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Conditions of access They are classified as public records, under the Public Records (Commission for New Towns) Order 1984. As such, all the records, including the Board minutes, are closed to the public for thirty years, except for those records which have been published. Records not affected by the thirty years rule, therefore, include the Outline Plan (NTC 2/4/59), annual reports (NTC 2/5), annual budgets (NTC 2/6), Research Unit publications (NTC 5/3) and publicity material published by the Central Lancashire New Town (NTC 12/3). Certain records have been identified as being of a particularly sensitive nature and need to be closed for longer than thirty years; these are marked with an asterisk.

Folder icon  CLDC Offices, Cuerden Park  NTC 14  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Lancashire Record Office

Administrative history:
The records in this section relate to phase 2 of the development of office accommodation for the CLDC. Phase 1 was completed in December 1971 when the first staff moved into Cuerden Pavilion.
This accommodation rapidly became inadequate and a planning statement (under section 6(1) of the New Towns Act 1965) proposing a two-storey office block adjoining the Pavilion was presented to the DOE. A request for financial approval under section 42(1) of the New Towns Act 1965 was refused and the scheme, for which RMJM were the architects, was abandoned in December 1973.
Discussions were resumed on a proposal for the construction of four blocks of offices with Salvesen Properties (Ltd.) as developers and Warburton Evans and Co. as architects. At an early stage in these discussions it seemed likely that the MOD might vacate Cuerden Hall earlier than expected and leave it free for office accommodation for the Development Corporation. At the same time the Government was exercising greater financial controls on office-building and it was therefore decided to proceed with a reduced plan for two blocks. The DOE made it clear that approval for the offices could not be granted until the Outline Plan had been approved, as the decision on office-building might be seen to prejudge the Outline Plan Inquiry.
The CLDC looked for alternative sources of finance and entered into discussions with Salvesen Ltd. for the development of the site and for its lease to the Corporation. In May 1976 the DOE refused financial permission under section 42(1) and the scheme was dropped. The CLDC took over Cuerden Hall from the MOD and established its HQ there in 1977.

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