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Girl Guides

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Reference DDX 1105
Covering dates 1913-1974
Held by Lancashire Record Office
Extent 4 series
Conditions of access These records are not available to the public until they are 25 years old.
Source of acquisition Deposited by Miss M. E. Chance, North West of England Chief Guide Commissioner, 22nd August, 1974.
Creators Girl Guides, Lancashire
Related information For other records relating to Girl Guides see DDX 345, 867, 950.

1. Regional Headquarters Correspondence and Papers.
2. Divisions and Districts.
3. Individual Packs, Companies and Units.
4. Miscellaneous.

Regional Headquarters Correspondence and Papers.  DDX 1105/1  [n.d.]

Chief Commissioner's confidential correspondence; information about regionalisation; incomplete files relating to Juliette Low Project, Lancashire South East, Cheshire and Boating.  DDX 1105/1/1  1970

3 Boxes Executive Meeting Agenda and organisational papers; lists and correspondence concerning the registration of personnel and districts; questionnaire and census returns; circulars and correspondence from C.H.Q.; Chief Commissioner's confidential correspondence; and files relating to financial matters and grants; international contacts and visits; advisers; training; activities, competitions and Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme; ress and community relations; general information and miscellaneous topics  DDX 1105/1/2  1971

8 Boxes Annual General Meeting Minutes and Annual Report, with papers and files as in 2.  DDX 1105/1/3  1972

6 Boxes Annual Report, with papers and files as in 2.  DDX 1105/1/4  1973

Divisions and Districts  DDX 1105/2  [n.d.]

Leyland Association: Minute Book.  DDX 1105/2/1  1924-1966

Barrow-in-Furness: Report.  DDX 1105/2/2  1937

Preston North: Camper Badge Test, Notice and Circular.  DDX 1105/2/3  1964

Fylde South: Order of Service for Dedication of the Standard.  DDX 1105/2/4  1966

Fylde South: Swimming Gala Circular.  DDX 1105/2/5  1973

Lytham and Ansdell: Order of Service, Thinking Day.  DDX 1105/2/6  1970

Marton: Ticket and Programme, Grand Concert.  DDX 1105/2/7  1972

Blackpool South: Tickets and Programme, 'Go Guides Go'.  DDX 1105/2/8  1972

Lancaster and Morecambe: Guiding News, 1.  DDX 1105/2/9  1973

Ulverston: Order of Service and entertainment, for the 'Guiding Into Europe', Rally.  DDX 1105/2/10  1973

Individual Packs, Companies and Units.  DDX 1105/3  [n.d.]

9th Barrow: photograph.  DDX 1105/3/1  1931

17th Southport: Log Book.  DDX 1105/3/2  Aug.1950

17th Southport: Log Book.  DDX 1105/3/3  Jan.1959-Oct.1962

17th Southport: Log Book.  DDX 1105/3/4  Nov.1964-Jul.1968

17th Southport: Scrap Book.  DDX 1105/3/5  1951-1964

17th Southport: Camp Photograph, Album.  DDX 1105/3/6  1961

8th Preston Brownies: Presentation of First Class Badges, Photograph.  DDX 1105/3/7  1959

3rd Lytham: Ranger International Certificate.  DDX 1105/3/8  1962

Birkdale Sea Rangers, S.R.S. Queen Charlotte: Log Book.  DDX 1105/3/9  Sep.1963-Sep.1971

1st Ingol: History of the Guild Movement.  DDX 1105/3/10  n.d. [c.1966]

1st Ingol: Ranger Captain's Warrant Card.  DDX 1105/3/11  1966

1st Ingol: Postcards.  DDX 1105/3/12  1970

1st Ingol: Preston Guild Correspondence.  DDX 1105/3/13  1972

3rd Ingol: Greetings Telegram.  DDX 1105/3/14  1970

3rd Ingol: Nomination Form and Labels.  DDX 1105/3/15  1970

3rd Ingol: Subscription Book.  DDX 1105/3/16  1970-1972

1st Wesham: Log Book.  DDX 1105/3/17  1970-1973

24th Blackpool: Ticket and Programme, Cinderella.  DDX 1105/3/18  n.d. [c.1972]

1st Wrea Green: Kingfisher Patrol, Photograph.  DDX 1105/3/19  1973

23rd Blackpool: Programme, 'Brownie Revue'.  DDX 1105/3/20  1973

Miscellaneous  DDX 1105/4  [n.d.]

Two pictures of Guiding activities.  DDX 1105/4/1  1913

National and regional reports, rules, registers, manuals and circulars.  DDX 1105/4/2  1918-1973

Conference notebook with minutes and ideas on training.  DDX 1105/4/3  1925

Nomination and registration forms giving information on titles of units and Districts.  DDX 1105/4/4  1926-1968

Press Cutting:- opening of new Guide headquarters, Lawson Street, Preston.  DDX 1105/4/5  1932

Roman Catholic Companies:- Address book of Company leaders 1933; 'Plant a Tree' scheme photographs 1973; leaflet concerning Guides in the Roman Catholic Church.  DDX 1105/4/6  n.d. [1930]

Speech notes for a Local Association meeting.  DDX 1105/4/7  Nov.1934

Order of service for thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.  DDX 1105/4/8  22 May 1937

Cuttings book.  DDX 1105/4/9  1942-1944

Commemorative leaflet with messuages of congratulation - Ranger Silver Jubilee.  DDX 1105/4/10  [n.d.]

Two pages from The Guider, on the death of George VI.  DDX 1105/4/11  Mar.1952

Note concerning Coronation Tribute.  DDX 1105/4/12  1953

Collection of 'ditties' written by Miss. J. Wilding with Bamber Bridge district Diamond Jubilee Year 'Thinking Day' order of service; Thinking Day ceremony for Brownies; a knitting pattern used for fund-raising; The Guide 7 May 1954 and various word games.  DDX 1105/4/13  n.d. [c.1954]

Baden-Powell Centenary: order of service for thanksgiving at Liverpool Cathedral; circulars, receipts and correspondence relating to memorial fund; advertisement 'sticker'; photograph taken at rally in Blackpool 1957.  DDX 1105/4/14  [n.d.]

Admission ticket to a service at Preston Parish Church.  DDX 1105/4/15  20 Apr.1966

Leaflet and two posters made to advertise the opening of the Glenbrook Centre.  DDX 1105/4/16  1967

North West district Golden Jubilee: correspondence relating to fund; souvenir programme and advertisement 'sticker' for celebrations held at the Royal Lancashire Show, Stanley Park, Blackpool, 18th May 1968; Letter inviting all members to prepare exhibits for an exhibition; Catalogue of items lent to the exhibition; instructions for assembly in main arena; thirteen photographs and negatives; list of names and addresses of members of committee.  DDX 1105/4/17  1968

'Ranger Round-up'.  DDX 1105/4/18  1968

Girl Guide movement Diamond Jubilee: souvenir booklet; souvenir programme of the 'spectacle' Empire Pool, Wembley; souvenir copy of the Evening Standard with photographs of Jubilee Spectacle; order of service of thanksgiving and dedication; order of service and dedication for Preston west division, 13 Sep.1970; information of 'Jubilee Three Cheers Challenge' and folder containing photographs and information compiled by 35th Preston Brownie pack; 'Jubilee Friendship' leaflet produced by Preston south division.  DDX 1105/4/19  1970

Preston Guild Merchant - information sheet for Preston division Guild service, Public Hall, Preston, 27 Aug.1972; song sheet for the Preston divisional Guild camp fire 16 Sep.1972; Target with reference on centre page to Guiding activities during the Guild, Summer edition.  DDX 1105/4/20  1973

Victorian Lone Guide Jubilee: commemorative edition of Matilda; invitation to celebrations in Northcote, 1 Sep. 1973; song sheet for camp fire run by Victoria State secretary; badges.  DDX 1105/4/21  1973

Depositing of documents at Lancashire County Record Office, Spring 1974:- six mounted photographs with descriptions; manuscript list of items for deposit.  DDX 1105/4/22  1974

Four greetings cards to Miss Plummer, secretary at 1974 Regional Headquarters.  DDX 1105/4/23  n.d. [c.1973]

Press cuttings.  DDX 1105/4/24  n.d. [c.1973]

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