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Held by Lancashire Record Office
Creators Lancashire Quarter Sessions

Administrative history:
The law required the Justices of each county to meet at Quarter Sessions four times yearly. Quarter Sessions had a considerable criminal jurisdiction exercised by the Justices sitting with juries; but their other functions were of a very different character. At these sessions were present a grand jury of the county, the hundred juries, and also the several Petty Constables and High Constables. All these were bound to present those seemingly guilty of such breaches of the law, including nuisances, as came within their cognizance. Further, each Justice could himself present on his 'own view'. Thus Quarter Sessions were supposed to punish not only ordinary crimes, but also omission to perform the various duties imposed on parishes and counties; in this way their task was one of supervising administration. A great part of it had to be discharged in open court, but there was nothing to prevent the Justices from deciding at private meetings upon certain general principles to be applied by them. The Justices tended therefore more and more to use Quarter Sessions as a means of forming and executing a policy. Nor was this strange, for there was a need of policies, and they could only be devised by the Justices. After 1700 the hundred juries gradually disappeared, and the High Constables usually made only such presentments as the Justices desired; further presentments by individual Justices increased in frequency. Hence the Justices were able to make a growing use of judicial machinery in order to carry out an administrative policy. For instance, the Justices had been given power by an Act of 1691 to levy a rate not exceeding 6d. in the pount upon a parish for the upkeep of a highway. But when a sum exceeding that thereby obtainable was desired, they often raised it by imposing a fine upon a parish for not discharging its highway obligations.
Only a fraction of the Justices' duties were performed at Quarter Sessions. They are also found acting alone, in pairs and at Special and Petty Sessions. In each of these capacities their functions were equally mixed. According to the law, some things could be done by a single Justice, others by any two Justices, and others, again - such as the enforcement of various statutes relating to highways and liquor licensing - by the Justices of a division meeting at Special Sessions. In the eighteenth century the Justices in each division took, to meeting together for other purposes at regular intervals, and these meetings became known as Petty Sessions. The Justices there assembled had a certain criminal jurisdiction - such as was assigned by statute, to any two Justices sitting together - and also exercised some quasi-administrative functions.
As the eighteenth century advanced the Justices made alterations in the methods of local government. In many counties they began to employ a small salaried staff; much business was referred by Quarter Sessions to committees; at the same time Quarter Sessions themselves tended to become a court of appeal from the Justices sitting alone or in Divisional Sessions. Many of the new developments were extra-legal and the virtual assumption of power by the Justices at Quarter Sessions, to act as a subordinate law-making body was definitely illegal. But Parliament encouraged the Justices to ignore the letter of the law by continually adding to their functions and by increasing the number of purposes for which they could levy rates.

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AE Enclosure Awards
AT Tithe Commutation
AV Awards: Various
CP Clerk of the Peace
CT County Treasurer
MA Manchester Assize Courts
EL Electrical Registers
PD Deposited Plans
PM Militia Storehouse Plans
PP Prison Plans
QAA Lancashire County Probation Committee
QAB Reformatory and Industrial Schools Committee
QAC Cattle Plague Committee
QAD Licensing Committee
QAF Finance
QAG General Purposes Committee
QAH Provisional Courts Committee
QAL Lancaster Castle Committee
QAM Lunacy
QAP Parliamentary Committee
QAR Roads and Bridges
QAS Standing Militia Storehouse Committee
QAV Various
QDB Bills, Acts and Orders
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QDD Enrolled Deeds and Other Documents
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QDF Freeholders or Jury Lists
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QDR Register of Vagrants Deported from Liverpool to Ireland
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QGB Gaol Sites and Buildings
QGC Convictions
QGG Visiting Committees
QGL Lancaster Prison
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QGR Gaol Reports
QGT Transportation
QGV Various - Gaols
QJA Orders made under Summary Jurisdiction Appeals Act 1933 and National Parks Act 1949
QJB Insolvent Debtors
QJC Calendars of Prisoners
QJD Riot Depositions
QJE Estreats
QJI Indictments
QJS Cases Committed for Sentence to the Appeal Committee of Quarter Sessions
QJV Various
QJX Appeals, Arbitrations, Civil Suits, etc.
QSA Attendance Books
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QSL Lists of Magistrates
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QSR Sessions Rolls
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QSZ Annual Sessions Proceedings and Reports


Arrangement: The Petitions, among which occasionally Recognizances and other extraneous papers were placed, were originally corner filed in quarterly bundles and rolled. This method tended to damage the documents, so they have been unfastened and made up flat in parcels each containing those relating to one meeting. Until 1648 the Petitions were filed with the Recognizances (q.v.QSB).

Only a brief indication is given of the subject matter of each document.

Lancaster, Easter, 1693.  QSP/728  [n.d.]

Nateby -- registration of house of John Cartmell as Quaker meeting-place.  QSP/728/1  c1693

Gressingham and Wrayton -- settlement of Jane Willson.  QSP/728/2  c1693

Wyersdale -- maintenance of Margret Parkinson, widow, by James her son.  QSP/728/3  c1693

Related information: See QSP/728/10

Heaton -- habitation for John Woodhouse.  QSP/728/4  c1693

Heaton -- habitation for John Woodhouse.  QSP/728/5  c1693

Colton -- regulation of turbary.  QSP/728/6  c1693

Over Wyersdale -- repair of Lee bridge.  QSP/728/7  c1693

Cantsfield -- charges concerning Greta weare.  QSP/728/8  c1693

Heysham -- relief for Ann Brown, widow.  QSP/728/9  c1693

Wyersdale -- maintenance of Margret Parkinson, widow, by James her son.  QSP/728/10  c1693

Related information: See QSP/728/3

Thurnham -- relief for Thomas Brade, blind.  QSP/728/11  c1693

Thurnham -- relief for Ellin Styth.  QSP/728/12  c1693

Broughton East -- brief for Thomas Thwaytes of Aynsome, badger; loss by fire.  QSP/728/13  c1693

Broughton East -- brief for Thomas Thwaytes of Aynsome, badger; loss by fire.  QSP/728/14  c1693

Preston, Easter, 1693.  QSP/729  [n.d.]

Whalley -- reimbursement of overseer.  QSP/729/1  c1693

Clifton-with-Salwick and Manchester -- settlement of Edward Porter.  QSP/729/2  c1693

Pilling -- repair of Pilling bridge and Hallpoole bridge.  QSP/729/3  c1693

Habergham Eaves -- maintenance by Peter Ormerod of Elizabeth Ormerod, his grand-daughter.  QSP/729/4  c1693

Claughton -- habitation for Thomas Swartbrecke, aged 80.  QSP/729/5  c1693

Goosnargh -- relief for Alice Singleton, widow.  QSP/729/6  c1693

Singleton -- Richard Richardson, a papist, teaching a school, without licence.  QSP/729/7  c1693

Poulton -- repair of Skippoole bridge.  QSP/729/8  c1693

Samlesbury -- relief for Eline Pendleton, with falling sickness.  QSP/729/9  c1693

Preston -- accounts of William Higginson, governor of House of Correction.  QSP/729/10  c1693

Ightenhill, Burnley, Huncoat, Ribchester, Mitton, Mellor, and Whalley -- badgers.  QSP/729/11  c1693

Blackburn -- appeal of Henry Dale, sheriff's bailiff, against convictions.  QSP/729/12  c1693

Ormskirk, Easter, 1693.  QSP/730  [n.d.]

Scarisbrick -- relief for Joany Johnson, widow, "non compos mentus."  QSP/730/1  c1693

Wavertree -- relief for John Charnock.  QSP/730/2  c1693

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- Richard Marsh and Thurstan Parr elected constables.  QSP/730/3  c1693

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- Richard Marsh and Thurstan Parr elected constables.  QSP/730/4  c1693

Lathom -- relief for Thomas Forshawe, labourer.  QSP/730/5  c1693

Lathom -- maintenance by Jane Lathom, widow, of her grandchildren, children of James Standley.  QSP/730/6  c1693

Abram and Pennington -- indemnity against chargeability of William Corles.  QSP/730/7  c1693

Abram and Pennington -- indemnity against chargeability of William Corles.  QSP/730/8  c1693

Ormskirk -- registration of new building near the house of Roger Westhead as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/730/9  c1693

Hutton -- reduction of relief of Thomas Mayre.  QSP/730/10  c1693

Much Woolton and Sefton -- settlement of Henery Pinington.  QSP/730/11  c1693

Lathom -- relief for Henry Gill.  QSP/730/12  c1693

Ince-in-Makerfield -- relief for Ann Orrell, widow.  QSP/730/13  c1693

Cockerham and Scarisbrick -- bastardy of Anne Jackson and John Shaw, gent., decd.  QSP/730/14  c1693

Related information: See QSP/730/30

Culcheth -- reimbursement of constable.  QSP/730/15  c1693

North Meols -- settlement of William Astley, shoemaker, from Dublin.  QSP/730/16  c1693

Pemberton and Ashton -- settlement of Ellen Greene.  QSP/730/17  c1693

Hale -- relief for Catherine Additon, aged 60.  QSP/730/18  c1693

Upholland and Pemberton -- settlement of Nathaniell Challenor.  QSP/730/19  c1693

Ormskirk -- bastardy of Mary Tyrer and John Draper.  QSP/730/20  c1693

Simonswood -- relief for Ellen Rigby.  QSP/730/21  c1693

Bickerstaffe, Parbold and Dalton -- settlement of William Sumpner.  QSP/730/22  c1693

Bickerstaffe -- respite of fine on overseers.  QSP/730/23  c1693

Ince and Wigan -- settlement of Thomas Greenes.  QSP/730/24  c1693

Sutton -- ejection of James Arrowsmith by James Rigby.  QSP/730/25  c1693

Bickerstaffe -- bastardy of Elizabeth Heatley and Robert Woosey.  QSP/730/26  c1693

Huyton -- widening of Highfeild Lane.  QSP/730/27  c1693

Scarisbrick and Halsall -- bastardy of Clarice Hulme and John Sephton.  QSP/730/28  c1693

Sutton -- maintenance by Thomas Willcock of Katherine daughter of Edward Willcock.  QSP/730/29  c1693

Cockerham and Scarisbrick -- bastardy of Anne Jackson and John Shaw, gent., decd.  QSP/730/30  c1693

Related information: See QSP/730/14

Manchester, Easter, 1693.  QSP/731  [n.d.]

Bradshaw -- abuse by Thomas Hamer, jr., of Elizabeth his wife.  QSP/731/1  c1693

Worsley -- disorderly alehouse of James Greenhalgh and Isabell his wife.  QSP/731/2  c1693

Salford -- relief for Thomas Seddon.  QSP/731/3  c1693

Manchester -- relief for Edmund Prestwitch, with palsy.  QSP/731/4  c1693

Manchester -- relief for Joan Clegg, widow.  QSP/731/5  c1693

Castleton -- relief for Mary Healey.  QSP/731/6  c1693

Crumpsall -- relief for John Siddal.  QSP/731/7  c1693

Manchester -- habitation for Joseph Waterhouse.  QSP/731/8  c1693

Ardwick -- habitation for Joan and Ann Davenport.  QSP/731/9  c1693

Manchester and Winwick -- maintenance of Peter Flitcroft, madman, in House of Correction.  QSP/731/10  c1693

Pilkington -- maintenance of bastard of Dorothy Wallworth, idiot.  QSP/731/11  c1693

Chadderton -- committment of James Scholes, fustianweaver, for highway robbery.  QSP/731/12  c1693

Breightmet -- registration of house of John Crompton, preacher, as meeting-place for dissenters.  QSP/731/13  c1693

Ashton-on-Mersey and Sale, co. Chester -- bastardy of George Taylor and Elizabeth Hayward.  QSP/731/14  c1693

Barton-upon-Irwell -- bastardy of Martha Moreton and Roger Royle, butcher.  QSP/731/15  c1693

Manchester -- relief for Brian Skyring.  QSP/731/16  c1693

Great Heaton, Little Heaton and Middleton -- settlement of John Hardman, fuller.  QSP/731/17  c1693

Bradshaw and Spotland -- settlement of Arthur Kaye.  QSP/731/18  c1693

Clifton -- habitation of Gyles Hardman, husbandman, aged 66.  QSP/731/19  c1693

Manchester -- relief for Ralph Veres.  QSP/731/20  c1693

Bury -- assault by Adam Mather on Edmund Hill.  QSP/731/21  c1693

Newton -- habitation for Mary Hilton.  QSP/731/22  c1693

Marsden, Colne, Warrington, and Withington -- ? registration of houses as dissenters' meeting-places.  QSP/731/23  c1693

Manchester and Bedford -- Mr. John Billinge tries to persuade Richard Gardner, barber, to serve James II.  QSP/731/24  c1693

Manchester -- relief for Abraham Gartside.  QSP/731/25  c1693

Bolton -- relief for Thomas Berey.  QSP/731/26  c1693

Clifton -- reimbursement of John Hardman, surveyor of highways.  QSP/731/27  c1693

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1693.  QSP/732  [n.d.]

Caton -- relief for Jennett widow of Francis Parkinson, now rejected wife of Charles Huck of Hutton Roof, co. Westmorland  QSP/732/1  c1693

Calendar of Prisoners.  QSP/732/2  c1693

Egton-with-Newland and Colton -- repair of Penny-bridge.  QSP/732/3  c1693

Lancaster and Scotforth -- settlement of Thomas and Elizabeth children of John Towers, slater.  QSP/732/4  c1693

Oaths against transubstantiation.  QSP/732/5  c1693

Lancaster -- relief for John Russell prisoner for debt, who hath been a Commission Officer in Brigadeer Stewart's Regiment of Foot in Ireland."  QSP/732/6  c1693

Lancaster -- relief for George Heydonson of Hamburgh, who "came lately from Germany to Amsterdam in order to take Shipping for Ireland."  QSP/732/7  c1693

Related information: See QSP/736/3

Preston, Midsummer, 1693.  QSP/733  [n.d.]

Ribchester -- repair of Ribchester bridge.  QSP/733/1  c1693

Nateby -- registration of house of John Cartmell as Quaker meeting-place.  QSP/733/2  c1693

Euxton -- registration of Occleshaw barn, belonging to Thomas Waring of Eccleston, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/733/3  c1693

Garstang -- charges for keeping John Harryson, "a distracted person", in House of Correction.  QSP/733/4  c1693

Manchester and Clifton-with-Salwick -- settlement of Edward Porter.  QSP/733/5  c1693

Thornton -- assessment for repair of highways.  QSP/733/6  c1693

Samlesbury and Balderstone -- settlement of Ambrose Walton.  QSP/733/7  c1693

Mellor -- relief for Christopher Woods, husbandman.  QSP/733/8  c1693

Hothersall -- relief for James Glodell, husbandman, aged 80.  QSP/733/9  c1693

Woodplumpton -- repair of Rapley Lane.  QSP/733/10  c1693

Walton and Preston -- settlement of Mary wife of James Scholes.  QSP/733/11  c1693

Wharles -- relief for Mary widow of Thomas Lawson.  QSP/733/12  c1693

Euxton -- Bretherton and Greenhalgh -- settlement of Mary widow of Thomas Cardwell.  QSP/733/13  c1693

Euxton -- Bretherton and Greenhalgh -- settlement of Mary widow of Thomas Cardwell.  QSP/733/14  c1693

Grimsargh-with-Brockholes -- relief for John Moore, labourer.  QSP/733/15  c1693

Balderstone -- consents to settlement of Richard youngest son of Richard Waterhouse, decd.  QSP/733/16  c1693

Blackburn -- misdemeanours of Henry Dale, Sheriff's bailiff.  QSP/733/17  c1693

Hambleton -- repair of Poole bridge.  QSP/733/18  c1693

Poulton -- repair of highways.  QSP/733/19  c1693

Poulton -- repair of highways.  QSP/733/20  c1693

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1693.  QSP/734  [n.d.]

Westleigh -- maintenance of Lambert orphan of Richard Smethurst, by John Kighley, linendraper.  QSP/734/1  c1693

Hale -- relief for Catherine Addington, aged 70.  QSP/734/2  c1693

Brindle -- relief for Elizabeth Pilkington.  QSP/734/3  c1693

Winstanley -- relief for Mary Greene, widow.  QSP/734/4  c1693

Westleigh -- refusal of Mrs. Anne Mossock, coheir of Richard Urmston, esq., to pay highway assessment.  QSP/734/5  c1693

Skelmersdale -- apprenticeship of sons of Liddiah Crosse, widow.  QSP/734/6  c1693

Bickerstaffe and Ormskirk -- payment to Jane wife of Henry Barker, by Robert Taylor his tenant.  QSP/734/7  c1693

Leigh, and Over, co. Chester -- settlement of Jane Oarem.  QSP/734/8  c1693

Ormskirk -- bastardy of Mary Tyrer and John Draper.  QSP/734/9  c1693

Houghton -- habitation for Christopher Parker, husbandman.  QSP/734/10  c1693

Lowton -- relief for James Boydell, M.A., and clerk.  QSP/734/11  c1693

Huyton -- relief for Ellen Mercer of Wolfall Heath, widow.  QSP/734/12  c1693

Huyton -- relief for Ellen Mercer of Wolfall Heath, widow.  QSP/734/13  c1693

Lathom -- relief for Ann Morlle, widow, aged 79.  QSP/734/14  c1693

Withnell and Poulton-le-Fylde -- settlement of James Hewet.  QSP/734/15  c1693

Longton -- wrongful enclosure of Longton Moor by Richard Kerfoot, husbandman.  QSP/734/16  c1693

Longton -- likewise Richard Harrison, husbandman.  QSP/734/17  c1693

Standish and Coppull -- settlement of James Woodward.  QSP/734/18  c1693

Lathom and Burscough -- settlement of John Sephton, who paid William Bradshaw 6/- to teach him "the Art or Science of a Miller."  QSP/734/19  c1693

Winwick-with-Hulme -- refusals to make payments.  QSP/734/20  c1693

Wrightington -- repair of Robinson Brooke bridge.  QSP/734/21  c1693

Downholland -- apprenticeship of Dorothy daughter of Zachary Barrowe, and relief for Mary his wife.  QSP/734/22  c1693

Simonswood and Aughton -- settlement of Henry Nelson.  QSP/734/23  c1693

Atherton and Little Hulton -- settlement of William Dawson.  QSP/734/24  c1693

Halsall -- bastardy of Ann Staunton and Robert Seagar.  QSP/734/25  c1693

Kirkby -- bastardy of Margrett Harrison, widow, and Edmund Lidiate.  QSP/734/26  c1693

West Derby -- relief for Elizabeth Mawdesley, widow.  QSP/734/27  c1693

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Henry Goulding, labourer.  QSP/734/28  c1693

Melling -- habitation for Elizabeth Webster, widow.  QSP/734/29  c1693

West Derby -- habitation for Isabell Aspinwall.  QSP/734/30  c1693

Manchester, Midsummer, 1693.  QSP/735  [n.d.]

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/735/1  c1693

Blackley -- relief for Susan Jacques, widow.  QSP/735/2  c1693

Blackrod -- brief for Joshua Longworth.  QSP/735/3  c1693

Manchester -- habitation for Martha Pendlebury.  QSP/735/4  c1693

Butterworth -- habitation for Richard Hardman.  QSP/735/5  c1693

Pilkington -- registrations of new building as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/735/6  c1693

Newchurch-in-Rossendale -- relief for Robert Winterbotom, cobler.  QSP/735/7  c1693

Haslingden -- registration of house of Henry Kailley as Quakers' meeting-place.  QSP/735/8  c1693

Elton -- reimbursement of George Dearden, gent., overseer for repair of Cockey Moore Lane.  QSP/735/9  c1693

Bolton -- registration of house of Joseph Moxom as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/735/10  c1693

Tottington and Turton -- settlement of Richard Unsworth.  QSP/735/11  c1693

Pilkington -- apprenticeship of John Woolstenholme to Robert Kay, tailor.  QSP/735/12  c1693

Newchurch-in-Rossendale -- relief for Robartt Houldin.  QSP/735/13  c1693

Withington -- relief for Anne Birch, aged 85.  QSP/735/14  c1693

Manchester -- repair of Mill bridge.  QSP/735/15  c1693

Heap -- repair of Heape bridge.  QSP/735/16  c1693

Heap -- repair of Heape bridge.  QSP/735/17  c1693

Bedford -- good character of John Billinge, gent.  QSP/735/18  c1693

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1693.  QSP/736  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- abuses to prisoners, particularly Francis Jakson, by John Ellison, gaoler.  QSP/736/1  c1693

Lancaster -- abuses to Francis Balley by gaoler.  QSP/736/2  c1693

Lancaster -- conveyance of George Heydenson to Germany.  QSP/736/3  c1693

Related information: See QSP/732/7

Bolton-le-Sands -- bastardy of Frances Saule, servant, and Vollentine Ormerod of Burton-in-Kendall, co. Westmorland, gent.  QSP/736/4  c1693

Bolton-le-Sands -- bastardy of Frances Saule, servant, and Vollentine Ormerod of Burton-in-Kendall, co. Westmorland, gent.  QSP/736/5  c1693

Rochdale -- relief for Robert Colling, prisoner for debt.  QSP/736/6  c1693

Melling -- relief for Jane Wilson.  QSP/736/7  c1693

Halton -- relief for Thomas Charnley, aged 88.  QSP/736/8  c1693

----, ----, and Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- repair of High bridge, New bridge and Lyth bridge.  QSP/736/9  c1693

Tatham -- warrant for arrest of William Bond for non-production of certificate for Tatham Chapel.  QSP/736/10  c1693

Middleton -- William Mashites elected constable.  QSP/736/11  c1693

Ellel -- repair of highways.  QSP/736/12  c1693

Worsley -- abuse of Henerey Hope of Booths, prisoner.  QSP/736/13  c1693

Halton -- inability to arrest George Carus, gent.  QSP/736/14  c1693

Lancaster -- relief for prisoners.  QSP/736/15  c1693

Chorley -- relief for Mary widow of Robert Dicconson.  QSP/736/16  c1693

Lancaster -- relief for Lorance Parrsons, dyer, prisoner for debt.  QSP/736/17  c1693

Lancaster -- relief for John Russell, prisoner for debt.  QSP/736/18  c1693

Dalton-in-Furness -- relief for Thomas Fell of Hindpull, prisoner.  QSP/736/19  c1693

Dalton-in-Furness -- assault on Thomas Fell by Edward Banister, prisoner and tapster.  QSP/736/20  c1693

Preston, Michaelmas, 1693.  QSP/737  [n.d.]

Woodplumpton -- relief for Grace Wastecoate, widow, aged 80.  QSP/737/1  c1693

Little Eccleston -- erection of cottage on waste called Hay More, by John Brewer.  QSP/737/2  c1693

Whittingham -- relief for Elizabeth Dickenson.  QSP/737/3  c1693

Whittingham -- relief for Jane wife of Thomas Rogerson.  QSP/737/4  c1693

Penwortham and Haighton -- settlement of Henry Barton, cornmiller.  QSP/737/5  c1693

Bretherton and Greenhalgh -- settlement of Margret widow of Thomas Cardwell.  QSP/737/6  c1693

Bretherton and Greenhalgh -- settlement of Margret widow of Thomas Cardwell.  QSP/737/7  c1693

Bretherton and Greenhalgh -- settlement of Margret widow of Thomas Cardwell.  QSP/737/8  c1693

Livesey -- relief for Thom-as Morris.  QSP/737/9  c1693

Mearley -- presentments.  QSP/737/10  c1693

Pendleton -- presentments.  QSP/737/11  c1693

Accrington -- presentments.  QSP/737/12  c1693

Walton -- prejudice to highway by mill-fleam of Sir Charles Hoghton.  QSP/737/13  c1693

Walton -- prejudice to highway by mill-fleam of Sir Charles Hoghton.  QSP/737/14  c1693

Brockholes and Goosnargh -- Thomas Astley and William Award elected constables.  QSP/737/15  c1693

Ribchester -- relief for Roger Bislea.  QSP/737/16  c1693

Freckleton -- registration of land called Twelfolong as Quaker meeting-place and burial-ground.  QSP/737/17  c1693

Ribchester -- bastardy of Bridgett Dods and Henry Parkinson, labourer.  QSP/737/18  c1693

Haighton -- relief for Robert Greene, husbandman, aged 76.  QSP/737/19  c1693

Ribby-with-Wrea -- highway assessment.  QSP/737/20  c1693

Forton -- relief for John Fox, labourer, blind.  QSP/737/21  c1693

Samlesbury and Hoghton -- settlement of Ellen Livesay.  QSP/737/22  c1693

Chipping -- relief for Julian Parkinson, widow.  QSP/737/23  c1693

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1693.  QSP/738  [n.d.]

Atherton -- repair of Broad Brooke bridge.  QSP/738/1  c1693

Bedford -- habitation for William Hindley, "with the Kings evill which runeth in seaven holes in his members; and alsoe hath a rupture at the side of his belly."  QSP/738/2  c1693

Westleigh and Abram -- settlement of William Corleyes and Ann his wife.  QSP/738/3  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/13

Halewood and Widnes -- settlement of John Denton.  QSP/738/4  c1693

Ashton -- bad character of Samuell Jackson, bone-lace weaver.  QSP/738/5  c1693

Aughton and Simonswood -- settlement of Henry Nelson.  QSP/738/6  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/17

Hindley -- relief for Jane Ashworth, widow.  QSP/738/7  c1693

Winstanley -- relief for Jeames Ashton.  QSP/738/8  c1693

Great Crosby -- bastardy of Margery Bell, widow, and Thomas Fooler.  QSP/738/9  c1693

Worsley -- cattle-stealing in the demesne of Booths.  QSP/738/10  c1693

Scarisbrick -- charges for Margret Bimson.  QSP/738/11  c1693

Ulnes Walton -- bastardy of Ann Garstange and Lawrence Sharrock.  QSP/738/12  c1693

Westleigh and Abram -- settlement of William Corleyes and Ann his wife.  QSP/738/13  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/3

Westleigh and Abram -- settlement of William Corleyes and Ann his wife.  QSP/738/14  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/3

Widnes -- habitation for Ann wife of John Saulsburie of Farneworth.  QSP/738/15  c1693

Rainford -- assault on Isabel Savage, widow, by Thomas Worthington.  QSP/738/16  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/21

Aughton and Simonswood -- settlement of Henry Nelson.  QSP/738/17  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/6

Kirkby -- horses in field of Thomas Sephton.  QSP/738/18  c1693

Simonswood -- food-stealing by Mary daughter of Nicholas Rilands.  QSP/738/19  c1693

Bickerstaffe -- distraint from Henry Barker by Mr. Charles Davenport.  QSP/738/20  c1693

Rainford -- assault on Isabel Savage, widow, by Thomas Worthington.  QSP/738/21  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/16

Rainford -- trespass of James Tunstall in Dowglas Meadow, belonging to George Mather.  QSP/738/22  c1693

Houghton -- habitation for Christopher Parker.  QSP/738/23  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/28

Maintenance of Katherine Wilcock by John Cann her grandfather  QSP/738/24  c1693

Wheelton -- bastardy of Margery Melling and James Hodskinson  QSP/738/25  c1693

Wheelton -- relief for Elizabeth Herropp.  QSP/738/26  c1693

Standish -- dismissal by Margery Aspinall of Standish Wood, widow, of William Gaskell, her servant.  QSP/738/27  c1693

Houghton -- habitation for Christopher Parker.  QSP/738/28  c1693

Related information: See QSP/738/23

Upholland -- settlement of Edward Richardson and his wife Anne Aspinall.  QSP/738/29  c1693

West Derby -- relief for Elizabeth Mawdesley, widow.  QSP/738/30  c1693

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1693.  QSP/739  c1693

Bolton -- repair of Astley bridge and Windibanke bridge.  QSP/739/1  c1693

Oldham -- relief for Dorathy Leigh, widow.  QSP/739/2  c1693

Crumpsall -- payment of rent by Overseers to Alice Pendleton, widow.  QSP/739/3  c1693

Heaton -- differences between Ann Heaton and Raph her son.  QSP/739/4  c1693

Pendleton -- repair of highways.  QSP/739/5  c1693

Middle Hulton, and Prestbury, co. Chester -- settlement of James Browne alias Martin.  QSP/739/6  c1693

Turton and Tottington -- settlement of Richard Unsworth.  QSP/739/7  c1693

Westhoughton -- maintenance by James Browne, husbandman, of bastard of Ellin Greene.  QSP/739/8  c1693

Salford -- repair of highway called Brokenbanke.  QSP/739/9  c1693

Blackley -- relief for Susan Clegg.  QSP/739/10  c1693

Worsley -- maintenance of Ann Partington, aged 22, lame and dumb.  QSP/739/11  c1693

Little Lever -- non-repair of highway at the Bottome of Revenshore.  QSP/739/12  c1693

Rumworth -- relief for George Brown, "aflicted by the hand of God with great swelings and runings in his body."  QSP/739/13  c1693

Calendar of Prisoners.  QSP/739/14  c1693

Entwisle -- Roger Brendwood elected constable.  QSP/739/15  c1693

Breightmet -- bastardy of Frances Seddon and James Crompton.  QSP/739/16  c1693

Tottington -- Jeremiah Ainsworth elected constable.  QSP/739/17  c1693

Darcy Lever and Ainsworth -- settlement of Mary Bradley.  QSP/739/18  c1693

Blackrod -- maintenance of Richard Southart by John his son.  QSP/739/19  c1693

Tottington -- relief for Henery Ainsworth.  QSP/739/20  c1693

Birtle -- threats to Jonathan Chadwicke, clothier, by John Taylor, husbandman.  QSP/739/21  c1693

Middle Hulton -- relief for John Haugh, collier.  QSP/739/22  c1693

Blackrod -- relief for Adam Roscow.  QSP/739/23  c1693

Blackrod -- relief for Ellin Copland, widow.  QSP/739/24  c1693

Bradford -- relief for Matthew Jackson, linenwebster.  QSP/739/25  c1693

Bradford -- relief for Matthew Jackson, linenwebster.  QSP/739/26  c1693

Aspull -- relief for John Lee, labourer.  QSP/739/27  c1693

Pendleton -- habitation for Esther Cluworth.  QSP/739/28  c1693

Bury -- relief for George Allen.  QSP/739/29  c1693

Chipping -- repair of highway.  QSP/739/30  c1693

Nether Wyersdale -- bastardy of Thomas Johnson and Ellin Hayhurst.  QSP/739/31  c1693

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1693/4.  QSP/740  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- relief for Francis Jakson, prisoner for debt.  QSP/740/1  c1693/4

Lancaster -- relief for Simeon Wolfenden, informer against corners.  QSP/740/2  c1693/4

Lancaster -- relief for Abigail, deserted wife of George Townson, plaisterer.  QSP/740/3  c1693/4

Claughton -- over-assessment of Anthony Prockter.  QSP/740/4  c1693/4

Lancaster -- brief for Andrew Muggall, prisoner for 2 years for debt to Richard Reeder.  QSP/740/5  c1693/4

Lancaster -- Robert Arrowsmith, prisoner, desires to enlist.  QSP/740/6  c1693/4

Satterthwaite -- pasturage of common.  QSP/740/7  c1693/4

Scotforth and Lancaster -- settlement of John Towers.  QSP/740/8  c1693/4

Caton -- relief for John Troughton, blind.  QSP/740/9  c1693/4

Bolton -- reimbursement of Richard Jenkinson, constable, for conveying Samuel Freare to House of Correction.  QSP/740/10  c1693/4

Middleton -- relief for John Wilson.  QSP/740/11  c1693/4

Aldingham -- constableship of Leece.  QSP/740/12  c1693/4

Preston, Epiphany, 1693/4.  QSP/741  [n.d.]

Ribchester -- agreement for division of highways.  QSP/741/1  c1693/4

Haighton and Penwortham -- settlement of Henry Barton.  QSP/741/2  c1693/4

Brockholes -- habitation for Ralph Cowlbourne.  QSP/741/3  c1693/4

Samlesbury -- reimbursement of Edward Stainton for repair of highways.  QSP/741/4  c1693/4

Chipping -- maintenance by Margaret Hindley, widow, of John her grandson.  QSP/741/5  c1693/4

Hoghton and Samlesbury -- bastardy of Ellin Livesay and Mathew Moulden.  QSP/741/6  c1693/4

Pilling -- reimbursement of Edward Stanton for repair of Hole Poole bridge.  QSP/741/7  c1693/4

Rossendale -- relief for Elizabeth wife of Abraham Tattersall.  QSP/741/8  c1693/4

Myerscough -- relief for Robert Chester, aged nearly 80.  QSP/741/9  c1693/4

Newchurch-in-Rossendale -- relief for Robert Winterbothom, cobler.  QSP/741/10  c1693/4

Alston-with-Hothersall and Chipping -- settlement of George Sharples.  QSP/741/11  c1693/4

Alston-with-Hothersall and Chipping -- settlement of George Sharples.  QSP/741/12  c1693/4

Balderstone and Walton-le-Dale -- settlement of Richard Waterhouse.  QSP/741/13  c1693/4

Barton -- registration of house of William Cardwell, senior, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/741/14  c1693/4

Wigan, Epiphany, 1693/4.  QSP/742  [n.d.]

Hindley -- maintenance by Thomas Smith, fustianweaver of Katherin Edge, daughter of James Parkinson.  QSP/742/1  c1693/4

Upholland -- relief for William Makatearr.  QSP/742/2  c1693/4

Great Crosby and Orrell -- settlement of Thomas Parkinson.  QSP/742/3  c1693/4

Shevington -- relief for Margret widow of Alexander Latham.  QSP/742/4  c1693/4

Toxteth Park and West Derby -- settlement of Judith, deserted wife of Peter Park.  QSP/742/5  c1693/4

Burscough and Bretherton -- settlement of Richard Cilsha.  QSP/742/6  c1693/4

Lowton -- repair of Houghton bridge.  QSP/742/7  c1693/4

Atherton -- repair of Broad Brooke Bridge.  QSP/742/8  c1693/4

Manchester, Epiphany. 1693/4.  QSP/743  [n.d.]


Lancaster, Easter, 1694.  QSP/744  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- relief of debtor prisoners.  QSP/744/1  c1694

Lancaster -- relief for Richard Hodson, debtor prisoner.  QSP/744/2  c1694

Cockerham -- relief for Andrew Moogall, debtor prisoner at Lancaster.  QSP/744/3  c1694

Colton and Lancaster -- bastardy of Isabel Scales and Thomas Richardson, carpenter.  QSP/744/4  c1694

Dalton-in-Furness -- bastardy of Ann Brigge and John Whinnery.  QSP/744/5  c1694

Broughton-in-Cartmel and Allithwaite -- repair of highway from the Sands.  QSP/744/6  c1694

Preston -- repair of House of Correction.  QSP/744/7  c1694

Preston -- repair of House of Correction.  QSP/744/8  c1694

Overton and Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- repair of High Bridge, New Bridge and Lythe Bridge.  QSP/744/9  c1694

Lancaster -- Henry Johnes, treasurer for prisoners, wishes to resign.  QSP/744/10  c1694

Preston, Easter, 1694.  QSP/745  [n.d.]

Haighton and Broughton -- settlement of Thomas Clarkson and family.  QSP/745/1  c1694

Clitheroe -- registration of house of Richard Coulborne as Quaker meeting-place.  QSP/745/2  c1694

Goosnargh -- relief for Jenett Warbrecke, widow.  QSP/745/3  c1694

Bryning-with-Kellamergh -- Thomas Grimbaldeston appointed High Constable.  QSP/745/4  c1694

Balderstone and Elston -- maintenance by Jane wife of Robert Singleton, tailor, of bastard of Ann Singleton and Edward Brambell, yeoman.  QSP/745/5  c1694

Catterall -- Robert Baitson appointed High Constable.  QSP/745/6  c1694

Blackburn -- Randle Feilden appointed High Constable.  QSP/745/7  c1694

Burnley -- investigation of certain holdings for taxation.  QSP/745/8  c1694

Woodplumpton -- relief for Jane Caversley, widow, aged 86.  QSP/745/9  c1694

Walton-le-Dale -- swooning by Ellin Pendleton in Law Church.  QSP/745/10  c1694

Samlesbury -- relief for Ellen Pendleton.  QSP/745/11  c1694

Livesey -- relief for Thomas Morris, fustianweaver.  QSP/745/12  c1694

Haslingden -- registration of house of Henry Rawstorne as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/745/13  c1694

Nether Wyersdale -- relief for Oswald Winder, injured by falling off a horse.  QSP/745/14  c1694

Thornley and Lancaster -- payment for conducting John Leeminge to gaol.  QSP/745/15  c1694

Whittingham -- relief for Isabell Seede, widow.  QSP/745/16  c1694

Alston-with-Hothersall and Chipping -- settlement of George Sharples.  QSP/745/17  c1694

Kirkland -- habitation for John Funderinge, husbandman, soldier  QSP/745/18  c1694

Related information: see QSP/745/27

Barnacre-with-Bonds -- habitation for Isabell Labarah, widow.  QSP/745/19  c1694

Preston -- ill-treatment of Helen wife of John Hatch,carpenter.  QSP/745/20  c1694

Pleasington -- treatment by Henry Bateman of Manchester, for Thomas Livesey, with "a most dangerous fistula in his thigh".  QSP/745/21  c1694

Singleton -- jury-service of Richard Faylle.  QSP/745/22  c1694

Weeton-with-Preese and Warton -- settlement of Ann Benson alias Sharrocke.  QSP/745/23  c1694

Whittingham -- incontinent living of Ellisabeth Waringe, widow, and Thomas Clarkson.  QSP/745/24  c1694

Whittingham and Westhoughton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Waring and Christopher North, husbandman.  QSP/745/25  c1694

Upper Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre -- habitation for Henry Jackson.  QSP/745/26  c1694

Kirkland -- habitation for John Funderinge, husbandman, soldier  QSP/745/27  c1694

Related information: See QSP/745/18

Thornton -- jury-service of John Hebson, yeoman.  QSP/745/28  c1694

Preesall -- relief for James Forshaw, labourer, aged 62.  QSP/745/29  [n.d.]

Broughton -- relief for Richard Wilkinson, labourer, aged 67, blind.  QSP/745/30  c1694

Goosnargh -- settlement desired by Edward Weskoate.  QSP/745/31  c1694

Inskip-with-Sowerby -- settlement of Thomas Nutt of Crosmore and Ellin his wife. He wishes in the winter quarter "to mak to or three dusson of hats".  QSP/745/32  c1694

Ormskirk, Easter, 1694.  QSP/746  [n.d.]

Rainford -- relief for Mary Whittaker, widow.  QSP/746/1  c1694

Southworth-with-Croft -- settlement of Alice Penkiman.  QSP/746/2  c1694

Related information: see QSP/746/6

Halsall -- relief for Lidia, widow of John Fazakerley.  QSP/746/3  c1694

Ormskirk -- relief for Katherine wife of Roger Booth.  QSP/746/4  c1694

Worsley and Winstanley -- bastardy of Mary Southworth and Nathan Wood.  QSP/746/5  c1694

Southworth-with-Croft -- settlement of Alice Penkiman.  QSP/746/6  c1694

Related information: See QSP/746/2

Longton -- relief for Hugh Robinson.  QSP/746/7  c1694

Withnell -- relief for Richard Girlington.  QSP/746/8  c1694

Ormskirk -- relief for Jennet Eccleston, aged 80.  QSP/746/9  c1694

Burtonwood -- relief for John Heys and Grace his wife.  QSP/746/10  c1694

Formby -- settlement of Mary widow of Richard Richman and daughter of Lieut. Nickles.  QSP/746/11  c1694

Duxbury and Winwick -- settlement of Nathaniell Billinge and family.  QSP/746/12  c1694

Withnell and Wheelton -- settlement of Elizabeth Harropp.  QSP/746/13  c1694

Bretherton -- relief for Margaret Cardwell.  QSP/746/14  c1694

Mawdsley and Leyland -- settlement of William Tompson alias Stananaught and family.  QSP/746/15  c1694

Croston and Bretherton - repair of Lostocke Bridge.  QSP/746/16  c1694

Upholland and Standish-with-Langtree -- settlement of Daniel Bomber and family.  QSP/746/17  c1694

Allerton -- settlement of child called Ann Giles on William Dickinson, gent.  QSP/746/18  c1694

Langtree -- habitation for James Woodward.  QSP/746/19  c1694

Shevington -- relief for Margrat Lathom.  QSP/746/20  c1694

Bedford, Hindley and Westhoughton -- settlement of Simon brother of James and Edward Marsh.  QSP/746/21  c1694

Poulton-with-Fearnhead and Woolston-with-Martinscroft -- repair of Spittle Bridge.  QSP/746/22  c1694

Manchester, Easter, 1694.  QSP/747  [n.d.]

Blackrod -- statement by inhabitants that Roger Collier is not guilty of murder of Thomas Doodson, or arson.  QSP/747/1  c1694

Blackrod -- committal of Roger Collier to gaol.  QSP/747/2  c1694

Breightmet -- Abraham Bradshaw, fustianweaver, not able to be Overseer.  QSP/747/3  c1694

Moston -- relief for Anne Sandford.  QSP/747/4  c1694

Gorton -- habitation for Isabell Wright, widow.  QSP/747/5  c1694

Salford -- bastardy of Martha Shaw and Henry Duxbury.  QSP/747/6  c1694

Withington -- habitation for John Seddon, butcher.  QSP/747/7  c1694

Stretford -- repair of road between Crosseford Bridge and a lane near Old Trafford.  QSP/747/8  c1694

Heaton and Lostock -- settlement of John Hey and family.  QSP/747/9  c1694

Tottington -- relief for Elizabeth Bury, widow.  QSP/747/10  c1694

Salford -- habitation for Edward Boardman.  QSP/747/11  c1694

Reddish -- relief for John Nickolson.  QSP/747/12  c1694

Bolton and Wigan -- settlement of Alice Grundy.  QSP/747/13  c1694

Chorlton-upon-Medlock -- registration of Chorlton Chapel as dissenters' meeting-place disallowed.  QSP/747/14  c1694

A list of personal names.  QSP/747/15  c1694

Tonge and Little Bolton -- repair of Hicketford Bridge and Little Bolton Bridge.  QSP/747/16  c1694

Westhoughton and Westleigh -- statement of thefts by Ralph Seddon, Phillip Rigby and Richard Lee.  QSP/747/17  c1694

Warrington and Manchester -- sale of copper lace instead of silver lace by Edward Dawson to Mary Hatton.  QSP/747/18  c1694

Lostock and Westhoughton -- bastardy of William Pendlebery, fustianweaver, and Margret Bane.  QSP/747/19  c1694

Tottington -- registration of house of Edmund Isherwood as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/747/20  c1694

Crumpsall -- habitation for Hannah, deserted wife of James Woosencroft.  QSP/747/21  c1694

Manchester, Chadderton, Oldham, Blackley, Pendlebury, Worsley and Haslingden -- registration of dissenters' meeting-places.  QSP/747/22  c1694

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1694.  QSP/748  [n.d.]

Cartmel Fell -- registration of house of Miles Harrison of Blackholme as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/748/1  c1694

Gartmel Fell -- registration of house of Anthony Strickland the younger of Hartbarrough, as dissenters' meeting-place for John Carrington of Lancaster.  QSP/748/2  c1694

Dalton-in-Furness -- assessments for poor.  QSP/748/5  c1694

Botton and Tatham -- overseership of William Bateson, yeoman.  QSP/748/4  c1694

Aldcliffe -- relief for Margret White, blind.  QSP/748/5  c1694

Nether Kellet -- relief for Dorothy Nicholson.  QSP/748/6  c1694

Thurnham and Cockerham -- settlement of John Walker, carpenter, and Bridget his wife.  QSP/748/7  c1694

Preston, Midsummer, 1694.  QSP/749  [n.d.]

Preston and Goosnargh -- bastardy of Sarah Foulks and Thomas Darlington, carpenter.  QSP/749/1  c1694

Related information: See QSP/749/25

Preston and Goosnargh -- bastardy of Sarah Foulks and Thomas Darlington, carpenter.  QSP/749/2  c1694

Garstang -- reimbursement of Thomas Curtes, constable, for conveying Christopher Hartley to gaol.  QSP/749/3  c1694

Leyland and Walton-le-Dale -- settlement of William Aynscow.  QSP/749/4  c1694

Freckleton -- relief for John Hall, labourer.  QSP/749/5  c1694

Grimsargh -- relief for Robert Cowpe.  QSP/749/6  c1694

Walton-le-Dale -- cost of conveying Thomas Morris to gaol.  QSP/749/7  c1694

Garstang -- ill-behaviour of James Browne alias Denton, husbandman.  QSP/749/8  c1694

Claughton -- relief for Ellin Staynton, aged 87.  QSP/749/9  c1694

Samlesbury -- charges of Edward Stainton for repair of highways.  QSP/749/10  c1694

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Alice Thornley, widow.  QSP/749/11  c1694

Goosnargh -- relief for Edward Smith, labourer.  QSP/749/12  c1694

Rishton and Oswaldtwistle -- settlement of Henry Feilden.  QSP/749/13  c1694

Preston -- bastardy of Jennet Poole and Savile Radcliffe.  QSP/749/14  c1694

Habergham Eaves -- bastardy of Issabell Dobson and John Hindle, mason.  QSP/749/15  c1694

Colne -- bastardy of Mary Hartley and Joseph Robinson, carpenter.  QSP/749/16  c1694

Chatburn and Pendle -- bastardy of Anne Riley and John Baldwin of Outbancke, husbandman.  QSP/749/17  c1694

Chipping and Easington, co. York -- settlement of Ann Swinglehurst.  QSP/749/18  c1694

Woodplumpton -- constableship.  QSP/749/19  c1694

Barley-with-Wheatley Booth -- maintenance by John Read, tailor, of John his father.  QSP/749/20  c1694

Dutton -- repair of highway between Lamstones and Whitecross.  QSP/749/21  c1694

Ribchester with Dilworth -- repair of highway between the Stonedelf and Lambstones.  QSP/749/22  c1694

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- repair of highway between the head of Bird's Lane and Crawshawe.  QSP/749/23  c1694

Goosnargh -- repair of highway.  QSP/749/24  c1694

Preston -- bastardy of Sarah Foulks and Thomas Darlington, carpenter  QSP/749/25  c1694

Related information: See QSP/749/1

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1694.  QSP/750  [n.d.]

Shevington -- bastardy of Elizabeth Brewer and George Rogerson, servants to William Almond.  QSP/750/1  c1694

Ormskirk and Burscough -- bonds received by Thomas Spencer from Silvester S-utch, yeoman.  QSP/750/2  c1694

Little Crosby -- relief for James Davis.  QSP/750/5  c1694

Downholland and Ormskirk -- settlement of Peter and John, orphans of Peter Marsh.  QSP/750/4  c1694

Liverpool and Downholland -- settlement of Ann widow of Peter Marsh.  QSP/750/5  c1694

Scarisbrick -- clothes to be restored to Susan Sephton.  QSP/750/6  c1694

Ormskirk -- relief for Charles Rainford, glazier.  QSP/750/7  c1694

Sutton -- habitation for John Parpoynt on waste in Walkers Lane.  QSP/750/8  c1694

Halsall -- bastardy of Robert Ager and Ann Stanton.  QSP/750/9  c1694

Aughton -- relief for Margaret deserted wife of Robert King, by executor of Mr. Thomas Walsh, her father.  QSP/750/10  c1694

Prescot -- cost of amputation of hand of Edward Standish by Dr. Orme.  QSP/750/11  c1694

Warrington and Houghton, Middleton and Arbury -- settlement of John Warburton and Mary his wife.  QSP/750/12  c1694

Bispham -- repair of highways.  QSP/750/13  c1694

Wheelton and Withnell -- settlement of bastards of Elizabeth Horopp.  QSP/750/14  c1694

Ashton and Lathom -- settlement of Henry Swift.  QSP/750/15  c1694

Whittle-le-Woods and Billinge -- settlement of Thurstan Waterworth.  QSP/750/16  c1694

Kirkby -- registration of house of Henry Mercer as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/750/17  c1694

Bedford and Culcheth -- bastardy of Ellinor daughter of Elinor Mather, widow, and Adam Lyon.  QSP/750/18  c1694

Duxbury and Winwick -- settlement of Nathaniell Pilling.  QSP/750/19  c1694

Penketh -- wrongful taking of pewter and books by James Robbinson, constable.  QSP/750/20  c1694

Pemberton -- charges for conveying Elizabeth Huett to gaol.  QSP/750/21  c1694

Pemberton -- charges for conveying Ann Chaddock to gaol.  QSP/750/22  c1694

Burtonwood and Hindley -- settlement of Thomas and Elizabeth, orphans of John Elam.  QSP/750/23  c1694

Ulnes Walton -- relief for Margreat Stopforth.  QSP/750/24  c1694

Fazakerley -- relief for Lydia widow of John Fazakerley.  QSP/750/25  c1694

Tyldesley and Atherton -- settlement of Margret Biars.  QSP/750/26  c1694

Clayton and Samlesbury -- settlement of Joseph Nightgall.  QSP/750/27  c1694

Poulton-with-Fearnhead and Southworth-with-Croft -- settlement of Alice Penkethman.  QSP/750/28  c1694

Atherton -- rebuilding of Broadbrook bridge.  QSP/750/29  c1694

Ormskirk -- relief for Ellen Clarkson, widow.  QSP/750/30  c1694

Blackrod -- absconding of Henry Sharocke.  QSP/750/31  c1694

Blackrod -- absconding of Henry Sharocke.  QSP/750/32  c1694

Manchester, Midsummer, 1694.  QSP/751  [n.d.]

Lostock and Bolton -- settlement of Henrie Penington.  QSP/751/1  c1694

Related information: See QSP/751/27

Whittle-le-Woods and Clifton -- settlement of John Nabb and Isabel his wife.  QSP/751/2  c1694

Worsley -- relief of poor.  QSP/751/3  c1694

Westhoughton -- repair of highways.  QSP/751/4  c1694

Rumworth and Lostock -- settlement of John Heyes.  QSP/751/5  c1694

Manchester -- relief for Widow Knowles.  QSP/751/6  c1694

Little Hulton -- repair of road on Walkden Moor between Streetyate and Buckley Lane.  QSP/751/7  c1694

Westhoughton -- erection of cottage on Haughton Chappell Moore, by Robert Greene, innkeeper.  QSP/751/8  c1694

Westhoughton -- erection of cottage on Haughton Chappell Moore, by Robert Greene, innkeeper.  QSP/751/9  c1694

Warrington and Heaton -- settlement of Ann Manwareing.  QSP/751/10  c1694

Oldham and Saddleworth, co. York -- settlement of John Buckley.  QSP/751/11  c1694

Salford -- bastardy of Hannah Dickanson and Jonothan Dawson.  QSP/751/12  c1694

Tyldesley -- bastardy of Ann Marsh and John Arrowsmith.  QSP/751/13  c1694

Denton and Reddish -- settlement of William Booth.  QSP/751/14  c1694

Bastardy of Ellen Hoult and Mr. Nawman.  QSP/751/15  c1694

Manchester -- relief for James Lucas.  QSP/751/16  c1694

Blackley -- relief for Widow Nixson.  QSP/751/17  c1694

Manchester -- relief for Ralph Eyres, aged 70.  QSP/751/18  c1694

Thornham and Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of grandchild of Edmund Buckley.  QSP/751/19  c1694

Tottington -- relief for Alice Holte.  QSP/751/20  c1694

Bury and Walmersley -- licenses for houses of Samuel Wareing and of Marey Kay, widow, of Burrs.  QSP/751/21  c1694

Manchester -- relief for George Boys, aged 80.  QSP/751/22  c1694

Worsley -- attempt by John Tonge, fustian-webster, and Jane his wife to deprive Richard Collyer of the Pinfold Tenement.  QSP/751/23  c1694

Bradshaw -- relief for John Lummax, aged 70.  QSP/751/24  c1694

Bradshaw -- relief for William Crompton, injured in coalpit.  QSP/751/25  c1694

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/751/26  c1694

Lostock and Bolton -- settlement of Henrie Penington.  QSP/751/27  c1694

Related information: See QSP/751/1

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1694.  QSP/752  [n.d.]

Dalton-in-Furness -- bastardy of An Brigs and John Whinray.  QSP/752/1  c1694

Osmotherley -- maintenance by John Troughton of bastard as above.  QSP/752/2  c1694

Halton -- maintenance of Ellen, deserted wife of John Winterbottom of Aughton.  QSP/752/3  c1694

Bolton-le-Sands -- constableship of Richard Chapman.  QSP/752/4  c1694

Middleton -- relief for John Wilson.  QSP/752/5  c1694

Cockerham and Pilling -- settlement of William son of Thomas Clark, carpenter, who has married Jane daughter of William Johnes.  QSP/752/6  c1694

Related information: see QSP/752/11

Upper Holker -- relief for Jane Swainson of Greenbank.  QSP/752/7  c1694

Lancaster -- relief for Mary Dicconson, nee Ainsworth, debtor prisoner.  QSP/752/8  c1694

Market prices of salt.  QSP/752/9  c1694

Cantsfield and Preston -- memoranda concerning Greetoe Bridge and the House of Correction.  QSP/752/10  c1694

Cookerham -- settlement of William son of Thomas Clark, carpenter, who has married Jane daughter of William Johnes.  QSP/752/11  c1694

Related information: See QSP/752/6

Warrington and Bradford -- oaths of dissenting ministers.  QSP/752/12  c1694

Cotton -- nominations for constable.  QSP/752/13  c1694

Preston. Michaelmas, 1694.  QSP/753  [n.d.]

Goosnargh -- relief for Margret Garner, widow.  QSP/753/1  c1694

Nether Wyersdale -- settlement of Richard Sandom.  QSP/753/2  c1694

Wheatley Carr Booth -- payment of taxes.  QSP/753/3  c1694

Treales -- relief for George Crooke.  QSP/753/4  c1694

Fulwood -- repair of "the great Stoanbridge caled the Horsbridge".  QSP/753/5  c1694

Grimsargh - relief for Robert Cowpe, aged over 80.  QSP/753/6  c1694

Ramsgreave - settlement of Frances Steene.  QSP/753/7  c1694

Broughton - relief for Thomas Cambell.  QSP/753/8  c1694

Clayton and Samlesbury - settlement of Joseph Nightingale and family.  QSP/753/9  c1694

Claughton - maintenance by Thomas Barton of Hugh, Thomas and Alice, children of his deceased brother Hugh.  QSP/753/10  c1694

Mellor-with Eccleshill - wrongful arrest of Lawrence Collinson, butcher, by Mr.James Aspinall, attorney in Blackburne.  QSP/753/11  c1694

Pendleton - Abraham Crooke and Thomas Syley appointed constables.  QSP/753/12  c1694

Ramsgreave and Over Darwen - settlement of Mary Haslom of Over Darwen.  QSP/753/13  c1694

Chipping and Easington, co.York - settlement of Ann Swinglehurst.  QSP/753/14  c1694

Walton-le-Dale - good repair of Dick Lane and the road over the Brownedge.  QSP/753/15  c1694

Inskip-with-Sowerby and Warton - settlement of Richard Hesketh, husbandman.  QSP/753/16  c1694

Goosnargh and Upper Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre - settlement of Edward Wastcoat.  QSP/753/17  c1694

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1694.  QSP/754  [n.d.]

Warrington and Woolston-with-Martinscroft - good repair of highway between Woolston Milne Platt and Warrington.  QSP/754/1  c1694

Knowsley - highways in good repair.  QSP/754/2  c1694

Westleigh - repair of Barkers Bridge.  QSP/754/3  c1694

Skelmersdale - improper suggestions made at the water-mill by James Hurst, to Jane wife of Robert Smalshaw.  QSP/754/4  c1694

Adlington - relief for Robert Ashton, labourer.  QSP/754/5  c1694

Billinge - relief for an Wife of Olliver Barton "a prisoner in the Hall...... of Wigan".  QSP/754/6  c1694

Warrington and Sankey - good repair of Sankey Lane.  QSP/754/7  c1694

Westleigh - bastardy of Ann Dumbwell and John Hurst.  QSP/754/8  c1694

Ashton-in-Makerfield - apprenticeship of Henry Swift, aged 14, to Roger Lowe, whitesmith.  QSP/754/9  c1694

Standish - relief for Alice Wright.  QSP/754/10  c1694

Wheelton - ejection of Jeffray Taylor, husbandman, by Sheriff.  QSP/754/11  c1694

West Derby and Fazakerley - bastardy of Elizabeth Gibbins and Thomas Tyrer, husbandman.  QSP/754/12  c1694

Wigan - settlement of Henry Greenhalgh, miner.  QSP/754/13  c1694

Warrington - bastardy of Elizabeth Holebrooke and Peter Winstandley, pinmaker.  QSP/754/14  c1694

Ashton-in-Makerfield - relief for Emm Williamson, widow.  QSP/754/15  c1694

Eccleston-next-Croston - conveyance of Olliver Topping and Alice his wife to House of Correction.  QSP/754/16  c1694

Coppull - John Baldwin nominated constable.  QSP/754/17  c1694

Walton-on-the-Hill and Halsall - settlement of Robert Cowdocke.  QSP/754/18  c1694

Upholland and Rainford - settlement of Katherine Melling.  QSP/754/19  c1694

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1694.  QSP/755  [n.d.]

Manchester - relief for Ann, deserted wife of Patrick Gibbons.  QSP/755/1  c1694

Ashton-under-Lyne - bastardy of Elizabeth Harrison and Jonathan Delahay.  QSP/755/2  c1694

Newton, co.Chester. - maintenance of John son of Simeon Woolfenden by grandfather Lawrence Chetham.  QSP/755/3  c1694

Salford - bastardy of Hanna Dickonson and Jonathan Dawson.  QSP/755/4  c1694

Denton - repair of highways.  QSP/755/5  c1694

Little Lever - settlement of Martha Partington. Batterworth and Scammonden, co.York - settlement of Abraham Woolfenden and wife.  QSP/755/6  c1694

Bastardy of Ann Granton.  QSP/755/7  c1694

Salford - relief for Robert Baxter, husbandman, aged 70.  QSP/755/8  c1694

Bolton and Middle Hulton - settlement of Peter Wallworke and family.  QSP/755/9  c1694

Pendleton - relief for Robert Wallwork, husbandman.  QSP/755/10  c1694

Rumworth - relief for Elizabeth Heyes, wife of soldier.  QSP/755/11  c1694

Salford - relief for Edward Ouldham.  QSP/755/12  c1694

Thornham - relief for Edmund Wyld, husbandman.  QSP/755/13  c1694

Cowpe, Lenches - arrest of John Holt.  QSP/755/14  c1694

Tottington Higher End - collection by John Holt, churchwarden.  QSP/755/15  c1694

Tottington - relief for Edmund Barlow, aged 78.  QSP/755/16  c1694

Moston - habitation for John Key.  QSP/755/17  c1694

Irlam - assessment for new causeway at Caddishawe.  QSP/755/18  c1694

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1694/5.  QSP/756  [n.d.]

Broughton East -- continuation of imprisonment of Rowland Turner.  QSP/756/1  c1694/5

Whittington -- bastardy of Katherine Johnson.  QSP/756/2  c1694/5

Cockerham and Pilling -- need of bridge over Pilling Water.  QSP/756/3  c1694/5

Arkholme-with-Cawood -- wrongful relief for Anne Seeds, widow, aged 30.  QSP/756/4  c1694/5

Arkholme-with-Cawood -- wrongful relief to Thomas Barker, yeoman.  QSP/756/5  c1694/5

Westhoughton -- relief for John Lowe, tanner, prisoner for debt.  QSP/756/6  c1694/5

Westhoughton -- relief for John Lowe, tanner, prisoner for debt.  QSP/756/7  c1694/5

Lancaster -- relief for Robert Arrowsmith, prisoner who "hath had restraint and Chained to a Post the space of Ten weekes".  QSP/756/8  c1694/5

Lancaster --relief for Edward Holm, prisoner.  QSP/756/9  c1694/5

Halton -- surety by William Farrington, husbandman, for Thomas Carroll, dec'd.  QSP/756/10  c1694/5

Hornby -- repair of Loins bridge.  QSP/756/11  c1694/5

Pilling and Cockerham -- settlement of William Clarke.  QSP/756/12  c1694/5

Lancaster -- assistance for John Russell, prisoner for debt to pay.  QSP/756/13  c1694/5

Overton and Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- repair of High bridge, New Bridge and Lyth bridge.  QSP/756/14  c1694/5

Oxcliffe -- relief for Anne Hodgson, widow.  QSP/756/15  c1694/5

Preston, Epiphany, 1694/5.  QSP/757  [n.d.]

Samlesbury -- registration of house of Christopher Duckworth as Quakers' meeting-place.  QSP/757/1  c1694/5

Ribchester -- bastardy of Brichett Dodds and Henry Parkinson, badger.  QSP/757/2  c1694/5

Grimsargh -- registration of house of William Hall as Quakers' meeting-place.  QSP/757/3  c1694/5

Wilpshire -- registration of house of John Almond as Quakers' meeting-place.  QSP/757/4  c1694/5

Bolderstone and Ribchester -- settlement of Roger Walsh.  QSP/757/5  c1694/5

Bispham-with-Norbreck -- relief for Isabell Croskell, widow.  QSP/757/6  c1694/5

Whittingham and Bowland-with-Leagram -- settlement of Anne Bond, widow.  QSP/757/7  c1694/5

Walton-le-Dale and Balderstone -- settlement of Mathew Adcroft.  QSP/757/8  c1694/5

Wheatley Carr -- non-payment of assessments.  QSP/757/9  c1694/5

Newton-with-Scales -- relief for William Breckill, husbandman.  QSP/757/10  c1694/5

Chipping and Easington, co. York -- settlement of Ann Swinglehurst.  QSP/757/11  c1694/5

Nether Wyersdale and Inskip-with-Sowerby -- settlement of William Sandham.  QSP/757/12  c1694/5

Woodplumpton -- repair of highways in Catford and Bartell quarters.  QSP/757/13  c1694/5

Thornley -- charges of conveying John Leemeing to gaol.  QSP/757/14  c1694/5

Wigan, Epiphany, 1694/5.  QSP/758  [n.d.]

Penketh and Bold -- bastardy of Mary Fishwicke and Joseph Ellison.  QSP/758/1  c1694/5

Sankey and Penketh -- settlement of Mary, Jane and James, children of James andAnn Appleton.  QSP/758/2  c1694/5

Skelmersdale and Maghull -- settlement of Thomas Hewet alias Peele.  QSP/758/3  c1694/5

Walton and Liverpool -- settlement of Thomas son of Robert Johnson alias Jameson.  QSP/758/4  c1694/5

Aintree and Walton -- settlement of Thomas Johnson.  QSP/758/5  c1694/5

Skelmersdale -- slander by James Hurst against Jane wife of Mr. Robert Smalshaw.  QSP/758/6  c1694/5

Golborne -- relief for Ellen Cranke, widow.  QSP/758/7  c1694/5

Hutton -- abuse of Elizabeth Waring by John her husband.  QSP/758/8  c1694/5

Bedford -- relief for Katharin Howarth, widow.  QSP/758/9  c1694/5

Lydiate -- abuse of Overseer by Henry Haskeine, husbandman.  QSP/758/10  c1694/5

Melling and Kirkby -- settlement of Mary Guest and Margret her daughter.  QSP/758/11  c1694/5

Astley -- relief for Elizabeth Gatliffe wife of Thomas Rayde.  QSP/758/12  c1694/5

Newton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Joseph Gerrard, husbandman.  QSP/758/13  c1694/5

Ince and Parr -- settlement of Thomas Greenough.  QSP/758/14  c1694/5

Lowton -- repair of Houghton bridge.  QSP/758/15  c1694/5

Warrington -- relief for Joseph Loftus.  QSP/758/16  c1694/5

Treales and Dodley, co. York -- bastardy of Margaret Sharples and George Dawson.  QSP/758/17  c1694/5

Treales and Dodley, co. York -- bastardy of Margaret Sharples and George Dawson.  QSP/758/18  c1694/5

Upholland -- bastardy of Elizabeth Rigby and Richard Worthington.  QSP/758/19  c1694/5

Kenyon and Pennington -- settlement of William Rigby.  QSP/758/20  c1694/5

Chorley and Anglezark -- settlement of James Garstange.  QSP/758/21  c1694/5

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- relief for Ellin wife of Peter Greene, carrier, who "lost in horses fully £100".  QSP/758/22  c1694/5

Relief for Anne Hunt, widow, aged 80.  QSP/758/23  c1694/5

Over Darwen -- bastardy of George Townend, fustianweaver, and Mary Ellison.  QSP/758/24  c1694/5

Manchester, Epiphany, 1694/5.  QSP/759  [n.d.]

Over Hulton and Westhoughton -- settlement of John Smith.  QSP/759/1  c1694/5

Great Bolton and Little Bolton -- repair of Church bridge.  QSP/759/2  c1694/5

Moston -- habitation for John Key.  QSP/759/3  c1694/5

Spotland -- indemnity for settlement of John Lees of Woolstenholme Smithy, blacksmith.  QSP/759/4  c1694/5

Stretford -- relief for Ellin Hulme, prisoner at Lancaster  QSP/759/5  c1694/5

Blackley -- relief for Henry Clegg.  QSP/759/6  c1694/5

Pendleton -- relief for Anne Clayton, wife of soldier.  QSP/759/7  c1694/5

Heaton Norris -- maintenance of bastard by John Hopwoode.  QSP/759/8  c1694/5

Worsley and Manchester -- assessment of house of James Taylor, yeoman.  QSP/759/9  c1694/5

Tottington -- relief for Edmund Barlow.  QSP/759/10  c1694/5

Breightmet -- registration for house of Nathaniel Lomax as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/759/11  c1694/5

Manchester and Pendleton -- settlement of Pollett family.  QSP/759/12  c1694/5

Clifton -- relief for Anne Buckley, widow.  QSP/759/13  c1694/5

Manchester -- relief for Martha Pendbury, widow, aged 60.  QSP/759/14  c1694/5

Blackley -- bastardy of Anne Grantham and Joseph Consterdine.  QSP/759/15  c1694/5

Lancaster, Easter, 1695.  QSP/760  [n.d.]

Ashton-with-Stodday -- over-assessment.  QSP/760/1  c1695

Lancaster -- relief for Ellin Fielding, prisoner acquitted of infanticide.  QSP/760/2  c1695

Lancaster -- relief for William Coats, prisoner acquitted of vending of coin-clippings.  QSP/760/3  c1695

Worsley -- relief for Jane wife of John Tong, prisoners.  QSP/760/4  c1695

Melling-with-Wrayton -- relief for Jane Bland.  QSP/760/5  c1695

Slyne -- constableship of John Cawson.  QSP/760/6  c1695

Oxcliffe -- relief for Ann Hodgson.  QSP/760/7  c1695

Whittington and Bolton-le-Sands -- bastardy of Catherine Johnson and John Cole of Coate, gent.  QSP/760/8  c1695

Colton -- repair of Poole bridge.  QSP/760/9  c1695

Wray and Tatham -- new bridge over river Hyndburne.  QSP/760/10  c1695

Wray and Tatham -- new bridge over river Hyndburne.  QSP/760/11  c1695

Treales, and Dodley, co. York -- bastardy of Margaret Sharples and George Dawson.  QSP/760/12  c1695

Lancaster -- relief for Richard Croser, prisoner for debt.  QSP/760/13  c1695

Melling-with-Wrayton and Tunstall -- rebuilding of Greta bridge.  QSP/760/14  c1695

Lancaster -- repair of gaol.  QSP/760/15  c1695

Preston, Easter, 1695.  QSP/761  [n.d.]

Cowpe, Lench, etc., and Newchurch-in-Rossendale -- settlement of Sara Whittwham.  QSP/761/1  c1695

Pilling -- bastardy of Elizabeth Thornay and Thomas Threlfall  QSP/761/2  c1695

Tottington and Haslingden -- settlement of Lawrence Lord.  QSP/761/3  c1695

Claughton -- relief for Edward Reeder.  QSP/761/4  c1695

Wheatley Carr -- assessments.  QSP/761/5  c1695

Ashton -- relief for Ann Shorte.  QSP/761/6  c1695

Samlesbury -- relief for Ellen Pendleton.  QSP/761/7  c1695

Woodplumpton -- repair of highway between Whittle Hill and Blackepoule.  QSP/761/8  c1695

Samlesbury and Clayton -- settlement of Joseph Nightingale.  QSP/761/9  c1695

Freckleton and Newton-with-Scales -- settlement of Edward Nightingale.  QSP/761/10  c1695

Whittingham -- Edward Wareing elected High Constable.  QSP/761/11  c1695

Ribchester -- repair of New bridge.  QSP/761/12  c1695

Lancaster -- arrears for the castle.  QSP/761/13  c1695

Ormskirk, Easter, 1695.  QSP/762  [n.d.]

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- habitation on Mosley Common for Urian Cowper, nailor.  QSP/762/1  c1695

Mawdesley -- maintenance of bastard of Margret Sharples and George Dawson.  QSP/762/2  c1695

Atherton -- relief for James Meadowes, labourer.  QSP/762/3  c1695

Lathom -- relief for Elizabeth deserted wife of William Holland.  QSP/762/4  c1695

Lathom -- relief for Richard Coccett.  QSP/762/5  c1695

Ormskirk -- relief for Anne Stopforth, widow, aged 60.  QSP/762/6  c1695

Chorley and Anglezark -- settlement of James Garstang.  QSP/762/7  c1695

Wrightington -- settlement of Symon Keaquick.  QSP/762/8  c1695

Penketh -- habitation for Mary Fishwick.  QSP/762/9  c1695

Penwortham -- relief for John Shawe, milner.  QSP/762/10  c1695

Skelmersdale -- relief for Margery Lathom, widow.  QSP/762/11  c1695

Westleigh -- repair of Barker bridge.  QSP/762/12  c1695

Windle -- relief for Edward Byrom, labourer, carrier of tobacco-pipes.  QSP/762/13  c1695

Bedford -- relief for Katharin Howorth, widow.  QSP/762/14  c1695

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Thomas, Meadow.  QSP/762/15  c1695

Altcar and Ince Blundell -- repair of New bridge.  QSP/762/16  c1695

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- repair of bridges.  QSP/762/17  c1695

Simonswood -- relief for Ellen Rigby.  QSP/762/18  c1695

Rufford -- settlement of Thomas Hesketh, blacksmith.  QSP/762/19  c1695

Ormskirk -- relief for Anne wife of Henry Holland.  QSP/762/20  c1695

Wigan -- registration of barn of Margret Lathwaite at Scowes, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/762/21  c1695

Lathom -- bastardy of Ellen Fishwick and Charles Holland, husbandman.  QSP/762/22  c1695

Haslingden -- relief for Anne wife of Richard Cronkshaw, husbandman.  QSP/762/23  c1695

Manchester, Easter, 1695.  QSP/763  [n.d.]

Haughton -- relief for Mary wife of Edward Ashton, labourer.  QSP/763/1  c1695

Blackley -- bastardy of Ann Grantom and Joseph Costerdyne.  QSP/763/2  c1695

Eccles -- constableship of James Nichols.  QSP/763/3  c1695

Ardwick -- repair of Ardwick bridge.  QSP/763/4  c1695

Oldham -- relief for Dorathy Lees, widow.  QSP/763/5  c1695

Stretford and Urmston -- settlement of Samuel Jackson.  QSP/763/6  c1695

Prestwich -- relief for Jane Wallworke, wife of soldier.  QSP/763/7  c1695

Barton-upon-Irwell -- overseership of John Barlowe of Lostock.  QSP/763/8  c1695

Pilkington and Ainsworth -- settlement of John Aspinall.  QSP/763/9  c1695

Warrington -- sacrament certificate of William Barker, gent.  QSP/763/10  c1695

Blackley -- relief for Susan Cleg.  QSP/763/11  c1695

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1695.  QSP/764  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- relief for Edward Evens and his nephew Hugh Floyd, Welsh prisoners.  QSP/764/1  c1695

Cockerham -- relief for Thomas Reeder, husbandman.  QSP/764/2  c1695

Heaton -- repair of Lyth bridge.  QSP/764/3  c1695

Quernmore and Scotforth -- settlement of Timothy Mount.  QSP/764/4  c1695

Whittington -- relief for John Robinson of Docker, labourer.  QSP/764/5  c1695

Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- repair of High bridge and Lyth bridge  QSP/764/6  c1695

Lancaster -- repair of castle.  QSP/764/7  c1695

Preston, Midsummer, 1695.  QSP/765  [n.d.]

Newsham -- reimbursement of widow of Richard Ingham, constable.  QSP/765/1  c1695

Broughton -- costs "laid down".  QSP/765/2  c1695

Accrington -- habitation for John Grymshaw.  QSP/765/3  c1695

Broughton -- money owing to poor.  QSP/765/4  c1695

Nateby and Up Rawcliffe -- taxes of John Sharples.  QSP/765/5  c1695

Preston -- relief for Richard Blest, aged nearly 100.  QSP/765/6  c1695

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Joneny Eastham.  QSP/765/7  c1695

Preston -- repair of House of Correction.  QSP/765/8  c1695

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Jane wife of John Wrigley.  QSP/765/9  c1695

Walmersley and Elswick -- settlement of William Simkinson.  QSP/765/10  c1695

Walmersley and Elswick -- settlement of William Simkinson.  QSP/765/11  c1695

Newchurch-in-Pendle and Wheatley -- assessments.  QSP/765/12  c1695

Great Harwood and Wilpshire -- settlement of Antonie Hothersall.  QSP/765/13  c1695

Over Darwen and Entwisle -- settlement of Thomas Ainsworth.  QSP/765/14  c1695

Greenhalgh and Carleton -- settlement of Thomas Sandam and Alice his wife.  QSP/765/15  c1695

Out Rawcliffe and Inskip -- settlement of William Strickleton.  QSP/765/16  c1695

Burnley-with-Habergham Eaves, and Reedley Hallows -- settlement of Isabell Sclater.  QSP/765/17  c1695

Witton -- relief for Richard Barker, fustianweaver.  QSP/765/18  c1695

Inskip-with-Sowerby and Claughton -- settlement of William Wilding.  QSP/765/19  c1695

Marton and Bispham -- settlement of William Eastham.  QSP/765/20  c1695

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1695.  QSP/766  [n.d.]

Liverpool -- relief for Marrian Carey, labourer.  QSP/766/1  c1695

Warton and Great Hoole -- settlement of James Tomlinson.  QSP/766/2  c1695

Wrightington and Rainford -- settlement of Symon Keaquick.  QSP/766/3  c1695

Haydock and Parr -- repair of Blackbrook bridge.  QSP/766/4  c1695

West Derby and Melling -- settlement of John Mercer.  QSP/766/5  c1695

Liverpool --"the Seaflour, owner John Macke Mullen, mariner, "with 23 tunns rocksalt and 766 "bushels white-salt, taken by the French privateer La Bien Amie of St. Malo, captain Peirce Butler".  QSP/766/6  c1695

Liverpool --"the Supply Ketch, mate William Durning, with 1034 bushels salt of Mr. Peter Atherton, merchant, for Melford in Wales, taken by French Privateer of Brest, captains Richard Welsh and Thomas Formby, near St. Davids Head."  QSP/766/7  c1695

Hesketh-with-Becconsall and Bretherton -- settlement of Robert son of William Bolton.  QSP/766/8  c1695

Warton and North Meols -- settlement of Alice Hardman.  QSP/766/9  c1695

North Meols and Longton -- settlement of Thomas Thorpe.  QSP/766/10  c1695

Lathom -- relief for Mary Lathom, widow.  QSP/766/11  c1695

Houghton, Middleton and Arbury, and Fearnhead -- settlement of Margrett Higham.  QSP/766/12  c1695

Houghton, Middleton and Arbury, and Fearnhead -- settlement of Margrett Higham.  QSP/766/13  c1695

Great Crosby and Maghull -- settlement of Thomas Hawet and Peel his wife.  QSP/766/14  c1695

North Meols -- houses of William Rymmer, sen., and Thomas Brekills registered as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/766/15  c1695

Ormskirk -- relief for William Leadbetter.  QSP/766/16  c1695

Scarisbrick -- repair of Stock bridge over Mear brook.  QSP/766/17  c1695

Lathom -- relief for Thomas Whalley, aged 70, blind.  QSP/766/18  c1695

Atherton and Little Sankey -- settlement of Daniell Hattson.  QSP/766/19  c1695

Simonswood -- relief for Margrett Meadow, widow.  QSP/766/20  c1695

Scarisbrick -- relief for Elizabeth Harrison alias Oliverson.  QSP/766/21  c1695

Coppull -- William Taylor elected constable.  QSP/766/22  c1695

Penwortham -- maintenance of children of John Shawe.  QSP/766/23  c1695

Altcar and Scarisbrick -- settlement of Elizabeth Harrison alias Oliverson.  QSP/766/24  c1695

Ormskirk and Much Woolton -- settlement of Thomas Appleton and Mary his wife.  QSP/766/25  c1695

Pemberton and Coppull -- settlement of Jane Bentam, widow.  QSP/766/26  c1695

Pemberton and Upholland -- settlement of John Molinex.  QSP/766/27  c1695

Pemberton and Upholland -- settlement of John Molinex.  QSP/766/28  c1695

Lathom and Upholland -- settlement of Isabell Pilkington.  QSP/766/29  c1695

Longton -- relief for Katherine widow of Thurstan Parke.  QSP/766/30  c1695

Walton -- bastardy of Richard Henthorne, decd., and Dorothy wife of John Webster.  QSP/766/31  c1695

Chorley and Anglezark -- settlement of James Garstang.  QSP/766/32  c1695

Manchester, Midsummer, 1695  QSP/767  [n.d.]

Lists of voluntary enlistments.  QSP/767/1  c1695

Manchester -- relief for John Kay.  QSP/767/2  c1695

Rumworth -- relief for Mary, wife of Raph Carlill, soldier.  QSP/767/3  c1695

Tottington -- relief for Ann Earnshaw, widow, aged 82, blind.  QSP/767/4  c1695

Manchester -- relief for Elizabeth Pendleton.  QSP/767/5  c1695

Stretford -- relief for John Syddall, aged 80.  QSP/767/6  c1695

Blackley -- discharge of Ann daughter of John Grantham, imprisoned for bastardy.  QSP/767/7  c1695

Tottington -- relief for Richard Sutthworth, arm broken in coalmine on Duerden Moore.  QSP/767/8  c1695

Tottington -- relief for Thomas Gryme.  QSP/767/9  c1695

Ashton-under-Lyne, Oldham, and Worsley -- registration of houses of Henry Royle of Woodparke, Nathan Lomax of Oldham Lane, and John Lomax, as Quaker meeting-places.  QSP/767/10  c1695

List of voluntary enlistments.  QSP/767/11  c1695

Butterworth -- relief for Widow Taylor of Ogden.  QSP/767/12  c1695

Failsworth and Droylsden -- settlement of Jabes Moores.  QSP/767/13  c1695

Pendleton and Salford -- settlement of Mary Pollet, wife of soldier.  QSP/767/14  c1695

Anglezarke -- description of work in Spen mine.  QSP/767/15  c1695

Haulgh -- relief for Margaret wife of Thomas Smith, soldier in Flanders.  QSP/767/16  c1695

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/767/17  c1695

Pendlebury and Broughton -- repair of Eadgcroft bridge.  QSP/767/18  c1695

Barton-upon-Irwell -- accounts of overseers.  QSP/767/19  c1695

Ashton-under-Lyne -- bastardy of Phillip Walker and Margret Heyward.  QSP/767/20  c1695

Pilkington, Flixton and Clifton -- settlement of Jane Robinson.  QSP/767/21  c1695

Ainsworth and Kearsley -- settlement of John Aspinwall.  QSP/767/22  c1695

Salford -- registration of house of William Warren as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/767/23  c1695

Manchester -- registration of house of John Finch as dissenters meeting-place.  QSP/767/24  c1695

Ainsworth -- ejectment of Ester Bromilley, widow, from cottage on Cockey Moore by Ellis Walsh.  QSP/767/25  c1695

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1695.  QSP/768  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- wrongful continuance of imprisonment of Anne Fenton.  QSP/768/1  c1695

Lancaster -- charges of misbehaviour by the gaoler.  QSP/768/2  c1695

Lancaster -- charges of misbehaviour by the gaoler.  QSP/768/3  c1695

Lancaster -- charges of misbehaviour by the gaoler.  QSP/768/4  c1695

Lancaster -- charges of misbehaviour by the gaoler.  QSP/768/5  c1695

Whittingham -- ill-treatment of William Wall, gent., whose daughter married Richard Townley of Car, esq., a prisoner for debt.  QSP/768/6  c1695

Lancaster -- ill-treatment of Lawrence Ashworth and Robert Colling by the gaoler.  QSP/768/7  c1695

Lancaster -- similarly Edward Hollin.  QSP/768/8  c1695

Ellel -- relief for Jane Muckett.  QSP/768/9  c1695

Preston, Michaelmas, 1695.  QSP/769  [n.d.]

Preston -- reimbursement of Edward Osbaldeston, whitesmith, for work at House of Correction.  QSP/769/1  c1695

Related information: See QSP/769/2 and QSP/769/20

Preston -- reimbursement of Edward Osbaldeston, whitesmith, for work at House of Correction.  QSP/769/2  c1695

Related information: See QSP/769/1 and QSP/769/20

Whittingham -- relief for Thomas Clarkson, husbandman, one of whose daughters "was harboured by some of the Romish perswasion in the Towne of Haighton" and was drawn into a life of debauchery.  QSP/769/3  c1695

Related information: See QSP/769/19

Witton -- relief for Richard Barker.  QSP/769/4  c1695

Haslingden -- bastardy of Alice Rishton and Edmund Radcliffe.  QSP/769/5  c1695

Balderstone and Elston -- settlement of Richard Waterhouse.  QSP/769/6  c1695

Whittingham and Lancaster -- ill-treatment of William Wall, gent., by John Elison, gaoler.  QSP/769/7  c1695

Over Darwen and Lower Darwen -- settlement of Thomas Kenyon.  QSP/769/8  c1695

Catterall -- relief for Isobell Jonson, widow.  QSP/769/9  c1695

Whittingham and Goosnagh -- settlement of Thomas Darlington.  QSP/769/10  c1695

Preston -- relief for Robert Hall.  QSP/769/11  c1695

Goldshaw Booth and Ightenhill Park -- settlement of Ellin Hargreavs.  QSP/769/12  c1695

Nateby and Up Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre -- assessments.  QSP/769/13  c1695

Medlar-with-Wesham -- relief for Jenet Willasy, widow.  QSP/769/14  c1695

Preston -- relief for John Blaco.  QSP/769/15  c1695

Lea -- registration of house of Samuel Nyeld as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/769/16  c1695

Preston and Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Ribble bridge and Walton Cop.  QSP/769/17  c1695

Accounts for same.  QSP/769/18  c1695

Whittingham and Haighton -- relief for Thomas Clarkson, husbandman, one of whose daughters "was harboured by some of the Romish perswasion in the Towne of Haighton" and was drawn into a life of debauchery.  QSP/769/19  c1695

Related information: See QSP/769/3

Preston, -- reimbursement of Edward Osbaldeston, whitesmith, for work at House of Correction.  QSP/769/20  c1695

Related information: See QSP/769/1 and QSP/769/2

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1695.  QSP/770  [n.d.]

Burtonwood -- mortgage by Bryon Arrowsmith, husbandman, to John Woods, husbandman.  QSP/770/1  c1695

Wrightington -- bastardy of Elizabeth Bold, widow, and John Armitryding.  QSP/770/2  c1695

Related information: See QSP/770/22

Warrington -- relief for Sarah Pierson, aged 70.  QSP/770/3  c1695

Liverpool -- allegation by Henry Leadbeater, innkeeper, that Silvester Richmond, gent., "is a Comon Quarreler and perturber of the peace."  QSP/770/4  c1695

Kirkby -- repair of Blackbrook bridge.  QSP/770/5  c1695

Related information: See QSP/770/25

Coppull and Pemberton -- bastardy of Jane Bentham and John Orrell.  QSP/770/6  c1695

Kenyon and Pennington -- settlement of Elizabeth Ranicars.  QSP/770/7  c1695

Huyton and Roby -- repair of bridge.  QSP/770/8  c1695

Bretherton -- repair of Carrhouse bridge.  QSP/770/9  c1695

Culcheth -- relief for Ellen widow of Thomas Radcliffe.  QSP/770/10  c1695

Heath Charnock -- constableship of John Morris.  QSP/770/11  c1695

Account of money spent on Margaret Sharples and her bastard.  QSP/770/12  c1695

Chorley -- relief for John Marse, blacksmith.  QSP/770/13  c1695

Atherton -- relief for Henry Morrise, fustian weaver.  QSP/770/14  c1695

Lathom and Skelmersdale -- settlement of Isabel Bower.  QSP/770/15  c1695

Lowton -- relief for Elizabeth Houghton, widow.  QSP/770/16  c1695

Eccleston and Windle -- repair of bridge.  QSP/770/17  c1695

Culcheth -- maintenance by William Yate of child of Henry Shaw, soldier, in Ireland.  QSP/770/18  c1695

Longton and North Meols -- settlement of Thomas Thorp.  QSP/770/19  c1695

Scarisbrick -- relief for Margrett Fryer.  QSP/770/20  c1695

Fearnhead and Houghton -- settlement of Margaret Higham.  QSP/770/21  c1695

Wrightington -- bastardy of Elizabeth Bold, widow, and John Armitryding.  QSP/770/22  c1695

Related information: See QSP/770/2

Pemberton -- constableship of Thomas Naylor.  QSP/770/23  c1695

Bretherton -- maintenance by Thomas Thornton of Robert son of William Bolton.  QSP/770/24  c1695

Kirkby and Huyton -- repair of Blackbrook bridge; also repair of Highfield bridge.  QSP/770/25  c1695

Related information: See QSP/770/5

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1695.  QSP/771  [n.d.]

Ashton-under-Lyne and Droylsden -- settlement of Ann Sandiforth.  QSP/771/1  c1695

Blackley -- registration of house of Jeremiah Barlowe as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/771/2  c1695

Blackley and Crumpsall -- settlement of Joseph Clegg, husbandman.  QSP/771/3  c1695

Culcheth -- non-repair of highway.  QSP/771/4  c1695

Walmersley and Cheetham -- settlement of James Chaddock, husbandman.  QSP/771/5  c1695

Westhoughton -- erection of cottage on waste by Abraham Tong.  QSP/771/6  c1695

Pilkington and Oldham -- settlement of William Lees.  QSP/771/7  c1695

Relief for James Pendlebury.  QSP/771/8  c1695

Manchester -- habitation for Margrett Bowker.  QSP/771/9  c1695

Flixton -- relief for Elizabeth Lowe, widow.  QSP/771/10  c1695

Clifton -- settlement of Hester Boardman, widow.  QSP/771/11  c1695

Westhoughton -- relief for Jennet Leigh.  QSP/771/12  c1695

Gorton and Heaton Norris -- settlement of Thomas Bordman.  QSP/771/13  c1695

Manchester -- relief for John Worseley, son of Ellen Taylor of the Milgate, widow.  QSP/771/14  c1695

Manchester -- bastardy of Ellen Holt, widow, and Daniel Newman.  QSP/771/15  c1695

Manchester -- relief for Richard Barlow, husbandman, aged 65.  QSP/771/16  c1695

Heaton Norris -- bastardy of Martha Hopwood and John Boardman.  QSP/771/17  c1695

Heaton Norris -- bastardy of Martha Hopwood and John Boardman.  QSP/771/18  c1695

Blackley -- relief for Susan Clegge.  QSP/771/19  c1695

Quarlton -- Thomas Knowles, summoned to Sessions, is a trooper.  QSP/771/20  c1695

Manchester -- repair of house and barn of House of Correction.  QSP/771/21  c1695

Farnworth, Rumworth and Kearsley -- relief for Elizabeth wife of John Heyes.  QSP/771/22  c1695

Farnworth, Rumworth and Kearsley -- relief for Elizabeth wife of John Heyes.  QSP/771/23  c1695

Farnworth, Rumworth and Kearsley -- relief for Elizabeth wife of John Heyes.  QSP/771/24  c1695

Rainford -- relief for Shusan Gaskill, wife of soldier.  QSP/771/25  c1695

Heap and Hundersfield -- settlement of Jonathan Scolefield.  QSP/771/26  c1695

Blackley -- trespass by Peter Dawson, husbandman, on Blakeley Moss.  QSP/771/27  c1695

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1695/6.  QSP/772  [n.d.]

Hornby -- charity for poor housekeepers.  QSP/772/1  c1695/6

Hornby -- charity for poor housekeepers.  QSP/772/2  c1695/6

Cockerham -- apprentice put on John Sweetinge, husbandman.  QSP/772/3  c1695/6

Ashton-with-Stodday -- reimbursement of Thomas Troughton, yeoman, constable.  QSP/772/4  c1695/6

Heysham and Middleton -- settlement of Thomas Brown, husbandman.  QSP/772/5  c1695/6

Lancaster and Preston -- bastardy of Katherine Towers, widow, and Joshua Cirtes, gent.  QSP/772/6  c1695/6

Broughton-in-Furness -- registration of house of William Towers as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/772/7  c1695/6

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Robert Emley, labourer.  QSP/772/8  c1695/6

Lancaster -- relief for James Brindle, prisoner for debt.  QSP/772/9  c1695/6

Middleton -- relief for John Wilson.  QSP/772/10  c1695/6

Lancaster -- relief for Isaac Blackborn, prisoner.  QSP/772/11  c1695/6

Lancaster -- relief for Samuel Butterworth, prisoner, aged 62  QSP/772/12  c1695/6

Preston, Epiphany, 1695/6.  QSP/773  [n.d.]

Preston -- repair of House of Correction.  QSP/773/1  c1695/6

Fulwood -- relief for John Hodgkinson of Fullwood, labourer, aged 86.  QSP/773/2  c1695/6

Ribchester -- apprenticeship of Richard Cottam to William Granwood, husbandman.  QSP/773/3  c1695/6

Elston and Balderstone -- settlement of Richard Waterhouse.  QSP/773/4  c1695/6

Preston -- repairs, etc., at House of Correction.  QSP/773/5  c1695/6

Preston -- repairs, etc., at House of Correction..  QSP/773/6  c1695/6

Preston -- repairs, etc., at House of Correction..  QSP/773/7  c1695/6

Newchurch-in-Pendle -- relief of poor.  QSP/773/8  c1695/6

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Bamber bridge.  QSP/773/9  c1695/6

Broughton -- reimbursement of William Whittle, overseer.  QSP/773/10  c1695/6

Wigan, Epiphany, 1695/6.  QSP/774  [n.d.]

Kenyin and Pennington -- settlement of Elizabeth Raynikers.  QSP/774/1  c1695/6

Whiston -- relief for Ann Lawrenson, widow.  QSP/774/2  c1695/6

Halewood -- settlement of Thomas Bolton.  QSP/774/3  c1695/6

Bickerstaffe -- maintenance of Jane Barker from her husband's estate.  QSP/774/4  c1695/6

Haydock and Parr -- repair of Blackbrooke bridge and Arnoldraines.  QSP/774/5  c1695/6

Fearnhead -- repair of highway.  QSP/774/6  c1695/6

Hutton -- troublesome wife of William Read.  QSP/774/7  c1695/6

Rainhill -- maintenance of children by Margret Brears.  QSP/774/8  c1695/6

Cuerdley and Penketh -- settlement of William Heyes alias Jenkinson.  QSP/774/9  c1695/6

Downholland and Halsall -- settlement of Richard Blackledge.  QSP/774/10  c1695/6

Downholland and Lathom -- settlement of Thomas Arnold.  QSP/774/11  c1695/6

Bedford -- relief for Matthew Davenport.  QSP/774/12  c1695/6

Pemberton -- relief for Elin Anderton.  QSP/774/13  c1695/6

Hindley -- relief for Jane Ashworth, widow.  QSP/774/14  c1695/6

Repair of Hough bridge over the River Hough.  QSP/774/15  c1695/6

Walton-with-Fazakerley -- commitment of Robert Coldocke, linenweaver.  QSP/774/16  c1695/6

Manchester, Epiphany, 1695/6.  QSP/775  [n.d.]

Pilsworth -- habitation for Thomas Taylor, husbandman.  QSP/775/1  c1695/6

Great Bolton -- habitation for Thomas Berry.  QSP/775/2  c1695/6

Ashton-under-Lyne and Droylsden -- settlement of Ann Sandiforth.  QSP/775/3  c1695/6

Failsworth and Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of Joseph Savil  QSP/775/4  c1695/6

Astley and Pilkington -- settlement and bastardy of Susan Wadkinson.  QSP/775/5  c1695/6

Relief for Ather Kenelley.  QSP/775/6  c1695/6

Newton and Manchester -- settlement of John Key.  QSP/775/7  c1695/6

Newton and Manchester -- settlement of John Key.  QSP/775/8  c1695/6

Crumpsall -- relief for Mary Wroe, widow, aged 78.  QSP/775/9  c1695/6

Bolton -- relief for Thomas Berry, currier.  QSP/775/10  c1695/6

Ardwick -- relief for Joanna and Ann Davenport.  QSP/775/11  c1695/6

Worsley -- relief for John Charleses.  QSP/775/12  c1695/6

Manchester -- relief for Mary Baile, widow.  QSP/775/13  c1695/6

Duxbury and Bury -- settlement of John Knobb, collier.  QSP/775/14  c1695/6

Wrightington and Welch Whittle -- bastardy of Elizabeth Bould and John Armerydeing.  QSP/775/15  c1695/6

Lancaster, Easter, 1696.  QSP/776  [n.d.]

Middleton and Heysham -- settlement of George Charnocke, labourer.  QSP/776/1  c1696

Dalton-in-Furness -- repair of Holmsbeck bridge.  QSP/776/2  c1696

Dalton-in-Furness -- repair of Holmsbeck bridge.  QSP/776/3  c1696

Pennington -- repair of New bridge or Seadale Beck bridge.  QSP/776/4  c1696

Tunstall -- relief for Robert Barker, Dorothy his wife, Jennett Bush, and Elizabeth Wildeman.  QSP/776/5  c1696

Correct lists of freeholders required.  QSP/776/6  c1696

Borwick and Middleton -- settlement of John Wilson.  QSP/776/7  c1696

Heaton -- repair of Lyth bridge.  QSP/776/8  c1696

Heysham -- repair of fence.  QSP/776/9  c1696

Ulverston and Mansriggs -- settlement of Robert Kellett.  QSP/776/10  c1696

Lower Allithwaite -- brief for William and Thomas Holm, husbandman, loss by fire.  QSP/776/11  c1696

Lancaster -- relief for Henry Tonge, prisoner.  QSP/776/12  c1696

Lancaster and Skerton -- settlement of Richard Tompson, husbandman.  QSP/776/13  c1696

Preston, Easter, 1696.  QSP/777  [n.d.]

Samlesbury -- bastardy of Dorothy Bradshaw and William Brineing, miller.  QSP/777/1  c1696

Samlesbury -- bastardy of Dorothy Bradshaw and William Brineing, miller.  QSP/777/2  c1696

Preston -- salary of Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/777/3  c1696

Samlesbury -- relief for Ann Bradshaw, widow, aged 80.  QSP/777/4  c1696

Ralph Egerton desires assistance in being freed from constableship.  QSP/777/5  c1696

Colne and Heptonstall, co. York -- settlement of Henry Kersey and Ann his wife.  QSP/777/6  c1696

Haslingden -- repair of Holden bridge.  QSP/777/7  c1696

Spotland and Rossendale -- repair of Brandwood bridge over River Irwell.  QSP/777/8  c1696

Rossendale -- repair of Newhallhey bridge and Booth bridge.  QSP/777/9  c1696

Aighton and Bailey -- repair of Deane bridge.  QSP/777/10  c1696

Pilling -- fall of Pilling bridge.  QSP/777/11  c1696

Pilling -- fall of Pilling bridge.  QSP/777/12  c1696

Little Marton and Hardhorn-with-Newton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Whiteside and George Durram of Stayninge, husbandman.  QSP/777/13  c1696

Colne -- repair of Lanshaw bridge.  QSP/777/14  c1696

Colne and Paythorne, co. York -- settlement of William Coore  QSP/777/15  c1696

Layton-with-Warbreck -- constableship.  QSP/777/16  c1696

Twiston -- relief for John Hargreaves.  QSP/777/17  c1696

Out Rawcliffe and Tarnacre -- William Tompson and Hillary Ashton elected constables.  QSP/777/18  c1696

Lower Darwen and Eccleshill -- repair of Davidfield bridge.  QSP/777/19  c1696

Whittingham and Barton -- settlement of John Tipping.  QSP/777/20  c1696

Woodplumpton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Fidlar and William Crosse.  QSP/777/21  c1696

Woodplumpton Preston -- settlement of Margaret Gregory.  QSP/777/22  c1696

Preston -- governorship of House of Correction.  QSP/777/23  c1696

Ormskirk, Easter, 1696.  QSP/778  [n.d.]

Lathom -- bastardy of Ellen Fishwick and the son of Richard Holland.  QSP/778/1  c1696

Tarbock -- ill-behaviour of Thomas Bolton, husbandman.  QSP/778/2  c1696

Cuerdley and Penketh -- settlement of William Heys alias Jenkinson.  QSP/778/3  c1696

Related information: See QSP/778/11

Lathom -- relief for John Weastead of Neubrough.  QSP/778/4  c1696

Pemberton and Wigan -- repair of Adams bridge.  QSP/778/5  c1696

Fearnhead and Houghton -- repair of Houghton bridge.  QSP/778/6  c1696

Lathom -- relief for Richard Phiswick.  QSP/778/7  c1696

Kenyon and Lowton -- settlement of Sarah Taylor.  QSP/778/8  c1696

Chorley -- convictions of Joseph Leigh and David Sollom for swearing.  QSP/778/9  c1696

Sutton, Parr and Ashton-in-Makerfield -- settlement of Henry Spakeman.  QSP/778/10  c1696

Cuerdley and Penketh -- settlement of William Heys alias Jenkinson.  QSP/778/11  c1696

Related information: See QSP/778/3

Cuerdley and Penketh -- settlement of William Heys alias Jenkinson.  QSP/778/12  c1696

Related information: See QSP/778/3

Whiston and Tarbock -- repair of Chapel bridge.  QSP/778/13  c1696

Halsall -- relief for George Barrow and Ellen his wife.  QSP/778/14  c1696

Leyland -- Christopher Preston, Richard Wilkins and John Milner elected surveyors of highways.  QSP/778/15  c1696

Bickerstaffe -- assessment of improved land.  QSP/778/16  c1696

Maghull and Westleigh -- settlement of Henry Radcliffe and his wife Katherine Meadow.  QSP/778/17  c1696

Liverpool -- desertion of Thomas Patricke, ropemaker, from service of Thomas Tyrer, Richard Houghton and Partner, merchants.  QSP/778/18  c1696

Great Sankey and Ormskirk -- bastardy of Ann Goore.  QSP/778/19  c1696

Newton and Burtonwood -- settlement of Margret Morris.  QSP/778/20  c1696

West Derby -- repair of Stone bridge.  QSP/778/21  c1696

West Derby -- repair of Stone bridge.  QSP/778/22  c1696

Longton and Leyland -- bastardy of Richard Heald and Ellen Mayre.  QSP/778/23  c1696

Eccleston -- wrongful keeping of greyhound by Roger Higham, yeoman.  QSP/778/24  c1696

Ormskirk -- wrongful keeping of greyhounds.  QSP/778/25  c1696

Windle -- wrongful keeping of greyhounds by Thomas Atherton, yeoman.  QSP/778/26  c1696

Manchester, Easter, 1696.  QSP/779  [n.d.]

Salford -- relief for Alice Croswell.  QSP/779/1  c1696

Castleton -- relief for Alexander Woosenholme, aged 87.  QSP/779/2  c1696

Over Hulton -- relief for Margret Hindley.  QSP/779/3  c1696

Bury and Bamford -- bastardy of Ellin Smethurst and Richard Fenton, yeoman, decd.  QSP/779/4  c1696

Pendleton -- relief for Alice Bradshaw, with palsy.  QSP/779/5  c1696

Salford -- relief for Edward Boardman, labourer.  QSP/779/6  c1696

Little Lever -- overseership.  QSP/779/7  c1696

Blackley and Crumpsall -- settlement of "One Clegg."  QSP/779/8  c1696

Manchester -- relief for Ann Gibbons.  QSP/779/9  c1696

Manchester -- relief for Elizabeth Buckley, wife of soldier.  QSP/779/10  c1696

Tottington -- overseership.  QSP/779/11  c1696

Tottington -- sale of desk and books of Thomas Escolme, a stranger schoolmaster, to support his deserted child.  QSP/779/12  c1696

Tottington -- refund from relief to Anne Earneshaw, decd.  QSP/779/13  c1696

Blatchinworth and Calderbrook -- relief for wife of Andrew Rigge of Sladen.  QSP/779/14  c1696

Salford -- relief for Jane Widowes, widow, aged 94.  QSP/779/15  c1696

Worsley -- repair of highway at E. end of Wardley Lane.  QSP/779/16  c1696

Chorlton-on-Medlock -- repair of hedge.  QSP/779/17  c1696

Chadderton and Manchester -- alleged conversion to her own use by Elizabeth decd. wife of Isaac Jones, innkeeper, of money of John Travis, writing-master.  QSP/779/18  c1696

Rumworth -- relief for Elizabeth, deserted wife of John Hey.  QSP/779/19  c1696

Chorlton-on-Medlock -- relief for Richard Barrett.  QSP/779/20  c1696

Salford -- relief for Edward Boardman.  QSP/779/21  c1696

Astley and Pilkington -- settlement of Susan Watkinson.  QSP/779/22  c1696

Lostock -- maintenance by Peter Walkden, husbandman, of Mary daughter of his son Roger.  QSP/779/23  c1696

Salford -- viewers of Broken Bancke.  QSP/779/24  c1696

Worsley -- registration of house of William Whittle as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/779/25  c1696

Barton -- wrongful keeping of greyhounds.  QSP/779/26  c1696

Crompton -- theft from house of Susanna Edderley by Bonaventure Milnes  QSP/779/27  c1696

Rochdale -- theft from Woolshops.  QSP/779/28  c1696

Salford -- wrongful keeping of setters by Charles Booth and William Heskye, yeomen.  QSP/779/29  c1696

Manchester -- theft of purse in the Red Lion in the Hanging Ditch.  QSP/779/30  c1696

Oldham -- Thomas Ethrington swore oaths.  QSP/779/31  c1696

Harwood -- Robert Haslom, yeoman, keeps a setter unlawfully.  QSP/779/32  c1696

Manchester, May, 1696.  QSP/780  [n.d.]

Westby-with-Plumpton -- bad character of Robert Hall, husbandman.  QSP/780/1  c1696

Kearsley -- unlawful keeping of hand-gun by James Smith, yeoman.  QSP/780/2  c1696

Chadderton -- brief for Robert Whittaker, fustianweaver, loss by fire.  QSP/780/3  c1696

Mawdesley -- unlawful keeping of a gun by William Eckleston.  QSP/780/4  c1696

Pennington -- unlawful keeping of hand-gun by Thomas Johnson and Adam Greene, yeomen.  QSP/780/5  c1696

Newton-in-Makerfield and Wigan -- theft of flaxencloth by John Spencer, husbandman, from Thomas Johnson.  QSP/780/6  c1696

Haydock and Parr -- repair of Blackbrooke bridge and Arnoldraines.  QSP/780/7  c1696

Fearnhead -- repair of highways.  QSP/780/8  c1696

West Derby -- repair of Stone bridge.  QSP/780/9  c1696

Whiston -- repair of Chappell bridge.  QSP/780/10  c1696

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1696.  QSP/781  [n.d.]

Skerton -- relief for Issabell Boardley, widow, imprisoned at suit of John Robinson and Elizabeth his wife.  QSP/781/1  c1696

Overton -- relief for John Douthwayte, prisoner.  QSP/781/2  c1696

Halton -- relief for Ellen Winterbottom.  QSP/781/3  c1696

Middleton -- relief for John Willson.  QSP/781/4  c1696

Middleton -- relief for John Willson.  QSP/781/4  c1696

Middleton -- relief for John Willson.  QSP/781/5  c1696

Lancaster -- relief for Lawrence Heape, prisoner.  QSP/781/6  c1696

Lancaster -- arrears of taxes for poor prisoners.  QSP/781/7  c1696

Slyne -- John Vallance, travelling from Scotland to West Chester, robbed in highway.  QSP/781/8  c1696

Preston, Midsummer, 1696.  QSP/782  [n.d.]

Burnley -- non-payment of tithes.  QSP/782/1  c1696

Colne -- non-payment of tithes.  QSP/782/2  c1696

Foulridge -- bastardy of Mary Jackson and Richard Hargreaves husbandman.  QSP/782/3  c1696

Ingol and Cottam -- Lawrence Sharrock elected constable.  QSP/782/4  c1696

Bowland, co. York, and Chipping -- bastardy of Grace Wallbank and Robert Bradley, innkeeper  QSP/782/5  c1696

Altham and Huncoat -- bastardy of Ann Robinson and Nicholas Cunliffe, yeoman.  QSP/782/6  c1696

Marsden -- bastardy of Grace Symson and Edward Kippax.  QSP/782/7  c1696

Marsden and Barrowford -- bastardy of Ellizabeth Whittaker and John Hartley.  QSP/782/8  c1696

Ramsgreave and Mellor -- settlement of Edward Smith.  QSP/782/9  c1696

Chipping -- agreement to allow Alexander Shirburne relief in John Brabin's hospital.  QSP/782/10  c1696

Chipping -- agreement to allow Alexander Shirburne relief in John Brabin's hospital.  QSP/782/11  c1696

Nateby -- relief for Elizabeth Greenwood, wife of debtor prisoner.  QSP/782/12  c1696

Ightenhill Park and Filly Close -- settlement of Ellen Hargreaves.  QSP/782/13  c1696

Ribby-with-Wrea -- habitation for Robert Hall on the waste.  QSP/782/14  c1696

Goosnargh -- repair of White Lee Lane.  QSP/782/15  c1696

Garstang -- constableship of Mr. Pleasington and John Walmsley, popish recusants.  QSP/782/16  c1696

Wilpshire and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley -- settlement of John Evans.  QSP/782/17  c1696

Bryning -- certificate of attendance of Edward son of James Bradley at Kirkham church.  QSP/782/18  c1696

Kirkland and Catterall -- settlement of John Raby, tailor.  QSP/782/19  c1696

Whittingham -- assistance for son of Elizabeth Singleton, with king's-evil. to acquire learning so he may teach "schoole in the Countrey."  QSP/782/20  c1696

Heptonstall, co. York, and Colne -- settlement of Henry Kershaw.  QSP/782/21  c1696

Ribchester-with-Dilworth -- returns of constables.  QSP/782/22  c1696

Out Rawcliffe -- non-payment of tithes by Richard Coward, yeoman.  QSP/782/23  c1696

Out Rawcliffe -- non-payment of tithes by Richard Coward, yeoman.  QSP/782/24  c1696

Out Rawcliffe -- non-payment of tithes by John Townson, yeoman.  QSP/782/25  c1696

Out Rawcliffe -- non-payment of tithes by John Townson, yeoman.  QSP/782/26  c1696

Tockholes and Livesey -- settlement of Thomas Morres.  QSP/782/27  c1696

Haslingden -- relief for Ann Jackson.  QSP/782/28  c1696

Colne -- repair of Lanshaw bridge.  QSP/782/29  c1696

Preston -- bastardy of Robert Eccleston, and Elizabeth Porter.  QSP/782/30  c1696

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1696.  QSP/783  [n.d.]

Great Crosby -- habitation for Jenet wife of James Edgikar, soldier, and Elizabeth their daughter.  QSP/783/1  c1696

Bickerstaffe and Rainford -- bastardy of Elizabeth Low and Henry Lyon.  QSP/783/2  c1696

Lathom -- relief for Elizabeth Hollows.  QSP/783/3  c1696

Great Sankey -- bastardy of James Penketh and Ann Goar.  QSP/783/4  c1696

Great Sankey -- settlement of Anne Goore.  QSP/783/5  c1696

Bold and Burtonwood -- settlement of Margrett Morris.  QSP/783/6  c1696

Lathom -- relief for Peter Cadwell, labourer.  QSP/783/7  c1696

Lathom -- relief for Henry Gill.  QSP/783/8  c1696

Cuerden -- repair of bridge.  QSP/783/9  c1696

Ormskirk -- relief for Margrett Bartton, wife of soldier.  QSP/783/10  c1696

Burscough -- relief for Ellen Woodhouse, wife of soldier in Col. Brudenell's regiment.  QSP/783/11  c1696

Wigan -- relief for Ellen Prescot, wife of soldier in Col. Brudenell's regiment.  QSP/783/12  c1696

Leyland J.B. and Worsthorne -- settlement of John Husband.  QSP/783/13  c1696

Great Crosby -- certificate of attendance of Anne wife of Richard Westhead at Church.  QSP/783/14  c1696

Lathom and Dalton -- relief for Mary Halton, widow.  QSP/783/15  c1696

Lathom -- relief for Richard Phiswick, labourer.  QSP/783/16  c1696

Windle -- registration of St. Helens Chappell as dissenters' meeting-place, for James Naylor, clerk.  QSP/783/17  c1696

Billinge and Rainford -- settlement of Jane Bostock, widow.  QSP/783/18  c1696

Sutton -- relief for Peter Walker, labourer, loss by fire.  QSP/783/19  c1696

Sutton -- relief for Peter Walker, labourer, loss by fire.  QSP/783/20  c1696

Preston -- bastardy of Elizabeth Parker and Robert Eccleson, servant.  QSP/783/21  c1696

Lathom -- bastardy of Margaret Hesketh and Steaven Lam.  QSP/783/22  c1696

Rainford -- relief for pipemakers, owing to taxation.  QSP/783/23  c1696

Aughton and Halsall -- settlement of John Whitehead and Robert his son.  QSP/783/24  c1696

Howick, Ashton and Longton -- settlement of Ralph Eaves, smith.  QSP/783/25  c1696

Manchester, Midsummer, 1696.  QSP/784  [n.d.]

Aspull -- relief for Richard Grundy, labourer, aged 80.  QSP/784/1  c1696

Farnworth -- relief for George Boardman, aged 80.  QSP/784/2  c1696

Blackley -- relief for Alice Peake, widow.  QSP/784/3  c1696

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, Governer of House of Correction.  QSP/784/4  c1696

Rumworth -- relief for Jane Browne, widow.  QSP/784/5  c1696

Salford -- relief for Ellen Worrall.  QSP/784/6  c1696

Salford -- relief for Alice wife of William Creswell, dyer, pressed soldier.  QSP/784/7  c1696

Salford -- relief for Alice Bennett, aged 60.  QSP/784/8  c1696

Horwich and Aspull -- settlement of Jeremiah Rigby.  QSP/784/9  c1696

Horwich and Aspull -- settlement of Jeremiah Rigby.  QSP/784/10  c1696

Farnworth -- relief for William Farnworth, prisoner at Lancaster.  QSP/784/11  c1696

Lostock -- relief for Hennery Pennington.  QSP/784/12  c1696

Royton -- relief for Daniell Hilton.  QSP/784/13  c1696

Great Lever and Great Bolton -- settlement of Nathaniell Rothwell.  QSP/784/14  c1696

Great Lever and Farnworth -- settlement of Christopher Crosse.  QSP/784/15  c1696

Great Lever and Little Hulton -- settlement of Alice Morris widow.  QSP/784/16  c1696

Bradshaw -- relief for Mary Pilling, widow.  QSP/784/17  c1696

Radcliffe and Tonge -- settlement of William Davenport.  QSP/784/18  c1696

Elton -- bastardy of Dorithy Ramsbottom and Richard Bentley, blacksmith.  QSP/784/19  c1696

Failsworth and Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of Joseph Sevill.  QSP/784/20  c1696

Failsworth and Ashton-under-Lyne -- settlement of Joseph Sevill.  QSP/784/21  c1696

Ashton-under-Lyne -- composition by Robert Saxon, blacksmith, of "certaine Verses which seemed to Reflect upon the present Government."  QSP/784/22  c1696

Lancaster -- release of debtor prisoners.  QSP/784/23  c1696

Out Rawcliffe -- non-payment of tithes by Robert Butler, gent.  QSP/784/24  c1696

Turton -- detainer by John Butterworth, yeoman, of messuage of Thomas Russell.  QSP/784/25  c1696

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1696.  QSP/785  [n.d.]

Tunstall -- non-payment of tithes by Elizabeth Moore of Gaile, widow.  QSP/785/1  c1696

Lancaster -- relief or release of Rowland Turner, prisoner.  QSP/785/2  c1696

Thurnham -- relief for James Holden, aged 78.  QSP/785/3  c1696

Colne -- relief for Henery Blakey, prisoner.  QSP/785/4  c1696

Read and Sabden -- relief for John Whitehead, prisoner.  QSP/785/5  c1696

Lancaster -- distributions to poor prisoners.  QSP/785/6  c1696

Lancaster -- release of Denis Grundy, debtor prisoner.  QSP/785/7  c1696

Lancaster -- repair of bridges.  QSP/785/8  c1696

Skerton -- constableship.  QSP/785/9  c1696

Bulk-with-Aldcliffe -- relief for Ann Serjeant, widow.  QSP/785/10  c1696

Preston, Michaelmas, 1696.  QSP/786  [n.d.]

Freckleton -- refusal of Alice Sharples, widow, to pay tithes.  QSP/786/1  c1696

Freckleton -- likewise William Blackleach, husbandman.  QSP/786/2  c1696

Freckleton -- likewise John Johnson, husbandman.  QSP/786/3  c1696

Freckleton -- likewise Francis Colborne, husbandman.  QSP/786/4  c1696

Freckleton -- likewise William Browne, husbandman.  QSP/786/5  c1696

Freckleton -- likewise James Ireton, tailor.  QSP/786/6  c1696

Garstang -- maintenance of Robert son of Robert Redford, soldier.  QSP/786/7  c1696

Alston-with-Hothersall -- maintenance of daughter of Arthur and Easter Pillin.  QSP/786/8  c1696

Relief for William Lealand, joint executor with Edmund, Eccles of estate of Thomas Rogerson, decd.  QSP/786/9  c1696

Chipping -- relief for Alexander Shirburne.  QSP/786/10  c1696

Woodplumpton -- encroachment by Margret Willacy, widow, in Whitecross Lane.  QSP/786/11  c1696

Ightenhill Park and Marsden -- settlement of Ellin Hargreaves.  QSP/786/12  c1696

Barton and Broughton -- non-payment of rent to Thomas Clarkson.  QSP/786/13  c1696

Weeton -- relief for Margret Greaves, widow.  QSP/786/14  c1696

Relief for Dorothy, persecuted wife of Robert Bolton.  QSP/786/15  c1696

Ramsgreave and Mellor -- settlement of Edward Smith.  QSP/786/16  c1696

Dinkley and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley -- settlement of John Evans, gent.  QSP/786/17  c1696

Woodplumpton -- repair of Crowne Lane.  QSP/786/18  c1696

Clitheroe and Little Mitton -- theft from orchard of Mr. Hoult by John Overin.  QSP/786/19  c1696

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1696.  QSP/787  [n.d.]

Burtonwood -- relief for William Wakerfield.  QSP/787/1  c1696

Wheelton -- registration of house of Richard Jackson, tailor, called Brinscowes, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/787/2  c1696

Widnes -- maintenance of 3 grandchildren by James Welling, tanner.  QSP/787/3  c1696

Haigh and Blackrod -- bastardy of Jane Taylor and Thomas Stringer, husbandman.  QSP/787/4  c1696

Huyton and Tarbock -- maintenance of Alice Lawrenson, blind, with Robert, deceased husband of Ellenor Jonar.  QSP/787/5  c1696

Bickerstaffe and Rainford -- bastardy of Elizabeth Lowe and Henry Lyon.  QSP/787/6  c1696

Bold and Penketh -- bastardy of Joseh Eleyson and Mary Fishwick.  QSP/787/7  c1696

Bold and Penketh -- bastardy of Joseh Eleyson and Mary Fishwick.  QSP/787/8  c1696

Parr and Sutton -- repair of Bourdmans bridge.  QSP/787/9  c1696

Parr -- repair of Parr bridge.  QSP/787/10  c1696

Mawdesley and Bispham -- repair of Mill ditch.  QSP/787/11  c1696

Culcheth -- repair of highway between Standishstreet Yate and Holecroft Heath Yate.  QSP/787/12  c1696

Sutton -- constableship.  QSP/787/13  c1696

Bickerstaffe -- relief for Jane Barker from Henry her husband.  QSP/787/14  c1696

Bold -- bastardy of Alice Marsh and Isack Smethurst, soldier.  QSP/787/15  c1696

Dalton -- relief for William Hewit.  QSP/787/16  c1696

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1696.  QSP/788  [n.d.]

Rochdale and Hundersfield -- apprenticeship of Richard son of John Brearley, husbandman, to Raph Butterworth of Coldermoor, tailor.  QSP/788/1  c1696

Rochdale and Hundersfield -- apprenticeship of Richard son of John Brearley, husbandman, to Raph Butterworth of Coldermoor, tailor.  QSP/788/2  c1696

Rochdale -- apprenticeship of Isaac son of Peter Boulton, labourer, to James Howorth, lincie-weaver.  QSP/788/3  c1696

Butterworth -- apprenticeship of Thomas Chaddock, son of Grace Brearley, widow, to James Chaddock, woollen-webster.  QSP/788/4  c1696

Pendleton -- relief for Thomas Berry.  QSP/788/5  c1696

Tonge and Radcliffe -- settlement of William Davenport.  QSP/788/6  c1696

Manchester -- relief for Relph Worrell, labourer.  QSP/788/7  c1696

Rumworth -- relief for Edward Seddon.  QSP/788/8  c1696

Little Lever -- relief for Raph Partington, aged 80.  QSP/788/9  c1696

Rivington -- relief for Daniel Abbot.  QSP/788/10  c1696

Rivington -- relief for Daniel Abbot.  QSP/788/11  c1696

Salford -- relief for Edward Gathorne.  QSP/788/12  c1696

Aspull and Westhoughton -- settlement of Jeremiah Rigby.  QSP/788/13  c1696

Aspull and Westhoughton -- settlement of Jeremiah Rigby.  QSP/788/14  c1696

Prestwich and Alkrington -- collections by constables.  QSP/788/15  c1696

Relief for Ralph Bartenton.  QSP/788/16  c1696

Thornham -- relief for Edmund Wild.  QSP/788/17  c1696

Manchester and Salford -- apprenticeship of child of Elizabeth Law, widow, to Peter Johnson, breadmaker.  QSP/788/18  c1696

Clifton -- relief for Alice Attkinson, widow.  QSP/788/19  c1696

Failsworth and Blackley -- settlement of John Travis.  QSP/788/20  c1696

Castleton -- bastardy of Elizabeth Butterworth and James Wilson.  QSP/788/21  c1696

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1696/7.  QSP/789  [n.d.]

Ireby and Tatham -- settlement of Agnes Kirby.  QSP/789/1  c1696/7

Lancaster -- release from gaol of Thomas Manson, a Scotsman travelling to London, who fell sick at Chorley.  QSP/789/2  c1696/7

Ashton -- relief for Margaret Dickonson, widow.  QSP/789/3  c1696/7

Ashton -- relief for Agnes Prockter, widow, aged 60.  QSP/789/4  c1696/7

Colne -- relief for Henry Pickles, prisoner for debt, whose wife lies sick, at Cockerham.  QSP/789/5  c1696/7

Preston, Epiphany, 1696/7.  QSP/790  [n.d.]

Hardhorn-with-Newton -- relief for William Hoole, labourer.  QSP/790/1  c1696/7

Rishton -- relief for Thomas Baine, with King's-evil.  QSP/790/2  c1696/7

Osbaldeston -- assault on Edward Allison by Lawrence Abbott, yeoman, and Richard Heamondhalgh his servant.  QSP/790/3  c1696/7

Elswick -- non-payment of tithes by Thomas Tomblinson of Crossmore, yeoman.  QSP/790/4  c1696/7

Elswick -- nonpayment of tithes by Thomas Tombinson of Crossmore, yeoman, and Lydia his wife.  QSP/790/5  c1696/7

Burnley -- refusal of John Lee to serve constableship.  QSP/790/6  c1696/7

Euxton -- disorder in Euxton Chappell by Edward Farnworth and Henry Farrer, gents.  QSP/790/7  c1696/7

Bilsborrow -- constableship of George Eccles.  QSP/790/8  c1696/7

Hothersall -- relief for Ann Ratcliffe, widow.  QSP/790/9  c1696/7

Clitheroe -- bastardy of Ann Woan, widow, and Henry Bailey of the Hill, co. York, yeoman.  QSP/790/10  c1696/7

Mellor -- relief for Peter Ireland, webster, aged 80.  QSP/790/11  c1696/7

Chipping -- relief for Alexander Shirburne, gent., late of Woolfhowse.  QSP/790/12  c1696/7

Briefcliffe and Stansfield, co. York -- settlement of Henry Law.  QSP/790/13  c1696/7

Ribchester and Warrington -- settlement of Elizabeth Horne and Jane her daughter.  QSP/790/14  c1696/7

Kirkham -- constableship.  QSP/790/15  c1696/7

Westby-with-Plumpton and Lytham -- settlement of Thomas Guyn and Issabell his wife.  QSP/790/16  c1696/7

Westby-with-Plumpton -- "dreadful Conventicle of Papists att Westby Hall" complained of by Richard Clegge, vicar of Kirkham.  QSP/790/17  c1696/7

Preston -- theft of sheep by John Rawlinson.  QSP/790/18  c1696/7

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/790/19  c1696/7

Samlesbury -- repair of Samlesbury bridge.  QSP/790/20  c1696/7

Cottam -- property of wife of John Cowborne.  QSP/790/21  c1696/7

Wigan, Epiphany, 1696/7.  QSP/791  [n.d.]

Burtonwood -- theft by soldiers from Richard Gerard, innkeeper.  QSP/791/1  c1696/7

Much Hoole -- relief for Ellin Parks, widow.  QSP/791/2  c1696/7

Culcheth -- relief for Nicholas Berrie, labourer.  QSP/791/3  c1696/7

Brindle and Chorley -- bastardy of Margaret Wilkinson and James Lightollers, carpenter.  QSP/791/4  c1696/7

Scarisbrick and Formby -- settlement of John Shaw.  QSP/791/5  c1696/7

Penketh -- settlement of Alice Marsh.  QSP/791/6  c1696/7

Liverpool -- apprenticeship of Joseph son of John Story, watchmaker, to Robert Gorsuch, watchmaker.  QSP/791/7  c1696/7

Scarisbrick -- ejection of Joanna widow of William Johnson by Edward Johnson her stepson.  QSP/791/8  c1696/7

Whittle-le-Woods -- repair of Lostock bridge.  QSP/791/9  c1696/7

Whittle-le-Woods -- repair of Lostock bridge.  QSP/791/10  c1696/7

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- repair of Mosley bridge.  QSP/791/11  c1696/7

Standish -- relief for Roger Finch, prisoner at Lancaster,  QSP/791/12  c1696/7

Culcheth -- repair of Ackin Knowl bridge.  QSP/791/13  c1696/7

Bedford and Wrightington -- settlement of John Tickle and Jane his wife.  QSP/791/14  c1696/7

Ormskirk and Bickerstaffe -- non-payment of tithes.  QSP/791/15  c1696/7

Skelmersdale -- repair of highways.  QSP/791/16  c1696/7

Aughton -- relief for Jane Sumner, wife of debtor prisoners  QSP/791/17  c1696/7

Mawdesley -- repair of highways.  QSP/791/18  c1696/7

Standish -- relief for Richard Nicholson, prisoner for debt.  QSP/791/19  c1696/7

Manchester, Epiphany, 1696/7.  QSP/792  [n.d.]

Rumworth -- relief from fine of John Moncks for non-service on jury.  QSP/792/1  c1696/7

Rumworth -- relief from fine of John Moncks for non-service on jury.  QSP/792/2  c1696/7

Worsley and Barton -- over-assessment of Thomas Farnworth.  QSP/792/3  c1696/7

Bury -- relief for John Thorp, webster.  QSP/792/4  c1696/7

Blackley -- repair of highway,  QSP/792/5  c1696/7

Heaton and Horwich and Halliwell -- maintenance of Elizabeth Mekinson, aged 92.  QSP/792/6  c1696/7

Aspull -- relief for Thomas Cawsay.  QSP/792/7  c1696/7

Walmersley -- relief for John Taylor, husbandman.  QSP/792/8  c1696/7

Bolton -- relief for Henry Brooke, junior, weaver, with King's-evil.  QSP/792/9  c1696/7

Butterworth and Spotland -- settlement of James Butterworth, husbandman.  QSP/792/10  c1696/7

Rumworth -- relief for Henry Croole, labourer.  QSP/792/11  c1696/7

Tottington and Castleton -- bastardy of Ann Shore and Thomas Jackson.  QSP/792/12  c1696/7

Westhoughton -- maintenance by James Rigby, yeoman, of his son Jeremiah and family.  QSP/792/13  c1696/7

Barton-upon-Irwell -- repair of Worsley brook.  QSP/792/14  c1696/7

Little Hulton -- persecution by Husband of Parnell Brookes.  QSP/792/15  c1696/7

Todmorden -- bastardy of Genett Baron and Nicholas Ogden.  QSP/792/16  c1696/7

Manchester -- apprenticeship of Richard son of Ralph Baguley, plaisterer, to Charler Walker, tapeweaver.  QSP/792/17  c1696/7

Manchester -- apprenticeship of Richard son of Ralph Baguley, plaisterer, to Charler Walker, tapeweaver.  QSP/792/18  c1696/7

Middleton and Rochdale -- apprenticeship of Nathan son of James Taylor of Gorsalought to Thomas Hilton of the Butts, tailor.  QSP/792/19  c1696/7

Liverpool -- loss by Thomas Philips, master of the Providens, of 688 bushels 3qrs. 31bs. salt, belonging to Thomas Johnson, jun., merchant, by running on to a rock on the coast of Wales.  QSP/792/20  c1696/7

Rossendale -- ill-kept alehouse of Thomas Hudson  QSP/792/21  c1696/7

Lancaster, Easter, 1697.  QSP/793  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- maintenance by Thomas Smith, husbandman, and Alice his wife, of the bastard of Alice Overend and Joseph Curtis of Preston, gent.  QSP/793/1  c1697

Standish -- relief for Roger Finch, prisoner for debt.  QSP/793/2  c1697

Colton and Egton-with-Newland -- bastardy of Ellin Dodson and William Penny of Sparkbrigg, carpenter.  QSP/793/3  c1697

Heaton-with-Oxcliffe -- relief for Margaret Brathwait, widow.  QSP/793/4  c1697

Borwick -- repair of Borwick Milne bridge.  QSP/793/5  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Elizabeth Boulton, prisoner.  QSP/793/6  c1697

Preston, Easter, 1697.  QSP/794  [n.d.]

Tottington -- bastardy and settlement of Ann Shoar.  QSP/794/1  c1697

Related information: See QSP/794/18

Ribchester -- relief for John Dodds.  QSP/794/2  c1697

Ribchester -- relief for John Dodds.  QSP/794/3  c1697

Thornley -- relief for Thomas Townley.  QSP/794/4  c1697

Forton -- relief of poor.  QSP/794/5  c1697

Higham and Wiswall -- settlement of Isabell Hacking.  QSP/794/6  c1697

Newton -- relief for Ann Santer.  QSP/794/7  c1697

Higham and Wiswall -- settlement of William Booth.  QSP/794/8  c1697

Broughton -- relief for Thomas Clarkson.  QSP/794/9  c1697

Salesbury -- relief for Grace Park, widow.  QSP/794/10  c1697

Livesey -- relief for Alice Smith, wife of soldier.  QSP/794/11  c1697

St. Michaelas-on-Wyre -- costs concerning foundling.  QSP/794/12  c1697

Samlesbury -- relief for William Higginson.  QSP/794/13  c1697

Samlesbury -- relief for William Higginson.  QSP/794/14  c1697

Woodplumpton -- bastardy of Grace Billington and Robert Charnley of Theyves.  QSP/794/15  c1697

Chipping -- relief of Alexander Sherburne.  QSP/794/16  c1697

Bastardy of daughter of Anne Barton, and Mr. Richard Shuttleworth.  QSP/794/17  c1697

Rossendale and Tottington -- settlement of Ann Shore.  QSP/794/18  c1697

Related information: See QSP/794/1

Westby -- attempt to have child confirmed by a Popish Bishop.  QSP/794/19  c1697

Westby -- attempt to have child confirmed by a Popish Bishop.  QSP/794/20  c1697

Poulton -- relief for Robert Taylor, maltster to Jonathan Blackburne, esq. at Poulton kilne.  QSP/794/21  c1697

Ribchester -- relief for John Dodds.  QSP/794/22  c1697

Samlesbury -- relief for Elizabeth, deserted wife of Richard Ward, collarmaker.  QSP/794/23  c1697

Poulton and Hardhorn-with-Newton -- settlement of James Ryding and Alis his wife.  QSP/794/24  c1697

Goosnargh -- bastardy of Alice Sturzaker and Richard Harrison.  QSP/794/25  c1697

Ormskirk, Easter, 1697.  QSP/795  [n.d.]

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- repair of Mosley bridge.  QSP/795/1  c1697

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- repair of Mosley bridge.  QSP/795/2  c1697

Wrightington and Bedford -- settlement of John Tickle.  QSP/795/3  c1697

Wigan and Aspull -- settlement of John Taylor.  QSP/795/4  c1697

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- reimbursement of John Gillibrand, constable.  QSP/795/5  c1697

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- reimbursement of John Gillibrand, constable.  QSP/795/6  c1697

Rainford and Bolton -- non-payment of debt by Mary Wells, widow, to Thomas Sephton, tobacco-pipe maker.  QSP/795/7  c1697

Parr -- repair of Asecroft bridge.  QSP/795/8  c1697

Parr -- repair of Asecroft bridge.  QSP/795/9  c1697

Croft and Kenyon -- repair of Kenyon bridge.  QSP/795/10  c1697

Lathom and Dalton -- bastardy of Stephen Lamb, shoemaker, and Margrett Hesketh, widow, now wife of Henry Culshaw, labourer.  QSP/795/11  c1697

Kirkdale -- relief for John Dunstare, webster, aged 83.  QSP/795/12  c1697

Kirkdale -- relief for John Dunstare, webster, aged 83.  QSP/795/13  c1697

Astley and Hindley -- settlement of Elizabeth Winstanley.  QSP/795/14  c1697

Lathom -- relief for Elizabeth Spencer, widow.  QSP/795/15  c1697

Coppull -- cost of conveying Richard Pilkington to gaol.  QSP/795/16  c1697

Halewood -- registration of Gills Barn, belonging to Henry Harpar, as dissenters' meeting-place for Charles Lythgoe, minister.  QSP/795/17  c1697

Brindle and Chorley -- bastardy of Margret Wilkinson and James Lightowlers, carpenter.  QSP/795/18  c1697

Lowton -- relief for James Crouchley, labourer.  QSP/795/19  c1697

Ormskirk -- registration of house of Mrs. Elizabeth Heywood as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/795/20  c1697

Eccleston-near-Croston -- constableship of Richard Pemberton.  QSP/795/21  c1697

Manchester, Easter, 1697.  QSP/796  [n.d.]

Salford -- relief for Richard Broadbank.  QSP/796/1  c1697

Manchester -- relief for Samuel Boardman, linenweaver.  QSP/796/2  c1697

Salford -- relief for John Morton, aged 72.  QSP/796/3  c1697

Farnworth -- relief for Raph Tonge, husbandman.  QSP/796/4  c1697

Manchester -- reimbursement of Israell Eaton, grocer, Overseen  QSP/796/5  c1697

Rainford and Bolton -- debt of Mary Wells, widow, to Thomas Sephton, pipemaker.  QSP/796/6  c1697

Westhoughton -- Thurstan Gregory, nailor, deserter from Captain William Leigh.  QSP/796/7  c1697

Hundersfield and Shakerley -- settlement of Joseph Rigby.  QSP/796/8  c1697

Related information: See QSP/796/21

Colton -- registration of Rusland Hall as dissenters' meeting-place. Hornby -- registration of house of John Story, junior, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/796/9  c1697

Cliviger -- registration of house of John Hartley as dissenter's meeting-place.  QSP/796/10  c1697

Castleton and Middleton -- settlement of Richard Ouldham.  QSP/796/11  c1697

Barton and Flixton -- settlement of Elizabeth Newton, servant.  QSP/796/12  c1697

Manchester -- relief for Sarah daughter of Jacob Taylor of Crippleyate in Ratchdale parish.  QSP/796/13  c1697

Hundersfield -- registration of Beatingshaw Tower, the house of John Lord, clothier, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/796/14  c1697

Manchester -- registration of house of Edmund Lees, chapman, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/796/15  c1697

Rochdale -- registration of house in Yorkshire Street, late of Widow Kenion.  QSP/796/16  c1697

Rumworth -- relief for Elizabeth wife of John Hey, soldier.  QSP/796/17  c1697

Gorton -- relief for Samuel Fox.  QSP/796/18  c1697

Ashton-under-Lyne and Droylsden -- settlement of Elizabeth Mosse alias Tomlinson, widow.  QSP/796/19  c1697

Pilkington -- release from prison of William Steward, lunatic.  QSP/796/20  c1697

Hundersfield and Shakerley -- settlement of Joseph Rigby.  QSP/796/21  c1697

Related information: See QSP/796/8

Manchester -- marriage of Joshua Smith and Mary Tomlinson.  QSP/796/22  c1697

Hundersfield and Rossendale -- settlement of Anne Shore.  QSP/796/23  c1697

Tottington and Hundersfield -- settlement of Anne Shore.  QSP/796/24  c1697

Little Hulton -- wrongful charge of desertion by Capt. Leigh against John son of George Peake.  QSP/796/25  c1697

Castleton and Middleton -- settlement of Solomon Holroide.  QSP/796/26  c1697

Bury -- repair of Blakeworth and Bury bridge.  QSP/796/27  c1697

Castleton -- highway robbery from William Thomas of Penkle, co. Stafford, chapman.  QSP/796/28  c1697

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1697.  QSP/797  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- relief for Rowland Warriner, prisoner for debt.  QSP/797/1  c1697

Hawkshead -- non-payment of tithes.  QSP/797/2  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Robert Hind, prisoner for debt.  QSP/797/3  c1697

Hornby -- overseership.  QSP/797/4  c1697

Whittington and Kirkby Lonsdale, co. Westmorland -- settlement of Thomas Heviesides.  QSP/797/5  c1697

Pennington -- repair of New bridge.  QSP/797/6  c1697

Slyne -- constableship of Thomas Ofliffe, husbandman.  QSP/797/7  c1697

Skerton and Whittington -- settlement of John Crompton.  QSP/797/8  c1697

Arkholme-with-Cawood -- relief of poor.  QSP/797/9  c1697

Whittington -- relief for Thomas Nuby of Newton.  QSP/797/10  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Thomas Jackson, debtor prisoner.  QSP/797/11  c1697

Preston, Midsummer, 1697.  QSP/798  [n.d.]

Preston -- relief for Leonore, widow of Adam Bushell, gent.  QSP/798/1  c1697

Newsham -- bastardy of Ellen daughter of Ann Moone, and Robert Cross, husbandman.  QSP/798/2  c1697

Forton -- overseership of Edward Fox, yeoman.  QSP/798/3  c1697

Poulton and Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton -- settlement of Christopher Thornton.  QSP/798/4  c1697

Preston and Penwortham -- settlement of John Shaw, miller.  QSP/798/5  c1697

Catterall -- repair of Batesons Ditch and Angry Meadow Lane.  QSP/798/6  c1697

Preston -- stoppage of watercourse from Graddyll's Well to Brown Channell, by Ellen Cowell, widow.  QSP/798/7  c1697

Samlesbury -- relief for Elizabeth Harwood, widow.  QSP/798/8  c1697

Woodplumpton -- registration of house of James Baine as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/798/9  c1697

Haslingden -- bastardy of Elizabeth Hargreaves and Henry Hargreaves, husbandman.  QSP/798/10  c1697

Westby-with-Plumpton -- relief for James Rich.  QSP/798/11  c1697

Treales and Weeton -- relief for step-children of George Crooke.  QSP/798/12  c1697

Marsden and Newsome, co. York -- settlement of Ann Browne.  QSP/798/13  c1697

Mellor and Balderstone -- settlement of Henry Bushell, servant  QSP/798/14  c1697

Winmarleigh and Caton -- settlement of William Robinson.  QSP/798/15  c1697

Higham Booth and Wiswall -- settlement of Isabell Hacking.  QSP/798/16  c1697

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of highways.  QSP/798/17  c1697

Marton -- John Smaley elected constable.  QSP/798/18  c1697

Oswaldtwistle -- relief for John Skolefeild.  QSP/798/19  c1697

Burnley and Rossendale -- settlement of Issabell Airton.  QSP/798/20  c1697

Inskip-with-Sowerby -- relief for Ellen Clarke, widow.  QSP/798/21  c1697

Pleasington -- maintenance of Peter Ireland by John Osbaldeston his grandson.  QSP/798/22  c1697

Repair of Holinhead bridge.  QSP/798/23  c1697

Hardhorn-with-Newton Carleton -- settlement of Richard Forshaw.  QSP/798/24  c1697

Ribchester -- repair of Cakes bridge and Cunnery bridge.  QSP/798/25  c1697

Lea -- relief for Alice Brewer, widow.  QSP/798/26  c1697

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Joanna Eastham.  QSP/798/27  c1697

Whittingham -- relief for Alice Singleton, widow, aged 72.  QSP/798/28  c1697

Nateby -- persecution of William Cundell by Isabell Clarkson.  QSP/798/29  c1697

Preston -- relief for Ellen Graystock.  QSP/798/30  c1697

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1697.  QSP/799  [n.d.]

Euxton -- relief for Thomas Hall, aged 70.  QSP/799/1  c1697

Standish and Pemberton -- settlement of Michael Marsh, linenweaver.  QSP/799/2  c1697

Chorley -- settlement of Thomas Latham.  QSP/799/3  c1697

Burtonwood -- maintenance by John Barrow of Warrington, gent., of John Blunston, lunatic.  QSP/799/4  c1697

Haigh and Wigan -- settlement of William Belshaw, shoemaker.  QSP/799/5  c1697

Huyton -- repair of highway.  QSP/799/6  c1697

Billinge -- reimbursement of William Darbishire, overseer.  QSP/799/7  c1697

Leyland -- relief for Ellizabeth Atherton, widow.  QSP/799/8  c1697

Aughton -- maintenance by Ann Woosey, widow, of her grandchildren, children of George Caddicke, decd.  QSP/799/9  c1697

Lathom and Upholland -- settlement of John Sephton.  QSP/799/10  c1697

Liverpool -- loss by Thomas Phillipps, master of the Providence, of 643 bushels of salt belonging to Alderman Thomas Johnson, junior, by running upon a rock on the coast of Wales.  QSP/799/11  c1697

Aughton -- relief for Jane deserted wife of John Taylor.  QSP/799/12  c1697

Scarisbrick -- relief for Elizabeth Tasker, blind.  QSP/799/13  c1697

Standish -- arrest of Ann wife of Lawrence Baron, labourer, for non-payment to overseers of Eccleston.  QSP/799/14  c1697

Kirkdale -- relief for John Dunster.  QSP/799/15  c1697

Tarleton -- bastardy of Jennet daughter of Elizabeth Dandy widow, and Christopher Banister, esq., decd.  QSP/799/16  c1697

Longton and Much Hoole -- settlement of James Shackley and Margret his wife.  QSP/799/17  c1697

Inceblundell and Altcar -- repair of Alt bridge.  QSP/799/18  c1697

Prescot -- appointment of Nicholas Marshall, smith, and John Bradburne as overseers of the poor.  QSP/799/19  c1697

Hindley and Astley -- settlement of Elizabeth Winstanley.  QSP/799/20  c1697

Manchester, Midsummer, 1697.  QSP/800  [n.d.]

Hundersfield and Haslingden -- settlement of Anne Shore.  QSP/800/1  c1697

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, Governor of House of Correction.  QSP/800/2  c1697

Worsley and Clifton -- settlement of Mary wife of William Mason  QSP/800/3  c1697

Related information: See QSP/800/8

Worsley and Clifton -- settlement of Mary wife of William Mason.  QSP/800/4  c1697

Elton and Harwood -- settlement of James, Edward, William, Thomas, Ellen, Mary, Anne and Jane, orphans of James Pilling.  QSP/800/5  c1697

Barton -- habitation for Dorothea Gee, widow of soldier.  QSP/800/6  c1697

Ashton-under-Lyne -- relief for Ann Hyde, widow.  QSP/800/7  c1697

Clifton -- relief for Mary wife of William Mason.  QSP/800/8  c1697

Related information: See QSP/800/3

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley and Hundersfield -- settlement of Joseph Rigby.  QSP/800/9  c1697

Chadderton and Salford -- apprenticeship of John Scholefeild to George Assheton, tapeweaver.  QSP/800/10  c1697

Related information: See QSP/800/27

Shuttleworth -- churchwardenship of John Booth of Greenehill  QSP/800/11  c1697

Farnworth, Rumworth and Kearsley -- relief for Jane Brown.  QSP/800/12  c1697

Bury and Pilkington -- repair of Blakworth bridge.  QSP/800/13  c1697

Butterworth and Castleton -- settlement of Robert Chadwicke.  QSP/800/14  c1697

Salford -- relief for Robert Baxter, labourer.  QSP/800/15  c1697

Rumworth -- relief for Edward Seddon, husbandman.  QSP/800/16  c1697

Middleton and Castleton -- settlement of Richard Ouldham.  QSP/800/17  c1697

Oldham -- reimbursement of Henry Lyon of Leese Hall, overseer.  QSP/800/18  c1697

Manchester and Tong -- settlement of Joshua Kay.  QSP/800/19  c1697

Salford and Manchester -- settlement of John Curtis.  QSP/800/20  c1697

Prestwich and Alkrington and Tonge -- carting of soldiers.  QSP/800/21  c1697

Pilkington -- bastardy of Shusan Dawson and John Holland.  QSP/800/22  c1697

Winwick -- imprisonment of Jane Leech, widow, for "Incontinence and Lewd life".  QSP/800/23  c1697

Salford -- apprenticeship of Alice Shawcrosse to Richard Ashton, tapeweaver.  QSP/800/24  c1697

Calendar of Prisoners.  QSP/800/25  c1697

Blackley and Tottington -- theft by Elizabeth Holden from Thomas Ogden, fustianweaver.  QSP/800/26  c1697

Chadderton -- apprenticeship of John Scholefeild to George Assheton, tapeweaver.  QSP/800/27  c1697

Related information: See QSP/800/10

Relief for Mary Collinge.  QSP/800/28  c1697

Bolton -- wrongful pursuit of game, etc.  QSP/800/29  c1697

Worsley -- repair of Singley Browe.  QSP/800/30  c1697

Salford -- repair of the Broken Bank.  QSP/800/31  c1697

Westhoughton -- relief for Thomas Aspinall, husbandman.  QSP/800/32  c1697

Alston -- non-payment of tithe by William Norcross, husbandman, a Quaker.  QSP/800/33  c1697

Sutton and Sankey -- bastardy of Mary Chaddock and Randle Barns, sailor.  QSP/800/34  c1697

Blackley -- registration of the New Chappell as a dissenters meeting-place.  QSP/800/35  c1697

Lancaster, Michaelmas, 1697.  QSP/801  [n.d.]

Lancaster and Halton -- relief for Henery Leacke and Jane his sister, discharged prisoners for debt, to Robert Sturzaker, gent.  QSP/801/1  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Edward Gowden, prisoner.  QSP/801/2  c1697

Lathom -- relief for William Foster, debtor prisoner, a draper who had his shop broken into and £200 of goods stolen.  QSP/801/3  c1697

Repair of Holmebeck bridge.  QSP/801/4  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Elizabeth Rainshaw, prisoner.  QSP/801/5  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Sarah Brearley, prisoner.  QSP/801/6  c1697

Cartmel -- relief for Rowland Turner, prisoner.  QSP/801/7  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Thomas Jackson, prisoner.  QSP/801/8  c1697

Bulk-with-Aldcliffe and Singleton -- settlement of Ellen Coopland.  QSP/801/9  c1697

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Walton Copp and Ribble bridge. (Sheriffs' Table).  QSP/801/10  c1697

Borwick -- repair of Borwick Mill bridge.  QSP/801/11  c1697

Preston, Michaelmas, 1697.  QSP/802  [n.d.]

Report by the Clerk of the Peace on the practice in dealing with settlement cases.  QSP/802/1  c1697

Whittingham and Thornley -- settlement of Alice, widow of John Singleton.  QSP/802/2  c1697

Blackburn -- bastardy of Jane Cunliffe.  QSP/802/3  c1697

Blackburn -- bastardy of Jane Cunliffe.  QSP/802/4  c1697

Ightenhill Park and Pendleton -- settlement of John Sager, servant.  QSP/802/5  c1697

Out Rawcliffe and Stalmine-with-Stainall -- settlement of Henry Roskell, seaman.  QSP/802/6  c1697

Broughton, Goosnargh and Whittingham -- repair of highways.  QSP/802/7  c1697

Layton-with-Warbreck and Hardhorn-with-Newton -- settlement of Richard Forshoawe.  QSP/802/8  c1697

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Cann bridge.  QSP/802/9  c1697

Upper Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre -- overseership.  QSP/802/10  c1697

Whittingham -- relief for Thomas Threlfall.  QSP/802/11  c1697

Chatburn -- parish apprentices.  QSP/802/12  c1697

Westby-with-Plumpton -- relief for Lawrence Wadman, aged 60.  QSP/802/13  c1697

Dilworth and Ribchester -- money for attenders at Lancaster.  QSP/802/14  c1697

Alston and Hothersall -- parish apprentices.  QSP/802/15  c1697

Marton and Westby-with-Plumpton -- settlement of James Rich.  QSP/802/16  c1697

Samlesbury -- habitation for Elizabeth deserted wife of Richard Ward.  QSP/802/17  c1697

Samlesbury -- habitation for Elizabeth deserted wife of Robert Harwood.  QSP/802/18  c1697

Thornley -- counterfeiting by Hugh Charnley.  QSP/802/19  c1697

Rossendale and Burnley -- settlement of Isabell Symson.  QSP/802/20  c1697

Rossendale and Burnley -- settlement of Isabell Symson  QSP/802/21  c1697

Treales -- relief for George Crooks.  QSP/802/22  c1697

Dinckley and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- settlement of John Evans.  QSP/802/23  c1697

Dinckley and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- settlement of John Evans.  QSP/802/24  c1697

Dinckley and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- settlement of John Evans.  QSP/802/25  c1697

Singleton and Medlar-with-Wesham -- settlement of John Hornby.  QSP/802/26  c1697

Farington and Preston -- bastardy of Ellen Whitle and Jonathan Cawson, yeoman.  QSP/802/27  c1697

Ribchester and Preston -- bastardy of Jane Hayhurst and Roger Pilkington, "drawer of wine at the sign of the Anker".  QSP/802/28  c1697

Chatburn -- claim to land in dower by Dorothy Shiers, widow.  QSP/802/29  c1697

Osbaldeston and Balderstone -- assault by Richard Calvert, husbandman, on Jane wife of John Dewhurst, tanner.  QSP/802/30  c1697

Walton-le-Dale -- repair of Walton Copp.  QSP/802/31  c1697

Wigan, Michaelmas, 1697.  QSP/803  [n.d.]

Tyldesley -- repair of Hough bridge.  QSP/803/1  c1697

Tyldesley -- repair of Hough bridge.  QSP/803/2  c1697

Tyldesley -- repair of Hough bridge.  QSP/803/3  c1697

Astley -- repair of highway at ends of Ciss bridge.  QSP/803/4  c1697

Aughton -- relief for John Sumner, prisoner for debt.  QSP/803/5  c1697

Wigan -- habitation for Edward Pemberton, turner.  QSP/803/6  c1697

Wrightington -- repair of highway over Apley Moor.  QSP/803/7  c1697

Huyton -- relief for Ellenor Challenor, widow.  QSP/803/8  c1697

Ashton-in-Makerfield -- theft of cheeses by Hanna wife of Henry Lythgoe, whitesmith, from Henry Cranck, husbandman.  QSP/803/9  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Roger Finch, prisoner, at Lancaster.  QSP/803/10  c1697

Atherton -- relief for Henry Meanley.  QSP/803/11  c1697

Sutton -- constableship of Edward Holland, esq.  QSP/803/12  c1697

Hoghton -- habitation for Christofer Parker.  QSP/803/13  c1697

Rainford -- registration of house of James Bradshaw, called Worthingtons House, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/803/14  c1697

Houghton, Middleton and Arbury -- repair of highways.  QSP/803/15  c1697

Warrington -- assault by William Barker, gent., on John Becconsall of Lyme, co. Chester, gent., in the office of the Clerk of the Peace in Wigan.  QSP/803/16  c1697

Warrington -- assault by William Barker, gent., on John Becconsall of Lyme, co. Chester, gent., in the office of the Clerk of the Peace in Wigan.  QSP/803/17  c1697

Atherton -- relief for Margret Alred, whose son had been "Tutor and Gentleman" to Arthur, son of Henry, Duke of Beauford, and "Gentleman" to the Earl of Aylesbury.  QSP/803/18  c1697

Wrightington and Bedford -- settlement of John Tickle.  QSP/803/19  c1697

Aughton -- charges for conveying Samuell Hardcastle to gaol.  QSP/803/20  c1697

Cuerden -- repair of Stone bridge.  QSP/803/21  c1697

Culcheth -- habitation for Margret Gerrard.  QSP/803/22  c1697

Ince and Ashton -- apprenticeship of Henry Heskin to Edward Appleton, linenweaver.  QSP/803/23  c1697

Newton and Dalton -- settlement of Anthony Lea.  QSP/803/24  c1697

Warrington -- registration of house of Mr. Charles Owen as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/803/25  c1697

Rainford -- bastardy of Judith Grayson, widow, and Thomas Worden.  QSP/803/26  c1697

Standish -- relief for Margaret Rigby, aged 53.  QSP/803/27  c1697

Warrington -- habitation for Sarah Pierson.  QSP/803/28  c1697

Warrington -- habitation for Sarah Pierson.  QSP/803/29  c1697

Dalton and Bickerstaffe -- settlement of Henry Barker.  QSP/803/30  c1697

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1697.  QSP/804  [n.d.]

Barton -- relief for Dorothy, wife of John Gee, junior, soldier.  QSP/804/1  c1697

Rochdale and Manchester -- settlement of William Sheppard, son of Ellen wife of Edward Leigh.  QSP/804/2  c1697

Manchester -- over-assessment of John Gregson, innkeeper.  QSP/804/3  c1697

Manchester -- relief for Raph Thumpston, tapeweaver.  QSP/804/4  c1697

Cheetham -- highway charges of Captain Ilingworth.  QSP/804/5  c1697

Rusholme -- registration of houses of Mr. Ralph Worsley of Platt, and Oliver Edge, as dissenters' meeting-place. Bury -- likewise the house of John Leadbetter.  QSP/804/6  c1697

Manchester -- relief for Robert Blomiley.  QSP/804/7  c1697

Haulgh -- habitation for James Tonge.  QSP/804/8  c1697

Chadderton and Alkrington -- settlement of James Ogden.  QSP/804/9  c1697

Worsley and Ainsworth -- bastardy of Mary Berrie of Swinton, and William Greenhaltch, husbandman.  QSP/804/10  c1697

Tyldesley-with-Shakerley and Hundersfield -- settlement of Joseph Rigby.  QSP/804/11  c1697

Moston -- relief for Jane Thorpe, widow.  QSP/804/12  c1697

Lancaster -- relief for Richard Nicholson, prisoner.  QSP/804/13  c1697

Eccles -- over-taxation for windows of Richard Knight, webster.  QSP/804/14  c1697

Pilkington -- likewise Elizabeth Whittaker, widow.  QSP/804/15  c1697

Manchester -- likewise Richard Seddon, clothworker.  QSP/804/16  c1697

Clifton-with-Salwick -- repair of highway.  QSP/804/17  c1697

Samlesbury and Hoghton -- settlement of Christopher Parker.  QSP/804/18  c1697

Eccleston -- highway assessment.  QSP/804/19  c1697

Eccleston -- highway assessment.  QSP/804/20  c1697

Lancaster, Epiphany, 1697/8,  QSP/805  [n.d.]

Broughton East -- brief for Edward Moorecroft of Grange, mariner, loss by fire.  QSP/805/1  c1697/8

Singleton and Bulk-with-Aldcliffe -- settlement of Ellen Copeland.  QSP/805/2  c1697/8

Blackburn -- relief for Oliver Bolton, prisoner for debt.  QSP/805/3  c1697/8

Lancaster -- relief for Joseph Armitage and Mary his wife, prisoners.  QSP/805/4  c1697/8

Lancaster -- relief for Benjamin Pidgett, prisoner for debt.  QSP/805/5  c1697/8

Ashton -- relief for Margret Dicconson.  QSP/805/6  c1697/8

Ashton -- relief for Margret Dicconson.  QSP/805/7  c1697/8

Warton -- relief for Margerett Attkinson, widow, aged 89.  QSP/805/8  c1697/8

Lancaster -- relief for Robert Saxon, prisoner.  QSP/805/9  c1697/8

Bolton-le-Sands -- non-payment of taxes by John Sparke, vicar.  QSP/805/10  c1697/8

Burrow-with-Burrow -- repair of highway.  QSP/805/11  c1697/8

Preston, Epiphany, 1697/8.  QSP/806  [n.d.]

Little Harwood and Blackburn -- repair of bridge.  QSP/806/1  c1697/8

Treales, Wharles and Roseacre, and Weeton-with-Preese -- settlement of George Crook, labourer.  QSP/806/2  c1697/8

Treales, Wharles and Roseacre, and Weeton-with-Preese -- settlement of George Crook, labourer.  QSP/806/3  c1697/8

Blackburn -- assessments for poor.  QSP/806/4  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/800/31

Ribchester -- relief for John Seed, husbandman, aged 74.  QSP/806/5  c1697/8

Inskip-with-Sowerby -- relief for Jennet Sandum, widow.  QSP/806/6  c1697/8

Blackburn -- apprenticeship of William Brierley to Richard Rawcliffe, thrower.  QSP/806/7  c1697/8

Wilpshire-with-Dinckley and Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- settlement of John Evans.  QSP/806/8  c1697/8

Treales -- relief for Edward Archer.  QSP/806/9  c1697/8

Clitheroe -- repair of Idsford bridge.  QSP/806/10  c1697/8

Whittingham -- relief for Alice Singleton, widow.  QSP/806/11  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/806/18

Lytham -- relief for Jane Smith.  QSP/806/12  c1697/8

Chatburn -- relief for Thomas Parkinson.  QSP/806/13  c1697/8

Clayton-le-Dale -- apprenticeship of Robert Calvert.  QSP/806/14  c1697/8

Marton and Lytham -- bastardy of Margaret Wilden and John son of John Colly, decd.  QSP/806/15  c1697/8

Marton -- relief for deserted children of James Piper.  QSP/806/16  c1697/8

Hardhorn-with-Newton and Layton-with-Warbreck -- settlement of Richard Forshaw.  QSP/806/17  c1697/8

Whittingham -- relief for Alice Singleton, widow.  QSP/806/18  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/806/11

Woodplumpton -- relief for Edward Chew.  QSP/806/19  c1697/8

Ribchester -- relief for Anne Osbaldeston, widow, turned out of school where she has taught for 26 years.  QSP/806/20  c1697/8

Lytham -- relief for John Stanley, whose permit to sell pots and glasses is out of date.  QSP/806/21  c1697/8

Broughton -- repair of highway.  QSP/806/22  c1697/8

Blackburn -- disputes between Robert Lawe, Margaret his mother and Katherine his sister, and Christopher Lawe his half-brother.  QSP/806/23  c1697/8

Samlesbury -- relief for Ellen Sharples.  QSP/806/24  c1697/8

Walton-le-Dale -- repairs at Walton Moss.  QSP/806/25  c1697/8

Hothersall -- relief for Henry Sharples and Allis his wife.  QSP/806/26  c1697/8

Ribby-with-Wrea -- cottage on waste for Robert Hall.  QSP/806/27  c1697/8

Bastardy of Anne Waller and Henry Bayley.  QSP/806/28  c1697/8

Preston -- bastardy of Jonathan Cawson, gent., and Ellen Whittle.  QSP/806/29  c1697/8

Preston -- ingrossing of leather by Edward Dawson, currier.  QSP/806/30  c1697/8

Blackburn -- taxation for poor.  QSP/806/31  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/806/4

Westby and Lytham -- confirmation of Protestant children by Catholic bishop.  QSP/806/32  c1697/8

Wigan, Epiphany, 1697/8.  QSP/807  [n.d.]

Ashton -- characters of Hannah wife of Henry Lighthgoe and Henry Crank.  QSP/807/1  c1697/8

Burscough and Tarleton -- settlement of Ellen wife of John Wareing.  QSP/807/2  c1697/8

Atherton -- relief for Margret Alred, widow.  QSP/807/3  c1697/8

Warrington -- "A bill of what the woman had whilse shee lay in."  QSP/807/4  c1697/8

Golborne and Astley -- settlement of Ellen Knowles.  QSP/807/5  c1697/8

Eccleston and Pemberton -- settlement of John Garnett and John his son.  QSP/807/6  c1697/8

Cronton -- relief for Thomas Holland, aged 70, with King's-evil.  QSP/807/7  c1697/8

Culcheth -- reimbursement of Thomas Hurst, surveyor of highways.  QSP/807/8  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/807/17

Lancaster -- relief for John Sharples, debtor prisoner.  QSP/807/9  c1697/8

Ashton and Golborne -- settlement of William Mather, miller.  QSP/807/10  c1697/8

Haydock and Windle -- theft by Jane Foster from house of Alice and James Gorce, tailor.  QSP/807/11  c1697/8

Mawdesley -- repair of bridge.  QSP/807/12  c1697/8

Leyland -- repair of Earnshaw bridge.  QSP/807/13  c1697/8

Atherton and Middle Hulton -- settlement of Edward Alred.  QSP/807/14  c1697/8

Mawdesley and Croston -- repair of Sidbrooke Lane.  QSP/807/15  c1697/8

Aspull -- apprenticeship of Nathaniell Gregory to Robert Gregory.  QSP/807/16  c1697/8

Culcheth -- relief for Thomas Holland, aged 70, with King's-evil.  QSP/807/17  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/807/8

Houghton, Middleton and Arbury -- repair of Hoghton Mill bridge.  QSP/807/18  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/807/26

Sutton and Eccleston -- settlement of Daniel Martland.  QSP/807/19  c1697/8

Wheelton -- maintenance of deserted children of Thomas Ugnall.  QSP/807/20  c1697/8

Wigan -- maintenance by Elizabeth Prescot, widow, of child of Elizabeth and Jeremiah Darcy of London.  QSP/807/21  c1697/8

Westhoughton and Westleigh -- bastardy of Margret Hodgkinson and Richard Arrowsmith, milner.  QSP/807/22  c1697/8

Lowton -- bastardy of Hannah Bate and John Stirrup, glover.  QSP/807/23  c1697/8

Scarisbrick -- settlement of Jane Jameson.  QSP/807/24  c1697/8

Astley -- relief for Margrett Webster.  QSP/807/25  c1697/8

Houghton, and Middleton and Arbury -- repair of Hoghton Mill bridge.  QSP/807/26  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/807/18

Westleigh -- rebuilding of Barkers bridge.  QSP/807/27  c1697/8

Coppull -- relief for Elizabeth Smawley, widow.  QSP/807/28  c1697/8

Coppull -- relief for Mary wife of Thomas Low, husbandman.  QSP/807/29  c1697/8

Penwortham -- over-assessment for windows.  QSP/807/30  c1697/8

Newton-in-Makerfield -- repair of Newton bridge and Goldfordene bridge.  QSP/807/31  c1697/8

Newton-in-Makerfield -- repair of Newton bridge and Goldfordene bridge.  QSP/807/32  c1697/8

Aughton -- theft by James Twist from James Blacklidge.  QSP/807/33  c1697/8

Toxteth Park -- registration of house of Mary Briscoe, widow, as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/807/34  c1697/8

Longton -- misbehaviour of constable.  QSP/807/35  c1697/8

Manchester, Epiphany, 1697/8.  QSP/808  [n.d.]

Heaton Norris -- brief for Joshua Grymshaw, loss by fire.  QSP/808/1  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/808/13

Little Bolton -- repair of Wyndybank bridge and Clayton Ford bridge.  QSP/808/2  c1697/8

Bolton -- relief for Izabell Hemblton, wife of soldier.  QSP/808/3  c1697/8

Walmsley -- repair of Pigslee bridge.  QSP/808/4  c1697/8

Westhoughton -- theft by Philip Rigby and Richard Leigh from John Cowdall.  QSP/808/5  c1697/8

Bold and Warburton, co. Chester -- bastardy of Elizabeth Witton and John Johnson.  QSP/808/6  c1697/8

Chadderton -- maintenance by John Thorp of Elizabeth daughter of his son John.  QSP/808/7  c1697/8

Harwood and Sharples -- relief for Ann wife of Peter Walkden.  QSP/808/8  c1697/8

Harwood and Sharples -- relief for Ann wife of Peter Walkden.  QSP/808/9  c1697/8

Cowpe-with-Lenches and Newchurch-in-Rossendale -- settlement of Ann wife of John Ashworth.  QSP/808/10  c1697/8

Over Hulton and Withington -- settlement of William Towneley.  QSP/808/11  c1697/8

Darcy Lever -- accounts of Jonathan Crompton, surveyor of highways.  QSP/808/12  c1697/8

Heaton Norris -- brief for Joshua Grymshaw, loss by fire.  QSP/808/13  c1697/8

Related information: See QSP/808/1

Worsley and Pendlebury -- repair of highways over Swinton Moor.  QSP/808/14  c1697/8

Manchester -- relief for Esther wife of Samuell Cotterell, carpenter.  QSP/808/15  c1697/8

Heaton and Rumworth -- settlement of Mary Hadock.  QSP/808/16  c1697/8

Great Bolton -- reimbursement of surveyors of highways.  QSP/808/17  c1697/8

Manchester -- relief for Samuel Boardman.  QSP/808/18  c1697/8

Lancaster -- relief for William Twyford, prisoner.  QSP/808/19  c1697/8

Kearsley -- relief for Thomas Seddon, husbandman.  QSP/808/20  c1697/8

Relief for Jane Thorpe.  QSP/808/21  c1697/8

Relief for John Smith and Joshua his son.  QSP/808/22  c1697/8

Aspull -- relief for Ellen wife of John Lee.  QSP/808/23  c1697/8

Manchester -- repair of Ancoates bridge.  QSP/808/24  c1697/8

Barton-upon-Irwell -- distraint on Alexander Hooker of Monton, tanner, for selling and misregistering of leather.  QSP/808/25  c1697/8

Lancaster, Easter, 1698.  QSP/809  [n.d.]

Lancaster -- brief for great destruction by fire.  QSP/809/1  c1698

Lancaster -- valuations.  QSP/809/2  c1698

Yealand -- relief for Christofer Danson, blind.  QSP/809/3  c1698

Claughton -- relief for Dorathy Burton.  QSP/809/4  c1698

Whittington -- relief for Bryan Mansergh of Newton, widower.  QSP/809/5  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Rowland Turner, prisoner.  QSP/809/6  c1698

Warton -- relief for Bridget Winder, whose son, aged 3, has rickets.  QSP/809/7  c1698

Caton -- relief for William Threlfall, husbandman.  QSP/809/8  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Abraham Grastacke, prisoner for debt.  QSP/809/9  c1698

Upper Allithwaite and Lower Allithwaite -- settlement of Jane Kellatt.  QSP/809/10  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Robert Hesketh, prisoner.  QSP/809/11  c1698

Furness -- ejection of Anne widow of William Towers of Burmer.  QSP/809/12  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Richard Basford, prisoner.  QSP/809/13  c1698

Dalton-in-Furness -- brief for Richard Biggins of Faule Yeat, labourer.  QSP/809/14  c1698

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Robert Embley, husbandman.  QSP/809/15  c1698

Whittington -- reimbursement of James Millers, alehousekeeper for providing for poor passengers.  QSP/809/16  c1698

Caton-with-Claughton -- conveyance of baggage of Col. Tidcombs regiment.  QSP/809/17  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Joseph Adshead, prisoner.  QSP/809/18  c1698

Melling-with-Wrayton and Tunstall -- repair of Greeta bridge.  QSP/809/19  c1698

Ulverston -- repair of Dragleybeck bridge.  QSP/809/20  c1698

Ulverston -- repair of High bridge.  QSP/809/21  c1698

Ulverston -- repair of Levybeck bridge.  QSP/809/22  c1698

Ulverston -- repair of Levybeck bridge.  QSP/809/23  c1698

Related information: See QSP/809/20 & QSP/809/22

Bolton -- relief for John Johnson of Thrusgill.  QSP/809/24  c1698

Colton -- relief of poor.  QSP/809/25  c1698

Aldcliffe -- maintenance by Mary Cawpland, widow, of James and Margaret, children of Thomas White.  QSP/809/26  c1698

Caton -- state of highways in Littledale.  QSP/809/27  c1698

Halton -- refusal of Robert Fletcher and John Wilson to take apprentices.  QSP/809/28  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for John Holden, prisoner.  QSP/809/29  c1698

Lancaster -- repair of castle. (Sheriffs' table).  QSP/809/30  c1698

Walton -- repair of Walton Copp. (Sheriffs' table).  QSP/809/31  c1698

Aldcliffe and Preese -- bastardy of Ellen Copeland and John Jenkinson.  QSP/809/32  c1698

Price of corn.  QSP/809/33  c1698

Preston, Easter, 1698.  QSP/810  [n.d.]

Bryning and Warton -- cleansing watercourses and maintaining copps and headrooms  QSP/810/1  9 Jan 1650/1

Whittingham and Broughton -- settlement of Thomas Arkwright.  QSP/810/2  c1698

Billington -- ejection of John Hindle of Langoe, husbandman, by Edward Chew of Billington, Doctor of Phisick, in favour of Thomas Wallis, pigginmaker.  QSP/810/3  c1698

Walton -- relief for Joan Estham.  QSP/810/4  c1698

Samlesbury and Gateshead, co. Durham -- settlement of Elizabeth Ward.  QSP/810/5  c1698

Samlesbury and Gateshead, co. Durham -- settlement of Elizabeth Ward.  QSP/810/6  c1698

Goosnargh -- relief for Katherine Curren, widow, aged 60.  QSP/810/7  c1698

Whittingham -- maintenance of Jane and John, children of Thomas Threlfall.  QSP/810/8  c1698

Related information: See QSP/810/25

Worston -- over-assessment.  QSP/810/9  c1698

Warton -- relief for Alice Towers, widow.  QSP/810/10  c1698

Pleasington -- maintenance by James Livesay of orphans of his son James.  QSP/810/11  c1698

Ribchester -- relief for John Seed, aged 70.  QSP/810/12  c1698

Ribchester -- relief for John Seed, aged 70.  QSP/810/13  c1698

Ribby-with-Wrea and Singleton -- settlement of Cuthbert son of Cuthbert Nickson.  QSP/810/14  c1698

Lea -- repair of highway.  QSP/810/15  c1698

Myerscough -- repair of highway.  QSP/810/16  c1698

Samlesbury -- relief for Dorothy Bradshaw.  QSP/810/17  c1698

Samlesbury -- relief for Dorothy Bradshaw.  QSP/810/18  c1698

Barton -- registration of house of Richard Cardwell as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/810/19  c1698

Marton -- list of those to draw the Car Ditch between the mere and the sea.  QSP/810/20  c1698

Singleton and Layton-with-Warbreck -- settlement of Margret Bradshaw.  QSP/810/21  c1698

Treales, Wharles and Roseacre and Singleton -- settlement of George Crook, labourer.  QSP/810/22  c1698

Whittingham -- maintenance of Jane and John, children of Thomas Threlfall.  QSP/810/23  c1698

Related information: See QSP/810/8

Ribchester -- repair of New bridge over Ribble.  QSP/810/24  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for John Rawson, prisoner.  QSP/810/25  c1698

Ribchester and Lea -- attempt by John Harrison to obtain possession of tenement of John Hacking.  QSP/810/26  c1698

Ribchester -- relief for Mrs. Ann Osbaldeston.  QSP/810/27  c1698

Upper Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre -- repair of St. Michaells bridge.  QSP/810/28  c1698

Haighton -- relief for John Pemberton.  QSP/810/29  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for John Hodson, prisoner.  QSP/810/30  c1698

Lea -- maintenance by Elizabeth Barnes, widow, of son of Andrew Cowband.  QSP/810/31  c1698

Woodplumpton -- repair of highways.  QSP/810/32  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for William Whittle, prisoner.  QSP/810/33  c1698

Ormskirk, Easter, 1698.  QSP/811  [n.d.]

Little Crosby -- relief and habitation for Martha Tompson, widow.  QSP/811/1  c1698

Eccleston and Pemberton -- settlement of John Garnet and John his son.  QSP/811/2  c1698

Cronton -- relief for Thomas Holland and Alice his wife.  QSP/811/3  c1698

Inceblundell and Altcar -- repair of Alt bridge.  QSP/811/4  c1698

Repair of Watter-house bridge.  QSP/811/5  c1698

Little Hoole -- bastardy of Ellen Kirkby and Richard Walton.  QSP/811/6  c1698

Downholland and Little Hoole -- settlement of Ellen Kirkby.  QSP/811/7  c1698

Anderton and Heath Charnock -- cost of conveying Thomas son of Thomas Holland to gaol.  QSP/811/8  c1698

Anderton and Heath Charnock -- cost of conveying Thomas son of Thomas Holland to gaol.  QSP/811/9  c1698

Leyland -- relief for George Dawson, aged 80.  QSP/811/10  c1698

Lathom -- relief and habitation for John Wainwright, schoolmaster.  QSP/811/11  c1698

Scarisbrick -- relief for George Wiggins.  QSP/811/12  c1698

Lathom -- relief for Grace Crooke.  QSP/811/13  c1698

Walton-le-Dale -- relief for Henry Finch, husbandman, prisoner for debt.  QSP/811/14  c1698

Newton and Burtonwood -- settlement of John Baker alias Fleming.  QSP/811/15  c1698

Halsall -- constableship.  QSP/811/16  c1698

Lathom -- repair of highway near Wainsblade bridge and Patrick House.  QSP/811/17  c1698

Cost of conveying Peter Naylor to Ormskirk and then to Lancaster.  QSP/811/18  c1698

Warrington -- apprenticeship of Thomas Roughley to John Corran, joiner, decd.  QSP/811/19  c1698

Warrington -- apprenticeship of Thomas Roughley to John Corran, joiner, decd.  QSP/811/20  c1698

Warrington -- apprenticeship of Thomas Roughley to John Corran, joiner, decd.  QSP/811/21  c1698

Winwick and Wigan -- marriage of William Platt and Elizabeth Rigby.  QSP/811/22  c1698

Kenyon and Croft -- repair of Kenyon bridge.  QSP/811/23  c1698

Bedford and Culcheth -- repair of Hurstmill bridge.  QSP/811/24  c1698

Clayton, Croston and Leyland -- settlement of Thomas Watmough, shoemaker.  QSP/811/25  c1698

Sutton -- constableship.  QSP/811/26  c1698

Manchester, Easter, 1698.  QSP/812  [n.d.]

Blackrod -- relief for Edward France, shoemaker.  QSP/812/1  c1698

Reddish and Over Darwen -- swearing oaths.  QSP/812/2  c1698

Rusholme -- habitation for Mary Whittacre, aged 70.  QSP/812/3  c1698

Sharples -- relief for Ann mother of Thomas Ward.  QSP/812/4  c1698

Chorlton Row -- relief for Henry Dooteson.  QSP/812/5  c1698

Ardwick -- relief for Ann and Gohanna Davenport.  QSP/812/6  c1698

Aspull -- relief for John Lees.  QSP/812/7  c1698

Lostock -- relief for Henry Pennington.  QSP/812/8  c1698

Spotland -- repair of highways.  QSP/812/9  c1698

Aspull and Coppull -- settlement of Richard Markland.  QSP/812/10  c1698

Hundersfield and Castleton -- settlement of Jonathan Whitworth.  QSP/812/11  c1698

Hundersfield and Tonge -- settlement of Thomas Hilton.  QSP/812/12  c1698

Ainsworth -- repair of highways.  QSP/812/13  c1698

Westhoughton and Shevington -- settlement of Dorothy Croston.  QSP/812/14  c1698

Barton and Astley -- settlement of George Taylor.  QSP/812/15  c1698

Worsley -- repair of highway in Swinton.  QSP/812/16  c1698

Stretford -- bastardy of Risabell Johnson and John Fawkner, yeoman.  QSP/812/17  c1698

Pilkington and Radcliffe -- repair of Radcliffe bridge.  QSP/812/18  c1698

Pendleton and Chorlton -- settlement of John Lealand.  QSP/812/19  c1698

Barton -- distraint of leather from Alexander Holker of Monton, tanner.  QSP/812/20  c1698

Hundersfield and Newhall-hey -- settlement of John Ashworth.  QSP/812/21  c1698

Lancaster, Midsummer, 1698.  QSP/813  [n.d.]

Over Wyersdale -- relief for Dorithy, deserted wife of William Lund, husbandman.  QSP/813/1  c1698

Burrow-with-Burrow -- constableship of John Batty.  QSP/813/2  c1698

Forton -- registration of house of William Aspinall as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/813/3  c1698

Cleveley -- registration of Cleeveley alias Shearside Chappell as dissenters' meeting-place for Mr. Aspinall.  QSP/813/4  c1698

Bolton-le-Sands -- relief for Zacarya Smith.  QSP/813/5  c1698

Cockerham -- list of poor.  QSP/813/6  c1698

Broughton East -- maintenance of Hannah wife of Jeremiah son of Joseph Towers.  QSP/813/7  c1698

Broughton East -- maintenance of Hannah wife of Jeremiah son of Joseph Towers.  QSP/813/8  c1698

Warton -- relief for John Winder and Bridget his wife.  QSP/813/9  c1698

Warton -- relief for John Winder and Bridget his wife.  QSP/813/10  c1698

Bolton-le-Sands -- registration for house of Thomas Toleming of Sansyde as dissenters' meeting-place.  QSP/813/11  c1698

Over Wyersdale and Rathmell, co. York -- settlement of Christopher Walker.  QSP/813/12  c1698

Upper Allithwaite and Lower Allithwaite -- settlement of Jane Kellatt.  QSP/813/13  c1698

Dalton-in-Furness -- repair of Townend bridge.  QSP/813/14  c1698

Ellel and Aldcliffe -- apprenticeship of Hannah daughter of Joseph Harrison, to Jennett Whaley, widow.  QSP/813/15  c1698

Stretford -- repair of Crossford bridge.  QSP/813/16  c1698

Stretford -- repair of Crossford bridge.  QSP/813/17  c1698

Torrisholme -- relief for Anne wife of Marmaduke Hewetson.  QSP/813/18  c1698

Preston, Midsummer, 1698.  QSP/814  [n.d.]

Worston -- over-assessment.  QSP/814/1  c1698

Clayton-le-Dale -- relief for James Carefoot.  QSP/814/2  c1698

Wharles -- cleansing of Pondcarr watercourse.  QSP/814/3  c1698

Newchurch-in-Pendle -- licence to sell ale by James Sager of Lower Blackmoss.  QSP/814/4  c1698

Colne and Marsden -- bastardy of Mary Ellis and John Hargreaves.  QSP/814/5  c1698

Pleasington -- maintenance by James Livesay of orphans of his son Thomas.  QSP/814/6  c1698

Kirkham and Thurnham -- bastardy of Jenet Barker alias Coulbourne and Philip Stockdale, labourer.  QSP/814/7  c1698

Elston -- bastardy of Anne Bushell and Edward Bramwell, yeoman, her master.  QSP/814/8  c1698

Preston -- bastardy of Hester Heys, widow, and William Tunstall, gent.  QSP/814/9  c1698

Poulton -- relief for Margery Shawe.  QSP/814/10  c1698

Blackburn -- relief for John Jonson, labourer.  QSP/814/11  c1698

Ribchester -- relief for Mrs. Ann Osbaldeston.  QSP/814/12  c1698

Medlar-with-Wesham -- relief for William Helme, labourer.  QSP/814/13  c1698

Clitheroe -- foot-race run on Cliderowe Moore.  QSP/814/14  c1698

Altham and Goldshaw Booth -- settlement of Ann Robinson.  QSP/814/15  c1698

Billington -- relief for Edward Titterington.  QSP/814/16  c1698

Thornley -- repair of highway.  QSP/814/17  c1698

Pass to Bristol for Robert Modsley, soldier in the King's Regiment of Foot Guards.  QSP/814/18  c1698

Huncoat -- maintenance of Thomas and Jennet Lancaster by William their son.  QSP/814/19  c1698

Kirkland -- constableship.  QSP/814/20  c1698

Weeton-with-Preese -- relief for Joane Loggin, widow.  QSP/814/21  c1698

Weeton-with-Preese and Westby-with-Plumpton -- settlement of Henry Barton.  QSP/814/22  c1698

Weeton-with-Preese and Westby-with-Plumpton -- settlement of Henry Barton.  QSP/814/23  c1698

Alston-with-Hothersall and Brindle -- settlement of Thomas Lund.  QSP/814/24  c1698

Ribchester -- relief for John Seed.  QSP/814/25  c1698

Forton and Cockerham -- settlement of John Gardner.  QSP/814/26  c1698

Woodplumpton -- relief for Edward Chew.  QSP/814/27  c1698

Clayton-le-Dale -- apprenticeship of son of Elizabeth Cowett to John Harrod.  QSP/814/28  c1698

Singleton and Ribby-with-Wrea -- settlement of Cuthbert son of Cuthbert Nickson.  QSP/814/29  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for John Hodgson, prisoner.  QSP/814/30  c1698

Kirkland and Catterall -- maintenance by Richard Bryers of children of Mr. Shuttleworth.  QSP/814/31  c1698

Whittingham -- apprenticeship of Jane daughter of Thomas Threlfall to John Cowell.  QSP/814/32  c1698

Nateby and Kirkland -- settlement of Jonathan Brown.  QSP/814/33  c1698

Chatburn -- relief for Thomas Parkinson.  QSP/814/34  c1698

Preston -- theft of gray galloway from Jonathan father of John Dobson, gent.  QSP/814/35  c1698

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigeley -- dressing of buckskin by Bartholomew Goodday for George Fouler, husbandman.  QSP/814/36  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/37  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/38  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/39  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/40  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/41  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/42  c1698

Aighton, Bailey, Chaigeley and Samlesbury -- dressing of pricket skin and foal skin, by Bartholomew Goodday.  QSP/814/43  c1698

Haslingden and Tottington -- repair of footbridge.  QSP/814/44  c1698

Livesay -- ill-behaviour of John Holden and James and Henry his sons.  QSP/814/45  c1698

Whittingham -- relief for Thomas Rogerson.  QSP/814/46  c1698

Walton-le-Dale and Hoghton -- settlement of Margret Bury, widow.  QSP/814/47  c1698

Ormskirk, Midsummer, 1698.  QSP/815  [n.d.]

Standish -- bastardy of William Prescott and the wife of Thomas Naylor.  QSP/815/1  c1698

Eccleston-next-Croston -- repair of Eccleston bridge.  QSP/815/2  c1698

Maintenance of children of Thomas Sutton.  QSP/815/3  c1698

Skelmersdale -- relief for Thomas Topping, tanner, debtor prisoner.  QSP/815/4  c1698

Aughton -- relief for Thomas Astley.  QSP/815/5  c1698

Parbold -- relief for Richard Lancaster.  QSP/815/6  c1698

Walton -- relief for Mary wife of Thomas Neuton of Spellow House.  QSP/815/7  c1698

Newton and Burtonwood -- settlement of John Baker alias Fleming.  QSP/815/8  c1698

Lathom -- repair of Wainesblaides bridge.  QSP/815/9  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Henry Blakey.  QSP/815/10  c1698

Lancaster -- relier for James Carnley, prisoner.  QSP/815/11  c1698

Croston -- repair of Fishertree bridge.  QSP/815/12  c1698

Ormskirk -- relief for Richard Robinson, joiner, debtor prisoner.  QSP/815/13  c1698

Bickerstaffe -- habitation for James Hodgkinson.  QSP/815/14  c1698

Standish-with-Langtree -- constableship.  QSP/815/15  c1698

Warton-in-Lonsdale -- relief for John and Bridget Winder.  QSP/815/16  c1698

Manchester, Midsummer, 1698.  QSP/816  [n.d.]

Manchester -- relief for Mary Williamson, widow, aged 60.  QSP/816/1  c1698

Spotland and Manchester -- settlement of Joshuah Rudd.  QSP/816/2  c1698

Ashton-under-Lyne -- habitation for Elizabeth, deserted wife of John Thorpe.  QSP/816/3  c1698

Worsley -- state of highways.  QSP/816/4  c1698

Manchester -- salary for Edmund Walker, governor of House of Correction.  QSP/816/5  c1698

Deane Parish -- relief for Anne widow of Francis Heton, debtor prisoner.  QSP/816/6  c1698

Oldham -- registration of house of Henry Ryles as Quakers' meeting-place.  QSP/816/7  c1698

Spotland and Hundersfield -- settlement of Robert Taylor.  QSP/816/8  c1698

Moston -- habitation for James Tomlinson.  QSP/816/9  c1698

Oldham -- presentments.  QSP/816/10  c1698

Lancaster -- relief for Joseph Yates, debtor prisoner.  QSP/816/11  c1698

Relief for Elisabeth Talor, "not Compos mentus."  QSP/816/12  c1698

Barton -- relief for Dorothea Gee, widow, late of the King's Head in Salford.  QSP/816/13  c1698

Manchester -- registration of house of John Chorlton in Plungeon Feilds, as dissenters' meeting-place. Barton -- likewise a new building near Monton Green.  QSP/816/14  c1698

Manchester -- apprenticeship of John son of John Loton, husbandman, to Edmund Millnes, blacksmith.  QSP/816/15  c1698

Farnworth -- locking of gate of fold of Mary Tonge, widow, to prevent cattle straying from Halshaw Moor and Walkden Moor.  QSP/816/16  c1698

Prestwich -- relief for John Taylor, tailor, aged 60, debtor prisoner.  QSP/816/17  c1698

Horwich and Sharples -- settlement of Peter Thorneley.  QSP/816/18  c1698

Barton and Tyldesley-with-Shakerley -- settlement of Thomas Hunt.  QSP/816/19  c1698

Chorlton and Pendleton -- settlement of John Leyland.  QSP/816/20  c1698

Chorlton and Hulme -- settlement of Edward Clough.  QSP/816/21  c1698

Hundersfield and Spotland -- settlement of Joseph Ramsbottom.  QSP/816/22  c1698

Castleton and Butterworth -- settlement of Mary Whitworth.  QSP/816/23  c1698

Blackley and Colne -- settlement of James Jackson.  QSP/816/24  c1698

Salford and Crumpsall -- settlement of William Bowker.  QSP/816/25  c1698

Repair of Owley bridge.  QSP/816/26  c1698

Little Lever and Pilkington -- repair of Prestoe Lee bridge.  QSP/816/27  c1698

Little Hulton -- swearing by James Tong of Farnworth, husbandman.  QSP/816/28  c1698

Price of corn.  QSP/816/29  c1698

Aldcliffe -- maintenance by Mary Copeland, widow, of James and Margrett children of Thomas White.  QSP/816/30  c1698

Marton -- owners of the watercourse "betweixt Martan Meare and the seay."  QSP/816/31  c1698

Golborn -- repair of Marthingford Platt.  QSP/816/32  c1698

Castleton and Butterworth -- settlement of Abraham Whitehead  QSP/816/33  c1698

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