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Burnley, St. Peter

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Reference PR3096
Covering dates 1728-1993
Held by Lancashire Record Office
Extent 8 Sub-fonds
Source of acquisition Deposited by Canon H. Williams
26 July 1982
Acc. 4889
Additional deposit by Mr P. Harb, Chatburn, 27 April 1987 acc. 6076.
Additional deposit by Canon D.F. Towers, 29 March 1990 acc. 6682
Creators Church of England, Burnley St Peter Parish, Lancashire

PR3096/1. Registration
PR3096/2. Clergy
PR3096/3. Tithe
PR3096/4. Churchwardens
PR3096/6. Parochial Church Council
PR3096/11. Schools
PR3096/12. Charities
PR3096/14. Miscellaneous

Registration  PR3096/1  [n.d.]

Registration of banns  PR3096/1/1  10 Nov. 1968 - 11 Jun. 1978

Register of confirmations  PR3096/1/2  1910 to 1920

'Preachers' Book'  PR3096/1/3  3 Apr. 1902 - 19 Feb. 1911

Register of services  PR3096/1/4  12 Feb. 1911 - 30 Sep. 1915

Register of services  PR3096/1/5  3 Oct. 1915 - 20 May 1920

Register of services  PR3096/1/6  23 May 1920 - 18 Dec. 1924

Register of services  PR3096/1/7  20 Dec. 1924 - 31 Dec. 1928

Register of services  PR3096/1/8  1 Jan. 1929 - 29 Dec. 1932

Register of services  PR3096/1/9  1 Jan. 1933 - 10 Nov. 1942

Register of services  PR3096/1/10  11 Nov. 1942 - 19 Apr. 1957

Register of services  PR3096/1/11  20 Oct. 1918 - 18 Nov. 1945

Pickup Croft

Register of services  PR3096/1/12  Apr. 1919 - 28 Dec. 1926

Unidentified mission

Register of services  PR3096/1/13  21 Apr. 1957 - 29 Jun. 1978

Including list of assistant curates, 1956-1977
Burnley, St. Peter

Register of services  PR3096/1/14  2 Jul. 1978 - 21 Mar. 1982

Burnley, St. Peter

Clergy  PR3096/2  [n.d.]

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letter to Miss Roberts from A.T. Parker [Bishop of Burnley] concerning the recent death of his wife  PR3096/2/1  1896 2 Jan

Letter from Church Commissioners relating to the Benefices (Stabilization of Incomes) Measure 1951, giving dividend from securities  PR3096/2/2  1952 1 Jul

Other Benefices  [no ref. or date]

St. Andrew, Burnley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PR3096/2/3  1869 4 Aug

1 Revd. Arthur Townley Parker, vicar of Burnley Parish Church
2 Right Revd. James Prince, Lord Bishop of Manchester
3 Robert Townley Parker of Cuerden
4 Herbert Harold Robinson, incumbent of St. Andrew, Burnley
Copy deed of endowment from 1 2 and 3 to 4 of land at Bankhouse, and Bankhouse farm, Burnley; and Hollin Hall, Habergham Eaves.
Schedule attached. The endowment to augment the benefice of St. Andrew, Burnley

St. Alban, Burnley  [no ref. or date]

Agreement between Arthur Townley Parker, Rector of Burnley and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners concerning land at Fulledge, Burnley, part of the Fulledge Estate, for the site of an intended new church of St. Alban, reciting will of James Eastham of Coed Cefu, Monmouth, 18 Apr. 1879; Consideration: £1255 6s. 3d  PR3096/2/4  1893 7 Nov

Copy of approval by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of new church of St. Margaret, Burnley  PR3096/2/5  1898 3 Nov

Scheme for the erection of two new churches in Burnley, and the purchase of a site for one of them, including list of subscribers printed  PR3096/2/6  1894 May

Parsonage  [no ref. or date]

Burnley Rectory Act, 1890 53 & 54 VICT. Ch. cxxiii concerning endowment and patronage of Burnley Rectory printed. This Act said that the incumbent was to be the Suffragan Bishop of Burnley  PR3096/2/7  1890 25 Jul

[no title]  PR3096/2/8  1942 31 Oct

1 Evelyn Parkinson of Palace House, 458 Padiham Road, Burnley, wife of Harold Parkinson
2 Ecclesiastical Commissioners
Copy of conveyance of land with dwelling house plan attached, 458 Padiham Road, for use as a parsonage house

Annual Reports  PR3096/2/9/1-7  1904 to 1911

Annual reports including churchwardens' accounts and accounts for Pickup Croft Mission and other church organisations

Orders of Service  [no ref. or date]

Palm Sunday Evensong  PR3096/2/10  1916 16 Apr

'Churching of the Mayor'; printed  PR3096/2/11  1917 11 Nov

Men's service; printed  PR3096/2/12  Undated ?1920

Unveiling of the war memorial at Pickup Croft School on 16 Sep. 1922; printed  PR3096/2/13  1922

Canticles, psalms and hymns for use at 800th Anniversary services; printed  PR3096/2/14  1923 23 Jun. - 1 Jul

Gift day and dedication festival; printed  PR3096/2/15  1932 26, 29 Jun., 3 Jul

Dedication of re-cast bells at Burnley Parish Church; printed  PR3096/2/16  1925 17 Jan

Offering, thanksgiving and dedication by the parishes of the diocese; printed  PR3096/2/17  1937 27 Nov

Funeral of Edgar Priestley Swain, Bishop of Burnley; annotated typescript  PR3096/2/18  Undated 1949

Funeral of Edgar Priestley Swain; printed  PR3096/2/19  1949 28 Jul

Memorial service to Mr. R.O. Davidson, O. St. J., F.R.C.S.C., Area Commissioner of the St. John Ambulance Brigade; printed  PR3096/2/20  1956 5 Aug

Unveiling and dedication of the parish church war memorial; printed  PR3096/2/21  1956 Nov. 11

Institution and Induction of the Revd. Richard Charles Challinor Watson M.A.; printed  PR3096/2/22  1970 31 Mar

Civic Service; printed  PR3096/2/23  30 May 1976

Parish Boundaries  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PR3096/2/24  1955 July

Map showing Church of England areas for Burnley Churches' Visiting Committee, based on O.S. sheet 64
Scale: 6 ins. = 1 mile
63.5 cms. x 90 cms., paper, printed

[no title]  PR3096/2/25  1972 24 Jul

Map showing the alterations of the areas of the parishes of St. Peter, Burnley; St. Margaret, Burnley; St. Cuthbert, Burnley; St. James, Burnley; St. Andrew, Burnley; St. Matthew the Apostle, Habergham Eaves; Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves; St. James, Briercliffe
Scale: 10 ins. to 1 mile
66 cms. x 94 cms., paper, printed

[no title]  PR3096/2/26/1-4  1962

Correspondence and papers concerning the scheme to unite the benefices and parishes of St. Peter, Burnley; St. Paul, Lane Bridge; St. Stephen, Burnley; St. Matthew the Apostle, Habergham Eaves, including copy of order in council, 28 Aug. 1962 and O.S. extract showing parish boundaries, 14 Feb. 1962

[no title]  PR3096/2/27/1-3  1962

Correspondence and papers concerning the uniting of the benefices and parishes of St. Peter, Burnley; St. Paul, Lane Bridge; St. Stephen, Burnley; St. Matthew the Apostle, Habergham Eaves

Copy Curates' Licences  [no ref. or date]

The Revd. Raymond Probart  PR3096/2/28  1954 17 Mar

The Revd. John Jackson M.A  PR3096/2/29  1957 22 Sep

The Revd. Frederick Griffith Griffiths A.K.C  PR3096/2/30  1957 10 Nov

The Revd. David George Sellers Battersby A.K.C  PR3096/2/31  1961 4 Jan

The Revd. Roy Braithwaite B.A  PR3096/2/32  1963 21 Jun

The Revd. Philip Harold Dearden A.K.C  PR3096/2/33  1969 14 Jul

The Revd. Keith Kenneth Knight, B.Sc., with the honorary title of vicar  PR3096/2/34  1971 21 Jun

The Revd. Brian Dunn  PR3096/2/35  1971 15 Nov

The Revd. Roger Anthony Hale  PR3096/2/36  1975 14 Mar

Picture of Revd. Canon Arthur Townley Parker M.A  PR3096/2/37  1901 14 Aug

Published in supplement to the Burnley Express and Clitheroe Division Advertiser

Letter from H.I. Fosbrooke, Chairman of the Board of Dilapidations  PR3096/2/38  1948 28 Jul

Describing interim scheme prior to introduction of new Dilapidations Measure

Dilapidations assessment  PR3096/2/39  1966 6 Jun

Order of service for the celebration of the re-opening of the church  PR3096/2/40  1992 29 Nov

Correspondence and papers  PR3096/2/41  1991-1992

1 bundle

Tithe  PR3096/3  [n.d.]

Copy certificates  PR3096/3/1/1-5  1908 to 1910

Of redemption of tithe rent charge for land in township of Briercliffe with Entwistle in the parish of Whalley, with covering letters from Board of Agriculture and Fisheries

Burnley tithe map and schedule  PR3096/3/2  1846 Mar

Churchwardens  PR3096/4  [n.d.]

Churchwardens 'and chapelwardens' account book  PR3096/4/1  1728 to 1780

With minutes of vestry meeting, 1730-1776

Statement of accounts  PR3096/4/2-20  1872 to 1915

Statements of account, 1872-73, 1888-89, 1891-92, 1893-1900, 1911-15

Statement of accounts  PR3096/4/21/1-2  1902 to 1903

Balance sheets, including pew rate list, 1903

Offerings  [no ref. or date]

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/22  10 May 1885 - 8 Sep. 1889

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/23  15 Sep. 1889 - 31 Dec. 1893

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/24  7 Jan. 1894 - 10 Apr. 1898

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/25  17 Apr. 1898 - 23 Nov. 1902

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/26  30 Nov. 1902 - 15 Mar. 1908

Offertories account book  PR3096/4/27  22 Mar. 1908 - 17 Nov. 1912

Free-will offering account book  PR3096/4/28  8 Jun. 1913 - Jun. 1923

Cash books  [no ref. or date]

Cash book, showing receipts and payments  PR3096/4/29  5 Apr. 1888 - 30 Apr. 1896

Cash book, showing receipts and payments  PR3096/4/30  12 Apr. 1896 - 24 Apr. 1905


Cash book, showing receipts and payments  PR3096/4/31  30 Apr. 1905 - 25 Jul. 1913

Other Financial Records  [no ref. or date]

Churchwardens' expenditure book  PR3096/4/32  1916 to 1929

Including jottings and newspaper cuttings
For loose items originally in this volume

Assistant Clergy Fund account book  PR3096/4/33  1922 to 1950

1 Jan. 1922 - 30 Jun. 1950, including Clergy House account, 16 May 1922 - 31 Dec. 1932

Statement of accounts  PR3096/4/34  1923

For Assistant Clergy Fund, Clergy House, the Bishop's Fund, Rochester Dole and War Memorial Fund, annotated, 31 Dec. 1923

Statement of accounts for Burnley Parish Church Bazaar  PR3096/4/35  1905 13 May

Held March 1905

Balance sheet for parish Garden Party; (typescript)  PR3096/4/36  1926 12 Jun

Pews  [no ref. or date]

Pew rent account book  PR3096/4/37  1860-85

Pew rate book  PR3096/4/38  Easter 1886 - Easter 1896

Pew rate ledger  PR3096/4/39  Easter 1896 - Easter 1907

Pew rate ledger  PR3096/4/40  Year ending 31 Dec. 1922 - 31 Dec. 1946

Pew rate receipt  PR3096/4/41/1-3  1889, 1895 to 1896

4 Aug. 1895 and payment envelope, Whitsuntide 1896 and circular letter concerning voluntary pew rate

Copy of description of allocation of pews made in 1634  PR3096/4/42  1830

Copy made 21 Jul. 1830, with notes referring to another copy of 1721/2

List of pew rates  PR3096/4/43/1-2  1895 & 1904-1905

Easter 1895, 1904-1905

Faculties and related papers  PR3096/4/44-65  [n.d.]

To erect a porch at the south door of the church and to remove the superstructure of a vault  PR3096/4/44  1888 7 Dec

To insert a four light window with traceried head in the east wall of the Townley Chapel in memory of Mrs. A. Townley Parker  PR3096/4/45  1897 21 May

To erect a clergy and choir vestry, remove font to the tower, open up the tower arch, make a new entrance to south gallery and reseat the west end  PR3096/4/46  1903 5 Aug

To remove a portion of the south gallery and continue the north gallery bay, removing the pulpit from the centre of the north side of the nave to the south side  PR3096/4/47  1903 23 Oct

To take out the plain glass from a window on the north side of the church and replace with stained glass in memory of Elizabeth Haslam of Clifton House  PR3096/4/48  1906 27 Jul

To erect a marble tablet on the west wall in memory of those who died in the South African War, 1900-2  PR3096/4/49  1908 31 Jan

To erect a stained glass window in the south aisle  PR3096/4/50  1908 31 Jul

To make alterations to the Townley Chapel including refixing of wall and box monuments, construction of dais, erection of oak reredos and wall panelling to east wall with new Holy Table and altar rails; to erect a war memorial tablet and low stone screen wall, provide chairs prayer desk, credence table, cross, two candlesticks, flower vases and altar brass  PR3096/4/51  1923 17 Apr., 4 May

Notice of an agreement between the Rector of Burnley, St. Peter and Burnley Corporation concerning part of the churchyard  PR3096/4/52  1928 30 Mar

To introduce a silvered bronze processional cross and place a memorial tablet on the south wall in memory of William Alexander Campbell Cruickshank, Mus. Bac. organist and choirmaster, 1880-1934; to confirm the laying of a green and white marble floor in the Lady Chapel in memory of Bishop Henn  PR3096/4/53  1935 13 Dec

To create a "Children's Corner" and remove pews in Stansfield or Scarlett Chapel and from the nave and aisle  PR3096/4/54  1951 15 Mar

To introduce a memorial tablet in memory of men of the parish who died in the war of 1939-1945  PR3096/4/55/1-2  1956 20 Apr. 12 May

To remove the gallery on the north side of the church  PR3096/4/56/1-2  1957 14 May

To introduce a carpet in the sanctuary and to erect an oak screen in memory of Philip S.G. Spence, R.A.F.V.R  PR3096/4/57/1-2  1958 20 Mar., 2 Sep

To replace broken yellow glass in the windows of the triforium on the north side of the church by Nailsea glass in leaded lights and to incorporate in the third window from the west end, in stained glass, the badges of St. Peter's School, Burnley, Burnley Grammar School, Burnley Girl's High School, Towneley Technical School  PR3096/4/58/1-2  1959 23 Jul., 10 Aug

[no title]  PR3096/4/59/1-2  1960 4 Feb., 22 Feb

To place in the Towneley Chapel
a Six pews in memory of William James and Essie Stuart Dunn; Herbert and Ann Mary Shaw; James Arthur Baker; George William Davies; Rachel Annie and William Edward Barritt and John and Alfred Pearson Barritt
b A prayer desk
c A red carpet in the aisle
To affix to the wall a list of incumbents of Burnley in memory of James Robert Airey

To reglaze windows on the north side and clerestory with tinted Nailsea glass, and to incorporate Diocesan shields  PR3096/4/60/1-2  1960 15 Jul

To introduce new communion rails for the high altar in memory of William Henry Cooper, priest, and Bertha Annie Cooper and to introduce a kneeler for the sanctuary step, a clergy chair in the Towneley chapel in memory of Everey Holt and Annie Parker, and an oak frontal case  PR3096/4/61/1-3  1961 25 Mar

To introduce a memorial bookcase and to set aside part of the churchyard for the interment of cremated remains  PR3096/4/62  1963 30 Sep

To introduce a stained glass window in the Townley Chapel in memory of John Jaret and his wife Perlina Adkins of Logan, West Virginia, U.S.A  PR3096/4/63  1968 5 Jul

To erect a screen at the west end of the Stansfield Chapel, in memory of Cyril Bickersteth Spencer, 1890-1955  PR3096/4/64  1964 29 Dec

Copy of notice  PR3096/4/65  1959 26 Feb

To publicise agreement given by Lord Bishop of Blackburn to plan of Burnley Corporation to utilize the Church of England chapel in Burnley cemetery for storage and administrative accommodation

Inventories  [no ref. or date]

Inventory  PR3096/4/66  1907 18 Mar

Inventory  PR3096/4/67  Undated 1950s

Garden of Remembrance  PR3096/4/68  Undated 20th cent

Plan of part of churchyard showing garden of remembrance with names

Scarlett Memorial Chapel  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to extension of chancel in memory of Sir James Yorke Scarlett  PR3096/4/69/1-10  1871 to 1874

Including accounts, lists of subscribers, tenders for construction, minutes of memorial committee, 24 Jan. 1871

List of subscribers to Scarlett Memorial Fund  PR3096/4/70  c.1875

Font  PR3096/4/71/1-2  1904 4 May

Sketch of proposed oak font cover with letter to Lord Bishop of Burnley from Austin and Paley, architects of Lancaster
Scale: 2ft = 1 inch
Ink, tracing paper

Heating System  PR3096/4/72/1-3  1905

Estimates, specifications, plans and correspondence with W.F. Spencer, heating and ventilating engineer, of Oldham, concerning alterations to church heating

Organ  [no ref. or date]

Receipted account for erection and alteration of organ  PR3096/4/73  1873 4 Dec

Receipted bill for reconstruction of organ by Norman and Beard Ltd. of Norwich  PR3096/4/74  1911 Jul. - Oct

John Spencer Grave Fund  PR3096/4/75/1-10  1930 to 1951

Burnley Building Society deposit account book for John Spencer's Grave Fund,
22 Dec. 1930 - 17 Oct. 1951,
Receipted bills for cleaning of memorial and notices of trust income from the Diocesan Board of Finance,
5 Sep. 1947 - 6 Sep. 1951

Bishop Pearson Memorial  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of meeting of churchpeople of Deanery of Burnley concerning memorial for the late Right Revd. Alfred Pearson, Bishop of Burnley (printed)  PR3096/4/76  1909 19 Apr

Letter of thanks to Mr. Edmondson, member of memorial committee, from the widow of Alfred Pearson, Bishop of Burnley  PR3096/4/77  1909 Sep

Circular letter requesting contributions to the Bishop Pearson Memorial Fund, n.d. (printed)  PR3096/4/78  Undated c.1909

Papers relating to the maintenance of Bishop Pearson's grave, including list of subscribers, 2-6 Sep. 1912  PR3096/4/79/1-6  1912

List of subscriptions received towards the erection of the porch, n.d  PR3096/4/80  Undated 19th c

War Memorial  [no ref. or date]

Letter requesting addition of name of Douglas Thornber to church war memorial  PR3096/4/81  1920 Nov

Correspondence and accounts relating to the Burnley Parish Church War Memorial Chapel  PR3096/4/82  1923

27 Jun. - 4 Oct. 1923

List of contributions to the Bishop's Fund and the War Memorial Fund  PR3096/4/83  1920 to 1924

28 Feb. 1920 - 30 Jun. 1922

List of contributions to the Bishop's Fund and the War Memorial Fund (draft copy)  PR3096/4/84  Undated 1920-21

Plans and Prints  [no ref. or date]

Plan showing pew numbers and seating capacity  PR3096/4/85  Undated 19th c

Scale: no scale
38 cms. x 47 cms., paper on linen, ink

Pew plan for ground floor of St. Peter's, "previous to the alteration in 1853", showing names of pew holders  PR3096/4/86  Undated 19th c

Scale: 10 ft to 1½ inches
39 cms. x 60 cms., tracing paper, coloured

Plan of Burnley Parish Church  PR3096/4/87  Undated ?1950s

Scale: 1½ inches to 50 ft
80 cms. x 63 cms., ink on glazed linen

Plan of Burnley Parish Church by H.H. Colbran, 78 Park Parade, Burnley, showing pew numbers and seating capacity  PR3096/4/88  1902 23 May

Scale: 1½ inches to 10 ft
49 cms. x 63 cms., paper on linen, ink, coloured

Plan of Burnley Parish Church showing proposed clergy vestry and seating capacity  PR3096/4/89  1903 Feb

Scale: 10 links = 1 inch
78 cms. x 62 cms., coloured paper on linen, ink

Plan of Burnley Parish Church, showing lighting installation  PR3096/4/90  Undated ?1950s

Scale: 10 ft to 1½ inches
64 cms., x 72 cms., paper, dyeline

[no title]  PR3096/4/91  Undated 19th c

Interior of Burnley Parochial Church, West View lithograph, coloured, drawn by R.A. Tuckniss, lithographer J.R. Isaac, publisher J.R. Isaac, 62 Castle Street, Liverpool
41 cms. x 30 cms

[no title]  PR3096/4/92  Undated 19th c

Interior of Burnley Parochial Church, East View lithograph, coloured, drawn by R.A. Tuckniss, lithographer J.R. Isaac, publisher J.R. Isaac, 62 Castle Street, Liverpool
41 cms. x 30 cms

[no title]  PR3096/4/93  1853

Burnley Church looking West cut down from original size
24 cms. x 17 cms

Plan of St. Peter's Church  PR3096/4/94  1904 Mar

Scale: 41.66 ft = 1 inch
29 cms. x 27 cms., linen, ink

Invoice for electrical work carried out by Frank Thornton & Co. of Burnley  PR3096/4/95  1925 30 Nov

Notice of listed building status for St. Peters, Church Street, Burnley  PR3096/4/96  1951 19 Dec

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Circular Letters  [no ref. or date]

Appeal for contributions for retirement presentation for Rector Revd. Canon A. Townley Parker, (printed)  PR3096/4/97  1901 10 Oct

Appeal for contributions to renovation of church and schools and proposed memorial to the late Canon Arthur Townley Parker M.A. (printed)  PR3096/4/98  1903 4 Apr

Notice from the Bishop of Burnley of meeting concerning improvements and alterations to the parish church and its schools, n.d. (printed)  PR3096/4/99  Undated early 20th

Appeal for contributions to fund for the organ, the schools and other purposes; (printed)  PR3096/4/100  1910 Nov

List of subscriptions for the church, the organ and the schools; (printed)  PR3096/4/101  1912 Jan

Notice of meeting to discuss raising funds for cost of re-hanging bells; (printed)  PR3096/4/102  1913 9 Apr

Appeal for contributions to fund to renovate and re-hang bells; (printed)  PR3096/4/103  1924 21 May

Circular letter relating to memorial fund for Mr. W.A.C. Cruickshank, Mus. Bac. (Oxon), former Organist and Choirmaster; (printed)  PR3096/4/104  1934 11 Nov

Copy of letter from the Rector's Warden to the Mayor, Ald. Hargreaves J.P., reporting the restoration of the Colours of the 3rd East Lancs. Regiment  PR3096/4/105  1919 13 Jul

Correspondence with a Mr. Edmondson concerning repayment of a loan to the church, August 1948 and account of history of ownership of 49 Ormerod Road, Burnley  PR3096/4/106/1-2  1948


Missions  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, receipts and bills relating to the Park Mission, Bank Parade, and Keighley Green Mission  PR3096/4/107/1-8  1921 to 1927

13 Aug. 1921 - 27 Feb. 1927

List of benefactions for the repair or expenses of the church, typed  PR3096/4/108  1977

Postcard with photograph of memorial tablet to William Greenhalgh, churchwarden and bell ringer  PR3096/4/109  Undated 20th cent

List of monumental inscriptions from Burnley [parish church] copied for the British Mission Genealogical Board, 1945-46 project (typescript)  PR3096/4/110  1947

Pew certificate for Revd John Hargreaves of Burnley  PR3096/4/111  1804

Correspondence, papers and plans concerning church restoration  PR3096/4/112  1990-1993

1 bundle

Parochial Church Council  PR3096/6  [n.d.]

Minute book  PR3096/6/1  15 Apr. 1920 - 11 Apr. 1935

Including subject index

Minute book  PR3096/6/2  20 May 1935 - 2 Mar. 1953

Including Standing Committee minutes and subject index

Notice of meeting and agenda  PR3096/6/3  Undated 1920s 21 Sep

Minute book of the Missionary Committee  PR3096/6/4  30 Oct. 1919 - 24 Apr. 1977

Minute book of the Bishop's Fund Committee and Parish Church War Memorial Committee  PR3096/6/5  27 Feb. 1920 - 8 May 1923

The Bishop's Fund Revenue Account  PR3096/6/6  1940


Minute book of Social Committee  PR3096/6/7  16 Mar. 1970 - 23 Aug. 1976

Agenda for Social Committee meeting  PR3096/6/8  9 Feb. 1976

Octo-Centenary Committee  PR3096/6/9  1923

Minute book of the Octo-Centenary Committee

Financial records  [no ref. or date]

Account book, audited  PR3096/6/10  15 Nov. 1921 - 31 July 1924

Cash book showing receipts and payments, occasionally audited  PR3096/6/11  18 May 1924 - 16 Oct. 1947

Abstracts of accounts  PR3096/6/12/1-20  1921 to 1956

Including some audited copies for years ending Dec. 1921, 1925, 1930-45, 1948, 1955, 1956

Financial budget  PR3096/6/13  1932 23 Feb

Giving estimated receipts and expenditure

Annual Reports  [no ref. or date]

Annual reports  PR3096/6/14  1940-1949

1940 to 1943, 1947 to 1949

Minute book of Electoral Roll Committee  PR3096/6/15  1 Feb. 1923 - 12 Apr. 1954

Electoral Roll - "non-resident"  PR3096/6/16  1930

Electoral Roll of those non-resident  PR3096/6/17  Undated 1940s

Heavily annotated,

Electoral Roll "Resident - March 1930"  PR3096/6/18  c.1930

Numerous deletions relating to other years, 1924-51

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Report on Ruri-decanal Conference  PR3096/6/19  1952 22 May

Annual report of the Blackburn Diocesan Pastoral Committee  PR3096/6/20  1952 Oct

To be presented to the Diocesan Conference on 18 Nov. 1952

Schools  PR3096/11  [n.d.]

St. Peters and Pickup Croft Schools  [no ref. or date]

School managers' minute book  PR3096/11/1  4 Oct. 1929 - 30 Oct. 1939

School managers' accounts, year ending  PR3096/11/2  31 Dec. 1943

St. Peter  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PR3096/11/3  1855

1844 22 Jul
1 Revd. Robert Moseley, Master of Royle within Burnley
2 Rev. William Thursby of Ormerod House, near Burnley
3 Rev. William Mercer, late of Burnley, now of Sheffield, Yorkshire
4 Thomas Margerison of Habergham Eaves, near Burnley, calico printer
5 George Holgate of Brown Hill, Burnley, merchant
6 Right Hon. Lord Montagu Baron Montagu of Boughton, Northampton
7 Archdeacon of Manchester
8 Minister of Chapelry of Burnley
Copy conveyance by 1 2 3 4 5 6 to 7 and 8 of land, a house and school house in Goodham Hill, Burnley for use as a National school for poor persons, and residence of school teacher
Copy made 25 Jun. 1855

[no title]  PR3096/11/4  1876 23 Feb

1 Horatio Hartley of Burnley, butcher
2 Revd. Arthur Townley Parker of Royle Hall near Burnley
Conveyance of freehold land at Rake Foot, Burnley including plan
Rent Charge: £15. 13s. 8d

[no title]  PR3096/11/5  1876

Abstract of title of the Trustees under the will of the late Samuel Howard Esquire to Leasehold premises situated at Rake Foot in Burnley, reciting deeds 1 Jun. 1847, 31 Jul. 1866, 29 Aug. 1867, will of Samuel Howard 22 Dec. 1871, and 11 Sep. 1873

[no title]  PR3096/11/6  1903 10 Sep

Final order under Section 11 of the Education Act, 1902 Final Order No. 24 for appointment of Foundation Managers including Burnley, St. Peter's N., Mixed and Infants Department, printed

[no title]  PR3096/11/7/1-3  1908

Correspondence between Messrs. Hartley and Pilgrim of Colne and William Greenhalgh, concerning trust deed of Burnley Parish Church Boys' School, St. Peter's,
8 Jan. - 9 July 1908

[no title]  PR3096/11/8  1958 21 Apr

1 The Right Honourable Henry Edmund Fitzalan-Howard, Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent, O,B.E., 38 Green Street, London W.1.
2 John Baron, Rosehill, Carr Hill Road, Nelson, Major, H.M. Army Retired
3 The Scottish Provident Institution
4 The Right Revd. George Edward Holderness, Bishop of Burnley
5 Edwin Baker, 15 Rossendale Avenue, Habergham Eaves near Burnley, furniture dealer
6 Walter Ainsworth, 420 Rossendale Road, Burnley, printer and bookseller
7 Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the County Borough of Burnley
Copy conveyance and assignment from 1 2 3 the special personal representatives of Lady Alice Reyntiens, deceased and 4 5 6 to 7 reciting lease of 1827, vesting deeds of 1926 and 1947, and probate of the will of Lady Alice Reyntiens, 1951, relating to land in Church Street, Burnley with part of the school building erected on it plan attached required for widening and improving of Church Street, Burnley
Consideration: £1810

Plans  [no ref. or date]

Copy plan  PR3096/11/9  Undated 20th cent

Copy plan of existing building "No. A/4072" including site plan
Scale: 8ft to 1 inch
70 x 92 cms., paper, dyeline

Copy plan  PR3096/11/10  Undated 20th cent

Copy plan of proposed alterations and additions by the County Borough of Burnley, "No. A/4183"
Scale: 8ft to 1 inch
66 x 86 cms., paper, coloured, dyeline

St. Peter's Sunday School  [no ref. or date]

St. Peter's Sunday School  PR3096/11/11  1903-1958

1 Peregrine Edward Towneley Esquire of Towneley near Burnley and trustee
2 Edward Lovat of Hand Bridge, Land Agent
3 Revd. R. Mosley, Master Clerk, Incumbent Curate of the Chapelry of Burnley
4 George Holgate of Burnley, merchant
5 Thomas Holgate of Burnley, merchant
6 John Brennand of Burnley, cotton spinner
7 Robert Lupton of Burnley, grocer
8 James Folds of Burnley, timber merchant
9 William Muschamp of Habergham Eaves, yeoman
Attested copy, 14 Jan. 1903, of a counterpart of lease by 1 and 2 to 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 Relating to a parcel of ground in Burnley.
The land and any buildings erected on it to be used for the instruction of poor children on a Sunday and other days if expedient under the incumbent curate of the Parochial Chapel of the Chapelry of Burnley, 12 May 1827
Rent: £7. 10s. per annum
Memorandum that by a Conveyance and Assignment, 21 Apr. 1958, land on the south-westerly side of Church Street was assigned to the Corporation of the County Borough of Burnley

St. Peter's School and its Associations  PR3096/11/12  Undated 1928

1828-1928, article on the centenary of St. Peter's Sunday School, typescript

Pickup Croft School  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PR3096/11/13  1903

1 Thomas Grimshawe, late of Fulledge, Burnley, now of Peersclough, Manchester, gentleman and trustee
2 Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Manchester
3 Minister of the Chapelry of Burnley, parish of Whalley
Public Record Office copy of Close Roll Chancery 1845, part 69 No. 4. Enrolled 30 May 1845
Conveyance from 1 to 2 and 3 of land in Burnley called White Lion Meadow plan attached for a National School for the poor of Burnley and a residence for the schoolteacher
Consideration: £227. 10s

[no title]  PR3096/11/14  Undated c.1903

Circular letter from Manchester Diocesan Association of Church Schools concerning the appointment of School Managers printed, with envelope

[no title]  PR3096/11/15  1902 20 Dec

Memorandum from the Board of Education, Whitehall, concerning foundation managers printed

[no title]  PR3096/11/16  1904 7 Mar

Final order under Section 11 of the Education Act, 1902 Final Order No. 402 for appointment of Foundation Managers including Burnley, Pickup Croft, Infants' printed

[no title]  PR3096/11/17  1953 5 Nov

Letter from Blackburn Diocesan Registry concerning the original deed of Pickup Croft Infants' School of 1 May 1845

St. Paul's School  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PR3096/11/18  1866 3 Oct

1 Rev. Arthur Townley Parker of Burnley, Perpetual Curate of Parochial Chapel of Burnley
2 Robert Townley Parker of Cuerdon, patron of above curacy
3 Duke of Buccleuth, Lord of Manor of Ightenhill
4 Minister and Churchwardens of the Ecclesiastical District of St. Paul, Lanebridge, Burnley
Copy conveyance from 1 2 3 to 4 relating to plot of land in Habergham Eaves, for use as school for education of children and adults of the Labouring, Manufacturing and poorer classes, in the ecclesiastical district of Saint Pauls, Lanebridge, including details of the appointment of a school management committee

[no title]  PR3096/11/19  1857

Notice of service for the National and Sunday Schools including balance sheet for National Schools, Pickup Croft School, Brunshaw School, Burnley Lane School,
Jun. 1855 to Jun. 1856

Charities: Molly Hindles Charity  PR3096/12  [n.d.]

Account book  PR3096/12/1  1842 to 1921

Miscellaneous  PR3096/14  [n.d.]

Mothers' Union  [no ref. or date]

First Annual Report of Burnley Rural Deanery Mothers' Union (printed)  PR3096/14/1  1912

Mothers' Union Report and Handbook for Manchester Diocese, 1911-12 (printed)  PR3096/14/2  1912

Young Men's Association  [no ref. or date]

Minute book  PR3096/14/3  8 May 1900 - 23 Apr. 1911

Letter book  PR3096/14/4  7 Sep. 1901 - 20 Nov. 1906

Lists of members  PR3096/14/5  1893 to 1910

Girls' Friendly Society  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of Burnley branch  PR3096/14/6  23 Jan. 1932 - 5 Oct. 1945

Accounts of Burnley Federation of Parochial Branches of the Girls' Friendly Society  PR3096/14/7  19 Jan. 1934 - 31 Mar. 1935

Newspaper cutting  PR3096/14/8  1933 20 May

Concerning annual festival of the Burnley branch of the Girls' Friendly Society

St. Peter's Social Guild  [no ref. or date]

Account book  PR3096/14/9  1932 - 1 Jun. 1943

Annual report and balance sheet  PR3096/14/10  1924

Of Burnley Association for the care of friendless girls, 31 Dec. 1924, including a brief history of the House of Help printed

Men's Service Committee  [no ref. or date]

Minute book  PR3096/14/11  21 May 1902 - 30 May 1911

Minute book  PR3096/14/12  20 Jun. 1911 - 14 May 1918

Letter from H.E. Broadbent  PR3096/14/13  1917

In response to letter of condolence from Men's Service Committee on the death of his son, Frank Broadbent, 9 Oct. 1917

Letter from Major R.L. Fitzgerald  PR3096/14/14  1917

7 Oct. 1917 in response to invitation for wounded soldiers at Primrose Bank Hospital to attend a Men's Service

Burnley National and Sunday School Sick Society  PR3096/14/15/1-3  1840s and 1856

Rules of the Burnley National and Sunday School Sick Society including alteration made 19 Apr. 1856 and copy belonging to Ann Blakey Hargreave, printed

Account of the history of the Staple Inn  PR3096/14/16  Undated last half 16th

An Inn of Chancery, in Holborn, London, including transcripts of deeds, 1407/8, 1471, and the will of Elizabeth Grene, 10 Feb. 1471

History of the Parochial Church at Burnley...  PR3096/14/17  1856

By T.T. Wilkinson F.R.A.S., Longman & Co., London, with an appendix containing accounts of all the district churches in the Chapelry

Picture of Church Street looking towards Colne Road, showing stocks and Market Cross; (printed)  PR3096/14/18  Undated pre.1881?

Interior of Burnley Parish Church, looking east  PR3096/14/19  Undated c.1880

"As it appeared 70 years ago
21 cms. x 26 cms., printed

Picture of the Parish Church, Burnley  PR3096/14/20  Undated c.1880

On the reverse an account of St. Peter's Church, Bolton-le-Moors
22 cms. x 28 cms., printed

Newspaper cutting about Mr. James Pollard, bellringer, and tackler at Byerden Mill  PR3096/14/21  Undated c.1900

The Founding of Burnley Parish Church  PR3096/14/22  1903

John Allen, printed by "Gazette" printing works, Bridge Street, Burnley, illustrated

Newspaper cutting  PR3096/14/23  1918

Of memories of Mr. Thomas of Preston in "Top O'Th' Town" articles from the Burnley News

List of First World War dead  PR3096/14/24  1919

Newspaper cutting from Express and Advertiser 15 Feb. 1919

The History of the Church in Burnley, 1122-1922  PR3096/14/25  1923

By John Eyre Winstanley Wallis, produced to mark the 800th Anniversary, illustrated

Application form  PR3096/14/26  1924 24 Apr

For membership of Burnley and East Lancashire Rural Deaneries Insurance Society for Sarah Jane Sagar of 31 Brockenhurst Street, Burnley printed

Newspaper cutting  PR3096/14/27  1928 9 Jun

Showing dignitaries of the Blackburn diocese, including Dr. Henn, Bishop of Burnley

Newspaper cutting  PR3096/14/28  Undated 1930s

Reporting meeting of Friends of Lancaster Priory

Burnley Parish Church [Blotter book]  PR3096/14/29  1929 to 1930

Including list of parochial clergy and office holders, printed

Burnley parish church Blotter-Year Book  PR3096/14/30  1935

1935, including outline church history and list of incumbents, printed

Burnley Parish Church Blotter Year Book  PR3096/14/31  1938

1938 including article of Blackburn Cathedral building scheme, printed

Book listing names, addresses and regiments, probably of men in parish  PR3096/14/32  Undated c.1939-1945

Including Roll of Honour at the back

[Bishop Prosser's] notes  PR3096/14/33  Undated 1951

Incomplete, on the history of St. Peter's, Burnley

Letter to Bishop Prosser  PR3096/14/34  1951 29 Apr

From W. Bennett concerning his manuscript history of St. Peter's, Burnley

Booklet  PR3096/14/35  1951

Burnley Festival Week, 16-23 Jun. 1951
Souvenir booklet produced as part of Festival of Britain, illustrated

Fund-raising circular letter from W. Kay  PR3096/14/36  1951 Aug

Concerning financing of building work at Blackburn Cathedral

Ground plan of [Blackburn Cathedral]  PR3096/14/37  Undated 1951 Aug

Showing proposed building work and work in progress, printed

St. Peter's Parish Church Souvenir Year Book  PR3096/14/38  1952

1951-52, including history of organ and its specification printed

List of [850th] Anniversary events  PR3096/14/39  Undated 1972

With some important dates in the history of the church in Burnley, 1122-1972 printed

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