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Reference p408
Covering dates 1538-1969
Held by Kent History and Library Centre
Extent 154 files

Folder icon  FINAL MISCELLANEOUS  p408/28  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Kent History and Library Centre

No further details   Census Register  p408/28/1  1883
No further details   Collecting and Deposit Book for Rates  p408/28/2  1882-1886
No further details   Parish Valuation. Area 5, 812a. 1r. 0p. Estimated rental £22,366 6s. 9d. Rateable value £13,294 17s. 6d.  p408/28/3  1846
No further details   Parish Valuation; Rateable Value £17,938 2s. 0d  p408/28/4  1866
No further details   Parish Valuations 1888 Rateable Value £18,627 1s 6d. 1894 Rateable Value £16,610 18s.0d  p408/28/5  1888, 1894
No further details   Papers relating to the boundaries between the parishes of Nettlestead and Yalding  p408/28/6  1887
No further details   Maps of roads in Yalding parish  p408/28/7  19th c
No further details   Inventory of moveable goods in parish church of Tenterden  p408/28/8  c.1800
No further details   Returns of Benefice Income  p408/28/10  1830-32
No further details   Statistical returns of Parochial works  p408/S/E/12  1906-1932

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