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Reference p408
Covering dates 1538-1969
Held by Kent History and Library Centre
Extent 154 files

Folder icon  CHURCHWARDENS; Rates  p408/4  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Kent History and Library Centre

No further details   Summary of annual income and expenditure of Church rate  p408/4/1  1881-1888
No further details   Rough estimates of probable expenditure to enable setting of church rate  p408/4/2  1857-1866
No further details   Rough list of ratepayers and amounts owing for Collier Street and Town area  p408/4/3  undated
No further details   List of people who have not paid the church rate  p408/4/4  undated
No further details   Annual rate return for year ending Easter 1867  p408/4/5  1866-1867

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