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Reference DE5891
Covering dates 1901-1995
Held by Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Record Office
Extent 43 FILES
Source of acquisition Deposited: November 2000
Creators Leicestershire Regiment, 1881-1946; Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 1946-1964

MAJOR C. G. BLACKADER, D.S.O.  [no ref. or date]

Application for the post of chief constable [of the Borough of Leicester] with extracts of his service record and testimonials.  DE5891/1  1907

[Printed, with pencil amendments].

"Testimonials of Major C. G. Blackader, D.S.O.", in support of his application for a borough chief constableship.  DE5891/2  [1907]

[Printed. The testimonials give details of his service in South Africa, 1899-1902 and with the West African Frontier Force, 1897].

Draft letter in support of Major Blackader's application, scribbled in ink on the 'reverse' of an envelope addressed to H. Simpson, Rowton Buildings, Bowling Green Street, Leicester.  DE5891/3/1-3  [1907]

With two notes from Blackader to Simpson thanking him for his support.

1ST VOLUNTEER BATTALION  [no ref. or date]

Printed 'orders' of 'Q', or Captain H. L. Goddard's Company; listing arrangements and prizes for musketry practice, uniform orders, care of uniforms, arms etc. and correct conduct on or off duty.  DE5891/4/1-2  1901

[With duplicate].

Printed 'Rules of the 1st Volunteer Battn. The Leicestershire Regiment'.  DE5891/5/1-2  1903

[Two copies, one with pencilled amendments].

Sergeants' Mess Rules, printed booklet.  DE5891/6  1904

'G' Company roll book.  DE5891/7  1905

Related information: [Captain H. Simpson's company; see DE5891/3].

Notebook, with names and addresses by squad, in alphabetical order, with date of enrolment [?] and regimental number.

'G' Company roll book, using a printed 'Volunteer Company Roll Book'  DE5891/8  1907

With number, rank, name, date of enrolment, section, address, whether training camp was attended, and whether 'trained', recruit or 'boy'.

Battalion Orders of the Day, Conway Camp; with arrangements for the breaking-up of the camp and dispersal, home.  DE5891/9/1-2  10 Aug. 1906

[Duplicated ms.]


Volunteer Regulations (HMSO)  DE5891/10  1901

Combined Training (Provisional) (HMSO)  DE5891/11  1902

Infantry Training (HMSO)  DE5891/12  1905

Related information: see DE5891/7 etc.

With the office stamp of 'Herbert Simpson, Solicitor, 11, Bowling Green St., Leicester'

Auxiliary Officer's Handbook - Errata  DE5891/13  1905

W. POLLARD, 1915  [no ref. or date]

Letter from W. Pollard, on active service, to Captain Herbert Simpson, enquiring about the possibility of a commission in the newly raised 3/4th Leicesters.  DE5891/14/1-3  1915

With observations on the war: trenches, duration etc.

COL. J. C. BARRETT, V.C.  [no ref. or date]

Trench map, found amongst the papers of Col. J. C. Barrett, showing the trench lines etc. around the Hohenzollern Redoubt.  DE5891/15  n.d. [1916?]

[Fragile-order DE5891/16].

Colour photocopy of the above.  DE5891/16  [n.d.]


Machine Gun Corps, No.2 Section, No.16 Company, at Worrnhout, Belgium [?]  DE5891/17  1916

[Copy or original photograph]

1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment, drums, at Kasauli, India.  DE5891/18  1932

1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment, 'A' Company cricket team [Named]  DE5891/19  1937

8th Bn. Leicestershire Regiment, No.1 Platoon, at Hinckley. Group photograph.  DE5891/20  1940

1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment [ex 8th Bn.] drums, at Sheringham, Norfolk.  DE5891/21  May 1942

[Postcard photograph]

2/5th Bn., Leicestershire Regiment, officers' group. At Dymchurch, Kent.  DE5891/22  1942


2nd Bn., Leicestershire Regiment on active service in Burma: Chindwin Crossing, mule trains, air evacuation of wounded etc.  DE5891/23  n.d. [?1944]

[Colour photocopies of snapshots taken by Captain Ralph Leyland. With covering letter from donor.]

2/5th Bn., Leicestershire Regiment, group photographs of officers (named) at Taranto, Basilicata, Italy.  DE5891/24/1-3  1945


2nd Bn., Leicestershire Regiment, group photograph taken at Pashan Camp, Poona, India. [newspaper cutting].  DE5891/25  1945/6

Leicester Cathedral, memorial window to those of the regiment died during the Second World War [Black & white: 5½ x 9½ inches] and lectern with regimental badge [Black & white: 6 x 8 ins.]  DE5891/26/1-2  n.d. [c.1950]

Colour photocopies of sketches made by C.P.R. Challen in the battalion command post: of the adjutant (John Parsons) assistant signals officer (Colin Paterson) battery commander's wireless operator (Gunner Cook) and control set operator (private Snibley).  DE5891/27/1-4  Spring 1952

Royal Tigers' Association, London Branch, group photograph of the General Committee and Committee [named]. [Black & white, 6 x 8 ins.]  DE5891/28  1957

Colonel P.E.B. Badger  DE5891/29  n.d. [c.1960]

[Black & white portrait - press photograph?: 6 x 8 ins.].

Snapshot of Lance-corporal Farley, corporal Tebbutt, private Elliott and Lance-corporal Rourke, in 'eighteenth century' uniform, relaxing during the filming of Tom Jones.  DE5891/30/1  n.d. [c.1965]

Snapshots of war graves and memorials  DE5891/30/2-4  c.1995; c.1995; n.d

1. The British Battalion, 1941-1945 (Singapore Cathedral)
2. Pte. L.A.L. Thomas, Leics. Regt., 1945 (Kranji)
3. Lt. F.B. Millington, Royal Leics. Regt., 1951

Standard 8mm cine-film: "H.U. Barbados Regiment", [colour].  DE5891/31  n.d. [c.1960]

PUBLICATIONS  [no ref. or date]

Tiger Rag: Leicestershire Regiment magazine issued at home and abroad, special air-mail editions dropped to troops in Borneo - issues 1 (2 copies) 2 (2 copies) and New Year Edition.  DE5891/32/1-5  1963 - 1964

OLD CONTEMPTIBLES  [no ref. or date]

Invitation card to the Old Contemptibles Leicester Branch Open Night, at the Red Cow Hotel, Belgrave Gate, Leicester.  DE5891/33  1931

'The Old Contemptible' magazines (file).  DE5891/34  1967 - 1972

Silver Jubilee Grand Reunion programme.  DE5891/35  1950

Grand Reunion programme.  DE5891/36  1964

Golden Jubilee Remembrance & Thanksgiving Service (Aldershot Branch programme).  DE5891/37  1964

Aldershot Branch Memorial Dedication Service programme.  DE5891/38  1967

MEDALS  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Carter Medals of the British Army and how they were won - the Crimean Campaign (London).  DE5891/39  1861

[Fragile - water damage?]

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

F.R. Wingate Memorandum on...the Murder of Mr. Colin Scott Moncrieff and Yuzbashi Captain Mohammed Eff.,...and an account of the Rebellion of Adbel Kader Mohammed....Blue Nile Province.  DE5891/40  1908

[Including the circumstances of the death of Captain H.S. Logan, Leics. Regt.] [Photocopy]

Typescript account of the 1/5th Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment in Norway 1940.  DE5891/41/1-2  n.d

The account is by Platoon Sergeant Major John Sheppard and contains a detailed description, with sketch plan, of the action near Tretton on 23 April 1940, during which Sheppard, with a Boyes anti-tank rifle, destroyed two German tanks (the first destroyed by the British Army in the war).

Names of officers of the 4th & 5th Bns., Leicestershire Regiment at High Tor [Territorials training camp] 1909; from the reverse of a framed [?] photograph.  DE5891/42  c.1909

List of burials at the First World War Memorial, Welford Road Cemetery. With location map.  DE5891/43  2000


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