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Reference p408
Covering dates 1538-1969
Held by Kent History and Library Centre
Extent 154 files

Folder icon  CHARITY AND SCHOOLS  p408/25  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Kent History and Library Centre

No further details   Map of the Tudeley Lands surveyed by John Bowra  p408/25/3  1775
No further details   Deeds relating to Bentletts Farm or the Pest House in Yalding (deeds)  p408/25/4  1538-1873
No further details   Papers relating to the same  p408/25/5  1873-1908
No further details   Sale of land at Laddingford, Yalding to the parish for enlargement of the school  p408/25/6  1901
No further details   Names of those in receipt of gift money and clothes  p408/25/8  1763
No further details   Correspondence etc. between the parish and the local Government Board concerning: The case of Lamplugh v Norton and others, in particular the results of the appeal to the High Court; alterations to the parish boundary.  p408/25/9  1883-1889
No further details   Correspondence etc relating to Tenancy (includes: letters of authorisation to distrain the goods of tenants who have not paid their rents; notices to quit; acceptance of leases; details of repairs required.)  p408/25/10  1865-1889
No further details   Correspondence between the parish and the charity commission, (includes: the appointment of Trustees; alterations to charity land)  p408/25/11  1883-1891
No further details   Miscellaneous correspondence regarding: The offensive privy belonging to the Pest House (a Charity property) including a notice issued under the Public Health Act of 1875 to repair or replace this 'nuisance'; the Sanitary Authority; the Trustees; Stone Castle Charity.  p408/25/12  1883-1891
No further details   Correspondence regarding the dispute between the vicar, the Revd. David Lamplugh and the senior Charity Trustee Mr. R. Norton, on behalf of the Overseers regarding the payment and collection of the poor rate. (see formal record in Minutes in p408/25/1)  p408/25/13  1887-1889
No further details   Statement of account "Bequest of Sarah Catherine Warde Charity".  p408/25/14  1875-1880
No further details   Annual statements of account-4 charities: Alkhorns, Gammons, Pest House or Beutletts, Tudely Lands or Julian Kennards (not 1881, 1884, 1888)  p408/25/15  1880-1900
No further details   Details of those people in receipt of clothes, blankets and coal, from the various charities; (many lists undated)  p408/25/16  c. 1887-1895
No further details   Notice and application for allocation of allotments of Land under the Allotments Extension Act of 1882  p408/25/17  1883
No further details   Yalding Charities account, receipts and expenditure  p408/25/18  1892
No further details   Rough notebook containing list of occupiers compiled by R. Treasure. Included at back copies of resolutions and correspondence regarding the tenant of Gammons Charity Farm.  p408/25/19  1893
No further details   Rough agendas and minutes for meetings of the Trustees  p408/25/20  c.1873-1889
No further details   Folder entitled 'Yalding Charities, Accounts and Receipted Bills'. [Also includes memoranda, correspondence particularly with Charity Commission, tenders, draft Minutes]  p408/25/21  1882-1897

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