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Reference p357b
Covering dates 1800-1977
Held by Kent History and Library Centre

Folder icon  INCUMBENT; Property  p357b/3  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Kent History and Library Centre

Related information: [For letters and a statement of repairs as necessary to the parsonage house, 1808, see U735 C1.]

No further details   Letter from the Ecclesiastical Commission about grants from the Common Fund  p357b/3/4  1907
No further details   Letter with plan concerning part of the land on which the Mission Room, Goathurst Common, was built being subject to a quitrent  p357b/3/5  1914
No further details   Correspondence about the 'new chapel' at Ide Hill  p357b/3/6  1915
No further details   Burial ground Citation  p357b/3/7  1915
No further details   Papers concerning the enfranchisement of quitrents on property held of the Manor of Sundrish Upland [that is, the vicarage and church. Includes notices to attend the Court Baron]  p357b/3/8  1917-1924
No further details   Papers relating to augmentation of benefice  p357b/3/9  1928
No further details   Amended rate assessment for vicarage and village hall  p357b/3/10  1929
No further details   Papers concerning new rectory [including plans; letter and agreement for sale and purchase of the vicarage with plans, 1938  p357b/3/11  1938-1939
No further details   Papers concerning repairs to parsonage house under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measures [including surveyors report, 1946; ordinary assessment, 1946; and grant for repair, 1948]  p357b/3/12  1946-1948
No further details   Papers concerning the right of way over National Trust Land and part of the old vicarage drive, with subsequent sale of vicarage drive  p357b/3/13  1899-1918; 1955-1956
No further details   Correspondence concerning lease of part of glebe field to the Church of England primary school, with plan  p357b/3/14  1955
No further details   Circular concerning rating of parsonage houses  p357b/3/15  1957
No further details   Correspondence concerning the extinguishment of a permanent charge on the benefice of Chiddingstone in favour of the incumbent of Ide Hill  p357b/3/16  1952-1953
No further details   Dilapidations assessment under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure  p357b/3/17  1954-1957
No further details   Faculty, certificate and letter for work in churchyard  p357b/3/18  1962

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