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Held by Lancashire Record Office
Creators Lancashire Quarter Sessions

Administrative history:
The law required the Justices of each county to meet at Quarter Sessions four times yearly. Quarter Sessions had a considerable criminal jurisdiction exercised by the Justices sitting with juries; but their other functions were of a very different character. At these sessions were present a grand jury of the county, the hundred juries, and also the several Petty Constables and High Constables. All these were bound to present those seemingly guilty of such breaches of the law, including nuisances, as came within their cognizance. Further, each Justice could himself present on his 'own view'. Thus Quarter Sessions were supposed to punish not only ordinary crimes, but also omission to perform the various duties imposed on parishes and counties; in this way their task was one of supervising administration. A great part of it had to be discharged in open court, but there was nothing to prevent the Justices from deciding at private meetings upon certain general principles to be applied by them. The Justices tended therefore more and more to use Quarter Sessions as a means of forming and executing a policy. Nor was this strange, for there was a need of policies, and they could only be devised by the Justices. After 1700 the hundred juries gradually disappeared, and the High Constables usually made only such presentments as the Justices desired; further presentments by individual Justices increased in frequency. Hence the Justices were able to make a growing use of judicial machinery in order to carry out an administrative policy. For instance, the Justices had been given power by an Act of 1691 to levy a rate not exceeding 6d. in the pount upon a parish for the upkeep of a highway. But when a sum exceeding that thereby obtainable was desired, they often raised it by imposing a fine upon a parish for not discharging its highway obligations.
Only a fraction of the Justices' duties were performed at Quarter Sessions. They are also found acting alone, in pairs and at Special and Petty Sessions. In each of these capacities their functions were equally mixed. According to the law, some things could be done by a single Justice, others by any two Justices, and others, again - such as the enforcement of various statutes relating to highways and liquor licensing - by the Justices of a division meeting at Special Sessions. In the eighteenth century the Justices in each division took, to meeting together for other purposes at regular intervals, and these meetings became known as Petty Sessions. The Justices there assembled had a certain criminal jurisdiction - such as was assigned by statute, to any two Justices sitting together - and also exercised some quasi-administrative functions.
As the eighteenth century advanced the Justices made alterations in the methods of local government. In many counties they began to employ a small salaried staff; much business was referred by Quarter Sessions to committees; at the same time Quarter Sessions themselves tended to become a court of appeal from the Justices sitting alone or in Divisional Sessions. Many of the new developments were extra-legal and the virtual assumption of power by the Justices at Quarter Sessions, to act as a subordinate law-making body was definitely illegal. But Parliament encouraged the Justices to ignore the letter of the law by continually adding to their functions and by increasing the number of purposes for which they could levy rates.

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QAA Lancashire County Probation Committee
QAB Reformatory and Industrial Schools Committee
QAC Cattle Plague Committee
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QAG General Purposes Committee
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QJA Orders made under Summary Jurisdiction Appeals Act 1933 and National Parks Act 1949
QJB Insolvent Debtors
QJC Calendars of Prisoners
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Arrangement: The Petitions, among which occasionally Recognizances and other extraneous papers were placed, were originally corner filed in quarterly bundles and rolled. This method tended to damage the documents, so they have been unfastened and made up flat in parcels each containing those relating to one meeting. Until 1648 the Petitions were filed with the Recognizances (q.v.QSB).

Only a brief indication is given of the subject matter of each document.

Manchester, Easter, 1657.  QSP/144  [n.d.]

Manchester -- embesslement of money of Robert Lever, clothier.  QSP/144/1  c1657/7

Farnworth and Kearsley -- joint expenditure with Barton.  QSP/144/2  c1657/7

Salford -- relief for William Pollet, labourer.  QSP/144/3  c1657/7

Rusholme -- over-assessment.  QSP/144/4  c1657/7

Levenshulme -- over-assessment.  QSP/144/5  c1657/7

Withington -- amercement of Peter Asheton, labourer, by Court Leet.  QSP/144/6  c1657/7

Bamford -- relief for children of Richard Fenton, prisoner.  QSP/144/7  c1657/7

Halliwell -- taking of inmates by Richard Grundy.  QSP/144/8  c1657/7

Sharples -- repair of highways.  QSP/144/9  c1657/7

Lostock -- habitation for Edmund Barlowe, wheelwright.  QSP/144/10  c1657/7

Prestwich and Middleton -- release from gaol of James Taylor for fornication with Sara Haliwell.  QSP/144/11  c1657/7

Relief for Margrett Gregere.  QSP/144/12  c1657/7

Bury -- assault onSara Hargreaves by John Kay.  QSP/144/13  c1657/7

Heaton and Bolton -- settlement of two bastards.  QSP/144/14  c1657/7

Harwood -- no stocks, rogues' post, or butts.  QSP/144/15  c1657/7

Bolton -- maintenance of bastard of Oliver Draper and Alice Walker.  QSP/144/16  c1657/7

Related information: See QSP/140/22

Westhoughton -- relief for James Hart, husbandman.  QSP/144/17  c1657/7

Oldham -- repair of highways.  QSP/144/18  c1657/7

Manchester -- lunacy of Thomas son of Ellin Faukner, widow.  QSP/144/19  c1657/7

Withington -- relief for Thomasin Wood.  QSP/144/20  c1657/7

Blackrod -- Thomas Dooteson elected constable.  QSP/144/21  c1657/7

Middle Hulton -- presentments.  QSP/144/22  c1657/7

Salford -- habitation for John Bradshaw, chapel-clerk.  QSP/144/23  c1657/7

Pendleton -- habitation for Ales Widowes, widow.  QSP/144/24  c1657/7

Pendleton -- habitation for Ales Widowes, widow.  QSP/144/25  c1657/7

Manchester -- relief and habitation for Mary Orell.  QSP/144/26  c1657/7

Moston, Blakelye, and Harpurhey -- repair of road to Manchester.  QSP/144/27  c1657/7

Chorlton Row -- maintenance by Thomas Percivall of child of Joseph Shepperd of Rusham, tailor.  QSP/144/28  c1657/7

Manchester -- repair of church, and the Derby Chapel.  QSP/144/29  c1657/7

Hundersfield -- relief for James Byrom of Werdle, woollenwebster  QSP/144/30  c1657/7

Salford -- habitation for Elizabeth widow of John Cooke.  QSP/144/31  c1657/7

Denton -- habitation for Jacob Lowe, webster.  QSP/144/32  c1657/7

Pilsworth -- relief for Robert Smethurste.  QSP/144/33  c1657/7

Didsbury -- habitation for Peter Ashton, carpenter.  QSP/144/34  c1657/7

Aspull -- constableship.  QSP/144/35  c1657/7

Salford -- relief for Elizabeth Siddall.  QSP/144/36  c1657/7

Salford -- relief for Elizabeth Siddall.  QSP/144/37  c1657/7

Tonge -- habitations for poor.  QSP/144/38  c1657/7

Tonge -- habitations for poor.  QSP/144/39  c1657/7

Chorlton Row -- habitation for Raphe Rixon, aged 88.  QSP/144/40  c1657/7

Chorlton -- brief for Elizabeth Heey, widow, loss through fire.  QSP/144/41  c1657/7

Newton and Moston -- settlement of Francke, daughter of Thomas Smith.  QSP/144/42  c1657/7

Bury -- maintenance of bastard of Jane daughter of Marie Wolfenden, widow, and William Greenhalgh of Spotland.  QSP/144/43  c1657/7

Halliwell -- John Johnson elected constable.  QSP/144/44  c1657/7

Pilkington -- habitation for James Dawson.  QSP/144/45  c1657/7

Hundersfield -- Charles Stott elected constable.  QSP/144/46  c1657/7

Spotland -- Andrew Sheppard elected constable.  QSP/144/47  c1657/7

Rochdale -- Joshua Strengthfellow elected constable.  QSP/144/48  c1657/7

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1657.  QSP/145  [n.d.]

Dalton-in-Furness -- arrears of maintenance of Richard Chamlett, decd.  QSP/145/1  c1657/7

Dalton-in-Furness -- arrears of maintenance of Richard Chamlett, decd.  QSP/145/2  c1657/7

Cockerham -- presentments.  QSP/145/3  c1657/7

Lancaster -- relief for Lawrence Townesend, blind.  QSP/145/4  c1657/7

Wennington -- constableship.  QSP/145/5  c1657/7

Claughton -- dispute between Thomas Kellet and Edward Wilson as to division of land called the Aire.  QSP/145/6  c1657/7

Caton -- constableship.  QSP/145/7  c1657/7

Whittington -- presentments.  QSP/145/8  c1657/7

Warton -- apprenticeship of Thomas son of Allan Moore, brazier, to Robart Housman, blacksmith.  QSP/145/9  c1657/7

Preston, Midsummer, 1657.  QSP/146  [n.d.]

Goosnargh -- maintenance of bastard of John Sherborne of Bayley Hall, gent. and Jane daughter of Ellin Simpson, widow.  QSP/146/1  c1657/7

Marton -- highways in Peele.  QSP/146/2  c1657/7

Kirkham Parish -- cottage erected by overseers of Litham for Christopher Whitehead.  QSP/146/3  c1657/7

Mellor -- constableship.  QSP/146/4  c1657/7

Oswaldtwistle -- maintenance of Richard Hargreaves by Robert Holden of Duckworth, esq.  QSP/146/5  c1657/7

Great Eccleston -- constableship.  QSP/146/6  c1657/7

Garstang Parish -- relief for Mary wife of John Goose.  QSP/146/7  c1657/7

Thornton -- non-payment of highway assessments.  QSP/146/8  c1657/7

Blackburn Parish -- relief for Thomas Barker of Coppthurst, blind.  QSP/146/9  c1657/7

Great Eccleston -- constableship.  QSP/146/10  c1657/7

Nether Darwen -- certificate of repair of highway.  QSP/146/11  c1657/7

Samlesbury -- Robert Sharples desires licence to brew.  QSP/146/12  c1657/7

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1657.  QSP/147  [n.d.]

Penwortham -- election of constables of Freckleton and Bryning.  QSP/147/1  c1657/7

Pemberton -- relief for John Leigh.  QSP/147/2  c1657/7

Culcheth -- information of Margaret widow of Col. John Holcroft, esq. against Thomas Holcroft, esq., Hamlett Holcroft the younger, gent., Joseph Key, Robert Drinkwater, husbandman, and Richard Deane, miller, all of Holcroft.  QSP/147/3  c1657/7

Orrell -- complaints as to assessment for repair of Upholland Church.  QSP/147/4  c1657/7

Winstanley -- repair of highways.  QSP/147/5  c1657/7

Lathom -- maintenance by Robert Browne of Brinsop of children of James Browne of Lathom, gent.  QSP/147/6  c1657/7

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- relief for Mary Penkethman, widow.  QSP/147/7  c1657/7

Whiston -- relief for Elizabeth widow of Henry Dey, a soldier.  QSP/147/8  c1657/7

Whiston -- relief for Anne Howard.  QSP/147/9  c1657/7

Winwick Parish -- maintenance for orphans of Thomas Taylor.  QSP/147/10  c1657/7

Ditton -- relief for Margrit Tildsley.  QSP/147/11  c1657/7

Tarleton -- maintenance by William Blackhurst of Margaret, orphan of James Hunter.  QSP/147/12  c1657/7

Parr -- relief for Ailes Hill, widow.  QSP/147/13  c1657/7

Penwortham -- relief for Thomas Charneley, constable.  QSP/147/14  c1657/7

Wavertree -- relief for Richard Everett.  QSP/147/15  c1657/7

Culcheth -- constableship of Holcroft.  QSP/147/16  c1657/7

Windle -- relief for Jane Winstanley, aged 98.  QSP/147/17  c1657/7

Tarleton -- relief for Ellin Huntter of the Houlmes.  QSP/147/18  c1657/7

Culcheth -- constableship.  QSP/147/19  c1657/7

Shakerley -- maintenance of bastard of Isabel Pendlebury and Thomas Dunster of Little Hulton.  QSP/147/20  c1657/7

Haydock -- William Hurst and William Knowle elected constable.  QSP/147/21  c1657/7

Altcar -- Richard Whitehead and John Harvie elected constable.  QSP/147/22  c1657/7

Widnes -- Thomas Marsh of Upton elected constable.  QSP/147/23  c1657/7

Chorley -- Hugh Kindsley and John Wasley elected constables.  QSP/147/24  c1657/7

Bedford -- Gyles Sanderson elected constable.  QSP/147/25  c1657/7

Duxbury -- William Garstange elected constable.  QSP/147/26  c1657/7

Billinge -- Roger Barton elected constable.  QSP/147/27  c1657/7

Croston -- John Nelson elected constable.  QSP/147/28  c1657/7

Hoghton -- Richard Marsden and John Houlden elected constables.  QSP/147/29  c1657/7

Lathom -- John Blackledge, gent. and William Cooper elected constables.  QSP/147/30  c1657/7

Worthington -- Alexander Cawsey elected constable.  QSP/147/31  c1657/7

Longton -- John Loxam elected constable.  QSP/147/32  c1657/7

Manchester, Midsummer, 1657.  QSP/148  [n.d.]

Bolton -- maintenance of bastard of Jane daughter of Alexander Rothwell and Richard Holte.  QSP/148/1  c1657/7

Barton-upon-Irwell -- relief for Thomas Crosbie of Brownhurst.  QSP/148/2  c1657/7

Didsbury -- collection for Thomas Birch, loss by fire.  QSP/148/3  c1657/7

Little Lever -- maintenance of bastard of Ane Leadbettor and William Hultonn.  QSP/148/4  c1657/7

Bolton -- relief for Jane Rothwell and her bastard by Richard Hoult.  QSP/148/5  c1657/7

Westhoughton -- unwarranted summons of William Chittham to sessions.  QSP/148/6  c1657/7

Rochdale -- unwarranted summons of William Butterworth to sessions.  QSP/148/7  c1657/7

Broughton -- bastardy of Emme Shakerley by George Kenyon of Kersal, gent.  QSP/148/8  c1657/7

Heaton Norris -- repair of Stopford bridge.  QSP/148/9  c1657/7

Heaton-Norris -- habitation for Meriam Holme and her bastard by Thomas Newton of Stopford.  QSP/148/10  c1657/7

Castleton -- maintenance by Nathaniel Whittworth and Thomas Clegg of children of Thomas Turner.  QSP/148/11  c1657/7

Rochdale Parish -- non-payment of relief.  QSP/148/12  c1657/7

Hulton -- habitation for Isabel Edge, widow.  QSP/148/13  c1657/7

Didsbury -- relief for Elizabeth widow of John Bradshaw, minister.  QSP/148/14  c1657/7

Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of Samuel Wallworke of Newton-in-Mottram, co. Chester.  QSP/148/15  c1657/7

Hundersfield -- relief and habitation for Jane Cheetham.  QSP/148/16  c1657/7

Pendlebury and Broughton -- repair of Edgecroft bridge.  QSP/148/17  c1657/7

Whitefield -- habitation for Jane widow of James Asmall, tailor.  QSP/148/18  c1657/7

Newton -- habitation for Otho Boardman, husbandman.  QSP/148/19  c1657/7

Tonge-in-Prestwich -- necessity for constable.  QSP/148/20  c1657/7

Sharples -- over-assessment of Ed. Radcliffe.  QSP/148/21  c1657/7

Rivington -- habitation for Lawrance Crompton, labourer.  QSP/148/22  c1657/7

Stretford -- enclosure from Cowdall lane by John Houlme and Thomas Cowdoe.  QSP/148/23  c1657/7

Little Hulton -- imprisonment of John Taylior for bastardy on Ellen Ridley of Bolton.  QSP/148/24  c1657/7

Salford -- relief for Amary Hutchinson, widow of a soldier.  QSP/148/25  c1657/7

Stretford and Widnes -- settlement of bastards of James Knight of Stretford.  QSP/148/26  c1657/7

Broughton -- relief for Edward Lewis.  QSP/148/27  c1657/7

Ashton-under-Lyne -- maintenance of children of James Lees by their grandfather Ellis Taylor; also of children of George Hutchinson, decd.  QSP/148/28  c1657/7

Failsworth -- maintenance of bastard of Mary Crompton and John Hardman.  QSP/148/29  c1657/7

Blackley -- relief for Alexander Clegg.  QSP/148/30  c1657/7

Westhoughton -- maintenance by Robert Browne, esq. of the children of his son James and his wife, a daughter of Peter Rigbie of Newbrough.  QSP/148/31  c1657/7

Ejection of John Greenehalgh, clothworker, from Towne Mill.  QSP/148/32  c1657/7

Whitefield -- maintenance by James Kershaw of his grandchild.  QSP/148/33  c1657/7

Middleton -- ejection of John Holland by Thomas Fitton, blacksmith  QSP/148/34  c1657/7

Whitworth -- relief of John Brearely, husbandman.  QSP/148/35  c1657/7

Aspull -- habitation for Roger Lee, labourer.  QSP/148/36  c1657/7

Blackrod -- habitation for John Greene.  QSP/148/37  c1657/7

Blackrod -- relief for Robert Thisleton, aged 78.  QSP/148/38  c1657/7

Aspull -- Roger Wood elected constable.  QSP/148/39  c1657/7

Middleton -- Thomas Chadwicke of Heysill elected constable.  QSP/148/40  c1657/7

Rivington -- Peter Walkden and John Brownlowe elected constables.  QSP/148/41  c1657/7

Spotland -- John Healey elected constable.  QSP/148/42  c1657/7

Harwood -- presentments.  QSP/148/43  c1657/7

Butterworth -- Thomas Haighe elected constable.  QSP/148/44  c1657

Ashton-under-Lyne -- repair of Staveley bridge.  QSP/148/45  c1657

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1657.  QSP/149  [n.d.]

Middleton -- relief for Ellin Hodgson.  QSP/149/1  c1657

Lancaster -- relief for Margaret Croskell, blind.  QSP/149/2  c1657

Caton -- reimbursement of John Birrie, constable.  QSP/149/3  c1657

Scotforth -- relief for John Hodgson, aged 77.  QSP/149/4  c1657

Bolton-le-Sands -- habitation for George Warde, husbandman.  QSP/149/5  c1657

Torrisholme -- constableship.  QSP/149/6  c1657

Bolton-le-Sands -- habitation for Thomas Cornthwait.  QSP/149/7  c1657

Release of James Taylor, imprisoned for bastardy.  QSP/149/8  c1657

Arkholme -- relief for William Taylor of Keawood.  QSP/149/9  c1657

Cockerham -- relief for Jenet and Elen Gardner, aged 80 and 75.  QSP/149/10  c1657

Cockerham -- apprenticeship of Thomas Dunderdalle, deaf and dumb, to Richard Greenhood, tailor.  QSP/149/11  c1657

Release of William Steavenson from prison.  QSP/149/12  c1657

Claughton -- relief for William Newbie, aged 82.  QSP/149/13  c1657

Colton -- John Holme of Briggefeild and Christopher Geldart of Sailes, elected constables.  QSP/149/14  c1657

Allithwaite -- relief for Christopher Gardner.  QSP/149/15  c1657

Preston, Michaelmas, 1657.  QSP/150  [n.d.]

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for John Rydeing.  QSP/150/1  c1657

Nether Wyersdale -- allowance of constables' accounts.  QSP/150/2  c1657

Bispham -- presentments.  QSP/150/3  c1657

Lytham -- indemnity to parish of Kirkham for George Whitehead.  QSP/150/4  c1657

Whittingham -- relief for Bridget wife of Daniel Dale, from Thomas Whittingham, esq. her father.  QSP/150/5  c1657

Whittingham -- relief for Bridget wife of Daniel Dale, from Thomas Whittingham, esq. her father.  QSP/150/6  c1657

Broughton -- constableship.  QSP/150/7  c1657

Thistleton -- constableship.  QSP/150/8  c1657

Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck -- ale-selling.  QSP/150/9  c1657

Haighton -- relief for Elizabeth Snape.  QSP/150/10  c1657

List of unlicensed badgers in Blackburn Hundred.  QSP/150/11  c1657

Aighton, Bailey, and Chaigeley -- Richard Hayhurst elected constable  QSP/150/12  c1657

Billington -- Richard Chew elected constable.  QSP/150/13  c1657

Claughton -- Henry Wilson elected constable.  QSP/150/14  c1657

Ribchester -- presentments.  QSP/150/15  c1657

Woodplumpton -- certificate of Thomas Porter's attendance at Church.  QSP/150/16  c1657

Preston and Clifton -- John Marsh, gent. and Thomas Hankinson, yeoman, certified as protestants.  QSP/150/17  c1657

Lea -- William France certified as "a constant Churchman."  QSP/150/18  c1657

Lea -- Richard Moore, yeoman certified as "a constant Churchman.".  QSP/150/19  c1657

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1657.  QSP/151  [n.d.]

Parr -- repair of Ascrofte bridge.  QSP/151/1  c1657

Parr -- repair of Ascrofte bridge.  QSP/151/2  c1657

Croston -- relief for Thomas Bradshaw and Anne his wife.  QSP/151/3  c1657

Newton-in-Makerfield -- maintenance by Thomas Astley of orphans of Peter Farclough.  QSP/151/4  c1657

Rufford -- certificate that Thomas Hesketh, esq., is a protestant  QSP/151/5  c1657

Parr -- relief for William Byrom.  QSP/151/6  c1657

Atherton -- relief for Ellen daughter of Symon Smith, nailor.  QSP/151/7  c1657

Haydock -- assessments for highways.  QSP/151/8  c1657

Sankey -- repair of Sankey bridges.  QSP/151/9  c1657

Aughton -- relief for Jane Shepard.  QSP/151/10  c1657

Everton -- constableship.  QSP/151/11  c1657

Croston -- constableship.  QSP/151/12  c1657

Cuerden -- relief for Katharine Bannister, widow, blind.  QSP/151/13  c1657

Halsall -- relief for Henry Marson, aged 78.  QSP/151/14  c1657

Halsall -- relief for Henry Marson, aged 78.  QSP/151/15  c1657

Halewood -- tenement of John Naylor and Anne his wife, heir of Francis Chadock.  QSP/151/16  c1657

Warrington Parish -- maintenance by Dorothy Rigby of her grandson Thomas.  QSP/151/17  c1657

Skelmersdale-- relief for Robert Smithson. Parliamentary soldier  QSP/151/18  c1657

Ormskirk -- reimbursement of Silvester Ashcroft, gent., constable during plague.  QSP/151/19  c1657

Related information: See QSP/436/40. QSP/472/9. QSP/476/16

Astley -- relief for William Glover.  QSP/151/20  c1657

Ince-in-Makerfield -- Margery Greene, widow, accused of witchcraft.  QSP/151/21  c1657

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Katherin Bancks.  QSP/151/22  c1657

Pennington -- relief for Jane widow of William Cowdale.  QSP/151/23  c1657

Croston -- John Smyth elected constable.  QSP/151/24  c1657

Discharge from prison of William son of Robert Stevenson.  QSP/151/25  c1657

Hindley -- Edward Markland, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/151/26  c1657

Culcheth -- John Goulden of Holcroft elected constable.  QSP/151/27  c1657

Haigh -- John Greaves and Raphe Muncke. elected constables.  QSP/151/28  c1657

North Meols -- Gilbert Johnson and Robert Rymer elected constable.  QSP/151/29  c1657

Everton -- Robert Rose elected constable.  QSP/151/30  c1657

Aughton -- George Horrocks elected constable.  QSP/151/31  c1657

Kenyon -- John Guest elected constable.  QSP/151/32  c1657

Thornton -- Richard Abram elected constable.  QSP/151/33  c1657

Downlitherland -- Richard Mercer and Robert Haughton elected constable.  QSP/151/34  c1657

Hoghton -- Thomas Wilkinson elected constable.  QSP/151/35  c1657

Heskin -- Edward Rigbie elected constable.  QSP/151/36  c1657

Farington -- John Werden and John Clayton. elected constables.  QSP/151/37  c1657

Eccleston -- George Lyon elected constable.  QSP/151/38  c1657

Ulnes Walton -- William Milner elected constable.  QSP/151/39  c1657

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1657.  QSP/152  [n.d.]

Rochdale -- relief for Priscilla Butler, niece of Dr. Radcliffe who left £100 yearly for relief of the poor of Rochdale Parish.  QSP/152/1  c1657

Westhoughton -- maintenance by Robert Browne of Brinsop of his grandchildren.  QSP/152/2  c1657

Lathom -- Peter Rigby's complaint concerning above.  QSP/152/3  c1657

Openshaw -- maintenance of children of John Grunshawe.  QSP/152/4  c1657

Didsbury -- relief habitation for William Barlowe.  QSP/152/5  c1657

Lostock -- constableship.  QSP/152/6  c1657

Lostock -- constableship.  QSP/152/7  c1657

Bolton -- maintenance of bastard of Jane Rothwell and Richard Holte.  QSP/152/8  c1657

Withington -- relief for Mary widow of Robert Chorleton.  QSP/152/9  c1657

Westhoughton -- relief for Mary widow of James Browne, yeoman, aged 98.  QSP/152/10  c1657

Manchester -- salary of Edward Rawsthorne, governor of House of Correction.  QSP/152/11  c1657

Pendlebury and Broughton -- repair of Agecroft bridge.  QSP/152/12  c1657

Chorlton -- John Withington and William Berch elected constables  QSP/152/13  c1657

Great Harwood -- John Isherwood elected constable.  QSP/152/14  c1657

Heaton Norris -- relief for Francis Key.  QSP/152/15  c1657

Castleton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Turner.  QSP/152/16  c1657

Tonge -- constableship.  QSP/152/17  c1657

Ashton-under-Lyne -- bastardy of Richard Hamond, labourer, and Elizabeth Buckley.  QSP/152/18  c1657

Chadderton -- John Ashton and George Taylor elected constables.  QSP/152/19  c1657

Ashton-under-Lyne--- Dennis Bockinge, Joseph Stockport, and William Barsley elected constables.  QSP/152/20  c1657

Middleton -- John Jones elected constable.  QSP/152/21  c1657

Tottington -- Lawrence Plant and Henry Howorth elected constables.  QSP/152/22  c1657

Bolton -- Thomas Marsden and Christopher Marsden elected constables.  QSP/152/23  c1657

Pendleton -- James Worrall elected constable.  QSP/152/24  c1657

Stretford -- John Crowther elected constable.  QSP/152/25  c1657

Manchester -- Phillip Stampe and Francis Jepson, gent., elected constables.  QSP/152/26  c1657

Withington -- John Barlow and Nicholas Wood elected constables.  QSP/152/27  c1657

Salford -- Raph Smith and Thomas Wolfenden elected constables.  QSP/152/28  c1657

Edgworth -- Henry Berry elected constable.  QSP/152/29  c1657

Bury -- Richard Tootell and William Banister elected constables.  QSP/152/30  c1657

Clifton -- John Crompton elected constable.  QSP/152/31  c1657

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1657/8.  QSP/153  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- relief for Jane Woolfall.  QSP/153/1  c1657/8

Bolton-le-Sands -- election of constables.  QSP/153/2  c1657/8

Hutton -- relief for Elen Williamson.  QSP/153/3  c1657/8

Carnforth -- maintenance by Christoffer Heblethwaite of his step-daughters  QSP/153/4  c1657/8

Slyne-with-Hest -- settlement of Thomas Cornthwait.  QSP/153/5  c1657/8

Overton -- maintenance of bastard of Janie Baigott and Robart Masister, servant to John Wilkinson.  QSP/153/6  c1657/8

Skerton -- relief for Alice Simpson.  QSP/153/7  c1657/8

Caton -- relief for Mary Smith, widow, aged 80.  QSP/153/8  c1657/8

Warton -- relief for idiot son of Jenett Wallen, widow.  QSP/153/9  c1657/8

Lancaster -- relief for George Covell, lunatic.  QSP/153/10  c1657/8

Cockerham -- relief for Elizabeth Britton, aged 70, blind.  QSP/153/11  c1657/8

Thurnham -- relief for Elizabeth widow of James Greene, soldier.  QSP/153/12  c1657/8

Bolton-le-Sands -- relief for John Caton, late overseer.  QSP/153/13  c1657/8

Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite -- Stephen Pritt of Greenebank and Roger Jackson of Kilbank elected constables.  QSP/153/14  c1657/8

Melling Parish -- relief for William Taylor.  QSP/153/15  c1657/8

Cantsfield -- relief for Joane widow of William Garnett.  QSP/153/16  c1657/8

Cantsfield -- John Gibson elected constable.  QSP/153/17  c1657/8

Claughton -- Mr. Francis Sherington elected constables.  QSP/153/18  c1657/8

Ashton-with-Stodday -- Peter Smith and Omfray Hardy elected constables.  QSP/153/19  c1657/8

Preston, Epiphany, 1657/8.  QSP/154  [n.d.]

Warton -- relief for Mathew Hughson, blind.  QSP/154/1  c1657/8

Westby-with-Plumpton -- maintenance of young child found in highway.  QSP/154/2  c1657/8

Mellor -- constableship.  QSP/154/3  c1657/8

Stalmine-with-Stainall -- constableship.  QSP/154/4  c1657/8

Relief for Constance Creane, widow of a soldier.  QSP/154/5  c1657/8

Worston -- constableship.  QSP/154/6  c1657/8

Relief for John Parker, orphan of a soldier.  QSP/154/7  c1657/8

Inskip-with-Sowerby -- satisfactory relief given to John Winderous.  QSP/154/8  c1657/8

Ashton -- maintenance of John Brewer by Richard his brother.  QSP/154/9  c1657/8

Fulwood -- relief for John Sudell, tailor.  QSP/154/10  c1657/8

Goosnargh -- relief and habitation for Richard Wilson and Jane his wife.  QSP/154/11  c1657/8

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- relief of poor.  QSP/154/12  c1657/8

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Margret Shawe, widow.  QSP/154/13  c1657/8

Rossendale -- relief for James Asheworth, webster.  QSP/154/14  c1657/8

Church -- assessment for repair of church.  QSP/154/15  c1657/8

Rossendale -- apprenticeship of Abell son of James Asheworth of Woolfendenbooth, webster, to Lawrence Ashworth of Bury.  QSP/154/16  c1657/8

Related information: See QSP/156/10

Thistleton -- constableship.  QSP/154/17  c1657/8

Wharles -- habitation for Alice Simpson, widow.  QSP/154/18  c1657/8

Garstang Parish -- relief for John Corles, soldier captured at Bolton and imprisoned at Shrewsbury.  QSP/154/19  c1657/8

Alston -- habitation for Jenett wife of Henry Porter.  QSP/154/20  c1657/8

Billington -- bastardy of daughter of John and Margret Holker and John Mancknolles of Altham, husbandman.  QSP/154/21  c1657/8

Dutton -- bastardy of John son of Richard Crombleholme.  QSP/154/22  c1657/8

Wharles and Roseacre -- constableship.  QSP/154/23  c1657/8

Broughton -- relief for Grace Burne of Dorton, aged 90.  QSP/154/24  c1657/8

Thornton -- James Orton elected constable.  QSP/154/25  c1657/8

Broughton -- Mathew Arthwright and John Moore elected constables.  QSP/154/26  c1657/8

Haslingden -- Gilbert Hey of Cockham elected constable.  QSP/154/27  c1657/8

Lytham -- proof of conformity of Thomas Crookall.  QSP/154/28  c1657/8

Layton, Treales, Barniker -- the like for Capt. Robert Jolley, Thomas Griminson, and Richard Dunderdall.  QSP/154/29  c1657/8

Whalley -- the like for Alice daughter of John Alston, decd.  QSP/154/30  c1657/8

Wigan, Epiphany, 1657/8.  QSP/155  [n.d.]

Penwortham -- habitation for Thomas Shorte.  QSP/155/1  c1657/8

Warrington -- relief for Thomas Richardson.  QSP/155/2  c1657/8

Down Holland -- estate of Ellen, wife of William Mawdesley, husbandman, widow of Richard Halsall of Melling, gent.  QSP/155/3  c1657/8

Heath Charnock -- Nicholas Hilton elected constable.  QSP/155/4  c1657/8

Anderton -- habitation for William Finch, labourer.  QSP/155/5  c1657/8

Abram and Hindley -- settlement of Richard Allinson.  QSP/155/6  c1657/8

Lathom -- maintenance of children of James son of Robert Browne of Brinsop.  QSP/155/7  c1657/8

Lathom -- maintenance of children of James son of Robert Browne of Brinsop.  QSP/155/8  c1657/8

Abram and Ince -- repair of Greate Platt bridge.  QSP/155/9  c1657/8

Hesketh Bank -- relief for Clares Walker, widow.  QSP/155/10  c1657/8

Abram and Ince -- repair of Great Platt bridge.  QSP/155/11  c1657/8

Wigan -- bastardy of Edward Ormshawe and the wife of John Calley.  QSP/155/12  c1657/8

Bispham -- maintenance of Anne, bastard of Jennett Miller.  QSP/155/13  c1657/8

Winwick-with-Hulme -- repair of Cawsey Bridge Lane.  QSP/155/14  c1657/8

Winwick-with-Hulme -- repair of Cawsey Bridge Lane.  QSP/155/15  c1657/8

Formby -- relief for Jenet Formbie.  QSP/155/16  c1657/8

Formby -- relief for Jenet Formbie.  QSP/155/17  c1657/8

Croston -- maintenance of children of Alice and Hugh Spencer.  QSP/155/18  c1657/8

Ditton -- relief for Alice widow of Thomas Tarbock. ex soldier  QSP/155/19  c1657/8

Ditton -- relief for Alice widow of Thomas Tarbock. ex soldier  QSP/155/20  c1657/8

Wigan, Ormskirk, Halsall, North Meols, Altcar, Sefton, and Aughton -- registrars complain of non-registration.  QSP/155/21  c1657/8

Halsall Parish -- relief for Gilbert Hesketh of Barton.  QSP/155/22  c1657/8

Adlington -- habitation for James Makinson.  QSP/155/23  c1657/8

Altcar -- overflowing of Alt.  QSP/155/24  c1657/8

Eccleston Parish -- relief for Ellin Oker.  QSP/155/25  c1657/8

Pemberton and Wigan -- repair of copp.  QSP/155/26  c1657/8

Tarbock -- maintenance of bastard of Joane Webster.  QSP/155/27  c1657/8

Standish -- certificate of burial of Richard father of Alexander Taylor.  QSP/155/28  c1657/8

Lathom -- James Croper and Nicholas Heyes elected constables.  QSP/155/29  c1657/8

Wrightington -- information concerning Robert Grey, husbandman, being an eavesdropper.  QSP/155/30  c1657/8

Tarbock -- William Wainwright elected constable.  QSP/155/31  c1657/8

Great Sankey -- William Farrer and Richard Cooper elected constables.  QSP/155/32  c1657/8

Formby -- John Yonge elected constable.  QSP/155/33  c1657/8

North Meols -- Richard Richardson and John Richardson elected constables.  QSP/155/34  c1657/8

Scarisbrick -- James Yate of Snape and Gilbert Waring elected constables.  QSP/155/35  c1657/8

Much Woolton -- Byrom Minshall and George Haighfeild elected constables.  QSP/155/36  c1657/8

Everton -- William Traugham elected constable.  QSP/155/37  c1657/8

Windle -- Thomas Gerard and Thomas Jeinon elected constables.  QSP/155/38  c1657/8

Burtonwood -- Henry Chesshire elected constable.  QSP/155/39  c1657/8

Thornton -- William Eccleston elected constable.  QSP/155/40  c1657/8

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- John Huestr, William Ashton and Thomas Hill elected constables.  QSP/155/41  c1657/8

Little Crosby -- William Johnson and William Mercer elected constables.  QSP/155/42  c1657/8

Aughton -- Robert Ackers elected constable.  QSP/155/43  c1657/8

Walton and Fazakerley -- William Hurdus elected constable.  QSP/155/43a  c1657/8

Bickerstaffe -- William and Henry Taylor elected constable.  QSP/155/44  c1657/8

Netherton and Sefton -- William Copple and John Ascroft elected constables.  QSP/155/45  c1657/8

Hutton -- Raphe Loxam and Robert Martin elected constables.  QSP/155/46  c1657/8

Bretherton -- Richard Leigh elected constable.  QSP/155/47  c1657/8

Anderton -- Robert Foster and Thomas Anderton elected constables.  QSP/155/48  c1657/8

Bootle -- Robert Ascrofte elected constable.  QSP/155/49  c1657/8

Ince -- presentments.  QSP/155/50  c1657/8

Melling -- John Simner elected constable.  QSP/155/51  c1657/8

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- Gyles Turton elected constables.  QSP/155/52  c1657/8

Cronton -- Lawrence Johnson and Edward Rufforth elected constables.  QSP/155/53  c1657/8

Bold -- Thomas Thelwall and Matthew Johnson elected constables.  QSP/155/54  c1657/8

Sutton -- Thomas Baxter and Robert Harrison elected constables.  QSP/155/55  c1657/8

Rainhill -- Edward Lyon and Thomas Wainwright elected constables.  QSP/155/56  c1657/8

Widnes -- Thomas Harrison, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/155/57  c1657/8

Halsall -- Henry Halsall, gebt., and Robert Kenion elected constables.  QSP/155/58  c1657/8

Downhollland -- Richard Simkin and Henry Kirkby elected constables.  QSP/155/59  c1657/8

Kirkdale -- Nicholas Coopar the elder elected constable.  QSP/155/60  c1657/8

Huyton -- William Whitling elected constable.  QSP/155/61  c1657/8

Kirkby -- Thomas Parte and Thomas Caddicke elected constables.  QSP/155/62  c1657/8

West Derby -- John Hale elected constable.  QSP/155/63  c1657/8

Hindley -- Thomas Leadbeater, milner, fears assault by Edward Mather and Robert Rigby, blacksmiths.  QSP/155/64  c1657/8

Rufford -- bastardy of Jenett Almond.  QSP/155/65  c1657/8

Related information: See QSP/155/171/17

Westhoughton -- maintenance by Robert Browne of Brinsop of his grandchildren.  QSP/155/66  c1657/8

Speke -- certificate of conformity of Robert Wisewall, husbandman.  QSP/155/67  c1657/8

Speke -- conformity of Eles Mullineux.  QSP/155/68  c1657/8

Standish -- conformity of Alexander Taylor, husbandman.  QSP/155/69  c1657/8

Fearnhead -- conformity of Thomas Neylior, yeoman.  QSP/155/70  c1657/8

Halewood -- conformity of John Naylor.  QSP/155/71  c1657/8

Golborn -- conformity of Richard son of Henery Porpoint.  QSP/155/72  c1657/8

Windle -- conformity of James Travers.  QSP/155/73  c1657/8

Sutton -- conformity of John son of Ellis Glover, decd.  QSP/155/74  c1657/8

Newton-in-Makerfield -- conformity of Thomas son of Thomas Blackburne of Orford, gent.  QSP/155/75  c1657/8

Westhoughton -- conformity of Raph Dickinson.  QSP/155/76  c1657/8

Sutton -- conformity of William son of Ellis Glover, decd.  QSP/155/77  c1657/8

Sutton -- conformity of Matthew brother of Robert Wilcocke, weaver, decd.  QSP/155/78  c1657/8

Euxton -- conformity of Henry Slaiter, yeoman.  QSP/155/79  c1657/8

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- conformity of John Knowle, blacksmith.  QSP/155/80  c1657/8

Tarleton -- relief for James Westheade.  QSP/155/81  c1657/8

Langtree -- conformity of Elizabeth widow of John Browne and Margaret widow of James Urmeston.  QSP/155/82  c1657/8

Manchester, Epiphany, 1657/8.  QSP/156  [n.d.]

Jury Panel in Richard Milnes plea of traverse.  QSP/156/1  c1657/8

Bolton -- threatened ejectment by William Seddon of Katterin Wright, widow of a soldier slain at Bolton.  QSP/156/2  c1657/8

Moston -- relief for Katherin widow of James Jackson, linenweaver.  QSP/156/3  c1657/8

Salford -- removal of John Woodworth, shoemaker.  QSP/156/4  c1657/8

Westhoughton -- settlement of Marie wife of Raphe Roscowe of Great Bolton.  QSP/156/5  c1657/8

Spotland -- maintenance of child of John Hopwood, husbandman.  QSP/156/6  c1657/8

Manchester -- relief for John Percivall, blacksmith.  QSP/156/7  c1657/8

Castleton -- Abraham Stott, woollenwebster, desires to sell ale, as a "spaw" has been discovered on his tenement by Dr. Theophilus Haworth.  QSP/156/8  c1657/8

Atherton and Bury -- settlement of Ann Hunter, blind.  QSP/156/9  c1657/8

Bury and Rossendale -- apprenticeship of Abel, son of James Ashworth, to Lawrence Ashworth.  QSP/156/10  c1657/8

Related information: See QSP/154/16

Cheetham -- taxes for John Hartley's demesne of Strangewaies.  QSP/156/11  c1657/8

Manchester -- assault of Joseph Gilman, feltmaker, on his wife, Ellenor daughter of John Bruch of Warrington, feltmaker.  QSP/156/12  c1657/8

Bolton -- apprenticeship of James son of James Smyth, slater, to Oliver Draper, fustian webster.  QSP/156/13  c1657/8

Related information: See QSP/156/17.

Spotland -- relief for Christopher Nuttall.  QSP/156/14  c1657/8

Manchester -- salary for Edward Rawsthorne, governor of House of Correction.  QSP/156/15  c1657/8

Manchester -- relief for Thomas Massy (ex-soldier) and Ellin his wife.  QSP/156/16  c1657/8

Bolton -- Oliver Draper's complaint.  QSP/156/17  c1657/8

Related information: See QSP/156/13.

Manchester -- ejection of Alice widow of Richard Deane, from the College.  QSP/156/18  c1657/8

Prestwich -- relief for Frances Key of Roodes.  QSP/156/19  c1657/8

Salford Hundred -- freeholders who have served as Jurors during past 2 years.  QSP/156/20  c1657/8

Harwood -- John Isherwood elected constable.  QSP/156/21  c1657/8

Failsworth -- James Newton and John Thorp elected constable.  QSP/156/22  c1657/8

Newton -- James Hopwood and George Worthington elected constables.  QSP/156/23  c1657/8

Bolton -- bastardy of Mary Aynsworth and Thomas Leigh her master, as also of Alis Leaver.  QSP/156/24  c1657/8

Lancaster, Easter, 1658.  QSP/157  [n.d.]

Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- repair of High bridge.  QSP/157/1  c1658

Claughton -- constableship.  QSP/157/2  c1658

Leck -- relief for James Woodburne, aged 80.  QSP/157/3  c1658

Cockerham -- maintenance of John Barbon, aged 9, whose parents are dead in Ireland.  QSP/157/4  c1658

Farleton -- relief and habitation for Richard Cloughe.  QSP/157/5  c1658

Lancaster -- relief for Edmund Singleton.  QSP/157/6  c1658

Heysham -- habitation for Agnes Atkinson, widow.  QSP/157/7  c1658

Warton -- relief for Alice Greene.  QSP/157/8  c1658

Lancaster -- relief for William Lingard.  QSP/157/9  c1658

Kirkby Ireleth ---- repair of Brigend bridge over Steare Pool.  QSP/157/10  c1658

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Lawrence Parkinson.  QSP/157/11  c1658

Skerton -- relief for Alice Sympson, blind.  QSP/157/12  c1658

Maintenance of children of Robert Woolfall.  QSP/157/13  c1658

Lancaster and Middleton -- relief for Frances, daughter of Gawan Brathwaite.  QSP/157/14  c1658

Warton -- relief for John Burrow.  QSP/157/15  c1658

Claughton -- relief for Ann widow of Thomas Layfeild.  QSP/157/16  c1658

Quernmore -- relief for John Browne.  QSP/157/17  c1658

Scotforth -- relief for John Hodgson.  QSP/157/18  c1658

Middleton -- relief for George Towlnson and Elizabeth his wife.  QSP/157/19  c1658

Burrow-with-Burrow -- constableship.  QSP/157/20  c1658

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Lawrence Parkinson.  QSP/157/21  c1658

Allithwaite -- neglect of John Barrowe, constable, to make his return of recusants.  QSP/157/22  c1658

Preston, Easter, 1658.  QSP/158  [n.d.]

Barton and Broughton -- settlement of Margrett widow of Edward Davie.  QSP/158/1  c1658

Oswaldtwistle -- over-assessment.  QSP/158/2  c1658

Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck -- relief for Cuthbert Rabye, linenweaver, aged 90, blind.  QSP/158/3  c1658

Salesbury -- habitation for Thomas Barker, blind.  QSP/158/4  c1658

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Richard son of Thomas Hoghton, gent.  QSP/158/5  c1658

Poulton and Kirkham Parishes -- settlement of child of beggar--woman.  QSP/158/6  c1658

Ribchester -- relief for William Ribchester, labourer.  QSP/158/7  c1658

Haslingden -- maintenance by George Duerden of Alice daughter of William Aspinwall, grandchild of John Halsteed of Burnley and Alice his wife.  QSP/158/8  c1658

Roseacre -- constableship.  QSP/158/9  c1658

Ribchester -- habitation for Elizabeth Livesaye.  QSP/158/10  c1658

Leagram -- habitation for Roger Bradley.  QSP/158/11  c1658

Balderstone -- Edmund Bolton fined for brewing.  QSP/158/12  c1658

Hutton -- maintenance of bastard of Margrett Leach and Richard Stephenson.  QSP/158/13  c1658

Witton -- relief and habitation for Roger Smaley.  QSP/158/14  c1658

Preston -- maintenance of orphans of James Townend by their grandfather, William Townend of Barniker.  QSP/158/15  c1658

Lea and Ashton -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/158/16  c1658

Padiham, Wiswall, Mitton, Henthorne, Coldcotes, Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley, and Chipping -- need for bridge over Ribble.  QSP/158/17  c1658

Walton-le-Dale -- John Duckworth and Robert Yate elected constables.  QSP/158/18  c1658

Kirkham -- Robert Rydinge elected constable.  QSP/158/19  c1658

Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton -- constableship.  QSP/158/20  c1658

Leagram -- relief for John Parker.  QSP/158/21  c1658

Clitheroe -- John Aspinall of Standen, yeoman, swore a profane oath.  QSP/158/22  c1658

Clitheroe -- likewise William Hill of Whalley, labourer, for 3 oaths.  QSP/158/23  c1658

Clitheroe -- likewise Myles Lonsdale, yeoman, for 13 oaths.  QSP/158/24  c1658

Carleton -- presentments.  QSP/158/25  c1658

Ormskirk, Easter, 1658.  QSP/159  [n.d.]

Rufford -- release of Jenet Aleman, imprisoned for bastardy with Thomas Watkinson.  QSP/159/1  c1658

Much Woolton -- maintenance by John Lyon, husbandman, of children of Thomas Moleneux of Garston, yeoman.  QSP/159/2  c1658

Leyland -- settlement of Edward Parker, linenwebster.  QSP/159/3  c1658

Newton-in-Makerfield -- lunacy of Izabell wife of James Bretherton, husbandman.  QSP/159/4  c1658

Ditton -- relief for Thomas Copocke, blind.  QSP/159/5  c1658

Lathom -- relief for Alice wife of Henry Wilding of the Westhead.  QSP/159/6  c1658

Tyldsley -- Maintenance of William Barton, orphan.  QSP/159/7  c1658

Warrington -- maintenance of children of Samuell Vawdrey, soldier.  QSP/159/8  c1658

Aintree -- habitation for William Bower, blind.  QSP/159/9  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for Ann Rigby, widow.  QSP/159/10  c1658

Rainford -- relief for Raph Smith and Jane his wife.  QSP/159/11  c1658

Standish -- constableship.  QSP/159/12  c1658

Bickerstaffe and Eccleston -- maintenance of Elline, daughter of Thomas Lyon.  QSP/159/13  c1658

Anderton -- habitation for William Frith.  QSP/159/14  c1658

Ulnes Walton -- relief for Ann Jackson, orphan.  QSP/159/15  c1658

Burscough -- relief for James Banister.  QSP/159/16  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for Isabel Gill, widow.  QSP/159/17  c1658

Burscough and Eccleston -- settlement of Ellin Alker.  QSP/159/18  c1658

Related information: See QSP/179/17, QSP/207/53 and QSP/219/38

Longton -- relief for Elizabeth Banck, widow.  QSP/159/19  c1658

Leyland Hundred -- election of High Constables.  QSP/159/20  c1658

Winwick Parish -- relief for James Fletcher, whose windmill is burnt.  QSP/159/21  c1658

Parbold & Lathom, and Bispham & Lathom -- repair of Duglas and Waynsblade bridges.  QSP/159/22  c1658

Croston Parish -- growth of poor-rate.  QSP/159/23  c1658

Burtonwood -- James Millett elected constable.  QSP/159/24  c1658

Orrell -- John Houghton elected constable.  QSP/159/25  c1658

Ince Blundell -- Anthony Alker elected constable.  QSP/159/26  c1658

Related information: See QSP/203/59

Cuerdley -- William Appleton and Edward Briscoe elected constables.  QSP/159/27  c1658

Eccleston -- John Mollineux and Henry Garnett elected constables.  QSP/159/28  c1658

Newton-in-Makerfield -- Adam Mason and George Tumbleson elected constables.  QSP/159/29  c1658

Croston -- John Smyth elected constable.  QSP/159/30  c1658

Euxton -- James Chrichlow elected constable.  QSP/159/31  c1658

Brindle -- John Sharrocke and James Catterall elected constables.  QSP/159/32  c1658

Heapey -- James Haworth, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/159/33  c1658

Clayton-le-Woods -- William Harrison elected constable.  QSP/159/34  c1658

Charnock Richard -- Richard Armetriding elected constable.  QSP/159/35  c1658

Pennington -- Richard Darwell and Henry Corles elected constables.  QSP/159/36  c1658

Upholland -- John Worthington and William Naylor elected constables.  QSP/159/37  c1658

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- Hamnett Massie elected constable.  QSP/159/38  c1658

Astley -- George Hey, webster, elected constable.  QSP/159/39  c1658

Halewood -- John Hunt elected constable.  QSP/159/40  c1658

Whiston -- Robert Cropper and Thomas Peran elected constables.  QSP/159/41  c1658

Leyland Hundred -- election of High Constables.  QSP/159/42  c1658

Manchester, Easter, 1658.  QSP/160  [n.d.]

Unsworth -- possession of tenement of Sara widow of Thomas son of Raphe Briddocke the elder of Cheetwood, wife of Edmund Hopwood.  QSP/160/1  c1658

Manchester -- salary of Edward Rawsthorne, governor of the House of Correction.  QSP/160/2  c1658

Blackley -- relief for Anne Key.  QSP/160/3  c1658

Rivington -- habitation for Lawrence Crompton.  QSP/160/4  c1658

Westhoughton -- habitation for Alice wife of Adam Worthington of Snidle, gent.  QSP/160/5  c1658

Horwich -- bastardy of Jane daughter of Ann Morris, and Roger Hart of Westhoughton.  QSP/160/6  c1658

Moston -- habitation for Edward Moores, husbandman.  QSP/160/7  c1658

Didsbury -- habitation for Margerie Bancroft.  QSP/160/8  c1658

Blackley -- relief for Grace Hulme, widow.  QSP/160/9  c1658

Westhoughton -- habitation for James Pendlebury.  QSP/160/10  c1658

Didsbury -- relief and habitation for William Barlowe.  QSP/160/11  c1658

Hulme -- relief for Raphe Lees.  QSP/160/12  c1658

Blackley -- habitation for Ruth Dawson, husband a soldier  QSP/160/13  c1658

Failsworth -- relief for James Bradford.  QSP/160/14  c1658

Rusholme -- maintenance of bastard of Elizabeth Worsley, daughter of Cicelie wife of Sheth Travis.  QSP/160/15  c1658

Heaton and Halliwell -- presentments.  QSP/160/16  c1658

Raddiffe -- bastardy of James Mather alias Friscoe, woollen-webster and Susan Mather.  QSP/160/17  c1658

Aspull -- elected of constables.  QSP/160/18  c1658

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1658.  QSP/161  [n.d.]

Myerscough -- maintenance by Jane Needham, widow, of her grandson, orphan of Margaret and George Bell of Cockerham.  QSP/161/1  c1658

Tatham -- relief by Nicholas Smith, clerk, of Sarah Nelson.  QSP/161/2  c1658

Yealand Redmayne -- presentments.  QSP/161/3  c1658

Release of Ellin Styth from prison.  QSP/161/4  c1658

Nether Kellett -- relief for William Lodge.  QSP/161/5  c1658

Farleton -- relief for Richard Clough. (Parliamentary soldier)  QSP/161/6  c1658

Heysham -- relief for Ann Attkinson, widow.  QSP/161/7  c1658

Arkholme -- maintenance by Miles Hutton of Cawood, husbandman, of Richard, bastard of his daughter Agnes and William Taylor of Gunnerthwaite.  QSP/161/8  c1658

Relief for Ellinge Bread.  QSP/161/9  c1658

Bolton-le-Sands Parish -- settlement of Thomas Cornthwait.  QSP/161/10  c1658

Ellel -- inmates.  QSP/161/11  c1658

Lancaster -- relief for Edward Singleton.  QSP/161/12  c1658

Scotforth -- habitation for John Croser.  QSP/161/13  c1658

Ellel -- James Hodgson and John Richmond, surveyors of highways.  QSP/161/14  c1658

Preston, Midsummer, 1658.  QSP/162  [n.d.]

Broughton -- relief for John Singleton.  QSP/162/1  c1658

Ribchester -- brief required by John Norcrosse of Fawney, whose leg is infected.  QSP/162/2  c1658

Leagram -- settlement of Anne Bradley, servant.  QSP/162/3  c1658

Whittingham -- maintenance by Thomas Whittingham, esq., of his grandchildren.  QSP/162/4  c1658

Chatburn -- taking of inmate by John Taylor.  QSP/162/5  c1658

Ashton -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/162/6  c1658

Ashton -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/162/7  c1658

Preston -- threatened indictment of Thomas Hall by James Hodgkinson, gent.  QSP/162/8  c1658

Whittingham -- relief for Thomas Goodinge.  QSP/162/9  c1658

Poulton -- relief for William Cottam, husbandman, aged 80.  QSP/162/10  c1658

Mitton -- proposed bridge over Ribble.  QSP/162/11  c1658

Mitton -- proposed bridge over Ribble.  QSP/162/12  c1658

Goosnargh -- declaration that Richard Kellet is servant to Alexander Rigby, esq., at Middleton Hall.  QSP/162/13  c1658

Catterall -- bastardy of John Whittingham and Marie Hill.  QSP/162/14  c1658

Mabell Talbott, widow, declares she is not a papist.  QSP/162/15  c1658

Medlar -- ejectment of Isabel Thisleton, widow, by William Townend of Barnicarr.  QSP/162/16  c1658

Wharles -- relief for Thomas Singleton.  QSP/162/17  c1658

Fulwood and Ribbleton -- John Key to serve two offices.  QSP/162/18  c1658

Whittingham -- ill-treatment of his grandchildren by Thomas Whittingham, esq.  QSP/162/19  c1658

Westby-with-Plumpton -- disbursements of constable.  QSP/162/20  c1658

Mitton -- proposed bridge over Ribble.  QSP/162/21  c1658

Walton-le-Dale -- possession of house of William Procter.  QSP/162/22  c1658

Whittingham -- bastardy of Ellin Raylton and Richard Gleadall.  QSP/162/23  c1658

Garstang -- reimbursement of constables.  QSP/162/24  c1658

Westby -- relief for Richard Rowe.  QSP/162/25  c1658

Ribchester -- John Ribchester elected constable.  QSP/162/26  c1658

Dutton -- Thomas Dewhurst elected constable.  QSP/162/27  c1658

Haighton -- Thomas Dewhurst elected constable.  QSP/162/28  c1658

Broughton -- indictment of overseers for non-relief of Elizabeth Snape of Haighton.  QSP/162/29  c1658

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1658.  QSP/163  [n.d.]

Brindle -- habitation for George Valentyne.  QSP/163/1  c1658

Lowton -- relief for Margaret widow of Henry Clayton.  QSP/163/2  c1658

Hindley and Abram -- repair of school and chapel.  QSP/163/3  c1658

Lydiate -- constableship.  QSP/163/4  c1658

Sutton -- relief for Margarie Sunson.  QSP/163/5  c1658

Tarleton -- constableship.  QSP/163/6  c1658

Culcheth -- relief for Jennett Raffes, widow, aged 94.  QSP/163/7  c1658

Longton -- relief for Elizabeth widow of Edward Banks.  QSP/163/8  c1658

Bedford -- maintenance of bastard of George Croft and sister of Richard Tilsley.  QSP/163/9  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for John Watkinson and Suzan his wife.  QSP/163/10  c1658

Related information: See QSP/163/15.

Wrightington -- relief for Ralph Naylor, labourer.  QSP/163/11  c1658

Bispham -- constableship of Gilbert Burscough in Chorley.  QSP/163/12  c1658

Kirkby and Poulton -- maintenance of child of John Potter and his wife Jennett sister of Ellin Thornton.  QSP/163/13  c1658

Bedford -- maintenance by Elizabeth Croft, widow, of bastard of Sarah Tildsley.  QSP/163/14  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for John Watkinson and Suzan his wife.  QSP/163/15  c1658

Related information: See QSP/163/10.

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- maintenance by James Naylor of child of Ellin and Thomas Lyon of Eccleston.  QSP/163/16  c1658

Kirkby -- maintenance by John Laurence of his grandchildren, daughters of Thomas Mollineux of Garston.  QSP/163/17  c1658

Kirkby -- maintenance by John Laurence of his grandchildren, daughters of Thomas Mollineux of Garston.  QSP/163/18  c1658

Rufford -- breaking of house ofAnne Watkinson by Andrew Todde of Tarlton.  QSP/163/19  c1658

Ulnes Walton -- maintenance of orphans of William Lowe.  QSP/163/20  c1658

Leyland -- habitation for Katherin Armatridinge, widow.  QSP/163/21  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for Mary Park.  QSP/163/22  c1658

Wigan -- petition of Ann widow of Abraham Midgley to Oliver Cromwell, referred to Lancashire by Nathaniel Bacon.  QSP/163/23  c1658

Wigan -- the Corporation's recommendation for a pension.  QSP/163/24  c1658

Ince-in-Makerfield -- relief for Margery Greene, widow.  QSP/163/25  c1658

Cronton -- maintenance of bastard of Cicely Platt.  QSP/163/26  c1658

Huyton -- relief for William Smith, an infant.  QSP/163/27  c1658

Ormskirk -- relief for Henry Mason, aged 75.  QSP/163/28  c1658

Adlington -- damage by John Pilkington and Mary his wife, to close of Roger Rigbye.  QSP/163/29  c1658

Wigan -- misdemeanours committed by Henry Spencer, husbandman, and William Barton his servant, against John Cragg.  QSP/163/30  c1658

Wigan Parish -- relief of poor.  QSP/163/31  c1658

Culcheth -- conformity of Hamnett Holcroft and Thomas Richardson.  QSP/163/32  c1658

Cuerden -- conformity of Thomas Starkie, blacksmith.  QSP/163/33  c1658

Kirkby -- conformity of Edward Tatlocke, husbandman.  QSP/163/34  c1658

Culcheth -- Richard Gregorie elected constable.  QSP/163/35  c1658

Maghull -- Thomas Lawrencon and Lawrence Farrer elected constables.  QSP/163/36  c1658

Tarbock -- Henry Tyrer and Thomas Haward elected constables.  QSP/163/37  c1658

Ince-in-Makerfield -- Thomas Catteral elected constable.  QSP/163/38  c1658

Billinge -- William Birchall elected constable.  QSP/163/39  c1658

Haigh -- Richard Lee elected constable.  QSP/163/40  c1658

Longton -- William Cliffe elected constable.  QSP/163/41  c1658

Duxbury -- Edward Hodson elected constable.  QSP/163/42  c1658

Farington -- Arthur Dawson and John Gardner elected constables.  QSP/163/43  c1658

Eccleston in Leyland -- John Harrison and Richard Crosse elected constables.  QSP/163/44  c1658

Brindle -- George Catterall and James Gerrard of Duxen Hill elected constables.  QSP/163/45  c1658

Altcar -- Edward Gore elected constables.  QSP/163/46  c1658

West Derby -- Henry Rycroft elected constable.  QSP/163/47  c1658

Charnock Richard -- Roger Bouleing and John Roscow elected constables.  QSP/163/48  c1658

Jury Panel in plea of William Smith alias Alexander.  QSP/163/49  c1658

Manchester, Midsummer, 1658.  QSP/164  [n.d.]

Chorlton-with-hardy -- habitation for Dorothy Taylior late of Marsleach House, widow.  QSP/164/1  c1658

Bolton -- ejectment of Katherin Wright, widow, by George Seddon of Rumworth and William Seddon of Bolton.  QSP/164/2  c1658

Rochdale Parish -- child of John Smethurst can be cured of fistula by William Law of Bolton, chirurgeon.  QSP/164/3  c1658

Haughton -- ejectment of Raph Ardron, cooper, by Robert Ashton of Duckenfeild, cooper.  QSP/164/4  c1658

Little Hulton -- relief for Anne Tildsley, widow, aged 90.  QSP/164/5  c1658

Failsworth -- maintenance of bastard of Martha Ogden and Adam Syddall.  QSP/164/6  c1658

Blackrod -- Henrie Wattmough and Raphe Vausse elected constables.  QSP/164/7  c1658

Tottington -- relief and habitation for James Whittacar.  QSP/164/8  c1658

Chadderton -- bastardy of Mary Ashton and James Bewersall.  QSP/164/9  c1658

Westhoughton -- settlement of James Astley and Margery his wife.  QSP/164/10  c1658

Salford -- relief and habitation for Katherin Cundliffe, widow.  QSP/164/11  c1658

Westhoughton -- relief for Agnes Hurst  QSP/164/12  c1654

Salford -- relief for Emery Hutchingson, widow. husband a soldier  QSP/164/13  c1658

Salford -- relief for John Lock, linenweaver, aged 69, blind.  QSP/164/14  c1658

Royton -- Isaac Wyld elected constable.  QSP/164/15  c1658

Horwich -- William Smethels elected constable.  QSP/164/16  c1658

Rivington -- Thomas Finch and George Browne elected constables.  QSP/164/17  c1658

Hundersfield -- Jeremiah Dearden of Shore elected constable.  QSP/164/18  c1658

Butterworth -- John Butterworth of Lowhouse elected constable.  QSP/164/19  c1658

Spotland -- Lawrence Hardman elected constable.  QSP/164/20  c1658

Prestwich -- James Digle and John Scholes elected constables.  QSP/164/21  c1658

Middle Hulton -- Roger Ekkersley elected constable.  QSP/164/22  c1658

Butterworth, Rochdale, and Prestwich -- constables elected.  QSP/164/23  c1658

Castleton -- Abraham Taylier elected constable.  QSP/164/24  c1658

Barrowford -- indictment of Christopher Townley of the Carr, gent., and others for riotously breaking the call of Barrowford Mill.  QSP/164/25  c1658

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1658.  QSP/165  [n.d.]

Bold -- release of Ellen Marsh from gaol.  QSP/165/1  c1658

Lancaster -- relief for James Towers and Anne his wife.  QSP/165/2  c1658

Farleton -- relief for Richard Clough.  QSP/165/3  c1658

Warton -- relief for Nicholas Washington.  QSP/165/4  c1658

Carton -- maintenance of Robert, idiot son of James Proctor,  QSP/165/5  c1658

Related information: See QSP/165/7.

Hest -- relief for Randall Ashton.  QSP/165/6  c1658

Caton -- maintenance as of Robert, idiot son of James Proctor,  QSP/165/7  c1658

Related information: See QSP/165/5.

Lancaster -- relief for Anne widow of Robert Robinson, a soldier at Glasgow.  QSP/165/8  c1658

Skerton -- constableship.  QSP/165/9  c1658

Release of Thomas Bland from prison.  QSP/165/10  c1658

Heaton -- maintenance by Randall Kewe of his grandchildren.  QSP/165/11  c1658

Warrington -- release from prison of Ann Baker, for suspected witchcraft, aged 80.  QSP/165/12  c1658

Tatham -- maintenance by Nicholas Smith, vicar, of Sarah, cripple daughter of Gilbert Nelson, late vicar.  QSP/165/13  c1658

Over Kellet -- election of constables.  QSP/165/14  c1658

Colton -- Joseph Pennington of Boweth and John Taylor of Plome Greene, elected constables.  QSP/165/15  c1658

Preston, Michaelmas, 1658.  QSP/166  [n.d.]

Whittingham -- bastardy of Ellin Raylton and Gleydall  QSP/166/1  c1658

Bilsborrow -- constableship.  QSP/166/2  c1658

Lea -- relief for Mary daughter of Adam Hoghton, decd.  QSP/166/3  c1658

Mellor -- constableship.  QSP/166/4  c1658

Goosnargh -- relief and habitation for Katherin Toppinge, widow.  QSP/166/5  c1658

Over Darwen -- constableship.  QSP/166/6  c1658

Kirkland -- bastardy of Thomas Simpson and Elizabeth Cowborne.  QSP/166/7  c1658

Woodplumpton -- constableship.  QSP/166/8  c1658

Downham -- Thomas Tattersall and Thomas Sclater elected constables.  QSP/166/9  c1658

Singleton -- Thomas Devie elected constable.  QSP/166/10  c1658

Kirkham -- Robert Rydinge elected constable.  QSP/166/11  c1658

Bispham-with-Norbreck -- John Broadbelt elected constable.  QSP/166/12  c1658

Mearley -- Thomas Gelder elected constable.  QSP/166/13  c1658

Pleasington -- Richard Aynsworth and John Walmesley elected constables.  QSP/166/14  c1658

Aighton, Bailey, and Chaigeley -- Robert Rathmell, Roger Ward, and Hugh Seed elected constables.  QSP/166/15  c1658

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1658.  QSP/167  [n.d.]

Hindley and Abram -- repair of chapel and school.  QSP/167/1  c1658

Pemberton -- constableship.  QSP/167/2  c1658

Astley -- habitation for Alice Smith, aged 80.  QSP/167/3  c1658

Rufford -- ejectment of Ann Watkinson by Andrew Todd of Tarleton.  QSP/167/4  c1658

Bolton -- release from prison of Katherine Haslom, very ill through miscarriage of bastard to Thomas Greenhalgh of Bradlesome by being thrown into Ribble by her horse.  QSP/167/5  c1658

Halewood -- constableship.  QSP/167/6  c1658

Scarisbrick -- relief for Margrett widow of Robert Halsall, husbandman.  QSP/167/7  c1658

Heath Charnock -- constableship.  QSP/167/8  c1658

Knowsley -- relief for Anne Bibbye, widow.  QSP/167/9  c1658

Wigan -- certificate of repair of Whelley Lane.  QSP/167/10  c1658

Aspull -- relief for Jane wife of Raph Houghton of Kertleys.  QSP/167/11  c1658

Wavertree -- constableship.  QSP/167/12  c1658

Jury Panel in plea of Benjamin Boll.  QSP/167/13  c1658

Rainford -- relief for Homphrey Lyon.  QSP/167/14  c1658

Culcheth -- conformity of Henry Slater of Lightoakes, gent.  QSP/167/15  c1658

Bold -- conformity of Katherin Tarbocke.  QSP/167/16  c1658

Bold -- conformity of Edward Kenwicke.  QSP/167/17  c1658

Newton -- conformity of Thomas Rothwell, gent.  QSP/167/18  c1658

Bold -- conformity of Thomas Holt.  QSP/167/19  c1658

Bold -- conformity of Thomas Leigh.  QSP/167/20  c1658

West Derby -- John Rose elected constable.  QSP/167/21  c1658

Great Crosby -- Richard Fazakerley elected constable.  QSP/167/22  c1658

Altcar -- John Ireland elected constable.  QSP/167/23  c1658

Westleigh -- James Sorocold, gent., elected constable.  QSP/167/24  c1658

Thornton -- William Abram elected constable.  QSP/167/25  c1658

Formby -- William Rymer elected constable.  QSP/167/26  c1658

Haydock -- John Bankes and William Downall elected constables.  QSP/167/27  c1658

Chorley -- Raphe Marsden and Matthew Blaklidge elected constable  QSP/167/28  c1658

Orrell -- John Haughton elected constable.  QSP/167/29  c1658

Allerton -- Thomas Whitefield elected constable.  QSP/167/30  c1658

Garston -- Thomas Poste elected constable.  QSP/167/31  c1658

Standish -- conformity of Frances wife of Alexander Taylor.  QSP/167/32  c1658

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1658.  QSP/168  [n.d.]

Blackrod -- habitation for John Greene.  QSP/168/1  c1658

Blackrod -- habitation for John Greene.  QSP/168/2  c1658

Blackrod -- settlement of Elizabeth wife of Roger Libtrote.  QSP/168/3  c1658

Blackrod -- habitation for John and Alice Meadows, aged 90.  QSP/168/4  c1658

Manchester -- relief and habitation for Raphe Aldron.  QSP/168/5  c1658

Manchester -- property of John Clegge in Blackley.  QSP/168/6  c1658

Worsley -- relief for Alice Partington.  QSP/168/7  c1658

Oldham -- maintenance of Peter Booker, stepson of William Bacon, shoemaker.  QSP/168/8  c1658

Reddish -- bastardy of Raph Bibby and Frances Goulden.  QSP/168/9  c1658

Worsley -- unlicensed alehouses.  QSP/168/10  c1658

Hundersfield -- Mary Scholefeild, widow, swore 10 oaths.  QSP/168/11  c1658

Chadderton -- presentments.  QSP/168/12  c1658

Salford -- Nicholas Hawett elected constable.  QSP/168/13  c1658

Harwood -- John Greenehalgh elected constable.  QSP/168/14  c1658

Heaton and Halliwell -- presentments.  QSP/168/15  c1658

Ardwick -- William Prestwich elected constable.  QSP/168/16  c1658

Gorton -- Thomas Shellmerdine and Samuell Haughe elected constables.  QSP/168/17  c1658

Newton -- presentments.  QSP/168/18  c1658

Blackley -- John Jackson and John Ogden elected constables.  QSP/168/19  c1658

Heaton Norris -- presentments.  QSP/168/20  c1658

Moston -- James Cleaton and Thomas Hulme elected constables.  QSP/168/21  c1658

Chorlton -- Robert Jepson and Robert Leese elected constables.  QSP/168/22  c1658

Withington -- presentments.  QSP/168/23  c1658

Lostock -- John France elected constable.  QSP/168/24  c1658

Turton -- John Wood elected constable.  QSP/168/25  c1658

Stretford -- John Barlowe and Phillip Mosse elected constables.  QSP/168/26  c1658

Westhoughton -- Adam Rigbie and Thomas Rivington elected constables.  QSP/168/27  c1658

Urmston -- Richard Joanes and James Royle elected constables.  QSP/168/28  c1658

Crompton -- Thomas Butterworth and Richard Borsley elected constables.  QSP/168/29  c1658

Bolton -- Robert Roscowe and James Such elected constables.  QSP/168/30  c1658

Manchester -- James Lightbowne and John Chorlton elected constables.  QSP/168/31  c1658

Hulton -- certificate of repair of highway.  QSP/168/32  c1658

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1658/9.  QSP/169  [n.d.]

Dalton-in-Furness -- maintenance by William Marr of bastard of James Storie.  QSP/169/1  c1658/9

Leck -- Mr. Booth elected constable.  QSP/169/2  c1658/9

Relief for Alice Hubberstie, widow.  QSP/169/3  c1658/9

Lancaster -- relief for Alice Parkinson, widow.  QSP/169/4  c1658/9

Lancaster -- relief for Jane Greene.  QSP/169/5  c1658/9

Lancaster -- relief for Alice Hubbersty, widow.  QSP/169/6  c1649

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Jennat Winder of Abbaystead, aged 90, blind.  QSP/169/7  c1658/9

Cockerham -- John Bond and Nicholas Clarkson desire release from surety for Mary Atkinson.  QSP/169/8  c1658/9

Cockerham -- maintenance by John Gatlay of Isabel, daughter of John Pearsall of Hardhorn.  QSP/169/9  c1658/9

Gressingham -- relief for Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Holestocke of Hornbie, decd.  QSP/169/10  c1658/9

Ellel -- repair of Conder bridge.  QSP/169/11  c1658/9

Gressingham -- repair of Milne bridge.  QSP/169/12  c1658/9

Burrow -- repair of Burrow bridge.  QSP/169/13  c1658/9

Preston, Epiphany, 1658/9.  QSP/170  [n.d.]

Mellor -- relief for James Ireland, a soldier.  QSP/170/1  c1658/9

Nether Darwen -- maintenance by James Hyndle, of Mary, lunatic daughter of Lawrence Aynsworth of Blackborne, decd.  QSP/170/2  c1658/9

Livesay -- default of constable, Robert Yates.  QSP/170/3  c1658/9

Release of Isabel Crompton, imprisoned for bastardy.  QSP/170/4  c1658/9

Claughton -- relief for John Poolton, an infant.  QSP/170/5  c1658/9

Fulwood -- constableship.  QSP/170/6  c1658/9

Ribchester -- relief and habitation for Elizabeth Livesay, widow.  QSP/170/7  c1658/9

Walton-le-Dale -- maintenance by Lawrence Parke of his grandson Richard son of George Parke.  QSP/170/8  c1658/9

Darwen -- certificate of burial at Bolton of bastard of Margret Whiteloe and Richard Crosse.  QSP/170/9  c1658/9

Roseacre -- constableship.  QSP/170/10  c1658/9

Wigan, Epiphany, 1658/9.  QSP/171  [n.d.]

Huyton -- relief for James Welsby, aged 86.  QSP/171/1  c1658/9

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- repair of 2 bridges in Bruche.  QSP/171/2  c1658/9

Whiston -- relief for Mary orphan of John Ackers.  QSP/171/3  c1658/9

Bedford -- relief of John orphan of William Platt.  QSP/171/4  c1658/9

Woolston -- repair of Bruich-brook-bridge and Spittle bridge.  QSP/171/5  c1658/9

Altcar -- inundations.  QSP/171/6  c1658/9

Related information: See QSP/171/16.

Shevington -- relief for Roger Winstanley, deaf mute.  QSP/171/7  c1658/9

Halewood -- repair of Hooke-lane bridges.  QSP/171/8  c1658/9

Croston -- maintenance of children of Elizabeth Garstange, widow.  QSP/171/9  c1658/9

Withnell -- relief for Sicily Thorpe of Darleside, widow.  QSP/171/10  c1658/9

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- habitation for John Clarke.  QSP/171/11  c1658/9

Penwortham -- temporary habitation for Jane widow of Richard Dulliveare, a London waterman.  QSP/171/12  c1658/9

Ditton -- relief for Henry Glover.  QSP/171/13  c1658/9

Penwortham -- relief for James Forshaw.  QSP/171/14  c1658/9

Warrington -- warrant for arrest of John Newall for non-attendance at Court.  QSP/171/15  c1658/9

Altcar -- inundations.  QSP/171/16  c1658/9

Related information: See QSP/171/6.

Rufford -- Jenett Almond imprisoned for fornication.  QSP/171/17  c1658/9

Related information: See QSP/155/65

Standish -- certificate of repair of highway.  QSP/171/18  c1658/9

Wrightington and Upholland -- Repair of Appley bridge.  QSP/171/19  c1658/9

Tyldesley and Astley -- constables elected.  QSP/171/20  c1658/9

Lathom -- James Rausthorne elected constable.  QSP/171/21  c1658/9

Hindley -- Richard Ellison, badger, elected constable.  QSP/171/22  c1658/9

Standish -- Richard Duxbury, linenwebster, elected constable.  QSP/171/23  c1658/9

Wheelton and Heapey -- Lawrence Garstang elected constable.  QSP/171/24  c1658/9

Hutton -- Hugh Waringe and John Stephenson elected constables.  QSP/171/25  c1658/9

Heath Charnock -- Thomas Halsworth and Richard Croston elected constables.  QSP/171/26  c1658/9

Leyland -- Thomas Clough, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/171/27  c1658/9

Widnes -- Robert Wellen and Samuel Jones elected constables.  QSP/171/28  c1658/9

Bootle -- Robert Hughson elected constable.  QSP/171/29  c1658/9

Astley -- William Speakman, webster, elected constable.  QSP/171/30  c1658/9

Speke-with-Garston -- John Tildesley elected constable.  QSP/171/31  c1658/9

Hale -- William Cooke elected constable.  QSP/171/32  c1658/9

Fazakerley -- Thomas Martin elected constable.  QSP/171/33  c1658/9

Kirkdale -- John Strange elected constable.  QSP/171/34  c1658/9

Sutton -- Thomas Wilcocke and John Barton elected constables.  QSP/171/35  c1658/9

Much Woolton -- John Lyon elected constable.  QSP/171/36  c1658/9

Everton -- William Burges elected constable.  QSP/171/37  c1658/9

Burtonwood -- Thomas Mosse elected constable.  QSP/171/38  c1658/9

Downlitherland -- Thomas Harryson the younger elected constable.  QSP/171/39  c1658/9

Little Crosby -- Richard Rydinge and Richard Devi elected constables.  QSP/171/40  c1658/9

Great Crosby -- William Hunt elected constable.  QSP/171/41  c1658/9

Aughton -- Peter Martindale elected constable.  QSP/171/42  c1658/9

Downholland -- Cuthbert Halsall, yeoman, and Edmond Weming, slater, elected constables.  QSP/171/43  c1658/9

Scarisbrick -- John Haskeyne and Raph Tyrer elected constables.  QSP/171/44  c1658/9

Halsall -- Hugh Nailior and Robert Sefton elected constables.  QSP/171/45  c1658/9

Bickerstaffe -- Adam Chaddock and Henry Taylor elected constable  QSP/171/46  c1658/9

Bold -- John Bold and James Atherton elected constables.  QSP/171/47  c1658/9

Little Woolton -- Robert Rathbon and John Brookes elected constables.  QSP/171/48  c1658/9

Billinge -- Evan Eaton elected constable.  QSP/171/49  c1658/9

Burtonwood and Newton -- repair of bridges at Penkford.  QSP/171/50  c1658/9

Manchester, Epiphany, 1658/9.  QSP/172  [n.d.]

Castleton -- relief for George Knowles.  QSP/172/1  c1658/9

Castleton -- habitation for Alexander Schofield.  QSP/172/2  c1658/9

Blackley -- relief for John Worsley.  QSP/172/3  c1658/9

Castleton -- brief for rebuilding cottage of Elizabeth Taylor of Bewardsall Moore, widow, blown down by wind.  QSP/172/4  c1658/9

Bury -- Alice Halliwell, widow, took as inmate Elizabeth Hough of Leyland Parish.  QSP/172/5  c1658/9

Rochdale Parish -- relief for Gowther Butterworth, clothier, a soldier.  QSP/172/6  c1658/9

Manchester -- relief for Ambrose Hulme, labourer.  QSP/172/7  c1658/9

Manchester -- relief for idiot son of Ellin, wife of William Edge and widow of Thomas Faukner.  QSP/172/8  c1658/9

Lostock -- relief for Elizabeth Cosnoe.  QSP/172/9  c1658/9

Blackrod -- habitation for John Greene.  QSP/172/10  c1658/9

Rivington -- assault by James Abott, wheelwright on his wife Jane, widow of Gyles Ward.  QSP/172/11  c1658/9

Middleton -- reimbursement of Robert Aspinwall.  QSP/172/12  c1658/9

Pilkington -- relief for Mary widow of Adam Thorpe of Outwood.  QSP/172/13  c1658/9

Manchester -- relief for Jennett widow of John Darbyshire.  QSP/172/14  c1658/9

Manchester -- habitation for Ales widow of Richard Deane in the porters-ward of the College.  QSP/172/15  c1658/9

Relief for Martha Howarth, widow.  QSP/172/16  c1658/9

Moston -- relief for Hugh Thorpe, linenwebster.  QSP/172/17  c1658/9

Gorton -- maintenance of wandering child by Widow Platt of Grindlow.  QSP/172/18  c1658/9

Heaton Norris -- repair of Lancashire bridge.  QSP/172/19  c1658/9

Westhoughton -- James Southeren, fustianwebster, elected constable.  QSP/172/20  c1658/9

Bolton -- presentments.  QSP/172/21  c1658/9

Aspull -- presentments.  QSP/172/22  c1658/9

Flixton -- presentments.  QSP/172/23  c1658/9

Westhoughton -- presentments.  QSP/172/24  c1658/9

Tottington -- Thomas Kershawe elected constable.  QSP/172/25  c1658/9

Withington -- Thomas Fletcher and Richard Barlow elected constable.  QSP/172/26  c1658/9

Manchester -- John Chorlton, senior, elected constable.  QSP/172/27  c1658/9

Newton -- Thomas Byron and Ralph Hodgkinson elected constables.  QSP/172/28  c1658/9

Pilkington -- James Taylor of Unsworth elected constable.  QSP/172/29  c1658/9

Ashton-under-Lyne -- James Robinson, Thomas Harrop, and William Stopport elected constables.  QSP/172/30  c1658/9

Lancaster, Easter, 1659.  QSP/173  [n.d.]

Tunstall -- relief for wife of John Tomptson, a travelling ropemaker.  QSP/173/1  c1659

Torrisholme -- relief for Edward Marshall, webster.  QSP/173/2  c1659

Burrow -- habitation for John German and Elizabeth his wife.  QSP/173/3  c1659

Ashton -- relief for Jenet Hewetson.  QSP/173/4  c1659

Ulverston -- payment to child of George Fell.  QSP/173/5  c1659

Colton -- relief for Ann widow of William Readhead of Nibthwaite aged 80.  QSP/173/6  c1659

Ulverston -- relief for William Nicholson, blind.  QSP/173/7  c1659

Yealand Conyers -- relief for Johan wife of Anthony Coming, yeoman.  QSP/173/8  c1659

Lancaster -- relief for Edward Singleton.  QSP/173/9  c1659

Relief for Katherine wife of John Wells.  QSP/173/10  c1659

Ulverston -- relief for family of George Fell, a prisoner.  QSP/173/11  c1659

Cantsfield -- repair of Greata bridge.  QSP/173/12  c1659

Wennington and Hornby -- rebuilding of Wenning bridge and repair of Loins bridge.  QSP/173/13  c1659

Colton -- repair of Hellpot bridge.  QSP/173/14  c1659

Burrow -- presentments.  QSP/173/15  c1659

Heysham -- constableship.  QSP/173/16  c1659

Whittington -- constableship.  QSP/173/17  c1659

Gressingham -- constableship.  QSP/173/18  c1659

Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- constableship.  QSP/173/19  c1659

Claughton -- constableship.  QSP/173/20  c1659

Preston, Easter, 1659.  QSP/174  [n.d.]

Poulton -- repair of Skippow bridge.  QSP/174/1  c1659

Layton-with-Warbreck -- relief for orphans of Ellis Pearson.  QSP/174/2  c1659

Poulton -- relief for Ellin Hodghson of Scippoll, widow, aged 89.  QSP/174/3  c1659

Eccleston -- relief for William Kerbie.  QSP/174/4  c1659

Hambleton -- relief for Edward Wilson.  QSP/174/5  c1659

Plumpton -- settlement of Richard Whiteside.  QSP/174/6  c1659

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Margaret Bannester, widow.  QSP/174/7  c1659

Salesbury -- relief for John Brindle.  QSP/174/8  c1659

Salesbury -- relief for John Brindle.  QSP/174/9  c1659

Broughton -- relief for James Benson.  QSP/174/10  c1659

Plumpton -- maintenance by Thomas Holden and Margery his wife of Newton, of her son Richard Newsham alias Rydinge, son of Richard Newsham of Ireland.  QSP/174/11  c1659

Roseacre and Wharles -- constableship.  QSP/174/12  c1659

Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton -- over-assessment.  QSP/174/13  c1659

Cuerdale and Walton-le-Dale -- repair of highway.  QSP/174/14  c1659

Rossendale -- assessments for poor.  QSP/174/15  c1659

Clitheroe -- Thomas Whalley of Itchill, yeoman, swore and cursed.  QSP/174/16  c1659

Lower Darwen -- relief for William Sharpe, waller, and Isabel his wife.  QSP/174/17  c1659

Blackburn Parish -- relief for John Feilden.  QSP/174/18  c1659

Billsborrow -- relief for Anne Walmsley.  QSP/174/19  c1659

Claughton -- relief for Mabell Lund, blind.  QSP/174/20  c1659

Catterall and Treales -- relief for Thomas Walker alias Harrison, son of Thomas Walker, decd.  QSP/174/21  c1659

Clitheroe -- maintenance of Anne Leigh, widow, by her son Nicholas.  QSP/174/22  c1659

Walton -- relief and habitation for Elizabeth wife of Francis Primrose, a soldier.  QSP/174/23  c1659

Samlesbury -- relief for John Sowerbutts, orphan.  QSP/174/24  c1659

Billsborrow -- constableship.  QSP/174/25  c1659

Blackburn Hundred -- discharge of Richard Livesay and Myles Loynsdale, high constables.  QSP/174/26  c1659

Amounderness -- discharge of Robert Clifton and William Hodgkinson, high constables.  QSP/174/27  c1659

Eccleston and Tarnacre -- assessment of Thomas White.  QSP/174/28  c1659

Broughton -- relief for George Noblet, labourer.  QSP/174/29  c1659

Appointment of conservators for the Ribble and Wyre.  QSP/174/30  c1659

Pensions to maimed soldiers.  QSP/174/31  c1659

Walton -- John Duckworth elected constable.  QSP/174/32  c1659

Whittingham -- Edmond Sharples elected constable.  QSP/174/33  c1659

Whittingham -- constableship.  QSP/174/34  c1659

Clifton-with-Salwick -- John Weaver elected constable.  QSP/174/35  c1659

Dutton -- Edward Newsham and Richard Dewhurst elected constables.  QSP/174/36  c1659

Little Harwood -- Henrie Clayton elected constable.  QSP/174/37  c1659

Haslingden -- Robert Duerden elected constable.  QSP/174/38  c1659

Ormskirk, Easter, 1659.  QSP/175  [n.d.]

Abram -- habitation for Anne Hyton.  QSP/175/1  c1659

Wigan Relief for Jane wife of Raph Houghton, gent.  QSP/175/2  c1659

Wigan -- maintenance of bastards of Reginald Gryme and Ann Plesington.  QSP/175/3  c1659

Anderton -- relief for Elizabeth Mather, aged 72.  QSP/175/4  c1659

Wrightington and Upholland -- repair of Appley bridge.  QSP/175/5  c1659

Wrightington and Upholland -- repair of Appley bridge.  QSP/175/6  c1659

Tarleton -- relief for Susan Tod.  QSP/175/7  c1659

Lathom -- payment by John Blackledge, gent., late constable.  QSP/175/8  c1659

Lydiate -- repair of highway at Robins bridge.  QSP/175/9  c1659

Astley -- maintenance of orphans of Henry Heye.  QSP/175/10  c1659

Penwortham -- relief for Maray Willkinson of Middleforth.  QSP/175/11  c1659

Leyland -- habitation for Jane Sompner, widow.  QSP/175/12  c1659

Leyland Hundred -- discharge of Richard Loxam and Hugh Wrennall, high constables.  QSP/175/13  c1659

Mawdesley -- maintenance of bastard of Anne Devis and William Harsneppe.  QSP/175/14  c1659

Related information: See QSP/179/25

Roby -- relief for William Hardy, blind.  QSP/175/15  c1659

Ormskirk -- relief for Elizabeth Heyes, aged 85, blind.  QSP/175/16  c1659

Ormskirk -- relief for Jane Moorcroft, widow, aged 80, blind.  QSP/175/17  c1659

Woolston & Poulton, and Warrington and Poulton -- repair of Spitle bridge and Bruchbrook bridge.  QSP/175/18  c1659

Rufford -- habitation for Hugh Mosse, milner, whose house has been pulled down.  QSP/175/19  c1659

Walmersley and Tottington -- proportion of taxes paid by Shuttleworth.  QSP/175/20  c1659

Treales -- maintenance by Ellen Boulton, widow, of the children of Thomas Gastene.  QSP/175/21  c1659

Treales -- maintenance by Ellen Boulton, widow, of the children of Thomas Gastene.  QSP/175/22  c1659

Whittle-le-Woods -- habitation for Roger Bryning.  QSP/175/23  c1659

Tarleton -- habitation for James Westhead of Holmeswood, labourer  QSP/175/24  c1659

Scarisbrick -- relief for William Gore, labourer, aged 60.  QSP/175/25  c1659

Chorley -- relief for William, 2nd son of John Rawlinson, decd.  QSP/175/26  c1659

Eccleston in Leyland -- stopping of highway by Thomas Waringe, shoemaker, to Henry Ellison and John Swift of West Derby while carrying wine from Liverpool to Preston for Alexander Greene, merchant.  QSP/175/27  c1659

Bickerstaffe -- maintenance by John Hale of his daughter Jane.  QSP/175/28  c1659

Appointment of conservators for Ribble.  QSP/175/29  c1659

Westhoughton -- business of Mr. Browne and Peter Rigby referred to arbitrators.  QSP/175/30  c1659

Melling -- relief for Alice Tyrer of Connscow, widow.  QSP/175/31  c1659

Hulme and Orford -- overflowing of Dallom brook.  QSP/175/32  c1659

Clayton-le-Woods -- habitation for George Dawson.  QSP/175/33  c1659

Pemberton -- William Fareclough elected constable.  QSP/175/34  c1659

Bedford -- Richard Tildesley and Peter Croft elected constables.  QSP/175/35  c1659

Pennington -- John Mather, tailor, elected constable.  QSP/175/36  c1659

Burtonwood -- Henry Pinington elected constable.  QSP/175/37  c1659

Much Woolton -- Richard Thomason elected constable.  QSP/175/38  c1659

Thornton -- John Cheshire elected constable.  QSP/175/39  c1659

Parr -- Nicholas Ashton elected constable.  QSP/175/40  c1659

Netherton -- William Darwine elected constable.  QSP/175/41  c1659

North Meols -- Robert Breakell of Church Towne and John Ball of the Bancks elected constables.  QSP/175/42  c1659

Howick -- William Kitchin elected constable.  QSP/175/43  c1659

Whittle-le-Woods -- Richard Walmsley and John Melling elected constable.  QSP/175/44  c1659

Widnes -- William Marsh, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/175/45  c1659

Anderton -- Robert Anderton, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/175/46  c1659

Leyland -- Thomas Cooper elected constable.  QSP/175/47  c1659

Little Woolton -- John Brookes elected constable.  QSP/175/48  c1659

Mawdesley -- John Stopforth elected constable.  QSP/175/49  c1659

Leyland Hundred -- election of High constables.  QSP/175/50  c1659

Winwick-with-Hulme -- John Travis elected constable.  QSP/175/51  c1659

Haydock -- relief for Elizabeth Gorse, widow.  QSP/175/52  c1659

Repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/175/53  c1659

Repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/175/54  c1659

Repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/175/55  c1659

Repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/175/56  c1659

Manchester, Easter, 1659.  QSP/176  [n.d.]

Sharples -- habitation for Elizabeth widow of Robert Anderton of the Foulds, yeoman.  QSP/176/1  c1659

Relief for James Jaques.  QSP/176/2  c1659

Blackrod -- habitation for John Greene, sieve-maker.  QSP/176/3  c1659

Worsley -- fines for alehouses.  QSP/176/4  c1659

Milnrow -- persecution of John Milne, plaisterer, and Elizabeth his wife, by their son John.  QSP/176/5  c1659

Bradshaw -- habitation for Alexander Bradshaw, labourer.  QSP/176/6  c1659

Blackrod -- William Cheetam and John Sheppard elected constables.  QSP/176/7  c1659

Moston -- relief for Ambrose Bell.  QSP/176/8  c1659

Bury -- repair of highway between Blackbrooke bridge and Bury.  QSP/176/9  c1659

Heaton -- freedom of William Marsh from bond.  QSP/176/10  c1659

Rochdale Parish -- relief for Christopher Nuttall of Towne Milne.  QSP/176/11  c1659

Bolton -- relief for Ellin Cockrell.  QSP/176/12  c1659

Bolton -- relief for Ellin Cockrell.  QSP/176/13  c1659

Denton -- habitation for Jacob Lowe, husbandman.  QSP/176/14  c1659

Manchester -- persecution of Thomas Clayton, tailor, and his wife by John Chadderton, blacksmith.  QSP/176/15  c1659

Manchester -- repair of wall under College Barne belonging to the House of Correction.  QSP/176/16  c1659

Gorton -- relief for Raphe Rickson, aged 95.  QSP/176/17  c1659

Moston -- relief for Margaret widow of Robert Bowker, linen-webster.  QSP/176/18  c1659

Didsbury -- relief for Elizabeth daughter of William Barlowe, by Sir Edward Mosley.  QSP/176/19  c1659

Ashworth -- relief for John Hopwood, husbandman.  QSP/176/20  c1659

Kearsley -- relief for Ellin widow of Thomas Haliday.  QSP/176/21  c1659

Complaints of Robert Lever.  QSP/176/22  c1659

Salford -- repair of Salford bridge.  QSP/176/23  c1659

Darcy Lever -- habitation for Icabod Crooke.  QSP/176/24  c1659

Worsley -- Mr. John Peake elected constable.  QSP/176/25  c1659

Jury Panel.  QSP/176/26  c1659

Blackrod -- repair of Colpitt Lane.  QSP/176/27  c1659

Crompton -- Edmund Bulckley elected constable.  QSP/176/28  c1659

Spotland -- Richard Clegg of Cuttlane elected constable.  QSP/176/29  c1659

Castleton -- George Myllne elected constable.  QSP/176/30  c1659

Butterworth -- James Taylor of Townehill Holes elected constable.  QSP/176/31  c1659

Butterworth -- Edmund Whitehead of Birchanleigh elected constable.  QSP/176/32  c1659

Salford Hundred -- election of High constables.  QSP/176/33  c1659

Flixton -- Thomas Brooke elected constable.  QSP/176/34  c1659z

Barton-upon-Irwell -- William Alred elected constable.  QSP/176/35  c1659

Harwood -- Thomas Tonge elected constable.  QSP/176/36  c1659

Chadderton -- Richard Smith elected constable.  QSP/176/37  c1659

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1659.  QSP/177  [n.d.]

Hornby -- relief for James Gettinges.  QSP/177/1  c1659

Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite -- constables' accounts.  QSP/177/2  c1659

Whittington -- relief and habitation for Frances Faraday, widow.  QSP/177/3  c1659

Yealand -- relief for Joan wife of Anthony Comeinge.  QSP/177/4  c1659

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Thomas orphan of Richard Jackson of Hathornthwaite.  QSP/177/5  c1659

Hawkshead -- relief for Charles Rigge of the Out Yeate.  QSP/177/6  c1659

Ulverston -- relief for Ellin Fell.  QSP/177/7  c1659

Bold -- release of Ellin Marshe from prison.  QSP/177/8  c1659

Claife -- relief for Robert Harrison.  QSP/177/9  c1659

Thurnham -- relief for Jennet Cortes of Thurnham Mosse.  QSP/177/10  c1659

Burrow -- maintenance by Elizabeth Shawe, widow, of 2 children of John Lynsdall.  QSP/177/11  c1659

Overton -- repair of Middlepool bridge.  QSP/177/12  c1659

Slyne-with-Hest -- warrant for arrest of Edmond and John Lodge.  QSP/177/13  c1659

Hawkshead -- bastardy of Dorothy Nicholson.  QSP/177/14  c1659

Lancaster -- relief for John Walker.  QSP/177/15  c1659

Preston, Midsummer, 1659.  QSP/178  [n.d.]

Wiswall -- maintenance by Nicholas Leighe, yeoman, of Anne his mother.  QSP/178/1  c1659

Tarnacre -- habitation for orphans of Matthew Sedgwick.  QSP/178/2  c1659

Great Eccleston -- relief for Agnes widow of Henrie Futhergill, a soldier.  QSP/178/3  c1659

Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton -- overassessment of William Eccleston of Cornall Row.  QSP/178/4  c1659

Blackburn Parish -- relief of poor.  QSP/178/5  c1659

Dinkley -- constableship.  QSP/178/6  c1659

Poulton -- repair of Skippowe bridge.  QSP/178/7  c1659

Poulton -- repair of Skippowe bridge..  QSP/178/8  c1659

Lea and Ashton -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/178/9  c1659

Chipping -- relief for Richard Parker.  QSP/178/10  c1659

Myerscough -- repair of Lower Brocke bridge.  QSP/178/11  c1659

Myerscough -- repair of Lower Brocke bridge.  QSP/178/12  c1659

Poulton -- relief for Ann Latham, widow.  QSP/178/13  c1659

Stalmine-with-Stainall -- Robert and Peter Breckill accused of being drunk in church.  QSP/178/14  c1659

Related information: See QSP/178/28.

Witton -- relief for Roger Smaley.  QSP/178/15  c1659

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- relief of poor.  QSP/178/16  c1659

Woodplumpton -- relief for Margrett, deaf-mute daughter of Richard Kerby, tailor.  QSP/178/17  c1659

Hutton -- relief for Marie wife of John Bamber.  QSP/178/18  c1659

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Elizabeth Primrose.  QSP/178/19  c1659

Dilworth -- relief for Jhane wife of, Edward, Seed, mason.  QSP/178/20  c1659

Whittingham -- relief for Jane Railton, widow, aged 80.  QSP/178/21  c1659

Salwick -- constableship.  QSP/178/22  c1659

Layton-with-Warbreck -- release of Thomas Sanderson, overseer.  QSP/178/23  c1659

Goosnargh -- relief for Hugh Smith.  QSP/178/24  c1659

Claughton -- relief for Mabell Lund, aged 84.  QSP/178/25  c1659

Grace, widow of Lieut. Henry Fielden desires to brew ale.  QSP/178/26  c1659

Oswaldtwistle -- relief for John Scolefeilds, a soldier.  QSP/178/27  c1659

Stalmine -- presentments Stalmine-with-Stainall -- Robert and Peter Breckill accused of being drunk in church.  QSP/178/28  c1659

Greenhalgh -- assessment.  QSP/178/29  c1659

Haighton -- constableship.  QSP/178/30  c1659

Weeton-with-Preese -- John Threlfall elected constable.  QSP/178/31  c1659

Newton-with-Scales -- John Browne elected constable.  QSP/178/32  c1659

Lea and Ashton -- Robert Gregson and William Hayes elected constables.  QSP/178/33  c1659

Whittingham -- John Threlfall, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/178/34  c1659

Garstang -- George Dawson of Forton elected constable.  QSP/178/35  c1659

Walton-le-Dale -- Edmund Toogood and Oliver Kellet elected constables.  QSP/178/36  c1659

Great Mearley -- Francis Robinson, yeoman, swore 3 oaths.  QSP/178/37  c1659

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1659.  QSP/179  [n.d.]

Standish-with-Langtree -- repair of Parsonage Lane.  QSP/179/1  c1659

Lathom -- maintenance of children of James Browne by their grandfather Robert Browne of Brinsoppe, esq.  QSP/179/2  c1659

Worthington -- relief for John Liptrote, husbandman, blind.  QSP/179/3  c1659

Habitation for Jane wife of Raph Haughton.  QSP/179/4  c1659

Hutton -- relief for Ellin Bamber, widow, aged 56.  QSP/179/5  c1659

Eccleston -- relief for James Pyke and Anne his wife.  QSP/179/6  c1659

Lathom -- relief for Margery Woods of Westhead, widow.  QSP/179/7  c1659

Wigan -- James Harrison accused by Joseph Rigby of Aspull, gent., of disturbance in church.  QSP/179/8  c1659

Aughton -- reimbursement of Peter Martindale, constable.  QSP/179/9  c1659

Lathom -- maintenance by Peter Rigby of his grandchildren, children of James Browne.  QSP/179/10  c1659

Parr -- legs of Nathaniel Robinson broken in the coalpit of Mr. Birum.  QSP/179/11  c1659

Worthington -- relief for John Liptrott, aged 64.  QSP/179/12  c1659

Eccleston in West Derby -- maintenance of Mary Leigh alias Alcock, daughter of John Alcock, decd.  QSP/179/13  c1659

Charnock Richard -- William Eccleston elected High-constable.  QSP/179/14  c1659

Charnock Richard -- William Eccleston elected High-constable.  QSP/179/15  c1659

Halsall -- relief for Ellen Rogerson, widow.  QSP/179/16  c1659

Burscough -- relief for Ellen Alkar.  QSP/179/17  c1659

Related information: See QSP/159/18, QSP/207/53, QSP/219/38

Upholland -- relief for Thomas Aspinwall, whitesmith, aged 67. ex soldier  QSP/179/18  c1659

Pennington -- maintenance of orphans of Thomas Birch.  QSP/179/19  c1659

Hindley -- habitation for Thomas Richardson. Parliamentary soldier  QSP/179/20  c1659

Ince and Wigan -- settlement of John Bradshawe.  QSP/179/21  c1659

Atherton -- relief for William Hatton.  QSP/179/22  c1659

Knowsley -- relief for Katherin Cowpe.  QSP/179/23  c1659

Sutton -- certificate of bad character of Katherin Dey, servant to John Barnes.  QSP/179/24  c1659

Mawdesley -- bastardy of William Harsnepp and Anne Davies.  QSP/179/25  c1659

Related information: See QSP/175/14

Wrightington -- warrant for arrest of Hugh Wainewright.  QSP/179/26  c1659

Culcheth, Ince, and Astley -- election of constables.  QSP/179/27  c1659

Childwall -- Henry Carter elected constable.  QSP/179/28  c1659

Longton -- William Loxam, butcher, elected constable.  QSP/179/29  c1659

Heskin -- Robert Smyth elected constable.  QSP/179/30  c1659

Duxbury -- James Norres elected constable.  QSP/179/31  c1659

Heapey -- James Martin elected constable.  QSP/179/32  c1659

Brindle -- William Sharrocke and James Gerrard elected constables.  QSP/179/33  c1659

Penwortham -- Richard Hollinghurst elected constable.  QSP/179/34  c1659

Hutton -- Henry Maire and Raphe Maire elected constable.  QSP/179/35  c1659

Farington -- Richard Loxam elected constable.  QSP/179/36  c1659

Astley -- Robert Wright elected constable.  QSP/179/37  c1659

Altcar -- William Willson elected constable.  QSP/179/38  c1659

Rixton -- Richard Jones elected constable.  QSP/179/39  c1659

Tarbock -- Henry Harper and Edward Devias elected constables.  QSP/179/40  c1659

Whiston -- John Carr and Thomas Perrin elected constables.  QSP/179/41  c1659

Culcheth -- Peter Rylance and Samuell Durninge elected constables.  QSP/179/42  c1659

Worthington -- Richard Smalley elected constable.  QSP/179/43  c1659

West Derby -- Robert Darwen elected constable.  QSP/179/44  c1659

Eccleston -- William Markland and Henrie Prescott elected constables.  QSP/179/45  c1659

Ince -- Richard Fogge elected constables.  QSP/179/46  c1659

Haydock -- Nicholas Burscough and Henry Bate elected constables.  QSP/179/47  c1659

Billinge and Winstanley -- Alexander Orrell and Richard Mather elected constables.  QSP/179/48  c1659

Hindley -- William Fuller elected constable.  QSP/179/49  c1659

Euxton -- James Chrichlow elected constable.  QSP/179/50  c1659

Mawdesley -- indictment against Robert Turner, etc., for ejection of Alice Waringe.  QSP/179/51  c1659

Manchester, Midsummer, 1659.  QSP/180  [n.d.]

Rivington -- habitation for James Nightingale.  QSP/180/1  c1659

Blackrod -- repair of house of John Meddows.  QSP/180/2  c1659

Butterworth -- relief for Edmund Scholefeild of Ogden, linen-webster, aged 86.  QSP/180/3  c1659

Westhoughton -- wrongful distraint of Arebela widow of Ellis Munke, tailor.  QSP/180/4  c1659

Rochdale Parish -- maintenance by Grace Gryme of Shawfield, widow, of 2 children of Sara Hargreaves, widow.  QSP/180/5  c1659

Radcliffe -- Richard Wroe, senior, Richard Grundye, and Robert Maden elected constables.  QSP/180/6  c1659

Middleton -- habitation for James Turner. Parliamentary soldier  QSP/180/7  c1659

Oldham -- relief for John Jackson, aged 83.  QSP/180/8  c1659

Bury -- repair of highway near Blackbrooke bridge.  QSP/180/9  c1659

Middleton -- Henry Wrigley of Langley elected High constable.  QSP/180/10  c1659

Prestwich -- John Dawson and William Hoppwood elected constables.  QSP/180/11  c1659

Eccles -- habitation for Margarett Asshton.  QSP/180/12  c1659

Salford -- habitation for John Locke, linen weaver, ex soldier  QSP/180/13  c1659

Worsley -- habitation for Margrett Langshawe (left by her husband Robert)  QSP/180/14  c1659

Denton -- habitation for Robert Graver, feltmaker.  QSP/180/15  c1659

Cowpe and Lench -- relief for Alice Hoyle of Lench.  QSP/180/16  c1659

Rochdale Parish -- apprenticeship of Abraham Hamer, son of Isabel wife of Richard Greenwood, to Jordan Chadwicke of Cleggswoodhey, husbandman.  QSP/180/17  c1659

Rochdale Parish -- apprenticeship of Abraham Hamer, son of Isabel wife of Richard Greenwood, to Jordan Chadwicke of Cleggswoodhey, husbandman.  QSP/180/18  c1659

Hundersfield -- reimbursement of John Scolefeild for attendance at Court.  QSP/180/19  c1659

Gorton -- relief for Raphe Rixson of Grindloe.  QSP/180/20  c1659

Manchester -- maintenance of bastard of Mary Lee and Richard Rowley, servant to Mr. Alexander Greene.  QSP/180/21  c1659

Salford -- relief for Katherin, widow of Raph Holland.  QSP/180/22  c1659

Reddish -- Robert Hulme elected constable.  QSP/180/23  c1659

Aspull -- habitation for Susan Makinson.  QSP/180/24  c1659

Prestwich -- presentments.  QSP/180/25  c1659

Blackrod -- William Cheetham and James Penington elected constables.  QSP/180/26  c1659

Rivington -- Thomas Brodhurst elected constable.  QSP/180/27  c1659

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1659.  QSP/181  [n.d.]

Nether Kellet -- maintenance by Mary Stockdale, widow, of orphan of John Christopherson.  QSP/181/1  c1659

Quernmore -- relief for Francis Bisbrowne.  QSP/181/2  c1659

Yealand -- relief for Joan wife of Anthony Comeinge.  QSP/181/3  c1659

Burrow -- maintenance by Elizabeth Shawe, widow, of children of John Lyndall of Whitehaven.  QSP/181/4  c1659

Ulverston and Pennington -- assault by Richard Fell of Pennington and Myles Fell of Mountbarrowe, husbandman, on Richard Boulton, constable of Ulverston.  QSP/181/5  c1659

Scotforth -- presentments.  QSP/181/6  c1659

Over Kellet -- Robert Widder and John Baylman elected constable.  QSP/181/7  c1659

Carnforth -- John Lucas elected constable.  QSP/181/8  c1659

Cantsfield -- presentments.  QSP/181/9  c1659

Preston, Michaelmas, 1659.  QSP/182  [n.d.]

Padiham -- repair of Padiham bridge.  QSP/182/1  c1659

Related information: See QSP/182/17.

Walton and Cuerdale -- repair of highways.  QSP/182/2  c1659

Over Darwen -- relief for John Kay of Dogshaw.  QSP/182/3  c1659

Over Darwen -- relief for John Kay of Dogshaw.  QSP/182/4  c1659

Thornton -- illtreatment of Isabel Bickerstaffe by Robert her husband.  QSP/182/5  c1659

Related information: See QSP/182/12.

Whittingham -- relief for Elizabeth Goodinge, widow.  QSP/182/6  c1659

Leagram -- misbehaviour of Henrie Atkinson and Jane Webster.  QSP/182/7  c1659

Fulwood -- election of constables.  QSP/182/8  c1659

Fulwood -- election of constables.  QSP/182/9  c1659

Ashton and Lea -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/182/10  c1659

Ashton and Lea -- repair of Leyland bridge.  QSP/182/11  c1659

Thornton -- misbehaviour of Isabel wife of Robert Bickerstaffe of Stayne.  QSP/182/12  c1659

Related information: See QSP/182/5.

Walton-le-Dale and Oswaldtwistle -- habitation for Elizabeth wife of George son of Lawrence Parke.  QSP/182/13  c1659

Medlar-with-Wesham -- relief for John Smith, an infant.  QSP/182/14  c1659

Witton -- relief for Roger Smalley.  QSP/182/15  c1659

Cottam -- maintenance of Margret orphan of William Haydocke, by Mrs. Margery Haydocke at Cottam Hall.  QSP/182/16  c1659

Padiham -- repair of Padiham bridge.  QSP/182/17  c1659

Related information: See QSP/182/1.

Thornton -- relief for Robert Wade, aged 16.  QSP/182/18  c1659

Over Darwen -- release of Anne Leaver, imprisoned for bastardy.  QSP/182/19  c1659

Wiswall -- maintenance by Nicholas Lee of Anne his mother.  QSP/182/20  c1659

Fishwick -- relief for Edmund Sudell, blind.  QSP/182/21  c1659

Fulwood -- John Key elected constable.  QSP/182/22  c1659

Wiswall -- Lawrence Ingham elected constable.  QSP/182/23  c1659

Samlesbury -- John Birley elected constable.  QSP/182/24  c1659

Downham -- Richard Hartley elected constable.  QSP/182/25  c1659

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1659.  QSP/183  [n.d.]

Adlington -- relief for William Hodgkinson, linenwebster, aged 80  QSP/183/1  c1659

Ince-in-Makefield -- payments for repair of highways.  QSP/183/2  c1659

Aspull -- relief for Jane wife of Raph Haughton.  QSP/183/3  c1659

Related information: See QSP/183/6.

Hutton -- relief for An Tuson, widow.  QSP/183/4  c1659

Ulnes Walton and Croston -- James Crook to find constable.  QSP/183/5  c1659

Aspull -- relief of children of Raph Haughton of the Kirkleyes, by Elizabeth Catterall their grandmother.  QSP/183/6  c1659

Related information: See QSP/183/3.

Fazakerley -- certificate by Thomas Swift that Thomas Dey is under his command in the fort of Hollyhead, co. Anglisey.  QSP/183/7  c1659

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- relief for Martha Astley, orphan.  QSP/183/8  c1659

Halewood and Ditton -- repair of Lum bridges.  QSP/183/9  c1659

Halewood and Ditton -- repair of Lum bridges.  QSP/183/10  c1659

Pemberton -- persecution of James Hyton of the Lomerheads by his son Thomas.  QSP/183/11  c1659

Aughton and Lydiate -- repair of Robins bridge.  QSP/183/12  c1659

Maghull -- repair of highway at Arnet Raines.  QSP/183/13  c1659

Maghull -- repair of highway at Arnet Raines.  QSP/183/14  c1659

Atherton -- habitation for poor.  QSP/183/15  c1659

Hindley -- habitation for Anne Lowe, widow.  QSP/183/16  c1659

Heath Charnock -- relief for Henery Smithe, blacksmith, and Mary his wife.  QSP/183/17  c1659

Wigan -- maintenance of Alles Anderton and Sysley Browne by Margret wife of John Biby.  QSP/183/18  c1659

Wigan -- maintenance by John Callie, cordwainer, of bastard of Edward Ormishawe and Ellin Heart, wife of John Callie.  QSP/183/19  c1659

Altcar -- Edward Goore elected constable.  QSP/183/20  c1659

Tarleton -- Thomas Jenkinson, constable, has presented his accounts.  QSP/183/21  c1659

Penketh -- constableship.  QSP/183/22  c1659

Abram -- William Harte and John Urmeston elected constables.  QSP/183/23  c1659

Eccleston in Leyland -- John Fisher elected constable.  QSP/183/24  c1659

Melling -- Nicholas Tyrer elected constable.  QSP/183/25  c1659

Kirkby -- presentments.  QSP/183/26  c1659

Kenyon -- Ellice Clayton elected constable.  QSP/183/27  c1659

Euxton -- John Slaiter elected constable.  QSP/183/28  c1659

Haigh -- Henrie Lowe elected constable.  QSP/183/29  c1659

Thornton -- Thomas Shawe and Nicholas Steevenson elected constable.  QSP/183/30  c1659

Rainford -- Robert Roby and George Lyon elected constables.  QSP/183/31  c1659

Hindley -- Thomas Haigh elected constable.  QSP/183/32  c1659

West Derby Hundred -- election of High constables.  QSP/183/33  c1659

Aughton -- constableship.  QSP/183/34  c1659

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1659.  QSP/184  [n.d.]

Westhoughton -- maintenance of orphans of James Sothern by their grandparents, John Roscoe, and Elen Sutherne.  QSP/184/1  c1659

Bury -- habitation forAlice Nuttall and her bastard by Richard Wood of Cockey Lane.  QSP/184/2  c1659

Lostock -- James Morres elected constable.  QSP/184/3  c1659

Salford -- relief for Alice Hornby of Oldfeildland.  QSP/184/4  c1659

Eccles -- habitation for Margrett Ashton.  QSP/184/5  c1659

Edgworth -- assessments.  QSP/184/6  c1659

Tottington -- Lawrence Plant, late constable, to reimburse Thomas Kershawe, constable.  QSP/184/7  c1659

Oldham -- brief required by John Brearley, collier, whose house has fallen.  QSP/184/8  c1659

Hulton -- maintenance by Thomas Gregory of his grandchild.  QSP/184/9  c1659

Spotland -- relief of poor.  QSP/184/10  c1659

Butterworth -- maintenance of child of James Collinge by its grandfather, Francis Millnes of Milnerow.  QSP/184/11  c1659

Gorton and Manchester -- John Hopwood refuses to vacate house of Ann Ryder.  QSP/184/12  c1659

Chorlton Row -- maintenance of bastard of Elizabeth Parcivall and Thomas Rudd of Didsbury.  QSP/184/13  c1659

Kearsley -- relief for Ellin Halladay, widow.  QSP/184/14  c1659

Kearsley -- relief for Ellin Halladay, widow.  QSP/184/15  c1659

Kearsley -- relief for Ellin Halladay, widow.  QSP/184/16  c1659

Manchester -- maintenance of bastard of Jennett Haddison and Nicholas Mosley of Collyhurst, gent., decd.  QSP/184/17  c1659

Reddish -- habitation for Marie Hulme.  QSP/184/18  c1659

Castleton -- maintenance by James Wolfenden of Buresell of the children of his son Robert and his wife Sara, sister of John and James Chadwicke of Butterworth.  QSP/184/19  c1659

Bolton -- depositions concerning theft by Ralph and Thomas Bridges of Harwood from John Heywood, alehousekeeper.  QSP/184/20  c1659

Blackley -- presentments.  QSP/184/21  c1659

Moston -- presentment.  QSP/184/22  c1659

Heap -- election of constables.  QSP/184/23  c1659

Manchester -- Samuel Buttler and William Hunter elected constables.  QSP/184/24  c1659

Saddleworth -- certificate of marriage of Nicholas Hide and Ann Taylior.  QSP/184/25  c1659

Ardwick -- Richard Pollitt elected constable.  QSP/184/26  c1659

Middleton Parish -- election of constables.  QSP/184/27  c1659

Turton -- John Hamer elected constable.  QSP/184/28  c1659

Chadderton -- Daniell Chadwicke elected constable.  QSP/184/29  c1659

Bury and Heap -- warrant for arrest of Susan Duckworth for bastardy.  QSP/184/30  c1659

Bolton -- James Mollynex and James Rhodes elected constables.  QSP/184/31  c1659

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1659/60.  QSP/185  [n.d.]


Preston Epiphany, 1659/60.  QSP/186  [n.d.]


Preston Epiphany, 1659/60.  QSP/187  [n.d.]


Preston Epiphany, 1659/60.  QSP/188  [n.d.]


Lancaster Easter, 1660.  QSP/189  [n.d.]


Preston Easter, 1660.  QSP/190  [n.d.]


Ormskirk, Easter, 1660.  QSP/191  [n.d.]

Scarisbrick -- relief for Henry Gill.  QSP/191/1  c1660

West Derby -- constableship.  QSP/191/2  c1660

Maghull -- repair of highway at Arnett Raines.  QSP/191/3  c1660

Adlington -- relief for Jane Ashton.  QSP/191/4  c1660

Shakerley -- relief and habitation for Margery widow of William Smith, cooper.  QSP/191/5  c1660

West Derby Hundred -- discharge of High constables.  QSP/191/6  c1660

Warrington Division -- High constable recommended.  QSP/191/7  c1660

Prescot Division -- High constable recommended.  QSP/191/8  c1660

Ormskirk Division -- High constables recommended.  QSP/191/9  c1660

Warrington -- depositions concerning theft from shop of Gilbert Dumvill, mercer.  QSP/191/10  c1660

Scarisbrick -- relief for Ellen sister of Edmund Hesketh, sent from London.  QSP/191/11  c1660

Mawdesley -- relief for Marie Bartton, aged nearly 100;  QSP/191/12  c1660

Tarleton -- accusation by Anne Cole that John Sutton stole her purse and 3/-.  QSP/191/13  c1660

Longton -- relief for Katherin Clifton.  QSP/191/14  c1660

Longton -- relief for Katherin Clifton.  QSP/191/15  c1660

Tarleton -- relief for Katherin wife of Hugh Norris and widow of Richard Amett-Rideing of Lalond.  QSP/191/16  c1660

Ormskirk -- relief for Raph Toppinge.  QSP/191/17  c1660

Ormskirk -- relief for Jane Formby, aged 80, blind.  QSP/191/18  c1660

Fazakerley -- relief for Edward Harrison.  QSP/191/19  c1660

Rainford -- relief for Homphrey Lyon.  QSP/191/20  c1660

Leyland Hundred -- Thomas Sudell of Longton elected High Constable.  QSP/191/21  c1660

Eccleston in Leyland -- habitation for Richard Wood, labourer.  QSP/191/22  c1660

Eccleston -- relief for James Pike, aged 88.  QSP/191/23  c1660

Halsall -- riot at the Hall and ejectment by Gerrards, etc., of William Browneinge, steward for Edward Salmon, esq.  QSP/191/24  c1660

Aughton -- assault by Robert Charles on John Wade, a soldier in the garrison of St. Johnstone and Dunstaffnage.  QSP/191/25  c1660

Fazakerley -- Edward Turner elected constable.  QSP/191/26  c1660

Croston -- Thomas Sumpner elected constable.  QSP/191/27  c1660

Lydiate -- John Letherbarrow elected constable.  QSP/191/28  c1660

Burtonwood -- Henry Hill elected constable.  QSP/191/29  c1660

Bootle -- William Whittle elected constable.  QSP/191/30  c1660

Woolston-with-Martinscroft -- Humphrey Padmore, wheelwright, elected constable.  QSP/191/31  c1660

Kirkdale -- Nehemiah Wharton elected constable.  QSP/191/32  c1660

Whiston -- Thomas Woods and James Lyon elected constables.  QSP/191/33  c1660

Everton -- John Rose elected constable.  QSP/191/34  c1660

North Meols -- Richard Rimer and John Blundell elected constable.  QSP/191/35  c1660

Little Crosby -- John Johnson and Thomas Farrer elected constables.  QSP/191/36  c1660

Scarisbrick -- William Barton elected constable.  QSP/191/37  c1660

Skelmersdale -- Henry Ashcroft elected constable.  QSP/191/38  c1660

Halsall -- Roger Parke and William Fazakerley elected constables.  QSP/191/39  c1660

Parr -- John Haughton elected constable.  QSP/191/40  c1660

Ince Blundell -- William Boulton elected constable.  QSP/191/41  c1660

Eccleston -- Thomas Houghton and George Denton elected constables.  QSP/191/42  c1660

Westleigh -- Robert Harte elected constable.  QSP/191/43  c1660

Wavertree -- Thomas Hall and John Parr elected constables.  QSP/191/44  c1660

Pennington -- Samuel Hulton and Christopher Smith elected constables.  QSP/191/45  c1660

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- Thomas Rothwell elected constable.  QSP/191/46  c1660

Bedford -- Richard Speakman and John Shuttleworth elected constable.  QSP/191/47  c1660

Newton-in-Makerfield -- Thomas Rawlinson and Thomas Iddon elected constables.  QSP/191/48  c1660

Lathom -- Richard Rogers elected constable.  QSP/191/49  c1660

Heath Charnock -- Robert Nighgall and Edward Taylor elected constables.  QSP/191/50  c1660

Manchester, Easter, 1660.  QSP/192  [n.d.]


Lancaster, Midsummer, 1660.  QSP/193  [n.d.]


Preston, Midsummer, 1660.  QSP/194  c1660


Ormskirk- Midsummer, 1660.  QSP/195  [n.d.]


Manchester Midsummer, 1660.  QSP/196  [n.d.]


Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1660.  QSP/197  c1660

Overton -- habitation for Elizabeth Berkbeck, widow.  QSP/197/1  c1660

Related information: See QSP/197/15.

Skerton -- relief for Mary widow of William Jenkinson.  QSP/197/2  c1660

Tatham and Wray -- release of Richard Pooley, gent., imprisoned for bastardy on Alis Smyth.  QSP/197/3  c1660

Tatham and Wray -- release of Richard Pooley, gent., imprisoned for bastardy on Alis Smyth.  QSP/197/4  c1660

Maintenance by Grace Admunson of child of Paul Lodge.  QSP/197/5  c1660

Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- threatened ejectment by William Wilson of Ovangle Lancaster, of his sister from barn left to her by their father Peter.  QSP/197/6  c1660

Over Kellet -- relief for Rowland Nicholson.  QSP/197/7  c1660

Warton -- John Burrow complains of non-payment of relief.  QSP/197/8  c1660

Caton -- presentments.  QSP/197/9  c1660

Nether Kellet -- relief for Michael Pooley of Adington.  QSP/197/10  c1660

Halton -- constableship.  QSP/197/11  c1660

Claughton -- expenses of killing 13 foxes, 4 brocks, and 4 wildcats.  QSP/197/12  c1660

Bolton-le-Sands -- constableship.  QSP/197/13  c1660

Leck -- bastardy of Margaret Fathwet, widow, and John Burrowe of Todgill.  QSP/197/14  c1660

Overton -- relief for Elizabeth Birkbecke.  QSP/197/15  c1660

Related information: See QSP/197/1.

Caton -- James Booker, minister, presented for not reading Common Prayer.  QSP/197/16  c1660

Repeal of Order, prohibiting guidance over Kent and Connysett Sands on Sabbaths.  QSP/197/17  c1660

Cantsfield -- relief for Joane Garnett, widow.  QSP/197/18  c1660

Warton -- repair of highways; and relief for Alice wife of Bevis Greene.  QSP/197/19  c1660

Amounderness and Blackburn Hundreds -- presentments of badgers.  QSP/197/20  c1660

Leece -- nonpayment of tax for repair of wenning bridges.  QSP/197/21  c1660

Hawkeshead -- relief for Christopher Sandys of Sawrey.  QSP/197/22  c1660

Hutton -- Edmund Dawson elected constable.  QSP/197/23  c1660

Misbehaviour of George Brathwaite and the widow of Robert Satterthwait.  QSP/197/24  c1660

Ulverston -- relief for family of George Fell, a prisoner.  QSP/197/25  c1660

Preston, Michaelmas, 1660.  QSP/198  [n.d.]

Maintenance by Thomas Hill of his wife Elizabeth, a prisoner.  QSP/198/1  c1660

Kirkham -- relief for William Cardwell, blind.  QSP/198/2  c1660

Kirkham -- relief for Anne Harrison, widow.  QSP/198/3  c1660

Dinkley -- habitation for Elizabeth Whittle, blind.  QSP/198/4  c1660

Balderstone -- John Livesay's bequest to poor.  QSP/198/5  c1660

Clayton-le-Moors -- appointment of Thomas Whalley, attorney-at-law, as constable.  QSP/198/6  c1660

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for James Straitbarrell.  QSP/198/7  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/40

Walton and Cuerdale -- repair of highway.  QSP/198/8  c1660

Rossendale -- maintenance of child of Francis Bridge of Dedwenclough.  QSP/198/9  c1660

Broughton -- constableship of Thomas Crosse, blacksmith, on the highway between London and Carlisle, land newly improved belonging to the Singleton Estate.  QSP/198/10  c1660

Fishwick -- constableship.  QSP/198/11  c1660

Witton -- payment of rent to Bridgett Cowburne, widow.  QSP/198/12  c1660

Warton -- maintenance of bastard of George Rogerson and Isabell Crompton of Haulgh.  QSP/198/13  c1660

Warton -- maintenance of bastard of George Rogerson and Isabell Crompton of Haulgh.  QSP/198/14  c1660

Scales -- relief for James Browne.  QSP/198/15  c1660

Scales -- relief for James Browne.  QSP/198/16  c1660

Ingol -- relief for Margrett Styth.  QSP/198/17  c1660

Penwortham -- repair of highway along waterside.  QSP/198/18  c1660

Penwortham -- repair of highway along waterside.  QSP/198/19  c1660

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Elizabeth Primrose, widow.  QSP/198/20  c1660

Fishwick -- relief for Edmond Sudell, soldier under Lord Mollinex.  QSP/198/21  c1660

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Alice Turner.  QSP/198/22  c1660

Sowerby -- relief for William Browninge, a soldier under Sir Thomas Tyldesley.  QSP/198/23  c1660

Garstang Parish -- relief for Agnes Jarvis.  QSP/198/24  c1660

Blackburn Parish -- relief for William Sharpe and Isabel his wife.  QSP/198/25  c1660

Garstang Parish -- relief for Margrett Gervis of Lidyate, widow.  QSP/198/26  c1660

Oswaldtwistle -- habitation for Elizabeth wife of George Parke of Wolton.  QSP/198/27  c1660

swaldtwistle -- habitation for Elizabeth wife of George Parke of Wolton.  QSP/198/28  c1660

Woodplumpton -- relief for Ellin Woode, blind, widow.  QSP/198/29  c1660

Thornton -- constableship of Thornton Hall Estate.  QSP/198/30  c1660

Preston and Longton -- maintenance of Agnes wife of Raphe Loxam, by her son Matthew Read.  QSP/198/31  c1660

Padiham -- repair of highway.  QSP/198/32  c1660

Great Eccleston -- relief of William Kirby.  QSP/198/33  c1660

Clayton-le-Dale -- maintenance of bastard.  QSP/198/34  c1660

Tockholes -- relief for Anne Morres, widow.  QSP/198/35  c1660

Wharles -- relief for Thomas Singleton, aged 80, blind.  QSP/198/36  c1660

Poulton -- constableship.  QSP/198/37  c1660

Wesham -- relief for Roger Smith.  QSP/198/38  c1660

Dilworth -- relief for Edward Seed, mason, aged 86, blind.  QSP/198/39  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/58.

Walton-le-Dale -- settlement of James Straytbrell.  QSP/198/40  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/7.

Kirkham -- relief for Margarett widow of Lawrence Pearson.  QSP/198/41  c1660

Broughton -- constableship.  QSP/198/42  c1660

Alston -- relief for Jenett Porter, blind.  QSP/198/43  c1660

Alston -- relief for Jenett Porter, blind.  QSP/198/44  c1660

Warton -- relief for Matthew Hueson, blind.  QSP/198/45  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/54.

Salesbury -- relief for Thomas Parker, blind.  QSP/198/46  c1660

Cottam -- maintenance by Jane Charnley of bastard of Cuthbert Haydocke, esq. decd.  QSP/198/47  c1660

Fishwick -- relief for Roger Walmesley, a soldier under Sir Thomas Tyldesley.  QSP/198/48  c1660

Relief for Margarett Styth.  QSP/198/49  c1660

Samlesbury -- bastardy of Mary Turner and Robert Wothrod, housecarpenter.  QSP/198/50  c1660

Samlesbury -- bastardy of Mary Turner and Robert Wothrod, housecarpenter.  QSP/198/51  c1660

Cottam -- debts of Cuthbert Haydocke, esq.  QSP/198/52  c1660

Haighton -- constableship.  QSP/198/53  c1660

Warton -- relief for Matthew Huson, blind.  QSP/198/54  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/45.

Penwortham -- decay of highway between Boathouse and Fish-house.  QSP/198/55  c1660

HeyHouses -- maintenance of Ellen, daughter of Thomas Peel, a Yorkshireman.  QSP/198/56  c1660

Carleton -- maintenance of Ellen Bamber, infant.  QSP/198/57  c1660

Dilworth -- relief for Edward Seed.  QSP/198/58  c1660

Related information: See QSP/198/39.

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- relief for mother of Alice Hartley of Baley, aged 80.  QSP/198/59  c1660

Walton -- repair of Copp.  QSP/198/60  c1660

Walton -- repair of Copp.  QSP/198/61  c1660

Great Mearley -- Henrie Chattburne elected constable.  QSP/198/62  c1660

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- bastardy of Richard Baley, husbandman, and Mary daughter of Edward Hill of Baley.  QSP/198/63  c1660

Treales, Roseacre and Wharles -- decay of Carr Bridge.  QSP/198/64  c1660

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1660.  QSP/199  [n.d.]

Penwortham -- Evan Procter elected constable.  QSP/199/1  c1660

Winwick -- Thomas Jessopp to appear before the Lords in Parliament to answer complaint of Churchwardens.  QSP/199/2  c1660

Croston -- relief for Thomas Bradshaw.  QSP/199/3  c1660

Bretherton -- maintenance by Hugh Smith of orphan of George Freckleton.  QSP/199/4  c1660

Hindley and Abram -- repair of Lowe school.  QSP/199/5  c1660

Relief for Jane wife of Raph Houghton.  QSP/199/6  c1660

Adlington -- relief for Jane Ashton.  QSP/199/7  c1660

Adlington -- relief for Jane Ashton.  QSP/199/8  c1660

Adlington -- relief for Jane Ashton.  QSP/199/9  c1660

Leyland -- relief for Margrett Goulding.  QSP/199/10  c1660

Lydiate -- habitation for Richard orphan of George and Anne Holland.  QSP/199/11  c1660

Heath Charnock -- relief for Henry Smith, blacksmith.  QSP/199/12  c1660

Chorley -- relief for Francis Bridge and Anne his wife.  QSP/199/13  c1660

Aspull -- relief for Hugh Bradley.  QSP/199/14  c1660

Halsall -- maintenance of bastard of Jane Lathome and Willi Arnold, decd.  QSP/199/15  c1660

Related information: See QSP/211/4 & QSP/49

Rixton -- overassessment of John Peares, farmer of demesne.  QSP/199/16  c1660

Leyland -- constableship.  QSP/199/17  c1660

Leyland -- relief of poor.  QSP/199/18  c1660

Windle -- relief for Elizabeth Lyon, widow.  QSP/199/19  c1660

Rainford -- relief for Humphrey Lyon.  QSP/199/20  c1660

Croston -- relief for Margrett Nelson, blind.  QSP/199/21  c1660

Croston -- relief of poor.  QSP/199/22  c1660

Hindley -- Ellen Rigby desires to re-open alehouse.  QSP/199/23  c1660

Sutton -- relief for Henry Travers, soldier for the King.  QSP/199/24  c1660

Warrington -- maintenance by William Lawrenson of Emie Penkethman, orphan.  QSP/199/25  c1660

Aspull -- bastardy of Margrett Winrow and James Boone.  QSP/199/26  c1660

Eccleston-in-West Derby -- relief for Alls Houghton.  QSP/199/27  c1660

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- constableship.  QSP/199/28  c1660

Adlington -- relief for William Hodgkinson.  QSP/199/29  c1660

Warrington -- reimbursement of constables for loss due to Sir George Booths rising.  QSP/199/30  c1660

Maghull -- repair of highway at Arnett Raines.  QSP/199/31  c1660

Tarleton -- habitation for Hugh Norres.  QSP/199/32  c1660

Maghull -- repair of highway at Arnett Raines.  QSP/199/33  c1660

Hindley -- maintenance by Izabell Rigbie of child of Margret Greene.  QSP/199/34  c1660

Childwall and Prescot parishes -- settlement of William Mercer.  QSP/199/35  c1660

Astley -- assessments for poor.  QSP/199/36  c1660

Warrington -- threatening by Henry Keynsley, labourer.  QSP/199/37  c1660

Rainford -- non-payment of assessments.  QSP/199/38  c1660

Mawdesley -- maintenance by John Rutter, husbandman, of bastard of William Harsnepp, labourer, and Anne Davies, servant.  QSP/199/39  c1660

Wigan and Broughton-in-Furness -- wrongful detention of money of Leonard Coward, servant to Mr. Penington.  QSP/199/40  c1660

Wigan Parish -- arrears of assessments.  QSP/199/41  c1660

Maghull -- estreat for non-repair of highway at Arnett Raines.  QSP/199/42  c1660

Prescot Parish -- assessment for raising forces.  QSP/199/43  c1660

Croston -- overseers' account.  QSP/199/44  c1660

Penwortham -- Evan Procter elected constable.  QSP/199/45  c1660

Langtree -- non-repair of highway.  QSP/199/46  c1660

Coppull -- cutting of hedges by Edward Boulton.  QSP/199/47  c1660

Allerton -- Henry Orme elected constable.  QSP/199/48  c1660

Cronton -- Thomas Sephton and Lawrence Johnson elected constables.  QSP/199/49  c1660

Penwortham -- repair of highway along river.  QSP/199/50  c1660

Ince -- John Ilebecke, tailor, elected constable.  QSP/199/51  c1660

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1660.  QSP/200  [n.d.]

Crompton -- constable's accounts.  QSP/200/1  c1660

Kearsley and Pilkington -- repair of Ringley bridge.  QSP/200/2  c1660

Kearsley and Pilkington -- repair of Ringley bridge.  QSP/200/3  c1660

Newton -- relief for Mary Crompton.  QSP/200/4  c1660

Rochdale -- brief for Martha widow of Henry Kershaw, shot while proclaiming the king.  QSP/200/5  c1660

Alkrington and Tonge -- ejection of Alice Gartside, widow, Adam Gartside, husbandman, and Anna his wife, by Robert Leaver.  QSP/200/6  c1660

Salford -- relief for Adam Crompton, a soldier under Capt. William Heawood "in the Cheshire business", injured by horses.  QSP/200/7  c1660

Manchester -- habitation for Anne Taylor, blind.  QSP/200/8  c1660

Gorton -- relief for Roger Lyme.  QSP/200/9  c1660

Westhoughton -- habitation for William Barrs, webster.  QSP/200/10  c1660

Blackrod -- relief or John Southworth, aged 40, and his wife aged 76. Failsworth -- James Franse and William Hardman elected constables.  QSP/200/11  c1660

Westhoughton -- relief for Thomas Leyland.  QSP/200/12  c1660

Prestwich and Eccles Parishes -- maintenance by Raphe Wyld, husbandman, of Peter, orphan of Thomas Seddon, husbandman.  QSP/200/13  c1660

Aspull -- relief for Susan Makinson, widow.  QSP/200/14  c1660

Horwich -- maintenance by Robert Hunt of the orphans of his son Thomas of Chester.  QSP/200/15  c1660

Related information: See QSP/200/45.

Wigan -- maintenance of children of Anne, wife of Rainheld Grime of Shuttleworth.  QSP/200/16  c1660

Deane Parish -- relief for Ellin Halliday;  QSP/200/17  c1660

Deane Parish -- relief for Ellin Halliday;  QSP/200/18  c1660

Gorton -- maintenance of bastard of James Worthington.  QSP/200/19  c1660

Radcliffe -- maintenance of bastard of John Nabb, and Allis Fletcher, of Ashworth.  QSP/200/20  c1660

Walmersley -- maintenance of James Lomax by James his father.  QSP/200/21  c1660

Eccles Parish -- relief for poor.  QSP/200/22  c1660

Bury -- maintenance by John Lancashire of Prestwich of the orphans of John Clough.  QSP/200/23  c1660

Related information: See QSP/200/27.

Oldham -- apprenticeship of James Wrigley to Mr. John Tetlow, cloth worker.  QSP/200/24  c1660

Failsworth -- relief for Roberte Shepley, aged 86.  QSP/200/25  c1660

Prestwich -- habitation for James Glover.  QSP/200/26  c1660

Prestwich -- maintenance of Mary orphan of John Clough.  QSP/200/27  c1660

Related information: See QSP/200/23.

Failsworth -- relief for Elizabeth Chatherton.  QSP/200/28  c1660

Manchester -- relief for Ambrose Holmes.  QSP/200/29  c1660

Spotland -- repair of Spotland bridge.  QSP/200/30  c1660

Oldham -- retention of registers by Mark Neild.  QSP/200/31  c1660

Tottington -- maintenance of children of John Ashworthe of Eddenfeild, labourer, by Henry Ashworthe his father.  QSP/200/32  c1660

Rochdale Parish -- settlement of James Duerden.  QSP/200/33  c1660

Tottington -- settlement of Bartholomew Richas.  QSP/200/34  c1660

Walmersley -- ejectment of Samuall Kay by Raph Hoult.  QSP/200/35  c1660

Rochdale -- habitation for Richard Ogden, labourer.  QSP/200/36  c1660

Gorton -- habitation for Martha Hibbert.  QSP/200/37  c1660

Manchester -- arrears in salary of Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/200/38  c1660

Manchester -- maintenance of bastard of Susan Harison and Edward Birch, barber.  QSP/200/39  c1660

Bury -- repair of streets.  QSP/200/40  c1660

Tottington -- constableship.  QSP/200/41  c1660

Bolton -- accusation by Thomas Morris, weaver, that Dorothy Tildsley said she wished "his Majestie and all his Followers had gone to the divell seaven yeres agoe."  QSP/200/42  c1660

Worsley -- ejectment by John Battersbie of Westleigh, yeoman, of Anne Harrison, widow.  QSP/200/43  c1660

Moston -- relief for Richard Gartside, aged 80.  QSP/200/44  c1660

Horwich -- letter sending child to Goodman Hunt.  QSP/200/45  c1660

Related information: See QSP/200/15.

Irlam -- overseers to give accounts.  QSP/200/46  c1660

Edgeworth -- Lawrance Horockes elected constable.  QSP/200/47  c1660

Withington -- Raph Cowper and Robert Norris elected constables.  QSP/200/48  c1660

Stretford -- William Barker elected constable.  QSP/200/49  c1660

Aspull -- constableship.  QSP/200/50  c1660

Manchester -- Mr. Thomas Minshull and Mr. Raphe Poole elected constables.  QSP/200/51  c1660

Blackrod -- presentments.  QSP/200/52  c1660

Bury Parish -- Henry Haworthe of Carhead, clothier, taken inmate.  QSP/200/53  c1660

Aspull -- habitation for Susan Makinson.  QSP/200/54  c1660

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1660/1.  QSP/201  [n.d.]

Hornby -- relief for James Gettings.  QSP/201/1  c1660/1

Skerton -- John Townson elected constable.  QSP/201/2  c1660/1

Lancaster -- relief for Richard Rowe.  QSP/201/3  c1660/1

Over Kellett and Halton -- relief for Thomas Bland.  QSP/201/4  c1660/1

Kirkby -- non-payment of poor-rate by Anthony Latus, esq., owner of the Rectory.  QSP/201/5  c1660/1

Ulverston -- relief of poor.  QSP/201/6  c1660/1

Yealand -- habitation for Johan wife of Anthonie Coming.  QSP/201/7  c1660/1

Caton -- presentments.  QSP/201/8  c1660/1

Lancaster -- William Robinson wrongfully imprisoned.  QSP/201/9  c1660/1

Thurnham -- Edward Windar elected constable.  QSP/201/10  c1660/1

Thurnham -- Edward Windar elected constable.  QSP/201/11  c1660/1

Lancaster -- relief for Isabel Woodfielde, widow, aged 76.  QSP/201/12  c1660/1

Caton -- relief for William Ellisie, aged 70.  QSP/201/13  c1660/1

Satterthwaite and Grizedale -- repair of Farragraines bridge.  QSP/201/14  c1660/1

Warton Parish -- relief for poor.  QSP/201/15  c1660/1

Middleton -- relief for Thomas Charnocke.  QSP/201/16  c1660/1

Cockerham -- relief for Jennet Ball, aged 60.  QSP/201/17  c1660/1

Lancaster -- committment of Margaret Atkinson for disturbance in church.  QSP/201/18  c1660/1

Preston, Epiphany, 1660/1.  QSP/202  [n.d.]

Downham -- relief for Ann widow of George Whitaker, minister.  QSP/202/1  c1660/1

Related information: See QSP/202/4.

Burnley -- constableship.  QSP/202/2  c1660/1

Rishton -- relief for William Ward and Alice his wife.  QSP/202/3  c1660/1

Downham -- relief for Ann widow of George Whitaker, minister.  QSP/202/4  c1660/1

Oswaldtwistle and Walton-le-Dale -- settlement of George Parke.  QSP/202/5  c1660/1

Dutton -- relief for John Peacocke, aged 80.  QSP/202/6  c1660/1

Poulton Parish -- relief for Anne Steene, widow.  QSP/202/7  c1660/1

Poulton -- repair of Skippol bridge.  QSP/202/8  c1660/1

Preston and Longton -- relief for Agnes wife of Raph Loxam.  QSP/202/9  c1660/1

Rossendale -- relief for Margaret Scholfield of Fearnes, widow.  QSP/202/10  c1660/1

Hardhorn-with-Newton -- relief for Allice Pearson of Stayneing, widow, blind, aged 80.  QSP/202/11  c1660/1

Woodplumpton -- relief for Margarett daughter of Richard Kirby.  QSP/202/12  c1660/1

Samlesbury -- relief for Thomas Cowbourne, aged 80, blind.  QSP/202/13  c1660/1

Lytham -- constableship.  QSP/202/14  c1660/1

Bilsborrow -- constableship.  QSP/202/15  c1660/1

Samlesbury -- relief for Ellen widow of Richard Welshman.  QSP/202/16  c1660/1

Accrington -- repair of Mylnebridge.  QSP/202/17  c1660/1

Accrington -- repair of Mylnebridge.  QSP/202/18  c1660/1

Salesbury -- relief for Jane wife of John Brindle.  QSP/202/19  c1660/1

Hambleton -- repair of sea clow.  QSP/202/20  c1660/1

Lytham -- relief for Elizabeth Sheppard, widow.  QSP/202/21  c1660/1

Woodplumpton -- habitation for Raphe Leach, aged 68.  QSP/202/22  c1660/1

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Elizabeth Primrose.  QSP/202/23  c1660/1

Rossendale -- maintenance of Anne daughter of Francis Bridge of Deardenclough, yeoman.  QSP/202/24  c1660/1

Rossendale -- maintenance of Anne daughter of Francis Bridge of Deardenclough, yeoman.  QSP/202/25  c1660/1

Thornley -- disputes between Christofer Simpson and John Roades.  QSP/202/26  c1660/1

Simonstone -- deputation of Nicholas Robert to Henery Hartley for militia.  QSP/202/27  c1660/1

Livesey -- relief for Isabel Barker, widow.  QSP/202/28  c1660/1

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Bamber bridge.  QSP/202/29  c1660/1

Out Rawcliffe -- maintenance by Elizabeth Hodgkinson, widow, of Henry Jackson.  QSP/202/30  c1660/1

Preesall -- John Nickson and Edmund Lancaster elected constables  QSP/202/31  c1660/1

Layton -- repair of highway.  QSP/202/32  c1660/1

Preston -- non-provision of Book of Common Prayer.  QSP/202/33  c1660/1

Related information: See QSP/202/44

Amounderness and Blackburn Hundreds -- non-reading of Common Prayer.  QSP/202/34  c1660/1

Kirkham -- threat to burn town.  QSP/202/35  c1660/1

Thornley -- Thomas Marsden elected constable.  QSP/202/36  c1660/1

Marton -- William Hebson elected constable.  QSP/202/37  c1660/1

Hardhorn-with-Newton -- Thomas Garlick and Edmond Row elected constables.  QSP/202/38  c1660/1

Lytham -- John Harrison and Cristofer Wade elected constables.  QSP/202/39  c1660/1

Layton -- Thomas Elston of Little Layton elected constable.  QSP/202/40  c1660/1

Broughton -- Thomas Crosse elected constable.  QSP/202/41  c1660/1

Clifton-with-Salwick -- John Smith and Richard Kirkhame elected constables.  QSP/202/42  c1660/1

Bispham-with-Norbreck -- Anthony Gaskell of Norbreck elected constable.  QSP/202/43  c1660/1

Preston -- non-provision of Book of Common Prayer.  QSP/202/44  c1660/1

Related information: See QSP/202/33

Rishton -- habitation for Elizabeth Clayton, widow.  QSP/202/45  c1660/1

Church -- relief for Edmond Chew, aged 80.  QSP/202/46  c1660/1

Wigan, Epiphany, 1660/1.  QSP/203  [n.d.]

Heapey -- relief for Anne Aynescough, widow.  QSP/203/1  c1660/1

Wrightington -- constableship.  QSP/203/2  c1660/1

Croston -- relief for Dorothy Godber, widow, aged 80.  QSP/203/3  c1660/1

Pennington -- relief for Alice Renicars, aged 80.  QSP/203/4  c1660/1

Burtonwood -- presentments.  QSP/203/5  c1660/1

Wrightington -- maintenance by William Walthew of Henry Mawdesley, an orphan.  QSP/203/6  c1660/1

Hoghton -- relief for John Dolphin.  QSP/203/7  c1660/1

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- alehouse licence desired.  QSP/203/8  c1660/1

Kirkby -- maintenance of orphan of Ann Field.  QSP/203/9  c1660/1

Blackrod -- alehouses wanted.  QSP/203/10  c1660/1

Warrington and Burtonwood -- neglect of duty by churchwarden.  QSP/203/11  c1660/1

Wrightington -- Thomas Wallell deserts his wife Alice for Grace Tasker, alehousekeeper.  QSP/203/12  c1660/1

Hindley and Abram -- repair of school.  QSP/203/13  c1660/1

Heath Charnock -- habitation for Henery Crostone.  QSP/203/14  c1660/1

Heath Charnock -- habitation for Henery Crostone.  QSP/203/15  c1660/1

Ditton -- relief for Elizabeth Talior, widow, aged 80.  QSP/203/16  c1660/1

Standish -- habitation for Alice Wright, aged 50.  QSP/203/17  c1660/1

Longton -- relief for Katerin Clifton.  QSP/203/18  c1660/1

Much Woolton -- maintenance by John Lyon of orphan of Thomas Mollineux of Garston.  QSP/203/19  c1660/1

Haydocke -- apprenticeship of Henry Rogerson, son of Roger Harrison, to Thomas Birchall, shoemaker.  QSP/203/20  c1660/1

Southworth-with-Croft and Houghton, Middleton and Arbury -- William Frith and John Urmston elected constables.  QSP/203/21  c1660/1

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- repair of bridges in Bruche.  QSP/203/22  c1660/1

Mawdesley -- relief for Jane Bate, widow.  QSP/203/23  c1660/1

Heath Charnock -- relief for John Dalton.  QSP/203/24  c1660/1

Halsall -- relief for Jane Greene, aged 80.  QSP/203/25  c1660/1

Leyland -- constableship.  QSP/203/26  c1660/1

Walton Parish -- maintenance of John Meadow alias Rose, lunatic.  QSP/203/27  c1660/1

Newton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Elizabeth Penkethman, widow.  QSP/203/28  c1660/1

Tarleton -- refusal of William Taylor to give surety.  QSP/203/29  c1660/1

Margery Greene, widow, wishes to bind her son William apprentice in London.  QSP/203/30  c1660/1

Atherton -- habitation for James Hampson.  QSP/203/31  c1660/1

Ditton -- settlement of William Mercer.  QSP/203/32  c1660/1

Ditton -- settlement of William Mercer.  QSP/203/33  c1660/1

Ditton -- settlement of William Mercer.  QSP/203/34  c1660/1

Ditton -- settlement of William Mercer.  QSP/203/35  c1660/1

Winwick-with-Hulme -- being all glebe-land, should be free from bridge tax and ox-money.  QSP/203/36  c1660/1

Pemberton -- repair of highways.  QSP/203/37  c1660/1

Atherton and Pennington -- apprenticeship of Roger son of Charles Greene to Thomas Collier, nailor.  QSP/203/38  c1660/1

Aspull -- relief for Hugh Bradley, cannellgetter.  QSP/203/39  c1660/1

Croston -- William Astley elected constable.  QSP/203/40  c1660/1

Brindle -- William Wareinge and Edward Abbott elected constables  QSP/203/41  c1660/1

Mawdesley -- Richard Ascough elected constable.  QSP/203/42  c1660/1

Leyland -- Richard Whytehead elected constable.  QSP/203/43  c1660/1

Widnes -- Richard Foster elected constable.  QSP/203/44  c1660/1

Bootle-with-Linacre -- Henry Halsall elected constable.  QSP/203/45  c1660/1

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- William Wright and John Pars elected constables.  QSP/203/46  c1660/1

Garston -- Edward Cooke elected constable.  QSP/203/47  c1660/1

Great Sankey -- William Farrer elected constable.  QSP/203/48  c1660/1

Rainhill -- Thomas Wainwright and Thomas Burscowe elected constables.  QSP/203/49  c1660/1

Downholland -- Peter Couper and James Yate elected constables.  QSP/203/50  c1660/1

Little Crosby -- William Stocke and William Blundell elected constables.  QSP/203/51  c1660/1

Westleigh -- Henry Smith elected constable.  QSP/203/52  c1660/1

Dalton -- Robert Berry elected constable.  QSP/203/53  c1660/1

Aughton -- James Robinson, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/203/54  c1660/1

Melling -- Humfrey Lawrenson elected constable.  QSP/203/55  c1660/1

Halsall -- Edward Worthington and Thomas Aspinwall elected constables.  QSP/203/56  c1660/1

Cuerdley -- Richard Hulme and William Appleton elected constables.  QSP/203/57  c1660/1

West Derby -- Richard Wodfall of Townrowe elected constable.  QSP/203/58  c1660/1

Ince Blundell -- Anthony Alkar elected constable.  QSP/203/59  c1660/1

Related information: See QSP/159/26

Cronton -- Thomas Wyke and John Prescott elected constables.  QSP/203/60  c1660/1

Hindley -- John Hanson and Henry Hilton elected constables.  QSP/203/61  c1660/1

Rufford -- presentments.  QSP/203/62  c1660/1

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- settlement and relief for James Straitbarrell.  QSP/203/63  c1660/1

Pennington -- decay of highways through floods.  QSP/203/64  c1660/1

Kirkdale -- Thomas Harrison elected constable.  QSP/203/65  c1660/1

Manchester, Epiphany, 1660/1.  QSP/204  [n.d.]

Radcliffe -- settlement of Henry Southerne.  QSP/204/1  c1660/1

Rochdale Parish -- maintenance by Roger Neden of Rodes of his daughter Anne Scolefeild, widow.  QSP/204/2  c1660/1

Westhoughton -- maintenance of children of James Suthrowme, webster.  QSP/204/3  c1660/1

Bury Parish -- settlement of James Duerden.  QSP/204/4  c1660/1

Radcliffe -- habitation for Raph Unsworth.  QSP/204/5  c1660/1

Radcliffe -- relief for Mary daughter of Peter Sharples, with King's Evil.  QSP/204/6  c1660/1

Worsley -- maintenance by Raph Mooreton of orphans of Richard Williamson of Barton and Ellen his wife.  QSP/204/7  c1660/1

Thornham -- settlement of Anthony Brearley, woollenwebster.  QSP/204/8  c1660/1

Ashton-under-Lyne -- relief for Thomas Stansfeild, a soldier who lost his hand at Preston fight.  QSP/204/9  c1660/1

Edgworth -- difficulty of collecting assessments.  QSP/204/10  c1660/1

Manchester and Salford -- repair of dungeon on Salford bridge.  QSP/204/11  c1660/1

Whitworth -- maintenance of his grandchildren by Robert Brereley.  QSP/204/12  c1660/1

Worsley -- relief for Margaret Acton.  QSP/204/13  c1660/1

Atherton -- maintenance of Adam son of Thomas Gregorie.  QSP/204/14  c1660/1

Rochdale -- settlement of child of William Horcourt and his wife Mary Bold, from Great Budworth, co. Chester.  QSP/204/15  c1660/1

Stretford -- no inquest held by John Cuncyffe on George Hampson, killed by John Barlowe and Robert Edge.  QSP/204/16  c1660/1

Moston -- relief for Elizabeth Cudworth, widow.  QSP/204/17  c1660/1

Alkrington -- habitation for Alice Gartside, widow, Abraham her son, and Anna his wife.  QSP/204/18  c1660/1

Tottington -- maintenance by Richard Ramsbothom, overseer, of abandoned child.  QSP/204/19  c1660/1

Rochdale Parish -- apprenticeship of Abraham son of Abraham Hamer of Butterworth, to Jordan Chadwicke of Cleggswood, cloth-maker.  QSP/204/20  c1660/1

Rochdale -- habitation for George Knowles on glebeland.  QSP/204/21  c1660/1

Rochdale -- habitation for Alexander Scolefeild on glebeland.  QSP/204/22  c1660/1

Haughton -- habitation for Robert Wolsencroft.  QSP/204/23  c1660/1

Butterworth -- reimbursement for horses during wars.  QSP/204/24  c1660/1

Castleton -- relief of poor.  QSP/204/25  c1660/1

Haughton -- habitation for Nicholas Wolsencroft.  QSP/204/26  c1660/1

Flixton -- habitation for Richard Heyes and Alice his wife.  QSP/204/27  c1660/1

Gorton -- habitation for Dorothie Taylor of Marshleach.  QSP/204/28  c1660/1

Eccles -- Alexander Lever elected constable.  QSP/204/29  c1660/1

Westhoughton -- molestation by Margaret Irlom of Jane wife of Thomas Leyland.  QSP/204/30  c1660/1

Lancaster, Easter, 1661.  QSP/205  [n.d.]

Satterthwaite -- repair of Forragraine bridge.  QSP/205/1  c1661

Kirkby Ireleth -- repair of Grysebeck bridge.  QSP/205/2  c1661

Ellel -- repair of Cocker bridge.  QSP/205/3  c1661

Middleton -- relief for Thomas Charnocke.  QSP/205/4  c1661

Yealand -- relief for Isabel widow of Robert Dowthwaite.  QSP/205/5  c1661

Yealand -- relief for Isabel widow of Robert Dowthwaite.  QSP/205/6  c1661

Hornby -- destruction of newly-built Hornby bridge.  QSP/205/7  c1661

Middleton -- maintenance by Elizabeth Caton of her mother Izabell Harrison, a lunatic.  QSP/205/8  c1661

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Elizabeth widow of Richard Fisher.  QSP/205/9  c1661

Warton -- relief for Jenett Wallinge, widow, and her helpless son William, aged 20.  QSP/205/10  c1661

Urswick -- non-maintenance by William Gardner of Katherin his wife.  QSP/205/11  c1661

Urswick -- non-maintenance by William Gardner of Katherin his wife.  QSP/205/12  c1661

Thurnham -- relief for Sandra Hoghton and his wife.  QSP/205/13  c1661

Skerton -- relief for Alice widow of Thomas Houlme, aged 78.  QSP/205/14  c1661

Warton -- relief for John Burrow.  QSP/205/15  c1661

Halton -- over-assessment.  QSP/205/16  c1661

Kirkby Ireleth -- over-assessment of tithe-owner.  QSP/205/17  c1661

Cockerham -- election of constables.  QSP/205/18  c1661

Coniston -- persecution of William Fleeminge of Litle Harrow.  QSP/205/19  c1661

Torver -- prosecution of John Atkinson of Greenrigge.  QSP/205/20  c1661

Preston, Easter, 1661.  QSP/206  [n.d.]

Ribbleton -- habitation for George Higinson.  QSP/206/1  c1661

Dilworth -- relief for Elizabeth wife of Thomas Halle, a recovered lunatic in gaol for murder.  QSP/206/2  c1661

Dilworth -- relief for Elizabeth wife of Thomas Halle, a recovered lunatic in gaol for murder.  QSP/206/3  c1661

Dilworth -- relief for Elizabeth wife of Thomas Halle, a recovered lunatic in gaol for murder.  QSP/206/4  c1661

Blackburn Hundred -- election of High Constables.  QSP/206/5  c1661

Pendleton -- repair of highway.  QSP/206/6  c1661

Roseacre -- relief for Bridgett Hornbye.  QSP/206/7  c1661

Cabus -- habitation for James Davis and Elizabeth his wife, blind.  QSP/206/8  c1661

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of highway.  QSP/206/9  c1661

Salesbury -- Lancelot Boulton elected High Constable.  QSP/206/10  c1661

Layton -- 2 children of Elizabeth Wilkinson, having King's Evil, desire to be touched by the king.  QSP/206/11  c1661

Great Eccleston -- relief for Elizabeth Pedder, widow, aged 90, blind.  QSP/206/12  c1661

Dutton -- Edward Newsham and Richard Hayhurst elected constables.  QSP/206/13  c1661

Alston-with-Hothersall -- presentments.  QSP/206/14  c1661

Poulton -- Thomas Dobson elected constable.  QSP/206/15  c1661

Mellor-with-Eccleshill -- presentments.  QSP/206/16  c1661

Newton-with-Scales -- constableship.  QSP/206/17  c1661

Chipping -- Christofer Burton elected constable.  QSP/206/18  c1661

Livesay-with-Tockholes -- presentments.  QSP/206/19  c1661

Garstang -- presentments.  QSP/206/20  c1661

Great Harwood -- payment of fine for non-repair of highways.  QSP/206/21  c1661

Downham -- relief for Anne Whittacre.  QSP/206/22  c1661

Rishton -- relief for William Ward and Alice his wife.  QSP/206/23  c1661

Rishton -- relief for William Ward and Alice his wife.  QSP/206/24  c1661

Livesay -- relief for Isabel Barker.  QSP/206/25  c1661

Weeton-with-Preese -- constableship.  QSP/206/26  c1661

Preston -- maintenance of Anne orphan of William and Margret Taylor.  QSP/206/27  c1661

Colne -- accusations against John Hall.  QSP/206/28  c1661

Whittingham -- relief for Jhane Barton, widow, and Jenet her daughter.  QSP/206/29  c1661

Ribby-with-Wrea -- John Yorwood elected constable.  QSP/206/30  c1661

Ormskirk, Easter, 1661.  QSP/207  [n.d.]

Parr -- relief and habitation for Mary Eaves, widow.  QSP/207/1  c1661

Wigan -- relief for Mary and Ann, orphans of Abram Midgley.  QSP/207/2  c1661

Clayton-le-Woods -- habitation for George Dawson and Elizabeth his wife.  QSP/207/3  c1661

Cronton -- maintenance of orphans of William Harrison alias Slack.  QSP/207/4  c1661

Wavertree -- relief for Isabel Cosk, aged 80.  QSP/207/5  c1661

Wigan Parish -- habitation for Jane Houghton.  QSP/207/6  c1661

Croston Parish -- relief of poor.  QSP/207/7  c1661

Hoole -- relief for Ellen Mosse.  QSP/207/8  c1661

Chorley -- Raph Marsden elected High Constable for Leyland Hundred.  QSP/207/9  c1661

Farington -- James Sheardley elected High Constable for Leyland Hundred.  QSP/207/10  c1661

Rufford -- non-payment of Thomas Sharrocke for building pinfold.  QSP/207/11  c1661

Maghull -- relief for Elizabeth Cooper, widow, blind.  QSP/207/12  c1661

Widnes -- testimonial for William Denton, alehousekeeper.  QSP/207/13  c1661

Croston -- relief for Alice Charles, widow.  QSP/207/14  c1661

Mawdesley -- election of constable.  QSP/207/15  c1661

Warrington -- relief for Margarett Leather, spinster.  QSP/207/16  c1661

Croston -- maintenance of Ellin orphan of George Freckleton.  QSP/207/17  c1661

Preston -- John Hilton desires to continue as Governor of the House of Correction.  QSP/207/18  c1661

Eccleston and Walton -- maintenance of lunatic bastard of Johan Rigby.  QSP/207/19  c1661

Lathom -- relief for Cicily and Elizabeth Nelson.  QSP/207/20  c1661

Burscough -- relief for Ellen Sutch, widow, aged 80.  QSP/207/21  c1661

Thornton -- relief for Jane Fleetwood, blind.  QSP/207/22  c1661

Tarleton -- constableship.  QSP/207/23  c1661

Orrell -- constableship.  QSP/207/24  c1661

Lathom -- relief for Ellen Webster.  QSP/207/25  c1661

Hesketh Bank -- relief for Clares Walker, widow.  QSP/207/26  c1661

Lathom -- receipt for assessment.  QSP/207/27  c1661

Aughton -- receipt for assessment.  QSP/207/28  c1661

Southworth-with-Croft -- Richard Gouldinge to be distrained.  QSP/207/29  c1661

Hutton -- habitation for Margret Tuson, widow.  QSP/207/30  c1661

Sutton -- relief for Johns Kenwrighte, labourer.  QSP/207/31  c1661

Atherton -- relief for James Harrison.  QSP/207/32  c1661

Downholland -- remittance of fine on Elizabeth Holme.  QSP/207/33  c1661

Ormskirk -- George Hall requires brief for assistance to get to London for attention to a leg. (ex Royalist soldier)  QSP/207/34  c1661

Ashton-in-Makerfield and Parr -- settlement of Mary widow Thomas Eyres.  QSP/207/35  c1661

Pemberton -- rescue of distrained goods from the constable by Thomas Mollineux, gent., and Richard Marshe, blacksmith.  QSP/207/36  c1661

Ainsdale -- relief for Humfrey Lathwayt and Isabel his wife  QSP/207/37  c1661

Standish -- relief for Alice Wright.  QSP/207/38  c1661

Little Woolton and Cuerdley -- settlement of children of William Bretargh of Penketh.  QSP/207/39  c1661

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- Richard Clarke elected constable.  QSP/207/40  c1661

Wrightington -- James Rigbye and Peter Tasker elected constables  QSP/207/41  c1661

Wrightington -- constableship.  QSP/207/42  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Henry Topping, shoemaker, a soldier at EdgeHill and Lathom.  QSP/207/43  c1661

Windle -- rebuilding of Gouldin's bridge.  QSP/207/44  c1661

West Derby -- constableship.  QSP/207/45  c1661

West Derby -- constableship.  QSP/207/46  c1661

Prescot -- relief for William Durning, aged 70.  QSP/207/47  c1661

Bretherton -- relief for William and Alis Tomlinson, orphans.  QSP/207/48  c1661

Tarleton -- habitation for Ellen Cance.  QSP/207/49  c1661

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- rebuilding of Bruche bridges.  QSP/207/50  c1661

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- rebuilding of Bruche bridges.  QSP/207/51  c1661

Longton -- relief for William Lund, labourer.  QSP/207/52  c1661

Burscough -- relief for Ellen Alker, widow.  QSP/207/53  c1661

Related information: See QSP/159/18, 179/17, 219/38

Lathom -- relief for Elizabeth Rigby of Westhead.  QSP/207/54  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- reimbursement of constable.  QSP/207/55  c1661

Lathom -- Ann Jollibrand, widow, desires removal of Mr. James Browne from her house.  QSP/207/56  c1661

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- reimbursement of militia-money.  QSP/207/57  c1661

Rixton-with-Glazebrook -- reimbursement of militia-money.  QSP/207/58  c1661

Ince-in-Makerfield -- assessment for raising militia.  QSP/207/59  c1661

Haigh -- assessment for militia.  QSP/207/60  c1661

Liverpool -- complaints of poor coming from Walton Parish.  QSP/207/61  c1661

Shevington -- election of constables.  QSP/207/62  c1661

Manchester, Easter, 1661.  QSP/208  [n.d.]

Sharples -- habitation for Richard Horrobin, blacksmith.  QSP/208/1  c1661

Bolton -- habitation for James Seddon, webster.  QSP/208/2  c1661

Bamford -- relief for William Leach, collier.  QSP/208/3  c1661

Bury -- maintenance of bastard of Jane Woolfenden and William Grenehalgh of Spotland.  QSP/208/4  c1661

Salford Hundred -- William Leigh of Westhoughton elected High constable.  QSP/208/5  c1661

Salford Hundred -- John Chadwick of Taunton elected High constable  QSP/208/6  c1661

Radcliffe and Prestwich -- settlement of Dorothy Tyldsley.  QSP/208/7  c1661

Bury Parish -- relief of Richard Wood of Cockey Lane, woollen--webster, from accusation of bastardy by Alice Nuttall.  QSP/208/8  c1661

Related information: See QSP/208/12.

Maintenance of bastard of Margaret Holt and Bartholomew Hamer, decd.  QSP/208/9  c1661

Gorton -- maintenance by Francis Wood of bastard of James Worthington and Martha Beswick.  QSP/208/10  c1661

Audenshaw -- maintenance by Thomas Kirshaw of the bastard of his grand-daughter Martha Fitton and James Clough of Ashton-under-Lyne.  QSP/208/11  c1661

Elton and Heywood -- maintenance of Anne, bastard of Alice Nuttall and Richard Wood.  QSP/208/12  c1661

Related information: See QSP/208/8.

Moston -- habitation for Elizabeth Cadworth.  QSP/208/13  c1661

Failsworth -- relief for Hugh Ellett, aged 70.  QSP/208/14  c1661

Complaints of assaults by Joseph Taylor.  QSP/208/15  c1661

Spotland -- repair of Spotland bridge.  QSP/208/16  c1661

Salford -- relief for John Hayes of Ouldfeidlane.  QSP/208/17  c1661

Turton and Bradshaw -- repair of Bradshawe bridge.  QSP/208/18  c1661

Salford -- relief for John Holland, aged 85, and Ann his wife, aged 82.  QSP/208/19  c1661

Hulton -- relief for Isabel Edge.  QSP/208/20  c1661

Oldham and Ashton -- settlement of Sara Bardsley.  QSP/208/21  c1661

Barton-upon-Irwell -- ejectment of Dorothy widow of Hugh Leach of Lostock.  QSP/208/22  c1661

Todmorden -- John Feilden and his tenant Richard Whittaker.  QSP/208/23  c1661

Ashton-under-Lyne -- maintenance of bastard of Richard Hobson and Alice Johnson by John Hilton, constable.  QSP/208/24  c1661

Stretford --Repair of highway at Crosford bridge.  QSP/208/25  c1661

Stretford --Repair of highway at Crosford bridge.  QSP/208/26  c1661

Bolton -- maintenance by John Crompton, webster, of bastard of James Henshaw of Stopport and Joane Rothwell, alias Pratt.  QSP/208/27  c1661

Pendleton -- settlement of Gyles Seddon, laboring-man.  QSP/208/28  c1661

Manchester -- maintenance of Edward, bastard of Edward Birch, barber, and Susan Harrison.  QSP/208/29  c1661

Failsworth -- relief for Elizabeth Chatterton.  QSP/208/30  c1661

Failsworth -- relief for Elizabeth Chatterton.  QSP/208/31  c1661

Ashton-under-Lyne -- relief for Anne Hoult, widow.  QSP/208/32  c1661

Chadderton -- habitation for Edmund Milnes.  QSP/208/33  c1661

Hundersfield -- John Stott elected constable.  QSP/208/34  c1661

Butterworth -- James Chadwicke the elder elected constable.  QSP/208/35  c1661

Rivington -- Robert Cooker elected constable.  QSP/208/36  c1661

Royton -- Richard Winterbothom elected constable.  QSP/208/37  c1661

Spotland -- Thomas Healey elected constable.  QSP/208/38  c1661

Rochdale -- James Bamford elected constable.  QSP/208/39  c1661

Rochdale -- John Crompton elected constable.  QSP/208/40  c1661

Chadderton -- George Scoles elected constable.  QSP/208/41  c1661

Blackrod -- Thomas Vause and Thomas Markland elected constables  QSP/208/42  c1661

Castleton -- Edward Newbald of Newbald elected constable.  QSP/208/43  c1661

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1661.  QSP/209  [n.d.]

Ellel -- James Croskell, yeoman, accused of taking inmates.  QSP/209/1  c1661

Over Kellet -- constableship.  QSP/209/2  c1661

Lancaster -- relief for Elizabeth widow of Thomas Greenhood.  QSP/209/3  c1661

Forton -- Margaret Case, widow, accused of taking inmate.  QSP/209/4  c1661

Yealand and Silverdale -- election of constables.  QSP/209/5  c1661

Poulton -- relief for Thomas Burrow.  QSP/209/6  c1661

Yealand -- habitation for Johan wife of Anthony Coming, yeoman.  QSP/209/7  c1661

Lancaster -- relief for Edward Wilson.  QSP/209/8  c1661

Broughton-in-Furness -- repair of highway at Duddon bridge.  QSP/209/9  c1661

Colton -- new bridge at Nibthwaite.  QSP/209/10  c1661

Preston, Midsummer, 1661.  QSP/210  [n.d.]

Fishwick -- relief for Edmund Sudell, lost sight at York under Lord Molyneux.  QSP/210/1  c1661

Broughton -- settlement of Thomas Pendleton, husbandman.  QSP/210/2  c1661

Samlesbury -- habitation for Thomas Pendlton.  QSP/210/3  c1661

Whalley -- constableship.  QSP/210/4  c1661

Broughton -- abuse of Mathew Gregson by Margrett Gregson.  QSP/210/5  c1661

Fishwick -- constableship.  QSP/210/6  c1661

Haslingden -- relief of the town from Raph Rishton, a "distracted and distempered" soldier.  QSP/210/7  c1661

Grimsargh -- relief for Elizabeth Rogerson, widow, aged 80.  QSP/210/8  c1661

Samlesbury -- settlement of Thomas Pendleton.  QSP/210/9  c1661

Barnacre -- maintenance by Bartholomew Hall of an orphan, by arrangement with 24 men.  QSP/210/10  c1661

Oswaldtwistle -- relief for George Grimshey.  QSP/210/11  c1661

Layton-with-Warbreck, Marton, and Carleton -- repair of highways.  QSP/210/12  c1661

Broughton -- habitation for Lawrence Gregson.  QSP/210/13  c1661

Leagram -- relief for James Dobson, maimed at the "Battell at Kigley" under Major John Hughes.  QSP/210/14  c1661

Kellamergh -- William Thistleton elected constable.  QSP/210/15  c1661

Warton -- Richard Flecher elected constable.  QSP/210/16  c1661

Lea and Ashton -- James Wharles and Richard Grayson elected constables.  QSP/210/17  c1661

Poulton -- Arthur Barrow elected constable.  QSP/210/18  c1661

Up Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre -- Thomas Tyrer of Tarnaker elected constable.  QSP/210/19  c1661

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1661.  QSP/211  [n.d.]

Wigan -- persecution of Thomas Blackhurst by his uncle Stephen Platt in the trade of tallow chandling.  QSP/211/1  c1661

Longton -- relief for Katherin Clifton.  QSP/211/2  c1661

Wavertree -- relief for Elline Fearnes, aged 74.  QSP/211/3  c1661

Halsall -- maintenance by Dorothy wife of Barnaby Mathewes, of bastard of her former husband William Arnold.  QSP/211/4  c1661

Related information: See QSP/199/5 & QSP/211/49.

Hoole -- relief for Anne Hussey, blind.  QSP/211/5  c1661

Shevington -- a list of the poor.  QSP/211/6  c1661

Relief for Margery, wife of William Woods, a son having King's Evil.  QSP/211/7  c1661

Hoole -- habitation for Edward Carr.  QSP/211/8  c1661

Worthington -- maintenance by Humfrey Atherton of orphans of Richard Faireclough.  QSP/211/9  c1661

Croston Parish -- collection of taxes.  QSP/211/10  c1661

Much Hoole -- upkeep of highways.  QSP/211/11  c1661

Billinge -- relief of children of Rachell Molleneux, widow, a prisoner at Lancaster.  QSP/211/12  c1661

Penketh -- maintenance by James Bretargh of Bretargh Holt, esq., of children of William Bretargh.  QSP/211/13  c1661

Little Hoole -- maintenance of children of Edward Mosse.  QSP/211/14  c1661

Sefton Parish -- payment of balance of money for repair of Arnett Reynes in Maghull.  QSP/211/15  c1661

Mawdesley -- relief for Alice Pemberton, widow.  QSP/211/16  c1661

Shevington -- constableship.  QSP/211/17  c1661

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- settlement of accounts.  QSP/211/18  c1661

Tarleton -- habitation for Edward Parker, linenwebster.  QSP/211/19  c1661

Heskin -- estreat for non-repair of highways.  QSP/211/20  c1661

Astley -- maintenance of orphans of Thomas and Joan Birch.  QSP/211/21  c1661

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- settlement of accounts.  QSP/211/22  c1661

Southworth-with-Croft -- non-payment of taxes by Richard Gouldinge.  QSP/211/23  c1661

Cuerdley -- relief for John Dyke and Margrett Barrowe, blind.  QSP/211/24  c1661

Tarbock -- repair of highways damaged by coal-leading between Whiston and Halebank.  QSP/211/25  c1661

Westleigh -- widening of Barkers bridge.  QSP/211/26  c1661

Ormskirk -- relief for Mary Greaves.  QSP/211/27  c1661

Ormskirk -- relief for Mary Parkes.  QSP/211/28  c1661

Pemberton -- ejectment of James Hyton by his son.  QSP/211/29  c1661

Burtonwood -- non-repair of highways.  QSP/211/30  c1661

Adlington -- relief for William Hodskinson.  QSP/211/31  c1661

Related information: See QSP/211/33.

Aspull ---- relief for Ann Low and habitation for Susan Makinson.  QSP/211/32  c1661

Adlington -- relief for William Hodgkinson.  QSP/211/33  c1661

Related information: See QSP/211/31.

Longton -- relief for Kate Clifton, with King's Evil.  QSP/211/34  c1661

Newton-in-Makerfield -- relief for William Dumbell yeoman and Hannah his wife.  QSP/211/35  c1661

Related information: See QSP/211/38.

Ormskirk -- reimbursement of constable for removing Quakers.  QSP/211/36  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- constableship.  QSP/211/37  c1661

Newton-in-Makerfield --  QSP/211/38  c1661

Related information: see QSP/211/35.

Croston -- negligence of Overseer.  QSP/211/39  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Henry Topeinge.  QSP/211/40  c1661

Winwick-with-Hulme -- distraint for dangerous quarry.  QSP/211/41  c1661

John Tatlock of Cunscough, gent., takes oath as Sub-commissioner for Excise.  QSP/211/42  c1661

William Lewis of Toxteth Parke and Thomas Boulton of Kirkdale, gents., took oaths as Sub-collectors for Excise.  QSP/211/43  c1661

Rainford -- constableship.  QSP/211/44  c1661

Parr -- maintenance of children of John Hills.  QSP/211/45  c1661

Parr -- maintenance of children of John Hills.  QSP/211/46  c1661

Stretford -- Richard Sale of Hopecare, gent., finds that no repair is necessary at Crosford bridge.  QSP/211/47  c1661

Rufford -- maintenance of woman and child by Elizabeth Whittaker.  QSP/211/48  c1661

Halsall -- maintenance by Jane Lathome of bastard of William Arnold.  QSP/211/49  c1661

Related information: See QSP/199/15 & QSP/211/4

Lathom -- relief for Elizabeth Rigby of Westhead.  QSP/211/50  c1661

Ormskirk -- relief for Elizabeth Lathwayt, aged 60.  QSP/211/51  c1661

Standish -- John Rigbye of Standishwood to repair lane and bridge.  QSP/211/52  c1661

Newton-in-Makerfield -- William Chantler elected constable.  QSP/211/53  c1661

Chorley -- certificate of repair of highway.  QSP/211/54  c1661

Duxbury -- the like.  QSP/211/55  c1661

Repair of highway between Warrington, Leigh, and Bolton.  QSP/211/56  c1661

Sephton Parish -- John Foxe's account for repair of highways.  QSP/211/57  c1661

Skelmersdale -- acquittance for militia money.  QSP/211/58  c1661

Burtonwood -- repair of highway.  QSP/211/59  c1661

Burtonwood -- repair of highway.  QSP/211/60  c1661

Heath Charnock -- enclosure of lane.  QSP/211/61  c1661

Burtonwood and Newton -- repair of Penkford bridge.  QSP/211/62  c1661

Golborne -- Matthew Tickle elected constable.  QSP/211/63  c1661

Ince-in-Makerfield -- John Fogge, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/211/64  c1661

West Derby -- Thomas Much elected constable.  QSP/211/65  c1661

Southworth, Croft, Middleton, and Arbury -- William Frith and John Urmiston elected constables.  QSP/211/66  c1661

Charnock Richard -- William Crosse and John Tailor elected constables.  QSP/211/67  c1661

Longton -- Richard Harrison elected constables.  QSP/211/68  c1661

Hesketh -- William Balle elected constables.  QSP/211/69  c1661

Haydock -- John Corles and Andrew Gaskell elected constables.  QSP/211/70  c1661

Heapey -- Jeffrey Tailior, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/211/71  c1661

Hutton -- Thomas Martine and Raph Milner elected constables.  QSP/211/72  c1661

Adlington -- John Breeres, yeoman, elected constable.  QSP/211/73  c1661

Brindle -- Thomas Gerard and William Shorrock elected constables  QSP/211/74  c1661

Wrightington -- Nicholas Halton elected constable.  QSP/211/75  c1661

Whiston -- John Caldwell and Robert Wills elected constables.  QSP/211/76  c1661

Tarbock -- Edward Devias and Gilbert Hawksey elected constables.  QSP/211/77  c1661

Clayton-le-Woods -- Adam Clayton elected constable.  QSP/211/78  c1661

Childwall -- Edward Lunt elected constable.  QSP/211/79  c1661

Manchester, Midsummer, 1661.  QSP/212  [n.d.]

Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of Sara Bardsley.  QSP/212/1  c1661

Manchester -- apprenticeship of John Tayler to John Marsland, feltmaker.  QSP/212/2  c1661

Little Lever and Pilkington -- repair of Prestolee bridge.  QSP/212/3  c1661

Moston -- relief for Richard Garside, blind.  QSP/212/4  c1661

Hundersfield -- relief for Mary Chow.  QSP/212/5  c1661

Farnworth -- relief for Richard Leigh, blind, and Robert his son, lunatic.  QSP/212/6  c1661

Over Hulton -- habitation for Richard Tonge.  QSP/212/7  c1661

Eccles Parish -- relief for Margrett Turner and her bastard by Raph Newton.  QSP/212/8  c1661

Deane Parish -- relief of poor.  QSP/212/9  c1661

Little Hulton -- forcible entry of William Darbishire and Thomas Hurst, websters, into closes of Thomas Tipping called the Longcrofte and the Broadfeild.  QSP/212/10  c1661

Spotland -- Jonathan Millne elected constable.  QSP/212/11  c1661

Urmston -- William Gregorie elected constable.  QSP/212/12  c1661

Bury -- Thomas Battersbie, Roger Bromeley, and John Battersbie elected constables.  QSP/212/13  c1661

Prestwich -- John Tomlinson and Hugh Walworke elected constables.  QSP/212/14  c1661

Pilkington -- maintenance of bastard of Edward son of Francis Morris.  QSP/212/15  c1661

Flixton -- unscoured watercourses.  QSP/212/16  c1661

Bradford -- habitation for Margrett Lees.  QSP/212/17  c1661

Deane Parish -- relief for Ellin Holliday, widow.  QSP/212/18  c1661

Sharples -- habitation for John Walkden.  QSP/212/19  c1661

Westhoughton -- habitation Robert France, husbandman.  QSP/212/20  c1661

Eccles -- habitation for Margrett Ashton.  QSP/212/21  c1661

Broughton -- settlement of Thomas Pendleton.  QSP/212/22  c1661

Broughton -- settlement of Thomas Pendleton.  QSP/212/23  c1661

Crompton -- reimbursement of constables.  QSP/212/24  c1661

Rivington -- habitation for Ann widow of Lawrence Crompton.  QSP/212/25  c1661

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1661.  QSP/213  [n.d.]

Hornby -- relief for John Cooper, royalist soldier.  QSP/213/1  c1661

Carnforth -- Brian Widder, constable, desires money from the mill.  QSP/213/2  c1661

Lancaster -- neglect of payment of £7.10.0 yearly from chantry lands.  QSP/213/3  c1661

Cantsfield -- Francis Thornton accused of threatening his wife.  QSP/213/4  c1661

Claife and Satterthwaite -- election of constables.  QSP/213/5  c1661

Colton -- John Penington of Fishergarthend and Matthew Gardner of Parkamore elected constables.  QSP/213/6  c1661

Poulton -- relief for Thomas Burrow.  QSP/213/7  c1661

Over Kellet -- constableship.  QSP/213/8  c1661

Claughton -- George Foxcroft, yeoman, threatens Jonathan Nicholas of Staineland, co. York, yeoman.  QSP/213/9  c1661

Cockerham -- maintenance of bastard of Margaret Pepper, decd.  QSP/213/10  c1661

Cockerham -- settlement of Isabel daughter of Margaret daughter of John Pearson of Hardhorn-with-Newton.  QSP/213/11  c1661

Arrears due to Richard Thornton, late High Constable.  QSP/213/12  c1661

Slyne -- maintenance of bastard of Grace Edmundson and Paul Lodge.  QSP/213/13  c1661

Relief for Richard Lonsdall, a royalist soldier. Wennington and Hornby --  QSP/213/14  c1661

Accounts for building Wenning bridge and repairing Loins bridge.  QSP/213/15  c1661

Over Kellet -- maintenance of child of Thomas Bland.  QSP/213/16  c1661

List of Quakers.  QSP/213/17  c1661

Relief for Thomas Ainsworth, royalist soldier.  QSP/213/18  c1661

Yealand and Silverdale -- Christofer Robinson, elected constable.  QSP/213/19  c1661

Yealand -- habitation for Johan wife of Anthony Comeing.  QSP/213/20  c1661

Preston, Michaelmas, 1661.  QSP/214  [n.d.]

Fishwick -- relief for Roger Walmisley, royalist soldier.  QSP/214/1  c1661

Goosnargh -- maintenance of Jennatt, lunatic sister of Robert Oliverson.  QSP/214/2  c1661

Church -- over-assessment of John Caryll, esq.  QSP/214/3  c1661

Burnley -- accusation of quarrelsome behaviour of John Leigh, butcher.  QSP/214/4  c1661

Myerscough of Goosnargh and Claughton -- repair of Brock bridge.  QSP/214/5  c1661

Owners of highways between Wanles Water and the Crosse lane end leading to Colne.  QSP/214/6  c1661

Preston - relief for Richard Ridley, blind soldier, done out of his inheritance in Ribleton.  QSP/214/7  c1661

Accusations of witchcraft.  QSP/214/8  c1661

Wesham -- repair of "Wrangway loane".  QSP/214/9  c1661

Claughton -- Edward son of John Walmisley, decd., to be bound apprentice to husbandry.  QSP/214/10  c1661

Garstang Parish -- maintenance for Thomas and Mary Walmisley, orphans.  QSP/214/11  c1661

Clayton-le-Dale -- relief for Edward Barns, shoemaker, and Jane his wife.  QSP/214/12  c1661

Alston -- relief for Jennett Sowerbutts, widow, and William her son.  QSP/214/13  c1661

Eccleshill -- assessments for highways.  QSP/214/14  c1661

Lea -- relief for Anne Charnley, aged 76.  QSP/214/15  c1661

Marton -- relief for Margret Hall.  QSP/214/16  c1661

Release of Jenet Smith imprisoned for bastardy with John Stevenson.  QSP/214/17  c1661

Reapair of road near New Bridge of Wyer.  QSP/214/18  c1661

Fishwick -- relief for Edmund Sydell, maimed soldier.  QSP/214/19  c1661

Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton -- John Badger elected constable.  QSP/214/20  c1661

Colne -- Geoffrey Shackleton elected constable.  QSP/214/21  c1661

Barton -- George Charnely, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/214/22  c1661

Medlar-with-Wesham -- Robert Hornebie elected constable.  QSP/214/23  c1661

Mellor-with-Eccleshill -- Richard Marsden elected constable.  QSP/214/24  c1661

Simonstone -- repair of highway.  QSP/214/25  c1661

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1661  QSP/215  [n.d.]

Burscough -- maintenance by Adam Vause, bricklayer, of his lunatic sister Isabell.  QSP/215/1  c1661

Eccleston in West Derby -- repair of Boardmans bridge and Websters bridge.  QSP/215/2  c1661

Allerton -- William Lathom, husbandman, and Thomas his son to appear at Sessions.  QSP/215/3  c1661

Clayton-le-Woods -- habitation for Oliver Garston.  QSP/215/4  c1661

Westleigh -- bastardy of Margaret Turnor and Robert Robinson alias Hilton.  QSP/215/5  c1661

Standish -- state of highways.  QSP/215/6  c1661

Wigan Parish -- relief of poor.  QSP/215/7  c1661

Maintenance by Margret Bibie of children of James Crochle.  QSP/215/8  c1661

Warrington -- constables' accounts.  QSP/215/9  c1661

Penwortham -- relief of poor.  QSP/215/10  c1661

Winwick-with-Hulme -- appearance of constables at Sessions.  QSP/215/11  c1661

Mawdesley -- reimbursement of Supervisors of Highways.  QSP/215/12  c1661

Much Woolton -- constableship.  QSP/215/13  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- distraint on goods of prisoners.  QSP/215/14  c1661

Names of Quakers.  QSP/215/15  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- distraint on goods of prisoners.  QSP/215/16  c1661

Farington -- relief for William Dicconson, aged 89.  QSP/215/17  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Henry Topeinge.  QSP/215/18  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Henry Topeinge.  QSP/215/19  c1661

Shevington -- constableship.  QSP/215/20  c1661

Penketh -- relief for Elizabeth Werrall.  QSP/215/21  c1661

Kenyon and Lowton -- presentments.  QSP/215/22  c1661

Fazakerley -- relief for Lettice Gleast, blind, aged 72.  QSP/215/23  c1661

Hindley -- charges for men and horses for Sir George Booth.  QSP/215/24  c1661

Ormskirk and Burscough -- warrants for horses.  QSP/215/25  c1661

Eccleston in West Derby -- relief for Thomas Longrowe, aged 86.  QSP/215/26  c1661

Knowsley -- reimbursement for taking Quakers to gaol.  QSP/215/27  c1661

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Anne Knowles and Margrett Tropp.  QSP/215/28  c1661

Atherton -- relief for Elizabeth Chew.  QSP/215/29  c1661

Lathom -- presentments.  QSP/215/30  c1661

Eccleston-in-West Derby -- repair of Boardman's bridge and Webster's bridge.  QSP/215/31  c1661

Poulton-with-Fearnhead -- repair of bridges.  QSP/215/32  c1661

Much Woolton -- constableship.  QSP/215/33  c1661

Penwortham -- maintenance of child of Edward Mosse.  QSP/215/34  c1661

Ditton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Fletcher and Robert Nodby.  QSP/215/35  c1661

Hindley and Abram -- repair of school.  QSP/215/36  c1661

Burtonwood -- assessments for repair of highways.  QSP/215/37  c1661

Shevington -- repair of Appley bridge.  QSP/215/38  c1661

Knowsley -- relief for Katherin Cooper.  QSP/215/39  c1661

Culcheth -- repair of highway near Risley windmill.  QSP/215/40  c1661

Orrell -- reimbursement of Surveyor of highways.  QSP/215/41  c1661

Aspull -- relief for Jane wife of Raph Haughton of the Kirkleys.  QSP/215/42  c1661

Aspull -- relief for Jane wife of Raph Haughton of the Kirkleys.  QSP/215/43  c1661

Bickerstaffe -- reimbursement for raising militia.  QSP/215/44  c1661

Middleton -- John Radcliffe swore two oaths.  QSP/215/45  c1661

Building Hier Bruch Brooke bridge and the Three bridges.  QSP/215/46  c1661

Duxbury -- Thomas Lowe, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/215/47  c1661

Heath Charnock -- Richard Baron elected constables.  QSP/215/48  c1661

Farington -- Robert Welch elected constable.  QSP/215/49  c1661

Cuerden -- Robert Wigans elected constable.  QSP/215/50  c1661

Scarisbrick -- Robert Hunter and James Mawdesley elected constables.  QSP/215/51  c1661

Eccleston in Leyland -- John Harrison elected constable.  QSP/215/52  c1661

Wavertree -- William Taylor elected constable.  QSP/215/53  c1661

Newton-in-Makerfield -- Gilbert Burscow, husbandman, elected constable.  QSP/215/54  c1661

Chorley -- Richard Haddock elected constable.  QSP/215/55  c1661

Sutton -- Richard Tunstall and John Glover elected constables.  QSP/215/56  c1661

Maghull -- William Johnson and Roger Pemberton elected constables.  QSP/215/57  c1661

Kenyon -- Adam Rogerson elected constable.  QSP/215/58  c1661

Speke -- Cuthbert Almond elected constable.  QSP/215/59  c1661

Walton -- Garther Kerfoote elected constable.  QSP/215/60  c1661

Little Crosby -- James Ryce and William Bushell elected constables.  QSP/215/61  c1661

West Derby -- Edward Potter elected constable.  QSP/215/62  c1661

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