currie, J.G., with fellow recruits to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, after his presentation with the award for Best Recruit of Namur Platoon.  DE 6007/437  n.d. [1950s]

Royal Leicestershire Regiment Depôt recruitment stand, with historical display: 'join your county REGIMENT NOW', at Granby Halls [?] September 1955.  DE 6007/438  1955

Photograph of Corporals Saxton and Jubb, and private Longworth, who 'were responsible for the splendid effort in making the Recruiting stand attractive'.  DE 6007/439  1955

[Presumably the stand in DE 6007/438].

Group photograph of the two cricket teams; Depôt The Royal Leicestershire Regiment versus The Two Blues XI, Saturday, 27th August, 1955.  DE 6007/440  1955


Photograph, Green Tiger proof [?] of the marriage of Lt. P. P. Young (Training Officer, Regimental Depôt) to Miss Rita Hohnen in Leicester.  DE 6007/441  25 February 1956

1st (Volunteer) Battalion  DE 6007/442-478  [n.d.]

Including papers of Captain H. Simpson, 1887-1931

Group photograph of officers of the 1st (Volunteer) Battalion in camp at Blackberry Hill, on the Duke of Rutland's estate at Belvoir Castle.  DE 6007/442  1887

Photograph of the distribution of Long Service medals to the 1st (Volunteer) Battalion.  DE 6007/443/4  1895

The Battalion is shown in a hollow square in the Market Place, Leicester. The presentation, after Church Parade, obviously attracted a large, well-dressed, audience.
[Sepia, faded]

Photographs of the 1st (Volunteer) Battalion on parade in and marching to the Market Place, Leicester.  DE 6007/443  1895

Rules of The 1st (Volunteer) Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment  DE 6007/444  1898

[With duplicate].

Hymn sheet from the 1st Volunteer Battalion Camp at Bradgate Park.  DE 6007/445  1899

Leicestershire Rifle Association, printed subscription list and income and expenditure account for 1900.  DE 6007/446  1899 - 1900

Letter of application, from Herbert Simpson, to Colonel Sarson, for a commission in the Volunteers.  DE 6007/447  24 Feb. 1900

Circular letter from J. D. Broughton, Chairman, Wigston Magna U.D.C., soliciting subscriptions for a Wigston Volunteer Company.  DE 6007/448  8 May 1900

HMSO Volunteer Camps 1900; memorandum of Instructions relating to pay, &c.  DE 6007/449  1900

1st (Volunteer) Battalion, 'Outpost Duty', card instructions with diagrams, signals, etc.  DE 6007/450  n.d. [c.1900]

1st (Volunteer) Battalion, 'A Guide for Movements in presence of an Enemy, and in Moving to the Attack of an Enemy's Position'.  DE 6007/451  n.d. [c.1900]

A printed, folded card, including diagrams, orders, etc.

Printed booklet of rules and regulations for 'Q' or Captain H. L. Goddard's Company, 1st Volunteer Battalion.  DE 6007/452  April 1901

[With duplicate]

Ticket issued to Lieut. H. Simpson for the Complimentary Banquet to the Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry and Volunteer Service Company, at the Magazine, Leicester.  DE 6007/453  4 June 1901

Programme for the reception given to the Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry and Volunteer Service Company.  DE 6007/454  4 June 1901

Seating plan, issued to Lieut. Simpson, for the Complimentary Banquet to the Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry and Volunteer Service Company.  DE 6007/455  28 June 1901

Programme for the reception given to the Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry and Volunteer Service Company.  DE 6007/456  28 June 1901

Duplicated 'Battalion Orders by Colonel J. E. Sarson V.D. Commanding 1st V[olunteer] B[attalion] Leicester Regiment'.  DE 6007/457  26 July 1901

Postcard sent to Lieut. Simpson  DE 6007/458  3 Feb. 1902

Enquiring 'if you wish to go to South Africa with a draft of the 3rd V[olunteer] Battn. West Riding Regiment'.

Duplicated Battalion Orders by Col. J. E. Sarson, commanding 1st Volunteer Battalion.  DE 6007/459  23 May 1902

With details of parades, training, results of the Burnaby Shield Competition, and the coronation of King Edward VII.

Duplicated notice; posted to Lieut. H. Simpson, 1st Volunteer Battalion, by Capt. J. H. Heycock, Adjutant, concerning a reception and dance at Loughborough Town Hall.  DE 6007/460  4 June 1902

Letter to Lieut. Simpson from Sergt. Swain concerning the offer of 'Mr. Hacket of Wigston' to present a silver medallion as a shooting prize.  DE 6007/461  24 Sept. 1902

Letter to Lieut. Simpson from Sergt. H. Swain, Hon. Secretary of the Shooting Club, in reply to questions about the shooting competitions and the problem of encouraging recruits.  DE 6007/462  29 Sept. 1902

Printed notice concerning arrangements and prizes for the 1st Volunteer Battalion, 'Q' Company, Annual Shooting Competitions.  DE 6007/463  11 Oct. 1902

The Leicestershire Volunteer Rifle Club, printed 'Rules' and list of officers.  DE 6007/464  1902

Rules of The 1st Volunteer Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment  DE 6007/465  1903

[With duplicate].

'Report of Committee on the Officers' Mess', of the 1st (Volunteer) Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.  DE 6007/466  22 Jan. 1903

Circular letter from the Mess President, 1st Volunteer Battalion, with notice of the 'Ladysmith Mess'; the first Regimental Mess of the year (26 Feb. 1903).  DE 6007/467  16 Feb. 1903

Circular letter from the Mess President, 1st Volunteer Battalion, inviting subscriptions to a presentation for Colonel Sarson on his retirement.  DE 6007/468  10 March 1903

Notice of a meeting of the Mess Committee (1st V.B.)  DE 6007/469  1 May 1903

'to receive estimates for Furnishing and putting in the Electric Light at the Club Rooms at the Magazine'.

Duplicated letter from Capt. & Adjutant C. F. Blackader conveying the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Battalion Orders.  DE 6007/470  20 Nov. 1903

Circular letter from Capt. C. G. Blackader, Adjutant 1st Volunteer Battalion, conveying an invitation to Volunteer Officers to accompany the 3rd Battalion to their training camp at Edale, Derbys.  DE 6007/471  7 May 1904

Memorandum from Capt. S. Goward, commanding 'M' Company, 1st Volunteer Battalion, to Capt. Goddard, arranging a shooting match between their respective companies.  DE 6007/472  17 May 1904

An account, written by Herbert Simpson, of 'The Limes', South Wigston, concerning the proposed Wigston 'Yeomanry Volunteer Shooting Cup'.  DE 6007/473  27 Aug. 1904

Following the success of a shooting competition in 1903 and dinner paid for by the losing team 'it was suggested.... that subscriptions, should be invited for.... purchasing a Cup to be shot for annually by....the Wigston Troop of Yeomanry and the Wigston Company of Volunteers'. With a list of subscribers.
[In envelope]

1st (Volunteer) Battalion, 'Rules for the Officers' Mess'.  DE 6007/474  1904


Printed 'Rules', "Q" Company Shooting Club, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment [inc. Lieut. H. Simpson, Vice President].  DE 6007/475  n.d. c.1905

[With duplicate]

1st (Volunteer) Battalion, 'Camp Standing Orders' at Aldershot.  DE 6007/476  n.d. [c.1905]


Receipted bill sent by Coleman & May, Civil & Military tailors, of 4 Hotel Street, Leicester, to Captain Simpson.  DE 6007/477  30 Nov. 1914

Letter of condolence from H. H. Flower, Hon. Secretary, The Leicester Volunteer Old Comrades Association, to Mrs. Simpson, on the death of her husband.  DE 6007/478  5 Dec. 1931

Leicestershire Home Guard  DE 6007/479-489  1940-1954

Group photograph of no. 11 Platoon, 'B' Company, 1st Leicestershire Home Guard.  DE 6007/479  June 1940

Group photograph of Home Guard and liaison officers, with Lieut.-General Sir Ronald Adams [?] of Northern Command.  DE 6007/480  n.d. [c.1941]

With 'Leicester Group Home Guard' contact address (drill halls) on the reverse.

Informal group photograph, no. 11 Platoon, 'B' Company, Leicestershire Home Guard [battalion not known].  DE 6007/481  1944

Taken at Bitteswell, 1944.

Group photograph of 'B' Company Officers and H.Q., 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Home Guard.  DE 6007/482  1944


Group photograph, no. 10 Platoon, 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Home Guard, 1944.  DE 6007/483  1944

Group photograph of officers and N.C.O.s of no. 11 platoon, 1st Leicestershire Home Guard.  DE 6007/484  n.d. [c. 1944]

Group photograph of No. 11 Platoon, 'B' Company, 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Home Guard.  DE 6007/485  March 1945

Photographs of a Leicestershire Home Guard [?] church parade, with drum-head service.  DE 6007/486  n.d. [c.1945]

Photograph of 'the final assault', during an exercise at Old Dalby by members of the 1st, 5th, and 6th Battalions, Leicestershire Home Guard.  DE 6007/487  n.d. [c.1952]

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of the visit by Major-General G. H. De Havilland, Chief of Staff, Northern Command, to the 1st Battalion Leicestershire Home Guard stand at the Home Life Exhibition at the Granby Halls, Leicester.  DE 6007/488  Sept. 1954

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, Nov. 1954, p. 150]

Photograph of a composite platoon of the 1st, 5th and 6th Battalions of The Leicestershire Home Guard leaving their week-end camp for field training and waiting by the road-side for orders to move.  DE 6007/489  n.d. [c.1954]

Army Cadets  DE 6007/490-495  1948-1979

Photograph of the City and District Battalion Army Cadet Force in the Leicester Old Contemptibles' parade.  DE 6007/490  1948

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, August 1948, p.223]

Photograph of cadets of the 2nd Cadet Battalion arriving at Dortmund Station on a visit to the 1st Battalion.  DE 6007/491  1 June 1953

Press agency photographs of Sir Colin Callander (Colonel of the Regiment and Director of Military Training) visiting the Royal Leicestershire Regiment cadets at the Bisley Annual Inter-Service Cadet Force rifle shooting competition.  DE 6007/492  2-3 Oct. 1954

Photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh's banner being carried through Leicester at the Centenary Parade of The Leicestershire and Rutland Army Cadet Force.  DE 6007/493  4 May 1960

Photograph of Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein presenting his trophy (for shooting) to the Brentwood Road Detachment, The Leicestershire and Rutland Army Cadet force.  DE 6007/494  n.d. [1961]

Bibliography: [Named in the Green Tiger, Spring 1961, p.59]

Leicester Mercury cutting, with a photograph of Major John Turner's retirement presentation, from command of 'B' Company, Royal Anglian Army Cadet Force.  DE 6007/495  3 April 1979

Old Comrades  DE 6007/496-510  1921-1979

The Leicestershire Regiment Old Comrades Association - Its Aims and Objects: handbook, with Rules and Balance Sheet.  DE 6007/496  1921

Photograph of Old Comrades in London to erect a regimental badge and crosses in the Empire Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.  DE 6007/497  7 Nov. 1937

Bibliography: [See The Green Tiger, February 1938, p. 173]

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of the 25th Annual Dinner of the Old Comrades Association.  DE 6007/498  24 June 1950

Bibliography: [Diners named in Green Tiger, August 1950. p.249].

Informal group photographs of members of the Leicestershire and Rutland branch of the South African War Veterans Association.  DE 6007/499  n.d. [c.1950]

'Leicester Evening Mail' photograph of a group of 'old comrades'; including a Chelsea Pensioner.  DE 6007/500  n.d. [c.1950]

'Kettering Evening Telegraph' photograph of a group of 'old comrades'.  DE 6007/501  n.d. [c.1950]

Photographic proof from The Green Tiger, Nov. 1954, p. 163, of Lieutenant-General Sir Colin B. Callander, Colonel of the Regiment, with the Lord Major of Leicester and R.S.M. T.J. Marston, at the Old Comrades' Table.  DE 6007/502  27 July 1954

"Form of Service for the Dedication...of the Standard of The Royal Tigers Association" at the Cathedral, Leicester.  DE 6007/503  26 June 1955

[With duplicate]

Leicester Evening mail photograph of Major General J.M.K. Spurling with 'old comrades' at a 'Reunion of All Battalions' [named in Green Tiger, Summer 1956, p.239].  DE 6007/504  1956

With duplicate - proof copy?

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of Lieut.-Col. P. McH. Preston, Lieut.-General Sir Colin Callander and R.S.M. J.R. Dean at the Royal Tigers' Re-union at The Magazine, Leicester.  DE 6007/505  16 March 1957

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of Major D.S. Carden and Messrs. Earle, Baggaley, Horton and Clarke at the Tigers' Re-union.  DE 6007/506  16 March 1957

Royal Tigers' Association, The Royal Leicestershire Regiment, member's card.  DE 6007/507  n.d. [c.1960]


Group photograph, from the Green Tiger, of Royal Tigers' Association officials (named).  DE 6007/508  August 1963

Informal group photographs of an Old Comrades social gathering. [None identified]  DE 6007/509  n.d. [c.1965]

Leicester Mercury report of a reunion of Jack Smith and Sam Robertson, who served together in Egypt and Libya in 1941 (2nd Battalion).  DE 6007/510  17 Sept. 1979

Territorial Army (general)  DE 6007/511-517  1916-1983

Covering letters and envelope for Territorial Force Commissions sent for signature by the War Office.  DE 6007/511  31 July 1916

Minutes of the Leicestershire and Rutland Territorial association, with comments from the chairman on the signing of the [Versailles] Peace Treaty  DE 6007/512  3 July 1919

Uncomplimentary to Germany - 'their education of which they boast so much, does not seem to have improved them'.

Typescript Report of the Emergency Committee.  DE 6007/513  n.d. [c. 1920]

Programme of events celebrating the jubilee of the Territorial Army (T and AFA) for Leicestershire and Rutland.  DE 6007/514  5-6 July 1958

Programme of Events for the Territorial Army Golden Jubilee, 'local celebrations'.  DE 6007/515  5 & 6 July 1958

'Leicester Cathedral Service of Thanksgiving on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Territorial Army', service sheet.  DE 6007/516  6 July 1958

Leicester Mercury report of celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Territorial Army; with reminiscences of Charles Daines and Percy Yates, 'the only traceable survivors of the first batch' [of Territorials].  DE 6007/517  18 April 1983

Royal Anglian Regiment  DE 6007/518-528  c.1965-1975

Printed invitation to the Officers' Mess, 7th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.  DE 6007/518  n.d. [c.1965]


Photograph of Royal Anglian Regiment officers and sergeant major, in conversation with a visiting staff officer.  DE 6007/519  n.d. [c.1966]

Unidentified but with satirical caption: 'I quite agree with you - Brown needs a haircut'.

Press and Army Public Relations photographs of visits by the Queen Mother to the Royal Anglian Regiment (battalion unidentified) at Corby, Northants., and Colchester, Essex.  DE 6007/520  n.d. [c.1966]

Printed 'Statement' concerning the traditions of the British Battalion (formed in 1941 from the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment) and their perpetuation by their successors; 1st Battalion The Queen's Regiment and 4th (Leicestershire) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.  DE 6007/521  January 1967

[With duplicate]

Menu card for the luncheon celebrating the award of Freedom of the City of Leicester to the 4th Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.  DE 6007/522  12 Oct. 1968

[With duplicate]

Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. L. Wilson to attend the March Past of the 4th Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment on the Victoria Park, Leicester.  DE 6007/523  12 Oct. 1968

Snapshot photograph of buglers of the Royal Anglian Regiment at the Arch of Remembrance, Victoria Park, Leicester. Showing the dedication to 'all ranks The Royal Leicestershire Regiment'.  DE 6007/524  n.d. [c.1970]

[With negatives]

Melton Times photograph and report of 7th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment (TAVR) training weekend.  DE 6007/525  26 Nov. 1971

Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. L. Wilson to attend the March Past of Tiger Company, 4th Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment on the Victoria Park, Leicester.  DE 6007/526  25 July 1974

Programme for the 'Freedom March by Tiger Company 4th Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment'.  DE 6007/527  25 July 1974

Unidentified newspaper cutting, with three 'situations vacant' advertisements for recruits to the 7th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.  DE 6007/528  n.d. [c.1975]

Leicestershire (& Derbyshire) Yeomanry  DE 6007/529-530  c.1955-1970

List of Leicestershire Yeomanry officers, with dates of appointment [?] and camps attended.  DE 6007/529  n.d. [c.1955]

Notes on events (camps, dinners, parades, etc.) and information required on them, 1951-1954, and typescript list of officers serving with the 154th Field Regiment Royal Artillery [ex Leicestershire Yeomanry] with dates of commissions and postings.

Photographs, some colour, of visits by the Duke of Edinburgh (Hon. Colonel) to the Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry Squadron, 7th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment.  DE 6007/530  n.d. [c.1970s]

Leicestershire Rifle Volunteers  DE 6007/531  1877

Letters of Captain C. Sebastian Smith, 5th Leicestershire Rifle Volunteers, to Sergeant Major John Winks, accepting his resignation and requesting the return of uniform and equipment.  DE 6007/531  11 April 1877

Royal Canadian Rifles  DE 6007/532  1866

Article from The Royal Magazine, 1910 [?]; 'No LXIV Of Survivors' Tales of Great Events: From the Narrative of Mr. David Stuart, late Royal Canadian Rifles'.  DE 6007/532  n.d. [1910]

[The Fenian raid on Canada, 1866].

City Imperial Volunteers  DE 6007/533  1900

'The City's Roll of Honour', printed roll of the City of London Imperial Volunteers, presented as a supplement to Black and White.  DE 6007/533  27 Jan. 1900

18th Hussars  DE 6007/534  1902

Group photograph 'of members of 18th Hussars sergts. mess presented on their leaving [South Africa?] 12.9.02'.  DE 6007/534  1902

[Sepia, 10½ x 14½ ins.]

32nd Australian Battalion  DE 6007/535-6  c.1932

Group photograph of men of the [?] 32nd Australian Battalion.  DE 6007/535  n.d. [c.1935]

Group photograph of the officers of the [?] 32nd Australian Battalion (The Footscray Regiment).  DE 6007/536  n.d. [c.1935]

[Allied to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment]

Barbados Regiment  DE 6007/537-38  1953-1956

Photograph of the presentation by HRH the Princess Royal of Colours to the Barbados Regiment.  DE 6007/537  1953

Bibliography: [See the Greet Tiger, may 1953, pp.65-68]

Photographs of the ceremony of presentation of Colours to the Barbados Regiment by H.R.H. The Princess Royal. With label.  DE 6007/538  1956

[Coloured photographs: faded. See The Green Tiger, May 1953, p.67]

Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers  DE 6007/539  c.1975

Unidentified newspaper cutting reporting the retirement of Colonel Roy Davies as commander of 35 Central Workshop R.E.M.E. at old Dalby.  DE 6007/539  n.d. [c.1975]

Unidentified Units, etc.  DE 6007/540-559  c.1910-1977

Group photograph of No. 1 section, 'D' Company, of an unidentified Fusilier battalion.  DE 6007/540  n.d. [c.1910]

Letter from Pearce & Sons, Ltd., Gold & Silversmiths of Gallowtree Gate, Leicester, concerning the provision of swords  DE 6007/541  29 Oct. 1914

'Seeing the difficulty Infantry Officers are experiencing in obtaining their Swords we have negotiated with a blade maker...'.

Typescript 'Report on explosion of mine by enemy at St. Eloi Night April 14th/15th; with covering letter from 2nd Corps Headquarters.  DE 6007/542  23 April 1915

Typescript (duplicated) 'Brigade orders by Colonel G.M. Jackson T.D. Commanding 2/1 Lincoln and Leicestershire Brigade'.  DE 6007/543  27-28 May 1915

Typescript copy of a report by a Major, commanding 2nd Wing RFC concerning closer co-operation between the Royal Flying Corps and other units.  DE 6007/544  18 Aug. 1915

Operational Order No. 14 by Brigadier-General G.C. Kemp, commanding 138th Infantry Brigade.  DE 6007/545  11 Oct. 1915

Typescript 'Notes on deductions to be made from the attack about Hooge, 25 September, 1915'.  DE 6007/546  n.d. [c.Oct. 1915]

"The Fancies", Vith Division concert party programme for the gala performance 'in honour of the Corps Commander's visit'.  DE 6007/547  Dec. 1915

Imperial War Museum photograph of a section, in tropical kit, of an unidentified unit, with Lewis guns, holding a sandbagged trench in desert terrain.  DE 6007/548  n.d. [c.1917]

Copy War Office order granting leave to blood donors.  DE 6007/549  9 July 1918

Typescript text of a lecture: 'Infantry in the British Army'. [Incomplete]  DE 6007/550  n.d. [c.1945]

Second Meeting of Colonels of the Midland Brigade agenda; with questions raised re uniform distinctions, regimental associations, dinners, journal, etc.  DE 6007/551  21 Sept. 1948


No. 1 British Army News Unit newsheets: articles for inclusion in regimental journals etc. on military fashion, military maps, courts-martial, etc.  DE 6007/552  Dec. 1948-Feb. 1949

'British Zone Review' photograph: 'Mr. J.W. Moss, M.C., area commandant of Charlottenburg in the British Sector of Berlin, examines the cucumbers in the 60 acre market garden he has created to help the British Community'.  DE 6007/553  n.d. [c.1950]

Planet News Ltd. photograph, 'Old hands learn something new', of Z Reservists at the Radar Training Wing, Woolwich. The photograph includes Gunner A. J. Bee, Royal Artillery (of Leicestershire).  DE 6007/554  1 May 1951

Planet News Ltd. photograph of 'Z' Reservists returning for 15 days' training (with 24 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, at Sheerness, Kent).  DE 6007/555  1951

Photograph of the start of the Northern Command Cross Country Championship.  DE 6007/556  n.d. [c.1960]

Snapshot photograph of a T.A. exercise/camp. Battalion not identified.  DE 6007/557  n.d. [c.1960]

Programme for the 'Centenary of Headquarters East Anglian District Beating of Retreat', Lower Castle Park, Colchester (involving 1st Battalion The Green Howards, 1st Bn. Durham Light Infantry and 3rd Bn. The Royal Green Jackets).  DE 6007/558  28 April 1966

Leicester Mercury cutting reproducing a recently discovered photograph of a 'war-scene' from 1914.  DE 6007/559  5 July 1977

Manuals and other Printed Material  DE 6007/560-567  1899-1949

"Synoptical Chart of Tactical Force Elements": coloured chart, designed by Col. C. J. Russell, R.E. (retired) showing the deployment of troops from individual sentries to divisional level.  DE 6007/560  1899

H.M.S.O. Orders and Regulations for Volunteers in Brigade and Regimental Camps or when Encamped with the Regular Forces.  DE 6007/561  1899

Printed card, 'Notes on Judging Distance', for musketry training.  DE 6007/562  n.d. [c.1910]

Leicester War Souvenir part II: including portraits of the officers and company photographs of the 4th Battalion and groups of the 2nd North Midland Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C.; Army Service Corps (Leicesters); 'A' and 'C' Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry Reserve; No. 3 and No. 4, Company National Reserve (Leicesters) and 'F' Company 4th Leicester Reserve.  DE 6007/563  1915

War Office Notes on Platoon and Company Drill (to be read in conjunction with Infantry Training.  DE 6007/564  1916

H.M.S.O. Despatch from Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig....covering the period from 8th December, 1917, to 30th April, 1918.  DE 6007/565  1918

With errata slip and Disabled Officers Fund papers enclosed.

The War Illustrated, numbers 32, 58, 68, 102, 130, 132-135, 196, 233, 234, 236, 247-249 and 253.  DE 6007/566  1940-1947

Eric Linklater The Defence of Calais, HMSO pamphlet (1941) with the stamp of Royal Leicestershire Regiment HQ orderly room, 1949.  DE 6007/567  1941-1949

Maps and Plans, etc.  DE 6007/568-577  1915-1945

Panorama of the Messines-Wytschaete and Spanbroeke Ridges, printed by the 1st Printing Company, Royal Engineers, showing British and German trenches and wire.  DE 6007/568  22 March 1915

Plan of trenches to be dug at Oadby.  DE 6007/569  n.d. [c.1915]

The plan, at a scale of 8 feet to 1 inch, shows the firing trench, with connecting communications trench, 'supports trench', dressing station, latrine, officers' trench, and kitchen.

Sketch map 'of trenches taken over' around 'Hill 60', Ypres.  DE 6007/570  n.d. [c.Oct. 1915]

Trench sketch map showing the position of trenches, artillery, etc. at the time of an attack, on 1 February 1917 N.W. (?) of Baillescourt Farm.  DE 6007/571  n.d. [c.Feb. 1917]

Trench Map, France, sheet 31B N.W., the area N.E. of Arras. Scale 1:20,000.  DE 6007/572  March 1917

Trench map, 1:20,000 scale, sheet 51° N.E. with an outline (no features other than coastline) map of the Aegean Sea on the reverse.  DE 6007/573  May 1917

Geographical Section, General Staff, map of The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.  DE 6007/574  1921

Scale: 1 inch to 47.35 miles.

Survey of Palestine, 1:100,000 series map, sheet 6, showing the area of 2nd Battalion activities around Nablus, 1938-39.  DE 6007/575  1938-39

War Office map of 'Holland Centre'; 1:200,000 scale. Copied from a 1940 French road map.  DE 6007/576  1941

United States War Department map of Germany, 1:200,000, with town plans on reverse.  DE 6007/577  1945

Miscellaneous  DE 6007/578-579  c.1948-50

Crossword puzzles (2)  DE 6007/578  [n.d.]

S.O. Book 26, 'folder for important documents', with pasted label; 'Q.M.s Folder correspondence for the attention of the Commanding Officer'.  DE 6007/579  n.d. [c.1950]

Photographs  DE 6007/580-602  [n.d.]

Egypt  DE 6007/580-592  c.1870-80

Photograph of the Sphinx and pyramids, with local guides and camels.  DE 6007/580  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of the Sphinx and Pyramid, with local guides and donkeys.  DE 6007/581  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of a 'Mosque in Upper Egypt'.  DE 6007/582  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph, of the Citadel, Cairo, Egypt [?].  DE 6007/583  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of a general view over Cairo, Egypt.  DE 6007/584  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of the 'Palais de Gesine', Cairo.  DE 6007/585  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of the Mosque of 'Kaid Bey' [?], Cairo.  DE 6007/586  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph, a general view over Cairo.  DE 6007/587  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph, view over Cairo, from the Citadel, with the Pyramids in the distance.  DE 6007/588  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of 'Cleopatra's needle', Alexandria.  DE 6007/589  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of Ismailia, Egypt.  DE 6007/590  n.d. [c.1870s]

Photograph of the 'Grand Hotel de Dance', Ismailia [?] with visitors and inhabitants outside.  DE 6007/591  n.d. [c.1880]

Photographs (eight general views) of [?] Ismailia and the Suez Canal, Egypt.  DE 6007/592  n.d. [c.1880]

India [& Pakistan]  DE 6007/593-595  c.1880

Photograph of unidentified fortifications. [?Attock Fort, Pakistan]  DE 6007/593  n.d. [c.1880]

Photograph of the fort at Attock, Pakistan, and of the River Indus.  DE 6007/594  n.d. [c.1880]

Photographic views of 'Chatarnensil' Lucknow, India.  DE 6007/595  n.d. [c.1880]

Malta  DE 6007/596-597  c.1890

Photograph of the town and fortifications of Valletta, Malta: 'No. 1401. Bird's eye view...'.  DE 6007/596  n.d. [c.1890]

Photograph of unidentified harbour and town; possibly Maltese?  DE 6007/597  n.d. [c.1890s]

Miscellaneous Photograph  DE 6007/598-602  1938-1984

Postcard photograph of the talks between Neville Chamberlain and Hitler at the Rheinhotel Dreesen, Bad Godesberg, 22-23 September 1938.  DE 6007/598  1938

With a date stamp.

Postcard photograph of Neville Chamberlain in conversation with Hitler at Bad Godesberg.  DE 6007/599  22-23 Sept. 1938

Album of photographs of the damage caused by an air raid, in Essex Road, St. Ives Road, and Ireton Road, Leicester; on 14 September 1940.  DE 6007/600  1940

The photographs have detailed descriptions and analysis. There is also a map showing the precise locations of the bombs. With a cutting from The Birmingham Mail, 27 Sept. 1938, reproducing a sketch plan of a trench shelter.

Snapshot photographs of the military cemetery, at Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka].  DE 6007/601  n.d. [c.1954]

Bibliography: [See Green Tiger, May 1954, p.72-73]

Press release and associated photographs and other correspondence re the opening of the Victoria Cross Lounge, of the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa.  DE 6007/602  1984

Including photographic reproductions of the heroic acts of Col. John Cridlan Barrett V.C. and Private Henry Tandey V.C., and a photograph of their respective widows, with Earl Spencer and Rear Admiral B.C.G. Place V.C. at the Regent Hotel.
[The Hotel was owned by the Cridlan family.]

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